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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  December 22, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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clinton's bathroom break during saturday night's debate. >> what happened to her? i'm watching the debate and she disappeared. where did she go? i know where she went. it's disgusting. i don't want to talk about it. no, it's too disgusting. >> clinton is expected to speak at an event in iowa in roughly 15 minutes. don't expect her to respond to trump's latest barbs. this morning her communications director tweeted quote, we are not responding to trump but everyone who understands the humiliation this degrading language inflicts on all women should hash tag i'm with her. we have our reporters fanning out across this story. our political team about this growing feud and let's begin with msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt. let's talk about the reaction that this crude comment has gotten. >> well, thomas, it's a little
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bit difficult to say exactly. you obviously showed jennifer palmieri there not responding responding to these comments from donald trump. he of course alluded to the male anatomy in quite a vulgar way at a grand rapids, michigan rally last night. we want to play those comments for you unedited just so you can see the context. >> i may win, i may not win. hillary, that's not a president. that's not -- she's not taking us -- everything that's been involved in hillary has been losses. you take a look. even her race to obama, she was going to beat obama. i don't know who would be worse. i don't know. how does it get worse? but she was going to beat -- she was favored to win, and she got -- she lost. she lost. >> so there you have it. a new twist on donald trump's attacking someone as a loser which he has done frequently. we haven't seen this kind of language used very often. i will say, thomas, hillary
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clinton's campaign has been much more aggressive in responding to things that they perceive to be sexist during this time around as opposed to how she tended to handle things in 2008. but as we saw there with the palmieri tweet, she urging others who recognize what they call the humiliating nature of this remark to step up and say something instead of having hillary clinton do it herself. >> kasie, great to see you. thank you. want to bring in msnbc host, political correspondent steve kornacki. in the midst of all this, we see trump continuing to lead in a new poll. >> that's right. new quinnipiac national numbers out just this morning on the republican side. you can look at this. trump in first place there, 28%, but really, the other headline of this poll may be the bigger headline, look in second place, four points behind, ted cruz. of course, last week, right before that republican debate, right after donald trump had made those controversial comments about banning muslims from coming into the united
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states, he was at or near 40% in three different national polls. his lead was over 20% over ted cruz in three different national polls. so yes, trump is in first in this new poll today but if this indicates maybe a return to earth of sorts after the debate, after those muslim comments started to sink in a little bit. could be a concerning sign for donald trump. also talking about the comments he made last night, obviously not just hillary clinton who is being asked to respond to them today, trump's fellow republicans being asked the same question. here was ted cruz. here's how he handled it. >> you know, i did think it was interesting that donald trump said a couple of days ago that he thinks this race will come down to him and me. i think donald may well be right. i think that it could easily end up being a two-man race between donald trump and me. and i think that presents a good choice to the american people. >> you know, that obviously i think is what cruz wants, his strategy here all along is not to say anything negative about
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donald trump, not to attack him in situations like this where everybody is looking to him to say something critical about donald trump, he is not going to do it and the strategy is a soft takeover strategy. let trump say these things like he said last night and let republicans, hope that republicans will ultimately come to the conclusion that they like donald trump but maybe this just isn't presidential enough. then those same republicans will look to ted cruz. that's his strategy, at least. >> we continue to watch him kind of coast and within the margin of error, that's important, too, with that new poll. basically they could be tied here. thank you, sir. our thanks to kasie hunt as w well. want to bring in msnbc political analyst michael steele. good to see you. all right. i got to ask you. what do you make of these latest trump comments? is this from the department of who cares or is it more a bigger problem for the republican party and a disservice of saying things like that by the --
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>> i think it's more in the department of who cares. i don't want to say that in the sense of dismissing it. i think it's just -- i think right now a lot of the base voters have sort of baked in their attitudes and views about what donald trump is, what donald trump says, and for the most part, you have run the litany before, thomas, they like it. that doesn't bother them. they see it as fight, they see it as, you know, healthy bluster, if you will. the fact that it nicks up the clinton campaign, all the better. i don't think people will walk away with a great offense from this, because they see this now as how you engage with donald trump and what happens when you engage with donald trump. >> at what point, though, do folks within the gop and the party itself think that this type of language or this type of reflection of who they want to be president, this language doesn't serve them? >> that's a good question.
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i don't know where that point is at this point. you go back over the litany of comments that have gone after groups and individuals from the very beginning of the campaign. the party leadership has been, you know, sort of tip-toeing on eggshells in dealing with that. the base is eating it up. the general population is kind of looking at it and sort of scratching their head going is there someone there who can control this. so i don't see that. i don't see this having that kind of impact. this is not that kind of election. i think we are well beyond that at this point, where people look at this through those traditional lenses. this is an asymmetrical race for the presidency that donald trump is leading. now, to the point that you were just speaking to with kasie, and steve is what you see ted cruz doing. cruz is moving very slowly, very
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carefully into this space and to sort of get that residual -- people may not outwardly say they don't want trump, they clearly have a second choice and that is being reflected in the polls. >> who do you benefits from this feud between trump and clinton? is it someone like cruz? >> yeah, i think so. i think cruz right now in terms of a national narrative relative to donald trump is positioned the best to take advantage of that. as you see the head-to-head that donald has either with hillary clinton or some other candidate inside the party, cruz has positioned his operation i think the best right now. but keep an eye on someone like chris christie, who is making good moves and headstrong moves in a state like new hampshire, where he can gain momentum in that narrative as well. so i think, you know, right now, cruz is in the catbird seat,
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he's in that position to best gobble up that support, particularly if trump hits a bump, speed bump on his way to the nomination with comments like this. >> so we look at this poll from quinnipiac. it shows donald trump in the lead. we add up the other percentages, cruz and carson, it brings it up to 62%. this is the combo of establishment and outsider. but also within that poll, if we can advance to the next graphic to show that 50% of respondents from this poll say they would also be embarrassed to have donald trump as president. so how do we mesh this all together? that he leads, but people would be embarrassed for him to hold the white house? >> well, there's the rub. this is what i was saying before. this is not your typical presidential campaign where people are sitting up there saying gee, i like what this guy's saying, he is saying what
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i feel, and if they ask him if he should be, you know, if you are going to vote for him, they say yes but the next question, would you be embarrassed to have him as president, yes. it makes no sense. which again, going back to cruz, is why he's positioning himself because what he's counting on is that come february, when the voting starts, people will come to their senses and in doing so, that 50% will take over. those people are saying i don't want him as president and guess who's standing there as the best alternativ alternative? ted cruz. >> patience is a virtue right now. thank you, michael. great to see you. trump's comments are causing his gop rivals to get questions about what he had to say last night. we have ben carson and ted cruz, they were asked about it at events this morning. here's their responses. >> i don't particularly care what the other candidates are saying about each other. i don't even care what they're saying about me. because the issues are what are important. if we get dragged into this he said/she said stuff, we're not
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going to talk about the issues. >> there are an abundance of political pundits in the world who like statler and waldorf assess have comment every candidate makes, i don't want to be one of those political pundits. i will let donald trump speak for himself. i will speak for myself. >> ted cruz will be speaking for himself again at an event in nashville in just about an hour, part of his flyover tour of march southern primary states. nbc's hallie jackson has the latest on this story. >> reporter: yeah. ted cruz, not taking the bait when asked about donald trump's most recent comments. frankly, why would he? he hasn't so far during this campaign and he is now within the margin of error in the latest quinnipiac poll that is out now showing him four points behind donald trump nationally, surging up eight points, more than donald trump, who is only up just a little bit. ted cruz certainly is seeing momentum right now. i think you can attribute that to a couple things. number one, it's his strategy. not only is he making a play in iowa where he leads donald trump
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in polls, but he is also making a play for places in be tennessee, this s.e.c. primary state. a march 1st state that votes about a month after the iowa caucus, places like alabama, georgia, here in nashville and knoxville, where he was today also, places that have a conservative base that is receptive to ted cruz's campaign message. the other thing is we are seeing ted cruz on the campaign trail very confident, relaxed, loose, cracking jokes, talking about sort of impromptu things. he referenced that steve harvey miss universe mistake today on the campaign trail. the crowd loves it. they eat it up. we are seeing bigger crowds than in the past for some cruz events, particularly when he was on a similar tour of the so-called s.e.c. primary states back in august. we were on that bus tour with him. there's a notable difference now with the energy level and support he's getting from folks in the crowd. ted cruz, by the way, today his 45th birthday. so you would think that poll is a little bit of a good news gift for him today. >> absolutely. happy birthday to the senator. thanks so much. traveling with the cruz campaign
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in nashville. coming up, sergeant bowe bergdahl appears before a military judge on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. this is the first video we have seen of him since he returned home. plus, protests planned in houston today after a jury decided not to indict anyone at the county jail in the death of sandra bland. what's next for the case as well as for the bland family? here's a little healthy advice. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you, you. right down to your skin with aveeno® aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion with the goodness of active naturals® oat and 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day. healthy skin equals beautiful skin. and for shower softness, add the body wash, too! aveeno® naturally beautiful results® but i think women would agree... watching football together is great... huddling with their man after the game is nice too. the thing is, about half of men over 40
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welcome back. we are learning the identities of the americans killed in yesterday's suicide bomb attack in afghanistan. defense officials confirm to nbc news that one of those killed was a female service member, major adrianna vorderbrugen, the third airman killed in afghanistan since the beginning of october. the first public release of her identity was revealed by her wife on facebook.
