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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  December 10, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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we've got numbers for you this morning. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart this morning with you in washington d.c. steve kornacki is here. >> good morning. we got some numbers are. our first look to what the reaction is to donald trump's controversial proposal. this is a snap poll, a one-day poll conducted by bloomberg. over all voters, 50% oppose it, only 37% support it. but look at this -- among
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republicans, 65%, basically two out of every three republicans, they are saying they support this, only 22% oppose. the mirror image on the democratic side, only 18% supporting this, 75% opposing. this is a one-day poll conducted at bloomberg. at 5:00 p.m. today, our very own nbc poll is going to be out with maybe a more comprehensive look at this question. keep an eye out for that at 5:00 p.m., we'll be releasing those numbers. a couple other pieces of dataia to pass along. the "new york times" is out with a new national poll this morning in the republican race. this starts to measure trump's impact. trump out to a 19-point lead over ted cruz in this new national poll and two new poles, they tell an interesting story.
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the first poll shows trump ahead. second place is ted cruz. it's an eight-point margin. this poll was made before donald trump made those comments about banning muslim. the second poll from fox news shows trump with a much healthier 20-point lead over ben carson. and the last day of this poll coincided with trump making that proposal and they say they saw an 8-point jump among republicans after he made that proposal about banning muslims. the initial indicators are that among republicans and donald trump is the only republican making a proposal like this, the rest are saying they disagree with it, a lot of him are ridiculing it but among republicans, this is initially a very popular proposal. 5 p.m. today, our own nbc numbers will us a better readout
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of how the public is responding to this. >> what do we know about trump cancelling a trip to israel? >> there were rumors he was going to jordan. then he said he wasn't doing that. he said he'd go to israel. benjamin netanyahu yesterday took the very unusual step of distancing himself publicly from trump's comments. obviously trump's comments have had a ripple effect internationally as well. >> steve kornacki, thank you very much. returning to san bernardino, the fbi said last night the threat of home grown terrorism row mains at the top of their agenda. >> i think the most urgent threat that we face here in the homeland is an externally inspired or potentially directed
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threat from terrorist groups, especially the group that calls itself the islam beiic state. >> i'm joined by blake mccoy. pete, let me start with you. what are we learning about this investigation? >> a couple of things are clear now. the thought had been that perhaps tashfeen malik came here and radicalized farook on behalf of isis. there are two pieces of information that indicate that's not the case. both were separately on paths toward radicalization by the end of 2013. that's before he went and brought her back to the u.s., that's in 2013 and that's before the rise of isis, before isis began to pump out this worldwide aggressive propaganda effort, which really started mid 2014. and the second thing they say is
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it could be that syed farook himself was contemplating an attack as early as 2012, that at least he was talking about it with his friend enrique, his friend who bought the rifles. did he simply buy the rifles at the time for frack because frack didn't want to be on record as having bought them himself? so it seems like marquez has legal exposure. >> and this kind of chip is interesting because he was related -- he was married to part of his family, right? >> right. here's how it works. they lived next door to each other before syed farook moved
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into the house, they were neighbors, they were friends, they worked on cars to the. some indication that marquez spent time in foss mosques in the area. >> he did convent apparently. >> well, we're in the sure about that. we not sure what it takes. he remains a critical witness for the fbi but he's also got some problems of his own. >> so they have been interviewing him. >> yes. and he did check himself in for mental health treatment right after the shooting so they get to assess that as well. >> that couple had been going to target practice and not just weeks before the incident. >> almost a year before. it turns out investigators say had she went to shooting ranges, she was wearing not the full face veil but she was wearing,
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you know, the head covering and so forth and head to toe dressed basically in a traditional muslim dress. no within ever thought that was suspicious. >> blake, at san bernardino we saw the families go to the scene of the crime yesterday. what more can you tell us about that? and what about today in. >> yesterday we saw civilians get as close to the site of the shooting as they've been allowed so far. as you mentioned, it was members of the family of those 14 victims. they were given the opportunity to come to the site if they wanted to. they met miles away, gathered and were on two buses. this comes as the bodies have now been released by the coroner. the coroner has finished autopsies on all 1 victims so the families are now taking those bodies and beginning to
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plan for funeral arrangements. an impromptu vigil sprang up here last night at the site of the shooting. it comes as the future of the buildings are in question. we're told the two building in which this did not occur will not reopen until at least the new year. the building where the shooting happened will be closed indefinitely. >> just ahead, we're going to take a look at an isis app that's being used to spread their message. they're spreading it via apps. >> and new developments to chicago where protests are taking place over the deadly shooting of a teen-ager last year. hundreds demonstrated during the
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day after rahm emanuel promised reform in the police department. >> john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. the protesters are saying that they appreciated the mayor's words or even his supporters say they appreciate his words but they say the test is in the action. as one protester said yesterday, enough talk, enough sorries. they want real change in the police department and change in the way the police department is supervised and the oversight of the police department. as you say, the mayor has promised reforms. the question is whether those reforms -- the pace of those reforms is going to satisfy the protesters. another thing the protesters say they want is for rahm emanuel to be out of office. now, the mayor says he has no intention of resigning and all indications from everyone i
6:10 am
talked to and everything we can see is that the mayor will not resign, that the first opportunity to get him out of office will be if he runs fo for, -- there could also be a recall process. there want any recall process in the state of illinois before 2010 when a referendum approved a recall for the government's over after the governor blagojevich conviction. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in ari melber
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for more on this. tell me about this bill and how would it work? >> two lawmakers introduced this, both african-american. it would work by basically trying to amend, a 1941 law in illinois to create this rrl process, as john was saying in and in the matter of law and politics is about if this law passed to initiate a recall, you'd have whole vote on that. interestingly i think the vote getting this done would be harder than the vote to remove rom. his approval rating hovering around 18%. >> do they have a means to challenge a rrl effort? >> no. the bigger question -- chicago
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police telling us zero arrest throughout those entire protests, whether they say we want to have this throw and that wou would. >> coming up, how isis is stepping up its use of technology to spread its message and communicate. plus, the man accused of opening fire at a california kol planned parenthood said he's guilty in an outburst of course. >> and harr what steps the company is taking to make the restaurant chain safer next. this is brad.
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this is the extension of what we've been talking about, a 24-hour help desk that isis has. it's linked through an app. don't go looking for the app. you have to be invited by a member of invited, it a bad sign. it's on a secure server, it's a way to push out content, a way to get video out faster to supporters. there's no sign yet it can be used for communications.
