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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  December 26, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PST

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one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. >> hey, there, everyone. it is high noon here in the west, and it is 9:00 a.m. in the west, and high noon where you are in the east. i'm alex witt, and now, developing across large parts of the country, in fact, officials are warning that some of the storms are life threatening and it is coming in many forms. details and a live report. rarely seen images of the man who led the paris attack. this is obtained by msnbc news, and we will tell you what we
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learned are from the new pictures. what is the pictures of the oobama administration about sending undocumented workers back to central america? ly talk to one of the writers who broke that story. >> and now it is day after christmas and it is not just returning that ugly sweater, but we will bring you surprising reports on the post holiday sales. and welcome to all of you from los angeles, we are following a major winter storm moving across the states, and ranging from heavy snow including a possibly historic blizzard? texas to dangerous floods in the central plains, and this could disrupt the holiday travel. flash warnings are in effect in alabama and central mississippi. in alabama, a tornado ripped through an area there and
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trapped people in their homes and trapping them underneath debris. >> we got down, and it went whoosh, and we started to pray. somebody is going to have to help clean up the process, and you know it is a long process. >> 15 people died that hit severe weather in parts of the south, and it is not over yet. bonnie schneider has more on the dangerous storms develop iing or the weekend. bonnie, good day to you. >> i wish i could tell you sit over, but it is ramping up. and we have a widespread flood threat from texas to illinois, and including the areas of the heartland like cape gerard getting hit pretty hard, and also in st. louis, expect 5 to 7 inches of rain h through monday. and so the weather service is warning people in and around st. louis this is a serious situation, and even if you experienced flooding before, this is a life threatening.
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this is the model to show you in the next 24 hours, eastern oklahoma and northwest texas which brings me to dallas, where we are looking at not only the risk of the downpours, but severe storm as well. and so from dallas to del rio, a chance of slight urban flooding and also tornadoes possible. with the downpour, we are likely to see flooding. and am ril low, and lubbock, you are in a blizzard warning, and that is going to hold true in carlsbad and it is a different situation, for blowing and drifting snow, and dangerous conditions, and talking about the zero visibility, and so it is a whiteout, and the way it sets up is sleet, and freezing rain changing over to snow and all snow sunday, and this is going to be piling up to the
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foot and the travel is not advised. so heavy rain to the southwest, and snow, and more snow as you head to the upper midwest and in into the plains states, and there is not going to be a blizzard in this particular area, but it will slow down the travel. and now, getting cooler in the northeast, but not to the west as where the temperatures are in the teens, and the single digits in some places. but the cold air, alex, will work po the new england states, and they should expect snow for the first time in the forecast. >> thank you, bonnie. meantime, a developing story out of california where a fire is burning out of control in ven uture ra county which is about 75 miles or so from long. i has grown into 1100 acres.
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and from our knbc station here in los angeles, we have a live report. how is it looking out here? >> well, the fire has been growing growing overnight, and it is headed to these beach homes. it is about a quarter of a mile from these homes to the homes of the coastal highway. and so now, firefighters were told to keep an eye on these homes, but they have now left this area, and moved down further to the pacific coast highway to ventura highway. look at this overnight, battling 50, 60-mile-an-hour winds as this fire took over. and 100 to 11,1 1 11 and 100 to 11,1 1 11 -- 1100 ac
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overnight. this is rare to see 101 totally empty and shutdown. at this hour, zero percent contained. we will keep you updated. >> for which we thank you. and now, to politics and christmas tidings. president obama and the first lady took part of the are traditional visit to the ma e reen corps in hawaii to say thanks to the service members. >> this is one of our favorite thi things to do every season, because not only are we in hawaii for christmas. >> yay! >> but we are also able to say thank you on behalf of the american people. and so many families here are serving tirelessly, and it is not just those in uniform who serve, but it is also the spouses, the kids and, you know, times when you are missing the birthdays and the soccer games, and making sacrifices. >> well, nbc's kelly o'donnell
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is traveling in hawaii with the president, and it seems that he enjoys visiting with the troops, and that is a tradition for him, but talk about the highlights from that. >> well, for the president and the first lady, they do very little publicly during their time here in hawaii. it is about family and seeing close friends. this is the one public event that is on the schedule, and they say they look forward to it, and you see it in the video clip that it is a genuine experience. what they do at the visit is more than just having a few remarks, they get to spend time with the service members and the families and shake hands and do photos ark and this morning in the "honolulu star advertiser" that photo is in the front page, and in reading through it, some of the reporters here talked to the kids of the service members who met the president.
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one talked about having the game face on because he was nervous to meet the president. it is a personal holiday family experience, but it is also a time when the president gets to deliver the thank you in person, and it is a tradition that they say they will keep coming back again next year or at least forecast that when they talked to service members yesterday. alex? >> well sh, it is a good time, wonderful visit they have. i want to talk on a separate note, kelly, about the conversation they had. i know you got the speak tos assistant deputy about the work that awaits the president when he get bask to work. what did he share with you? >> well, at this time of the year, many of us reflect on the year gone by, and start to take make the resolution for the year ahead. for the president, it is marking the eighth year in office, and 13 months the go, and like he describes it, he is in the fourth quarter of the presidency with half of the time left on
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the playing field. in talking to eric schultz who is also traveling with the president, we talk ted about th priorities, and the first and foremost wanting to the deal with the national security, and dealing with isis, but looking at the domestic priorities, eric laid out some of the ideas that the president wants to champion this year, and hopes to accomplish, and this is what he had the to say. >> if you are looking at the other prioritys a that the president outlined for the coming year, that is justice reform, and making sure that the criminal justice the system is more fair, and rehabilitating the system, and that the people are useful members to society and not a endless cycle of incarceration. there is bipartisan support, so we hope to move the ball forward in the coming years. >> and alex, one of the things coming up for the president is t the first personal meeting sharing a meal with the new house speaker paul ryan.