10:16 am
new york city officials revealed veteran new york city police detective joseph lemm also died in the attack. he was serving his second tour of duty in afghanistan with the air national guard. he also served one tour of duty in iraq. two and a half years ago, we see here detective lamm making a surprise visit home from afghanistan to his then 14-year-old daughter perform in a local singing competition. he and his wife also have a young son. major developments today to talk about in the case against sergeant bowe bergdahl. we want to show you the first video we have seen of bergdahl since may of 2014. there he is in uniform arraigned today in a military court on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. >> the judge explained sergeant bergdahl's right to be tried before a panel or a military judge. the judge also inquired if sergeant bergdahl wished to enter any motions or a plea at this time.
10:17 am
sergeant bergdahl deferred all of these decisions to a later hearing. >> bergdahl is accused of leaving his post in afghanistan in 2009 before being captured bay the taliban. we have a series of reports covering today's developments. i want to begin with sarah dallof who joins me from outside the court. explain what happened at court today. >> reporter: well, it was a subdued and brief appearance for sergeant bergdahl. it lasted no more than 15 minutes, as you heard a military spokesman say right there. sergeant bergdahl deferred entering a plea. he also deferred making a decision whether he will face a court-martial with a judge or military jury. he did ask to be represented by both a military attorney and civilian attorney. right now, his next appearance in court when he may enter that plea is set for january 12th. as we move forward, we may see his attorneys begin to push to move this case to texas.
10:18 am
sergeant bergdahl has been on desk duty at fort sam houston in san antonio since his release as part of a prisoner exchange with five prisoners from guantanamo bay. bergdahl's case is back in the spotlight not only because the case is moving forward in the court system, but also because of the podcast serial in which bergdahl says he willingly left his military base in afghanistan in 2009 in an attempt to kind of draw attention to what he perceived were leadership problems within his unit. he was subsequently captured bay the taliban and held for five years. this is a controversial case and one that we are going to hear a lot of debate on as it moves forward. security was understandably tight at the base today and will remain so as we move forward. >> sarah, thanks so much. i want to bring in msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber. this is pretty striking because we have not seen bowe bergdahl, this image of him walking away in his military uniform from court is a strong image of
10:19 am
someone that we have not seen but we have heard from since the beginning of this month as sarah alluded to in the episodes of serial that just started in its second round after being so popular the first time around. i want to play for everybody what sarah talked about, why bergdahl walked away. take a listen. >> doesn't matter how many kung fu movies you watch, you have to be realistic when you are facing those type of people. >> sure. yeah. >> you know, these people they have no hesitation, they have no problem killing you. >> from what you understand, can this interview be used in court? and if so, how might that impact the case? >> i don't think it would have a big impact. look, he's going to have to make his arguments in court and as long as he's relatively consistent, the arguments made on his behalf in court will reflect his argument about what he was doing and whether he was doing it with ill will or bad
10:20 am
faith, or just as some kind of terrible mistake. >> when we listen to at least the story on serial, is the fact that he wanted to create an issue, because he thought that there were leadership problems with the unit he was serving in, and he was trying to create this chaos to get their attention. the plan went majorly off course. >> yeah. look, it's not a very good defense. i think the bottom line is that they trying to do what in the law is called mitigating which is not saying hey, i didn't do any of this, right. he is obviously off camp and found, right, and then captured and then traded. so all of that is not in dispute. so rather than saying i didn't do it, what he's trying to say is i didn't do what i'm accused of, it's not as bad as it looks. >> ari melber, thank you. much appreciate it. when we come back, we take you overseas for details on a foiled terror plot aimed at police and soldiers in france. ♪
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there we have it. looking right there at the moment spacex made history. all happening last night as the falcon 9 rocket returned safely to earth after launch. it's the first time an unmanned rocket has returned to earth successfully using a vertical landing. tom costello covers aviation for nbc news and joins us now. explain how big of a deal this is, especially for the private space industry companies. >> it's a game changer. no doubt about this. what has happened here is spacex which as you know was run by ceo elon musk, they have managed to take a rocket which is being sent into orbit to deploy 11 satellites to break off the first stage of that rocket and send it back to earth and land it as you said vertically. why is that important? the first stage is incredibly expensive because you have got the engines for the rocket in the first stage. if they can recover the first
10:25 am
stage and use it again, that is a huge money saver and it's transformative in the way the industry does business. so spacex by the way went on with that mission to go ahead and deploy 11 satellites last night and now spacex is hoping to use this technology for the next, the next mission or the next step, if you will. in other words, they have a contract already with nasa. they are going to be and are resupplying the space station. if they can do that and save the first stage, reuse the first stage, that's huge for them. then ultimately, they want to take manned missions ultimately to mars is their ultimate goal. that is many, many years and decades away. but listen, it's important to note that jeff bezos and blue original i origin, did something very similar though not nearly as complicated and not nearly to the same altitude. but they also took a rocket and brought it down and landed it vertically in the desert. the fact you now have two of the top contenders for the private
10:26 am
space business having now landed vertically a rocket and the accomplishment last night by spacex was a game changer. this really says that the commercial private business as it relates to space is here and it's on the cutting edge of technology. >> new space race is on. commercialized. tom costello, great to see you. thank you, sir. coming up, chris matthews will be here to preview his special "citizen trump" documentary that takes a look back at donald trump's career and the unlikely path to success in politics. that's ahead. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of.
