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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 8, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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serving in our armed forces, dying for this country, there are muslims serving right here in the house working every day to uphold and to defend the constitution. >> but trump this morning was not backing down from that controversial proposal calling in to several news outlets, including msnbc, to defend it over and over. trump was pressed for more details. >> i just want to know how it works. religion doesn't appear on a passport. would there be questioning at the border in europe before they got to the united states? would it happen here in america? how would this work? >> it could happen at the site. it could happen here. it could happen in many different forums, willie. that would be have be worked out. and i don't think it would fbe for an extended period of time. >> if americans travel overseas, they're muslim, they cannot come back? >> this is not only if a person is a muslim. it goes overseas and comes back. they can come back.
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they're a citizen. that's different. but we have to figure things out. >> trump unveiled a controversial idea yesterday afternoon in a statement. then at a rally in south carolina where he and it was met with huge cheers from supporters. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on! >> almost as soon as it was released, trump's proposal generated heated responses from the campaign trail. hillary clinton called it reprehensible prejudice and divisive. jeb bush says donald trump is unhinged. lindsey graham called the idea down right dangerous. bernie sanders says trump wants to use this who hate all muslims. john kasich denounced the outrageous divisiveness.
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rubio said it was offensive and outlandish. nbc's katy tur has been following the campaign. you were at that rally last night. you saw the crowd chanting "usa!" this is the country they envision and donald trump is providing this blueprint at least on what he thinks should happen. >> what you did not see in that video is that he got a standing ovation when he was talking about his proposed ban. for the most part when we talked to supporters we asked them what they thought of this directly. they said they thought it was a good idea, that it was a wise decision. we had one veteran of iraq and afghanistan tell us that it would be a slap in the face of all of those who have died on the battlefield to let any muslim in to this country. so they are behind him. the most cautious comment we got from supporters was for them to say no comment. but that they're going to think about it later. they're going to figure it out but they would still vote for donald trump no matter what. this is what we are seeing on the campaign trail. they don't seem to have a limit as to what he can say.
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they like him, they like what he's going to do, they believe he's going to keep them safe. he is unequivocal with how he'll take on terror, saying he's going to "bomb the hell out of isis," using other words how he's going to bomb isis. and they like that. >> it's also interesting, katy, we've seen donald trump in his own way try to amend what he's said. he read from his statement referring to himself in the third person saying that he would ban essentially muslims from coming in to the country. one of his representatives told "the hill" newspaper that this would apply to everyone. this morning donald trump said it would not apply to muslim-americans. two apply to muslim-americans who fight against this country. >> it's been a strategy of vagary is what i like to call it. he says one thing, then walks it back a little, then comes back harder. we saw this whether or not he would be in support of a muslim database. he claims that, yes, he would.
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then he said that it was the reporter who was asking that question proposing that idea, not him. now he's taking it even a step further. we -- as you said, one of the spokes people told "the hill" yesterday two apply to everybody, even muslim-americans who happen to be abroad. it would apply to tourists trying to come to the city. it is not a clear indication even within the campaign as to what this means and how it would be implemented. but it's certainly gaining a lot of headlines and making donald trump dominate the news. >> dominate but not in a good way if you look at the overall reaction from his party, including those that are running against him, and now you have this within the last hour, the speaker of the house, paul ryan, an influential person in that party. >> all the establishment characters like paul ryan and the democrats and anybody that comes out and said -- >> but ted cruz is not establishment. >> ted cruz has been light though in his condemnation. he hasn't really condemned it, he just said it is not his
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policy. that's about as far as ted cruz will probably go because they do have this unofficial appliance. if he goes farther i think we'll see the floodgates open and a fight between cruz and donald trump. but trump wants to be the antiestablishment character, he wants to be the one fighting against the system. that's how he wants to portray himself to his supporters and that's what his supporters like about him. that's also what they like about ted cruz and that's why you aren't seeing the two of them battle. >> katrina pearson is the national spokesperson for the trump campaign. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> talk about some of the changes in the last 24 hours from donald trump and the campaign. initially the statement was banning everyone, all muslims. your colleague with the campaign said it would apply to everyone. now this morning and last night donald trump amending. let me play what he told greta van susteren last night on fox news. >> what about the members of our u.s. military who a muslims serving overseas tonight?
