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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  December 8, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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schedule. fox business is getting a new republican debate next month, january 14. that will be two weeks before it's expected to be another fox news debate in iowa four days before the iowa caucuses. so right now, the republican party is kind of operating in a safe zone, stocking up a brand-new newly added fox business debate right next to what we think is going to be another fox news debate, all right next to the iowa caucuses. the party base may like their controversial candidate, but the party brass are playing it safe. and keeping their candidates well inside the fox universe cocoon. that does it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow, now it's time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. >> rachel, you said this thing on your show last night and you did another of it tonight. it's a theory of the trump campaign that i have been dying to talk to you about for 24 hours. i have publicly via twitter begged you do come on this tv show tonight and talk about this
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theory of the trump campaign. can you do it? can you run across the hall? >> will there be snacks? there's a seat and the snacks are on the way. >> then yes, i'll be right there. >> thank you. >> do you regret your ban on muslims, which some people think is un-american? >> not at all. we have to do the right thing. >> you know how you make america great again? tell donald trump to go to hell. >> rarely has the american political establishment such as it is sung such a chorus. >> it's not what this party stands for. >> it's completely and totally inconsistent with american values. >> shameless and a dangerous idea. >> working with the muslim community, not driving them into the shadows is absolutely critical to our national security efforts. >> these are dog whistle proposals toplay prey on people's fears and consume the news. >> yeah, trump's statement was so outrageous and so offensive, his poll numbers went up 20 points.
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>> the problem is much bigger than the republican party. >> are you a big got? >> not at all. probably the least of anybody you've ever met. >> you're increasingly being compared to hitler. does that give you any pause at tall? >> donald trump's answer to george stephanopolous's question, does it bother you to be compared to hitler was no. and so donald trump must have no problem with this front page of the philadelphia daily news today which does exactly that. now, i believe we are now watching the beginning of the beginning of the end of donald trump's presidential campaign. today we have the front-runner for the republican nomination of the president being compared to hitler in the mainstream american news media. ask yourself, which nominee for president of either major party has ever been compared to hitler in the mainstream american news media? the answer is, of course, none. no democrat, no republican
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nominee for president has ever been compared to hitler the way donald trump has been compared to hitler today. donald trump is not going to pass through a brief phase of being compared to hitler and go on to win the republican presidential nomination. he will not ever be president, and he will not be the nominee of the republican party. republicans will come to their senses and will not allow a candidate b who has no problem being compared to hitler, to be their candidate for president. now, every pundit in america would be joining me in predicting the collapse of the clump campaign if they hadn't already done that in the past and been wrong. they did it when he insulted john macmccain for being a prisoner of war, and by then by implications insulted all american soldier whofs been prisoners of war. but donald trump's poll numbers did not go down after this. and so the pundits thought,
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there's something that is impervious about this guy. and his poll numbers did not go down as a result of any other ugly, sexist, racist thing he has said. but his poll numbers did not go up either. the people who share donald trump's many hatreds continue to tell pollsters they would vote for him for president, but he is not converting anywhere else. he has hovered between 25% and 30% in national polls of republicans for a very long time now. for donald trump to make those poll numbers go up, he would have to start doing something different. they don't go up by doing more of the same and yet he just does more of the same. the jet fuel of the trump campaign is hatred, and yesterday trump offered america and the world his most hateful, un-american, unconstitutional idea yet. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete
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shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. [ applause ] >> yesterday before he showed that, the trump campaign showed the candidate got him as far as hate could take him. and when he needed something else, he went back to hate in a very big way. why would he do that? why would a candidate who needs to push his own poll numbers in his own party way up to where hillary clinton's poll numbers are in her party, why would he do that same hateful, ugly thing that has kept his poll numbers so much lower than hillary clinton's for so long? rachel offered an intriguing theory about this last night. >> this is something that people have batted around all year
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long. i think it's seriously to look at this question, whether or not mr. trump is trying to blow up his presidential campaign. has he been spooked by his own apparently inpenetrable lead in the polls? is he trying to effectively get himself kicked out of the republican party so there's no longer a threat he might actually be the nominee for president or god forred by efo the office. i don't mean that in a flippant way. >> she's here to bat it around, this theory of he's not really out there to win. garrison keeler did a wonderful prairie home companion on it. it's been around. i thought about it. i felt on days i've seen it clearly. let's hear your version of it. >> i have to give you the caveat, i have no personal insight into donald trump's psyche. >> i'm afraud no one does.