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10:30 am
minister today, saying that a plot was uncovered to attack a military barracks in the central city of orlean and was be prevented last week when two men were arrested and charged with this plot and the two men were in contact with the french jihadist in syria, and that this investigation will establish if he is the commander of the attacks that one of these two has admitted to plotting. he also added that this is the tenth attack stopped by this particular french intelligence unit in the last two years. it's essentially france's homeland security. but as you well know, attacks in france have still happened, including the terror attack in paris last month. that organized assault claiming 130 lives. as french and belgian police continue to make arrests and conduct raids across the two countries, we are also learning today from the french interior minister while at a news conference with christian muslim and jewish leaders that everything is being done to
10:31 am
guarantee security over this holiday period. that's done by limiting the number of entrances to places of worship, for better filtering and also having mobile patrols ready to dispatch if of course they are needed. >> certainly seems reassuring. one heck of a job to be done. thank you. nice to see you. back here at home, hillary clinton speaking right now. let's show you, at a town hall in iowa. i think she's being introduced. this is her first public event since donald trump used pretty vulgar comment about her at a rally he was holding last night. now, clinton's campaign has already come out saying they are not really going to respond to trump's remarks but we are going to keep our eye on that nonetheless. they are saying people can make their minds up for themselves. joining me, chris matthews, host of msnbc's "hardball." as you point out, we talk about what donald trump says, we never talk about his policies, just what comes out of his mouth, but he's got this way of words that would torpedo any regular candidate.
10:32 am
why is trump able to get a pass from likely gop voters? >> i wouldn't call it a pass. he will pay for this. i think hillary clinton's people will be brilliant at exploiting it and they should. why not? hit him for when he makes mistakes like this. it shows something about his soul, his character, when he uses language like this. anyway, i think the reason trump has done well is not because he uses gross language or is macho or sexist. those are things that get in the way of his success. he's been successful because the political establishment in this country has failed in the eyes of so many people to achieve any kind of success on illegal immigration, on trade, on even deciding what wars to go into. they don't seem to be doing the right thing by most working people. we keep losing industrial jobs, we keep going into stupid wars and nobody does anything about illegal immigration. they come up with new phrases for it like undocumented workers, but nobody deals with the situation. so i think he's got something there in terms of nationalism, economic nationalism, particularly people don't think they are being looked out for.
10:33 am
trump talks to those people. he talks to them in a way that hillary and none of the other politicians do. he talks about their plight, about how they have been betrayed in their eyes. i think he's been very effective. people will probably say yeah, he's not perfect, not a gentleman, but he's taken on the system in a way this none of these other guys are. >> meanwhile, he also took a shot at journalists last night. this is in reference to vladimir putin. take a look. >> that is schtick. you know that. >> i hate some of these people but i would never kill them. i hate them. no, i think -- no, these people, honestly, i'll be honest. i'll be honest. i would never kill them. i would never do that. let's see. no, i wouldn't. i would never kill them. but i do hate them and some of them are such lying, disgusting people. it's true. it's true. it's sad. but i would never kill them and anybody that does, i think,
10:34 am
would be despicable. >> comedian in chief. >> it's like comedian. i wouldn't kill them. nobody said he would. nobody thinks he would. he lives off the land. he finds things like putin may kill people if somebody argues he did, fine. we can see if that's true. the fact he just finds something like that along the ground and will be talking about that for days and making a whole thing out of it. his comparison to vladimir putin. he finds things every day or two that are brand new in terms of the conversation and he puts on a show. the audience loves it. >> speaking of a show, you are putting on one tonight about "citizen trump". i want to play a clip to everybody. >> closer to home, actually across the street from his home, the wohlman skating rink in central park had been closed for years, since 1986. >> they had spent over $20 million over a seven-year period and finally, i said this is ridiculous. this thing shouldn't take years to build. and i was able to convince
10:35 am
everybody to let me build it. >> donald is the gifted self-promoter, went out there and pitched this as i got the project done the new york city government couldn't get done. >> i think you see the same instincts coming out now that you did with the rink. with trump being frustrated at how inept and useless government is and jumping in and saying i'm going to fix this. >> chris, what is your biggest take-away, the thing that surprised you most in the research of putting together this documentary? >> with all the b.s. and bad language we talk about, we also have what trump said ten minutes ago. that's what we get obsessed with. serial marriages, bankruptcies, the whole mess. we know it all. it's very much like citizen kane, the movie about the newspaper baron, all kinds of problems in his life. yet, this is something you got to deal with. he is generally successful at his business and gets it done.
10:36 am
i was walking down fifth avenue the other night with my son thomas and i looked up and there was trump tower. it may not be the prettiest building and may be too tall and too gross for fifth avenue because of what was there before, bonwit teller. but it got done. you have to deal with the mob, with the city council, all this stuff, but year after year, building after building, he gets it done. he has product to show. is he effective when it matters to him? that's one factor. put that on the table. should he be president of the united states? that's a question for the public. what i think will come out of it tonight will say this is an interesting american character here with a lot of the american character traits we don't like but a lot of the american character traits we recognize in a big-mouthed guy like him. >> chris matthews, look forward to it. thank you very much, sir. "citizen trump." it's at 7:00 p.m. we have been taking your
10:37 am
pulse today on our question that we put out there about donald trump's controversial statements about hillary clinton, whether or not he's gone too far with this vulgar rhetoric. let's take a look at what the pulse is saying so far. currently right now, as we look at the bing pulse, 81% say yeah, he has gone too far. the rest of you, 18%, feel that no. it's not too vulgar. the pulse remains live. excuse me, 81% to 19%. pulse remains live. that's what happens when you have a monitor. you can actually read these things. following brand new developments regarding a grand jury's decision late monday to issue no indictments in the july death of sandra bland, the 28-year-old who was found dead in her texas jail cell three days after police arrested her during what typically would be a routine traffic stop. medical examiner's ruled her death a suicide by hanging but her family has questioned that
10:38 am
finding. here's sandra bland's mom earlier today with my colleague, tamron hall. >> i'm not quite sure how to put faith into a secret proceeding to trust them with what has happened in my family. my daughter is gone and so what i would have liked to have seen is some sort of information to show what has happened to her. >> presidential candidate bernie sanders said in a kwamt there's no doubt in my mind that she, like too many african-americans who die in police custody, would be alive today if she were a white woman. ari melber joins me now. i know you spoke with the prosecutor about this. fill us in. where this case may go if at all? >> i just got off the phone with the prosecutor, louis white. i can report now exclusively essentially that he says he believes this was a suicide. that's important because there's been a lot of discussion about leaving this up to the grand
10:39 am
