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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 10, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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completely a piece unto itself. i don't think it is affected boy this discussion. >> there are no rules that will apply to anything with donald trump. thank you. we'll be back tomorrow. erica hill picks up our coverage next. we are awaiting a big fbi news conference it looks like related to the san bernardino terrorist attack. tonight on msnbc live, breaking news reports republican leaders are preparing for brokered convention realizing donald trump isn't going away anytime soon. also breaking tonight waiting right now for an update from the fbi in the san bernardino where they have been searching this lake throughout the day. we will bring that to you as soon as we get it. members of congress briefed about last week's massacre learning the stunning new
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details we are learning about how far in advance the attack was planned. isis unveiling a new terror app. we will have new details on that. and a fresh controversy. could chipotle's claim to fame lead to its down fall in. >> this is a tough time. first i have to say i'm sorry for the people who got sick. >> the company's stunned ceo speaking out to nbc news as a second virus spreads. a run away train at the height of rush hour, confused passengers literally left in the dark. >> all the lights went off so everything was dark. we had no lights in the entire cars. >> good evening from msnbc in new york. i'm erica hill. we begin with two breaking headlines both involving donald trump. first from the washington post which reports leading figures are preparing for a brokered
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convention noting if the controversial billionaire storms through the primaries the party's establishment must lay the groundwork for a floor fight in which the gop mainstream wing could coalesce. they may head without a clear candidate. the last time that happened 1976. our second bit of breaking news, a brand new nbc wall street journal poll finds 25% of americans support donald trump's plan to ban all muslims from entering this country. 57% of americans oppose it. it is the first poll to get a direct reaction to those comments. msnbc host steve kornacki here with us now to dive deeper into these numbers. steve, they are rather telling. >> not only is this the first comprehensive look at reaction to those comments and to that proposal, i think we might be getting reaction to the reaction.
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i will explain what i mean. 25, 57 overall unpopular. look closer among republicans and you see here actually a plurality favoring donald trump's proposal 42% to 36%. earlier today late last night you may have seen other numbers floating around. a one day poll that had been conducted that showed much wider support among republicans. one thing that is possible here is that this poll taken over two days took into account not just trump's proposal but the torrent of criticism that the proposal provoked. you had dick cheney, a lot of republican leaders, people with credibility coming out saying this goes too far. it is possible that that is reflected in these numbers as opposed to some of the earlier numbers that were floating around. a plurality of republicans say they support donald trump's
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proposal on this. when you break that down among democrats and independents these are the percentages who disagree, overwhelming among democrats pretty healthy majority among independents. when you get into what this says about trump's appeal or lack thereof when you look at all voters and say how would you characterize donald trump? is he insulting, wrong? 41% of all voters are saying that. are his comments problematic? does he raise important issues? a quarter say that. about one-fifth say he is telling it like it is. when you ask republicans only to make those characterizations you add that together 77%, 40 plus 37 three out of four republicans when ask about the provocative trump comments they say he is telling it like it is or it is a little problematic but raising important issues. so from the standpoint of trump trying to appeal to republican voters he basically has three
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quarters of the party looking at comments like this. if they don't agree they are saying it is good he is out here doing it. >> it is fascinating to watch. we are getting word that this fbi briefing out of san bernardino is just happening now about searching of a lake in that area. let's listen in. >> evidence of anything that had to do with this particular crime. so the san bernardino area has been invaded by many, many federal agents primarily fbi, some atf because this is a multi agency investigation. we are working and will continue to work hand in hand with our partners from the sheriff's department. this investigation is massive and that is going to take time. i know it is a little bit of a disruption to the area. it would not be uncommon for us to do neighborhood canvases at a
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later date. it is very possible we will. if you see fbi agents out on the street don't worry about it. it is part of the investigation. and that will continue. yesterday the sheriff, the chief, myself, the county district attorney and the u.s. attorney met with all the family members that agreed to meet with us which was most of them. the family members were met with first the family members of the decedents and secondly it was the family members of the injured. speaking of the injured we now have a 22nd injured who checked into a hospital and realized that she had been injured in the initial attack last thursday. as part of meetings with the family which none of us ever want to have another meeting like that, those poor people had been through a lot. i would ask for your respect of their privacy. they have been through a tremendous amount over the past
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week and they continue to go through tremendous. the emotional and physical scars that were suffered by them will take years to get over and many of them will never get over some of the emotional scars. i ask you to please be patient with us. we are trying not to -- my number one concern here is the protection of the integrity of this investigation because remember if there is a prosecution it can be two years from now in a courtroom and everybody is gone but those federal prosecutors and the agents and the task force officers will be there to help present the decisions that we make in these initial days. it is important that we are methodical and think things through. i recognize there is a lot of information out there in the media. some of it may be factual. other of it is not. one of the things i want to clear up, there has been
