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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  December 8, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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hi, everybody, good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts. on msnbc live, fast and furious reaction to donald trump's call to ban muslims coming into america. today, donald trump spoke with msnbc's "morning joe" by phone, explaining why he thinks a drastic move is necessary. >> i think it's something that has to be done. i think it's a temporary move. it's not unconstitutional keeping people out, frankly, and until we get a hold of what's going on, joe. >> you aren't proposing int interment camps. >> no. i'm not proposing that. joe, take a look back at roosevelt and take a look at alien germans, they called them alien germans, alien italians, alien japanese, because we were at war. the muslim community has to help us make it, they're not helping us. when you say you're afraid, you should be afraid of the other side, not my side. >> is plan was announced in a statement last night which trump read during a rally in south carolina.
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>> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> so republicans have coming out slamming trump's proposals including paul ryan who say this isn't what his party looks like. >> what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for. >> would you support a policy that prohibits muslims from entering the country. >> no, that is not my policy. i believe the focus should focus on radical islamic terrorism. >> donald trump always plays on everyone's worst instincts and fears and saying we're not going to let a single muslim into the country is a dangerous overreaction. >> right now we're keeping an ear on the white house previousing, happening live, right now. we'll see if he makes any
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remarks in reference to donald trump's comments. we'll have that live if it happens. also coming up in a few moments, we'll let you listen to the entire, fascinating interview that donald trump had with the gang on "morning joe." first, katy tur covering the trump campaign. she was at the rally last night in south carolina. we've heard the chorus of people on the right coming out. we just got info that rance priebus from rnc has come out with a reaction, saying i don't agree but not at expense of our american values. last night at rally the folks in the room liked donald trump's message. >> they gave him a standing ovation, you didn't see it in the video. they thought it was a wise move for donald trump to do this. they said they are scared of the threat of terrorism, they're scared of being victim of a terrorist attack here in the u.s. they're scared of isis and want somebody who's going to be unequivocal, bomb the hell out of isis, bring back
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waterboarding, survey muslims who they believe could be a threat to their safety here. his supporters are standing by limb. at least as of now. there's no indication that that's going to inc. cha, at least from all comments we've heard in the past. nothing he has said has made his support diminish. >> how does the campaign characterize painting the muslim community around the globe with such a terrible brush. >> what they're doing is they're saying we need to get our arms around this, we need to figure out what is going on 0, we can't tell who's bad and who's not bad and they may be bad behind the scenes and we don't know about it. we need to figure out how we can tell who are going to be terrorists and who are going to be radicalized and who are not going to be radicalized. it's only a temporary thing, just until they're able to figure 0 it out. it doesn't sound like the plan is all well thoughtout or planned on the trump side. at first they were saying that
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they would not let muslim americans who happened to be abroad back in the country. now they're saying they will let muslim athletes into the country, muslim leaders but just not regular muslims on tourist visas. it's a little muddy. >> as we said, we had josh earnest giving the press briefing. his reaction about donald trump's remarks. >> what donald trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president. and for republican candidates for president, to stand by their pledge to support mr. trump, that in and of itself is disqualifying. >> what are speaker ryan and other republicans supposed to do if trump -- let's say trump does end up winning the nomination, would you like them not to support him? >> they should say right now they would not support donald trump for president. what he said is disqualifying. and any republican who is too
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fearful of the republican base to admit it, has no business serving as president either. >> so there we have josh earnest giving reaction from the white house, basically saying that the statements donald trump has made disqualifies him for the presidency, disqualifies his campaign from moving forward, but if you look at polls, it's not hurting him whatsoever. we have donald trump doubling down on his muslim proposal when he called into "morning joe" earlier today. take a look, this is the first part. >> i'm worried this is rhetoric that is fueling hatred and alienation and possibly something worse. >> well, i think you should be more scared by what's going on, and this morning we learned that 28,000 was poured into this, you know, guy's account, this horrible person that did the shooting, along with his wife, radicalized wife, and i think you should be more scared about that, by far, than anything that i'm saying.
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i'm using common sense. i spoke in front of thousands of people last night, thousands of people, your reporters are reporting it, thousands of people outside of this yorktowner, this tremendous ship that couldn't hold all of the people it's the biggest crowd they've ever had on "yorktown" and thousands couldn't get in. they gave a standing ovation as soon as they heard it. the first sentence they gave a standing ovation, they wouldn't stop. what it is, is common sense. remember this, until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on, we don't know what's going on. you have the world trade center one -- remember this, you had the world trade center knocked down, people are forgetting. they tried to knock it down a number of years before that, should have taken out bin laden, and i did mention in my book -- joe was nice enough to say wow, trump talked about bin laden -- i said take him out before the world trade center came down. i think that's right.
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i think joe will confirm that. nobody else did that. >> donald, almost every other high-ranking member of the republican party and candidates, they're all condemning your plan and your comments. do you see what's happening? >> they condemn practically everything i say and come my side. they were condemning the world. they were condemning illegal immigration. all of the things i've been espousing and now most are on my side. ones that aren't on my side are down to zero in polls and they're not going anywhere. i mean i see the couple of people that said they'd come out. but many -- not everybody has condemned it, i don't want to get into names, but not everybody has condemned, if you want to be specific, there are a number that doesn't condemn. if you look at illegal immigratii immigration and strength in borders and the things we have to do for safety of our country, everybody was against me. i took heat like nobody did. made this look like baby stuff, first two weeks i announced i
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was running for president. and now, everybody's fighting to be tougher than me on immigration. >> i understand you're not afraid of controversy. >> mika, this has nothing to do with controversy. when i announced illegal immigration i took more heat than i'm taking right now. >> i understand that. i understand that. >> everybody now agrees with me, in one form or another. >> let me ask you this, do you believe that we need members of the muslim american community, of the muslim community, around the world, to help fight the war on terror? and perhaps this is incredibly counterproductive? >> no, i think it's something that has to be done. i think it's a temporary move. i'm not looking at this long terp. i'm looking at it temporary. we have to get our hands around a very serious problem. looing at what happened in paris, horrible carnage, and mika, if you look at paris i hate to do this, the commerce department of paris, chamber of commerce is going to go crazy, paris is no longer the saum city it was. they have sections in paris
