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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 18, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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the bernie sanders campaign is punished after a staffer improperly accesses details on supporters collected by the clinton campaign. this all unfolding just one day before the democratic debate. and developing now, president obama set to hold his last news conference of the year. he'll then travel to san bernardino to meet victims' families of the mass shooting in that state as chilling, new details emerge in the investigation. and now someone's been charged. and breaking right now, a $1.1 trillion spending bill easily passes the house this morning, and it's headed to the senate today. will a government shutdown be avoided? and good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we want to begin with the new developments in the 2016 race. bernie sanders is being punished by the democratic national committee this morning after allegations that at least one of his staffers improperly searched confidential data from the hillary clinton campaign. now, in response to the breach, the dnc is now barring the sanders campaign from accessing
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its database of democratic voters. now, that's an important resource that could prove crucial in early voting states like new hampshire and iowa. the move coming just one day before the third democratic debate deals a potentially major blow to the sanders campaign. let's get right to it with msnbc's kristen welker with the details. so, kristen, first, let's talk about how this happened. >> reporter: well, tamron, here's what we know so far. according to the democratic national committee, it was a breach, and it happened on wednesday when a computer glitch allowed people in bernie sanders' campaign to access a democratic voters database for a short period of time. they're stressing that. the dnc is immediately, as you pointed out, suspending the campaign's access to that critical voter information after accusing of it taking those improper steps. now, on wednesday, they say that's when this all started to unfold. earlier today, a dnc official was on msnbc. here's what he had to say. take a listen. >> when we found out that one of
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the campaigns had inappropriately accessed some of the information per the agreement in place under the use of this system, we are going through a process in which they're going to provide a full accounting so that we can restore their access to the voter file. >> reporter: now, the sanders campaign has acknowledged the security breach and is blaming the software vendor for that glitch that temporarily allowed the access to the information, and they told me this in a statement, tamron. they say, "the dnc is relying on an incompetent vendor who on more than one occasion has dropped the firewall between the various democratic candidates' data." the vendor is calling this an isolated incident, adding that by lunchtime it was all resolved. and while the dnc says four people may have accessed the data, at this point, the sanders campaign is holding one staffer responsible, firing that person. it is unlikely there is going to be a criminal investigation, but the dnc tells me they are investigating. we reached out to the clinton campaign, and one official told me there is no comment at this point. but as you noted at the top,
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tamron, there is a big debate tomorrow night, so this undoubtedly will be one of the top questions asked. >> thank you, kristen welker. i'll get reaction from dnc chair, congressman debbie wasserman schultz. she will join us in just a few. first, let's bring in msnbc political correspondent and host steve kornacki for more on how this potentially could hurt sanders in the final weeks before the first votes. so, bottom line, let's talk about first, when we say database and this information, as i understand it, this is information on voters' buying habits, consumer information so that the campaigns can strategize how to reach these important voters. is that the case, steve? >> well, yeah. when you're the bernie sanders campaign and you are relying on a breakout showing in iowa or new hampshire, those first two states, it's all about grassroots outreach, it's all about personally identifying these voters, getting volunteers out there to talk to them, to motivate them, to get them out to the polls, to find out who they are. that's all the information you get from a file like this.
