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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  December 2, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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when the firefighters started assessing them, i noticed there was at least three fatalities unfortunately that did occur here but the active shooter as of right now, i have not seen anybody taken into custody. i think it's still an ongoing situation only because s.w.a.t. continue to arrive. i'll show you a shot. we have probation department. you have police department from san bernardino. you have sheriff's from rancho cucamugo. they're trying to fly victims out of the area and the ambulances just lining up. you still see a lot of officers, especially in plain clothes like megan mentioned arriving at the scene trying to assist. at the moment, there isn't anymore victims being taken out. it seems like most of them transported to local hospitals. i did see many with severe
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injuries. i will pan over. looks like the people from the building itself where they're being staged at. these are the people in the immediate building or surrounding buildings that were evacuated. you can see the people -- i tried talking to them. they were in shock. all they could tell me is heard many gunshots and a lot of people just yelling for their loved ones. they're trying to find their loved ones. multiple families showing up. trying to get a hold of families. looking for their loved ones and at the moment, it is a chaotic situation and seems like out here at the triage center, no more victims to this area. >> alex, we should point out that the initial images of the scene were the scenes you captured for us arriving at the scene and those were a number of people coming out with what appeared to be leg wounds, arm wounds all being triaged there in that area. and as you mentioned, you had that interview with the one woman who said she didn't see
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anything. she just heard all the gunshots and then saw, you know, people impacted by the shots. >> that's correct. a lot of people i talked to, wouldn't talk to me on camera during the circumstances and they were telling me that people were coming out with maybe leg wounds and upper body wounds, whoever did this obviously going around and just shooting because a lot of people said they didn't even know what was going on and they got shot so at the moment, you can see a lot of s.w.a.t. team arriving on the officers still arriving to the scene and high-powered rifles. the situation here, though, at least the one good thing if anything is right now no more additional gunshot victims coming out. another victim there being treated. but at the moment, it looks like family members just trying to find their loved ones to make sure they're okay. that's basically what the situation now. one thing i can tell you that family members showing up, law
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enforcement telling them do not come to the scene. you won't find your family members here. there's a staging area. not at the immediate scene. avoid the area, looking for a loved one, don't come come to the scene. it's very hard as far as traffic, emergency vehicles trying to get in and still counting at least four or five ambulances still here waiting for any additional victims. >> the lieutenant earlier, alex, couldn't give us a hard number on the number of people brg brought and treated. >> all right. 3:03 eastern time. about noon pacific right now. i'm kate snow. we're at msnbc headquarters in new york city. you've been listening to knbc. that's our affiliate out of los angeles, listening to a photographer from knbc describing the transport of victims, what he saw unfold over the last hour or two. this is an active shooter situation that we're monitoring in san bernardino, california. details still just coming in so
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we don't know a lot about how many people were injured. we have certainly seen video images of multiple victims. at this location. it's known as the inland regional center. it's in san bernardino, california. we heard him talking about helicopters landing and transporting to other locations. i want to go out to los angeles, blake mccoy has been monitoring this in our los angeles bureau. blake? >> kate, we are trying to learn more about this inland regional center where the shooting takes place. provides services for the disabled and people with developmental issues. according to their facebook page, there's 670 employees at that building so that gives you a size of the facility we are talking about and how many people may be inside. that's 670 employees, doesn't even include however many patients may have been in there. we can tell you the san bernardino county sheriff said one to three possible victims
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and a very active situation. telling people to avoid the area and they are continuing to call it an active shooter situation and indicates they do not have anybody in custody. >> blake mccoy in the los angeles bureau. this happened on your watch, thomas. this started the first call around 11:00 a.m. pacific, 2:00 p.m. eastern time. >> so the tweet came out from the san bernardino county fire department they were called out to an active shooter situation believing up to 20 people injured an enthen started to get the first chaotic images of people treated within the intersection, those able to get out of the inland regional center and as we were just hearing there, from blake, that this has over 600 people inside, we had images moments ago of folks from inside this building walking out with their hands up and also one person collecting their badges. i assume it's their i.d.s to then hand over to authorities. but again, since this is
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considered an active situation, we have the s.w.a.t. teams going through combing the campus here of the facility trying to seek out if there is more than one. so the police have said that they were looking for potentially and not confirm to colleagues at knbc one or up to three. they just don't know. >> we have heard reports on social media, unconfirmed reports it might be multiple shoot shooters. >> correct. "la times" tweeting about the fact it's three people possibly on the campus and blake tells us about what they do here at this facility. it works with people that are developmentally challenged. talking about the foundation of its three core values, and they talk about the fact that they work with individuals for developmentally disables and families so they closely live a typical lifestyle. but again, with over 600 people inside this facility and different buildings on this
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campus, one that they were focusing on is the south building. again, but there are several different on this campus. >> right. campus, we are not talking about a school in the strictest sense but -- >> no. you can see right here that gives you an idea of the layout of the facility and also where that intersection turned into a medical triage unit where first responders working on people in the mide of the street. some did not have the stretchers to be utilized. they were actually just trying to respond as quickly as possible to wounds of legs and arms. >> we may have some of that video. i don't know if we want to stick with the live picture but video fed in about a half hour ago and see people being treated in the middle of the road. >> definitely shows how chaotic and shows the muscular force at whether san bernardino authorities responded not just with fire officials but multiple ambulances on the scene and heavy s.w.a.t. vehicle,
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militarized police vehicle, you see there in the background. but working together trying to take care of people and assess injuries one by one as they were able to get to them and, again, kate, as you saw beyond this, folks that were in that building trying to savely get out unharmed and saw them coming out being taken off to one area and location where the san bernardino police said they were not anybody go and evaluate everybody to make sure that whoever the shooter or shooters are don't try to blend in with these folks being evacuated. >> cito wilson is a receptionist at a local business nearby, close to where this is all happening. can you hear me okay? >> yes, i can. >> can you describe what you saw and heard? >> actually, one point we heard a lot of sirens going on. as the traffic was starting to back up. there was quite a few helicopters out front. so we went outside to look
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thinking it was maybe a car accident. until we were told to get back into the buildings. it was a shooting. >> and where do you -- you work very closely to inland regional center? >> yes, we do. >> can you describe for those of us in the rest of the country who don't know san bernardino that well, what part of town are you, what this area is like and what the facility is like? >> actually, it gets pretty busy around noontime because of the lunch hours. we are right here on the opposite corner but on the other side -- we are not too far, less than a block away. and it's like i said normally around lunchtime it's busy around this area. >> it was right before lunch. >> -- and like where our urban conservation corps we have students 18 to 24. >> okay. do you know anything about the inland regional center and who -- we were describing from the website that they deal with people with developmentally disabilities.
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do you know anything more about their work? >> no. just i know that they just do behavior work with a lot of students and a lot of people and stuff. but -- >> when you say students, can i -- >> we will have to leave the building right now. >> right now? are they evacuating you? >> yes. >> which build rg you in precisely? >> right here on the corner of waterman and orange show road. all right. go please be safe. that comes first. thank you for joining us. >> bye-bye. >> kate, people are trying to figure out information about inland regional center. their website is down. they're saying, sorry, this site is full. as blake mentioned before, he had access to their facebook page. but again, just to give everybody an idea of what they do, this is a place that works with developmentally challenged folks. their words saying to help them live and their families as
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closely as possible a typical lifestyle. >> thomas, it could be a complete coincidence that this is where this shooting happened. it might have nothing to do with what's being done when that facility or who's at the facility there. >> absolutely. we don't know much yet about the number of shooters and also don't know about any type of motive on this. only information to get right away specifically through the tweets from the first responders talking about the number of casualties and putting that number at roughly around 20. the other really interesting piece of information from the knbc helicopter that was informed not to show shots of the building. they didn't want to give up positions of s.w.a.t. members and those on campus that are trying to clear these buildings since they consider it act i. who knows if the folks inside have access to a television set? knbc helicopter told please
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don't show the images of the center because that might give up some of the locations of our authorities. >> atf agents are responding. fbi sending resources, as well. i want to bring in jim cavanaugh, a former atf agent. are you with us? >> yeah. i'm here, kate. >> tell me as someone who's been through, unfortunately, these kind of incidents before what we're looking at looks like chaos. what do you think is happening in these moments? >> yes. you're right. they're hectic but there's a procedure that law enforcement has and when tactical teams are brought in and you see those armored s.w.a.t. vehicles of bearcats, ballistic engineered armor response counter attack vehicles. they don't have guns mounted on them. they're strictly a defensive ballistic vehicle like an armored car. you know, of course, s.w.a.t.
