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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  December 10, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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this is our season. . time magazine released footage of a photo shoot donald trump did with them where he posed with a live bald eagle. check this out. this is real. >> how's my hair look? >> after that, trump was like
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i'm now banning all bald eagles from america. >> good morning. it's thursday, december 10th. >> how are we doing today? >> we're fine. >> we've hit the chart master here. have you brought us any charts? >> i've brought you some charts. >> what are we going to talk about? >> we're going to talk about islam and talk about the facts and the emotion going on. >> mark, you come baring polls. >> he opens up his show with all do respect. >> i'm serious, that was perfect. right there. >> they were just wrong and
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scared. >> they were scared, they were pet pet pet petri petrified to speak the truth. >> somebody they tried to kill with an eagle. >> donald trump has shaken the american politics, american debate. >> republican party. >> more so since any single figure since barack obama in 2008. there is in parallel. >> was obama the person of the year? >> not liking him is not suppose to be part of the criteria. i think it was a decision to the high minded decision we're not going to be a part of it. >> the high mindedness. i was coasted by the former
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secretary of state. the first thing that this person said to me was what are you doing with trump? why are you giving him all this air time? what, what, what? and it was the high mindedness. he's the front runner. any candidate that calls in gets on our show. >> they can call collect. >> they can call collect and we'll take the call. >> we offer it to anybody. call in and we'll talk to you. if you're running for president of the united states. >> that's where nancy got her answer. >> it's sort of a high mindedness. first of all, you have a guy that says something outrageous, un-american, unconstitutional. he happens to be the front runner in 49 out of 50 states. maybe 50 out of 50 states. he's going to record on that. if he's at tw2%, you're not. i think this morning our viewers want to know how voters reacted to that sort of bigotry.
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i think it's important. >> it's news. >> if the main stream media calls it bigotry and the worst thing that's ever been said, we need to follow it. there's a sort of high mindedness. they love to go we picked hitler once. since hitler, it's the high mindedness. who are the people? >> i said it yesterday. he had some good years. >> okay. >> it's like finally giving the grammy for tunnel of love. you got to go past that. go darkness and born to run with pretty good. >> let me get to the news. we sort of veered off. >> the river, the tunnel of love.
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so we must not be high minded because we are leading with new polling showing most voters barred the plan to ban muslims. 37% of american primary voters favor trump's proposal. 49% are opposed. 65% of republicans agree with the plan and 22% propose. asked if it would have effect on their willingness to vote for trump. 44% said no impact. 33% said it made them less likely to support him. only 16% of republican primary voters said it would make them less likely to back trump. 37% said it made them more likely. >> mark, a fascinating thing you pointed out yesterday. never in the history of american politics has a 65-15 issue. an issue that's supported by 6-1 ratio in a party is condemned by
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every other candidate in the field except one. donald trump is on the political political politically right side. >> not just every candidate. you got dick cheney and paul ryan. i've never seen anything like it in my career. one candidate is for something and no one else is for it and by the way, the other party is against it too. our poll is the first one out. let's see what other people polled what it shows. if other republicans in the faith of finding out, 60% of the people in their party are going to keep criticizing trump, we'll see. >> 66% of the people in the republican party support banning all muslims from the united states of america. i had a senior republican telling me that's working several administrations last night, this isn't my party and if i were joining a party today
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it wouldn't be that one. >> wow. >> i think a lot of republicans are feeling that way this morning. >> but two-thirds of them disagree with that view. >> yeah, seriously though. >> yeah, but at least in my world i have a lot of republican friends and it's impossible for me to find a republican friend whose going to vote for donald trump if he's the nominee. whether they will or won't, that's what they say. >> let me finish this and we're going to jump to a new story or part of it that i think is actually unfortunately connected. in a new poll out of south carolina republican primary trump has a 20-point lead leading ben carson 35-15 with ted cruz and marco rubio. the poll conducted saturday through tuesday found after trump unveiled his controversial plan he climbed eight points
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from 32% the first two nights to 238% the last two nights. many of trump's republican rivals are staying in attack mode. >> he may say he's not a politician but he's acting like one. politicians distract. president obama doesn't have a plan to defeat isis so he talks about gun control and climate change. donald trump doesn't have a plan to defeat isis so he talks about banning muslims. >> i signed a pledge. that's why you have to be careful with pledges you sign. that i would support the republican nominee. is it possible you change your mind? yeah. it would take something extreme to do it. i will tell you, sir, there's no way donald trump is going to be president. >> they keep saying that, willie. give me the data. that's what we said yesterday.
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let's go to the south carolina poll again. he said something that shocks all of us, polite society, that shocks constitutional lawyers and he goes up eight points after he makes the statement. he's up by 20 points now in south carolina and you look at the wmaur numbers from a couple of days ago in new hampshire. almost 20 there. he's routing everybody and the two most important primary states in america. >> i don't know how many other times you can say it or how many other ways that donald trump is immune to things we say. he goes up and the numbers go up and it's reflected in the poll that 66%, that's a shocking
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number, 66% believe that that is a good idea to ban muslims from this country. donald trump as a strategic politician knows what he's doing. >> look at trump. we talk about lines plus six in new hampshire. plus eight, mark, after the muslim remarks in south carolina. there's two things he's hanging his hat on. two, he's early and going to quit. no, he's in it for the long haul. the other is it's not building other organization. a lot of people who say they are for trump are people who have not voted. are they going to turn out the vote? if you just go by the polls and go by his dominance of the news, there's nobody closer. >> you know, if candidates or
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journalist want to be real journalist and write stories about what is instead of what they would like things to be. they need to go back and do what steve said they could do and that is look at arnold sworts -- arnold's campaign. that is a good parallel. the guy was seen as a total joke and wore feather boas and got a lot of people to go out voting for him that had never voted before. that's why maybe some of these people don't caucus. there's the other side of it too. maybe people go out the vote for this guy that haven't voted in elections in the past. >> yeah, i mean, i think there was an obvious early inclination to treat this all as entertainment. maybe some websites did that. >> no website you're associated with. >> it's clear at this point we've taken a different turn,
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perhaps a dark turn. i will caution with the polling on this stuff. we ran a poll a couple of months ago where we talked about supporting the iran deal. donald trump says he wants to renegotiate. we associated it with barack obama and associated it with donald trump in another poll. republicans were much more inclined to say yeah, they would support keeping the iran deal in place when they were told it was donald trump advocated doing that. a lot of this is candidate associated. however, it's clear he has a lesion of followers and they're loud and vocal and if that's the case and they continue to stick with him then yeah, he'll completely up every bit of politics in the last 40-50 years.
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>> unless something's happened in the last 24 hours. temporary denial of visas for muslims coming to this country until something is figured out. you all keep saying ban. it's not a ban. >> just to say about sam's point. trump is not supported by 66% of republicans. the support for his propoesz l he backs is well above people who support donald trump. >> i think it's bolstered a bit. but yeah, you're right. >> more is coming to light this morning about the married couple that killed 14 people in san bernardino. farook first talked about an attack three years ago and got cold feet. markez has been talking to authorities. he knew farook had radical believes but knew nothing about the attack. multiple sources tell nbc news
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he and his wife left behind evidence they were contemplating attacks on other targets. there were pictures on cell phones of a high school. they were radicalized for years. >> san bernardino involved two killers that were radicalized quiet a long time before their attack. they were radicalized before they started dating online. as early as the end of 2013 they were talking to each other about jihad before they became engaged and lived together in the united states. >> officials said yesterday they did not know malik was committed to jihad when she applied for a fiance visa and came to the united states. >> so. >> so that's, i think, a little
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bit problematic when we are looking at our visa process, probably. right? i know i'm going to be -- >> just anuns appreciate it. what are you saying? >> i'm saying this is an issue that happened. that somebody came here and wreaked havoc on our society. i'm not backing donald trump's concept. >> what you're saying is we've had all these arguments about the visa programs being inadd kwat and donald trump saying keep muslims out until we know whose coming in and here's a prime example of a case where someone was radicalized before they applied for the visa policeman and th program and then got admitted. >> it's incredibly disturbing. >> that visa program involves a fair amount of work.