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to have that access shut off, if this turns into a long-term shuto shutoff, this is a very bad-timed thing from the sanders campaign standpoint. in terms of where the race stands -- i know it's been overshadowed by the republican race, but on the eve of the next debate, where the race stands, fresh numbers for you. first of all, nationally, this just out this morning, hillary clinton maintaining basically a 2-1 lead over bernie sanders, 59%-28% there. however, it is a different story when you look in those early states. new hampshire, new hampshire, where the debate will be held tomorrow night, take a look at this. bernie sanders actually still ahead. new poll from the "boston herald" up there in new hampshire, sanders with a two-point lead over hillary clinton, down slightly from the last time, but nonetheless, he leads there. he is within striking distance in iowa, down by about ten points there. the saving grace for hillary clinton right now is even though these numbers look a little shaky for her in the early states, the minute you get beyond the early states and
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start polling states like south carolina and big states with much more diverse populations, she is overwhelmingly ahead of bernie sanders in those states. that is thanks largely to overwhelming support from african-american voters. that's something that bernie sanders has not been able to put a dent in so far. turning now to the republican race, too, just want to update you on developments there this morning. donald trump did one of those call-in interviews he's becoming famous for. he did one on "morning joe" this morning. the subject of vladimir putin came up. vladimir putin, who had some very nice words to say about donald trump the other day in russia. he was asked about them, said some interesting things himself on "morning joe." >> do you like vladimir putin's comments about you? >> sure. when people call you brilliant, that's always good, especially when the person heads up russia. >> yeah. >> well, i mean, also it's a person that kills journalists, political opponents and invades countries. obviously, that would be a concern, would it not? >> he's running his country, and
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at least he's a leader, unlike what we have in this country. >> but again, he kills journalists that don't agree with him. >> well, i think our country does plenty of killing also, joe, so you know. >> so, that comment about putin drawing a lot of eyre from leading republicans. mitt romney just minutes ago taking to twitter to say this -- i'll read from my phone here -- "important distinction -- thug putin kills journalists and opponents, our presidents kill terrorists and enemy combatants." that's mitt romney. jeb bush also weighing in quickly, saying "a true freedom-loving conservative wouldn't be flattered by praise from a despot like putin #cha #chaoscandida #chaoscandidate." we'll see how the comments go over in the wake of donald trump saying this. finally, new numbers on the republican side, up there in new hampshire. same franklin pierce poll this morning. donald trump more than a 2-1
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lead over ted cruz, his nearest rival. so, clearly in first place there. but the real story is rubio, christie, bush, you've called in the establishment canned daudidd the votes evenly divided among the three of them. the challenge for the establishment if they want to stop trump in new hampshire, those three have to coalesce, those voters, around one of those kond dates. you add those numbers together, it's enough to beat trump. divided like that, tamron, trump leads big. >> steve, thank you. within the hour, ted cruz will address supporters in virginia, the latest stop in his so-called take off with ted fly-around tour of 12 cities in one week. he'll also stop in georgia later this afternoon. now, while marco rubio is spending the day campaigning in iowa, the senators have been trading more jabs over immigration reform, stemming from comments both made during tuesday night's debate. now, cruz attacked rubio for supporting the path to citizenship, which rubio says cruz also supported. while campaigning in iowa yesterday, senator rubio pointed to an amendment cruz proposed to
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the immigration bill that would have given those who are here illegally the opportunity to seek legal status. >> he's going to have a hard time because he's not told the truth about his position in the past on legalization. it's not an attack, it's a fact. i mean, again, i only raised the issue when he attacked me on immigration, and my answer was, i'm puzzled by his attacks, as our positions are not that much different. >> not long after that, ted cruz fired back at a rally he was holding in las vegas. >> marco rubio campaigned, telling the people of florida, if you elect me, i will lead the fight against amnesty. it was in 2013, senator rubio made the decision to stand shoulder to shoulder with chuck schumer and harry reid and barack obama and hillary clinton. and not only not to do what he promised the voters of florida,
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not to lead the fight against amnesty, but to author a massive amnesty bill. >> and joining me now, a republican who held the seat now occupied by senator ted cruz, former texas senator kay bailey hutchison. senator hutchison, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, tamron. >> always great to have you on. i want to first get your reaction to what we've heard from mitt romney as well as jeb bush with donald trump having what some have referred to as a bromance -- that's the casual language -- with vladimir putin. putin complimenting donald trump this morning. "morning joe" pointing out that putin has killed journalist. donald trump, your front-runner in your party, seemingly shrugging that off. >> well, you know, i think that was unfortunate to equate killing journalists with some kind of statement that trump made that americans kill people, too? i mean, we're fighting isis, we're fighting people who are cutting americans' heads off.
