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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  December 8, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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right now on msnbc, a defiant donald trump defending his plan to ban all muslims from coming into the united states. republicans and democrats say he's unhinged and ridiculous. >> donald j. trump is calling from a complete and total shutdown of muslims coming into the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> donald trump always plays on everyone's worst instincts and fears. >> it's sounds harsh but reality is reality. >> no, that is not my policy. >> i think that is a very wise decision. >> this is the kind of thing that people say when they have no experience and don't know what they're talking about. >> i think trump is going to
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have to walk this back. >> i think this notion that somehow we need to say no more musli muslims, just ban a whole religion, goes against everything we stand for and believe in. >> good morning. jo jose diaz-balart. we've already heard a lot from trump, a lot is the word and he's not walking that back a little bit. >> he's doing all sorts of cable networks by phone and he did try to clarify what this ban would look like. he says insists this would not be a ban on all muslims. u.s. muslims would be allowed back into the country.
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and he's making it clear this would be temporary. that's obviously not satisfying his critics. overwhelming and swift criticism from across the board. here's how he tried to explain any ban would work. >> i want to know how it works. religion doesn't appear on a passport. would there be questioning at the border in europe? >> it could happen at the site, it could happen here, it could happen in many different forums, willie. that would have to be worked out. we have to get our hands around the situation. >> donald, the customs agent would ask the person his or her religion? >> they would probably say "are you muslim?" >> and if they said yes, they would not be allowed in the country? >> that's correct. >> he said while what f.d.r. did was not too dissimilar with
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japanese internment camps, he said he is not calling for internment camps but when asked about comparisons between trump and adolph hitler, trump said that didn't worry him. >> last time we saw the entire republican field pile on to trump like this was when he criticized mccain's war record. but is that going to matter? >> you're seeings they calling him unhinged to lindsey graham saying if you want to call america great, tell donald trump to go to hell, frankly. that's landcy graham. will it continue to play to his supporters, these people who
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feel as though they are scared, they're feeling vulnerable, they like donald trump's tough talk and for them, this is resonating for them. the big question, is will these folks end up turning out to the polls in february and in march? right now you're seeing a lot of polls showing donald trump on top. you look at the polls -- when you look at a broader base of republican supporters, people beyond the usual folks who go out and vote, you are seeing more support for donald trump there. when you look at people who have voted in the past, there's less support for trump. can he with his language, his rhetoric look at people who haven't typically voted turn out and be still? >> he's able to tap into the fears of a lot of people but then how he reacts to those fierce is a different thing.
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is there anything that he could do or say that would have destroyed any political campaign any other year that could affect him? >> well, i think if the past precedents give us any sense going forward, it doesn't appear that there is very much where that is the case. but to be clear, what's a little bit different in this circumstance to compare him with the status of john mccain as a war hero, the condemnation was swift and overwhelming. today is going to be a significant day to hear from those members of the republican party, the past leaders, the present leaders, the paul ryans of the day. he has a news conference today, george w. bush, reince priebus, the head of the rnc. those are the voices you need to hear from to hear how the
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republican party tries to engage in this moment to make this in a sense a last stand, to make it very clear this is not something they'll put up with. >> i think in the past some of those leaders have been, well, careful about criticizing trump because they're scared of houw he's going to react and when he reacts, he's pretty effective. >> correct. and there's question whether these establishment figures will have any effect on trump supporters. one man said he was ashamed of being a republican. even if you get some strong deannouncement from the figures in the party today, there's a real question of whether that's going to slow down trump's rise and continued dominance in the polls. >> thank you both for being with
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me this morning. appreciate your time. we will run an extended version of donald trump's interview on "morning joe" coming up in the next hour. >> the texas senator gaining 14 points since october now leads the race. here's the senator on monday. >> from the beginning the approach of this campaign was to build the campaign on a foundation of stone, not a found's of sand, following a biblical principle of systematically unifying and bringing together conservatives. we're seeing that happening pourerfulpour -- powerfully in the state of iowa. we have a long way to go but it's certainly better going up and not going down. >> i want to start with these
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comments from donald trump. the senator has said it's not his position. what is his position? >> his position is to restrict the refugees that are coming from areas that are largely infiltrated by isis and by al qaeda. we simply can't afford at this time because we have no way -- for instance, syrian refugees, there's no way to compare their documents to any database. if you're a syrian, you can go to a government official and if you pay them, they will give you an official documents who tells you who they are -- >> sorry to interrupt you, you can do that anywhere. you can go in europe and buy another passport, you can go in asia and get them to print another passport for you, you can do it in africa, central america and south america and guess what, you can do it in the united states of america. if you want a fake passport, you can get it. you don't have to be syrian to
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do that. >> what are you suggesting? we have ways we can vet people. >> there you go. >> you don't always get it right. if you're going to take refugees from syria -- isis has said they will infiltrate the refugee system. we just can't april fofford tha. one of the attackers in san bernardino got in on a fiancee visa. that was checkable. you could see she put down a false address. so we've got to fix that system. >> and that, by the way, is part of why people that want -- on both sides that say many immigration system is broken, you can refer to this as another broken part of the immigration system. when it comes to isis, the senator says he will carpet bomb them into oblivion. what would that include and what would that mean?
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>> it's an eloquent way i think of saying he will defeat isis. this president has done nothing in 16 months. the other night he offered no new strategy, no new plan to defeat isis. people want isis defeated. i'll notice what the president said recently was very interesting. they said he was confronted every morning by the intelligence briefings. presidents aren't confronted by the intelligence briefing. this president doesn't want to hear what he's told every single morning. he has not been serious about confronting the threat of isis. he called them the jv team. the problem with intelligence failures is not a collection of data. we have lots of data. we had actual intelligence before pearl harbor, before mid way. the kennedy administration was outraged when the cia told them the russians were putting missiles into cuba.
