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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  December 3, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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democrats trying to send a message, right? >> yeah, hi, kate. a few amendment votes to an overall obamacare repeal vote. some had to do with democratic bills pertaining to gun control. the major one that got a lot of attention, prohibit those on terrorist watch lists, specifically no fly watch list, from buying guns or explosives. that failed today. got 45 votes in favor, 54 against. another vote that would have more extensive mental health screening, that went down 47-52. so these are symbolic votes, no chance they'll become law because of the republican control in both chambers but it shows you where this issue is right now in capitol hill. >> luke russert, picking up on all of the politics next hour. mtp daily. that does it for this hour of. >> announcer: live. but we'll turn it over to chuck and the "mtp daily" crew now.
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>> good evening, from washington, i'm chuck todd. this is a special edition of "mtp daily." 27 hours after the first call went out about a mass shooting in san bernardino. we are learning more about the suspected duo behind this terrible act. but the big question still remains, why? so much remains unknown. but, we did get some key information today. let's run through. two attackers, married couple, who killed 14 peopling wounded 21 others. apparently came prepared to do more damage. they arrived wearing tactical gear and left behind three rigged together pipe bombs at scene attached to remote controlled device. when gunned down, in their car, in a shoot-out with police, they had over 1600 more rounds of ammunition with them. the suspects, 28-year-old syed rizwan farook, and his 27-year-old wife, tashfeen malik, died in that shoot-out. at that home, police found a
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dozen pipe bombs and materials for making more such devices, as well as 8,000 more rounds of ammunition. now, farook worked for the california health department, and attended that department's holiday banquet before leaving, some say angrily, returning with his wife to unload dozens of rounds into those presumed-to-be many of farook's co-workers. >> there appears to be a degree of planning that went into this. nobody just gets upset at a party, goes home and puts teg that elaborate scheme or plan to do that. there was a plan that went into this. >> farook, a u.s.-born citizen, muslim of pakistani dissent, appears to have been radicalized. how what degree that radicalization played a role we do not know. fbi is taking the lead on this investigation. they were cautious about putting any labels on this act.
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>> there was obviously a mission here, we know that. we do no the know why. we don't know if this was the intended target or something that triggered him to do this immediate immediately. we just don't know. >> speaking from the overle office, the president raised the possibility it was mixed motives could be at play. >> it is possible that this was terrorist related. but we don't know. it's also possible that this was workplace related. and until the fbi has been able to conduct what are a large number of interviews until we understand the nature of the workplace relationship until all of the social media and electronic information has been exploited, we're just not able to answer those questions. >> well, all of the questions are part of an intense investigation right now. much of it is focused on the
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suspects' home. and that's where we're going to find more, patter. he joins me from outside that home in redlands, california. mark, obviously a crime scene investigation. there's a lot of people going in and out. what have they found so far besides all of that ammunition they've told us about? >> reporter: they've found electronics very important. let me show you the crime scene you're talking about. behind me, to the right of that right truck, you go over that way, that's where the apartment is. there are agents there, they've been coming in and out all day long. it's not clear if the shooters actually lived there or used it as a sort of workshop. officials say that the names of both shooters on the rental agreement. that's an apartment where they were involved and thing as have been very carefully looking at things there. officials say that this apartment is very important to their investigation, particularly as they try to answer the question of motive. exactly why did the shooting
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occur. perhaps critical to that answer are the computers, flash drives and cell phones we're told found there. agents will now carefully try to analyze all of that to say not only if they answer the motive question but also whether other people were involved in this case, either directly or indirectly, perhaps as inspiring acts of violence. agents are also going through a car out here, just to the right, there's an agent there, to the right a black car, going through that today. they also found 5,000 round of ammunition, the pipe bombs, and the bomb making tools. eventually, the hope is they will be able to take all of this material, put it together, paint a very clear picture of exactly who these two are, what they were up to. >> i want to follow up something you said. there could be a second location where this couple actually lived and this was a like safe house? why are there questions whether or not this was their residence?