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fingerprints, investigated, background checks. there's only about 5,000 given out a year. they went through the appropriate steps and nonetheless concluded she should be here. >> 14 americans are dead because the system is not great. just a reality for a lot of people. this program let someone in who killed 14 americans. >> i do think that a lot of americans, even if they oppose the overall ban may agree, 66% higher, if it was a ted cruz approach which is don't look at the religion but the war torn areas. if they're coming from syria, iraq, saudi arabia, places radicalized, you're going to have to amp up the process. this process was woefully inadd kw kwat. >> you have republicans denouncing and saying the
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refugee program needs to be stopped temporarily. we're not sure if the vetting process is good enough for these refuge refuge refugees, these poor people who have no home and need help desperately. >> what's interesting, it's not rn , when you say the process is broken, there was a process, there was a robust process. it wasn't like going to the post office and buying a postage stamp and the fact it failed raises questions on how you keep people like this out. >> aren't you saying that the visa, are you saying something might be in line with donald trump's policy? >> i'm not saying we should ban all muslims but i think this all question has to be looked at. >> when she did her interview she had no red flags raised. >> she knew everything about
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farook and could answer questions. there were no follow ups about her jihadist lead. >> i'm challenging you all. i'm just saying. >> what are you saying? say what you're saying. we've been waiting. skbr i >> i'm saying that the visa process obviously has holes. >> the 9/11 terrorist were here legally too. >> what do we do about it? we had slaughter in our country. children are traumatized and most of us feel like it's going to happen again. so someone tell me something better than what donald trump is saying and there's got to be something better because everybody has been sitting here for days just land basting him including me because i don't agree with it. somebody needs a better idea. >> we have to invest in a system that will keep out people that plan to do harm to the united states. i'm sure it's underfunded.
3:19 am
i'm sure part of the problem is there's not enough people screening people coming into the united states. we're going to have to invest in that as a country. we're not going to close our boarder. >> you don't focus on 100% of the muslims but focus on people coming in from war torn areas where they're more likely to be radicalized. syria is at the top of the list. when they come here, it requires a second step. if you're here on a visa and we're concerned about an area we're going to amp up evidence. people love to spend billions on an airplane. we're going to have to spend that money on surveillance for people in this country. guess what, they were going to a school next according to these reports. >> also better intelligence. she was not in any security
3:20 am
database. they checked their databases and they went through all the right steps. she wasn't on any list. there was no way for them to know she should in the been in the country. >> the problem saying war torn areas is how many people like this could be in france or belgi belgium, you know? >> it's like profiling. >> isis, i mean, this is not the most sophisticated thing in the world but figuring out to marry somebody. >> that was pretty sophisticated. >> they were practicing at gun ranges in the los angeles area. >> somebody should have said there's a woman in traditionals. >> yeah. >> that's dicey too. >> you guys. >> call in everyone suspicious at a gun range.
3:21 am
you could do that with a lot of people not muslim at a gun range. >> all i'm saying is i've been watching the coverage of donald trump being torn to shreds. it this visa process did not prevent the worst attack on this country. >> well, the visa process, obviously, sam, if you talk to most americans today needs to be toughened up. there's a middle ground between banning all muslims to the united states and keeping the status quo. but there is no doubt we're going to have to do things that make us uncomfortable. it may not appear to be rules we're playing by anymore but we live in a new world and we're going to have to be tough and some things we do may actually smack a profiling. >> the visa issue is a huge
3:22 am
problem everyone on capitol hill now recognizes. the issue prevails but we'll probably wrap it up. the problem is it actually doesn't solve a problem, it makes one worse. when you start banning all muslims coming into this country, you end up facilitating the radicalization. you play into an isis propaga a propaganda. >> we've all said this. >> that's the difference. mika is asking about the difference between x and y and that's the big difference. >> what she said and i just said was there has to be a middle ground between donald trump's proposal and the status quo. >> instead of saying what's wrong with donald trump's proposal, you've all said it on a loop for three days straight, somebody come up with a different concept, a better one and if you don't have one. >> there's no foolproof concepts. >> but the status quo is not
3:23 am
acceptable. >> half of the attacks were committed by people born in the united states. five or naturalized citizens and two by people here on green cards. this is a very broad problem that effects people who get radicalized or become radicals for any number of reasons. >> hold the picture up again and if you're a police officer you're going to look at the people and you're going to profile the people. >> i like this conversation. >> we're stumped, law enforcement officers if you ask them what thaw needed and the cia what they needed and entail agencies what they needed, they
3:24 am
could tell you quickly what they needed. the question is whether we have the stomach to do what it takes to win the war against isis. >> coming up on morning joe, extended conversation with republican presidential candidate ted cruz. also, former head of homeland security tom ridge, the weekly standards, bill crystal and washington post reporter. up next, from the counsel on foreign relations, richard hass here at the table. you're watching morning joe. we'll be right back. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally.
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miss secretary on the first of december before the house services committee, congressman ford asked have we currently contained isil? we have not contained isil. mr. secretary do you agree with him? >> yes.
3:28 am
>> we have not contained isil. how are we to know we are succeeding against isil. >> i think we are building momentum against isil. >> absolutely stunning. >> that was ash carter testifying before the senate arms service committee yesterday. joining us now the president of the counsel on foreign relations, richard hass. >> richard, it's stunning what's happening all around the president. here you have the president secretary of defense saying clearly what the president said the morning of the paris attacks was just wrong. isis is not contained. >> yeah, you had that and the reaction to the president's oval office addressed the other night. i think there's a general feeling what we're doing in the region is inadd kwat. it's not, the question of what
3:29 am
we should be doing we can have a conversation about. there's a sense you got to step it up and we have to think about what it is it will take to get a ground partner in syria. >> it's not just on the military front. yesterday we had general here who asked why aren't we working the diplomatic channels more. that's his complaint. we just aren't reaching out to our allies and building coalition. i just don't know. >> a lot of emphasis is on the longer shot which is to get a deal about future political organization in syria. that's the long shot. we're not doing nearly enough to getting turkey to slow the flow of recruits. >> why not? >> because they've agreed to give us access to the air base eventually. as a result we have gone easy on them. i think far more importantly it's to get them to slow.
3:30 am
i think we've been too easy on them. >> why? why for a year now everyone says it's the issues with turkey and they dance around it. why can't we get turkey to work with us? >> because we're not willing to, they're quote unquote an allie and we're not willing to put enough pressure on them. the europeans are scared because they're worried about the refuge refugees. we're worried. >> richard, we hear it all the time and i was speaking yesterday from a leader from the middle east in the gulf region. we don't have a partner in the united states. that's what you've been hearing and we've been hearing for three or four years. this isn't about barack obama. this is about one commander in chief america has at this time
3:31 am
of crisis. why won't he get his hands dirty and start building a coalition? >> the most consequential thing he didn't do was syria. secondly, i think a big part of foreign policy is not committing over the middle east. thirdly, assembling a coalition is easier said than done. a lot of countries. >> he has to work. he has to break a sweat. he has to get uncomfortable. is this president willing to do
3:32 am
that? >> i think what you have to do is say if you're willing to do xy and z we'll do ab and c. a lot of people won't associate with us unless they're confident we're going to be there and it's safe to associate with us. it's a little bit of what goes first. until this administration is willing to make a certain scale of commitments, i don't think we're going to get it from the locals. >> what's fascinating is this leader we spoke with yesterday said we've never dealt with anybody like him before. everybody else talks, negotiates, compromises. he steaks out a position, delivers a speech and sits there and you're expected to come to him. nobody trusts him. nobody's going to deal with him because he just doesn't want to deal with us in good faith. we've heard that four, five years now from the middle east especially. >> what i fantasize about is being a focus group of world leaders and democratic and
3:33 am
republican senators and asking what they think of the president's leadership style. it's the exact same view. >> you hear it from democratic senators and you have from 8-7 years. >> coming up, if the road to the nomination goes through iowa, donald trump is facing one big obstacle. senator ted cruz. the conversation with the texas republican who is seen as the one man who can stop the billionaire's momentum. we'll be right back. today people are coming out
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up next, part one of joe's big interview with senator ted cruz. we'll see if joe's opinion changed it all after their sit down. you're watching morning joe. we'll be right back. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments
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have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. does ted cruz have the inside track to win the republican nomination? a lot of people are saying that. washington post also thinks so. the iowa caucuses are 50 days away. donald trump still the national front runner. marco rubio is now the establishments best only hope. ted cruz is a guy that looks best positioned to win. ted cruz as of today assuming his past nominations work as a broad predictor of where this race is headed. he may be right.
