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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  December 3, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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sheriff's department, san bernardino city police department and the atf. these resources are being applied for a number of reasons. i will give you an example of some things we're doing today. we flew in a team to do some -- from washington to do some re-enactment, reconstruction of the crime scene. we have continued collecting evidence and are continuing to collect evidence at the multiple scenes. we are going to fly some evidence back to our laboratory in washington, d.c. today on a plane. that is because we want expeditious analysis of that evidence. as far as the digital media that was asked about earlier, the digital media is incredibly important because we are trying to determine the motive. we do not yet know the motive. we cannot rule anything out at this point. we are hoping that some of that digital media exploitation will help us and assist us in obtaining some of that. again, it would be irresponsible of me and it would be way too early for us to speculate on motive of why this occurred. any questions for the fbi?
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>> reporter: why is motive so important to the fbi? >> reporter: have you found any information that says they did this in the name of religion or with all this ammunition, as part of a larger group and larger plot, or maybe was planning a different attack and got ticked off and decided i'm just going to turn on these guys? >> again, if you look at the amount of obvious preplanning that went in, the amount of armaments that he had, the weapons and the ammunition, there was obviously a mission here. we know that. we do not know why. we don't know if this was the intended target or if there was something that triggered him to do this immediately. we just done know. again, that's going to take time for us to get to that answer. >> reporter: was he in touch with subjects, international subjects that the fbi is already interested in overseas either by phone or social media? >> international subjects, we are still working through that. we know there was some
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international travel. they came into the u.s., both he and she was not his wife at the time but she is now, they both came into the u.s. in july of 2014. they have since had a baby together. he is a u.s. person. she is still here on a k-1 visa. >> reporter: do you believe the international travel is connected in any way? >> we do not know. it's certainly something we are going to look into very very carefully. >> reporter: -- with investigative subjects, terrorism subjects that the fbi had under investigation? >> i did not hear you. >> reporter: what can you tell us about any communications he had with terrorism subjects that the fbi have been investigating? >> we are still working through that. again, that goes towards the flow and pace of the information. i want to make sure we are absolutely correct before they put that out. [ inaudible question ] >> we are still working through that. >> reporter: how long had he been out of the country and what
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countries had he visited? >> it appears he came back into the u.s. in july of 2014 as i said earlier. i do not know all the countries he visited. we know he did go to pakistan at one point. we know she is here on a k-1 visa under a pakistani passport. >> reporter: what can you tell us about their trip to saudi arabia? >> don't have all the facts yet. >> reporter: how much do you know about her that would explain why she got involved in this caper? >> we don't know enough. we do not know enough. i will take two more questions. >> reporter: is there any evidence that these ieds were -- >> reporter: how close are you to making that determination? >> again, it would be irresponsible and premature of me to call this terrorism. the fbi defines terrorism very specifically and we are still, that is the big question for us is what is the motivation for this. first and foremost, the integrity of this investigation, again, is paramount. secondly, it's ultimately determined the motive and the inspiration for this attack. >> reporter: the ieds that were
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found, how would you describe their construction? was it professional or amateurish? was it high grade military stuff or [ inaudible ]? >> well, i'm not an expert either. as the chief mentioned earlier. so i don't want to go too deep. i will say there is some level of sophistication, certainly, when you are tying them together and you have seemingly remote controlled car that is attached to the device. i'm going to take one more question and turn bait back to e chief. >> reporter: -- based on any kinds of designs from inspire magazine? >> i didn't hear you. >> reporter: any type of evidence that shows a linkage between the designs of the ieds and inspire magazine? >> we knew that question would come up. we are looking into it as we speak. >> reporter: thank you. >> chief? >> reporter: chief, was he ever on anybody's radar screen at all? did you ever have any prior knowledge of him from anybody, anywhere? >> he was not on the radar screen of our agency. prior to yesterday. let me go over a couple details. our plan today as i said early on, we will do this press
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conference now. throughout the course of the day we will do what we can to release the names of the victims, focus in on those folks. we will probably try to get you some photos. as i say, we will try to move the media a little closer. we will come back with another press conference at the end of the business day, 4:00 or 5:00. hopefully we will have significantly more information for you by then. then we will kind of play it by ear. so with that, i will take a couple more questions, then i think we will cut it off. >> reporter: have you determined he was a suspect and how did you determine he was a suspect? >> as i said yesterday when we did our early press conferences, we got a couple tips and were following up on a couple different leads. this was one of the tips that we followed up on very early on. where that came from was another person that was in the building that knew him that identified him by name who expressed some concern over his behavior prior to the event and the way that he left. following up on that information, we discovered that he had rented a vehicle that was similar to the suspect description that we had received
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and we also followed up on addresses that -- we had more than just that address in redlands but the address in redlands is one we followed up on and the rest is obviously we know how that played out. >> reporter: were there any -- >> reporter: -- house in redlands? >> there were things that as our officers approached gave them concern that i don't know if the word booby-trapped is appropriate but there was concern that they did not want to go in immediately. they wanted to approach it very very carefully and very tactically and for that reason, we actually used the fbi tactical team for that because we were stretched so thin here. so the fbi came with their bomb folks. i thisnk the sheriff's departmet may have helped as well. we used their team to do it. the initial officers that secured the house were not the ones that made entry. we waited until they did it appropriately. [ inaudible question ] >> there is nothing definitive
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that we have right now that points directly to a motive. i have not been made aware of any notes. >> reporter: have all the bodies been removed, identified? >> we are still working on that. it's been a slow process. when this happened, the sprinklers, the fire sprinklers in the room had actually gone off. we believe what happened is maybe one of the rounds that were fired hit the fire sprinklers, set them off, flooded the room. it took a lot of time to get that process turned off and then we discovered the explosive devices in the room. it took a lot of time to do that. we did not get to the portion where we were dealing with the victims and the bodies and trying to make the positive identification through fingerprints until the middle of the night. we have been working throughout the night on that. we have been making notifications since then. what the sheriff plans to do is that slowly throughout the day, we will release the names hopefully of all 14 people today as we are able to make notifications. >> reporter: anyone still in there? >> i'm not sure. i'm not sure, to be honest with you.
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as of several hours ago, there were a few bodies left. we may have been able to remove those victims by now. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> reporter: were you able, you talked about the delay in getting to the bodies due to the sprinkler system. were you able to go in right away -- >> absolutely. the initial response, the officers went through the water and all that, identifying bodies, searching for suspects. all that was done. we had confirmed that those folks had lost their life, that they were dead, and then we discovered the ied which caused the safety personnel to back out, deal with those in an effective way. >> reporter: can you talk about what was discussed during the holiday party? did either of the suspects have any conversation with the -- >> not that i have been told. >> reporter: did he say anything during the shooting? >> not that i have been told. >> reporter: have you been able to find out a list of all the local people here in the san bernardino area these people may have been in touch with over the period of the last week or two weeks? are you still reaching out to try to find those people?
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>> that is still part of that broader more complex investigation to see if there are other co-conspirators or people that may have been aware of something. i'm not prepared to give details on any of that. >> reporter: an update on a detainee? >> at the officer involved shooting we did indicate there was a person detained out of that. that person was seen running away from thestein. what we have learned since then is several -- there were several police cars and undercover cars that pulled up there were engaged in that officer involved shooting with the suspects. we found out later on that there were people that were in cars that abandoned their cars and ran the other direction when gunfire started. i don't know if that person was one of those. we did ultimately determine that he was not involved in the incident. he is not a suspect, not a person of interest. he did happen to have a misdemeanor warrant and was booked on that warrant. [ inaudible question ] >> sorry? >> reporter: where did you find the ied? >> it was in the middle of the room on a table in a bag.
