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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  December 14, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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has been spent, and we aren't even as clued in to intelligence as we should be in afghanistan. look at the horrible attack in kunduz against the hospital. that was based on faulty intelligence from our afghan partners in part. so we really are not getting the kind of intelligence that we need on the ground and it is that kind of ground truth that will help us go after these isis leaders such as we have been able to, and continue to make inroads. we have a real problem here and they don't have answers, we don't have answers. easy to second-guess them but it's obviously a public relations and political problem for this white house as much as it is a military problem. >> andrea mitchell, whose time slot today has been all but dominated by this event at the pentagon. the president flanked by the service chiefs with again, a two-pronged message. one military and one domestic, as americans are, after all, concentrating more and more on
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the coming holidays. millions will be on the move, millions are on the move today on the ground, at shopping malls and in stores around the country, wanting to be assured they can go on about their business being, as we have all been told, vigilant and that means different things to different people in different parts of this country. but there you have it from the president. andrea mitchell, thanks. now it is time to welcome thomas roberts. thomas? thank you very much. we will pick up where you left off, touching on exactly what this means, where president obama has now updated everybody on the strategy from his white house coming to us all from the pentagon briefing room. the optics of that and also the questions that so many people have. we will also be dipping in for josh earnest, who will field questions from the white house press briefing room. we'll have that. right now, joining me, general wesley clark, the former nato supreme allied commander. sir, i know you didn't hear all of that, but when it comes to the president speaking about coalition forces getting
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involved in this, he named them all with france, germany, the uk, australia, italy, how important are they to moving forward with a defined and united front about what it means to defeat isis? >> i think they are very important. i think we have got to have coalition partners in this. but there are different roles for different coalition partners. the most important coalition partners really are turkey, saudi arabia and if we can bring iran and all of the jihadists who are fighting under various banners together to focus everybody against isis, that's the coalition we want. the outside powers, france, britain, australia, the rest who are part of that coalition, that's great. they can provide the fire power. but they can't provide the troops on the ground that speak arabic, know know the customs and can work it. more importantly, we have to get the diplomacy to bring these
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contending factions together, saudi arabia and turkey. everybody has mixed motives in this. they don't want to lose but they don't want the other guy to win. there's a lot of halfway measures being employed by our allies in the region. >> when it comes to finding a common enemy, we know that so many of the partners of the united states have that with what isis represents. the president was very graphic in explanations percentage-wise about the territory isis controls, specifically the fact they lost 40% of iraq right now, they are on the losing end of offensive measures in syria as well and are working to close what is a porous border with turkey. so when the president talks about the regional and multi-national force on the ground that's necessary, talks about the fact that they haven't had more air strikes than we have seen over the last month in november, is he ultimately ramping up, getting americans ready for the fact that we are going to have to commit boots on the ground to make this a
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reality of squeezing the heart of isis? >> well, i hope he's not going to do that. and i hope that's not what he's getting us ready to do. actually, we have to have the heart of isis squeezed by coalition ground forces. the iraqis, sure. the turks, the saudis, the other forces in the region, the jihadis and we have to work through the iranians and russians to bashar al assad and bring assad's forces in, too. it's not just a matter of killing people. there are millions of people in that terrain controlled by isis. you can't carpet bomb it. you can't kill everybody. and the isis fighters will fade into the civilian population. if you don't speak the language and can't identify them and can't govern afterwards, then you are left with the same mess of ungoverned territory we worked so hard on in iraq that we are still struggling with in afghanistan. so there's a lot to be done before we talk about putting
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u.s. boots on the ground. i'm confident the president and his team, especially those military guys there, know this very well. >> general wesley clark, thank you. i want to go to kristen welker at the white house in the briefing room. kristen, this would typically be the podium behind you where we would see the president address the media and give an update potentially about the strategy, optics very interesting about coming to all of us from the pentagon briefing room. but what about the rhetoric the president is using and anything new that was described today? >> reporter: well, the rhetoric and the optics were very interesting. you had the president making this rare trip to the pentagon. this is the first time he's visited the pentagon since july. the goal here to really show that he is on top of this fight against isis, to get a briefing from his national security council and you heard him really argue and defend his strategy. arguing that he has ramped up the fight against isis in recent weeks, particularly in the wake of paris and san bernardino. you heard him talk about the fact they have squeezed isis'
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territory, they have taken out more of its leaders and that they have taken out some of its oil refineries. so he made this multi-pronged argument that it is working and that really aimed at quieting his critics who say he hasn't been tough enough. in terms of anything new, he did not announce a major shift in strategy. we didn't expect him to announce a major shift in strategy. instead, what we heard from this president is that he is open to suggestions for ramping up the fight against isis if and where necessary. he's been very insistent that he's not going to put a lot of boots on the ground in the same way we saw in the iraq and afghanistan wars. josh earnest about to come to the podium any minute now and we anticipate he will get a lot of questions about why we didn't hear anything new from president obama when he comes to this podium in just a short while. >> for now i want to remind everybody, the language the president used when describing the adversaries of isis and that
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they are certainly not the equivalent to us or our allies. take a listen. >> more people are seeing isil for the thugs and the thieves and the killers that they are. we have seen instances of isil fighters defecting, others who have tried to escape have been executed, and isil's reign of brutality and extortion continues to repel local populations and help fuel the refugee crisis. >> here we figure out they are not an asymmetrical enemy. jim miklaszewski, for most people out there still trying to figure out the threat of isis, how they exist, it is basically they are nothing unless they have a territory. with the president giving that description of how they are trying to squeeze that in, to condense that territory, that really is the heart of the matter. >> well, that's right. you know what makes isis so insidious and elusive to a u.s. military operation is that the u.s. is not only fighting a military force, a terrorist
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force, but they are fighting this ideology of isis and as hard as the u.s. and our european allies and other arab allies attack isis rhetorically it hasn't had much effect in terms of recruiting. one thing that really perked up my ears is when the president mentioned libya. that's become a real concern to u.s. military and defense officials here at the pentagon, because as there has been some success in stemming the flow of isis fighters, isis recruits from turkey down into syria, what isis is now doing is telling potential recruits and isis wanna-bes, it's too hard, don't come to syria, go to libya instead, where isis is really building, has a strong foothold, and the concern is because of its close proximity to europe, and the idea of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of north african
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refugees fleeing toward europe as they did in steyria would present a problem of refugee -- in dealing with refugees even more serious and larger than the one in syria. so there are some real issues to be dealt with. i must say that the president talking about advances made for the first time, we are hearing from military officials, a small amount of optimism that they have in fact contained isis tactically, not strategically, but they are also making some advances. isis has not actually seized any more ground over the past three, four, five months and in fact, they have abandoned at least three sites and are in deep trouble in ramadi, where 10,000 iraqi forces are poised to eventually enter that city and reclaim it from now there's an estimated 800 isis fighters in that city. but in the last month alone,
