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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 21, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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forfeit her crown to miss philippines. and we'll bring you that. but let's start with breaking news. senator lindsey graham has dropped out of the 2016 presidential race. graham making the announcement in a video to his supporters. >> the centerpiece of my campaign has been securing our nation. i got into this race to put forward a plan to win a war we can not afford to lose and to turn back the tide of isolationism that was rising in our party. today most of my fellow candidates have come to recognize this is what's needed to secure our homeland. >> well, graham's message has not resonated with republican voters polling in the single digits since he jumped in the race. even so, he repeatedly came away as one of the standout performers on the so-called undercard republican debates, including last week's debate when he lashed out at front-runner donald trump. >> donald trump has done the one single thing you cannot do,
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declare war on islam itself. isil would be dancing in the streets. they just don't believe in dancing. we're at least 3,500 american-muslims serving in the armed forces. thank you for your service. [ applause ] you are not the enemy. your religion is not the enemy. >> let's bring in msnbc's kasie hunt and steve kornacki for more on what it means. as mentioned, if you look at each debate performance for senator graham, there was always a line, many cases directed at donald trump, that would bring heat, that would bring applause, but he could not get those numbers up. >> he couldn't, tamron, and if you talk to people who are close to him, they will tell you that this really -- the polling issue was about the fact that he couldn't get onto the main stage, and he couldn't break through because he was stuck in that undercard, and i talked to him when he came out of that last undercard debate, and he
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said you know what? i'm the only person here who should be on the main stage. a couple things about why this happened. first of all, why now? there was a deadline this the state of south carolina. the party told him, hey, if you don't drop out by december 21st, we can't tell you that your name won't be on the ballot in your home state and that risks potentially being an embarrassing problem for him if he isn't able to get his numbers back up to a respectable showing. he, of course, is going to continue to be the senator from south carolina, wants to maintain the power that he has in that state, and this allows him to use the network that he has there to potentially influence the race. this also, tamron, is about new hampshire. this is the place where everyone is starting to recognize that the establishment is going to have to make its last stand, and graham, of course, has been campaigning with senator john mccain who is beloved in that state. he won there in 2000 unexpectedly, and to a certain extent this frees up mccain to potentially put his finger on the scale and try to help the
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establishment coalesce behind a candidate there. lindsey graham has really become one of the loudest voices aside from maybe now jeb bush talking -- speaking out against donald trump. he said that trump would be a disaster for the republican party. so i think we should look for him while maybe to not endorse right away, to definitely be a force working to keep trump from getting the republican nomination. >> what about his message regarding troops on the ground in iraq and syria? might we see another candidate pick up that mantle? >> don't forget, tamron, that he's been on the undercard all the way along, and that debate where he really stood out is the only one that came after the paris attacks, came after san bernardino, so i think we didn't really get a chance to see whether or not his message on these issues was going to resonate more now that the public is more concerned about terrorism, telling our pollsters it's the number one thing they're concerned about in this election, and i think you're already seeing the entire race
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swing a little bit towards lindsey graham's positions. you will remember when he first got in this race, it was more about rand paul than it was about donald trump, and i think you're seeing rand paul's foreign policy kind of get knocked down a little bit and it's playing out more in how marco rubio is criticizing ted cruz. but lindsey graham's message, his nonisolationist message is something that we're going to see a lot more on the front burner now. >> let me bring in steve. it's interesting to follow up, watching and listening to jeb bush these past few days, he took and has taken some of that aggression and that direct attack of donald trump, steve, that lindsey graham successfully brought into his message. with that said, as i mentioned, 13 candidates still left, what impact does graham leaving have, if any, and who do you see as someone who is struggling and could be next? >> what kasie said is the story here.