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>> we both have conversations with people who have a deep psychological profile of him. and i know people who have known him in his business life who say listen, he's a many lig pennant narcissist, and therefore he thrives on flattery and he sees it as the only truth in the world and this is all just about being praised and raising his profile and yeah, that's a brand move, but it's mostly about narcissism. i sort of feel like, i can't imagine this he actually wants the actual job of being president, even if he doesn't necessarily mind the idea of running. i think there's a risk that he can see as a smart man, i think there's a ris that can he becomes president, if he's going to get the nomination. and there's a very big risk of him getting the nomination right now. and i think that's got to be terrifying for him. and there's no reason for him to keep bringing up the idea of the republican party treatings him fairly and the threat of him leaving the republican party if they don't treat him fairly if he weren't looking for some way for the republican party to be, you know, essentially kicking him out, for him to be able to
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blame them for why he didn't win. >> which brings us to, you need a theory for the trump campaign. my theory for the hillary clinton campaign, she wanted to be president. why was she against the keystone pipeline? it may be because bernie sanders already was. it may also be she believings it, but it's very good for her campaign. why is she against the transpacific partnership, that may be bernie sanders again. it may be she's arrived at a new view of it. all possible, but it's good for her campaign. her campaign is rational in every minute of its operation. my theory is she wants to win. so we stare at trump and we go what kind of nut would do this if you're trying to win. he's constantly doing these things that are not about winning. >> but then they have the effect of pushing him up further in the polls. >> but within that really tiny, narrow range.
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the new range has him at 27. even though -- you know, it's a very -- >> but that's above the ceiling that everybody thought he was going to have. 20%, 25%, 30%, and some polls he's getting thereupon above anything anybody thought wfs a conceivable kreeling for him. >> let's remember, there's a great hidden thing in the trump polls. the press is determined to pretend bernie sanders doesn't exist. in his polling, he's voting higher than bernie sanders. >> and head to head. >> he has 28% of democrat, which is more than 28% of republican, because there are more democrats. bernie has more votes, actual voters saying i will vote for him than donald trump does. let's look at this thing where trump did his threat today about hey -- let's show his tweet. a new poll shows that 68% of my supporters would vote for me if i departed the gop and ran as an independent. i tweeted him right back saying your accountants can explain to you that means for sure you're going to lose.