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what do you say to them? they want to come home. >> they'll come home and we have to be vigilant but we have to take care of the muslims that are living here but we have to be vigilant. >> does this apply to your muslim friends? this complete shutdown? >> no. this does not apply to people living in the country except that we have to be vigilant. >> what is the policy here? it only applies to those who are not donald trump friends? does it apply to military personnel who are muslim-american? who is exempt from this plan? >> well, i think if you look at the statement and the statement that he read last night, the topic of the whole thing was muslim immigration. my colleague said it applied to everyone who's immigrating. the media has this statement with the context of immigration. so both donald trump and my colleague were right, it applies to everyone who is immigrating and the last time i checked,
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u.s. citizens and military people serving in overseas don't come back home through immigration. >> katrina, this morning my colleagues, willie geist, asked mr. trump about his plan, how would this be implemented? he specifically said it could happen at the site, it could happen here. they would be asked whether or not they are muslim and expected to answer honestly, yes or no. is that a policy? sounds as if it is almost like one of the truth jars or honesty jars and is that a way to run a country's national security? >> well, i think if you're talking about policy-specific, we can look at exactly what paul ryan and his congress members are doing today. even the administration is talking about reforming the visa waiver program. mr. trump is just calling for a halt on these visas, a halt on the refugees which is also being discussed in congress today. so this isn't something that's brand-new. many americans believe that if we just stop this process, which has failed -- because we do have intelligence. all we have to do is look at the
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fbi director who says there's no way to vet refugees. we look at the homeland security intelligence and they say that they know through the counter terrorism agency that isis has infiltrated the refugees and we know now, through san bernardino, that the visas aren't working. there's not enough vetting processes. so mr. trump is only saying let's halt these processes until we do have proper vetting, proper mechanisms in place so we can protect americans. he's not saying ban everyone forever. he's just saying let's take a little bit of common sense here because our mechanisms are not working. let's fix that a little bit before we move forward. >> let's talk about some of the criticism. you have an article for it the daily beast, the headline -- trump only loves rich muslims who give him money. he says, i wonder how trump palling around with muslims in saudi arabia and qatar will play with the gop base? well, some republicans in the media want more details about trump's middle east deals and
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assurance that none of his business partners have made contributions directly or indirectly to terror groups. on the website fortheholders for trump in the so-called muslim world -- the trump towers in istanbul, turkey. we know right now turkey is being criticized for not securing their border with syria. 99% of turkey officially muslim. is donald trump prepared to pull all of his business interests out of turkey for example given the criticism as you well know for the turkish government not doing enough to keep that pipeline of terrorists from going in and out of syria. >> well, what i think you need to do is consider the source. i mean "the daily beast." >> but at the same time, mr. trump has always been open about having business overseas. all over the world actually. he has said that not all muslims are this way. all he's saying is to halt the immigration process so we can get a handle on things here.
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with regard rars egards to turk we're not quite sure what's going on over there because russia and obama are disagreeing on things so mr. trump can't really say anything until we know what's going on with turkey. the question is here is, how many american citizens are going to have to die before we acknowledge we have a problem here? this has nothing to do with the constitution. foreign people do not have constitutional rights in this country. it's not even a freedom of religion issue, because in this country you have the freedom of religion until your religion persecutes other religions. these people are coming here infiltrating the refugees, people who have nothing to do with isis, to kill american people and we have to take that seriously as a country. >> i think you are being far more clear and far more articulate than the candidate was at the rally yesterday. you are giving specifics. yesterday, front rubber sa-runn "ov
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everyone. he said the candidate has business interests in turkey, and while you note that we do not know what's going on, we do know by the thousands people have used turkey, a place where the trump tower is set to become the newest landmark in this historic city of istanbul. many people will see that as a partnership with turkey and the turkish government at a time when, as you well know, there are strong and valid criticisms of what's happening with that pipeline. >> well, absolutely. we also have the administration saying that turkey is a friend and they're not doing anything wrong. so we don't know what's going on in turkey and we'll address that as the time comes. but at the end of the day, never in american history has this country ever allowed insurgents in across the borders during a time of war. it is just never happened. why we have so many people willing to do that today continuing to turn a blind eye to the intelligence that we do have in this country, that we know americans are under attack.
