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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  December 17, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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everybody at nctc, all of you, for welcoming us here today. now, nick along with cia director brennan and fbi director comey provided the threat briefing and director comey and attorney general lynch updated us on the investigation into the san bernardino attacks. i reiterated that the investigation will continue to have the full support of the federal government and that we should leave no stone unturned in determining why and how these terrorists carried out that tragedy. secretary of homeland security johnson updated us on the measures we are taking here at home to increase awareness, stay vigilant and enhance the safety of the traveling public, especially with so many americans traveling during the holidays. now, after the terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino, i know that a lot of americans were anxious and that's understandable. it's natural. what matters most to all of us are our friends and families and
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our communities, and their safety. that's true of folks inside of government as well as outside of government. but here's what i want every american to know. since 9/11, we have taken extraordinary steps to strengthen our homeland security. our borders, our ports, our airports, our aviation security, including enhanced watch lists and screening and we have gotten much better thanks in part to the people in this room of preventing large, complex attacks like 9/11. moreover, i think everybody here will agree we have the very best intelligence, counterterrorism, homeland security and law enforcement professionals in the world. our folks are the best. across our government, these dedicated professionals, including here at nctc, are
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relentless, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. at the operations center here, people from across our government work literally shoulder to shoulder, poring over the latest information, analyzing it, integrating it, connecting the dots. they are sharing information, pushing it out across the federal government and just as importantly, to our state and local partners. in other words, what you see here today is one strong united team. so our professionals have a remarkable record of success. of course, when terrorists pull off a despicable act like what happened in san bernardino, it tears at our hearts but it also stiffens our resolve to learn whatever lessons we can and to make any improvements that are needed. in the meantime, what the world doesn't always see are the
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successes. those terrorist plots that have been prevented. and that's how it should be. this work oftentimes demands secrecy. but as americans, we should not forget how good these patriots are. over the years, they have taken countless terrorists off the battlefield, they have disrupted plots, they have thwarted attacks, they have saved american lives. so for everybody who is involved in our counterterrorism efforts, i want to say thank you and the american people thank you. i want to repeat what my team just told me. at this moment, our intelligence and counterterrorism professionals do not have any specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland. that said, we have to be vigilant. as i indicated in my address to the nation last week, we are in
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a new phase of terrorism, including lone actors and small groups of terrorists like those in san bernardino. because they are smaller, often self-initiating, self-motivating, they are harder to detect. that makes it harder to prevent. but just as the threat evolves, so do we. we are constantly adapting, constantly improving, upping our game, getting better. today the mission to protect our homeland goes on on three main fronts. first, we are going after terrorists over there, where they plot and plan and spew their propaganda. as i described at the pentagon, we are hitting isil harder than ever in syria and iraq. we are taking out their leaders, our partners on the ground are fighting to push isil back, and isil has been losing territory. our special operations forces are hard at work. we took out the isil leader in
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libya. we have taken out terrorists in yemen and somalia. so we are sending a message. if you target americans, you will have no safe haven. we will find you and we will defend our nation. meanwhile, as always, we are working to protect americans overseas including our military bases and service members and secretary john kerry updated us on security at our embassies and our diplomatic posts. second, we continue to do everything in our power to prevent terrorists from getting into the united states. we are doing more with countries around the world, including our european partners, to prevent the flow of foreign terrorist fighters both to places like syria and iraq and back into our countries. we are implementing additional layers of security for visitors who come here under the visa waiver program and we are working with congress to make further improvements. any refugee coming to the united
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states, some of them victims of terrorism themselves, will continue to get the most intensive scrutiny of any arrival. they go through up to two years of vetting, including biometric screening, and the review that i ordered into the fiancee visa program under which the female terrorist in san bernardino came here is ongoing. third, we are stepping up our efforts to prevent attacks here at home. as i said, the nctc is constantly sharing information with our state and local partners across the country, more than 100 joint terrorism task forces are the action arm of this fight, federal, state and local experts all working together to disrupt threats. at the state level, fusion cells are receiving tips and pushing information out to local law enforcement. just yesterday, the department of homeland security updated its alert system to make sure
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americans are getting the most timely and useful information. with groups like isil trying to radicalize people to violence, especially online, part of our meeting today focused on how we can continue to strengthen our partnership between law enforcement, high tech leaders, communities, faith leaders and citize citizens. we've got to continue building up faith and cooperation to help communities inoculate themselves from the kind of propaganda that isil is spewing out. preventing their loved ones, especially young people, from succumbing to terrorist ideologies in the first place. finally, one of our greatest weapons against terrorism is our own strength and resilience as a people. that means staying vigilant. if you see something suspicious, say something to law enforcement. it also means staying united as one american family. remembering that our greatest allies in this fight are each
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other. americans of all faiths and all backgrounds. and when americans stand together, nothing can beat us. most of all, we cannot give in to fear or change how we live our lives, because that's what terrorists want. that's the only leverage that they have. they can't defeat us on the battlefield but they can lead us to change in ways that would undermine what this country's all about. that's what we have to guard against. we have to remind ourselves that when we stay true to our values, nothing can beat us. so anyone trying to harm americans needs to know, they need to know that we're strong and resilient, that we will not be terrorized. we have prevailed over much greater threats than this.
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we will prevail again. i want to once again thank all of you at nctc and every one of your home agencies across our entire government for your extraordinary service. i want every american to know as you go about the holidays, as you travel and gather with family and the kids open their presents and as you ring in the new year, that you have got dedicated patriots working around the clock all across the country to protect us all. oftentimes they are doing so by sacrificing their own holidays and their own time with families. but they care about this deeply and they are the best in the world. for that, we are very grateful. thank you, everybody. happy holidays. [ applause ] >> good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we have been listening to president obama flanked by his national security team along
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with the vice president give an updating of what we has learned about any threats against our country, domestic and foreign, when it comes to isis, as everyone is on edge about what has taken place in paris and here at home in san bernardino which remains an active investigation. we have updates on that for you this afternoon. this was the president circling the wagons and showing the american people as he said, it is natural to be anxious but also trying to reassure everybody that we are not going to be afraid, we are not going to live our lives in fear of terror. this is an interesting week because we had the president at the pentagon give a briefing to all of us roughly the same time on monday. but we have with us right now andrea mitchell, richard engel and kristen welker. i want to start with andrea mitchell. this started in your hour with the president coming out. i know you had guests very interested in what the president was going to say. when it comes to foreign policy, it remains a game of patience and a pretty light footprint that we have against trying to
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battle back isis. >> well, it's a light military footprint, in fact, relatively light, because air strikes alone are not going to really control this group and here, we had san bernardino which from all accounts is isis-inspired but not isis-directed. they really have to figure out how to first of all protect the homeland, do a better job of intelligence, do a better job of visa screening, they acknowledge that now, figure out what to do about these new end-to-end encrypted e-mails which even the companies themselves cannot open once they are encrypted, and as well as the complete failure of state department after state department, republican and democratic, to counteract terror propaganda and isis has been the most sophisticated of all of the groups we have had to counteract. al qaeda was a step up but now isis has clearly dominated social media in a way the state department counter propaganda
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programs are not able to penetrate. that said, this is basically a political statement today, trying to surrounded himself with his national security team and interestingly, because he's going to san bernardino tomorrow and doing this at the counterterrorism center, not having the traditional final news conference of the year before he goes on a long vacation in hawaii and this is one way of frankly dodging that challenge, because he's under fire from republicans, he's under fire from john mccain today, his administration is battling congress over the budget for military and foreign policy, and they basically have to retreat somewhat and try to do what they can with the politics and with the symbolism of it while they address what went wrong in san bernardino and how to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> andrea mitchell, thank you very much. to our colleague richard engel, who is standing by in turkey. as you were listening to this, what stood out to you as anything new that we are hearing from the president, or was this just a display of muscle?