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radicalized where the police refuse to go there. they're petrified. police refuse to go in there. we have places in london, other places, that are so radicalized that the police are afraid for their own lives. we have to be very smart and very vigilant. we have to find out who gave this guy $28,000 put it in his account. how many other $28,000 checks were made? are there thousands all over the country? when you say you're afraid, i think you should be afraid. you should be afraid of the other side, not my side. i want to get our hands around a very difficult situation. >> donald, hold on. no, donald. you've got to let us ask questions. you can't just talk. you're just talking. >> no, i'm not just talking. >> donald, donald, donald, you're not going to be talking. we will go to break if you keep talkingen we're going to ask you questions. >> all i'm doing is giving you facts. >> go to break. right now. >> a lot of people on the table, willie, nicole, mark halperin
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love to ask you questions. i want to ask a couple of questions. seems going after all muslims, banning all muslims from coming here is counterproductive. there's picture when you see 7-year-old kids being screened by the tsa, it seems to me, just in terms of policing we should focus, we should target on the muslims that we have a reason to believe need to have the most law enforcement focused on them. isn't it counterproductive and unconstitutional? just have this broad approach towards all muslims. >> it's not unconstitutional keeping people out, frankly. and until we got a hold of what's going on, joe. if you look at franklin roosevelt, a respected president, highly respected, take a look at presidential proclamations a long time ago, 25, 25, 26, 27, what he was doing with germans, italians and japanese, because he had to do it. look, we are at war with radical
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islam. we are at war, joe, whether we like it. >> i agree with that. you aren't proposing interment catches? >> no, i'm not. this wasn't -- by the way, i am not proposing that. and that's what -- not what this -- you have to look at his presidential proclamations. it was tough stuff. we're not talking about japanese enterment camps, not at all but we have to get our hand around a serious problem and it's getting worse. and you will have more world trade centers and more bigger than the world trade center if we don't toughen up smarten up and use our heads. >> donald, it's willie. you said you want to do this for a few weeks, not a long-term plan until, quote, we can figure out what the hell is going on. how will you know when the coast is clear for muslims to come back into the country? what will you be looking for? >> i didn't say a few weeks. maybe it could be, but hopefully we need people to get their arms around the situation. it's a terrible situation. i will go a step further, you
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have to look at areas that have become radicalized in other places, they are not the same places, willie. they are places that you do not want to go to. you do not want to take your family there, you do not want to walk through the streets, even the police don't want to walk through the streets. we have to be careful. >> where is that, donald? >> paris. paris. take a look at radicalized areas, muslim areas in paris. joe, police won't go there. >> where, though? where are you hearing that? >> oh, it's all over. i mean it's all over the place. i know paris -- i mean it's all over the place. take a trip to paris sometime, joe, enjoy yourself. >> well, you know, i hardly ever get out of escambia county, florida. i might go to staten island. >> i'll go to staten island. >> do you know what parts of paris specifically, since you've been there. >> i can get you the information. it's well known, well documented. i will get you the information. >> donald, just to follow up, i mean, what you're talking about is finding solutions it a huge
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global problem. so how will you know when it's time to open the borders of the united states to muslims again? that could go on indefinitely. >> it's all -- all it can be is a feel or a touch. we have to find it out. look, how many more people have gotten checks put into their accounts? obviously somebody gave them money. i hope the fbi and our great law enforcement are able to figure this out. but they have tremendous money. i said knock out the oil, nobody listened to me. nobody knocked out the oil. i said check the banking systems, they're very intricate banking webs. isis, i'm talking about. nobody ex-charges the banking systems. they have tremendous money. how many other people are given $28,000 or more or less to go out and do destruction like these two animals did the other day in california? we have a very, very serious problem. and we can solve problem but we have to solve it through intelligence and we have to solve it through toughness.
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>> do you -- this is nicole. >> hi, nicole. >> hi. >> i hope your father still likes me. >> i was going to ask you about supporters, you have a lot of supporters and they've been drawn to your strength and your straight talk for many, many months. you've been talk of of the republican field for a long time now. do you feel any obligation to them to balance your passion for these issues in the wake of the paris attacks, san bernardino, things that comport with our values and constitution. >> i do. i have an obligation, not just for my supporters, for the country. i feel i have a great obligation to the country. i think i'm saying something that has to be said. and not all of the candidates, by the way, that i'm running against, have come out and sworned me for this. i'm using common sense and i'm using something that we have to use. but you're going to have other world trade centers. you are going to have other cities being blown up. and we don't want that. we don't want that to happen. that's going to happen. we have very, very lax laws. we have a president that's
10:15 am
incompetent. a president that made a speech the other night that was at the end of the speech i said, what did he say? he didn't say anything. he said nothing. >> so donald, i agree with you on that, too. let me ask you, a week ago or you said you've got muslim american friends, muslims are good people. >> wonderful people. >> do you still believe that this week, most muslims are good, wonderful people. >> yes i do. i do have friends. my friends agree with me. they say when they become radicalized they become different people. >> let me ask you this, this is -- i propose a challenge to you here -- dwight eisenhower in 1957 went to an islamic center in washington, d.c. what if you and i go to an islamic center in washington, d.c., or we can go a mosque somewhere in new york and talk to muslims, would you be interested in doing that? >> i would. talk is cheap. talk is easy. if you talked to these two people, these two horrible
10:16 am
people -- everyone said they were normal, not radicalized, nobody knew. the fact is many people knew. the neighbors do. >> you know, you and i both know if we win the war against isis and stop terror in america we have to make sure the muslim american community is on our side. you were tough on crime in new york city in 1980s, took out full page ads and then you have july annie, bloomberg, others coming to together and they did community policing. >> right. >> if you see something, you report something. >> i've always been tough on crime. >> don't we need to do the same thing with the muslim community where the muslim americans are -- see themselves as part of the american fabric, where they're on our side against the radicals. do you reach out to them. >> i want them to be on our side, joe. i hope they are on our side. many people knew what was going on in that thug's apartment. many people. you had -- i watched his sister being interviewed. i think she's lying.
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>> many more dint. >> more of that straight ahead. moments ago mitt romney weighed in via twitter about what donald trump is saying and wrote, quote, on muslims, donald trump fired before aiming. speaking ryan is on target. when we come back, much more of donald trump doubling down on his call to ban muslims coming into the u.s. first, reaction from one of trump's south carolina supporters. >> do we think it's a slippery slope at all to ban, blanketing one ethnic group or religious group. >> i don't think so because it's hard to vent them, obviously, we've seen that in the current terrorist attacks in san bernardino and paris. >> good idea or bad idea? >> i say ship them all back, seriously. by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement
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it is a must-see and hear interview of donald trump. it happened earlier today during "morning joe" i want to get back to the msnbc conversation with trump that tack took place and joe sc joe scarborough, whether it does harm or good it we can engage the muslim community more actively in america, it more likely that those thugs that you described will be reported to police, right. >> you know what, i think that's great, joe. it sounds good. it beautiful words. but the sad part is, if you look at this example of what just took place in california, many people knew that there's some really strange and bad things going on. one guy said, and even more than one guy, about racial profiling. i didn't want to report him because i didn't want to be a racial profiler. give me a break!
