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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  December 8, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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offensive, outrageous. that's what donald trump's republican opponents are calling his proposal, to block all muslims from entering the united states. but will this be any different than the other trump fire storms that just made him stronger? this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ good day. donald trump versus the republican party, or has he hijacked the republican party? nationally polls show trump as the unquestionable front-runner. he's not backing away from his plan to ban muslims from entering this country. >> i'm using common sense. i spoke in front of thousands of people last night. there were thousands of people, your reporters are reporting it. -- thousands of people outside of yorktown, this tremendous ship that couldn't hold all the
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people. thousands of people couldn't get in. they gave a standing ovation as soon as they heard it. >> it's a very complicated position for the gop, which sought to control the businessman's booming popularity, and tentative commitment to remaining a republican back in september. that's when rnc chair got trump to sign a pledge not to run as an independent. binding trump to a gop ticket, it's left the party to answer for his antics. trump has played the republican party and jeb bush says he's running the same game on us in the press. >> he's playing you guys like a fine strike that varus violin. this is what he does. he's an expert at this, phenomenal at garnering attention. this campaign should be about the big ideas. >> well, it's a busy campaign trail. joining me on the phone, the jeb bush. governor bush, thanks for checking in. >> thanks, chuck. >> hope you're not driving and talking. >> i'm not.
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we're heading to concord to a town hall meeting in beautiful new hampshire. >> are you going to be able to support donald trump if he's the republican nominee at this point? >> chuck, he's not going to be the nominee. he's not a serious candidate. he's an entertainer. these utterances that he makes shows that in serious times, we need a real leader and i believe my life experience puts me in a good position. americans are scared. republicans and democrats alike are very scared with the situation we have now, but to make his proposals out there just to basically -- these are dog whistle proposals to prey on people's fears and consume the news. it's not a serious campaign. >> well, it doesn't sound like you can support him if he's the nominee, why not say it? >> because it's not going to happen. he's not going to be the nominee. i will support the republican nominee and i'm working hard to make sure i'm it. >> so you will support the republican nominee no matter what the voters decide? >> absolutely. it's not going to be donald
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trump. >> but so far that hasn't been the case. >> the caucuses start february firstr 1st in iowa, then to new hampshire, south carolina, and nevada before we get to a whole slew of primaries in march. you know very well this stuff changes and it will change as people get closer. they want to know who can beat hillary clinton, and donald trump does the worst against hillary clinton, and who can actually serve as president. and every time he says something like this, disparaging groups across the board, it's more and more clear that he's not going to be president of the united states. >> it seems as if party leaders, there's a little bit of fear in going after him. that if you attack him too much, if you say, i will not support him as the nominee, that it would embolden him and strengthen him because there's this strain in your party that doesn't trust the establishment. >> well, i've been quite critical of mr. trump as he disparages disabled people, women, african americans,
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latinos, now muslims. i've been quite critical. because that's not the party that i know. i just saw an e-mail from my friend michael reagan, who said this is not the party of reagan either. and donald trump doesn't represent republican values and i do, and others do as well. when you start talking about how we'll destroy isis rather than these grandiose statements that really mean nothing. >> couple weeks ago, when you were on the big show on "meet the press," you had said you wanted to prioritize in the refugee process, syrian christians. do you regret that statement now, given under the light that it gets lumped into this idea that you don't want muslims coming over here? >> actually, not at all. if people read the refugee law, it's required to screen based on religious status. and the simple fact is, if you're a christian, you can't go to a refugee camp where everybody's a muslim. it's not safe for you. and the difference between
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someone embedding inside of an innocent muslim refugee population to destroy us, and a christian refugee that has no other option, other than to get out of their circumstance, or they'll be raped or beheaded, is quite different. >> what will it say about your party if you're wrong and donald trump is the nominee? >> well, it will say we'll lose, for starters. and we need to win. that's why i think it's important that we elect the best person that can take on hillary clinton. i think that's someone with a proven record, a tested leader. we're living in serious times and i think leadership is going to be a more compelling issue as we go forward. >> governor bush, appreciate you squeezing us in. >> thanks, chuck. well, establishment leaders in the republican party have banked on the idea that trump would self-destruct sooner or later. after a string of comments and antics that many thought went too far, trump has only grown stronger. deciding to finally play
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offense, you saw the pro bush super pac, right to rise usa, they just released their first attack ad today. >> when the attacks come here, the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless like donald trump? >> after trump suggested a maneuver that experts call unconstitutional and man opponents have even called fascist, the rnc chairman reince breeb us condemned trump's idea, saying, quote, i don't agree. we need to aggressively take on radical islamic terrorism, but not at the expense of our american values. key republicans who hoped to stay out of the 2016 primary are now forced to react because their party depends on it. house speaker paul ryan offered these words today. >> normally i do not comment on what's going on in the presidential election. i will take an exception today.