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because he's got -- let's call it 30%, right? of the 2% of voters who are republicans, 30% of the 28% is 8.4% of american voters. and about 30% of them say i wouldn't vote for him if he was an independent, which leaves him -- if he can hold on to the rest somehow, with 5.7% of the american voters. if he carries out his big scary threat. to run as an independent. >> but by the time he gets down to it, ultimately, there's still, what is it? 14 people running in the republican field? anticipate he does have the lion's share of that vote. at this point, he's now baiting undecided, which was the great don'ter on the republican side all this time. i mean, there isn't anybody -- ted cruz is within ten points of him, and that's a victory for anybody in this race. he is on track to bin win the republican nomination, any way you squint at it. and if he's going to win the
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republican nomination, there is a 50% chance he will win the presidency of the united states. and i think that scares rim as much as it scare most of us. not because he thinks he's a -- >> scares the healthy part of the brain. >> can you imagine that he wants to do that much work? look what the presidency does to people who hold the job. look at the way he works now in his business empire. he's got enough time for his business and the presidential campaign without his business empire making a dent. with mathematical precision, there's no reason for him to threaten to leave because he wants to win. there's a reason to threaten to leave so he faces no risk of winning. >> because he has to blame something else for him not being if the. >> i'm too good, too real for the republican party. they didn't treat me fairly,
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thus i'm going to run as an independent. >> this fits a theory that's been advanced by a roughly similar shape by the romney campaign who is staring at trump saying trump won't want to subject himself to voting outcomes in states he might lose. he can't stand the humiliation of those ballots come back where he has to give a concession speech. he'll find a way out of that. >> he needs a process explanation of why he didn't win. >> he has no chance of beating hillary clinton in the american polls. >> anybody who the republicans nominate has a 50% chance of
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winning. >> because you never know. >> that's something we should take seriously rather than laughing at, even on days like this when it's hilarious. 50 i didn't need all that script i padded to get you over here. >> i got a hand truck and rolled myself down the hall. >> that was really, really fast. thank you. coming up, donald trump has given hillary clinton and paul ryan something to agree about. and is donald trump now the islamic state's best new recruiter? "the new york times" is here to dikus the effects of trump's comments around the world? and later, the muslim marine here, former united states marine and combat veteran will join us with his reaction to donald trump's latest outburst of hatred and madness. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru,
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>> reason magazine,, which is a libertari tear, he sn there be any doubt now that donald trump is a fascist. his declaration he will close the united states to tourist and american citizens abroad trying to return home confirmed both his fascist tendency and undisguised bigotry and made something clear in the process, that he's simply a bad person. we had him booked on the show tonight but we ran out of time. there will be other readings of donald trump is a bad person. up next, hillary clinton versus donald trump. constipated?
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>> this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and more importantly, it's not what this country stands for. >> that was the speaker of the house this morn, the person who controls the outcome of all legislation that congress passes saying that congress would never pass a law banning muslims from entering this koun tr i. the senate majority leader and minority leader says the same thing. donald trump's audience seems to believe presidents are all powerful and they can do what they want, but the idea would
7:19 pm
actually require a vote of the congress and not one member of the united states senate is in favor of donald trump's idea. not one member of the house of representatives is in favor of donald trump's idea and they're in favor of some crazy ideas. of the 535 members of the house and senate, donald trump couldn't get one vote, not one vote. this happened on the house floor today. >> we have a front-runner for president of the united states to believes there should be a religious test to come to our shores. it's an affront to the nation in which we were founded. our side of the aisle should have one less candidate in the race for the white house. it's time for donald trump to withdraw from the race. >> the world can relax. it's not going to happen.
7:20 pm
and our founding fathers made sure that it would not happen. it's an unconstitutional idea, one that the supreme court would overturn unanimously if some future congress made up entirely of the trump family decided to pass it. donald trump's hatred was not contagious in washington today, not one member of congress supported donald trump. and that's today's good news. we're join the now by msnbc's alex wagner and jonathan allen, political reporter and co-author of hrc, state secrets and the rebirth of hillary clinton. alex wagner, sanity -- >> prevails. >> prevails in washington today. there's some nuts in the house of representatives. none, none, none they have now proved as crazy as donald trump. >> isn't that reassuring? so yes -- >> kind of. that's our new form of reassurance in the 21st century. >> tearing up the constitution
7:21 pm
for religious ideas abo for big gotted ideas about religion. we're not going to go there. it's interesting, right? we long thought the place where the crazy rhetoric goes to live and flourish. in fact, i would have liked to see some of that rhetoric from the mainstream establishment republicans who were running for president. the house republican caucus is leading on this issue. it's telling in terms of just the compromises that i think this current crop of candidates 2350e8s they have to make to maybe when over some sort of tailgaters of the donald trump party. we'll see. >> i want to listen to what i think is the best comment of the day about this. raheema ellis got one man who i want to show here now and listen to what he said about this. >> we don't need him to love islam. what i need him to know is the constitution of the law, the
7:22 pm
basic constitution of the law. >> what better rebuke to donald trump that one of the people who he lies about in new jersey, his big lie about the thousands of people cheering on 9/11. but that man, jonathan allen, knows more about the united states constitution than donald trump does. >> it's amazing. maybe not surprising i don't know that man's citizenship, if you become a citizen in the united states, often times you know the constitution more than the people who began their life here in terms of naturalized citizens. i think donald trump is trying to make america 17th century europe again with religious tests and persecution. it's not going to fly. i thought speaker paul ryan today had a pretty strong rebuke of t donald trump. the white house was mad they
7:23 pm
didn't say donald trump couldn't be president. but paul ryan has a role in the republican national convention. it makes it harder for him to come out against the candidates. i thought what he said today talking about the muslim members of the united states congress was a pretty strong statement. >> let's listen to what hillary clinton said today. >> some of the candidates are saying that his latest comments have gone too far. but the truth is, many of them have also said extreme things about muslims. their language may be more veiled than trump's, but their ideas are not so different. they are all driving the exact narrative that jihadists want to advance. we are not barbierioarous.