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>> reporter: were you able to ascertain whether or not it was the suspects or police who fired first? was it their intent to die there? >> i don't know if i can speak to their intent on that. it's my understanding they opened fire first. rounds came out of the back of the car from female that was in the back firing through the back of the suv at the police vehicles, then the male suspect who was the driver got out and fired at officers from the street as well. i don't know who fired the first round. >> reporter: what do we know about his wife? >> i'm going to let the fbi, that's part of the investigation that they are working on so they are doing up the history on that. i just don't have enough info about her. >> reporter: did the vehicle stop on its own accord or was it disabled? >> i believe it stopped on its own accord to engage the officers. >> reporter: i know you can't talk about county buildings but city buildings, i know this is probably a flip but what about
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security at city buildings? >> we stepped up security all across the city and all across the county yesterday at all of our city and county facilities. schools went into lockdown today. it's my understanding that as of today based upon the information we have no credible threats, that a lot of those facilities are returning back to business as usual. but yesterday, everybody went into lockdown. >> reporter: we are not seeing people with rifles in front of city halli ongoing? >> i don't want you will. what's that? [ inaudible question ] >> i don't know. we will try to get those answers later on. i will let the sheriff address that. >> last night, the county board of supervisors held a special meeting and decided to make the decision to shut down the non-essential county departments for today and tomorrow. not only to make sure that there weren't any threats that were still potentially developing yesterday, but out of respect for the family members and
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fellow employees that were either victims or friends of the victims and that's the decision the board of supervisors made. so the non-essential county operations have been shut down for today and tomorrow. >> reporter: just to clarify, there's no suspects in connection in custody? >> correct. [ inaudible question ] >> it's my understanding we have contacted a number of them. they have been cooperative up to this point. there may be one or two we are still looking for. >> reporter: were the suspects wearing cameras? >> they were not wearing -- i heard that rumor about the go pros. i asked our staff about it. nobody's located go pros. nobody's located any evidence they were wearing cameras of any sort. >> reporter: do you know how many people were at the party? >> i don't. we are going to try to g that by later this afternoon. >> reporter: have family members been formally interviewed about what they knew? >> several of the family members have already been contacted, have been interviewed and are cooperating.
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we are still looking for a couple of others. >> reporter: did the woman work? >> i don't know anything about that. >> reporter: the coroner's office is now having to handle 14 bodies at once. what impact is this having on the coroner's operations? >> as you know, i'm responsible for the coroner's office as well and our staff is on 12-hour shifts and we have called folks in from their days off to assist with processing the scene and helping to identify the victims of this tragic event. we are in the process of making those identifications. the majority of them have been done. a number of the notifications have been made and we will continue to update you as we get the information and we can provide the names once the notifications of the next of kin have been made. >> reporter: will that be on the website? >> we will probably release it through a press release through our public affairs division as we get that information. >> two more questions and we will wrap it up.
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>> reporter: does the wife have relatives in the united states? >> not that i have been told. thank you very much, folks. we will be in touch. >> good morning. i'm thomas roberts reporting live in san bernardino, california. it is just after 10:00 here in the morning, less than 24 hours ago where we had the situation of a massacre just down the street at the inland regional center. we just have authorities now walking away. they will come right behind me after they wrapped up this news conference on where the investigation stands right now. we learned a lot. they were able to confirm certain things and then also talk about absolute myths that some have created after the investigation was launched. but let's get to the facts of what we know so far. they updated the casualty count to 21 injured in the shooting, 14 people were killed. they have not released the identities of those people. we just heard from the county sheriff about what that means. let me talk to the police chief.
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chief, we are live on the air on msnbc. can i ask you one question? when it comes to the motive, what do you say about what the motive is? >> we don't know enough about the motive at this point. >> reporter: what's your gut tell you? >> not going to weigh in on that. >> he's not going to weigh in on that. we don't have further insight about the motive. we also have the fbi talking about the fact they will be taking the proof that they have right now that they have been able to collect through the investigation back to d.c. for analysis. now the fbi has oversight of the investigation. i think some of the bigger facts that came out of this was new insight into this husband and wife duo alleged to be responsible for what happened, and when they found inside their home and garage. >> the house in redlands, it became part of the focus of this investigation yesterday. i will confirm that the search that took place revealed that there were 12 pipe bomb type devices found in that house or in the garage to that house. there were also hundreds of
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tools, many of which could be used to construct ieds or pipe bombs. >> so we are covering every angle of this breaking story and we have had a lot of our crew that have been here overnight beginning with nbc's craig melvin, who has been on the air. i know you were here last night as well. what stands out to you as the most movement in the investigation from what we just heard? >> the fact that they are still very reluctant to say anything about a motive. the fact that they clearly have heard a lot of the same things that journalists here have heard. you heard a journalist at the end there ask about the connection to isis, to their propaganda magazine inspire. the chief acknowledged that was something they were aware of, they are looking into that. i thought it was also interesting that they confirmed what we have been hearing about other surveillance video as well, not surveillance video inside the conference room but surveillance video from nearby. the fact that the couple had traveled internationally. that he had been, syed farook
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had been to pakistan somewhat recently as well. cell phones and other electronic devices, we heard that they were starting the process of poring over that information. they are flying evidence back to washington, d.c. as well. we also heard that we are expecting that we should have some more of the victims' names by the end of the day. >> one of the bigger details we got was the description of what happened as this couple allegedly walked into this conference room, 65 to 75 rounds fired, then we had 380 rounds from police officers fired toward them in this back and forth, then 76 rounds that they said were fired from this couple back at them. one question that you heard a couple of times from reporters about go pros and whether or not they had any type of video instruments in the vehicle or on themselves, and they said no proof of that so far. >> no proof of that.
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as we have seen in other instances like this, that is something that some of these mass shooters do. they attach a camera so that they can share with the world what their mission was. one thing that also jumped out at me as well, pete williams at our investigative unit is just reporting that authorities are also now looking for possible accomplices who may have supplied or assisted the attackers in getting the large supply of ammunition. we knew that they were wearing these magazines, that these magazines had been strapped to their vests. we did not know until this news conference the sheer amount of fire power that they had. these guys, they were prepared for the revolution. they were clearly not just on a mission, they were clearly, we heard the police chief intimate this as well, woit would seem a if they were preparing for other missions as well. >> the assistant director of the fbi, david bowdich, was talking
10:19 am
about that he felt that they were prepping for a mission. they don't know if this was it. they don't know if something happened that became a catalyst for the incident that happened yesterday roughly less than 24 hours ago. one thing we did learn is the fact that this third person who was detained by authorities is not involved, is not a person of interest. he got caught up as certain folks were escaping their vehicles because of the back and forth, the cross-fire. he was detained by authorities, not a part of this but the police chief said he was picked up on a different warrant for something else that was outstanding for him but nothing that has to do with the incident that we were covering yesterday. so we wait for motive. we will hear from them as we heard from the police chief coming up roughly this afternoon, 4:00 or 5:00 pacific time. we will wait for them and hopefully get new information as they continue with this investigation. craig, thanks so. . we want to go to our colleague,
10:20 am
nbc news justice correspondent pete williams in washington, d.c. with more information about the suspects. what have you learned? >> here's the interesting thing, one of the interesting things that comes out of this statement. we have been told earlier today that the people who were -- who staged the shooting, syed farook and his wife, left behind an explosive device with a remote control. what's more important about that is the fact that it had a similar design for the remote control as was used in the boston marathon bombing. a recipe for how to use the remote controller from a model car to set off a bomb. that recipe has been in a couple of versions of the al qaeda published inspire magazine which raises the question, is that where syed farook got this, was he a follower of al qaeda's inspire magazine. that's something the fbi is looking at, as you heard them say. what they are also looking at is whether you could find that same