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this is not conservativism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for, and more importantly, it's not what this country stands for. not only are there many muslims serving in our armed forces, dying for this country, there are muslims serving right here in the house, working every day to uphold and to defend the constitution. some of our best and biggest allies in this struggle and fight against radical islamic terror are muslims. >> the speaker was joined by other big-name party figure, mitch mcconnell, john boehner, mitt romney, dick cheney. all have condemned trump's remarks in some form or another. however, all of them have stopped short of saying they would not support his nomination. you just heard jeb bush stop short of doing that as well.
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a spokesman for president bush said this. president bush spoke a lot about this during his presidency and he won't be weighing in anew now. or commenting on or giving oxygen to anything of trump's bluster. this one, candidates have used words like unhinged, offensive, dangerous and outrageous. as kay henderson reports, one republican contender who is embracing a part of trump's proposal. santorum saying muslims from syria and libya, areas of radicalization should not be allowed. >> i disagree with that proposal. i like donald trump. a lot of us friends here have encouraged me to criticize and attack donald trump.
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i'm not interested in doing so. and listen, i commend donald trump for standing up and focusing america's attention on the need to secure our borders. >> seems as though many in the republican party are panicked. according to our poll, 58% of americans believe trump is hurting the republican party's image. trump isn't sweating these numbers, he tweeted out a poll today, saying 68% of his voters would vote for trump even if he ran as an independent. part of that holding the gop hostage, perhaps. other candidates have not been able to scratch him. trump remains his own biggest liability. but the problem is much bigger than the republican party. appearing today on andrea mitchell reports, jeh johnson said trump's comments are dangerous for national security. >> i believe that it's the responsibility of those of us in national security and homeland security, when a leading candidate for office proposes
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something that is irresponsible, probably illegal, unconstitutional, and contrary to international law, unamerican, and will actually hurt our efforts at homeland security and national security. we have to speak out. >> joining me now is the first secretary of homeland security and former republican governor of pennsylvania, founder of ridge global. mr. ridge is supporting jeb bush for president. good afternoon ridge, let me start with this. are you going to be able to support donald trump if he's the republican nominee? it seems as if many republicans are afraid of going that far in this. where are you? >> maybe the shortest answer in the conversation. my answer is no. >> you will not support him if he's the nominee? >> not a chance. i think he's an embarrassment to the party, to the country. the recent revelation plays into the narrative of isis. i think he belittels and demeans
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people that disagree with him and i've never thought that loud and obnoxious are the qualities we want in a president. >> why do you think so many in your party won't go as far as you are? >> i don't know. i think they normally embrace the ronald reagan rule, you don't want to speak ill of your fellow candidates. and i respect that and i'm not going to find fault with the approach they're taking toward donald trump. but i'm not a candidate. and candidly, i think the party and some of our party leaders perhaps at the individual states have to sit down and be really reflective on their decision to support. i say this to his supporters, i understand their anxiety, i understand their concerns. it is a very complex world. it's a far more dangerous world. the economy is stagnant, but we need thoughtful leadership, we need people with proven records, a capacity to bring people together, and his attitude and approach toward government and politics is very demeaning at
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large. and as i said before, i don't think any of the qualities that he's projected in this very aggressive way, and the media's buying into it, he's getting more media in the past year than probably every presidential candidate for the past decade received. but the fact is, these are not qualities that lend themselves to a successful presidency and international leadership. >> this fear that's out there, that he's tapping into, and it seems as though there's a group of voters out there, you hit it on it, they're economically struggling. >> sure. >> and he's pointed to the immigration issue as something to blame, china as something to blame. there's nervousness about security. what do you say to the folks that are nervous about islam? what do you say to mr. and mrs. america that doesn't know many people who are muslim and only sees the reports? make them feel better. >> chuck, i think that's a wonderful question. and the person that should have addressed that is the incumbent president of the united states and he had an opportunity to do that a couple of days ago.