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we know there are multiple people seen going in and out of that home in san bernardino. it is not just two people that were in southern california. we have issues -- thoudzs of isis investigations are going on in this country. look, if other politicians aren't willing to take this seriously, trump will. >> katrina pearson, thank you so much for joining me. chuck todd, the first thing that strikes me is katrina pierson is far more clear around defined in this plan than donald trump was yesterday. part of what that audience loved is his free-wheeling ability to throw out things like "ban 'em all," "ban everyone." then there are consequences to those statements and today we are seeing what i think is a slight clean-up of it. >> to call it a clean-up -- >> i said slight. >> i think he's trying to, whatever it is, sand down the edges. >> if there is. >> -- if that is possible to do. but the big picture, donald
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trump has hijacked the republican party. a party that's been quietly nervous and concerned about this, but every time they try to do something about it, it blew up in their face. whether this blows up in their face or not, they may have no choice now. it is a total distraction. it is a total ridiculous proposition. and now the party has to figure out how to get out from under him. >> what about the other theory that the party allows donald trump to blow up on himself? here you now have bsh we've said this many times. but now you have this proposal of banning some muslim immigrants from coming in to this country. when asked by willie geist, how would you do it, he had no answer. it could happen there, it could happen here. but what you do now know is that a laundry list of some of his business interests, which we know donald trump greatly cares about, including those in dubai,
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istanbul, turkey, just to name a few, are now a part of the conversation and part of what he has to defend. >> when he said what he said about mexican immigrants? everybody pulled. you had major businesses cut ties and it did nothing. it didn't -- i think a lot of folks thought, this will drive him away, this will do that. look, he is a competitor. that's one thing. whenever he sees the beginning of what could be a fade or a fall, he does something to try to stop it. he sort of shocks -- it is almost like taking two paddles as an emt, like shocking his candidacy back into a trajectory where it is sort of an artificial high this may benefit him short term with a group of voters that had been initially attracted to him but this is now a full-fledged potential ka as it if i for republican party. it's why you have paul ryan, dick cheney, these are -- it's not just jeb bush and john kasich complaining anymore. >> these are names that are coming out of the dark, if you will. not that cheney's been hide being his views. let me ask you, so much focus is
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on donald trump. what about the people in that audience, chuck? in reality he's connected with them in some way. i said this on the "today" show this morning, there were segregationists who would have people at their rally. there were people who didn't want women to have the right to vote who had folks in atteanatte at their rally. just because you have people in attendance at your rally doesn't mean what you're propose something american of all things or constitutional. is it donald trump who's hijacked it, or is it those people in that audience who have in the been able to connect with this party? >> he's playing to fear. it's really been the same message from trump from the very beginning. you don't like the state of your economy? blame china. blame the mexicans. you don't like your culture's change? blame obama. blame the democrats. blame this. now you feel insecure? let's blame muslims. it is really a very -- it's just been a one-issue campaign.
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you feel you're upset, it's not your fault, i'm going to give you somebody else to blame. there's always been -- there's not -- we've had sort of candidates who have demagoged on issues like this above, played to fear. >> globally. >> here in the united states as with el, there well, there is a level of support. but it is usually not majority support. this republican party no "this is a disaster in the making." >> what do you think? >> i don't know. nothing else has worked before. >> do they call his bluff? >> disinvite him from the next debate. there could be a lot of extreme measures the party could do. remember, the rnc is a partner in this. now the next debate media partner -- the last thing they will want is trump not there but the rnc could make that decision. they could decide they don't
8:17 am
want him in there. so those are some of the things -- do they take an extreme measure like that? because the party may have to do something publicly in order to send the message to swing voters he doesn't represent the republican party. >> chuck todd, thank you so much for making it in to talk to us. really appreciate it. rich daylen, former president bupress secretary for dan quayle. i know at this point you've chosen not to endorse any of the candidates you see for your party. a head-to-head match-up with hillary clinton as she gets the democratic nomination, donald trump fares worst than any of the others on that list. i believe the latest poll shows him 11 points behind hillary clinton. for you and. standard bearers for your party, is that the big picture? and if so, how do you get past donald trump? >> let me make two corrections. i was quail's press secretary when he was senator, not when he