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officers armed on there, sidearms and weapons they carry and get close in to a scene like we saw in colorado springs getting into the planned parenthood and, you know, busted the wall through. that allows them to get close. at the corner, behind concealment and seeing the helicopter shot, you don't notice it but there's concealment, not cover but there's some concealment from the build wings the tree line so you can kind of get behind there. they can't see you very well. and they have a couple of s.w.a.t. vehicles there, probably san bernardino city s.w.a.t., san bernardino county s.w.a.t. both very good s.w.a.t. teams and, you know, other municipalities in the region. i think fontana maybe the lieutenant said and plenty of s.w.a.t. services. now their task get the latest information from 9 11, the acts and locate the shooters.
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you always get reports of multiple shooters. you have to nail that down. is it one or -- >> you mean because sometimes different people seeing the same person and being recounted as more than one? >> no. exactly, kate. they see the same person at different locations. >> right. >> and in different behavior. like one person may see him walking with a gun low. another sees him running with a gun chuting it. it could be half a block away or inside the building. one thing we don't know yet is, did the shootings take place inside the facility or outside the facility? we don't know that yet. that's something interesting to be nailed down. >> we were on the phone with cita wilson a moment ago saying he works catty corner from the regional center and she had to get off the phone real quick to evacuate her building. i would imagine that this is a methodical clearing of each building that police would be going through. >> that's right, kate. when they're evacuating you and
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s.w.a.t. is vaetding you, it's through a safe corridor. they have cleared a corridor. you're moving actually in behind s.w.a.t. behind the patrol officers. they're side by side with you. they believe they can get you to a safer location. sort of a park area across the street. concealed by trees and get you away from where they're going to do a methodical search and that's the thing to do what s.w.a.t. and uniformed police tell you. >> have you been able to speak with anyone from atf or fbi or did you just jump on the phone with us? >> yeah, no. i'm on with you. they follow a normal protocol and responding, as well, to help, you know, completely with whatever services the police need. so do state troopers, you know, california with great state highway patrol and all levels respond. the department that has the ticket as we like to say would be the san bernardino city pd and the s.w.a.t. has the ticket and they're the first ones but
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everybody's going to layer in to help them. >> stay with us if you will on the phone and keep watching along with us and go back to blake mccoy, correspondent in los angeles in the newsroom there. >> loma linda health nearby say they're expecting an influx at any moment. so you can imagine other hospitals in that area, as well, preparing for what could be significant casualties and i know that witness that you spoke with who was in a nearby building, she mentioned something about students in the building. that building that provides developmental disability services, they do treat people of all ages so that may be what she was referencing and people aging from 0 to 60-plus that they help treat including school-aged children. >> you are talking about at the inland regional center? >> that's right. so they help people of all ages get services they need for
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developmental disabilities, essentially a middleman what it sounds like. families go to the center for help and coordinate services for the family. >> i appreciate that. blake, looking at the video, most of the people evacuated from the buildings look like adults to me. i haven't seen any children. >> one thing to pick up here about the irc, the inland regional center, serves more than 31,000 people with disabilities with the county being the primary focus and riverside county, it helps facilitate folks from there, too. >> right. people travel in to that hub for services. >> correct. helping over 31,000 people and it has over 670 number of employee there is pretty much on a daily basis. >> at that particular location or we're not sure? >> we are not -- combined. we can see from the larger aerial shot it's a wider swath of real estate at the campus might have. >> it's a campus.
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>> so the south building which is what they were focused on, we're not sure how many folks would have been inside there, employees or people that received services from the inland regional medal center but that's where they were focusing first to clear that and make sure that they were not finding somebody whether it is still active with a weapon inside that south building. >> blake, it's kate again. can you give us a sense for those of us not from california, what this is area like and exactly where san bernardino is. >> yeah. san bernardino about an hour outside of los angeles, inland. 'way from the ocean. this area looks to be an area with several service buildings, medical service buildings. a neighborhood nearby. the planned parenthood of san bernardino is a few blocks away and told us they're not involved
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in this in way aobviously in light of the shooting last friday in colorado springs and making sure that people are not confused there and close in proximity to the facility. >> okay. thanks, blake. stay by there for us. we are just trying to watch these pictures in from knbc and see if we can make out. we think they're the folks evacuated out of at least one of the buildings and trying to -- they're all on cell phones trying to reach loved ones, i'm sure. >> confirming their safety and they're reaching out the their kids and loved ones to let them know they're all right and see them on the opposite side of that tree line. through a parking lot that many people came out with their hands up. there was one person who i assume because it wasn't someone wearing a police uniform or any other type of authority uniform collecting badges and looked like people's work i.d.s which gave them credibility for being on site and connected with the inland regional center that they were then going to turn over to
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police as they could get a proper head count for who was involved, who was inside at the time of the shooting. again, the first calls came in at 11:00 a.m. pacific time, 2:00 p.m. eastern time about an active shooter and shots fired at the center. at this time, one of the tweets sent by the fire department about 20 people that were shooting victims. a lot of those folks, kate, we saw in the streets being treated. we also heard from correspondents and knbc of medical helicopters to take out the more severely injured but they were doing the best they can to figure out and triage folk that is the walking wounded able to come out of this facility and be treated right there at the intersection and here it looks like on the corner of a neighboring restaurant or a gas station, more folks working there have joined together to deal with authorities. >> i want to take a pause and listen in to knbc, the local los angeles station we're watching.
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let's listen to their coverage for a moment. >> you saw that dramatic video of people being brought out. they were being carried out to this area. they were shot. they were injured. some of them did not survive and like i said i know just by looking over my shoulder that three did not. there are family members. this is an incredibly large scene, incredibly large scene. so many blocks are cordoned off and so many family members of people who work in this very large business building, this inland regional center, there must be at least hundreds of employees and people inside this building at the time of the shooting. that the point, from what we hear, of course, at least one shooter, possibly upwards of three. we don't know exactly right now if this situation is all clear. we know that there are a lot of s.w.a.t. members out here.
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i am standing around and there are -- everywhere i look there are sheriff's deputies, police officers, you name it. chp officers. they have all responded to this building. now, getting back to when i was walking up here and came across so many families, they said, do you know what's going on? do you know if anyone's hurt? can you tell me about my daughter? can you tell me about this or that? i talked to people to give you an idea of what they're dealing with. talked to a father texting with his daughter and his daughter texted him and said, dad, somebody's shooting inside our building. and he immediately drove here and he had been texting with her. she said i'm hiding in the closet. i can hear somebody shooting. i'm scared. then i was there at the moment and we have it on video. it's very, very emotional. the moment that his daughter called him and said, dad, i'm okay. they got me out. >> wow. >> you got to give a lot of
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credit to these officers out here because they got a lot of people out here but sadly, some people didn't make it out. we, of course, will stay out here and show you these pictures and get you more information as soon as we can. we'll send it back to you in universal city. >> tony, we are hearing, of course, stale very active situation as you know, as you are surrounded by s.w.a.t. officers and see you're being told to move from this location. but as you can see on the screen here, san bernardino police confirming the suspect wearing tactical gear. we do now have that confirmed that a suspect likely wearing body armor, heavily armed in this location and it is still a very active scene. we are being very careful in the images we show you so we don't reveal the s.w.a.t. positions and endanger the efforts going on here on the ground. >> in addition to that suspect information, carolyn, we are getting confirmation of what tony just informed us of. three confirmed dead there at
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the scene. we are learning more about this center from what we understand, this is according to their facebook page, 670 staff members provide services to more than 30,000 clients. again, we are talking about the inland regional center here on south waterman avenue and 670 staff members. we saw a huge, huge number of people being evacuated from that building. again, going back to what tony saying, can you imagine as a parent getting that telephone call from a child? from your child. so again, just one of the many accounts here to come from the irc. >> it is a chilling scene out here. we brought you the images very early on of the massive triage effort under way with people being carried by law enforcement officers, had been wounded in their legs and arms. we saw a number of people of gurneys and a lot of people have been taken to the loma linda university medical center for treatment.
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others being triaged on the scene. of course, the word of santa barbara county sheriff's deputies and the office to stay away from this scene. this is a very active situation and do not respond here. if you have loved ones in this building, a tense time and not the place to respond to. people taking out to the golf course and awaiting word on where the evacuation area is for family members to respond who are looking for their loved ones. >> yeah. and again, you know, folks there on the scene making telephone calls to loved ones and the lieutenant said as soon as our coverage began, something family members to stay away and a number of agencies responding to this. the suspect just confirmed is intact call gear. there's no suspect or suspects in custody right now. so again, an active scene here at this particular intersection
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closed down, by the way. orange show road and south waterman. stay clear of this. our coverage continues. we have crews on the ground. >> the fbi is responding to the shooting incident. they september out a statement saying that san bernardino county officials have the lead on this incident and certainly responding. we know atf also responding and multiple s.w.a.t. agencies around the area on scene. still developing situation and tony chen both confirm they have seen three dead here and at least 20 injured and that actually that three dead number is confirmed by law enforcement, as well. >> megan, you are working on technical issues here recently. are you back with us? >> we're with you. >> just to -- there's a couple of staging areas there on scene.
