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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  December 2, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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here in new york. we are live with the latest in the mass shooting in san bernardino, california. right now, it's 2:00 a.m. on the east coast, 11:00 p.m. on the west coast. here's what we know right now. 14 people are dead. 17 injured after at least two heavily armed attackers open fire on a holiday gathering at a social services center for the disabled. it's called the inland regional center, a huge center. an official with that center told nbc news that gunfire erupted inside a conference room where the san bernardino county of public health was holding a
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ban quetd, a holiday party of sorts. early reports indicated as many as three shooters. then last night police engage in a shootout with at least two suspects inside an suv. those suspects, a man and a woman, are now dead. a third person was detained nearby, described as a person of interest. nbc news is reporting that one of the suspects in the shooting was siyeed farouk, and they identified the woman killed as 27-year-old malik. the two were married. another possible suspect, according to nbc news is believed to be farouk's brother. the city of redlands in san bernardino county, just another soon in the story. public records show the farook and he was also a county
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employee. listed as working for the department of public health. san bernardino's police chief spoke this past hour. >> 14 people confirmed dead, 17 wounded. one of the tips we're following up on took us to a house in redlands where we made contact with the suspect vehicle he we were looking for, which resulted in a pursuit which came into san bernardino and on san bernardino avenue, that terminated. there was an officer-involved shooting. last count i've been told we have 27 officers involved in that gurn battle with the suspects. the two suspects that were in that car are both deceased. we initially put out we had information there were upwards of three shooters. right now, as we tb to drill down on information and the witness statements we have, it looks like two shooters. we have not ruled out terrorism. the officers involved for the most part are doing okay.
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they did their job, quite frank frankly. if anybody heard that on the radio, that was flat out heroic when they tracked down those suspects and engaged them. >> police not ruling out terrorism. we want to go to nbc jacob in san bernardino. take us through a timeline of the past 12 hours here. >> reporter: 11:14 pacific time is when that first phone call came in that something was going on at the inland center where the shooting took place. 14 lives were tragically lost. amazingly, we did just hear the police chief a short while ago. one thing the police chief said is the shooters had to have some degree of planning. we're now seeing that reflected in the fact there are three different crime scenes. three crime scenes in this very small geographic area in san
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bernardino area. one is at the inland regional center. the other was in redlands, the city of redlands, six or seven miles away from here, where you said the fbi, law enforcement officials have raided a home there. they were looking for explosives and other evidence. the third is right behind me, right here on san bernardino avenue where the two suspects farook and malik were both engaged with the 21 law enforcement officers where heard police chief talk about. their lives were lost here on this street. as you can see, the street is still closed off. it's an active crime scene. lots of information we're waiting to hear. more information is coming out how these 14 lives and why these 14 lives were lost. >> we keep hearing about this person of interest and the police chief talked about how he
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was either seen running from that scene where you are by witnesses, but police were not actually able to confirm that. what are you hearing? >> reporter: i've heard reports here in particular from a colleague at a local affiliate that someone was detained. i can't confirm that myself. i want to reiterate what we heard the police chief say in the press conference a short while ago. there were reports of three shooters, maybe even four shooters at inland regional center. it sounds as of now like the two suspects are syed farook and malik, they were either in a relationship, boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife according to the police chief. the other thing i want to stress is the quick response time of law enforcement officials. police said it took four minutes from the initial call out at