jury, they will do what they want to do, we have seen prosecutors at times do that in a way where it seems like they are leaning on the grand jury to make the decision for them. so this prosecutor just told me moments ago here in the newsroom he believes this was a suicide. that means we can infer that whatever they presented to the grand jury used that conclusion and that may explain why this grand jury didn't proceed with any charges, if a prosecutor sitting there is saying to you this person killed themselves and you think well, they have studied it longer, they are the professional, you may not want to go against their judgment. >> doesn't this go to sandra bland's family saying they don't believe in the grand jury and the process because the context, the back story of sandra bland, she wasn't suicidal. this was a routine traffic stop that went sideways. why would she take her own life? >> right. that's a mystery here that's percolated as people try to understand how something that started so quickly with a traffic stop ended up so deadly. i will tell you that what we just learned in this interview i did with the prosecutor suggests
10:40 am
it shouldn't have even gone to a grand jury on the death question. in other words, if the prosecutor's investigation concluded it was a suicide, there's nothing for the grand jury to do with regard to a suicide. that's not a crime. homicide would be the crime. again, more questions than answers on these processes. i want to in fairness reflect something else the prosecutor just told me which is that he said they have reached out to the family several times and not gotten contacted back. i wanted to reconfirm that since we heard from the family again and their criticisms today. the prosecutor saying not only have they done that but he says we are open to meeting with them again. >> ari melber, thank you very much. fast-breaking developments in that. appreciate it. coming up, new accusations surfacing against bill cosby the same day cosby sues one of his highest profile accusers, super model beverly johnson. attorney gloria allred joins me live coming up. first, today is the first full day of winter but it's a mixed bag across much of the country. in new york and much of the east, christmas will feel a lot
10:41 am
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stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. available in single packs. so another woman has stepped forward with a defamation lawsuit against bill cosby. we have the actress katherine mckie, who worked on the bill cosby show. in the lawsuit she accuses cosby of sexually assaulting her in 1974. this news comes as cosby files another lawsuit against an accuser, this time beverly johnson. she's one of the 50 plus women who have accused cosby of sexual misconduct, assault and giving them drugs dating back to the 1960s. in a statement to msnbc, beverly johnson said in part quote, in cases of rape and abuse, abusers will do whatever they can to intimidate and weaken their victims to force them to stop fighting. last week, cosby filed a
10:45 am
defamation lawsuit against seven other accusers. we should note bill cosby has repeatedly denied all allegations against him and has never been charged with a crime. gloria allred is an attorney representing 27 of the cosby accusers and she does not represent any of the women currently being sued by cosby. gloria, good to have you here with me. >> thank you for inviting me. appreciate it, thomas. >> absolutely. we have the lawsuit against beverly johnson, in it saying intentionally engaged in a campaign to assassinate mr. cosby's reputation and character by willfully, maliciously and falsely accusing cosby of drugging her in an opportunistic attempt to extract financial gain from her allegations. what's your response to this? you are representing 27 other women who have similar stories to johnson's. >> well, i do not represent the women in the defamation case in massachusetts or beverly or the other woman who has just sued, but i would like to say that it does appear that mr. cosby has
10:46 am
gone to war against the women who allege that he has victimized them, at least in the lawsuit in massachusetts and elsewhere, and even though beverly has not filed a lawsuit against him, you know, she's a very courageous woman and the others who have made accusations are also very courageous and i don't think this tactic is going to deter women from fighting the battle against mr. cosby. i do represent another courageous woman who has filed a lawsuit, miss huff, who alleges she was 15 years old when she alleges acts of sexual misconduct by mr. cosby at the playboy mansion. we are currently litigating that case. we have taken mr. cosby's deposition. we have now filed a motion to compel. we are seeking a second deposition of mr. cosby. so this case is going to be vigorously litigated as i'm sure the other cases will be as well. >> we know in judy's case, you
10:47 am
have the second deposition scheduled for february 2nd but are any of the 27 women you're representing worried about this tactic that's been used against these other eight women in other states, where cosby has counter-filed? what are you advising your clients about that? >> actually, as to february 2nd, that's the date for the motion to compel a second deposition, that's the date when that hearing will be held. the court will decide if there will be a second one. as to the other women, you know, of course they all understand that there is a risk in making accusations against someone who is rich and powerful and famous, and that it is always the possibility that that person will then, you know, fight back against them. so they understood the risk and that's why i have always said that women who have spoken out have been extremely courageous, because knowing the risks, they
10:48 am
still took that risk because they felt that was important that from their point of view, their truth should be known. >> we have monique presley in the next hour. she is one of the attorneys representing bill cosby. what's the one question you have of her? >> when are you going to debate me, monique, on msnbc, on the thomas roberts show? let's have it out. let's have a real debate instead of just your being on a different show where i can't respond to you. i look forward to that. i challenge you to that for several months but all i hear is silence. let's let this proceed. >> we will ask her. thank you for your time. i really appreciate it. gloria allred. coming up, was rough play the only reason the new york giants receiver odell beckham went after a carolina player this sunday, earning a one-game suspension? that conversation when we come back. an update from the field on what happened to him. first, joining me, nbc new
10:49 am
york meteorologist rafael miranda to talk about the cold, snowy weather out west and the heat in the east. what's the deal? >> a lot going on. busy travel time right now. the weather is not cooperating out west. we have had all this snow that continues out west, over three feet in some spots. you see the jet stream here taking a dip out west, when it goes down in the west it rises in the east. that's why we see record high temperatures this week. now watching for wednesday, busy travel day, severe weather outbreak possible in the south, isolated tornadoes possible and also very heavy rain. this is not a good stretch from chicago right towards the northeast. watch out for significant delays there. the southwest stays cool and more snow in the rockies. then record warmth builds in for christmas eve. look at the high temperatures. it will be warmer in boston and new york than it will be in los angeles and phoenix. 73 in new york city. santa in shorts in d.c., with a high of 78 degrees. your christmas day is also quite warm in the northeast and hot and stormy in the south. stay with us. proud of you, son.
10:50 am
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new york giants football star beckham jr. appealing the one-game suspension by the nfl. the league says it's suspending him for multiple violations of safety related rules in sunday's game against the panthers. beckham penalized three times for unnecessary roughness including a late helmet to helmet hit against the panthers quarterback josh norman. joining me is shawn gregory at "time" magazine. good to have you here. conversations held about the case. does he have a solid appeal against quhat nfl levied against him? >> i don't see it. we haven't seen a suspension, usually fines. pretty egregious move he made. he came flying after the play was over, helmet to helmet hit and the nfl sensitive, especially with this concussion movie coming out on christmas and sensitive of controlling
10:54 am
head injuries an enshowing that they really are trying to eliminate them. >> okay. there's what we got to see. also the parts that maybe we still don't know surrounding this. words between the two players on the field. even reports of a bat pregame and slurs hurled around. any indication about those two things being true? >> yeah. bat definitely happened. the panthers say it's a motivational tool for them to kind of -- a spokesperson said to make home run plays and also -- >> did to a football game and a baseball game? >> same time. another panther said to remind -- an injured player said to remind them of his presence. very strange. the slurs, serious accusation, we don't know in that' true and i'm not sure it eliminates the penalty. what beckham did was kind of inexcusable. >> why not just be ejected?
