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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 4, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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rampage in san bernardino, california. nbc news has learned via law enforcement sources that the wife of syed farook, tashfeen malik, posted a statement on facebook pledging her support for isis. msnbc's cal perry is here with me now as we get more information. but as i understand it, cal, this message was posted on the day of the attack. >> right. so, as we understand it, very shortly before the attack took place, she takes to facebook, she pledges her support for al baghdadi. he is the leader of the islamic state isis, daish, whatever you want to call it. that happened minutes before the attack. one of the things that's unclear, though, is the name that she used. it's not clear that she used her facebook page, but a different name, which makes it difficult to find out who's following her online. all of this fits with the isis m.o. of getting more people inspired by letting them know about an attack just before it happens. >> you're the technology expert here. we know the importance isis has placed on social media, whether it's facebook, twitter or the dark web, as it's referred to.
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but if she's placed her statement on an account that is not her actual name, tashfeen malik, sources somehow found this account. >> they have, and they're not saying how they're connecting it through yet. they're not letting the media know how they've connected it through. we got this report from gw. we talked about this earlier in the week, right? 300 americans they track on social media, on twitter, and how it is that they communicated -- you mentioned the dark web. so much of this is happening online and it appears this posting was on the web. >> but here, again, going back to authorities in this investigation, if she's posted this statement, this pledge to the leader of isis, abu bakar al baghdadi, in the end, there are other people likely that were following her on facebook. so, if authorities have found this account under whatever name she's chosen to place it under, that, i would assume, means that they could find who's also part of her circle on facebook. >> that's the first thing they're going to want on find out who was following that page, why she felt that she needed to
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tell them that she was about to carry out the attack, and does it inspire more attacks. they're going to want to go to each of those individual followers, figure out who they are, and then the spiderweb from there, right? >> and going back to that "gw" report on isis in america -- if she's on facebook posting something like this, one would assume -- here we have reports that they destroyed their cell phones, they tried to destroy computers in the home, but yet, you've placed this statement that you've got to know eventually will be made public. so, that is a way of claiming responsibility. >> which is apurpose. and it's flagrant, right? isis does this in their magazines. they thumb their nose, for example, against the russians after the plane went down. this is what they do. and al baghdadi has inspired this following around the world now in a way that bin laden attempted for decades, and now we're seeing people feel the need -- at least she felt the need to make it publicly known to a group of followers she was about to carry out an attack in his name. >> cal, stand by.
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shawn henry, former fbi executive assistant and president of proud strike services is joining me. thank you for joining us. according to reports from pete williams and others, these two attempted to destroy evidence of communications, cell phones, computers. and yet, tashfeen malik reportedly posted a statement, a pledge to isis on the phone. compare that also to the fact that they walked into that conference room with masks on, one would assume to conceal their identities. so, you have two lines here, two people on one hand want to conceal the identity. on the other hand, they want, according to this information, if it is accurate, people to know why they're doing this. >> yeah, tamron. so, there's a couple different things. i mean, concealing their identity, obviously, people there were able to identify who they were because they had been a co-worker with farook. letting them know publicly that they were associated with isis provides for legitimacy and the credibility and helps to perhaps inspire others and to let law
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enforcement know this is exactly why it happened. in terms of destruction of cell phones and media, that could absolutely be to disguise others they've been communicating with so that if there are other plans in place or if there are others that they have been collaborating with at some point, people who might have supported them financially, supported them by supplying them guns and the like, they want to conceal those types of things. so, pledging support to isis on one hand provides them with the forum to demonstrate that isis is able to get here and have an impact on the united states, but the other side, breaking up those communication devices, those computers, et cetera, is really to conceal other allegiances. >> but shawn, what do you make of the fact that this pledge to isis was made on a private account? we've covered a number of terror stories, and usually there is an open proclamation on social media by isis, by al qaeda, and it's not hidden away, as it seems that this pledge was in