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this is about one man really is not lindsey graham as much as it is john mccain. and it's about one state, new hampshire, because if the republican party is going to stop donald trump, and for that matter if the republican party establishment is going to stop ted cruz, who are one/two right now in iowa and gobbling up a huge chunk of the support out in iowa, it's got to be in new hampshire, and the situation republicans are looking at in new hampshire right now is that trump is pretty far out in front because you got four of these so-called establishment candidates. you've got john kasich, jeb bush, you have chris christie who has got the endorsement of the biggest newspaper of that state and marco rubio. you add all those votes together right now in the polls, that would be enough to beat donald trump, but right now they're all splitting that vote four ways and donald trump is cruising in new hampshire. so with lindsey graham out of this race, you take somebody like john mccain, john mccain, as kasie said, won that state in 2000, won that state in 2008, very popular, particularly with the independents who are allowed to participate in the republican primary up there in new
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hampshire, and this at least creates the potential for john mccain, for people like john mccain in the primary, to look at new hampshire, to pick one of those candidates, to get the establishment to coalesce behind one of those four and take trump on there because this is the problem the republican party establishment is looking at right now. rules are made to be broken, but history says you have got to win one of those first two states, iowa or new hampshire. one of them. you don't have to win them both, but you got to win one to win the nomination. to lose in those early states, both of them, and then to try to jump start your campaign, you do not have a successful example of that on the republican side in the modern era, period. >> all right. steve, let me bring in since we're having this conversation, the chairman of the new hampshire republican state committee, jennifer horn. jennifer, thank you so much for joining us. you know, it's interesting -- >> thank you for having me this morning, tamron. >> we had you positioned at a different spot but i thought we should bring you on right now to respond to exactly what steve was reporting regarding donald
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trump and your state of new hampshire now that lindsey graham has gotten out of the race. trump is down slightly in iowa, but he's expecting new hampshire to really be the place of victory that will in a sense give him far more momentum than he even has now. what do you say? >> there are a lot of candidates in this race who are looking at new hampshire to kind of be their proving ground, and what i have said all along, tamron, as much as folks are looking at this and saying the race is only six weeks away, i look at it and say the race is still six weeks away. there's a lot that can change and historically we've seen there's a lot that does change in the last six weeks, whether it's for donald trump or one of the three or four candidates coming up behind him right now. when you look at the polling you have to remember two things. one, that the majority of new hampshire voters are still very much undecided. and, two, if there's a shift of just ten points, ten points down for one candidate, ten points
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forward for another candidate, it completely redefines the race. >> is that what you see happening? donald trump is in first place. 32%. that's 18 points ahead of ted cruz. you point out a ten-point shift even if that slightly happens and, for example, all of those people don't go to ted cruz, you disperse them through marco rubio, chris christie who is picking up steam, maybe even the message of john kasich, you still have potentially trump leading in your state. so what is it about his message as divisive as some people see it, that's resonating in this important state? >> well, again, i just want to be clear that the time that -- you know, kind of the way you're looking at it, the time we have in front of us is significant, and if you don't look at those undecided voters in the polling, then you're not really seeing the full picture. only one person gets to be the nominee in the end and what we just saw with senator lindsey graham, one of the things he said was it's not my time. it's only going to be my time for one person, so there's a lot of change that's still going to
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happen here. i think that voters are justifiably angry, disappointed, and frightened at the world that we're living in today right now. i think that they look at a washington that has failed them, a president that has failed us on the international stage, on foreign policy. i think that voters look across the aisle at hillary clinton who declared on saturday night that we have isis right where we want them. i can't imagine a more ludicrous statement than that, and they're looking for strength, courage, and leadership, but i think we have a lot of candidates on our side of the aisle that can offer that and it's too early to call who is going to win. >> you're right, it depends how you choose to look at those six weeks and we will talk about the comments made by hillary clinton at that debate. meanwhile though, the person who has consistently been in first place in new hampshire is donald trump. he doesn't have a clear plan to defeat isis. he's talked about oil revenue but hasn't given much detail on how that would work.