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>> there was intelligence before 9/11, before a number of issues. so specifically what do you think the senator would do differently, which is the beginning of the question, what would he do specifically different? >> well, to start you have sortis that are very -- pinprick photo-op foreign policy that's going on in isis now, we do very little. during the gulf war we were doing as many as 1,200 sortis a day. if you were serious about defeating isis, you would defeat them. would you arm the kurds, get them the weapons that they need and summon the resources and lead. this president has not led. he has let others lead and he's left a vacuum. when you leave a vacuum, it is filled. in this case, it's filled by evil. so isis is filling the vacuum. there's no question in my mind that if america had the will, we
6:12 am
would defeat isis. this president has refused to accept that isis are our enemy. he won't even name our enemy. he won't call it radical islamic terrorism. there are 183 anti-muslim motivated crimes last year in a country that's nearly 400 million strong. there's no anti-muslim bias in america yet he spent more time lecturing the american people on that than he did telling us how he was going to defeat isis. >> so you don't have an issue for the candidate in the republican party saying that part of the future plans for america should be to not allow any muslim into the united states. you don't find that problem ati. >> i didn't say i didn't find it
6:13 am
problematic. it's not our policy. it's not our government's policy. but people are concerned. the attacks occurring from fort hood to knoxville, to san been, these are people who have claim allegiance to islam. that's just an abject fact. we don't support banning muslims from immigrating to the country but we have to confront there is a problem in the is lom being world when all these people are attacking you us and claiming they're muslim. there and i not just muslims attacking americans. there are others that are also attacking americans that were born and raised in the united states that maybe have a leejs and to other religions. but let talk about the polls. other recent polls in iowa still show donald trump in lead. what's the senator's formula? what's his game plan to win? >> our game plan what been the
6:14 am
same, liberate from tea party to evangelicals and have them coalesce around our campaign, which is why the monomoth poll showed we were in the lead in iowa and we'll continue to do that across the country, particularly in the south carolina and march 1st states in the sec primary. we'll continue to do that and continue to build from there. >> rick, thank you so much for being with me i appreciate you being the time to be on the show. it's good to see you. coming up next, we tack about the reality of what donald trump says. can he actually keep muslims from entering the united states? stay with us. yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service.
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and for more reaction on donald trump's comments, i'm joined by kelly o'donnell. good morning. >> good morning. bernie sanders, no surprise that he would weigh in on a subject like this, a real opening for him to say what he thinks. like most politicians these days, he does it by twitter. >> he says the u.s. is a strong nation when we stand together, we are weak when we allow race imand xenophobia to divide us.
6:19 am
and he cc'd to donald trump. now, the lien is in baltimore is right now he's out in the community with african-american leaders, civic and religious to just make a connection here. of course in baltimore the trial related to the death of freddy gray is going on and that is really a flash point. and this is an opportunity for bernie sanders to try to bridge into a community where he will honestly tell you he has fewer sort of obvious voters in his history in the senate winning many times over from the state of vermont, he has just not had as many contacts and opportunities in the. community. when you look at the calendar for the democrat beiic primary, south carolina will become very important. there's a very large african-american voting block there. his cam pan has been working for more outreach there. we expect a news conference with
6:20 am
bernie sanders after he does his neighborhood tour. we'll see what more he may be willing to say as this has bubbled up and now into a second day, sort of this whole conversation about when it is it too much, how far has trump gone, will other republicans call him out? we've seen some of that. what will it mean in his th race. is it a turning point or just another bombastic point from donald trump? this is a natural lane for bernie sanders and i expect he'll rtry to make the most of it. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. >> i want to bring in the national executive director on the council of islamic american
6:21 am
relations. thank you for coming in this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> setting aside the legality of the trump plan, how are his words echoing not on here in the united states but in the rest of the world. >> he's making america look bad around the rest of the world, very unpresidential. he's expressing anger more than policy or measured thinking and americans do not expect someone who wants to assume the highest office in the land to be very angry, just to express hatred towards minorities like mexicans, african-americans, people with disabilities and muslims. this is the last thing america needs is a person who projects america as hateful, as someone who is anti-immigrant and he forgot that america is the land of immigration and the land of
6:22 am
immigrants. so unfortunately his words are damaging the brand of the republican party. they have to denounce him immediately. unfortunately, as i said, he's causing division, not unity and that's a time of unity, especially after the trerrorist attack, we need leaders who will unify the nation and not become a fear mongerer. >> here's a moment for connempa and contrast. >> nine days after 9/11 george bush gave his peace speech. what happened the other day was the worst attack on american soil since 9/11 but, gosh, the row action's been different.
6:23 am
>> definitely. we disagreed with president bush on many of his policies, but, you know, i give him credit for standing by the muslim community, for setting the tone for the entire nation and the world, that this was not against islam, this was against the terrorists and the terrorists and isis are our common enemy. what isis wants from us as americans, it's to turn against one another. and that's why i say donald trump is playing into the hand of isis and he's doing them a huge service by just helping them recruit, by alienating american muslims and muslims world wide. this is the last thing america needs. >> some people like trump and others say, well, the muslim communities needs to be more engaged in fighting against this, you know, radical islamic terrorism, that the muslim community is not doing enough.
6:24 am
that's what they say. what do you say? >> not true. the government will say that it has a huge partnership with the muslim community nationwide and with muslims around the world. you know, let's remember that the vast majority of the victims of isis are muslims. and muslims are the main ones who are fighting isis since its beginning. so for donald trump to paint the entire muslim world and muslim community here is irresponsible. >> i appreciate your coming on this this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> i'm joined by legal correspondent ari melber. let me ask the question, what
6:25 am
have you found? >> what i found in talking to a range of constitutional experts as well as looking at the plain language of the constitution is that donald trump's plan is flatly illegal and unconstitutional. it raises the question of what are we even doing? are we being basically subjected in to treating this more seriously than we should? donald trump in his statements, including that long interview on "morning joe" that was fascinating today doesn't seem to care. he doesn't seem to care. the public will have to figure out whether they care. you've got the first amendment which says congress shall make no law establishing a religion or establishing the exercising there of. you have the fifth amendment which says no person can be deprived of due process of law, which can protect not on
6:26 am
citizens but noncitizens against unequal or unacceptable classifications. in the modern era that includes religion and race. just because someone is not a citizen done mean the government can be religiously bigoted against them. and you have equal protection principles and a scholarly said it would be impossible to administer as for how -- we don't classify people by religion for good reason in this country. that's not on your passport. this isn't germany from a long time ago. we don't do that. as a practical matter, even if you thought this was something
6:27 am
somebody wand to explore, this this kate donald trump, nobody else. you wouldn't know how to do it. he said we could ask people at the prt? it's only -- i'm thinking of the ghettos, poland, the camps in cuba in 1960 threw '64, the first years of the castro ref luce when if you looked gay, that was the term, you could be sent to these camps. but authoritarian and totalitarian religion eegimes d to be based on rule of law. >> that's right. and as journalists, we still have to be able to be clear
6:28 am
about what the laws' values, ethics and precedents are. that's what donald trump is running up against. that's not the on test. whether some self-selected krout crowd of people are cleaning some eight. >> this is a it goes it reince priebus and how they decide what the boundaries are. david duke was driven out as a member of the republican party because of his hate. we all know donald trump gets a lot of interviews, as do other candidates. he is, of course, a legit candidate in the sense that he's got polling and public support, pu there is a question here over how we confront this kind of hate, which as i can tell you legally is so far out of the mainstream and illegal that -- >> but, ari, if we look at our
6:29 am
own political history, there have been presidents on both side of the aisle who ran based on hate and they did pretty well. >> a dixiecrat and a democrat. >> there have been many. >> your question is what is or responsibility as well. and more than the leaders of the republican, just the pop in johnson. >> the public. >> the public have to start paying attention. if they think this is something the united states should be all about well, then, you know. >>. >> what he thanksgiving like these have happened before in different countries and the
6:30 am
ending has neff been good. >> much more this morning, ari. turns out figures now believe the killer's couple radical views went become years. there you see them. so why didn't anyone see the sign? a live report next. ts. no accid. that is until one of you clips a food truck,no accid. ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. hand apparently, they also lovee stickers. g. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research.