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that's not an appropriate analo analogy. and i think that we've got to start really talking in depth about substance on dealing with russia, dealing with syria, and of course, immigration, which you all have been talking about this morning. these are issues that the republicans in congress, those people that some like to talk about as washington republicans, but they're trying to solve problems. and i will say, they passed very important tax cuts yesterday in the house that will be passed in the senate today. the filibuster's been broken. so, the republicans are trying so solve problems, and i think the candidates who are talking about solving problems are going to begin to, hopefully, get up in the polls and get the voters out. >> well, right now your office indicated to me that you have not endorsed anyone yet. i know you were on msnbc back in march.
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at the time, you were asked if you would officially endorse jeb bush, and you at the time said, i've met with him and i think he's exactly what we need right now. is that your feeling today? >> i do think that jeb bush would be a wonderful president. i also think there are others that are running who could solve problems, could lead the republican party, could unite americans behind policies that will solve the issues facing our country. i have not officially endorsed anyone, but i do think there are three or four of our candidates who would be very strong candidates, very strong as president. >> we had a series of debates at this point. we're seven weeks, i believe, from the first votes. why have you decided not to endorse a candidate at this point? >> well, for one thing, i'm contractually obligated to nbc and msnbc and cnbc, and i have been asked to be someone who can
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give opinions, and so, i haven't endorsed. but i certainly think that these debates have been very good. i think they've brought out the issues that are facing our country, and i think the people of america are going to be able to decide with very different views between democrats and republicans what they think is the right path for america. >> you made mention at the top when i asked you about donald trump's comments regarding vladimir putin, that it's time for these candidates to start having substantive conversations on immigration, which is a back-and-forth happening right now between senator cruz, marco rubio, in addition to isis and the other issues that face this country. but yet, when you look at the national polls, donald trump is at 38%. this is just a recent poll, abc/"washington post" poll. he is battling it out with ted cruz in iowa, but overall, the majority of polls show a significant lead for donald
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trump. what is it about the trump message that is so appealing to your base? >> i think the message is that we need a change in government in washington, that we need politicians who are going to list y listen, and people are scared. they're scared for their security. the fact that we have terrorist happening in america, in california two weeks ago, we had a terrorist attack, and our president won't even call it a terrorist attack, but it is. >> but have you heard something from your front-runner that would help solve this solution? you point out the president won't call it a terrorist attack, but he has. but what about your front-runner? what has donald trump said to your base that provides a strategy to defeat terrorism, to defeat isis? >> i don't think he has, and i think that is a very important issue and a point. he hasn't provided a way forward to deal with isis, to deal with terrorism, but he has brought
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the issue forward, which is what i think the base is reacting to and wanting -- >> but is mentioning it enough? i mean, you say that it's time for a substantive conversation, but on the other hand, you point out, well, donald trump is bringing it up. well, everyone is bringing up isis. how do you avoid the massacre in paris, the massacre in san bernardino? it's one thing to talk about it, it's another to offer a different strategy from the obama administration, and so far, it doesn't appear any of the candidates for the gop have offered a different strategy than what's in place. >> i think they have. i think the republican candidates in the main, several of them have put forward a strategy of getting involved in stopping isis in syria, in stopping isis in iraq, of going in with military force in a coalition with arab countries as well as european countries and others. we need a broad coalition that
8:15 am