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over the weekend he was seen as raising vladimir putin, even denying the death of journalists at the hands of vladimir putin, and in a number of other questions that have not been made clear through his campaign, including, and i will throw this in, the idea of banning muslims into this country. controversial messages, but again consistently resonating with those who have decided. >> well, you know, it's not my job, tamron, to kind of analyze the policies of our individual republican candidates or to try to call a winner. i have been very clear that the republican party, our principals, our platform, who we are as a political party rejects the idea of including or excluding people based on any kind of a religious litmus test, and certainly the idea of, you know, embracing a dictator like vladimir putin who, you know,
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executes his political opponents, executes journalists, that is not the policy or the principle of the republican party, but as i said a few minutes ago, i think our voters are looking for lead whose have that strength and are willing to take on people like vladimir putin, and when you look at the entire spectrum of republican candidates, you see each of them, you know, advancing detailed plans, detailed ideas, and based on experience, based on what we've seen unfold over the last, you know, eight years or so, not just how to defeat isis but how to strengthen america and move us forward on the global stage again. to put us back in that position of leadership that the world looks to us for. >> all right. well, thank you so much for joining us, and we greatly appreciate you jumping in on this very interesting conversation on news we didn't see coming today regarding senator graham. news of graham dropping out
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comes amid an escalating battle between the democratic and republican front-runners, donald trump and hillary clinton. trump blasting clinton today and demanding an apology for claiming that isis is using videos of him to recruit radical jihadists making trump, quote, isis' best recruiter. here is what trump told matt lauer on the "today" show. >> whether it's whitewater or the e-mail scandal, she always lies. i will demand an apology from hillary, okay? you can be the messenger. i will demand an apology from hillary. she should apologize. she lies about e-mails. she lies about whitewater. she lies about everything. she will be a disaster as president of the united states. >> hillary clinton claims about isis videos featuring trump were immediately called into question about independent fact checkers and her campaign spokesperson, jennifer palmeiri walked back
8:13 am
the statement. >> there are no videos. >> he's being used in social media by isis as propaganda. she didn't have a particular video in mind but he's being used in social media. >> the former secretary of state is also drawing fire from republicans from the comments regarding america's progress in the fight against isis. >> we now finally are where we need to be. we have a strategy and a commitment to go after isis. >> and we're going to go now to new hampshire. hallie jas hallie jackson is standing by in rochester where we have republicans campaigning in that state. >> reporter: busy day out here for sure, tamron. and while a lot of the oxygen today at least has been sucked up by this news that senator lindsey graham is suspending his presidential campaign and we're hearing candidates reacting, we're also talking about this battle ongoing now between the two front-runners in the race at this point, donald trump on the
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republican side, hillary clinton on the democratic side. the two continuing to go back at each other, back and forth. you heard donald trump this morning, president obama, for example, on the radio even questioned some of what is fueling trump's support. we are here outside of a marco rubio event. he just left to head out to a few other campaign stops. we are six weeks from the campaign in iowa. a week later in new hampshire. people aren't necessarily as tuned into politics as they might be the rest of the year. i asked senator rubio about the news about lindsey graham. i said are you going to ask for his endorsement? senator rubio said it's a little premature but he also added he's looking for the support of everybody. he believes senator graham and he do align when it comes specifically to strong national security and sort of that more hawkish stance you have seen senator rubio take, and he also said he'll be missed on the campaign trail for his humor,
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tamron. senator graham is always good for a quip or sort of that funny comment. he's the one that coined that phrase happy hour deb bait a few months ago. so that's something we won't necessarily see on the campaign trail but you will still see it on the senate flor. >> hallie jackson in new hampshire. we have more breaking news to report. authorities are trying to determine why a woman repeatedly plowed her car into a crowd on the sidewalk of the las vegas strip killing one person and injuring 37 others, all of which with a toddler in the backseat who was unharmed. police say the driver intentionally slammed that car into the people on the sidewalk at least two times and then drove off. the car was found several blocks away with a smashed windshield. the woman was arrested, charges are now pending. officials say six people taken to the hospital in critical condition have now been upgraded to stable. nbc's scott cohn is live in las
8:16 am
vegas. you had the miss universe pageant not far away. i cannot believe what that scene was like. >> reporter: just terrifying tamron. we have a name on the woman, 23-year-old la keisha nicole holloway from portland, oregon. she's been booked on multiple felony charges. as you said, she had a 3-year-old toddler in the car with her who thankfully came through this okay. let me orient you a little bit as to what happened. all about 6:30 or so last night. we're on the las vegas strip. behind me is the planet hollywood hotel, and bail what happened was she drove out of the planet hollywood, made a right turn, and went up onto the sidewalk. came back onto the street and went onto the sidewalk again at least one other time plowing into all of these people, and witnesses on the scene described her as having both hands on the wheel, and that's where police believe that it was -- it may have been intentional and everything is sort of flowing
