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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  December 2, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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we're certainly not lackeys of the mayors or any other group. we intend to take this task on very seriously. we have, i think, some real value that we can bring to the debate, to the discussion, and strong recommendations i'm sure we'll come up with by the time the work is completed. >> we have a series of reports covering all angles of this developing story. we begin with nbc's john yang, who has been covering this story in chicago from the beginning. john, bring us up to speed about the protesters and concerned citizens of chug. what a -- chicago. char th what are they asking for? >> they're asking for a new mayor. they've gotten a new police commissioner. gotten rid of the old superintendent yesterday. they've set nare sigthey're sig getting rid of the mayor and prosecutor, anita alvarez.
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both said they will not resign. they're expecting to the voters, they say. the voters will have their say on alvarez next year. she has a very competitive primary. already before this in august, the cook county democratic party refused to endorse her, calling for an open primary. emmanuel is beginning his second term. people are calling for an independent investigation of what happened here. not just the shooting itself, but how the police responded to it. what happened to the dash cam videos that the sound is gone. why is it the police continued to push what turns out to be a false narrative of what happened that night that laquan mcdonald was shot. even though gary mccarthy acknowledges he knew the next day, after looking at the dash cam video, that what the police
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said, the police version of events, was not true. they want to see the justice department come in and take a look at the chicago police department. as the illinois attorney general called for. she sent a letter to u.s. attorney general, lor rheetta l yesterday, asking if there is a pattern and practice of discriminatory policing. a lot of frustrations that have been building up over the years about the chicago police department, all coming to a head, all brought together by this case involving laquan mcdonald. thomas? >> a lot of questions about police culture, also how quickly they were able to evaluate putting this video out there. the accountability of the leaders in chicago. and transparent monency moving . one of the big questions is how and if the mayor, rahm emanuel, will survive the controversy. this morning, he was defiant,
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that he will not step down. that comes as the calls for his oust grows. he was also asked about his image and how some may view him. >> you may say what you want about my image. that's your right. that's jim warren's right. i know what i do. i know if i'm consistent with my values that my parents raised we many. consistent with the values that i try to be comfortable with. am i per fact at it? sorry, i'm a human being. i do what i can. i do what i have to do. >> joining me now, steve kornacki. we have two tracks here to follow that might buy mayor rahm emmanuanua emanuel more time. are the moves combined enough to help him survive this? >> yeah, the third thing that really works in his favor in
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terms of surviving this is what you mentioned in the report, he was just reelected this year to a second four-year term. he does not -- if he does not want to resign, he doesn't have to face the voters again until the year 2019. the hope for rahm emanuel, and just before this break, the controversy, that he was sending clear signals in terms of scheduling fundraisers, that he intends to seek a third term in 2019. when you're talking about mayors in big cities like chicago, there is a history of mayors who can go for more than 20 years. a lot of people think that's rahm emanual's aim in chicago. the goal would be, as you say, he has gotten rid of the police commissioner. it's to institute reforms to have the other investigations go forward and believe he'll get enough credit for enough progress, or if, in some ways, will be forgotten. will be history by the time that he has to face the voters again
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in the year 2019. >> steve, do you think that this cloud can be removed by then, especially when we look, hindsight being 20/20, the release date of the dash cam video? and the perception the mayor may have helped to sit on this video to gain reelection. it wasn't a mandate. this was in a runoff election. >> he'll tell you, he had difficulty in his race for a second term. he was forced into a runoff. he won the runoff by about 12 points. he'll tell you, there was absolutely no political motivation in terms of the delay on the release of the video. it was ultimately brought out by the court order. you can imagine if earlier in the career, at the height of the campaign in chicago, in which rahm emanuel was having problem with african-american voters, a school had closed that hurt him with black voters. if this had come out on top of that in the reelection campaign,
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he would have had big problems. there's plenty of suspicion, as you say, that there was politically motivated timing there. the thing that saves politicians so many times is time. the passage of time. we're in the year 2015 now. a lot can happen between 2015 and 2019. rahm emanuel seems to know that. hence his answer. he says, look, you want too get rid of me. we have an election. the next one is 2019. >> steve kornacki, thank you so much. today, we are taking your pulse on mayor emanuel. my colleague is here with the question. francis? >> should rahm emanuel step down in the wake of the mcdonald shooting? since we launched this here at the top of the hour, 80% of the viewers are saying yes, he should step down. 20% say no. interesting to see how this will change in the course of the next couple of hours, as we continue to cover this and take into consideration what needs to happen. especially as we know mayor
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emanuel, starting the first -- the beginning part of the second four-year term. we'll continue to watch it. is where you can cast your vote. we'll bring the results later. >> thank you. we'll talk again shortly. ben jealous, the former president of the naacp joins me now. first, do you think the mayor should step down? >> look, i think it's absolutely reasonable for people to have called for it. it's also reasonable for him to say that he's not going to do it. what's clear is that, quite frankly, the 12 point margin, a big part was supplied by black voters in chicago who stuck with him. black leaders who stuck with him. if this had come out 400 days ago, they may not have stuck with him. what we know in the civil rights community is you really only get kind of real reform of departments in these types of situations when either the chief believes his job depends on it or the mayor believes his job
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depends on it. ousting the chief, good move. it's just the beginning of starting the reform process. ousting the mayor, look, i think it's smart politics to call for it and keep his feet to the fire. >> let's see if they stay grounded with mayor emanuel helming the crisis moving forward of the police department. we have the chicago sun times columnist writing, emanuel must find a worthy replacement for mccarthy without making worse racial tensions brought to a boil by the laquan mcdonald shooting video. they're likely to lobby for the return of the first deputy, al wysinger. latinos will argue for john escalane, the superintendent. and hiram. how important is race to the position of leadership in the police department. >> the most important thing is leadership. what race has been important to
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is the dysfunction historically. black children's lives have been treated as, you know, a matter of second or third rank of priority. what people hope is that if you have a black chief, then he'll take protecting our children seriously. unfortunately, with the trial here in baltimore, where you have six officers on trial for the killing of freddie gray, three black, three white, race is nothing. what you need is real leadership. i've seen real leadership come from surprising places. down in florida, the wake of the trayvon martin tragedy, we were getting traction and moving the city forward with a white republican mayor, who thought he'd have a much easier, less challenging tenure. when he saw the challenge, he took it head on. he recruited a black chief, looking atcandidates, as well. the chief and mayor pushed the city forward. at the end of the day, the leadership has no color. belief in civil rights has no color. what's not really critical here is color.
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what's critical is real courage and leadership and commitment to move the city forward. >> leadership, accountability, transparency. ben jealous, former president and ceo of the naacp. we'll be talking more about the coverage from baltimore as a trial jury has been seated. we'll have nick mosby in the next hour, running for mayor. in the next half hour, i'll speak with lori lightfoot, the head of the chicago police board, appointed the new task force to review misconduct in chicago. up next, new poll numbers and comments from donald trump. dangerous rhetoric or more political provocation? we are live in virginia ahead of another trump rally. plus, more out of baltimore. breaking news where the trial is underway for the first police officer in the death of 25-year-old freddie gray. besides being billionaires, bill gates, barren buffet and mark zuckerberg now share another bond. we'll tell you what it is coming up on msnbc live.
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donald trump flying high in the polls, as well, as stirring new trouble with his comments about terrorists' families. a new poll from quinnipiac shows trump with a 27% lead. it's the largest total, as well as lead, in this poll since august. look at that. dominance is causing serious concerns among the republican establishment. something we're going to be discussing coming up later on in this show. part of the appeal, maybe the waves he stirs with comments like this one, on fox news this morning, where he says the u.s. needs to start killing terrorists' families. take a listen. >> we're fighting a politically correct war. with the terrorists, you have to take out their families. when you get the terrorists, you have to take out their families.
