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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  December 24, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PST

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if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. good morning and welcome to morning joe. it's thursday, december 24th. christmas eve. >> happy christmas eve. >> this is my favorite day. >> you all are sort of that european family tradition, do the big dinner and open the presents that night. >> that night. the stockings the next day but christmas eve we open presents. >> christmas eve we go to church and then come home and have a big gathering.
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they're so excited. the elf, this has been his best year of work yet. >> good. we have a big hour ahead as we look back at some memorable moments with four of the top republican contenders for president. >> we're going to hear from donald trump the morning after he rolled out his plan. plus ted cruz explains why the world was more stable when hussein was in power. >> then jeb bush lays out his strategy for syria and whether he would negotiate with putin. >> but we start with the exte extended conversation with donald trump hours after he proposed his quote, unquote muslim ban. it's an interview that drew attention world wide. good morning. >> good morning. >> a lotd going okay with you. i'll start out here saying i'm not blind to the emotions you're
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tapping into but i think there's a number of americans you're scaring right now, including me. i'm worried this is rhetoric fuelling hatred and allineation and possibly something worse. >> i think you should be more scared by what's going on. this morning we learned $28,000 was poured into this guy's account, this horrible person that did the shooting. i think you should be more scared about that by far than anything i'm saying. i'm using common sense. i spoke in front of thousands of people last night. thousands of people outside the york town or tremendous ship that couldn't hold all the people. it's the biggest crowd they've ever had and thousands of people couldn't get in. they gave a standing ovation. the first sentence, they wouldn't stop. what it is, is common sense.
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until our country's representatives can figure out what's going on, remember this, you had the world trade center knocked down and people are forgetting. they tried to knock it down a number of years before that. should have taken out ben laden. joe was niece enough to say wow. >> donald. >> yes. >> almost every high ranking number of candidates are condemning your plan and comments. >> practically, everything i say and then they come to my side. they were condemning the world. they were condemning illegal immigration. they were condemning all of the things i had been exspouzing and most of them on are on side and
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the ones that aren't are down the 0 in the polls. i seen a couple of people come out last night. not everybody has condemned. i don't want to get into names. if you look at illegal immigration, everybody was against me. i took heat like nobody did. made this look like baby steps, the first two weeks i announced i was running for president and now even's fighting to be tougher than me on immigration. >> -- >> this has nothing to do with -- >> let me ask you, do you believe that we need members of the muslim american community, of the muz clip community around the world to help fight the war
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on terror and perhaps this is incredibly counter productive? >> i think it has to be done. it's a temporary move. we have to get our hands around a very serious problem. look at what happened in paris, the horrible carnage and frankly, if you look at paris and i hate to do this because the chamber of commerce is going to go crazy. paris is no longer the city it was. there's places police refuse to go. we have places in london and other places that are so radicalized police are afraid of their own lives. we have to be very smart and very vigilant. we have to find out who gave this guy $28,000 and put it in his account. how many other checks were made? are there thousands all over the the country. when you say you're afraid i think you should be afraid of
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the other side, not my side. i want to get our hands around a very difficult situation. >> hold on donald. you got to let us ask question. you can't just talk. you're just talking. >> no, no, no. i'm not just talking. >> you're not going to keep talking. we will two to break if you keep talking. we're going to ask you questions. >> go to break everybody. go to break right now. we'll be right back with more morning joe. we're back with donald trump. we got people all around the table that want to ask you questions. there's pictures here when you see 7-year-old kids being screened by the tsa. seems to me just in terms of policing, we should target on the the muslims we have a reason to believe need to have the most
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law enforcement focussed on them. isn't it counterproductive and unconstitutional? we have a broad approach toward all muslims. >> it's not unconstitutional keeping people out frankly until we get a hold of what's going on and if you look at franklin roosevelt, a highly respected president, take a look at proclamations back a long time a ago. we are at war. >> you're not imposing camps? >> i'm not imposing camp. we're not talking about that at all. but we have to get our hand around a very serious problem