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one i believe northwest of the scene and the other at the san bernardino golf course s. that since been no longer there? >> it is there. let's show you how quickly the scene changes. this is parker road. and then law enforcement pushed tony back and further to the south. this is where fire department was staging fire department was told to clear and pushing the crime scene further south right now. this is the golf course and individuals were in this particular area and since moved. we see a group over here and i think there are some more individuals further to the west so they're still in this golf course. perhaps trying to seek some of the shade and i have seen individuals in the golf course. law enforcement personnel with them. we have two helicopters from chp on the golf course. that's san bernardino airport. north along waterman, not that
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building too closely, north around waterman, this is the initial scene and news chopper 4 got up on scene and this is the particular area of individuals from the building, whether they were employees or patrons of the buildings, they were being evacuated. a wide shot of the s.w.a.t. personnel. oo a look at the vehicles. all of these are law enforcement related vehicles. this is on waterman north of parker road and here is where we see more people. but that's probably 50 to 75 individuals in this particular location. on the golf course and appeared i saw at least possibly up to 100 or 200 people. >> goodness. we know it's a trying situation for hospitals in the area ramping up to treat the injured coming into their facilities. with e know loma linda university medical center is taking some and arrowhead
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regional hospital getting some of the wounded there, as well. alex vasquez telling us earlier the response of s.w.a.t. officers not on duty responding to the scene and the kind of situation where everyone responds just as quickly as possible to try to bring this to an end and unfortunately this is still an active shooter situation. san bernardino police confirming to us that the suspect is wearing tactical gear. we know, obviously, this person is heavily armed, as well. >> we're getting word here that the governor brown also monitoring this situation and told you not too long ago that president obama has been briefed on what's been happening here again. situation that shots fired report first came out about 11:00 here this morning and confirmation of a director here it happened within that building. a building that our own nbc 4
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photographer alex vasquez told us, a three-story building and on the facebook page, their facebook page, says about 670 staff members are there on any given day, perhaps and they provide services to more than 30,000 clients. again, as alex said, this building is always full. >> yeah. just to give you more background on these regional centers, there are 21 of them across california. >> this is kate snow at msnbc headquarters in new york. we have been listening to knbc coverage, that's our los angeles affiliate broadcasting live about this terrible incident in san bernardino, california. we learned about it about an hour and a half ago. the first calls coming in at 11:00 a.m. pacific time. we have learned from knbc and their reporters, tony shin, for knbc says that he can confirm because he saw three people deceased.
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that's according to one correspondent's view on the ground there. and it could possibly be more. we have seen multiple people being treated. many people wounded. certainly. the san bernardino police according to knbc say a suspect is still at large. wearing tactical gear and potentially heavily armed. so that's why you're seeing this lockdown situation. you have seen people being evacuated out of the surrounding buildings. we have seen s.w.a.t. teams on hand and an active situation. we were -- we heard just now on knbc about 100 to 200 people at least are in the area taken out of the buildings and hundreds of people were inside the buildings in that area and this is the campus of known as the inland regional center in san bernardino, california. i want to go to my colleague blake mccoy correspondent for us out in los angeles monitoring all of this. blake? >> kate, we can tell you now that president obama has been briefed on this by his homeland
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security adviser and here in california governor jerry brown also briefed on the situation. starting to hear from lawmakers, senator dianne feinstein of california said it is heart breaking to be faced with another mass shooting. hillary clinton saying i refuse to accept this as normal. we must take action to stop gun violence now. more on the bilgd, kate. focusing in on this inland regional center. we can tell you that it's a three-story building with three wings. so if there is, in fact, a suspect wearing tactical gear inside that building, which is what we're hearing, it could take sometime to clear that building. >> and what do we know about this area and that facility and who might have been there at 11:00 a.m. on a wednesday? >> well, we do know the facility provides developmental or support for people with developmental disabilities, people of all ages, newborns to
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senior citizens and what they do is essentially coordinate resources for people with developmental disabilities so why this building was targeted, if it was even targeted, specifically, we don't know. there's nothing that jumps out at us that would make this building an obvious target. as i did tell you earlier, there's planned parenthood two blocks away. they said they're not involved in this. their facility is safe. >> thomas roberts remains with me here in new york. thomas? >> doing research again on what the inland regional center does and who it provides services for, looking at message boards, this is just one and i don't want to read the name but they say the inland regional medical center provided our son and others with programs, bus passes and more to help disabled people. we have the closest life possible. our son is 22, works and lives on his own, thanks to irc. and then there's a personal
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message here to someone who works there to let them know if they are okay. so lots of families are helped and serviced by what this facility does for certain members of that community. again, serving riverside county and san bernardino county. we also heard from the local affiliate there about the fact that the golf course has been a place where people from inside that facility have been able to congregate for safety purposes. across the street. it is the subl golf course and -- >> seeing pictures of this. >> yes. this is an hour inland from los angeles. 0 if you jump on the i-10, you can be in san bernardino right by this facility in roughly an hour's time. >> as far as the hospitals nearby, we have heard mention of one hospital in particular. i'm looking for the name. loma linda university medical center and heard affiliate knbc
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say that they're expecting to see casualties there and other hospitals in the area. we don't know how many people have been injured. >> no. still waiting for confirmation. tony shin from k nbcspoke about what he witnessed in terms of deaths, wokking to figure out what a proper confirmation is on that number and injuries. we saw that video before of people being triaged in the middle of the street here. this is video from earlier. folks with their hands up, escorted through the tree line on to safety. badges were collected to be handed over to authorities to proprove and i think this is where you can see this gentleman right there starts to collect badges from folks. that woman drops her on the ground. see her pick it up. she goes and hands it to the gentleman there. collecting badges and information to take it back to authorities to get a proper head count for who was in a certain part of the building at a proper time. also the knbc helicopter. they're staying out of shot
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position to not reveal where s.w.a.t. teams are and i think the big determining factor in all of this is how many active shooters they were looking for and the confirmation from knbc, it is one suspect to confirm. >> at least one. >> wearing tactical gear and heavily armed. right. >> at least one we should probably say and varying reports. we know they're looking for one intact call gear. >> earlier reports said there might be potential for three. and fluctuated between that number and right now saying that police confirmed about one suspect wearing tactical gear and they consider to be heavily armed. >> let's go to jim cavanaugh live with us on an open microphone and watching all of this coverage with us. jim, your observations as you hear about san bernardino police saying they're looking for an active shooter? >> yeah. they have to press to contact. we call it press to contact. press to engage the suspect and
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what s.w.a.t. is doing. taking a while. they're going to be pressing to contact that shooter. the police also normally the protocol is a family center will be set up away from there. the police will, you know, broadcast that out usually on a twitter or facebook or on their phone lines. where family members of those involved can go, you know, if someone was injured or missing. they can go to a family center. normally that will happen and s.w.a.t. critical thing going on like you described a report of a suspect that has tactical gear, you know, that can be a bullet-proof vest, it can be a load bearing vest that welcomes like a bullet-proof vest. but from what we're seeing this number of people shot and these serious wounds and fatalities, you know, like we saw with the long gun person, prepared, dressed for mass murder, and goes to -- we don't know where the shooting started, on the street or a building but it's
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the critical thing for on-scene commander is to find the guy or guys. they got to find him. that's what they're pressing for now and if they're in the inland regional center, swat is not doing a slow search. they're doing an aggressive press to contact. if they can mitigate the person, the shooter, and they don't think there's anymore, they do the very slow methodical search that you often see afterwards. but if he's in there, they're trying to find him and they have to move pretty swiftly. they have a lot of safe ways to do that but they're not -- they're not dilly dallying or taking their time. they want to find him. they can stop and engage him and the whole jaer changes. they have him somewhere and then the decisions start to change from there. >> jim, we should be clearing we're looking on the tv right now on msnbc, we are looking at video footage of earlier so we're not looking at live pictures.