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u.s. air strikes, according to american officials, have killed some 700 isis fighters in that provincial capital of the sunnis there in western iraq. >> jim miklaszewski, thank you. i want to bring in lathe alkhouri. as we were hearing about november, if we can take a look at this, there have been more than 8,000 air strikes, 16,000 targets destroyed. the crippling result that would be demonstrated by that amount of fire power you would think would make a dent. but as mick talks about the ideology, that's really the root problem. >> most certainly. it's a huge -- it's vital for its ideology, just replenishing the ranks over and over again whether by foreign fighters coming in to syria and iraq or other places or by the locals themselves. isis has recruitment officers for its military where kids as
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young as 10, 11 and 12 sign up for military service with them. essentially running a military office. it is replenishing its ranks. that's based primarily on the ideology preaching it to the locals. i think the u.s. and allied forces have been slightly cautious about their air strikes, less than two weeks ago the u.s. launched about 22 air strikes in iraq and syria. only injuring one isis fighter, but taking out a lot of artillery nonetheless. >> when it comes to we are hearing about what the u.s. is doing with its strategy and working with its allied partners and as you mention there about the recruitment centers for isis, what's the diplomatic strategy to provide these folks, these kids that are coming up, with no options, something to live for? what is the hope for these young people? >> it is very, very difficult. isis flourishes in areas where lack of adequate governance is or absence of adequate
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governance. that's the case especially in areas in iraq and syria. i think the diplomatic solution has to really target certain allied forces in the middle east, including qatar, saudi arabia and others who are actually supporting some rebel factions in syria today and maybe use that kind of power to influence these rebel factions to actually rally around the u.s. goal of taking isis, uprooting isis from syria instead of just focusing on the regime forces today. >> laith, thank you. chr coming up, results of the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. it could spell catastrophic for the republican party. also, you see the little box on the left-hand side of the screen. we will take you to the white house when the press briefing begins. we are also going to take you to las vegas where nine gop candidates are set on to face off in the final debate of 2015. plus nearly eight months after freddie gray's death and the historic protests that followed,
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baltimore jurors could begin deliberating today in the trial of the first officer charged in gray's death. an update on that. first, developing news out of egypt. officials say they found no evidence of terrorism in october's deadly russian plane crash. all 224 people on board that metro jet plane died when it went down over the sinai peninsula. the report did not mention russia's leading theory that a bomb exploded on board the airbus. the local branch of isis has previously claimed responsibility, though its claims have not been verified. ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance,
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presidential candidate ted cruz has a target on his back, thanks in part to a recent rise in the polls. one day until the fifth republican debate and the texas senator is not only leading in
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iowa, but up 12 points nationally. in the new poll from nbc news and the "wall street journal." that puts him just a few points behind donald trump. cruz and the party's front-runner have mostly been friendly. however, this weekend, trump took a few shots at his new challenger. >> i don't think he's qualified to be president. >> why not? >> because i don't think he has the right temperament. i don't think he's got the right judgment. >> what's wrong with his temperament? >> you look at the way he's dealt with the senate when he goes in there frankly like a little bit of a maniac. you are never going to get things done that way. >> the bigger battle may be between cruz and marco rubio who have been hitting each other for weeks now. here's marco rubio from "meet the press." >> my argument is it wasn't just the intelligence vote. he talks tough on some of these issues, for example, he's going to carpet bomb isis, but the only budget he's ever voted for in his time in the senate is a budget that cut defense spending
10:18 am
by more than barack obama proposes we cut it. my point is each time he's to to choose between strong national defense and some of the isolationist tendencies of american politics he seems to side with the isolationists. >> interestingly, it's not just candidates questioning cruz on national security but also some in the conservative media. their complaint that cruz is trying to please everyone all the time in the party when it comes to foreign policy. hard to do. nbc's hallie jackson is in las vegas. we know the maniac comment, it's kind of hilarious the way cruz fought back for this because he did so with a great bit of humor in the 1980s hit song "maniac" and the video, the dancer, but what's at stake for these candidates tomorrow night, especially for somebody, this new rise of ted cruz? >> reporter: yeah. there's a few things to look at here. we look at the people who are the top tier right now in the republican race. you have this trump versus cruz dynamic we are going to see likely play out tomorrow night, at least from trump's side. i don't know that cruz is going
10:19 am
to hit trump particularly hard on these personality aspects. cruz has made a point even like in that maniac tweet, he didn't come at donald trump. he sort of embraced it, talked about the good-hearted maniacs as he put out that video. i think that's what you will see from ted cruz tomorrow night unless donald trump turns to him directly and tries to engage him. ted cruz is not somebody who will disengage. the other battle is the one between cruz and rubio. when we talk about marco rubio, he tends to do well at these debates. his campaign after the last one was sort of touting this 4-0, like they are undefeated in debates but rubio and cruz will likely go at it as we have seen them do ever since the last debate over the last month, particularly on topics like immigration. expect to see ted cruz hit marco on that topic, the gang of eight as he would call it, senator cruz, the amnesty bill, and expect to see rubio hit cruz on topics like national security and cruz's votes on meta data. somebody who is preparing for a cruz versus rubio or trump versus cruz showdown, ben carson's campaign, the campaign
10:20 am
believes that carson will largely avoid any hits. carson has not typically risen to the top at the debates, he's stayed off the radar. now that he's having a steep decline in polls, down 18 points in the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, carson will probably not change his strategy. that's the guidance we are getting. >> hallie jackson in las vegas, thanks so much. msnbc anchor and political correspondent steve kornacki is in studio with me. let's talk about iowa first. that is the caucus that will come our way first. the polls from there reflect what? >> yeah. we will take a look. it's a bit of a conflicting message over the weekend, the big headline, ted cruz had pulled ahead in the des moines register poll out there in iowa, pulled ahead by ten points. of course, that poll typically called the gold standard poll. a lot of people looking at this and saying wow, cruz really consolidating the evangelical vote, really pulling ahead there. trump wasn't having any of it. he was questioning the motives of the poll fa takers. within the last hour, quinnipiac
10:21 am
found a different result. they have donald trump barely ahead of ted cruz. they also have cruz surging but they still have trump ahead by a point there. here's the interesting thing. we talked so much about the establishment versus the anti-establishment. the anti-establishment candidates being trump, being cruz. who will emerge from the establishment wing to challenge them. but the rise of ted cruz in iowa suggests a different possibility. i want to show you. say cruz were actually to pull ahead here and beat trump in iowa. take a look at the next state. the newest poll we have in new hampshire, that shows donald trump comfortably ahead right now. now take a look at this. this is the history. this is every party's open nomination in what they call the modern era of presidential politics. you look at all these races, democratic and republican, and they almost all have one thing in common. the eventual nominee, the one who emerged as the party's candidate, won one of those first two states. the only exception, here in 1992, that comes with a huge asterisk because tom harkin was
10:22 am
from iowa. iowa didn't really count that year. every other year, the nominees had to win one of the first two states. so if cruz wins iowa, and if trump wins new hampshire, this year, that's what the polls are suggesting is very possible -- >> i want to stop you. i want to see this closer. iowa is not the bellwether we think it could be? >> no, this suggests you need to win one of the first two. you get the momentum that takes place after the first two, the eventual nominee in every case here basically, won one of these first two states. if we are looking at a situation where cruz is potentially leading in iowa, where trump lieis leading in new hampshire, all this talk about the establishment will have the candidate that emerges to take on the anti-establishment wing, the first two states this year could produce anti-establishment candidates. you could have cruz and trump emerging from the first two and essentially if history is any guide, what that's telling us is the party may have to choose between cruz and trump. >> so it's going to be between
10:23 am
the guy that everybody loves to hate in the senate and the guy that everybody loves to hate for p.c. correctness of donald trump? >> two candidates with very few friends in the establishment. the establishment could find itself having to choose between them. >> we shall see. steve, thank you so much. when we come back, the jury of five men and three women will soon decide what role if any baltimore officer william porter played in the death of freddie gray. we are live outside the courthouse with more. is always blue. and the kids always eat their vegetables. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch. and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options.
