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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 24, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. this is the day after. it's a bright, beautiful day. the problem with the conditions is that we can clearly see the damage. there's a lot of it in this area on the outskirts of clarksdale. this house here was hit hard by the tornado. you can see the roof was collapsed. the house actually knocked off the foundation. what's happening here now very quickly is that assessments are being made and some repairs are already being made. earlier today, there was an assessment team here from the county. they were looking at this house. they're looking at all the houses in this area. they say there are about 20 to 25 of them that they have already gone through. there may be some more that they have to go to after that. but they're trying to get an idea of just how big this storm is. the other thing that's happening -- and you can see it over here, this happened very quickly, is that the power guys were out here first light trying to restore power to the people
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in this area and in mississippi. about 1,600 people in the state lost power. 300 or so in this area, in the clarksdale area, went down. but they're working really quickly to try to get everything up. there are some downed wires, downed poles. and they're going full board. they have a small army of people out here right now trying to take care of this. a lot of people have been driving by, looking to see what's going on but also people are driving by to check on folks. we had a man come by here asking for someone who lived in a house that's destroyed down in that area. he had no idea if they were okay. he sent him to the civic center suggesting that that is where the people might be. they have a shelter there. the folks from this house actually spent the night in that shelter. they had nowhere else to go. and that's a pretty tough thing to have to deal with during the holiday. >> that, it is. mark potter, thank you. for a look at where the deadly storm system is headed
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today and what the rest of the country can expect, i'm joined by msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider. good morning. >> we are looking at some airport delays. newark, new jersey, has delays at 44 minutes. we also have -- oh, my goodness, this just went up. atlanta, 135 minutes. that's because severe weather is going through there right now. this is realtime data changing by the moment. philadelphia's holding steady with 30-minute delays and boston, no delays. let's talk about what we can expect, we have a marginal risk for storms to develop across the central gulf coast into the southeast and even into the mid-atlantic. so keep in mind there is still that risk for tornadoes. the good news is the tornado watch i was speaking of most of the morning for alabama and georgia has now expired. we're still watching this area for weather to develop in terms of storms. look what's happening off to the west. this is the next big snow maker. a vigorous storm. now we're going to get strong winds and also the risk for
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snow. once this comes, it will develop over the next day or so. by the time we get to saturday night, we could see blizzard conditions in parts of new mexico. have to keep a close watch on this one because it kind of splits in two so we have that southwest area of snow. then we have snow developing here in minneapolis, sioux falls and into duluth. so the next 48 hours, we'll be getting wintry weather in time for christmas. let's talk about the rain. i mentioned the risk for severe weather. look at all the rain we're anticipating through knoxville, even into atlanta. this is over the next 24 hours. and the rain gets pretty widespread over delaware and into the district of columbia, we already have a flood watch posted. watch out for heavy downpours if you're driving on i-95. unfortunately, you'll have to deal with a lot of rain today. i mentioned the airport delays and the storm that's developing off to the west. if you're driving, you have rain and mountain snow. be really careful. i've already read reports of some road closures off to the west due to this wintry weather.