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they have spoken on the phone a number of times, but they have not had a personal meeting, and so that is coming up, and in the the kind of setting, they can talk about some the areas where there might be common ground. we don't hear it in washington, but as eric mentioned criminal justice reform is where there is some agreement, and common ground to find between the democrats and the republicans, and perhaps they can key in on the issues or make some legislative changes over the next 13 months to deal with the issues of the mandatory sentences, and change the way that the people look at the criminal justice system now. that could be one of the priorities with the chance to see a republic report. >> and what a thought for 2016, bipartisan support. >> and now, in morning, new hampshire voters woke up with an unexpected christmas present. a holiday card from donald trump. he sent a holiday card to all of the voters in his famous trucker
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hat and his card said he loved them all. and hillary clinton sent back a throwback card. and now, happy saturday, david machina muir ra, and i know that you -- mcnamara, and i know you broke the story on the new immigration plan, and that could alienate some democrats, and why do this? why so close to the end of the term? >> well, it is so controversial, and especially for those who support the obama policies. last year, there was a big surge of the unaccompanied minors and children who were coming across the southern border, and the administration worked hard after that was a big public problem for them to tamp it down, but we have seen the numbers increase, and the department of homeland
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security is saying that we are going to send home those who have a order from the judge, and they are potentially rounded up and deported. but it is a problem for the president, and those immigration ed a v advocates say that the folks are refugees fleeing violence and problems, and oso these are draconian measures, but the president is under pressure to secure the border, and get tougher on immigration. >> and so, i am curious about the leak of this story, and is this administration upset or was it planned? >> it was not really planned. we heard about it through other channels. the department of homeland security is leading, this and the white house has not commented publicly. and when we asked them, they said that they don't comment on any decisions made by the fbi or the department of homeland security, but it is clear that the white house had input on this, because it is political
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issue, and has been. and the administration has had difficulty battling the balance of the border security and with those who are entering illegally, and those who have been here for a long time. but the point is that these immigrants have come recently, and they don't qualify for the other measure that would allow illegal immigrants to remain in the country, and get a work permit, but these people do not fit that. an an immigration judge said they won't be granted a status to prevent their deportation. so rounding them nup a big raid leaves it open to whether it is the right balance or not. >> i know that last week senator bill richardson said that it is a trial balloon that the ad m
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administration is putting out there. >> and in talking to the people in the department of homeland security, they said it is planned over time, and not a brash idea, and it is not signed off on, but now that it is public it makes the raiding the homes more difficult, but the department said they would take all precautions not the do it in a dramatic guns drawn kind of fashion, and the idea is that they would find the people nationwide to have the removal orders and move forward. and now, possible that it won't because it is public, but they are planning to do this as early as january. >> yes. and in terms of the fallout, i want to read you a quote, and this is from advocate frank sherry. this is a political nightmare for the democrats and the spector of raids of picking up families and sending them back to violent countries is going to put hillary clinton in a difficult position. she'll have to choose between
9:15 am
protecting are refugees from central america, a demand of the latino community and the administration's policy. >> yes, it is. if shem comes out to denounce this, this is not only going to separate her from the president, and she said that she would go farther in protecting the undocumented immigrants from the deportation, and so it is difficult for her to ito that line while folks like donald trump and other republicans are saying, to get tough on the border security, and they are here illegally, and tied up with the the homeland threats, and not that these people are threats, but they are entering the bordering illegally. so how much will she continue to the champion the undocumented causes, and treating them huma e humanely and trying to balance th that. and so now, for someone who is headed into the election year status, it is going to be
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difficult for her to toe that balance. >> no doubt, you will cover it for us, david mcnamara. >> thank you sh, alex. and now, we will tell you about the white house's role in the plans to defeat isis. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. try align for a non-stop,ive sweet-treat-goodness hold-onto-your-tiara, kind-of-day. live 24/7 with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the undisputed #1 ge recommended probiotic.
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developing now, a step ped p security in vienna, austria. the police there are hearing of a possible attack using explosives or firearms somehow between now and new year's day. the threat is for several european capitals and authorities in vienna say they have no need to call off the public events. >> today, an air strike has killed a top leader. they say it is quite a blow to
9:20 am
the insurgent leader who is trying to topple bar shar al assad. and meanwhile, reuters adds that the situation of the situation on the ground is difficult to verify with the air strikes in rama ramadi. let es get rig-- let's get righo this. does iraq get to a stronger position to strike mosul as there is word that the iraqi government are claiming they are very close to taking back the capital city of ramadi. >> well, you cannot confirm what iraqi government is saying, but while isis is losing place in ramadi, it might set the sights on the baghdad and start to come
9:21 am
are from the west or the northern baghdad to squeeze the iraqi government there. >> and lathe, ith, if this happ it would deprive isis of the largest pop you arelation center and how much do they count on this ground game to advance the caliphate? >> well, it is imperative for rye isis to continue the caliphate for land. and the main premise of caliphate is to have control of people over a set land. without having the land, the philosophy of maintaining a caliphate, anded a vnsing it, whether in the eyes of the isis followers or others, it will be bleak. so they need to the maintain that territory. >> and what about the effect on isis' funding? >> they will lose a lot of funding, is simply because they are collecting a lot of taxes from the so-called citizens
9:22 am
there. if they lose one of the biggest territories, mosul or even ramadi here sh, they would lose lot of funding, but it does not mean significant funding coming from syria, from the oil revenue, that they are selling. >> so just seven months ago, the iraqi forces were essentially accused of dropping their arms and running when isis took control of ramadi in may, and what has changed in the iraqi army to allow them to regroup, and retake ramadi? >> well, several developments. one is the amplification of the shiite muslims joining the fight. and the other part was a big tactical success of retaking sinjar, and even still, am plification of -- amplification of the air strikes, and we have seen the joining of the brits and the french in this fight now in air. so we are seeing the development of isis being squeezed into a
9:23 am
corner, and we are seeing the success. >> when you talk about being squeezed into the corner, you think of people coming out swinging. what is isis' reaction to this? are they likely to step up the efforts? >> they are, and in fact, just about an hour ago, isis leader a abubakar baghdadi said, you are afraid of us because you are not mobilizing the troops on the ground. so what isis is going to try the do is to are recapture a territory that the authorities have not focused on or focus on the rek recruitment for the brig in the people who will say that they have been fought or killed by the fighter troops.
9:24 am
are there any box office records that "star wars" could break? if you said yes, you got that part of the answer correct. we will tell you that story in a few minutes. stay with us.