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they care about their lives. don't kid yourself. they say they don't care about their lives. you have to take out their families. >> two reports now. nbc is following the story from virginia and south carolina, also following ben carson who is sliding in the poll. i'll read what one of the pollsters says about donald trump. it doesn't seem to matter what he says or who he offends, whether the facts are contested or the political correctness is challenged. donald trump seems to be wearing kevlar. it seems to be factual, that no matter what he says, it seems to work for him, katie, and you've seen it in person. how he can pivot to make it politically expedient in the polls. >> he's very good at reading a room and reading a situation. i think the people are able to forgive him for all these comments. it's simple. they really, really like him. they think he's interesting,
10:16 am
think he's entertaining. they think he's going to be a strong leader. they like how he speaks to them. he speaks like a regular person to them. he doesn't speak in political speak at all. he doesn't seem like he's unfamiliar, better than them. despite the fact he is a billionaire and lives in a huge skyscraper and travels on his private jet, travels with a huge crew of people around him. people feel like they can relate to him. that is the core of why they just seem to mind what he's saying. it's also a little subtler than that. i call this strategy a vagary. he doesn't take a hard and fast position on anything. he'll say one thing one day, and something that sort of contradicts it the next day. he wants to let russia bomb isis, stay out of the world stage and not get involved in everything. at the same time, he wants to bomb the hell out of isis. bomb the oil fields, take out their families. he's more water boarding. for all sorts of things that sometimes completely contradict
10:17 am
each other. supporters can cherry pick what they like that he's saying and decide who the donald trump is that they're going to be voting for, essentially. >> when we talk about the calculation behind a statement like what he said today on fox news, there is also, katie, the fact that so many folks that are attracted to isis, what their message is, is the fact that they've already lost family members. they have been completely destroyed by war-torn regions. they are attracted to isis because of their jihadi message, revenge. >> absolutely. what donald trump is doing on the world stage, maybe not on the american stage, or maybe in some pockets of america, where people are feeling discontent, but he's potentially creating more enemies out there. by killing the family members and innocent bystanders, what he's calling for them to be killed, he's potentially calling for more people to think they
10:18 am
hate america and breeding another generation of terrorists. >> katie, thank you very much. we turn now to our colleague casey hunt, who is joining us from south carolina. following the carson campaign today. that campaign just wrapped up a town hall meeting there. i want to begin with where we are look at in the poll. carson falling seven points in the latest round. has there been a response to the campaign? >> pretty serious fall there, thomas. i have to tell, it reflects what i've been hearing on the ground in south carolina and other places over the course of the last couple weeks. south carolina in particular, a place that's very concerned about national security. you started to see, or feel, that slide when the paris attacks happened and when carson struggled to answer some questions about his own foreign policy guidance. of course, since then, we've seen carson take a trip to jordan, visit with refugees, try
10:19 am
to build up some of the credentials. the question at this point is whether or not that's going to work. also, if he continues his slide, where does that support go? the question, i think, here was, was it going to benefit ted cruz, who has been courting the same evangelical voters. i think the new poll shows that trump maybe stands to benefit from carson's slides. i don't think we're seeing yet a direct cruz benefit, even though his campaign is, to a certain extent, counting on that. carson's team says that this slide is largely due to them being treated unfairly. they say a lot of the media stories have been nasty, and that's, of course, hurt these numbers overall. they say that they're excited to spend the next two months campaigning ahead of the iowa caucuses. they have a lot of campaigning still to do, thomas. >> scasey hunt in south carolin, thank you. programming note. morning joe tomorrow.
10:20 am
carly fiorina is going to be on the show. that's tomorrow morning on morning joe. coming up, the mystery deepens over the death of juneau, alaska's mayor. it's a wild story. the stats are in. it was a record-breaking black friday when it comes to shoppers buying one particular item. you're going to find out what it is, still ahead. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ [ birds squawking ] my mom makes airplane engines that can talk. [ birds squawking ] ♪ my mom makes hospitals you can hold in your hand. ♪ my mom can print amazing things right from her computer. [ whirring ]
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10:24 am
for background checks to purchase a gun. the national instant criminal background check system processed more than 185,000 requests. that's up 5% from black friday last year. the fbi said the last previous high was in 2012, after the deadly shooting in sandy hook elementary school. reaction continues to grow. the announcement really something else. it comes from facebook founder mark zuckerberg. in addition to revealing the birth of his daughter max, the ceo and his wife pledged to give away, get this amount, 99% of their facebook shares. right now, that is worth $45 billion. more on that story to see what's behind it. how agagenerous? when you have that many zeros in your bank account, i guess that's a little bit. >> he can add this flan tro by.
10:25 am
an investigation is called for into the chicago police department. i'll talk to one of the leaders of chicago's newly created task pors a force and find out what the goal is. a trial is underway for a baltimore police officer, william porter, over what the prosecutor says in this case he didn't do in the death of freddie gray. the details on the statements and the seated jury in baltimore. coming up. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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breaking news in the fight against isis. that group releasing a new video showing what it says is the beheading of an alleged russian spy. want to get the latest.
10:29 am
we go to nbc's chief pentagon correspondent. what more do you know about it? >> thomas, we don't know very much more about it, than what was in the video itself. according to experts who have looked at the video, it is evident that the victim, who was beheaded, appears to speak with a russian accent. as does his isis attacker, who also appears to be russian. in fact, some analysts who looked at the video say it's possible he could be chechen. the russian who speaks perfect english with a russian accent accuses the person on the ground, who also confesses apparently, that he was some kind of spy before he was beheaded. now, the question is, will russia respond? officials here don't think that this in itself will, in fact, spur the russians to launch more
10:30 am
attacks against isis. after all, when they had their own metro airliner brought down over the sinai, for a couple of days, the russians launched missile attacks and air strikes against isis targets in and around al raqqah, the self-proclaimed capital in syria for isis. since then, they've gone back to their other pattern, launching most of the air strikes against those rebel forces inside syria that are fighting to take down the bashar al assad regime. again, not much to go on, except what was in the video itself. u.s. officials are examining it. so far, have had no immediate response to that video. >> want to clarify for folks the still image we showed is of the alleged isis member. not of the alleged victim. this would be different because in the last videos we've seen,
10:31 am
jihadi john had a covered face. they're not as exposed to their identities being figured out so quickly. >> yeah, it's hard to determine exactly why that would happen, except perhaps the assailant in this case, the terrorist, perhaps feels like he's not the least bit threatened by having his identity revealed. you know, also experts say, it's not surprising to see a russian in an isis video. it's estimated that there may be as many as 1,000 isis fighters who come from russia. >> mick, thank you, sir. breaking news coming out of baltimore. opening statements in the first freddie gray death trial now underway. there are going to be six potentially. the first one is that of officer willi iaia iaiam porter.
10:32 am
he is the first to go on trial facing several charges including involuntary manslaughter. he's pled not guilty. opening statements are starting hours after the jury was seated. it includes eight women and four men. the majority of whom are black. four alternates have been chosen for the jury. msnbc is live in baltimore. adam, this started on monday with jury selection. explain where we are now in the process and what has been said for the opening statements. >> the prosecution just finished their opening statement. they said, this is a lot about what officer porter did, but it's also about what he didn't do. he really ignored freddie gray's pleas for help. there were five times after freddie gray was arrest thad the van stopped on the way to booking. five times officer porter came into contact with gray and ignored his pleas. he said, i need help, i can't breathe. i need to go to the hospital. each time, prosecutors say he ignored him. all he did was sit him up in the back of the van.
