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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 22, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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and developing now, the woman who drove that car into a crowded sidewalk in las vegas makes her first court appearance, only moments ago. what she's telling authorities about that fatal crash. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with the 2016 campaign trail. democratic front-runner hillary clinton will be in iowa today for a series of campaign events, her first stop since donald trump made her the target of a series of vulgar attacks at a michigan rally last night. both candidates escalating their war of words after trump demanded an apology from clinton for claiming that his rhetoric is being used as a recruiting tool for isis. the clinton campaign refused to back down from that claim saying in a statement, quote, hell no regarding the apology. hillary clinton will not be apologizing to donald trump for correctly pointing out how his hateful rhetoric helps isis recruit more terrorists. intelligence experts say isis has not used donald trump videos
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to recruit. at a rally last night, trump fired up his crowd of nearly 8,000 supporters by taking direct aim at the former secretary of state. >> she's terrible. she's terrible. she's a liar. it turned out to be a lie. turned out to be a lie. and the last person that she wants to run against is me. believe me. believe me. >> and then donald trump used a vulgar term to describe clinton's loss to barack obama in 2008 and mocked clinton for using the bathroom during a break in saturday's debate. >> what happened to her? i'm watching the debate, and she disappeared. where did she go? i know where she went. it is disgusting. i don't want to talk about it. no, it is too disgusting. >> this all comes as a new national poll shows trump holding on to his lead over the gop field. but with ted cruz closing in,
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now just four points behind trump, that's within the margin of error. cruz has gained eight points since last month while donald trump is up one point. ted cruz is looking to build on his recent momentum with the first two of campaign stops in tennessee today. halle jackson joins us live from nashville. you have now donald trump saying, yes, there has been peace between senator cruz and himself, but he anticipates at some point that will all change in these polls may make the battle come quicker. >> right. it will ultimately be a two-person race is the prediction you're hearing from senator cruz today. interestingly, we talk about this potential general election matchup between donald trump and hillary clinton, the feud going on between both of them for days now really for a couple of weeks that intensified at saturday night's debate and last night at the rally we're talking about, the trump rally. donald trump used what many consider an offensive term in
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describing hillary's defeat to president barack obama back in 2008. and we're going to play it for you guys. we want to make the point we'll leave it unedited because it is important to add to the conversation. here is what donald trump had to say, raising a lot of eyebrows today. take a listen. >> everything that has been involved in hillary has been losses. you take a look. even a race to obama. she was going to beat obama. she was favored to win. she lost. she lost. >> so some controversial comments. more of them from donald trump and clinton's campaign not responding but in their not response, they're kind of reacting. i want to read you a tweet from the communications director, jennifer palmieri. we're not responding to trump, but everyone who understands the humiliation this degrading language inflicts on all women should. so that's the response from the clinton camp. as for donald trump's republican rivals, ted cruz was asked about that as a campaign stop in
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knoxville earlier today. and he did not attack trump. he didn't engage when asked about his response. he said, essentially, he's not a political pundit. he said, pundits, a lot of them are like stat laurler and waldo. he said they like to comment on everything every candidate said. i'll let donald trump speak for himself and i'll speak for myself. cruz expected to draw a big crowd at this facility here. he's bringing in hundreds and in some cases thousands, as many as 2,000 people. he's got a lot of energy, a lot of momentum, as we're seeing in the poll today, hoping to capitalize on that heading into the holiday. and pushing the strategy of making a play in places like tennessee, which we don't often here about. >> thank you so much. who benefits more from this grudge match between the two presidential front-runners? let's bring in msnbc political
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correspondent and host steve kornacki with a lack at new numbers out there. >> that's right, tamron. we have this trump/clinton feud bubbled up over the last week. and you look on the republican side, as you mentioned that poll that has donald trump in first place. the benefit for donald trump of being in a fight like this is that republicans don't like hillary clinton. and so if it is hillary clinton and donald trump, does that have the sort of rally around donald trump effect. you see in the poll, ted cruz creeping up on him now, only four points behind the entire cruz strategy. it is a soft takeover strategy. it is the idea that republicans, the conservative voters who like donald trump, who basically think he's in the right place, like his style, they also -- there is an overlap there, they like ted cruz as well. the strategy is that at some point the voters look at cruz and see in him somebody more stable, more mature, maybe more of a better bet to put up as
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their candidate for the general election. the risk for trump is he plays into that strategy when he goes as far as he went last night. and on the flip side, for hillary clinton, we forget she's sometime -- sometimes we forget she has a race for the democratic nomination deal with bernie sanders close to her in new hampshire and in iowa right now. if she's in this kind of a public fight, with donald trump, democrats aren't thinking so much about clinton versus sanders, they are thinking about clinton versus trump. and in that battle, they know which side they're on. it is interesting to see just this morning, tamron, the democratic national committee and president obama, they are now trying to raise money off of donald trump, the president signing an e-mail solicitation basically telling democrats, hey, if you dent like trump, if you don't like what he's saying, open up your wallets, we need the money to fight him. donald trump in a way both sides reinforcing each other here. >> absolutely. it is interesting you use the description that on the gop side that maybe voters would be looking for someone, i think you said more mature and stable.