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ask your doctor about viagra. it is one of the biggest retail days of the year and stores across the country opened early to cope with the post christmas rush as people are cashing in on the major sales and returning the holiday gift that missed the the mark for them. and julie is there at the mall for us. and what is the scene like there? >> well, alex, things have really picked up since we last spoke. it is just buzzing here at aventura mall here in the miami area. and there was a little girl having a meltdown here sh, and is a veritable zoo here. of course, one of the biggest days for the retail shopping, and what we have been hearing from the consumeerers that according to one survey, 66% of
9:28 am
the consumers plan to take advantage of the sales that we are seeing today. and from the people that we are talking to here at the mall, they say, sure, maybe they are returning a a sweater or something that didn't work out right for christmas, but they are taking advantage for themselves. alex, something else that we have been hearing from the peop people, too, is the online shopping, and in fact, one retailer told me that every year the online shopping seems to take a bigger chunk out of the shopping at the mall, and we know that yesterday there was a whopping 600 million rung up from online shoppers. so alex, you and i were talking about it, too, how we got deal offers on the phones on christmas day, and in fact, i am still getting them. i got one from a charity telling me that it is not too late to pick up something for somebody on the list in case you forgot it. and of course, the shoppers here are telling me that there may be some relatives they have not seen for christmas, and now when they do, they can take advantage of the sales and give them the gifts of what they want. >> and well, i have to tell you
9:29 am
that during the commercial break, i said that i am so happy to be working here than out there in the mall. you are working out there and doing a great job julia. hat's off to you. and it looks like the new "star wars" movie has set a new mark, it looks like it took in $40 miwhich breaks the old reco. it looks lite could also make estimated $40 million this weekend, and that would be the fastest to half a billion by any phone in ten days, and many believes that the "s for awakens" will be the top grossing movie ever with earnings of over $11 bi billion. and also, congratulations to the tennis super star, because serena williams has been named d
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at 32 past, and giving you a clear look at lax today, and clear sky and gorgeous day here in los angeles. the winds have pushed everything out of the air, and you can see for miles. developing now, parts of texas and oklahoma are bracing for what forecasters are calling a historic blizzard. msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider has the latest. and talking about flash floods and tornadoes, and over to you, bonn bonnie. >> yes, alex, it is reading the advisories from the national weather service, i can't emphasize enough how dangerous this is, because we are looking at the devastating flooding in eastern oklahoma. this is 6 inches to a foot of rain in the forecast over the next 24 hour, and nowhere for the water to go but to pile high. it is are also treacherous in
9:34 am
and around the st. louis area, and in and out of dallas, texas, where we could see severe thunderstorms. and there is a slight risk, but not as high as couple of years ago, but still, a threat of tornadoes. and now, the flooding in the ground because of saturated ground grounds, and so flooding in low-lying areas. and the blizzard is going to be once in a 30-year event, and catastrophic, because what we are looking at here is heavy snow up to a foot and two feet, and when the snow is going to move with the force of the wind, the snowdrifts could get up to as high as 10 feet. whiteout conditions, and dangerously cold, and the temperatures into amarillo, and lubbock will get down to negative 5 degrees. so it is not a blizzard in the upper midwest or plains, but
9:35 am
minneapolis, sioux falls, and milwaukee and green bay getting in on the action. in between the severe weather a and the rain and the snow, it is going to be tough for the travelers. >> 10-foot snowdrifts. how do you deal with that? okay. msnbc is the looking inside of the ring leader who first made a name for himself by document iing his reign of terr, and brutality inside of syria. we have some rarely seen videos and images of amethe leader abd abboud. >> you can recognize here in the middle, and these images are
9:36 am
new. >> these images will offer a rare inside glimpse of a terrorist. >> the material is extremely interest, and important, because it gives us an insight about what life is about in the lands of eisis. >> reporter: the photos and the videos that first is surfaced in 2014 show him recording hor refk scene scenes of death and brutality and joking about the beheadings and posing like a 20-something. >> the fact that he is doing selfies and videos is the self-glorification, and making himself a made man. >> and now, pro activists got their hands on the videos. one who called himself ali appeared on the condition that his true identity would be concealed. >> when you saw the images around paris and the world, you said, i have seen this guy
9:37 am
before? >> yes, exactly. >> he was able to commit atrocities and perform acts unscathed. he is seen with a go pro camera to further document. he was in europe, and conducted the terror in france. >> why wasn't he identified. >> reporter: he is seen in the videos with those tries to recruit for isis. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: some of the same images from his phone were shown on television in europe ten months before the paris attacks ark and the authorities were still unable to catch him. >> the fact that his face was in
9:38 am
public view all over europe and he was still able to move is just incredible. >> reporter: the primary concern remains for western security agencies that individuals with european passports and perhaps american passports have yet to get to syria, and participate in the fighting against eisis, the concern is to them to return to europe all while planning attacks and slipping below the radar as we saw him do in france. >> thank you so much for that report. >> a new fight is brewing over illegal immigration following a series of reports following the deportation raids that could come as early as january. earlier this week the washington post said that the obama administration is going to be sending back hundreds of families who were ordered to be deported, but managed to escape deportation.
9:39 am
these are families that are fleeing violence in central america. joining me is victor from the university of texas. >> hello, alex. good to be with you. >> and we are looking at least 100,000 families including children and adults who have made their journey across the southwest border last year, and who are exactly the people being targeted here? >> here are some folks who have gone before the immigration court, and the court has decide d that they are not in fact in danger, and the lives are not in danger as they go back to the homeland, and this is honduras, and guatemala, and central america. and the thing is that it should not be a surprise to anyone, because if you follow the immigration law, these proceedings usually take about 18 to 24 months, and the surge that we saw in summer of 2014 is placing us right about that 18
9:40 am
and 24-month mark. the folks in the process of immigration courts, and they have seen the judge, and in many of the cases, the judge says, you know what? i am not going to be taking your plea for asylum, and we will have to send you back to the country, and here is the deportation order. and are these folks going to make good on the deportation order, and many of them haven't, and so that is why we are seeing this potential raid situation. >> so where's the controversy then. as you explain it, it is following the letter of the law. >> it is, alex, but there is the humanitarian point to this where the folks are coming over, and perhaps the lives are not in danger, and they are in difficult situation, and they are surrounded by violence, and also, the economic situation, and the drain in these areas, and so the folks are coming over for the better life. they are coming over to be reunified with the family, and
9:41 am
so you don't want to break apart the family, and the optics are probl problematics, and these are not the criminals, but the the hard-working folks who come over to want to become part of the american fabric. but as we know in politics, there is another strain that is pulling us towards a more restrictive immigration policy, and so this is where the c controversy steps in. >> and so in your assessment, victoria, how much of the move is politics by the obama administrati administration, and how much of it is practical and necessary? >> well, i think that the wig part of it is practical and necessary. we are overloaded in our immigration system, and the flow of immigration continues. the immigration courts are something that is always processing. however, i do think that it is in taking place in january as opposed to later in the year is strategic, because these folks are going to be having to be removed from the country. it is part of the letter of the
9:42 am
law, but would you rather do it in january or rather in july or august right before the election? so i think that you know, they are going to have to bite the bullet one way or another, and so do it sooner rather than later before the election. >> and how do you expect those in the latino community to react, and is there a particular fallout? >> well, the latino community, especially the human rights community is not going to be happy about this, breaking apart the families, but the latinos recognize, there is a law and o order to the immigration system, albeit broken. we have heard them voice the frustration in the past, but they have still supported dem democra democrats. and remember, president obama was on are record to have the most deportations in history, and yet the latino community voted for him in record number, because he said, we have not had
9:43 am
a immigration overhaul, and at the stame time, i am offering yu poll tis to make your life ready. maybe not everything in terms of the immigration reform, but i am doing everything i can. and so that is what you will be hear, and potentially, senator clinton taking a similar tact. >> thank you, victoria defrancesco soto. >> happy holidays, alex. >> you, too, my friend. and when we come back, a look at the best tv shows of 2015. one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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ok, wehere's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice...