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remember, this is a president that drew a red line and then ignored it. but i would have encouraged the president if he had called me about the context of that speech, is draw the red line, and talk about the hundreds of millions of law-abiding, peace-loving muslims, not only among the 8 million muslims in this country, but around the world. and on the other side of that line are the radicals, these fundamentalists, extremists who have wrapped themselves in this perverted ideology and interpretation of the koran. he's the individual that should have allayed the fears about the good muslim men and women and children in this country. no republican presidential candidate has that bully pulpit. i'm disappointed that my president, and i didn't vote for him, but he's still my president, continues to offer this kind of illusion that somehow americans can't distinguish between those muslims within our group who are peaceful, law abiding, contributing to the economy, raising their children, and those who would radicalize and
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end up in places like california, bringing their death and destruction to our streets. >> tom ridge, some strong words. thanks for coming on. you are a bush supporter. i'll point that out again. thanks for appearing. >> thank you, chuck. nice to be with you. florida republican congressman david jolly did something today that we hadn't seen. a republican took to the house floor and said this. >> it should be heart-breaking to every american that we have a front-runner in the presidential race that suggests there will be a religious test for anybody who wishes to come to our shores. we must always insist on a security test, but we must never require a religious test. it is time that my side of the aisle has one less candidate in the race for the white house. it is time for donald trump to withdraw from the race. >> david jolly from the swing
2:15 pm
state of florida. congressman jolly, you want him to get out. i take it if he's the nominee, you're not going to support him? >> he's not going to be our nominee. we are a better nation than nominating donald trump. i don't anticipate ever having to cast a vote for donald trump. we will win the white house as republicans without donald trump. >> but if he is your nominee, are you comfortable supporting -- i understand that and governor bush said that to me three times. but elections are choice. >> i'm not comfortable with anything donald trump stands for. it is a sad day not just for our party but for our nation, when we have a leading presidential candidate that is suggesting we need a religious test. i'm a great critic of the president's foreign policy, we need to take the fight overseas with our special operators to defeat isis. we need to secure our borders and we need stronger vetting of anyone who wishes to come to the country legally. but each one of those are security issues. donald trump is mixing in a
2:16 pm
religious test, and that's gone too far and it undermines the very foundation of the united states. >> if you are the nominee, frankly, if you're going to win this primary, it's going to be very competitive and crowded in the state of florida, you're going to need some trump supporters to support you. what do you say to them? you're telling them their candidate is so out of line, he should get out of the race. what do you tell them to say, you should support me, don't assume i think bad things about you as a voter? >> of course not. ask donald trump what he will do to defeat isis. a person at a town hall asked him that and his only response was, you don't want to know what i would do. he cannot articulate a security plan. all he does is play on fears. i'm a candidate that insists we must do more to destroy and eradicate isis, we can do that while respecting the fundamental freedom of religious liberty. i'm a preacher's kid.