10:22 am
he wasn't a racial profiler. what i'm saying is this, joe, we have to use our heads. we have to be strong. we have to be vigilant. until we get our hands around the situation we have to do something and do it now. if you look at some of the statistics that came out, i don't know if you read this, but 25% of those polled agreed that violence against americans here in the united states is justified as part of the global joe had. these are people living in the united states -- >> is that the frank gaffney poll? >> what? the gaffney poll. they also have a pew research poll. >> two were far different. pew is more respectable than gaffney's poll. let's go to mark halperin. >> dick cheney is not running against you for president and i don't think he's considered as a guy politically correct. he described what you're proposing goes against everything we stand for and believe in. what do you think he means by that? do you have sympathy for that point of view? >> i understand all points of
10:23 am
view. i know how to get things done woo we're not getting it done. if we continue to go on the path we're doing, we're losing to isis. we have a president that doesn't even know what to call the term -- >> explain that point of you. you have sympathy for it. what does dick channy mean when it goes -- >> we like to make everybody inclusive. i'm not sure, if he felt that way, maybe he wouldn't have gotten us into that horrible war in iraq, which by the way i was opposed to. i was opposed to the war if iraq. people think i'm militant. i'm so militant i'm the only one practically you can say was opposed to the war if iraq. there were few of us. i said it would dough stabilize the middle east and a lot of that led to this. i fully understand what people say and hopefully this done take long. but our people, law enforcement in particular, has to get their hands around a big problem. how many other checks were sent
10:24 am
to people all over the country that have been radicalized? >> you agree -- >> nobody knew this guy was radicalized. >> you agree this goes against american values? >> well, no, because fdr did it, if you look at it. i mean they said the same thing when i said we have to do strong borders. and yet look back in 1954 and dwight eisenhower, i like ike, his theme was i like ike -- >> do the japanese interment camps go against american -- >> we have to be smart and vigilant. if we're not go to be smart and vigilant and honestly, we have to be tough. if we're not those three things we're not going to have a country last. >> did the interment of the japanese violate american values. >> the a whole different thing. no, no, it's a whole different thing. you're asking me a different question. don't ask me that question. let me ask you this. let me ask you this. >> did the interment camps -- >> mark, what about franklin
10:25 am
roosevelt, presidential proclamations, 25, 25, 26, 25, 27, talk a look at. >> interment of the japanese americans violate your sense of american values, yes or no. >> i don't want to respond. you know why? that's not what we're doing. you're asking me a different question. that's not what we're doing. >> values are -- >> that's -- i'm -- it's wonderful that you asked me that. that's an entirely different question. it has no relationship to what i'm talking about. >> gene robinson, jump in. >> donald, your campaign -- >> gene, i hope you still write well about me. >> your campaign has changed. when you started your campaign, you were appealing to people's aspirations. your now appearing to fears, basis fears. i want to know, do you feel good about that. >> no. >> do you feel good about what you're doing. >> i want to see a country where we can live in peace, buildings aren't going to be blown up, people aren't going to walk that
10:26 am
a room, innocent people, no guns, there's no second amendment for those. they had guns it would have been a different story. i want where people aren't going to walk into a place and shoot everybody and they have no protection. i mean, gene, we have a world trade center got knocked down almost twice. people forget the first time. but we have other things happening. we have isis that wants to destroy us. and we take people openly and we find out they become radicalized. and what you do is you have to look at other parts of the world and see what happens when this happens. it's a very, very serious problem for our country. >> up next -- trump's all or nothing presidential plan for people of the muslim faith. mika and joe asked donald trump to lay out his plan to engage muslims in the fight against isis. but first, what homeland security secretary jeh johnson had to say to andrea mitchell over an hour ago about the countereffect trump is actually having on that front. >> i was at the mosque in
10:27 am
northern virginia with people who, for the most part, american citizens. i said, we cannot vilify muslims, as your lead-in repeated. i also said to the muslim community, now i have an ask of you, if you see something, say something. mr. trump's proposal is a setback that takes us backward in the opposite direction. this is brad.
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gop front-runner donald trump says the muslim community is not helping the u.s. root out would-be terrorists. here is the interview from "morning joe." >> donald, along with the plan you're proposing i know you and joe talked about engaging muslims and called it beautiful words. but i do want to take it further
10:31 am
and ask you, along with your plan, say it could be carried out, what would you do alongside that to engage the muslim community here in america and around the world? >> i would want to engage the muslim community. but the muslim community has to help us mika, they're not helping us. the muslim community is not reporting what's going on. they should be reporting that their next door neighbor is making pipe bombs and they've got them all over the place. the mothers in the apartment, other people, his friend buying him rifles, nobody was reporting that. the muslim community has to help us because without the muslim community, we would have to get very tough and much tougher, and i don't want to do that. but the muslim community, it's not a one-way street. the muslim community knew that this guy, what he was doing, and his wife, his very heavily radicalized wife, they knew what me were doing was wrong. nobody called the police. nobody said, this is what happened. one person said, no, he didn't call the police because he didn't want to be a racial
10:32 am
profiler. >> you can't generalize from this one incident and say muslims aren't helping law enforcement officers across the america because they are. >> i don't think they are much, joe. they are to a very little extent but not to the extent -- look, not nearly to the extent that they should be. >> willie. >> donald, back to what you called temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states. i get the concept but i want to know how it works practically. how does it work at the border? say a man a family -- >> willie, willie. certainly going to be exceptions made, like, for instance, sporting events and other things. hopefully this wouldn't take very long. but you know what? by doing this, what we need help from are the muslims that do know what's going on, the neighbors of people that are looking to do harm, they have to call the police. >> i understand that, you've made that point. i want to know how it works. realex witten doesn't appear on
10:33 am
a passport. would there be questioning? would it happen here in america? how would it work. >> it could happen at the site. here, in many different forums, that would have to be worked out. i don't think for an expensed period of time. we have to get our hands around the situation. >> donald, a customsgent would ask the person his or her religion? >> they would say, are you muslim? >> and if they said, yes, they would not be allowed in the country. >> that's correct. >> mark halperin? >> mr. trump, a gather you're supposed to attend a national committee fund-raiser tomorrow and you're not. if not, why not? >> i don't know anything about it. i'm funding my own campaign. i don't need money, to put it mildly. i don't know anything about a fund-raiser tomorrow. mark, i'm funding my own campaign. >> a fund-raiser for the republican party. >> i don't know if i'm going or not. i didn't know it was on my schedule. all i know is i'm funding my own
10:34 am
campaign. i'm not getting money from special interests, lobbyists and donors, like every other candidate. >> when you said some of the republican candidates hadn't been critical of you, who are you referring to. >> i haven't heard from krooucr. rand paul came out with a propel similar, actually, in many ways more broad. i had heard that. i don't think he commented. i doubt he will comment on me. i won say that i'm his favorite person. of course he's not doing too well. maybe because of me. but rand paul, i think, has got a proposal that was pretty severe, cruz's proposal was severe, too. not everybody. most of the ones that are, you no, guys like kasich, he's got no polling numbers, he's made a fool out of himself, one of the worst debaters. some of the others are people hanging around. >> ted cruz did say he disagreed with the policy.
10:35 am
some saying, including new york time you chose to make this because one poll showed you behind in iowa. >> give me a break. i call it the failing money losing "new york times." let me tell you something, cnn came out with a poll that has me clobbering everybody in iowa. there was another poll that came out, i don't know the poll, but came out i was behind cruz in iowa, only iowa, nationwide i'm leading in every poll. one outlier came out yesterday i disagree with their polling methods and data, cnn does very good polling, came out with a poll am i correct mark or do you want to correct me, i was absolutely clobbering everybody, you agree. >> you were ahead of the cnn poll -- >> not ahead. how much ahead was i, mark? >> way ahead. >> so coming up, donald trump answers questions about the international implications of isolating nearly one quarter of the world's population. you don't want to miss it. back after this. constipated?