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wfrom your cold & flu. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol® developing right now in baltimore, the defense is giving its closing arguments in the trial of officer william porter. porter being one of six officers facing charges in the death of freddie gray. earlier this morning, prosecutors spoke for a little over an hour giving its closing arguments, placing blame on porter and at one point, asking the jury quote, how long does it take to click a seat belt, and to click a radio to ask for a medic? nbc's luke russert is live in
10:27 am
baltimore for us. explain what we have been hearing from the defense in its closing argument. how they would defend porter's actions. >> reporter: what the defense is saying is look, what the prosecution is doing in this trial is they are speaking in theory. everything they are pushing forward is speculation. they have no concrete evidence that officer porter did in fact actively seek to injure and hurt freddie gray. the prosecution says hang on a second, how hard could it have been to click a seat belt and they also say look, as an officer, you took a duty to protect every single citizen within this city of baltimore. it is a great power that comes with great responsibility and that officer porter knew the rules, he failed to act. but what's very interesting about this case, there's not a lot of legal precedent for prosecuting a police officer for not acting. remember, porter didn't actively do anything to freddie gray as in injure him. the state's not trying to prove that. they are trying to prove that by
10:28 am
porter not acting, gray in fact ended up dying. the four charges that officer forter is facing, involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault, misconduct in office, endangerment. from listening to the closing arguments, that reckless endangerment might be the easiest one for the prosecution to prove in what they have available to them. but the defense also in the closing argument i heard before i came into this hit said something i thought was very poignant which is there's this national expectation that somebody has to go down for what happened to freddie gray. don't listen to that. focus in on the details of this case specifically. we all know what happened back in may but you have to make a judgment regarding just the facts. we will see if that jury of 12 can reach that. obviously a lot of eyes on this trial. >> absolutely. luke russert from baltimore, thank you. i appreciate it. coming up next, the major red flags that may have been
10:29 am
missed in the visa application process of the san bernardino shooter, tashfeen malik. still ahead, three years after the unthinkable tragedy at sandy hook elementary. the fight for gun control faces a troubling new statistic. details on that data coming up. the radiant glow of being in love.
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now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? for my pain, i want my aleve. check your sunday paper for extra savings on aleve. to developing news from the campaign trail. we're learning that a key huckabee campaign staffer is leaving the organization. msnbc hills political correspondent steve kornacki is digging around on this one. we were just talking about huckabee and the fact he was able to take iowa. this is not good news. >> that's right. this is not a good development for the huckabee campaign. alice stewart, his communications director, she was with him in his 2008 campaign, has been with him in this 2016 campaign, leaving the campaign. she's been his communications director. this was first reported we should say by fox news about an hour ago. this comes with huckabee failing
10:33 am
to reach expectations in this campaign. when it began he had won the iowa caucuses in 2008. a lot of expectations he would be the big candidate of evangelicals this time around. instead he finds himself, he will be shut out of this next debate tomorrow night, the second straight debate he hasn't met that very small polling threshold for. on top of that news this afternoon his communications director, long-time fixture at the organization, alice stewart, is leaving that campaign. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. protests over a deadly police shooting that happened over the weekend. police firing 33 times at nicholas robertson after they say he fired shots into the air and was endangering others. critics say the police response was excessive. police released this new surveillance video. they say the video shows robertson holding what appears to be a gun as he was walking moments before the shooting. >> he is handling the gun in an odd sort of way and he seems to be agitated.
10:34 am
>> nbc's blake mccoy joins me from l.a. blake, police firing 33 times at robertson. for a lot of people, how are police explaining that amount of fire power against one person? >> well, we should mention first, they fired 33 rounds, we don't know how many rounds actually hit robertson yet. i want to walk you through a few pieces of video here because this will tell the story. the first one is what made the local news on saturday night, cell phone video that got a lot of people in this community riled up. it is a little graphic so i do want to warn you. here you can see robertson walking off into the distance. this was taken by just a person in a store across the street. this is where you see the officers fire 33 times even after he's on the ground. police 24 hours later came out and said wait a minute, we have some surveillance video that gives a better idea of what really happened here. so they showed that video of him walking around appearing agitated and then take a look at this still photo, because this shows that when robertson was on
10:35 am
the ground, it appears he still has the gun in his hand. officers say that even when he was lying on the ground, he was pointing that weapon and there were women and children at that gas station, they were fearing for people's lives. he had fired that weapon a few times into the air before they arrived. so they said these new images show the true picture of what happened. >> blake mccoy reporting in los angeles, thank you. appreciate that. we turn now to the investigation of the san bernardino shooting and over the weekend, dive teams wrapped up their search of a lake not far from the site of the attack. they spent several days looking for any potential evidence, including a hard drive. investigators believed syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik may have dumped evidence in that lake close to the time they carried out the attacks. the department of environmental health services is open today for the first time since the shootings with temporary workers but the full-time staff remains on leave at this point. nbc's morgan radford joins me live from san bernardino.
10:36 am
did investigators say they found what they were looking for or anything, for that matter? >> reporter: well, they did. thomas, as you mentioned, they wrapped up their search of the lake but they did confirm that they did find a few items although they are not saying whether those items were in fact connected to this attack. they are hoping that they serve as evidence, shedding some light on what the killers knew and not only what they knew but also what other people knew, other people like enrique marquez. he's the young man who sold syed farook two of the five guns used in that attack. he's also the man who investigators say planned a 2012 attack with farook and after this one he posted an eerie facebook message saying quote, i'm very sorry, guys, it was a pleasure. even as all these questions percolate in the atmosphere, there seems to be a backlash against a local muslim community. there was a fire bomb against a mosque 90 miles up the road on friday, a 23-year-old man was arrested in connection with that attack. this man has been accused of a hate crime but when nbc went to
10:37 am
go speak to his parents, his parents said look, he's an adult. if he did this crime, he should be charged as such and we are not going to bail him out. they also said they believe he was influenced by social media. so a lot more questions today in san bernardino. thomas? >> morgan radford reporting in san bernardino, thank you. the u.s. visa program getting new scrutiny in the aftermath of the attack there in california. 7 the "new york times" reporting tashfeen malik passed three background checks before entering the u.s. on a fiancee visa. that's even though she reportedly openly talked about her views on violent jihad via social media. the white house saying this k-1 visa program quote is at a minimum worth a very close look, unquote. so what really could be the change here? msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber joins me now. ari, lot of people would say how could something so obvious be missed. >> absolutely. people would think facebook posts or social media are the kind of things anyone could access, not just security screeners. you remember when we were first reporting on this, figuring out
10:38 am
that she got into the country with the fiancee visa, one of the big questions then was would they even have had the kind of thing that would basically give you pause, a reason to reject her. now from all this reporting, we know that was out there, they just didn't catch it. but it is not that simple. law enforcement experts who spoke to the "new york times" as well as msnbc and our reporting on this say, i will read from a quote, tens of millions of people are cleared each year to come to the country to work, visit or live. it is impossible to conduct an exhaustive investigation and scour social media accounts of each of them. what we do know about her according to authorities is the posts she did make that would have given us pause, well, they were made under a pseudonym anyway. >> so speaking to the legality of what law enforcement is allowed to do in terms of seeing what could be suspicious or not, where do they stand on that? >> what i can tell you is this is one of the most stringent programs we do have. you have multiple in-person
10:39 am
screenings, interviews with dhs, a sealed number of documents that you have to carry into the country. this is not the easiest way to get into the country. it is one of the hardest ways. to your country, it's obviously got to get harder if we have people coming in through this program who are able to commit these kind of murderous acts. so what you are looking at is a question of whether some certain visa applications can be flagged for social media screening or some more robust process. i can tell you, it's easy to politic on this issue, on the law and the visa programs. our experts are telling us if you wanted to actually check everyone's internet profile you would literally halt all programs. they have to find a middle ground. >> it speaks to the intent of a naturally born american and what they are looking for, and how you then seek through that person's background to figure out why they would go ahead and do this. you know what i mean? there's responsibility on farook's part. >> absolutely. >> seeking out a wife that has this.