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>> reporter: well, i think it was a display of muscle. the venue was certainly intended to show unity of purpose, to show that the u.s. is on top of the security situation. the nctc, the national counterterrorism center, is a joint building where the fbi sits on one side of the room, the cia sits on the other side of the room, and it was created to make sure that things like 9/11 don't happen again, that if there is a threat overseas, immediately the cia passes that to the fbi, the fbi starts checking local sources or if it goes the other way around, they find a threat in the u.s., they can chase back overseas. so it was an important venue choice. to me, it seemed like a much stronger speech than the one he gave standing at the podium in the oval office. that speech was much more theoretical. he was talking about sealing the borders in the previous speech
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with turkey, which isn't happening. he was talking about building up local allies on the ground in the fight with isis in iraq and syria. that has been incredibly problematic. this, much more specific, much more muscular. he talked about strengthening border controls. he talked about the attacks, drone attacks that are being carried out in libya, in yemen and other places, which are being carried out with quite a bit of frequency. and he acknowledged that there needs to be more done to check into that visa program, the fiancee visa that the wife of the san bernardino couple used to get into the country. i think this was probably the speech he should have given in the oval office that was so widely criticized. >> richard, that's a speech that came on december 6th. it was a sunday night, an dre address to the american people as most people were getting ready to watch tv around 8:00
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and the president came from the oval office where he talked about the four-point strategy. that didn't do a lot to alieve fears of the american people and it certainly has not been helped by the debate we witnessed tuesday night. >> correct. as i was just saying moments ago that the president wasn't going to be taking questions before taking vacation, i think there is a good chance he still would be. let me correct that. it was very clear today he didn't take questions and hasn't addressed a lot of questions that have been raised by the republicans and maybe it would be good for him to address americans about all of the really troubling things that have been said about muslims by some political candidates this year. >> as you do point out, the president will be traveling on to his holiday tomorrow but stopping in san bernardino. kristen welker, talk about what that visit means as this is an open investigation into the background and the likelihood of
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charges that may appear today or tomorrow in this case against the former neighbor of syed farook. talk about what the president hopes to convey by traveling to san bernardino. >> reporter: it's a significant trip. the president is going to meet with family members of those 14 victims. of course, one of his key roles being consoler in chief. we have seen him wear that hat so many times before. this case of course different, because it is related to terrorism. this stop tomorrow really sort of the final of this three-pronged approach he has taken this week to reassure jittery americans. of course as you have all been talking about, he was at the pentagon on monday. this stop at the counterterrorism center today and then he's going to go to san bernardino tomorrow, really trying to send a message that he is there for that community, but also on top of this broader fight against isis, and thomas, you all have been talking about the optics. i just want to add one note to that discussion. when the president usually gets these briefings, he's in the situation room so this was a
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very deliberate decision. white house press secretary josh earnest got a number of questions about the location yesterday and he acknowledged yes, the location really aimed at sending a message. the president wants to be in the hub. it allows him to not only thank the counterterrorism officials who are involved in this fight every day, but also send that broader message to his critics who say he hasn't been tough enough against isis. >> kristen welker, you make a great point about what we saw monday. the president coming to us from a press briefing at the pentagon and now today coming to us from dhs. want to go to my colleague, pete williams. he is standing by in washington. as i was alluding to, you broke information about likely charges that could be filed as soon as today against the former neighbor of syed farook. >> that's enrique marquez, and it's been no secret that the possibility of these charges was always looming. he's been in kind of a two-track thing here for the government because on the one hand, he gave them a very valuable insight into his friend and former next door neighbor, syed farook.
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he was an important source of information but it was also pretty obvious from the beginning that he had some legal jeopardy here because authorities have said that he actually bought the two assault rifles that ended up being used in the shooting on behalf of farook, he bought them for farook. he said he didn't know anything about the san bernardino shootings, we understand, but nonetheless, that could be a firearms violation. we have to wait and see once the charges are filed whether they go beyond that. in terms of the president's speech, the thing that i was struck by is we have now had four administration officials say in the last week the same message. this is the attorney general, the fbi director, the director of homeland security, and now the president, are basically saying we can't prevent all these attacks, we are working hard to do it, but for home-grown extremists who don't talk to anybody else, it's very hard for us to do it. we need your help. we need to have a mature attitude about terrorism. we have to not freak out every time it happens and realize that it's going to happen despite our best efforts to stop it, but that instead of just being freaked out, we can channel that
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fear into a more positive thing, you know, if you see something, say something. if you see something suspicious, be more willing to talk to police. so often we have heard this, because that is the case for the federal agencies trying to protect us. they can only act on what they know. >> pete williams reporting for us in washington, thank you, sir. we will be talking again. i want to go to our colleague at the pentagon, jim miklaszewski. you have information about how the man who is leading the charge against isis, the defense secretary, ash carter, is making headlines not for the right reasons. it has to do with using personal e-mail to conduct american business. >> that's right. before we go there, however, i want to point out that probably the most important thing president obama said in terms of trying to allay the fears of the american people is that as of now there is no imminent or credible terrorist threat against the american homeland. of course, as we well know and pete just pointed out, it's
10:20 am
impossible to detect every kind of lone wolf or lone wolves in the case of san bernardino who are inspired by the terrorists. but in terms of ash carter, the secretary of defense, it turns out that shortly after he took office in february, he started using his own personal e-mails to conduct government business and just a month later, the hillary clinton e-mail scandal exploded on capitol hill, yet he continued to conduct government business on his personal e-mails well into september, according to d.o.d. officials. they insist here that none of the information in those e-mails was classified or secret and had no threat whatsoever to u.s. security but it raises a serious issue about the reliability or judgment of not only the ash carter, the secretary of defense, but his staff members who are receiving these e-mails during that tumultuous time that
10:21 am
former secretary of state hillary clinton was going through concerning his e-mails. so far, although the pentagon says none of these e-mails contain classified material, they are still refusing to release them enmass to the media. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. coming up, battle lines that are being drawn at the border. ted cruz and marco rubio go to war on the immigration debate. why rubio says cruz tricked him into crossing the rubicon.