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>> the reason i said that because that was said by the fbi supervisor here. they haven't quite determined yet whether they actually lived here or used it as a place to work. it might suggest another place. that's the way they said it. so i was reporting it the way they did it. >> mark potter on the scene, thank you very much. let's turn to our chief jut correspondent, pete williams. pete, i know there's a lot of new information here. why do we know -- if we know or suspect he's been radicalized, why do we know that? we must have some information that they've been able to glean over the last 24 hours. >> i'm not sure what the word radicalized means. what the litmus test would be for whether someone was radicalized. what i can tell you is what authorities say is that he had been in touch with people both in the united states and overseas, that the u.s. government had, from time to time, kept an eye on, people expressing an interest inned are cal gradical jihad.
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he was in touch with them, communicating with some by phone, some of them by social media. but beyond that, whether he was downloading jihadist materials -- they haven't seen any sign of that -- whether expressing views himself on social media, you know, a lot of these people that the fbi eventually stumbles on to express support for radical jihad. they post things on facebook about isis or go into chat rooms or tell other people. no sign of that yet. >> you say that they now know he was in touch with people they were monitoring. what's the trigger for him to have been monitored? >> es that's a very good questi. i'm sure it's going to be raised by the fbi and law enforcement officials about that. but these are people that sort of, at any given day, people they're interested in and people come on and off that list. the point is, as they go back now, see who he's in touch with,
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they see that he was in touch with some people they were interested in. he himself was never on a watch list or terror database. >> that's a pretty large arsenal that they had. >> yes. >> this is not -- you would not suspect he would have the type of money, amount of money he made, decent middle class income. this suggested he must have had some resources to purchase all of this ammunition and have the weapons that he had. what do we know about where these weapons came from? >> he bought the handguns himself but he did not buy the assault weapons, we're told. somebody else did. they have identified who that someone else is trying to figure out how that happened. these assault weapons were purchased threeing four years ago. well before he was starting to talk to people who were interested in jihad. why didn't he buy them himself? there's nothing in his background that would have
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disqualified him from buying them. >> he could have bought those in california? >> that's the assumption. we don't know that. the fbi and the police said in the news conference today they're trying to figure that out as well because california does have an assault weapons ban but nonetheless manufacturers make state compliant versions of those. for example, they can't hold a certain number of rounds, that kind of thing. trying to figure out if that's -- >> a third person there, they don't know if they're connected to the conspiracy per se? >> they have no reason to believe that this person knew what they had in mind. let me put it that i way. they're trying to resolve that. but there's no indication of that at this point. >> we've got a long way to go in this investigation. >> indeed so. what did in he have in mind? planning some different attack and got mad at these people and channeled their energy toward them? was it a start. was it a test? they don't know. with al of the fire power, you do ask the question. >> pete williams, thank you. the suspects' social media
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and digital footprint will play a key role in determining the motive in trying to figure out why they went on this deadly rampage. joined by national security and cybersecurity analyst shawn henry, former assistant director of the fbi. you were hearing pete williams reporting. we know what -- i want to start with the question i asked pete, which is, the assumption is, he was somehow potentially radicalized because they know this he had some interactions with people being monitored what happen did it take to become monitored by the fbi? clearly, this gentleman had not crossed that threshold yet. >> yeah, i mean the fbi, their whole range of factors will determine if somebody can be monitored. you've got to prove to a court you've got reason to believe, an authorized reason or purpose to collect intelligence, believing they're involved in support of terrorism, they might be involved in some type of
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criminality depending on the type of authorized intercept that you'd be going after. that's oftentimes a high bar. but there are other people who will be monitored, not necessarily electronically but monitored via surveillance or they might be some other lower level of investigation, if there's a belief that they're tied to terrorism. i don't think we have that. i think that this guy, if in fact this is terrorism, and there's a lot of signs that indicate that, that he was not on the radar at the time, this whole workplace issue, i think, term hybrid is good to be used here. somebody who might have been inspired, originally, and took action at work because of some trigger that occurred at that place, chuck. >> so, i guess this issue of radicalization and the social media, it's becoming more of the front line of when it comes to protecting the homeland here. how far behind are we on this?