10:21 am
recipe, that same design idea, elsewhere. in other words, could they have found it through a non-al qaeda channel and that's something they are trying to figure out. but this certainly does look more and more like syed farook had become radicalized. we are told by officials that as they check his communication devices, that he had been talking on the phone in the past year with people that the fbi was concerned about who were, if you will, people of interest, people who had expressed radical jihadist ideas. he was in communication with them. so that's one possibility, one thing that tends to push toward terrorism. another is this design of the remote control bomb. then the fact that they were having all these bombs ready to go, they had all this preparation done. it certainly suggests the possibility of terrorism. but every aspect of this could point in a different direction as well. that's why they are being so careful about trying to decide
10:22 am
what the motive was or whether it was a mixed thing. whether they had, as you noted earlier, some jihadist idea, then got mad at their employees, their fellow workers, and decided to move things up and shift it to this. they just don't know. >> that's exactly right, as they were talking about, saying there was a mission but they don't know if this was exactly it. but according to your reporting, it seems to be that they are leaning towards clarity about the potential for any type of radicalization based on how they were trying to construct certain improvised explosive devices. pete, thank you, sir. we will talk again shortly. want to go to kerry sanders, about seven miles from the location here. he's in redlands, california, outside the suspects' home with new details. that garage is very interesting for investigators as they finally have been able to get inside. >> reporter: a stunning discovery once they got inside here, because of what they found. such a tremendous arsenal that
10:23 am
was still inside. as you heard just a moment ago, they found 12 pipe bombs inside and they found what amounts to a laboratory of other equipment to continue building more pipe bombs, more ieds, improvised explosive devices. then a tremendous amount of bullets. they found 2,000 plus nine millimeter rounds, presumably for the hand guns, and then 2500 plus 223 rounds which would be for the ar-15 and the m & p 15. those are two weapons that are called the long guns. those are the ones that were presumably used in the attack in the carnage and in the murders that took place. i'm currently outside and it looks like there's not much activity but the truth is that it's all going on inside. one of the agents who has been involved in this came by a short time ago. i said not to compromise your investigation but how many
10:24 am
people are still in there, is it still full? he said yes, they have a very active group of people who are still going through the apartment, going piece by piece to find things. one of the things they have told us that they are going to do to try to solve this question as to why, is they are going to do a very thorough investigation of what they call digital media. that is the computer, that is the thumb drive, that is anything that they can find that will show communications and this is the fbi and so the fbi has not only the top people in the world to do this sort of work, but they are in washington so rather than trying to do that in the field, they have taken that equipment and are taking it to the labs in washington, where they will begin to take it apart, deconstruct it and sort of take a look at when they find deep in there. as people now know, even when things are erased on a computer hard drive, they are not really erased. they can be found, they can be put together. that will take some time. but when that digital media is analyzed, it may lead to at
10:25 am
least some lines that suggest about was there radicalization taking place here. was there communication, i this a command and control operation from some other place, are there more people involved, or is this simply two people, the husband and wife who were here, who came after meeting on a dating website, coming here, getting married and that 6 month old child they had that they dropped with his grandmother and said to her we're going to the doctor's office, and then all of this unfolded. thomas? >> explain, though, as this is in evidence collection, active where you are right now, and we know most of this will be going back to d.c. for further analysis, have you heard any detonations? there had been talks overnight there were certain items detonated they felt were suspicious. what have you seen on site? >> reporter: let me explain how, and i don't have a specific answer as to whether detonations were things they found in there that exploded. we heard them say there were no
10:26 am
boobytraps but very often when a team is going in, an explosives team, often with a remote control, when they see something suspicious, they actually cause a detonation to create it to go inert, basically to see whether it is fired up, if it is something that is a boobytrap. so if people said they heard explosions and there are some people who thought they heard them, it doesn't mean those were the boobytrapped. we heard the police chief say they didn't find any but of course, they entered it like it could be well boobytrapped because it's possible, they go under the assumption that attacks are to draw people toward another place for another attack. we have seen that happen before. thomas? >> kerry sanders in redlands, california, thanks so much. we will move on to what happened overnight with the reaction of certain family members of this couple. it was farook's brother-in-law who took to the microphones to apologize to the victims.
10:27 am
>> i just cannot express how sad i am for what happened today. my condolences to the people who lost their life. i have no idea why would he do that, why would he do something like this. i have absolutely no idea. i'm in shock myself. >> nbc's tremaine lee is a few miles down the road from here outside of the hospital loma linda. it is a level one trauma center. so we're knowing from the new information we have now that there were 21 injured. what are you learning about the folks that were taken there to that hospital and any of their conditions? >> reporter: that's right, thomas. as investigators are crafting a clearer picture of this couple involved in this killing, we are getting a clear sense of the actual physical total. loma linda hospital behind me, there are five surviving victims, two are in krcritical, three in stable. there are also victims at other
10:28 am
hospitals. at arrowhead regional, there are five survivors, all listed in stable condition. there has also been a man and woman rushed to riverside county regional hospital. they went into surgery yesterday. they are in critical condition. so a lot is clearly being made about the physical toll but in talking to hospital officials, they say it's not just the physical trauma that they are concerned about. it's the emotional trauma. now, earlier this afternoon, the ceo of the hospital spoke to just that point. let's take a listen. >> there's nothing that you can do really to prepare for an event like yesterday with the emotional trauma that comes along with that, particularly in the context of you don't know what's coming next. you don't know what the next event will be. it's as much as anything, the uncertainty of trying to react to that. >> reporter: i also had a chance to talk with kathleen clemm,
10:29 am
sha chairwoman of emergency medicine here. she says one thing that concerns her the most is that it could happen any day again. that's troubling to her. thomas? >> tremaine lee in loma linda, california, thanks so much. it was moments ago the white house press secretary josh earnest spoke about the shootings in san bernardino. take a listen. >> the president is determined to do everything that he possibly can to try to make our country safer and he certainly believes that members of congress should have the same impulse and unfortunately, too many members of congress have allowed politics to block that impulse. >> want to give you a live look at the white house where flags are flying at half staff in honor of the victims who lost their lives here yesterday. president obama said that the fbi has taken over this investigation. he also urged americans not to
10:30 am
jump to conclusions. >> what i can assure the american people is we are going to get to the bottom of this and that we are going to be vigilant as we always are in getting the facts before we issue any decisive judgments in terms of how this occurred. >> joining me now is nbc's kelly o'donnell. did the president say how he wants to try to move forward with gun control? because as we look at the list, schools, clinics, churches, army bases, movie theaters, shopping malls, now county folks assembled in an agency for the disabled, all targets, whether we know the motive or not yet, but all targets of mass gun violence. >> reporter: well, i can tell you that between the time of the sound bite you played of josh earnest at the podium to now, just moments before we begin our conversation, there has been a sort of heated debate inside the white house briefing room about
10:31 am
this issue of if this is an incident that ultimately is determined to be terror related and again, it's too soon to make that judgment, would quote unquote, common sense gun law updates in the u.s. have prevented it. so kind of a give and take between reporters and josh earnest about that. the white house, because it is not talking about new facts as you are finding out there in california, talking more about the political environment, really hitting hard through josh earnest about the idea that steps need to be taken including if someone is on a watch list known to be a potential terrorist or have relationships between those who are on a sort of suspicious list, they would need to be barred from being able to buy a gun lawfully. that currently is not the law. that would be one way to do it. again, the issue of background checks which we saw after sandy hook brought together a lot of political will to try to make a
10:32 am
difference but ultimately in the end it was determined by votes in congress there would not be additional steps taken. from the white house perspective, this kind of crisis is another sort of opportunity to talk about these issues and josh earnest insisting that the president believes those steps could in fact make the country safer. whether this was ultimately some kind of workplace situation or if the facts come together to show that it had a more militant jihadist motivation behind it. this is somewhat egg shell ground here, because they might be kind of separate topics but from the white house point of view, there need to be additional steps to make the purchase of guns more difficult for those who might seek to do mass harm. that's a complicated thing in american politics, as you know. of course, we are not even into the section of sort of the analysis of the evidence here to know what we are really dealing with, although as you pointed out, the fbi taking a lead role and josh earnest affirming for