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reporting of a 2012 terror plot in the river side area. we did arrest four individuals in 2012. they have sense been convicted of material support to terrorism. those individuals were not planning to conduct a terrorist attack in the u.s. they were planning to go overseas and fight, go through a taliban training camp and enter al qaeda training camp and fight against u.s. and coalition forces in afghanistan. there was never to my recollection -- i'm certain of it, a credible threat to the u.s. we watched them for months and months and months. we had human intelligence into them and was never a danger to the community. the day we took them down the case made big news. i want to make sure we clear it up. i have heard they were taken
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down as part of a plan to attack and conduct a terrorist attack in the u.s. at this point i would like to turn it over for questions you have. >> it would be irresponsible of us to not look into any potential connections. we don't know all connections yet if there were any -- there may be connections that are multiple degrees of separation. we have to find that out. i'm not prepared to discuss that because i don't have all the answers. it would be irresponsible not to investigate it when we had a case taken down three years ago in november of 2012 right in the same general area. >>. >> how important is today's search? >> we think the search will last for days. it is very possible. we would be remised not to go into the lake and conduct a
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thorough search for any evidentiary items. we may come up with nothing. we just don't know yet. >> yesterday was an assessment. today is the first day of searching. >> i'm not going to get into what led us here. there were a couple of leads that led us to this park and because this park has a large body of water the fbi has four dive teams. that is exactly what these people do. they are specialists in under water evidence retrieval. >> something into the lake. they discarded something? >> we would be remised not to explore that option. >> could there be something not in the lake? is your focus the lake itself or have you searched the whole park? >> we have searched the area pretty extensively. the lake is a much more tedious task and that takes specialists.
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>> when you told would that be on the day? >> i believe it was on that day. >> going back do you still believe or do you not know if mr. farook's family had knowledge? they had pipe bombs and guns? >> that is speculation for me to go there. we don't know everything. meth methodical, factual information. we are trying to be extremely cautious to ensure we build a solid case if there is a case for federal court. >> is this clearly a terror investigation? >> we continue to investigate this as a terrorist act. >> after the attack -- >> i'm not going to get into when or how we receive the leads but we have leads that indicate that they were here or in the area at some point. i will take one more question.
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>> we are still walking through that. that is -- we are building a timeline of everything we know to ensure that we can retrace every step they took. particularly if there were other contacts made and that is potential. we don't know. we are trying to ensure we account for every minute of the time that day prior to the time that the law enforcement officers -- >> is marquez is fbi custody? >> i will not address anything with marquez. >> i can confirm we are searching for any evidence that has to do with this crime. that's all i'm going -- you have been waiting. you get the final question.
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>> my question was the same as his. do we know if they came this direction following the shooting? we know they were seen fleeing in an suv? is this the way they came? >> we have indications through leads. we are covering many leads and conducting hundreds and hundreds of interviews. we have indications that at some point they came to this park. i want to reassure the public there is no belief that there is anything dangerous as a result of this case in this place. >> surveillance video of them -- >> thank you for your time. >> you were listening to the fbi special agent in charge speaking in san bernardino. one reason he came out to brief the media is because the search has been going on at a lake in a park throughout the day. he is saying there were leads. would not be specific. there were leads that led them to believe that the shooters had been in that park at some point. it seems a point close to the
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shooting either the day before or that day. he said because they had searched extensively throughout that area in the park they were now turning to that body of water because it is of course in that same area. said they were not searching for anything specific but anything that they could find and it is a search that is expected to continue in his words for likely a number of days. he thinks it will last for days. this is the first day of that. would not get specific on leads just to reiterate that. one other thing that was interesting here that he brought up is reporting of a 2012 terror plot. he was clear that he wanted to clarify what happened when four individuals were arrested and later convicted of material support to terrorism. they were not planning an attack in that san bernardino area, those four individuals who are convicted of material support to terrorism had been planning to go to training camps with the
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taliban and on to al qaeda to fight against u.s. forces in afghanistan. he was very clear in saying there was never a danger, never a credible threat to the community there. also saying that he had met with a number of the family members of both deceased and the victims. and those were very tough meetings that he never wants to have another meeting like that again. we just learned the number of injured has risen to 22 after a young woman came in and realized she had been injured. the latest update on the massacre in san bernardino coming to us this afternoon from the fbi. we will be back with much more. you are watching msnbc live. a moment when something so familiar... becomes something introducing new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin that contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients...