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this account. >> you know, tamron, it may be that had they posted something publicly, there was a concern that they may have been disrupted. perhaps if they thought law enforcement was monitoring them, that they would be able to mitigate an attempt before they were able to launch it. but by doing it concealed, understanding that through the course of an investigation, ultimately law enforcement would get there. you know, that's speculation at this point, but i would imagine -- the woman for me has been the crux of this investigation from the beginning, and the connectivity to pakistan and to saudi arabia -- >> shawn, let me get to pete williams, shawn, if you could stand by. pete williams is joining us live from washington, d.c., with more details on what he's been reporting here. pete, what more can you tell us regarding this alleged message posted by tashfeen malik? >> well, what they say is that just before the attack, tamron, that tashfeen malik, one of the
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two people who fired all these shots and was supposedly building all these bombs, went on a facebook page, not in her own name, but a facebook page that she had in a different name, and pledged support for the leader of isis, abu bakar al baghdadi. we don't know much more than it was a statement of support. this doesn't mean it was an isis-directed attack. isis has not said anything about the attacks in san bernardino of substance. it hasn't claimed credit for them, so it may well be that the isis organization wasn't even aware of this posting because lots of people post lots of things about isis every day around the world. there are thousands and thousands of such messages. but the authorities say this is telling, because just before the attack, she posted this statement of support, and then shortly after that, the statement was taken down. so, it's always been a question in this investigation from the beginning of what was the radicalizing influence in the
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life of syed farook, who seemed to be a happy employee of the county in san bernardino. was there something in his life that changed? and one of the changing events was his marriage, his trip to saudi arabia, his meeting of his wife online and bringing her to the u.s. it raises lots of questions or focuses more attention on the questions about her. did she come here with these pred lictions already? was she intended to meet somebody in the u.s. to bring this ideology here? did she herself become radicalized by what she read online about isis? lots of questions. all we know is that this one piece of evidence does certainly push this investigation much more in the direction of terrorism. >> all right, pete, thank you. now let me bring in malcolm nance. he's on the phone. he's the executive director of terror ice metrics project, one of the leaders on isis and al qaeda. malcolm, thank you for your time. let's start with your reaction to this post reportedly from
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tashfeen malik pledging her support to isis. what does that add as far as what you believe happened here? >> well, for the last few days, i believe that it was always going to come down to whether she was radicalized. the key intelligence indicators on this for me came down to the point that she not only took part in this attack on a center for disabled people, it was trained to manipulate and fire a semiautomatic weapon, to operate handguns. she actually was the one who was doing the battling out of the back of the suv as they were trying to take her down. this is an example of an extremely radicalized person who was going over to terrorism. now, it may be that she came to the united states, which was a completely different cultural environment than she was used to in saudi arabia, and then when the announcement in 2014 that
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the halifat was announced, she took her obligation to what she thinks is a higher form of islam, more orthodox form of islam, to an extreme. and that's what isis does when it radicalizes people, so this doesn't surprise me at all. >> malcolm, let me get your insight into something that pete brought up, which is that isis has not claimed responsibility. we've heard nothing from, for lack of a better description, their official accounts, where they have claimed responsibility for other attacks, but i think you just made the point, it was isis who sent out this call to arms for jihadists around the world to take action. so, with that said, whether it's a lone wolf or this couple that launched this attack, this call has already been made. it's just a matter of who and where these people pick up the arms. >> yeah, you're absolutely right. and i just want to call attention to the fact that it was al qaeda in iraq, which is the predecessor to isis, the whole basis of isis, which
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created the husband-and-wife suicide team concept back in 2005. we saw several husband-and-wife teams come out and do suicide bombings, so that that would go on to, as you saw in the france attacks, with the involvement of a radicalized woman, and quite possibly, this one. now, regards to isis making a statement, there is so much planning that went into this attack, even though it was at a lower level, amateurish level. i cannot believe that isis was not informed that it was going to take place, and i would not be surprised within the next 24 hours that we see an isis video put out quickly and rudimentary with a recording or a videotape of her and her husband claiming that they were doing this in the name of the islamic state. >> malcolm, before i let you go, i do want to get your insight. michael leiter, the terror expert, was on the "today" show this morning. he talked about the fact that in the past we've seen these black widows, for example, with the chechens, who would, to your