10:40 am
>> i will say briefly, we have had a program under law that has fast-tracked people because they were fiances of americans. you can understand why we had that preference. that needs to be reassessed. >> thank you. appreciate it. when we come back, sandy hook, virginia tech, san bernardino. are mass shootings america's new normal? to try? before earning enough cash back from bank of america to stir up the holidays, before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store, even before they got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through, daniel, vandi, and sarah decided to use their bank americard cash rewards credit card to sweeten the holiday season. that's the spirit of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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three years after the sandy hook school massacre, startling new information today on gun violence. a stunning 71% of americans believe that shootings and random acts of violence are now a permanent part of american life. this is according to a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. for some families of the sandy hook victims, including the mother of 6-year-old dylan hockley, nothing about this kind of violence should be considered the norm. she spoke with our own kate snow about it. >> people are starting to think that this is typical, that this is the normal way of life in
10:44 am
america. there is nothing normal about these kinds of shootings. the problem is that people feel hopeless and helpless as to what they can do about it. >> new york's governor and senior senator are proposing a plan to help tackle gun violence. msnbc anchor, political correspondent steve kornacki is here with the details on this. explain what chuck schumer and the governor andrew cuomo are up to. >> they are both saying that they want their state and other states to be able to access this federal terror watch list. basically to use that list when their state is giving out gun licenses so that they can consider whether somebody is on this list in giving out the license. so that's their idea what this grows out of is the broader reality that congress right now is not going to do this at the federal level. there's no sign that congress nationally will take that federal terror watch list and say you can't get a gun if you're on this list. states in turn like new york may be now looking for ways to take this upon themselves. interesting point that governor cuomo made this morning to talk
10:45 am
about this, interesting point he made was more broadly speaking when it comes to the idea of getting gun control measures passed, he said there are a lot of states that are looking to do measures on their own right now but he doesn't think it's really going to make that much much a difference unless it comes federally. >> i don't know frankly that a state by state response is going to work. i have the toughest gun laws in the country and i have guns coming in every day from the southern states. it doesn't stop someone from getting in a car and driving a few hours and filling up the trunk full of guns. it actually makes the guns more valuable when they bring them in. this is going to have to be a national response. i don't see what else president obama could have done. i think this frankly, the new terrorism which is going to create a new normal for this country, i think that's going to be the piece that actually moves public opinion. >> thomas, that last point he made there is interesting
10:46 am
because people have said on this three-year anniversary of sandy hook if the killing of 20 children didn't move congress, didn't move the political system to act, what possibly could. the governor saying he thinks the reality of more san bernardino style terrorist attacks in this country with guns will. >> also, we can't forget what happened to gabbi giffords in 2011. if one of their own colleagues can almost be assassinated at a supermarket and we go on to what happened in sandy hook, what is going to get their attention, if anything. steve, thanks so much. appreciate that. colin godard joins me now, a survivor of the virginia tech mass shooting, senior policy advocate for every town for gun safety. the violence of paris and san bernardino is just the latest of what we have been covering and talking about for years now, but obviously, the country is focused on this terror threat, the gun violence threat. we have the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll saying 29% of those surveyed say they feel worried that they or a loved one will be the victim of a terrorist attack.
10:47 am
governor cuomo said terrorism may move the needle on guns. but you have been doing the hard work on the ground about this. what's your reaction to these latest numbers? >> these latest numbers show that americans think this is a problem and are really upset that our national policy makers have done nothing. just this past weekend, over 10,000 americans gathered at over 100 different events in almost every single state and rallied wearing orange saying we can end gun violence. it was one of the largest mobilizations on the gun violence prevention movement we have seen in decades. it shows that there is a desire amongst the public to have something done. so the fact that congress cannot get their act together and make some progress is incredibly disheartening. that's why states have taken action. we have seen a lot of progress on that level as congress has sat idly by and done nothing. that's how this issue will continue to evolve until we have major elections in washington, d.c. to show people that you cannot just vote with the nra anymore. this is not a winning political
10:48 am
issue as it used to be. this thing is changing. >> when we look at this poll, it also found 71% of americans believe that shootings are now a permanent part of american life. do you think that we are getting desensitized as a people to what gun violence means and what is the idea of gun reform, because it seems as if people that talk about it, it becomes less and less popular with each tragedy we cover. >> if you are going to ask -- if you use big terminology like more gun control, the country's really split because those are vague terms. if you ask the country should we require a criminal background check before a gun is sold to somebody? then 90% of us agree yes. so that's what i think the problem was for most americans. the problem with me before i got shot was i assumed we did everything we could to keep guns from dangerous people. i was shocked to learn something as simple as a criminal background check is not standard. the public think is becoming educated to the weak gun laws we have and are seeing the nra continually trying to dismantle
10:49 am
basic public safety laws and at the local level, are standing up and saying this is insane. we cannot keep going down this direction. it's going to take some time for that momentum to continue to build, to really give meaningful change we need in congress. >> meanwhile, do you think the local level is the way to go? it seems as if there is not sympathetic movement from folks in congress that want to get this done. but locally, there seems to be a willingness to move the needle on it. >> absolutely. we know that in the 18 states that do background checks on all gun sales, for example, that we have almost half fewer women killed by domestic partners with firearms. we have almost half fewer law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty without guns that aren't their own and we have almost half fewer suicides with firearms. so on a local level, that this does matter but just as governor cuomo said, unless every state is held to the same standard it allows for guns to be trafficked. we really need that national federal approach to reduce gun violence and easy accessibility
10:50 am
to all sorts of dangerous people in order to make this nation the safer country that we all so badly want and so badly deserve. >> colin goddard, nice to see you. thank you. >>you. >> thanks. still ahead, the global fall yut of donald trump's anti-muslim rhetoric. could it have an impact on the bottom line? we'll take you to dubai for the answer on that one. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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10:53 am
donald trump has triggered global backlash from pundits and critics alike with the controversial plan to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. and outrage circulating in the business leaders of the middle east synonymous with the unique brand of over the top luxury. cnbc's hadley gamble reports from dubai. hadley? >> reporter: thomas, the fallout of donald trump's comments continued here in dubai over the weekend with one saudi prince calling him a disgrace to america and businesses here looking to cut ties with his
10:54 am
billion-dollar brand. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: just days after his controversial remarks were criticized by rival candidates, there are now questions over just how much they'll hurt his bottom line. >> how's my hair look in. >> reporter: after years of hawking everything from luxury real estate to his own children, some of his international part nerls are now seeing red. dub dubai's landmark group said they're removing all trump products and another property seems uncertain about whether all the hype will help or hurt their sales. now, this is the project that's marketed as the beverly hills of dubai complete with a trump golf course. as of late last week, the local developer removed all trace of trump logo.
