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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 30, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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care. >> when the media asks questions about him bending the truth, what's going on in washington right now? there's never been more truth bending in our lives. >> but, will republicans, many who are still undecided, take a stand against trump? plus, the trial begins today for the first baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. there is word he could be a witness against the five other officers charged. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with developing news, the man suspected of killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic will go before a judge this afternoon. police are not revealing why robert dear opened fire at that colorado springs clinic friday, but two law enforcement sources with knowled of the case tell nbc news that while in custody, dear rambled about president obama, politics and abortion saying, "no more baby parts." planned parenthood claims it was targeted because it offers
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abortion services. we're learning more about the victims of the attack. officer garre offic offic officer stewart was there with his girlfriend and his brother says he was shot after stepping outside but then ran back in to warn the others. >> i believe that's his military instinct. you know, leave no soldier behind, leave no civilian behind, just leave no one behind. sew went back inside, trying to help out others. >> the president of planned parenthood of the rocky mountains says it's seen an alarming increase in threats since the release of videos last summer purporting to show employees, including one of its own doctors, discussing the cell of fetal tissue. the associated press points out it's the latest in a long history of violence against planned parenthood. there have been eight murders, 17 attempted murders, and 42
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bombings at centers since 1977. joining me now, the executive vice president of planned parenthood. dawn, thank you so much for your time. >> hi, tamron. >> as pointed out, due to those videos and the association with one of the doctors from the planned parenthood of the rocky mountains, security has been heightened at that clinic. can you talk to me about the security measures that were in place and the concern that something violent could happen soon? >> tamron, i just have to start by saying, of course, none of our doctors ever discussed selling fetal tissue in a few of our centers across the country women could donate tissue and that's what was being discussed. so just to clarify that. and also, first of all, our hearts go out to the families of the victims and to the injured and we're so grateful to the law enforcement community in colorado springs and to our brave employees. so in terms of security, the health and safety of planned
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parenthood patients is a top priority and we have always taken security very seriously. thankfully in most of our 700 health centers you'll never see a protester, never encounter any violence. these are isolated incidents but they are very concerning and certainly the number of threats, and as we've seen, assaults on some buildings have increased since these misleading and deceptive tapes and the way that they have been jumped on by some of the presidential candidates and untruths continue to be told even through this tragedy. >> one of those presidential candidates is carly fiorina, as you pointed out, we now know in that debate she claimed to see video that she described in great detail but video that never surfaced. to your point, the videos in question, at least those that many people can find online, have been heavily edited and planned parenthood was legally permitted to get reimbursements
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for organs that were donated for research. with all of that said, i don't want to play what carly fiorina said just this sunday, yesterday, regarding the attacks on that planned parenthood center. >> so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing a messenger because they don't agree with the message. the vast majority of americans agree, what planned parenthood is doing is wrong. what i would say to anyone who tries to link this terrible tragedy to anyone who opposes abortion or opposes the sale of body parts is this is typical left wing tactics. >> what is your response to that? >> well, extreme disappointment that anyone in this moment in the days after a tragedy like this could be politicizing, raising arguments and lies that she knows have been disproven and try to make political points at a time when the focus should be on the families, the injured,
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and trying to get health care back for those women in colorado springs who have now lost access to care. and even her compatriot, if you will, ben carson, this morning saying we need to dial back the hateful rhetoric, all of which i would suggest has come from the anti-abortion, anti-planned parenthood group who also know that most americans, proven in every poll, support planned parenthood. 1 in 5 american women having gone to planned parenthood for health care some time in her life. >> carly fiorina, in that remark, said the media is demonizing the messenger. here again you've had some of the other candidates, donald trump, refer to this suspect as someone mentally ill. we do know that sources have indicated that he mentioned baby parts here. there's been a great amount of caution from i think the media, as well as the investigators not to immediately tie this to the