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point, take their own lives in the name of the cause but that this situation was unique in that you have a 6-month-old baby with this family, and she was not a widow, that she was alongside her husband. let me play what michael leiter said and get your reaction. >> it is extremely rare in terrorist circles, in radicalization, to even see two individuals who are married to go out and do this together. we've seen some examples of what are known as black widows, women becoming radicalized when their husbands are killed in places like chechnya. but to go out and do this together, even in global isis circles, is really an outlier. >> so, malcolm, what are your thoughts on that, and is this another weak spot? i don't want to turn the eye too much on the visa program, this visa fiance program, but to your point, if she was radicalized, if that is the case in saudi arabia or at some other point in her life, allowing her to be in this marriage, if it's arranged
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or whatever the circumstances, is that a weak point now that we've underestimated, it seems, in some way, female terrorists? >> well, i don't think we've underestimated female terrorists. as michael leiter said, he is speaking specifically about the chechen black widows. >> right. >> but again, we've had husband-and-wife teams. the problem here is not about who is the individual that does the act of terrorism. you have men, you have women, you have children. we've actually seen people do that, abandon their families and going off and died. this particular team, husband-and-wife team, have so bought into the ideology that they believe that abandoning their child was less of a responsibility than them going out and conducting this mass murder. and we're lucky that they didn't carry out the boko haram tactic of murdering their child and, you know, before they go out and do a suicide attack. so, with regards to that, i think that, you know, again, as we fall back on doing more analysis of this, gaining more
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intelligence, because that's where this came from, national-level intelligence on where she was using her computer, i think, again, we're going to be hearing about this from isis, and that may even shed some light. >> malcolm, thank you so much. kerry sanders is in front of the suspects' house in redlands, california. and kerry, as we've been able to in your great reporting along with the team there piece together more information about syed through his family members, his bride, his wife still remains a great mystery. i've heard even very little description coming from his family about her. >> reporter: and that sort of is the secret life here that we don't understand. i mean, he went online, he met her online, he went to saudi arabia, and then they come back here and get married here. so, if you've noticed, i don't even think we have a picture of her yet. i think one thing that is interesting is, when we listen to pete's reporting about the timing of this posting and wondering how it was that it was
8:14 am
found, it likely was posted, since it sounds like it was posted just before the attack, it may have been posted on a cell phone. and if it was posted on a cell phone, the authorities have access, quite frankly, to subpoena not only cell phone records, but also the internet service provider records from the computer that was inside the house here. so, while there is damaged cell phones and while there are damaged hard drives from the computer, there are records of places that were visited. and so, it may be just the swift work of the fbi back-tracking on websites, urls, going one to one and looking at those and finding that what was actually being visited, what may have been posted. and again, the information is not clear whether it was even posted in english or not. so, a lot of those details need to come forward, but certainly, this is pointing at what really was one of the initial questions yesterday of if syed farook was radicalized, was he radicalized maybe by malik, his wife? >> and kerry, also the question
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of how much planning went into it. you're in front of the home and authorities are saying there was a room or a space in that home dedicated to bomb-making, an arsenal room. >> reporter: yeah, this was a bomb-making factory, as it's described, back in the garage behind here. so, it's sort of closed off here. you can see where the fbi went through and the local police went through with their armored vehicle pushing through first the door and then through the window. but when they got inside, after they realized there were no booby traps and went in, they went into the back in the garage, not only did they find 12 pipe bombs, but they also found enough material for building even more, as if it were an ongoing enterprise. and then more than 4,500 rounds of ammunition inside. so, this was clearly something that was all part of an ongoing, bigger operation. and you know, that doesn't really take too much thought to put it all together. the question is, with the 12 bombs that were still here ready to go, whether these two had plans to go from where they went
8:16 am
to come here, pick up that and go to another location. >> all right, kerry, let me bring in cal perry. he's still here with us to talk about the internet part of this. as kerry mentioned, 12 bombs, a cache of weapons and other things found in the vehicle, ammunition of an incredible proportion. but this facebook family that they may be tied to. when takshfeen malik posted thi message on that account, she knew others, whether it's 1 or 100, were going to see that. >> and then she took it right down. >> and she took it down. >> so, we're seeing a level of operational security, what the military calls op sec, operational security at an isis level. we saw it in paris and now in san bernardino, very well planned out -- throwing away cell phones, taking the post down, trying to stay one step ahead of authorities. they were able to create an entire bomb-making facility inside that basement and spread word about it online, then get it down and carry out the attack. the other thing that's