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showers and low clouds, fog, a huge problem. we had fog advisories all morning along the central gulf coast including new orleans and into lake charles. right now for today, watch out for the strong storms in the southeast in and around atlanta. i've seen plenty of pictures of what it looks like driving in this region. not a good place to be driving at the moment. new jersey also running the risk for low clouds, low visibility, if you're driving. and that could, of course, continue to cause flight delays throughout the day today, christmas eve and into the evening hours. we're also watching for low clouds to hang over a good portion of southern new england. the record highs have already occurred in new york and atlanta. we're seeing more of that, certainly as we go through the day. temperatures well into the mid-70s. you can see some of the records that have been shattered for this christmas eve. but what about for christmas day? it's not going to be quite as warm but unseasonably mild for christmas. record highs coming up and being shattered probably in the same cities we saw them today. so still a very, very warm day
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ahead, a warm christmas eve and a warm christmas day. where's the white christmas? we get a little bit of it out to the west. but the snow will catch up with us in january. >> bonnie, thank you. for a look at just how warm it is out there here on the east coast, nbc's sarah dallof is live in new york city's central park. i would imagine it's rather busy in central park today with this weather. >> reporter: yeah, people really taking advantage of these warmer than usual temperatures. we're expected to get up to 74 degrees. right now in the low 70s. you see people behind me jogging. we've seen people out here horseback riding in short sleeves, sleeveless tops. so really not what you expect to see around christmastime. the previous record for christmas eve was 63 degrees. we shattered that already, actually at midnight it was 64 degrees. as i mentioned, things are only going to get warmer. for some people, this is fantastic being able to be outside, short sleeves, enjoying
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the weather. for others, doesn't feel like christmas without the cold temperatures. we talked to people about what they think about this mild weather. >> i don't like the cold weather anyway. so to be able to run in this weather is like a dream come true for me. i'm dressed for the tundra. and that's why i had to change. >> reporter: you're losing layers as you're running. >> yes. >> reporter: when you talk to your family back home in hawaii and you say it's this warm, what do they say? >> they can't believe it. they normally avoid visiting because of the weather. they can't believe it. >> reporter: and warmer weather doesn't necessarily translate into sunny skies. as you can see here, it is pretty gray. we're going to be dealing with some showers and some patchy fog throughout the day. let's show you what we saw early this morning, a rainbow stretching over the skyscrapers, certainly a very unexpected sight here in new york on christmas eve. there it is right there. beautiful sight. like i said, very unexpected on
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december 24th. the airports, the airlines are hoping this weather continues. they're able to catch up on the backlog from yesterday. we had rains, fog, very low visibility caused a number of problems. widespread delays, some cancellations. laguardia still looking okay. newark and jafk starting those delays with the rain. back to you. >> that's when you start focusing on the rainbow you found, sarah dallof thank you. turning to politics, not all is quiet on the campaign trail today. donald trump doing his best to make sure hillary clinton does not have the last word in 2015. there's also new reaction from ted cruz on the cartoon controversy with "the washington post." hallie jackson is following it all for us from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. for donald trump, you could call it maybe an early christmas present, yet another poll showing he continues to dominate this republican race. it's all happening as trump tells hillary clinton to be careful about her accusations of sexism.
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with a warning shot, donald trump's now making clear this week's attacks on hillary clinton are just the beginning. >> i really haven't gone after hillary yet, and there's a lot to go after. she is very susceptible, i think, to -- look, the job she's done is horrible. >> reporter: clinton, unfazed and unafraid to take on trump. >> his bigotry, his bluster, his bullying have become his campaign. >> reporter: the front-runners still feuding -- >> the last person that she wants to be running against is me. >> reporter: as trump dominates a new national poll with double-digit leads on key issues like the economy, isis and illegal immigration and more than twice as much support as the next closest candidate, ted cruz, who's seizing on a controversy of his own. his fund-raising off an editorial cartoon now retracted by "the washington post" showing his young daughters as dancing monkeys. fair game, argues the cartoonist after cruz put his kids in a
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campaign ad. >> i'll use my own server. >> if the media wants to attack and ridicule every republican, that's what they're going to do. but leave our kids alone. >> reporter: ben carson's support is slipping and now new reports of a campaign shake-up, carson telling nbc news he's streamlining some staff assignments, but insisting his senior aides will stick around and so will he. >> i'm not a quitter by any stretch of the imagination. >> reporter: the next few days, all quiet on the campaign trail as candidates take their own christmas breaks. jeb bush doing last-minute shopping and considering what holiday cards he still might send. >> what if you sent donald trump a christmas card? what would it say? >> this time of year? i hope he has a wonderful time off. >> reporter: so even the candidates getting into a little bit of the holiday spirit. all of them down for the next couple of days. but back on the trail next week. donald trump will be hitting three early states in three days, iowa, new hampshire, south
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if 2014 was the year isis gained its first foothold in the middle east, than 2015 was clearly the year that it showed however its reach is. the worst of their attacks in tunisia. in october, an isis affiliate claimed credit for shooting down
