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  Morning Joe  MSNBC  November 30, 2015 4:03am-4:25am PST

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chuck is similarly put off by donald trump and the existence of donald trump and what donald trump said because we're talking about the old rules verses the new rules, i wasn't sure a lot of other people are as well. it only seems to feed the machine. the trump machine. good, bad and different, he dominates the conversation. >> there are two separate things you talk about, the first is the facts in the merit. the other side of it is the political question does it'd impact or hurt donald trump. the answer has been no. >> let's talk to donald trump. joining us now, republican presidential candidate donald trump. >> you have to get the facts also. in sar society at that y
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in sarasota you said 5,000 and it was 12,000. we have to get our facts straight, mika. >> oh, thank you. all right donald. >> we have a lot to get through. we have a lot of people who want to get through things. let's start with willie. a jersey native. you're not getting your facts right. 12,000, not 5,000. >> donald, let me ask you first, senator john mccain, had him on earlier. yesterday he was asked about the rhetoric and things you've said. he said this has the effect of turning muslims all over the state of america, other people have said that as well. does john mccain have a point? >> i don't think he has a point. i would say we are not exactly
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loved by any muslims. whether it's a much larger percent, you saw the soccer game where they were giving a minute of silence. i assume you saw that where the stadium burst out and shouting out things that even the soccer players were embarrassed of and didn't know what to do. they were doing muslim chants a week ago after the strategy in paris. they were honored with a minute of silence. i think john mccain is incorrect. i think we have to be strong. i have many muslim friends. we have to be individuvigilant
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strong. >> we don't paint an entire religion based on the chance of a few people. >> not a few people. a lot of people at that soccer game were going wild with their chanting. everybody was very embarrassed. we're not talking about a few people. >> what's the purpose of all this? >> you said people went wild after 9/11 and muslims went wild. >> well, think did. >> whether it's iran or you look at every muslim government in the world other than the palestinians. they were holding candle light vigils and holding prayer services. >> i'm not saying everybody, but there's a large percentage of people that went wild and were celebrating all over the world. i think people have to recognize it. there were a large number of people who celebrated the downs
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of the world trade center. you're bringing this up. it keeps getting brought up. you can go back just last week in the soccer game during the one minute of silence in honor of the people that were absolutely slaughtered, disgustingly slaughtered in that horrible thing that took place in paris. you seen what happened. it was not a pretty situation. the question is as we have so many issues to talk about, why is that important to you? why are you bringing that up in rallies? why is that relevant to voters that will vote in iowa and new hampshire? >> it is important because you have to know the problems. we have a president that won't even mention the term or the name. i don't know what his problem is. nobody understands it. he won't mention radical islamic terrorism. it can be from a different
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planet. you're not going to solve the problem unless you're willing to talk about what the problem is. i'm willing to talk about what the problem is. chuck todd, nice guy, he goes a little bit wild on the show which hopefully he did well in the ratings. i'm sure he did actually. he brings it up, you're bringing it up this morning. we have to know what the problem is before we can solve the problem. these are people that don't know what the problem is. they don't want to admit what the problem is. it's not politically correct to admit what the problem is, joe. >> that is a fair point. we are the ones asking and chuck is the one asking. >> its come up in your speeches. i guess we could start by asking this way. how would you characterize most muslims? >> terrific people, mika. i have many, many friends but
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within the muslim american community and within the muslim community, we have some very radical people who want to do great harm to you and to joe and everybody in your panel and to me and to this country and the world. now, we can say this doesn't exist and everybody will be very happy but it does exist. wonderful people. i know so many of them. by the way, the ones i know all agree with me. they say there is a radical group of people that is doing great harm and doing great harm to them. they get tainted by what's going on. >> i think the constant beating of saying this video of this celebration exist when it's really in question, donald, is just, it's going to have a negative impact. >> so mika, look, let's put it to rest.
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here's the story. number one, look at the washington post. he interviewed me a couple of times 35 years ago in the 80s. then all the sudden i knew him. look, i don't know some reporters that are covering me yesterday. i see their name, i see their biline, i don't know what they look like. supposedly he interviewed me in the 80s. it's possibly true. i've been interviewed by thousands and thousands of people. we're talking about 35 years ago. i don't know the guy. forget that. if you don't address the problem and don't know what the problem is, you're never going to solve the problem. this world has a big problem and we have a president that doesn't even want to call it by its correct name. we have to get with it. it's simple. >> i would say that's, you can talk about that.