8:17 am
interesting on the operational security level is how she got into the country on a k-1 visa for fiances. you have to get married within 90 days. that's how that happened. there should be a photo somewhere in that file -- >> that's incredible. >> -- with her application. >> where is the photo? also, when you look at family members, they had a wedding, as it was pointed out, at one of the holy -- the holiest place for muslims. and yet, the family -- and if they have one -- perhaps, have not been able to share it at this point. authorities likely have a photograph. but not having a picture of her on a national platform where people can say i saw her here, start piecing together. she remains a mystery. you turn on the television, there is a dark spot with her name and no photo. >> right. it's a huge disadvantage for authorities, it's a huge disadvantage for people living in the area because they don't know what to look out for. and as we heard from our previous guests, this is right out of the old al qaeda playbook. we saw this in iraq where females were carrying out suicide bombings through
8:18 am
checkpoints because it's inappropriate for men to touch women in that society, right? so, you have to find a female soldier to search the females, and that became a nightmare. and now we're seeing isis put females into play around the world, and it's something authorities are going to have to catch up on. >> we'll have more on this breaking development. right now, though, nbc news has learned through sources that the wife of syed farook, tashfeen malik, posted a statement supporting, pledging to the leader of isis. we'll have more on that breaking news with our team on the ground in california, in d.c. and here at our headquarters. meanwhile, coming up, even more on what investigators are learning about the lives of these two suspects and the conversation regarding congress. congress tried passing two gun reform measures yesterday. both failed. both would have provided tougher gun laws. we'll talk to the mayor of los angeles, antonio -- former mayor of los angeles, antonio villaraigosa who helped put strict gun laws in place in
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. welcome back. we continue to follow that breaking news that we reported just minutes ago. law enforcement sources tell nbc news that the wife involved in the shooting rampage in san bernardino posted a statement in support of isis, saying that it was posted just before, the day of the attacks. specifically, sources say the support was to the leader of isis, abu bakar al baghdadi. investigators are looking into whether tashfeen malik was the radicalizing influence in her husband syed farook's life. we'll have much more, including an interview our colleague lester holt did with farook's family. but first, we want to bring you
8:23 am
an update on the victims of the attack. ten people are still in the hospital today with injuries sustained in the shooting, two of them in critical condition. nbc's morgan radford is outside loma linda medical center today, where several wounded have been hospitalized, and we have more information, morgan, on those who lost their lives. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. of the 21 who are wounded, 10 are still hospitalized, 11 have since been released. but from the survivors, we're learning new details about what actually happened that day. for example, one man, patrick bacarri said one of the deceased, nicholas thalasinos, actually got into a heated argument with the gunman just weeks prior. listen to what his wife, jennifer, says about why she thinks her husband may have been targeted. >> -- believed in the jewish tradition, and i feel that my husband was basically murdered. and i'm sure that he went down fighting and protecting people. i'm wondering if maybe they did
8:24 am
get into an argument, because my husband was very outspoken. >> reporter: tamron, she said that she believed that her husband was martyred because he was a devout jew. also among the deceased, isaac amanios. he was saving money to bring his children over from ethiopia. also in the room, another immigrant, bennetta bet-badal. she fled iran at 18 years old to escape extremism. also, aurora godoy, and another man, shannon johnson, he had traveled an hour to get to that job that ultimately took his life. >> thank you so much. as the debate over gun regulations plays out on a national stage, opponents are pointing to california's gun law, considered to be the tightest and toughest in the country. the state requires all gun sales to be processed through a
8:25 am
licensed dealer requiring a background check and imposes a ten-day waiting period prior to the sale or transfer of guns. a state law that went into effect in 2000 bans the sale or transfer of high-capacity magazines. and under the state's assault weapons laws passed in 1989 and 2004, specific types of high-powered, military-style rifles are banned, but there is a loophole. the guns used by the couple in the san bernardino massacre were legally purchased, according to federal officials. right now it's unclear if the rifles used were purchased in california under that loophole or in another state, but officials say they were legally purchased. joining me now, former mayor of los angeles, antonio villaraigo villaraigosa, has been instrumental in pushing for tighter gun restrictions in california. mr. mayor, thank you so much for your time. >> well, tamron, first of all, our hearts and prayers are with the families of san bernardino, and couldn't be prouder of the law enforcement there. we've worked with them when i was mayor of los angeles, and i
8:26 am