6:17 am
it's really laid out as, as i said, to push video. the app was discovered by ghost security group. this is a group like anonymous that goes out to try to track these apps and track these accounts and flag them to the u.s. government. when you talk to u.s. officials, they'll tell you on these twitter accounts and some of this stuff now being created by the group, it's almost better to tag it, follow it and flag it rather than shutting it down because when you shut down something usually three or four more things pop up. >> if this is something that you have to be specifically invited by isis to have, if you can find out who those people are, it pretty helpful, i presume. >> it gives you a starting point. it gives you a reference point. it gets you into that web of who's talking and who's following. in this app telegram, a russian-owned app, it's a
6:18 am
problem because it's designed to be encrypted and listened to without anyone listening in. >> it's an android based app. so you can't get. >> thank you very much. interesting stuff, appreciate it. >> now, the response from the founder of chipotle to all the people getting sick after eating there. plus a bizarre day in court for the man who opened fire in colorado at a planned parenthood. but first the president and first lady took time to celebrate hanukkah last night. they lit the menorah. the eight-date festival of lights. tonight's the fifth night.
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at whchipotle, the ceo is promising to take steps to make his place the safest place to eat. >> good morning. students at boston college are supposed to be studying for final exams this week but officials say at least 120 students have got i don't know sick after eating at the chipotle restaurant. it is the noro virus. boston health officials have cited this particular chipotle with multiple violations, including keeping meat, specifically poultry at incorrect temperatures and allowing a sick employee to come to work. this morning the ceo and founder of chipotle, steve elles
6:23 am
apologized and promised new guidelines to protect customers from any future illness. >> this was a very unfortunate incident and i'm deeply sorry this happened. but the procedures we're putting in place today are so above industry norms that we are going to be the safest place to eat. >> he claps they will now be 10 to 15 years ahead of the restaurant industry by putting these changes in place. but that cannot happen fast enough. there are no related kaess in massachusetts connected to this but more than 50 people have been sickened in at least nine other states. again, all of those linked to chipotle. this has sent stock stumbling down 14%. chipotle even acknowledged a possible risk to their bottom loon from food-borniliness in their shareholder report.
6:24 am
so, in order, they say the fact that they use so much fresh food is precisely why they are having some problems. as for those students in boston, most who contract the noro virus should be better in two or three days but that's rough because you've got food poisoning and now you have finals. >> the man accused of shooting up a planned parenthood building yelled out in court today "i'm guilty." dear interrupted the proceeding several times with various outbursts saying he wanted a
6:25 am
truth-out and wand what he call called a warrior for boabies. >> kill the babies, huh? that's what planned parenthood does. >> texas is concerned about possible, tro extremists coming the area is largely speculative. texas is the only one to take the refugee issue to court. >> north korea's leader is claiming the country now has a hydrogen bomb. he made the comments while touring the site which marks the achievement of his late father and grandfather. allies and neighbors are
6:26 am
reacting to the claim of the regime with caution saying they have no knowledge of its credibility. but what a nice anniversary for this dictator. and check out this terrifying moment in london. the roof of a three-story building collapses on to the pavement. luckily no one was hurt. emergency contractors were called in to clan up the scene. the building is currently undergoing renovation. >> after the break, one of the hottest holiday gifts could be one of the most dangerous. why these hover board seem to be catching fire. equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. ho, ho, hello... can you help santa with a new data plan? sure thing...
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in the latest poll, jeb bush is 32 points behind the leading candidate. hallie, if donald trump remains on top, it seems the real race is for second. two candidates fighting for that are cruz and rubio. >> ben carson is in the mix as well, though he's slipped a lot this recent weeks. you look at the battle between cruz and rubio. our political team has found that senator cruz has spent about 41 days here in ayia, senator rubio 14. cruz just opened up a dorm for
6:31 am
48 college kids to volunteer and turn people out. they talk about they believe the senator will get up to 99 counties before the caucus. rubio's team believes it will be able to push over the next 50 or 60 days to turn people out. they're planning to do a lot of ad buys. they'll have rubio on tv quite a bit, folks in iowa will see him a lot on their televisions and they'll see him on the ground as he expects to roll out more endorsements. they're modelling this over joanie ernst's campaign. you'll bring together everybody else in the republican base, even though cruz does seem to have a lock or is moving toward coalescing that conservative ivevangelical group. listen to what he had to say this morning on gma. >> the bulk of that ground force needs to be arab sunnis that
6:32 am
reject ideologically and defeat militarily isis. they'll need our help. we'll need more logistical and intelligence support and we're going to need more support from egypt, saudi arabia, jordan and the uae and other kingdoms immediately impacted by isis' presence in the region. >> this topic is one where you're seeing at least some distinctions between rubio and cruz. look for that in next week's debate when it comes to how to fight isis overseas. >> the bush superpabt spend being $50 million. it's half of their war chest. no one has cast a vote yet. not a lot of movement for bush. >> none at all really. they've spent about $18.5 million up here in new hampshire. this is the group called right to rise usa, the super pac that bush was helping to raise nearly
6:33 am
$100 million for. the idea is it would blanket the early states with ads. you see a lot of door tags here in new hampshire. i've been to two bush events and each time i walked out, there was a door tag on my during. i can't vote but it shows you, they are here trolling bush, doing despite the early beliefs that would help him vault ahead or stay ahead of the pack, it isn't so far helping him out. he hits in fourth or fifth place and in a "new york times" poll out thong, he's at just 3%, again showing that he's still struggling to -- or he's up against head winds as guys like senators rubio and cruz sit there in second and third, ben carson drops and donald trump stays on top. >> let talk about that very important second and third place. is there any possible movement or is it pretty much -- and we've seen that for a while now,
6:34 am
right? the cruz, carson, rubio right there in second and third, right? >> right. but the fact that carson continues to drop, i think if you look at these numbers, it suggests that senator cruz is enjoying some of that, that senator rubio as well and that the others, guys like jeb bush, chris harper mercer, are sort of taking up the rear clearly he's taken a hit on foreign policy. not only do have have to be prepared for these crises but you have to be able to demonstrate leadership. we'll see if it fans out. if you can get those one, two, three, you pretty much have a ticket out of the first four states and can continue playing
6:35 am
no. >> one of the fastest sell gifts this holiday season, they're called hover boards. they're looking into the product like this that burst into flames. this is sayery stuff. >> good morning to you. the consumer product safety commission says it's aware of six fires nationally and now they're saying airlines they don't want hover board on board their aircraft because of the potential for fire. as we saw, the risk is very real. >> it happened at a mall kiosk tuesday, a who have are board erupting in fire. in houston, this family won a hover board at a church ralph only to watch it to catch.