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that's the exact attack that donald trump teed up a bit against senator cruz when he referred to him as a maniac and talked about some of his behavior on the senate floor. anticipating that that may be a part of the threat that people will look at this rhetoric from donald trump including what we heard. that was taken before the -- that was made after the poll, i should say, and use ed that as a strategy. >> it is interesting too because at the start of the campaign, f you think back six, nine months ago, you say he's too extreme, maybe for the republican party, is he too far to the right, even for the republican party. are his tactics too extreme. the effect of six months of donald trump, of six months of the kind of thing we saw last night in michigan, the effect of that is to take ted cruz and make him look a lot more mature to voters. >> thank you very much, steve. programming note, tonight msnbc is airing a special documentary, titled citizen trump. it is hosted by chris matthews.
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that airs at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. developing now, we're learning heart breaking information about one of the six american service members killed in that suicide bomb attack in afghanistan just four days before christmas. new york city officials revealed one of them is veteran new york city police detective joseph lemm who was serving his second tour of duty in afghanistan with the national guard. he also served a tour in iraq. two and a half year ago, he made a surprise visit home from afghanistan to hear his 14-year-old daughter perform at a local singing competition. they also have a young son. jim miklaszewski joins us now. seeing that video and knowing those kids will be without their father reminds us of the important conversation we always must have when we talk about sending people into these war torn regions. >> that's right, tamron. we learned since that all six of those killed were either air
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national guard, or active duty airmen from the air force. part of the office of special investigations, but nobody seems to know why they were there. they could have been temporarily assigned as escorts or to do a patrol through the city where u.s. military officials were going to meet with local leaders when that sneak suicide bomb attack occurred. but they're still trying to sort some of that out. we do not have all of the identities. the identity of the staff sergeant from new york was released by family members in new york. and the other five have yet to be identified and not clear yet when the remains will be returned to dover, delaware, where too many of america's service members have come back from the wars in both iraq and afghanistan over the past nearly 14 years. >> mick, thank you very much.
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army sergeant bowe bergdahl just faced an arraignment on charges of desertion and endangering u.s. troops appearing before a military judge at ft. bragg, north carolina. bergdahl is accused of abandoning his post in afghanistan back in 2009 before he was captured by the taliban. he was held for five years until he was freed last year in that controversial prisoner swap for five taliban fighters who were being held at guantanamo bay. live now from ft. bragg. we're expecting to hear at a news conference more details on this arraignment and how this procedure will move forward, sarah. >> that is correct, tamron. in a few minutes we're expecting to hear from the public affairs spokesman here at ft. bragg. talking about the arraignment earlier today, as expected, it was very brief, lasting only ten minutes. sergeant bergdahl was in court, answered the judge's yquestions. he deferred entering a plea until the next hearing and
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deferred making a decision on if he would prefer to be tried by a judge or a military jury. he did enter a request to be represented by both a civilian and a military lawyer. right now his next appearance is scheduled for january 12th. his attorneys during this process may push to have the trial moved to texas. sergeant bergdahl has been serving desk duty at ft. sam houston in san antonio since his release last year. this is a controversial case. security here very tight and we expect it to continue to be tight at his next appearance as well. >> want to point out to our audience, the video we're seeing was the video taken this morning. we don't often get a chance to see bowe bergdahl, the focus of the serial podcast that interview ed member of the taliban about bergdahl and his capture. all of this developing at quite an interesting time, but also we get a chance to see a bit more of his demeanor, get to see more of bowe bergdahl as he entered
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this morning in that court. this new video that we're showing to you, there he is in uniform, as he still remains in the military. >> yeah, that's exactly correct. we haven't seen much of him if at all since he was released last year. we saw him enter court today and see that video of him exiting, walking quickly, looking straight ahead and not engaging with any members of the media. you mentioned this podcast serial that has brought a lot of attention back on this case as we move forward with this trial. >> as you mentioned, the public information officer for ft. bragg is speaking now about this arraignment. let's listen in. >> i'll pry yovide you with a st statement regarding today's hearing and this is an ongoing legal proceeding, i will not be taking your questions at this time. today army judge colonel christopher t. frederickson convened an article 39-a arraignment hearing december