can tell you they're among the best anywhere. and this is a horrible tragedy. i actually was the author of the assault weapons ban in 1999, so i know it well. and you're right, since then we've built on what we did during my speakership, not just assault weapons ban but a saturday night special bill to ban saturday night specials, also one gun a month, trigger locks and the like. so, we had the toughest gun laws in the country. we've built on that since then. but when you don't have a national registry or universal background checks in the country, when you have straw purchasers that can buy guns in gun fairs, and you know, outside of the state, you have a lot of issues, a lot of loopholes, if you will that need to be filled. >> one of the loopholes allows for, as pointed out by the "associated press" that the two
8:27 am
rifles they used in this were not specifically listed among the models outlawed under your state's tough gun laws. and as long as each included a minor design change affecting how bullets are loaded into the weapon, they would have been legal in the state of california. i do want to point you to what the nra spokesperson, jennifer baker, said. the group would not give a specific statement on san bernardino, but she did point out in an e-mail to the "associated press" that california has one of the nation's strongest gun laws, including the background checks on all firearms sales and strict limitation on licenses to carry concealed weapons. gop candidate senator marco rubio pointed out that the truth is, in his words, "california and illinois and chicago have the strictest gun laws in place." when you hear the opposing voices say look at california, things that you worked on, mr. mayor, in place, and this massacre still happened. what is your response? >> well, the response is we need
8:28 am
national assault weapons ban, we need national universal background checks, we need a national effort to close these loopholes to deal with straw purchasers. that's the problem. i mean, yesterday they wouldn't even support prohibiting people who are on a watch list for terrorism to be able to purchase their guns. i mean, they're so far to the right on this issue and so far out of kilter, frankly, with nra members and most of the public. >> absolutely. we've seen national polling pointing out to that point. but as you see it, other than -- and it seems to be a stalemate after newtown, after this massacre and the many that have happened in the middle, no movement with members of congress, what do you believe is the likely necessary step for those who would like to in the polling, as you've pointed out, see some of those critical loopholes change all while still protecting the second amendment? >> we've got to elect people
8:29 am
that are, frankly, more moderate. these people, particularly in the house, but also the senate majority, they're just too far to the right on these issues. they're out of kilter with most of us. you know, look, the reason for these kinds of -- this kind of violence is complex. it's not just gun laws, it's also mental health. we ought to have mental health laws and mental health insurance to be able to provide for people not in this situation but, you know, many mental health issues involved. so, i can just tell you this, that as long as they have their head in the sand and they're bought and sold by the nra, we're going to have more of these kinds of killings across the country. as long as they refuse to even prohibit people who are on a terrorist watch list from buying these weapons, we're going to have these problems. >> but let me get your reaction, then, to the news we reported at the top of the hour. i know that people -- and we have talked about mental health as it relates to gun laws.
8:30 am
at this point, there is no indication that there is a mental health issue as it's traditionally defined with this couple. >> that's right. >> that their moet vacatitivati have been something else -- >> that's exactly right. >> and we have reports that the wife of the shooter, the female shooter in this, tashfeen malik, actually pledged her allegiance to isis. >> i heard that as i was coming in. as you know, i just got off a plane, but i heard that just breaking news just a couple of minutes ago, and so, it becomes -- it looks increasingly clear, though the fbi has not opined, but it looks increasingly clear that this is more than just some kind of dust-up at a workplace, particularly when you look at the cache of weapons, the visit to saudi arabia, the fact that she's posted this on facebook. it looks increasingly clearer like this is an act of terror,
8:31 am
but until the fbi and law enforcement declares that, frankly, we're all just speculating right now. >> mayor, thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. >> and last night, nbc's lester holt sat down with the brother-in-law of shooting suspect syed rizwan farook, who says he saw no sign that farook was radicalized. farhan khan said the last time he saw his brother-in-law was about a week ago. here's more of what he told lester holt. >> it's always going to be a question with me why he did something like that, a normal person living with my family. why would he do something like that? did somebody brain-wash him, something snap him? did he have a fight at work? and i'm waiting to hear, like, you know, what really happened. the only way i see is, you know, it's my crazy act and what's the
8:32 am
outcome? you left your 6-month-old daughter, you know, in this life. some people cannot have kids. god give you a gift of a daughter, and you left that kid behind. what did you achieve? i don't know what message they would have left. >> are you angry at your brother-in-law for doing this? >> yeah, absolutely, very angry. very upset and angry. >> farhan khan says he and his wife, syed farook's sister, plan to adopt their 6-month-old niece, who is now in protective custody. coming up, more breaking details on the breaking news we reported, new information on the female shooter involved in the san bernardino massacre. nbc's pete williams joins me.
