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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  December 2, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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this is msnbc's continuing coverage of the mass shooting in san bernardino, california. we are awaiting a news conference from san bernardino police that will include the fbi. that's expected to start at any moment now. it's a news conference that's already been delayed one hour. and that's left us with much more anticipation for what we might be able to learn in this news conference. presumably, the delay was because the police have developed more information that they would like to be able to release that they were not able to release an hour ago. here's what we know about the attack at the inland regional center. it's a social services facility. it left that attack left 14
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people dead, 17 people, at least 17 people injured. two of the shooters reportedly opened at least two shooters now is the report. could be three. at least two shooters opened fire in a conference room during a staff christmas party. earlier tonight, the san bernardino sheriff confirmed that an explosive device was found at that shooting scene. and that later, two suspects were killed in a shootout with police. >> of the suspects that are dead at the scene, one is a male, one is a female. they were dressed in kind of assault-style clothing, i think, is probably the best way to term it. they are both armed with assault rifles. they were both armed with handguns. and there's also kind of some sensitive stuff around the vehicle that they're just not real sure. they're taking a cautious approach to dealing with the vehicle in case there's more explosives there. >> nbc news has identified one
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of the attackers as syed farook, who was employed by the department of environmental health services and employed in that very center that was attacked today. the fbi has been searching syed farook's residence in nearby redlands, california. bomb disposal robots were used in san bernardino tonight. joining us from san bernardino is msnbc's jacob soberoff, what's the latest situation there? >> you know, the clip you played of law enforcement sources talking about the one man and one woman being shot dead happened just behind me. this is an active crime scene just behind me right now. and they are not allowing even young families to cross back in. i just spoke with one woman who said her mother has been home all day, was there when the shootout between the suspects and the local law enforcement here took place. she dropped down to the ground.
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and she was just trying to get back in to get another young man who was with her. what she said was his medication. but the law enforcement here at the police station saying nobody's in, nobody's out. because of the fact this is an ongoing investigation, the vehicle, the suspects were in is still right down the street. and the bodies of those suspects may very well be down there, as well. >> jacob, how long do they expect to have to keep that area sealed? i mean, they know what an inconvenience that is to the local residents trying to get into their homes. >> there's no indication, according to the police officers that are standing post directly behind me when they may open up the street, again. it does seem that the manhunt portion of what we had seen going on today has, at least, the visible part of it has wound down. we heard earlier, pete williams talking about how there may be two suspects instead of three as
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they had initially first thought. but i can tell you that earlier today, a the this location and other locations around san bernardino, there were scores and scores of tactical, armed law enforcement agents riding around in armored vehicles in the backs of pickup trucks going throughout this community, looking for what we thought was that third suspect. but it appears, at least for now, that portion of what we were seeing today has wound down. >> we're joined now by ryan hagan, a reporter for the san bernardino sun newspaper. ryan, what -- what is the situation in san bernardino in terms of just how disruptive has this been? is this an isolated area of disruption in san bernardino? or has this kind of closed down the whole town? >> it's been very disruptive in terms of infrastructure. where this is located is a major thoroughfare for the city. it's possible to go around it.