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how aggressive is this social media radicalization that someone, isis and others are trying to engage? >> so there are a number of different things you're talking about here that are of concern from a security perspective. one is, the going dark theory that you've heard many times where law enforcement and intelligence agencies lost visibility into the communications of individuals because of encryption and the like. number two is, the fact that there are so man r. people now and the fbi, quite frankly, does not have resources to cover them all substancely. number three the piece that i think you allowed to, which is constant barrage of go fight where you stand, take an action, you know, to support the caliphate, you must take action. it's a constant tap, tap, tap on people through twitter, facebook, social media. that's a big concern, chuck. >> when you say we don't have
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resources, can we ever in you get to i point there's so much digital information out there, you can be overwhelmed. >> that's exactly right. oftentimes, law enforcement, the fbi, talks about trying to find a needle in a stack of needles. and that things get lost in the aggregate and some of these folks are hiding in plain sight. it's a huge challenge. intelligence is key. we don't always have the visibility that we need in order to identify outliers, chuck. >> especially somebody here, no previous history, none. >> that's right. >> at least that we know of yet. >> shawn henry, former assistant director at the fbi, thank you very much. obviously going to follow this story on san bernardino all of this hour. up next, the political reaction to the terrible news. the president's response less political today than it's been after other mass shootings, possibly shaken by what he was told and briefed upon. but the 2016 reaction has been different. we'll get into that.
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president observe called the mayor of san bernardino this morning. the briefing he received this morning seemed particularly troubling, judging from the tone of his statement and the change in his demeanor from yesterday. president obama was notably less political in nature reacting to the shooting situation. and his demeanor was different. take a look. >> we see the prevalence of these guys of mass shootings in this country, and i think so many americans sometimes feel as if there's nothing we can do about it. we are fortunate to have an extraordinary combination of law enforcement and intelligence and military that work every single
2:17 pm
day to keep us safe. but we can't just leave it to our professionals to deal with the problem of these kind of horrible killings. we all have a part to play, and i do think that, as the investigation moves forward, it's going to be important for all of us, including our legislatures, to see what we can do to make sure that when individuals decide that they want to do somebody harm, we're making it a little harder for them to do it because right now it's just too easy. and we're going to have to, i think, search ourselves as a society to make sure that we can take basic steps that would make it harder, not impossible, but harder, for individuals to get
2:18 pm
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now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? shooting in san bernardino, california, garnered immediate reaction from the republican and democratic candidates alike on wednesday. it's a big difference from a slower response after the shooting in the colorado planned parenthood clinic friday. today candidates remain divided among party lines. here's what democrats had to say in spops response to the shooti >> the vast majority of muslim americans are just as concerned and heart broken about this as anyone else. i don't believe we can stop every incident of gun violence, but we sure can stop a lot of them, and we need to take action now. >> this may well be an act of domestic terrorism but one made easier by the fact we're the only developed nation on the planet that doesn't do a damned
2:20 pm
think to keep combat assault weapons out of the hands who shouldn't get them. >> despite the nra, would like us to move, whether the republican colleagues have the courage remains to be seen. >> here's how republicans responded to the shooting -- >> we don't enforce the laws in this country. that's why, that's why some of the cities and states with the most stringent gun control laws also have mass sootings. >> coming on the wake of the terror attack in paris, this horrific murder underscores that we are at a time of war. >> you think the shooting in california's about gun control, you don't understand what's going on in the world. >> we certainly have learned some facts that are concerning and weigh on our minds in aftermath what we see happening in the world. >> you can have gun control. the people intent on doing harm
2:21 pm
will figure out how to get their weapons. >> hard to imagine you shoot a bunch of people if you didn't hate them. >> for the first time since 9/11, i think we're going to have to confront the loss of american life on american soil to terrorist conduct. we need to come to grips with the idea that we are in the midst of the next world war. >> probably was related. radical islamic terrorism, and i'll tell you what, we have a president that refuses to use the term. he refuses to say it. there's something going on with him that we don't know about. >> for more, kasie hunt covering the republican jewish coalition forum, where most republican contenders that gathered there today spoke about the tragedy. also with me here in studio, nbc news andrea mitchell and ron fournier of the national journal. more people talking, waiting to hear from jeb bush and others.