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and it's getting worse. you'll have more world trade centers and more pbigger than te world trade center if we don't toughen up and use our heads. >> donald, it's willie. you said you wanted to do this for a few weeks until we can figure out what the held is going on. how will you know that the coast is clear? >> i didn't say a few weeks, maybe it could be. hopefully, we need people to get their arms around the situation. it's a terrible situation. i will go a step further. you have to look at areas that have become radicalized in other places. they are not the same places, willie. they are places you do not want to go to. you do not want to take your family there. you do not want to walk through the streets. >> where is that? >> paris. take a look at the radicalized areas, muslim areas in paris,
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the police won't go there. >> where are you hearing that? >> it's all over the place. take a trip to paris sometime and enjoy yourself. do you know what parts of paris? >> joe, it's well documented. i'll get you the information. >> you're talking about finding solutions to a huge global problem. how will you know it's time to open the borders of the united states to muslims again? >> all it can be is a feel or a touch. we have to find it out. look, how many more people have gotten checks put in their accounts? obviously, somebody gave them money and i hope our fbi and
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great law enforcement are able to figure this out. i said knock out the oil, nobody listened to me. i said check the banking systems. isis i'm talking about. nobody checks the banking systems. they have tremendous money. how many other people are given $28,000 or more or less to go out and do destruction like these animals did the other day? we have a very serious problem and can solve the problem but we have to solve it through intelligence and toughness. >> this is nicole. >> hi nicole. i hope your father still likes me. >> i was going to ask you about your supporters. they've been drawn to your strength and straight talk for many, many months now. sou steel sfi
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sou. do you feel any obligation to them? >> yeah, i do. i have an obligation not just for my supporters but to the country. i think i'm saying something that has to be said and not all the candidates i'm running against have come out and scorned me for this. i'm using common sense and something we have to to use. you are going to have world trade centers and other cities blown up. we don't want that to happen. that's going to happen. we have very, very lax laws. we have a president who made a speech and didn't say anything. >> donald, i agree with you on that too. a week ago or so you got muslim american friends and most muslims are good people. do you still believe that this week most muslims are good,
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wonderful people? >> yes, i do have friends. they agree with me when they become radicalized they bj different people. >> dwight eisenhower went to an islamic center in washington d.c. if what you and i go? we could go to a mosque in new york and talk to muslims there. would you be interested in doing that? >> i would. now, they were not radicalized, nobody knew. the fact is many people new, joe. the neighbors knew. >> you and i both know we have to end the war in isis. we have to make sure the muslim american community is on our side. you were tough on crime in tnew
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york city in the 80s. then others came together and did community policing. >> i've always been tough on crimes. one of the problems we have. >> the muslim americans see themselves as part of the american fabric where they're on our side against the radicals. don't we need to reach out to them. >> many people knew what was going on in that thug's apartment. >> it's more likely those thugs will be reported to police, right. >> i think that's great and sounds beautiful but the sad part is if you just look at this
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example at what just took place in california, many people knew of bad and strange things going on. one guy said and even more than one guy about racial profiling. i didn't want to report him because i didn't want to be a racial profiler. give me a break. what i'm saying is we have to use our heads, we have to be strong, we have to be individual le atlanta and until we can get our hands around a situation we have to do something and do it now. if you look at some of the statistics that came out, i don't know if you read this, violence against americans here in the united states is justified. these are people living in the united states. >> is that the frank gaffeny poll? >> that's the gaffeny poll and they also have a research poll. >> the two are far different. let's go to mark happen rin in
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orlando. >> dick cheney is not running against you as president and not politically correct. he says you're going against everything we stand for and believe in. what do you think about that and do you have sympathy? >> i have sympathy for everything. i'm saying we need to get things done and we're not. we're losing to isis in the war because we have a president that doesn't know how to fight the war. >> willie. >> i want to go back to your temporary shut down of muslims in the united states. how does it work practically? how does it work at the border? >> willie, there's certainly going to be exceptions made like for instance sporting events and other things. hopefully, this wouldn't take very long. you know what, by doing this, what we need help from are the muslims that do know what's going on, the neighbors of people looking to do harm, they have to call the police.