8:33 am
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his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... my momthis is brad. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. welcome back. we have more breaking details in the investigation into the massacre in san bernardino.
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let me go to nbc news justice correspondent pete williams, joining us now. pete, i know you have new information coming in. we also now are getting in -- we hope to have it up in a second here -- the image of pipe bombs apparently found in the home, a picture of a bag filled with what appears to be pipe bombs found in the suspects', all piecing together, again, this massive investigation. >> thanks, tamron. yes, what we've been learning this morning is that just before the shooting attack in san bernardino, the woman involved, tashfeen malik, the wife of syed farook, sent a message of support for the leader of isis, abu bakar al baghdadi. she sent it to a facebook page that was not in her name, but it was run as an alias on her name. and what we've been told now is that it was sent from a cell phone, so it might have been as they were headed to the shooting scene. and then shortly after that, taken down. now, we'll get back to this picture in just a moment. >> okay. >> but what we're told is that
8:37 am
this was not meant to be seen by anybody looking at that facebook page. it was in essence kind of a "dear diary" posting. it was using the personal messaging function of facebook where you can, in essence, send a message that's to be seen only by someone else. so, it's not clear if she was just mailing this to herself, but she wasn't posting it for all the world to see. and indeed, it was taken down shortly after it was posted, but it was discovered as the fbi goes back through looking for electronic footprints that these two may have left. it doesn't say that this was directed by isis. it doesn't even say that isis was even aware of this, but it certainly strongly suggests that at least tashfeen malik was heavily influenced by isis propaganda, and it further suggests that she may have been the radicalizing influence on that couple. now, the picture you just showed is from -- taken off a monitor.
8:38 am
it was originally shown by cbs. that's why you see the little cbs eye on it. but it's a pile of -- a bag of pipe bombs that were found in the house there in redlands, just a further sign the authorities said yesterday that there was something like a dozen pipe bombs. we've been told that some of these pipe bombs were resembling the ones that were left behind at the inland center in san bernardino where the shooting happened and were fashioned to be set off by remote control. but it's just a further sign that they must have been planning further attacks, tamron. >> which, pete, going back to the information regarding where malik posted this message, to your point, it was like a memo page on her facebook. so, it wasn't as if, if there are people who are following her, that she was disseminating this information for them to see as a shared part of this plot. this was a note, like in a sense, as you said, a diary, and then she deleted it? >> yes, that's our understanding, that it's not something that her followers
8:39 am
would have seen because it was this private messaging feature, this private e-mail feature that facebook has. that's our understanding of what the posting was. >> all right, pete, thank you very much for those new details. let's go back to near where the couple's home in redlands, california. stephanie gosk is standing by. she joins us from outside of that home. stephanie, i've been watching your reports since last night. it is incredible trying to piece together who these people are, particularly tashfeen malik here. but you spoke with members of the mosque, and they were able to paint somewhat of a picture and also discuss the fear now in the muslim community after this attack. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. you know, we did ask specifically about tashfeen malik, because they knew syed farook. he had been going to the mosque. they knew him. she had only visited the mosque once, and that was actually the last time that they saw farook
8:40 am
as well. she had come. they were buying food for a muslim celebration, and she was dressed in full nicab. that's the full muslim dress head to toe with the exception of a woman's eyes showing, and she didn't actually speak, so she was a bit of a mystery, they said, to them as well, and definitely a mystery still to all of us. we don't have actually a photo of her yet. and if you think about the day in age that we live in, that we still don't have a picture of this woman, it's pretty remarkable. and you know, we do have a bit of detail on how she met him and the fact that they went online and that they got married likely in saudi, and then they ended up here. but here's a bit of what those people in the mosque had to say to us. syed farook and his wife, tashfeen malik, died in a bullet-riddled suv in a blaze of gunfire. but this morning authorities are interested in how they lived.