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yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. he's been called the most hated man in america because he jacked up the cost of a life-saving drug from $13.50 to $750. now martin shkreli is under arrest for securities fraud. robert caper is the fbi and
10:25 am
s.e.c. held a news conference. take a listen. >> shkreli ran his companies like a ponzi scheme where he used each subsequent company to pay off defrauded investors from the prior company. >> dominic chu has been following this story. explain what skehkreli is accus of doing. >> first of all this doesn't have anything to do with the controversy surrounding price gouging of drugs. this is all about his past life in dealings as manager of another hedge fund and his time spent as ceo, chief executive of another biotech company called retrofin. the important part of this indictment is that the government alleges that shkreli and his attorney were party to quote, widespread fraudulent conduct. now, it was a 22-page complaint, a large one, had a lot of co
10:26 am
complex detail and language about the charges but the take-away is that his former hedge fund, msnb capital, is alleged to have made significant misrepresentations and omissions to investors and in pitching itself to prospective investors. it involves lying about what money the fund actually had, what the performance was like, also allegations that shkreli in his role as ceo of another biotech company back then, fraudulently induced the company to actually fund legal settlements with investors in his hedge funds, that ponzi scheme that robert capers was alluding to. shkreli was ousted as ceo of this company back in the fall of 2014. retrofin has issued a statement saying the following, that following shkreli's departure, the company authorized an independent investigation of mr. shkreli's conduct, publicly disclosed its findings and has fully cooperated with the government investigations into
10:27 am
mr. shkreli. until we have had the opportunity to review the charges against mr. shkreli, we cannot comment any further. thomas, the next layer that a lot of wall street analysts and observers are looking to here is this idea that remember, his current company and the drug that he is accused of gouging the price on, deraprim, this drug used in the treatment of aids, we don't know whether or not mr. shkreli's current situation will affect the operations of that company and whether or not it will disrupt the flow of drugs. again, we are trying to endeavor to find that out but that has a lot of people concerned. we will bring more details as we know more. back to you. >> thanks for the update. appreciate it. we turn our attention to politics and show you live images from a rally for republican ted cruz. he is appearing in las vegas. the texas senator kicking off a seven day, 12 city tour of super tuesday voting states. this is a major push where he will try to secure the gains
10:28 am
that he has made in recent polls. however, the fight that's brewing between cruz and marco rubio is intensifying. the source of the fight, that failed immigration reform bill from 2013. did ted cruz actually support what he now calls amnesty for undocumented immigrants? ted cruz says no. marco rubio tells nbc's hallie jackson he certainly did support legalization. take a listen. >> reporter: he drew a distinction on his policy with you saying he unequivocally opposes legalization. that's an area where you two differ now. >> that will be the first time he ever does that. he clearly supported legalization. i know he doesn't say that in iowa and he leaves it out of the stump speech but i know for a fact he supported an amendment in the u.s. senate when we were debating the immigration bill where he flat out bragged about the fact that he wasn't undoing the legalization. >> msnbc anchor and political correspondent steve kornacki joins me now. this is really the political debate of the day because we
10:29 am
have conservative progressive media trying to reveal what's the deal here. break it down for us on cruz's background and record on this. >> yeah. it's interesting, it's an interesting turn in this debate obviously because cruz thought he had the advantage in the republican party against rubio, being to his right on immigration, but cruz was answering the questions now. what does this have to do with? go back to 2013, the big gang of eight compromise rubio was part of. the key to getting the democrats on board for that was that it included a path to actual citizenship for those who are here illegally. now, cruz as this bill was making its way through the senate, put an amendment or tried to put an amendment on the bill which would have taken out the path to citizenship. it would have left in place, though, a path to legal status in this country. a lot of people at the time considered this what's called a poison pill amendment, the idea being democrats were saying look, this has to are a path to
10:30 am
citizenship or we won't support it. so if cruz's amendment got in and there was no path to citizenship -- >> let me interrupt you, one quick second. there is a rebuttal of an answer coming from cruz in las vegas. >> -- and so that amendment, i introduced an amendment that made anyone here illegally permanently ineligible for citizenship. that amendment called their bluff. because it revealed that the proponents of the gang of eight were being hypocrites. they were not telling the truth that what they claimed to be interested in was not what they were interested in. what chuck schumer and barack obama wanted was simple. they wanted millions of new democratic voters. there's a roeason why the new politically correct term is no longer illegal aliens. it's now undocumented democrats. that's what was going on. it was a pure partisan political game. by introducing an amendment to strip citizenship, it laid naked the partisanship, the hypocrisy
10:31 am
and the lies behind the proponents of the rubio-schumer amnesty plan. there is a reason why every other strong opponent of amnesty supported me in that amendment. jeff sessions and i were side by side. it's one of the more ludicrous aspects where the rubio campaign is trying to claim well, cruz and sessions oppose citizenship in the gang of eight bill, so therefore, they must have supported every other aspect of the gang of eight bill. that is utter nonsense. and by exposing the hypocrisy, by calling their bluff, we want -- we defeated amnesty. we beat it. all of washington was saying this cannot be stopped, that they had the votes to ram it through the senate and that republican leadership of the house was going to take it up and pass it, this was a done deal. by revealing the truth, calling their bluff, we were able to
10:32 am
mobilize and energize the american people and defeat it. by the way, what we have seen in the last two days, this is the establishment strikes back. we won that fight. we defeated amnesty and they are furious. they are furious. they all sided, 2013 was a moment as reagan put it, a time of choosing, where everyone could decide where do you stand. now, marco rubio's a friend of mine. he's a wonderful communicator. he's a charming individual. he's very well-liked in washington. marco rubio campaigned, telling the people of florida if you elect me, i will lead the fight against amnesty. in texas, i campaigned telling the people in texas if you elect me, i will lead the fight against amnesty. we said the exact same thing to the voters. but come 2013, we made very, very different decisions. actions speak louder than words. in 2013, senator rubio --
10:33 am
>> listening to ted cruz talk in las vegas and drawing a distinction about what happened in 2013. also calling back to president reagan using his words, a time of choosing. i think people remember from the mid '80s that reagan did give amnesty i think to over three million illegal immigrants that were in this country. steve, let me bring you back in. you were talking about the poison pill aspect of all this from 2013. we hear cruz saying it was to call their bluff. >> yeah. he's making the poison pill argument, basically arguing right now that what he was engaged in back in 2013 was pure strategy to try to stop the democrats, try to stop the republicans who were going to go along with the democrats. you are hearing him echo a line you heard a lot in conservative circles in 2013, the idea that the democrats were pushing not just for immigration reform but specifically for the path to citizenship because a path to citizenship would ultimately lead to voters, to new voters. those voters, the conservative side many people believe would
10:34 am
be predominantly democratic. so ted cruz is basically making reference to that. they are saying look, they wanted a path to citizenship, people like marco rubio were ready to go along with that. that would have eventually added millions of more democrats to the rolls. i stood up and called their bluff by offering an amendment that would have said no, there's no path to citizenship here for those who are here illegally. there is a path to eventually having legal status if they fulfill certain obligations but not citizenship. he's trying to basically argue it was strategy. the problem here where he's gotten into a little hot water on the right is the way he argued for it back in 2013 in the senate was by talking about bringing people out of the shadows. it was again by offering an amendment that if the amendment had been adopted and the bill had been passed, it would have allowed millions of people to stay here legally. rubio is saying he was for legal status, that's what he means. >> steve kornacki, thank you. appreciate you hanging with me through that as we were watching that happen live, the moment live in las vegas.