8:18 am
was vp. number two, the spokeswoman for trump is wrong. anybody -- anybody -- you don't have to be a citizen to be protected by the u.s. constitution. if you're on u.s. soil, the constitution applies to you. so she's wrong about that. that's a minor point, but it is kind of big in the way she was presenting the argument. but getting to your question and what chuck was just saying, this is a problem and people are rolling their eyes here in washington, d.c. you can see the capitol behind me. they don't know what to do about it. the difference between i think trump and what others have done in the past who have been demagogs is that he's fearless and he has frightened his opponents to some degree against going after him because the two guys that really took after him the most, governors perry and walker, ended up dropping out of the race really early. so the others are reading those tea leaves. but the best thing that's happened so far i think is this "morning joe" scarborough cut donald trump off. he said -- i don't know if you
8:19 am
got this -- but he said either you stop talking or we're going to break. trump kept talking and kept t k talking with and joe said go to break, go to break. if more people were okay standing up to trump, that sooner or later others will join in. >> what about the rnc, as chuck pointed out, when will the rnc stand up to donald trump? i know it is easy in some ways to say the media gives him a microphone. i think people said that also about michele bachmann, sarah palin. i can name a laundry list of people that we have suggested to cut their rights off. they worked their way through the system and look what happened to them. as chuck pointed out with the rnc, when will the parties stand up against donald trump and say we don't fear donald trump running as an independent, let the chips fall where they may? >> i don't know that that's the republican or democratic
8:20 am
national committee's job. i think that's the job of the other candidates. >> when will they then do it? you're saying our job is to cut his mic, when will the republicans stand up and do their job since they believe so strongly that he does not deserve a seat at that table? >> i don't know that he doesn't deserve a seat at the table. again, one of the privileges is you get to say what you want. i don't have to agree with you but i will defend to the death your right to say it. i'm not in favor of not letting him debate. i am in favor of the other candidates -- look. if you're jeb bush and you're bumping along at 3% and 5%, what have you got to lose? take a shot. i don't understand why some of these -- if you're ted cruz, i get that. because you're trajectory's in the right direction. but these other candidates, kasich, bush, huckabee, carly fiorina, whoever. they all have this -- they don't have anything -- there's no downside risk. if they start going after trump and getting the sort of coverage that trump is getting, then i
8:21 am
think we might see a turn. the other thing, i think chuck touched on this a little bit ago, is that polls are polls. people going to vote are something else. we have to see what happens in the first week and a half of february to see what happens in iowa and new hampshire. >> rich, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. coming up, law experts among those reacting to donald trump's proposal this morning. why they are calling it unconstitutional. also ahead, new questions about a big bank deposit made to the san bernardino shooters just two weeks of before the attack. where did they get more than $28,000? the latest on the investigation coming up. can you help santa with a new data plan? sure thing... uh right now you can get 15 gigs of data for the price of 10. that's five extra gigs for the same price. looks like someone just made it to the top of the nice list. in that case, i want a new bicycle, a bike helmet, a basketball, a stuffed animal that talks when you squeeze it. and...
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we are back with new details
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about the couple responsible for last wednesday's deadly shooting rampage in san bernardino. nbc news confirms a yefarook ans wife received $25,000 in a bank account two weeks before the attack which is now focus of the investigation. "the new york times" reports the fbi is now leaning away from the idea that tashfeen malik radicalized her husband. according to the "times," investigators have learned through interviews with people who knew farook for several years that he had militant views before he met his wife online and married her in saudi arabia last year. >> we believe any both were. that's the question for us, is how and by whom and where were they radicalized. maybe there's not a by whom. remember remember, oftentimes it is just on the internet. we don't want to speculate. >> blake, we also know that
8:26 am
investigators are focused on how much farook's mother knew. she lived in that reasonably small home with them with so much activity going on. >> that's right, tamron. we have learned that authorities have started interviewing the mother. she lived in that home. it was a two-bedroom apartment-style townhouse place that they lived in with a 6-month-old baby. the mother and the couple. this apparent bomb making factory in a garage behind the home. so what did that mother know? as far as the payments are concerned that you mentioned, $28,500. that's a huge sum of money when you factor in that he only made about $53,000 a year in salary with the county health department. that's a huge sum of money. where did it come from? did it come from outside sources or was it a loan that perhaps he had taken out before the shooting. >> thank you very much for the latest information. we'll have more on this investigation. coming up, new protests overnight in chicago after