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11:14 a.m. for police to arrive on the scene at inland regional center. at the inland regional center, we should also note that explosives were found. they said that explosive devices were found at the scene and disposed of. and, again, that was something they were looking for here at the crime scene in san bernardino avenue. >> police describing those explosive devices leaning more toward pipe bomb-like design. there's been a lot made out of whether the two suspects had thrown something out of the vehicle where you are as well. >> reporter: that's right. they said they were searching that area. the police chief did not confirm that during this press conference, but what he did confirm were found at the crime scene behind me were four different weapons. two caliber assault rifles and a smith and wesson m-15, and two semi-automatic handguns were
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found at the scene. >> jacob soboroff reporting live for us. thank you very much. we want to go to andrew blanksteen, former los angeles times reporter. thank you for joining us. andrew, are you there? >> yep, i can hear you. what we kind of know is what they're putting together, obviously processing evidence at these three scenes. the other thing is they're trying to get a timeline going, both in terms a tight chronology of events today and also going back in time to see if there was anything that would explain the suspects' actions in this case. there's going to be a lot of talk in the coming days of obviously what the motive was. was it a grudge? was it something, you know, connecting to terrorism. i think one of the things, depending on what the electronic footprint is, social media, they'll be looking into that. there may be some things that will come out. i think it's going to take some
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time to really take all this material and try to come to a bottom line of what might have motivated the suspects to do this. >> why not rule out terrorism at this point? you heard the police chief talk about that as they're trying to figure out what the motive is here, but very clear as well that they're not going to rule out that just yet. >> well, in 2002 i covered a story. there was a shooting at los angeles international airport by a man by the name of mohammed, shot and killed people at the ticket counter there. within a few hours of the incident, authorities came out and told the press, this is not terrorism. there were people very critical of that kind of -- of saying that so early, given the fact there weren't search warranties served. i think they're trying to keep an opened my and take the investigation where the evidence goes. again, we have three crime scenes, explosives, guns that
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were purchased. there was the possibility of what's the social media or online footprint. are there e-mails or communications between people. will family or others shed light on whether this was a grudge or actually something rooted in domestic or international terrorism? those are the things they really want to sort through before they come to any bottom line. >> the whole thing is just perplexing, really, andrew. we heard from the council on american-islamic relations and they brought the brother-in-law of one of the suspects to the podium. he just really wanted to say how sad the family was and how in shock they are over this entire mass shooting. one of the representatives talked about they're also not sure whether this had something to do with work, mental illness, extreme ideology. what does this sound like to you? >> well, i think with good reason they don't want people to
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jump to conclusions. and there be a back lash. we live in an environment with social media where people have basically instant motive. i see people tweeting at me on twitter and people want to know instantly, rapidly, but the problem is when you talk about, first of all, sorting out these crime scenes, going through the evidence, doing the backgrounds. these things take time. it's easy to take, let's say, a writing or something that you recover at the scene and then extrapolate out. i think one of the things you also hear from law enforcement is sometimes, yes, there are signs along the way and they tell you more or less why somebody did something. not completely. there are other times where somebody has a quick descent into kind of a decision where they do something like this. so, i think one of the things they're trying to do is really understand that and, again, from
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some of the comments earlier about the l.a. times interview with the pod mate saying, well, you know, we thought he was living the american dream. you hear this frequently. the big question, i think, going forward in the coming days is trying to separate kind of that from what does everything we've collected show about why this might have happened and why, and was it a grudge or was it something more? >> you never know what people are struggling with, andrew. you know, we heard about him living the american dream, about him bringing his wife in from saudi arabia. but to think that this was a quick decision by anyone just doesn't seem comprehendible here. both dressed in assault clothing, that's something you plan, as the police chief indicated earlier. we're talking about the council.