7:24 pm
this is a grave mistake. >> she wants to think of all candidates thinks the same way donald trump thinks. >> it's such a boon to her campaign. and she knows the. possible position they're in, right? they can't ail yat someone who's been the front-runner for seven months and yet they know there's no way they can win a general election standing behind even the faintest shadow that donald trump has cast. of course, she's going to paint them with the broadest brush possible. and specifically marco rubio. if there's anyone to really, really lose in all of this, rubio his long been an untenable position for a number of his positions. but in this moment in specific it's real trouble. >> this was the one where they
7:25 pm
all could have said something stronger. of course nekd have, but it was the one where none of them said oh, you know, i'm okay with donald trump on this. >> there's no elected official in the united states of america, particularly as you pointed out in the united states congress where they say a lot of nuts things. there's nobody who believes in america who thinks the right thing to do is to have some sort of religious test for whether people can come into this country. and by the way, the craziest thing about this proposal is how would you define who a muslim is? just beyond the morality of it, the constitutionality of it, it's an insane idea. >> trump answered that question this morning on "morning joe question. he said when they arrive at the border you simply ask them. >> that's self-deportation. >> lock, the thing is, here's this guy who proposes
7:26 pm
un-american, unconstitutional ideas. everything else that he proposes including this has not been thought out for ten seconds. he hasn't the vaguest idea how you would actually do any of his own madness. >> and this is someone who's in business in the muslim world in to the middle east. donald trump is doping h ingdev hotels and properties. is he never have meetings in the united states with the people he's creating projects with? the practicalities of this, not to say anything about the moral quotie quotient, it's the most repugnant, reprehensible plan anybody has ever hatched. not that it could ever be well thought out, but it's particularly ill conceived. >> alec wagner worrying about what donald trump might be doing to his kids' inheritance. >> i care about all our kids, lawrence. >> coming up, donald trump's rhetoric as a national security risk. seriously. glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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>> donald truch, the republican front-runner has made a name for himself in the last months by trafficking in prejudice and paranoia. his latest insult is his call to stop all muslims from entering the united states. this is both a shameless and dangerous idea. at a time when america should be
7:31 pm
doing everything we can to lead the fight to defeat isis and other radical jihadists, donald trump is playing right into their hands. >> joining us is an expert on isis and radical youth isolation. what's your reaction to the last line there that donald trump is playing right into isis' hands? >> thank you, chris. mrs. clinton is absolutely correct because when isis says -- sorry, when donald trump says the kind of things that he's saying, he's actually undermining the biggest point of strength the united states has, which is the fact that this is an open society and the fact that this is probably one of the places in the globe where muslims have been thriving the most. so he's doing the country a huge disservice by admitting to kind
7:32 pm
of kooky theories and suggestions of his, because he's basically doing isis' work which is ultimately the process of radicalization. it tells youth they don't fit in the west and that the west will never accept them and that there should join isis. all in all, it's a terrible idea. >> the short statement i read was a tweet by jeffrey goldberg of the atlantic where he said donald trump is now an actual threat to national security. he's providing jihadists ammunition for their campaign to demonize the u.s. presidential candidate being an actual threat to national security. is that overstating it? >> i think there are a lot of people right now in the pentagon and a lot of the think tanks, and people who are thinking about the problem of isis and trying to find a count
7:33 pm
counternarrative to defeat it are zraching their heads and pretty angry about the statements donald trump made. he's invalidating a lot of work that's being done to undermine isis' narratives. so there is a level of threat here that he's taking a lot of our work, a lot of us thinking about this problem and doing our best to counter it. and undermining it in no time flat. >> let's listen to something else he said to barbara walters tonight about this. >> there's a lot of people who think isis is going to like your rhetoric, that your words are putting us in greater dpanger. >> i'm the worst thing that's ever happened to isis. the people in my party fully understand that. >> i was in a muslim country during president obama's first campaign for the presidency.