10:55 am
>> the nfl said that the refs missed three other penalties and that's i think the next step. he should have been ejected. anybody watching that game, even a die-hard giants fan say that guy should not have been in the game. >> did he get favorable treatment? >> he is a huge star, a marketable player in the nfl. the nfl's credit, the giants have a big game coming up against the vikings and playoff implications and he is not playing in that game. >> thank you. >> no problem. we are learning new information about the u.s. troops killed in afghanistan as the battle rages for helmand province. we'll talk about that. and then politics with donald trump who in a new poll is still riding high. but did he reach a new low in the latest comments on hillary clinton? we'll get reports from the campaign trail. we're also learning more about the woman accused of mowing down pedestrians along the vegas
10:56 am
strip. very latest in the case against lakeisha holloway after this. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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10:59 am
hi, everybody. good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts. good to have you with me. donald trump versus hillary clinton. we've got the gop front-runner facing heavy fire after the comments about secretary clinton. all happening last night. trump using this vulgar comment in reference to clinton's loss of the democratic no, ma'am nagts to a then senator barack obama back in '08. it was just one of many attacks including this reference to clinton eons bathroom break. >> what happened to her? i'm watching the debate and she disappeared. where did she go? i know where she went. it's disgusting. i don't want to talk about it. no. it is too disgusting. >> so we have clinton about to speak now. this is a live look at an event that's going to take place in
11:00 am
iowa. her communications director tweeted earlier today about the incident last night saying, quote, we are not responding to trump but everyone who understands the humiliation this degrading language inflicts on all women should. #i'm with her. covering every angle of the trail today and starting with steve kornacki. take us through the rally last night and the temperature of the room that got to this comment. >> yeah. well, i mean, these are the mega rallies of donald trump and then getting accustomed to these things happening and then says something that continue, that shocks you. say, well when's going to come next? this time, a couple of things last night. you played one of them there about hillary clinton's break in the debate and he also made comments about whether he would kill the media. he said he wouldn't but hates most of the reporters anyway and then he uses a crude yiddish term for the male reproductive
11:01 am
anatomy. we can play that for you. i'm not going to say it but we'll play it and you can make up your own mind what he means. >> hillary, that's not a president. that's not -- she is not taking us to -- everything that's been involved in hillary has listen losses. even her race to obama. she was going to beat obama. i don't know who would be worse. i don't know. how does it get worse? but she was going to be -- favored to win and she got shlonged. she lonst. >> they said they won't respond and a bit of a response last saturday when hillary clinton invoked donald trump in the debate and started this recent kerfuffle and she sees an advantage of having the back and forth. >> i'll go back to eight grade and the lunch table. i didn't know that was yiddish. thank you, steve kornacki.
11:02 am
>> no problem. we are all learning plenty today. >> absolutely. kasie, you have to follow steve on that. >> he had that unlucky time this time of dealing with that. >> how's it playing out? because, you know, it a's regular old trump-ism basically. another day another sharp-tongued comment from him. >> to a certain extent, thomas, this is everything that donald trump supporters love about him and everything that his detractors can't stand. democratic side, you have people who are talking about this as a sexist remark, jaw dropping in a way. hillary clinton nonresponse response essentially saying, hey, we'll let the words speak for themselves in many ways and supporters speak up for them and privately in republican circles a circumstance response to the fact of what's going on in our party? jeb bush in particular has been out and about criticizing donald trump over the course of the last few weeks.
11:03 am
there's a lot of private frustration is putting it mildly i would say among the bush family. if you think about how george h.w. bush, for example, the background he comes from, the words that he might choose to use, very, very different from what we're hearing from donald trump, particularly in this comment and also in many others over the past couple of months. on the other hand, you have donald trump supporters. hear playing that clip, the cheering in the room, similar response talking about killing the reporters and the kind of straight talk that his supporters suggest they want to hear. >> he's a disrupter, for sure. bush family not the only ones scratching their head about this. looking at the poll numbers today, donald trump is now leading ted cruz but in the margin of error at 28%. do you think that he will see an infl influx, a rise, an impact in his standing? >> yeah. well, i mean, the story there
11:04 am
obviously is last week we had three national polls and trump at or near 40% and looked like trump with momentum after that controversial proposal to ban muslims from entering the united states so seeing him now at 28%, good news to be in the lead but to have that as you say, cruz closing that quickly, this is the strategy all along. sort of a soft takeover strategy. only nice things of donald trump. refuse as we saw today, refuse to engage with him saying something controversial, refuse to take issue with it. the idea for cruz here, this is kind of amazing when you think back a few months and the start of this campaign, the question about ted cruz was, is he too extreme for the republican party to nominate? now the strategy to look like the mature, reasonable electable alternative to trump, to take the people that like trump, what he's saying and have them reach a point on their own saying we
11:05 am
like donald trump but maybe he's not presidential and fall into cruz's camp. >> steve, kasie, thank you both. we've been asking about the trump's statements of hillary clinton and whether or not he's gone too tar with the latest round of vulgar rhetoric. let's take a look at how the results have come insofar. 38% say, yes. 62% say, no. and this is a big adjustment to the last time we checked in. pul joining me now is amy holmes. trump's comments out of line or in line with the brand? >> both. out of line, out of bounds i would say but very much in line with the brand and i think that your reporters are correct that it's part of trump's appeal. this sort of crude, vulgar
11:06 am
language and also says he's an every day guy despite the billions, the gold plated apartment here in new york city. and constant bragging about all of the above he's talking sort of like a street guy, the guy on the bar stool next to you complaining about this one and that one and point out in terms of has it gone too far that trump does better in polls when he makes what many in the media are think are outlandish statements of policy and getting the bump, more support. when he first launched the campaign talking about illegal immigration and his remarks about mexican immigrants coming into the country, it won him a lot of support and again with the muslim comments about banning muslims of coming the united states, that's when you saw his numbers up to 40%, 41%. >> as we see waiting for hillary clinton to arrive at this event in iowa. katheri katherine, does it benefit hillary clinton to have this general election style feud with
11:07 am
the donald trump while we're only in the primary? >> i think the idea of the practice general could be bad for hillary not least because i feel like the ghost of christmas future here but like it's not too late, republican primary voters, to stop this terrible nightmare. maybe people look and say this is something to be avoided and same time i think the genius of trump, the kind of evil genius of trump is he always mixes in a little truth with the invective and of course his choice of wording completely inappropriate and same time hillary clinton did get soundly defeated by barack obama in that race. that is true. and, you know, when she suggested that donald trump was providing propaganda for isis, you know, i think people who support him already say it's understandable he would be mad and use harsh language. trump situation is probably a mixed bag for hillary at best. >> seeing secretary clinton on set being introduced there still.
11:08 am
this is the new poll out getting a lot of attention, especially this party because 50% of respond ebts say they would be embarrassed to have donald trump at president. look there, donald trump at 28% leading ted cruz at 24%. how do we have this conflict of demonstration in the polls? i don't get it. >> right. as you say, the seeming contradiction. you have seen it in earlier polls, republicans said they would never, never vote for him but the numbers are steady. ted cruz is benefiting, i think, from some of these trump-isms as you said, ted cruz sort of saying i'll be the grown-up and the statesman in the race. >> meanwhile, he doesn't come out to damn the remarks of trump. >> he wants the supporters. >> what do you think, though, katherine, about donald trump being so willing to take on hillary clinton right now? he is basically like a tazmanian
11:09 am
devil and doesn't care. >> i think he thinks it makes him look for presidential an doing that thing that every consultant tells candidates to do which is not run against the other guys in the primary but the opponent in the other party. he say it is rest of the guys are bush league. i'm sure he would have more colorful language. i won't bother with them. going straight for hillary. >> whatever, it's working at least for donald trump right now. amy and katherine, thank you both. appreciate it. coming up for all of you, digging in to what happened in court today for army sergeant beau bergdahl and we'll get fresh video first time since he got back on american soil. so we'll talk about the charges against him and could he be facing life behind bars? also speaking with bill cosby's attorneys on the heels of of a new defamation lawsuit filed against him. that and much more.