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but the bigger impact has definitely been sort of the visceral pain issue for the residents. who you say, you don't expect it to happen here. some residents shocked by this, some not so shocked as they've seen similar incidents across the country. but that's been the main gut impact for many. >> ryan, as a local reporter covering this police department, what is it like to observe them going into action on something like this today? which becomes the story of the day in this country and also involves all of these federal authorities coordinating with your local police there? >> yeah. it's definitely a change. this is a police department that's very active. there's a lot of violent crimes in the city and things like that from time to time. they've been working on combatting that. but seeing them sort of in full gear, a lot of cooperation with county, sheriff's department, with fbi, atf and other
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agencies. it really has gone smoothly from what i can observe. and praise from each department for the other ones. >> we're joined by andrew blankstein, a former "los angeles times" reporter. >> well, we're still, as we referenced earlier, looking at now at this point at two suspects. i would expect with this press conference coming up that we may have a little more information forthcoming. obviously there's been reports out there through sourcing. a lot of people asking, can you officially confirm this? and then, probably more questions coming up on the background and what motivated this attack. and so, those are the big questions. and, i think, you can expect some of the same, which is not wanting to head in a particular direction, but obviously as the investigation wears on, looking
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into the background. was this ideology? was it a grudge? was it a combination? what was it? and so, nobody wants to commit. and i think you'll see that same stance today or tonight as the news conference gets underway. >> andrew, they've recovered. they said they recovered four firearms, two long guns and two handguns. what do we know about that? >> we know that two of the firearms, and they didn't specify whether they're the two handguns or the two long guns. which were assault rifle types. they didn't specify that. but sources are telling me that two of the guns came back in terms of a legal purchase. they're checking on the other two. and i would assume that in terms of the way california law works, that would be focusing on the assault-style semiautomatic rifles. >> and any information on the date of purchase? how recently these weapons were purchased? >> no, nothing on that, yet.
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>> i'm sorry, we're going to go right to the press conference now. >> you moved these on me, didn't you? okay. once again, my name is jarrod -- thanks for being patient. we initially planned on doing this about 9:00. we had some information coming in at about 9:00. we wanted to vet that information, really get it established to come out and give you guys better information. so as you all know, we're here because of a shooting that we had, a mass shooting that we had at the inland regional center up the street here. latest count is we have 14 people confirmed dead, we have 17 people that are wounded. initial information was 14, that number is now 17 that is wounded. i don't know the status of the wounded. in terms of numbers that are serious or critical or what that is at this point. and then, afterwards, we had an investigation, one of the tips we were following up on took us to a house in redlands, where we
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made contact with a suspect vehicle we were looking for. that resulted in a pursuit, which ultimately came back into the city of san bernardino. and on san bernardino avenue between richardson and mountain view avenue, that pursuit terminated. there was an officer-involved shooting. last count, i've been told that we had 20 or 21 officers that were involved in that gun battle with the suspects. the two suspects in that car are both deceased. and i have their names. first one has been identified as syed rizwan farook, he is 28 years old, i'm told that he is u.s. born. the person that was with him is a female, she is deceased, as well. her name is tashfeen malik, she is 27 years old. i do not have any additional information on where she is from
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at this point. the reason in how we came across that, and i'll just kind of talk about the investigation a little bit. i'll talk about the investigation a little bit. there was some questions you guys asked in an earlier press conference about a person that had left the meeting angry. this was a meeting, christmas party type event that was taking place with employees at the inland regional center. mr. farook is a county employee. he works with his title as an environmental specialist in the public health department, has been employed there for five years. he was at the party, he did leave the party early under some circumstances that were described as angry or something of that nature. that is the information that we were following up on when we encountered him back near this residence in redlands, which led to the pursuit of the officer-involved shooting. and as we've now confirmed, he's one of the deceased.
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a little bit about the response that we had. some questions asked earlier. from the time we received our first 911 call of a shooting taking place inside the residence or inside the business, the inland regional center to the time the first police unit arrived on scene was four minutes. almost immediately after our arrival, we had multiple units arriving and they immediately entered the building, as i said, responding to an active shooter type situation where they encountered victims and they were in search of the suspects. multiple, multiple teams of officers going into those various buildings and doing that. from the time that we were able to start extracting those victims, which was a few minutes after we had cleared the first rooms and where we found the victims to the time we actually -- from the time we extracted them, got them to the triage center where they were treated by paramedics and transported to the hospital was about 15 minutes.