7:34 pm
and i had this young muslim guy said to me very confidently, very knowing, he was very well versed on the presidential campaign. he said of course, you know, obama can never be president. he firmly believed that the united states of america would never elect a black president. he also firmly believed that the united states of america believed it just as strongly, would never elect anyone with any name that sounded even va e vaguely muslim. i tried to tell him that wasn't the united states i lived in hp pe refused to believe me. i hope he believes me now, at least. i'm think of course those kids, college age out there, how is it -- is it even fwag vaigly possible to explain to them no, no, no paul ryan, the speaker of the house of representatives today said this is very bad, would absolutely never happen, and paul rye nan, this guy you've never heard of is way more important and powerful than donald trump will ever be.
7:35 pm
>> people actually follow the news closely. there's a furor going on in media over there, glie baloball that matter. when donald trump says these things, it makes it harder for people who represent the united states, both government and informal there, a lot of us americans who go abroad and answer these questions, as you find yourself in that situation, and donald trump, like, would have to explain to them the basics and the fundamentals of the american system, that what donald trump said is a virtual impossibility because of the foundation of this republic. the constitution is very clear about it. as a matter of fact, this could be turned into a positive because that's how you best explain tangibly to someone who's not an american and dunts understand how this country works that we have ironclad
7:36 pm
protections in our constitution, it was founded to avoid the kind of things that donald trump is proposing. it's actually hurting people who are trying to undermine isis. isis wants to get extra votes, but he just, like, lost the respect and 'tension of a lot of people because he's undermining the attempt to destroy isis. >> you get a cold.
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7:40 pm
on "morning joe" this morning, donald trump lied as he's done many times about french police and british police being afraid to patrol in muslim neighborhoods in paris and london. london mayor boris johnson responded by saying, donald trump's ill informed comments are complete and utter nonsense. crime has been falling steadily, both in london and new york, and the only reason i wouldn't go to some parts of new york is the real risk of meeting donald trump. joining us now, the pulitzer prize winning columnist for "the new york times." we're getting a world reaction. >> there's a wave -- >> to a candidate in a primary field. not a nominee. it's a primary field. we've really never seen anything like this. british prime minister jumping in, mayor of london jumping in. >> it's astonishing how this has kicked off a wave of revulsion all over the world. the british prime minister, the
7:41 pm
fraench prime minister tweeted about this. in israel there were comments about how this was reminiscent of the beginnings of the third reich. the british telegraph had a conservative stayed newspaper had a quiz asking people, who said this, donald trump or hitler. and when "the telegraph" is doing that. j.k.rowling responded when people compared trump to voldemort. she said voldemort isn't that bad. it's just outrage and concern that this is indeed setting back the fight ginls isis. -- against isis. i think everybody recognizes it worldwide that the west's best weapon against isis has been moderate muslims who in the past have always been able to say, you know, terry jones may be fwurning k in burning koran, but he's a little
7:42 pm
known pastor who's completely on the fringe. they may have this movie, but that's just a trailer, nobody knows anything about it. but now you have a leading presidential candidate who is saying these things. our muslim allies around the world explain it away. >> there's a petition to parliament to ban donald trump from entering the united kingdom. it has 27,000 signatures the last time i looked at it. if it gets 100,000, parliament must respond to it. but what it points out is, and i almost kind of hate talking about the actual elements of the idea, because it's impossible. if some nut somehow got this idea going, trump is so childish. le doesn't understand if you ever did something like this, americans would then be banned from countries around the world
7:43 pm