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we want to bring in executive director for the l.a. council of islamic relations or c.a.r.e. you were at the press conference. can you tell us why the brother-in-law wanted to be part of this press conference? >> he wanted to come here on behalf of his whole family, to share the way they felt. they want fellow americans to know they share the mourning, and the shock. they wanted to be here along with their family and community leaders expressing unequivocal condemnation for the horrific act. they wanted to express their heartfelt condolences, their prayers to the families of the -- and loved ones of those killed and injured. so, they wanted to be here to express solidarity. like everyone else, they're shocked today. >> hassan, can you tell me how this decision came about to
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approach the media so quickly this evening and get that message out, the council on american-islamic relations, to get the message out, to get the brother-in-law out to the podium, to express your sympathies? >> well, when i spoke with him and he expressed that sorrow, and he was choking up, he was crying when he spoke with me today. he said, well, maybe you need to let others know that because there are people out there in our country today who exploit these tragic events to advance their own anti-muslim sentiment, so we felt it was important. despite the fact we don't know the motive yet. it was very important we stand up united, christian, muslims, just and others, to express our sentiment, in clear terms, any mind set, any clear reason that could make someone engage in
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such barbaric behavior. he wanted to make sure everyone knows their family stood in pain and sorrow with all the loved wun ones who were killed in injured today. >> when we heard from the brother-in-law, i think many of us were confused as to his relation to the two suspects. just to be clear here, his relation is to syed fasth farook? >> yes. he's actually married to the sister of farook. >> he is married to the sister, all right. and farhan khan said he's available to speak at any point as police continue to put all of this together. >> absolutely. he's very open to talking to media, to tell the story of how their family feels. more importantly here, now his first priority now is to speak to law enforcement, to make sure if there's anything he has that
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could help the investigation, he wants to make sure he does that first before, you know, the media and all of that. that's his priority now. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. we want to go back now to msnbc's jacob soboroff. you are just a few minutes from where police were involved in that shootout with two suspects. they are now dead. can you walk us through what's going on in that neighborhood right now, whether residents are allowed to come and go freely? >> reporter: that's a very good question. we've seen a mix as we've been here this evening. when we first arcrived on the scene, the entire neighborhood was evacuated as a manhunt was under way for the third suspect which now we know may not, indeed, exist. in this area where the shootout took place with the suspects and
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the two suspects were ultimately killed, we have seen different families ask to go in and different people ask to come out. we've seen some children with families allowed to walk in, but no cars are coming in. no cars are coming out. and we also saw a family approached just recently asking to give medicine for a young man that was with them. the mother had been there during the shootout. they said she dropped to the floor during the shootout. and they would not let that young man in, despite the fact his mother has been there all day on the inside. >> thank you. really sad day here in america. the deadliest shooting since sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. again, we are dealing with a number of fatalities, injuries, two suspects now dead in this shootout. of all places, the inland regional center, which serves more than 31,000 individuals
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with developmental disabilities. the police chief taking to the podium just about an hour ago, talking about all of the details that went into how these suspects came into the inland regional center. what began as a christmas party, a celebration, a work gathering, somewhere along the suspect described as syed fasth farook got really upset. some witnesses say he was gone 10 minutes to 30 minutes. he left that event in that time and came back and that's when everything broke loose. he came back. that's what witnesses say, with his wife, tashfeen malik, 27 years old. police trying to piece together the motive. everyone saw him leave, upset. but when he came back, we're dealing with 14 killed, 17 injured at the social services center in san bernardino. chris hayes is up next with
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the four firearms recovered, two long guns and two pistols, they will also have serial numbers on them that we can trace. as long as they were produced by manufacturers, either manufactured here in the united states or imported into the united states, they're required to have the manufacturer info and serial number on there. >> that was an atf public information officer giving information about the firearms that were recovered from the scene today. obviously, there is still a lot we don't know about the scene. i want to say this, on a day like this, it's frustrating we don't know the things we want to know. what's circling is everybody wants to understand the motive. why would someone commit this horrific act? we have images of knowing what that motive will mean for the political discussion, policy discussion and how this plays out. but we'll know that motive soon
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enough. there is no reason in the interim to fill that void, so we're going to tell you what we know, as we know it. there's lots more to get to. stay with us.