10:35 am
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so it is an msnbc exclusive. we have got chief legal correspondent ari melber, who has obtained an internal homeland security memo that proposed the obama administration authorize customs officials to access social networking sites to vet foreign visa applicants. this proposal wasn't adopted and it comes as new scrutiny is being placed on the visa program after tashfeen malik, one of the
10:39 am
san bernardino attackers, has been exposed to have gotten in the country through the fiancee visa. talk about what was proposed and how hindsight can be 20/20 moving forward. >> the biggest news now even just this hour is the state department releasing information here on this program for fiancees, saying they are going to review and consider more social media in it. that is brand new. i'm holding this document fresh off the press here in our newsroom. they are basically saying, the state department, that they are going to try to do more on social media. we just got that, thomas. what i had this morning and what we have broken here as an msnbc exclusive is an older memo from 2011 that basically said they wanted to try, this was a proposal, to authorize the vetting of social media sites for these visa applicants and they would use that, they said in the memo, as you see in bullet number two, to try to catch applicants who posed a crime or national security risk. now, i asked dhs about this. this is their brand new response. they don't dispute that this was an internal memo but they
10:40 am
emphasize it was not adopted, it was a proposal. they say they are actively considering additional ways to incorporate the use of social media, indeed, i just mentioned one of them, and they say they have three pilot programs that are doing this. the headline here and why it's interesting even though no one's suggesting facebook or that kind of review would have prevented these attacks, indeed, these were not public messages we know about them from the attackers, but what we now know from this new memo and from these leaks is essentially as far back as 2010 there were people inside homeland security saying let's try this, let's do more robust review, let's get on social media and for a time, that was rebuffed, that policy not adopted. now years later we are seeing members of congress and the administration come around to try to do it. >> as we have been learning through the san bernardino investigation, they used private messaging. tashfeen malik was not on social media publicly asserting herself toward any jihadi type aspirations. i want to make sure we stress
10:41 am
that. but they had a relationship that they built, but when we think about the forecast that people were trying to predict from this memo, why are they saying that it didn't catch any traction? >> that is the key question. i spoke to a former senior dhs official who said this went through a year of review, the normal process with lawyers, privacy officers, wasn't adopted. they don't know why. when i spoke to dhs officials again today on the phone, they emphasized this was not the original policy but ultimately, although we don't know why it wasn't adopted we do know there is an antiquated legal thicket when it comes to figuring out what the privacy rules are and how they relate to u.s. versus foreigners, and there has been at least initially over the years, resistance to trying to make those changes. now everyone is talking about it. an initial resistance which is interesting. >> i think common sense would say employers are doing this when it comes to what you're putting out there publicly. private messaging is a completely different area. >> that's the question.
10:42 am
is the government far behind what you could be doing. >> we will see you at the top of the next hour. when we come back, the other big concern is now theme parks. we have certain ones closing or tightening, excuse me, their security measures. we have increased use of metal detectors and also, they are ending the sales of toy guns at certain parks, even water guns. we will explain who the theme parks are, why they felt the meade to do this, especially if you are taking your family there, you want to hear this. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
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hey, that's lactaid.milk! right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort? exactly. here, try some... mmm, it is real milk. see? delicious. hoof bump! oh. right here girl, boom lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort and for a creamy and delicious treat, try lactaid® ice cream the heightened concerns about the domestic terror threat have forced even the happiest place on earth to increase safety precautions. we have sea world and universal theme parks which is owned by this network's parent company joining walt disney world, adapting to enhanced security procedures including the use of metal detectors at parks. disney saying security measures are not the result of a specific threat but rather, the general environment. i want to bring in cal perry,
10:46 am
msnbc senior editor for digital content. cal, how else are the parks stepping up security right before the holidays making travelers, families feel safe? >> it will feel like when you go to a sporting event. for anyone who has gone to an nba or nfl or major league baseball game, you will have metal detectors. there will also be a secondary screening area, random area where they may pull you aside. i know this is annoying but leave yourself more time. we are talking about universal studios, disney as well as sea world. the disney parks are getting a little more detail on some of the things they are going to be doing. no more toy guns. that makes sense as we sort of game this out. we are living right now in an era where someone spotted with a gun can set off an alert, can set off panic. at these theme parks, you are talking about huge numbers of people and trying to maintain calm is going to be a priority. also, costumes. they don't want people to show up at these disney parks wearing full costumes that cover the body. that for security reasons as
10:47 am
well. it's much more difficult to check someone for items as they are passing through if they are totally covered. we have a statement from universal studios as you mentioned owned by our parent company. a spokesman there saying this is the natural progression for us as we study best practices for security in today's world. people are just relooking at their security procedures. >> interesting also to think about how certain places might adapt what they sell because certain places might sell full costumes that somebody can come in, buy that day, they go home, they can't wear it back the next day. it's going to be interesting to see the new world order coming from these theme parks. msnbc's cal perry, thank you. appreciate it. there are stories about what happened. >> all right. so speaking of getting dressed up, yeah. if you love "star wars" guess what? the force awakens. the film is coming to a theater
10:48 am
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10:51 am
there were stories about what happened. >> it's true. all of it. >> so we got the countdown. it is on for tonight's premiere of "star wars: the force awakens" coming to a theater near you. yes, it hits theaters tonight. i want to show you some live pictures. here are fans who have been lined up for some time now waiting in the rain. they're a force that disney bet $4 billion on for numerous sequels and spin-offs in the years ahead. the film will open big in just a couple of hours. the question is how big.
10:52 am
francis rivera joins me outside the lincoln square theater in new york city. you're such a good sport to be out there in the rain with the fan. tell us what they're most excited about. >> reporter: it's not a matter of being a good sport or not, thomas. these folks are dedicated "star wars" fans. they were out here, this group, 6:30 in the morning they've been waiting and there are five hours until the premiere. you're not only watching the premiere at 7:00, you're also watching -- >> 10:45. >> and if there are more seats for the showing, how does that sound, appealing? >> we're not crazy. >> wait a second. 6:30 in the morning in the rain and you're not crazy. what are you then? >> committed. yeah, we're committed. it's important. >> why is it so important? >> it's a big cultural milestone. i think all of us grew up with "star wars." and it's great to see -- feels
10:53 am
like a 21st century reimagining of our childhoods really. >> mind you, she's saying that, but none of these guys were born in -- when the first "star wars" movie actually came out. so i was telling them, no, they're definitely not our age. why parents are loving this, why young people are loving it. you have the sound of r2d2, millennium falcon out there and this brings that all back. this backs up why when it comes to advanced ticket sales we're seeing 1$100 million so far, fandango and this is the most they've seen as far as advanced ticket sales. but something to keep in mind. there are no light sabres here now. they're wearing capes and raincoats instead of costumes. got to check with your theater. because in certain cases like amc theater here, they're not allowing masks, for safety, but certainly at amc, you can bring your light sabre. just not allowed to turn it on
10:54 am
during the movie. a lot of excitement here. if you're interested, the 6:30 a.m. showing, i can get you a ticket. >> you're very nice. but i think i might sleep in. francis rivera reporting for us from new york city. i'm joined by entertainment editor. she's seen this movie and give a spoirl-free review? >> oil i'll do my best. >> will it lead up to the hype? >> it will leive up to the hype. for those who are nostalgic for the original trilogy. a lot of repetition of things we've seen in those movies and reworked for these new characters. that is exciting to see. the tone is just right. >> how pivotal are luke, leia and han solo. >> harrison ford has a much bigger role than a lot of people thought. he's pretty much a main
10:55 am