2:17 pm
i can say that on your show, we're a nation that allows me to do that. under a trump world, our religious freedoms could be restricted. that's why donald trump is wrong. he needs to be playing to the better angels among us, demanding a foreign policy that secures our homeland and protects our national security. >> why do you think so few of your colleagues will say it publicly, why are you one of the few that says it publicly? >> because there are political consequences. but sometimes leaders have to lead and step out and lead with integrity and repudiate comments like that. you know, chuck, a reporter said, my statement today was bold and risky. i don't think it's bold and risky to defend the religious freedoms embedded in our constitution. i don't think it's bold and risky to defend individual liberty. i don't think it's bold and risky to stand up for the greatness of this country. donald trump is promising something that he shouldn't even be talking about. would it even be effective, chuck? are we going to ask people, are
2:18 pm
you a muslim? and if they say yes, they're not allowed in the country. we are dealing with a complex, sophisticated enemy in isis. nobody's going to fall for a silly test that donald trump is suggesting and he's undermining our freedoms when he suggests it. >> congressman david jolly, i'll let you get back to voting. >> thank you, chuck. we're going to continue to bring you fresh reaction throughout the hour. plus, we've got an update on the investigation in san bernardino that you're not going to want to miss either. keep it here. we'll be right back. discover card hey! so i'm looking at my bill
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>> get ready, folks. the super pac supporting jeb bush just kicked off what's likely going to be a two-month-long negative ad war. we showed you this right to rise ad later in the show. it's the first negative ad, but it won't be their last. they've been spending 2 to $3 million a week since september, adding up to nearly $32 million. when you include in the 800,000 that the bush campaign itself has shelled out, team bush has
2:21 pm
spent nearly $33 million on tv and radio ads so far. it's not just a whoppingly large number, it's almost as much as the rest of the republican field combined. all of the other current republican candidates and the outside groups supporting them have spent collectively about $36 million so far on ads. and once again, remaining on the bottom of the spending list, but at the top of the most polls is one donald j. trump. we'll be right back. imiting when bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? again for the 15th year in a us in customrow.atisfaction
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but we have a plan. (exec 2) when our customers are on hold, let's up their satisfaction with some new hold music. ♪ (exec 2) that's glenn from the mailroom. he djs on the weekends. (exec 3) sorry, who is it? (exec 2) it's glenn, from the mailroom. he dj'ed bill's wedding. (exec 3) he what? (exec 2) he goes by dj glenn, he works way downstairs. (exec 3) what'd he say? (exec 2) glenn, from the mailroom! (vo) get rid of cable. and upgrade to directv. call 1-800-directv. some policy just passed the house of representatives. they just approved what they call the visa waiver program improvement act. this legislation comes in response to the paris terror attacks. the current visa waiver system allows some 20 million tourists a year from 38 approved countries to come into the united states without a visa. just having a passport and that's enough. the house bill moves to restrict the approved country list, as
2:23 pm
well as limit travel for people who have recently been to iraq and syria. this is a bill, folks with a lot of bipartisan support, and will get signed into law. joining me now, katy tur and katie burke. katy tur, let me start with you. we get the sense that the trump campaign is trying to, i don't want to say they're trying to reexplain what their policy is, but they're trying to, they think sand off what they think are sharp edges. are they? >> clarify. >> what would you call it? >> we had katrina pearson say, this is not against muslims, it's just a temporary fix for a problem that we don't have our arms around yet. donald trump was saying it's not going to be muslim americans living abroad, it's just the muslims that want to emigrate here or tourists, but muslim athletes and foreign leaders would be allowed in.
2:24 pm
so it does seem like they're trying to soften the edges. but it's still a pretty hardline. >> if you're wealthy and famous, you can get in. >> if donald trump says you're okay, you can get in. >> he himself has said, see, that's his justification, it's popular. >> he's right. they were supportive of it. they stood up and gave him a standing ovation, when he started unveiling this plan. and when we talked to supporters and asked them, is this something you agree with? a lot of them said, yes, we think it's a good idea. ship them out. get them out of here. not just don't let them in, deport the ones who are already here. the softest reaction we got out there was no comment, i have to think about it, but it's not going to change my vote. i'm still going to vote for donald trump. >> katie burke, you have worked in republican politics, worked for administration officials, president bush, rudy guiliani, who, they easily could have gone down this road and probably had
2:25 pm
people who said you need to talk tougher on this. what stopped them? >> i think the gravity of the role that they want to aplay. running for president of the united states is a very serious business. and unfortunately, president obama has opened up this enormous vacuum of leadership when it comes to defeating isis, both in the u.s. and abroad. >> so you're one of the folks that blames the rise of trump on obama? >> i think that american voters are really, right now, searching for someone to have some sort of coherent policy and approach to defeating isis. now, do i agree with what donald trump said? of course not. and i don't think you would find many republicans who do. that said, he has clearly tapped into some sort of emotion that people are reacting to in this country, where we have an absolute void when it comes to a strategy to defeat isis. >> how is that void not also a void in the republican party? >> i think you could say that.