11:10 am
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developing news now in the deadly attack on u.s. troops in afghanistan. defense officials have confirmed to nbc news that one of the six air force service members killed near bagram airbase -- airfield, that is, was a woman. chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins me now. what more have you learned about her identity? >> reporter: air force major andreana verdabruna. one of the first openly gay military members to be killed in combat. her wife is left behind and a son. and some in the advocacy
11:14 am
community describe her as essentially as a pioneer in lifting the ban on gays in the military. now, the second one that's been identified is air force sergeant -- staff sergeant joseph lemm also a detective on the new york police department and the bronx. he was serving in the air national guard. this was his third combat tour. two to afghanistan an one to iraq before he was killed. and lemm leaves behind a family, a wife and two daughters. the remains of all six service members killed in that suicide bombing in afghanistan yesterday will be returned to the u.s. to dover air force base in delaware tomorrow afternoon, thomas. >> tragic as we learn the details and the histories of these people. mick, stick around. we have a big story we have been following today. developing about bowe bergdahl
11:15 am
and the first video we have seen of the army sergeant since returning to the u.s. in 2014. this after appearing in military court this morning and deferred entering a plea at the arraignment and could be facing life in prison. the 29-year-old also asked about the defense team. >> the military judge skszed the rights held by the accused, inquired on the record regarding current military counsel and civilian counsel. he indicated he was satisfied with his defense counsel. >> bergdahl is charged with desertion in 2009. he was then held captive by the taliban in afghanistan for five years. mick, i want to go back to you on this. it is controversial, this case, from the start but explain why bergdahl could face life behind bars. >> reporter: well, initially, it was thought that he would be charged with only desertion and
11:16 am
carry a maximum term of five years in prison. but the convening authority, the general in charge of determining exactly what charges to file against bergdahl, went one big step further charging him with misbehavior before the enemy which endangers his fellow soldiers, the unit an their mission. now, that under a conviction could carry a life sentence if, in fact, he were convicted. now, today's arraignment was pretty much a formality. very quick. 11 minutes. he was asked if he wanted to enter a plea. he declined to do that right now and also asked if he would prefer judgment before a single judge. the judge advocate general or a jury of his peers. all senior officers. and he declined to do that at this present time and another such session on january 12th in
11:17 am
which he's expected to respond to those requests from the court. >> all right. thank you, sir. appreciate it. now to the conversation retired -- military analyst retired army come yell jack jacobs. jack, explain the decision here. we have the original recommendation for bergdahl to maybe get a year behind bars and now a court-martial that could get him life in prison. why did they opt for this potentially harsher punishment? >> it is not unusual for it to go either way. with an investigating officer recommending a harsher punishment, for example. and the authority deciding to go with a lesser court-martial to judge a sentence up to one year. i think it's instructive that the court-martial convening authority, the forces command commander, the person who commands all forces in the united states, made the decision for a wider ranging court which
11:18 am
could adjudge a very much har harsher sentence and speaks to what he believes are the -- is the seriousness of the charge, particularly the one misbehavior in face of the enemy. so it's not unusual to see this, thomas. >> so but what is unusual and we look back at this, jack, the fact that president obama swapped these five gitmo detainees for bowe bergdahl and the president failed to inform congress 30 days in advance and gotten the criticism. if bergdahl is not punished in your reflections of the military and taken place, do you think that this could really come back to hurt the president in the long run? >> well, i think it already has. i think republicans and the congress serious about investigating whether or not the president actually violated the law. not notifying congress before releasing the five gitmo detainees but i think what's going to happen here is one of a
11:19 am
number of things. it's possible for bergdahl to try to plea out of it to avoid a bad conduct discharge but i think the military would really like to see a bad conduct discharge here and it may very well be he might get a bad discharge as a result of a general courts martial and not serve very much if any time in prison and what i think they're after and really interesting because what this points out is the rush in many people's view, the rush of the white house to have a -- a public relations, a public relations stunt effectively rather than view what's important for national security and i think this is going to play out in the longer run. >> as you talk about a pr stunt, are you listening to bergdahl's account? >> not -- not at the time. i hear excerpts from time to
11:20 am
time and i have heard both of them. >> okay. all right. jack jacobs, thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> you bet. new developments in the las vegas strip hit and run incident left one person dead. dozens of others injured. we are going to bring you the latest on the case and a new trial date set for an officer charged in the death of freddie gray. after the first trial ended in a hung jury. so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons. i'll be helping turbines power cities. i put a turbine on a cat. (friends ooh and ahh) i can make hospitals run more efficiently... this isn't a competition!
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ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. prosecutors have just filed charges against the woman accused in the deadly hit and run along the vegas strip over the weekend. prosecutors charged lakeisha holloway with murder accused of using her car to plow into pedestrians. one person was killed and dozens injure reasonable doubt. scott cohn following this story for us. talk about the charges and the punishment she could be facing. >> reporter: right. there are three charges
11:24 am
actually, thomas. you alluded to the first one, murder. it is an open charge of murder with a deadly weapon. that being her car. she's also charged with child endangerment, child abuse, remember that her 3-year-old daughter was in the back seat of that car on sunday night and then she is also charged with leaving the scene of an accident and that charge alone the district attorney here points out is punishable by 20 years in prison with no opportunity for parole. so she could be facing quite a bit and those are just the charges that were filed today. the district attorney steve wilson repeating what he said yesterday she'll likely face many more charges and likely many counts of attempted murder. there was talk and word from the clark county detention center where she is held reportedly on a suicide watch to appear in court this morning via video hook-up. that did not happen.
11:25 am
they exchanged paper work and will be here tomorrow for the initial court appearance and here in person and we will see where things go from there and she seemed to have a promising future despite a lot of hurdles that she overcame is now facing quite a bit of time in prison. thomas? >> have investigators alluded to motive or what they have put together about that? >> reporter: they still have not. they say that she was in their words stoic going into custody on sunday and said she was forced off of a series of properties where she was trying to just catch some sleep in the car and she was living for a week or so and the specifics of the motive are not clear. >> scott, thank you, sir. joining me now chief legal correspondent ari melber. explain the aggressiveness of the charges, the punishment
11:26 am
potentially. >> yeah. we were looking at this here. we pulled the complaint up. murder with a deadly weapon. this is just a two-page basic filing and as you were just discussing with our reporter prosecutors can go well beyond that so we're looking at the first few charges. murder with a deadly weapon being the car, the child abuse and allude or leaving the scene of the crime and obviously a terrible violent murder spree type situation. a spree of violence and harming that many people and murdering at least one based on the injuries and reports at this juncture. what they do here is start with these charges as a floor, thomas, and probably stack on to them with other counts. >> also i just want to shift gears with new reporting just in the last hour about the sandra bland case and the grand jury's decision not to bring the indictment. >> we have been following this and this is a case with a lot of attention because bland was this young african-american woman pulled over far minor violation
11:27 am
of a turn signal and in jail and found dead. authorities saying she hung herself and the grand jury impanelled. you impanelled a grand jury and we learned they found no crimes related to the death and i spoke within the last hour here with a prosecutor on the case who told me, thomas, that her death was a suicide. let me repeat. her death was a suicide. that's lewis white saying as far as we're concerned her death was a suicide. that is significant, thomas, because if that was what prosecutors believed, why were they even putting potential charges in front of the grand jury? if you were a jailhouse official there, you would be understandably concerned on one hand the prosecutor says you did nothing wrong and other hand jurors considering potentially a homicide charge. this goes to the questions that keep swirling around how these cases are done and seem to be done so differently when
11:28 am
officials, law enforcement, jail staff in this case or police are involved. the short, you know, english answer here, thomas, if it was a suicide, you shouldn't have impanelled a grand jury. >> yeah. i don't know if it's as legally buttoned up as the prosecutor likes to think. thank you. >> you got it. a new trial date set for the police officer charged in freddie gray's death so the new trial for william porter scheduled for june 13th, 2016. the trials for the five remaining officers will be taking place before that an and a judge jury ruled a deadlocked jury. gray died after his neck was broken in a ride in the back of a police van. coming up, we get back to politics and donald trump announcing to a roomful of reporters the lives are safe if he's president. >> by the way, i hate some of
11:29 am
these people but i would never kill them. i hate them. no. i think -- no. these people, honestly, i'll be honest. i'll be honest. i would never kill them. all right. but first, take a look at this. we have a truck with 2,600 piglets overturning on a wet, messy morning on interstate 40 in raleigh, north carolina. this is new video coming in to us. hundreds of squealing pigs trapped drivers on the roads as crews work to upright the tractor trailer known as pork chop. all right. we will have your holiday week forecast coming up. there you see the piglets getting scooped up. (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars.