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it was fairly fast for a situation such as this. so with that, any questions? >> do you know the relationship between the two dead suspects? >> i have been -- we have gone back and forth between information that they were married or they were engaged, but there was a relationship. i don't have it definitive as to exactly what that is now. >> the gentleman you're holding and questioning, how does he fit into this? >> i have not been able to get an update as to whether or not that person was involved. as i said before, when the officer-involved shooting occurred, the initial officers we had information from did not see anybody specifically fleeing the vehicle. there were other responding vehicles saw this person run away from the scene stopped him and detained him. for that reason, we don't know if he was involved or what the involvement is at this point. >> is that possible? >> so we initially put out that we had information that there were upwards of three shooters. right now, as we continue to drill down on information and
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the witness statements we had, it really looks like two shooters. and we're comfortable that the two shooters in the building are the two shooters deceased on san bernardino avenue. >> how many places have you searched thus far? >> so we have this crime scene. we have the crime scene up on san bernardino avenue, we have at house in redlands, which is where the pursuit originated. that's being actively worked, as well. and as i said, mr. farook was a county employee. so we have obviously secured his office space in case that has any component to the investigation. >> do you have his date of birth? >> is that a residence of his? particularly? >> he is on -- it is a residence listed for him. i don't know if he was living there. >> what was the motive, then? >> we don't have the motive at this point. and i'm really being careful. because we all know when these types of things happen. we've seen this happen time and time again. there's a lot of information that comes out in the first day
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and the first couple of days. and that changes significantly in the days that follow. until we know the motive and have something clear, evidentiary based, i don't want to weigh in on that at this point. >> have you ruled out terrorism at this point? is that still on the table? >> we have not ruled out terrorism. >> chief, is there any evidence -- >> i'm sorry? >> -- supervisors were killed? >> either boyfriend/girlfriend, husband and wife, something of that nature. >> is there any evidence that the supervisor or bosses were killed in that shootout there? >> so i had indicated early on that we have victims at the scene. up until within, i would say within the last couple of hours, we had been working on what we felt were explosive devices left at the scene. we confirmed that we believe those were explosive devices. up until an hour or two ago, the bomb squad disposed of those particular items.
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we are just now getting in there and starting to process the crime scene, per se. i don't have the identification on any of the victims at this point. >> i don't know what precipitated it. i don't. >> can you say that he arrived 25 days ago with a man and another woman and they were seen with -- >> mr. farook has been a county employee for five years. >> can you say he was at that townhouse for the past -- arrived about 25 days ago? >> i don't know that. >> do you have a date of birth? >> the exact date of birth, i don't. born in 1987. >> are you certain there's not a third suspect? >> so we are reasonably confident at this point that we had two shooters and we have two dead suspects. and as i said, they were -- i do have information on what they were armed with. both suspects were armed with
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what was essentially an assault rifle. one was called dpms, model a-15, the other was a smith and watson 15 model. and both suspects also were armed with semiautomatic handguns. one was manufactured smith and weston. >> did farook purchase any of those weapons? >> i'm going to leave that. atf is doing the work-up on the weapons and i'll let them weigh in on that when they've had time to do that part of the investigation. >> about the explosive devices. were there explosive devices found on the scene? >> there were at the shooting scene here. devices we felt were explosive devices, they have been disposed of. >> how many were there? >> three of them were all together. >> are we naming the woman at this point? >> i did. >> can you say it one more time? >> the woman's name is tasfeen
10:17 pm
malik, 27 years old. >> criminal records on either one of them? >> family members? >> i have personally not been in contact with any of them. we are in contact with a number of family members, but i don't know what their statements have been. i don't have any information on criminal records. >> do you have any idea how much time elapsed between the time mr. farook left the event and returned? >> not the exact time. i've been told -- i've been given figures anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour. i don't know if that's true yet. >> was the woman present at this event, as well? >> i have not been told that. >> was this the planned out event or a spur of the moment that happened after an argument at the party? >> i think that based upon what we have seen and based upon how they were equipped, there had to have been some degree of planning that went into this. so i don't think they just ran home, put on these types of tactical clothes, grabbed guns and came back on a spur of the moment thing. >> were they saying anything
10:18 pm
during the shooting? >> we don't have information they said anything. >> chief, is there anything connecting -- >> we don't have a motive at this point. >> was there anything in this attack that's connecting it to isis? >> sorry? >> isis? any connection? >> we are searching that motive component of it. we do not have information on that and i'm not going to weigh in on that part. >> what's your message to the residents as they wake up to the setting in news? >> so the message, not only for the city, but this entire region is we understand people are scared, and we understand there's concern that there may be more folks out there. rest assured, we are doing everything we can. we have brought every single asset to the table that we have available in this city, in this county, in this state, and with the help of the federal government to do everything that we can to make people safe here. if we get information that we think there's another potential threat or something that people need to be concerned about, we will put that information out to protect people. >> do you believe that there are others involved?