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9:47 am
but no, they are out here running in the shorts and the t-shirts and enjoying the weather. we have seen 54 degrees today, and while parts of the country did see awful weather over to the holiday, new york is e definitely not one of them. >> reporter: forget the figgy pudding, because it was all about ice cream in new york. what is christmas like, normall normally, the weather? >> cold. >> white. >> white. >> reporter: how about this year? >> sweaty. ice cream trucks are doing summer-like business as the temperatures soared to 66 degree degre degrees. >> best christmas ever. >> best christmas ever. >> and in central park, short sleeves replacing winter wear. >> who would have thought it? new york? never would have thought it. >> and in the bizarre world, buffalo, where there is feet of snow, instead they saw a lake day complete with the jet skis and the scuba diving. near the frigid providence, rhode island, it was a day to
9:48 am
hit links. record highs were shattered for the second day up and down the east coast. >> it is amazing. we spent half of the christmas in florida, and so it is like being in florida. >> reporter: and so there was no fun at the skilifts where there was no snow, and no business. >> we could see the record high temperatures again tomorrow, and to put it in perspective, if the forecast holds through the rest of the year, they are predicting that we won't see it dip below freezing and that is the first time ever since they began keep keeping the records that we have not seen freezing temperatures in december. back the to you. >> i came here to l.a. to escape the cold. a new report suggests that you will be seeing a familiar face on the campaign trail in january. we are will discuss the potential risks and are rewards. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves.
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9:51 am
and fou to politics and what lies ahead when president obama return
9:52 am
returns from his vacation. my colleague kelly o'donnell sat down with the deputy press secretary who told her that one of the president's highest priorities is to ramp up the efforts against isis. >> it is increased air strikes against isil and the assets and choke holding the financial streams and working with the european partners to share intelligence, and take out the leadership one by one. that is the goal that the president has that he is never going to be taking his eye off of >> and joining me is zerlina maxwell, and joe watkins, republican strategist, and former white house aide to former president george h.w. bush. welcome in. zerlina, i would like to know the blow back that the president has gotten from the republicans and the democrat, and can he turn it around and make it a positive issue for him in 2016? >> i think so. you have the presidential cycle happening right now, and you have a lot of the extreme rhetoric on the republican side, and the president can present some policies that are in direct
9:53 am
contrast with that, and it lays out a strategy that the american people can understand that can keep us safe in the long term. the there is a lot of criticism of the president, but not a lot of specific policies that anybody is present iing to counter that and so he is on a strong foot ing for the final year here where he can keep us safe, and show us, and tell us how he is going to be doing that. >> and zerlina, a you know that he had the opportunity to present the policy already. >> well w look, we have a year left. he is on the vacation now, and going to be coming back and the white house has a strategic time line for how he is going to be setting the legacy in the final year, and isil is a big part of that. so it will be specific heading into the new year, and a direct contrast with the republicans who their only talking point is that obama is not tough enough, and the rhetoric is not tough enough, and that is not going to
9:54 am
cut it. we need specifics and the president will deliver that when he comes back from hawaii. >> okay. >> and joe, as i mentioned, you worked in the george h.w. ed administration or the bush 41 as i call it. how much of the fight will be taken to the president, and will it overshadow everything else, and how important for the legacy? >> well, it is going to be important for the legacy, and how much it will cost him in the last year of his presidency is anybody's guess. god forbid if we have other terrorist events in the world, and the united states, he has to move quickly, and do something really, really big. and it will impact the legacy, but we are all routing at the end of the day that the president win, and we get it done that we leliminate isil, ad that the threat of terror ends for everybody. in the meantime, the candidates
9:55 am
on the republican side will be talking about what they would do if they were elected president. >> and now, to politics. zerlina, donald trump tweeting that the same people who said that i would not run or lead or do well, first place and leading by 21%, now say i won't beat hillary. and so hillary clinton is leading by 2%, and so zerlina any worriness on the part of tr trump or as you is have said before, he would be easy to beat. >> well, it is difficult question, because the elections in the past few psyche vls been close. and the country is very, very split. and so you don't know how it will happen. and donald trump has more time than any presidential candidate i have ever seen to live tweet to television shows and insult people by tweet every single
9:56 am
day. so what i am looking for from donald trump is actual infrastr infrastructure, and has he hired a field organizer in iowa to make sure that people go caucus or is ted cruz doing to be sort of the sleeper here, and come through in iowa, because bob van der clats who endorsed mike huckabee and rick santorum in 2012 may endorse him. and so donald trump trump's cap pain lacks the infrastructure to bring him to the finish line. >> and establish republicans like you say anybody but trump? >> well, my wife was a bush appointee for both bushes, and i worked for the older bush p and my oldest daughter worked in the white house with younger bush,
9:57 am
and obviously we know e jeb bush, and we like him. we want a chance for a lot of the candidate, and the process is going to be playing out the way it should, and nothing should be done to donald trump, but he ought to be allowed the candidate that he is, and the chips fall where they are, and zerlina is right that the ground game matters for him, and he needs boots on the ground to have a chance to win the caucuses and the primaries. >> share me the risks/rewards for bill clinton out there on the campaign trail? >> well, they learned a lot in the 2008 cycle. what we saw was bill clinton come out to be the explainer in chief, and explain why the people should support barack obama in the second election. they learned a lot from the experience and the mistakes made in 2008 with the unfortunate remarks in south carolina. i think that this time, they are going to be much more strategic in how they deploy president
9:58 am
clinton to the support, he and could he be the biggest defender in with the chest a little bit to defend he, and be strong when she can't essentially take on some unfair criticisms so directly. >> okay. guys, i am getting the word that is a wrap. so thank you, zerlina and joe. severe weather is slamming the south, and it could disrupt the holiday's weekend travel, and get a look at where those storms are heading toward you next.
9:59 am
10:00 am
ya know, viagra helps guys with erectile dysfunction get and keep an erection.