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rhetoric on the political campaign and the conversation around these edited videos. with that said, what do you believe was the motive here? >> well, again, i'm going to defer to the authors and let them conclude their investigation. but i think it's unrealistic and most people would say that the more that people are out there demonizing, saying offensive and untrue things about an organization, calling us outlandish names and making realreal ly making obscene charges that are not true, the more people, even if they are mentally unstable, can then decide that they're being asked to take action. of course we need to be asking why people who ahave mental illness are being allowed access to ak-47s to terrorize not just health centers but theaters and schools and not asking why those
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groups and organizations and places have to be significantly fortified. >> as was this facility, as i understand the security had been, to your word, fortified in many ways with extra cameras and security to protect the staff and the patients. dawn, thank you so much for your time, we greatly appreciate it. the democratic candidates all reacted to the planned parenthood shooting with the #standwithpp, planned parenthood. but many of the republican candidates remained silent after the attack before yesterday. only 3 out of the 14 had made public statements. msnbc's steve kornacki is following that part of the story. it is obvious the media is not picking on the gop candidates but it is clear why we are focusing on the fact that 3 out of 14 have chosen to speak out. >> yeah. you saw more statements yesterday coming out. they're focusing on the violence itself, they're condemning the violence, ted cruz for instance
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called this shooter deranged. ted cruz was actually asked about is there a link between the rhetoric you were just talking about with the planned parenthood representative, is there a link between the rhetoric on the right against planned parenthood and the actions potentially of this gunman. this is what ted cruz said when he was asked about it. >> i don't fully know the motivations of this deranged individual. it's also reported that he was registered as an independent and a woman and a transgender leftist activist. if that's what he is, i don't think it is fair to blame the rhetoric on the left. this is a murderer. >> ted cruz basically making the case there that we don't know yet enough about the identity, about the background, about the motives here. so punting on whether that link even existed. then donald trump yesterday on "meet the press." donald trump when he was asked about the same thing about this killer mentioning body parts, donald trump going right to the dissatisfaction that there is on the right with planned parenthood. >> we have reporting that he was
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talking about baby parts and things like that from law enforcement officials. >> well, i will tell you there is a tremendous group of people that think it's terrible all of the videos that they've seen with some of these people from planned parenthood talking about it like you're selling parts to a car. >> tamron, politically, the last couple years on right defunding planned parenthood, rhetoric against planned parenthood has become a staple of conservative and of republican rhetoric. so when something like this happens right now you can imagine these candidates, the people around them, they are going to be very careful before they come out and say, hey, ghig th anything that we have said or done that might have been connected to this, they don't want to make that kind of link at all. >> especially when you look at the victims, a police officer who was a father. an iraq war vet. a mother of two among those who have lost their lives in that laundry list of violence that we've seen since 1977. with that said, as you well know, there have been calls now
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for paul ryan to at least put on hold these hearings that focus on planned parenthood. how politically dicey is this at this point as steve, you know, people are now starting to focus a little bit more. we've got the couple of debates coming up. you've got a break, then before you know it we are in iowa, we are in new hampshire. >> it's been politically dicey for the republicans on this for a while now. you remember back in the 2012 campaign the democrats used that idea of a republican "war on women" to great effect. >> now you have three bodies and a shooting. >> sure. but the basic political dynamic remains the same right now and you're seeing that in the hesitation of these republican candidates to engage on this question. the base, the core base of the republican party, is very much opposed to planned parenthood and that seems to be very much informing the responses that we're seeing from these candidates. >> but the national numbers -- >> outside of the core republican base, that even includes many republican voters themselves, you find a lot more support for planned parenthood. there's been a bit of a trap here for republicans between what their primary audience
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wants and what the general election audience wants. that's existed for a while. this only stands to heighten that. >> whoever the nominee is on the republican side, as we move to that general election, with these numbers of people, as you pointed out, both republicans and democrats who support planned parenthood on the heels of the investigation and that shooting, whatever it brings, be it will be interesting to see what that eventual nominee says. >> right. and also right now you can see there's an instinct here on a lot of these candidates' parts to say as little as they can now so it doesn't come back to haunt them. >> steve, thank you very much. the debate surrounding planned parenthood is just one issue shaping the 2016 race. republican front-runner donald trump facing tough questions this morning after abruptly canceling what his campaign publicized as a news conference to announce that about 100 black religious leaders were endorsing him. the cancellation coming after many of those invited to the event said that he had no intention of backing trump. trump told msnbc's "morning joe" the pastors may have canceled