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a russian passenger jet over egypt killing 224. then came the paris attacks in mid november. 130 people dead. and yi earlier this month, the shooting in san bernardino investigated as an act of terrorism possibly inspired by isis. president obama says the u.s. has the right strategy to combat terrorists. >> we're going to defeat isis and we're going to do so by systematically squeezing them, cutting off their supply lines, cutting off their financing, taking out their leadership, taking out their forces, taking out their infrastructure. but in any battle, in any fight, even as you make progress, there's still danger involved in it. >> we're joined by nbc chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. there's been a lot of criticism as we've talked about the
8:15 am
administration's strategy. is there a sense that in some ways the pentagon or even the administration were caught off guard by isis and how quickly its reach expanded? >> reporter: in terms of the pentagon and u.s. military leadership, i would say it's just the opposite. u.s. military leaders were the first ones to sound the alarm that this was going to be a very long, hard slog. the then chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey, shortly after isis invaded iraq, warned this would be a generational fight. other military leaders here at the pentagon have warned that this could be 20 years in the battle against isis and its ideology. after all, they say, the ideology and the inspiration that ideology provides to many is a far more insidious enemy. and i think a lot of us forget that the first attempt to take down the world trade center was al qaeda, at least inspired in the early '90s when they used a
8:16 am
truck bomb in the underground garage of the world trade center. fortunately that effort failed. but here we are 25, 26 years later. and there are still elements of al qaeda yet to take out, erica. >> so true. obviously we talk so much more about isis these days. and i do want to shift to isis for a second as we get an update from you. we've been talking a lot over the last couple of days about this push by iraqi forces to take back the city of ramadi with help from the u.s. where does that stand this morning? >> reporter: u.s. military officials tell us today that the battle to retake ramadi has pretty much ground to a halt. in the last 24 hours, iraqi security forces, the most elite of the iraqi counterterrorism forces that have gone into ramadi, those forces have made only about 50 to 60 yards of progress in the last 24 hours. the fighting the fierce. and the resistance is even
8:17 am
worse, according to these officials, at least for the time being. they're estimated 350 isis fighters still inside the city but they're deeply embedded. most of the city is booby trapped and they're surrounded by civilians making air strikes difficult to take out the enemy forces. so they're confident that ramadi will eventually fall back into the hands of the iraqis. but they don't believe it's going to happen anytime soon. >> jim miklaszewski this morning, thank you. i want to bring in a director with flashpoint and msnbc terror analyst. give us a sense as you look back on 2015, how has the global terror threat changed? >> the threat landscape really, really transformed in the last year and a half or so. the united states has 65-plus nation coalition that is engaged militarily in the middle east. that is after we withdrew from iraq in 2011. you have a terrorist group that
8:18 am
is not only launching attacks but has dominated large swaths of territory in the middle east and north africa and is expanding beyond the region and areas we can't target in afghanistan, pakistan, nigeria, even bangladesh and the philippines. so we're seeing isis tentacles reaching. but we look at isis as a centralized threat. but there is that decentralized threat that emanates from its ideology, self-radicalized individuals at home, especially in the post-san bernardino attacks that rose up and that's a big challenge. >> so when you look at the way that this has changed, we know of more than 900 different investigations going on across all 50 states by the fbi, some of them related to isis, to terrorism, how do you adequately investigate all of that when you're dealing with these new threats every day and coming in different ways, to your example, people who are self-radicalized? >> of course, these cases are extremely complex, extremely
8:19 am
nuanced. and it takes investigators a very long time, weeks, months, if not sometimes well over a year to bring all the evidence together and present it in court. and so when we see that the fbi is investigating more than 900 cases around the country, that means they are actually doing their job really, really well, unlike what we've seen in europe where there has been a lot of failed investigations into a number of terrorists who end up coming back from syria and committing the heinous acts in paris. >> fbi -- folks from the fbi on the ground very quickly in paris as soon as all that happened, there to help. how much do you think they are influencing the changes in security measures and even investigations that we are seeing now on the ground in europe? >> i think they are significantly influencing the course of the investigation just by kind of giving guidelines to some of the intelligence agencies in europe and especially in western europe. france seems to not share too much intelligence with his counterparts and the u.s.
8:20 am
government would like to have that type of intelligence cooperation that might prevent future attacks, which is what we hope for. >> there's been a lot of focus in 2015 on refugees, on migrants. a million migrants have come through in 2015. this has sparked a lot of fears among people. set it up for us. what does this actually mean in terms of security here at home? >> not just around people also. it has risen the worries among a lot of politicians and even presidential runners are focusing on that very issue. but we're combining immigration with terrorism, with national security, all in one bucket, which i think is very misleading by these politicians. and i think when we look at immigration, we need to focus on it as a humanitarian crisis and not national security issue because the grand majority of them just want an asylum, they just want a home. and they're fleeing isis essentially. so let's not try to play into the isis recruitment book and
8:21 am
marginalize those immigrants. >> thank you for your expertise. still ahead, the latest on the line of severe weather that has killed now at least eight people in the south and midwest. and next, will bill clinton have a growing role in his wife's presidential campaign? and could that be just what donald trump wants? >> hi, mom. coming to you from kabul, afghanistan. captain martin, saying hi to all my friends and family in northern virginia, d.c. area. i want to wish everybody a merry christmas and a happy new year. a developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore?