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we continue to follow breaking news at this hour. an update from the fbi on its search in a san bernardino lake where the fbi is looking for evidence related to last week's massac massacre. the head of the fbi in that area saying they did uncover leads
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get a coupon at some breaking developments the san bernardino shooting investigation. we just heard from the fbi updating us on what we have been watching throughout the afternoon here at msnbc as we saw fbi divers in a lake in a san bernardino park just a few miles from where last week's attacks took place. when we heard from the fbi moments ago we were told there were specific leads that led them to this area that the area in the park had been searched extensively but they were not specific about whether or not
3:20 pm
there was a specific lead that led them to search the water. this is the first day of the search of the lake. we are told it could last several days and they are looking for anything they could find. authorities continue to question the man who bought the two assault rifles used in the attacks. the fbi saying marquez, a neighbor and relative by marriage of shooter syed farook has been cooperating. officials say in 2012 farook talked to him about staging an attack. nbc news learned farook and his wife tashfeen malik were contemplating other attacks. today lawmakers in capitol hill received briefings on the attacks a day after fbi director testified farook and malik had
3:21 pm
been radicalized before she was admitted to the united states on a fiance visa. today the white house said that visa program might have to change. >> somebody entered the united states and carried out an act of terrorism. that is worth a very close look. there is a review underway at the state department and department of homeland security to look into this program more broadly and determine if there are changes that should be made to that program. >> i want to bring in terrorism expert brian levin, director of the center for study of hate and extremism. i know you were listening in to that press conference that we just heard from the fbi. anything stick out to you in terms of what was said or not said in that briefing? >> this is so fascinating.
3:22 pm
as a former law enforcement officer and as a lawyer just listening to how the words are parsed and seeing what they are doing. let me give you and the public an idea. when these kinds of events occur the fbi and the investigators have a funnel. and i remember when i was at the oklahoma city bombing trial, the sheer amount of evidence was unbelievable. what they are doing now is looking for evidence. could it be a fire arm, that missing hard drive that they can try to reconstruct? they are trying to get as much evidence together as possible to see if there is anyone else who could be charged. one quick thing. this fellow who is innocent until certainly charged and proven guilty. he is free. but he is certainly talking to the authorities. here are some possible charges for someone -- i'm not saying him -- but someone who may be
3:23 pm
connected to this couple, conspiracy. two or more people agree to commit a crime and take an overt step, identifiable step towards commission. they don't have to commit the crime. attempt. someone takes a substantial step to the commission of a crime. money laundering or was there some kind of falsehood stated on a loan application. that is a federal offense. the transfer of weapons could be a state and federal offense. so what i think is happening and this is speculation, but they are talking to mr. marquez and there might be a little pressure that there could be enough evidence for him to perhaps want to talk to them to make nice with them. again, he is not a criminal but he is someone who is at least connected to the people who come to this terrible atrocity. one other thing people have been
3:24 pm
charged with and that is lying to a federal agent. syed farook's mother was questioned for hours and hours. because somebody knows someone who did something bad doesn't make them a criminal. it is also something that i think both of these people have to be careful about. because the fbi is going to go over it with a fine tooth comb, statements, conflicting evidence and a timeline. this is really an investigation we are seeing in real time. >> they have also been very clear pointing out that marquez has not been charged with anything. we want to reiterate that. they are saying he is cooperating. it is interesting details that are being released by some investigators, things that are being floated out there. why do certain bits of information get released? is it to encourage other people who may know something to
3:25 pm
perhaps come forward? this isn't done in a random fashion. there is a reason that certain things are shared. >> i wish law enforcement was that well organized. sometimes someone has a loose lip that sinks a ship. generally i can tell you with the fbi and i know so many wonderful fbi agents, they want to play things as close to the vest and get their information from the people who are closest to this couple. however, as you said, it might be strategic to leak certain bits of information to someone who might be watching this. this is one of the most covered stories in the world to say i saw them do x or y three years ago and then the fbi could say we have a tip that says what you told us wasn't exactly accurate or can you clarify? it could either be yes the strategic leaking of information or it could just be someone is talking too much. i can tell you having met with
3:26 pm
people in law enforcement they want to say nothing so if it is a leak my sense is that this is not purposeful at least from the folks on top. if i could tell you something, this is real time. what we will see is we will see a lot of false leads, fake tips, people who their dog heard something and you don't know until you go through that with a fine a tooth comb. >> i do have to ask you quickly, but we are hearing consistently about how both of the shooters were radicalized long before this happened and before they came together. what are they making of that and then in terms of the connection that these two made to one another? >> great question. first, were they radicalized from some group before isis? aqap was very active in radicalizing people. al-shabaab. if they later claimed to one group doesn't mean