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the fbi says despite interviewing hundreds of people who knew syed farook and his wife, tashfeen malik, there are still many questions. >>we do believe they have been radicalized for some time. the question is where did that happen and house of representatives did that happen?
6:34 am
we don't know those answers at this point. >> blake mccoy is live for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. it's not necessarily a pesh. they could have been self-radicalized via the pint net. we are also learning this morning that the two were frequenting gun ranges in the area, target practicing in days, week and months before this attack. this was certainly a planned a tack in the eyes of the foob it wills the fbi is still trying to drm exactly how marquez gave the weapons to farook, whether this were purchased specifically for him or sold at a later date. we do know that marquez has been
6:35 am
interview. back here at the site of the original shooting. woor close to arereopened this morning and investigators insize saying this want to know exactly what happens, wool will hear from speaker of the house paul ryan. we'll get reactions from the hill here on msnbc. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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reactions pouring in from capitol hill following donald trump as controversial kmenlts about blocking muslims from entering the united states. senator john mccain saying, quote, it just foolish. and democratic congressman keith ellis saying demagogues like trump appear to the worse of people. americans know that we're braver and better than this. joining me now from washington, d.c., like russert and msnpc contributor and huffington post editor ryan grim. luke, what are you hearing on the hill? >> i think a reaction is a race to get as far away from these comment as humanly possible, jose. members view them as toxic. these types of kmnts are
6:40 am
actually harmful to american service members overseas and do pose a national security threat. but take a lock at what senator. >> these views do not re flebt sear i don't see thought. and pal ryan has a press conference coming up the 10:00 a.m. i expect him to reiterate these statements made by hit og coons some sort of condemnation
6:41 am
when he comes out. it's one thung to condemn a religious test, we'll see how far he goes. this is a real kind of crisis moment for the republican party and for country has a hole. this is an outright fascistic thing. for it to be allowed to have any control in the party, exits treemly damaging to the republican party or it with the political person but then is trt the paeb remember attend it in the bake has to thnt did there
6:42 am
as long as that kaeries on, we're still in that what trump is saying and doing and standing for could hurt the republican party, in the even if alive, look at the pap. . you have colorado, illinois, pennsylvania, you have new hampshire, you have has to mess
6:43 am
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mine wheel support for mill hill saw a slight decline. bren, it's good to see you. >> great to be on your show jose. >> let's talk numbers. latinos answered this for hillary clinton. 55% felt positive or somewhat positive in september. that dropped to 51 in december. donald trump jumped from 13 to 17%, marco rue youb dipped from
6:48 am
2 to 27. what do that tell you about hillary clinton. >> >> hillary clinton still draws a surprisable legal from the human owe activity. . it's a long campaign. you'll see these number moving and a little bit. hillary still has some work to do obviously before the election takes place but i think these are pretty strong numbers. >> it been kind of common talk that a presidential candidate needs at least 40% of the latino vote in order to have that margin and win is what is from nger, and envelope it's surprising to see they've gone a little bit in favorability given that tlum 's rhetoric has on encrease in terms of his hit
6:49 am
tread toward minorities. this is a serious, serious problem for them. they've got to to do something about it. if trump's alud to wreak hammock, bit dling in it many i don't know, jeb bush, the former florida governor, who has a very specific proposal on immigration reform, hoose trel if not really having an impact on this cushion think there as been relk tans or o in and the longer they let it
6:50 am
go on, the >> i think jeb bush is actually been one of the few candidates in the republican primary that's actually ha lly taken him on th hasn't worked too well, why the others are kind of holding back. >> briefly tell me about the efforts to get people connected to the american political process and to register to vote and to not let others make decisions for them. >> we're an organization that's been around for 87 years and throughout that entire time we've encouraged latinos to become citizens, to register to vote and participate in the american democracy, not just at elections but throughout the years where you are actually engaging in the discussion of issues and making sure we connect with our elected officials. for this particular campaign we're letting up 22 different
6:51 am
states. we'll be actively registering latino voters. we've already done a lot off work helping them become citizens. for ot first time we're actually getting involved in the caucuses and primaries. we've actually got a big campaign in iowa right now to try to turn out 40,000 latino voters in the iowa caucuses. we are excited about that. that could really be a game changer. >> you look great for being 87 years old. >> thank you, jose. >> take care. after the broke we want to turn back to the investigation in san bernardino. there are still so many questions about how the killer couple became radicalized. what makes one turn to that side? but first, a band in paris, this time along one of the world's most popular bands, u2. >> these are our brothers. our fellow troubadors.