8:13 am
22nd on ft. bragg in the case of u.s. army versus sergeant robert b. bergdahl. the military judge discussed the rights held by the accused, inquired on the record regarding current military counsel and civilian counsel. sergeant bergdahl indicated he was satisfied with his defense counsel. the judge explained sergeant bergdahl's right to be tried before a panel or a military judge. the judge also inquired if sergeant bergdahl wished to enter any motions or a plea at this time. sergeant bergdahl deferred all of these decisions to a later hearing. colonel frederickson also announced that army judge colonel jeffrey r. manse has been detailed for all further judicial hearings in this case and the date for the next scheduled hearing will be january 12, 2016, here on ft.
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bragg. this concludes our statement. thank you. >> the colonel king making ahe brief statement just updating us on what we reported at this arraignment that took place. you saw bowe bergdahl, we can show the video again, i don't know when we have seen him last. there he was in his military dress. he waved the reading of the charges. this is the new video of bowe bergdahl. he waved the reading of the charges, waved making a plea. and has decided to have both civilian and military counsel on his defense team. from this point forward, the proceedings will be officiated by colonel jeffrey vance. but, again, the image of bowe bergdahl, the man accused of abandoning his post, and being capture the by the taliban held for five years, not freed until that controversial prisoner swap, which included five taliban fighters who were held at guantanamo be allowed to leave that detention center. so, again, of course, that's the
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video the day that bowe bergdahl was released. taliban video taken of him on the exchange day that happened and now seeing him in his military dress. we know the controversy surrounding the allegations against him and we'll continue to follow the developments there. and developing now, the woman who drove her car on to a crowded sidewalk in las vegas killing one person appeared in court moments ago. what we're learning about her back ground and what she is telling authorities. plus, this -- spacex makes history overnight. a rocket lifts off and returns safely to earth for the first time. more of the dramatic pictures of this major space milestone. ya know, viagra helps guys with erectile dysfunction get and keep an erection. talk to your doctor about viagra. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain
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we're back with breaking news. the woman accused in the deadly hit and run along the las vegas strip is making her first court appearance today. lakeisha holloway faces murder and attempted murder charges for allegedly using her car to plow into pedestrians on a busy sidewalk. one person killed and dozens more injured. three are in critical condition. as authorities learn more about her background, investigators say they apparently had only been in las vegas for about a week, living in her car, and running out of money. she originally is from oregon where at one point she was reportedly awarded a role model award after making it through high school while also being homeless. scott cone joins us now with more on what police are learning about this young woman's background. >> this is supposed to be a bond hearing for lakeisha holloway to
8:20 am
decide whether she should be freed on bond and the expectation is she would not be. the charges thus far murder, leaving the scene of an accident, and child abuse. and the district attorney steve wilson said yesterday he expects more charges to be added to that including at least a couple of dozen charges of attempted murder. though that has not taken place yet. we're still awaiting word out of the hearing that was scheduled to begin about 45 minutes ago. and as you said, lakeisha holloway had shown a lot of promise, in recent years, just about three years ago the portland opportunities industrialization center, which works with disadvantaged youth up to age 25 did award her a role model award for her work and in a statement, they quote a staff member saying it is hard to believe that lao keshia did this. she was such a great kid while she was part of our program, but the program in the statement pointing out she's not been involved with them for at least a couple of years and clearly a lot of changes in her life
8:21 am
culminating in what happened on sunday night, where she was for yet another time run out of a parking area where she was trying to get some sleep in her car where she was living, and just apparently snapped, that's what the allegation is according to the arrest report. so, again, we're waiting to see what happens next here. >> scott, you pointed out, authorities say she was not under the influence of alcohol. that was obviously one of first questions when you see something like this play out. >> that's right. they said that when she was taken into custody, she was stoic and the words of the sheriff here. and that she was articulate, and the only thing was that she may have been under the influence of some sort of a stimulant, but definitely not under the influence of alcohol. there were blood tests taken at the scene. we have yet to get word on what the tests revealed. >> scott, thank you very much. we're watching chipotle stock as it continues to drop today amid a new e. coli