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for my frequent heartburnmorning because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. just about anywhere you can use splenda®... calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience... ...the joy of sugar... ...without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda® welcome back, everybody. we have got no personal response to donald trump yet from hillary clinton. this is a live look at her event in iowa. we had her communications director tweeting out this morning that they wouldn't be responding to the gop front-runner. donald trump has been receiving
11:33 am
a lot of criticism today and a lot of attention over his vulgar, crude remark about the former secretary of state at the rally held last night for him in michigan. joining me is rick plute with the michigan public radio network at the rally last night. so, rick, when's been the reaction on the ground? we saw the applause within that audience that came out see him. when's the reaction in michigan to what trump said last night? >> i guess a couple of things in terms of those things directly, you know, kind of bafflement. when i first heard it, i wasn't sure i heard it correctly. i had to go back and listen again. it was in the context right after saying that hillary clinton had been doing something disgusting during the break during the democratic break and then that and i think we all looked at each other and said, did he just say that? and what did it mean? so, you know, we're i would say
11:34 am
bafflement. michigan also reacting to some of the most protectionist things that donald trump said during the speech, as well, to impose super tariffs on imports if car companies build plants in mexico and overseas and stuff like that. that resonated here. >> was there more policy talk like that or rhetoric of hillary clinton, bathroom breaks and journalists? >> you know, when you're dealing with donald trump, you know, for good or for ill, just the incendiary rhetoric seems to, pardon the expression, trump all else and so, you know, that was kind of the discussion. you know, did he really mean that? did even the talk about saying, you know, he would never kill a reporter and then stopped and seemed to reconsider his position for, you know, for a moment. that those sort of theatrics kind of take over the event. and certainly, while it's, you
11:35 am
know, discussed differently in venues like this and the outer world, the room just loved it. >> and so, rick, are they enamored by the policy or the celebrity? >> my sense from talking to people is they are enamored by the fact that he seemed to say whatever comes in to his head at any given moment which seems to be a big part of the reason why donald trump is incapable of suffering for any of the things that he says that would seemingly damage most other politicians. >> yeah. a missing filter. but it works. rick from michigan public radio network, thank you. i appreciate your time. >> a pleasure. i want to bring in mark halperin for bloomberg politics and knows filters well. let's ask you about this. trump benefiting from going after hillary clinton. he's saying the heck with the primary. i'll go after who's in the
11:36 am
general with me. >> i think he does benefit from it, thomas, because one thing republicans nominating a candidate is a war why are and go up against hillary clinton, who will be tough to beat in a general election? it also i think blocks anybody else from getting much attention and trump does the best when he's taking people down and i think one of the weaknesses in his candidacy getting towards february and some voters say he is not doing as well in head to head polls against hillary clinton as some of his rivals like marco rubio or ben carson for a time and if trump keeps this up may do better in the head to heads and a key issue for a lot of voters. >> coming to donald trump having the upper hand, he had it for a minute because of hillary clinton talking about donald trump's comments being used by isis to recruit or use as propaganda. he demanded an apology and then said what he said last night and changed the narrative of what we are talking about. now we have got the clinton
11:37 am
communications director saying they won't talk about this. isn't this easy bait for hillary clinton to go after something like this and kind of shake off the apology issue from donald trump and talk about sexism? >> yeah, look. both of them i think might want to reflect on how they behaved in the last couple of days. i don't get quite why hillary clinton felt she needed to go further than the facts seem to support on the issue of isis recruiting videos featuring donald trump. there's no evidence for that. and i think, you know, she'll probably eventually have to walk that back. the campaign hasn't yet. donald trump used language that's going to bother a lot of people but i suspect it's not bothering supporters because they like the fact that he sometimes things that most politicians won't say and i would say, thols, this is something that most politicians would not say in public. >> well, yeah. i don't think so. because anything that donald trump says it's not like a regular person saying it.
11:38 am
typically torpedo anybody else. do you think, mark, that the supporters turn into primary voters or these are just folks enamored with the trump hysteria? >> well, look. there's two ways to evaluate the supporters. one is whether the campaign is building the mechanics to turn people out, so-called field operation, particularly in the early states. the's evidence probably more than some of the recent articles suggest they're building that kind of operation and then second just are these are the kind of people to caucus or vote in a primary in general whether they're the campaign reaches out to them or not? trump supporters i meet are pretty interested in voting for him to try to change the country and i think right now those people hoping that trump fails with fans but not voters are maybe hoping more than they should be and wishing and counting too much on that reality rather than trying to beat him. >> great to see you, mark. thank you. >> thank you, thomas.
11:39 am
now another wild story. weather extremes from coast to coast as the holiday quickly approa approaches. in new york it's balmy and the eastern seaboard crushing the hopes for a white christmas. look at that. but a very different story unfolding on the opposite side of the country. we have record breaking snow, chilly temperatures out west. great for skiers. rafael miranda with the wacky weather for us. >> warmer in new york than los angeles as we head into christmas. but the skiers are very happy out west. we have had over 3 feet of snow and still snowing. storm track continues. you can see that jet stream bringing the storms into the west. beneficial rain for california, as well. heavy, heavy mountain snows and the jet stream to the high. record high probable as we head into the holiday. this is christmas eve. here's the record highs. d.c. 66 in 1982.
11:40 am
this is what we're forecasting this christmas eve. 78 degrees. >> whoa! >> you know, breaking a record, it is significant. smashing it by 12 degrees, it's almost unheard of, thomas. so that's incredibly warm there in d.c. and boston also obliterating for christmas eve and then heading into friday, christmas day, still hot across the southeast and cooler in new york city close to a record and i think breaking it for christmas and look at orlando, charlotte, atlanta. 78 degrees on your christmas day. now, it's not all about the warmth and severe for tomorrow. a severe weather outbreak possible across the tennessee valley. busy travel day. this could have airport impacts from chicago right through st. louis, nashville, memphis, not easy to get to grandma's house on wednesday. jumping ahead to christmas eve, there's cold and there's snow out west. white christmas for many in the rockies and the northern plains and again no chance of a white christmas from chicago through the northeast. 72 degrees on christmas eve and then day and 64 and cool down.