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better than clorox. with donald trump today here at msnbc. this next part, he's questioned about the impact of a ban on muslims would have on america's diplomatic relationships overseas. take a listen. >> mr. trump you are way ahead in the polls you could become the republican nominee, our future president. how do you think your first meetings with leaders of, say, united arab emirates, superb ally, flying missions over isis, women in their army, how do you think the meetings will go after you proposed, and it sounds like, implementing a policy like this. >> i think i'll get along great with them. i've always been a unifier. i've gotten along with joe and mika for years. if you can do that, you can do anything. >> true. >> really you don't think you
10:40 am
create -- >> you know who's not a unifier, president obama. he's a disaster. he's the most -- the greatest divider i've ever seen. >> i don't disagree. but you're at the top of the polls, you seem to be on track to be our party's nominee, you don't see any danger to our relationships around the world when you propose banning the world's 1.5 billion muslims entering our country indefinitely? >> let's talk about our relationships around the world. >> sure. >> we don't have relationships around the world. every country that we're supposed -- russia hates us, china hates us, we're not talking too much with the muslim problem there. but you go around the middle east blew up around president obama and hillary clinton, it's a war zone. you look at iraq, you look at iran, iran took us to the cleaners with a deal where they got, you know, $150 billion and they can have all of the nuclear -- within ten years, more nuclear weapons than we ever had. so, when you say about our relationships with other
10:41 am
countries, for the most part, we have no relationships with other countries. we have been in free-fall, as far as relationships is concerned. i guarantee you our relationships will be far better than they are now because right now, we have no -- we have a president that was not meant to be presiden he's a disaster. >> you waive the ban for leaders of middle eastern countries. >> of course. >> so, from 1945 to 1991, don d donald, we were engaged in a cold where where the actual balance of the human -- the human race hung in the balance. we feared nuclear war. we still let russians come to america, though. despite the fact that the danger was actually greater, if you looked at the cold war, mutually assured destruction. if we had banned russians from emigrating to this country, coming to this country, we wouldn't have google. >> i'm not -- i'm not -- i'm not
10:42 am
looking -- joe, take a look back at roosevelt and the alien germans, they called them ail again germans, alien italians, alien japanese because we're at war. we're at war right now, whether you like it or not. we're at war with radical islam. >> donald, i agree with you that -- there's a difference -- i want to get muslims on our side. it seems to me that your approach divides muslim americans and don't make them feel like they have a stake in the american dream. i believe, you look, there are -- i think muslim americans have buying power of about $100 billion in country. there are great entrepreneurs that are muslim americans, law-abiding muslim americans, they employ tens of thousands of americans. i want them on our side. i want muslims across the world on our side. >> so do i, joe. you said it will divide.
10:43 am
they're already divided, joe. >> they. you say they -- 5%, 10%? >> joe, joe -- >> if we have 90%, don't we want -- you talk -- you're great at making deals. you understand, you make deals by drawing people in and getting as many people on your side. it seems me the last thing you want to do is divide the very people that you need to focus on. >> it's making a point -- >> on our side in america, across the world, we win the war against isis -- >> we're not whipping anything now. >> that i can tell you. >> do you think we're winning against isis. >> i said, no, we're not. i'm talking about how to win the war ultimately. >> we will win by being firm, tough, smart and we will draw them in. right now we're not drawing them in. right now things are going on right now that you don't know about that i don't know about, that nobody, right now there are things that are going on you have so called people you think are on our side and they're not reporting it, they're not talking about it.
10:44 am
and in some cases they're involved with it. look, i'll give you an example. some of our so-called allies that we work with, we protect, we protect them militarily, they're sending massive amounts of money to isis and to al qaeda and to -- >> who are we talking about there? >> you no he who it is. why do i have to bring it up. >> you're running for president. >> joe, other country are giving massive amounts of money, people from other countries -- >> are you saying saudis. >> of course they're doing it. everybody knows that. >> okay. any other countries? >> there are, but i'm not going to say it becausi have a lot of relationships withpeople. but there are. you know that. and everybody knows that. and nobody says it. nobody talks about it. >> you're not even saying the countries that are doing it right now. why aren't you willing to name those? you say you have a lot of relationships there. >> joe, check your records, and our government knows the country. one happens to be saudi arabia. and our government knows that.
10:45 am
and why aren't we doing anything about it? why aren't we being firm as to why are we allowing that to happen? >> why don't you think we are? >> what. >> why don't you think we are. >> we have an incompent president. >> well, is he the only president that is -- that is -- had a policy basically -- >> no. i wasn't exactly a big fan, as you know, he may be a republican but i wasn't a big fan. i was the one that called osama bin laden. i would have had bin laden knocked out. and maybe the world trade center as it was would have been standing right now. >> so coming up, the political global and economic impact of donald trump's ban on muslims, this idea, as president, what he would do about how they cross our borders here in the u.s. we're looking at story from all directions. but first, reaction from presidential candidate bernie sanders, on the left, speaking in baltimore today. >> the only way you win
10:46 am
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hey candidates! enough talk. give us a plan.
10:50 am
look at 56% of americans, not talking about about republicans here, talking about republicans, democrats, independents, everyone, 56% said that islam itself is at odds with the american culture, american values and american way of life. breaking it down by party, overwhelming on the republican side. that's the audience trump is talking to right now. three out of every four republicans say that. even a jrt of independents and look at that. even 43% of democrats make that statement, thomas. >> really fascinating watching this. see if imt impacts the polls going forward. we have seen the coverage over
10:51 am
this type of rhetoric. but it is the type of material that's used to feed his campaign. it's ir real haven't. >> dangerous rhetoric, as well. he has spoken about this past. a tweet he put out first week of may after the garland, texas, shooting. he tweeted the u.s. has enough problems without publicity seekers going out and openly mocking religion in order to provoke attacks and death. be smart. he's talking about isis propaganda online. they flush out the quotes of muslims being separated out from american society and the speech is dangerous. how dangerous is it? >> we'llee how it resonates with folks out on the campaign trail and saw south carolina last night. we'll check in with olivia sterns and following the business trends of impacting donald trump the businessman opposed to politician. what are you seeing? >> donald trump has many muslim business partners and billions of dollars of projects with his name trump written across across
10:52 am
the middle east and turkey. start with when's in the emirates. two lavish golf courses there and a hotel in development and luxury villas and in dubai earlier this year with his daughter working on some of those projects, moving over to qatar, he does have close ties with qat and the airways is an anchor tenant up at trump tower and saudis and knows many including the prince allawi. he even sold his 280-foot yac to the prince in 1991. it's early but there are some indication that is his comments could cost him. for example, nbc news spoke to one self-made arab billionaire saying who had previously publicly supported trump and said when he was talking about muslims, attacking them, i made a mistake supporting mr. trump. he said he's creating a hatred of muslims and united states of america. to be a player in the global
10:53 am
real estate market, you have to have deep pocketed middle eastern partners. that's what trump has. >> different angle on the story. olivia, thanks so much. now the policy of it all an we'll talk about what it means for america to be in such an isolationist posture with the gop front-runner like donald trump. ayman mohyeldin is digging into this story for me on that angle and looking at how this is the antithesis to productivity for counterterrorism effort. >> this is a serious implication on u.s. security banning muslim americans. by most measures, muslim americans anywhere from 20% to 40% had impact on helping u.s. law enforcement thwart attacks and number cited is most of the arrests made by u.s. counterterrorism officials here in the u.s. came from tips in the muslim american community. up to 40% of the attacks and in addition to the fact of almost
10:54 am
6,000 american muslims serving on the front lines, serving in the american military, the guards, reserves or active duty members fighting on the font lines to defend america an enin addition to the fact you have police officials, judges, you have all kinds of muslim americans. this would have a serious impact on the overall security of america. this would have a serious impact on american security if you ban muslim americans. >> part of american fabric, you know, the people of the muslim faith as are all people of faith and most people that don't practice any type of faith. it's part of who we are. ayman, thanks so much. steve, let's ask you finally about the critique of donald trump. we have heard from some and also silence. >> well, it's interesting to see who's critiquing him and how they're doing it. look an the republican side. jeb bush, one of the first out with a statements condemning him yesterday, john kasich, carly fiorina. what do they all have in common?
10:55 am
struggling and barely registering in the polls right now. meanwhile, not only is trump in the lead on the trrepublican si and one candidate refusing to criticize trump's tone, ted cruz. he said he disagrees with the proposal. reiterates that he alikes donald trump. ted cruz will not attack him on this. second place in the race right now and ones going after trump the hardest, so far, no one's listening to them at least according to polls. >> we had rnc chairman give his statement earlier this hour saying we need to take on islamic terrorism and not at the expense of our american values. steve kornacki, thank you. amen, olivia, cal, thank you all very much. here's today's microsoft pulse question. has donald trump gone too far with the plan to ban muslims? weigh in at and bring you results in the next hour. we have got more much ahead, the
10:56 am
reaction to donald trump's call about muslims and banning them from coming into the country. and the hour ahead, i'll speak with representative keith ellison, the first muslim american elected to congress and actor and activist who spent several years in a japanese internment camp and how's he reacting to what donald trump says especially after being confronted this morning about those internment camps and is his muslim idea the very same thing? those intervie and much more from donald trump's words on "morning joe" coming up.