6:52 am
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law enforcement now believe the married couple behind the horrific attacks in san bernardino, california had been radicalized for some time. nbc's joe fryar looks into how people like this couple in california became radicalized. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. the fbi said the internet often plays a huge role in radicalization these days. we still don't know if that's what happened with this specific couple. experts say radicalization is a complex topic and not everyone follows the same path. as investigators piece together what led to the deadly shooting, they still can't say if she radicalized her husband. >> where did that happen and by whom and where. >> reporter: experts say those who align with isis do so for a
6:56 am
variety of reasons. they want a sense of belonging, something bigger than themselves. some go for religious reasons or what they perceive to be religious reasons and some go for just thrill seeking. >> reporter: the program on extremism at george washington university studied 71 people arrested in america for isis related charges over the past couple years. their profiles run the gamut. some were rich, some were poor. 61 were men, 10 were women. the oldest was 47 years old, but the average age was 26 and in one-third of the cases they were 21 or younger. like farooking with the vast majority were u.s. citizens. they also followed those believed to be isis supporters on social media. many were gradually groomed over weeks, even morntnths. >> everyone kind of knows each other. if you're viewed as against that, they simply block you and kick you out of the circle.
6:57 am
>> reporter: recruiters are very quick at picking out someone's vulnerabiliti vulnerabilities. >> if they know that through this grooming process, you have a sordid past, for example, you had a past with drugs or crime, they will engage in what they call a redemption narrative. >> reporter: but time and time again, experts told us radicalization does not necessarily lead to terrorism. >> people who hold radical ideas and express radical viewpoints often are not violent and the people who engage in violence often do not have any adherence to any radical ideology. >> reporter: bottom line -- despite years of research, experts say there is no consistent profile. they've seen a variety of racists, they've seen people from big and small towns, they've even seen teenage girls. >> joe fryar, thank you very much. we have much more ahead on our next hour, including donald trump's interview with "morning
6:58 am
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good morning. once again i'm jose diaz-balart. this morning donald trump is doing a media blitz trying to clarify, but not walk back, his antimuslim remarks. the reading republican presidential candidate calling for a ban on muslims coming in to the united states. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on! [ cheers and asplapplause ] >> nbc's hallie jackson joins me this morning. do you get a sense this is different perhaps from the comments trump has made in the
7:02 am
past, i don't know -- about mccain or what he said about the undocumented mexicans crossing into the united states. >> the biggest difference to me, the comments about mccain happened in july. and what have we seen over the last six months? donald trump's come out and said things that are inflammatory, that many consider controversial and nothing has stuck to him. i think that is the biggest difference between what's happening now and what's happening then. we have seen trump go through this time and time again. he's continued not just to rise in the polls but to dominate this republican field. he is the republican front-runner coming out saying the things he is saying and still doing okay among his supporters broadening the republican base as we've been talking about. so that i think is why it is probably not safe for pundits to come out and say that this could be the end for donald trump. we haven't seen it yet in the past. >> yeah. but is it really broadening the republican base? is that what he's doing? >> when you look at the bails of his support, people that some more him in the polls -- use
7:03 am
yesterday's polls. the cnn poll showed donald trump on top in iowa, monmouth showed ted cruz on top in iowa. it's not that the polling is so radically different, you look at the people they are talking to. that particular cnn poll was talking to a much broader group of people, people who maybe lean republican but haven't necessarily voted or caucused in the past. people who donald trump apparently is bringing in to the political sphere, bringing in to the political discussion. will those people go out and vote? that remains to be seen. you look at other polls that just sort of focus on people who have actually voted republican in the past, a tighter group of potential primary caucusers or voters and that's where you see guys like ted cruz surge. >> on the other hand, there are few candidates that can bring in the crowds that trump gets consistently. >> legitimately he talks about all the time. he complains almost every time that the media does not report on the numbers of people, the thousands of people that he brings in. i think many might contest that when you look at some of these
7:04 am
crowd figures but he certainly brings in a lot of people when he shows up at these campaign events and he shows up and does these rallies. they're often later in the evening, 7:00 at night, so people after work can come out and see him speak. >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. donald trump doubled down on his must proposal on "morning joe." here's the first part of that interview. >> i'm worried this is rhetoric that is fueling hatred and alienation and possibly some worse. >> well, i think you should be more scared by what's going on. this morning we learned that $28,000 was poured into this guy's account, this horrible person that did the shooting along with his wife, his radicalized wife. and i think you should be more scared about that, by far, than anything that i'm saying. i'm using common sense. i've spoken in front of thousands of people last night. there were thousands of people -- were your reporters are reporting it. thousands of people outside of the yorktown, this tremendous
7:05 am
ship that couldn't hold all the people. it is the biggest crowd they've ever had on the "yorktown." and thousands of people couldn't get in. they gave a standing ovation as soon as they heard. what it is is common sense. now remember this. until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on -- because we don't know what's going on. you have the world trade center 1. remember this, you had the world trade center knocked down. people are forgetting. they tried to knock it down a number of years before that. should have taken out bin laden -- and i did mention in my book -- and joe was nice enough to say wow, trump actually talked about bin laden before the world trade center. before the world trade center came down. i think that's right, i think joe will confirm that. somebody else said that. >> donald? >> yes. >> i mean almost every high-ranking member of the republican party and candidates, they're all condemning your plan and your comments.
7:06 am
do you see what's happening? >> they're condemning practically everything i said, then they always come to my side. they were condemning the wall. they were condemning illegal immigration. they were condemning all of the things that i've been espousing, and now most of them are on my side. and the ones that aren't on my side are down to about zero in the polls and they're not going to go anywhere. >> but donald -- >> i seen the couple of people last night came out. not everybody really has condemned it. i don't want to get into names but not everyone really has condemned. if you want to be specific, there are a number that didn't condemn. but if you look at illegal immigration and the wall and the strength in borders and the kind of things that we have to do for safety of our country, everybody was against me. i took heat like nobody did. made this look like baby stuff, the first two weeks when i announced that i was running for president. and now everybody's fighting to be tougher than me on immigration. >> i understand you're not afraid of controversy.