10:55 am
>> i was looking and listening. more than 20 times. i said, i didn't think he mean what he's saying, you know? >> reporter: this man was initially a trump supporter. but he says the candidate's attitude could encourage isis and create big problems for his ventures across the muslim world. >> this is what like isis wants. isis want fueling, fueling and mr. trump is fueling them against all of us. >> reporter: given the comments we heard from mr. trump, would you say that the trump name is bad for dubai? >> i don't think anybody associate the trump name and lot of company and not only here as business in turkey, and indonesia, and indonesia, the biggest islamic country in the world. so i mean imagine he has business here and there these people, will take and throw everything out. >> reporter: of course, dubai is known for glitz and glamour and
10:56 am
a gateway to the middle east, africa, subcontinent and asia and home to hundreds of millions of muslims and for them it's clear that donald trump hasn't done himself any favors. for msnbc, i'm hadley gamble in dubai. >> thank you. president obama makes the case for his plan to fight isis. is there enough to quiet the critics? we take you live to the white house at the top of the hour. and then under 50 days until iowa caucuses and the gop field in las vegas for the next debate. will we see a substantial debate or less in will the field turn into two front-runners of a battle on the stage between donald trump and ted cruz? we take you live to las vegas. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound]
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11:00 am
of isis saying you're next. the president's rare visit to the pentagon today marking the pointed remarks and announcement of defending defense secretary cart tore the middle east. the goal here is to gain more support of coalition partners to defeat the islamic state. >> more people are seeing isil for the thugs and killers and thieves that we are. we have seen others that have executed and been executed and the reign of brutality continues to repel local populations and fuel the refugee crisis. >> there's president obama acknowledging isis' brutality saying defeating them won't be easy. >> this continues to be a difficult fight. as i said before, isil is dug in including in urban areas and they hide behind civilians using defenseless men, women and children as human shields. >> want to begin with nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker from washington,
11:01 am
d.c. talk about the accomplishments of what president obama wanted to do today, not only the update of what the white house strategy is. >> reporter: the optics were so important here, thomas. president obama's main goal today was to reassure jittery american public, particularly heading into the christmas holiday and coming in the wake of the paris and san bernardino attacks, he also wanted to answer his critics who say that he hasn't been tough against isis so what you heard today was a robust defense of the administration's strategy toward defeating isis and you heard the president argue that he has, in fact, ramped up that strategy that there have been more air strikes, taken out more of isis' leaders and fighters and they have really squeezed isis at its heart. take a listen to a little bit more of what he had to say today. >> we're hitting isil harder than ever. aircraft, fighters, drones increasing the pace of air strikes. nearly 9,000 as of today. >> reporter: what you're going the see for the rest of the
11:02 am
week, thomas, is more of this sort of full-court press, a she of force coming from this administration. tomorrow he will be swearing in to u.s. citizens 31 immigrants on thursday he's going to visit the national counterterrorism center to get an update there on the threat assessment for the quote/unquote homeland. so this is really about the optics, about answering critics and defending the president's strategy as you know there are a lot of lawmakers, a lot of candidates on the campaign trail saying there needs to be more u.s. forces in iraq, in syria. the administration has said they're not open to a new ground war in the middle east. like the ones that we saw during iraq and afghanistan. however, the president has sent more special opinionps forces to the region in recent weeks saying that's a strategy that's working. thomas? >> kristen, thanks so much. we want to go to jim miklaszewski at the pentagonment let's talk about what stood out to you from the remarks today
11:03 am
happening right there. the pentagon press briefing room. >> reporter: president obama was roundly criticized before giving a sunday evening oval office address on the war against isis and not providing anything new and not much new today either, at least out of the president or any military officials. this was pretty much getting an update. you know, reviewing the bidding on when's working, when's not working, what can be accelerated. although just a week ago, before the senate armed services committee, less than a week ago, secretary ash carter told that committee when asked if there was anything new that the u.s. military or he was looking at to accelerate the progress there against the war against isis, in the war against isis, he said, look, if i had anything new i would be doing it. so i think it was an attempt by the president to once again try to assure the american public as commander in chief he is sitting
11:04 am
down with his leadership, military leadership, defense leadership, and they are doing all that they can possibly do for the time being in their efforts to defeat isis. >> only time will tell. i understand coming to another point sergeant biobergdahl, you have a development about his case moving forward. >> reporter: charges handed down by the convening authority in this case it was general robert abrams so he forwarded the charges against bo bergdahl for walking away from his base in afghanistan in june of 2009. he's been charged with desertion and a second charge carries a potential life sentence if convicted. now those charges have been referred to court-martial so any attempts to try to get the charges reduced or, in fact, dismissed altogether have
11:05 am
failed. and according to his attorney, those charge, that order was handed to bo bergdahl at the location at fort sam houston in texas earlier today and eugene fidel the attorney said we expect no remarks or comments from bergdahl himself, thomas. >> meanwhile, people listening to him, ready for round two of the serial podcast next thursday. i think people over the weekend probably refresh their memories of that story about bergdahl and this is the first time in his own words. >> reporter: that's right. military officials point out that in that podcast he said he abandoned the base because it was in such bad shape and the leadership was so poor that he feared for the safety of his fellow soldiers and he was going to go to another base 18 miles away to sort of blow the whistle on the conditions at this
11:06 am
outpost there in afghanistan. but soldiers who were there and other military officials remind us that when he left that base decreasing the number of trigger pullers, those who protect the fellow soldiers at that base by one, he, in fact, put his fellow soldiers at risk and put them at greater risk when they conducted operations in an attempt to find him so this is a hard, tough trial for all of those involved. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thank you jur pentagon, thank you. we have a new challenger to the trump juggernaut emerging. ted cruz. he is up in the the latest poll. one point we hind donald trump. willen to this, though. donald trump had some words for cruz on sunday. >> i don't think he's qualified
11:07 am
to be president. >> why not? >> because i don't think he has the right temperament. i don't think he's got the right judgment. >> what's wrong with his temperament? >> look at the way he's dealt with the senate going in there like a -- frankly, like a little bit of a maniac. never going to get things done that way. >> trump is just the late toast take aim at cruz. here's marco rubio on "meet the press" criticizing cruz on the views of security. >> not just the intelligence vote. he talks tough on some of the issues, for example, carpet bomb isis, but the only budget he's ever voted for his time in the senate cut defense spending by more than barack obama proposing. each time he has to choose between strong national defense and the isolationist tend den sys, we seems to side with the
11:08 am
isolationi isolationi isolationists. >> i want to start with katy tur in las vegas, the site of the debate for tomorrow night. before talking about that debate, i understand you have some new information about trump and his medical records, that release. >> reporter: his sterling medical records as donald trump would say. his doctor released a short report and no issues in the past year. in fact, lost 15 pounds. the physical strength is, quote, his physical strength and stamina, quote, extraordinary and will be the healthiest person ever elected to the presidency. he fulfilled that promise just a few minutes ago. >> is that a health record, katy? >> reporter: well, it is a summary from his doctor. frankly, sounds almost like donald trump wrote it himself. >> yes. so let's talk about what we expect tomorrow from the debate. donald trump right in the middle but ted cruz is going to be on his side.