2:22 pm
but i take it, this is how all of the candidates have begun talking about this as national security issue. >> chuck, that's right. we did hear from jeb bush. he didn't say too much about the shootings other than to call for a moment of silence. i think otherwise, you saw a range of reactions in strength here. you had ted cruz and chris christie, in particular, being aggressive calling this out, as terrorist attack. marco rubio, on the other hand more muted in his response. but i think, you know, chuck, what we're seeing here is yet another turn in how this race is increasingly focused on national security. and it's really underscoring some of the differences among these candidates. i think chris christie is somebody who stood out as someone who can bring both national security credentials and personal experience to the table on this issue. and i think it's really been challenging for ben carson, who struggled his way through a speech that in some ways read
2:23 pm
like the history of the middle east for this pro-israel crowd which seemed off-key. >> i was going -- one quick thing, i'll let you go. it seemed like a lot of off-key speeches today, that there was pandering that seemed uncomfortable. >> there was, chuck. not much related to the san bernardino shooting, necessarily, but for this predominantly jewish, pro-israel crowd, the republican jewish coalition, a couple of uncomfortable moments, one from donald trump, where he talked about how the audience was going to be willing to renegotiate deals. he also said if he needed money from them, they would be supporting him and they weren't for that reason. you also had john kasich tell a story how his mother found the jewish people were the best friends who would stick by you. a couple of times where things seemed a little off kilter. >> kasie hunt, thank you. let me turn to andrea and ron. the political reaction, the democratic side, they have not
2:24 pm
touched the terrorism angle at all. hillary clinton hasn't gone there. the president sort of tiptoed there and acknowledged, he's getting briefings. do you think we'll hear something different from secretary clinton soon? >> possibly. i think what's going on now, as long as it is not definitive, both clinton and more importantly the president have to be cautious about what they have to say be and that fits the play book of hillary clinton, not talk about it. the and the president doesn't want to be on the defensive. they want to talk about gun laws, and they lost again in the senate. all of the democratic amendments, the one from diane feinstein that would have closed a big loophole, people on the terror watch list, including no fly list, can get guns, her amendment would have required the attorney general to sign off on every one and there are thousands of terror suspects over the last ten years according to gao who have purchased guns. >> ron, let's be honest, you and
2:25 pm
i had this conversation privately oop i don't know if our politics can handle this debate. watching everybody last night, i stopped watching because everybody was trying to so lard to find pieces of the investigation that matched their political views rather than letting it play out. >> we saw that in colorado, we saw it in paris. i wish more presidential candidates did what jeb bush did, stay quiet. let's see what the facts are. >> marco rubio tried to. >> he stayed more quiet than most. >> they jumped to conclusions to raise money and raise their ratings. so they're both playing into a narrative. if this turns out to be a militia-type white, if i can use that phrase, american, the republicans playing this as a national security, islamic thing look like they're leaning too far over their skis. as it appears right now, muslim-american raised here in the country with a wife, kid, a
2:26 pm
good job, who did this for religious reasons, then the democrats are going to look like they're out of touch, making this about gun control. we are at a time now where we a confluence of events, war, fear, anxiety about everything going on in society, disrutrust in ou institutions where i'm worried we're going to unravel. are we going to be going to partisan boxes and playing in these narratives or is there a leader capable in a time of social media -- >> i -- some ways it's a good test. middle of a presidential campaign we'll find out. >> we're failing the test. we have donald trump, candidates like him, basically trying to -- seem to be to me trying to make anti-muslim rhetoric, demonizing and profile muslim part of the mainstream conversation in politics. that's a scary thing when because the democratization of the media, every big got is a
2:27 pm
publisher. >> this is an uncomfortable situation. this was a middle class guy, the way the story's going about, this is -- there's a lot of fear out there. >> if it turns 0 ut to be what it is two scenarios, the fbi missed something -- >> thatscary. >> or no way to catch somebody like this, to your point. >> i ooh think that what donald trump and ben carson and other candidates have done this cycle is so radicalized, the conversation about muslim-americans, that even instance like this, if it does prove to be true, is going to have an ex-z exaggerated respon. it's made it so toxic. trump's response, to be so pole driven, talk about the polls, whether he's up or down, he came out from the event and he said, quote, every single time there's a tragedy, my poll numbers go