8:27 am
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their bank americard cash rewards credit card to sweeten the holiday season. that's the spirit of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. we've ben following reaction to donald trump's proposal to ban muslims from coming in to the united states. aside from the moral and ethical concerns being raised this morning, there is the legal one. here are more on what constitutional experts say, we're joining by ari melber. one expert says it violates the first amendment religion clause. it violates part of due process clause of the fifth amendment and conflicts with the no-religious test clause. ari melber, we had a trump spokesperson on and she says this is about immigrants coming in to this country and that is their assertion this morning in
8:31 am
an attempt to, i guess, as chuck todd put it, smooth out the edges of what was said yesterday. >> you can't smooth out the fact that this kind of proposal is almost certainly unconstitutional and illegal. now does donald trump who's running for president care about that? does he care about the rule of law? did he do any research? does any of his comments reflect an awareness of those issues? the answer is no. he's sort of adding to legal arguments as he's gone on in the day, beginning to cite fdr, the internment decision a very controversial one. the internment of japanese-americans based on ethnic origin. constitution and its treatment of religion, that the government cannot establish one religion or pick favorites among religions, as well as what is called the due process clause about basically the rules of the road of equal protection, even -- even in the case of non-citizens. those are pretty emphatically banning this kind of thing. so the ban is actually would be banned if it would ever actually put into place by a government.
8:32 am
>> you have a number of people obviously, ari, who are looking at the constitution. to your point, they are wondering if trump's team looked at this before the proposal or was this an example of throwing it out there to see the reaction outside of maybe exclusively inside that rally he was attending. >> i think you raise such an important point, which is there is the thing, which has been widely condemned here by all these republicans, democrats, security experts, and legal scholars, then there's how they're doing the thing. which is beyond how obnoxious and odious the proposal is. there is the fact that they didn't even put out in any kand of serious way. in other words, if a presidential candidate who wants to be taken seriously, and he was proposing something security oriented and had a legal content, they might have their own lawyers look at it. this goes to a deeper point to ow donald trump runs for president. we know in his business dealings
8:33 am
he does use lawyers. he pays them handsomely. he pays a great deal of attention to contracts. he's not bringing that same rig gh rigor to that same legal process. i think we're at this point because these things are more odious and reminiscent of the way germany organized its laws around world war ii than the way america does in the modern era, but also because it is another window into the complete lack of seriously, legal, policy or otherwise, in what donald trump puts out. >> we've got new reaction. thank you, ari. now senator ted cruz, we read off a laundry list of reaction from establishment candidates as they've been described to the gop. now senator ted cruz. >> i do not believe the world needs my voice added to that chorus of critics. and, listen, i commend donald
8:34 am
trump for standing up and focusing america's attention on the need to security our borders. >> so clearly, this reaction from senator ted cruz brings up why he and donald trump have both chosen for the last few months in fact to not attack one another. there has been an alliance between these two rivals, in a sense, but clearly in some way allies. you have a very outspoken senator from texas, ted cruz, saying that his voice -- or his criticism is not needed in this. but also going on to commend donald trump for the conversation. so clearly a lot will be said about the relationship between senator ted cruz and donald trump. they've chosen not to attack one another for some time now. trump saying he also needs to be hit first before he attacks. we'll look more into that. coming up, trump's call to
8:35 am
ban muslims from coming in to the united states. he says it is based on polls that are now facing some major scrutiny this morning. >> -- of those polls agreed that violence against americans here in the united states is justified. >> "the washington post" called that poll "shoddy." up next, what is the center for security policy? this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here.
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just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of. i don't think so! do you like nuts? . we have very, very lax laws. we have a president that's incompetent. we have a president that made a speech the other night that was at the end of the speech, i said what did he say? he didn't say anything. he said nothing. >> donald, i agree with you on that, too. a week or so ago you said that you got muslim-american friends, that most muslims are good people. >> wonderful people.