8:17 am
from there. 37 people injured at least, one person killed. and of the six people that were transported originally in critical condition, thankfully they have stabilized, but a lot of questions yet to be answered. tamron? >> joining us live now by phone from las vegas, justin cochran who witnessed what happened last night. justin, thank you so much for joining us. you heard our reporter on the scene there. tell me what you saw from your vantage point. >> i was having dinner right on the walkway of the strip, and it's about five to six feet above the head level of people as they walk past you, and we're right on -- i hear a commotion to my left, we're right across from bellagio and i stand up to see what the commotion is, screaming and yelling, and i see this oldsmobile plowing down people at a very high speed
8:18 am
compared to what the traffic was moving which it wasn't moving at all. just taking people out left and right, and many -- a lot of small children weren't even moving. they were just getting -- as i'm standing up, i remember i can see the height of people and i was already six feet above them, they were flying as high as i was. going right through people. and then the car ended up slowing down to go around this black truck that was pulling out of a little street next to the mon ami and she accelerates again to pile more people up. >> when you saw this all playing out, were you able or did you see other people rushing or was it just so unimaginable this person intentionally seemingly intentionally continuing to hit the crowd with that vehicle? >> yeah. it seemed very intentional to me. obviously intentional, but i did see just regular joes chasing
8:19 am
the car and at full speed. the person who was driving plowed people down and then have -- i couldn't see inside the car because all the windshields are broken. i'm surprised they could even see out and -- >> could you see her face? could you see the driver's face? >> no. >> were you able to see the child at the time in the vehicle? >> it was about 2.5 seconds it blew by me. no. but i did look, and then i saw the braking of the car. so the car wouldn't run into this truck, so then it slowly went around and then it accelerated again and started plowing out new people on the right. >> a very tragic scene there and to know that there was a child in the back of the vehicle and so many others injured and one person dead. thank you, justin -- >> lucky more people didn't die. >> absolutely, lucky more people were not critically injured or killed there. thank you so much, justin. thank you for joining us.
8:20 am
i know it was a frightening night for you. coming up, officials say americans were killed and injured in a taliban attack this morning in afghanistan. we'll have the latest on what happened there. plus, bernie sanders apologizes and fires several staffers after they took data from the clinton campaign, but is the dnc data breach dust up over. mark murray will join us with the late he is. (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be.. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib,
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we are following breaking news out of afghanistan. u.s. officials tell nbc news americans are among those killed and injured in a suicide bomb attack this morning near bagram air base in afghanistan. officials say a suicide bomber on a motorcycle attacked a joint u.s./afghan patrol killing six coalition troops and injuring
8:24 am
three others. nbc news pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins us with the latest. what more do we know? >> military officials, while still not officially releasing the exact number of americans who were killed and wounded, but they do say, as you pointed out, that there were americans among the six killed and three wounded in the suicide bomb attack. first reports were that a suicide bomber on a motorcycle pulled up alongside the american and coalition afghan convoy near the bagram airport, northeast afghanistan, where he detonated the bomb causing those casualties. the exact number, again, is six killed, three wounded, and it's believed that most of those are american service members. don't know the actual service for which they serve, but there are about 5,500 americans that are based there at the bagram air force base out of the 9,800
8:25 am
americans who still remain there in afghanistan until at least the end of next year when president obama has pledged once again -- he put it off for a year -- but plerge pledged once to reduce the number of americans in afghanistan. suicide bombers, vbids they're called, have been a very effective way that the taliban can actually compete militarily against not only the americans but afghan military there in afghanistan, and it's quite evident that they succeeded in part in their mission early today. >> well, it's heartbreaking news anyday but certainly around the holidays it adds to the extra pain there. thank you. greatly appreciate the report. up next, new reaction to the mistake that forced miss colu colombia to turn over her crown on live television. >> i have to apologize. i will take responsibility for
8:26 am
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♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ we are back with what many are calling one of the most uncomfortable moments to ever play out on live television. host steve harvey is apologizing after announcing the wrong winner at the miss universe pageant last night, but this morning both his mistake, his apolo apology, getting a lot of attention including from at least one presidential candidate. willie geist has more on that cringe-worthy moment. >> miss universe 2015 is -- >> it's the crowning achievement the world waits for at the miss universe pageant. >> colombia! >> but this is the unexpected moment from last night that
8:30 am
everyone will remember. >> i have to apologize. miss universe 2015 is philippines! >> miss colombia forced to forfeit her crown to miss philippines on live television after host steve harvey mistakenly named colombia the winner. >> i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. >> harvey took to twitter soon after calling it a terribly honest human mistake but quickly deleting the post after misspelling philippines and colombia. he later replaced it with another apology writing i feel terrible. the miss universe organization told nbc news overnight unfortunately a live telecast means human error can come into play. online the response was swift. harvey instantly coming under fire as the moment went viral. as for the new winner and runner-up, both beauty queens remain congenial backstage