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the very public feud between donald trump and hillary clinton is intensifying. clinton responding to a vulgar term used by trump earlier this week to attack her. >> it's not the first time he's demonstrated a penchant for sexism. and so i'm not sure, again, anybody's surprised that he just keeps pushing the envelope.
8:25 am
>> after hearing that from hillary clinton, trump hit back tweeting overnight, quote, hillary, when you complain about a penchant for sexism, who are you referring to. i have great respect for women. be careful. joining me now, contributors to msnbc. good to see you both this morning. who do you think that tweet by donald trump was referring to? >> you know, certainly figuring out what donald trump means or says is pretty tough. what i can tell you is that hillary and the way she attacks and the way bill will probably come back and answer some of this shortly. and donald trump -- donald scores points every time she's talking about hillary in a republican primary right now. so it hasn't mattered what he says and it hasn't mattered how he's said it so far. >> you bring up a good point. raul, we look at other opponents
8:26 am
that trump has pushed back against. anytime they response, trump remains the victor in that verbal sparring. should we be concerned about hillary clinton? >> i'm not sure yet. it is true whenever trump attacks someone it's at their own peril because he hits hard. if someone dares to push back, he hits back even stronger, which honestly, that's the hallmark of a true bully. he's not afraid to jump in no matter how offensive his remarks. but when talking about someone like hillary clinton and bill clinton, particularly bill clinton who is one of the most particular politicians alive today -- "the wall street journal" puts his popularity about 56%. not only is he popular and well-regarded as a statesman, when people think about him now, yes, he has his scandals from back in the day and he has those associations. but there's almost a type of nostalgia for bill clinton because remember his presidency as a time when we didn't have to
8:27 am
worry about terrorism, where there was job growth. we had 7.7 million people lifted out of poverty. all those positive associations. and the thing is, bill clinton is one of the few people who can jump into the media and possibly reach the level of media coverage as donald trump. it takes someone like bill clinton to break through the intense coverage that donald trump generates. >> so when we begin to see more of bill clinton out there on the campaign trail stumping for his wife, how could that ultimately affect donald trump? i would imagine donald trump would probably love to take it on. >> well, what donald's done is he's captured all the media attention and made it a spectacle on the republican side right now. his numbers are fairly real for the time being. when you put bill clinton into the mix -- one thing i can say, donald trump's not our nominee yet. hillary clinton is the democrat nominee, no matter what happens. so she's got to be real careful right now with the small base that bernie sanders has.
8:28 am
bill clinton is going to be able to move her to the middle so quick when the time comes and he's needed, that's if they use him. i don't think they'll make the mistake of putting bill in the closet. but at the same time, bill clinton will be a formidable foe for a donald trump because you're right, the cameras will load up the tru, the trucks wilp to cover whatever the former president says. and that will probably be the sidebar debate because hillary, i'm not sure, can take donald trump on in the way that her husband can even though he's not running for president. >> let me ask you, going back to the fact that donald trump is not the nominee, but he in some ways is sort of changing the message of the republican party. is he the person that you want giving the message of the republican party? >> i would tell you from my stance, no. i've never imagined seeing a primary like this. as hard as we've worked to diversify the republican party, we've got the gains in the states.