8:22 am
investigation announced by the centers for disease control. five more people have fallen ill in kansas, oklahoma and north dakota, bringing the current e. coli case count to 53 according to the cdc. joining me now, cnbc's jane wells in los angeles. i believe it was last week or so that the ceo of chipotle was on the "today" show explaining his company's business model and how they hope to persevere but the cases keep coming. >> yeah. he was on our air too, tamron, on cnbc saying it is the same thing, it is safe to eat at chipotle now. he might be accurate it is maybe safe to eat there now because even the latest case reported by the cdc, people fell ill between november 18th and 26th, different part of the country, different strain. but the same thing linking them that they ate at chipotle. shares are down 4% today. chipotle shares dropped 30% in three months. and they continue to fall as
8:23 am
people are wondering if this is really the end. you had the first outbreak, which started when people were eating in the end of october, started in northwest, came to new york. then you had the norovirus outbreak, which is this month, december, and then now you have the second outbreak with the different strain of e. coli which they're announcing happened sort of at the end of november. the co-ceo came on our air saying it is safe to eat. do people think it is safe to eat? are people willing to go back there? we have had a poll on our website, and more than half the people responding to that poll have said that for the moment, no, they're too afraid to eat there and not going to eat there, 25% of the people say they don't have a problem with it. chipotle, by the way, has been saying it has established new safety protocols, testing fresh produce before it goes to restaurants. it is doing end of shelf life testing, it is using the test to monitor performance of vendors and boosting sort of the training of employees for food safety and handling and here is
8:24 am
one interesting thing with these cases. they do not know yet what exactly caused the e. coli. i think it might be the lettuce or tomatoes or cilantro. and no employee has gotten sick and employees get a free meal with every shift and many told me, we eat all the time, our families eat there all the time. none of the cases have involved a chipotle employee. i find that fascinating. >> it is fascinating. more so for the public wide -- the public when you have a company that cannot say or source where the problem came from. close to home, blue bell, known around the world, they were able to trace back where their problem was they stopped production for a while and they're now back on the market. with this chipotle situation, they don't know what happened here. and that's the lingering question. >> yeah. i think what you're going to see is a -- more monitoring of the supply chain because chipotle is
8:25 am
one of the -- very popular and american want fresh, fresh, local, local. and they source from a lot of local smaller vendors, trying to get away from the factory farm image that so many consumers are against. well, that brings new challenges with it when you have many, many more suppliers, many more people you have to monitor, and we'll have to see if there is a change in that business practice because of that. >> jane, thank you very much. we'll see what happens next. still ahead, a grand jury decides not to indict anyone in the death of sandra bland, the woman who died in jail after a routine traffic stop in texas. coming up, i'll talk live with sandra bland's mother as the family says they have no confidence in the proceedings. we'll be right back. here's a little healthy advice. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you, you. right down to your skin with aveeno® aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion with the goodness of active naturals® oat
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8:29 am
force practices. that announcement came in the last hour as the doj delivered a so-called progress report on the department. nine months after the doj issued a scathing report on hundreds of officer involved shootings. that report found serious deficiencies in key areas and made more than 60 recommendations. 21 of which the department of justice says have been fully implemented. >> i would say progress is nothing less than amazing. and what i mean by that is if you look at what has been done, six months, the amount of work done for an agency this size for the amount of recommendations we provided, in general, we look at 90% of the recommendations are completed and in progress or partially completed. >> msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melbourne joins us now. we focus on chicago's police department, ferguson police department, unless you live in philly this may have gone under the radar. this report says the shootings
8:30 am