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the one thing we do know is we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. and there are some steps we could take not to eliminate every one of these mass shootings, but to improve the odds so they don't happen as frequently. >> that was president obama responding earlier today to the shooting in california. democratic candidates for president seemed to echo his sentiments. hillary clinton quoted, i refuse to accept this as normal. we must take action to stop gun violence. martin o'malley says, horrifying news out of san bernardino. enough is enough. bernie sanders stressed, mass
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shootings are almost become everyday occurrences in this country. this is sickening and senseless gun violence must stop. i talked to him earlier and i asked him, how do you stop it? >> if i knew the simple answer to that, i would tell you. i don't think anybody has a magical answer. i do believe there are a number of areas expanding and improving, instant background check, doing away with the gun show loophole, i would hope banning assault weapons, doing away with the strong man provision. those are areas, sxit the nra, the vast majority of american people would like us to move. whether my republican colleagues here have the courage to do that remains seen. >> dr. ben carson wrote, my thoughts and prayers are with the shooting victims and their families in san bernardino. senator ted cruz, our prayers are with the victims, their families and first responders. jeb bush, praying for the victims, their families and the san bernardino first responders. governor chris christie, praying
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for all those victimized by the shootings in san bernardino county today. new york daily news noted the republicans' emphasis on prayer. here's an early look at their front page today with the headline, 14 dead in california mass shooting. god isn't fixing. . think progress contributing editor throughout the day noted republicans were tweeting their thoughts and prayers but question why their party won't hold votes on gun safety to prevent another mass shooting. he began tweeting out a laundry list of gop connections to nra, like senator mitch mcconnell dumped $922,000 into his bid. joining us, igor. how did this start? >> it started in the sense it's so predictable, their responses are so predictable. they've been thinking and prayering about this since newtown, as you point out, almost the anniversary, december
11:25 pm
14th. we had such an opportunity then as a country to pass some actual gun reforms. we didn't. here we are almost a year after having the same conversation and these lawmakers are having the same xablgt exact reaction. >> i've heard them say, what's wrong with thoughts and prayers. when we don't know what's going on. why is that a sentiment expressed worthy of criticism, in your mind? >> it's okay to think and pray, butter these folks only want to think and pray. and the nra pays them to only think and pray about gun violence and not do anything else about it. they spend some $30 million in the 2014 election, independent expenditures, making sure that all certain lawmakers do is think and pray and nothing else. i'm all for thinking and praying
11:26 pm
and these serious moments when we remember the victims, but i think the country is really ready for action. for actually something to be done, not just the thinking and the praying. >> do you think it's the money? >> that's a large part of it. >> as i was looking at your twitter feed, it was a sort of juxtaposition. we can see is right there. $1,000 to nra, as you're tweeting out these thoughts and prayer tweets from various politicians, but there's yore reason. the nra is powerful not just because of money but because there's a significant portion of americans committed to their world. not a majority but certainly a committed one. >> that's true even if you look at the majority of americans, they support expanding background checks, making sure ammunition clips are of a certain cy size, assault weapons are off the street.
11:27 pm
these are commonplace, mainstream positions so certainly the money has to play a factor because the american public, their constituents, you look at those poll numbers, they're on board. >> are you struck today as we look at thoughts and prayers and we watch this story, as we digest this horrible tragedy, you can see pieces fall into place depending on the set of facts. in the beginning we know it's guns so we see republican politicians react in another y way, as we go on there may learn there was a motive. we may learn the organization passed these people was attached to this act of violence. then we'll also see the response play out in that way. >> it would be ridiculous if it was clear this was a terror attack, like god forbid the one we saw in paris, lawmakers would go on twitter and say, thoughts and prayers. thoughts and prayers.
11:28 pm
there's an understanding, those kind of issues you can't solve with thoughts and prayers. you need actual action. it's shocking to me that when it comes to gun violence, time and time again, all we hear from these people are thoughts and prayers. and people keep on dieing and dying. all they can say is thoughts and prayers. let's not talk about this now. let's wait a respectful amount of time. then in a certain amount of weeks and months we can address it. but we can't because there's a mass shooting almost every single week in this country at this point. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you, chris. >> we'll be back with more coverage of san bernardino just after the break.
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we are awaiting a press conference from the california chapter of c.a.r.e. they say they have a family member of one of the individuals identified as being related -- involved with the mass shooting in san bernardino. an individual named syed farook.