8:31 am
although a bit dazed by the -- >> no, everything happens for a reason so i'm happy for all what i did. >> we love you! >> it's a very nontraditional crowning moment, isn't it? >> yes. >> it's very 2015. >> that was willie geist reporting. so the mix-up has even triggered reaction from the former owner of the miss universe pageant, donald trump. the gop presidential front-runner fired off this tweet this morning, very sad what happened last night at miss universe pageant. i sold it six months ago for a record price. this would never have happened. he followed up with this suggestion during an interview on the "today" show. >> i know they're going to be calling me today, already have a call scheduled what would i do? i'll tell you what i think i'd do, i think i'd make them a co-winner. it would be very cool. make them a co-winner because what happened to the world from colombia is devastating. to give it to her for a couple minutes and take it away. >> cal perry joins us. even though millions of people
8:32 am
watched this, i think millions of others found out about it through social media. they weren't even watching -- >> phones just started buzzing. >> here it is on twitter. it's the steve harvey tweet earthquake. >> that's what it looks like. >> i don't really want to talk about this. i feel like i'm bringing some bad potentially things on myself here. >> you should have told us. we would have killed your hit. >> i feel bad for the guy. >> of course we do. of course. >> he's getting beat up really, really badly on social media. take a look at some of the memes we have up. the first one saying he had one job to do. it's pretty obvious. the other one we've got, people are obviously getting any excuse to talk about "star wars" saying he misreported the top movie of the year. it's gotten really ugly. he's apologized profusely. he had three tweets and then this picture of him apologizing in person to miss colombia. so quite the affair last night. >> well, i have hosted an event for steve harvey and his amazing
8:33 am
wife, they do a lot of charitable things throughout the this country. if anyone can survive this and talk about it openly, it's steve harvey. he's at the top of his game. he's an "a" list. he's a wonderful guy. successful not just on television but also movies and books, you name it. so he can survive it, but the reality is miss colombia, what happens to her? >> right. and this moment where she has the tiara and then they go and they remove it from her, and the genuine surprise on the face of miss philippines. it was -- the whole thing was really something. i don't want the bad steve harvey karma. >> you know what? listen, if we could have 1% of the career steve harvey has ha -- >> we'll all be good to go. >> we wouldn't be standing here. thank you, cal. coming up, bernie sanders apologizes and fires several staffers after they took data from hillary clinton's campaign, but is the dnc data breach dust up over. mark murray is next. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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we're back with your first read on politics this morning. there's new fallout in the dnc data breach over the weekend. bernie sanders apologized for the breach and his campaign fired two more staffers over this. now both the dnc and the vendor that runs the party's vote file system argue sanders' campaign did improperly obtain some data from the clinton campaign but it's unclear what that was and if they still have it. appearing on cbs news this morning, bernie sanders stressed his campaign is working to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> this is the second breach that the dnc vendors have allowed to happen. what we are asking for now is a thorough investigation with the dnc from day one of these campaigns to see what the implications of these breaches have been. have information, in fact, been able to go both ways? i don't know if that's the case but that's a possibility. >> joining me now live, nbc news
8:38 am
senior political editor mark murray. so, mark, when you look at the debate, the headline was the apology from bernie sanders and a few more staffers being let go. will we be talking about this in the next couple weeks once everyone gets back from their breaks and the new year begins? >> tamron, it's likely that we're not going to be talking about this in the next couple of weeks, but i do think there are still some developments that we're going to be talking about maybe in the days ahead. and as you noted in the debate on saturday night, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders hugged it out. bernie sanders apologized. hillary clinton accepted the apology for the alleged theft of this data, voter file data, but what is important to note is that at least two sources are saying that the bernie sanders campaign got something and might still have it in their possession. we ended up -- the vendor ended up saying at least a one-page data summary was taken from the clinton system and exported by a sanders' staffer, and the
8:39 am
democratic national committee ends up saying that one piece of proprietary information was taken from the clinton campaign, and if that is the case, we still haven't heard from the sanders campaign on, one, do they have it, and, if so, if they're handing that over, and so i do think that is the last development in this whole story. it seems everyone wants to be able to kind of move beyond it, talk about other issues, but according to the vendor and the dnc, the sanders staffer and maybe still the campaign has at least one piece of information that the clinton campaign says is theirs. >> and let's talk about the other moment from the debate regarding hillary clinton's comments on libya, on isis. you've heard all of the republicans since the debate kind of seizing on this. let's separate truth from fiction here, fact from fiction. >> tamron, i think you're talking about her statement about donald trump and being a recruitment tool for isis, and her statement in the debate was that there are isis videos that end up using donald trump's rhetoric. and here is the trooeuth.