11:09 am
is that where we expect the most fireworks or is it coming from other portions of that stage? >> reporter: i want say it is where we expect the fireworks but then again predicted that in the past debates, maybe trump versus carson or rubio, we haven't seen that many fireworks and we'll have to see tomorrow because, frankly, trump keeps his plans close to the vest and i don't think he thinks about what he'll do until the moment he's going to do it. then again, we have seen a bit of fireworks between the two and told by the campaign the attacks if you will, will be escalating today over the day tonight and the rally today in las vegas and most part trump is relatively tame towards cruz in comparison to others and calling him a maniac in congress for the way that he can't seem to get away with people and questioning southersu subtly his religion and saying not a lot of evangelicals come from cuba. we'll have to see what he comes out with today.
11:10 am
it is up in the air, thomas. you never know with him sigh that gondola singing? >> reporter: it is. >> yeah. >> reporter: you think we're in vegas. we are in venice. >> you lost the fur. it is getting warmer. >> reporter: i got on a plane, all the way to italy. >> we can hearing the singing. gorgeous. apples to apples, coming to these medical records, this is not something that other presidential candidates have released when it comes to official medical records? >> reporter: others have released more detailed records in the past. but it's not required that they do so. presidents released much more detailed -- getting louder. presidents release much more detailed records in office and candidates are not required to release them. this is donald trump fulfilling an expectation but not going necessarily above and beyond to fulfill it. >> okay. waiting to see official medical records opposed to a note about
11:11 am
weight loss. >> reporter: we don't have blood pressure or anything. you're right. but it's strength and stamina. >> katy tur in las vegas, appreciate that. i want to go to political correspondent steve kornacki joining us and trump received, steve, a lot of blowback on the comments of ted cruz and what are you hearing? >> her's a new development worth keeping an eye on just in the last hour. someone who's been one of trump's most influential allies as he's risen to the top of the polls, may now be turning on him because of his attacks on ted cruz and talking about the radio host rush limbaugh. rush limbaugh's show is going on as we speak. he made some comments just a few minutes ago about donald trump and working to turn the audio around on that and i can fill you in on the basics of what he said. basically limbaugh listened to trump about cruz over the weekend and very upset with it. he said what trump said in saying that cruz didn't know how
11:12 am
to work well in the senate. he said this is no different, limbaugh's words here, no different than the democratic party would say, i mean, this is what the republican establishment would say, for crying out loud and goes on to say that trump is essentially putting on his john mccain hat here. he calls him donald mccain. that's a derogatory thing for him to say. no fan of john mccain. one of the leading voices outside the republican establishment who has been urging republican voters, urging conservatives across the country to turn on the establishment and all year donald trump gotten into one controversy after another, rush limbaugh has been there to back him up. most recently, just last week over the call to ban muslims coming into the country and now with rush limbaugh turning on ted cruz and the way he's turning on him, rush limbaugh a guy with an audience of millions of republican rye maprimarily v earls seems to be turning on
11:13 am
trump today. >> thank you. we'll take you live to charm city, that courthouse for the closing arguments that happened today. give you an update from that. warning signs missed. what may have slipped through the cracks as malik sought entry into the u.s. and twitter issues its first-ever warning of a possible state-sponsored hack. coming up. today people are coming out to the nation's capital to support an important cause that can change the way you live
11:14 am
for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges® so wi got a job!ews? i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies.
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11:16 am
we have breaking legal news to report about bill cosby taking new legal action against the accusers. he is suing seven of them accused him of misconduct for defamation and other claims. the comedian says the women, quote, knowingly published false statements and accusations about him. the reps have denied that he
11:17 am
ever drugged or had non-consensual sexual interaction with anyone and never been charged with a crime. msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber joins me with a development on this. the update, a reverse legal action. >> this is. counter claims. we literally just got this in the newsroom moments ago. he is answering and denying these claims against him. it's defamation suit of several women but what's new here, thomas, brand new is he's going beyond that and basically asserting counter claims including interference, that's legal jargon for the idea that it interfered with contracts of work he was going to do and raising eyebrows emotional distress of all defendants. he is saying the women who have been accusing him of sexual
11:18 am
assault actually unlawfully caused him emotional distress. let me repeat, a new counter claim of bill kozdy and he is suing these women, several of them, back saying that the statements about him he alleges to be false and knowingly so caused him emotional distress, thomas. a counter claim given the number of accusers will cause a lot of interest. having said that, we'll note that up to this point in time legally he's never been indicted or found guilty of any criminal wrongdoing in the assorted cases. >> coming to the counter suit, how does this process move forward? is this something that they can mediate outside of a courtroom depending on which woman is actually involved in the legal action? how they choose to modulate the legal proceedings? >> claims are going back and forth and i'm told while we're talking and gloria allred who
11:19 am
represents as an attorney several women accusing cosby and not the women in this particular civil suit in massachusetts but gloria joins us on the phone now k. you hear us? >> yes, i can. hi. how are you? >> you're familiar with the issues. your response here to bill cosby's counter claim saying that the women defamed him and caused him emotional distress, your response? >> well, bill cosby does appear to be going to war against the women that sued him in massachusetts and allege he's victimized him there and although i do not represent the women in that case i do believe that in general that such a tactic is not going to deter courageous women from fighting the battle against him. as i'm sure you know, i do represent 29 women but only 1 in a lawsuit in california. the one i represent is judy huss alleges in the lawsuit she was 15 years old when she was
11:20 am
victimized by mr. cosby at the playboy mansion. that case is proceeding. with e did take mr. cosby's deposition. we're not permitted to speak about that deposition at this point. >> and, gloria, in your view, given this new information that he's counter suing on these multiple claims, for our viewers, put in context, what is your view of a counter claim like this of emotional distress caused by these what he says are false accusations. >> well, i mean, first of all, he is going to have to prove that, in fact, that the statements they made about him are defamatory. nrd in other words, that they're false and in addition, he's going to have to prove other elements of defamation that they accuse him of a crime. that, in fact, and in fact that his reputation has been hurt by it. that's damaged. so, you know, it's not surprise to me that he would file that in that case.
11:21 am
where he is being accused of very serious sexual misconduct in the lawsuit. and you know, he's fighting back. he is fighting back hard. i mean, we don't -- i mean, we wouldn't expect anything less from mr. cosby who is under attack. >> thank you for joining us here on a busy day. thomas, back the you, again, the headline being a response of bill cosby not only the denial of many of these allegations with regard to the defamation suit, but counter claims against some of these women in this case and suing in massachusetts regarding the back and forth civil claims so an interesting development here in a case that's gotten a lot more attention has time has gone and number of accusers has increased in the public eye. >> very interesting. we reached out to the attorney for bill cosby and their legal course of action and bringing it to you here when we have it. ari melber, thank you, sir.
11:22 am
also our thanks to gloria allred. developing news from court in baltimore. closing arguments wrapping up in the first of six trials in the death of freddie gray. officer william porter is first officer to stand trial and faces several charges in the death of the 25-year-old. nbc's luke russert is in baltimore. luke, talk about the deliberations? when will the jury get the case? >> reporter: so the case is, in fact, with the jury. everything is wrapped up. and deliberations will move forward. today were closing arguments and i was in there to listen to as much as i could. i'll give you the prosecution first. prosecution is saying that officer porter by not acting, by not clicking the seat belt, not quick enough to call for medical help was acting in a criminal manner, that those actions, in fact, led to harm upon freddie
11:23 am
gray and that he should be held accountable for that. four charges pending. involuntarily manslaughter, second-degree assault, misconduct in office. the defense says, hold on a second. what are we doing here? we can't prosecute a police officer for inaction. there's very little legal precedent for that. not to mention the idea of clicking somebody into that belt, that was a newer regulation put forward by the baltimore police that not every officer was totally understanding of at that specific moment. also, the case laid out by the state is all theory. it is all speculation. there's no concrete evidence that shows that officer porter was willfully trying to hurt freddie gray. that's what jurors have to figure out is the decision between those two mind-sets. i can tell you, thomas, that while there's not a lot of protest today, there's tension in the air. so much so that if there is a decision that comes this week, the head of the baltimore police
11:24 am
officers, he, in fact, said no more leave if you're scheduled to be on leave, be at the position. trying to take preeffortive steps in case there's protests like may that got out of hand real quickly, thomas. >> nbc's luke russert, thank you very much. i appreciate it. coming up next, twitter issuing its first-ever hack alert. the security warning sent to certain users. music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub ♪ ♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch!