10:33 am
us moments ago that it's about the appearance of potential terrorism here and why the fbi is involved. thomas? >> nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting at the white house. thank you very much. coming up, when we continue our live reporting here in san bernardino, i will speak to somebody who was inside the inland regional center. his reaction to those moments and the video he shot of what it was like to be there. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... this is brad. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. we continue our breaking news coverage live here in san bernardino after the shootings roughly 24 hours ago. we are live just a little bit away from the scene. it's further down that way. 14 people lost their lives yesterday at the inland regional center and the updated injury total is now at 21, as we just learned from the police chief
10:37 am
during the top of the hour. this has also led to very harrowing new details from eyewitnesses who saw what happened as that alleged couple came in with their guns blazing and what it created, the panic inside that center that helps disabled folks. tim hilliard is an eyewitness and works in inland regional center where it happened. what do you remember specifically about knowing that you were in danger? was it gunshots? was it seeing police activity? what was it? >> honestly, the danger never set in necessarily overall. waits just more the shot, get the coverage i needed to. i work with san bernardino city unified school district task force. we actually have been training for the past three years after the sandy hook for active shootings and scenarios like this so we have had a few played out scenarios throughout the city the past couple years. >> can you train for something like this? now you have lived through it. how does that comport with the training you have done as opposed to the real life
10:38 am
situation you survived? >> basically just fight or flight. there's three things you can do. you can run, you can hide or you can fight. i just chose the fight. realistically it just comes to and i just heard there was active fire, there were people down and my instinct was to see it from where they were and get the footage and coverage i needed to for future events. >> this is a really tight-knit community. i know you are working a lot of different places. you also work for the 66ers, the minor league baseball team. did you know any of the people that were lost or injured yesterday? >> no, i didn't. they are county. we work alongside with county but unfortunately, i do not know anybody that was injured or killed. >> what's the reaction of your co-workers, people you see day in and day out, about what they survived? >> that was hysteria yesterday. when the event was happening, i was in my office with my door closed, music on, relaxing, talking to my co-worker, we are in an office and i heard
10:39 am
footsteps trampling, then i get a text from a colleague saying there's an active shooter. so i'm thinking maybe somebody walking around with a gun, something -- nothing particular but i heard more screaming and so i went in the hallways and just people running, screaming, crying. pretty much hysteria. they're coming for us, whatever it may be, everybody just trying to survive. >> now we know more of the facts about these shooters, what they are alleged to have amassed at their home, maybe what their intent could have been, is it going to be tough for you to return to work? to return to that building? >> for me, no. like i said, i have been trained in this aspect for the past few years. it would be different going into there knowing that you're going to work every day, frustrated, traffic, whatever, but you don't think maybe like yesterday, 11:00 in the morning, this can happen and you may not go home. >> so tonight i know there will be a memorial at the stadium where you work. you going to attend? >> i'm going to try to, if i can
10:40 am
get away from here for a little while. >> i know you have other responsibilities for other interviews. thank you very much. i appreciate your time. thank you. when we come back, we will continue our coverage here in san bernardino and the political topic of is it really time for a change when it comes the gun control edlegislation from capil ll or after the cameras go away from san bernardino and the coverage ends, does it go back to business as usual? we will talk about that when we come back.
10:41 am
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10:44 am
but will anything change after the cameras go away from san bernardino, after the motive is finally revealed for what happened here yesterday, that injured 21 and took 14 lives? joining me is democratic congressman david sicilini of rhode island and shannon watts founder of moms demand action. congressman, i want to start with you. you were on the house floor yesterday basically parallel to the time this attack was happening trying to introduce bill banning assault weapons. is it possible that that can happen in the current political climate? >> thomas, thanks for having me on. we have to fight hard for common sense gun safety legislation. the shooting represents the 355th mass shooting this year. you're right, i was on the floor speaking about the planned parenthood shooting when this shooting in san bernardino county happened. we have a number of very common sense pieces of legislation to fix the background check system, to remove terrorists who are on
10:45 am
the watch list from being able to buy guns, to make sure we close loopholes for gun sales. there are a lot of good ways to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and others who shouldn't havethem. we need the will to do it. we have these moments of silence, we say a prayer, we extend our condolences which is all appropriate, but it's time for congress to take action. we have a number of very good bills that we can enact that will help reduce gun violence in this country, keep our constituents safer. just today, we tried to force a vote to prevent individuals that are on the terrorist watch list from buying a gun and the republicans blocked it. so you are too dangerous to fly but not too dangerous to go into a gun store and buy an ak-47. this doesn't make any sense. we have a duty to protect our constituents. we can do it. there's a lot of common sense ways to do it. we should be passing a number of these bills to reduce gun violence in this country. >> i want to play what house speaker paul ryan had to say today, specifically about the terrorism angle and assault weapons. take a listen to this from "morning joe."
10:46 am
>> there are law-abiding citizens whose rights we don't want to trample upon. people are saying this no-fly list, don't let a person on a no-fly list get a gun. sometimes people are put on there by mistake and we would deprive them of their due process rights. we have to make sure we are not violating a person's civil liberties or rights while we prosecute and enforce the laws. >> i want to ask you, shannon, a poll found people overall are more afraid of gun violence than terrorism, by a two to one margin. republicans are slightly more afraid of terrorism than gun violence. but when you hear political leaders speak like that, that's the speaker of the house, the work that you are doing, do you feel like what you are trying to ask for from political leaders after witnessing what we are watching, especially this year alone, is almost all for nothing? >> oh, absolutely not. just because congress hasn't done the right thing doesn't mean we are not winning. we are actually winning in the
10:47 am
states. we have 18 states that have closed the background check loophole despite congress' inaction. we have 12 states that passed laws to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. we are getting corporations to pass policies that make sense for their customer safety. so we are winning this. we are creating momentum in the field. the issue is congress. what you just heard are nra talking points. >> what would you say to folks that would look at this and say well, california already has tough gun laws and this happened in san bernardino. >> right. well, guns go overstate lines as easily as cars. this is a national problem that requires a national solution. for example, the state right next to california, nevada, has incredibly lax laws, where we are trying to pass background check. this solution needs congress to step up. >> we know that two of the four weapons that were used, congressman, have been traced and purchased legally. what is your opinion about how congress can logically move forward during such a critical time politically for the white
10:48 am
house when it comes to this issue? does it seem absolutely impossible? >> it shouldn't be impossible. look, are not going to pass a law that's going to event every single instance of gun violence. that doesn't mean you do nothing about it. we have a number of proposals to make sure criminals don't have access to firearms to prohibit the possession of assault weapons, which are weapons of war, which don't belong in the communities and cities and towns in which we live. we have a number of good proposals. we should move forward on them and this notion of we can't prevent every one from committing a crime of violence with a gun so we should do nothing about it isn't anything constituents accept. we have a moral responsibility to protect them. we can do it by passing common sense proposals. to what the speaker said about the terrorist watch list, if people are on that list who don't belong on it they should be removed from it. we should not allow people that are legitimately on a terrorist watch list to go into a gun store and buy an ak-47. that makes no sense. we need -- we worry more about protecting our constituents and
10:49 am
a little less about people who want to buy guns, particularly ak-47s who may in fact be on the terrorist watch list. there are a number of proposals we can enact that will make a real difference in the lives of the people that sent us to washington to serve them. we are facing an epimic in this country. we have a mass shooting more than one a day now, this year. that is shattering the lives of millions of americans who watch this and experience it. we have a responsibility to act. we can do it and we have to keep fighting for it. outside groups such as shannon says are making a real difference, making sure the public demands action on these issues. >> according to shooting, 355 mass shootings so far for this year. we are at december 3rd. thank you both. i appreciate your time. coming up, we continue our coverage here and i will speak to a pastor who was not far from the center of yesterday's mass shooting and how he plans to help this community which is still in shock move forward with positivity in the days and months to come.