11:32 pm
c.a.r.e. has condemned in the strongest possible terms this attack. in some sense it's unfortunate they have to do, but that is the world we live in right now. joining me from loma linda medical center, jason leopold, and my understanding is you also got a chance to talk to some people who saw that shootout with the suv. >> yes, indeed, chris. what i was struck by was the fact that many of the people that live in the community, who came out this evening, and earlier in the day to discuss what they saw, they were somewhat desensitized to what took place. many of these people are residents, they live a few blocks away from the regional center. they say gun violence and shootings are a regular occurrence here in san bernardino. it happens every day. there's a woman who came out,
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she wanted to make sure we in the media did not forget her son was killed in a shooting, a gang-related shooting several years ago. and there was a sense that people felt a bit angry that there's this massive law enforcement presence and suddenly san bernardino was on the map. and they were more or less discussing how, you know, gun violence shootings are just a regular occurrence. an everyday part of life here in this community. it was fascinating in a somewhat tragic way because many of them were victims themselves. they had said they've never seen anything on this level, but it's something they felt used to. >> it is true that mass shootings like this, the data suggests are actually becoming more common, unfortunately, but
11:34 pm
comprise a very small slice of gun violence in america, of course. three homicides today in baltimore f i'm not mistaken, a shooting of four people in savannah, georgia, today, three shot, one killed. that is the background context against which something like this happens. we should also note, jason, that i was reading an account of how that inland regional center conducts monthly shooting drills. some in that facility when they saw law enforcement assumed the way one does sometimes during a fire drill, that it must be a drill and not the real thing. >> in fact, that's interesting. there's a woman we spoke with who's a teacher at an elementary school about a mile away. when news came in there was a shooting, everyone assumed, at least she said, everyone assumed it was a drill. i asked her, do you mean fire drill? she said, no, this is an active
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or a shooter sort of scenario. that's what people originally assumed until they started receiving phone calls from friends and loved ones telling them that this was actually taking place in real time. >> jason leopold outside loma linda hospital, thank you very much. >> thank you, chris. i should say the latest at this moment, we have 14 fatalities in the worst mass shooting in this country since newtown, sandy hook, almost exactly three years ago. 17 injured. there's one police officer who appears to be injured. those injuries nonlife threatening. we're monitoring those. people are staking out those hospitals. everyone thinking and hoping that everyone makes it out of those hospitals intact, safe and sound. we'll have much more after the break.
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after a long, horrifying day in san bernardino, california, two suspects in today's mass shooting, a man and a woman, are
11:39 pm
dead, following a tense standoff with police, which left an officer wounded. a person seen fleeing the scene of the shooting is in police custody. multiple law enforcement officials tell us they have been identified as syed farook. someone is listed in public records as an employee of the department of public health in san bernardino county. the same organization that was reportedly holding a banquet this morning at the conference center where the shooting took place. in the inland regional center. tonight law enforcement are deploying specialized equipment to search a home in nearby redlands, california, where someone named syed farook is listed as a resident. at this hour there's still so much we don't know about farook or other individuals who open fire at the inland regional center around 11:00 a.m. pacific time killing at least 14 people, according to police, and injuring 17. the worst mass shooting in this country since the sandy hook massacre three years ago. according to police, the gunmen came equipped to reek havoc,
11:40 pm
quote, as if they were on a mission. >> preliminary information indicates these are people who came prepared, they were dressed and equipped in a way to indicate they were prepared, and they were armed with long guns, not handguns. >> after fleeing in what was described as a dark-colored suv, the suspects left a scene of utter chaos in their wake. first responders forced to triage the wounded out on the sidewalk. witnesses evacuated with their hands up, searched, and then sheltered on a neighboring golf course. family and friends of people who were inside the building, which houses 600 employees, descending on the scene to try to find out what happened to their loved ones and a massive law enforcement response by just about every local agency, plus the fbi and atf. then hours after the shooting first began, police following a tip zeroed in on what appeared to be the getaway car on a suburban street outside an elmer taen school, the suspects engaged. >> they are shooting out of --
11:41 pm
they are shooting at us from the suv eastbound on richardson. copy that. they are shooting at you from the suv east richardson. >> one's in the trunk. one's in the trunk, shooting at us. >> at a press conference law enforcement said they haven't yet determined a motive for the attack today. they're not ready to rule out terrorism. >> i know one of the big questions that will come up repeatedly is, is this terrorism? i'm not willing to say we know that for sure. we are definitely making some movements that it is a possibility. we're making some adjustments to our investigation. it say possibility but we don't know that yet. and we're not willing to go down that road yet. >> i'm joined by curtis vogel who is on the scene. my understanding is they had some way of linking to an address in redlands, and it was as they moved towards that address that they encountered the suv. then what ensued?