2:28 pm
up. he said that twice. >> he knows bill clinton was right when he said the american public would rather have somebody who is strong. >> the fact that he interprets a tragedy like this, it's good for me, is just -- i mean, if there's a creepiness going on both sides, the fact that there was, now know prayer shaming on. >> i don't know what the left was doing on that. it was some people, plenty of liberals who said, what are you guys doing here? there's nothing wrong with offering prayer. >> the other big takeaway today about leadership is that the president, as recently as october 1st, he came out, we can't tolerate this. >> urgency to it. >> today beaten down, he said get to your legislators. >> he know where this is headed and his party's headed in the wrong direction. >> the country's going to have a
2:29 pm
tough time swallowing -- >> in the same political environment, we have one party doing prayer shaming and another party demonizing and profiling muslims they'd be laughed out of politics. >> this is not -- >> we have two very dysfunctional parties and a media that is not able -- >> this is not a serious political debate. >> no. >> it's dangerous. >> thank you both. ahead -- back to san bernardino for an update on the victims of yesterday's shooting that e fight fogging fight foggi for their life. ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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during red lobster's ultimate seafood celebration. with jazzed up new dishes like the decadent grand seafood feast and the ultimate wood-grilled feast why wait to celebrate? so hurry in, it ends soon. today, law enforcement raised the number of injured to 21, after the shooting in san bernardino, among the injured, two police officers who were wounded after a shoot-out. 14 are dead, we still know relatively little about the
2:33 pm
deceased. here what happens we do know. michael wetzel died yesterday, the father of six. nicholas thalasinos, if i got that right, also killed, and he leaves behind his wife and two adult sons. sierra claiborne, daniel kaufmann, damian maines among the dead. all of the victims identified and they will release more names in the coming hours after family has been flonotified. nbc's charles hadlock joins me live from the local ma linda mel center where several are being treated. are all of them out of the woods? >> reporter: five victims here at loma linda, of the five, two in critical condition, three in fair condition. we believe that some of the injured here may be police officers in that big shoot-out about this time yesterday. one officers and shot in the leg, the other hit by flying
2:34 pm
glass and is being treated. while they are being treated, we're learning more about victims who did not make it out of that inland center yesterday in that conference room. among the dead, michael weddle, a supervisor and environmental health specialist, he is a father of six, as you mentioned, has wife says, he was an amazing person and my best friend. the church that he belongs to, church of the woods, has started a fund-raising page, and already they've raised more than $85,000 on their way to a goal of $100,000. nicholas thalasinos, he's 52, a health inspector, he's a jewish plan, his friends say he was willing to help others at any time. he had two adult sons, sierra claiborne is among the dead. daniel kaufmann, 42, ran the coffee shot in building three at the inland regional center. a lot of people knew him, getting their morning coffee there. and dammian mins worked at
2:35 pm
county for 28 years. off time p.e. instructor at st. katharine's catholic school and liked to dress up as santa claus during there is tile to entertain the children. a look at some of the people this community lost this week. >> as we learn more about the victims we want to share their stories with everybody when the time is appropriate. thanks very much. >> still ahead -- more reaction to the tragedy with california state senator who represents that area and bill cohen on a search for a motive on the connection between potential homegrown terrorism and fight overseas. first, before break, here's courtney reagan with the cnbc market wrap. >> losing day for stocks ahead of tomorrow's jobs report. the dow slides 252 points. the s s&p falls 29. >> number of americans filing for job benefits rose more than expected.
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reaction to the san bernardino mass shooting hit capitol hill today. moments ago, the senate defeated several last-minute gun control amendments tacked on to a budget bill amendments men to expand background checks and stop those on terror watch lists from purchasing guns failed to get 60 votes needed for passage. just a few hours ago, senator harry reid took to the senate floor and blasted the national rifle association and lawmakers who are supported by them.