8:40 am
we don't have any kind of confirmation that isis has used donald trump in their videos. now, what we do know, and i think what hillary clinton was trying to hit at, is that the potential is there, and hillary clinton and her campaign have kind of backed away in saying they're talking about overall that he is a potential tool for isis recruitment, and, of course, this has turned out to be a spat between hillary clinton and donald trump. donald trump called her a liar on "meet the press" yesterday. reupped that charge on the "today" show this morning, and, of course, this hillary clinton versus donald trump back and forth benefits both of them. it elevates donald trump being able to fire away at hillary clinton, and, of course, it allows hillary clinton to be able to elevate donald trump and make him seem like he is the champion of the republican party. >> i believe his name was mentioned nine times at the debate. the other line getting a lot of attention, hillary clinton and isis right where we want them.
8:41 am
a clarification on her campaign on what she was referring to. what is the fact, what is the fiction here, mark. >> right. she ended up mentioning that and you take that into context and republicans say, boy, this is a potential problem for her because clearly the isis strat ju doesn't seem to be, you know, where even the obama administration wants it to be. she was talking about some of the particulars, particularly when you end up trying to have a coalition of all other partners in the rest of the world which is where we need to be, we have the rest of the world with us which are united including france. i don't think she was talking about where the united states wants them militarily. >> mark, thank you very much. greatly appreciate you joining us this monday morning. and developing now, the only person charged in the san bernardino shooting investigation is due in court today where he could enter a plea. plus, the former drug ceo -- company ceo who became known as the most hated man in america, well, he's speaking out for the first time since his arrest. why he says officials were out to get him. want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do?
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welcome back. for the first time since his arrest the man many have called the most hated person in america, martin shkreli s now speaking out in a new interview with "the wall street journal." shkreli claims he was targeted by authorities because of a widely condemned decision to hike the price of a life-saving drug. he says, quote, trying to find anything we could to stop him was the attitude of the government. beating the person up and then trying to find the merits to make up for it. i would have hoped the government wouldn't take that kind of approach. meanwhile, this morning another company he founded was terminated him as ceo. he was also forced to step down from his other company this weekend. and amid the fallout, his social media accounts have been hacked and at least one homeless charity has sent back his donation. shkreli is now on $5 million bond after pleading not guilty to those federal security fraud charges.
8:46 am
another developing story we are following, the only person charged following the investigation into the san bernardino attack is scheduled to appear in federal court in just over an hour for a -- hour from now for a bail and detention hearing. enre say marquez, the long-time friend and neighbor of syed farook is expected to enter a plea to three criminal charges, though none specifically related to the san bernardino shooting. we're also learning more today about the immigration process that allowed shooter tashfeen malik into the united states on a so-called fiance visa. msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber joins us. let's talk about this hearing today, what might we learn about this investigation? >> we're not going to learn a lot more. we're just going to go through the process of what happens when someone is being charged in this way. as you mentioned though, the headline here being that these are three particular charges that are not explicitly a part of that terrible mass murder, and yet are a part of the larger
8:47 am
questions about how people can obtain guns or get into this country or support terrorists. briefly, tamron, you have fraud and misuse of visas. that goes to the immigration question you mentioned. off false statement made to authorities, and then the big charge here, the big one that would matter a lot, material support for terrorists, that's a conspiracy count basically saying that even apart from this shooting, this was an individual, the prosecutors here say, the feds say, who was trying to help people commit terrorism inside the u.s., a major charge. >> absolutely. and let's talk about the visa program. you have one lawmaker who has reviewed the documents that tashfeen malik filled out to get into this country, and he finds some larger questions of whether or not she was screened properly. >> yeah. i think -- look, i think this is a really important issue and one we've gotten a lot of coverage on recently. there's the process and then there's the particular circumstances of this individual. on the process, you could use words like sloppy, incomplete, a lot of debate over whether
8:48 am
social media and other things should be reviewed, which is a story, of course, we were reporting on extensively last week. then on the individual level, i'm not sure we know enough yet, tamron, to be able to say whether it was sloppy because at the bottom line level, there haven't been the kind of indications yet to know whether there was enough material that would have prevented this individual from entering the u.s. even if the system worked properly, so that's at the anecdotal level, but at the policy level i think people are rightly saying why is this a system and a screening process that seems caught in bureaucracy, in old models, in years-ago approaches that aren't using what is out there and available and, as you know, we've been speaking to security experts that say you have to bolster the system. whether any of that would have actually prevented this person from entering the u.s., we don't know, and we're not in a place to say yet it would have prevented anything but important questions to be sure. >> you have theo house judiciar committee member saying the visa