10:19 pm
>> has that been -- >> that is still an active investigation down there. and we are not far enough into that investigation where i'm comfortable putting anything out about it yet. >> we have indications -- i don't know where exactly they live. we have multiple addresses for them. one of the addresses was the redlands. i don't know if they were living there or if for some reason, something they have listed or another family member's. i don't know that yet. >> chief, are you aware of the suspect invited to this party? supposedly at this party originally? or if he showed up spontaneously? >> so, it is my understanding that he is a county employee that was part of the party or the event that was taking place. and he had attended the same event last year. >> and this was a party and not a training session? >> i've been told it is both anywhere from a meeting to kind of a christmas meeting gathering lunch and this county office was having. >> is there any evidence that
10:20 pm
his job was in jeopardy? >> i don't have any information on that. >> chief, the explosives that were found, were they pipe bombs, propane tanks? complicated devices? >> i don't know exactly. we're learning more towards a pipe bomb type design. but specifically, i don't have that right now. >> did law enforcement have any previous interaction with the suspects? >> not that i'm aware of. >> any indications others were involved? >> we are working that angle and reaching out to any and all contacts and folks they may have had and that's part of the ongoing investigation. >> any other weapons or explosive devices found in the vehicle? >> so i gave you everything we had in the vehicle. >> oh. >> the rifles that are listed. >> is it possible that the same -- >> what's that? i can't understand you. >> i mean, the center. is that possible to open to the media at some time? >> at some point, we'll render
10:21 pm
the area a little more safe and we'll compress the crime scene down and at some point we'll allow the media to in to get closer shots of the building. but i'm not willing to do it now. i would imagine some time overnight or sometime tomorrow, we can start to compress that down for folks. >> were there devices found or thrown from the vehicle? >> there was a device identified as that. we've rendered it safe. and i don't believe that was explosive in nature. so -- >> folks, real quickly, i'm going to wrap this up. we will -- i do not know if we'll have an additional press conference tonight. we have been talking to staff. we will probably come back out and address the press very early in the morning to address at least the east coast morning news shows and stuff. >> officers -- you said 20-something officers involved in that shooting. how are they holding up? and how is your department holding up? >> i think our department is stretched pretty thin, obviously. we're a decent-sized apartment, and we can bring assets to the
10:22 pm
table. but something of this nature has stretched us pretty thin. we will not be doing as well if it were not for our partners here to help as well as the state and federal assets here. the officers involved for the most part are doing okay. they did their job, quite frankly. if anybody heard that on the radio, that was flat out heroic what they did when they tracked down the suspects and engaged them. we had one officer wounded, he's resting at a hospital tonight and expected to survive. and his injuries are not life threatening. thank you, folks. appreciate it. >> that was chief jarrod burguan. he identified two of the suspects in today's shooting in san bernardino. both of whom were killed in a shootout with police. the two suspects he identified, syed farook, a 28-year-old man and tashfeen malik, 27-year-old woman, both of them shot and killed in a shootout with police that we've been talking about earlier today.