11:42 pm
>> good oong. we were at the community center where they were waiting to reunite with loved ones. a big police presence at the community center, which is unusual. i've been to too many of these mass shootings. normally when you go to the community center you'll see red cross, salvation army, grief counselors but not a huge police presence. there was a large police presence there. you got the sense this wasn't over yet, even though it was four hours after the initial shooting happened. sure enough, three deputy cars sped by, racing by with their sirens blasting and the officers there at the community center yelled at all the families in the media to shelter in place and get inside the community center. i jumped in my car and followed the deputies to the scene and got there just as the suv had been stopped. we were too far away to see any of the actual shootout but we
11:43 pm
knew it was happening. it's at that point they started barricading the entire area off and we could hear the shots and you could see the police presence. i counted at least 50 cars in my line of vision. and complete neighborhood was on lockdown from there on out. to some extent, it still is at this hour. >> about how long did that standoff go for? >> the exchange of gunfire was quick. it couldn't have been more than a couple minutes. it probably wasn't even as long as that. just felt like that. we talked to a couple witnesses in the neighborhood who still haven't been able to get out of their houses, but they have talked about one man was on his lawn, watering his lawn, and heard 100 -- what he described as 100 shots going on, he hit the ground, crawled in his house, locked his doors. by the time he looked outside, there were a dozen police officers around his house, looking inside his house, asking if they could search his house. they went through his house.
11:44 pm
another resident heard the shots, went inside, and looking through the blinds, they could see the third person the authorities ended up detaining, tackled in the streets, through their blinds. they witnessed all of that going down. it was curious, the location of that final shootout. i know you've shown the map of all the different locations of what happened today. the fact that they -- you didn't use those four hours to get farther away from the scene to begin with was odd. and i think jim cavanaugh touched on this earlier in your show earlier today, that then once the chase ensued, they went back towards the initial shooting instead of any number of directions they could have gone, knowing there's a huge law enforcement presence in that area. it's kind of going from the frying pan into the fire. i don't know how to explain that. once we got to that final location, i was surprised at where it all ended up because that was kind of the last place i would have imagined they would have gone to if they were being chased. >> curtis vogel, thank you. that was a great report. i really appreciate that. >> today's mass shooting brings
11:45 pm
us to a staggering statistic. there have been more mass shootings than there have been days.
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
a press conference on c.a.r.e. with the brother-in-law, that's what they say they have, of syed farook who has been identified by authorities, police officials as one of the people involved in this shooting. we're going to be looking for that, looking for that police press conference, all of that still to come. don't go anywhere.
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11:49 pm
we are back with our coverage of a mass shooting at a social services office in san bernardino county that left 14 people dead and 17 wounded. police say two suspects in the attacks, a man and a woman in an suv were killed in an exchange of gunfire after confrontation with police. a third suspect was detained -- or a third person, we should say, was detained.