10:01 am
talk to your doctor about viagra. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. watches and warnings and dangerous weather for million, and now forecasters are talking about a historic blizzard. >> it is out of control, a wildfire is spreading in california and dangerously close to oil fields and homes. and now, the big day after
10:02 am
christmas dash, and it is not making every merchant merry. good day to all of you from los angeles, and welcome to "weekends with alex witt." and now to what is happening out there as we are keeping a close eye on what could be a historic blizzard in west texas, and east new mexico, and first, in mississippi and alabama, they are recovering from a severe weather in christmas week. and cleaning up is under way in birmingham, alabama, after a tornado hit that area, ripping through homes and trapping people underneath the debris. >> you know at any minute, you could be gone. and speak of the grinch that stole christmas. >> reporter: this is it. >> but it spared our lives. >> and pretty terrifying, but at least 15 people died from thunderstorms and tornadoes, and that includes a 7-year-old, and
10:03 am
dozens of homes have been damaged. msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider is tracking the storms as they move across the united states. bonnie, heavy snow op one end, and rain and flooding on another, and what is going on? >> well, it is widespread, alex, and the timing is worse, the day after christmas. so many people traveling, and this is what they are dealing with. paducah, kentucky, there is frequent lightning, and the same in fort smith, arkansas. this is the wide threat of the storms from indianapolis to dallas. dangerous conditions, because there is so much rain straight through monday and tuesday. st. louis for example, 5 to 7 inches through monday, and you will see the breaks in the action, but don't try to drive on any road covered with water, because you don't know how deep it is, and the national weather service says, this is a quote, very serious flood event, and life tlenting flooding is likely, so i don't know how to be more direct than that. and dangerous here, where you
10:04 am
could see up a to a foot of water to the east of tulsa, oklahoma, and although, tulsa is likely to be slammed with rain as is dallas, texas, because the forecast from the national storm center is for severe weather in the southern plains today. so that means that we are doing to be running a risk of tornadoes, and not like we had down there in the south, but fors that, with the groundch is rated with the heavy rain from the fall, and anymore precipitation will make cop dissions for the low urban flooding. and if that is not enough, watch it dig into new mexico tonight, and it will ramp out. we are seeing some preip -- some e precipitation there. and we are talking about blizzard, and this is going to b be including amarillo, and lubbock, and so much snow, alex, and causing so much wind, and you mentioned the snowdrifts up to ten feet with the windchill negative 10. this not any weather fit for
10:05 am
traveling. >> and west texas to say the least. you expect it up there in new england or the great northern plain plains, but my goodness. thank you, bonnie. >> one of the top stories is a wildfire burning out of control here in ventura county, about 100 miles from los angeles. and the officials say that it is burning near oil fields. the winds at 40 miles per hour are whipping up the flames, and causing it to spread. part of route 101 has been closed down and miles of the pacific coast highway are also shutdown. the union pacific rail road has been stopping the inbound rains, and mandatory e evacuation order issued for the place where 30 homes are in jeopardy. we will keep you posted on the story throughout the hour. and now, to politic, and christmas tidings. president obama and the first lady taking part in their annual
10:06 am
t tradition of visiting the marines in hawaii and thanking the troops for their service. >> we never take for granted what you do for the american people. you help to keep us strong, and whatever service you are in, and whatever the branch, we are extraordina extraordinarily grateful for everything that you do every single day. we hope that you had a wonderful christmas. >> well, msnbc's kelly o'donnell is there traveling with the president, and nice to see you with that lovely backdrop, and what are some other highlights of the president's visit with the troops? >> good to be with you, alex. of the 16 days that the obamas plan to be here with hawaii, and that is the visit to the troops is the only public event that is planned on the schedule. perhaps something else might come up, but it is the one thing that is the centerpiece of the visit here, so you have a sense that it is important to the president and the first lady, but also to the families who get a chance to meet the president,
10:07 am
and visit a little bit, and different are the other vents where the president might make a speech, and leave the room, and in this case, he spends some time, and gets to do photos with the family members, and meet the children, and really have a chance to celebrate the christmas holiday with the men and women in uniform, and hawaii is a main base for a number of service branches and the pacific command is here, and this is an important part of his visit. and on the lighter side, of thanking him for the service, and mindful of the six service members who died in an incident last week, he on the lighter side goes out the work out here on the marine base, and he is teasing them that he feels tough at the commander in chief, until he is lifting weights along the u.s. marine, and that he can see how the men and women in uniform have something on him there, and you can get the full sense of the visit, and fun and family oriented and it has the serious
10:08 am
note of thanking them for the service. >> alex, i don't know why he works out next to the marines. who would want to do that? talk about putting it in perspective. >> i know, i nknow. >> thank you, kelly, from honolulu. and meanwhile, ted cruz released a new campaign for the holiday, and one that hammered home the religious background and the conservative ideals. the commercial aired in iowa where candidates are scrambling for votes ahead of the caucuses. and donald trump bestowed his present to new hampshire voters with him in his "make america great again" hat. and now, join g ing us is nick talk about this latest in politics. >> hello, alex. >> i know that donald trump has been leading the polls in new hampshire, and despite not spending much time on the
10:09 am
ground. is there an expectation that it is his to lose, and if that is the case, what impact would that have? >> well, look, he breaks all of the rules. he has not spent much time there, and the voters don't seem to mind at all. it is a must-win state for donald trump. he is strong in a lot of states, but it is important for him to have an early victory to prove that he is the guy. for donald trump, winning is the message. it is the policy, it is the message, being great, and if he is beaten in two states in a row, it is hard for him to have that character and play that part in the campaign. >> what do you think might be the effect in iowa, and look, victory has a lot of influence, right? do you think that the folks in iowa despite donald trump not having a strong ground game there, and if that translates to iowa. >> and as you know, the first two primaries in iowa can split.