character in it. not so much for the other two, but i won't say anything else. when that first opening title crawl comes up, the first line in it, you'll know exactly what the situation is. >> you're prepared to go for the whole film, but when it comes to the anticipation of what is borne out of this, what are you hearing about the legs that this franchise has for the merchandise and for the sequels to come? >> i think based off this movie now that this is as strong as they were hoping, they booked it to be a perpetual franchise, endlessly renewable and all these phases and spin-offs. that's really what they're doing with "star wars." they're making it into a new franchise. >> we've got the american film institute selecting episode 7 as one of the best films of the year. >> yes, yeah. >> so not only is it commercially a success but critically a success, too. >> i think afi is one of the
10:56 am
only lists that did that notably. people saying this is a great filmp pi also don't need to update my list. so that kind of tells you where critics sit on the curmudgeon list, but yeah. >> emily, thank you very much. i think we did a good job of being spoiler freeish. >> yeah, trying. i don't want to spoil it. fun to watch for the first time. >> but you've definitely gotten my attention. emily yoshida from the verge. >> we're going back to the latest out of san bernardino as a friend of one of the shooters is facing likely charges coming up in california for his role in being able to provide legal weapons to that couple. coming up, we're live outside the courthouse to fill you in. then back here on the east coast we've got this update about charges from martin shkreli. he's the businessman who jacked up the cost of a medication.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. we begin with breaking news where just a short time ago we had president obama appearing at the national counterterrorism in virginia using it to calm the fears of the american public in the wake of the san bernardino attacks. take a listen. >> i want to repeat what my team just told me. at this moment our intelligence and counterterrorism professionals do not have any specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland. that said, we have to be vigilant. >> kristen welker joins me with more from the white house. what's the message the white house is trying to impart here, to make sure that americans know before they begin maybe their holiday travels? >> reporter: well, i think that has a lot to do with it, thomas. mr. obama trying to reassure
11:01 am
jittery americans ahead of the holiday season in the wake of the paris and san bernardino attacks. that's why you heard him there stress that there's no specific or credible threat. he's also trying to answer his critics who say he hasn't been tough enough in the fight against isis. you heard the president today and earlier this week at the pentagon make a strong argument for why the u.s. is on top of this fight against isis. the word that the president used today very important, thomas. you'll recall when the president spoke from the oval office this past sunday, he was criticized. people said that he wasn't strong enough, he wasn't reassuring enough. he referred to isis as a cancer. very different language that he used today. take a listen. >> anyone trying to harm americans need to know, they need to know that we're strong and we're resilient, that we will not be terrorized. we've prevailed over much greater threats than this. we will prevail again. >> reporter: and the optics, of
11:02 am
course, incredibly important as well. usually the president receives these types the of briefings in the situation room. the white house decided to have him go to the counterterrorism center, that is the hub of where these types of operations take place. the president thanking intelligence officials who work on this every day. and again, thomas, this is a part of a full-court press to reassure americans the president was at the pentagon earlier this week. he argued that the u.s. getting the upper hand when it comes to the fight against isis, that they've increased air strikes close to 9,000 now. and the president said that they've taken out more of isis' leaders and fighters than ever before. he'll still have his critics, but this is president's attempts to reassure a jittery nation and quell his critics before he heads on vacation. >> and he'll finish the week being comforter in chief by stopping to visit families in san bernardino. >> reporter: absolutely. and that's sort of the third part of this full-court press.
11:03 am
the president is going to go, he's going to meet with family members privately. as we understand it right now, we're not expecting any remarks from the president. he wants this to be private, he wants it to be intimate. he'll speak individually with each of the family members of those 14 victims in san bernardino. it's about being comforter in chief, thomas, as you point out. it's also about sending a message to the rest of the nation that he's engaged in this, he's involved in this even though he's about to go on vacation. one headline that just came out of the briefing moments ago, white house secretary josh earnest was asked about the fact that the president was traveling there while there's still an ongoing investigation. earnest said that there's no indication that the president's visit would interrupt that investigation because there's not an ongoing tearrror cell that's active. so the white house being insistent that this trip is personal and still trying to send a message to the rest of the nation. we turn to breaking news out
11:04 am
of california and that ongoing terrorism investigation into the san bernardino shootings. enrique marquez, that is the longtime friend of syed farook, could be charged as early as today. law enforcement's telling this to nbc news. morgan radford joins me now from california. what more do we know about what type of charges are coming forward? >> we don't know specifically the nature of these charges, thomas, but we are hearing there's a hearing scheduled at 1:30. again, federal prosecutors bringing criminal charges against enrique marquez. and this will be the first set of criminal charges brought forth against anyone in this entire san bernardino case. i just want to remind you that enrique marquez is the young man who sold syed farook two of the five guns used in the massacre. he told prosecutors he did it for two reasons. one, he wanted to protect syed from having to go through a background check but he wanted to make sure syed farook didn't have any records of him as the purchaser. remember, thomas, this is also
11:05 am
the young man who federal prosecutors say planned an earlier attack with syed farook but suddenly got spooked when he heard of unrelated terror arrest in the southern california area. thomas, something i just want to also update your viewers on who have been following this story is that the two shooters were very quietly on tuesday and they won't say exactly where they've been buried, but sources tell nbc news that it actually took them a week to find a graveyard that would accept the bodies. lots happening here in san bernardino ahead of president obama's visit tomorrow. >> keep us posted on that hearing coming up in the early afternoon california time. morgan radford, thank you, appreciate it. now for the latest on the national security issues about the visa process. we've got the u.s. government launching this review of the k-1 visa category. this is in reference to the fiance visas. tashfeen malik, one of the two san bernardino shooters, came to the u.s. with that k-1 visa. according to the fbi, she did
11:06 am
not post anything about jihad or terror on social media despite earlier reports. so nothing out there publicly, but the new review will be led by the departments homeland security. they'll look at how the process employs social media vetting in certain immigration benefits programs and it is committed to expanding use of social media vetting and is examining appropriate opportunities in conjunction with interagency screening partners to do so across the range of visa programs including the k-1 program. msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber joins me now. let's talk about this because there is a big distinction about the fact that malik and farook communicated through private messaging about any aspirations. they did nothing through public venues social media. >> right. federal authorities basically telling us that whatever people may have heard about that, that was private. no indication that any change in
11:07 am
vetting would have prevented the attacks. that's not what the state department's implying in what they're reviewing here, which is trying to make a more robust process for the visa programs. which the president referenced in his remarks, too. this issue is getting a ton of attention right now. but secondarily even if you say this is not something that would have prevented an attack, it is something we're learning, many officials inside dhs wanted to do earlier. the big question here is how do you ramp up these screenings for maximum security within the pressures that are on these departments both to honor the law and protections for american, privacy law, et cetera, and to have a process that's quick. we've been doing this reporting throughout the day. i talked to one security expert who said, yes, you need to change this. but you cannot do a digital footprint analysis of every single applicant when there's 17 plus million total because it would grind the system to a halt. so the practical side is a challenge as well. >> let's remind everybody what
11:08 am
the president had to say when speaking specifically about the fiance visa program. take a look. >> any refugee coming to the united states, some of them victims of terrorism themselves, will continue to get the most intensive scrutiny of any arrival. they go through up to two years of vetting including biometric screening. and the review that i ordered into the fiance visa program under which the female terrorist in san bernardino came here is ongoing. >> so we're hearing about what they'd like to do moving forward, also reminding everybody what takes place right now. but remind us where this was several years ago in 2011 and how this conversation could be reinvigorated, especially if they're going to do random digital footprint examinations, kind of like an irs audit. >> right. which you say irs audit, that probably scares some people.