11:50 pm
though his or her connection to the shooting is unclear. one of the suspects has been identified as syed farook and motive is unknown. we have not hard confirmed that. what we have confirmed is that syed farook is an individual involved in the attack. we do know a man and woman were found dead in that suv. the attack in san bernardino marked the worst mass shooting in america since the sandy hook shooting three years ago. the latest in a string that have made it seem common place. there have been 355 mass shootings, that's more mass shootings than days so far this year. many politicians, as we noted before, have been offering thoughts and prayers for the victims, though one con condition democratic, chris
11:51 pm
murty, says your thoughts should be about steps to take to stop this carnage. when we come back, the legacy of doing nothing. how we might finally turn the tide.
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great time for a iny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. right now we're joining council on americans-islamic relations. >> i would like to introduce our ekttive director, hussam ayloush. >> good evening. my name is hussam ayloush,
11:55 pm
h-u-s-s-a-m, last name a-y-l-o-u-s-h and i'm the executive director of cair for the greater los angeles area. on behalf of the american-muslim community, and especially the southern california muslim-american community, c.a.i.r., we unequivocally condemn the horrific act that happened today. we stand in solidarity with fellow americans as we offer our condolences, our heart-felt prayers and condolences to the injured, to the families of those who have been killed. we stand in solidarity in reputing any type of ideology or mind set that could have led to such a horrific act.
11:56 pm
there is nothing that could justify. we stand in mourning, in sadness for what happened and we pray for the quick recovery of those who are injured. thank you very much. >> thank you. next i would like to invite religious direct he of islamic society of orange county. >> good evening. i'm muzammil siddiqi. should council represent mosques of southern california from santa barbara to san diego. on behalf of our communities, i want to express our sadness and sorrow on this tragedy that happened in san bernardino. our hearts go to the families and victims and those who are injured. we pray to god to bless them and give comfort to the people who
11:57 pm
are in difficulty at this time. we are with them, we are in solidarity with them. also, i want to condemn this action, this action of violence. it is horrible violence. we have condemned violence everywhere because human life is precious and we respected and honor the human life. we would like to see that our law enforcement will take full investigation and find out the motives and the people behind that and they should be brought to justice. that is what we expect and hope will happen. at the same time, i would urge everyone to please do not implicate islam or muslims because whoever has done that, our faith has nothing to do with that. our faith is against this kind of behavior. thank you. >> thank you, dr. siddiqi. next, i would like to bring up the -- oh, can you spell your name, please?
11:58 pm
>> m-u-z-a-m-m-i-l-s-i-d-d-i-q-i. >> nshgs next, we would like to bring up the brother-in-law of the suspect, farhan khan to give a a few remarks. >> i'm farhan, f-a-r-h-a-n, khan, k-h-a-n. i cannot express how sad i am for what happened today. condolences to the people who lost their life. i am very sad people lost their life and the victims. i wish a speedy recovery to them. again, i am in shock something
11:59 pm
like this could happen. that's all i have. i hope everyone understands and everybody recover much faster, whatever victims are there. thanks. >> mr. khan, what was the last time you spoke to syed? >> i mean, i -- i spoke to about, like, a week ago with him. >> your relation with this person? >> you know, there's no comment. i mean, the investigation is going on. you would know what it is. i have no idea. i have nod, why would he do that? why would he do something like this. i have absolutely no idea. i am shock myself. a normal person -- >> i had a chance to speak with mr. khan before, and he truly doesn't feel he's informed enough or anyone is informed enough to comment because we don't know the motives. is it work, rage-related, is it
12:00 am
mental illness, is it extreme ideology? at this point it's really unknown to us. it's too soon for us to speculate. and he feels comfortable sticking to his -- he chose to be here to share his family's feelings, sadness and sorrow as all americans are tonight and today. so, let's keep it that way for the time being, until more information is available and he promised to be as available as necessary as more information is available. so, thank you for respecting his choice at this point. >> can you tell us what kind of guy he was? >> i ask, and truly he feels at this point, he'd rather stick to that comment. just for the interest of the investigation. to be fair we really want to get to the bottom of it. we don't want to undermine the efforts of law enforcement at this point. by making any comment that could mislead law enforcement, that would be a great disservice done


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