10:10 am
it can be a bad predictor of who gets the nomination. and look, if he can get the victories in each of the states that seems unlikely at this point, but if he could, and prevail in iowa, and, if his campaign which is not really excelled at organizing the vo voters the traditional ground game, and if he can still overpower the more conventional candidates in a place like iowa, i think it is all over, frankly. >> okay. overall, trump's strategy is pretty plain for trump, because he doesn't do any opposition research, but he relies on making the headlines. is this essentially the future of campaigning or is he the only one who could pull it off and look at ourselves and say, yeah, we are in the media contributing to this big time? >> well, he is the culmination of the trends that we have been
10:11 am
seeing in politics for a long time now. where there are other vehicles and avenue, and social media for getting the message out, and the media, and the traditional media, us, we have not gotten a lock of communicating with the voters anymore, and trump is the apoth sis of in, and he has 20 million twitter followers, and his idea of a campaign ad is to say something controversial, and phone in to some shows and defend it. it is a mutually kind of reinforcing cycle, and the media feeds on it, and he feeds on it. >> yep. >> and okay. let's turn to the democratic side, bernie sanders is breaking a fund-raising record passing $2.3 million individual donations which is more than the president did in 2011, and how important is ta? can you put it in perspective? >> well, it is very important, because a traditional mainstream candidate who is raising large checks from rich donors at a couple of thousands a pop runs out of the donors, and has to
10:12 am
find new one, but if the fupd raising base is small donors who have $10 or $30 each week or month, and keep doing it for the whole campaign, the cash never runs out. it is inxaexhaustible, and it i the solar power of the campaign instead of the traditional oil fueling the campaign. so it is possible for a left candidate to be powered entirely on those contributions and not raising money from the tradition allists or the wealthy. >> do we know how much that could transfer into votes really? >> well, it is hard to put a metric on it, alex, but it is a generally accepted rule that if you are doing well with the grass roots fund-raising, you are doing well with the grass roots in general. and again, one feeds the other, and the people giving that money each month are more engaged and more likely to be voulunteers ad
10:13 am
precinct workers or door knockers on the ground. it is helpful, and we will see a good test of this in new hampshire i think. >> yeah, absolutely. and as you know, trump and sanders are the only 2016 candidates not reliant on the super pacs, and they are both successful at the polls so far. and are the pacs becoming obsolete? >> well, in this election so far, what we are seeing is that the candidate s wis with the bi pacs are deeply flawed in other ways. look, trump breaks all of the rule rules, and i don't want to make any predictions of the super pac s, because it is hard to see if there are future trumps out there, and we will see if bernie can win the nomination without a super pac. they tend to be more important in the really tough fought primary and general election, and what we are seeing on the right is that we have to have a super pac ante up, but they are
10:14 am
not necessarily surviving the longest. >> future trumps out there? we will leave that, nick. thank you as always. >> thank you. and now, out there at the retail malls, shoppers are hitting the stores for the deep post discount, and holiday return returns, and julie bagz is will there at the aventura mall out there in miami. >> well, it does not die down. if you want online shopping, do it now, because this place is pack packed. waves after waves of shopper, and at the apple stores, i don't know how the employees can breathe, because they are bombbarded. i talked to one guy who said that he is here making a return as many shoppers are, but he said that he kind of messed up, and got the wrong gift at victoria secret for his wife, but he is trying to make amends, a and that is what we are seeing, but alsos a family affair. and one of the shoppers said
10:15 am
that for her and her family, this is a tradition. >> we come to bloomingdales every single year to get the 7:00 a.m. discounts from toronto. >> was it worth it? >> yes, it was. i got every single one of my buys. >> and por many, that tradition is something they keep on doing. for today, according to one survey, 66% of the consumers plan on showing the deep deals at 80% at macy's, and bloomingdales and a lot of clothes with those sales in addition to the electronics, but alex, one other thing, if you don't want to break the bank or go to the mall or online shop, well, you can always re-gift. it is becoming less taboo, and it is easier, alex, if you just keep it a secret. >> i think so. because my mom always taught me to not regift, but my, i may
10:16 am
have to rethink that. thank you, julia baggs. what can the united states do to are continue the retreat of isis in the iraq capital. when heartburn hits
10:17 am
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. iraqi troops are poised to re-take the strategic city of ramadi, and they are poised to move in on the isis forces held there. and reuters is add hag the situation on the ground is difficult to verify. and isis forces overran ramadi in may. let's bring in retired four-star general barry mccaffery our analyst, and i want to hear from you, the sense of a victory in ramadi? >> well, generally speaking,
10:20 am
alex, the police and the army backed up by shiite militias have made significant advances and a lot of that is due to the precise air power of both u.s. naval and air force, and having said that, they control the giant areas of iraq including mosul with a couple of million peop people, and they have oil money, and taxation, and exporting antiquities and getting cash from that. and so when you look at ramadi, itself, it is probably around 10,000 police and soldiers attacking that city, and allegedly 150 isis militants downtown, and this is not exactly spectacular performance by the iraqi armed forces. >> and speaking of the armed forces, they have, as you have mentioned, sir, heavily supported by the air strike, and how key is the continued involvement of the forces to the
10:21 am
defeat isis? >> well, it looked like to me that the whole thing was coming apart on them, and essentially the iraqi army which is up in mosulle, and shameful of two divisions taking off like scalded hairs and running for it, and when they lost ramadi, a few hundred isis fighters broke through, and the whole outfit ran for it, and it is a shaky operation, and primarily the shiite militias and the the shiite corps is going to en bolden isis and the sunni muslims to say, they are tron the other side, and so it is a political problem and a civil war between the sunnis and the kurds and the fact is that we can't change much there. >> and so, now in may, from your description that they took off
10:22 am
in may, to now that they are regaining the territory? >> well, a lot lot of it as it backed off of the coalition of the arabs and the europeans is a shaky operation. and overwhelmingly, except for the french and the brits, and even then, this is a u.s. air force and naval air campaign, and with a small number of the u.s. people on the ground, not at battalion level trying desperately to target these people without killing civilian, and it is a tough road to hoe, and moesle is is the real test, and there you have a giant city, and isis is going to be fighting to retain that, and basically, they have walked away from ramadi, and now trying to the cause casualties to the iraqi police and army using ieds and bob booby traps and that sort of thing. >> so if they take back ramadi and then take back mmosul back,
10:23 am
does that do to the chess poord? >>le with, i would not et bet on taking back mosul any time soon. and isis is going to be fighting clearly to retain that. and the best thing that we, the u.s. and the europeans, have going for us is that the isis-dominated areas are in abject misery. they can't govern effectively, and they are corrupt and cruel and basically not islamic people. they are thugs. so that is part of something that we have going for us, and here in the united states, we have to thank the god for the fbi and the customs and the border protection, and the law enforcement agencies, because that is the primary line of security for america, and that and good cia intelligence of who is trying to get into the country. >> all right. general barry mccaffery, and your singt insight is always appreciated. >> thank you, alex. which tv shows are great, and which ones are binge-worthy?