2:26 pm
other candidates have started to lay out approaches to defeating and attacking isis here and abroad. we haven't seen that from the president, we haven't seen it from the democratic candidates. this say discussion we should be having, but we should not be having it on such offensive grounds as donald trump has taken us. >> katy tur, is donald trump going to consider this a good day for his campaign or a bad day? i mean, it was a remarkable -- and i hear the words of a tom ridge, and a republican member of congress who is going to be running for the u.s. senate, so i get it. he's probably worried about that as well. but he goes to the floor and asked him to get out. you name it, everybody's condemned him. is it a good day for him? >> my first instance is to say it's a bad day. but on closer examination, i think it's a good day for donald trump. when the mainstream media comes out and trashes him, or says that he's not doing a good job or being offensive or too extreme, when its establishment candidates, when the
2:27 pm
establishment himself comes out and says, this is ridiculous, we can't get behind that, donald trump can paint himself as the ultimate outsider, everybody hates me, i'm the only one telling you the truth. so i think it could be spun in the donald trump world as one of their better days. >> and katie burke, the catch 22. he gets attacked by the establishment today, his supporters say, yeah, of course they're going to attack him, i'm with trump. >> yeah, look, it's something that the party's wrestling with, obviously. you're seeing that in the reaction to what he said. >> are you surprised that the reaction has been oddly as tepid as its been. >> it's been muted for sure. >> do you think that's a mistake? >> i think the party's trying to figure out what to do if trump is the nominee. at the end of a very long process where he'd made some series of comments that have been extremely offensive to a number of voters. >> well, this was a segment that you had to be in, katie. i will let you go. katy tur, i'll see you later in
2:28 pm
the hour. we'll have more on trump's latest fire storm, but first captain james kirk launches the navy's most futuristic destroyer. we're not kidding. we'll bring you the who, what, when, where, and why in today's headlines, that are trump-free, next. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of. i don't think so! do you like nuts?
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of maine where the u.s. navy's biggest and most extensive destroyer set sail for the first time. the ship's captain is james kirk, but the boat's name is the uss zumwalt, not enterprise. to the when. february 1st, iowa caucus day, but some folks won't have to be there in person. that's right. for the first time ever, iowa plans to have a telecaucus, over the phone, open to military members out of state. there's been a lot of complaints about the caucus process, that it keeps people out. now the why. millenials have taken over everything. bloomberg says baby boomers have taken over as the largest share of the voting population. 3 in 10 of voting age americans are millenials. here's why it matters. just 38% of 18 to 24-year-olds voted in the last election.
2:33 pm
a 2-1 difference. the millennial move could mean that low turn-out among millennials will make them among the largeest voting bloc, or the largest voting bloc. still ahead, new details in the san bernardino terror act. but first the cnbc mark wrap. >> downfalls 162. shares of chipotle sinking today, 80 students are ill and all report eating at a nearby restaurant. the stock has been down slightly after hours. morgan stanley is planning to cut 1,200 jobs, or about 2% of his global workforce. the cuts will result in $150 million charge. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. here at td ameritrade, they love innovating. and apparently, they also love stickers. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release.