11:09 am
>> yeah. >> but the point is it's suppose to be a rigorous vetting. and what we found today at msnbc was a 2011 policy proposal that was not adopted but that looked to add social media more and went through layers of review and would have authorized the use of social media vetting for fraud and potential national security cases, but it wasn't i don'ted. i spoke to a former dhs official who said this just reflects how they tried to do this and it was frozen out. the president hit both spectrums from refugees who go through the huge screen process to the fiance program which is rigorous but we know that someone did at least get in on it and went on to murder americans, something everyone is concerned about. >> ari melber, i appreciate that update. we have another report to pass along, this having to do with the business community where a short time ago pharmaceutical executive martin shkreli was taken in to be formally
11:10 am
arraigned on securities fraud charges. earlier today the u.s. attorneys office in brooklyn, new york, unsealed an indictment against shkreli charging him with seven counts including conspiracy to commit securities fraud and wire fraud. u.s. attorney robert capers alleged shkreli used a company that he used to run called retrofin to cover personal debts. it's been recovered to as a ponzi scheme. dominic chu back with us now. let's take a step back to remind everybody who this guy is and why he came to prominence in first place. >> sure, the background of this is martin shkreli, a young 32-year-old hedge fund manager, came to worldwide attention because he bought the rights to a drug that's been on the market for a long time. it's called daraprin. but it's used in a lot of things and specifically used to target aids treatments. he jacked the price up as soon as he acquired the rights to
11:11 am
this drug by 5,000%. some are saying he's trying to profiteer off the misfortune of others, specifically those with infectious diseases. and that's the reason why he's gotten so much attention. then he's gotten so much more attention because he's made so many comments in recent weeks about how he just paid a reportedly $2 million for the only copy of the wu-tang clan's latest rap album and he would only share it with those people who he really wants to. he's just done so many things to put himself in the public spotlight. he's done so many comments to defend his actions on raising drug prices. he's in much bigger trouble right now, right? now he's in cuffs, he was this morning, like you said. we're waiting on the formal arraignment, which is supposed to happen either now or moments from now. when we talk about martin shkreli -- and there you see him again being put in the car in handcuffs. he was processed on those charges. i mean, the 22-page indictment
11:12 am
brought by the securities and exchange commission, like you said, seven different charges. the fbi special agent in charge called this a fraud trifecta of lies, deceit and greed. so this is all about whether or not, like you said, he did at some point in his career use a hedge fund that he managed and a biotechnology company that he was the ceo of to actually maybe use those company funds to pay off, aallegedly, disgruntled investors from some of his money-losing operations. this is one that will be very difficult to kind of sift through. but still 22 pages worth of this stuff, it's going to get a lot of attention because of the life that this guy's led up until now. >> dominic chu, thanks for the breakdown. appreciate it. we'll get back to what's taking place in ra reflex motion to what the country feels about terrorism. we've got certain theme parks now amping up security, disney among them, nbc universal and
11:13 am
others. the enhanced precautions that visitors will face. then putin praising donald trump. what he had to say about the donald and his presidential aspirations, coming up. then ben carson canceling trips to israel, zambia and nigeria. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain,
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or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery and all medicines you take. i will take brilinta today. tomorrow. and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. all right. back to politics and the republican presidential candidate donald trump who has admitted to jimmy kimmel that, yeah, he can be a little divisive. take a look. >> i would like to see the republican party come together, and i've been a little bit decisive in the fact that i've been hitting people pretty hard. >> a little bit, yeah. >> and ultimately we have to come together and get this thing
11:17 am
done. >> mark halpersn is freshly bac from mesa. you were back from the trump rally. we were there when the plane rolled up and thousands were there. what was the reaction of the crowd and did the campaign of donald trump deliver? >> the crowd was highly enthusiastic, yeah. i talked to a lot of voters, which because i was there early, which you need to do these days to avoid traffic and the security that surrounds this event. they were very enthusiastic, very on message. i've never talked to voters at an event who so closely echoed the rhetoric of the candidate they're supporting. there's a cross-section of folks, some conservative people, former democrats. and their enthusiasm for their candidate warts and all was quite high. in the scale of the event and, as i said, the rhetoric of the candidate's supporters and in the staging of the event, they're all areas right now very
11:18 am
few of the other people are matching and most of them are falling far short. and those are big advantages for donald trump right now as he seems big and moving fast against a field of rivals who are still trying to figure out how to deal with him as we get closer to iowa. >> and you say warts and all. that almost seems as it would have been for other candidates, bad. for donald trump this is a magnet of attraction. >> i'll slip into a little cnbc talk here, thomas. this is priced into the stock for these people. i asked all the voters i talked to, has trump done anything during this campaign that you haven't liked? they all had examples. him may making fun of "the new york times" reporter's disability. but they said that is kind of the flip side of the fact that he's outspoken, that he's not politically correct. trump has been talking about how the country can't be plit cancally correct for a long time. it's one of the cords that he has struck with voters that i
11:19 am
think a lot of people, including myself, did not see. but people connect to the notion of being plain spoken, even using profanity at these events, which he did yesterday, as not business as usual and someone who will do things to shake up the status quo. >> he calls it a movement. and we're watching something happen, that's for sure. i want to switch gears to ted cruz. the fight over his immigration record. he was speaking in vegas about what that time meant and what his purpose was for what he refers to as amnesty. take a listen. >> let's have a moment of simple clarity. i oppose amnesty. i oppose citizenship, i oppose legalization for illegal aliens. i always have and i always will. >> so marco rubio is saying that cruz originally supported that bipartisan agreement. it would need support legalization. ted cruz saying no, that this is a falsehood. who is right?
11:20 am
>> well, rubio supported a path to citizenship. it's clear that cruz never supported that. what rubio's saying is that cruz supported the path to legal status. the rubio campaign's done a good job of fuzzing this up. cruz had some receipt are ache that read on its face suggests that rubio's telling the truth and being accurate. cruz has a stronger argument to make on the facts. what he was proposing was so-called poison pill that would kill the legislation. it's a little bit of a cynical maneuver. that's partly why you see cruz both there and in recent sp interviews not speaking about this in the most relaxed way because it's all very complex. rubio, though he's doing better on this issue with the republican base by mixing things up. his day will come. someone will run a negative ad about him, i'm almost certain,
11:21 am
talking about that he worked with chuck schumer for a path to citizenship. cruz, again, is going to have to find a way to explain this better. because way too much of the spotlight is on him from his point of view when he'd like it to be on marco rubio who whose position again is definitely more out of step with the base of the republican party. rubio has said more directly in the last couple of days than in the entire campaign. >> cruz wants to remain to the right of rubio, that's for sure. nice to see you. we have dr. ben carson canceling a trip to israel as well as three african countries citing security concerns. here's carson explaining the rationale. >> i think it would make me look smart to not go into some place where there's a lot of danger. >> right, but there's no travel, state department travel warning for zambia and israel at this point. >> i'm not going to go into the nature of the classified information. >> so i'm joined now by steve
11:22 am
kornacki. would carson have access to classified information that would give him to pause for concern of travel? >> i'm not sure exactly what he was referring to there, but the back story on this is that he announced this kind of out of the blue a few weeks ago, this foreign trip. he was going to hit three african countries, kenya, zambia, nigeria. he said the purpose would be two-fold. one would be a fact-finding mission, he was calling it, to look into the terror group boko haram. also the trip would have included a reunion with two twins, two previous lly conjoin twins he separated. they also tacked on to the end of this trip a visit to israel as well. which as you say, is being canceled because of this as well. the reason politically why it seemed he came up with this trip in first place was his slide in the poll. ben carson, as you remember, maybe six weeks ago was climbing at or to or near the top
11:23 am
nationally, he had taken a lead, excuse me, in iowa in a few polls and he has stumbled pretty badly probably not coincidentally as foreign policy, national security and terrorism have become the dominant topics of debate. he struggled many times to answer questions as. >> stepping up security. who are the others? we'll explain. then this. >> good finish what you started. >> so your screen is about to awaken the new "star wars" flick hits select theaters today. what critics and fans are saying about the highly anticipated film. ♪