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because of pressure from black activists. zb >> i think what happened probably gets publicity, unfortunately as everything i do gets publicity, some of the black lives matter called them up and said he shouldn't be meeting with trump because he believes all lives matter. i believe black lives matter but i believe all lives matter. i have a greet relationship with the black pastors. i know many of them. i'll see if it happens. i don't know if it is an endorsement by some. i think probably it would be an endorsement by some. >> private meeting is still scheduled for later today, all coming less than 24 hours of a trump was challenged once again on his assertion that he saw thousands of muslims in new jersey celebrating after 9/11. >> this didn't happen in new jersey. there were plenty of reports and you are feeding a sfar inin ii
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>> chuck, i do have evidence -- >> you're running for president of the united states. your words matter. truthfulness matters. fact based matters. >> chuck, chuck. take it easy, chuck. just play cool. >> trump is also under fresh fire for apeepearing to imitate disabled "new york times" reporter after the reporter questioned his 9/11 claims. trump denies he mocked that reporter and is demanding an an poll anapology for accusing him of doing so. michael steele and howard dean, gentlemen, thank you so much for joining me this morning. chairman, let me start with you on this. i want to play this clip from donald trump's supporters. they were asked about the fact checking, the 9/11 claims and some other assertions made by donald trump. here's what some of them had to say. >> bends the truth? you know what? he may, but he's still going to get things done. >> when the media asks questions about him bending the truth,
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what's going on in washington right now? there's never been more truth bending in our lives. >> so michael steele, what's your reaction, not only with the focus on donald trump but any candidate, for that matter, who is seen as -- listen, where i'm from in texas we call bending the truth a lie. so they are lying and that is the accurate term of it. that you have some voters who are still saying, so what's? that's what happens in washington. >> yeah. because for a lot of these, particularly based republican voters they have been lied to over the last 25, 30 years on a host of issues that have been important to them. so this idea that suddenly you're now going to hold this standard up to trump and take him down because he may have bent the truth on a subject or an issue, is what we've seen come from republican leadership and their frustration as activists in the party. they don't -- it's not credible for them. so that response to me is not surprising at all. it surprises me that the washington folks are so surprised by that.
8:15 am
because they shouldn't be. >> governor dean, let me get you in on that. i'm sure you saw "meet the press" yesterday and chuck's team put together questionable remarks made by donald trump. they also pointed out remarks hillary clinton made regarding her e-mail saying that the administration knew about those e-mails, something that president obama has said the opposite of here. but picking up on what chairman steele said there, governor, do you believe that this is a disconnect between what the voters think and again how washington sees something that i point out again, common sense calls a lie but maybe it is a wiggle of the truth? >> well, first of all, politifact scored all the mistruths and donald trump scored three times higher than hillary clinton did. let's not put them in the same box here. second of all, michael's right, this is a very angry group of people supporting donald trump. they feel like they have been lied to by the government and they're probably going to support him. this is the big problem with the republicans. this is why they're not saying much about planned parenthood. most of them would like to i
8:16 am
suspect denounce the violence. they don't dare because they know that donald trump's portion of the republican vote which looks like it is between 20% and 35% is going to stay at home if they diss them. that would be fatal for whoever wins the nomination so they're in a big jam and it didn't get any easier yesterday. >> it did not. let's talk about also, governor, "new hampshire union leader" now endorsing chris christie. many saw that as a surprise. the paper's representative explained that they feel here is someone who's a straight talker, someone who's going to tell it like it is, taking a cue from what donald trump has tried to capitalize on, but he doesn't have the same issues that have started to evolve with donald trump as of late, governor. >> well, i think -- first of all, the union leader doesn't have much influence in the general election because everybody knows they're a hard right paper but it does have some influence in the republican primary. i think it is a big coup for
8:17 am
christie who's not been able to get himself to more than 5% or 6%. it certainly can't hurt in a republican primary to have the most conservative paper in the state endorsing chris christie. >> chairman steele, let me ask you about this meeting that donald trump was supposed to have, or is having with the black religious leaders. i'm not asking you just because you are african-american. >> oh, okay, yeah. i just want to be clear on that. >> it crossed my mind but i'm going to ask governor dean as well. but the reality of it is, there had to be some strategy meeting behind the scenes with team trump saying, listen, if we can get all of these black leaders to meet with him and endorse him in some way, that to me says he is thinking past what governor dean and others have described as the angry white vote. he's banking down the line that if he gets that nomination, that maybe some of the urban center can come his way. but now this meeting has kind of