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11:27 am
major warning now to some twitter users about a possible cyber hack. frances rivera here with more on that. what do people need to know? >> you should know if you've been hacked. this is state-sponsored hackers and twitter said they may have tried to obtain sensitive information. it's twitter's first-ever warning of its kind to users. cal perry is senior editor of
11:28 am
video and graphic content. now twitter's turn. >> as well as twitter. came out on friday. people got e-mails and tracking down as many people as we can. security people, journalists, some activists. we understand from twitter a very small number of people but they're saying, twitter, potentially state sponsored. taking it very seriously. the information that people are going after, your phone number, e-mail address, connected to your twitter account. this is the first time state-sponsored hackers targeting social media. >> over or the threat over or could possibly other people, somebody at home get hacked and then twitter reaches out? >> we don't know. twitter is cagey with the basics and they don't want to let people know how they know, how they have gotten the information and trying to stay on top of it. >> you don't have to wonder if they let you know. cal perry, appreciate it. at least they're doing that proactively. if you've been hacked, twitter is letting you know that. >> thank you very much.
11:29 am
and for everybody coming up, hillary clinton versus the gop. we have got new polling that demonstrates how republicans fare against the democratic front-runner. so who's the best match up? i'll talk about that and more with howard dean. also ahead for everybody, warning signs missed. what may have slipped through the cracks as malik sought entry to the united states. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
11:30 am
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11:32 am
any moment hillary clinton is expected to speak at a pro-immigration conference here in new york just over the river from here in brooklyn. one of several top name democrats speaking at the immigration integration conference. look at this. hillary clinton increasing the lead over sanders leading by 9 points in iowa. joining me now, howard dean, former dnc chair and governor of vermont and endorsed hillary clinton. governor, good to have you with
11:33 am
me. >> thanks for having me on. >> absolutely. looking at the new numbers, should the democrats just already call it for hillary clinton? she's pretty much sown it up and bernie sanders, while a great fighter, is just not going to be able to take iowa. >> i think hillary clinton will be the last person to agree to something like that. look. i'm smiling as you introduced me because i remember well iowa. i'm actually going to i want to to campaign for hillary for a couple of days. anything can happen. we're almost 60 days out. we have a long, long -- 50 days out. we have a long, long way to go here and i don't think anybody's going to take anything for granted. >> talking about iowa when you ran for president? >> i certainly am. it's a memorable place. >> remind all of us about what you're thinking of about iowa, what it means to you, how you know the dynamics of what that first in the nation caucus state means to all candidates.
11:34 am
>> it means a lot. obviously, proved for those who are lesser known that they can get over the hill if they do well. but the most important thing about iowa's organization. polls don't mean as much as you might think that are. if you don't have a great organization on the ground to get every one of the identified voters you found to the caucus, it doesn't matter. you can expect hillary in 50 days or so to really, really work hard at making sure every voter gets to the caucus and not doing that, the polls are meaningless. >> you make a great point about the ground game and show everybody with the new poll. the hypothetical matchups against the four different republicans and we have a hillary clinton beating a donald trump. also beating a ted cruz when's having a surge in iowa right now and loses to ben carson and marco rubio. first, let's get you on marco rubio. why do you think the establishment candidate of
11:35 am
senator rubio is such a contender against a hillary clinton? >> well, right now, what marco rubio and ben carson who are two pretty different candidates share in common is nobody really knows them, understands them. rubio walked back the more right-wing stances. ben carson is soft spoken, not really out there except for a few fairly outrageous statements and i don't think the electorate has an idea of rubio and ben carson are like. and i think it should either win the nomination i don't expect ben carson to do that. marco could. you would see different polls. right now hillary's got to focus on the primaries and caucuses and that's what she is doing. >> how do you think hillary clinton's been using the less attention from the media time on her side? so much attention is paid to what donald trump says and does. is that a disservice to the candidates on the left of trying
11:36 am
to get them sharper, smarter, faster for not just the primary season but for what comes in the general? >> no. i think bernie's provided a very good challenge to hillary, made her a better candidate. i can tell you that they're so focused on the states. with unthing hi one thing hillary is doing is the organization. she is used this time to be on the ground talking to people and be in iowa this week. she's been in new hampshire i think 18 or 20 times. you know? having not so much attention in the immediate why's not a bad thing getting to do the work you're suppose to among voters and connect with voters and what they're all about. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me on. >> absolutely. with a deep dive, i want to check in with steve kornacki standing by and i understand donald trump not pleased with the latest polls and likes being at the top. >> that is putting it mildly,
11:37 am
thomas. donald trump lashing out at a new poll showing him falling 10 points behind ted cruz in iowa. the poll released over the weekend puts ted cruz at 31%. donald trump back at 21%. trump then tweeting that the poll which is generally considered the gold standard poll in iowa, he says it is biassed and not to be trusted. and campaign manager says that the poll does not account for all of the new voters that trump is exciting. >> we bring new people in and that's what the polls don't understand. people that never participated in the process are coming out on a saturday or friday night and sending four or six hours with us to learn about the message, make america great again. >> that was trump's campaign manager. is there anything to his claim? i'm joined by the woman that conducted that poll, j. ann seltzer. let's ask you about that issue
11:38 am
of the campaign. it's sort of depends on pollsters trying to figure out who's going to make up this republican electorate in iowa. as i say, your poll's known as the gold standard, a poll out there in iowa. how do you decide who is and isn't likely to vote in these caucuses? >> well, we cast a wide net. we don't look at a list of people who caucused before or people who have voted in primaries before and decide that that's a narrow universe from which the caucus coming public is going to be. we look across the board. this is the method used in the final poll in 2007 just ahead of the 2008 caucus that showed us that 60% of the people who were going to show up on the democratic side would be first-time caucus goers and the entrance poll said 57%. we were very close. we have a good track record of actually being able to identify those first-time caucus goers. >> that's an interesting point.
11:39 am
i have heard people supporting trump make the comparison to barack obama in iowa and the total number of par tis paints almost doubled in iowa and you guys picked up on that. >> that's right. we picked up on it. nobody could believe it at the time and then it turned out to be true. we are using the same method. same method of august when trump led our poll. so, to the extent we are not introducing any change that would have biassed in a particular way. >> so tell us when's behind the cruz surge then. i guess from your last poll to the new one at 31% in first place now, that's a record for you guys and haven't seen a 21-point jump like that before. when's the key to ted cruz's surge in iowa? >> that's right. unprecedented in the caucus polling. what i observe is putting together the pieces of a puzzle and things are starting to coa les.