3:41 am
yesterday we set down with a man who pulled ahead of donald trump in iowa, at least. in one poll. >> it's ashamed you came at such a boring time. >> what's the old chinese curse? may you live in interesting times. >> it's a time where everybody wants you and i'm going to start the same way, wants you to talk about donald trump. it's one of the maddening things about this campaign. other people always have to talk about trump. you're sort of in a different position. mark healperin and i have been talking about you've got to troops on the ground and the money and you're in a position to win this thing. shouldn't you be more assertive when donald trump comes out and says he wants to keep all muslims out of the country. >> i said i disagree with the proposal. the question i get day in and
3:42 am
day out, please attack donald trump and i point out my approach to trump has been the same to every other republican candidate. i'm not interested in personal insults and mud slinging. you think of the first two debates which were a food fight. i stayed out of that and spoke little the first two debates because i don't think the american people want to hear abunch of politicians bickering like kids. they want to hear real and positive solutions. my focus on the campaign from day one is focus on how do we bring back jobs and economic growth? >> you have been really forceful though when a lot of republicans have stepped out of line. you have not been afraid to be forceful on criticisms of donald trump. you can disagree where the speed limit should be set. i think people want to hear more from you because there's a possibility that you're the republican nominee.
3:43 am
how bad of an idea is it? >> i get that the media wants us to play theater critics and critique every other proposal. what i'm focussing on are my own. i've introduced legislation that would propose a three year more toirm on refugees from where countries like al qaeda or isis control a substantial amount of territory. obama's head of fbi told congress this administration cannot vet the refugees to determine. >> it's not religious based. not based on the religion, it's based on the terror. >> it's based on protecting us from areas where isis and al qaeda control substantial territory and we can't insure people are isis terrorist. that's our first obligation,
3:44 am
keep the country safe. >> let's talk about syria. one of the countries was talking about it. you have been attacked recently for not being strong enough, for having a weaker stand on the military and you said last week and it surprised me etch ven we don't have a dog in the fight. >> i watched that exchange where you were surprised and i note i think they only gave you part of what i said because you reacted to part i believe in peace through strength and i believe the focus of the u.s. policy should be securing the natural interest of this country. >> the old -- >> and it's the reagan approach. we need to focus on killing bad guys. now, what has been a mistake and we've seen a consistent mistake in foreign policy, far too often we've seen democrats and washington get involved in top
3:45 am
middle eastern governments and it ends up benefitting the bad guys and hands them over the radical islamic terrorist. >> let me ask you what i asked rand paul a couple of days ago. was the world, in fact, in the middle east a more secure place when su dam hussein was in power, kadaffi was in power and fisad wasn't fighting for his life in syria. >> it was a close call. >> why won't people say that. i couldn't even get rand to say it. it's important to admit because isn't this possibly where we're guided in the future. maybe we don't topple regimes as offensive as they are. >> patrick in the 1970s wrote about this. jimmy carter pushed and celebrated the fall of the iran. a dictator who is a friend fast
3:46 am
forward to 2009, 2010, 2011. gaddafi was a bad man. >> he also struck a deal with us. >> he voluntarily handed over his nuclear program. >> i wonder what kind of message, anybody who watches the show i'm not on the ted cruz cheerleader team but why don't people talk more about the horrible message sent when we got gaddafi to do a deal with us and then we killed him. >> we killed him and he was actively cooperating and hunting down and stopping radical terrorist. what happened in instead was obama and hillary led nato in
3:47 am
killing gadaf daff -- gadaffi. now islam is a war zone ruled by radical terrorist. my point. >> also, on egypt if i can expand again not to be too shoulder to shoulder with you in this interview but i heard from so many middle east diplomats after we had our partner for 30 years and then said he must go and watched him walk up and had the leaders of the middle eastern country especially in the gulf region say why would we ever want to deal with your people. >> i had a foreign east minister tell me about a year ago he said it is very hard to be friends with america right now. that hurts to hear but it is the reality of it. then you look at syria and it
3:48 am
is, it seems barack obama and hillary clinton and people like senator rubio have not learned the lessons of libya and egypt because what are they trying to do, topple isad. he's a bad man and a monster. if they succeed, isis will take over syria and it will be worse. >> let's talk about it and do you deal with the russians, help keep isad or one of isad's people in place and focus your fire power on isis? i've long been a proponent of the doctrine but you have to know when it's time to go in and if it's not now time to go in after isis. >> yes, absolutely yes. my view instead of getting in the in the middle of a civil war in syria, our focus should be on killing isis. why? isis has declared war on america. we shouldn't be trying to find these mythical moderate rebels.
3:49 am
we keep being told they're going to exist and they turn out to all be jihadist and when we put them in power we were told in libya the rebels were these moderate rebels and we're repeating those mistakes and instead our focus needs to be on doing everything necessary to utter will i defeat isis. >> later, we're going to be talking to ted cruz. >> laughing because i ran into richard hass last night at counsel on foreign relations and i said richard, you're going to have to come in tomorrow morning because i got bad news for you. ted cruz has become a realist. i agreed with almost everything he had to say. you'll agree. he is a collin powell republican realist in terms of foreign policy. it's very striking listening to that. >> what he did was took on both the liberal interventionist as well as the neocons in places
3:50 am
like libya and more broadly you get a sense he's trying to find a middle ground between the isolationist and the extreme interventionist. what you hear is what i quiet honestly did not expect to hear is the version of realism. >> richard hass and collin powell style realism. >> tlahat would make him more uncomfortable. >> it is. when i heard him talking last night and herd him talking about the way you approach syria, you're being a harsh realist which we need to be right now. keep isad in place. he's a terrible human being. we see what happens when we've taken out thugs across the middle east. let's focus on the part of syria where we have people who want to blow up buildings in new york a and washington. >> what struck me about the ted cruz interview, from everything
3:51 am
we hear grounded in reality, the idea that hussein and gadaffi staying in power would make the region. >> it's a question we've asked about this table for over a year now and then the lights go off and they go well, of course. of course, the world would be more stable if we ask ted cruz. yes, of course, we would. said it on camera and then again, my belief has been if we're going to get it right in the middle east we're going to have to make deals with devils, isad and we're going to have to go after isis and we're going to have to be realist. cold hearted realist. >> it seems to me it would be one of the lessons, the question of what comes next. it's something we've been asking everywhere we go.
3:52 am
we know what came next in iraq, libya, egypt. we're about to learn what comes next in syria. the answer is not great thing unless you have a plan. >> the alternative can be worse. we've seen that in many of these situations. we also learn no matter what it is we do, we can't necessarily take a situation and make it better. the limits to nation building have been on us time and time again. we've put torforces on places l afghanistan and iraq. >> to wrap it up, you have george w. bush whose a radical neocon and barack obama whose a radical neo isolationist and here is the middle ground. here is realism and it may be the only way for it. >> coming up, brand new polls from south carolina shows the threat of terrorism is the most important issue for the republican voters.
3:53 am
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coming up, more on the interview with senator ted cruz. fascinating. >> plus 65% of republican voter as fwree with donald trump's ban on muslims. is it a smart political move to criticize him? we talk to a republican who said he would never vote for trump. tom ridge. and later, a new home for one of
3:57 am
the most storied newspapers in america. the washington post leaves its 15th street news room. a place where they did their seminole work. the top political stories when morning joe continues ft
3:58 am
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4:00 am
one follow up. andrea mitchell just sent an e-mail and we're following up on whether ted cruz was right when carter praised the toppling.