10:24 am
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10:26 am
try align for a non-stop,ive sweet-treat-goodness hold-onto-your-tiara, kind-of-day. live 24/7 with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the undisputed #1 ge recommended probiotic. now, to the top television
10:27 am
show shows of 2015. one big hit this year, nbc's "shot" and you are seeing it there. it is a thriller about a mysterious tattooed woman who showed up in a duffle bag in times square. and if that is not complicated enough, it gets more complicated from there. and there is also another show that is getting a fictional rap mogul family ta has high praises. >> are you just going to leave to us the wolves so you can prove your stupid point. you are not a boss, lucius, you are a buster. >> and it was nominate in order best television series draw marks and now joining me is dominic patton. >> and happy belated christmas. >> thank you, and so much to you. and speaking of "empire" right there, and the first season was a blockbuster, and everybody loved it and nobody had a bad season, and the second season, what kept it going? >> well, it is lee daniels and
10:28 am
danny strong, the fox hip-hop drama have broken all of the rules in the live same-day viewership, because theirs is still mega blockbuster, and did they dip? yes, but they went beyond black dynasty and great tunes to talking about the issues of the prison system, and issues of race and so this is something that in the network, we are seeing the pullback to days of norman leer, because you can talk about serious issues with the e tremendous audience and entertain people, and that is what the best of television does. this is the year when the veterans and the newbies and a ton of great tv. >> and you have to look at norman leer, because he was the leader in that, and the blind spot, and it does air for you on msnbc's parent company, but what is making it so appealing for you? >> well, a number of things, jamie alexander is a star waiting to happen for years, and
10:29 am
so giving her her own show, and standard procedural, and throwing in the twists, and the twists make it work, and another thing, too, i'm a numbers guy ultimately even though i wear shirts like this, and the numbers are great for "blind spot" both the same day, and dvr hit hits. all of the networks have had a hard time, and i would say, they try, they try, and in this era of the cable and the streaming, and "blind spot" has hit the ma mark. >> and to your point, transparent, and season one, a blockbuster, and picked up a couple of the golden globes, and back for a second season, and hugely popular and why? >> because transparent is the best show around, and season two which debuts earlier in the month on amazon, and the best show on tv got better. it speaks to not only to our time, but to the most intimate nature of family and love, and a sense of identity.
10:30 am
jo sollo wway speaks great to u >> and what about jessica jones? >> we will be putting up parts with one of the top ten tv shows for 2016, but talk about "jessica jones" this is a marvel network series which is the second of the four-show deal. jessica jones is very dark, and very come petting. melissa rosenberg who is the screenwriter of "twilight" saga, is a marvel series, but it is going to take it to the mature level, and issues of sexual assault, and ptsd, and in the hero to be a super hero where you don't want to be so heroic. that is a interesting discussion. and talking about the "nick" a period show about a medical
10:31 am
staff inside of a fictional hospital in the 1900s and what is the appeal? >> well, it is clive owen and steve soddenberg, and so i will tell you that the first was a heart-stopping cliffhanger, and the show is more depicktive, because it is depict iing the beginning of the 20th century in mork new york, and the beginning of the eraf of two world wars and too much more, but the way it talk ug about the life of the big apple, and the issues of race, and medical science, and innovation, and we forget looking back on the year, less than 60 years ago, things like polio and smallpox destroyed cities and nation, and "the knick" was on the cusp of curing it. and clive owen is outstanding. >> yes, and for anybody who wants to continue the discussion, go to
10:32 am
>> and i will talk about the new shows, and you have a happy new year. >> you, too. and meantime, switching gear s, and we have a terror threat against european capitals including vienna, and the austrian police have stepped up security due to the threat, but an unspecified intelligence service says possibility of and at tack using bombs sometime between christmas and new yea s year's, and in a moment, a insider will be with me to talk about this breaking news.
10:33 am
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so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges >> welcome back to weekends with alex witt. live from los angeles, breaking news overseas where officials in vie y vienna are stepping up security after several european capitals were warned of the possibility of an attack involving explosives or firearms, and it would happen between christmas and new year's day, and the officials say that the tip came from a friendly intelligence service, and there was no concrete threat to a specific place nor at any particular time. joining me is sean henry, former
10:36 am
assistant director for the fbi, and sean, with a welcome to you, i have to get the reaction when you hear this breaking news development? >> well, you know, this is likely coming from the allied intelligence service. it does not sound like they have a lot of specificity, and the reporting says they did provide the names of the phone shall actors, but i think that in light of the current world situation, that the government has to come forward with this information when they get it if it is in fact for the credible source if any other reason to remi remind people they have a threat, and the citizens have a role to help to prevent one of the attacks, alex. >> do you have a sense of the officials in vienna for them to raise this alarm, and for european capitals, how serious does the threat have to be? >> i believe it is an abundance of caution. again, even if it is not specific information, but coming from the credible source, they have an obligation under the
10:37 am
circumstances, and this going to the repind people, and keeps them aware to come out of the christmas season, but don't let your guard down, and even though you are celebrating be aware that the threat exists. >> and now, to the beefed up security here in the united states which is coming at a time when the justice department is saying that 60 people were charged we are lated crimes to terrorism terrorism, and that is raising eyebrows, shawn. and the president does attribute it to the heightened threat of the islamic state, and also, social media events. are you thinking that they are doing enough with social media to the thwart attacks? >> well sh, they are citing the law, because we are bound by the u.s. constitution, and in order to infiltrate social media, you have to provide a probable cause for allowing the law officials
10:38 am
or authorities to peer into the social media communications. they can look at the public sites, but when you want to infiltrate an organization, you are wanting to see the peer-to-peer communications, and that is does require some judicial process, so their hands are tied to some extent. >> one thing they are reporting from the justice department, shawn, more than half of those charged are under 25 years old, and how concerned are you that most of the cases involve young peop people, and what should the u.s. be doing to target this group? >> when you are talking about the younger people, this is where the law enforcement community is trying to build the bigger bridges with the private sector, with the community at large to try to change the stream of influence on these people. if you are talking about the young people who may be influ d -- influenced because they are disenfranchised and then turn to isis, and if the community, and
10:39 am
the religious leaders come forward to provide an alternative message to them, and trying to turn them off of the jihadi rhetoric into the more social perspective, alex. >> in the middle of all of the heightened security, shawn, the tsa says that you have to go through the bull -- through the full body scan, and even if that passenger asks for a pat-down, do you believe that the scanners are more efficient? >> yes, i believe they can see more explosive device, and much more thorough when you go through, and those who think that they'd rather not get that done, and tsa is going to mandate it. if you don't want to go through, you don't have to fly. that is not a right that you have to fly, and it is a privilege, and you have to go
10:40 am
through the enhanced security protocol, and so the tsa in in this regard is making the right decision, alex. >> thank you, shawn henry. the other developing story at this hour is the moving weather system that is causing blizzard warnings and flight delays for you travelers. bonnie schneider has more on that and plus some life threatening flash floods. >> well, yes, alex, what a dynamic day in weather. we have a tornado watch issued for fort smith and dallas because severe weather is is going to be ramping up throughout the afternoon. i have been watching the storms in southern illinois and kentuc kentucky, and they have been going through the same area, and we call it training, and wh wep g -- and when we get that, we will get flooding. the severe threat from dallas to del rio, and looking at the flood risk as well. tornadoes are possible, and that is why the watch is issued n. dallas, we run the risk of urban flooding, because we have seen so much rain so far for the
10:41 am
fall, and expect more to come. and this is the phenomenal when you look at this, because we will be measuring the water by the foot in eastern oklahoma, so it is a serious, dangerous situation, and i can't emphasize that enough. in st. louis, it is going to be life-threatened flooding there in the next few days in misso i missouri. and in west texas, there is a blizzard warning including amarillo and lubbock. starting tonight, there is a changeover from the sleet to the snow, and all snow by sunday, and sunday morning, and not just snow, but heavy, heavy pounding snow with whiteout conditions, and blustery conditions, and it is going to be a white-out, and so dangerous the travel. say you got stuck, well, this is where it is dangerous, because the temperatures will be at minus 10 degrees. and now, also, traveling, in in
10:42 am
ea -- in this area, you might think that the snow is a nuisance if you are traveling, but heavier amounts in nebraska and south dakota. looking at the temperatures getting colder. 17 degrees in denver, and still mild though for today in the east, but the colder air is coming, and we will get colder even by the northeast by the time we get to monday, and one more surge of warm air coming in, and it is not going to be lasting. you know how it is, alex, the colder air is coming many. >> and yes, it is almost january. thank you, bonnie so much. >> and with the iowa caucuses a month away, we are taking a trend in the polls that are on the rise. and what is moving the needle? one of the polls leading analysts is going to join us next. personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken,
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chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance.