10:33 am
didn't even put a seat belt on him. this afternoon, we'll hear from the defense. it's likely they'll say he knew freddie gray from the neighborhood, knew him to be a faker. every time they went to arrest him, he'd create a scene and this was another one of the scenes. >> adam, when we talk about the charges here, again, charged with involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault, misconduct in office, reckless endangerment, these were the heaviest charges against the six officers that have been charged. what are you hearing from sources about, one, how long this trial could last and, also, when the consecutive trials of the five other officers could begin? >> well, officer goodson, the driver, he faces the most serious charges. this trial we expect to last about three or four weeks. prosecutors hope that if they can find him guilty, maybe they can get him to testify against his fellow officers in return for leniency, thomas. >> adam reporting in baltimore. thank you. developing news back in
10:34 am
chicago. chicago's mayor remains under fire for the handling of the police shooting death of laquan mcdonald. protesters gathered outside mayor rahm emanuel's office. they're calling for his resignation. the illinois attorney general asked for the police department to be investigated. the mayor responded to the request for a federal civil rights investigation. >> to set up one investigation while one has yet to include is not wrong. not wrong, but until that's done, given how long we are at this, from the incident and the tapes being turned over, we're hitting the restart button and it's not going to get us to the comprehensive solution. >> msnbc's chief legal correspondent joins me now. how did the attorney general justify the need for a civil
10:35 am
rights investigation? >> in part by looking at how the cases are typically handled. almost 400 police involved shootings reviewed through the current process in chicago. only one found by the internal review essentially to be found as an unjustified shooting. in other words, according to the illinois attorney general, the pattern practice and normal course is that police-involved shootings are almost always cleared. not charged. no matter what. she's saying loretta lynch should look into it. number two, you have over 30,000 complaints, give or take, from citizens. 97% of those, we're learning, are not resulting with any discipline whatsoever. that doesn't mean, to be clear, to get to the point of whether a crime was committed. sometimes in office, and police work in office like anybody else, there are things that are mistaken or problematic that you would discipline, even if they don't rise to the level of a crime. that's the other piece. the pattern and practice according to lisa madigan, where
10:36 am
is c-- kcomplaints don't resultn anything. you heard him saying the mcdonald case was still open, why would you need another review? they concluded that they wanted to do a first degree murder charge. investigation over. trial beginning. that's number one. number two, what madigan and others are talking about is not replaying the mcdonald investigation, but rather, reviewing larger forces in the chicago pd. that would be a different inquiry than one criminal case, thomas. >> also, using ferguson as an example, this case, the death of laquan mcdonald, pretty much happened during the time that ferguson was boiling over. we know the doj did its own independent investigation into their police practices. what's the benchmark for how the justice department will be considering whether or not to take up the casesome.
10:37 am
>> this is night and day from ferguson, which was a small department in a small town. chicago pd is huge and sprawling. this would be this is a new call coming in last night. the mayor responding, saying he doesn't want it. if loretta lynch decided to do this, it would be a massive undertaking. dozens and dozens of prosecutors in the civil rights division, hundreds of thousands of pages of documents if you tried to look at how they deal with this stuff. a massive question looming over the city, thomas. >> chief legal correspondent, thanks so much. we'll be talking again in the next hour. thank you. chicago mayor rahm emanuel today talked about the new task force on policing he's assembled in chicago. take a listen. >> i've asked this commission to ask hard questions on three specific areas. one, do we have the right oversight and discipline? two, on the area of transparency. three, on an early warning when an officer is doing something that, in my view, should have
10:38 am
been caught earlier, gotten training and intervention that needed to be done and changed. >> lori lightfoot is chair of the new chicago policing task force, also the chicago police board president and a former federal prosecutor. thanks for joining us today. i want to get your opinion about whether or not you think that there is the need for any type of investigation from the department of justice. do you think it's necessary? >> i think that we need to have an opportunity to do our work as a task force. many of the issues that attorney general madigan called for are exactly the issues that we're going to be addressing on a deep level through our task force. the first, of course, is making sure that the independent police review authority has the right resources, the right policies and practices in place, to be able to investigate expeditiously, fairly and to render the right decisions. the second issue we'll be looking at is looking at an
10:39 am
early warning system and matrix and process, so officers who aren't doing their job the right way are identified. now, when i say not doing their job the right way, it encompasses a lot of conduct. not just on the extreme end, people committing criminal act or engaging in excessive force. we want to make sure that whatever it is that's going on, an officer that picks up a lot of disciplinary complaints, is identified, the right interventions are if place. hope flu, we're going to get the officer on the right track. the third area is coming up with a specific policy to help the city evaluate the circumstances under which video taped evidence is going to be disclosed to the public. in this day and age, there are cameras everywhere. on our smartphones, on city buildings. >> correct. >> on public/private problperty. we need to come up with a policy that matches up with the public's demand for a right to
10:40 am
know. with legitimate reasons to make sure the city doesn't compromise any internal or criminal investigation that might also involve that very same video tape evidence. >> a lot of things you're saying, common sense things a lot of people can appreciate and think this would already be practiced in most major police departments. major cities around the country. red flags are in jason van dyke's file. that's a separate issue. when we talk about timeliness and transparency, with the death of laquan mcdonald being the catalyst for your appointment to the task force, how do you respond to the criticism that the task force is giving the mayor more time to respond to the scandal politically? >> many of us are former federal prosecutors. we have somebody who spent his life in the trenches, defending individuals who are accused of criminal misconduct. we have a former high-ranking and well-regarded police commander. we are not shrinking violets. we are not people who will
10:41 am
operate other than with total independence and integrity. i understand that in this time, there is a lot of cynicism and septemb skeptici skepticism. we're going to engage the community in a conversation about what the issues are they're facing. from the person who is a resident of a particular neighborhood, a person who might be an activist on a larger level, or people that are a part of the civil rights bar. we are going to make sure that we talk to as many people as possible. i think that when we engage people in this process, they see the seriousness with which we are going to be taking our responsibility and, frankly, the recommendations we come up with, that will lay a lot of concerns and skepticism that may be out there in this time. >> as we look, all the task force members bring to the assembled unit, you are not a group of shrinking violets. thank you for your time. we will keep an eye on the work
10:42 am
and progress you make there with the task force. >> thank you very much. i want to check in with francis frances rivera, tracking your pul pulse. >> we asked, should rahm emanuel step down in the wake of the laquan mcdonald shooting? at the top of the hour, when we checked in with you was at 80%. it's fallen to 51%. those who say no, 49%. you can see how our audience has been kind of split with this. especially when it comes to the discussion that we've been having. look at the graph in real time. you can see how that reflects it. more part-tieople saying no or l in real time, as we're continuing this. if you're going to break it by political party, especially when asking this democratic mayor here of chicago, the democrats, they're voting more no to neutral. republicans, yes. they've been scrkewing more to yes. we continue this conversation.ep
10:43 am
down. keep the votes coming. we'll see if this continues to be split for the rest of the hours. >> the mayor having aspirations for a third term in 2019. up next, donald trump's strategy to combat isis. has he taken his rhetoric to another level of being too far? behind for yourself after this. (exec 2) when our customers are on hold, let's up their satisfaction with some new hold music. ♪ (exec 2) that's glenn from the mailroom. he djs on the weekends. (exec 3) sorry, who is it? (exec 2) it's glenn, from the mailroom. he dj'ed bill's wedding. (exec 3) he what? (exec 2) he goes by dj glenn, he works way downstairs. (exec 3) what'd he say? (exec 2) glenn, from the mailroom! (vo) get rid of cable. and upgrade to directv. call 1-800-directv. trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief
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10:46 am
we're fighting a politically correct war. the other thing with the terrorists, you have to take out their families. when you get the terrorists, you have to take out their families. they care about their lives, don't kid yourself. they say they don't care, but you have to take out their families. >> there we have it, donald trump this morning advocating the u.s. target terrorists' families as a tacktive motic mo forward in the fight against isis. trump's command of the polls has
10:47 am
republican officials nervous. they're concerned the trump nomination could hurt the party. john mccain agreed a weak candidate at the top can hurt the party. mccain also appeared to hit trump for failing to condemn crowd members who attacked a black lives matter protester last month. take a look at this. >> my view, if you allow those things to be said or done, in the case of beating up a protester, and go that unresponded to, you are complicit. you have to do what's right. >> mark murray joins me now from our washington bureau with more on this. mccain saying he's complicit in allowing these things to happen at any trump campaign event, but really, how worried are republican officials as we're less than two months from iowa? >> two months is a long time.