involved mostly black suspects, 96 deaths contributed to a significant strife and distrust between the department and the community. >> that's right, tamron. it is a story line all too familiar, given the recent controversies over police shootings as you mentioned in chicago and elsewhere. now, this report, though, does reflect what the justice department says is progress, indeed. we look at this report in our newsroom, it came out. one thing that it charged is that basically you had a spike in philadelphia of shootings of unarmed suspected. while the overall crime rate and they say the shooting rate was basically lessening to some agree, there w degree, but it is more questionable to shoot someone who unarmed because they're unlikely to pose the kind of threat that justifies force and in many of those cases they were minority suspects. so what you have today, the big news is the doj saying there is progress being made. 20 plus% of these recommendations being implemented. and this is essentially a
8:31 am
noncrime enforcement technique. rather than indicting officers, which isn't always the only solution, this is a policy level response. >> interesting report and i know people are waiting as well to see eventually what comes out of chicago as we mapay a great amot attention to that city. the strength and size of the so-called gop outsider wing. support for trump, cruz, carson adding up to 62%. the question is, will the trend continue into 2016? what do you think? we'll talk about it with nbc senior editor mark murray to compare his thoughts and yours. a driver loses control after leading lease on a wild chase. the person behind the wheel, very young. we'll tell you the age of that driver and how this all played out. it is one of the stories we're updating around the news nation. we thought we'd be ready.
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we're back with our first read on politics this morning as donald trump's republican rivals turn up the heat. a new poll shows he's still in the lead but ted cruz is closing in. that points a bleak picture for establishment candidates with a combined support for trump, cruz and ben carson now making up nearly two-thirds of the republican electorate. meanwhile, carson's campaign is facing more scrutiny over its spending. internal campaign documents obtained by the wall street journal reveal the campaign is spending money faster than it is coming in. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is celebrating some good news. her daughter chelsea is expecting a new baby. joining me live now is mark murray. that's a mix of things we put in, babies, money issues, but let's get to the headline here, and it is the establishment wing of the gop.
8:36 am
you can bet there are some meetings going on and will throughout the end of this year to figure out how uh-uh to rese 2016. what is the way forward for any establishment candidates? >> it is to keep on going and hoping the normal political forces are at play. and since i've been covering presidential politics in 2008, 2012 contests, the republican winner on the -- for the presidential nomination is often been from the quote/unquote establishment wing of the party, sometimes the most electable, conservative that is out there. and when you look at this brand-new quinnipiac poll, the same kind of formula in our last nbc wall street journal poll, you add up the outsiders, the anti-establishment folks, they're more than 50% if not more than 60% of the republican electorate and if you are a republican, and the establishment, you have to hope that everything gravitates back to its normal force and it looks like 2008 when john mccain won or 2012 when mitt romney won, i think if we end up seeing this
8:37 am
is more of a 1964 type of barry goldwater wins the republican nomination, these poll numbers drive that point home. >> absolutely. let's look at the ground game. we talked about the meet media attention. we know that donald trump consumes and hogs up all of that space. but there are some questions about his ground game in iowa. and when you look at -- the other end, the establishment wing, the amount of money that jeb bush put into this and the biggest headline he had this week is that he called donald trump a jerk. you wonder what he's going to do. >> yeah, according to our data, jeb bush and his allies spent more than $37 million on tv ads and he's at 4% in that new quinnipiac poll out today. as far as the ground game in iowa, i do know there are some -- was an article a day or two ago talking about, well, donald trump may not have that great of a ground game. our folks in iowa, including our iowa inbed says he has one of
8:38 am
the better iowa ground games on the republican side and if donald trump ends up winning in iowa, that ground game might be reason why. >> we heard this morning that the obama -- that they're now -- democrats are raising money off of some of donald trump's latest comments of the they're taking a playbook we have seen use ed often, using the words of the front-runner to get your base, to get your people fired up and ready. >> absolutely. if you're not trying to -- if you're a democrat and not trying to raise money off of donald trump, you're committing campaign malpractice. we see it on both sides. hillary clinton might say something. time for republicans to raise money. oftentimes one way you raise money is through e-mails, cheap, it is very effective. and all you need to do is make sure your people get fired up and maybe they send a $5 check to your party. >> another money issue to let you touch on. ben carson's campaign, he's dropped out of the media spotlight, the darling for a minute. he continues to go down in the polls, can't get traction and
8:39 am