7:07 am
>> this has nothing to do with controversy. when i denounced illegal immigration, i took more heat and everybody now agrees with me in one form or another. >> let me ask you this. let me ask you this. do you believe that we need members of the muslim-american community, of the muslim community around the world to help fight the war on terror? and perhaps that this is incredibly counterproductive? >> no, i think it's something that has to be done. i think it's a temporary move. i'm not looking at this long term. i'm looking at it temporary. we have to get our heads around a very serious problem. look what happened in paris, the ho horrible carnage. frankly, mika, if you look at paris -- i hate to do this, because the xham ber of commeco is going to go crazy. there are sections of paris where police refuse to go in there. there are places in london and
7:08 am
some other places that are so radicalized that the police are afraid for their own lives. we have to be very smart, very vigilant. we have to find out who gave this guy $28,000, put it into his account. how many other $28,000 checks were made? are there thousands all over the country? when you say you're afraid, i think you should be afraid. you should be afraid of the other side, not my side. i want to get our hands around a very difficult situation. >> all right, donald. >> joe, one other thing. >> hold on. you got to let us ask questions. you can't just talk. you got to let us ask questions. you're just talking. >> all right. no, no, i'm not just talking. joe, i'm not just talking. i'm giving you the facts. >> we will go to break if you keep talking. we're going -- >> go to break then, joe. all i'm doing is giving you the fact and you don't want to hear the facts. >> go to break right now. we've got a lot of people around the table who would love to ask you some questions. i want to just ask you a couple questions. first of all, it seems to me that going after all muslims, banning all muslims from coming here as counterproductive, those
7:09 am
pictures with you when you see little 7-year-old kids being screened by the tsa, seems to me just in terms of policing, we should focus -- we should target on the muslims that we have a reason to believe need to have the most law enforcement focused on them. isn't it count productive and unconstitutional to just have this broad approach towards all muslims? >> well, it's not unconstitutional keeping people out, frankly, until we get a hold of what's going on, joe. when you look at franklin roosevelt, highly respected president. take a look at presidential proclamations back a long time ago, 25, 25, 25, 26 and 25, 27. what he was doing with germans, italians and japanese because he had to do it. because, look, we are at war with radical islam. we are at war, joe, whether we like it or not. >> i agree with that, donald. you certainly aren't proposing
7:10 am
internment camps. >> i am not proposing that. you have to look at his presidential proclamations. it was tough stuff. but it wasn't internment. not talking about the japanese internment kamcamps, no, not atl but we have to get our hands around a very serious problem. you will have more bigger than the world trade center if we don't toughen up, smarten up and use our heads. >> willie. >> you said you want to do this for just a few weeks, not long term, until, "we can figure out what the hell is going on." what will you be looking for to know if the coast is clear? >> i didn't say a few weeks. maybe it could be blue hopefully we need people to get their arms around the situation. it is a terrible situation. i will go a step further. you have to look at areas that have become radicalized in other places. they are not the same places, willie. they are places that you do not want to go to. you do not want to take your
7:11 am
family there. you do not want to talk through the streets. even the police don't want to walk through the streets. >> where is that, donald? >> paris. look at paris. take a look at radicalized areas, the muslim areas in paris. the police won't go there. >> where? where though? where are you hearing that? >> oh, it's all over. it's all over the place. i know paris. i mean it's all over the place. take a trip to paris some time, joe, and enjoy yourself. >> you know, i hardly ever get out of escambia county, florida. but when i do, i might look at paris. do you know what parts of paris specifically? >> no. i can get you the information. joe, it's well known, well documented. i will get you the information. >> donald, just to follow up, what you're talking about is finding solutions to a huge global problem. how will you know when it is time to open the borders of the united states to muslims again? that could go on -- >> all it can be is a feel or a
7:12 am
touch. we have to find it out. look, how many more people have gotten checks put into their accounts? obviously somebody gave them money and i hope that the fbi and our great law enforcement are able to figure this out. but they have tremendous money. i said knock out the oil. nobody listened to me, nobody knocked out the oil. i said check the banking systems. they're very intricate banking webs. isis, i'm talking about. nobody checks the banking systems. they have tremendous money. how many other people are given $28,000 or more, or less, to go out and do destruction like these two animals did the other day in california? we have a very, very serious problem and we can solve the problem but we have to solve it through intelligence and we have to solve it through toughness. >> this is nicole. >> hi, nicole. i hope your father still likes me. >> i was going to ask you about your supporters. you have a lot of supporters and they have been drawn to your strength and your straight talk
7:13 am
for many, many months. you've been in the top of the republican field for a long time now. do you feel any obligation to them to balance your passion for these issues, in the wake of the paris attacks, san bernardino, the things that comport with our values and our constitution? >> yeah, i do. i have an obligation not just to my supporters, to the country. i mean i feel i have a great obligation to the country. and i think i'm saying something that has to be said. not all the candidates, by the way, that i'm running against have come out and scorned me for this. i'm using common sense and i'm using something that we have to use. but you're going to have other world trade centers. you are going to have other cities being blown up and we don't want that. we don't want that to happen. that's going to happen. we have very, very lax laws. we have a president that's incompetent. we have a president that made a speech the other night that was, at the end of the speech, i said what did he say? he didn't say anything. he said nothing. >> so, donald, i agree with you
7:14 am
on that, too. but let me ask you this. a week or two ago you said that you got muslim-american friends, that most of the muslims are good people. >> wonderful people. >> do you still believe that that most muslims are good, wonderful people? >> oh, yes, i do. and i do have friends. by the way, my friends agree with me. my friends say when they become radicalized, they become different people. >> i'm going to propose a little challenge to you here. dwight eisenhower in 1957 went to an islamic center in washington, d.c. what if you and i go to an islamic center in washington, d.c.? or we can go to a mosque somewhere in new york and just talk to muslims there. would you be interested in doing that? >> i would. but talk is cheap. talk is very easy. if you talk to these two people, these two horrible people, everyone said they were normal. now -- that they were not radicalized. nobody knew. now the fact is that many people knew, joe. the neighbors knew. >> you know, you and i both know if we're going to win the war against isis, if we're going to stop terror in america, we have
7:15 am
to make sure the muslim-american community is on our side. it's like community policing. you've seen -- my gosh, you were tough on crime in new york city in the 1980s. you took out full-page ads. then you had giuliani, bloomberg and others coming together and they did community policing. so if you see something, you report something. >> i've always been tough on crime. >> don't we need to do the same thing, where muslim-americans see themselves as part of the american fabric where they're on our side against the radicals? shouldn't we reach out to them? >> i want them to be on our side, joe. i hope they are on our side. many people knew what was going on if that thug's apartment. many people. i watched a sister being interviewed. i think she's lying. >> many more didn't know, donald. we will be hearing more from donald trump defending his call to ban all muslims from coming in to the united states. coming up.