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>> donald, i understand that and you've made that point. religion doesn't appear on a pass port. would there be questioning? >> it could happen at the site, here, many different forms, willie, that would have to be worked out and i don't think it would be for an extended period of time. >> donald, a custom's agent would have to ask his or her religion? >> probably have to ask are you muslim? >> donald trump hasn't backed down on that proposal and it doesn't seem to be hurting him in the polls. >> after that, his numbers have rocketed in some polls by 10, 15, 20 points. coming up next we're going to go to another guy whose seen poll numbers go up in iowa. ted cruz says something out loud
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welcome back to morning joe. we're featuring some of our resent conversations with presidential candidates. we just heard from donald trump and now the man that could pose trump's biggest obstacle on the road to the nomination. >> ted cruz serging in iowa. he has support among voters who dropped off the ben carson band wagon and now supporting him. his foreign policy is gaining a lot of attention. his approach to dealing with dictators is a far cry from the last republican who sat in the oval office. >> it's a shame you came at such a boring time. >> what's the old chinese curse? may you live in interesting times. >> so you live in interesting
3:21 am
times and it's a time where everybody wants you and i'm going to start the same way. wants you to talk about donald trump. that's one of the maddening things about the campaign. other people always have to talk about trump. you're in a different position. mark and i have been talking about you've got the troops on the ground. you've got the money. >> the number one question i get day in and day out is please attack donald trump. my approach to trump has been the same to every other republican candidate which is i'm not interested in personal insults and mud slinging. you think of the first two debates which in many ways was a
3:22 am
food fight back and foerth. i spoke little the first two debates because i don't think americans want to hear abunch of politicians bickering like kids. they want the hear solutions to the problems we've got. my focus is focus on how to bring back economic growth. >> you have been really forceful though. when other republicans have stepped out of line you have not been afraid to be very forceful of criticisms on donald trump. how bad of an idea is it? is it offensive to what we stand for as americans or a simple overreach? >> i get that the media wants us to play theater critics and critique every other proposal. what i'm focussing on are our
3:23 am
own policy proposals. i introduce legislation that would impose a three year more toirm on refugees from a point where al qaeda controls the territory. obama's own head of the fbi told congress that this administration cannot vet the refuge refugees. >> it's not religious based. >> it's based on protecting us from areas where isis and al qaeda control substantial territory and we can't insure that the people coming here are not isis terrorist. that should be our first obligation, keep the country safe. >> let's talk about syria. obviously, one of the country's jim was talking about was syria. you have been attacked recently for not being strong enough and for having a weaker stand on the military and you say even last week and it surprised me even that we don't have a dog in that
3:24 am
fight in the syrian civil war. talk about that. >> i actually watched that exchange where you were surprised and i'll note i think they only gave you part of what i said because you reacted to part of it and not all of it. my view is i believe in peace through strength and i believe the focus should be defending the vital national security interest through this country. >> what has been a mistake is we've seen democrats in washington get involved in top middle eastern governments and it ends up benefitting the bad guys and hands them over the radical islamic terror. >> let me ask you what i asked rand paul a couple of days ago. was the world, in fact in the middle east a more secure place when su dam hussein was in power
3:25 am
and assad wasn't fighting for his life in sere gentleman. >> of course, that's not a close call. >> why won't people say that? i couldn't get rand to say it. it's important to admit is it not because isn't this where we're guided in the future where maybe we don't topple executive regimes as offensive as they are. >> james wrote about this. jimmy carter pushed and celebrated the fall of the shaw in iran and that led to the islamic revolution and he said the carter doctrine, a dictator who is a friend where america should be tossed overboard made no sense and that's what ronald reagan understood. fast forward to 2009, 2010 and 2011, they lead nato in
3:26 am
toppling. he was a terrible man. in the face of u.s. military. >> also struck a deal with us. >> we got him to do a deal with us and killed him. >> what happened instead is obama and hillary led nato in killing. in egypt, they toppled the bar and the result was the muslim
3:27 am
terrorist nation took over. >> also, in egypt, if i can expand again not to be too shoulder to shoulder with you in this interview but i heard from so many middle east diplomats. after we had him for our partner for 30 years, he said we must go and watch them be locked up. they had leaders in the middle country saying why would we want to deal with you people? >> i had a foreign minister from a major middle east allie tell me about a year ago he said it's hard to be friends with america right now. that hurts to hear but it's the reality of it. then you look at syria. assad is a bad man and a monster. if they succeed.