will fight against people who are trying to establish a caliphate and who are cutting people's heads off to do it and abusing women, abusing children, murdering people on video. and i think that the republican candidates have put forward plans, different ones, different plans, but in the main, they're saying we ought to get involved on the ground with a coalition, and that is a strategy. and i think the president has not put forward such a strategy, and that is the difference between the democrats' approach to this and the republicans'. >> but everything you just named is exactly the strategy in place. the president has increased the number of special ops on the ground in this battle. there have not been troops added, which honestly, i believe other than donald trump, you don't have a wide support of your candidates saying putting thousands of u.s. boots on the ground in that region, the coalition, a larger coalition --
8:16 am
we saw the president meet with francois hollande after paris and the nations joining this, the press from turkey and others. so, everything that you've named as a strategy from the gop is exactly what's in place with the current administration and national security team. >> no, the president has not had a strategy put forward that puts a number of troops and shows the coalition that would be involved in such a movement. that has not been put together by the president, and i think the president's response when he went to france and when he met with president hollande was very weak, and i think that has been brought out by the republicans. he has yet to have a real commitment to dealing with isis and the building of a caliphate. in fact, we haven't been really bringing turkey in until very
8:17 am
recently, and turkey is essential to a strong coalition. and we need a president who will sit down with the leaders of the free world as well as the leaders of the arab nations who have said they want leadership. and president obama is not providing that leadership. he's going and making a deal with iran to allow them in a coalition with russia to build nuclear weapons with our funds that we would give iran? every republican candidate is standing up against that. that is not a strategy for the future. >> senator kay bailey hutchison, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. and developing now, president obama is preparing to hold a year-end news conference in a few hours. the president will then head to san bernardino to meet privately with the families of 14 people killed in the shooting campaign just over two weeks ago, this following a series of appearances this week where the
8:18 am
president has sought to calm the fears of americans in the wake of the series of attacks. >> at this moment, our intelligence and counterterrorism professionals do not have any specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland. that said, we have to be vigilant. >> nbc's ron allen joins us live now from the white house. so, ron, we're expecting this to start 1:50 eastern time. so much to discuss, but we clearly know that national security is at the forefront, given the week that we've seen from the president. the strategy likely will not change, but the forceful rhetoric that we saw this week will continue. >> reporter: and the questions will continue, tamron. i would expect this press conference to be dominated with questions about domestic security and the fight against isis abroad, because that is certainly the concern foremost in most americans' minds now. and there is a lot of criticism, not just partisan criticism, but a lot of concern out there in the public expressed in polls
8:19 am
that people are feeling insecurity and they are raising concerns about the president's ability to deal with this issue. his favorable ratings are very low on that issue and on a number of other issues as well. so, a lot of questions about that. and you're right, he is going to stop in san bernardino before heading off to hawaii for vacation. another difficult meeting for the president, i would expect. he has said that mass shootings and his inability to get some, what he calls common sense gun safety measures through the congress to address this issue is his biggest frustration during his time in office. so, the meetings will be private. his schedule has him on the ground in california for just two hours. we don't know where the meetings will take place. but again, a very difficult time for the president, no doubt, because when he talks about this issue, you can see that it wears on him. he's been angry, he's been frustrated, and it has been wearing on him as time has gone by. also in the press conference, a lot of discussion, probably, a lot of questions about 2016, because the race has shaped up to be essentially a referendum
8:20 am