now this regarding his spending. >> it came out in the wall street journal. i expect when we end up having these fourth quarter, the fourth quarter ends on december 31st, that ben carson will raise a healthy amount of money. his story has been his big burn rate. one way that ben carson raises money is direct mail. send a letter that has its postage attached to it and getting people to give you money. e-mail is a lot more cost effective, but we have seen ben carson using direct mail. that might explain why they're going through -- burning through so much cash. >> mark, thank you very much. coming up, we'll talk live with sandra bland's mother about a grand jury -- the decision not to indict anyone in connection with her death. we'll also have new information on a rally that is planned in houston in reaction to this latest development. plus, police in texas release new photos in the search for ethan couch, the teenager who used the infamous affluenza defense. he's now missing along with his
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and click to activate your within. the search for a teen drunk driver on the run tops our look at stories around the news nation this morning. today, the fugitive task force searching for teenager ethan couch examining flight manifestos to see if he came to the airport and fled by plane. they say it is just as likely he took off in a car or pickup truck. not sure of the distinction of the vehicle. that means he drove. couch was sentenced to ten years probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people. he used the so-called affluenza defense saying his wealthy upbringing, his attorney said his wealthy upbringing made it impossible for him to differentiate right from wrong. the authorities are not calling her a suspect. they believe she may have helped her son. in michigan, a suspected dui
8:44 am
stop turns into a police car chase when the car stops, the driver begins running on foot, police realize the suspect is just 13. the passenger is 8. his sister. they took their father's girlfriend's car on a joyride after the adults were both asleep. thankfully they're okay and no one is hurt. the kid was behind the wheel. and new york giants odell beckham jr. suspended for one game for his acts in sunday's game against the unfeeted carolina panthers, drawing three personal fouls during that game. the wide receiver was also fined earlier this year for his on field actions against the buffalo bills. beckham is currently appealing that decision. a major protest is planned in texas this evening over a grand jury's decision not to issue any indictments in the death of sandra bland. the panel announced their decision last night after hearing more than eight hours of evidence. it comes five months after bland's death triggered protests
8:45 am
nationwide. she was found dead in her jail cell july 13th. three days after she was arrested during this contentious traffic stop captured on police dash cam video, released by the texas department of public safety. the medical examiner's office ruled her death a suicide. her family still disputes that. the panel will still reconvene next month to consider charges that could include anything that occurred from the time bland was stopped to when she arrive at the jail. joining me now, sandra bland's mother geneva reville and canon lambert. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you for having us. >> let me express our condolences to your family. in the midst of all of the questions you have, you lost your daughter and that cannot be in any way minimized here. let me get your reaction to this decision from the grand jury yesterday. >> well, i am, of course,
8:46 am
disappointed with the grand jury's decision of yesterday, but i'm growing to find out now that you have to at least have persistence, patient and diligence while waiting in this process. so while i am disappointed with the decision, i'm still moving forward with my legal counsel. >> you and your family have said from the beginning you have no confidence in the police in texas, no police in the process. what were you expecting from this grand jury? >> the bottom line is that the grand jury process as a whole is a sort of a problem, right? the reality of it is that number one, it is a secretive proceeding. we're not able to be a party to it. we are not able to know what evidence that it submitted to the grand jury. we're not able to see the testimony because it is sealed. the prosecutor acts as the judge because there is no judge. the prosecutor gets to cherry
8:47 am
pick what evidence gets submitted and what evidence doesn't get submitted. the bottom line is that adage you can indict a ham sandwich is true. if you want an indictment, you can get one. the other part of it is is that the d.a. from waller county, mr. mathes, is the one that appointed these special prosecutors and the lead prosecutor mr. looney is the one that was cited in a huffington post article saying that they weren't looking to determine whether or not there were any criminal actions engaged in by the waller county police and jailers, instead looking to see if there were recommendations looking to go forward. >> we know there are questions about grand juries, especially if the charges are the accusations are against a police officer. we have seen it around the country. questions about the relationship between prosecutors and officers. but what were you expecting, what did you think would come out of this grand jury? >> i was expecting to have a few
8:48 am