8:18 am
blown up in his face. >> yeah with be it has. that's largely because they got out in grogot out in front of t story and somebody got excited because they're meeting with a whole bunch of black pastors and just started talking about it. it was probably not on the table with a significant number of this group but the fact that donald trump wanted to make that entreaty to them and have that conversation, i think you're right, is long ball by his team. now he's got a little bit of egg on his face because this has blown up the way it has. so i think that a lot of what happens in this conversation is going to be downplayed coming out of this meeting today. but the fact that the step was made is a significant one and i think every smart republican in the primary, running in the primary should start thinking long ball as well because as we've -- as howard knows, in this somewhat quasi national primary, a lot more people are listening to this conversation as evidenced by the planned
8:19 am
parenthood discussion and you need to have some way of having a conversation that's more broad than narrow. >> absolutely. we know at least for the african-american vote on the democratic side, hillary clinton leading by a huge portion but the new "ebony" magazine, governor dean, is focusing heavily on black lives matter. they've spoken with bernie sanders. you have a number of people within that black lives matter movement who started out protesting bernie sanders who are now actually on stage supporting him and believing in some of the things he's presented out. but you have hillary clinton in d.c. giving a speech at the atlantic council on women in leadership to chairman steele's point, governor, this comes at a time when this planned parenthood shooting is still under investigation and gives hillary clinton a very strong opening at a time when we are engaged in women's health, and if this is an attack against planned parenthood. >> well, i think the person who has so far done the worst is carly fiorina who i think just essentially disqualified herself from being considered as a vice presidential candidate. why you would jump in with a
8:20 am
polarizing statement like that after a national tragedy and then think you're going to be -- if you're a polarizing person, that excludes you from being on the ticket. and so i'm astonished she's done so well. she's basically shot herself in the foot and i'm just amazed at this. hillary of course has been involved in women's issues for a very long time and i think she does -- is able to address this in ways that other people are not. but that's the thing that really surprised me is hearing carly fiorina carry on about the left at a time of national sadness except for those few people who are just haters. >> tamron? ky make one quick point about hillary and the african-american vote? that's not a lock for hillary as well. she's got to work that vote. she's not her husband. i think that's something she's also very mindful of going into a broader discussion. >> absolutely. which you have heard. eric michael die syson has a pi out saying this is not a lock vote especially when you look to
8:21 am
incarceration and some issues which many point to her husband's administration that resulted in tens of thousands of people being incarcerated on drug laws. we'll talk much more about it but gentlemen, thank you so much for your time. developing now, the chicago police officer who killed a teenager after shooting him 16 times will be in court today. why the judge now says the much publicized video of that shooting will help determine if the officer will be released on bail. plus, the university of chicago cancels classes today after the fbi alerts them to a threat of gun violence on that campus. the warning now for students. we'll get you caught up on both of these stories and much more. , you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back
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we are back with developing
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news this morning. classes at the university of chicago remain canceled and students who live on campus are being asked to stay indoors after the fbi flagged an online threat of gun violence in a public letter, the university's president says, "based on the fbi's assessment of this threat and recent tragic events at other campuses across the country we have decided in consultation with federal and law enforcement officials to exercise caution by canceling all classes and activities on the hyde park campus through midnight on monday. university has increased its police presence on and around the campus. the threat specifically cited the campus quad at 10:00 a.m. but one law enforcement official says as fbi agents continue to investigate where the threat came from, concern is decreasing there. we'll continue to follow that story there. also developing in chicago, the police officer charged with the murder of 17-year-old laquan
8:26 am
mcdonald will appear in court this often. van dyke has been in custody without bail since charged last week. the judge said he'll factor into his decision the graphic dash cam video capturing the moments van dyke shot mcdonald 16 times. the fatal shooting and the release of the dash cam video prompted more protests this weekend, including on saturday when demonstrators marched through city hall carrying a coffin. >> it needs to be exposed to the city and i think the city's making some terrible mistakes. and this is the result of it. >> right now we have lost trust as african-americans, hispanics, anybody of color and white have lost trust in our police system. >> msnbc's adam reiss joins me from chicago. in addition to this officer being in court today, i know there are several other events set today in connection, including the growing calls for rahm emanuel and anita alvarez, the prosecutor, to resign.