10:57 am
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i tried depend last weekend. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. only depend underwear has new confidence core technology for fast absorption and the smooth, comfortable fit of fit-flex™ protection. get a coupon at good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts. we start with the latest call of donald trump to ban muslims coming into the country. the white house condemned the very remarks. take a look. >> what he said is disqualifying. any republican who's too fearful
11:00 am
of the republican base to admit it has no business serving as president either. >> earlier today, trump was on "morning joe" by phone defending this new policy idea and here he is comparing the current fight on terror to world war ii. >> joe, take a look back at roosevelt and take a look at the alien germans. they called them alien germans. because we were at war, joe, we are at war right now. qul you like it or not. we are at war with radical islam. >> all this coming after donald trump called for a data-base to track muslims and repeating ii rumors of 9/11. >> what's the message as muslim americans right now is. >> we love you. we want to work with you. we want you to turn in the bad ones. we want you to practice
11:01 am
vigilance. we -- we know that you know a lot in many cases. we want you to turn in the bad ones. we all want to get along and get back to a normal peaceful life. >> so we have a series of reports on the donald trump controversial policy proposal. andrea mitchell, host of "an dree ma mitchell reports" correspondent steve kornacki and political editor carrie dann. andrea, let's start with you about this. we have seen the reaction of different parts of the world. people like british prime minister david cameron, they have condemned the remarks. what kind of reverberations has donald trump caused and how we are perceived around the world? >> well, that is a concern. john kerry speaking to reporters in paris just today was talking about how it would be perceived. david cameron speaking out. david cameron's comments put out by the press spokesman is unusual, very unusual, because
11:02 am
he, the prime minister, would not normally speak about anything involving american politics. no foreign leader would. but said that this was so important, so unprecedented and my interview with jeh johnson, again, a cabinet secretary resisted as recently as yesterday afternoon at a mosque in northern virginia or an islamic center in northern virginia, refusing to comment about anything that another political -- a political candidate said because he wants as a national security figure to stay out of the political discourse but feeling clearly that he wanted to come on and speak out today because this is a road too far. he did not speak out about the wall an about the keeping immigrants, keeping mexicans out of the country. even though he felt concerned about that but this he thinks now rises to a national security threshold. >> i want people in muslim
11:03 am
communities across this country to know that the president and i, members of this administration and obviously a number of republicans and democrats do not believe this, do not feel the way mr. trump feels. and reject his comments. >> the concern, thomas, is that this feeds into isis propaganda, this helps perpetuate their claim this is a war of the west against islam, a cultural war and this helps breed hatred among very susceptible communities, especially now in an era where we have homegrown terrorists who are self radicalizing or responding to isis propaganda not commanded and controlled by isis the way al qaeda was in the past. you don't have long-range planning of a large scale events like 9/11 but you have these individualized attacks like san bernardino, we believe, and that
11:04 am
this plays exactly into those kinds of exploy tative feelings. >> andrea, this was an extensive conversation with the secretary and obviously he was putting out how he feels that donald trump's remarks un-american, basically illegal but more importantly what did the secretary have to say about homeland security and the crafting for the new terror threat level system? >> most specifically, he talked about the outreach to the muslim community, that he was doing yesterday and will continue to do and been doing for quite some while trying to get muslim americans to join in this effort, to stop isis from being able to radicalize people so they're trying to craft a new threat system where they don't say there's no credible threat. not just looking at whether a particular organization has articulated a threat or made some propaganda threat against america but actually get to what we know about groups that can be
11:05 am
smaller groups that can be organized and how do we get online communities to turn against this, as well. >> i think what we have realized is our american way of life is a target no matter the threat is, no matter what day it is. it's just a new normal we live in. andrea mitchell, thank you for making time for me. i appreciate it. >> you bet. >> we have a wave of republicans against donald trump's plans and here's speaker of the house paul ryan, his reaction today. >> what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for. and more importantly, it's not what this country stands for. not only are there many muslims serving in our armed forces dying for this country there are muslims serving right here in the house working every day to uphold and defend the constitution. >> want to bring in anchor and political correspondent steve kornacki. break down what this means for the republican race and any
11:06 am
splinter effect it has. >> yeah. well, it's very interesting to see. republican leaders like paul ryan scrambling to respond in very strong terms against what donald trump said yesterday. there's concern certainly among many republican leaders about the overall image of their party being tarnished by comments like this by trump, potentially chances in 2016 being tarnished by trump, especially forced to nominate donald trump along those lines and interesting bit of news just in the last few minutes, "the new york times" spoke with a spokesman for former president george w. bush. now remember the context here. just days after 9/11 it was george w. bush as president who drew that very clear distinction. he said, saying that the united states is not at war with islam. it is only in his view back then it was only a few radical muslims perverted the meaning of islam. so his spokesman contacted by
11:07 am
"the new york times" a few minutes ago, said did not want to respond directly to trump or, quote, give oxygen to anything of trump's bluster but, however, the spokesman did refer back to the comments from bush after 9/11 and said that true islam is peaceful, radical islam is the perversion by a few of a noble faith into an ideology of terror and death. so certainly it seems george w. bush moving toward that direction. you saw paul ryan going there. at the same time, though, leaders like george w. bush, paul ryan, may be coming down on that side. another prominent name not nearly as eager to distance himself from trump, ted cruz. this is what cruz had to say a while ago today. >> certainly in the media, there has been no shortage of criticism for donald trump. and i do not believe the world needs my voice added to that chorus of critics. and listen. i commend donald trump for standing up and focusing
11:08 am
america's attention on the need to secure our borders. >> thomas, that may be the most interesting dynamic within the republican race when you consider this. not only is trump in first place, making comments like this, but if you look at all the candidates condemning him, they're struggling in the polls, one who doesn't want to fight with him on this subject is ted cruz. ted cruz is the one in second place right now. >> steve kornacki, thank you. i appreciate that. also as you talked about the potential for president bush speaking out, we know dick cheney spoke out today saying it goes against we believe in and stand for. also joining this conversation from washington, nbc news political editor carrie dann. we have two more statements, carrie. republican mitt romney tweeted this, on muslims, donald trump fired before airing and applauds speaker ryan.