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so the reverberating reaction to donald trump's call to ban all muslims from entering the united states, has sucked up a lot of oxygen on television. we don't want to overlook that there are some new developments in the widening investigation into the san bernardino attacks. the fbi now says the gunmen had been radicalized for some time, carefully plotting their attack inside their home. the big question right now, did they have help in planning or executing the deadly shooting? here's what nbc news can confirm. investigators are looking into a $28,500 into his bank account in the weeks leading up to the attack. that with cell phone and documents from the couple's apartment are all being examined to determine the role of any -- [ inaudible ] -- that is where the focus is right now. i assume, are there any not
2:38 pm
dotted lines, but direct lines to outsiders helping these two? >> right. that is the big question. and they say they don't have any indication of that at this point. no connection with overseas terrorists. and the question is, did they have help locally? there were lots of people seen coming and going from the garage where authorities say they were building all those pipe bombs and stockpiling ammunition. so the question is, were any of those people in on what they were doing. so far, no confirmation of that. the best answer may come from this man, enrique marquez who actually it turns out, bought the assault rifles, starting five years ago, that ended up being used in the shooting. the question is, how did the rifles get from him to farook, who was at one time a neighbor, and is a very distant relative through marriage to farook, but more importantly, does he know whether they had help? he turns out to be a critical person, and the fbi is questioning him closely. on the money that you mentioned,
2:39 pm
investigators don't frankly make much of that, it turns out to be a loan, that's where the deposit into his bank account came from. he took out a loan, and the thought there is that he was sort of getting ready for the end, wanting to make sure there was some money for his child and his mother, the child's grandmother, trying to in essence, get his affairs in order, but they don't think it had any role in a direct way in planning the attack. >> very quickly, you had noted that you thought attorney general loretta lynch on sunday had offered a little bit of a glimpse of the focus of the investigation, trying to figure out the role of the mother here. >> yes. >> what more have you learned there as they've been interviewing her? >> they have questioned her. they think it's plausible she didn't know what she's up to. they're still agnostic about her, but i'd say much more interest right now in enrique marquez. >> pete williams, thank you very
2:40 pm
much. i want to bring in nbc analyst malcolm nance. let me start with the investigation before we go into other things. at this point in time, we're far enough away from the attacks, if we haven't found an international connection, is it fair to say there probably isn't one? >> no, i don't think that at all. i think what's going on and the attorney general made it very clear, they're being very deliberate about how they do this. we have a lot of national intelligence assets, that's, you know, the national security agency, the central intelligence agency, spatial intelligence, all of these agencies are doing a scrub of time lines. and their collection does stop at the border of the united states. and they have to marry up with whatever collection the fbi is doing in local intelligence, law enforcement, bring that backwards to see -- >> so it still could take time to start connecting dots? >> absolutely. you'll connect those dots, but now as we're getting physical
2:41 pm
intelligence, money transfers, the weapons themselves inside the united states, only then can they try to piece that back to another country. >> how should our law enforcement change its strategy in dealing with potential self-radicalization? >> you know, that's -- >> or is there anything that can be done? >> there is something to be done. it's funny you should mention that. i spent all of yesterday with new york city state police giving a lecture on this very subject. because they're very concerned that now people are going to be inspired by these two shooters. >> right. >> and they're standing on the fence. they may want to jump off the fence. for the most part, this mission is really a counter ideological mission. you have to go against the radical precepts put out by isis. that's going to take increased scrutiny by the imams and the people close to them. isis isolates. al qaeda isolates the family members. so it's very plausible that this man's mother didn't know anything about their
2:42 pm
radicalization, other than he became more religious, but their goal as terrorists is designed to be kept from them. >> and before i let you go, how serious -- i always hear that be careful what these politicians say, donald trump, it could be used as isis propaganda. and some of the criticism of trump has noted that. how much does isis use our political debate, maybe about rhetoric on muslims in their own propaganda? >> they use it extensively. as a matter of fact, i think we are standing by right now, to see an isis video come up with donald trump, you know, saying his rhetoric about blocking muslims or abandoning muslims from coming from coming to the united states. and saying, we told you this, the caliphate is here for you, this is not your world, that is the land of the kufra, we are the land of the loyalists. and by doing that, they not only compromise people who want to radicalize the united states and push them off the fence, there are intelligence missions which are being carried out by officers in a covert role that
2:43 pm
are being compromised right now. we have allies who may look at us and say, do you really believe this? you know, central intelligence agency officer -- >> sideways looking going on? >> absolutely. and we on the ground, our soldiers are endangered by this kind of rhetoric. they need to stop it. they need to understand that the defense of this nation stops at the water's edge. >> that line got washed away unfortunately a long time ago. malcolm nance, msnbc counterterrorism analyst. thank you, sir. >> we'll have more from the trail ahead as candidates continue to react to donald trump's latest incendiary comments. this is "meet the press daily" on msnbc.