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whfight back fastts tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums to politics now and one month a wway from the iowa caucuses, and the race is certainly on to win the votes in the first real contest of the 2016 election, and the
10:46 am
republican candidates are set to descend with marco rubio, and chris christie and john kasich and ted cruz all set to appear in rallies in the coming days. and welcome in fred yang, morning here, but afternoon your time. and now, with the latest iowa polling, will all of the visits by the other candidates change anything in the polling? >> well, i would say yes, because it is obviously 2015 unpredictable year, and who could have foreseen at the end that donald trump would be the leading candidate on the republican side. the great thing about 2016 is final finally the pundits can stop analyzing, and the voters can have a voice. and so intensity matters and a
10:47 am
lot can happen in the next month. >> as you know, monday, donald trump is heading to new hampshire, and he has been lead leading the polls there for months despite not spending much time there on the ground. any expectation that new hampshire is his to lose and an impact at all in your mind if he were to win there, and then would he go on to win iowa? i know that traditionally that is not the case, but then, we are talking about donald trump here. >> well, right now you have donald trump leading in the polls, and senator cruz from texas coming up as the challenger to donald trump, and he is leading in some iowa polls. but for donald trump's candidacy, 2 of 2, and winning iowa and new hampshire would make him a strong candidate heading into south carolina, and some of the southern states. i am not sure that, alex, he has to win both. look, i think that the one unknown about donald trump compared to the other candidates like a cruz, like a rubio, like a kasich, like a christie, all
10:48 am
of whom have run before and won, donald trump has never won anything. one of the things that we are going to be look g fing for is much does his support in the polls translate into the sort of the real nuts and bolts of people actually wanting to go out and vote for him. >> yes, and looking at the new hampshire primary set for february 9th. and even though hillary clinton is seen as the overall frontrunner, she is polling behind bernie sander there, and if she loses that state, how much of a ploe to her campaign? >> well, it depends what happens in the iowa caucuses. and like trump, she doesn't have to win both iowa and new hampshire, but she needs to win one of the two. and look, in some respects, bernie sanders wins new hampshire, it is going to be what is expected because vermont is close to new hampshire. the one big x-factor that we need to remember, alex is that for the new hampshire primaries, the democrats and the
10:49 am
republicans have the primary on the same day, but in new hampshire, independent voters decide when they go to the ballot box which primary they want to vote in, democratic or republican, and that could be the x-factor if a bernie sanders wins on the democratic side, and donald trump win s on ts on the republican side. >> and new polls from cnn, marco rubio besting hillary clinton in a e head-to-head matchup, but the e solo numbers are not great. can you explain that disconnect? >> well, i think that what these national polls are showing is that the democrat versus the republican is what happens when you get outside of the narrow band of democratic primary vo voters and the public primary voters to when you get more independents who don't vote in the primaries, alex. you are seeing it in the national poll, clinton versus rubio, and clinton versus cruz, and clinton versus whoever, it is a going to be a tight general election when you look at the e
10:50 am
generic preference for president, and how the voters feel about president obama, and the republicans and what not, and we are headed for a close h. as many know, your company polls with nbc news and the wall street journal. are there any patterns you see that are similar to years past that would give us insight to what will happen in the coming months in both races? >> i think i could have given you a great answer a little before november 19. i think what paris, alex and san bernardino have done have shifted, which is economic insecurity and anger in washington. both of those factors are still there, but heading into 2016 we have a new factor which is rising concerns about security and about terrorism, and i think whatever sort of rule book we had, alex, that was helping us to judge how 2016 was going to
10:51 am
turn out, i think in some respects that's being rewritten every day now. >> which makes it certainly very interesting, fred yang. good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. deal or no deal. bargain hunters are making this one of the year's busiest shopping days. we're going to show you what so-called bargains you might want to avoid, next. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. woù est...mon...hotel? we have a reservation. nous avons une...reservation. my wife needs new shoes. mon... preparing to travel can get complicated. switching your wireless service can be easy.
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new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery and all medicines you take. i will take brilinta today. tomorrow. and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. today's three big money headlines, bargain hunting, in the cards and in return. author of the book "black market millions," hetha, good to see you. sales one reason people will be heading to the stores today. what is worth buying? >> when they go in, people will start buying clothing, a lot of home decorations, so obviously christmasorations will be discounted and they'll be going in and buying makeup, perfume,
10:55 am
toys and food and gift baskets. people feel safer going into the stores. we haven't had one of those credit card breaches. they're chipping their cards instead of swiping, so they feel safer with that. >> you're absolutely right, we haven't heard those stories recently. how about in the cards. people will be using those gift cards for discounted merchandise, right? >> oh, absolutely. i've gotten a few, and people during the holiday season give gift cards to the tune of $25.9 billion. that's from the national retail federation. so if you can imagine, that is a massive amount of gift cards, and people are going to the stores, taking advantage of some of those discounts, but also people can do an exchange of those gift cards. they can also go in and even go to web sites where they can get the value of that same card that they got as a present. but i have to caveat it, alex. if you go to those sites where
10:56 am
you can get the value for that gift card, be careful if they're offering you a more expensive version of that gift card for less amount of money. that could be a fraudulent website. >> yeah, typical if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. >> it probably is. >> i did not know you could cash in gift cards and get the cash. that's a good point you made there. let's go to "in the return ret" what if you just don't want the gift you got? >> you can always exchange it for something else, or regift it to people, or give it to charity. people actually donating their gifts is going up this year. >> all right, hetha hersod, good to see you. happy shopping. >> you, too.
10:57 am
we'll see you right back here tomorrow at noon eastern time, 9:00 pacific. up next, "caught on camera." if you're flying, looks like a good one. there's lax. one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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