10:23 pm
they -- many things the chief went over there, including at one point saying we have not ruled out terrorism. we're joined with eugene o'donnell. back with us, andrew blankstein. andrew, what did you learn in that press conference to add into what we already have here? >> well, with what i expected in terms of motive. they didn't want to rule anything out or in. echoing the head of the fbi in los angeles said earlier about not ruling out terrorism. obviously the san bernardino chief echoing those remarks. because there's a lot of work to do, yet. in terms of backgrounding these suspects and trying to get the trajectory interviews. there's a lot of work to be done. so ering on the side of caution, obviously. they kept that tone and have done it throughout the day. i thought one of the interesting
10:24 pm
things, obviously, talking about multiple devices, pipe bomb devices. that was one of the interesting things. obviously, we saw some of the pictures in terms of detonating one of the devices and then hearing responses to others. so that was a firm number that we heard there. and then, the relationship between the two suspects. we'd heard this, obviously, from sourcing. but now, giving the names and saying that definitively. >> so the question the chief got about does this seem spontaneous, provoked today, something that happened today or was this planned. and he said, because of all of the equipment involved, this had to be planned. the "l.a. times" is reporting that syed farook was at that party, gathering, in that cen r center. his co-workers saw him there. he was well-liked by his co-workers and the account in the "l.a. times" today. and they said right before they
10:25 pm
were getting ready to pose for the group photograph, he disappeared. and then the next time they saw him was when he was coming in there with that gun. >> it's fascinating, more questions as this thing rolls on. they're saying there's no indication he was predisposed to this kind of violence. interesting, the fbi did not participate in that. >> yeah, i was struck by that. they hung back, let the chief do it. because previously, they've been stepping up on their own to offer a little something. >> yeah. also, they can't categorically, this many hours later say it isn't terrorism. and can't say it's not more than two people either. it's a little worrying. because there could be somebody at large. but it sounds like they might be signaling by having the police taking the lead that it's not a bona fide case of terrorism. it's somebody that may have mixed motivation, but, you know, it really is more of a personal
10:26 pm
kind of crisis or those factors. >> also in the l.a. times' account about what they they have on syed farook. they have spoken to his cubical mate in that office there in the center where he worked. and he says that farook traveled to saudi arabia where he met his -- got his wife, met his wife who he had met online before traveling to saudi arabia. and as he puts it, it seemed like he was living the american dream. >> well, you'll recall that 9/11 hijackers, many of them lived under the surface and nobody knew they were going to carry out a brutal, horrific attack. >> all right. we'll be back with more of our live converage of the situation in san bernardino.
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blake mccoy now joins us live near that shooting scene in san bernardino. you were at the press conference that chief jarrod burguan. >> we've got a lot of new information coming out of that. one, the relationship between the two people killed in that car. they were either married or fiancees. we have the names, farook, malik, 28 and 27 years old, respectively. one of the big things out of the press conference was confirmation of something that
10:31 pm
we have been hearing and reporting all day, which is that syed farook, county employee for the last five years was at that party initially. got in some sort of confrontation with people at the party, left angrily and came back. we have confirmation that is what police believe happened. he came back with his, again, fiancee or wife and opened fire. police confirming there were explosive devices found inside the inland regional center. they have detonated those devices, three of them, we believe. and that's why it's taken so long for us to be allowed to get close and for them to process the crime scene. they say they are just now beginning to identify the deceased because they haven't been able to fully access that building until those devices were exploded. but very interesting that they say this suspect was there initially at the party, got in an argument, left and came back. lawrence, i know we've been saying this is a planned attack and police believe it very much
10:32 pm
was. so just because he got in a fight and came back 20 to 30 minutes later doesn't mean it wasn't planned. he may have well intended to come back. he came back with explosive devices with heavy artillery and also dressed in -- in, you know, police-like gear. so it does not sound spontaneous even though he was at the party initially. >> and andrew blankstein reported to us earlier that at least two of the weapons that the authorities recovered were legally purchased. but in the press conference tonight, the chief wasn't willing to say anything about the origin of the four weapons. >> well, we know it's a assault rifle. two of the serial numbers have been traced to one of the suspects. that i they're still working to trace the other two serial numbers. i think that's why they're reluctant to give the information on that. the atf is working that angle of
10:33 pm