6:36 am
>> had add whool kidney -- >> nationwide at least six serious fires so far this year. hover boards first covered the public's fascination in "back to the future." 26 years later they're flying off store shelves and the ent net are prices ranging from $2 hoon to $2,000. but there's a problem. they're made in china. they're not rg lated. >> you don't know what safety defects they can be introducing. >> thing about eest. britain just confiscated 15,000 who have are boards saying the cheap lithium batteries are dangerous. meanwhile the u.s. safety commission says it now getting daily reports of people falling
6:37 am
off their board, broken bones and head wounds, as who have are board mania takes hold. we did hear from one hover board maker who says the problem with these batteries that are catching fire, they claim they're from cheaper model. >> that's a great tip. >> how many times did you have to do that stand-up? >> literally 20 times before i could stand up and not fall off the board. i got one for christmas coming your way. >> thanks, buddy. >> and the west has been hammered storm after storm after storm, imagine flooding in the area. it's california's turn for high wends, rain and snow.
6:38 am
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a storm is making its way to california bringing rain, wind and snow to the golden state. it's been a rough week for the storms in the west after being slammed by rain and snow. good morning. is california going to have it as bad as some of the neighboring states have? >> it all relative. if you have to travel between sacramento and up through taho and you have to put chains on your car, 60 mile-per-hour wind, you would consider it bad. but we do need the snow pack and do need the rain and we're finally getting it down toward california. this is a bowling ball off the coast of british columbia, vancouver island. now the moisture will go to northern california. that's good, that's where we need it. the white is the snow now up into the area of the cascades.
6:42 am
as we go throughout the day, we're going to watch the focus turning more towards northern california, getting show toward mount shasta. our snowfall map does bring snow to almost all the mountain ranges in the west, including the central rockies. the heaviest snow all the way back up to the lake tahoe area, exactly where we've wanted it. let's tack about the incredible december warmth. bismarck was 63 degrees and it has not been in the 60s in a long time. temperatures today are going to be especially warm, especially areas like st. louis, near 7 degrees. areas towards the east coast will look at record highs as we go through the upcoming weekend.
6:43 am
even areas like buffalo could be near the 60s. a lot fewer people down in miami, florida, it because we don't have to go yet. it's not cold enough yet. >> always remembering when it's warm and raining, the mosquitoes come out. but i'm not going to talk about it. >> e-mail some dough taietails . >> they confuse them for 747s, they confuse them on radar. >> coming up, take a look at this in minnesota. a player misses the foul shot, rebounded by an austin player. look at that, two seconds later, boom. as we like it say, muchas
6:44 am
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house republicans are accusing the obama administration of keeping them in the dark regarding the pris swap that brought soldier bowe bergdahl back home. >> 20 minutes out, i'm going, good grief, i'm in over my head. suddenly it really starts to sink that i really did something bad. or not bad but i really did something serious. >> i'm joined by luke russert on capitol hill. the report suggests it was not legal what the administration did. >> yeah, jose. it's a 98 page report put out by
6:48 am
the house armed services committee regarding the swap of bergdahl. number withone, they said that president obama violated the constitutional law by not giving a 30-day heads up to congress about the prisoner swap. they said that was something that should have been done by the administration. they willfully ignored that because they were trying to keep all that clandestine. the reason they said the obama administration was doing this under wraps was because president obama had an ulterior motive to get rid of the five taliban prisoners is sort of clear out the barn, if you will. now, the democrats say what the republicans here is accuse,
6:49 am
however, they said what was going on here was that the administration's understanding of the constitution and if there were any leaks that thing would get very ugly very fast. it's a political partisan game. but by not giving a 30-day heads up, i suspect we'll see a lot more about that in the coming days. >> the award season is kicking into high gear this morning. we just learned the nominees for the golden globe awards. >> i'm driving to work right now. i'm so super thankful. i'm going to make sure i work my
6:50 am
tush off today and i'm shaking so i'm trying to keep my hand on the steering wheel. >> and with me now is film e-news. great to see you, bo buddy, how you? >> good to see you. listen. look at "trainwreck" and "comedy." this is amy schumer's year. she's nominated in the actress category against maggie smith, amy is up against maggie smith. it's genius. >> it's going to be a tough one maybe or no, you think she takes it? >> you know, the golden globes they are so unpredictable. you have to remember it's only 82 people deciding the nominations and winners. so it's really this eclectic bunch. what i keep saying is you see a real hodgepodge of celebrity who is are going to be there
6:51 am
nominated and winning. it's an exciting show. it's fun, there's snubs, there's surprises. i'm excited. >> let's talk about it. just on the pictures you have "the martian." let's go back to that list. the martian is in what category? >> comedy. and i have to tell you -- >> or musical? >> definitely not a musical. there's some disco music in it, maybe that's the musical part. >> maybe that's what it is. how did that slip in there? >> you know, the comedy -- there are some comedy bits. really this becomes like a war plan. they decide like, okay, what movies -- it's a really strong drama year, so let's put martian in comedy, then the hfpa has to decide if it does qualify for comedy there are some really funny parts in "the martian." i wouldn't call it a comedy, but they love matt damon. i wouldn't be surprised if he walks away with it. >> i call it a real documentary, but that's just me. a lot of tv nominees are shows from streaming services like
6:52 am
netflix, stuff like that. is that a growing trend? >> it's definitely a growing trend. hulu, netflix, amazon, tv is not tv like we used to know it. it is so huge now. the universe of tv is so big, you have shows like transparent that really kicked it off. orange is the new black. these are shows that, you know, were hits right from the gate. and i think it's just showing, you know, the new viewer is not just on, you know, the tv. >> and talk to me about gina rodriguez, huh? she's been standout. >> i love her. she is one of my favorites. i spent a bunch of time with her. i think she's great. i think she could win again. remember she won last year. it was a big surprise. if she wins this year won't be as big of a surprise, but i will be really excited. >> great cast on that show too. >> amazing cast. >> so who's your favorite to win the best movie? >> best movie, you know, that's tough. but i think it's going to go to "spotlight." it's one of my favorite movies of the year. if not my favorite i think it's
6:53 am
"spotlight" all the way. great ensemble, great movie, great writing. >> mad max is pretty cool. great special effects, huh? >> great movie. much different than "spotlight." again, a wonderful movie. ch charlice theron. >> marc, thanks for being with me this morning. >> thank you. next hour we'll bring you the newest polls in the 2016 race. how are voters reacting to trump's controversial proposal to ban muslims from entering the united states? and the latest on the investigation in san bernardino. officials are questioning a friend of syed farook, this man you see on your screen. why he provided with the weapons in last week's massacre. and bring you new developments out of chicago where protesters continue to call for mayor rahm emanuel to step down after his handling in the deadly police shooting of laquan mcdonald. some moves are being made for a recall.