8:29 am
i can give you all the statistics of how well republicans are doing in states. but we haven't been able to win a national election the last two cycles. right now, do we want him to be the spokesman for the republican party? i don't. but we'll see. the voters are -- it's very interesting, erica, that we are a conservative party. and what donald is saying isn't exactly conservative. and a lot of people are voting him out of anger and distrust over washington. he's a personality and he's one to be dealt with. and he could win the nomination if he wins south carolina. >> before we let you go, raul, i want to talk to something you've been writing about. hillary clinton put out a story called, 7 things hillary clinton has in common with -- that has not landed that well. >> no, unfortunately. >> what's the main issue here with her effort? >> the main issue here as i see it is that honestly, she's just
8:30 am
trying too hard. she put out this list of seven ways that hillary is just like your abuela. and this struck the hispanic community as just very boneheaded and a true misfire. people see that as the term is hipsanderring. she's just trying to say, you should like me because i'm a grandma, too. and honestly in 2015, the latino is not only growing but we're maturin maturing. it's so unnecessary. number one, most latinos already like hillary clinton anyway. we see that in polls from univision and polls from nbc news/"wall street journal." secondly, if you want to put aside that type of shallow rhetoric, she has plenty of things she could highlight. immigration reform, her support of the affordable care act, championing children's causes,
8:31 am
all issues that resonate deeply with latinos. those are the reasons latinos should be embracing hillary clinton, not because she is like our abuelas. she's not like mine. >> we cleared that up, too. nice to have both of you with us. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. if you are one of the millions of americans waiting till the last minute to do your shopping, the clock is ticking. there is some good news, though. you have technology on your side. and there is still time to actually get gifts delivered straight to your door. for those who prefer to do their shopping the old-fashioned way, a number of retailers are keeping their doors open late into the night. msnbc's business and technology correspondent olivia stearns is here with the lowdown on all of our last-minute shopping needs. give us a sense just for planning purposes, exactly how much time do we have left? >> it is not too late.
8:32 am
depends on what retailer you go to. a lot of stores are still going to be open late into the evening tonight. best buy, walmart, kohl's, macy's, they will all be closing at 6:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m. toys "r" us open until 9:00 p.m. and target is going the extra mile. target locations across the country will be closing either at 10:00 or 11:00 p.m., so late you could maybe put your kids to sleep with a babysitter and run out and buy some extra presents. >> there you go. you say it's not too late to go online. >> it's too late to get things shipped to your door through u.p.s. or fedex. but it's not too late to get something delivered to your doorstep because there are lots of new apps and lots of new services bringing you gifts in major cities across the country. amazon prime will bring you something within one hour. we tested this out on the
8:33 am
"today" show and again with thomas roberts. i costs eight bucks. google, etsy and uberrush has a selection of gifts they will bring you in one of the cities where this is operating in under an hour. i'll try it out for you at noon. >> and the amazon prime now and the google elves, are those mainly major metropolitan areas. >> yes. and they come with a cost. if you live in the rest of the country, why not try click and collect, it's a great option for same-day pick-up if you're in a rural area because we know there are thousands of walmarts and targets across the country. they've both rolled out lots of new services to do this so you can pick out what you want, you don't have to waist time looking for something. you know if they have it and you go straight to the check out and it will be delivered straight to you. if you're really out of time, why not get a gift card or perhaps a subscription of the month club, ice cream of the month, wine club of the month or why not do something good for
8:34 am
the world and buy a charity gift, unicef has lots of options to donate a vaccine or the gift of education to children all around the world. >> olivia stearns, thank you very much. excited to hear what the gift is later today. we also want to show you what's happening on both coasts this christmas eve day. for those of you looking for a white christmas, look near blue canyon, california. several inches of snow have fallen there. and this is our lovely view outside of the studio here in new york. while there is ice on the rink, temperatures could top 70 degrees today. we are also following this powerful line of storms that has killed at least ten people now in the midwest and the south and is making its way east. we'll have the latest on that storm system and the forecast for the rest of the country right after this.
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tornadoes touched down across the southeast yesterday. still the threat of severe weather today. people picking up the pieces after the devastating storms pummelled the region. the governor of mississippi will tour the affected area in the next hour. bonnie schneider has been following it for us and has the latest. >> unfortunately still looking at that risk for severe weather. you see this powerful line of thunderstorms with a lot of lightning working its way through georgia into the carolinas and especially down in alabama. so much rain already on the ground from the system. so unfortunately as the storm moves fairly slowly, we'll look at that flood threat develop throughout much of the southeast today. i want to show you where we have marginal risk of severe weather. watching for the risk of flooding into northern virginia, maryland and delaware. today, isolated to scattered thunderstorms. heavy rain with damaging wind and flooding all possible today because we're looking at a lot
8:39 am
of accumulating rain over the the next 24 hours. across tennessee, we'll be looking for lots of rain into the mid-atlantic. and all this nasty weather impacting our travel. we're also ramping up for a big winter storm that's coming in today across the west. this is going to be a big weather maker for other parts of the country throughout this weekend and even into the first part of next week. so i know you're asking me if the weather is calming down for christmas. it's actually ramping up for the weekend. and many people will be traveling this weekend as well. >> keep that in mind as well. bonnie, thank you. we'll be keeping an eye on this weather situation throughout this christmas eve. so stay with us for us. we're just hours away from santa claus arriving here in the u.s. the big man, though, has already been very busy delivering more than a million gifts so far. you're looking right now at his track on the screen from our friends at norad. when can we expect him to arrive stateside? joining me, lieutenant general daniel hokenson from norad.