on his time in office, especially the republicans. they are running against president obama. the criticisms, the insults, the charges fly around every day. so, no doubt, he will be asked about that. he will also be asked about what his agenda is for the remainder of his time in office. he has a year left, and he has said, and his aides have said he is not going to walk to the finish line. he still has a very robust agenda, a lot to get done, gun control, gun safety, closing guantanamo, trade legislation that he is trying to push forward on, trade agreement with asia, a number of countries there, the iran nuke deal. so, there are a lot of things on his agenda that he'll be asked about. and the question will be, essentially, how do you intend to accomplish this and how do you intend to avoid becoming a lame duck, something that he's said he's determined to do. >> thanks, ron. coming up, the president's visit to san bernardino later today comes as chilling, new details emerge from the shooting investigation. officials say a friend of one of the shooters admitted to plotting two other attacks that
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as president obama prepares to meet privately later today with san bernardino shooting victims and families, there is chilling, new information about the only person now charged following the investigation into that attack. authorities say enrique marquez, the longtime friend and neighbor of syed farooq, had plotted with farooq in 2011 and 2012 to launch deadly attacks on the college they attended and on a
8:25 am
busy california freeway. according to court papers, marquez not only bought the assault rifles that wound up being used in the san bernardino shooting, but also the powder used to build pipe bombs. marquez appeared in federal court late yesterday to face charges, including conspiring to carry out attacks in 2001 and '12 and unlawfully purchasing those two assault rifles. nbc news correspondent pete williams is joining us. we've learned more about when marquez allegedly became radicalized and just what brewed behind the scenes between these two friends. >> well, it's pretty clear that the fbi believes that syed farooq, there on the left, radicalized his friend, the next door neighbor, first converted marquez to islam and then radicalized him based on anwar al awlaki, the al qaeda figure prominent in so many attacks. and according to the fbi, starting in 2011, they
8:26 am
discussed, anyway, two attacks, one on riverside community college where both of them had been students, and the other on a busy california furrreeway th they were going to attack in rush hour. in both, they were going to throw bombs at people in the cafeteria the at school and shoot them, stop them in traffic and shoot people in their cars. it's also clear from the court documents that the fbi says that marquez when he bought these rifles and when he bought the powder for the explosives, did so with the intent that they would be used to carry out these terrorist attacks. now, the fbi says that marquez and farooq actually went to firing ranges to practice shooting these weapons but that by 2012, marquez sort of stops, drops out of the terror plotting picture because he says he got cold feet when there was the arrest of, in an unrelated terror case in southern california, and they thought maybe the heat was on them. and so, the fbi does not claim that he had any foreknowledge of or any participation in the
8:27 am
planning for the shooting in san bernardino. >> and we also are learning, at least how much marquez is cooperating, the number of hours he's spoken with federal investigators, right, pete? >> 11 days, tamron, you're right. and the fbi says he did so willingly, that every day they gave him his miranda warning and said you can have a lawyer and that he waived it. the impression you get from this is that marquez was so overcome with guilt after the san bernardino shootings that he wanted to sort of make a clean breath to the fbi. he actually drank a lot, got seriously drunk, checked into a hospital, he was so upset, called 911 and said i think my neighbor just did the shootings with the guns that i gave him, and that's why the fbi's contention here is that's why he agreed to talk with them so much. >> wow. >> but you're right, now they're basically, his words are the main weapon against him here in this case. >> all right, major development there. thank you, pete. and we have breaking news in right now. a massive spending bill easily
8:28 am
passes the house just this morning, and it is now in the hands of the senate. will lawmakers avoid a government shutdown? that is next. plus, latest on the condition of the wife of golfer jason day, who was injured and actually carried out on a stretcher after this incident. lebron james crashing into the sidelines. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ [ birds squawking ] my mom makes airplane engines that can talk. [ birds squawking ] ♪ my mom makes hospitals you can hold in your hand. ♪ my mom can print amazing things right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] my mom makes trains that are friends with trees.