4:01 am
i don't think he did. i do know that both jimmy carter and -- was big. >> welcome back to morning joe on that awkward note. joining the conversation national political quota for the washington post robert costca. good to have you all on board. >> rob, we have part one of two interviews with ted cruz. richard hass was stunned cruz has moved from a neo isolationist to somebody who fits very snuggly into ronald
4:02 am
reagan cwing of the republican party when it comes to foreign policy. a cold hearted realist. >> it's been a project long in the making for senator cruz. he's articulated he puts himself in between the rand paul and john mccain wing in the republican party. that's who he is. >> that's where he was today. >> we have brand new polling to get to. a poll released just moments ago shows trump with an eight point lead over ted cruz. 24% to 16%. that poll taken before his controversial comments. a new poll taken a fire storm over his comments showed trump with a 30% lead leading ben carson and ted cruz and marco rubio. the poll conducted saturday through tuesday found that after trump unveiled his controversial
4:03 am
plan, climbed eight points from 30% the first two nights to 38% the last two nights. >> let's keep those numbers up. willie, you can look at that and that 8% rise, he's doing better in this poll. there's so much there. you can look at the substance of it but that 8% rise, you know, not only had to do with people agreeing with him on policy but there was a lot of media loathing involved there, trump on the ropes again, trump getting attacked by the pc police. i don't know that it's about policy anymore than it is about just sort of resentment. this wing is the resentment wing of the republican party. it's been strong for a long time. >> mika does have another poll coming up. it's a little bit about policy. some of the republicans agree with the idea to ban muslims. i think you're right. he sets these issues up brilliantly, politically i'm
4:04 am
talking about. he can put something on the table, have the media rail against it, have the establishment rail against it and say look to his supporters, look how they feel about us, they're not with us. they're career politicians, they're in the media and don't get us and it helps his support grow within the poplar support. >> mike, in this situation as halperin has pointed out, he finds himself in a situation where he's on the side of 66% of the republican party. only 15, 16, 17 oppose his plan. 50-60% in the party support the plan and he's the only person running for president that is on that side of the issue. everybody else like us immediately condemned the plan. >> i would be interested in costa's thoughts on this. off of what you just said, joe, you keep hearing the republican establishment is going to try and come together to stop donald trump. you keep hearing it over and over and over again.
4:05 am
i want to ask you what is the republican establishment? what does it exist of today and what can they do if they can do anything? >> they're all reluctant to say they cannot support him if they won the nomination. that would set him off. privately, they're all looking at the calender and think could trump get enough delegates. they're thinking ahead not that there's going to be a broker convention. >> so they're afraid of setting donald trump off. >> that's where we are. whose going to spend money on adds in the next 50, 60 days? whose going to put money on the airwa airways? you're going to have fwoet him on the ground. >> speaking of money though,
4:06 am
money where you have to tell a jeb bush story. money don't buy you love this campaign cycle. in fact, it does nothing for you. >> trump has spent nothing. >> we talk about jeb bush and his super pack we spend a fortune and look where he is. i guess my question is what are they so afraid of with trump? are they afraid he's going to run as independent or afraid th they're going to come back and attack him? i can't imagine him spending a billion dollars. >> everyone of them are fighting for their lives. 61 prs of the people in the republican party votes and supports donald trump's position. not so much about donald trump. i think there's fear they may actually offend the elector rate. that's where the republican party appears to be.
4:07 am
when you look at people who vote in the republican primaries, that's where they vote right now. >> you have touched upon one of the most interesting elements of trump's popularity. we get continued written and rhetorical issues in the newspapers. almost always they're labeled as blue collar southern guys driving pick ups. shotguns in the back and it's far wider and broader than that. >> mika, haven't we heard that? >> it's the first thing i thought when he announced they're going to be small businessmen, medium size business men and women who want this guy to win because they really feel his success could be their success. >> we've had 15 years of people living with various grievances in this country. their sons are going to fight wars when no one els is. people who watch homes gets
4:08 am
401k's and they can't find anyone to go to and can't go boom himself. trump is doing that for him. >> sam stine, this is not about ideology. this is a guy that's supported abortion rights and supported single payer taxes and supported hillary clinton. it proudly says it. this is about strength. when i say it's not about ideology. you couldn't find a republican candidate over the past 20-30 years early in the process split support among conservatives and people on the far right and people in the middle and moderate republicans. trump cuts across all idea logical barriers. >> yeah, i think to an extent if you look at. >> no, he does. it's as many moderates supporting as conservatives in a resent poll i saw. i'm just saying it's hard to
4:09 am
pigeon hole donald trump's support. >> to an extent, yeah. i think the biggest polling data is based on education. those who have more degrees or higher education continue to be not supportive of trump. i think the more important point where the earlier conversation about why there is a reluctance to take them on. it strikes me if you put aside ted cruz, basically, everyone else in the field thinks they need to be the binary to trump, the alternative. they're competing against each other to be the one who goes against trump when it goes down to two or three candidates. that makes them reluctant for
4:10 am
resources. >> cruz voters are the tea party voters grown up. they're anti government and they're conservative activist. the trump voters, i don't see a lot of pick up trucks, i see a lot of mini vans in the parking lot. these are republican voters who have lost faith in the institutions. >> that is the point. the first time i started realizing this trump thing was beyond a small subsection of resent for republicans was when my brother started coming back from his meetings and hospital consultant goes all over the country and meets up with other hospital consultants all over the country and said at night they go out and have dinner and every time he goes around the table who are you voting for? trump. who are you voting for? trump. i talked about it in my own house where i had people from florida come up and did a lot on the focus group eating pizza. they're all professionals.
4:11 am
who are you voting for? trump. one of the best doctors in south florida, trump. he's a moderate guy. that's the thing. powerful bankers in new york city, democrats say screw it, i'm voting for trump. >> i would like to meet that guy. i've not met any democrats or republicans say they're voting for trump. honestly. >> in this, in all of this backdrop. >> maybe they're afraid they're not. >> if trump become the nominee it would be a good situation for hillary. >> bush talking about very, very high education and people who have had a lot of education are not necessarily for trump. how did you describe it?
4:12 am
if you contain a higher education you tend to be supportive of trump. that's nothing to do with ideology. joe could be right. >> i think what mike said a few minutes ago if you go back to the beginning of the trump phenomenon where you talk about the mexicans and things like that, i think that was a group of diseffected americans who had been left behind in one form or another. as you said they've lost their jobs or houses and incomes were suppressed. somebody like trump coming out of left field and providing a whole alternative universe to them was very appealing. >> did you just insinuate he didn't go to warton? >> no.
4:13 am
>> a resent real clear politics thing. first, trump support is not ideology. 20% of supporters describe themselves as liberal or moderate. only 13% call themselves very conservative. very conservative voters are not with him. less than a third say they're involved in the tea party movement. in terms of demographics, they're less educated and earn less than the average republican. slightly over half are well. >> i have news. >> what's that? >> donald trump just tweeted he's postponing his trip to israel and will meet with netanyahu at a later time when he becomes president of the united states. >> that's because netanyahu criticized his plan to keep muslims out of the united states. >> you have a fascinating interview this morning on the front page of the style section. it's with donald trump.