2:40 pm
>> so i have a question for every member of this body. how can we live with ourselves for failing to do things we know that will reduce gun violence? will it get rid of all of it? of course not. but will it reduce it? yes. we're complicit through our inaction. >> joining me, senator lindsey graham, prrunning for president. you said earlier today, if you think that shooting the california's about gun control, you don't understand what's going on in the world. expand. what do you view the shooting as? >> two people got radicalized somehow, had an ied factory in their house, took a bunch of innocent lives based on jihadists' view of the world and to think otherwise is ridiculous. this is not -- they may have problems at work but they were intending to do more than that. so i just don't believe this is a gun control issue.
2:41 pm
this is a kind of a hybrid symptom of radical islam. they're not on anybody's list but clearly, he came back with a plan in mind and that plan was to kill people based on religious views. >> this is an american-born muslim. >> yeah, absolutely. >> not a -- this is second generation. >> yeah. >> this is somebody that had a good job. >> yep. >> new family. >> yep. >> no the profile of what we think is somebody who could get radicalized. we should, again, say alleged. what is the public policy solution if you can't -- ife don't see this coming? >> okay, number one, i think this is a symptom of a greater problem. isil is winning in the eyes of a lot of people in the world for whatever reason or drawn to the ideology because they're winning. the day you take raqqah away from isil, the day the caliphate
2:42 pm
begins to fold, the day you pull it up out of ground byite roots things like this are less likely. at the end of the day you've got to do two things. you've pot to kill terrorists who areecon irrlable and get ahead of this and build up the lives of others. a small schoolhouse in a remote region in afghanistan educating a poor young girl will do more damage to the taliban than a bomb. certain people drawn to this ideology and the more potent it is in the eyes of the world and more seen as a winner, the more of this you'll have. to destroy the caliphate would be a good step forward. >> what do you say to americans concerned now that may say, i don't believe that a muslim -- american-muslim can get radic radicalized like this. what do you say to americans to not be afraid? >> our hope lies within the faith. there's a war going on inside of islam where 99% of hose who practice the faith reject what
2:43 pm
this man did. the only way america will ever be safe is help people in the faith trying to reform islam and destroy radical islam from within the faith. our goal, our requirement, is to build up others who will reject this ideology. what mr. trump is doing is helping isil. i just got back from iraq. when an american political leader suggests that this is a war against all muslims, they're helping isil. i'm not about to follow people -- we're americans and playing into the hands of the enemy. most muslims are not this way. they're all not the same i've been to iraq and afghanistan 36 times now and i can tell you more muslims had died fighting this ideology than anybody. we need to help them. >> you were in iraq, i want to ask you about this "the washington post" article the other day that talked about that somehow there is a mythology
2:44 pm
developing that iraqis are being told that america is helping isis. how is this happening? how is this making its way through the iraqi media culture? >> the iranians. iranians are spreading propaganda. the first thing the prime minister asked of lindsey graham, to combat this. he wants more american help, he wants more american helicopters, neutralize the shia militia to put his country back together but suffering under the propaganda campaigns by the iranians that the american presence is helping isil rather than the iraqi people. that is his number one request. even among more military help, which i thought was kind of odd. we should take him up on it. >> why would you vote against prohibiting people on the terror watch list from purchasing weapons? >> i want to make sure you have
2:45 pm
due process. i don't want to take a gun away based on the watch list. i want you to have a chance to say wait a minute, i'm not a terrorist. if you're on the -- >> why not add a level of background check? if you're on the terror watch list, two or -- >> not a bad idea. not a bad idea. >> isn't that what this bill would have done? >> no it doesn't really -- it takes your gun away based on being on a watch list. i think there's some common ground here. let he tell you where i think the conversation could go if a bipartisan fashion. there are million americans adjudicated a danger to themselves and others at state level that are not enrolled in the federal background check system. i'm wiing to have the federal government pay for their enrollment and that puts people in the system we need to know about. >> i'm going to leave it there. thanks for taking time with us. >> thank you very much. still ahead on "mtp daily," i'll talk with a california state senator who represents san bernardino. about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain
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still ahead on "mtp daily," former defense secretary bill cohen on the investigation into the motive behind the deadly shooting. stay tuned. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast.