8:40 am
general, when is santa due? >> basically on the east coast, he should be arriving between 9:00 and midnight tonight. that's what we've been telling all the kids today. make sure everybody's in bed so when santa arrives he can drop everything off. >> i know in the last few years, norad has been tracking santa for decades. but technology has really helped not only us see where he is but also lets you guys help santa, too, correct? >> yes, we do. it started back with our north warning radar system. now we you'd satellite, gps and we also have santa cams we've introduced since 1997. >> it is great stuff and makes it a little bit easier for all those kids of all ages to wait and see where santa is before we put them in bed. lieutenant general, appreciate it. merry christmas.
8:41 am
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we know there are a few procrastinators out there today. and you still have a few hours left to get your holiday shopping done. if there may be a kid on your list who loves toys, we have some fantastic last-minute gift ideas. joining me now, the chief toy officer for the toy insider, lori shack. >> there's people still doing their shopping and there's great toys still to be found. let's start with a classic that should be in front of every child because it inspires creativity, and that's an easel. this is our quick flip two-sided easel.
8:45 am
on the back, there's a chalkboard and clip so you can hang paper or painting and drawing. but look at the front. >> it's also got a screen. >> we have ten l.e.d. choices to choose from. it comes with the gel markers so kids get to light up their masterpieces. >> in front there, doc mcstuffins. >> this is her pet vet check-up center. we have a working x-ray machine. >> that is fantastic. >> we have a place to give our pooch a bath. there's a dispenser for band-aids, for treats to send your pets home happy and healthy. it's adorable and kids love her. >> she's the best. >> this is another classic. stacking toys have been around forever. but this one is a little different. >> it is. >> so this is spin-again. it's really cool. come over here and put this on.
8:46 am
look how fun this is for the kids to stack. it's great for them to watch. if i pick it up, the whole thing will spin off. you can do it on both sides. >> that's nice. it grows with them a little bit. >> it's great for hand/eye coordination. inspires those baby budding engineers. >> get them started early. >> so you have kids, you know they love to be in front of the screen. this is the perfect travel size which is one of the things i love about the new nintendo. you have super stable 3-d graphics and you don't need the glasses for it. you have two touch screens here. kids can take their figures and tap them into the game. and not only can kids play their classic nintendo games but yokia watch just came to the states. this is a sneak peek of the toys
8:47 am
you'll see out january 1st. this is a tablet but for little kids. >> we know kids are swiping before their speaking. they love the devices. but there are tablets made just for those little hands. this is the little scholar by school zone created by a teacher. this covers three grades of content. you have pre-k, kindergarten and first grade. there are 200 apps built in. kids are following their grade level. parents can see their progress and you never have to buy anything else. it's all included. >> that is nice. this has a few things included in it. >> kids love to bring home what they see on tuesday. miles from tomorrowland. miles is traveling in space with his family and this is how he gets asround. but it's a 3 in 1. we have another ship right here. miles is in there. if i turn this around, we can open this up, this is the
8:48 am
headquarters where everyone hangs out. and, of course, we have some lights and sound. >> i thought it was good. then you added the lights and sound. how fun. >> it's a lot of fun. everything opens up. it's great fun for the kids. >> that's great. >> these are probably the biggest hit with kids of all ages. >> from the littlest kid to the adults, the collectors, everyone's gone star wars crazy. the opening weekend surpassed all expectations although i'm totally not surprised. all of the toys are great. but look at these. we have darth vader and state trooper trooper. >> and they talk? >> go ahead and push the buttons. if you hit that button, the storm trooper is a little louder. >> he's a lot louder. >> so think about them at the doorway of your kids' bedrooms. they are definitely in charge,
8:49 am
right? >> this is hysterical. how much are these? >> $99 each. they each have articulation, seven points and eight points. so there's movement. >> wow. >> and they are just cool. they are life-size star wars right in your own home. >> this is definitely a winner. great to have you and some great ideas. thanks for coming by. >> thank you. we are keeping track of a powerful line of storms that we've been telling you all morning here on msnbc. we're going to get you caught up with the latest on that storm system just on the other side of this break. first, though, a holiday message from our troops serving overseas. >> hi, i'm captain stephanie carri. i'd like to wish a happy holidays and merry christmas to my friends in green bay, wisconsin. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works.