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majority time is yielded back. ms. mikulski: madam president, this is a bill that protects america, rebuilds it, and invests in the future. i think it's a great we are back with breaking news from capitol hill. right now the senate is moving toward giving what's expected to be the final congressional approval to a massive $1.1 trillion bill to fund the federal government through next september. that, of course, is when the fiscal year expires. also included, extending $622 billion for businesses and lower and middle-income families. this action comes after the house approved the compromised bipartisan bill this morning,
8:32 am
the vote 316-113. the house approved the tax cut measure yesterday. nbc's luke russert joins us live from capitol hill. it's so often we're approaching the end of the year and there is mass drama as it relates to spending and other issues that are lingering out there, but it seems as if some of the drama's behind us with this one. >> reporter: yeah, how many times have you and i had that conversation, tamron, where we're holding on for dear life to see if the government will be funded approaching the midnight hour? not the case this time around. paul ryan, nancy pelosi, harry reid and mitch mcconnell, with the backing of the white house, able to get a resounding bipartisan vote in the united states house of representatives. we did not think it was going to be that high as we came into work this morning, just because a lot of democrats had expressed some consternation and anguish with what was in the bill, but nancy pelosi able to pull her caucus across the finish line, and paul ryan getting 150 republicans on the spending bill of this magnitude in the freedom caucus era is extremely impressive heading into an
8:33 am
election year. that is something that i think the speaker of the house will carry with him moving forward for, hopefully for him, positive energy in 2016. now, the united states senate, this bill, tamron, it's moving forward. they already broke the filibuster. they should be done about noon, 1:00. i actually saw the house clerk take the bill over from the house to the senate. i've never seen a bill move that quickly. the jet fumes of the christmas holiday are really starting to percola percolate in congress. they want to get out of here and they are not going to fight this anymore. >> all right. thank you very much, luke. we'll keep an eye on that vote, thank you. controversial drug company ceo martin shkreli is home today, out on bail after posting $5 million to go back home. he's still been charged with security and wire fraud. federal officials allege that shkreli ran that ponzi scheme, shuffling money from one firm to pay off investors to another. the 32-year-old millionaire first gained notoriety for
8:34 am
raising the price of a life-saving drug overnight and then for being the sole owner of the latest album by the hip-hop group wu-tang clan. the fbi reported the album was not seized in the arrest. if you watch or listen to any social media traffic, you will see that people were greatly concerned about the album. after the release, shkreli tweeted "glad to be home. thanks for the support." not sure what support he was referring to, as he's been called one of the most hated men in america. his next court appearance is set for january 20th. and developing now, republican presidential candidate ted cruz continues his so-called flyover or fly-around to super tuesday states today. now, this as cruz takes to the airways in his escalating fight with marco rubio over immigration. nbc's senior political editor mark murray will join us to talk about it. plus, pope francis takes the final step to sainthood for mother teresa.
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bring your challenges® we are back with your first read on politics this morning. ted cruz continues his brainstorming tour of super tuesday states, making stops today in virginia and georgia. cruz is also out with a new tv ad in iowa, blasting the 2013 immigration bill, which was spear-headed by his rival, marco rubio. >> securing our borders and stopping illegal immigration is a matter of national security. that's why i fought so hard to defeat president obama and the republican establishment's gang of eight amnesty plan. their misguided plan would have given obama the authority to admit syrian refugees, including isis terrorists. >> joining me now live, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. i said brainstorming, rather than barn-storming. so, a little fear of being
8:39 am
accused of somehow being against ted cruz. barn-storming tour. he's hitting all of these states, but substantively, this back-and-forth between senator cruz and senator rubio over amnesty and who was for it, who was against it. so much of this is on tape, but senator cruz is still able to say his actions, decisions were really to manipulate democrats. so, how does rubio disprove that? >> yeah, tamron, it's going to be fascinating to see if marco rubio is able to fight back in his campaign or in his super pacs that are supporting him, fight back somehow. and here's what the argument essentially is. ted cruz said that rubio supported the gang of eight immigration legislation that ended up giving undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship. of course, we know that that did not become law. the rubio campaign said that ted cruz offered an amendment in 2013 that would have actually seem to suggest some kind of granting of legalization.
8:40 am
ted cruz says that that was a poison pill, but the rubio campaign really tried to muddy the waters. bottom line, this argument's not going to go away over the next six weeks. this could be the closing arguments you see for both ted cruz and maybe marco rubio as well. >> how do you declare who is being straightforward with where they stood and who is not here? >> i think, you know, tamron, it will probably come down to who has the clearest argument. and right now, i think it's probably ted cruz. he could end up saying i was against the gang of eight legislation. people who are supporting me are folks like steve king. steve king doesn't become more anti-illegal immigration than anyone else on capitol hill, where marco rubio i think has to get you into the legislative minutia of what this amendment was, what it was trying to do, and i do think that cruz probably has the upper hand in this debate, but i'm fascinated to see how rubio responds over the airwaves. >> yeah, it will be interesting to see how he responds. i know that yesterday, chuck todd was saying it perhaps may also boil down to just truly who you support.