10:50 am
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10:53 am
eternal god our helper as a tragic pattern of insane violence continues to bring pain to our nation and world. we turn our eyes to you. >> that was the senate chaplain this morning opening the senate and their business for those killed here in san bernardino. again, the death toll at 14. the injury list has grown to 21. in that prayer you heard the chaplain speak about, quote, tragic pattern of insane violence in this country. i want to bring in pastor sherman dumas, he leads the worship center here in pasadena.
10:54 am
you say the congregation is made up of 500 folks from different campuses around the area. you weren't that far from the scene of the shooting yesterday. >> not at all. >> how did you get here? >> we were at a staff meeting. we heard about it. we're less than a mile away. we headed right over to the scene to offer prayer, support and counseling to those who were in need. when we got there, people were frantic because they didn't have information yet concerning their loved ones. it was quite a scene to see. >> when it comes to prayer. a lot of people are saying, we don't need a moment of silence. we don't need prayer, we need something common sense that deals with gun control issues. what do you say? >> i say it's not either/or, it's both/and. you need practical strategies in order to see change happen. we have to have both things happening. >> if it does come out that there's evidence that supports the potential of any type of radicalization of this couple in doing this or intent for something else, they too have
10:55 am
some type of religious belief that has drawn them to that type of violence. >> yeah. >> how do you combat that? >> i think the key is love. and for us love means being able to show charity and to connect with those no matter what their religious beliefs are and no matter where they stand. unfortunately, people do have belief systems that will take them to do things that will be harmful and hurtful to others, but our key is not to judge those people, not to wish bad things upon them, but to stand in love for them and to walk in that love. >> that's what you were doing yesterday. >> yeah. >> you periscoped some of the images that were happening yesterday as you were trying to show support and love and give guidance to folks that were living through the chaos and the confusion. what were some of the responses that people were saying? >> they were very happy that someone was there. that's the moment where it didn't really matter what they believe in because i believe some of them didn't have the same belief systems we have. but i'm excited that someone was
10:56 am
there to be able to say we're in this together, we're not alone. if we can journey to this together, we can get to the place of hope and restoration. also the resources that we brought to them. >> pastor, thanks very much. you'll go to the vigil. >> yes. >> we'll see you then. thank you very much. breaking details on the shooting in san bernardino when we come back, including that the suspect was apparently radicalized. authorities saying that he'd been in touch with persons of interest in the l.a. area who have expressed jihadist-oriented views. we'll continue our coverage live from san bernardino after this. red carpet where our next arrival is... whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. oh, epic moves, big j! fight it!
10:57 am
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i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪ good morning, everybody. i'm thomas roberts live in san bernardino, california. it's 2:00 p.m. on the east coast. more details after the san bernardino shootings roughly 24 hours ago and the new details
11:00 am
about that massacre coming from the chief of police updating the number of injured to 21 and keeping the number of those killed at 14. however, the identifications of those killed have not been released to the public as they are still determining i.d.s to tell family members. but nbc news has learned that 28-year-old sighed riz juan farouk one of the two suspects in the shooting appears to have been radicalized but how and to what degree hasn't been made clear yet. he and the woman believed to be his wife were ready to attack again. >> clearly, they were equipped and they could have continued to do another attack. we intercepted them bore that happened, obviously. >> so as we mentioned earlier, 14 people died in this attack yesterday. the number of injured has been upgraded or up to 21. that number was at 17 before and now it's been moved to 21.
11:01 am
we're covering this story from multiple angles here in and around san bernardino at the suspects' home, also at the hospital on the updated conditions of those injured. i want to start with kerry sanders. he's about seven miles from here. he's in redlands, california, outside the suspect's home with new details about what investigators have found. kerry, explain what we learned in connection to the garage of this couple and the new details from our pete williams about the potential for radicalization. >> well, there's several developments that have taken place that all lead back to here. first of all, this is the apartment, number 53, where both the 28-year-old and his 27-year-old wife, the two suspects, who are dead, either lived or used simply as a bomb-making factory. there were both names were on the rental agreement. now, when the authorities came in, and they moved very gingerly because they feared that inside here they may actually discover
11:02 am
that there were booby-traps. they do not find any booby-traps but they did find an incredible cache of not only ammunition but also they discovered a tremendous amount of ieds. those are improvised explosive devices. in other words, little bombs. and they found 12 completed bombs inside and then what amounted to a laboratory of more equipment for even more bombs. and i'm looking over my shoulder here because we can see that the evidence vehicle from the forensic teams that are inside have just pulled into the shot here. i've seen them coming and going. in addition to finding the bombs, they found 1400 rounds of 0.223 round. those would be used in the m&m a-15 and the long guns that they used and is believed to be the weapons that were used to kill the 14. also 200 round of . millimeter.
11:03 am
those are the rounds that would have gone into the pistols. as we look and see what the authorities are finding, perhaps the most important evidence they pulled out of here are not the bombs tore ammunition but rather what the fbi is calling the digital evidence. and that would be the computer and the thumb drives. both of those items, in fact, there may be multiple thumb drives but collectively they've taken that material out of here and it's making its way to washington where teams of experts will go through it. even if stuff has been erased off the hard drive, it never really disappears. these are the experts that will go through and look at it to determine if there z any sort of radicalization, any sort of back and forth conversations, and whether there was any sort of xha command and control. were these two people who did it on their own or did they do it at the suggestion of others who were telling them what to do perhaps from overseas. finally what pete williams is talking about is that "inspire"
11:04 am
magazine. that's an al qaeda magazine that shares information to inspire people to do radical things. and among the things that have been included in that "inspire" magazine are descriptions of how to make certain bombs, and among the items that they found here, it appears to match up. and that is using a remote-controlled toy car and using the remote control to not only move the bomb op the car but also to cause it to detonate. while that wasn't actually achieved, they're looking to see if there is a connection between that "inspire" magazine or not. so really a lot of questions and a lot of answers are coming if they can find what they believe they're going to find on that digital information. thomas? >> kerry sanders reporting there in redlands, california. thanks so much. i want to go to my colleague, blake mccoy. he's here on site with me at the inland regional center.
11:05 am
we expect maybe to learn more when they come back at 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. pacific. >> certainly. one of the biggest things we learned is why they were moving so gingerly around that house that kerry's at right now because we know that here at the site of the initial shooting they didn't find three pipe bombs bound together with some sort of remote controlled device. as they were fleeing, it's assumed that they tried to set off the device and it did not go off. but that found that inside of the inland regional center here. so that's why they were so cautious. take a look at the suv there. look at all of those bullets. we know officers fired more than 300 rounds at those suspects when they finally caught up with them. officers from seben different departments, more than 20 officers opening fire. we do know the suspects shot back 76 rounds at officers. two officer we're told down were injured in that shoot-out. they're expected to be okay. looking at the investigation of where things stand right now, we can tell you there were no
11:06 am
cameras actually in the conference center. we do not have any surveillance video of the actual attack but there's surveillance video from around the buildings that they're looking at right now. we know that in addition to searching that home, they're searching farook's office. he was a county employee, had been with the county for five years. they're looking for forensic information that may be on computers in that office. >> a couple times they answered this question about whether or not there were any gopros that were used. they said no proof of that. also interesting when we think about the third person that was detained, they said that they were not connected or a person of interest in this. however, they did have an outstanding warrant. that person got caught up in the crossfire melee of the police chase. >> sounds like it was someone who was just in the area, stopped what they were doing and started running and police assumed they were a suspect, caught up with them. turns out they were not a suspect. not involved in this at all, but they did have outstanding warrants and they were, unfortunately, arrested.
11:07 am
>> we did learn about farook's life and what did we learn about their life here in the united states. >> there's a lot of talk about this, that farook did leave the country. and it was when he was overseas when he met his wife. discrepancy whether that was in pakistan or saudi arabia. but she was a pakistani citizen. >> she came here on a k-1 visa with that pakistani passport in july of 2014 and they did have a 6-month baby together. >> 6-month baby they left with glan ma before the attack. said they were going to a doctor's appointment. >> charles hatlock is a few miles away from us at the hospital in loma linda, california. what more are you learning about the conditions of those treated at that hospital? >> hi, thomas. well, the san bernardino police chief today increased the number of injured from 17 to 21.