3:27 pm
radicalization didn't start with another group. did they meet just because they were radical folks or was it something where there was kind of like a for extremists? we don't know. it was pre-ciisis that they got together. >> let's hope there is not one of those dating sites out there. >> god forbid. >> appreciate your insight as always. >> thank you. still to come, isis launching a smart phone app to spread propaganda. a look at the new tool to reach followers. and chipotle taking steps to reassure diners after nearly 200 people fall ill in two different outbreaks. we will tell you what the county is doing now. ♪
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african-american we are le minnesota man arrested for trying to help isis.
3:31 pm
today he appeared in court. trying to help other young men travel to syria to fight for isis. joining us to talk more about that and other stories let's bring in senior editor for digital video and content. >> he was providing pass ports and trying to set up travel for a group of young somalis. he was going to send them through mexico to syria to fight for isis. it was a very easy one to bring charges on. these guys went to the library to print out their passport details so not exactly master criminals. >> we are learning more about the inner workings today of isis. we know there is also the new app? >> this is coming through a secure app, secure line of communications, a russian-owned company this communications app. you have to know somebody within
3:32 pm
the group and they have to send you a link. it is not like you can go online and find the app. it is a delivery system for video to get the video out quick skpr better. we had a conversation. u.s. officials saying sometimes it is better to leave it up. the other interesting thing is it really only works if you are in syria. imagine having this app on your phone trying to go to jordan and lebanon. >> it wouldn't really work. so as you said we were talking that a lot of times the most effective plan of action is to not do anything and watch what happens on the websites or accounts. we are talking about it today. so we are talking about it now is that in some way compromising anything because they have put this information out there? >> we are not laying a road map out. we know the u.s. military is monitoring it. right now it is video only. it is quite possible to move it into communications. the other thing here that is
3:33 pm
really interesting is maybe it is a sign that we are worried that mainstream media will not play out videos. they want to have the direct video line. >> so that is the way they push it out there. fascinating stuff. thanks. still to come here on msnbc live the ceo of chipotle speaking out today in the wake of growing concern over food poisoning at restaurants in boston. more than 100 students becoming ill. what will change?  the possibility of a flare swas almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor.
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back now with our breaking news we mentioned at the top of the hour. the washington post reporting major players in the republican party are preparing for a worst case scenario, the chance they may not have a clear nominee at the convention. we also unveil ad new wall street journal poll on mr. trump's plan to ban muslims from coming into the u.s. this poll found 25% of americans
3:37 pm
support the plan. 57% of americans oppose it. here with more now senior politics writer at u.s. news and world report and political editor for "boston globe." good to have both of you with us tonight. the first poll to be taken after comments earlier this week. are you surprised in the findings? >> i'm not really surprised. after trump released the statement on monday night we sent out a handful of reporters all over the state of new hampshire. and all of them found very similar things. people liked donald trump before he said this they still like him. if republicans didn't like donald trump before this comment they still don't like him. they don't like him more. the only thing we found with people kind of on the fence maybe people leaning, trump or carson, they were put off by trump's comments and went
3:38 pm
further into the no way i'm not pulling a trump lever on primary day in february. >> there have been reports in the washington post, a separate group with a pollster. one thing he found is that sometimes the more that donald trump was attacked the more that people would coalesce behind him because it was another reminder that he was not one of the so-called established republicans. not one of the politicians. are you finding that that is also still at play? >> absolutely. they like that they don't think he can be bought. they like that he is a rich guy. he has a quarter to a third of the primary vote everywhere. i think it is possible that he finishes in the top two in iowa. i think it is possible that he wins new hampshire and then it
3:39 pm
might be too late because the irony of republican officials meeting know they are worried that they could have a nominee and that it could be donald trump. they are looking for a way to stop him. that is why there is talk about this. >> which is more worrisome for the republicans? is it donald trump going out on his own as an independent or is it donald trump as the nominee? >> i think they are both pretty tough situations for the republican party on the november ballot. i think i would have to say maybe donald trump as the nominee is more worrisome in the long run because you look at what he can do at the november ballot. you see a whole lot -- that could have reverberations throughout elections. it could be disastrous for republicans in congress and governor's races throughout.