12:39 pm
even on the right side of the screen that's an evacuation that happened within the last hour or so. >> right. >> but so,jim, knbc has been asked as thomas mentioned a few minutes ago not to show live aerial pictures of this area and that's very much on purpose, right? >> no, exactly. because, you know, if a person's in a building or even in this age of a smartphone, that can get a live feed, you don't want to see the movements of s.w.a.t. operators coming in and where they are, where the location of long rifle teams or sniper teams would be so that's very smart move by nbc and l.a. not to show that. you can show it when it's over but unfolding for the safety of the officers, you don't want to show it. it's critical that they locate him and here's the other thing. it's not necessarily so that he's still there. these guys can escape, as well. and before you can get a firm perimeter set on a mass shooting like this with 20 people,
12:40 pm
imagine the chaos that the first responding uniform patrol division officers have to deal with, somebody can slip away. and when they come with plans and dressed for murder, they can also have an escape plan. we're used the people not escaping but it isn't always the case. you have to keep that in mind and what s.w.a.t. is dealing with, as well. >> stand by for us, jim. joining us on the phone is sandra wood, the interim executive director of inland empire lighthouse of the blind school. she's under lockdown as i understand it inside her business near where all of this is playing out. can you tell me what's happening? >> there's really not a lot happening. there's s.w.a.t. vehicles. there's plenty of police presence. the sheriff is in the parking lot across the street. we're safe here at the school for the blind. we have about 60 visually impaired and totally blind adults here at the school.
12:41 pm
all of us are safe. our building is locked. the detectives have told us don't let anyone in and don't let anyone out. i'm looking out my window and there's really not a lot happening. there's just some police presence and they're standing guard. >> how close are you, sandra, to the inland regional center that we have been talking about and the campus that we are looking at? >> maybe 200, 300 feet away. >> oh, okay. are you next door essentially? >> across the street. across the street. >> what street are you on? >> we are just south of the -- actual meeting room where this shooting took place. >> it was in a meeting room? >> i believe so. it was in a conference room. >> who have you heard that from? >> at the regional center. several people that were in the room ran across the street for cover. >> so they ran from a conference room and into your building.
12:42 pm
>> -- it was a lot of gun fire and -- i didn't really see any fatalities. i'm hearing from other people calling that there has been confirmed fatalities. >> yeah. we at knbc affiliate there in los angeles is reporting at least three fatalities, unfortunately. and multiple, multiple people injured. i'm glad to hear you're all safe inside the school where you are. >> thank you. >> can you tell me a little bit more about what people have told you they saw? the people that ran from the conference room, what happened? >> it was someone -- it was someone with an assault rifle. maybe a bullet-proof vest dressed in black. that's really all i know. >> and one person is what they described? >> that's all that we know of here but i'm hearing other reports that maybe there was two or three shooters. i really don't know. >> right. we have heard the sandra. just to reassure you. we have heard from the police
12:43 pm
they're looking for one person at this hour and still continuing to search for that person. can you just help us with your geography one more time? you are on which street? where are you? >> park center circle. >> park center circle south. >> you saw people coming across the south to you? >> yes. >> this is thomas roberts. forgive me for jumping in. we are looking at a map and south waterman goes straight up and down, north and south. park center circle pretty much loops around the entire campus of inland regional center but there are other places -- >> buildings, other commercial buildings around it. we're on the south side. >> okay. down by the thrift sore? >> there is no thrift store here. we are a school for the blind. >> okay. our map is -- >> probably outdated. >> a little. >> it is. >> we see building on the southern side.
12:44 pm
you say folks ran out of the building and across the street and how you learned what was going on? >> what was happening, yes. >> were those people injured? >> it happened at 11:17 when i heard the gunshots. i called 911. they had just -- were getting in some other phone calls about gun fire going off and it i made heard 25, 30 automatic rounds and then people started -- there was three people that came in to our building looking for shelter. >> were those people injured, sandra? >> no. well, one gentleman did fall from running. but no one that came here was shot. >> must have been terrifying. >> it is and i really need to get back to our students. i've got the phone ringing. there's family me believes calling to make sure that -- there are other family members safe here. >> you're live right now on television. tell me again, everyone at your facility --
12:45 pm
>> the school for the blind is safe. everyone here is safe at the school for the blind in san bernardino. >> thank you so much for joining us and taking a minute to update us. i'm so glad you're safe. >> you're welcome. you're welcome. bye-bye. >> thomas, that was a lot of information. so that's 25 to 30 rounds she said she heard. >> and calling the police herself at 11:17 after hearing this and another flood of phone calls coming in. we saw the first information cross publicly through social media about an active shooter and injuries about 11:30 pacific so 2:30 eastern time. >> right. >> she's saying about 15 minutes before that is when this all happened. >> yeah. so for folks and families of sandra's school and those kids there, and her conversation with kate, she wanted to make sure that she was confident to say everybody was okay but she had about two to three people running across from the southern structure, the southern building.
12:46 pm
into that school seeking shelter. she said they weren't injured except for a man that fell while trying to escape. but this is a sich wagts and, kate, if we look at the shot there on the right-hand side where demonstrates the inland regional medical center, see the road. across from that, the green space is the golf course. that's where folks have been taken to gather by police officials who have evacuated them. and then you kind of see the circular road that goes around in a back ward "c" that this is an open area where any asill lant could come in and park. but then could get back this their car as jim cavanaugh was talking to get back out on that artery there, waterman road. >> just to add to what sandra wood said to us, she's in a gray building on the bottom of the screen, she said that she heard from people who were in the
12:47 pm
building that was the subject of this attack that they were in a conference room and just to add that to, that associated press reporting also right now in a conference area that the shooting first took place. the a.p. reporting that potentially there might be another group, an outside group renting that space. so it's possible that it had, you know, the group that was in there had nothing to do with what normally goes on on that campus and serving people with disabilities and just getting very initial information and sandra wood did she did hear from the three people that ran for cover that those people who were witnesses to the attack seen a gunman in black gear who shot an assault rifle and they were in a conference room when that happened. >> one thing to see craoss, as well. authorities searching for a suspect vehicle and, kalt, pointing out there on the lower right-hand side screen, see the parked cars there for the center.
12:48 pm
that's their parking lot. for folk that is as that are co. 670 employees servicing over 30,000 people that live in san bernardino and riverside. but when we first saw the images of how the police cordoned off the area, some vehicles just stopped and stalled out in the middle of the intersection right there in front of the inland regional center. but the focus if the authorities are thinking that the suspect or suspects' vehicles still on that facility site would be there in that parking area just on the right-hand side of your screen, and tom costello reporting authorities are searching for suspect vehicle. singular, not the plural. >> knbc, affiliate in los angeles, reporting, thomas, that law enforcement on the scene are still trying to clear the building so that effort to get everyone who is a victim,
12:49 pm
everyone who was kraugt in the crossfire out of the way still ongoing, trying to make sure they remove the people and get them out of harm's way. >> law enforcement officials, they're searching room by room. we know that one hospital, arrowhead regional medical center confirmed they received patients from the shooting and not a status update on patient conditions or the number of patients that they have received. we know that that was one of many listed in the area. loma linda pediatric hospital and san bernardino medical center. >> in the area, not necessarily receiving. >> correct. arrowhead regional medical center is confirming to receive patients from the shooting. >> let's go to ron allen outside the white house. the president we know, ron, has been briefed about the situation. >> reporter: yes, kate. we know he's been briefed some time ago and following the events closely and asked for updates. obviously, this is an issue that
12:50 pm
the president is very concerned about. just yesterday in paris at the conclusion of this -- the summit on climate issues, he was asked about the shooting at the planned parenthood facility in colorado. and his remarks were very his r were very telling. he said to the effect of, quote, i say this every time we've goning this one of these mass shootings. this just doesn't happen in our conditions. he went on to say we are determined to -- and yet in the united states we have the power to do more than what was -- that is unequalled. of course he was thank that it's incumbent for the state and local governments to do more. the president and his staff have been looking at various executive orders to further implement what some would kay sail measures. and hopes that the colorado would say, wet, it will spark a
12:51 pm
national conversation and action, because it's his feeling that we are in this pattern, where we have the same reaction this has become something that the united states -- where it's become normal and there's not enough of a reaction in terms of aggressive things happening. whether it's on the mental health front or gun control front. i'm sure he's watching this very closely. >> but he might choose to wait until the situation is resolved, right, ron? >> i'm sure, yes. i'm sure the president doesn't
12:52 pm
want to interject himself into a fluid situation, and everyone is still trying to figure out what's happening. of course, this is a time to figure out exactly what is happening there before we draw a lot of conclusions, and again this is perhaps not a time to be thinking about what happens next, but what happens now. of course, the families of those who are most closely affected, the people who were inside the fa siirt, and of course law enforcement as well. i've been reading a lot of tweets and comments saying this is a time, of course where our thoughts and prayers should also be with law enforcement trying to deal with the issue, and the loved ones who are waiting for word. yes, a very tense time, a very fluid time being watched closely by the white house. >> ron allen, thanks so much. two new updates. one for our viewers, and i'm sure you'll see a lot of this.