3:28 am
>> let's talk about it. do you deem with the russians, help keep assad or one of assad's people in place and help focus on isis? >> i've been a proponent of the document. you have to know when it's time to go in. if it's not now time to go in after isis? >> absolutely yes. my view instead of getting in the middle of a civil war in syria where we don't have a dog in the fight, our focus should be on killing isis. why? isis should declare war on america. we shouldn't be trying to find these mythical moderate rebels. we keep being told like a purple unicorn they're going to exist. they turn out to be jihadist. they were repeating those mistakes. instead our focus needs to be on doing everything necessary to
3:29 am
utterly defeat isis. >> that was ted cruz trading his attack lines on hillary clinton and he's not alone. >> no, he's not. still ahead, we're going to hear from governors christie and jeb bush and the presidential contenders are going to be attacking some of the biggest issues facing the day. >> from surveillance to a tax code that all need work, those conversations are straight ahead. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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up next, governor chris christie said he was dealt a tough hand on the economy. can president obama say the same thing when republicans criticize his economic citizenship? >> we asked about that and ted cruz's position on national security has made america less safe. we'll be right back with more morning joe. bladder leak undert moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and wiggle, giggle, swerve and curve. with soft dual leak guard barriers and a discreet fit that hugs your curves.
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welcome back to morning joe. if you spend any time in new hampshire these days there's a good chance you'll see chris christie there. >> absolutely everywhere. i went in a bathroom in a bowling alley and he was there. he was washing his hands and walked out. >> okay. the new jersey governor taking his claim in the state where he picked up an important endorsement from the state's influential newspaper. >> i hope by february 9th it transit lates to higher numbers in the polls.
3:37 am
the last two weeks is usually when folks decide. here's the bottom line. the reason why this is happening is for one simple reason. aye been talking about the same things for the last six months and i've always thought the most important things, the national security and homeland. people are not coming around after that. the good thing they need to know about someone whose going to be their leader, i understood that six months ago. it's been what my life and career is about. it's about protecting the homeland and prosecuting terrorist and keeping unanimously nj safe and keeping our country safe. >> i've always believed ant doal evidence is critical. you told me, tonight i'm leaving and i'm number one. >> people are coming up to me and mary now and said we're voting for him. everyone told me this in new
3:38 am
hampshire. all the folks supporting said don't worry about it. it takes time. people in new hampshire are use to taking time to make these decisions. like you, i'm use to people falling in love with me overnight. it's disorienting for me. i've learned to adjust myself now and mika that's what happens. let's be honest. it was love at first site. now these people are coming around. >> actually, let's talk about how you were doing post paris. we're hearing a lot of great feedback on you and your ability to. let's look at your record.
3:39 am
you will say often to that question what's going on with the economy you were handed this. isn't that the same answer president obama gives? >> no, that's not my answer. my answer is you should seen it when we got there. we were 50. we're better now than we were before. let's remember this. jobless claims are the lowest they've been in 15 years in new jersey. we were at the highest state in new jersey. we're now at 220,000 new jobs since i've been governor. >> how has president obama done on the recovery? >> let me say this about the president. he's created a lot of jobs in
3:40 am
this country. the middle class know it. last quarter 15% gp growth. now, fact is the economy better than it was after the stock market crashed and after the mortgage melt down? yes. that's a very low bar. if that's what we aspire to in this country, i have no interest. i aspire to something much greater. >> you said this is not the time for some amateur hour. are you talking about senator marco rubio, ted cruz, who are you referencing there? >> i'm talking about anyone who doesn't make the decisions we
3:41 am
need made as president. >> does marco have the experience to be president? >> i've had my experience. i've been through the fire here. i've been through the media fire, through the fire of dealing with an unruly state to govern under democratic majorities. >> but staying on marco because it sounds like that's focussed on marco, doesn't marco and barack obama share a similar biography. >> as do ted cruz and others in this race that have no experience in governing. new is wonderful, great, shiny, untarnished. everybody loves new until you need experience and until the tough moment comes. i said that those folks last night, in 1999 no one asked george w. bush what are you going to do if four airplanes
3:42 am
get hijacked getting a fight over the data that ended yesterday and made us weaker and enabled. i was fighting that fight. we got to focus on protecting the american people. >> ted cruz and rand paul's edition making america less safe?