4:14 am
one of the things that jumped out to me is how he would handle losing. what if he loses iowa, for example? how would he bounce back? he said in no uncertain terms i will never leave this race. >> he did. he brought up willie, the 1990 real-estate depression, recession, whatever you want to call it and we pressed him on it. we said mr. trump, could you really handle this political pain of losing iowa to cruz and he kept coming back i've lost before and owed billions and billions of dollars. i've come back and he said my struggles, they showed a human, he paused and said a human something. >> let's talk about money and campaigns. >> groups supporting jeb bush seem to be getting little return on their investment. the washington post reports that the record breaking super pack behind his candidacy has spent close to $15 million while he
4:15 am
continues to sink in the polls. yesterday trump released another instagram video mocking bush while bush compared him to barack obama. >> he's just a gifted politician that's appealing to people's anger and frustration that's quiet legitimate. >> it's basically barack obama, the other version of it which is to push people down and divide the country. our country is not going to succeed unless we have a set of common purposes to be able to go forward. he's had the chance to have a second act here. he's a gifted politician. i'm not saying that as a compliment. he's been the front running candidate for five months and hasn't said i might be president and might have to learn whose the head of the forces and why it matters or how are we going to create a strategy to unify
4:16 am
the world against isis? he's not taking it to the next level. >> our story, we're talking about jeb bush's money not buying voters or buying love or support. they buried $50 million in. a new cbs news new york time poll just released. >> trump 35, cruz 16, carson 13, rubio 9 and dan, it's bush at 3. >> bush at 3%. >> that's a national poll. willie, trump at 35, cruz at 16. he's up again by almost 20 points. all of these polls push him up higher. he's up almost 20 points in the cbs poll. up 20 points in the south carolina poll. up 19 points in the poll all over the past couple of days. donald trump, it is safe to say three days after the inflammatory remarks is standing
4:17 am
stronger than he ever has. >> that's why you hear people say donald trump won't be the nominee. i think they're whistling past the graveyard. >> that's a look at the numbers. >> marco rubio at 9%. marco is what, 25, 26 points behind? jeb bush at three. none of these candidates are taking off. trump at 35, cruz at 16. >> if you're jeb bush right now, what are you thinking to yourself? you've got an incredible infrastructure, name i.d., everything a candidate would hope to want and you can't capture whatever's happening right now in the republican primary? >> in some ways trump is the least of bush's worries. he has christie gaining on him. it's a crowded lain for the center right part of the republican party.
4:18 am
when it comes to trump, look, he's running a gutter l campaign. he's done a policy move without consulting with any adviser. all these other candidates are full of staffs and aids telling them what to do on policy. trump issing moving with the population of the republican elect elect elect electorate. >> what do the parties think? people who run the campaigns at lower levels? >> i think they're, i mean, the people i talked to are petrified to be honest. if you look at the maps, certainly in the senate, the issue is not republican turnout because you're talking about a series of moderately blue states or swing states. it's about reaching moderate independent voters and there's
4:19 am
no indication that trump will turn those out when it comes to the full november voting. so they're a little bit panicked. in terms of the primary process, we just put up a piece about how there is one factor here that could necessarily flip the race which is mitt romney sitting there very poplar still in new hampshi hampshire. that is one card not yet being played and people are actively pressuring to get in more actively and try to influence the race in that way. >> he's close to rubio. >> you know, i'm looking at this poll.
4:20 am
dan, let me go to you here. we've got the rest of the candidates at 4% or less. this is the cbs poll. you've got jeb at 3, carly at 1, everybody else at 4% or less. willie, there's been a real flattening of carly fiorina, john kasich. >> some of the seemingly most. >> chris christie. all these people. the most compelling struggling to stay above an asterisk and so much of this to do with trump sucking up all the oxygen. >> governor christie does have a bump in new hampshire. you see it's trump, cruz, carson fading and you can put rubio in there and everybody else. this race once again is a story about donald trump. it's a story about what he's done and for the other candidates, a story about how
4:21 am
they're reacting to him, how they handle him. ted cruz has chosen not to go after donald trump at this point. it's showing off along with his candidate skills and everything else. this is a story about donald trump. >> sucking the oxygen, when was the last time anyone was paying serious attention to carly fiorina or any of the secretary candidates. >> and we talked about jeb bush. if you wanted to grab headlines this week, the way jeb bush grabs headlines is saying no, i'm going to be like tom ridge. i am not going to support any republican that wins the nomination. when i made that pledge i couldn't is assume that any republican would actually ban 1.5 billion people, an entire class of people from entering the united states of america. he would have actually made headlines this week.
4:22 am
everybody's back is against the wall. it's time to start fighting. i saw tom ridge's interview yesterday. he's in a fighting mood and we have him coming up next. >> still ahead on morning joe, senator ted cruz in his own words. joe sits down to dial down where exactly the texas republican stands on today's critical issues. but first, former homeland secretary joins us and why he's backing jeb bush for president. you're watching morning joe. we'll be right back. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac ats. get this low-mileage lease from around $269 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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all right. 25 past the hour. joining us now former republican governor of pennsylvania tom ridge. he's the founder of ridge global and supporting jeb bush in the 2016 race. food to have you on board, sir. >> good morning joe and everybody else. >> first of all, what do you make of jeb bush's numbers given all the money that's been sent and support from people like
4:26 am
you. he's at 3%. >> first of all, i look at those numbers and look at the national polls and totally disregard them. everybody on the set knows this is not number one a national election, it's down to eight or ten states. i know what jeb is doing in iowa and right here in new hampshire and nevada and south carolina staffing up a good ground game. i'm not too excited one way or the other about national polls. we're excited about the progress we're making. it may not show up on your radar but we're feeling good about where we are. >> it's not showing up in the polls but you and i both know jeb and what a great leader he is, why is that translating to more success among support on the ground right now? >> i think there's a couple of reasons. i just listened to your show for 20 minutes and everybody's talking about donald trump. nobody's talking about what donald trump would do as president. i think for many of the good
4:27 am
candidates and as you know, i know a lot of these individuals running and many of them are good friends of mine. we kind of seemed to have lost our way and comparing personalities and points of you rather than the thoughtful approach these men and women would give to the extraordinary responsibilities of being president of the united states and commander in chief so i think part of it has to do with the oxygen that he's kind of sucked out of the political discussion so that because he is a phenomenon but i think as we get closer and closer to judgment day in iowa and right here in new hampshire people are going to pay a lot more attention. it's not who they are but what they would do as commander in chief. you take a look at jeb and he has an economic plan. he has a very specific plan to deal with immigration. he talks about the terrorism. you ask trump and a lot of the other candidates specifically what are you going to do about abc, they have nothing but
4:28 am
platitudes and empty statements. >> governor, by the way, jeb bush is invited to come on any time. we love having him on and talking policy when he comes on. if any other candidate in this race suggested we are going to ban 1.5 billion muslims from coming into the united states and a series of polls came out showing your republican party and my republican party is rewarding him overwhelmingly, that candidate would be talked about as well. it leads me to the next question. if everybody is talking about donald trump and his outrageous policies which they, an overwhelming majority of republicans support, then should jeb bush not say i'm not going to support it. follow your lead. i will not support donald trump because i believe donald trump's views towards muslims are not only big gotted but hurt our war
4:29 am
against isis? >> well, first of all, i'm not going to tell my good friend and someone i think would be a great commander in chief how to deal with his opponents across the state. >> that's what you would do standing on the stage with donald trump personally, right. >> i just said it a couple of months ago. i just don't think you want to put somebody in the white house who brings that mind set and use everything as a simple minded solution. you and i don't have a long enough time on this program to tell you why it's not an effective commander in chief. >> governor, you mentioned the reality of the situation, donald trump sucks the oxygen out of the room and sucks it out of the tv airways, radio airways, he is a phenomenon.
4:30 am
my question to you is why can't not just jeb bush or any of the other candidates on the stage talk to the nation about the issues that trump is talking to the nation about in more polite, more sensible way and take some of that oxygen back. what's going on here? >> i just, i might take issue with that a little bit. i'm not sure that these debate forums are interesting for personal interactions but i'm not too sure, it's the nature of the coverage and the fact you have so many in the field. i get that from a journalistic point of view. i don't know how carefully people cover jeb's speech on foreign policy or the speech he gave on terrorism. part of the challenge, i think, is and certainly trump is taking advantage of it, he is such a celebrity and so good at promoting himself he is the topic. he personally is the topic.