12:53 pm
the video you are seeing now are not live and they are not giving away any s.w.a.t. team positions. knorthbound and their helicopter was asked to move out of the position just a short time ago and to stop giving any type of aerial images. that's why we're not seeing any live shots overhead. this is what we are seeing afterwards. and you can see they're on the left, the triage center about being a level 1 trauma center since 1970. they have a heliport atop this hospital. about roughly 1 1/2 miles away, alex says, from waterman, and she says that ambulances pretty
12:54 pm
much make it more quickly because of the location. we do have confirmation that arrowhead had been taking in patients. they didn't talk about the numb number of patients they received. >> thomas, i want to go to some tape. this is from our affiliate knbc talking to a man whose sister was in the billing when the shooting happened. >> what's happening with her? >> i just got a text from the house, she said she was hiding in a closet. >> how scared are you? >> i'm really scared for my sister. >> did he say what's happening? accepted there's a shooting, she's scared, she's hiding with two other people. >> what does he do there at the center? >> she works there. she works with mentally challenged. >> reporter: is she still okay?
12:55 pm
>> we have no clue. she hasn't texted back. >> that's a man listening to knbc. his sister was inside the building, the inland regional center when shots rang out there. just to remind everybody what we're talking about, if you're just joining us, this is? san bernardino, california, about an hour east of los angeles, the inland regional center. you see the map. it's a facility that typically has hundreds of employees, and treats and helps coordinate services for people with developmental disabilities. the shooting apparently happened in one building of that campus, we believe potential the southern building on the campus. we've heard from local witness that is it may have happened in a conference room and there were people who ran from the facility to seek cover. you're looking at the left side of the screen, a short time ago of people being evacuated out of the campus. hundreds have been evacuated to
12:56 pm
a nearby golf course. the big thing we are following is that the local police tell us and tell knbc that they are still looking for someone responsible for this shooting. they are looking for a man potentially wearing gear, wearing black, wearing tactical gear and armed, they believe. i'm sdat kate snow here in new york, and thomas roberts is here next to me. >> there have been unconfirmed reports up to three potential gunmen that entered this facility. we do no earlier from the reporting of tony shin, who is a knbc reporter that he witnessed
12:57 pm
at least three people who were killed in this attack. over 670 staff work on site here, and the they service over 30,000 clients. i'm just looking on twitter right now of a video posted yesterday of a holiday party that they had there on site. it's very endearing of the workers there and some of the clients that they serve, dancing with these kids and adults. ages are mixed. most of the people that are there are in wheelchairs, and they are dancing. you can see them with their holiday hats on. we'll try to turn this around. >> but this is from a up couple days ago. >> yesterday morning around 10:00 a.m. pacific time. this is just roughly 24 hours ago before the -- about 25 hours before these original calls came out. i think this gives a good insight trying to understand the services they provide how imperative and special it is for
12:58 pm
so many families living in san bernardino and riverside for what the services, the people, how they have helped to change lives for so many folks who have come through those doors looking for help to have a better life. >> as soon as we learned it was the inland renalened center, and so many people were talking about the facility that a lot of people on a wednesday morning would have been visiting, going for help. >> we've heard it's roughly before lunchtime where it gets busier. they starred toss more traffic. again the first records coming in as you spoke to one of the women who works across the street, but she first -- they images we're showing roughly from a few hours ago demonstrate how people working inside the
12:59 pm
facility were evacuated, arms up, taken to the golf course or another corner point around the campus so they could be collected and their safety accounted for. we also saw in one of those images how a staffer was gathering i.d. badges to pass them on so thunderstorms would have a better head count. >> as this is still unfolding, that they are looking for a shooter, they are looking for a man wearing tactical gear, as that's happening and we're looking at pictures there from thomas, we're also getting reaction from across the political spectrum as has become somewhat unfortunately typical. ted cruz saying our prayers are with the families, donald trump saying it looks very good, good luck for law enforcement. jeb push praying for the teams
1:00 pm
and ben carson, my thoughts and prayers. from the democrats hillary clinton tweeting a rather political tweet -- saying i refuse to accept this as normal. we must take action to stop gun violence. martin o'malley saying horrifying news out of san bernardino, enough is enough. all that coming in, as we're still watching this tragic event unfold on our tv screens. again, this is a situation where police are shows up. we know certain workers there as well as -- they were taken across the street either to the public golf course as a safe spot, or also another pivot
1:01 pm
point nearby on the corner where they could be accounted for but not being let go in case the shooters were trying to blend in. again not confirmation on how many shooters are involved, except for the one that they say is wearing tactical gear and heavily armed. >> it's 4:00 eastern time, it's 1:00 out west in california. i'm kate snow. thomas roberts is with me in new york. we're keeping pictures up on your screen, because everything is unfolding. right now you are looking at tape from a good maybe hour ago at least at this point, thomas, an hour and a half?
1:02 pm
>> i was going to say this is roughly the images that first came in about 2:30 eastern time. >> so an hour and a half ago we got these images of people being triaged on the street. since that we've learns that at least two hospitals have taken patients in. this is all around a location called the inland regional center, about an hour to the east of los angeles. what we know at this point, at least three people have perished, 20 more injured is the rough estimate at this point, by just from watching our video, we have seen numerous people with injuries. we know there was an active shooter, at least one, that police were still concerned about. we've heard from a witness who heard secondhand from people who were in the room that this was a man with an assault rifle wearing a bulletproof vest
1:03 pm
wearing all black. police have said they're looking for a man in tactical gear. >> one thing we have from one of our colleagues here. who spoke with the board president for inland regional center, saying field was not at the center when the shooting happened. she's in contact with that people who are on site. she it houses a kvrns center. no confirmation on numbers of injured, but what she's hearing from people on the scene, it's in our conference being, and that's where the shooting took place. i was going to a meeting there, but i wasn't there myself. two of the buildings have been evacuated. i understand there were multiple fatalities. she goes on to say that she is at her house, but in contact with police and the executive director at the irc. again, that there was an event at the conference center and she
1:04 pm
uses the plural the shooters went into. also we let others rent out the space. mary beth field, board of trustees. she was not on site today, but she does say that this was an event at the conference center. that's where we're hearing this happened. we also let out group resident out that space. the conference room holding up 200 to 300 people. law enforcement has been saying there may potentially be more than one shooter involved. we simply don't know at this point. what we do know is san bernardino police have said
1:05 pm
they're looking for one individual now, thereu but there may be others. there have been reports thomas from witnesses on twitter, on social media, identifying more than one person being in a room. >> the woman you spoke to who works across the street talking about it 11:17 pacific time he heard roughly 25 to 30 semiautomatic rounds going off. that's when up to three people ran across the street to take shelter within their facility. they were uninjured. jim cavanaugh is with us. jim, as you think about what we heard from sandra, 25 to 30
1:06 pm
rounds, what does that tell you? >> you know, just purpose, determination, a lot of planning, but i think the key thing that you have uncovered from the witnesses is that the conference center may be rented to outside groups. motive is important if you're trying to find out who did it. let's say this guy or guys -- it's still unclear. targeting is important to understand motive. motive can help you find the person responsible. it doesn't necessarily mean that they were started, but it's something you have to address to investigate it.
1:07 pm
also slipped the cord on, and then the motive become all the more important to attack whatever group was in there, or were they just a group of people that they wanted to attack. all of that plays into a key piece of information that i think you all have talked about. the shooting in a conference center that's represented to outside groups. who is the group? who was there? what was the group that was shot first? motive matters, and mass killers have a motive. even if there's an overlay of mental illness, they still have a reason. >> and knowing that this individual, at least the one that they're looking for is wearing tactical gear, i mean that indicates, as you said, jim, someone who was arm heavily.
1:08 pm
when also some happens in the news lie paris or planned parenthood, colorado springs, it spurs them on to go into the mad killing. even though the motive may be completely different, it's still something that can spur them on. so that's all something that we look for as well. miguel almaguer, our correspondent has made it to san bernardino. i think he's on the scene on the phone. can you tell me? >> reporter: yes. it's still a very active crime here, as we made our way into the scene, we passed several police officers armed with some automatic weapons who stopped us earlier. we have seen several please helicopters in here. a short time ago we saw the bomb
1:09 pm
squad move past us as a high rate of speed, so it's certainly a very active crime scenes. we understand that it's a very busy scene. a very active crime scene as police continue with their investigation. >> we've been hearing this was a conference center on the southern part of the campus of the inland regional center. is that -- have you heard anything to that effect yet? >> police have not confirmed that to us yet, the pinpoint location. but what i have seen, this is a sprawling complex. i believe it's three stories, home to more than 600 employees, so it's a large fa 1i89.