2:44 pm
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get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. coming up, we'll have more on donald trump and what is going on. plus, i'll let you know how bernie sanders is trying to stay on script. he didn't want to talk a lot about isis today, but he had to. we'll be right back.
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2:48 pm
but today what we're talking about is a community in which half of the people don't have jobs. we're talking about a community in which there are hundreds of buildings that are uninhab uninhabitable. >> that was senator bernie sanders frustrated at a news conference in baltimore when he was asked about his press secretary request of reporters to, quote, stay on topic, and not to ask about isis. we're back and here with me again is republican strategist katie burke. also joined by hallie jackson and steve kornacki. steve, i'll start with you. as the campaign has taken a turn to national security, he's looked uncomfortable during debates and then like a moment like that, it just adds to this idea that he doesn't like to deal with national security issues. >> it's funny, i think just a few moments ago, we said this was the race, this was the climate, this was the year that bernie sanders' career had been
2:49 pm
building to really for 40 years. obviously san bernardino and paris, i really felt it start to change, in the first democratic debate when he showed up and people said he's going to go after hillary clinton and and wall street, and the first half of that debate was dominated by foreign policy. and people were like, this is not just about domestic policy. and bernie sanders himself seemed surprised at that event. >> and hallie jackson, national security doesn't come up as much on the democratic side of things. >> you hear it almost at every campaign event that you go out to with republicans, somebody in the crowd askeds about isis or iran. but one thing bernie sanders has in common with republican candidates, they get frustrated when you bring up something that donald trump has said and you want to frame questions around some new controversy or whatever comment trump has said, and that's something bernie sanders
2:50 pm
got frustrated with. you hear republican candidates do that as well. but it just goes to show that somebody like a donald trump can drive the conversation in this race because he is not just leading in the polls, but dominating in many but dominati many of them. >> you know, katie burke, you have, for a living, have figured out how to get your folks to stay on message or figure out how to avoid traps like donald trump. how do you? what do you tell a bernie sanders who desperately wants to make it about this and wants to avoid these other questions, but is it impossible when we have a confluence of trump and his bigness and the issue of national security? >> this is like the sound of music problem, how do you solve a problem like donald trump? these candidates can't determine what issue they want to talk about on any given day. and i can't blame bernie sanders for not wanting to talk about national security, because it's not going to do him any good on the campaign trail. but those aren't the decisions
2:51 pm
they can make. when you are responding to other people's news more often than not -- >> it means you're not in the news. >> you're not making the news. and that means you're not driving the discussion or getting your agenda out, and as a candidate, that can be horribly frustrating. but this is the big leagues. >> we'll go back to the full-fledged trump discussion and we'll sneak in a break now. we'll sneak them in a little earlier and get a little more conversation on the other side. up next, we'll take a look at how more republican candidates are reacting to trump and how democrats are trying to use trump to start hitting down the ballot. we'll be right back. the possibility of a flare swas almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go...