3:43 am
sure. >> if i'm ted cruz and get to take the high ground on national security, why do you know more about nathsal security? >> because i was the united states attorney for seven years and got named the u.s. attorney on september 10th, 2001. let me tell you something, that next day, it was personal to me and the fight against terrorism was personal to me. we brought the two, two of the biggest terrorism cases in the post 9/11 year, i'm the only person that's used the patriot act, the only person that's fought terrorism and knows how to use those tools and knows how to bring terrorism to heal and that's why. because i didn't get briefed in some basement at capitol hill and have the vote on a subcommittee which i could vote differently in. this is not about blowing hot air. i had to make decisions, willie. i had to decide do you go after
3:44 am
this group or don't you? what evidence do you gather. when do you intervene to stop before someone gets killed? those are decisions you have to make. >> i understand why you accepted president obama to come down in the wake of the storm. of course, you did. there are people in the romney campaign not happy and people in the republican party not happen that you embraced obama. what do you say to that criticism to this day? >> first of all, it didn't cost governor romney. ask governor romney. he said it over and over again. they know, no one worked harder
3:45 am
my job is to do the best i could. i made no apologies. i did my job. the proof is now new jersey is rebuilt and almost all families are restored. i make no apologies for that. nor will i ever. >> governor chris christie looking to breakout in the new hampshire primary now just 47 days away. >> boy, i it will you what, you look at the momentum right now. it seems on the ground he has a win behind him. it's going to be fascinating to watch what happens. jeb bush says russia is doing a victory dance around barack obama.
3:46 am
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welcome back to morning joe. the u.s. has found few partners ins war. as russian president began killing anti government forces in the attacking of isis. we spoke the jeb bush not long
3:50 am
after the kremlin got involved and the governor was clearly speechless. >> the remanence of an army we forgot to support during a time it had strength and now instead of us creating a no fly zone he's in effect saying there's a no fly zone including american air force. we're in a position where if we don't show strength this will create problems in not just syria but the rest of the world. >> i think sanctions will be on the table and we ought to engage with the european allies. u.k. and germany, france and germany have said they're prepared to engage militarily as it engages isis and this was an effort to stop all that. i think it's wrong. on our side we have donald trump saying that refugees need to be sent back.
3:51 am
>> we've never heard good answers. what would president bush do? >> it's been made more complicated by the russian actions but 45 day ago at the reagan library i unveiled a strategy to deal with this. to make it clear no more and to create a strategy. >> why haven't we done that yet? >> most presidents believe we don't need a strategy. he believes we should pull back and the void has made it worse.
3:52 am
we need to engage and be sure our traditional arab allies are on the frontline of this. if you're sitting in turkey and looking at what's going on you're saying the united states is not a reliable partner. maybe russia is. this is still the strongest country in the world. we're not acting like it right now. >> is it worth sitting down with putin for the moment? we saw the president had a meeting with putin for the week. is it worth sitting down and talking to them anymore? >> i don't think it is if the objective is to prop up the regime. that's the objective of russia.
3:53 am
two weeks ago they were talking exact opposite. >> you agree with the president it's time for assad to go. >> yeah. he's killed 200,000 people of his citizens. a woman named nora talked about how he had family members escaped. these are syrian christians had
3:54 am
they stayed they would now be killed. they're in turkey. they have no place to go. should we sit back and accept this slaughter? should we allow for many people to displace? if you're interested in fighting terrorism in the long hall we cannot allow this. >> tell me why your tax plan the better than his. >> mine's better because it focuses on economic growth. it will create jobs and income. his mirror some of the things i propose for which i'm flattered. one of the few times i'll be flattered with donald trump, i guess. the simple fact is the tax foundation scored both of these and measured the static impact of the taxes in the dynamic
3:55 am
impact. his static impact is $10 trillion. it will create such problems of deficits that it overwhelms the economic impact. it's not a serious plan in other words, this is typical of mr. trump. >> do you think he's a fundamentally unserious candidate? >> i don't think he's offering serious proposals. he's a talent for sure. there's no question about it. he can disparj someone. the long haul people are going to realize sitting behind the big desk is going to require more than insults. >> for now the candidates are
3:56 am
resting up for the holidays before hitting the trails in iowa and new hampshire. >> so we want to thank you guys for spending part of your christmas eve with us and it's very exciting. what are you getting for christmas? >> i don't think i'm getting any presents. how about you? >> probably some coal in the stocking, some socks. christmas is all about the kids. >> it is. >> they're so excited. jack and kate and joey and andrew. joey, of course, what a christmas present for joey and catherine. engaged. >> congratulations. >> he did well. that kid turned out okay. >> he did. a little christmas surprise for all of us. mika, if it's way too early, what time is it? >> time for morning joe. now stick around for all of today's news here on msnbc. ivin. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record.
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dozens were injured as tornados rip through the region. we'll bring you the latest from one of the hardest hit communities. plus marco rubio does a sit down for a reporter. it doesn't go well. why the presidential candidate is being compared to a robot programmed with talking points. later, stores are being roll rolleding out deep discounts to lure in the


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