1:10 pm
imagine if police were looking for potential suspects, it would take some time to carefully sweep across it. if this is in fact where this incident is unfolding, it would tails overs some teem. have you beenible to talk to anyone who was near or evacuated? >> reporter: no, we just arrived here on scene. it looks like folks who may know people who have worked inside the building. >> the last shot is it looks like that grassy area, looks like a golf course, is where some of them were taken. we've been seeing, miguel, the shots we've been seeing of people leaving are all adults. we have not seen any children. do you have any sense yet of whether this is a campus where there were children?
1:11 pm
or mostly adults? >> reporter: i don't have a sense yet if there were children at that facility or if there was a daycare center. i would assume this area is kind of a business-y strip area, but it's unclear from our vantage point here. >> i know you have just gotten there, but come back when you have any new information, please. >> certainly, will do. i just came across a statistic that 60% are under 21 years of age. that's where we're hearing that this happened.
1:12 pm
they says the conference rooms honz 200 to 300 people, normally the room we have our conferences in. plus there's also a library there. the a.p. is also reporting that it's an outside group renting that conference room space today. >> that was that it was a conference art, jibes with what we were told by sandra who was on the phone with us at the school for the blind. sandra wood said she had come from what she described as a conference center. >> we're fairly sure, from the associated press, reporting that this happened in a conference center. >> correct. one thing we can also reassure or viewers of, because i think there's been a lot of concern, just to remind everybody, this is taped turnaround that we're
1:13 pm
not looking at actual physical locations for the s.w.a.t. team members and the multiple authorities that have shown up on site. we are not getting live shots, because they are combing over all areas, because they are looking for the shooter or shooters involved. >> judy marks sits on the board of disability rights in california. she's on the phone with us now, thomas. judy, you know this organization? you are familiar with the inland regional center, tell us more about them. >> therapy purpose is to provide the funding for services and support for individuals with a range of developmental disabilities. inland happens to be the largest of the regional center serves over 20,000 individuals from
1:14 pm
little babies to senior citizens. on an average day, you're going to have mostly professional staff, some of which have disabilities themselves, because regional centers do high some of their -- you will small children getting diagnosed. you'll see adults going in with their case workers, so it's a very busy place that provides a lot of support to families. >> this must just be heartbreaking for you and the community there. i can't imagine hearing that something is happening at the location you know so well. >> it is devastating to us. remember, we are talking about individuals with the most vulnerable of society, and if there's any way to target the facilities that provides them with support is just beyond imagination for es. these are children and adults
1:15 pm
who need or help and support, not anything else, and we are -- the entire community is completely devastated right now. we're all coming together. >> have you been ability to talk with anyone who is there. i imagine everyone is trying to reach out and make sure people are okay. >> i have reached out and have not heard bam. i assume people are not at their desks at this point. i have reach several parents from the society who are okay and they're trying to track down where their case managers and the people they know and love are okay. judy, 245i7k you so much. >> thank you. so, kate, joining us is olivia bo sec, the deputy public affairs officer for san bernardino county. can you update us on any
1:16 pm
information the authorities have given you about shooting victims or death on the side of the inland regional center? >> no far we don't have any specific numbers. i know there are fatalities. i don't know the numbers on them. i know there's multiple mime that are injured. so far there's one to three suspects that are still at large f nobody is in custody. >> when you talk about one to three suspects and authorities are giving you that information, how have they described why they believe it's up to three people? that's a much larger number that is just one shooter? >> it is, because they're the sfroo ones on the scene going off what witnesses are saying,
1:17 pm
too. and they're getting -- that's where they're getting everything out of the building to see exactly what happened. we know there's a lot of people in there that -- they're not going to know what to do when they get confronted in a scary situation like this. >> olivia, it's kate snow in new york. we have heard that possibly in this area, it might be where s.w.a.t. teams have trained. have you heard that? were they nearby? >> our s.w.a.t. team trains at
1:18 pm
our academy in deboard. they are relatively close. >> how quickly were law enforcement on the scene? we heard the first calls came in around 11:00 a.m. >> when we got notified about it, a little after 11:00, and we knew we had multiple people from different patrol stations from our county there as well as the s.w.a.t. team. so it was within minutes. >> what kind of warnings did you give from public information standpoint? i know you have san dern dino college, and the airport is to the northeast. so what type of warnings have gone out to folks? because it is considered an active situation and they do not have a bead on where the shooter or shooters are. >> the only assistance we could provide is we put out that the
1:19 pm
road was closed in the area, it's an active police activity area, that we confirmed there was an active shooter because we got that information from san bernardino p.d., so we've been updating people on the twitter account, just to stay out of the area, it's still a very active area. you're also very close to the 215 and the 10. waterman road connects to the ten, basically making it very easy for anyone to jump on that entertainment. is there a situation where the 10 has been shut down or anything precautionary talks about that? that would be chp, but i have heard not there having any closure. >> just toss -- and then just to
1:20 pm
the south of its location. so you're saying -- >> yes, because i know that there's multiple agency that are here now, so they probably would have coordinated that. the sheriff's office has shared that the number of fatalities may be greater. so far we've been saying three fatalities based on our correspondent with knbc. you don't have any sense for whether that number may unfortunately grow larger? >> i'm not -- the sheriff's -- we haven't released any information about the actual specific numbers. we've only said it's been multiple victims.
1:21 pm
>> they're still searching. for those who are concerned who are in the area, family members wonder where their family are, what are you telling them? where do they go? >> i know we are in the process of setting up -- so they will be releasing that information on the twitter. >> what's the twitter handle? >> sbcountysheriff. >> thank you so much, olivia. i think we want to listen into our coverage on knbc. >> you're looking at pictures of people inside the inland regional center. this is where it all happened. these were employees and perhaps clients being evacuated from the
1:22 pm
building this morning. it is a very difficult process. >> let's take you out to the scene. that picture is pretty new of a school bus. from what i understand they're possibly loading folks taking it to the shell station that megan had up for us live. she's making her way over to perhaps a home, a business we don't know at this point, over a fair observation avenue akes av situation that would be related to what's happening here. folks are being told to stay away from that area, though we don't have specifics. a s.w.a.t. situation happy on fair oakes avenue in pasadena. megan reyes is over to the scene. >> she told us she's probably about -- there have been difference reports about what happened here. we did hear that some witnesses reported seeing a black yukon leave the seen here.
1:23 pm
we are not ability to confirm that with san bernardino police, but they are not confirming any details other than to tell us this is an active shooter situation. they are telling family members to respond to the hernandez center at 222 north lugo avenue near the corner of sierra weigh and east third. so that's the meeting point for people looking to connect with family members. we don't know at this point what is going on in pass dino, though the early word is it's believed to be connected to this situation in san bernardino. obviously you can't help but think about the instances that have been happening globally. we talk about the terror events in paris, you know, everyone on heightened alert because of increased terror threats. >> you know, the lapd, you know, releasing information or statement not too long ago
1:24 pm
because of the terrorist plot there in paris, they have already been on heightened alert. and they were instructed to mobilize in san bernardino, they are monitoring this information now we get this new information that what's happening in pasadena could be tied to what is happening here. >> that it's perhaps connected. we had also heard that the shooter was wearing tactical gear. that's not something confirmed by san bernardino police at this point. >> we have yet to get the all clear at this facility here. >> we did see from that view we had on the ground for you just a few minutes ago, there was a school butt. it appeared to be several behind it as well. so it does seem that might be a way they're looking for transport people who were not injured perhaps at that meeting
1:25 pm
place. and it's a situation that's unfolding as we speak. this is knolls going on for an hour and a half here, as police, s.w.a.t. officers try to gain control of this scene. we are now going to roll some video, sound of a couple folks there at the scene. >> what did you see? >> i can't tell you, i just heard shooting. >> that being rolled by our photographer on the scene alex vazquez. obviously still trying to process that -- what happened, as she's being ushered out of that building. >> we're getting more information about the situation in pasadena.
1:26 pm
nbc 4 reporter gaudy schwartz says a perimeter is being set up near waterman small. we know it's fair oakes, and this could be related to the -- an active shooter situation taking place here in. >> we're also getting word that u.s. marshals are being dispatched. the waterman discount mall is north waterman avenue, east olive street is to the north and 9th street to the south. it's near roberts 4r789 tear as well as sierra high school. >> a lot of schools in that area. >> so, again, that there, a second scene from our nbc 4's gaudy schwartz.