6:54 am
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and good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. dividing the country, not surprisingly an issue where democrats and republicans are split. we're also following new national and state polls, one showing a trump bump after floating this idea. msnbc host and political correspondent steve korinaki joining me this morning. >> i think we're seeing a bit of a surprise here. when you consider over the last few days just the excoriation that donald trump has received from republicans, from democrats, from the media, from almost all influential people out there in the political world over this proposal. now take a look at this. we have a snap poll from bloomberg on his proposal to ban muslims from entering the united states.
6:58 am
50% do oppose it, 37% though overall support it. but look at this among republicans overwhelming support, 65% to 22%, that's two out of three republicans say they support this idea. of course as you say it is the flip side on the democratic side, just 18% support right there. but again, among republicans donald trump's audience right now, he's the only republican out there saying he's for doing this. and two-thirds of republicans in this snap poll at least say they agree with him. i should point out nbc news has its own poll conducting -- being conducted right now. we will release results at 5:00 this afternoon. may give a more comprehensive look at public reaction to trump's proposal, but here is an initial sign at least that it is more popular i think than some people expected. we also have some other new numbers. "new york times" national poll here this starts to measure the effect of trump making this proposal. trump up 19 points in this poll. part of this poll conducted after trump made that proposal. you can look down in south
6:59 am
carolina, two polls here tell very different stories. and one of them trump's lead is only 8 points in south carolina. now, this poll by winthrop university it was taken before he floated proposal. now take a look at this, second new poll out of south carolina. half of this poll was conducted after trump made the proposal, he has a 20-point lead in south carolina in this fox news poll. and fox tells us that in the last two days of their polling support for trump jumped 8 points. those last two days coincided with trump making this proposal. so signs there, jose, of a bump for trump among republicans after making this proposal. again, 5:00 we'll know more with this new nbc poll. and of course the other question is two, three, four days now worth of vilification of donald trump from across the board. will that start to move these numbers against him possibly? that's another open question. >> or up. you know? >> if there's a backlash, absolutely.
7:00 am
>> so trump announced earlier he was going to the middle east. he was going to jordan and israel. what happened with that? >> so he'd been planning -- there's a rumor he was going to jordan, he said no, that's not happening. but then he said he was going to israel and then this morning he tweeted i have decided to postpone my trip to israel and to schedule my meeting with netanyahu at a later day after i become president of the united states. he expanded on his thoughts on fox earlier this morning. >> i'm in the midst of a very powerful campaign that's going very well. and it was not that easy to do. so i would say lots of different reasons. i could have done it. it was semi-scheduled, but i decided i would really focus on this. >> so, jose, that is trump's version of the story why he's not going to israel. of course it might not be coincidental that yesterday prime minister netanyahu in a very unusual move took to twitter to distance himself from trump's proposal on muslims. maybe that has something to do with this as well. >> could be.
7:01 am
steve, thank you very much. let's go to san bernardino where officials are now questioning enrique marquez, the friend of syed rizwan farook. marquez has not been officially charged, but investigators say he talked with his friend as far back as 2012 before getting cold feet. nbc justice correspondent pete williams here also blake mccoy live in san bernardino. and ryan levin, director for the center of study hate and extremism. pete, let me start with you. latest on the investigation? >> well, marquez is certainly a central figure here. they've been questioning him for a few days, wanted to talk to him right after the shootings but he checked himself in for mental treatment. he's out, he's talked to the fbi, he's being cooperative. but of course there's a lot of checking and verification to be done. what we understand he told investigators is that in 2012 -- in late 2012 at least he and farook talked about or at least farook talked to him about
7:02 am
possibly staging some kind of attack in southern california. we've been told they talked about maybe attacking a university or public gathering. and then decided against it after the fbi arrested three or four people in southern california in a terror plot. and they thought, well, maybe we shouldn't go through with this. how serious that was, whether it would be right to call it a plot or just talk i don't think is clear at this point. and they've got a lot of verification to do. but the two were very close. they used to be next door neighbors before farook moved into that house that we've now seen the pictures of the inside. there's a distant relationship here. marquez is married to a woman who's sister is married to farook's brother. so she's the sister of farook's sister-in-law. so they're more than just friends. and he's obviously a key here. he may well have some legal exposure himself because he bought the two assault rifles originally. and no matter how they ended up in farook's hands, there's a violation of the firearms laws there somewhere.
7:03 am
and of course if in fact he knew that farook was talking about attacks and didn't tell the law enforcement, that could be a potential charge too. but we're also told that he's told investigators he had no idea that the san bernardino shooting was coming. >> and so we don't know if these weapons were sold to farook -- >> yes. >> they were loaned to him, do we know that? >> no, we don't. and either way that's a violation of at least california law and may be a violation of federal law as a straw purchase. >> this whole 2012 discussion between these two guys about the possibility of doing something, is there -- there's no way that that in some way doesn't have some bearing with marquez knowing that this guy maybe was not exactly up and up. >> right. and the question is how serious was the talk. it's certainly not against the law to talk about stuff. the question is were there as the lawyers would say overt acts, did they actually do something in furtherance of
7:04 am
that? did they surveil buildings? were they assault rifles with an attack in mind? >> when were they purchased? >> one in late 2011 and the other late 2012. >> so somewhere before or after. >> yeah. >> pete, thanks very much. blake, you've been at the scene of the crime. what's going on there today? >> reporter: you can see this green fence behind me which is keeping peering eyes out of the area. we can tell you though behind the fence there were four mobile command centers set up for the past week. and those mobile command centers are gone. so it appears authorities may be nearing an end to processing this crime scene. let's show you an emotional moment yesterday as victims' family members were allowed to come here for the first time, many of them hugging each other. they were brought behind that fence and allowed to get right up toot building. they were not allowed to get inside but did gather outside laying flowers, hugging each other, hugging law enforcement. it has now been more than a week since this attack, and they also
7:05 am
yesterday were afforded the opportunity to meet with investigators. the assistant agent in charge, the d.a. and local law enforcement as well, to receive a personal update on how the investigation is going so far. this was by no means required. it was just something that was afforded to the victims' families if they wanted it. and lastly here, the autopsies have been completed on all 14 victims. their bodies now being turned over to family members and they're beginning the difficult task here in san bernardino of planning the funerals, jose. >> and, brian, let me ask you about the fact farook was talking about a possible attack as far back as three years ago. >> yes. >> i mean, this is not something that just happened overnight he decided i got upset at something someone told me and decide i'm going to shoot it up. even though that may have triggered things, clearly he'd been thinking about this. what does it tell you? >> yeah. this is chilling and fascinating. let me give a shout out to pete williams who is just consistently the best in the business. >> i agree with you on that one. >> i have covered things with
7:06 am
him for over 20 years. here some interesting things. first of all, we know some more things now. number one, isis was not doing online recruitment back then, so that's something that we know. apparently both syed and tashfeen were radicalized independently. but here's an interesting thing with regard to your question, federal law -- and we also have state laws as well, punish conspiracy. that's what pete was alluding to. conspiracies and i just gave my final on it yesterday, conspiracies are agreements between two or more parties to commit a crime. they don't even have to commit the crime. they just have to have a plan. as pete correctly stated, under federal law you not only have to have an agreement between two or more parties, you have to have what's called an overt step, that is an identifiable step. can be a small one, but something identifiable towards the commission of that crime. so enrique marquez -- again, he's innocent. we don't know all the facts, but some of the things his lawyers
7:07 am
are probably looking at is was there a conspiracy. also pete mentioned the gun transfers. we have laws here in california as well as federal law that makes it a crime to illegally transfer guns. we don't know the circumstance of this transfer. again, he's innocent right now. that presumption. another quick thing, lying to a federal agent. any time you're interviewed by the fbi, there's something called 1001-a in the united states code, if you lie to a federal agent about a material fact that's a crime. it used to never be charged, but these are the kind of things now among the most commonly charged offenses in terrorism related cases when we don't even have a terrorism charge. we sometimes have these traditional crimes that are charged. >> so, brian, let's talk about the transfer of these weapons and conspiracy. because if you in 2011 and 2012 buy these rifles and then somebody along with you talk about the possibility of doing something to cause harm, and then you transfer those weapons over, bingo or not?