8:41 am
>> a very normal person. >> he was just a colleague. >> i had never seen them. >> reporter: to many, just a quiet, unassuming young couple with a 6-month-old baby, living on a tree-lined street driving a four-door sedan. born in chicago and a graduate of cal state, farook worked as a county health inspector, making more than $70,000 a year. colleagues say he stayed to himself. >> i pretty much had to initiate any verbal conversations. >> i have never seen him with anybody. >> reporter: just years ago, farook was looking for love through online dating sites like dubai matrimonial, describing himself as coming from a sunni family living in the usa under acceptable nationality, he wrote any. on the arab lounge site, he said he was looking for a girl with the same outlook who wears a hijab and found pakistani-born tashfeen malik. two years ago, they married at the grand mosque in mecca. returning home, they held a reception at the islamic center
8:42 am
of riverside. >> we knew him as a quiet, calm and decent and very peaceful person. >> reporter: with a child on the way, like many couples, they signed up on target's baby registry, hoping for a car seat, diapers and bath soap. but even at the mosque where he most recently worshipped, tashfeen was a mystery. did he describe her at all? >> no. >> what she was like? >> i only saw her twice in my life and she was all covered with the veil, so i wasn't able to see anything. i couldn't describe how she looked. >> reporter: overnight, farook's brother-in-law described them as a happy couple to lester holt. >> did they seem good for each other? >> yeah, yeah. they were close to each other. i mean, they were always together. >> reporter: leaving the question why on wednesday morning they would drop off their daughter at his mother's house, and according to authorities, go on a murder spree, killing 14 people and wounding 21. >> what would make someone who had what seems to be a happy life, a happy marriage, a good
8:43 am
job, what would make that person snap. >> reporter: the men at this mosque told us that he visited the mosque maybe two or three times a week, that it wasn't his main mosque, as they described, and he would go there during his work day, and he worked as a health inspector. he would go to restaurants and give them his seal of approval. they also told us when we asked that his wife never went there. she didn't pray there at all. and it was one of the reasons why they don't know much about her. she went just on that one occasion, and then the other occasion that that man was referring to was their wedding banquet a couple of years ago in riverside. tamron? >> all right, stephanie. thank you very much for those details. and up next, we have more developing news out of chicago. a new video released in the shooting death of laquan mcdonald. also at the top of the next hour, we're getting another update from san bernardino from the police there, but we'll be right back with this new information on this investigation regarding laquan mcdonald's death.
8:44 am
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welcome back. we have developing news out of chicago to report to you this hour. city officials have reportedly released another key piece of evidence in the laquan mcdonald shooting. now, the video obtained by "the chicago tribune" is from surveillance cameras in and around a burger king near the scene where the 17-year-old was shot 16 times by officer james van dyke. now, we should note that the video has not been reviewed by nbc news, but it is a significant part of the investigation. msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber has been following this case for some time now, and we know that there's been much focus on this burger king video for a number of reasons, ari. >> that's right. this is a key part of evidence that normally you would want police to take and use to add to that now-infamous police dash cam video of laquan mcdonald being shot. what happened, as you've reported, was some of the tape went missing and there were questions about why. to be fair to the police, they
8:48 am
have said that they didn't do anything wrong and they've said forensic experts indicate there was no tampering with the tape. however, what we're learning here, each day as we learn more, is that multiple tapes, up to eight, are missing all of the exact same time of night, missing the key times when they might have shown part of the lead-up, the shooting or the aftermath. that's missing from each individual tape. and burger king's staff has alleged that basically, they thought they were helping the investigation, tamron. they said, sure, police, here's the tapes. then, two hours go by, they take them and suddenly, the key times on the tapes are missing. so, this is bombshell allegations. if it can be proven in court that the police did this. >> let's digest this. so, multiple tapes. >> yes. >> as many as eight? >> eight. >> eight tapes. and the same portion missing from those tapes? >> correct, that's right. >> and police say that they have an expert that said that these tapes have not been tampered with? >> that's correct. and your skepticism makes sense,
8:49 am