11:09 am
and reince priebus, we need to take on radical islamic terrorism but not at the expense of our american values. how's the party forced to react to donald trump, carrie? >> we have seen from almost all of donald trump's republican rivals and from these party elders, people like mitt romney, like paul ryan, and to an extent like reince priebus saying they disagree with the sentiment and some language stronger than others. priebus said that it is -- goes against american values and didn't go as far as as jeb bush or marco rubio condemning the statement of trump and what does it reflect is, one, just as you mentioned the candidates who have taken trump on very aggressively in the past on some of his most controversial statements have seen the standing in the polls decrease. remember the last time we saw almost every republican presidential contender condemn donald trump on the statements about john mccain and his status as a war hero. that was something that was very
11:10 am
controversial. and at the same time, it inflated donald trump's standing in the polls and that's something that i'm sure the party elders keeping in mind. this is a party extremely divided. in the latest poll of nbc news that came out earlier this week, we saw that 7 in 10 republicans believe that donald trump is telling it, quote, telling it like it is. a majority of americans overall said they find the rhetoric offensive and the party, those in the republican primary electorate still at least as of earlier this week like his tone. and divided about whether or not trump is hurting the republican party's image, about 43% say he may be hurting the party and 40% say that he is helping the republican party's image. when you ask republicans themselves, this is a very deeply, deeply divided party and with trump's rhetoric and the poll numbers where they are, that division will only increase. >> no. he's channelling something and we continue the see it on the campaign trail. carrie, thank you. >> thank you. republicans aren't the only
11:11 am
ones reacting to donald trump's comments. bernie sanders slammed trump earlier today saying that he believes dividing the country is the way to win elections. >> the only way you win elections is by dividing people up. you divide white from black. gay from straight. man from woman. people born in america from people coming in to america. that's how you win elections. and trump is the case book example of what that is about and how to win elections. all right. i don't think we do that. we do the exact opposite. we bring people together. >> he went on to say to gather people around a common agenda. we are asking you to weigh in on the pulse question focusing on donald trump, controversial plan for muslims. frances is live from the streets of new york city getting the pulse on donald trump's policy thoughts. frances, what are you hearing? >> well, we didn't have to do a lot of explaining or back story.
11:12 am
a lot of people we spoke with knew the latest in a very long list of what donald trump has been saying. the latest, when we ask some of these voters here, has donald trump finally gone too far with his plan of banning the muslims from the united states and, pete, tell me a little bit. has he finally gone too far? >> yes, i think he should. we should not eliminate all muslims from coming into the country. i think the methods that we use to verify their acceptance into our country are good. >> when you hear all of the other controversial inflammatory offensive words that donald trump is, is this different this time around? >> no. i don't think it's different this time around. i think most of his remarks have been inflammatory from the beginning. >> and do you think he'll stay on top because of it? >> unfortunately, i'm afraid he may. >> all right. there you have it from pete and donald who is a native new yorker and, donald, you follow politics very, very well. you know the latest about donald
11:13 am
trump. is it finally too far for him with these words? >> absolutely. any time that you use divisive language to alienate a section of our population, it has gone too far. our country is more great, more perfect when we are inclusive and we bring those people that has issues abroad and bring them here and let them come into the inclusive nature of america to try for the communiopportunitie they try. >> do you think he'll be afloat from this one? >> i think the american community and american population is a little bit smarter than we give them credit for and i believe the incendiary remarks he's made will be the straw that sinks his boat. >> all right. very quickly from the youngest voters here, first-time voters come election time and when you hear donald trump, as well, and these comments, very quickly, what are your thoughts? >> i think it's wrong.
11:14 am
like not letting the muslims come in. >> not allowing them within the united states or entering the united states. matthew, you? >> yeah. i think it's horrible what he's planning on doing to become president. >> as new voters, for the election, how do you think this weighs in that donald trump's continues to be the front-runner with republicans? >> i think it's bad. it's horrible. no one's seeing what he is doing. it's wrong. >> we have it right here. again, thomas, as we continue to ask our bing pulse question today, has donald trump finally, finally gone too far with this plan banning muslims from entering the united states? we'll continue to get the pulse here on the streets of new york city. >> thank you. the pulse is live. check it out. pulse.msn so the impact, the trump comments, what are they making around the globe? and especially coming to the realistic fight against isis. or is this just fuel for them? i'm going to get reaction of former nato commander general wesley clark next.
11:15 am
peter cook moments ago delivering a dose of reality of what anti-islamic rhetoric accomplishes. >> anything to bolster isil's narrative and pits the united states against the muslim faith is certainly not only con tear to our values but national security. r the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? for my pain, i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. i can't believe i got it. that's my boy. woah! look! that's my boy. you're proud to give each other your best every day. and at banquet, we want to give you our best.
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11:18 am
i want to knock out their capital and i want to knock out the oil and i want to take over the oil and i want to wring it so that the oil is safe and take the oil and give some of the profits of the oil to wounded ar yours and veterans. >> great. >> and to the families of the people whose families and whose sons and daughters died in iraq. >> fantastic. >> afghanistan and syria. >> agree. that sounds great. so how many troops? 10,000 maybe? would you support 10,000 ground troops? >> yes, i would. >> so there we have donald trump
11:19 am
earlier today, the "morning joe" interview talking about the strategy to defeat isis, the issues of policy if elected to ban muslims from the borders. also suggested that it should, quote, take out the families of terrorists. the u.s. military strategy. we have a recent quinnipiac poll finding 29% of republican voters and terrorism is the most important issue support trump as the party nominee. to talk future of military strategy, i want to go to retired four-star general wesley clark. and, sir, as you've been hearing, the remarks made by donald trump, i want to get your reaction to whether or not they're smart national security policy or absolutely foolish. what do you think? >> well, i go with the latter. these remarks cause a great deal of concern because they play into the narrative that isil's trying to create of islam against the world and against
11:20 am
the west and the united states against islam. but also, the military strategy. he's talking about running in there with a few thousand troops and seizing oil and so forth. it's just talk. it's not the way you actually conduct operations. there's no bearing on the reality of how we have to proceed to handle isis. >> so this controversial rhetoric, general, isn't exclusive to donald trump. i want to play for everybody how ted cruz was talking about this over the weekend in iowa. take a look. >> if i am elected president, we will defeat radical islamic terrorism. we will carpet bomb them into oblivion. i don't know if sand can glow in the dark but we're going the find out. >> i don't know if sand can glow in the dark but we're going to find out. to loud applause, general. people support this kind of language. people applauding donald trump
11:21 am
last night in south carolina. they like his idea to ban muslims coming into this country or americans overseas having a harder time coming back in. how do we work and operate as moderators of planning seeds of goodwill in that region to move forward if we have folks like this that want to be the commander in chief, the leader of the free world? >> well, it's definitely undercuts what people's perception of the american presidential race is all about but you have people like ted cruz and donald trump playing to the dark side of the crowd. and, you know, in the textbooks political campaigns are supposed to educate. they're supposed to help shape public opinion in the right way and that's gone in the wrong direction. but i think that all of us who are engaged in commentary, in the media, in mod rerating needo call it like it is. they're out of line. unrealistic. won't work. won't solve the problem of isis and would in all probability
11:22 am
make it much, much worse. and i think we just have to say that. >> meanwhile, we have had an ongoing unsuccessful foreign policy and military policy when it comes to trying to defeat the ever-growing problem of isis. and we heard from the president on sunday night. he outlined this four-prong strategy to defeat the group. given how this has evolved, how they have evolved, does that still hold up and can ground forces be effective? >> well, you have got to solve some of the political issues because when the ground forces go in, and they take the ground, then who's going to govern the country? who will deal with the women and the children and the men who have hidden their uniforms and pretending they were just a fruit salesman in the streets? who are these people? how do we talk to them and categorize the population? a million people in mosul under isis control. we don't speak arabic.
11:23 am
it is not our culture. so first there has to be an agreement among the may you pores in the conflict of what the future shape of syria is. is it iran dominated? is it going to be saudi and turkey sunni dominated? will minorities have a place? that politics will drive whether the contending forces can work together to defeat isis. if they can't work together, then isis like a cancer is going to continue to grow in the region. and only if we get the political agreement can we hope to get the sunni and the other ground forces in the region to do the hard work. can the united states help? sure. we can put in air support, logistics, guidance, we can provide training. but ultimately, our troops are not the best troops for seizing and holding the ground that's occupied by the people who live there. >> general wesley clark, thank you for your insight, sir. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. new developments coming into
11:24 am
the investigation out of the shooting in san bernardino. bank records showing a big deposit last month into farook's account. the latest in a live report from california next. but first, developing news of baltimore. the prosecution rested in the first of six trials in the death of freddie gray. officer william porter charged with manslaughter, assault, misconduct and reckless endangerment. if convicted he could face up to 25 years in prison.