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i think that's a potentially effective conversation. >> that's what i'm talking about. there's a level of hatred within a certain community, the muslim community. there's a level of hatred people don't want to talk about. >> is it a, do you believe it is a small, small percentage? >> you mentioned before it could be 10%. that's a lot, joe. 10%, you were saying it's only 7%. maybe 10%. 10%, 7%, 2% is a lot when you're talking about the kind of destruction they want to do. >> by the way, those that weren't with us at the 6:00 hour, there's a poll from 07-08 that said 7%, 8% of muslims across the world thought that the 9/11 attacks were across the
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world. >> do you think islam is a percentage converted by some or do you think it's a violent religion? >> all i can say, jeb, is something going on. something's going on. there was no respect by a pretty good group of people in that stadium. that was a week ago. less than a week ago. there's something nasty comeing out of there. you can answer it any way you
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want. at least we have to know the problem. >> let's go to richard haas. before we go to richard haas, most americans, would they not, agree with what donald is saying right now about even if it's a small percentage it's a danger. the press can fight donald but at the end of the day it helps him in primaries. >> i don't worry about it. i'm not looking for help. whether i win or lose, i'm not doing this for that. i'm doing it because somebody has to bring it to the floor and nobody does it and we have a leader whose incompetent and he doesn't do it and doesn't want to do it and refuses to use the name and it's almost like what do you have to do, what has to be done to have him finally utter the words that he should be uttering to talk about what
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the real problem is? he won't do it. a lot of people supporting him wonders why he won't do that. >> he can speak for himself. he doesn't want to frame it as a religious issue. >> do you have a problem calling it islamic extremism. >> there is. i think what donald trump said there's a small percentage that can cause real mayhem as we saw in paris. only a few people can cause mayhem in a democratic society. even if 99% of the people on the right side of the law, even small numbers can cause real damage. donald, if you were president right now and other in paris, what is it you would be trying to do on climate change and
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trying to prevent if you were leading the united states at the conference? >> well, first of all, i think one of the dumbest statements i've heard in politics in the history of politics as i know it which is pretty good was obama's statement is our number one problem is global warming. when we have large groups of people that want to blow up parts of our cities and destroy our country and kill our people, he's worried about global warming. it's one of the dumbest things i've ever seen. he's somewhat naive if you want go know the truth beyond the tin competent part. his statement the other day, we're going to show him when we meet that we mean business for the future and global warming and climate change or whatever the new term is, now we have extreme weather, they have new
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terms because the old ones don't work anymore. they have climate change and now extreme weather. i don't know which one of the many terms he used all supposedly meaning the same thing. for him to say that that's more important than stopping countries like north carolina which is never even mentioned, they made one of the worst deals in history. iran probably doesn't have nuclear weapons roothight now. what about north korea. when you have something you don't want to do, you don't mention it. you don't want to do it and talk about it. >> what's your plan on climate change. >> that's what my thing on climate change is. we want to have clean air to breathe and beautiful clean
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water. >> clean air and clean water is an environmental issue. >> i receive many environmental awards. they hate to see the awards. i receive some of the high awards and many of them for the work i've done, joe knows some of it but many of them and to be honest with you, i think it's very important that if you're developing, if you're building, if you have factories, remember this, we're practically not allowed to use coal anymore. what do we do with it? we ship it to china and they spew it in the air. they're putting out their coal and unbelievable what they're spewing into the air. we have a planet and it's a certain size. whether it's us putting it into the air or china, when you get up that high, it's all the same thing. they're not behaving at all as they never do and they produce their goods much less expensively because they don't
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have the rules and regular lati having to do with clean air. when you look at what happens with our coal, they don't use it. the industry shatters. what does get used is getting shipped to china and they're spewing it into the air. if you're talking about global warming or climate change, you have to make the whole world behave. you don't say we're going to behave and make it noncompetitive. >> robert with the washington post is with us. >> good morning. mr. trump rk, later today you'r going to go into a meeting with a group of african american pastors at trump tower. i would like to know your message to them on two key issues. the black lives matter movement. >> all lives matter.
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i was told it was an endorsement. i think having a meeting is a good thing anyway. there were quiet a few. i think what happened, probably publicity, probably some of the black lives matter folks called them up and said you shouldn't be meeting with trump because he believes all lives matter. hillary and bernie, he talks about all lives matter and then goes into a shell and comes back oh black lives matter. he was a disgrace. i think what happened is a lot of pressure was put on him. i have a meeting and have no idea what the meeting is. i'm going to a meeting and have a great relationship with the black pastors. i know many of them.
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we'll see what happens. i don't know if it's an endorsement or endorsement by some. i have fantastic relationships with the people but i think pressure was put on them when they heard there was a meeting by people who disagree. >> donald, let's get to other topics quickly. a couple of people have moved up in the polls and now buying for second place. cruz and rubio. do you think ted cruz is qualified to be president of the united states? >> yes, i think he's qualified. absolutely. >> what about marco rubio? >> yeah, i think so. he's young, very young. he's got a bad voting record in florida and a weak record on borders if you look at border security and illegal immigration. that bothers me. he's a nice guy and i've gotten to know him. i like him. i think he would have a shot.
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>> so you're critical and we're shei showing the poll in iowa. >> they've been saying that for five months. >> time to drop out. >> yeah, it is time for you to drop out. >> yeah, as joe would say uh-oh, trump just picked up the points. time for him to drop out. time to quit. >> you talked about marco supporting amnesty, you don't say things about ted cruz. a lot of people concerned ted cruz is closer rand paul. do you think he's too weak on national security? >> i've been watching this debate between rubio and cruz
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and i loved it. >> i air on the side of the security. i happen to be and i've been there from the beginning from before the paris attack. i air on the side of the security. i would much rather air on the side of the security. a lot of people would agree with me on that. >> do you think there's any chance that video you think you saw in jersey city was the video of people in the west bank
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celebrating september 11th? >> i don't. wonderful you brought it up again. this is why you can't get away from the subjects. >> we did. we just spent 15 minutes. >> 14 years ago i saw it on television. it was written about, even the reporter who says he knows me, but the reporter wrote a paragraph that he tries to pull back from in the washington post. forget that. i have received hundreds of calls and tweets from people. >> why can't anyone find the video? >> they're going to find something. 14-15 years ago it wasn't like it is today where you press a button and play a video. 14-15 years ago they didn't put it in files. they destroy half the stuff. 14-15 years was like ancient times in terms of cinema and
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everything else. when you go back 14-15 years, that's like ancient technology, joe. j we've got all the newscast. we had 24 hour. >> i have received hundreds of calls saying they saw it. this is not two calls. this is hundreds of calls. i've received many, many tweets @realdonaldtrump. when i was in sarasota i had people say we watched people celebrating in the streets. >> all right. donald trump, we'll leave it there. thank you very much for being on the show this morning. >> thank you very much, mika. >> thank you, donald. all right. john, what's your