8:39 am
>> do you still believe that this week that most muslims are good, wonderful people? >> oh, yes, i do. i do have friends. by the way, my friends agree with me. they say when they become radicalized they become different people. >> that was more of donald trump's interview this morning with joe and mika earlier defending his proposal to ban all muslims from entering the united states until, in his words, we can figure out what's going on. msnbc's steve kornacki joins me now to discuss more of trumps's remarks yesterday. he's recited this poll over and over at this rally. >> we can actually -- he was going through this number saying 25% according to a poll. this is the headline in the "washington post." it took a closer look at the poll that donald trump was referring to. it is based they say on a very shoddy poll, first of all. the group -- the individual behind the poll the organization, trafrank gaffney. frank gaffney has some extremely "out there" things about muslims.
8:40 am
he's considered a fringe figure in most circles but he's behind that poll that trump is citing. there is some other data that's out there. pew in 2011, the respected pew research center, did a poll of american muslims. 81% said suicide bombings can be just need never. you had a much smaller number there saying that it was 1% who said that they could often be justifi justified. and a much smaller share saying that in some cases it may be -- again, 81% overwhelmingly say never justified. also in that same poll asking muslims in the united states their opinion of al qaeda. 81% unfavorable. 5% again -- almost nothing there -- saying they had a favorable view. but this is interesting question, too. just in terms of what donald trump might be tapping in to when he puts a proposal out there about this, whether people believe -- agree with the specifics of what he's saying or not, this poll was conducted a
8:41 am
month ago. it asked americans a question, is islam at odds with american values in the american way of life. this is a surprising number i think for some people. 56% -- 56% of americans said they agree with that statement. that islam itself is fundamentally at odds with the american way of life. it's that sentiment that's at the heart of that number, probably what donald trump is trying to. that in to here. >> steve, thank you. linda, you are executive director of the arab-american association of new york. linda, thank you for your time. steve has that number up. is islam at odds are american values. 56% of people in that poll said yes. those are not just republicans that were polled in this. what is your reaction? how do you explain that? >> i mean i think of myself as an american, born and raised in brooklyn. i'm a muslim. i'm part of this country. someone is looking at me and saying she's not american, that her religion is not american. and islam has been on the shores
8:42 am
of this country since the days of its founding when we brought over 25% black slaves to america. i want people to understand that islam is as american as any ofaith group and we deserve to live here around this is our country, too. >> when you also look at the poll and although the numbers are miniscule in many ways with if you're asked if suicide bombing is ever justified and you have a combined i think 14% out of still again a very small number but you and i know that a number of people will focus on, saying why isn't it 100% of you saying it is never justifiable? what is your answer? >> my answer is that looking at the context of polls and what kind of questions you ask people. people sometimes are looking at a bigger perective of remembering that 650,000 iraqis were murdered in an american war. when we look at afghanistan, when we look at very failed foreign policy in the middle east -- of american foreign policy, it never justifies
8:43 am
murder of people. but you have to look at context. the majority of the americans donald trump is pandering to, they don't care about context, they just care yes, no, whatever people are saying. it is trumping up hate, no pun intended, against innocent people in this country. >> you made the point at that rally yesterday, donald trump's line was "banning all muslims." today his spokesperson and donald trump making more of a nuanced statement, albeit still offensive to many people, that this is reflective of immigrants coming from to this country, not muslim-americans, not muslim-americans who have done business with him or who are his friends or who have served this country. but in that hall of those supporters, they did not hear that. >> oh, i don't care about the afterthoughts of what donald trump and his back-tracking he always does a few hours after. but in that hall, americans were cheering an american fascists, someone calling for american
8:44 am
fascism. speaking naziesque. they want to ban all muslims. you know if this happened against any other faith group in this country we would not stand for it and we should not stand for it against muslim-americans. >> let me just ask you. the call, if you will, for moderate muslims to join the establishment party, parts of the party who have admonished donald trump's words and bridge together understanding, is that possible? what needs to be done if you factor out donald trump and factor in some of these members of the gop who say this is hateful rhetoric? >> absolutely. we want to join all fellow americans to root out all forms of violent extremism. bring american muslims in as partners and don't continue to treat them as suspects. we care about the safety of our communities and the safety of
8:45 am
o our communities. >> the republican party or any party for that matter, when you look at san bernardino right now, this two-bedroom home of the mother of sayed farook lived in that home. neighbors are revealing he may have been radicalized well before he married this woman in saudi arabia. what is your call to your community if you have the black lives matter movement there and challenging what's happening in the community both with black on black crime and crimes against the community as it relates to police, what is the call for the muslim community? >> the muslim community has always cooperated with law enforcement. over 40% of alleged terror plots in this country have been foiled by information from the islam community. we'll continue to do what we've always done, which is to make sure our communities are safe and anyone in our community that's trying to do something against the law, that will hurt innocent people, then we make sure the right people know about it. >> are you afraid with the rhetoric? you are in traditional clothing
8:46 am
is. are you worried that this puts your life in danger or puts you at risk? >> i'll be honest with you, i never felt that i would be at a point where i would be afraid but i am afraid sometimes. leaving places late at night, i don't stand too close to the train platform. young women being spit at, told to go back to their country when they were born here. what we are asking from our fellow americans, we are just as afraid for our safety as you are and we want to be treated as americans and we are all in this together. >> thank you so much for your time. still ahead, dick cheney and other republicans slamming donald trump's proposal. this morning senator lindsey graham said trump is helping the enemy of the united states with his rhetoric. we'll have more what senator graham said and the reaction to it coming up. this holiday season, get ready for homecomings. i see you brought a friend? i wanna see, i wanna see. longing.