11:41 am
we still should be in the upper 30s to low 40s this time of year. temperatures 25 to 30 degrees above average. new year's eve and day, will it get colder? one model suggests yes. the european model says we stay warm. >> anchorage and honolulu what they should be -- >> yeah. i didn't pay attention. think seem appropriately weathered. >> appropriate december. thank you, sir. coming up next for everybody. we have the new okay vagss of bill cosby. this is the same day he sues one of the highest profile accusers, supermodel beverly johnson. i'll speak with one of cosby's attorneys after this break. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express
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11:44 am
all right. another woman stepped forward with a lawsuit against bill cosby. we have the actress katherine mckie who worked on "the bill
11:45 am
cosby show." and accused him of assaulting her in 1974. cosby files a lawsuit against beverly johnson, an accuser. johnson is one of 50-plus women accused cosby of sexual misconduct, assault or giving them drugs dating back to the 1960s. cosby is filing a lawsuit against seven other accusers and we should note that bill cosby repeatedly denied all allegations against him and never been charged with a crime. monique presley is an attorney that works and represents bill cosby among many and good to have you with me again. new. >> glad to be here. >> so we have got this statement from beverly johnson saying in part, quote, in cases of rape and abuse, abusers will do whatever they can to intimidate and weaken their victims to force them to stop fighting. is that what you're trying to do from a legal defense, intimidate these alleged victims from having their day in court or having their stories heard?
11:46 am
>> well, she was talking about what rapists and abusers do. i have no idea what they do in these sishs but people like my client falsely accused of sexual assault and drugging fight back and where they should in a court of law so, ms. johnson was sued because of the slanderous defamatory statements she made about mr. cosby and those are things that are categorically not true. therefore, the suit is appropriate. >> last hour, we had gloria allred representing 27 accusers that say that they were somehow abused by bill cosby and she addressed you directly. take a listen. >> when are you going to debate me, monique, on msnbc? on the thomas roberts show. let's have it out. let's have a real debate.
11:47 am
instead of just your being on a different show where i can't respond to you. i look forward to that. i've challenged you to that and all i hear is silence. >> you monique, you say you don't want don't want it in the court of public opinion and won't show at the same time as a gloria allred figure. why? >> here's the thing and loathe to even address what really should not be addressed in this fashion, but i show up at the same time and same place as ms. allred in a court of law in los angeles in the one case that she's been able to bring into court out of the however many number of women she claims she represents. so, when we show up for huff v. cosby, i'm there and she's there. and we as attorneys do what attorneys do. we're not in high school. we don't debate.
11:48 am
we're not politicians running for office. what would we win? a trophy? no. we are attorneys with clients so when it's time to actually show up and address a judge or a jury, i am there to see ms. allred or whomever else represents women that brought false accusations against my client. >> we have now more than 50 women coming forward, monique, to accuse bill cosby of sexual assault or misconduct back to the 1960s. kate snow interviewed 27 of the women in one room for a "dateline" special in october. you and the other attorneys said you won't comment on it. i want to remind the have you veers what they say happened. >> how many of you believe you were drugged by bill kcosby? how many of you believe bill cosby raped you? >> he drugged me without my
11:49 am
knowledge and raped me. >> he drugged me and violently raped me. >> i was drugged and raped. >> he flipped me over and raped me over. >> monique, is your defense against these allegations that all the women are lying? >> mr. cosby repeatedly as you know, it isn't the first time on your show, repeatedly denied drugging without consent or raping or sexually assaulting, their varying different claims, any of the women, specifically the women on that show and we did issue a statement from mr. cosby declining with respect to that show, as well. a woman that said she believesed that bill cosby drugged her was beverly johnson and yesterday we filed a suit for defamation and infliction of emotional distress against ms. johnson and one of the things we said if you look
11:50 am
at statements which change giving an interview, look at her own statements, where she claims on dr. phil to have short period after the memoir came after seeing my client mr. cosby a small airport and he looked at her in a mean way and backed away and ignored her, how's that possible, mr. roberts, when my client is legally and functionally blind? he wasn't in an airport, didn't take a flight from the time that ms. johnson's memoir koim out up until the time she was on "dr. phil" and when we look at when's being said and not just allow people to come forward with a story, with a lie, with a fabrication and then repeat it over and over, absent challenge, absent corroboration and proof, what we're doing now in a court of law is requiring people like ms. johnson to actually prove what they've said. and i would assert to you today as we did in the complaint it
11:51 am
cannot be done. >> do you plan on bringing forth any other lawsuits? >> i won't give you legal strategy here today but i can tell you we haven't filed the last suit. >> one of the attorneys representing bill cosby, thank you for your time. i do appreciate it. >> thank you. >> absolutely. hillary clinton talks donald trump on the campaign trail. she is in iowa. she's meeting with a large crowd but did she use the opportunity to respond specifically to his vulgar remark or something else? we have that for you after this. here's a little healthy advice.
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all right. so we have been watching this hour hillary clinton hold a fighting for us town hall in iowa. and moments ago she responded to donald trump's comments regarding muslims. take a listen. >> but i think what you're hearing from some of the republicans, most particularly mr. trump, about muslims is not
11:55 am
only dangerous, it's shameful. it is not the kind of language somebody running to be president of the united states should be using and -- it has consequences. it has real consequences. people around the world pay very close attention to our elections. and if you go on arabic television as we have and you look at what is being blasted out with video of mr. trump being translated into arabic, no muslims coming the united states, other kinds of derogatory, defamatory statements, it is playing into the hands of the violent jihadists. there is nothing -- >> clinton has not responded to these vulgar remarks made by donald trump yesterday in which he mocked her at a campaign he
11:56 am
was holding in michigan. we know that the communications director for the clinton campaign said that the secretary will not be responding to that remark. we'll keep our eyes posted. thanks for your time. see you back here tomorrow 1:00 p.m. eastern. the conversation continues on social media. stay tuned. ayman mohyeldin is picking up the coverage here. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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donald trump lashes out at hillary clinton. as a new national poll shows ted cruz within striking distance of him for the first time but that same poll revealing half of all americans would be embarrassed by a trump presidency. donald trump is escalating the feud with hillary clinton at a michigan rally last night. he lashed out at the democratic front run we are a series of personal attacks. he continued to accuse clinton of being a liar for saying trump was being used as a recruiting
12:00 pm
tool for isis. >> she's terrible. she's terrible. she's a liar. no. it turned out to be a lie. turned out to be a lie. and the last person that she wants to run against is me. believe me. believe me. >> however, the latest poll numbers tell a slightly different story. for more on that, we turn to msnbc's steve kornacki. steve? >> yeah. we got some new numbers today. first off, the republican race here, donald trump now the headline locking at the headlines, good news for trump, right? first place. he's still ahead. but the real story here is right behind him there in second place. ted cruz just four points behind in this poll now. think about this. a week ago, three different polls came out with donald trump at or above 40% that had him more than 20 points ahead of cruz and everybody else. looked like he had gotten a bounce from the controversial plan or call to ban


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