8:27 am
>> right. not just the two of them but of course the police superintendent garry mccarthy, tamron. reverend jackson says 16 days of protests. he wants to have 16 days of protests for the 16 shots fired. they want to know -- they call this a cover-up, not only on the part of city hall but on the part of the police department. why did it take so long for this video to come out, why 400 days before they charged offerser van dyke, and why was the family paid $5 million before that video was even released. the naacp put out a statement this morning in anticipation of the presser. i want to tell you a little bit about it. it is a university of chicago study. 10,000 complaints against the chicago police department between 2002 and 2004. of all those complaints, 85%, according to this study, were not even followed up, there wasn't even an interview with the police officer. of those 10,000, only 19 ended
8:28 am
up with some kind of legal action. >> adam reiss covering the story from chicago, we'll have more on that court appearance later this morning, thank you very much, adam. developing now in paris, hundreds of protesters are under arrest after clashing with police ahead of the u.n. summit on climate change. this as president obama honors victims of the terror attacks. the very latest on security efforts and a city still on edge. and the pope visits one of the most dangerous places in the world with heavily armed guards there to protect him. the pope's message to christians and muslims in a place that's been divided by violent clashes for years.
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lucy always thought strings should be edible. chloe thought the same. and charlie, well, he's up for anything as long it's fun. new friskies pull 'n play with tender strings. the whole new way to treat 'n play. developing news to report to you right now. president obama is in paris along with 150 other world leaders attending that landmark
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conference on climate change. but, the terror attacks just over two weeks ago are still front and center after arriving in paris shortly after midnight, the president laid a single white rose outside the theater where 89 people were killed. he was joined by france's president hollande and the mayor of paris. this morning, president obama praised parisians for insisting the climate conference should not be canceled. >> we have come to paris is to show our resolve. we offer our condolences to the people of france for the barbaric attacks on this beautiful city and we salute the people of paris for insisting this crucial conference go on. an act of defiance that proves nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children. >> so far today we've not seen a
8:33 am
repeat of yesterday's clashes between climate change protesters and police at the place de la republique. some demonstrators were seen throwing bricks and bottles at officers who responded with teargas. officials say nearly 350 people were arrested. protesters had been banned because of the state of emergency that's still in effect in paris. nbc's kelly o'donnell is traveling with the president, joins us now from paris. kelly, obviously security extremely tight. this global conference extraordinary on its own but during these times the complexity of juggling the serious conversation of the future and climate change and the ongoing threat of isis seems to be an amazing balance happening with these world leaders, including president obama. >> absolutely, tamron. whenever you have so many heads of state in one place, that presents a security challenge when the subject is something
8:34 am
that has nothing to do with the issues of the terrorism networks that are causing so much harm but in this case, having it be in paris, having the effects of what happened here two weeks ago so fresh in everyone's minds, the president certainly spoke about it. other leaders have as well. demonstrations of solidarity and condolences, but also conversations on the subject of what can leaders do. president obama had what's known as a pull-aside type meeting. it wasn't on his schedule. with vladimir putin of russia and they had part of their conversation which was not covered by the press but it is one of those chances where they were able to seize the moment and talk about this, to talk about syria, to talk about some of their common goals, but also some of the differences between how the u.s. and russia view the future of syria. that's one of the developments we've seen. on the climate issue, we've also seen president obama with president hollande and bill gates who are working together to announce innovation as a way to deal with climate change.