10:48 am
we have seen candidates who sometimes have been a flash in the pan, leading the polls two months out and then basically kind of almost disappear. that said, given the fact that donald trump has been so durable since he launched his bid in june, we are now starting to see republicans that are very concerned, that if he's at the top of the ticket, it could hurt down ballot republican candidates. when you look at the senate contest across the country, they're in blue and purple states, illinois, pennsylvania, ohio and new hampshire. with republican incumbents who would be on the ticket, and tied with the front runner, they'd be worried that someone like donald trump, who is polarizing, you have 57% of all voters with a negative impression of him. his views among republicans are better. 27% having negative views of him. with more than half the country with negative views on donald trump, more than you see for hillary clinton or anyone else in the poll, there is concern
10:49 am
that now, if trump becomes a nominee, that can end up hurting down ballot republicans. >> mark murray, great to see you. thank you, sir. >> thanks. still ahead, security ramping up. we're going to see you which item you're not allowed to bring to tonight's tree lighting here at rock center. when we come back, why 9/11 first responders are camped out in front of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's office on capitol hill. >> he's failing us. he's failing the 9/11 community. he's failing his constituents by not asking what they asked him to do. this holiday season, get ready for mystery. what's in the trunk? nothing. romance. 18 inch alloys. you remembered. family fun. everybody squeeze in. don't block anyone. and non-stop action. noooooooo! it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees on select
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10:52 am
developing on capitol hill, 9/11 first responders there right now demanding health care ben filths for ground zero first responders. democrats say majority leader mcconnell is stopping that bill from moving forward. >> quite frankly, i was surprised yesterday when i was
10:53 am
told by senator mcconnell that it wasn't going to be on the highway bill. i was really quite surprised. it is not in the bill. i'm disappointed. it is something that these people deserve. >> nbc's luke russert joins me live from capitol hill. explain, why are these folks showing up and what's the point to express to mcconnell? >> reporter: yeah, hey there, thomas. we all thought here on capitol hill those of us who followed this story for quite sometime this was a done deal and what are the components of the bill? two fold. one is a continuation of the 9/11 victim compensation fund. the other is a permanent reauthorization of health care for all those 9/11 first responders and workers who got sick working on the pile there at ground zero. remember, the government said the air was safe to breathe. it turned out it wasn't and one of the folks that got sick is firefighter ray. what brings you out here with terminal cancer to sit out in front of this office?
10:54 am
>> you know, i'm one guy out of 72,000. i have the terminal cancer. you know. and senator mcconnell's got my life in his hands right now. as well as a lot of us first responders. you know? he just doesn't get it, that we were the marines. we were there for him and for the united states. and he's not coming forth and helping out and -- i don't know what he wants out of this deal. it's a good deal. we have the majority of -- we have our votes that we need. we have, you know, support from both sides of the aisle which was very important. and he's just holding it up for some reason. we don't understand why. >> reporter: you're quite sick. you're here in a wheelchair. many of your friends in the same predicament. did you think you'd have to come to washington, d.c. and ask your leaders, those who were so ready to throw up the flag and honor your service 14 years ago for
10:55 am
these types of benefits? >> you know, after the 11th, you know, had so many politicians, all they wanted to do is put their hands on your back and take pictures. where are you now? what about what happened to never forget? it seems like a lot of these politicians forgot, you know? we're there for you when you're elected but now we need your help and, you know? it is just a mind boggling how this works. >> reporter: i talked to you a few times. do you think you'll be okay at the end of the day getting the funds? >> i'm always optimistic. i'm an optimistic person. i'm just a little disheartened coming down here thinking that we're going to sign the bill and then all of a sudden being sandbagged, you know, by this whole process here. and hopefully it will get done while we're down here. again, i'd hate to come down here again and drag people who are sick but if that's what
10:56 am
needs to be done that's what we'll day. >> reporter: ray, thank you for your time. thomas, there's confidence that it will get passed by the end of the year but it's unclear what exactly the legislative vehicle will be. a lot of these guys thought it was the highway bill and set to pass the house tomorrow and the senate eventually by next week. we'll see if it gets done by christmas. they think it will but facing a roadblock of senator mcconnell. >> real quickly, have the first responders made eye contact with mcconnell? has he seen them? how long are they allowed to sit outside of his office? >> reporter: they can sit outside of his office here all day. that's the right to protest. they have met with members of his staff and unclear why he's holding up the bill. democrats said he's trying to contract concessions for other republican priorities. >> luke russert reporting there on capitol hill, thank you for that report. we return to chicago at the top of the hour and calls for the resignation of mayor emanuel are growing loud and inquiry of
10:57 am
another fatal shooting in chicago. the first baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray, a live report ahead. opportunity has no slow season. no off-days, or downtime. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out...
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on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? hi, everybody. welcome to msnbc live. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc world headquarters in new york and we start with breaking news right now in the fight against isis. there's a new video showing the beheading of a man they say is a russian spy. joining me from the pentagon, jim miklaszewski and msnbc discovery desk editor cal perry, as well. let's start with mick. what more do we know about the validity of the video? >> reporter: officials say the video looks like it's legitimate. but they can offer few details actually except what they glean from the video itself. now both the victim and the assailant, the isis terrorist,
11:01 am
appear to be speaking with a russian accent. nbc news in moscow told by officials there that the isis terrorist himself appears to be a chechen and well-known that chechen, as a matter of fact, launched terrorist attacks against russia on its own soil. and we are told that there have been as many as 1,000 russians that have joined isis in the recent year. now, according to this video, the victim himself has apparently been accused of being a spy. now, u.s. officials here don't expect to see any kind of direct military response from the russians themselves in regard to this. they said after the isis bomb brought down the russian airl e airliner over the sinai, they launched attacks for two, three days including missile strikes but then went back to the routine of actually attacking
11:02 am
anti-assad militants there in syria. so, they don't expect any immediate response from the russians themselves. and again, officials here can only offer their speculation and opinion about what they've seen in the video because that's all the information that is available right now, thomas. >> so, mick, this is a lot different than the jihadi john videos we saw, this person, the terrorist alleged with isis, is unmasked and we see the knife in his hand. do we know anything? when we get to the validity, about the timeline of when this may have been shot? >> reporter: no. unless -- unless the timeline is explicitly stated in the video itself or isis released it there might be a timeline there and just looking at the video, officials don't have clues as to when it may have actually occurred but the timing of this is not a surprise either because
11:03 am
after all you have the airliner and then for whatever reason they appear intent on antagonizing the russians and but that may not be the outcome here. according to officials who looked at this and don't think the russians respond immediately to what happened here. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thanks so much. want to bring in cal perry. as mick is saying, this appears to be trying to antagonize the russians. explain what you're seeing and looking at online of this video sends message-wise to rush why. >> it is all messaging. they keep using the word humiliation over and over again in the video. clearly taking a shot at putin and making into a personal thing. the timing of the video, very interesting. jim mentioned, coming on the back of the airliner, coming on the back of increased airstrikes from russia. so probably not a surprise the