11:24 am
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we've got a breaking consumer story to bring you, life lock. that's known for its tv ads for protecting your personal information. it will face a hefty fine that it led consumers. >> a settlement with the federal trade commission and the commission is saying that the company engaged in deceptive advertising and essentially they say that from 2012 through '14, the company failed to establish and maintain a comprehensive information security program to protect users' sensitive personal information including social security information, credit card information and bank account numbers as well. and they say that they falsely advertised that it protected consumer data as well. a $100 million fine is a big fine indeed. here's what lifelock says in relation to the settlement. it says the allegations raised
11:28 am
by the ftc are related to advertisements that we no longer run and policies that are no longer in place. the settlement does not require us to change any of our current products or practices. it also says, by the way, it is neither agreeing with -- in other words, it is neither admitting to or denying the allegations made against it. but a $100 million fine from the ftc to lifelock, lifelock agreeing to pay that to settle these allegations. it engaged in deceptive advertising, then failed to secure its customers' private information. back to you. >> tom costello reporting. one congressman saying he won't support donald trump if he becomes the nominee. i'll speak with reid rible, why he calls the trump campaign a carnival. some navy s.e.a.l.s have covered up the death of an afghan detainee. one of those behind that piece will join me to explain their reporting after this. ♪
11:29 am
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new reaction from the white house. it concerns secretary of defense ash carter. take a listen. >> we've discussed earlier that there is clear guidance that's been given by the administration about what those practices should entail. there's no ambiguity about them. i'm certainly not aware of any officials who are currently using their personal e-mail for official government work on a regular basis. but -- let me just say it this way, if there are, this surely is yet another reminder about -- of why that would be a poor choice. >> so just like secretary of state hillary clinton, carter admits to using his personal e-mail for work-related matters. >> what i did that i shouldn't
11:33 am
have been doing until a few months ago was occasionally use my iphone to send administrative messages. no classified information. and backed up record. but to my immediate staff. and even that i shouldn't have been doing. and when i realized that, i stopped. >> in a statement senator john mccain said, quote, with all the public attention surrounding the improper use of personal e-mail by other administration officials, it's hard to believe that secretary carter would exercise the same error in judgment. jim miklaszewski is nbc news' chief pentagon correspondent. they've requested copies of the e-mails. going to conduct a review now. explain the backstory. how did all this happen? >> it occurred, quite frankly, just about the time that he was sworn in as defense secretary in february, that he started using his personal e-mails to conduct some government business. now, officials here stress that
11:34 am
none of these e-mails contain any classified or secret information, but still, it violated the pentagon regulations that were put in place way back in 2012. and according to officials here, a month later, even after the hillary clinton scandal broke on capitol hill about her exclusive use of e-mails when he was -- private e-mails when she was secretary of state, we're told that defense secretary carter and his staff continued to use those personal e-mails for as long as seven months. and while he was on tour there in iraq today, as we saw a little earlier, he did talk to reporters and added this, this is a mistake i made with regard to e-mail. entirely my mistake, entirely on me. i did not do the right thing. this is entirely on me. but republicans on capitol hill are not satisfied with this explanation. and they've asked for an
11:35 am
inspector general's investigation into his private use -- use of private e-mails as secretary of defense and for years earlier when he was deputy secretary of defense, thomas. >> nbc's jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. thank you, sir. >> you bet. >> we move on to a bombshell report. navy s.e.a.l.s, a beating death and claims o a cover-up. according to the "times" witnesses say three navy s.e.a.l.s stomped on bound afghan detainees and dropped heavy stones on their chest. this is back in the spring of 2012. they stood on the prisoners' heads and poured bottles of water on some of their faces. we're awaiting a response, but this is one of the reporters on the story. you first talk about the s.e.a.l. command clearing this team, s.e.a.l. team two of any wrongdoing. typically this is a closed disciplinary process. why do you feel so strong about your sourcing? what is the sourcing? >> there was an entire ncis
11:36 am
investigation into this who were the soldiers providing security for the s.e.a.l. team. had isn't a he said, she said -- it is between army and navy, you can say, although some of the navy witnesses actually support specific allegations that the soldiers made. i traveled around the country and found the soldiers in this case who had no idea how this secret disposition, how this hearing had turned out. and spoke with them. and they confirmed what they had told to investigators. >> and basically, that is, after these allegations were brought forward and there was one death involved in one of the detainees. >> yes. >> that the troops faced assault charges or the recommendation was to face these assault charges, but there was the choice not to seek a court-martial. >> right. >> so explain in inquiring about this and also talking to certain witnesses how it was characterized why that happened. >> well, to us i think it's a
11:37 am
bit of a mystery why they wouldn't have an article 32 hearing which people might be familiar with from the bowe bergdahl case. you would say in beating detainees leading to a death that this was serious enough that you'd have a grand jury, an evidentiary hearing. instead this was hammed by the commander of the s.e.a.l. teams the same they would handle somebody missing work for the day or somebody having a scuffle with a colleague in the corridors. >> typically this is characterized as minor infractions. >> right. >> the way this was military and judicially processed. but the folks who were involved in this and their alleged crimes, they've been promoted, correct? >> right, they have. that's one of the things that's very perplexing about the case. the commander, captain bob smith, ultimately decided that he did not need to have an article 32 hearing, did not need to have a court-martial, there were enough contradictions between what the soldiers said
11:38 am
and the sailors said to simply handle it himself, and the result was that they received so-called instruction, which is kind of like a letter in in your high school principal's office. >> we're still waiting to get any type of reaction from the navy, but i know you spoke a lot of people, some that said that they defended how this was handled, others who thought this was buried and should be talked about. now an unexpected endorsement for donald trump coming from vladimir putin. during his annual televised news conference. take a listen. [ speaking russian ] >> republican congressman from wisconsin and joins me now. first hauoff, you say donald
11:39 am
trump's campaign is more like a karnival and you won't support him if he becomes the gop nominee. why are you bucking the trend here? >> we've had a chance now to see how he was going to conduct his campaign. and he started off on the wrong foot by calling hispanics rapists and criminals. he then went on to basically insult women when he attacked megyn kelly and then carly fiorina discussing her face, which she apparently didn't care for. he then mocked in a live rally, he mocked a disabled reporter. i don't think you should be mocking anybody. i think we ought to be treating everybody with respect. then finally the straw for me was when you saw he wanted to ban an entire religion rather than banning jihadists from the country. he doesn't have the character and rectitude that's needed to be president of the united states. i think he disqualified himself. >> does that mean you're losing respect for your own party because donald trump is the leading front-runner of the
11:40 am
folks that would likely be voting in the primaries and the general election as republicans? >> i recognize the tenor of the campaign and i recognize that people are worried about what's going on here in washington. in many respects donald trump represents the anti-he's the anti-alabama, hebeco anti-obama, he's anti-washington. i'm highlighting concerns i have with him so that maybe one of our other 10 or 11 candidates in the field will emerge and we'll have a real debate on the issues, not on personalities or character coming in november. >> but you can't support him as the republican candidate, would then you consider your own party as a republican or would you feel ostracized from that being not only the leader of the free world but the leader of the gop? >> well, it would be a real struggle for me because i don't believe he should be president of the united states.
11:41 am
quite frankly, just for some of my conservative listeners here, i don't think hillary clinton is qualified either. i would be in a real quandary if both of those are in the ballot come november. i would have to look down ballot at somebody else. but in this case, i don't believe mr. trump will be the nominee. i'm sending out warning signals right now so that people really take a deeper look at some of the other candidates who haven't been able to break through the media clutter. >> we'll have the late debate of the year and a fresh round coming up in 2016 before iowa. reid ribble, thank you for your time. one day after the mistrial was declared in the death of freddie gray, where this officer's case and those that will follow go from here.