the case. >> we're joined by an nbc news correspondent at the hospital there in san bernardino. morgan, how many patients are at the hospital? where you are tonight? >> reporter: currently, lawrence, there are five patients of the 17 wounded today that are here in the hospital behind me. of those five patients, two are in critical condition, two are in fair condition. and one patient is still undetermined. but amidst all of this chaos today, right here at this very hospital, even while i was standing here at 2:30 p.m. a bomb threat was called into the hospital. just an hour later, it was lifted. but that just goes to show the amount of chaos at this scene. i was actually inside the emergency room about an hour ago. and when i was inside, it was packed. i could even hear one man complaining on his cell phone to the person on the other line, saying there was just simply too much police presence. but part of that is because there are so many family members coming in just trying to find out whatever information they can, lawrence, about the family members waiting inside. >> and morgan, how about the
10:34 pm
family members who were there? are they being allowed to spend the night with their patients that they're visiting? >> honestly, lawrence, it was hard to tell. because inside the emergency room, it appeared that some were family members and others were just being treated for normal casualties. in fact, the hospital said they were not expecting any more victims from today's shootings to come to the hospital tonight. and they said beginning tomorrow, they were going to resume business as usual. >> morgan, thank you very much for joining us, again, tonight, really appreciate it. eugene o'donnell, the tracking of these weapons is going to tell us a lot about the planning, the premeditation, how much premeditation. >> well, at least two of them are legally possessed. that'll be a slam dunk in terming when they were bought. the other two weapons. that's going to be much more interesting question as to where they came from.
10:35 pm
how long he had them for. where they were stored and he'd also wonder, again, whether these people -- whether family members or others who have some inkling this guy is up to no good. >> it could easily be -- in your experience, the notion that he basically kept this to himself. and never -- what we're hearing in the "l.a. times" account from the guy in the next cubical with him at that workplace where he created this homicidal madness today, he had not the slightest suspicion that this guy could ever be capable of something like that. family members could have exactly the same sensation and no awareness at all this was possible. >> it's well documented that many of these people, the first time you find out they have these kind of designs is when they act. this is not unprecedented. >> we are now joined by phone by jack rice, a former cia special agent and terrorism expert.
10:36 pm
jack, what did you pick up from that press conference that night with the chief? >> one of the things i thought about immediately was the use of the pipe bombs. if we take a look at exactly what was being used, i want to learn how he learned how to make them. the real question then becomes is he going to some general site? or some place specific? obviously, the chief was very, very careful in terms of avoiding making a direct connection if there is a terrorism connection here. but if there is potentially a connection here, you might find it right there. that might be the spot that we look. if he picked them up legally, that's a dead end. but the bombs, that's a different angle altogether. >> that sounds like the bombs could be the things that -- of everything recovered, the things that tell us the most about this. >> oh, i think it may be the case. that's one of the benefits.
10:37 pm
i think i would also follow up the lead on the fiancee/wife here. again, you don't want to make the leap yet. but, again, you need to leave everything on the table here. it is important to be careful because we don't want to jump to conclusions. we don't need to be making mistakes at this point. and, again, i thought the chief did a really fine job in clarifying much as he could without jumping to conclusions himself. i was impressed as a former prosecutor. i thought about how i would have handled this. and i think under the circumstances, i think he's doing it right. on the intelligence side, there's a lot of leads you can follow up on. and they need to do that. >> and jack, the l.a. times reports that, quote, his co-workers at this center who suffered this horrible tragedy today never suspecting, saying he was a very nice guy. they report in there that he was a devout muslim. they also say in the next breath that there's absolutely knob
10:38 pm
suspicious about him ever at any point. everyone enjoyed working with him. at least that's what the l.a. times was able to pick up by talking to half dozen of his co-workers today. >> yeah, that is one of the scary aspects of this. what we have seen in the past is the ability of some to simply categorize their lives. they have the ability to have this front for some people. it's almost trite when you hear about some horrific incident and talk to a neighbor who said, he was always such a nice guy. i can't count the number of times i have seen that. where for some people, you see something specific. and then you have this ulterior motive, this alternate life, almost, where this other angle is being taken. and you can see it with co-workers, neighbors, you can see it with family directly as you alluded to earlier with one of your previous guests here. it's possible his family is even unaware of that. >> we'll be back with more of our live coverage of the situation in san bernardino. the cold truth is, (coughing)