11:04 am
timing and how they rolled out in the videos in the possible, quite likely it was filmed months earlier. impossible to verify and go in keeping with the strategy, especially their media strategy, also as you mentioned, the emergence of a new character, jihadi john is gone. this executioner speaking russian. messages directed at moscow. >> cal, thanks so much. we want to get to news back here at home and taking place in chicago right now where we're watching moments ago having the white house, having to respond to the calls that the city's mayor there should meet the same fate as the ousted top cop and step down. >> obviously, the citizens of this city of chicago will have to determine who should be running the city, including evaluating his commitment over the long term to implementing those kinds of reforms. >> rahm emanuel has deep ties to
11:05 am
the obama white house and also to the clintons. in chicago, protesters gathered today at city hall calling for the mayor rahm emanuel to resign and this morning a defiant mayor said he is staying put and addressed the kricritic s head >> you can say what you want about my image. that's your right. i know what i do. i know if i 'm consistent with my values that my parents raised with me, my values i tried to be comfortable with. am i perfect at it? sorry. i'm a human being. and i do what i can. i do what i have to do. >> the mayor's pointed response just one day after announcing a new task force on policing in the wake of the laquan mcdonald police shooting video coming forward. joining me from chicago, nbc's john yang and roderick sawyer, a an alterman and the chair of the city council's black caucus. good to have you both with me. john yang, let me start with you
11:06 am
because we have the mayor emanuel seeming to be standing firm despite the calls for his resignation from protesters. can he survive this with the media attention that he is getting not only nationally but from the chicago papers, the paper media? >> reporter: i got to tell you, thomas, i think based on what we know now, based on the fact that is are available now, it's hard to see how he would be forced to resign. i think that could change if this investigation into the handling of the laquan mcdonald case turns up some sort of direct involvement of either the mayor or someone in the mayor's office expressing the may why are's wishes turns up to withhold or sit on this dash cam video. the mayor this morning at the event said he was re-elected by the voters of chicago earlier this year but, of course, the
11:07 am
critics say that that might not have happened if this video or the contents of the video were known before this -- the incident, of course, the shooting take place in october 2014 just as the mayor was beginning what turned out to be a difficult re-election campaign. and the payment, the $5 million payment, to laquan mcdonald's family and the description of the video for the first time being made public happened after he was re-elected. so i think that based on what we know now, i don't think he would have to resign but i think that if this investigation turns something up that might be very different. that's not stopping the protesters calling for his resignation and the resignation of anita alvarez, the prosecutor in the case. thomas? >> john yang reporting on the story there for us in chicago, john, thank you very much. i want to bring in alderman
11:08 am
roderick sawyer. you said you're happy gnat mayor responded to the calls and the superintendent resigned, basically being fired. do you agree with calls from the protesters that are saying that the mayor needs to go himself? >> well, let's make a correction. wasn't that i was happy that the mayor made the decision. i was satisfied with it. there's still some unanswered questions relating to the police but as it relates to mayor emanuel, he was elected in 2015. i think that he has time on his side. he has three and a half years to prove to the citizens of chicago that he is a capable mayor. and the citizens have three and a half years to organize and galvanize and do what they think is necessary in order to make that change if they feel that's necessary. >> when we look at what the media is doing, "the chicago sun times" with a singing editorial board article that said the police superintendent had to go but in this story they're saying now african-americans elected or likely to lobby for the return
11:09 am
of the first deputy while latinos will want john escalante. others will want hiram grau. what do you think is best to take over at a sensitive time for the city of chicago and the leadership needed? >> right now i don't have a particular candidate in mind, but i know the type of candidate i would like is someone that is strong on policing, but at the same time, someone that's able to connect with the community. we have to restore that trust once again between the neighbors and the police department. it's been torn right now and it's not helping. there's another video out that's about to surface any day now. mr. ronald johnson. and, you know, the tension is high right now. so we need to make sure we have a superintendent that could aleve those fears and those concerns and make a good connection with the community and also be tough on crime.
11:10 am
>> you bring up the police shooting death of ronald johnson. we will have ronald's mother on and their attorney in the next half hour of this show. i encourage everyone to stay put and watch but i thank you for your time and we'll continue to cover this story. thank you, sir. >> thank you. so we've been asking you to weigh in on the pulse question on mayor emanuel. frances is back with the latest on your thoughts. >> we asked you at home what you think about this in the bake of the shooting, should rahm emanuel step down in the wake of that. look how much this has dropped. 35% of the viewers say, yes. earlier that was around 70%. now 65% of the viewers saying, no. he should not step down. we have heard from rahm emanuel saying he's likely going to stay and up to the voters next time around and the protesters we heard from who want him to step down, as well. now hearing from you. take a look at the graph in realtime and see how our view earls are voting and this is
11:11 am
interesting to see because it does reflect that higher number of those thinking he shouldn't step down. majority of people in realtime, no one really saying yes to that. keep the conversation going and the votes coming and see if this is skewed pretty much flip flood and one point this was 70% at the highest. to vote for this. >> thank you, frances. as we were talking about, this case of a chicago man shot and killed by a city police officer, ronald johnson iii's family fighting for the release of the dash cam video. his mom and her attorney join me later this hour for a live interview. we'll discuss what she calls a cover-up regarding her son's death. now to republican 2016 politics and donald trump making waves both for the latest controversial statement as well as his command in the polls. check out what he told fox news this morning. >> we're fighting a very
11:12 am
politically correct war. >> we knee that happening -- >> and the other thing is with the terrorists, you have to take out their families. when you get these terrorists you have to take out of their families. they say they don't care about the lives, you have to take out that have families. >> same day as a quinnipiac poll showing trump at the top with biggest lead in the polls since august. nbc's katy tur in northern virginia following the trump campaign. we look at this. everyone else, you know, rising and falling in this. trump maintaining his lead. the reaction of their campaign is what? have they said anything? >> reporter: they haven't said anything other than that to say, of course, maintaining the lead, speaking directly to republican voters and they're hearing him and liking him and that is true. they have consistently liked him throughout this entire campaign season since he's gone in the race and maintained a lead in the poll. it's dropped and fallen a little bit but it's back up once again leading consistently in the
11:13 am
quinnipiac polls and they like him because they think he's authentic, the positions on immigration and not a regular politicians to say one thing out on the come pain trail and do another thing entirely when they get to washington. they believe him. and that's what i think donald trump is banking on right now. that's why i think he is maintaining the lead whereas everyone else is rising and falling. they might claim they're outsider politicians but they are still speaking like politicians. >> we continue to watch the outside earls like donald trump stay at the top. the establishment gaining a little bit of ground in the new poll kachltty tur with the trump campaign in virginia, thank you. we have breaking news right now and coming a jury being seated in the opening statements beginning in the first of six trials in the death of freddie gray. now, baltimore city council and mayoral candidate will be here next to discuss the state of that city as this trial moves forward. stay tuned for that.