8:35 am
that's a big development here on the central issue that brought all these world leaders together in the first place but it's all been sort of infused with the idea that paris has been fragile in the wake of these talks. there is certainly this atmosphere of heightened security with the emergency measures that are in place. so it is really two tracks here, discussions about what to do about the terror threat and obviously the underlying meeting about climate change. so definitely president obama has tried to strike that note of resolve several times that we've seen already in his first day here on the ground in paris. >> kelly, thank you very much. coming up, our "first read" team on politics calls it striking. they are referring to the slow reaction from the gop candidates to this weekend's deadly standoff at a planned parenthood clinic. nbc's senior political editor mark murray will join us to discuss. plus, the national manhunt for the person who the fbi says
8:36 am
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we are back with your "first read" on politics this morning pmt deadly shooting in colorado springs friday has put the issue of planned parenthood back into the forefront of the presidential race. while all the democratic candidates responded to the shooting the night it happened, many of the republican candidates waited until sunday to weigh in. as our political team writes it, "it was striking how slow the gop 2016 reaction was to the colorado shootings." joining me now live, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. mark, ellier with steve kornacki we talked about, for example, carly fiorina's response. she pointed to the liberal media to blame for some of the divisive tone she says exists now. i want to play also what mike huckabee said regarding the
8:40 am
planned parenthood attacks before we talk about this. >> regardless of why he did it, what he did is domestic terrorism and what he did is absolutely abominable and there's no excuse for killing other people whether it's happening inside the planned parent headquarters, inside their clinics where many millions of babies die, or whether it is people attacking planned parenthood. >> well, this is a tragedy. it's obviously a tragedy. nothing just fiz thifies this. this is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing a messenger because they don't agree with the message. >> in that carly fiorina interview on fox news, the moderator noted that carly fiorina's numbers have gone down consistently in the polling. she says that it's because of name i.d. they've also pointed out that she's actually more known than at least two other candidates who are ahead of her in the polling. with all of that said, mark, how
8:41 am
does this play out politically? obviously this is not going away. again, i bring up, you have three victims, an iraq war veteran, a mother of two and a police officer. >> it is not going away from the 2016 trail, or is it going to go away from the congressional debate where of course one of the big issues is whether or not to defund planned parenthood. we know there are going to be congressional investigations that are going to be continuing into planned parenthood as well so this issue will go on. it remains to be seen how the shootings ended up occurring on friday will play into these debates but this is something that you and i are going to be talking about for a while. but also worth noting, kind of compare the reactions from the paris terrorist attack on november 13th where every presidential candidate, democrat, republican, immediately commented by official statement, by twitter, and relatively signs that we heard from republicans by our count, as ever saturday night, only john kasich and ted cruz had even tweeted about the colorado shootings. we heard more on sunday.
8:42 am
but one issue -- you and steve kornacki brought this up earlier in the hour -- planned parenthood is almost a trap issue for republicans. the base despises planned parenthood but as you look at our nbc/"wall street journal" polls, planned parenthood is one of the most popular political institutions and figures in the country so there is a bit of a disdense between the republican base when it comes to planned parenthood and the rest of the country. >> thank you, mark. we'll speak more with you tomorrow on the headlines of the day in the political world. developing now, the trial begins today for the first baltimore police officer to face a trial charged in the death of freddie gray. how this case could have a big impact on the other five officers also facing trial. 
8:43 am
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8:46 am
warnings stretch from oklahoma to wisconsin with snow and freezing rain expected across the plains and to the upper midwest. flash flooding and thick ice are blamed for at least 14 weather related deaths over the weekend in texas and kansas. this morning, a frantic search is on for an arizona man accused of making what investigators say could be considered violent threats against a muslim organization in upstate new york. authorities say 32-year-old ex-marine john ritzheimer posted a potentially threatening video online. he's responsible for organizing the drawing mohammed rally last year and organizing a protest at a phoenix mosque in may. fbi have been tracking him but lost contact with him in pennsylvania. also developing now, the trial has just started for one of the baltimore officers involved in the death of freddie gray. officer william porter pleaded not guilty to multiple charges including manslaughter and police misconduct. porter's trial is the first of what will be six consecutive
8:47 am