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10:42 pm
blankstein, an investigative reporter, former los angeles times reporter. also joining us by phone is mike rustigen, at the criminal justice institute. professor of criminal justice at the san jose state university. andrew, in that press conference that we just heard, what do you think has been added to the story by that press conference? we have the identities now confirmed. we had half of that before the press conference. but how long do you expect it to take to develop the additional obvious links that aren't yet filled in. for example, that relationship between these two people. not even knowing whether they're married, or not, for example. why would it take this long? why would they not have documentation on whether this was a married couple? >> it's possible in terms of their -- even the spellings of their names could throw people off. dates of birth. where, you know, immigration
10:43 pm
issues. those are things they're going to be looking at the entire trajectory from kind of probably childhood all the way to today. to try to see if there's any signs of this. but one thing, you know, a lot of law enforcement people have told me recently, they're particularly concerned of in these kind of incidents is somebody who takes a quick dissent or, quick turn into rage, anger, ideology, what have you. and some of these things may explain why co-workers would say, well, i think he's living the american dream and suddenly turn around and we have an incident like this. it's hard to believe, lawrence, that in the last week, i was just thinking back to a week o ago, we were all talking about potential terrorism ahead of thanksgiving. then we have the colorado springs shooting and then we have this. it's been staggering kind of in succession these incidents. and obviously, thanksgiving
10:44 pm
coming off the french attack. it's been one after the other. and you think of kind of our reaction to this. and it is -- it's an amazing kind of time that as a society and obviously policing that we have to deal with these things. >> mike, what was your take on the press conference we just heard and what the chief added tonight? >> i think the chief did a great job. right now, there's the issue, the question. are we looking at a case of terrorism? or are we looking at a case of workplace violence? and we had this dual image. and as the chief pointed out, i mean, there's credibility on both sides. now, in terms of terrorism, i mean, many commentators have pointed out, look at how well planned this attack was. the black assault style clothing, the masks, the assault rifles, the explosives. i mean, this looks like it was
10:45 pm
well planned and methodical. yet, on the other hand, you see evidence investigators have evidence that one of the shooters, farook, the main man walked off angrily, that there was possibly some dispute there at the party. and this was a party he was invited to attend. and it was at that party last year. he worked for the department of health there five years. but there's also some evidence coming out that there's a lot of turmoil in that department over the last year. many workers had left. because of the problems with management. so there could very well be a lot of rage, a lot of anger on the part of farook. and this could well have
10:46 pm
inflamed him to the point where he turned radical. in other words, looking for a vehicle to express his rage at the workplace. so it's possible here that you have a blend of both. i mean, you have the terrorism image. and certainly, in the wake of paris, everybody's thinking it's terrorism, again. but on the other hand, there's some very interesting data here about the workplace issue. >> we're showing now the picture of syed farook that's obtained by knbc in los angeles. which they've released and has been confirmed. this is the one photograph we have of him. that is a facebook posting by him. that's where that photograph comes from. and you're saying that -- we may not get a very clear thread of
10:47 pm
explanation here, that it's one thing that provoked this that you could end up with someone with mixed motivations. certainly, the targeting of this workplace now is less mysterious. since he worked there. so he wasn't confused about where he was or what he was hitting or what he was attacking. he knew exactly where he was hitting and why he was hitting it. we don't yet know why he was hitting it. but he clearly did. >> that's a very good point. >> you know, if it was clear cut terrorism, it would be rather odd for a guy to shoot up a center like that. rather than making a big public display, like the boston bombers or what occurred in paris. it would have been a much more grandiose exhibition. the fact this was very targeted. the fact that, supposedly he walked away angry, and connect that, we still need to know
10:48 pm
what's been going on at that workplace. there's a much to be discovered. but at this point, i see that both explanations have validity. and your last speaker pointed out so well. i've seen in so many cases, serial and mass murder, where it's easy enough to play nice guy. that there is an alternative life, there can be a guy loaded with rage and you don't pick up on it. and just like what happened in ft. hood, a number of years ago. a nice guy, seemed to get along, easy going. suddenly became very radicalized and shot all those soldiers there at ft. hood. nobody suspected that he was capable of doing something like that. >> we will continue our live coverage of the situation in san bernardino after this break.