11:14 am
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11:17 am
so we're following breaking news right now in baltimore. opening statements in the first freddie gray death trial under way. so this officer right there william porter who is facing several charges which include involuntary manslaughter pleaded not good luck. we have the opening statements and one of the prorls said that porter, quote, criminally neglected his duty to keep mr. gray safe end quote. adam reese is live in baltimore. explain what more have prosecutors said? >> reporter: a lot of what they said, thomas, is all about what officer porter did but also what he didn't do, ignored freddie gray's pleas for help not only on one occasion but on numerous occasions. the van that freddie gray was in stopped five times between the
11:18 am
time he was arrested to the time they got to the booking station. each time the back of the van opened up, officer porter was there and he ignored freddie gray's pleas. freddie gray said i need help. i can't breathe. i want to go to the hospital. each time according to the prosecution he ignored the pleas and all he did was sit him up in the seat in the back of the van and didn't even buckle him. the defense is about to start third opening statement. they will argue that he knew freddie gray from the neighborhood. he knew that he was a faker. he might be faking his injuries. and every time they came in contact with him, every time they attempted to arrest him, he would make a scene and this was just another one of those scenes. thomas? >> adam reporting there in baltimore, keep us posted as this is the first day of that trial moving forward. but joining us right now is baltimore city councilman and mayoral candidate nick mosby. sir, it's good to have you with me. >> thank you for having me on today. >> absolutely. there's going to be a lot of attention on your city because this is the first of six trials
11:19 am
to move forward. how significant is this judicial process to see the trials moving forward for the baltimore community? >> i mean, i think that at the end of the day this provides justice for freddie gray, justice for the six police officers, but more importantly, justice for our city and that's what this trial represents today. you know, fair, impartial basis of allowing the criminal justice system to, again, provide justice for freddie gray. justice for the officers and justice for the city of baltimore. >> you represent freddie gray's neighborhood. is justice actually seeing these officers facing charges and going to trial, or does the community that you represent feel that justice will only come if they are convicted? >> no. justice is allowing the process to play out. the fact that, you know, we have juror who is are seated that will have the ability to kind of objectively come up and determine exactly what took place. i mean, that's justice for
11:20 am
everybody. again, you know, justice system is set up not just impartial to one side but for all sides so i think more importantly what we want to talk about is yjustice frl freddie gray and the offers and the city of baltimore. >> we know that your wife is marilyn mosby, the state's attorney and we saw a lot of her back when the charges came forward for these six officers. i know it's difficult for you as a councilman to talk about the issues of this trial moving forward but for you as a mayoral candidate, some people have said that this is too much power under one roof if you're elected. how do you respond to people that say this is too big of a conflict of interest? >> you know, at the end of the day, my wife is elected by the citizens of baltimore and i'm elected on a different cycle by the citizens of baltimore. as the next mayor of baltimore, i'm going to ensure that we fight for some of the injustices
11:21 am
that we see in this decade old of lack of investment, problems that plagued these issues in these communities. i mean, the structural and systemic issues that plagued our community. that's why i'm running for mayor and what the voters will look at and decide when they elect me the next mayor of baltimore. >> i know you know baltimore well as a son of that city. i grew up in baltimore county. you know it through politics of baltimore city but what's your opinion of what you could inherit from lame duck, stephanie rollings-blake? how will you be different in reviving when's blight throughout the inner city and providing a better leadership message for young people who feel completely left behind? >> well, there's no secret that this is a very storied chapter in baltimore city's history and i think more importantly that's why, you know, someone with my background, born and raised in the city of baltimore, product
11:22 am
of a single family home. grew up in a house in northeast baltimore with six women and watched my mother get up every day at 4:00 to catch buses to go and put food on our table. but, you know, all of that i've also first person in my family to go to college and graduate and do well in corporate america and i talk about i've seen the best and the worst in the city and i think you need that type of transformative leadership to connect the dots. you know, baltimore has seen a tremendous amount of growth in certain areas but, unfortunately, we have the large pockets of poverty in the areas that we have not seen the investment and i think i'm the person to connect the dots from the corporate boardroom to any street corner in baltimore and that's why i'll be the next mayor of baltimore. >> thank you for your time. i look forward to talking to you in the future. >> this was great. thank you. >> absolutely. back here in new york city, increased security at tonight's big lighting of the rockefeller center tree. there it is. a live look outside.
11:23 am
we take you to the streets of manhattan and talk about the extra precaution that is as tha place. two big announcements of facebook's mark zuckerberg. one, the birth of his daughter. congratulations. two, his vow to donate 99% of the facebook shares to charity. >> having this child has made us think about all of the things that should be improved in the world for her whole generation.
11:24 am
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yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. welcome back, everybody. flood watches and warnings in affect across the southeast and a cold front expected to clear the weather out later today. now, here in new york city, it's going to be a little soggy, warm for tonight's big tree lighting at rockefeller plaza. temperatures forecast to be in the 50s when they flip that switch. now, there is, of course, going to be extra security here in the big apple tonight for that epic
11:27 am
tree lighting. frances is back now with more on what authorities are doing to keep people safe on the plaza. >> big day and night here around these parts. the time has arrived for the big evergreen to light up for the 2015 holiday season. live look there at the tree behind me as people get ready to make it out here for that lighting. a dazzling spectacle and promises to be a great time and in case you're heading out, there's serious things to know about, security tighter than ever limiting what you can bring and we have some tips to share that might become the norm as recent terror attacks makes safety at public gatherings a priority. i want to go to erica hill with more on what the measures being taken. can you see some of the security stepped up? >> reporter: frances, i think we definitely can. i first arrived here at 30 rock where we all work, of course,
11:28 am
early this morning, probably around 6:45 and then there was an increased police presence and what commissioner bill bratton said. be prepared. you will see, in fact, in his words, highly armed officers and points out it's all a precaution. there's not been a specific or credible threat tried to this tree lighting and of course there's never a reason to take chances here in new york city. as you mentioned, there are some guidelines and street closures around this area and that's going to start in just a half hour from now. also things that cannot be brought into this area near the tree lighting. no umbrellas, no backpacks and no large bags. those probably not come as much of a surprise to folks but they're reiterating that just to remind people tonight. as thomas mentioned, the weather, it is soggy and warm and the commissioner said the weather is his biggest concern tonight. because that's the one thing, okay, they can't control. frances? >> that's a good thing when weather is a bigger concern.
11:29 am
no umbrellas. good to see you. thank you. all right. thomas, certainly we saw people turn out for the macy's thanksgiving day parade around the same neighborhood. didn't seem to bother them. hopefully that will be the case again tonight. >> i don't think it will slow them down. thank you. another case of a chicago man that was shot and killed by a police officer. his family calling for the release of the dashcam video showing what happened in that video. >> opened up this murder, it's been over a year now that my son been murdered and y'all still haven't did y'all jobs to convict this cop of murder. >> we'll hear more from the mother of ronald johnson iii and her attorney as they join us live. keep an erection. talk to your doctor about viagra. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury,
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11:33 am
area the 1300 block of south waterman street. again, this is information that we're just getting in to msnbc world headquarters. the police tweeting out the active shooter at the intersection of orange show road and waterman avenue. cal perry at the discovery desk following anything that we can learn about this online. cal, what are you seeing? >> first tweet about 14 minutes ago from the fire department in san bernardino saying this is happening at the 1300 block of waterman avenue. if you take a look at the 1300 block of waterman. there's a developmental center, a golf course and houses here. very rural area and police have gone ahead and shut down this street and asking residents to stay in place where they are trying to pass on more information. obviously following this as it breaks. happening right now, thomas. >> again, just if you're joining us right here on msnbc live,
11:34 am
breaking news out of the california and where moments ago that the san bernardino sheriff's officials confirmed an active shooter in the area, and again, they had roughly reports of about 20 shooting victims in this incident. we're still working to confirm whether or not there is a single shooter. but msnbc analyst jim cavanaugh joins me. i think we have jim by phone or a shot up? jim, good to have you with me as you help us walk through here and tweeting out already about the activity that they feel they have this situation in that area. if they're saying an active shooter, obviously they're giving a concern, and a warning to residents, they might not have this situation under control as of yet. >> that's right, thomas. you know, the critical thing always for law enforcement and this is, you know, the first responding uniformed patrol is to locate the shooter. and it's not so simple. especially if someone's moving on the street or, you know, in a crowded area.