and not just other countries. we would be banned from democracies like france. they would skr to respond saying you can not do this to french citizens, which we would be doing. >> one of the reasons i think this has attracted such resonance in europe is europe knows something about extremists. they have a real problem with skinheads. they have a problem with the national front in france. but this has all been a real fringe element. it's disturbing to them to see something they recognize as a threat to democracy, to values of tolerance, and then have it being reflected, not in a fringe in the u.s., but by a mainstream american candidate. >> thumps said there's a moment here, an opportunity here for the republican candidate who can focus exactly the right attack on what trump has just said. i don't think we heard that
7:44 pm
attack today. the strongest objections with eeve heard from republican candidates about trump, i'm enot sure we heard the winning argument. >> i'm not as convinced as you are that this is is disastrous for trump politically. i saw one poll that 76% of republican primary voters believe that islam is incompatible with america. i would like to believe this is truly the moment he went over the cliff. >> not so much -- 50% for the content of what he said, but the other 50% is voters starting to get the feeling, whoa, he's really out there. by the way, if i think that, i know i'm really out there. real hard core racists know that they're racist and they know their view sun acceptable in polite society, right? and they also know their view is never going to carry the day in the united states senate. so i think these people are going to start to look at him
7:45 pm
the way they looked at ben carson and say uh-oh, there's just too much nuttiness here, we're going away from ben carson. that's my bet about where we are. >> i sure hope that you are right. we saw trump insult women who compose half the electorate. that didn't hurt him. in this case, there are a lot of republican primary voters who think there's way too much political correctness, that people aren't waking up to what they perceive as a per ril from islam within their country and finally somebody speaking truth to power. i hope i'm wrong. >> donald trump in the polls commands less voter support than bernie sanders in this koun think. -- country. he's not breaking through the bernie sanders ceiling over him. i think we have the tendency to exaggerate the size of his support. >> i think that's true.
7:46 pm
but that's the system in the primaries. that's another factor. coming up, we have new information about the san bernadino terrorist plot. and the muslim marine will join us with his reaction to donald trump. if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp.
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with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. >> senior law enforcement officials said syed farook discussed staging an attack in california as early as 2012. that official told nbc news that investigators had not yet fully evaluated that plane, but if true it would mean syed farook was radicalized sooner than previously thought. investigators are also working to determine whether a device left at the scene of the attack was a bomb meant to kill first responders. quoting an unnamed source, the "los angeles times" reports that the device probably would not have detonated, possibly due to
7:50 pm
water damage from the building's sprinkler system which went off during the shooting. investigators are also trying to figure out if the couple had help, possibly from supplier, trainers, or financeers. nbc news also confirmed today that the couple creptly received $28,500, reportedly from an online lender. a u.s. counterterrorism official said the couple probably wanted to leave that money for their baby daughter and her grandmoth grandmother. authorities are also trying to learn more about individuals seen entering the garage at the couple's apartment in the past few months. investigators say that the couple used that garage as a bomb-making facility. this evening, first responders in san bernadino held a news conference. >> approaching the building, we knew that they were probably outgunned we knew that there were people down, and we knew we needed to get to them. i would be lying if i didn't say it wasn't difficult walking up
7:51 pm
to those doors. we didn't have any cover. we didn't know where in the building the gunman were. we didn't know how many people were down, but we knew we needed to get in there and save them, and that's what we' been trained to do. >> that's the face of truly heroic police work. coming up, the muslim marine gets tonight's last word. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars.