4:31 am
i do think when we get closer to judgment day i think people are going to spend a little bit more tim time, less time worried about the personality and get a better understanding to the mind set, approaches and principals they're going to bring to the president of the united states. i think they're going to ultimately turn to jeb. >> tom ridge, thank you very much for being on the show this morning. >> it's a pleasure. >> thank you so much. great to have you, governor. now would be a really good time to bring up something about donald trump in the ratings. people assume that news networks talk about donald trump because they want ratings. you know, i will tell you don't look at the ratings an awful lot but i did yesterday and have a couple of other times when we had trump on. i can tell you yesterday or two days ago when we had a big blow up, ratings didn't go up. ratings were higher than the ratings at 7:00. in fact, when he was home they
4:32 am
went down a little bit and we found time and time again when we had the trump calls, whatever, that people are kind of use to it now. even in, even at this stage when he sets his most inflammatory rhetoric out there. i don't know. maybe. >> as far as we're concerned we're not doing et for -- >> i'm just saying chris christie though actually get higher ratings for us in his new hampshire town hall meeting than donald trump in his new hampshire town hall meeting. >> then the obvious question was why i gave donald trump 30 minutes. >> because it's news. because he's leading and offers a proposal that's shonging. >> our point is it's not really ratings. >> we're not doing it for ratings. we're doing it for news. when i guy says he wants to ban
4:33 am
1.5 billion muslims from coming in the united states and now 66% of republicans support that position, that is news. more than somebody's four point plan. what else are you going, donald trump makes an outrageous comment four days ago and he's exploded in the polls. that's news. it also describes where we are as a nation or at least with the republican party as a party right now and it's deeply concerning for millions and millions of republicans. >> still ahead on morning joe, safety concerns for one of the holidays hottest toys. >> by the way, if hillary clinton wants to call in for 30 minutes, we're good. we'll take her. >> do i have to make a return? morning joe continues. >> that's a hoover board. >> yes, on fire. we'll be right back. ho, ho, hello...
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up next, more of joe's sit down with the presidential candidate ted cruz. why the texas senator is proud of getting criticized by the wall street journal. >> and your story changing what santa may be bringing to your house. the hover boards are blowing up. >> i cou >> i've been trying to talk about this for two hours and can't get a work in edge wise.
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4:41 am
my sit down with ted cruz. here he explains exactly why he's going to win the republican nomination. >> i tell you the thing that would surprise your viewers. every day as i travel this country, people stop me and say i'm a democrat, i voted for barack obama and this isn't working. i'm with you. the core of our base, washington thinks that the core of our base is very different from who we are. the core are the reagan democrats. they're the blue collar catholics and they are union member, gun owners, pro-life, sprong national defense. truck drivers, electricians and plumbers and schoolteachers and nurses. they're working men and women getting hammered by the obama
4:42 am
economy and tired of washington leaks who are not fighting for the working men and women in this country. that's how we win. >> you've also drawn attention. >> perhaps it will work as primary politics. but the positions and the opportunism and of course in new hampshire. >> listen, joe, there is no one. no conservatives in america who think the wall street journal is the voice of concern. i wrote a book this summer. the opening chapter talks about how to washington cartel and the special interest how they work. the way republican leadership
4:43 am
punishes anyone who stands up to the cartel is they engage in publ publ public flaj lags. the most po-- you can set a stopwatch and within 72 hours the journal hits you and they usually hit you twice and the journal, listen, the journal's hobby course is they love amnesty. they are focussed obsessively on amnesty and the journal is supporting marco rubio. >> i was going to ask is marco rubio soft on immigration. >> the journal should change their header to the marco rubio for president newspaper. it's going to keep coming because marco fights for the principles they care about. marco joined with chuck shumer and barack obama. let's rewind.
4:44 am
when marco ran for senate in florida he told the men and women of florida just like i told the men and women of texas if you elect me, i'll lead the fight against amnesty. both of us told the voters that's what we would do. when we got to washington we made different choices. he made the choice to stand with chuck shumer and barack obama and not only lead the fight against amnesty but offer a massive amnesty bill among other thing, if you want to talk about national security, the rubio assumer amnesty bill would expand president obama's authority to admit syrian refugees with no background checks. on the other hand, i made the decision to stand with jeff sessions and steve king and lead the fight against amnesty and we defeated it in congress. we both decided to do different things. i honored the promises and marco did not and one of the reasons interestingly that so many democrats are telling me they're supporting me even if they don't
4:45 am
agree with me on everything they say look, you're doing what you said you would do. when you tell us you'll defeat isis and stand with israel and keep us safe and protect our constitutional rights, when you tells you'll take on washington and corporate welfare and have economic growth, we believe you'll do what you said you'll do and that's what we need if we're going to turn the country around. >> joining us now on set editor of the weekly standard bill crystal. author and columnist mike and msnbc contributor dorian warren and halley jackson who has been on the trail with both ted cruz and marco rubio. >> first of all, your thoughts on cruz. >> i would say out there people i respect think trump has peaked and a lot of people are sbr
4:46 am
intrigued by trump. he's not going to win iowa. he'll run third. >> you have a bad record on this. >> i do not. no one's voted yet. i'll be here february 2nd and i'll buy you all a very nice breakfast or dinner if donald trump wins iowa. do trump, in my opinion people are beginning to think about voting. >> cruz is strong. cruz, rubio. cruz, rubio, christie your talented politicians. i have enough faith in the primary electorate. >> here's the most likely established candidates to win. is it ccuz? >> i don't know. >> cruz or rubio. i don't count out christie. >> who has the best ground game. a couple of people.
4:47 am
donald trump and ted cru s have the best organization on the ground. they don't talk about it quiet as much. all the time they talk about hue they have so many organizers and volunteers. dond trump supporters showing up to his rallies show up. jennifer had a great point, i think this morning, she said some of trump's rallies drew more people than the past. >> when we go back to rubio, you have the national review and others talking about the fact they're not well organized in iowa, not well organized in new hampshire and not well organized in south carolina. the question has always been, this is what we've been asking forty year. name the state rubio wins. isn't that the same question everybody's asking on the
4:48 am
ground. >> reporter: sure, you ask that of the campaign. marco rubio's campaign says they're playing agreagressively all four states. that's a possibility in place. south carolina he's tied for third now with ted cruz there and a lot of folks see that state coming down to maybe the two of them. there's not a lot of sense carson is going to be a player in that state. in new hampshire you see marco rubio in second. although chris christie is strong in new hampshire as well. here in iowa the sense is ted cruz picking up momentum. bob is a leader here in iowa. head of the family leader around expected to throw support behind ted cruz. the question is whether the entire family leader endorses cruz. if cruz gets the unanimous endorsement that adds to steve king. it's a trifecto for him in this
4:49 am
state. >> you got donald trump dominating the field nationwide and we see a poll out today that says 66% of republicans actually agree with his muslim ban. >> yeah. 66% of republicans, joe but as you've been talking about all morning, that's not rep reseason tif not only of the broader republican party but of the american electorate. the question is what will happen if donald trump doesn't win iowa. number two, even if he wins the republican nomination, what happens in the general election? most americans don't agree with his plan. he'll have to figure out a strategy if he can get through the primary. i think you've been showing your interview with ted cruz this morning. timing is everything in politics as we know. this is an interesting moment to be rising at a moment when
4:50 am
donald trump is showing some signs of potential downward motion. >> i don't know where that potential is because donald trump's numbers went donald trump's numbers went up 8 percentage ounts aftpoints afte republicans will say this is the end, he's overreached, everybody will say he's overreached and we showed a poll where he went up 8 points in south carolina after the muslim ban proposal. >> he better win iowa or new hampshire, because if he doesn't, no one's ever going to believe polls again and no one's ever going to pay attention to polls this time of year ever again. it was interesting watching cruz today. it was like he was trying to be the first runner up for miss america. if for any reason donald trump can't serve, take another look at me. that was like the decaf ted cruz. that was like the ted cruz who
4:51 am
isn't talking about carpet bombing syria and trying to broaden he is appeal. >> what does it say about our republican party, business crystal, that 66% of republicans polled want to ban muslims from america. >> i think people hear that question, they hear of a temporary ban on the people like in san bernardino so i'm hoping to give our fellow republicans the benefit of the doubt. >> the problem is they explained the entire proposal. and after explaining it, instead of 66% of republicans supporting the proposal, on 65%. >> is that true? >> yeah, that is true. do we is a problem with our party? i'm saying --
4:52 am
>> i think we have something -- i think what happens, yeah, there's a little bit of obama derangment syndrome. there's so much political correctness and the guy who challenges political correctness and they don't think about the implications of what he's saying. >> thank you. my god, i agree with you. >> you're much stronger out there in the republican stuff than joe is, has it occurred to you that you now have donald trump and ted cruz sitting in thelma and louise's seats in at that car heading off the cliff. >> it's occurred to me. i'm just counting on them to seize the wheel -- it's a drama. poll tex is drama and at the last minute you seed the wheel, you get back on the road. >> so is a heaped engine a
4:53 am
brokered kerngs and we'd having is like mitt romney wants to -- >> that's not myy deof a happy ending. >> what's your idea? >> why can't we just have a normal ticket with normal politicians. >> if they run in a primary process and they don't get the most votes -- >> i agree totally. >> then they cannot -- >> they need to beat donald trump. the only way donald trump loses is by losing. i'm with you. >> zip. please put that image, the thelma and louise one, the coverage of -- i gave him the story anymore. >> it's hoverboards? they blow up!