11:08 am
loma linda university medical center is the only trauma one medical center here in the region. five of the wounded patients were brought here. two are in critical condition. they remain in stable condition today. three are in fair but stable condition including a san bernardino county sheriff's deputy who was injured yesterday by flying glass in that huge shoot-out with the suspects inside their suburban. arrowhead regional medical center has five patients in stable condition. also at the riverside regional medical center, two patients, a man and a woman, were flown here by helicopter yesterday. they underwent surgery for multiple gunshot wounds. they're listed in critical condition today, thomas. >> charles hadlock reporting from lomb la linda hospital. i want to bring in councilman ricky van johnson.
11:09 am
he's the councilman pro tempore. excuse my latin. a horrific incident that we still don't have clarity of motive. it's been challenging for our city for this type of episode to happen in san bernardino. you just don't imagine it will come on your homefront. we're in prayer, thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the families, for one. one of the things that we're really proud of throughout this event has just been the response from the local police, their response of professionalism, from the mutual aid that we've received from our surrounding communities. the state, the feds. they have all come together. and it's been a seamless effort to deal with this incident that has transpired in the city of san bernardino. >> for you, is it a revelation to find out that the possibility
11:10 am
of this couple being radicalized, the fact that the fbi is looking into whether or not there's a connection to articles in "inspire" magazines in the types of improvised explosive devices that have been found in this couple's garage? >> the challenge with this is we don't know what we don't know. but one of the things we do know that the facts will lead us to where and why this happened in the city of san bernardino. but i do want to emphasize that tonight we're having a prayer vigil at the stadium in san bernardino for our inland empire region to come together and just let them know that, as a community, we are united against this type of thing and then as a community we will rebound and we're resilient in the city of san bernardino. we've faced adversity in the past. so through this one, we never had nothing to this level impact
11:11 am
our community, but we still will work through this. >> i think folks at home would know that this community has lived through incidents of massive wildfires that have destroyed homes, that have torn apart families' lives, taken everything they've had from them, not just once but twice during certain time periods. while that can be justified as organic or the winds after an arsonist or to some measure like that, how do you qualify this to the community of san bernardino to rally and move forward? >> well, you know, throughout our nation we have faced acts such as this. you know, and as a nation we know that we can still rebound and work through it. you know, and as a microcosm happening here in the city of san bernardino, you wouldn't think it would fall right here. but still, even through something as tragic as this, our
11:12 am
city still can move forward and work through this. >> i'm sure you probably watched so much of this coverage before in other cities around the country. shooting says over 35 mass shootings have happened this year alone. what was your reaction when you realized that this is happening in your home? >> you know, it's something because i had just passed this site ten minutes prior heading to the store over here to do some christmas shopping. and while i was at the store is when i got the alert that this was going on in the community and i started getting calls from throughout the nation from my relatives because they know that i only work a couple of blocks down the street from here. you know. so something like this just on your doorstep, it's unreal. it's unimaginable, you know. it's truly sad state that we find our country in when these type of acts of vionce are commonplace now, unfortunately, and people are becoming numb to
11:13 am
this. and i don't want to see that. you know, i don't want to see this become the new normal. you know. so as a city, we just have to let them know that, hey, this is not norm for us. this is something that is a tragic event. this is something that, you know, is not a common-place event. so as a city, we will come with the support of our region because they have been helping out throughout this whole event as that tractor that we saw that came up -- up to the suv yesterday. that was from fontana. we had bearcats in here from colton as well. our surrounding communities, they're invested in this as well. the inland regional medical center, they serve southern california. you know. so there's still some stories left untold about the events that are coming out and it's some sad stories that i know it's going to be transpiring.
11:14 am
>> the community rallies together tonight. 6:00 p.m. >> 6:00 p.m. and i thank you for this time. and i do hope that the community come out and show love to those who have impacted and just let them know that this type of thing is not common place but we will work our way through it. >> counselor, thank you so much. we'll see you tonight. we want to talk more about this. especially what it means for politics on the campaigns. msnbc's political correspondent, host steve kornacki has been covering some of the fallout. explain how this has been playing not just in washington but on the campaign trail as well. >> we talk so much in politics about two americas, a blue america, a red america, often having two very different conversations. that really seems to be what we're seeing here in the wake of these shootings in california. start on the democratic side. it didn't take long yesterday after news that these shootings broke you had all three democratic presidential candidates, hillary clinton,
11:15 am
bernie sanders, martin o'malley all took to twitter and talked about the need for gun control in response to another mass shooting. that's something democrats are going full-speed ahead on today. a few hours ago, harry reid, the top democrat in the u.s. senate, he took to the senate floor with a blistering speech in which he blasted the nra, the national rifle association and said that senators and politicians who don't take action in the wake of events like this are complicit. this is what he had to say. >> a question for every member of this body. how can we live with ourselves for failing to do things we know that will reduce gun violence? will it get rid of all of it? of course not. but will it reduce it? yes. we're complicit through our inaction. >> now, something to watch for later today, reid and his fellow democrats are going to be attaching a gun control measure on background checks to a
11:16 am
republican bill in the senate. the republican bill deals with obamacare. the democrats are going to try to put the republicans on the record on the issue of background checks, on the issue of gun control later today. meanwhile, as more details about these shooters have come out, as you say the detail that this male shooter apparently had been radicalized, details in terms of the bombs that they had, the arsenal that they put together. republicans are now responding to this by saying, hey, democrats, why are you talking about gun control? you should be talking about something much bigger. you should be talking about radical islamic terrorism. it's a point that ted cruz made this morning at the republican jewish coalition where all the candidates on the republican side are speaking today. donald trump also made the same point. we can listen to trump here. >> radical islamic terrorism, and i'll tell you what, we have a president that refuses to use the term. he refuses to say it. there's something going on with him that we don't know about.
11:17 am
>> illustration of how this conversation has shifted as details have emerged. this is the "new york post." this one of the biggest paper in the country, a pretty conservative tabloid here in new york. originally when the shootings happened yesterday they went to press with this headline. they called it a murder mission. as they got more details, they changed the cover overnight to say "muslim killers." sos that is where the right is focusing now, this issue of radical islamic terrorism. you say blue america democrats, they are pressing ahead with the idea of pushing for gun control. two different conversations emerging. >> steve kornacki. thank you, sir. back in new york. coming up, we'll talk more from california here in san bernardino about lawmakers and their reaction in the wake of the recent bloody shooting here at the inland regional center. can they do something to move
11:18 am
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11:21 am
the vast majority of muslim americans are just as concerned and heartbroken about this as anyone else. and no matter what -- [ applause ] and no matter what motivation these killers, these murderers had, we can say one thing for certain, they should not have been able to do this. >> there we have hillary clinton moments ago in manchester, new hampshire, talking about what happened here yesterday in san bernardino. one of the key facts that we're
11:22 am
learning in the past hour, sources telling our nbc's pete williams, the san bernardino shooters appear to have been radicalized. i want to go now to representative adam schiff. i think he's right over there if we can bring him into the shot. oh, excuse me. forgive me, forgive me. congressman, forgive me. he's the ranking member of the house intelligence committee and joins me now. for some reason, sir, i thought i had you on my list of being in person. i have learned you've just come from a briefing from the fbi director. what can you tell us about what you heard from the director. >> it wasn't with the director. but i have been briefed by the fbi a couple times this morning. they're chasing down all leads in terms of who these two were in contact with, whether there's any evidence of either radicalization or contact with a foreign terror organization or whether this was a case of workplace violence and that was the primary or sole motivation.