10:49 pm
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the two suspects in that car are both deceased. and i have their names. first one has been identified as syed s-y-e-d rizwan farook f-a-r-o-o-k. he is 28 years old. i'm told he's u.s. born. the person that was with him was a female. she is deceased, as well. her name is tashfeen malik, m-a-l-i-k, 27 years old. i do not have additional information on where she is from at this point. >> back with us is eugene o'donnell. the chief there identifying now the two shooters.
10:53 pm
this case got smaller. over the last few hours. where we thought it was expanding to the point of possibly there were four shooters. the police theory he advanced in that press conference tonight was believing that it was only these two that they can confirm did the shooting. and going back with the eyewitnesss at this event and determining, now we think it's two. because, surely as you and others have pointed out, some eyewitnesss might have seen one of these people more than once and not realized they're seeing the same person the second time, and so they're counting one, two, three, when they've really only seen two. >> right. and they were identified as males initially. >> almost. >> one fascinating point about this is the de-humanization that's necessary to carry out this kind of attack. whether or not it's an act of terrorism, it does remind you that it takes a certain kind of -- almost thinking of these folks as enemy combatants to do this kind of damage to people
10:54 pm
that are simply unarmed people sitting in a room. >> one of the interesting things so far in eyewitness accounts of which there are not many, the "l.a. times" seems to have some of them. no one is quoting him as saying anything. there's no declaration of any particular rage or any particular point about this. maybe that'll come out in the next 24 hours. we'll hear he said x or something. but right now, we don't have anything, verbally, from him at this event. >> it'll be interesting to see what kind of training he has to use weapons. sometimes, these guys are just so interested in killing, that's what they spend their time on. it's lost time to make a declaration. you could be killing while you're doing that. >> yeah. and it seems to have been a surprisingly quick exercise with a quick exit plan. and it may be that the plan changed while it was underway. there was an escape plan that became something else.
10:55 pm
because they were at a spot in california where they had freeways that could've taken them anywhere in america in any direction north, south, they had the route 10 could've taken them all the way to florida. they stayed there. >> did he go to pick a fight? was that the idea? the condition precedent? once and for all he would show them? we'll have to wait and see. >> yeah, and it's -- the idea, the notion that hours later this event would end roughly where it began when they had an opportunity to get pretty far away in that amount of time, that was the, i think, the first big surprise in this. that hours later, they would be found so close. >> unless they wanted to be killed by the police. ultimately, they must -- >> but in that case, they could have stayed on the scene. the killers that end up that way, tend to stay on the scene, wait for the police. and that's where they get that. that's why these things just don't add up in the way we've seen them add up before. >> the common thread is they're dead in the end, though.
10:56 pm
they're not going to face justice in a court of law. that's not the plan. >> yeah. and we're going to learn a lot more about this tomorrow. we're going to find out what the relationship was between these two people. that we don't have it confirmed tonight what that relationship is. stay with msnbc for our continuing coverage of the situation in san bernardino and the mass killings that took place there today. did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in.
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here in new york. we are live with the latest in the mass shooting in san bernardino, california. right now, it's 2:00 a.m. on the east coast, 11:00 p.m. on the west coast. here's what we know right now. 14 people are dead. 17 injured after at least two heavily armed attackers open fire on a holiday gathering at a social services center for the disabled. it's called the inland regional center, a huge center. an official with that center told nbc news that gunfire erupted inside a conference room where the san bernardino county of public health was h


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