8:49 am
was not vetted thoroughly. he said it was sloppily approved. in order to obtain a fiance visa you have to demonstrate proof that the u.s. citizen and the for national met in person. in the review he had of the forms it does not even indicate they possibly met in person before she came here. >> ligright. so bob goodlatte saying that and that's an important part of the puzzle. u.s. officials say they do do those interviews and that question may have been addressed in an interview and may have been affirmatively answered even if the current paper trail doesn't support it. but as you know, it's not just bob goodlatte. it's also homeland security chair ron johnson on friday going to the dhs in response to msnbc's story and basically asking for more information about why social media wasn't involved. so i think from the administration's point of view, president obama on friday tried to put some of these questions to rest in his press conference saying there's a balance here. they're doing basically he suggested everything they can and as you mentioned, multiple people on the hill saying, no, there's a lot more to be done to
8:50 am
improve this process. >> listen, another point that goodlatte has made, the immigration official reviewing the paperwork malik and farook e translated in english to prove the couple was in saudi arabia at the same time. the translation was never received but her visa was approved anyway. he is pointing to specifics beyond the social media rumor that turned out not to be the case of specifics in this process that concerns him and others. >> right. i think those allegations are important. in other words, if that's the case in this instance, and dhs spokesman and customs folks have pushed back on some of this, then that would be another hole at the individual level. >> thank you very much. coming up, an update from authorities on the massive man hunt for the so-called affluenza teenager. here's a little healthy advice. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you,
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new details on the terror
8:54 am
attack in paris tops our look at stories around the news nation. three people are currently being questioned for their possible connections to the attacks last month. according to prosecutors in belgium, two brothers and a friend were taken into custody after a search of their homes and investigations into their phone records. authorities say that no explosives or weapons were found. one man is in custody and five others are being questioned after a bomb scare forced an air france flight to make an emergency landing in kenya. a passenger alerted the crew after finding a suspicious package in the airplane's toilet. authorities say this was a false alarm. nashua, new hampshire public schools are closed today after police say they received a series of violent threats directed at several city high schools. this comes of course less than a week after los angeles abruptly canceled classes for its public school students after receiving an e-mail threat. president obama took to twitter yesterday to honor a tennessee teenager shot to death
8:55 am
thursday night. he was killed after jumping on top of three teenaged girls when two men approached and began shooting. president obama called the 15-year-old a hero. on his personal twitter account going so far as to say what's our excuse for not acting? we have an update this hour on the massive manhunt for the fugitive ethan couch, the affluenza teenager. he is serving ten years probation for killing people in a drunk driving crash and went missing last week. authorities concede they have no leads. >> i know the big question all of you have is do we know where he is, have we locketed him. unfortunately, the answer to that is no. we have not. but we don't have any solid information. >> officials are offering a $5,000 reward for any information on the whereabouts of ethan couch and his mother. that does it for this hour
8:56 am
of "msnbc live." thank you for joining us. we'll be back tomorrow 11:00 a.m. eastern time. up next, luke russert on "andrea mitchell reports." we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey.
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experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. right now on "andrea mitchell reports" dropping out. breaking news from the campaign trail, where today there is one less candidate for the republican presidential nomination. >> i'm suspending my campaign but never my commitment to achieving security through strength for the american people. trump strikes back. the republican frontrunner responds after hillary clinton calls him isis' best recruiter. >> she's always been whether it's whitewater or the e-mail scandal, she always lies and now to be saying that we're just right in the perfect spot with respect to isis, i don't think that's a lie. i really don't think she knows what she's doing. fear factor. in a new interview the president
9:00 am
talks frankly about why he thinks trump has benefited from the country's anxieties. >> i think somebody like mr. trump's taking advantage of that. that's what he's exploiting during the course of his campaign. and the battle for ramadi. an anti-isis fighter gives msnbc an exclusive first-hand look from the front lines of this strategically important city. good day. i'm luke russert in for the great andrea mitchell. we begin with breaking news from the 2016 campaign trail. six weeks into the first nominating contest in iowa, and the republican field, well, it got a little smaller. up against a deadline in his own state


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