11:23 am
at this point we still can't tell for sure. i think it's premature to conclude, at least on the basis of what i've been informed that this was either terror related or nonterror related but we have a lot of work to do. i am confident we're going to get to the bottom of this. and i suspect we're going to get to the bottom of it pretty quickly. >> what's your biggest concern if it does come to full clarity farooks with radicalized? >> this is one of the fears we've had of people being radicalized at home. many of us have felt in the wake of paris that the near-term danger to the country was people choosing after paris to act out on their self-radicalization being moved by propaganda they got online. so that could very well have been the case. again, way too early to say. but that's a chief concern we have right now. i think if over the longer term
11:24 am
isis is allowed to hold that ground in syria and iraq and plan against us and devote the resources it can derive from holding that land, then we have to be worried about a much more massive paris kind of attack. >> so how quickly do you think, though, that we're going to know from the fbi who has taken lead over this -- we just had the press conference a short time ago. but how quickly do you think we will have positive affirmation from the fbi about whether they can say for sure or not that this couple is terrorism? >> well, i think we'll know within a matter of days if there were potential radicalization inputs here in the sense that were they accessing social media, were they having any kind of communications, does it appear that that was a factor in this mass shooting. but it will take perhaps longer
11:25 am
to determine whether there were a mixture of motives. we may find out about workplace issues, for example, but it may take time before we conclude what role they played in whether there was a mixture of motivations. but i think we will be able to rule things in fairly soon if we gather evidence, for example, if we see that there were indications of radicalization online, those are things that we're generally able to determine quite early in terms of what websites we've been accessing, whether they've posted messages themselves. those things i imagine we'll be able to determine fairly quickly. >> when you think about the fact that this happened in california, it is your home state, some of the tougher laws on the books are for this state. and these people were allowed to have access tore obtain these assault weapons. what do you say to credit iks who say, it can happen in california and this state has
11:26 am
some of the toughest gun laws, you won't beab able to stop thi >> as diverse as the motives are and as diverse as the actors are, but if we take sensible measures, some, even many of these atrocities may be prevented in the case of people who are mentally ill if we can prevent mentally ill people from gaining access to weapons, that's a common denominator of a lot of the mass shootings. if you can deprive these killers of getting the extended ammunition clips or the assault weapons, that will save lives. they'll still be able to kill people but not with such ruthless efficiency if we can get universal background checks we'll prevent others from getting weapons that are either felons or have mental health problems. so there's a lot we can do. we shouldn't be paralyzed into an action. >> congressman adam schiff, thank you.
11:27 am
when we come back here, we'll talk to more community leaders of san bernardino about this shooting and the effects on the community as it moves forward after this massacre. ♪ ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ [ birds squawking ] my mom makes airplane engines that can talk. [ birds squawking ] ♪ my mom makes hospitals you can hold in your hand. ♪ my mom can print amazing things right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] my mom makes trains that are friends with trees. [ train whistle blows ]
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11:29 am
welcome back. we have the attorney general loretta lynch making comments at the justice department. >> every level of the department of justice are with the families and loved ones of the victims and with the brave public safety officials who put themselves in harm's way to save others. and now, moving on to today's announcement. again, i am joined here today by u.s. attorney robert caper of the eastern district of new york, by special agent in charge -- i'm sorry the assistant director in charge of
11:30 am
the new york office of the fbi, diationo rodriguez, chief of investigation richard weber of the criminal division. six months ago the department of justice announced a 47-count indictment charging 14 defendants -- >> we're listening to loretta lynch, the brief comments she made thanking the brave individuals that put themselves in harm's way yesterday to stop the attackers. again the updated injury count moved to 21, the death toll stands at 14. we're still waiting on confirmation of the identities of those lost. as we heard earlier from the police chief, he said they're still working on notifying the next of kin or at least two of the people that were killed at the inland regional center behind me. joining me on the phone right now -- >> partners around the world -- >> -- he found himself in the crossfire after the incident here and police finally got that tip that they needed to track the couple allegedly responsible for what happened here, and he
11:31 am
found himself literally between the bullets. david, explain what happened and how you were on that road when cops came upon this couple. >> yeah, i was working another part of the story. i was at a community center where families were waiting for loved ones to be bused back. and while i was there, a woman on the street told me that a co-worker of hers was in lockdown in a different part of town because there was a sighting of the suv. so i had a location and i went to check that out. en route i saw several police cars turn from a street in san bernardino called tippecanoe, a major thoroughfare off of san bernardino avenue. so i just -- to check it out, i started following them. i turned on to san bernardino avenue and heard shots and then there were whipping sounds going past my car. and i pulled over, got out of
11:32 am
the car and i could see police officers taking cover behind a police vehicle and i tried to get a little -- i was out in the open and then you'd hear shots and this whipping sound again. >> you were on your belly at one point. what did police say to you. you wereehind -- you got out of your car at one point. you got on your belly, you were trying to take cover. what were police saying to you? >> okay. i was walking in and there were police officers, then they went around. i was on my cell phone trying to get my location. and then shots rang out. and these were officers who had just arrive on the scene and they were trying to get their bearings as well. and one police officer yelled at me to go down. so i got behind police cars,
11:33 am
crouched down. then there would be like silence, then more rallies, and during the silence i would work my way across the street hiding behind police cars. then i got to a house and hid behind a block wall and waited it out there while i was crouched behind police. i did manage to take pictures that helped get my mind off the, you know, the fear, it gave me something to do. i was very careful not to do anything that put me in additional danger, but i was already in additional danger. but i did make it to that wall and the shooting completely stopped and i just waited it out for about tenminutes. then police officers were going from house to house and they came upon me and drew guns on me and that was also a pretty frightening experience. i had to yell that i was a reporter and i had my camera, he
11:34 am
didn't know who was who. and thankfully -- then finally dropped his gun and told me -- >> experience for you. >> the family took me in and i waited it out there until police actually came to the house to talk to the family and i was escorted out at that point. >> david, that's a fascinating you put together. david danellski is a reporter for the free press enterprise. we're glad you're okay. the big news today the fbi taking over the investigation here in san bernardino. it was roughly 24 hours ago that they came into this situation to assist the police department here, but now they're taking point and we're learning new information about the two shooting suspects. we break it all down after this. this is brad.
11:35 am
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11:38 am
here in san bernardino as we learn new details about those responsible for the shootings. i want to get you updated on the very latest developments. nbc news has learned that one of the suspects syed rizwan farook appears to have been radicalized. and he appears to have been in some form of communication with people overseas who are persons of interest to u.s. authorities. authorities have not identified a motive for this attack, but they're doing everything they can to piece it together. >> the digital media is incredibly important because we are trying to determine the motive. we do not yet know the motive. we cannot rule anything out at this point, and we're hoping that some of that digital media exploitation will help us and assist us in obtaining some of that. >> so the numbers of the people wounded in the attack, that has risen to 21. we were notified of that in the 10:00 a.m. pacific hour. 14 people were killed and officials are expected to
11:39 am
release their identities later today. they're still working on noteification of next of kin. the director for the center for the study of hate and extremism at california state university right here in san bernardino. brian, you testified before congress last month about the changing nature of terror, what it meansed in the borders of the u.s. and internationally. >> exactly. >> what are weness withing now? >> great question. what i said our two primary threats are from salafist jihadists like al qaeda or al shabaab. but also far extremism. or a splintered landscape. one of the things we talked about is we're having people who are sculpting their own hybrid ideologies. we have people who are primarily ideologically motivated or psychologically ill, and i think
11:40 am
it's telling that the fbi the taking the lead in this. that tells you a lot. and the female assailant was from pakistan. and that's a place where al qaeda has more of a footprint than isis, but let's see. let's see if ideology was a primary driver and, if so, who or what was behind it. >> the wife coming in on a k-1 visa after their marriage returning in july of 2014 with this pakistani passport. but what does it say about the san bernardino community? should folks be worried that there's something deeper going on? >> people should be worried -- not worried, people should be concerned no matter where they are. the last thing i want to do is be part of this post truth political era where we're taking muslims and acting as demagogues with regard to that. we can't do that.