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7:53 pm
>> time for another reading of donald trump is a bad person by peter soderman. that's at, a libertarian website. he writes, the easy mistack to make is to think that donald trump is a bad person because he is a dull, fascistic bully. the better way to understand trump is the other way around. he is a dull fascistic bully because he is a bad person.
7:54 pm
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7:55 pm
of. >> and now tonight's "last word." the mayor of the city of brotherly love said this today about the front-runner for the republican presidential nomination. >> he's an [ bleep ] hole. i mean, what do you want me to say? i apologize, reverends and
7:56 pm
people of the religious community. i apologize. i mean, how can i take seriously any foreign policy idea from someone like him? it's impossible. so he has no idea what he's talking about. >> the mayor could have said idiot, because a poll actually shows that that is the word that most voters commonly associate with donald trump. idiot. banning muslims from entering the united states is not trump's first unconstitutional idea about muslims. >> should there be a database that tracks muslims here in this country? >> there should be a lot of systems beyond databases. we should have a lot of systems. >> one former marine responded to that with this tweet. hey, donald trump, i'm an american muslim and i already carry a special i.d. badge. where's yours? that former marine joins us now. that was, of course, your marine
7:57 pm
i.d. that you were showing to donald trump there. did you ever get a response from donald trump on twitter? he responds to a lot of people. >> good evening, lawrence. thank you again for having me. no, unfortunately i never got a response. i'm still waiting for it. so anytime mr. trump you would like to respond, i would welcome that. >> our audience was very impressed with your first appearance here and i know people have been waiting for 24 hours now to hear your reaction to what donald trump said yesterday, this notion of banning muslims from entering the united states, including in the first version of it, banning you, banning returning soldiers fr who are muslim from returning. ban banning citizens who went away for a week's vacation. that was the first version of it. what was your reaction to all of that? >> lawrence, what do you say? this guy is hijacking america from americans. that's what i feel like.
7:58 pm
and this is the kind of hateful rhetoric that i feel is actually hurting america from mull pl -- in multiple ways. not only is it dividing community, not only is it dividing, you know, people and widening the gap between muslims and nonmuslims, my biggest concern is that it's actually weakening our armed forces, because, you know, when you don't have unity in the armed forces, that is the biggest threat and allows for enemies of america to actually come in and attack america. and this is where i would say the muslim community and muslims who believe in the messiah, this is where we're trying to focus. we're trying to focus on bringing muslims and nonmuslims together to reach an understanding to drive out fear and hate and get to a point where we can respect each other to understand we all want the
7:59 pm
same thing. we want america to remain as the greatst country on earth. we want america to be on top of the world, and we want peace and justice nor all. the last thing i'll say about this, lawrence, muslim communities in the u.s. are the beingest ally that we have to fight terrorists. if mr. trump and his ilk continue to repeat this hateful rhetoric. what it's doing is completely alienating and neutralizing the best asset that america has to fight terrorism. >> you know, last night, he was asked about what about returning military personnel. you could see in the moment he realized oh, it was stupid to leave those out, so i guess i have to say, they can come back in, which then he did. >> yeah, and that's exactly to show, he doesn't really think his ideas all the way through.
8:00 pm
and this is where i would again -- he's going to have his ideas. no one is going to stop him from saying or believing what he wants. but my appeal is to all the americans oit there. >> tonight on all-in -- >> you're increasingly being compared to hitler. does that give you any pause at all? >> donald trump stands by his plan. tonight, the political and global eruption over the republican leader's plan to ban muslims from coming to america. plus, the industry of fear. a look at the islam ma phobic conspiracy theorists inspiring trump. >> it's this larger idea of submitting to sharia.


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