1:27 pm
that's a center that helps those with develop at disabilities. there are 21 of these regional centers throughout california, helping about 240,000 people across the state. we are told this particular regional center hess 30,000 xwlints and more than 600 employees at the center. it's a large center, three stories, we're told perhaps three buildings. that's what s.w.a.t. officers are contending with right now as they try to clear that building. we still do not have word that they have found the shooter in this situation. >> according to the ceo of this facility, though we should mention wasn't there on the
1:28 pm
scene, started at a conference room being leased out for the day. still they're going to investigate and search every part of that building. >> we have new information in the situation in pasadena is not related to this active shooter situation in san bernardino. so we are happy to bring that news to you. we do not know yet what the situation is in pasadena, but we know there is an active situation there as well. but we can tell you it is not related to the shooting scene here at the inland regional center. we're going to get to our "today in l.a.'s" whit johnson. >> michael, carolyn, obviously an explosion of -- and mix of reaction, people expressing their thoughts and prayers -- >> kate snow here, we've been
1:29 pm
listening to knbc coverage out of the los angeles. it's a confusing afternoon. you heard knbc talking about a situation in pasadena, california, a good 55-minute drive from san bernardino. we got worried that potentially there was another situation that might be linked they have just said that situation has nothing to do with what happened earlier today. the video you are looking at from san bernardino. we should know thomas, a lot of information is coming in fast. we're doing our best to sort through it and give you only what we confirm. but sometimes we're hearing on 234ish8 -- >> we are looking very heart to vet everything.
1:30 pm
jane wells from cnbc spoke to ms. servants. is the summary was people were still inside, they are working to evacuate, she described it as the attackers just walked in the door and -- so again, the word plural attackers. kate, we know as we've been watching this unfold, this is a combination of san bernardino police authorities working with s.w.a.t. teams and the fbi in securing the inland regional center. on knbc we heard that a car of interest was a black yukon. we're still working to find on whether that remains a vehicle of interest for authorities but again they were saying the pasadena situation is not related to this. at we were looking on maps, pasadena is about 50 minutes away, you can jump on the 215, heads towards los angeles, and
1:31 pm
get to pasadena. at this time of day, not too -- the timing wouldn't be too bad. >> but again to reiterate, because we heard all that recording about pasadena, we've learned that that is not related to what happened everlyier today. just to reset here at 4:30 eastern time, now 1:30 pacific time in california, this is a situation we've been watching for about 2 1/2 hours. first reports came in about 11:00 klum in the west. about an hour's drive to the east of los angeles, inland from the coast. and wire talking about a situation at a facility that's a campus called the inland regional center, a campus that serves people with disabilities. they have some 600-plus employees who would be on site any given day and they help people with disabilities find
1:32 pm
services, at any age. it's a regional center we've heard glowing reports about all afternoon. and now this tragedy today. someone or perhaps more than one person coming in and opening fire on this regional center. statistic other thing we know is police have been searching for gunmen. we've heard one to three potential potentially. there have been various reports about how many gunmen might have been involved, but the report thomas you just passed on, saying -- >> they were using the plurality of the word attack eers again tt
1:33 pm
coming to the spokesperson referring to them as attackers, which would lead them to be on the hunt to more than one person. knbc had the reporting earlier today that they said was unconfirmed now about the fact they were wearing tactical gear. earlier their reports were from the san bernardino department that they had one confirmed person, that they are looking for one confirm person. >> in tactical gear. they are now walking that back. within person described that someone had come running out of the conference center to the school for the blind there for shelter, looking for help after
1:34 pm
they said that they saw a gunman walk in, and he described it as a man wearing black, holden an assault weapon. the woman we spoke it with on the phone, sandra allen, said she -- sandra wood, rather, she heard 25 to 30 rounds of shots being fired. >> triage being set up in the intersection for the walking wounded. we are getting word they are setting up for a news conference and we should have more information from police in just a moment. also, we can confirm from loma linda hospital, they are confirming they received four adult patients, and they are expecting three more. >> in fact we have larry becker on the phone, director of public relations from that hospital, loma linda, right outside of san bernardino. we know that some of the victims are being treated there.
1:35 pm
what can you tell us about how many patients you have received? >> as you said, we've received four, we're told to expect at least three more. >> what kind of condition are those patients in? >> they're all inside the emergency room right now, so i don't have any updates on any of the conditions. hopefully we'll be able to release that shortly. >> all gunshot wounds? >> it looked like it, yeah. >> can you set the scene for us? you're the closest center with a. >> we're the closest level 1 trauma center to the scene. >> did they come in by ambulance. >> yes, ambulance. one of our reporters from knbc said he saw at least one helicopter taking patients out? >> i guess that's possible there was one brought in. several arrived before i got here, so -- >> i imagine this is just a
1:36 pm
chaotic scene for you all as well. >> right, our e.r. is on emergency alert status right now. everyone is standing by ready to help as they arrive, and we've been calling in additional health care professionals to help out. >> have you had training for active shooter events? >> we do drills here all the time. given that there's at least one suspect on the loose, you must also be tense with that knowledge, knowing that you've got to be -- you've got to be on the lookout. >> yeah. we -- we have a good security group here at the university medical center, and they have actually set up a pretty good perimeter around us. >> they're in pretty good shape. >> can you set the scene for us about inland regional center and the area? >> we've been hearing it's an industrial area, with a lot of strip mall type --
1:37 pm
>> you know, to be honest with you, this is the first i've heard of inland regional center. i can't comment on what that's like. >> okay. >> i'm sorry. >> that's all right. larry becker, we know your doctors are hard at work right now. you said four adult patients with several more on the way. >> that's correct. >> do you know how many more? >> we've been told three. >> three more. thank you so much for your time. >> you're welcome. it looked lie gunshot wounds. >> so we can see the images from earlier, over two hours ago, the first images of those treated on scene, being taken away to the local hospitals. loma linda being a level 1 trauma center. they do do drills for this. obviously you can never prepared
1:38 pm
for something as horrific as this, as so many folks, first responders were on the scene, being tested, triaging the walking wounded, the south building on the site of the indid not -- the woman can her coat tied around her neck, trying to bandage her arm. at the same time wlis atf and the fbi and the s.w.a.t. teams were organizing to track down the shooter. we have waiting for this press conference, coming up shortly. at that time maybe we will get an indication of whether or not the shooter or shooters have been detained or apprehended. >> we're expecting that press wrchs, telling us about 4:45 eastern time, that's seven minutes from now, 1:45 pacific time. that would be taking place on waterman, the street we've been looking at all afternoon.
1:39 pm
so i gather it will be right there on the scenes. our own miguel aim ma gere is there. he was on the phone a short time ago, describing a chaotic scene. so at that time, which is, what, about 20 minutes ago, it seemed like things were still happening. we've also heard they've been evacuating and going through building by building, room by room through this facility. hopefully in about five minutes, we'll learn more about whether people can breathe a sigh of relief yet or not. >> knbc, our local affiliate with their helicopter in the air, they were asked to move out of position as to not show any aerial shots of authorities moving in, as they were doing the search to clear and evacuate
1:40 pm
all of the areas inside inland regional center. the positions that we're showing you, this is tape turned around, so this is nothing that will compromise any of the positions of those authorities that are on site. and s.w.a.t. team officials who have all come out in force to find whoever is respond for the actions that took place roughly after 11:00 a.m. pacific time. we had reports earlier in the president, the board of directors, talking about the fact they sometimes rent out their conference center area that's also incorporated in their library area. she feels that this was a group that rented out their space today. that's the group that was the target of this attack that happened, so we don't know if
1:41 pm
there were people involved in this who typically come for services on this campus. again, they work to help the developmentally disability achieve stronger, better lives. there are over 670 employees that work there, but they service between san bernardino and riverside over 30,000 people. we're getting in a new interviews with cbs and president obama. cbs sat down for a previously scheduled interview and were able to ask him what's going on. reading off a transcript, the president said we don't know that much yet. the fbi is on the ground offering assistance to local officials. apparently do we have video of the president speaking with cbs? let's listen in. >> mr. president, it appears there's been another mass shooting in california. what do you know? >> well, we don't know that much yet. it's still an active situation, fbi is on the ground offering
1:42 pm
assistance to local officials as they need it. it does appear there will be some casualties, and, you know, obviously our hearts go out to the victims and the families. the one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. there's some steps we could take not to eliminate every one of these mass shootings, but to improve the odds that they don't happen as frequently. common-sense, gun safety laws, stronger background checks. and, you know, for those concerned about terrorism, you know, some may be aware of the fact that we have a no-fly list where people can't get on planes, but those same people we don't allow to fly can go into a store right now, buy a firearm
1:43 pm
and there is nothing we can do to stop them. that's a law that needs to be changed. my hope is that we're able to contain this particular shooting. and we don't yet know the motives of the shooters. but we know that steps we can take to make americans safer, and we should come together on a bipartisan basis. toe make these rare. it doesn't happen with the same frequency in other countries. >> thank you, mr. president. >> thank you so much. president obama speaking with cbs's nora oy donnell, an interview previously scheduled, but obviously sher she asked several questions about what is just unfolding. we are awaiting a press conference.