3:40 pm
and the long term implications. it is safe to say look at your own poll that his rhetoric does not resonate with a whole portion of the country. hisents come especially about minorities and many people perceived as intolerant. the largest voting block in america would be minorities -- the fastest growing block of voters in america would be minorities. long term problems for the republicans. >> we go back to the idea of broken convention data in 1976. that was not the last time that there was concern among republicans that it could be a real possibility. what makes it different this time around? >> what makes it different is that the leading candidates are not -- you don't really have an establishment person up there in the top two. the thing that is being overlooked is that if trump implodes or they beat trump where does his voters go? it probably goes to ted cruz,
3:41 pm
the senator from texas who a lot of people believe is just as unelectable as trump in a general election. they don't like the guy. in washington they just don't like the guy. so really even if you get rid of trump the establishment in washington still has a problem and the question is would they try to fight cruz nomination at a convention? i think that is another open question that party leaders will have to confront. >> something we will be taubing about soon. before we let you go. ted cruz is always sitting in the background and not commenting much on donald trump. is it in the interest of the republican party and rnc to share a thought on donald trump. >> the post story about the dinner, republican insiders gathering at this fancy asian fusion restaurant in washington, d.c. it cited five sources. republicans are talking about this. they could have kept their mouth
3:42 pm
shut and decided to talk to the washington post instead. i think it is nearly impossible as long as trump is out there you will hear bits and pieces about this. should they be quiet? probably. are they going to? no way. this is washington. >> appreciate you being with us tonight. thank you. up next on msnbc, a flurry of new developments in the chipotle outbreak. dozens more diners falling ill as ceo gets candid with his customers. the holidays bring many challenges to the feet.
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this was a very unfortunate incident and i'm sorry this happened. the procedures we are putting in place today are so above industry norms that we are going to be the safest place to eat. >> that was the ceo and founder of chipotle doing damage control this morning amid news of a neuro virus outbreak that continues to grow. at least 140 boston college students now confirmed to have fallen ill after eating at the same chipotle restaurant. city health inspectors closed that outlet after finding three violations. the virus is highly contagious, the most common cause of stomach flu in the u.s. up to 21 million people get sick from it each year most from close contact with infected
3:47 pm
people or eating contaminated food. up to 800 affected people die annually most are elderly patients who become dehydrated. our medical contributor joins us. this is not the first time you and i have talked about this. in terms of what norovirus is tell us what it is and how you know that is what you have. >> i don't know that anybody would know that they do because any kind of food borne illness can present with similar symptoms. i think that we sort of like to say that with norovirus it is the most common reason. if you get sick from food or a violent stomach flu with a lot of vomiting and that distinguishes a little bit from ecoliwhere diarrhea is more
3:48 pm
prominent. most people don't need to go to the doctor if they stay hydrated and are not very elderly or young. we talk about those. >> absolutely. we hear about it in terms of a cruise ship. this time it is in a restaurant. >> i think that the cruise ship is a little more fable. it is true that it can happen in a cruise ship scenario, any place with a lot of people because it is so contagious. restaurants happen to be the most likely place where people will get it. more from the food sources being contaminated usually from a contaminated worker who doesn't wash his or her hands properly and then touches raw foods that aren't going to get cooked so you can't kill the virus. >> what are the best ways to prevent it if you can't get in the kitchen and force people to wash their hands? >> another thing to point out it
3:49 pm
can happen in any place like that. for you yourself if you are in a public bathroom you want to wash your hands. we have said this a few times t. is a sturdy virus. it is hard to kill. it is not very flimsy. you want to wash your hands using hot water. cleaning surfaces with bleach. it is not just a purell kind of thing. you can't really prevent it per se. if you are exposed to it, taking care of loved ones who might bow sick who could vomit, you can get an aerosole that way. cleaning soiled linens of a loved one who is sick. it is so contagious especially in family members that you want to be careful. something important to mention is if you are recovering the
3:50 pm
virus can be in your own stool for some time so you don't want to start handling food and cooking and taking care of people for at least a few days.. >> once you're feeling better, should you stay home? >> you should probably stay home. >> okay. >> you're most contagious when you're very sick and the first couple of days after you start feeling better. it is a legitimate reason to say i should probably not be at work. >> we'll write the note if anybody needs one. always good to have you with us. ahead after the break, are donald trump's remarks giving a boost to hate groups in this country? we'll take a look. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars.