11:35 am
because they can be very mobile. in a car, on foot, they can run, they can hide. so locating the shooter is critical so if people are present in the area, they see somebody running around with a gun, shooting, think need to call the sheriff's department 911 and let them know, give a description and the location. that's critical. >> we have the confirmation from the sheriff's department about this. and this was a tweet that came, jim, from the san bernardino fire department talking about units, first responders heading to this intersection of south waterman. they believe that the initial reports are of 20 victims that have been involved with this shooting. they're working to clear that scene. again, they don't have information or have supported information about whether or not this shooter is in custody or has been taken down. but this would mean if there are 20 different shooting victims, and, you know, it's around
11:36 am
lunchtime, 11:35 in california right now, that this person, the active shooter could have targeted a busy area. >> right. exactly, thomas. you know, they can target just people on the street, in a lunch crowd, for example. and the reason the fire department may be alerting people is oftentimes firefighters are the first engine companies and paramedics to respond to the emergency of a wounded people. >> so we have got -- jim, this is the first video that's coming in right now from knbc and shows the chaos of the scene as first responders are actually just getting there. we want to put it on delay so our viewers are not exposed to anything that would be too untoward. again, this is a very kay yot situation as this image is just coming in to us of people that are being treated on the ground there. triage centers being set up right in the middle of the road as we see first responders who are armed on the scene but, as
11:37 am
well, as heavy armored vehicles coming from the san bernardino police department and the fire department and first responders to treat those that have been injured. but what we saw in some of the images, people laying on the ground, first responders treated wounds, to their legs. a gentleman hobbling along with an injury, looked like a bullet hole and bleeding from the shoulder and other people carried. this is a completely chaotic scene at the intersection of waterman road, south waterman. and the orange show road area in san bernardino. this itself looked like a major four or five-day to rofare right there. cal perry with me from the discovery desk. what more do you have? >> this is the building we're seeing of emerging as a mass casualty situation. here on the map, this is the
11:38 am
inland regional center. this is being evacuated now. the pictures that you are seeing are being shot right here on the parking lot and a main road you were talking about. again, both the fire department and the police are asking people to stay inside. they're investigating what's happening. we don't know if there's still an active shooter in the center. when you do a reverse search, it is a development center for children with disabilities, thomas. >> cal, thank you. these are first m ages coming in from knbc who has videographers on the scene witnessing what it was like as first responders, police, showing up to help those injured. one of the first tweets that went out talked about the fact they had roughly about 20 shooting victims. we have not had any new information in regard to whether or not there has been loss of life on the situation and we are still waiting for any confirmation of shooter or shooters. clint van zandt joins the conversation and stunning images
11:39 am
as we see the triage areas right in the middle of the intersection. >> you know, we think back and we have seen these combat pictures from nam until and then from the gulf war where we're seeing people wounded and sometimes even more serious than that. and, unfortunately, now we are seeing it on the streets of america. and these incidents as you know, i mean, their just coming now multiple times in a week. unfortunately, many times we have people whether it's mental health or something else, they're copying the behavior that they saw that previous day or week. one more way to act out. whether this is one shooter or multiple shooters, we don't know right now. but we do know that the initial pictures do suggest that we have got obviously multiple victims, at least ten or more and we don't know if it reaches the original number of 20 yet. >> again, these are the first images coming in to us and as
11:40 am
we're trying to get new information from san bernardino law enforcement. the number of vehicles that you see on the scene here, whether it is from the fire department or that armored police vehicle or the number of cruisers that you are seeing on the different pivot points of this intersection demonstrates how fast and how many people working within the san bernardino fire and police community showed up to the scene after reports of at least 20 injuries, people shot. we don't have information about the shooter right now or shooters in this situation. but cal perry telling us about the developmental center right nearby this and we can see the signage in signage. leading into the south end of waterman. near park center. now, this is -- so this is live, mike? i just want to make sure -- all
11:41 am
right. so this is coming in to us right now. just so i can let everybody know. this is knbc and make sure -- are we on a delay, guys? all right. that these images are just coming in as patients, people who have been shot and victimized by either one or more shooters, we're not certain about who would be considered the active shooter or shooters. and the images are graphic and chaotic. as we're seeing people that have been injured and they are trying to figure out who to treat first. we have seen different medal responders there. treating people right on the pavement. some carried on gurneys and more stretchers own location there to deal with mass casualties in all of this. the san bernardino fire department, the first to tweet out information about the number of victims. they said at that time they believed it to be about 20 as we see the different images there from the folks, the injuries on
11:42 am
the ground. it's hard to count and it could be more, it could be less. but we don't have any new information about if this is still an active shooter situation. mike, if you can let me know the detail about police clarifying -- all right. let's did to cal perry. do we have new information about whether it's an active shooter situation. >> police want people to be aware, it's considered an active situation and keeping eye on pictures and for those near the area, shelter in place time. certainly that may be out of abundance of caution and police want people to be aware this is considered an active scene. you mentioned that developmental center. you mentioned that road where we're getting the video from. obviously very graphic video as they continue to deal with this mass casualty situation. there's a few things as we continue to balance with social
11:43 am
media, flooding people with information. there are reports that there is a planned parenthood in the neighborhood. that's true. there is a planned parenthood in the neighborhood but far south of where this incident took place and that planned parenthood all the way down here has written in and let people know it's not involved. everyone there is fine. we are continuing to balance the information as it floods but once again just to give you an idea of where this is all takes place, you mentioned this main road here, this is waterman avenue. this is completely shut down. here's the island regional center and we now understand is being evacuated. as you said at the beginning, police are viewing this as an active situation and want all residents to shelter in place, stay inside. >> thanks so much. keep me posted on new developments that come in there at the discovery desk. just a warning to the viewers as this is a chaotic scene and the aim nlgs coming in through knbc, we are on a delay but i want to warn you that some of the images are graphic because of the nature of what just happened in
11:44 am
san bernardino and reports of an active shooting. at least 20 people injured and these are the shots, the first scenes of those emergency responders, coming to take care of those that have been victims. while we see more stretchers on the scene now, earlier video showing first responders and medical personnel treetding people there on the pavement trying to deal with injuries whether to the legs or to thebu tocks or shoulds and who was most critically or seriously injured and while we saw people hobbling, being carried off, others are more traumatized, more injured by the shooting. frances rivera following this. >> following from broadcastify here and this is information we don't have confirmed yet from nbc news but officers saying from broadcastify and police scanners, a suspect about 30 years old with additional suspects. two males wearing masks and
11:45 am
vests. doing a sweep of the upper and lower floors of the north buildings. swat coming in and asking for canines and this is in the north of the building where some hostages have been removed and they're doing a sweep of other sections of this building. again, nbc news working to confirm this information. this is the initial information we are coming in. right now. and also, we know that when josh earnest, the white house asked about this, they said the white house has not been notified of an active shooter situation so watching this closely, thomas. of course, we have any other information for me, we'll be sure to pass it along. >> thanks so much. let me know as soon as you find something new and remind the viewers, just joining us here, we have been covering this for roughly last 27 minutes or so. it was 30 minutes ago that we got the first tweet from the san bernardino fire department. they said units responding to the reports of 20 victim shooting incident in 1300 block
11:46 am
of south waterman. sbpd is working to clear the scene and then we started to get the images coming in from affiliate knbc showing first responders, fire crews on the scene trying to deal with a mass casualty situation, wokking on shooting victims right in the middle of the street. some with injuries to their legs. or their arms. knbc is live on the air right now and dip into their coverage. >> people treated here in the intersection and this intersection obviously shut down because of that. >> are you there, lieutenant? >> yes. >> okay. we are again trying to sift through multitude of information. what can you tell us? we got the call of shots fired
11:47 am
and then multiple victims down. we are not only using our s.w.a.t. team but s.w.a.t. teams to clear the facility. obviously, we are trying to treat the people as quickly as we can and determine if there's still an active emergency or an active shooter in any way, shape or form in and around the area. >> lieutenant, can you confirm that the shooting took place in the inland regional center? >> that's what's being reported. i don't know exactly where it started. i know inside that facility some place but not sure the exact circumstances are surrounding. >> also confirmed by your department that one to three possible suspects. is that true? >> i can't confirm how many suspects or, you know, whether this was all a single incident. i'm not on scene. the sergeant is covering the scene and is on scene. >> are we hearing reports of
11:48 am
shots still being fired? are you aware of whether this has been resolved at this point, or is it -- >> i'm not sure that there's any active shooting going on right now. >> again, the victims here, are they coming out from the inland regional center or from surrounding areas? >> it's right now as far as we know it's confined to the inland regional center right now. >> and any word on how many casualties we're talking about? we are getting our first video from the scene and we are seeing a number of people being treated and triaged. do you have any number for us? >> no, i do not have those and will be a little bit of time. it is a very active scene. we trained for these type of situations all the time. the idea to get in quickly, secure the scene as quickly as possible while still preserving evidence and everything else. our most -- our highest priority to deal with the victims and make sure they get the medal attention as quickly as possible so we want to make sure there's
11:49 am
not injured victim hiding some place and may think it's in the safe to come out and check every nook and cranny before we call the all clear. >> lieutenant, for folks who are watching this right now, and they know they have loved ones in the area, what are you telling those people to do? >> remain calm. obviously, it is a very tense situation. easy for me to say that. the officers are diligently and as quickly as possible to locate the victims and put those family members with people in that area at ease as quickly as possible. we know it's stressful for them and doing what we can to resolve it as quickly as possible. >> advice for people in the area hearing this report to shelter where they are? >> yeah. i would not come to the scene, not trying to get a firsthand look. obviously, we don't know everything we're looking for yet. and, you know, it's best to stay out of the area and let
11:50 am
emergency personnel handle the issue. >> yeah, we are looking at pictures here first on the scene here. do we know the extent of the injuries? >> no, we do not. i do not have hard numbers. i got a real quick briefing from the watch commander and started to make calls the try to help aleve some of the pressure that the sergeant has on scene. >> you were telling us that the way this is handled is multiple s.w.a.t. units respond. can you talk about that a little bit? >> we train with other s.w.a.t. agencies or other departments around us. i noticed from looking at some of the footage on tv, i see that the fontana s.w.a.t. team is there. regional tell and we work with them and county. a large team that's just up the street from the location where this happened so we have a number of resource that is we train with and work with on a regular basis and working collectively together. we work very well together isle
11:51 am
this is going on here. you have the first call here about 11:00 a.m. and going on for almost an hour here and yet to give the all clear in that facility? >> no. no. nothing has been rendered all clear yet. >> very tense situation. following twitter from people in the area and receiving one saying they're shooting. omg, they have us sitting inside. >> our idea at the inland regional center. it helps the developmental disabled finds services k. you give us anymore information? >> i can't give you details of the center. i do know it's a training facility and that they help with developmentally handicapped and those people throughout that region. >> lieutenant, we have our chopper over scene now and people filing out.