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tonight the surviving california shooting victims along with families and friends, coping with grief and shock. here, they describe what happened in their own words. gr. here they describe what happened in their own words. >> there was a shooter at work. >> it sounded like a gun range, shots going off. >> bullets and things kept going. >> smoke everywhere. >> smoke. >> we couldn't get out. >> we were trapped. >> saw a guy dressed in all black with a gun. >> she is scared, hiding in the closet with two other people. >> we all just started running and screaming and tried to get each other in one room to be safe. >> she was whispering because she didn't want to be heard. i think she didn't want anyone to hear her outside in the hall. are are it is bad. people were running in.
2:51 pm
they said they saw one of them. they had a mask on. it was just really bad. i don't want to talk no more. >> senator, thanks for coming on. you have been -- how is the community holding up? >> well, i think we are all in shock. for me personally i have spoken in that room to a number of those people and eaten with them and taken a tour of that building. it helps me exceptionally hard. some of the flavor of the community is very subdued because we lost some great people and we never thought this would happen in our community. it is obviously a tragic situation. our hearts are broken on one hand. on the other hand we are angry because we want justice to be swift. to work to stop people like this
2:52 pm
from preying on good american citizens. >> what do you say to those government workers that might feel a little less safe today? >> we are going to have to make it safe for them and work to stop evil. lord willing it won't happen again. i think our police officers here in the san bernardino sheriff's department as well as the city of san bernardino, their police department, they did an exceptional job. within a few hours they captured and killed those criminals and resolved the situation pretty quick. i am thankful they were active and vigilent. but it is something we have to live with until we can reconcile and put an end to this type of tragedy that i certainly don't want happening in my community or in california or any part of america. >> senator morrell, i know it
2:53 pm
has been a tough day. thanks for taking a few minutes with me sir. >> you are very welcome. >> we will have more on "mtp daily" right after this. they come into this iworld ugly and messy. ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are.
2:54 pm
yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> we continue to get more details into the san bernardino attack. the bomb left behind by the suspects was similar in behind to those used in the boston
2:57 pm
marathon bombing, a design found in a al qaeda magazine. syed rizwan farook travelled to pakistan saudi arabia and had been in touch with people in the l.a. area expressing jihadist views. the suspects had thousands of rounds of ammunition and could have attacked again. joining me now is a former u.s. secretary and senator from maine. what should the public response people to something like this? >> i urge caution here. i listened to senator graham speak. he is right. we have to be careful not to demonize an entire religion and blame every muslim for this terrible tragedy. it is horrible. it could be an act of terrorism. i am inclined to believe that is the case.
2:58 pm
but when somebody walked into a church in south carolina and kills nine black people, nobody was rushing forward to say it is an act of terrorism. >> anybody that kills people is sick. it is a sickness. we have to be careful to say everybody that is a muslim is a terrorist. >> what is the bigger challenge? the security issue dealing with the radicalization taking place online? is it the potential ease with which he had a lot of weapons of war to do damage. what is the public challenge and how should officials b responding? >> we have to say who are we as
2:59 pm
a society? yes, we place a value on security and human individual liberty. those are coming into conflict now, big time. you are going to see more and more intrusiveness and more intelligence. more profiling take place. >> you say this as fact. >> i think we are going to do it. i don't think we should, i think we are going to do that. i think that is a destruction of the american dream. but i think it is taking place. >> that is a pretty depressing way of putting it. >> what are we promoting on television and the media and the blog?
3:00 pm
>> when you combine that combine that you will see that we have to deal with it as a society. >> that is some tough but important words and we will end on that. william cohen, thank you sir. we will be back tomorrow. >> hello, i am chris jansing live in san bernardino. a community in mourning and now learning frightening detail about the attack and attackers that killed 14 people yesterday. right now there is no answer to the critical question at the center of the investigation, why? what was their motive. this is looking less like workplace violence and more like one of the killer was


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