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and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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some more breaking news to share with you during a busy hour. grand jury has charged two deputy city marshals with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of a 6-year-old boy in louisiana last month. he was strapped into front seat of his father's car when police lieutenant and former police officer fired at least 18 rounds into car driven by chris few. the grandmother is calling for release of body camera footage. they called it the most
3:53 pm
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we're seeing a tangible impact of donald trump's latest inflammatory comments. political reporting today arise in online traffic for hate groups around the country. conforming that storm front is upgrading its servers in part to cope with a trump traffic spike. as we mentioned earlier, the latest polls show trump comments about banning muslims from entering the u.s. do not appear to be negatively affecting his lead. a development trump is touting posting this photo with the message thank you for your support. being politically correct will not make america great again. mark, good to see you. we're seeing the claims from the hate groups they say they have seen a bump. does your research find the same or could this be part of a
3:56 pm
recruiting tool on their end? >> well, we have no way of knowing for sure. i think it's quite likely they have gotten a bump. this has happened at other moments. immediately after barack obama was elected. storm front servers collapsed. they wouldn't handle the rush of angry people getting in touch with their website. i think it is helping them. one thing i think there's no doubt about it all is that these groups are absolutely thrilled by what trump is saying. they have been very fond in the past of people like pat buchanan, to a lesser extent, ron paul. trump is more than any of them expected and are delighted. >> let's say he's no longer in this race. is there a lasting impact from donald trump? >> well, certainly the leaders of these groups like the man who runs storm front, don black, thinks so.
3:57 pm
they believe there's going to be a lasting impact and there may be. we'll see where all of this goes. it's remarkable that it's not only white supremacist groups but a large of people who don't belong to those groups. >> there's a lot of talk about the talk of donald trump being criticized and i recognize that that in many ways the more we talk about it, the more we're legitimizing those comments. is that the way it works in terms of your findings? the more it's talked about, the more people may think it's okay to act out in certain ways? >> yes. i don't blame the media for that when the leading republican presidential candidate out there is making these kinds of statements. it's impossible to ignore. yes, i think there's no question we've seen quite a lot of islamphobia going back a couple of years now since isis started
3:58 pm
to become a very big deal. in fact, with the new hate crime s statistics for 2014, we've seen a 14% bump in anti-muslim hate crimes. when we see the 2015 statistics, they will reflect quite a large jump in anti-muslim violence. >> how do you combat not only that hate speech but also these actions? >> one of the things we're trying to do is point out how utterly bogus the statistics and so on that trump is relying are. trump sited in making this announcement he thought there should be a ban on muslims in the country. the centers for security policy which is a wildly islamaphobic organize. the so called statistics were what they call an opt in poll.
3:59 pm
in other words, it was an utterly unscientific poll put up on this group's website which asked people what they thought. gaffney use thad to claim that enormous muslims in the united states favored jihadist violence and so on. every scholarly poll has proved quite otherwise that only tiny slivers of american muslims have anything remotely approach support for isis. >> we have about 30 seconds left. in terms of the well documented fear that seems to be growing in this country around terrorism, do you see that continuing or will it start to taper off? >> i doubt it will taper off. isis is quite active. it's not only isis. let's think to only a few days before san bernardino when we had a terrible shooting at
4:00 pm
plann planned parenthood. we're seeing violence from all kinds of different groups. we're living in a very violent moment. >> appreciate your time. appreciate all of you joining us tonight on msnbc live. hardball starts right now. a bump for trump. a shock for the gop. let's play hardball. good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. far from hurting him, donald trump's call for a ban of those of islamic faith entering this country has fueled him. he's got a marginal edge among the party base on


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