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. we want to update you on our top story, those devastating storms ripping through the southeast. at least ten people have now died. three people alone killed in the state of tennessee. joining me on the phone is dean
8:53 am
fleaner, spokesperson for the tennessee emergency management agency. thanks for taking some time to be with us. we know you folks are really busy there on the ground. give us a sense what is the situation like this morning? >> well, we have unfortunately had three fatalities in tennessee from the storms last night. we had one person in ray county and two people in perry county. we have about 13 counties overall reporting some type of damage, homes that have been impacted. we had a post office that has been destroyed but we are working with local officials, local emergency managers today to do damage surveys to get a sense of exactly how extensive it is so the number of counties impacted could go up from there and we know the national weather service is also out looking at potential tornado touch-downs, how intense were they and taking those kinds of evaluations. >> the pictures are devastating. i understand a state of emergency is in place.
8:54 am
how does that help you to have that declaration? >> well, what it does is that the state of emergency, it sends us to a level where we are calling in staff to work in 24-hour periods, 12-hour rotations. it also provides for resources to be staged and ready and set up and it frankly provides for awareness to the public that we are in a dangerous situation and people need to be paying attention to what is going on around them. we declared the state of emergency last night so that hopefully gets people to pay attention to things that are going on. we are looking at potentially other weather systems coming in over the next few days, maybe one on friday. so we just hope people are taking care, if we have any more severe weather and having good situational awareness. >> i understand there are also a number of shelters set up for people and different resources,
8:55 am
correct? >> well, we don't have anyone in shelters currently. there may be some counties who have shelters on standby in case they need them but we don't have anyone in shelters, fortunately. we didn't have widespread damage. it's all been localized. so that's why we have got to get out with our county partners today and really get a good survey of the damage. see what they may need. >> when it is localized like that, is it slightly more challenging for you and your team, because you do need to go individually to each of these places? >> actually, yes, it is, because tennessee's a very rural state. a lot of where this impact happened was in rural parts of the state, and in counties that it is frankly, if you have a tree or trees blown down over a road, that may be the only road to get into an area so you have to figure out maybe you need to take gators back in there or maybe walk it to see. it's very rural and being isolated in rural counties does
8:56 am
make it difficult to get a good assessme assessment. but we will do the best we can. >> appreciate your time today, sir. thank you. >> thank you. just ahead in our next hour here on msnbc, the latest information from the ground in mississippi on last night's deadly storms there. that's going to do it for us this hour. ayman mohyeldin picks up our coverage live next. here's a live look at holly springs, mississippi, where the town's mayor is expected to speak soon about those powerful storms. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party.
8:57 am
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our hottest android smartphones like the samsung galaxy s6. get the best deals and the better network. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. i absolutely love my new but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers
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affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. good afternoon, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin. today people in the southeast are dealing with the aftermath of a deadly storm that cut a path of destruction across several states leaving at least ten people dead. the storm spun off at least a dozen tornadoes and spanned a wide area that included parts of arkansas, mississippi, louisiana and tennessee. storm-related deaths have been reported in three states, including arkansas, where 18-year-old michaela remus was
9:00 am
killed when a tree crashed into a bedroom she was sharing with her sister. the toddler was taken to the hospital. a 7-year-old boy was killed in a van on a highway in holly springs, mississippi. mark potter joins us from memphis, tennessee with the very latest on this stormy weather across the south. give us an update if you can about the disaster in terms of what the response has been in the places that have been hit the hardest. >> reporter: i have to rush through this because we are being told by people we need to move immediately because some power workers, if you look over here, are working on a line and they want us out because they need us to get out before they drop the line. so we are going to talk quickly here. they have been here since this morning trying to get power up and rolling for about 300 people in this area, 300 homes. they have been here since early this morning. and they are doing a very fast and thorough job. they have a small army of people


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