trials after a judge ruled earlier this year that each officer should be tried separately. with gray's death sparking massive protests in the city, the trials are expected to draw tremendous attention nationally. the 25-year-old died in april after suffering apparent spinal injuries while in police custody. msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber joins me now. ari, this first trial, many people heavily focused on it because it is the first, but also because this officer could be a witness used in the other trials. >> that's right, tamron. we know right now at this hour there is questioning going on of about 65 to 70 potential jurors. they were asked, for example, were they familiar with the story. most what we can tell indicated yes, though we don't have live shots or anything like that from inside the courtroom. to your point, this first trial of porter could lead to basically testimony or other information that could affect the subsequent trials. in other words, the prosecution, the government here, decides the
8:48 am
order, they pick the order that they think makes strategic sense for them. they begin with someone that they think has a higher or best likelihood of convicting who they could then use in those later trials of each individual officer. >> well, with this trial, ari, you obviously are the legal correspondent and you follow all of this. what are the key components given, a, there's not a change of venue here, still happening with so many people feeling that they know all of the details there, and a portion of this incident, at least some of it, being freddie gray taken to that transportation vehicle on tape. >> tamron, look. you nailed the issue here, right? which is that a trial when conducted fairly is a test of the information presented only inside the courtroom. it is not a test of people's habits of media or what they learned at the thanksgiving table or other debates they have had, although we all know those debates are important. the real test here in this for both sides, for the prosecution and defense, will be questioning
8:49 am
these jurors through this process that's happening right now called voir dire where essentially they go in and try to determine do people have the ability to take whatever they may have heard and know and put that to the side and only listen to the evidence presented in the case. that's always somewhat challenging. sometimes people say how does that really work? how do you unlearn what you know going into a trial? but it is especially challenging in a case like this that's gripped baltimore, dividing the city at times. but that's what these jurors are going to be expected to do, is to basically listen to the evidence, and the video, they should only incorporate it if it is presented at trial which is something lawyers are argue over. >> ari melber, keeping an eye on this trial that started in baltimore. thank you. up next, the pope returns from one of the most dangerous places in the world. why the pontiff -- what he said regarding christian and muslims who live in this. country torn apart by violent clashes for years. we'll have a live report on the pope's trip to africa.
8:50 am
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welcome back. developing now, pope francis is headed back to rome after a five-day trip to africa which included a visit to one of the world's most dangerous countries, amid major security concerns. the pope spent the past two days in the capital of the central african republic, where nearly three years of sectarian violence between christians and muslims has left thousands dead and a nation divided. the pope was guarded there by heavily armed u.n. peace keepers who warned they could not guarantee his safety. before leaving, the pontiff visited a mosque in a muslim neighborhood surrounded by christian militias. he called for an end to the hate and bloodshed there. joining me live by phone from the capital of the central african republic, associated press africa bureau chief christa larson. thank you so much for joining us. >> reporter: thanks. how are you? >> let me start and explain to
8:54 am
us the extraordinary nature of this visit by pope francis and the great importance to the people of africa as well as the central african republic. >> reporter: this is a rare moment of joy for a country that has been rocked with violence for nearly three years. [ inaudible ] >> we are having some audio problems so we cannot fully understand what you're saying. i hate to cut our interview so short. just quickly if you can, describe the response, the
8:55 am
reception that we're looking at from the people on the streets. >> reporter: yes. [ inaudible ] in a gesture of welcome. [ inaudible ] >> thank you. we apologize to our audience that we were having this audio problem. you can see from the images there an extraordinary visit by pope francis and a warm reception despite the years of violence seen in that part of africa. thank you so much for joining us. that does it for this hour of "msnbc live." i'm tamron hall. we'll be back tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern right here on msnbc. up next "andrea mitchell reports." her live interview with planned
8:56 am
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for savings on larger size. right now on "andrea mitchell reports" domestic terrorism. the colorado suspect appears in court today as relatives mourn the victims of friday's attack on the planned parenthood facility. >> he took my only brother from me. you know, that's the only brother that i had, that i grew up with. he took that away from me and it's hard, but i forgive him. >> coming up here, the president of planned parenthood, cecile richards. the president in paris. a single rose at the bataclan on arrival and now a world summit on global warming. >> no nation, large or small, wealthy or poor, is immune to what this means.
9:00 am
and trump's story. the candidate refuses to back down from his widely discredited claims about new jersey muslims after 9/11. >> i saw it on television 14 years ago, i saw it on television. >> why can't anybody find the video, donald? >> joe, joe, they'll find something. they're going to find something. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. did inflammatory political rhetoric contribute to the murderous rampage at a colorado planned parenthood clinic on friday night? the man accused of opening fire at the clinic in colorado springs appears in court later today by video. two civilians and a police officer were killed in that shooting, though authorities are not making air


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