7:16 am
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7:19 am
let's get back to the msnbc conversation with donald trump that took place earlier today. joe scarborough starts off by challenging trump over whether his plan will actually do more harm than good. >> imagine if we can engage the muslim community more actively if america, then it is more likely that those thugs that you describe likely be reported to police. right? >> i think that's great, joe. it sounds good and it is beautiful words. but the sad part is if you just look at this example of what just took place in california, many people knew that there's some really strange and bad things going on. one guy said -- and even more than one guy -- about racial
7:20 am
profiling. i didn't want to report him because i didn't want to be a racial profiler. give me a break. it wasn't a racial profile. what i'm saying is this, joe. we have to use our heads, we have to be strong, we have to be vigilant. until we can get our hands around the situation we have to do something and we have to do it now. if you look at some of the statistics that came out -- i don't flow if you read this, but 25% of those polled agreed that violence against americans here in the united states is justified as part of the global jihad. these are people living in the united states -- >> is that the frank gaffney poll? >> that's a gaffney poll and they also have a pew research poll. >> the two report different. pew's a lot more respectable than gaffney's poll. >> dick cheney is not running against you for president and i don't think he is considered a guy who is politically correct. he described what you're proposing goes against everything we stand for and
7:21 am
believe in. what do you think he means by that and do you have any sympathy for that point of view? >> i have sympathy for everything. i understand all points of view. i'm just saying i know how to get things done and i'm getting it done. if we continue to go on the path we're doing, we're losing to isis in the war because we have a president that doesn't know how to fight the war, we have a president that doesn't even know what to call the term. >> mr. trump, explain you have sympathy for it. what do you think means when he says it goes against everything we stand for and believe in. >> he wants to make everybody inclusive. i don't know if he feels that way. if he did, maybe he wouldn't have gotten us into that horrible war in iraq. which i was opposed to. people think i'm militant. i'm so militant that i'm the only one program clay thactical can say was opposed to the war in iraq because they said it would destabilize the middle east. i fully understand what people say and hopefully this doesn't take long.
7:22 am
but our people, law enforcement in particular, has to get their hands around the gig problem. how many other checks were sent to people all over the country that have been radicalized? nobody knew this guy was radicalized. >> you agree this goes against american values? >> well, no. because fdr did it. if you look at it. they said the same thing when i said we have to do strong borders. then they look back, in 1954 at dwight eisenhower, i like ike. his theme was "i like ike." everybody liked ike. >> did the japanese internment camps go against american values? >> we have to be smart, mark, and we have to be vigilant. if we're not going to be smart and vigilant -- and honestly, we also have to be tough. we're not going to have a country. >> did the internment of the japanese violate american values? >> we're not talkinging about internment. this is a whole different thing. you're asking me a different
7:23 am
question. >> i'm ask something you this question. >> let me ask you this. >> did the internment camps violate your sense of values? >> mark, what about franklin roosevelt's presidential proclamations, 25, 25, 25, 26, and 25, 27. take a look at it, mark. >> let me ask you one more time. did the internment of japanese violate your sense of values? >> that's not what we're doing. you're asking me a different question. mark, that's -- it's wonderful that you ask me that. that's an entirely different question. has no relationship to what i'm talking about. >> gene robinson, jump in. >> donned, yo >> donald, your campaign has changed. when you started your campaign you were appealing to people's aspirations. you're not appealing to their fears. the basis fears. i want to know do you feel good
7:24 am
about what you're doing? >> no. i want to see a country where we can live in peace, where buildings aren't going to be blown up, where people aren't going to walk into a room with innocent people with no guns because there's no second amendment for those people, unfortunately. they didn't have guns. if they had guns it would have been a different story but i really want where people aren't going to walk into a place and shoot everybody and they have no protection. gene, we have a world trade center got knocked down almost twice. the first time -- people forget the first time. but we have other things happening. we have isis that wants to destroy us. and we take people openly and then we find out they become radicalized. and what you do is you have to look at other parts of the world and see what happens when this happens. it is a very, very serious problem for our country. coming up, trump's assertion that the muslim community is not doing enough to help track terrorists. more after the break.
7:25 am
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7:28 am
community is not helping the u.s. root out would-be terrorists. here's more of the msnbc interview from earlier today. >> donald, along with this plan you're proposing, i know that you and joe talked a little bit about engaging muslims and you called it beautiful words. but i do want to take it further and ask you, along with your plan -- let's say it could actually be carried out -- what would you do alongside that to engage the muslim community here in america and around the world? >> well, i wouldn't want to engage the muslim community but the muslim community has to help us, mika. they're not helping us. the muslim community is not reporting what's going on. they should be reporting that their next-door neighbor is making pipe bombs and they've got them all over the place. the mothers in the apartment. other people. his friend was buying him rifles. nobody was reported that. the muslim community has to help
7:29 am
us because without the muslim community, we would have to get very tough and much tougher and i don't want to have to do that. muslim community is not a one-way street. the muslim community knew that this guy what he was doing and his wife, his very heavily radicalized wife with be they knew what they were doing was wrong. nobody called the police. nobody said this is what happened. one person said, no, he didn't call the police because he didn't want to be a racial profiler -- >> donald, you can't generalize from this one incident and say that muslims aren't helping law enforcement officers across america because they are. >> i don't think they are much, joe. they are to a very little extent. but not nearly to the extent that -- look, not nearly to the extent that they should be. >> willie. >> donald, back to what you called temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states. i get the concept but i want to know how it works practically. say a man and his friend want to travel -- >> willie, there's certainly
7:30 am
going to be exceptions made like for instance events and other things. hopefully it wouldn't take long. but by doing this what we really need help from are the muslims that do know what's going on, the neighbors of people looking to do harm. they have to call the police. >> i understand that. you've made that point. religion doesn't appear on a path forward. there will be questioning at the border in europe before they got to the united states? would it happen here in america? how would this work? >> it could happen at the site, it could happen here, it could happen in many different forms, willie. i don't think it would be for an extended period of time. we have to get our hands around this situation. >> donald, a customs agent would then ask the person his or her religion? >> that would be -- they would say are you muslim? >> if they said yes, they would not be allowed in in the country. >> that's correct. >> mark halperin. >> mr. trump, i gathered you were supposed to attend a national committee fund-raiser tomorrow and now you're not. are you not going?