because ultimately, if this is a potential, alleged, let's say misconduct or crime by police, then they wouldn't necessarily be the first one you'd ask about whether they did it. so, their own review of it doesn't necessarily tell you. now, i will say that local police in chicago have also said that the fbi also didn't find any evidence of tampering. but the fbi has not said that to nbc, they have not said much yet. they have an open investigation. >> so the fbi is not on record saying that. >> correct. >> okay. >> so, what you have are the people who are the potential targets in chicago saying, hey, we think we're cleared by the fbi. i'd say as a lawyer, that's nice, i'm not going to take your word as the final word. we're reporting, of course, their denials and that the cook county prosecutor, alvarez, who is under fire, says she doesn't see it as a problem. it goes with the piece we've been reporting on, not just that one officer on the use of force level, but throughout multiple levels of the descriptions, statements and now potentially
8:50 am
the evidence, there has been serious allegations of misconduct in the investigation of underlying use of force in the investigation. >> now, the video used by "the chicago king near the scene, is this -- this is this video and you see the officer at the computer there. >> this gets really layered although i think it's interesting so maybe people will bear with us. this is the surveillance of them going through the surveillance of the original night. so now we are one step removed. we live in a society, a lot of these companies, businesses, streets, you walk around, there's a million cameras. what we are seeing is the amount of time the police spent with those videos as they said they were reviewing it. i want to be clear. we don't think anything from this newly obtained video answers the question what police did with the video. you are looking at it, we are looking together, you see time elapsed, you see the conversation, you see them look at the video. it does not prove what they did with the video but again, we do know that at the end of this whole process, all the key video of the time of the night of the shooting which is now the subject of a murder indictment is missing.
8:51 am
>> incredible. thank you very much. i know you will follow the latest developments out of chicago. also ahead, we have much more on the breaking news that we reported at the top of the hour. the female shooting suspect involved in the san bernardino massacre, according to sources, they have told nbc news that she posted a pledge of support to isis on her facebook account. with more information on that posting and some of the other pieces that are now falling into place in this investigation, we'll be right back. its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is? boy: once upon a time,
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8:54 am
we have more breaking news to report in the investigation into the shooting rampage in california. investigators, law enforcement tell nbc news as we reported at the top of the hour, the female shooter involved, the wife of syed farook pledged allegiance to isis just before the attack. msnbc's cal perry has more information on their relationship, how they met. before we get to that, you know technology better than anyone else.
8:55 am
pete williams was on. he said this note posted by tashfeen malik was in a diary portion, lack of a better description, on facebook where she wrote this note to herself, then took this note down. >> imagine twitter and you dm maybe yourself, direct message yourself. that's an avenue you are using to communicate that's not publicly viewed. it sounds like this is kind of a facebook equivalent of that. we are looking for patterns here. we are looking for patterns that we know isis follows. bear with me. we know isis has a 24 hour i. tt. help desk. we know they are monitoring social media sites. one of the things they might be monitoring is this dating profile. under the name syed farook, this is from arab we will pull it up. he posted this, we believe he posted this, at least it's the same name, and you will see as i go through it, he talks about his favorites, he says favorite athlete, michael jordan. but as you continue looking, it says what's the most important thing in a relationship.
8:56 am
he says guided by and as written in islam. so you can sort of extrapolate if you are sitting at an isis i.t. help desk monitoring these things, you are looking for people who are vulnerable, who are lonely -- >> certain age group. >> who are looking for love at a certain age group. >> interesting development. thank you so much for joining us this hour. thank you as well. that does it for this edition of "msnbc live." i'm tamron hall. up next, our continued breaking news coverage with andrea mitchell. knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. again for the 15th year in a us in customrow.atisfaction but we have a plan. (exec 2) when our customers are on hold, let's up their satisfaction with some new hold music. ♪ (exec 2) that's glenn from the mailroom. he djs on the weekends. (exec 3) sorry, who is it? (exec 2) it's glenn, from the mailroom. he dj'ed bill's wedding. (exec 3) he what?
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9:00 am
>> police have released pictures of the killers' weapons. lester holt explores what now looks like terror with syed farook's brother-in-law. >> was he a very political person? >> no. not at all. >> strongly religious person? >> he was a good religious person, yes, just like normal anybody would be. but nothing, nothing that i can see that he could do that. >> nothing that would fit the term radicalized as we have heard? >> no. not that i can comment on. not the person i know. >> and good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington with this mystery. we are following the breaking news, the first information connecting the california shootout to a possible terror attack. law enforcement officials tell nbc news syed farook's wife posted her allegiance to isis founder abu bakr al baghdadi before the attack on the regional center in san


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