1:44 pm
we've been told to expect that two minute from now. as soon as we see anybody walking toward a podium, we will certain bring that to you live and hopefully more nchblgt about just house active the situation is in san bernardino. there have been unconfirmed reports that number could be higher. also a proper confirmation on how many people were actually shot and injured, and transported to local area hospitals. knbc has been reporting 20 potential injured. we just spoke with a hospital spokesperson who told us they
1:45 pm
have already received four patients in the e.r. in a condition he couldn't check on at the moment, because they are so actively being cared for. also expecting three more patients to be arrived there shortly. that's the closest trauma center. there would be potential more hospitals receiving patients. we know of at least one more where patients were taken. >> i think this is confusing to think that police are going to set up and give any kind of press briefing right now from law infers mchbt, because we just will a while ago learning information about the fact that authorities were still combing through the facilities there room by room to make sure that they were evacuated and cleared. this would be a major advance forward if they're able to confirm that the shooters are neutralized. >> i want to bring in msnbc tremaine lee, who is on the scene. >> reporter: how are you doing? >> we're already.
1:46 pm
what are you seeing? >>. >> reporter: it seems as if the police line is expanding back. by the time i required. police at shaw road and about five blocks from the scene, they have put up additional police tape. there's people still gathering who seemed to be connected to the facility. is i spoke to one woman whose sister was actually inside the building. she said she had bare indicated herself in a room appeared texted her husband i'm okay for now, but the family couldn't reach her, so they scrambled down here. they believe she's dave, but she haven't seener. like so many people said, we won't feel safe until she's back in our arms. this is a big scene. apparently again this is an active crime scene, but folks
1:47 pm
just aren't getting much word about where their loved ones are or how they're doing. have you heard from the sheriffs -- >> reporter: it's not clear to me. most of the presses situated on the two adjacejadjacent -- i do an official podium. i haven't gotten word where or when. >> i think it's supposed to happen on waterman. we'll stand by for that. give us a sense here -- knbc was asked to stop showing too many live pictures of the area. >> can you give us a sense of what the area is like? >> reporter: the school is not far from a residential area, about you we're here, it look
1:48 pm
like kind of a valley here. there are a few buildings. it's almost a little industrial. there are people still streaming out of their homes three or four blocks away. there's a gas station, an auto repair show at the corner, and again this is about four blocks from the regional center. it's a desolate area, but there's not much happening. >> trimaine, the sb has the lead, but the fbi is assisting. are you seeing ambulances leaving the scene? active members -- or is it different. >> from where i'm standing i don't see any of that. there are rows and rows of law enforcement vehicles, but there isn't much act, not a sense of
1:49 pm
urgency or anything. it seems calm at this moment. there are officers from various departments herding folks. there is a bus that seems to be -- i'm not sure if it's taking away officers or who it's meant to be carrying, but it's a pretty calm scene. i don't see any ambulances i don't see any of the injured. even law enforcement they're not in a frenzy at all. >> so if you're just joining us, on the upper right-hand side of the screen, that is the collection of reporters and folks that are setting up for this press conference that's going to be taking place. the larger image is from earlier video today in the chaotic scenes on that site. t trymaine, when it -- i say an earlier report that the school buses were brought in to
1:50 pm
evacuate folks that were inside the building, either staffers or those coming there to receive services. are you just seeing them parked? >> reporter: when i first arrived, i saw two school buses actually leaving, but i couldn't see if it was -- or how many people. what i see now is it looks like an out of service city bus with some folks they may have been associate associated with the at this point, the school bus is gone. >> thank you trymaine. earpier we are told that they would be setting up a family waiting area, a place where people could be safe and out's way. jim cavanaugh is with us, as we
1:51 pm
wait for the press conference to begin here. we're going tore hearing from the san bernardino sheriff and the police. as we wait for that i. jim, at this stage, what are we, almost two, three hours since the first call went out? >> what would be happening oregon? >> shooter or shooters, you know, large investigative component made up of detectives from all these special agents trying to find the shooter. suede may have -- it's going to be told at the press conference,
1:52 pm
but the key point, did they locate the shooter or shooters? after that, if they escaped the perimeter, it's a very different situation. it would have to evolved in the coming hours. it becomes both a tactical event, when you locate him. preparation for that and an investigative event to find out who they are. which way would they go if they escaped. >> as we're eight wags a preference conference, thomas, we are hoping for more clarity about the number of injured. we've seen reports of 20 potential injured people. we've heard knbc reporting based on their correspondence see
1:53 pm
three people deceased. unfortunately we have also heard reports it could potentially be higher. >> we expected at 4:45 that press conference would begin. we are saw the set upfor it. we are awaiting that, but it would be an update from police on the scene to give an idea about the suspect. we nose at least one person opened fire at the inland regional center, but we don't know the number of victims and the fatalities. we can go back now and listen to our partners at knbc. east side of the campus, that appears there's a parking lot, a staging area, so apparently parents are coming to pick up their children at the school. i don't have the name of it yet. but it's right off the central avenue east of tip i canoe. and it looks lick the age of the children, it's possibly an
1:54 pm
elementary school. >> can you tell how far the location is. >> really not that car. tippicanoe is just to the west of it. they're trick on us showing the scene. that's where the scene is and that's how close the school is. i would say protectionly less than one mile. they're concern about the children and staff at this school. there is a lot of law enforcement personnel. this is the intersection at tippicanoe and central avenue. they law enforcement personnel at the intersection, making sure these chirge are not released and walking away on their own. >> to the best of our knowledge, we want to remind people, anywhere from 1 to 3 is the number we are hearing, they're still out there, still unaccountsed for. we're waiting for a press conference from the san bernardino police department.
1:55 pm
that should start momentarily. we will certain switch to it live as soon as it pops up there. they shall be on location with tony shin at the inland regional center. >> this all began just after 11:00 thork, so now coming up on three hours of an active shooting. alex vasquez was on the scene. in fact he could still hear multiple gunhots in that area. he was there as victims were brought out from the inland regional center. he counted at least 20 people. we're going to a press searches now. this is the san bernardino county sheriff and city police. >> i am lt. brad toms with the public affairs division of the sheriff's department. a telephone number. 1-866-346-7632. you can also call 1-800-78-crime
1:56 pm
if you wish to remain anonymous. a couple quick introductions, we have -- sheriff john mcmahon to my left here and the assistant director of the -- in charge of the l.a. office of fbi david bowditch. with that, i'll hand it off to the police chief. >> this happened around 11:00. it was quickly apparent we had what amounted to a active shooter. there was a massive response that initially was officer from our department that responded, and then very quickly as word spread weld a mayesive response
1:57 pm
from virt illy every law enforcement agency. california highway patrol. probation department, parole, a number of agencies responded. what we have so far is information that up to three people entered the building and opened fire inside of the building. we do have some preliminary numbers, upwards of 14 people who are dead and upwards of 14 people who are injured. we think those are reliability, but those are potential subject to change. the 14 that are wounded have been taken to various area hospitals. in addition to the law enforcement response, there was a massive medical aid response from the fire department, other area fire departments as well as the american medical response. as officers initially arrived on scene, they went into the active
1:58 pm
shooter protocols. they immediately entered the building in search of the suspects. initials information is that the suspects were potentially still inside of the building. it is a massive facility, employs several hundred people and it's taken a lot time to clear the building. in fact i think we still have assets inside completing that clearing process. information that i think is liability is the suspects have fled potential in a dark suv. we don't have any identification on those suspects and we don't know the motivation for the shooting at this point. with that i'll turn it over to the sheriff for a couple comments. >> thank you, chief. we're looking closely with the san bernardino police department as well as our federal partners to make sure we have the resources we need to thoroughly
1:59 pm
investigate this event. as the chief indicated, that search is still ongoing. because of the information that the suspects may have fled the area, we have also shut down and locked down the courts and the local city and county buildings in the cenk area arrange san bernardino. we have an increased law enforcement presence at all the high-profile areas including hospitals. we've been in contact with the school district and their school police chief to take care of the school side of things. we continue to make sure we do everything we can to keep the public safe. we've been in contact with the board of supervisors. they've pledged the resources they have to help solve this as well. we will work together to investigate this case once the scene is secure, and work hard in hand with the city of san bernardino, as we do in other
2:00 pm
high-profile events. i will now have the assistant director of the fib say a word. >> thank you, sheriff. we are here with our partners, including the atf, to assure that all the wounded are extracted, and ultimately public safety is the number one goal at this point. we will work as a community to assure that we have done everything we can in our power to find, locate and apprehend these subjects. at this point, i know one of your question will be, is this a terrorist incident? i will tell you right now we do not know if this is a terrorist incident. we start from the beginning, working with our local parges. we take the presumption that it may or may not be, but we will work hand in hand from the beginning. if things change, we are here from the get-go, and no steps are lost as


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