7:31 am
and if not, why not? >> i honestly don't know anything about it. i'm funding my own campaign so i don't need money, to put it mildly. i don't know anything about a fund-raiser tomorrow. i'm funding my own campaign. >> this is a fund-raiser for the republican party. >> i don't know if i'm going or not. i have no idea. i didn't know it was on my schedule, frankly. all i know is i'm funding my own campaign. i'm not getting money from the special interests, from the lobbyists and the donors like every other candidate. >> when you say that some of the other republican candidates have been critical of you, who are you referring to? >> i haven't heard from cruz. i haven't heard from -- rand paul somebody said came out with a proposal that was similar, actually, and in many ways more broad. i had heard that. i doubt he will comment on me. i wouldn't say that i'm his favorite person. of course he's not doing too well. maybe because of me. bup rand paul i think has got a proposal that was pretty severe.
7:32 am
actually cruz's proposal was pretty severe, too. but not everybody. most of the ones that are, guys like kasich, he's got no polling numbers. he's made a fool out of himself. he's one of the worst debaters i've ever seen and some of the others are just people that are just hanging around. >> ted cruz says he did disagree with the policy. "the new york times" saying you chose to make this an issue because polls show you behind in iowa. >> i don't call it "the new york times," i call it the failing, money-losing "new york times." cnn came out with a poll yesterday that has me clobbering everybody in iowa. another poll came out where i was a little bit behind cruz in iowa. only in iowa. nationwide i'm leading in every other poll. one outlier came up yesterday -- i disagree with their polling methods and data but cnn, which does do very good polling. they're highly respected. came out with a poll where -- am
7:33 am
i correct, mark? >> reporter: do you want to correct me? i was absolutely clobbering everybody. do you agree with that? >> you're ahead in that cnn, poll. >> no, no, not "ahead," mark. how much ahead was i, mark? >> way ahead. so how would a ban of muslims entering the united states affect our relations overseas. donald trump answers that question and much more. but next more on the head of the council on muslim-american relations. i spoke to him. >> this is the last thing america needs. a person who projects as america as anti-immigration. he forgot america is the land of immigration and a land of immigrants. unfortunately, his words are damaging the brand of the republican party and they just have to denounce him immediately. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition,
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7:37 am
and this next part. he is questioned about the impact a ban on muslims would affect our american relationships overseas. >> mr. trump, you could become our future president. how do you think your first meetings with leaders of say the united ash d arab emirates whe are a superb ally to flanked missions over iraq. how do you think those meetings would go for implementing a policy? >> i think i'll get along great with them. i've always been a unifier. i've even gotten along with joe and mika for years. if you can do that, you can do anything. >> but you don't think -- >> by the way, he's not a unifier, he's a divider. president obama. >> you're at the top of the polls. you seem to be on track to be our party's nominee. you don't see any danger to our relationships around the world when you propose banning the
7:38 am
world's 1.5 billion muslims from entering our country indefinitely? >> nicolle, let's talk about our relationships around the world. >> sir -- >> we don't have relationships around the world. every country that we're supposed -- russia hates us. china hates us. we're not talking too much with the muslim problem there. but you go around the middle east blew up around president obama and hillary clinton. it's a war zone. you look at iraq, you look at iran. iran just took us to the cleaners with a deal where they got $150 billion and they can have all the nuclear weapons -- within ten years they'll have more nuclear weapons than we ever had. when you say about our relationships with other countries, for the most part we have no relationships with other countries. we have been in free fall as far as relationships are concerned. i guarantee you, our relationships will be far better than they are right now, because right now we have no -- we have a president that was not meant to be president. he is a disaster.
7:39 am
>> you've wave the ban for the middle eastern countries. >> of course. >> we hawere engaged in a cold r where the actual balance of the human race hung in the balance. we feared nuclear war. we still let russians come to america though, despite the fact that the danger was actually greater, if you looked at the cold war and mutually assured destruction. if we had banned russians from emigrating to this country, we wouldn't have google. >> joe, take a look back at roosevelt and look at the alien germans. they called them alien germans, alien italians, alien japanese. because we with at war, joe. we're at war right now, whether you like it or not. we are at war with radical islam. >> donald, donald, i agree with
7:40 am
you. >> joe, the president doesn't agree with you. >> it seems to me that your approach divides muslim-americans and don't make them feel like they have a stake in the american dream. i believe -- and you look. i think muslim-americans have buying power of about $100 billion in this country. there are great entrepreneurs that are muslim-americans. law abiding muslim-americans. they actually employ tens of thousands of americans. i want them on our side. i want muslims across the world on our side. >> joe, so do i. but i said it will divide. they're already divided, joe. >> "they." you say "they." >> joe, joe. >> if we had 90%, don't we want -- you're great at making deals! you understand you make deals by drawing people in and giving as many people on your side. it seems to me the last thing you want to do is divide the
7:41 am
very people that you want to be on our side. muslims are on our side in america and across the world. we win this war against isis. >> joe, we're not winning anything right now. >> no, we're not. >> do you think we're wirning against isis? >> i just said, no, we're not. i talk about how we win the war ultimately. >> joe, we will win by being tough, by being firm, by being smart. right now things are going on right now that you or i don't know about. right now there are things that are going on that so-called people on our side are not reporting it, they're not talking about it and in some cases they're involved with it. i'll give you an example. some of our so-called allies that we work with and we protect and we protect them militarily, they're sending massive amounts of money to isis and to al qaeda and to others. >> who are you talking about there? >> you know who it is. what do i have to bring it up
7:42 am
for? >> because you're running for president. >> joe, joe. other countries are giving massive amounts of money. people from other countries are giving massive amounts of money. >> are you saying the saudis are doing this? >> of course they're doing it. everybody knows that. >> any other countries? >> there are but i'm not going to say it because i have a lot of relationships with people. but there are. you know that. and everybody knows that. and nobody says it. nobody talks about it. >> you're not even saying the countries that are doing it right now. why aren't you willing to name those -- you say you have a lot of relationships there. >> joe, check your records and our government knows the country. one of them happens to be saudi arabia. our government knows that. and why aren't we doing anything about it? why aren't we being firm as to why are we allowing that to happen? >> why don't you think we are? >> what? >> why don't you think we are doing anything about it? >> because i think we have an incompetent president. >> is he the only president that has had a policy basically --
7:43 am
>> no, i think our previous president did not do the job. i wasn't exactly a big fan. as you know. i may be a republican but i wasn't exactly a big fan. i'm the one who called osama bin laden -- i would have had osama bin laden knocked out and maybe the world trade center as it was would have been standing right now. up next, donald trump sparking a nerve both here and abroad. reaction from his rivals and developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is? by day, they must stay warm. challenges to the feet.