7:08 am
>> the devil is in the details. hey, i'll throw another thing in. pete covered this very well during the oklahoma city bombing trial. we go back a ways. there's something called misprison of felony. if you know about a crime that's already occurred and you know who did it and don't alert the authorities, that's a federal offense. and there was michael fortier, now in the witness protection program, who was involved with timothy mcveigh, a conspiracy, agreement by two or more people to commit a crime, federal law and most states require an overt act that is an identifiable step towards completing that plan. but you never have to do the plan. we also have gun transfer. and it seems to me that in and of itself he is up for some significant potential liability. >> yeah. >> this fellow marquez is in some serious let's say -- let's
7:09 am
not say trouble, but i wouldn't want to be him this morning. let's remember he has a presumption of innocence and he has not been charged. >> and quick, pete. >> well, i was just going to say he is a central character here. and what brian's talking about in the oklahoma city bombing, this is where timothy mcveigh came into his trailer and laid out soup cans on the kitchen floor to show how he was going to arrange the explosives in the truck bomb. and fortier failed to report that. is there a similar thing here? that's something they're looking at. >> pete, i want to once again recall that brian twice said you guys were old. i didn't say anything. >> we do know each other a long time. >> blake and i are the youngsters here. >> i look older, he looks the same. go figure. >> brian, pete, thank you very much for being with me this morning. appreciate it. house republicans say the white house broke the law when it brokered a prisoner swap for army sergeant bowe bergdahl. bergdahl taken captive after leaving his base. five years later he's talking about for the first time in a serial podcast released this
7:10 am
morning. >> there i was in the open desert and i'm not about to outrun a bunch of motorcycles. >> yeah. >> so i couldn't do anything against, you know, six or seven guys with ak-47s. and they just -- they pulled up and that was it. >> but in the new report republicans on the house armed services committee say the exchange wasn't just about bringing an american soldier home. they are suggesting the president had an ulterior motive to get rid of those taliban prisoners. for more i'm joined by nbc's kelly o'donnell on capitol hill and jeff -- >> this is one of the unusual committees where democrats and republicans work together. while republicans led this, democrats had a voice in it. you'll find agreement from both parties that the letter of the law was not followed, a requirement to notify congress 30 days in advance of a detainee transfer from guantanamo bay.
7:11 am
so clearly as commander in chief it is reasonable to argue that the president had an obligation to try to bring home a p.o.w. at the same time there might have been a political benefit by getting rid of, so to speak, five of the taliban fighters who might have been very difficult to place outside of guantanamo to get some other country to take them. so that's the political context here. there's a great deal of frustration that something as sensitive and important as guantanamo bay, which of course has been something the president's wanted to close since day one in office. here we are seven years later it's still a thorny subject. so not telling congress about this was controversial at the time. and now after the work of a report where they've reviewed e-mails, documents, interviewed people, they have a case to make to say that there was some who were trying to not upset the potential for this swap by potentially alerting congress, fareful of a leak. one of the committees in congress generally speaking is
7:12 am
not a leaker is house armed services because of the sensitive nature of what they know about military operations. so that's the politics here. democrats would say it's regrettable that the administration did not notify congress, but they would argue that as commander in chief trying to save or protect bowe bergdahl who had left his post and was captured and held for five years, that that was an ek jenlt circumstance, it will be talked about. already there's been a change, jose, in the newest defense authorization bill. they've tightened some of the rules regarding to transferring detainees in response to what happened with bowe bergdahl. jose. >> thanks, kelly. >> jim, what do you think of the situation simply pushed through to get rid of the prisoners? >> well, i don't know what the white house motive was in that, but, you know, the major issue for u.s. military of course, military officials, is that
7:13 am
there was concern that these five taliban would eventually return to the fight there in afghanistan. so far qatar has lived up to its side of the bargain, and those five remain under house arrest essentially. they're allowed visitors. and i think they can even go out and shop if they want. but they're definitely not being held in git mmo. they also point to the fact that the administration on its very first full day in office president obama pledged that he was going to close guantanamo bay. and they point to that as a possible motive. they're not saying it is. but they point to that too as a possible motive for releasing those five taliban prisoners. >> jim miklaszewski, kelly o don donl, thank you very much. more on bowe bergdahl and serial podcast. let's turn to cal perry. cal, good morning. what does bowe bergdahl reveal in this podcast? >> it's interesting. it gives us an insight into what
7:14 am
he was thinking at the time. and for starters the podcast came out about four hours ago and one of the first things he tells the audience he knew the moment he left that base he was in big trouble. >> twenty minutes out i'm going, good grief, i'm in over my head. suddenly it really starts to sink in that i really did something bad. well, not bad, but i really did something serious. >> later in the podcast, jose, he talks about sort of thinking this through. as soon as he left the base he said he thought about going back but he was worried that people manning those machine gun positions would have thought he was an insurgent. then he harkens then maybe he could go out and help u.s. forces on the ground by becoming somebody who lays ieds out for the taliban. the reason he says he left that base was to go to a base about 12 miles away to give information about what he thought were real flaws in his command structure, jose. >> thank you very much.