11:25 am
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chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. developing right now from capitol hill on the left side of your screen, we have the house floor where any minute a vote is expected to tighten part of the visa waver program. on the right, senate democrats trying to pass a bill to restrict terrorism suspects from purchasing guns and explosives. >> i rise today to support the most common sense proposal to bar individuals on the terrorist
11:28 am
watch list from being able to legally get a gun. given what happened in san bernardino, it is extra insanity that we're not going the move on this. >> the denying firearms and explosives to dangerous terrorists act was defeated last thursday just as the shootings were unfolding in san bernardino. the bipartisan bill cospore sonned before dianne feinstein and king defeated for a third time last week in the house. all right. so the latest out of california and new developments to report in san bernardino from that shooting. nbc news confirmed that in the weeks before the attacks the shooters farook and malik we sooefed a deposit over $28,000. this comes as the fbi now believes the couple were radicalized for, quote, quite sometime. it was earlier today my colleague spoke with department of homeland security secretary jeh johnson about the current investigation. >> it is apparent that there was
11:29 am
a considerable amount of premeditation and planning that went into that attack. >> meanwhile, house speaker paul ryan's request, all house members will get a classified briefing on the attack this thursday. want to get out to san bernardino, california, blake mccoy is standing by there. update us on the developments and who surrounded them and could have helped them. >> reporter: all along, thomas, investigators said they believe it's a lone wolf attack, that they were not coordinating with any broader terrorist cell and doesn't mean they acted completely alone. things to consider here. you have the $28,500 payment that nbc news confirmed to their bank account. where did that money from? the fbi wants to know. then there is farook's mother who lived with the couple and their 6-month-old baby at the home and plotted right under here nose. was she aware of anything? there's the childhood friend of
11:30 am
farook who purchased the two assault rifles used in the attack. did he know what he was buying the guns for? also reports in the months prior to the attack some people seen entering and leaving the garage of the farook's home, a bomb-making factory. did they know anything and who are those people? fbi conducted more than 400 interviews so far trying to get answers to that, thomas. >> blake, investigators talked about the days leading up to the attack and how the couple may have practiced. >> reporter: yeah. certainly. we do know that the couple was seen at gun ranges, target practicing in the days, weeks and months prior to the attack. nbc news spoke with a source at one local gun range in nearby riverside saying that farook was there target practicing monday, two days before the attack, thomas. >> blake mccoy in san bernardino, california, blake, thank you. coming up next, we are going to go back to politics and the ever overflowing reaction to
11:31 am
donald trump's comments from the first muslim elected to congress. keith ellieson joins me from capitol hill and george tatei about his family's experience in a japanese internment camp. rilog for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. how with directv you could put tvs anywhere and not see cable wires and boxes in every room. why can't we get people to just say cables, schmables? hold on, hold on, i really like what you're doing there because if we just add "schma" in front of something, it just doesn't seem like a big deal. boxes, schmoxes. there you go. cold sore, cold schmore. yes! scotch, schmotch! what? i'll take some of that schmotch! alright. schmank you! (vo) get rid of cable and upgrade to directv. call 1-800-directv. ♪
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11:34 am
what we shouldn't do is to just, you know, say, all muslims aren't coming into our country. you've got the find the proper balance of believing in american values and being serious and real about keeping us safe. >> so there we have former govern nor of florida jeb bush moments ago in new hampshire making reference made by donald trump and today everybody from the white house to downing street is condemning donald trump's proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s. here's donald trump defending those remarks today on "morning joe."
11:35 am
>> well, i would want to engage the muslim community. they have to help us. the muslim community is not reporting what's going on. they should be reporting that their next door neighbor is making pipe bombs and they got them all over the place. the mother's in the apartment. other people. his friend buying his rifles. nobody was reporting that. the muslim community has to help us. without the muslim community we would have to get much tougher and i don't want to do that but the muslim community is not a one way street. >> so joining me now is congressman keith ellison, a democrat from minnesota and first muslim elected to congress. good to have you here. the context is not for the best of reasons, we're coming off a horrific attack in san bernardino where the investigation is still ongoing the find out exactly what led this couple to that massacre and there we have the gop front-runner talking about what his presidential policy would be
11:36 am
for people of the muslim faith. what is your biggest concern when you hear someone like donald trump and his policy plans for the white house? >> my biggest concern is it does not help us become a safer country. throwing americans against each other, ramping up discrimination and hatred, doesn't make us any safer at all. you know, this is a typical and historic game that's played by, i don't know, people like joe mccarthy, people like george wallace. even pitch fork ben tillman back in the 1890s. whipping up hate and hysteria to elevate his political position and not really offering anyone any real solutions. that's my real concern that we would turn us against each other and not be better off as a nation. terrorism is real. >> we know that you're going to have a briefing because the speaker of the house paul ryan asked for the fbi to speak with all of you on thursday. what are you biggest questions
11:37 am
about national security given what happened in san bernardino? >> well, i'm concerned about san bernardino. i'm also concerned about all these rash of mass shootings. i'm concerned about making sure that from the san bernardino standpoint is are we making sure that we're doing the proper amount of fact-based investigation? are we picking up on the clues and the cues throughout? are we having a good enough relationship so if somebody sees something they feel comfortable enough to report it? these are the real issues i think but whipping up hate and hyster hysteria, i would like to know from the standpoint of fbi sen other law enforcement officials, does this help the cause of justice and safety or hurt it and undermine it? i think i know the answer to that but i want the fbi to explain their take on itecause i think that we need to hear from the highest levels of our government that this hate, hysteria is wrong and it also
11:38 am
is -- makes us less safe and it's very ineffective. >> when it comes to what's taking place on the hill of gun violence and schools, clinics, churches, army bases, shopping theaters, shopping malls, san bernardino irc agency for the disabled, now gets to be among this horrible list. what are people saying to you on the hill about any type of common sense approaches to reform, to access, to the million tearized weapons used this spate of massacres that we have witnessed, from christian killers or muslim killers? >> or any kind. the public is way past ready to do something about this. the public wants us to have background checks, to stop terrorists from being able to get access from guns. people on the lists shouldn't be able to get these guns. we can do that today. they also want us to close the gun show loophole. people are ready for real action
11:39 am
and they know that while mental health is a part of it, it's by no means the whole thing and a distraction point for the people that don't want to take action for common sense gun reform. but i think there's a will up here on capitol hill to do something, too. but we know we have to get a chance to have a vote and i got faith that people will vote for some common sense gun reform given a chance for an up or down vote but we can't stop pushing forward. we can't stop trying because every single day whether it's the individualized shootings that may happen in a city like chicago or the mass shootings like san bernardino and at the planned parenthood office, you know, these things -- we near an intolerable level and got to take steps to protect american lives. >> we'll let you get back to work. thank you for your time. >> thank you. more than 100,000 americans rounded up into internment camps
11:40 am
in world war ii, suspected of being loyal to their ancestral home and perceived to be a threat. donald trump says that president roosevelt's actions were something that he had to do and the presidential candidate stopped short of suggesting the creation of new camps but points to roosevelt as a model for his, quote, muslim ban. >> you certainly aren't proposing internment camps? >> no, i'm not at all. this wasn't -- by the way, i am not proposing that. that's not what this -- you have to look at it as presidential proclamations. it was tough stuff but it wasn't internment. not the japanese internment camps. no. not at all. but we have to get our hand around a very serious problem and it's getting worse and you will have more world trade centers and you will have more bigger than the world trade center if we don't tuchb up, smarten up and use our heads. >> george takei joins me in studio, a beloved american actor and activist and when he was 5 years old, he and his family
11:41 am
were interned at a camp in arkansas. it being a japanese-american internment camp and very important that we let that distinction, george, drink in for folks. >> yes, absolutely. >> so they recognize what this meant for you and your family during that time. donald trump uses that example as a successful one. not something that he's specifically saying for muslims but what is your reaction when you hear this in 2015? >> well, it's ironic that he made that comment on december 7th, pearl harbor day. the very event that put us in those internment camps. in the 1980s, congress organized a commission to look into the reasons why that internment happened. and i did testify at one of those hearings. and they found that it was three things that brought that about. one was racial hysteria, second was war hysteria, and third was
11:42 am
failure of political leadership. and donald trump is the perfect example of that failure. it was because political leadership could not educate the hysteria that was sweeping across this country. get rid of the japs was the most popular political issue of the time and they didn't recognize the fact that two thirds of us were american citizens. my mother was born in sacramento. my father was a san franciscon. we were children then and born in los angeles. we were americans and yet they thought that we had an organic genetic loyalty to the emperor and so we were all imprisoned for no -- with no charges. it was the most unconstitutional act and president ronald reagan in 1988 apologized for that. and pledged a $20,000 redress. token redress and nevertheless hurricane apologized for it.