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8:50 am
more protests are expected in chicago today over the state attorney's decision not to press charges against the officer involved in the death of ronald johnson. overnight, protesters press charges against the officer involved in the death of ronald johnson. overnight, protesters gathered outside city hall shortly after cook county prosecutor anita alvarez announced her decision. her office released dash cam video showing the moment officer george hernandez shot johnson in october of last year. enhanced video with police radio added show a .9 millimeter gun in johnson's right hand. >> based upon an objective review of the evidence and the law, we have determined that the prosecution could not establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the action of officer hernandez were not reasonable and permissible under the laws of the state of illinois. >> johnson's mother's disputing police claims a gun was recovered at the scene, claiming, she believes, it was
8:51 am
planted. >> i'm very upset that she didn't think this officer murder my son and i'm not going to stop getting what i want for him. i want the case reopened and i want him charged with murder. >> alvarez's announcement came hours after the justice department announced it was launching an investigation into chicago's police department. up next -- more reaction coming in to donald trump's proposal to ban muslims from entering the united states, including members of the intelligence committee who says muslim americans are integral on america's war on terror.
8:52 am
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as the world reacts to donald trump's proposal to bar muslims from coming into the united states, many saying, what about muslim bhoz have helped the untell against community? nbc foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin has been looking at this. we know part of the conversation
8:55 am
lindsay graham and others have said this compromises our safety when words like we heard from donald trump are uttered. >> people underestimate the role muslim americans are playing on the front line of security. you look at it from different perspectives. the intelligence community is within. muslim americans linguists, interpreters, analysts, doing critical work for the security of the united states. one statistic has to do with law enforcement issue in the u.s., some of data put out by duke university suggests that, at least out of 188 tips that have been given to law enforcement officials, 54 that led to the arrest of potential terrorists, thwarted terrorist attacks came from tips from the muslim american community. when you look at fbi website, a lot of these tips are coming from win the community. an integral part of the success of u.s. counterterrorism efforts in the united states. >> before donald trump said this, you would have after an incident people saying not
8:56 am
enough's being done in the muslim community but they don't see numbers. before donald trump's rhetoric, this was often a retort to anything as it related to the debate over what to do about radicalism. >> that's another bigger issue, which is that most americans aren't familiar with muslim american. they don't enough about their religion and that skews their perspective, we saw the poll you were talking about earlier, majority of americans don't think that islam is compatible with american values. they don't know there are 5,800 muslim americans serving in the u.s. military. again, if people see that, they'll see that muslims and other faiths in the country are part of the american fabric. >> including the brother of saeed farouk, his brother was in the navy, decorated in the navy. you have in one family a man in the navy, and his brother radicalized. >> american muslims have been fighting on the front lines of america's wars for century. >> that does it for this hour of "msnbc live."
8:57 am
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right now andrea mitchell reports, truf's ban on muslims. has front running gone too far. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering united states, until our country's representatives can figure out what the h echell is going on! >> will trump's call make less safe. the homeland security secretary warning about consequences of discrimination like he did yesterday. >> must not throw a net of suspicion over american muslims and an entire religion. we must not force american muls to run and hide and retreat to the


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