7:15 am
ari, good morning. bergdahl speaking publicly -- talk to me about the legal ramifications here. >> it's a big legal case, jose. remember the military has its own courts and own military justice system. you serve in the military, you are already signing away any rights to deal with civilian courts and that normal process for anything you do within the military context. and that makes good sense, right? because we obviously want commanders to have full control. and that means not worrying about for example getting sued or having a criminal crview of what they're doing in the field. in this case he's been brought up on this inquiry of misbehavior. they've done a full investigation and thus far the commanders said they don't recommend jail time for him. again, that's totally separate from the strong and deeply held beliefs about what people have about what he did, was wrong, stupid, may have helped the enemy, that's a big debate. but on the military justice side
7:16 am
on whether it is the kind of conduct that should send him to a military prison above and beyond what he's already been through we're basically seeing the view so far that they don't think so. >> interesting. ari, thank you very much. >> sure. north korean dictator kim jong-un says his country has developed a hydrogen bomb among the most powerful weapons in history. if this is true, that's a big if, this country hasn't provided any proof of their claim, it would mean the north has built a weapon 1,000 times bigger than the atomic weapons it previously produced. joining me bill richardson, expert on north korea among other things. governor, good to see you. >> thank you, jose. nice to be with you. >> thanks. how much stock do you put in these reports? >> i don't put any stock in these reports. i think that kim jong-un is exaggerating. he's basically saying, hey, i'm still around. you guys are worried about isis,
7:17 am
you're worried about the middle east, but i'm still a major player. they don't have the technology for hydrogen bomb. they've tested three a-bombs, nuclear weapons since 2009. they do have the technology for that. but for miniaturizing a nuclear weapon, they just had a launch of a submarine that failed. their technology is not there, but it's mainly a political statement to the world that i'm still around and you still have to deal with me. >> yeah. and if we accept the reality that their technology is not there yet, are they intent on getting the technology necessary to be able to have a hydrogen bomb? >> well, it's pretty obvious that at their nuclear site i've visited before, they are building tunnels. i believe they're going to test another nuclear weapon early next year.
7:18 am
they are trying to race to develop this thermo nuclear technology, but they first have to perfect, i believe, their a-bomb technology. but again, yeah, they're dangerous. kim jong-un we know very little about him. i think he's still trying to solidify himself internally with his own military, with his own population, with the political party. he seems to be making these statements to strengthen himself internally, but i think it's important that the united states, the six-party countries, china, south korea, japan, all right maybe he's not there yet on this thermo nuclear technology, but i think it makes sense to start some kind of a dialogue. it doesn't help that north korea is not receptive either, but i think a little diplomacy is needed here. >> yeah, governor, talk to me about this. because north korea is really one of the only handful of dictatorships left on the earth where father passes on power to
7:19 am
son or grandson. what kind of a person is this? and is it possible to sit down and negotiate in good faith with him? >> well, in previous negotiations with north korea they've cheated, but at the same time in the clinton administration we negotiated a treaty for nine years they didn't develop nuclear weapons, but then they violated it. and then they did. so it's suspect to negotiate with them. the new leader is unknown. we don't know who pulls his chains. we know he's young. he's untested. he's unsure of himself. he goes after his opponents. he kills them. you know, a lot of these stories may be exaggerated, but i think it's better to know your enemy, find a way to dialogue, get some third party u.n. or china or others that may have some
7:20 am
leverage with him and see what he's trying to do. it's dangerous to have a nuclear state when america has a lot of interests there. we have close to 30,000 troops. we have a treaty with south korea. we have to come to their defense. so it's a tinderbox that northeast asia area. and we need to calm it down. you know, we did it with iran. we made a deal with iran. maybe we should consider making a deal with north korea. but it would help if they were receptive. and so far they're not. >> yeah. and i need to ask you about putin, something he said. he apparently told his defense minister that he could put a nuclear warhead on missiles they are using to attack isis. what's going on with that, you think? >> well, i think it's a political statement. i don't believe that putin means this. he's trying to show the west, the united states that he's really in the fight against putin -- against isis. but i think what he's trying to
7:21 am
do is he's trying to divert attention. what putin wants to do is he wants to preserve assad, his ally in syria. and so he's trying to show his toughness. yeah, i'm part of the coalition, but he really isn't. he's helping sort of, but i think this downing of his aircraft from the turks has really hurt the possibility of russia significantly helping us fight isis. maybe that will change, but right now i think that statement, again, is a hollow statement about nuclear weapons with isis. >> governor bill richardson, thank you very much for being with me. pleasure to see you always. >> thank you. we still have a lot to get to this hour live from washington, d.c. after the break we head to chicago where protesters are calling for mayor rahm emanuel to resign. and some lawmakers are moving to start a recall. i'll have the latest on that next right here on msnbc. claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her she's agreed to give it up.
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now to chicago where another rally is slated for this afternoon. and there's a move in the state assembly to recall mayor rahm emanuel. hundreds demonstrated yesterday after the mayor spoke at a special session of the city council where he promised reforms after the fatal police shooting of a teen last year. let's get the latest from john yang outside city hall. >> reporter: good morning, jose. as you say more protests planned for today. these protests have all been peaceful and nonviolent. they're seeking many things. they want a special prosecutor involved to oversee the prosecution or investigation of these cases in the police shooting cases. they want to see changes in the police department, but one big thing they're calling for is for rahm emanuel to step down as mayor. he's indicated he's not planning
7:26 am
to do that. and everyone i talk to say it's not likely to happen. the next time as things stand now the next time voters will be able to express their judgment on emanuel will be in 2019 if he runs for re-election. but in the state legislature in springfield there are bills being introduced to create for the first time a recall process, set up a system for a recall election for the mayor of chicago. they would require a lot of signatures to be gathered on petitions. it will not be an easy task, but this would be the first time this has happened -- or that the mechanism would exist in chicago. meanwhile, the protests continue. the one thing i really can't stress enough is how peaceful these protests have been, how nonviolent they've been. this is not ferguson. this is not baltimore. despite all that you saw yesterday, the marching throughout downtown area,
7:27 am
through this financial district, through the loop, through the main -- the high end shopping district called the magnificent mile, there were zero arrests. jose. >> john yang, thank you very much. appreciate that. a lot more ahead from washington, d.c. south carolina senator, republican presidential candidate lindsey graham joins us live to talk about isis and the 2016 campaign. that's next. but first, take a look at this video. there's still a week until the premiere of "star wars," those are fans already lined up to see the movie, which isn't -- whoa, until a week from now. because, you know, it's not just a movie. it's a way of life. today people are coming out to the nation's capital to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement
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7:30 am
wow! back now to the race for president. joining me now from new hampshire is south carolina senator republican presidential candidate lindsey graham. senator, thanks for being with me. >> thanks for having me.