4:54 am
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4:57 am
by the way, while we were at break, everybody at the table agreed i was actually more in touch with the republican -- >> no, we did not! no, we did not! >> he is needy. >> needy is the word. >> you know what, bill, you have
4:58 am
plateaued. >> i hope it stays on a plateau. >> coming up next -- >> new polls taken since donald trump called for his temporary ban on muslims rapping to the u.s., we'll talk about our options krine s. >> so the video, dan. >> where did they blow up? >> look at this. this looks kind of -- i don't know, santa. >> we'll be right back. so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works.
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5:02 am
>> check this identity, this is real. >> how's my hair? >> oh! >> after that trump was like, i'm now banning all bald eagles from america. they're not american. >> good morning, it's thursday, november 10th. what are you going to talk
5:03 am
about? >> we're going to tuck about islam and give people some facts to go with all the emotion and heat about what's going on out there. >> being o. that would be good. >> mark halperin, you come bearing polls. >> i liked your open to your show yesterday. >> he opens up his show yesterday and he go, um, with all due respect, to "time" magazine -- all right, we got to it about that. >> that was perfect right there. angela merkel with all due respect to time magazine, they were scared, they were petrified to tutsily speerk but donald
5:04 am
trump be he shaped american poll tex, the american debate, the american culture, more so than any single figure in 2008. >> was obama the person of the year? >> not liking him is not spes to be part of the criteria. there are a lot of people who have been. >> the high mindedness, i was accosted practically on the street by a former secretary of state -- >> tease all we'll say. >> that kind of narrows that field down. >> i was in washington and the first thing that this person said to me was "what are you doing with trump it, we attention -- we would give the
5:05 am
same. they can call collect and we wouldn't take the call. >> we offered it to anybody, call in, we talk to you if you're running from the that says it unamerican, front-runner, he's happy n and then this morning i think our viewers may want to know how voters reacted to that sort of bigotry. i think it important. >> it news. >> if the mainstream media calls it bigotry and the worst thing that's ever been said. but there is this sort of high mindedness. they all well, you know, ins be
5:06 am
wave el's had some gao that's like final le giving brew spring teal for long o. >> okay, let me get to the news. >> perfect metaphor. >> that was a perfect metaphor. the river, eh. but tunnel of pof we are in the frrm. >> not among republicans. >> that's bad news. >> only 37 of american prose al
5:07 am
faf the proposal. 65% of the republican agreed with this what do never nn only 16% of republican prime rip voters said it would make them less likely to pack trump. 37 said it made them more likely. >> you pointed out never in the history of of american politics has a 65-50 issue. it's condemned by every other candidate in the field except one. drop is on the politically right side of a 6-1 issue. >> in the just every candidate. you've got dick cheney and paul ryan. i've never seen egg.
5:08 am
>> ou poll is the first one out. let see what it shows. if other republicans in the case, two third of the people in their party, ethere going to keep criticizing trump? we'll see. >> i can tell you what's happening to a lot of rank file. 0% support banning in up frufrm. >> yeah. i mean, seriously, though -- >> at least in my world i have a lot of republican friend.
5:09 am
i would say it hard -- it's impossible for me to find who going to trump? but that's what they say. >> so let me finish this and then we're going to jump to a new story, at ffl. >> republican premry has a 20-point lead. lk balanced down at. at 14% found that after trump unveiled his sfugs map from 32 pound a. >> this is what politicians do. they distract. president obama doesn't have a plan to defeat isis so he talks
5:10 am
about gun control and drom champ. donald trump talks about pan be, from, that with sfrrm it takes something extreme to do it but i will tell you, sir, there's no way that drep and ing ing is, it fnl if. . >> let's go something that shocks all of us, that blocks polite societiy, he dp frrmt
5:11 am
snrmt. >> almost 0 there. he is routing everything in the two moment important primary states in america. i don't know how many other would see it it. that nn 6% believe that is a good idea, to ban muslims from this country. so as a strategic politician knows what he's doing. >> look at trump. we always at that about new hampshire in new hampshire, plus 8 mark -- one, either state will
5:12 am
lose the race early and he's going to just quit, even if he loses, the other he isn't ben ril co hurnt. ffrm if you just go by the polls and his dominance of the low news. there's no -- if you go back to where thepgs is instill they need to go back. >> look at probably probably's
5:13 am
venturi. from nuchblt he got a lot of people going out voting for him that had never voted before. maybe sm of these people don't caucus. there's the other side of it, too. maybe people go out to vote for this guy who hasn't voted in elections in the past. >> yeah, i think there was an all it. i would caution, we ran a poll a couple months agriculture where we talked about support for maintaining the iran deal, which donald trump does say he keeps or renegotiate. we just tested those numbers but we it it's amazing how peel
5:14 am
associate their opinions in why in when they were told it was donald trump for be be nfb. ives that kaes they continue to stick end of bit of college football years, unless something has happened in the past 12 hours, temporary denial of these from muslims coming to this country. until something can be figured out. it's not a permanent ban because you all keep saying ban, just to get it right. >> trump is not supported 66% of
5:15 am
republican. >> i think it bolstered by it a bit but, yeah, you're right. >> so morris coming ult in tshl sfwshlgs. >> he's been talking to federal authority saying he knew if a look had releafs but ol' the tashfeen malik, lk happy prm con it and tote owes. from both faluk and sneers no
5:16 am
rahal oozed two years. the two killers were radical oozed courting each other online. as early as 2013 we were talking about joter hurns and this rn we on the sm snmt. >> so? >> john: so that's, i think, a little bit problematic when looking at our visa process, trouble. rye? just anuns it. what you saying? >> this is an ish and were frkt
5:17 am
wof had all of has to programs about the visa programs are until and ot (and then got admitted in the united states vee bra bring? >> this it. >> don't getst just get wall in frj stan pakistani's and kons it be. >> tell hetd rn kpf xxx. do we need groupsnd the result
5:18 am
of brain in envelope the nfl. but first, business karin in a bron -- this huge tree literally decide to hold oregon with doctor t a is making its way through oregon, through washington state. we've been getting drrched in watchly need the rain. we're thankful condition will get om of that today. i mean, it goes from the west all the way to the east. it a warm pacific air that nations a right now ak the
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mr. secretary on the 1st of december, congressman forbes asked general dunford, quote. have we currently contained icele? >> mr. secretary, do you agree with general dunnford? >> i agree with what general dunnford said, yes. >> so if we have not con it and icele, how are we do believe that we are succeeding against isil? >> i think that we are building momentum against isil. >> that's absolutely stunning. was in, that union irisis is not
5:24 am
contained. >> you had that and the reaction to the over all's address the other night. i think there's a general filing that came me tho a tshl. >> and it not just on the military front. yesterday we had johnson owedier know, this be it because that was he is complaint hp. he says we just aren't reaching out to our allies and building a coalition. his response was i just don't know.