11:40 am
he has a big lead, 45% of people that consider themselves mainly, define themselves as evangelical conservative voters. well, that's a big number. they tend to turn out in disproportionately large numbers and working an organization to put together a group of people who then can be strong around him and comes at the expense of ben carson and to the extent he's faltered in the polling, cruz has gained. >> all right. ann seltzer from des moines, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> thomas? >> thank you, steve. we want to talk about the san bernardino shooting suspects. the fbi analyzing items recovered from the search of the lake not far from the scene of the shootings themselves. dive teams spent several days looking for potential evidence in this investigation. investigators believe the attackers farook and malik may have dumped evidence in the lake. morgan ratford following the
11:41 am
latest in san bernardino. morgan, what do we know about what they found? have they told us yet? >> reporter: they haven't said, thomas. we do know that they conclude d their search and won't specify whether or not the items actually related to this attack. but something else did happen this weekend. "the new york times" reported that tashfeen malik passed three separate background checks before emigrating to the united states and before anyone realized he poised on social media before about the support of violent jihad. now, this, of course, thomas, leave it is department of homeland security in a pretty sticky situation raising some thorny questions. one, should the social media postings be considered definitive evidence? secondly, should they be included in a visa application or background check in the first place? and all this is happening now, thomas, while here in california and specifically san bernardino there's been a backlash against the muslim communities. for example, there was a fire
11:42 am
bomb at a local mosque 90 miles away and 23-year-old man was arrested accused of a hate crime and when nbc went to speak to his parents they said, look, he is an adult and if he did this, we are not bailing him out so a lot of tension here as a local community here in san bernardino continues to raise money for the san bernardino victims but also wondering if they're going to be the target of a terrorist attack themselves. thomas? >> morgan, thank you. so, we have a question for you. ask santa for a drone for christmas? what do you get? well, we'll talk about these new regulations that have been announced by the faa that may mess up your christmas list. also ahead, the force goes to quhood. look at this tent. preparations for the world remere and the prep praarations tent span blocks of hollywood boulevard.
11:43 am
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11:46 am
in the air. the faa just announcing new regulations today for recreational drones, must be registered in a national database and faa with the database a week from today. nbc's tom costello has more. tom? >> reporter: good afternoon. this is what we've been waiting, this announcement of who should register drones, when and how and the word is essentially everybody who owns a drone, you have one now or going to give one over the holidays or get one over the holidays. if it's half a pound or larger, up to 55 pounds, it must be registered with the f a a. larger than that, it falls into a different category and registered anyway. if you're 13 years of age or older, you must register the drone as well. here's how it will work. you go to or perhaps another url that they'll unveil in the next week or so and put in your name, your physical address and your e-mail address. that's it.
11:47 am
not asking for social security or anything like that. they simply want enough information so that if that drone crashes in restricted air space, an airport, for example, or the white house lawn or a sporting event, anywhere where it's illegal to fly a drone, they can then track that owner of that drone and then say, hey, do you know the rules? and you may or may not be subject to a penalty. the penalty by the way right now for flying a drone in restricted air space is $1,100. so far, the faa reporting getting about 100 reports of pilots every month, 100 reports of drones coming a little bit too close to planes. as you may or may not know, you are required to keep and fly a drone at least five miles away from an airport and no higher than 400 feet and we have nearly daily reports of the rules violated usually because the owner/operator don't know the rules and now if faa this is enough of a concern, enough of a
11:48 am
threat to aviation safety requiring all drones to be registered. again, the registration process opens a week from today and asking anybody with a drone to register it online within two months. back to you. >> dpod to know. tom, thank you. all right. break out your light sabers. the seventh film in the "star wars" will premier in three wills los theaters tonight. so they have blocked off four blocks of hollywood boulevard. fans are already lined up the see the next chapter about a story in a galaxy far, far away. these fans have to wait until the 18th when the national premier happens. tonight just for insiders. the hollywood premier, yeah, having it at the chinese theater. three different theaters for all the celebs considered the largest film premier ever. red 97! set! red 97!
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update on the breaking news out of baltimore. the jury deliberating and the first of six trials in the death of freddie gray. officer william porter faces several charges in connection with gray's death. but again, the jurors have been given the case and deliberations have begun. breaking nulls out of maryland where the fbi arrested a man suspected of providing support to isis. justice correspondent pete williams following that story for us. what more do you know about the arrest? >> reporter: good day. the fbi said they've been monitoring this man in baltimore. 30 years old from edge, maryland. basically, what the fbi says here is that over a period of months he was receiving money, wired to him from someone in
11:53 am
egypt, almost $9,000. and that the money was to be used for he thought this was a person who was associated with isis and that the money was being sent to him for, quote, operational purposes. the fbi says that in february he pledged his allegiance to isis, said that his soul was over there, meaning over in syria with the jihadists. and that he later said in a message to his brother that he had a desire to die as a martyr for isis. now, there's no suggestion here, thomas, he planned an attack in the u.s. but charge is material support of terrorism and the fbi said he received this money and lied about it. >> pete williams in d.c. thank you very much. so as we look at the calendar, it is hard to believe that it's been three years since the mass shooting at sandy hoo , elementary school in newtown,
11:54 am
connecticut. since then 554 children under 12 have been shot and killed either in intentionally or accidentally. my colleague kate snow joins me now from washington with more on this. kate, i know you had an extreme opportunity to talk with the parents of sandy hook of the reflections and feelings and when they watch the news of other incidents of gun violence. >> yeah. difficult conversation, thomas. i covered the story three years ago. i stood outside that school. i can't forget the pain of that day. and that's just as a reporter. imagine losing a child, it's unfathomable. i spoke with two parents. one who lost his son daniel and one who lost her son dylan and talked about how they're going on vacation today. try to get away on this anniversary. and i asked them, how they want all of us to remember it. >> do you mark the day in any way or just another day?
11:55 am
>> hug your kids, get through it. >> yeah. we have marked the way in different ways in the past. the first year we threw seashells into the ocean and written a note and a name on each one. i don't know what we're going to do this year. but, you know, it is about remembering our children. those that we have lost. and focusing on those that we still have. and also, you know, remembering everyone else when's been lost and the beauty lost along the way and then resolving our commitment to make change. >> both nicole and mark, thomas, advocates out there fighting for not only gun control and for changes to the mental health system. thomas? >> kate snow, kate, we look forward to more of that conversation coming up from your show. she will have more of that conversation with the parents from sandy hook in the next hour
11:56 am
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you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. afternoon, everyone. i'm kate snow. live from washington, d.c. today. 49 days until the iowa caucuses and just over 24 hours to the next gop debate. and republican candidates are headed to las vegas ahead of tomorrow night's big showdown. it could be an interesting one with ted cruz looking to knock donald trump out of a top spot in the polls. latest nbc news/"wall street journal" shows trump still on top. in fact, his support increased but the gap between him and secretary of defense place finisher ted cruz is shrinking and trump is taking aim at his closest rival. >> i don't think he has the right temperament. i don't think he's got the right judgment. >> what's wrong with his temperament?
12:00 pm
>> you look at the way he's dealt with the senate where he's gone in will like -- frankly, a little bit like a maniac. you'll never get things done that way. >> cruz brushed off trump's latest attack tweeting a clip of "maniac" from "flashdance" and both behind coming the a head to head matchup against democratic front-runner hillary clinton. here to break down all of the latest poll numbers, msnbc's steve kornacki. >> an interesting development this afternoon has to do with the comments donald trump made about ted cruz over the weekend calling him a little bit of a maniac, questioned how he behaved in the senate. rush limbaugh who defended donald trump, really helped to support donald trump rising to the top of the polls, he did not like the comments. he went on the radio show this afternoon and really first time thisam


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