7:31 am
appreciate. >> i want to start with isis. secretary of defense says he's open to u.s. ground forces in ramadi, but you get the sense that is not something in the cards for the future? >> yeah. i'm not so sure we need a, you know, combat brigade. but we do need more american ground forces as trainers and advisers. a couple of -- maybe an aviation battalion of attack helicopters to speed up the fight against isil. we have 3,500. i would go to 10,000. they would be trainers and advisers, special forces to help with places like ramadi. aviation battalion to help in the fight against isil. and forward air controller. so more american ground forces assisting the iraqi army would help dramatically in ramadi and eventually against mosul. >> what's your response to the vice chairman of the joint chiefs who said the u.s. can do a no-fly zone but worried about the reaction from syria and russia? >> i was astounding. we're allowing the russians to
7:32 am
join with the iranians to prop up assad. our president has said two things i agree with. we should degrade and destroy is isil. we should. it's in our national interest. if we don't they will attack us at home. he also said assad must go. he's right to say that. every arab government in the region will not accept him because he's a puppet of iran. so russia joining with the iranians is a bad deal for us, assad being in power is destabilizing. it helps hezbollah, who is a mortal enemy to israel. so i would not let russia tell us what to do. i would establish a no-fly zone. >> i was just thinking, senator, because when there has been a regime change in that part of the world, iraq, be it libya. >> sure. >> the result is chaos and even more ground for groups like isil to be born and to gain a foothold there. so how do you balance that?
7:33 am
because it's just such a mess and doesn't seem like any time there's a regime change it gets any better. >> number one, would you want to live in saddam hussein's iraq? >> no. but i wouldn't want to live in either assad's syria or isis' syria or isis' iraq. >> well, then you're where most people are at in the mideast. they don't want isil. they don't want to live in a dictatorship for our convenience anymore. you know what they want? they want a chance to raise their children without fear. they want their daughters to be able to get educated. they want to move on with their lives. they don't want to be led around by a dictator where few people get most and everybody else gets nothing. they don't want to be living in the ninth century. the surge did work in iraq. bush made mistakes going in. leaving too soon was obama's mistake. i've been there 36 times. i want to leave you some optimism. most people are not buying what
7:34 am
isil is selling or the taliban. they just need our help to fight back. we can destroy the caliphate, but you need ground forces. under my construct it would come from the region with some american help. i would not give damascus to the iranians. the russians would not fight for the butcher of damascus. there is a way forward in the mideast and it's helping young people, offer them a hopeful life versus a glorious death. destroy isil militarily but hold their ground within the region and lead paying for this war is what i would do. >> senator, i want your thoughts and comments on donald trump's proposal that one of the ways to deal with this is by temporarily banning all muslims from coming into the united states. >> well, this is a religious war. and donald trump is putting our soldiers and diplomats at risk. he's never serve ed in uniform. going to military high school is not military service. what he's doing is declaring war on the muslim faith. what i'm trying to do is partner with muslims. i would go to the capitals of
7:35 am
the arab world and enlist their support to destroy isil. they want to destroy isil as much as we do. it's destroying their societies, corrupting their faith. and isil will chop their heads off. so when you say no muslim can come to the united states, you're helping isil. what i want to do is partner with people in the faith, which is 99% of them, to destroy a radical strain of islam that threatens us all. the largest victims of muslim -- of radical islam is other muslims. so he's doing exactly the wrong thing. he has no idea what he's doing. he appears to be strong, but he's really not. he's playing on prejudices and xenophobia. he's threatening to leave the republican party if we're not nice. if you're truly strong, you can take criticism. taking your ball and running away is not a strong man's approach to this problem of his. i'm going to continue to criticize him and obama and others. the good news is most of the republican party's coming my way when it comes to national
7:36 am
security. and what mr. trump is doing is he's empowering the enemy because we should be doing exactly the opposite of what he suggests. we should control entry into the country, look at our visa programs, have good vetting, but not declare a war on the faith itself because the hope of winning this war lies within the faith. >> lindsey graham, senator, thank you very much for being with me, sir. appreciate your time. >> take care. coming up, how recent developments at yahoo have ceo marissa mayer facing criticism. we'll be right back with that and more.
7:37 am
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some of these experimentse're notmay not but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here. yahoo ceo marissa mayer under fire. there are some questions this morning about the future of one of the most high profile and highly paid women ceos in the country. yahoo has been struggling to turn things around. msnbc business and technology correspondent olivia sterns is back with us. olivia, these questions come as yahoo announced a restructuring of its core business? >> exactly. jose, this is not a shift in
7:40 am
strategy so much as it's a complete reversal of strategy. as such has analysts asking how much longer marissa mayer might have in the top job. the plan now as of this week is to sell off yahoo's core business. and that is exactly what marissa mayer has spent the past three years working to revive. so the core business means search engine, which is still the third biggest in the country after google and microsoft's bing and includes tumblr. and all the other original digital content they've been spending big money onto sign big names like katie couric. mayer actually spoke to cnbc yesterday and she's defending the move. >> do you yourself agree with the board's decision? >> absolutely. it was a unanimous decision at the board level. yes. i absolutely agree with the board.
7:41 am
>> now, rumors about what yahoo would do have been swirling for months because this core business is struggling to compete with facebook and with google particularly in the l lucrative area of mobile advertising. the stock though has been swa buoyed by this $32 billion stake in alibaba, that is the e-commerce giant booming, one reason mayer was the highest paid ceo in the u.s. last year reportedly earning over $40 million. mayer herself as you may know is currently eight months pregnant with twins. you'll recall when she took over as ceo three years ago she was then seven months pregnant. she says she'll be taking another short maternity leave. this time though, jose, returning to a company where her future is unclear. >> olivia, thank you very much. i want to go now to iowa where we are waiting for senator marco rubio to deliver what his campaign says is a major policy speech on reforming the department of veterans affairs. this is in west des moines where the senator will speak with military veterans.