11:42 am
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so we've got breaking news to report about former house speaker dennis hastert. his lawyer saying that he suffered a stroke. hastert is awaiting sentencing after taking money in a hush money case. steve kornacki following the developments about this. we just learned about this. >> his lawyer did confirm that hastert has suffered a stroke. the statement i'm confirming that during the first week of november our client dennis hastert was admitted to the hospital. he's suffered a stroke and is being treated for sepsis. while in the hospital two back surgeries have been performed. we hope he'll be released from the hospital in the early part of the new year. mr. hastert had pleaded guilty to this scheme -- earlier this fall, where he had taken out money in small increments of money from his bank account, had
11:46 am
attracted the attention of federal regulators. he'd been trying to hide from them large payments that they said seemed to amount to hush money. and of course there was all sorts of reporting that that hush money had to do with perhaps sexual abuse allegations from decades ago. dennis hastert did have a stroke in the last six weeks. >> thank you, sir, keep us posted if there are any new developments in this. we appreciate the confirmation on that about the former speaker. now to baltimore we're awaiting word on what's next after a judge declared a mistrial yesterday in the trial of an officer charged in the death of freddie gray. this all followed a hung jury in the first of what's expected to be six trials against the police officers charged. so the judge and attorneys saw the meeting this morning on the case of william porter who pleaded not guilty on charges of manslaughter. it dealt a potential blow to the whole prosecution of the six baltimore police officers that are charged in gray's death. and all face separate trials. my colleague andrea mitchell asked the mayor of baltimore,
11:47 am
stephanie rollins blake about the concerns raised by certain legal experts. >> i'm certainly not in the position to make a judgment about whether or not the prosecutor rushed to charge. that's for the public to make as these cases bear out. i'm grateful we had a process where the jurors were heard and the public is respecting that. as freddie gray's family asked us to. >> i want to go to joy reid in baltimore. do we know what happens next for the other trials? >> well, thomas, as you indicated, there has been no decision made on a potential retrial for officer william porter, whose case, of course, hung with the jury yesterday, but we do know that the next significant date in the series of six trials is january 6. that's when the trial of severe cesar goodson is scheduled to
11:48 am
begin. the person facing the largest charge in the case. he was the driver of the van that transported freddie gray. the trials then continue all the way through march with the march trial will be that of lieutenant brian rice who is the officer who initiated the arrest of freddie gray. we have a long timeline ahead and still no word if some time between now and january 6th there will be a decision made on whether to retry william porter or whether that trial would come before or after the goodson trial. thomas. >> joy reid reporting in baltimore, thanks very much. coming up next for you, we take a turn. a lighter moment to take you to the movie theaters. what "star wars" fans have been waiting for with the return of episode 7 "the force awakens," hitting select theaters in just hours. francis rivera will join me where fans are lining up and standing in the rain to get a seat. surprise!!!!! we heard you got a job as a developer!
11:49 am
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11:52 am
so heightened concerns about the domestic terror threat have forced several major theme parks across the country to step up security measures. disney, sea world and universal theme parks, universal which is owned by this network's parent company, are just a few that are making changes and modifications to current security procedures. seniory editor for digital content cal perry is with me. explain what is visible, invisible in terms of measures put in place? >> you'll go to the theme parks and you'll see metal detectors, a secondary screening area. you'll likely see bomb-sniffing dogs as well. a lot of these parks are not saying what you won't see. what you won't see are more personnel in the park keeping an eye on the big crowds and an eye on what's going on. this is about making soft targets just a little bit harder. when you speak to security officials it's the soft targets that worry them. if you j provide a bit of
11:53 am
standoff, it's not likely these are the things that will be targeted. i want to read you from a universal studios spokesperson. this is the natural progression for us as we study the best practices for security in today's world. it is worth, of course, highlighting, there is no threat, there is no intelligence that there is any threat amongst any of these parks. we heard from the president in the last hour, no intelligence. but it's always important that people review their security procedures. these theme parks are doing just that. >> it will be reassuring to a lot of families to know if they're going to go visit any of these places over the holidays this is done for their benefits. cal perry, thank you, sir. the wait is finally over for you. tonight at theaters all across the country, "star wars: the force awakens" makes its much hyped and anticipated premiere. let's take a look at what's happening in new york city. we've got fans that have literally been lining up for days to be in place to get tickets. and to be one of the first people to see the film.
11:54 am
the latest installment really live up to all the hype? at this point, i don't think it really matters for those folks in line. francis rivera is at the amc lincoln square in new york city hanging out with superfans in the rain. that's a superfan, if you are willing to do that. >> you're absolutely right. some of these people have been waiting since 6:30 this morning. they already have tickets. they are getting the perfect seat, strategizing where they'll take it all in. first premiere starting at 7:00, they're a little bit less than five hours away. these guys are in line for the 11:00 showing. >> 11:00 p.m.? >> 11:00 p.m. showing. they were here at 11:00 a.m. but for these two guys, from the moment last thanksgiving -- last year when they announced that this would be released, you already had your plans set. you knew when this movie was out you would be first in line and take the day off to do it?
11:55 am
>> absolutely. called our bosses. looked at each other, that's what we're doing. >> i get it, i'm as much as a great "star wars" fan as anybody else, but it's the pouring rain and you already have your tickets. why wait? >> it's dedication. a fun thing to do and it will be a nice story in a couple of years. probably will do it again for the next movie. >> yeah, the nostalgia is important. come hell or high water, we're going to be here and here's high water. >> were you born when first movie came out? >> '77. >> no. >> i was born, thomas. he's absolutely right. hitting it on the head, the nostalgia. i'm feeling it. but when you get the music, you start that, you see the millennium falcon, the fighters and the death marches and just thomas, you get that, so across the board. this is something also you'll notice, not a whole lot of costumes. yeah, it's raining, but there are also restrictions. make sure you check with your
11:56 am
cinema, because some aren't allowing masks for safety and no light sabers here and amc will allow the light sabers just as long as you turn them off through the movie for safety and so everybody can get the full effect of the movie. remember, that 6:30 a.m. showing, still 14 seats here at this theater. some will come back and see it a couple of times throughout the night. >> i'll let them have at it. wait a little longer. thanks so much. and may the force be with you until tomorrow. that's when i return at 1:00 p.m. eastern. we just got this news, the president is going to be giving a white house press briefing tomorrow right before he leaves. he's traveling to san bernardino to meet privately with families who lost a loved one in the massacre that happened earlier this month at the inland regional center. and then traveling on to hawaii for his holiday vacation. kate snow is in next, and you are watching live coverage right here on msnbc. it's time for the "your
11:57 am
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hi, everyone. good afternoon. i'm kate snow. we have breaking news out of california. federal prosecutors there expected to file criminal charges against enrique marquez. he's the friend and former neighbor of san bernardino shooter syed farook. marquez bought the two assault rifles used in the december 2nd attack. i want to turn right now to nbc news justice correspondent pete williams who has been tracking this story all day. >> we said this morning that the charges could be filed as early as today and all during the day so far the lawyers have been going over this deciding whether to do this today or tomorrow or perhaps next week even. but now it appears that they are going to go ahead with it today. we understand that he'll be arrested here shortly if he hasn't been already. so that would be a sign that they are going to go ahead and file these charges today. now, these will be the first charges connected with the shooting, but we don't know exactly what they are yet. we haven't seen them. they haven't been filed in court. they're under seal. and we


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