8:41 am
but what we do know, it does bring back the role, the role that senator rubio played in the immigration plan, which he can't dispute, and may put him in dicey territory with the base. >> and tamron, i'm really struck just how far the republican party has moved to the right on immigration, even after their losses in 2012 in that presidential contest. the rnc had commissioned that study, where the study said we need to have our party support comprehensive immigration reform. you saw rubio did what he did, but now everyone's back-tracking. of course, donald trump is the one that's really driving the train on this immigration issue. >> okay, thank you, mark. appreciate it. up next, i'll talk live with congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz about the data breach at the dnc and the punishment against the bernie sanders campaign after improperly obtaining personal information gathered by the clinton campaign. make this holiday extra happy when you buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones...
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welcome back. as we mentioned throughout the show, tomorrow night the democratic candidates will face off for their third and final debate of the year, but with hours to go, the dnc has just levied a punishment against bernie sanders' campaign over allegations at least one of his staff members improperly accessed data from the clinton campaign. now, we've learned sanders is set to hold a news conference at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. i'm joined now by dnc chairwoman, congressman debbie wasserman schultz of florida. madam chairwoman, thank you so much for joining me. >> thanks, tamron. >> let's start here with a brief description of what happened here and what data was compromised. >> so, that's the process that we're going through now. we are analyzing the depths of this breach. and let me just be clear, there's not an allegation. the sanders campaign has acknowledged that they inappropriately accessed during a brief window where the vendor
8:46 am
that we have for our voter file during a softwear patch application opened the opportunity accidentally for each of the campaigns to see one another's proprietary data. staff on the sanders campaign not only viewed the clinton campaign's proprietary data, but from what we're being told, downloaded it, exported it and downloaded it. and so, we have a variety of back-and-forth going on. and in order to make sure, first and foremost, that we can preserve the integrity of our voter file, we are going to be doing an -- end up having an independent audit done so we can assess the depth of this breach. >> for people watching this interview at home right now, explain again this information and how it would be valuable, certainly in the seven weeks leading up to the first votes in iowa and new hampshire, where the polls are close in both of those states. >> right, sure. so, this is our voter file.
8:47 am
and the national voter file is a tremendous value to campaigns, to state parties, to party committees, because it includes data about individual voters' habits, not their personal information by name, but the habits of different types of voters based on the category that -- you know, ethnic background, racial background, men versus women. there's all kinds of different data that our voter file has built over the years, and each candidate's campaign has access to the voter file, and they can build their own data on top of it, on top of that information that only they have access to. what happened here was during the opening, the temporary opening accidentally of the opportunity for campaigns to see one another's information, staff on the sanders campaign, we were informed by our vendor, accessed the proprietary information of the clinton campaign, which, you
8:48 am
know -- >> did you learn from the vendor or did you learn from the sanders campaign about this breach? >> we learned from the vendor. >> and at this point, one staffer has been let go as a result of this. you're shaking your head. go ahead. >> well, yes, my understanding from the sanders campaign is that they have let one staffer go. you know, we're still analyzing the depths of this breach. our vendor is saying that more than one staff person on the sanders campaign who had access to the voter file and this information actually viewed it and accessed it. so, that's why an independent audit is going to be so important. and tamron, also, i want to be clear, you know, what we're doing is following our memorandum of understanding, our agreement we have with each presidential campaign. they are prohibited from accessing another campaign's proprietary information, and we have the ability to suspend that campaign's access to the voter file in order to make sure that we can preserve the integrity of the voter file and ensure that
8:49 am
there is confidence in it. >> we will hear more from senator sanders, as i mentioned, in the 1:00 hour, but i'm pretty sure you are aware of the floodgate that's opened here regarding some of bernie sanders' supporters, and quite hone honestly, some democrats who are undecided who feel that this is again the game being rigged against bernie sanders. you have this petition. nearly 85,000 signatures already. we're already just at 11:00 a.m. -- 11:49 a.m. eastern time. they are demanding that you immediately reinstate the bernie sanders campaign access to the 50-state file. they go on to say it is crucial for voter outreach in the last weeks before the democratic caucuses. shutting down sanders' tool to reach voters is an infringement on democracy. you and the dnc criticize about the number of debates, now this criticism, where people -- some -- and now over 80,000, believe that the game is being