7:42 am
joining me now nbc's hallie jackson. good morning, hallie, the senator is at 9% in the national polls, is this good or bad? >> you would think the campaign would prefer to be at 19%. it is what it is at this point. but i think what you hear from campaign aides is that it's still relatively early especially when you look at being 50 or 60 days out from iowa. you look at the new poll, many haven't made up their mind yet. there's a sense marco rubio trying to peak at the right time, that's not december, that's mid-january and closer to february. >> and one story making headlines, hallie, this morning is a play by rubio to undermine the affordable care act. >> sure. this is something he's been talking about on the campaign trail more and more over the last couple weeks. it's complicated, but it involves a provision about risk corridors that came up in the health care law that essentially provided some protection to
7:43 am
insurance companies in case too many unhealthy people signed up for their plans. bottom line is marco rubio is essentially taking credit for this as a way to kind of gut or at least try to undermine the health care law. this does three things, jose. first of all, look at as the campaign will say primary voters, republican primary voters who despise the health care law. any time you can talk about that and explain how you are trying to take it down is a good thing. politically it does a couple other things. one, it allows marco rubio to talk about an accomplishment, something he's done, something he's worked on. this is a slam you often hear his rivals attacking him saying what has he done in the senate, what kind of record can he point to other than comprehensive immigration reform which he has distanced himself from. secondly show contrast and comparison to one of his main rivals ted cruz that he can also be a fighter, that he can take on something in washington, fight for a conservative cause. and do so as he likes to say relatively successful, jose. >> and nick, one -- this new
7:44 am
poll i want to talk to you about. four in ten americans say they're scared of a trump presidency. do you expect that that will be making its way into the fund raising e-mails of his rivals? because it seems as though trump continues to just grow. >> well, it's going to be in the e-mails in hillary clinton and bernie sanders, i think. four in ten is basically democrats in the country and a few independents. i'm sure they are scared. it is a sign of the passions that he has aroused both for and against him as a candidate, jose. >> yeah. talk to me about this because it's also an issue for hillary clinton, right? i mean, the fact is that this is a candidate that there is nothing he says or does that gets him into any kind of trouble politically, at least so far. how do other candidates deal with that? >> well, look, for his rivals it's pretty tough. for hillary clinton, his voters are not her voters. there's not a lot of overlap. i would point out, jose, that only a slightly smaller number of americans say that they are scared of a hillary clinton presidency, which maybe means
7:45 am
people spend too much time being scared about politicians. it is certainly a high stakes election. but there has been so much fear and passion intermingled on both sides. and everyone's been so demonized so constantly i think maybe there's too much passion sometimes. >> so that passion means that people are starting to fear people? >> yeah, i mean, look, the country is not going to collapse if one of these people is elected, but there's obviously a lot of passion in this election. and these issues raised about immigration and terrorism are serious ones. >> yeah. nick, hallie thank you both for being with me this morning. appreciate it. >> thanks, jose. coming up, the nominees are -- well, we'll have the highlights of today's golden globes nominations next. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it.
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7:49 am
the train traveled north before mbta officials were able to shut down the third rail and stop the train. there were passengers onboard and officials were able to take the train to a station and let them off. one employee suffered minor injuries, massachusetts governor charlie baker told a boston radio station that the train seemed to be tampered with, quote, by someone who knew what they were doing. keep an eye on this for you. before we go to the break, you just have to see this end to a high school basketball game in minnesota. the northfield player misses shot, rebounds and less than two seconds left and inside. winning the game 56-55. look at that. one more time. here i go, no problem. if i miss it, no big deal, we still got the game. this guy goes, nope, have a nice day, we just won. see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back.
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satisfy you. >> i like the hat. >> because you're young. but you will understand this. >> how many times have you been in love? >> you're always the most beautiful woman in the room. >> carol. >> "carol" one of the movies in a spotlight this morning. award season kicking into high gear this morning as the nominees for the 73rd annual golden globe awards were announced. nbc's joe fryer has more from los angeles. >> good morning, jose. hollywood's biggest party will be filled with a-listers this year. the nominees include matt damon, christi christian bale, melissa mccarthy. no more film scored more than five nominations. a big morning for "carol" scoring five nominations. it's up for best drama along
7:54 am
with "spotlight". >> they knew and they let it happen. >> "mad max: fury road." on the comedy side, matt damon's martian competing with the big short, trainwreck, spy and joy starring jennifer lawrence. >> i wear a blouse and i wear pants. that's who i am. >> she also scooped up a nominee for comedy going head to head with her close friend. >> i was dead sober. i had like two drinks. >> in the fiercely competitive drama categories the lead actress nominees are three-time winner kate blanchette, bri larson for room and nominated not just for the danish girl. as for the men two-time winner leonardo dicaprio up, cranston
7:55 am
for trumbo and last year's eddie red maine for the danish girl. this year's most shocking snubs, no love for black mass's johnny depp. meryl streep also failed to earn her 30th golden globe nomination. but "creed" sylvester stallone back in the ring. >> you got to work hard. >> on the tv side as always the globes nominated a lot of new content. shows like mr. robot, narcos and mozart in the jungle. this year's host ricky gervais. back to you. >> joe, thanks a lot. how great was that movie that's the only one i've seen of the whole thing. that wraps up this hour of
7:56 am
"msnbc live." thank you for your time. tamron hall is up next. i'll see you tomorrow. >> chinese immigrant started out two decades ago making candles in her garage. her company list living home has been amping up steadily. now thanks to her licensing partners she's hoping to become a household name. for more, watch your business sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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td ameritrade. you got this. right now on msnbc, new polls are out taken after donald trump threatened to ban muslims from entering the united states. we'll dig into those new numbers and what it reveals about trump's campaign. plus, new information about the childhood friend of one of the san bernardino shooters. officials say he may have known about other plots by syed farook years ago including a plot to target a high school. wa that friend is telling authorities and what he means to the investigation. and also developing now, day four of deliberations in the case of a former oklahoma city police officer accused of raping 13 african-american women while on duty. we are watching for that major verdict. good morning everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with breaking news. we're just moments away from president obama signing a bill that overhauls the controversial no child left behind law.
8:00 am
now, this new bill allows states to choose their own academic standards rather than imposing what the white house calls cookie cutter federal solutions in the no child law. it does keep the contentious statewide testing mandate in place, but encourages states to reduce time spent on testing. some critics are skeptical questioning whether the changes will really make a difference. nbc's ron allen joins me from the white house. and, ron, it is a rare time that we say this has bipartisan support here. we don't hear that word often regarding that town, but here we are with this case. >> exactly, tamron, especially on an issue so contentious and so emotional for families as education. this one is called every student succeeds, the bill. you're right, it's massive. and there's republican and democratic support for this bill, which is why in part the president's going to sign it in a short while. the headline of all this is that


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