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republican candidates condemn trump's remarks and adopt his racist policies as their own. we shouldn't try to fool ourselves. this sort of racism has been prevalent in republican politics for decades. trump's just saying out loud what other republicans merely suggest. >> well, that was harry reid today, showing how democrats may try to use trump to take down more republicans. we're bringing the panel back. katie, kathleen, and steve. katie, let me let you defend your party there. that's going to be the attempt, to marry trump with the rest of the field. it reminds me a little bit of todd akin in 2012. >> yeah, look, i think, ultimately, voters are smarter than that and i think they'll make a determination about not just our candidate, but about our party that will be a sensible one. and we'll see what that is. but i do think that trump's
2:56 pm
comments are less than helpful. i think most in the party disagree with them. and they take us backwards. for decades, we've been working on building a bigger tent republican party, and this does very little in the way of making good on that commitment. >> i'm going to hit a pause button here. i invited a whole bunch of candidates including trump, anybody who wanted to call in and react today, respond. i got another one on the phone. john kasich, governor of ohio. he's been a vocal critic of donald trump in the past. he joins me now by phone. i know he just landed a plane that was late. governor kasich, let me just start very quickly. i'm short on time. at this point, if you don't get the nomination and donald trump's the republican nominee, are you going to be able to support him? >> well, chuck, he's not going to get the nomination. i've been saying this for weeks. and that's kind of what i believe. so let's not get the cart before the horse. >> well, you say that, but is it -- at what point -- it seems the that there is this hesitance that republican leaders like yourself say he's not going to be the nominee, by the way, new
2:57 pm
new hampshire poll -- >> chuck, i signed the pledge -- >> and you'll stick by it? >> -- that i'll support the republican nominee. i sign pledges, i always have to stay by my pledge. but anything could happen that could disrupt. but i'm easily a person that when i say something, unless there's extreme circumstances, which there could be, i usually stand by my pledge. but i don't think we're going to face that. this is a hypothetical. and we have a long way to go, and i have never believed that he was going to be the nominee. >> why does he have this traction? >> i don't like his rhetoric and his divisions, but i've never been -- i've never really thought this was going to come to fruition? >> what's your take. you've been on the trail a lot, especially new hampshire, new new hampshire poll that we have, cnn just came out with, has trump double digits ahead of the rest of the field. what is it that he's appealing to that's worked -- >> look, i think there's two things. first of all, these polls have a very high margin of error, as
2:58 pm
you know. and secondly, if you guys put me on television as much as you have him on, i'd be leading the pack, too. it's celebrity and it's a lot of publicity. but at the end, when people go into vote, like david brooks said, he went in and looked at this rug and it's bright and pretty but when time came to buy, he wouldn't buy it. folks in new hampshire will not -- >> so they -- >> they just don't think he'll win. and i don't know about new hampshire. i can't predict that. but he's not going to be the nominee. i don't believe it. >> what -- do you think it's important that more republican leaders speak out against trump, or is this a danger that the more you attack him, the stronger he gets? >> i have been attacking -- >> you have been attacking him a lot. >> and it's not attacking him. i don't want to attack the person. it's what he says, you know? all this dividing. whether it's hispanics or muslims or women or, you know, or registries or whatever the heck it is, it's not the way i
2:59 pm
think we can strengthen our country. i think our country is strong when we come together and we're unified, not by attacking one another. so that's why i speak out. and i have been. and now other people are starting to do it. and perhaps i made it safer to say things. i don't know. >> what do you think it's going to get some in the country to feel comfortable with muslims and with the religion of islam? it seems that this is the vacuum that is there that he is filling, in one way. how do you get mr. and mrs. america -- >> chuck, i'm not sure the public believes that. and i'm not convinced of that. and i'm not into hysteria. i think that we've seen a lot of really, really significant muslims begin to condemn all these terrorist attacks. and they have condemned at the state of religion that has been hijacked. and so, you know, i don't find people running around saying that. that, you know, they don't like
3:00 pm
muslims or anything. i mean, there's some people that always are negative. but i just don't kind of buy it. >> well, governor kasich, i appreciate you taking a couple of minutes, calling in and proving people's points, that we'll take a lot of calls from candidates, not just the guy from new york city. thank you, sir. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." i want to thank katie burke, steve kornacki, sorry about that, but candidates trump you guys. erica hill picks up our coverage right now. on msnbc live this hour, donald trump doubling down on his proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. talking about that today on "morning joe". >> you will have more world trade centers and you will have more bigger than the world trade center if we don't toughen up, smarten up, and use our heads. >> tonight, the white house and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle expressing outrage. >> we need a plan


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