8:50 am
rigged because you have the candidate who is a front-runner in the majority of the polls, that you want for your party. >> tamron, i would ask any sanders supporters or anyone who is, you know, clinton campaign that accessed the proprietary information of the sanders campaign, you can be darned sure understandably that his supporters would expect that we would take the exact same action that we are taking that is based on our memorandum of understanding, our agreement with each campaign, to ensure that the integrity of their information, their proprietary information was not only preserved but restored. we are talking about a violation that the sanders campaign has admitted. >> is there no other alternative, with seven weeks to go, with the debate tomorrow, is there no other punishment available? >> i mean, if you have a campaign that has inappropriately accessed the proprietary information of another campaign and the voter file itself is what you use to manipulate that information, at this point, i am exploring what options are available to us, but
8:51 am
until i am fully advised by independent experts how best to approach this, as quickly as possible, the only available remedy for us is to make sure that we cannot have the information manipulated and the only way to do that is to temporarily suspend access to the voter file. >> debbie wasserman schultz, appreciate you joining me. thank you so much. coming up, major security changes at popular theme parks like disney and universal. we will tell you who is being impacted and what you need to know. is always blue. and the kids always eat their vegetables. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch.
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not the other way around. another e-mail controversy tops our look at stories this morning. the senate armed services committee is requesting copies of e-mails by defense secretary ash carter after he admitted to conducting government business for several months on a personal e-mail account. in a press conference thursday, carter told reporters it was a mistake and placed the blame on
8:55 am
himself. the late mother teresa will be made a saint in the roman catholic church, the vatican said this morning. the woman who dedicated her life to helping india's poor previously won a nobel peace prize for her efforts. pope francis seen here inaugurating the new homeless center in rome last hour confirmed a second miracle by mother teresa. completing the final step to sainthood. she is expected to be canonized in september. and a jaw-dropping moment at the cleveland cavaliers game thursday night. lebron james was chasing a loose ball in the final minutes when he plowed into a fan in the front row. that fan was ellie day, the wife of pga champion golfer jason day. she was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital but has been released. lebron tweeting out and wishing her recovery, apologizing for that moments. she is said to be doing okay. the president is expected to hold his year-end news
8:56 am
conference in just a few hours. the threat of terrorism of course high on the agenda. this as major security changes are coming to theme parks across the country. while there are no credible threats at any of these parks, security will now be more visible. the changes include metal detectors, bags being searched and dogs trained to sniff for explosives. if you are traveling to one of those parks, also check out their costume policy as well. you want to definitely know what your kids can and cannot wear inside the parks. there have been some changes there, too. billboard's tenth annual women in music premieres tonight. i had the opportunity to host with savannah guthrie. the star-studded event brings together the world's most po powerful women in music. lady gaga took home the top spot as 2015 woman of the year with selena gomez, demi lovato. if you have time, turn on the television to lifetime at 8:00
8:57 am
p.m. eastern time. some incredible performances. you want to check that out. that does it for this hour of "msnbc live." i'm tamron hall. have an incredible weekend. "andrea mitchell reports" is next. oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan,
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latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac ats. get this low-mileage lease from around $269 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. right now on "andrea mitchell reports" meet the press. president obama tries to get his message straight in a final news conference before heading out of town for the year. >> we have prevailed over much greater threats than this. we will prevail again. behind bars. syed farook's friend enrique marquez talks about plots planned but not delivered. >> what kind of guy is enrique? >> what you see on tv. eps a dorky


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