11:43 am
and what donald trump is talking about is something that's going to make his logo america disgraced again. it's all over again. we don't know our history and when we don't know that, we don't learn the lesson from our history. >> doomed to repeat it. one thing i know that you are doing right now an it's very timely, i mean, you have a broadway show called "allegian e "allegiance" based on your experience and try to educate everybody through entertainment but the message here is real. and this is a very interesting intersection in politics right now where we can look back and have this historical moment you're starring in but also that it's really happening in realtime coming the muslim american community. what is your message to folks since you have lived through something like this? what would you say to them? >> our musical "allegiance" is a timely production. it's because we don't know that history. the mayor of roanoke, virginia,
11:44 am
used that to justify the same kind of thing that donald trump is talking about. but he got even that information wrong. he said we sequestered japanese nationals. no. that wasn't it. we were imprisoned, incarcerated in barbed wire camps, concentration camps and we were american sit evens. so we don't know our history. and we are about to repeat it again with donald trump. >> george take i, always nice t see you. how's the schedule of broadway? holding up? >> here i am. >> intense? >> eight shows a week. it is tough. >> all right, sir. con gronlg lagss. this is a passion project for you to get to the broadway stage and absolutely to you and making time for me today. i proosht you being here. we have been asking you today with our bing pulse question, has donald trump gone too far with his plan to ban all muslims. frances is going to be back with an update on the thoughts in just a few minutes.
11:45 am
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11:48 am
the pulse has been live today and asking you for your thoughts and reactions with donald trump's plan of muslims. my colleague frances rivera is live on the streets of manhattan with an update after speaking with folks out there. what are you hearing? >> well, thomas, i have to say, frankly, we haven't found many people that share the sentiment of amanda and dave but they'll share it with us. as far as donald trump and the latest comments and latest plan of banning muslims. you agree with this plan. >> i agree with the plan that there's got to be something done and he did say it was only for a short period of time. it wasn't like forever. it was just until they koim up with another solution. >> people say this is divisive, your number one thought are eight grand kids an enthe scene
11:49 am
right here, enhanced security in this country. talk to me about this. >> well, it's -- to keep us safe right now. so until they can figure out a way that they can let people in, you know, that we know is safe, we have to do something. so -- >> dave, you agree. you don't think donald trump has gone too far with the latest comments and plan. >> donald trump is a little bit off center but he i think is locking out for the best interest of the united states. >> very quickly, why do you think there are those he's getting standing ovations with the plan. why does he continue to be the front-runner for the gop? >> he is coming up with a solution. nobody else is doing anything. nothing. they're not saying anything about anything. >> even when many consider it controversial, offensive and just flat-out wrong? >> we have to do something. and just look what happened in california last week. and perfect example. >> and there you have it. from amanda and dave from
11:50 am
florida, thomas. certainly something that other people share but they were confident enough in sharing their sentiments with us here. >> can you ask amanda and dave what they feel about christian shooters? they live in florida. just to the north in south carolina we had adam lanza kill people r. they worried about christian extremism. >> thomas is asking when it comes to blocking muslims because of their faith, what about christian shooters? what about adam lanza? seeing that, other people that do it in the name of religion and the planned parenthood shooting? >> i think you can't do a lot about what's already here but coming in new. >> but when it also comes to keeping people out because of their faith, and many will say that's certainly not what this country is about, that's the argument. >> okay. if a bunch of american christians started doing those
11:51 am
kind of things then you would have to look at it differently. maybe take care of that differently. >> again, part of the debate, part of the argument here and what's being said and donald trump's latest comments, thomas. >> frances, thanks so much. please say thank you to amanda and dave and we appreciate their insight and thank you very much. we'll be back with much more right after this looking at a new poll out on the presidential race. ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back
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11:54 am
new poll just in to msnbc about the 2016 race. i want to bring in political anchor and correspondent steve kornacki. a very close-up to matt walking into the camera. sorry about that, matt. what's the new numbers? >> trump at 27%. this is a 10-point lead over ted cruz again. ted cruz surging in the polls and second place. but if you're a republican and
11:55 am
you oar worried about the prospect of donald trump maybe being your nominee, that is not your most worrisome number. this same poll also found they asked donald trump supporters if he bolts the republican party and run as an independent, would you go with him? 68% of trump's supporters right now in the republican primary said, yes, they would go with him. vote third party. 18% say they wouldn't. that's a surprise. also when you look ahead, if trump were to be the republican nominee, matchup with hillary clinton, of all voters, who would do a better job of isis? a tie. 44% say trump. 44% say hillary clinton. although i should say, too, matching uphill hill and trump in that one on one race, hillary in the poll still leads him by 4 points overall. >> do we know the window of time? >> this was taken beginning the day of san bernardino and conducted in the four days after that and starting to get a snapshot and polls in that measure the san bernardino
11:56 am
effect and might be factoring in a little bit. >> thank you. i appreciate it. thank all of you for your time. that wraps up today's show. see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. until then, keep the conversation going. kate snow picks up the coverage next. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials.
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11:59 am
we are out of control. we have no idea when's coming into our country. we have no idea if they love us or hate us. we have no idea if they want to bomb us. we have no idea what's going on. donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. we have no choice. we have no choice.
12:00 pm
>> there are an estimated 2.75 million muslims living in the united states right now. 1.8 million of them are adults. the rest are children. and those numbers are projected to double by the year 2050. worldwide, 1.6 billion muslims. that's nearly a quarter of the global population. their followers of islam. the second largest religion after christianity. the wormd's fastest growing major religion and donald trump said again today he doesn't want any of those millions of people, those who are not american citizens to be able to enter this country. i'm kate snow. as begin this hour of msnbc live, america and the world are reacting to trump's words in the political arena. we have heard from republicans and democrats using adjectives of unhinged and outrageous. here's what supporters said to us last night before his event in south carolina. >> reall


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