5:25 am
>> we're not, for example, doing nearly enough on getting turkey to flow the results. >> my agreed, aagreed to opinion if it. temperature trm. >> because they're, quote unquote, an al lie but no one is putting any pressure on them. >> were are we afraid of turkey? >> not that we're afraid of it. turk he as become annin favorable country. >> richard, we hear it all the time and i was spoking yesterday from the middle east in the gulf
5:26 am
region. it should, you know, a year agriculture we would have followed you. now we don't have a pat are in the united states. >> this is about the one commander in chief has at the u.s. of raushs. why do you start billing a the lack of follow-through still having -- use of rej weg i think there's been a reluctance all along about any sort of a large put it. and thirdly, assembly pit be
5:27 am
frnls nrm nrptd. nfrmt is this president willing to do that? >> it not just a domestic effort, you interest to say x why twrchl in stuff ka (. >> i don't think he's going to get the commit comments from the locals. >> this leader that i spoke with yesterday said that he never
5:28 am
bottled without. tease po know the way you're m trm. innin had had of fant secret service nchk, wool check in with cnbc. >> f. ♪ ♪
5:29 am
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5:31 am
>> and weep lefing the bob lags three?
5:32 am
welcome back to "morning joe." more from our extended conversation with presidential candidate ted cruz. now cruz explains exactly how he would work to destroy isis if he becomes president. >> we start with overwhelming air power. tler as the pes and in a days
5:33 am
inform mopped up what was left of the iraqi army. 1,100 air attacks today devastated oufr enemies. in contrast the obama administration is launching between 15, 20 air yars. is why they're not doing any force full end. >> additionally. we should be fighting the peshmerga of the. >> negatively they don't want to -- that doesn't make any sense. the kurds are in a real sense our boods on the ground. >> and there's turkey. >> our object should be
5:34 am
defeating isis. ered juan has been a fair weather friend to begin with? >> should tarky be in nato? >> in behind site you can certainly second guess it. some days they do, butts on the reopinion. >> there's no way we're going destrotd their it if they treat it like deploying armies on -- you go if your generals are
5:35 am
telling him right now. >> but let's stek back ba why twrsh. >> i think many of the i don't know have been if sfrm purse off, right? >> it is a big change. if you go back to general dempsey, there was a heating where i asked secretary hagel and general dempsey. if the oub was to utterly destroy 0 in those 0 days. will you tell us what is required to did that? and general dem, if.
5:36 am
so you give me your expert judgment, what's a time frame that is realistic, and what do you have to chang the othernd, to privacy having. >> you and i differ on background checks on guns but when we hear it's about guns, when we hear it's about poverty on the ground when one after another mastermind comes from a middle class to upper middle class family. what do you tell voters right n now? >> look, that is nonsense. as i said after the hearing, the solution to isis is not expanded medicaid in iraq. shortly thereafter the state department spokeswoman said the
5:37 am
ins a is to give them all jobs. it is not the answer. it to take who said they intend to murder innocent americans. kill the bad guy is that a risk you're willing to take? >> any military conflict necessarily involves the risk of civilian casualty? >> has this president been too concerned about -- >> when you're talking about soldiers, when you're talking about four stars, over and over again you hear their frustration at rules of engagement, that we sending our sons and daughters in to fight with both arms
5:38 am
talked hienter back. >> frankly what he's doing is he's reprising what we saw in the vietnam war, people being sent in but not allowed to fl h flish. >> marco rubio says you've made america less safe because of your position on nsa data collection. what do you think of that? >> mark is a good man, he it because the attack ads he's reasoning against me are false. >> what's false about them? >> his super pac is spending about $200 million running false attack ads in iowa.
5:39 am
they're saying because i supported the federal fluid act, that somehow i'm responsible and along with me, conservatives like senator mike lee, like senator tim scott, senator chuck grassley of all. >> do you stand by at that vote still? >> absolutely. >> but we hear law enforcement agencies saying they can't get the san bernardinoio terrorists infought as you of the fiviaers. on one side you had my friend and colleague, senator rand paul, who wasn't to shut down all sfrshlg that we're --
5:40 am
>> is mark owe rubio a big republican candidate? >> he has far to easy do get involved where it does not. >> big democrat reports are just as dangerous? >> do you think big marco rubio is a big? where the result of their policies has made america less safe because what it has done is it has helped the radical islam ek terrorists -- >> so what's -- in the last two
5:41 am
weeks, super packs of rubio and bush have launched attacks on me. several other candidates running on the reb side has launched pee. hillary clinton nobt my kree at. >> up next, what's driving the day on wall street? cnbc's no. >> you're someone who doesn't compromise and you're never willing to settle.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> britain just confiscated 15,000 hoverboards saying the cheap lithium batteries inside them are dangerous. i mean, that doesn't look good. are they just setting fire? i thought kids were falling off of them. >> you could put a little fire extinguisher -- >> that's what i do. >> do you use it in central park. >> i'm hot enough in central park. >> time now for business before the bell" with sara eisen. >> just one point in new york.
5:46 am
>> and that one of the hottest gifts is one of the hottest gifts. >> hot, hot. blowing up literally. >> i just had to mention chipotle. we're watching shares of it if. >> he spoke to matt law on the "today" show for what has been a crisis as the end of shot lie. and then mostly forces it frrn have a really tough time. first i have to say i'm sorry for the people who got sick. that are having a tough time and i feel terrible about that and we're doing a lot to rectify this hand make sure this doesn't happen given.
5:47 am
>> he said they're sanitizing all their stores. the company has already warned of potential double-digit sales decline for the fourth quarter. >> thank you very much. up next the nfl has agreed to pay up to $1 billion to settle lawsuits related to concussions but is the league taking any real action to keep current and future players safe? we'll talk to one of the lawyers now taking on the nfl. >> keep it right here on "morning joe." wanna see, i wann. longing. serendipity. what are the... chances. and good tidings to all. hang onto your antlers. it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees on select audi models.
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5:51 am
what do they want? >> the nfl want you to say you made it all up. >> if you retract, you'll be fine. this all goes away. >> why are they doing all this? >> they're terrified of this. they're going to war with a corporation that has 20 million people on a weekly basis craving their product, the same way they crave food. the nfl owns a day of the week, the same day the church used to own. now it's theirs. >> that was a scene from "concussion," a film based on the true story of dr. bennett a
5:52 am
malau. joining us now is jason lukasevitch. >> right now there's a stay on filing the cases because it's held up with the appeal process in philadelphia. there are some 6,000 guys who joined up for the law. >> were you surprise at the first low ball offer the nfl made after -- >> after all these years after
5:53 am
standing by these players, i'm not -- >> why not? >> we hold it differently than anybody else. >> there's no helmet they're ever going to construct that is going to help players entirely. is it going to be moms going forward in this country, not that dads wouldn't be participants because once they start saying i am not going to let my son play football, is that the first drip, drip, drip of what affects the support -- absolutely. it will be moms getting started. the only way this will ever change in our society is if mom understands the dangers you have playing contact sport.
5:54 am
it's not the concussions, it's the collisions that cause it. >> initially when you first filed suit the against the nfl, what was it like, the national football league we're going to fight this strenuously. the media when we first fouled was these are some money hungry players just looking for a quick pay day. mike, you know better than anybody that the players we're talking about played in the 70s and 80s where their maximum contract was $80th the same, that what does it mean when people like john elway and brett
5:55 am
favre, the legislate ends of this generation, is an "wouldn't let my kid play football. >> i'm an ex. >> what about brett favre and he is daughter? >> you know this. who years ago he said he couldn't remember that his daughter had played youth soccer. how many of quarterbacks are walking around thinking they've got some sort of time bod. >> eventually, someone's going to die on a professional football field. the size, the strength, the speed of the players, the impact of he said when he was a radio reporter in dallas, he was standing next to tom landry, whispers below his breath, he
5:56 am
said, "this isn't the brave. it ut that does it for us this morning. we've run out of time, i can't believe it. >> i know. >> have a great day, everybody.
5:57 am
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we've got numbers for you this morning. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart this morning with you in washington d.c. steve kornacki is here. >> good morning. we got some numbers are. our first look to what the reaction is to donald trump's controversial proposal. this is a snap poll, a one-day poll conducted by bloomberg. over all voters, 50% oppose it, only 37% support it.


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