11:52 am
it looks like their hands are up. is this protocol for a situation like this? >> yes. i mean, obviously, we don't know. we weren't there. we don't know who the shooters are. we want to make sure that we are letting victims out and not the shooter walking out past us. we have a protocol that we follow and i won't say what it is but, you know, everything is checked very closely before we just let everybody go. and not knowing that a, you know, for sure who our suspects are. >> i would imagine it's a good sign that people are being let out from the facility, though. it would seem -- >> yes, it is. as we clear buildings and sure it's safe for them to be outside of a building, we are moving them away from the facility to preserve evidence and this kind of stuff we may need. >> as i look on the calendar of upcoming events for this center, they have the holiday boutique 9:00 and 2:00 tomorrow and would have brought a lot of folks to this facility. again, we are talking about the
11:53 am
shooting originating from what we understand at this facility here. people are being let out, filed out and at this point, lieutenant, we don't know whether there's any suspects in custody. >> no. as soon as i know that, like i said, the sergeant is handling today and she is on seen scene and trying to pick up the slack for her. >> we appreciate your insight and helpful for us to get a clearer picture of what's going on here, the response, reassuring to know that so many s.w.a.t. agencies are working in combination and as you mentioned these are agencies that frequently train together so they work well together in a situation like this. >> yeah. you know, law enforcement in general, we train together. but especially our tactical units work very well together. we communicate well. we follow some of the same protocols. we all, you know, we all work together on a regular basis. this is nothing new and it's just kind of reassuring, should be very reassuring to the public
11:54 am
that all the training and stuff we do comes in handy of a time like this and all well trained and ready to handle a situation quickly and efficiently. >> lieutenant, in addition to tending to the injured there on scene, folks filing out. what's protocol and the steps taken right now? >> well, right now, obviously, like i just said, we want to make sure we don't let a suspect out and not sure of the situation and we don't know who the suspects are and not going to go into detail as to what our protocol is. obviously, i want to -- the protocol to get in there as quick as we possibly can and making sure that we can get our victims out of there safely and everything else. >> we are watching people leaving the building right now. this is the view from news chopper 4 with their arms raised in the air and they are heading away from the center in the parking lot here. walking toward the different
11:55 am
police cars, s.w.a.t. units and all that we see here. >> obviously, we are going to keep everybody together and know everybody who's there and not there and stuff and we keep everybody together and not let them leave and not know who was there and make sure everybody's accounted for at the end of the day. >> lieutenant, i can only imagine it's an extensive interview process? >> no doubt. no doubt it's a long, lengthy process and i'm sure it will be a very serious investigation. won't be over any time soon. >> do we have any idea how many people were inside this facility? did you ever hear that kind of number? >> no. i didn't get those kind of details. minimum details. >> sure, sure. we can see it's a large facility and we know that it is a center for the developmentally disabled but as you mentioned also a training facility. michael mentioned there's a holiday boutique scheduled there for tomorrow so perhaps people setting up today but we're just second brating at this point.
11:56 am
we do see a large number of people being escorted from the building by officers. their hands in the air as they come out and this building is secured. >> right. >> all right. again, lieutenant lawhead, thank you so much. we have megan reyes live here over the scene. are you with us? >> i am. trying to get a good bearing of this scene. you can understand as we've been telling you, it's still an active scene. we are in communication with the san bernardino police helicopter and they're asking us not to show the building in detail so we right now we need to basically comply with their demands considering this is an active scene and we don't want to compromise their position but you can see this is waterman avenue right there. very chaotic scene and dozens and dozens of police officers on scene and looking for the paramedics. on the way here, i was monitoring san bernardino county and calling for additional pa
11:57 am
paramedics and resources additionally coming from city surrounding cities so still an active scene and as we saw the protocol, individuals coming out of the building with their hands up. one thing that i noticed is perhaps a supervisor was taking away their security badge so they cannot get back into a building and one thing i did notice so that's obviously all for security reasons. now, these people were being taken out of this building here, i don't want to show the details while we are on the air but they were being escorted into this vicinity, this park here and probably screened here and more people coming up. those are officers. you can see how many officers and a lot of them in plain clothes. those are s.w.a.t. officers. some of them not even working and they got the call and went straight to the scene, a lot of them in private vehicles and showing you that situation right now that dire situation. how quickly and urgently officers responded to this active shooter call. >> within the last half hour we
11:58 am
were hearing reports of shots still being fired. from your monitoring, are you aware if -- i know you mentioned it's an active shooter situation but are you aware of shots being heard in the area? >> i was not able to hear anything pertaining to. that i'm scanning all of san bernardino county trying to get as much information as i can. i have not heard anything. they're good and relay information to us and, again, we want to work with them and not compromise the integrity of the scene. if there's an active shooter, there may be up to three. i know you were reporting one, up to three suspects, we don't want to show where they are right now in case that can compromise where the s.w.a.t. officers and san bernardino police officers but as i pull out, you can see how vast this is and imagine this is in san bernardino on the intersection of orangewood, near orangewood and waterman. this is the center where all
11:59 am
this is going on. this building here. i can show you a wide shot. they're in the process of evacuating. that's the san bernardino police helicopter assessing the si situation from above. it's a chaotic situation trying to get people out safely and if it's still an active shooter, where the shooter is right now, nobody knows. >> megan, we keep your shot here and turn over to alex vasquez on the phone with us. are you there? >> yes, michael. >> what can you tell us? >> we should point out that alex is within of our photographers on the scene. so sorry. >> it's okay. when i got here, basically, i pulled up a few minutes after and it started and when i pulled up, got the camera, i heard gunshots at the time and i saw people running from the building. one thing i did notice was that the firefighters used a pickup truck and drove in and started loading people in the back of the truck to get them out. out of the area. when the firefighters started
12:00 pm
assessing them, i noticed there was at least three fatalities unfortunately that did occur here but the active shooter as of right now, i have not seen anybody taken into custody. i think it's still an ongoing situation only because s.w.a.t. continue to arrive. i'll show you a shot. we have probation department. you have police department from san bernardino. you have sheriff's from rancho cucamugo. they're trying to fly victims out of the area and the ambulances just lining up. you still see a lot of officers, especially in plain clothes like megan mentioned arriving at the scene trying to assist. at the moment, there isn't anymore victims being taken out. it seems like most of them transported to local hospitals.


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