11:41 am
my friends, my colleagues in the san bernardino community who are muslim are pillars of our community. and i would want to be the last person to cast a suspicion broadly across a community just as we don't want to do that with respect to people of goodwill who are opposed to abortion. that being said, with respect to isis and i testified before congress about this, we're seeing the most sophisticated internet training and recruitment effort in history. and they are very successful. we have investigations going on in all 50 states. hundreds of people. we just saw a study come out this week from washington. so i think people should be concerned and salafist jihadists do represent the greatest threat here with our matrix on terrorism but not the only one. and i would caution people not to cast suspicions broadly across all communities. >> thank you, sir. >> always a pleasure. thank you. >> so as the community here of san bernardino makes plans to honor the victims through a candlelight vigil and memorials,
11:42 am
one of which will be held tonight at the san manuel stadium, that's the home of the minor league baseball team here, the 66ers. many have been reminded about their resiliency. here's the police chief speaking about that just a short time ago. >> i read an article in the sun this morning. and she talked about the resiliency of this community. and the fact that everybody knows that san bernardino has been beaten up with the bankruptcy and some of the things have hit this community and economically this community has been hit hard but this is a pretty resilient community. we will survive this. we've had an enormous groundswell of support from communities that support us jt they're hearing from the chief of police roughly in the 1:00 hour eastern time. judy penman is president of the san bernardino chamber of commerce. and judy, we had a long conversation this morning. and you were filling me in about the context and the community of
11:43 am
what it's like to live here. so what's your message to folks that might say san bernardino is shutting up its doors, shuttering its windows. >> we're not shuttering our windows and we're not closing up our stores. we're business as usual. there are a few businesses that are closed around this area right here, where the tragedy took place. however it's business as usual in san bernardino and our events are still taking place. we have a fantastic holiday parade sponsored by the ymca taking place on saturday. and it's a go. our businesses are active. we are definitely having prayer vigils, as you mentioned earlier. three of them taking place this evening, one at 6:00. and we're not sure of the times of the other. our ministerial association is meeting at their regular time today at noon. they're planning something in the future for the victims and for everything at stake. >> i know you want to keep the message positive about what's
11:44 am
taking place here as this community shoulders together to absorb this with sobriety and figure it out and then move on successfully, but are you concerned that because of the information we got today from the fbi taking point, the news that we have about the potential for radicalization of farook that it might be unwise to actually go forward with any of the scheduled plans this weekend? take a pause or a beat. >> thomas, in today's world i'm always concerned because as we learned in the last few months, anything can happen at any time. am i frightened? no. i don't live in fear because i don't think that's wise. do i look behind me when i'm talking down the street? yes ido. i'm cautious. but i'm not afraid. and if something happens tomorrow, so be it. but as of today, no.
11:45 am
i'm looking forward to saturday, entertaining over 1800 children that will be in our parade. >> you have marching bands, too. >> absolutely. i appreciate that. >> absolutely. we hope to see great weather for saturday for you. also tonight we'll hopefully see you at the vigil. judy penman, thank you for your time. >> thank you for all you do. >> up next our coverage will go on here as we continue to evaluate these newest details that were given to us by the police chief as well as the fbi regarding the shooting here in san bernardino. nbc's pete williams has the very latest on what we're learning about the two suspects. that and much more. i know how it is. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day.
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that's how we came up with new friskies pull 'n play. with tender string treats cats can eat. that part was their idea. lucy always thought strings should be edible. chloe thought the same. and charlie, well, he's up for anything as long it's fun. new friskies pull 'n play with tender strings. the whole new way to treat 'n play. welcome back to our coverage. i'm thomas roberts here live in san bernardino and my colleague is back at msnbc world headquarters in new york with new details on one of the victims.
11:49 am
francis? >> we're getting information just in to nbc learning the identities of some of the first of the 14 victims from this horrific attack here. nbc news confirming, via his church, that michael wetzel died in wednesday's shooting. we understand the pastor of that church has been meeting with the wetzel family all day today. the community there coming together even setting up a website to reach out to everybody in that community to help this family. what we do know initially about michael wetzel he's a father o a fairly large family. six kids is what he leaves behind. also a former wife and a current wife as well mother of three of those children. also learning that a fund-raising page has been set up for michael wetzel and so far today at least $40,000 has been raised in that. but again i'm getting a lot of support as far as the wetzel family from their church. that is the church of the woods. so certainly the first identities that we're learning of the 14.
11:50 am
we heard from the sheriff's office earlier saying that even as early as today they were removing some of those bodies. still notifying next of kin and loved ones. they're expected to release the identities of the rest of the victims. we'll continue to follow it and bring you those identities and new information as we get it here in new york. thomas. >> frances, thanks so much. we do expect another update from the police chief coming up at 4:00 or 5:00 pacific time. when we get that, we'll bring it to everybody. thanks for that update. straight ahead, what we know about the female suspect involved in the deadly shooting. what is her connection to all of this, her background as well coming to this country in 2014 on a k-1 visa and a pakistani passport. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones
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we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. i'm thomas roberts reporting live in san bernardino. we're beginning to lesh new information about the female suspect in the shooting here.
11:54 am
the state department has confirmed the visa status of 27-year-old tashfeen malik. pete williams joins us now with more details on her. what have you learned? >> we were told this morning, thomas, that she came to the united states with syed farouk in july 2014 and came in on what is known as a k-1 visa. that's the visa for someone who intends to marry an american. a so-called fiancee visa. where and when they were married remains unclear even if they were married. we were told this morning she was a naturalized citizen because she married an american citizen. but at the news conference you heard this afternoon, the fbi said she was still here on the k k-1 visa. we're trying to straighten that out. it does appear that they met overseas. sighed farouk went to saudi
11:55 am
arabia where he attended the hajj or the pilgrimage, then went to pakistan where she's from. where they met is still not clear to us. whether they met in pakistan or in saudi arabia, but it's clear that they met overseas and then came to the u.s. more than 2 1/2 or about 2 1/2 years ago. >> pete, from your sources, can you tell us what you've heard about any pictures of this woman, why haven't any of them bubbled up yet? >> haven't heard a thing about pictures, thomas. i just don't know the answer to that question. maybe that she didn't -- so often the pictures that we get of these people early on are never released by officials. they're pictures that people find on social media. perhaps she didn't have any kind of a social media presence. i just don't know the answer to that one. >> okay, pete, thank you, sir. we appreciate all your hard work and be talking to you later this afternoon. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams back in washington, d.c. i'll be joining our kate snow who picks up our coverage next
11:56 am
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just for men gives you a natural gray-free look in just 5 minutes. it looks really good. great looking hair made easy. just for men. back live now in san bernardino where we now know they are looking for any information, any names, anyone who might have helped syed rizwan farook and his wife tashfeen malik to obtain weapons and explosive devices that have been found not only at their home but also in their vehicle and behind me at the inland regional center. the fbi has now taken the lead in this case. our kate snow is back in new york. >> hi, thomas. good to see you. we're taking a closer look at what the fbi is processing at this hour. phones, computers, their communications, pete williams will be joining us in just a few minutes with information about the explosive devices and the construction and the tools that they had on hand, thomas, as
12:00 pm
well. >> also, kate, investigators are going to begin releasing more names of those people who lost their lives. we learned in the 10:00 a.m. pacific hour that the number of injured went up to 21, but they still have not positively i.d.'d and notified everybody in the families. i just wanted to point out good news about the southbound lane here. they are about to open it up. so just to forewarn you, if we get moved, that's why. because they are about to reopen this for traffic to travel south again. that's the site of the shooting down there behind us. so they're going to try to get this back up and running here in a few minutes. >> one small bit of normalcy maybe coming back to that community if that happens. >> yes. >> thomas, stay with us for the hour if you can. we really appreciate all your coverage from out there. here's what we know for those of you just joining us at the top of 3:00 eastern time, noon pacific.


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