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7:47 am
in the house working every day to uphold and to defend the constitution. some of our best and biggest allies in this struggle and fight against radical islamic terror are muslims. >> speaker paul ryan just moments ago reacting to donald trump's call to ban muslim immigrants from coming into the united states. covering our beat, msnbc political correspondent steve kornacki, senior editor cal perry and chief legal correspondent ari melber. gentlemen, good morning. trump's supporters seem to be standing by him, even giving him a standing ovation last night. are his supporters voters? >> that's the key question with donald trump. he does much better the broader you make the potential republican electorate when you start factoring in people who maybe don't normally vote in republican primaries. he does better with those voters. people who tend to vote more frequently in republican primaries does a little bit less. there is that question can he sort of build a bigger pie. but interestingly, you look at all the condemnation that's out
7:48 am
there from the left, from the right, from the middle on these, he is -- there is something potentially broad that he's tapping in to here. there's an interesting poll that was taken about a month ago of all americans, and asked is the question is islam itself compatible with american values and the american way of life? 56% of people in this poll said it isn't. 41% said that it is. a majority. this cut across religious lines all different religious groups agreed with this. 43% of democrats were saying that islam is at odds with american values. when you look at numbers like that, you see that donald trump is at least potentially with this rhetoric tapping into something that's a lot broader. we tend to say with trump, it is about the republican base. it is potentially broader than just the republican base. the question is all this condemnation like you are playing there from paul ryan, does that start to move those numbers. >> cal, the condemnation in the
7:49 am
past, some of trump's earlier controversial statements, it's actually helped boost him in the polls. >> yeah. this is unfortunately playing into a lot of things, tapping into so many things but it is also happening into what exactly isis is going for. we have a reference point here on how isis recruits on the message they put out, it's their magazine. this is a monthly publication. its sole purpose is to recruit more and more followers. we have a quote we want to show our viewers. this is from the magazine that came out shortly after the negotiations with iran. the magazine lays out -- i'm quoting with be this is their language -- "this is exactly what is going on. this is not a war against arabs. this is a war against islam." so this is something that isis has been presenting to its supporters. they've been saying that this will happen in america. the magazine very clearly laying this out. so a lot of the concern that's happening right now around the world is that this is going to play into the hands of the extremists in the region who are going to use this to recruit. >> ari, talk about the legality
7:50 am
of all of this. every single country in the world decides who can or cannot come in to the country. >> sure. >> you can request a visa to the country. the country can say no for a number of reasons. i've not been given a visa to a country where i've wanted to cover elections there. but on religious -- as a standard, where does that fall? >> the type of discrimination that donald trump is proposing basically writing into american law is itself illegal and unconstitutional. what it means is if this diskrim tore and despicable idea somehow were enacted as an executive action or somehow through some other government mechanism it would almost certainly be found unconstitutional, that according to a range of constitutional scholars we've spoken to last night. at times i felt a little embarrassed as lawyer calling other lawyers to ask a very obvious question -- is this illegal? yes, it is. has this been thrown out a long time ago?
7:51 am
yes. i mean basically you have the first amendment of the constitution that from our founding basically was completely skeptical of any government attempt to establish a religion and 14th amendment protection on equal protection. >> i'm sorry to interrupt but isn't that related to people in the united states, to americans? in other words be this is barring people from outside the country coming in because of their religion. >> it is a great constitutional question. there are protections in the constitution that are higher for american citizens. but there are also generally prohibitions on government classifications that are suspect even when that treatment is of noncitizens. for example, if you set up a rule that would discriminate only against women or only against minorities or only against religious groups, basically these are what are called in the lexicon protected classes, that is actually typically illegal for the government to do, even if those are non-citizens. immigration context can be more layered and there are old laws
7:52 am
generally now repealed that did some of that by natural origin. those were repealed in the '50s and '60s. i was looking at the federal code as well, jose, trying to take a very unserious idea seriously. the only real direct reference to religion in our federal immigration laws right now is a reference to rescuing people from other countries who have been discriminated against by other governments because of religion and us saying we welcome you. those are bipartisan laws, by the way. also you played that paul ryan sound. it is good that there is a moment beyond politics for people to think about our law, our constitution and our values. what donald trump is proposing here as a matter of legal precedent in the modern era is, by definition, un-american. >> cal, steve and ari, thank you very much for being with me this morning. andrea mitchell will have reaction to the trump plan in an exclusive interview with homeland security secretary jeh johnson today at noon eastern time right here on msnbc. short break and we'll be right back. n, when...
7:53 am
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we came to manage over $800 billion in assets, through face time when you really need it. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with the story shaking up the republican party this morning. donald trump's proposal to ban all muslims from entering the united states until "we can figure out what is going on." in just the last hour, speaker of the house paul ryan became the latest republican to come out strongly against trump's proposed ban. >> normally, i do not comment on what's going on in the presidential election. i will take an exception today. this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is is not what this party stands for, and more importantly, it's not what this country stands for. not only are there many muslims
8:00 am
serving in our armed forces, dying for this country, there are muslims serving right here in the house working every day to uphold and to defend the constitution. >> but trump this morning was not backing down from that controversial proposal calling in to several news outlets, including msnbc, to defend it over and over. trump was pressed for more details. >> i just want to know how it works. religion doesn't appear on a passport. would there be questioning at the border in europe before they got to the united states? would it happen here in america? how would this work? >> it could happen at the site. it could happen here. it could happen in many different forums, willie. that would be have be worked out. and i don't think it would fbe for an extended period of time. >> if americans travel overseas, they're muslim, they cannot come back? >> this is not only if a person is a muslim. it goes overseas and com


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