answers as to what happened to my daughter. i'm not -- i'm not quite sure how to put faith into a secret proceeding to trust them with what has happened in my family. my daughter is gone. and so what i would have liked to have seen is some sort of information to show what has happened to her. i've seen nothing. i've heard nothing. all i know is what i hear in the media. and so i have no idea what was presented at that grand jury proceeding. i have no idea what was put in front of the grand jurors. i have no idea. >> but this is not exclusive to sandra's case. this is how grand juries work. how would you or how do you go about getting some of the answers? this grand jury was not acting
8:49 am
in an unusual way as far as proceedings. any different than they would in any other case. >> well, i would take yrbissue little bit in the sense i think it is unusual that the very traffic stop, for example, to insin i encinia, we don't have that. the stratraffic stop, we have b preclude ed from getting that. they claim there is a criminal investigation and used that as a barrier so we couldn't obtain the traffic stop report, the texas ranger's report there is no way this family can ultimately come to its own understanding as to what happened until they get the report with all the evidence that was compiled and the like. they're being blocked from getting that because this, quote, investigation is going on. other concern we have is we're being told that they still want to do a continual investigation, they want to reconvene in january because they want to look at encinia and his actions. the concern i have is that his
8:50 am
actions were caught on tape, and they had that tape for five months. and so i'm not sure that there is an investigation that needs to be done. what else do you have to investigate? you can look for 52 minutes and see what that videotape shows. >> to your point, they are reconvening next month to consider charges against the trooper and to your point, there have been many people who look at this video who are law enforcement experts and who say from top to bottom, there are serious concerns even before sandra was taken to the jail. bernie sanders, the presidential candidate, is now reacted. he's been a supporter of your family. he says sandra bland should not have died while in police custody. there's no doubt in my mind that she, like too many african-americans who die in police custody, would be alive today if she were white. that puts the focus on that traffic stop itself, not the events that may or may not have played out in jail. the initial traffic stop. >> the traffic stop that the
8:51 am
officer, because his ego got in the way, escalated in a way that was unnecessary. the officer made her get out of her car because she wouldn't put out a cigarette. that was an unlawful action. he didn't have probable cause to force her out of the car. it was excessive force by him saying i'm going to light you up when he pointed his taser at her and when he threw her to the ground. let's also not forget that he lied, he flat out lied about what he did in terms of his escalating the situation when he told his superiors that he tried to deescalate. that wasn't true. it's captured on video. we are being told that they need an additional two months to investigate what we have seen for months and months already. >> there is a possibility that no one will be indicted in sandra's death. as we said, the medical examiner's office ruled her death a suicide. your family disputes that. if this is the outcome after the panel reconvenes next month, what's next for you and your
8:52 am
family? >> what's next for my family and i, we move forward in coping as we have done over the last five months, and again, i just want anyone, anywhere, to ask themselves would you so easily be able to just say okay, i accept what the secret proceeding and everyone else says and i nor my legal team have seen nothing as far as evidence goes. you have pieces of things that are coming out and that's what we're getting piecemeal information, so i can't just say oh, okay, that's it, i'm done. i cannot do that. i have to move forward until real answers come forth because to this point, all we have gotten is i don't know, i don't know when this will be produced, i don't know, we don't have that. that is what we have received. >> thank you both for joining us today. thank you. >> thank you. thank you very much. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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spacex completed an historic landing overnight. the unmanned spacecraft took off and landed vertically, first time ever for such a feat. it was the first flight for the private company since another unmanned spacecraft exploded on takeoff back in june. a lot of celebration going on at mission control. >> this was an extraordinary accomplishment. to think that anybody was able to do this, spacex making history with the falcon 9 rocket. it launched 11 satellites and then, this is the big, big deal, it returned safely to earth, landing straight up, right on the pad, exactly where it was supposed to be. the first stage coming back and landing right spot-on. the first time ever this has happened except for a rocket in november. it really changes the game plan going forward. >> i'm convinced it's because of "star wars." the force was with them. >> sure. yeah. >> you didn't see that coming,
8:57 am
did you? >> no. that's good. >> i believe that's why it happened this time. i'm just going to end it there. tom costello, thank you very much. that does it for this interesting hour of "msnbc live." hope you thought so. i'm tamron hall. up next, luke russert hosts "andrea mitchell reports."
8:58 am
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