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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  December 31, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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team nbc. mtp daily every week day at 5 p.m. if it is a day of the week somehow meet the press is making good television y. can't wait for january. it is 6:00 p.m. on the east coast and midnight throughout much of europe. in munich authorities are dealing with what local police say is an active terror threat warning people to stay away from two train stations. it is unclear how serious the threat is. we also have an update on dramatic fire. police say the blaze started on the 20th floor of the hotel and spread. american eyewitness was evacuated from a nearby hotel and taped this account. >> when a fire broke out a place
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called the address, a residential area, restaurants below, people enjoying their new year's eve dinner. there was debris raining down from as high up as 20 floors up at least in that building. you can see what they are trying to do is try to get everybody out of the mall area. they want everyone out, all of them being escorted out. trying to understand what caused the fire. all i can say is we saw quite a bit of firefighters running through the mall. >> at this hour we have reports of 14 injuries mostly minor and one heart attack. at this hour dubai authorities say the fire appears to be under control. in a surreal scene dubai went ahead with new year's eve fireworks while the building was still ingolfed in flames. now it is time for the last word's holiday party. welcome to the 2015 last
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word holiday party where we will choose the best political theater of the year, the biggest winner, biggest loser and, of course, the 2015 person of the year. >> to a million people shivered in new york city to watch the crystal ball. >> each team has the opportunity to prepare the balls. >> when i felt them they were perfect. >> i like a softer ball. that is all i can tell you. >> stop saying balls. >> they are off and running in the 2016 race. >> i know there have been questions about my e-mails. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. ♪ >> haters are going to hate. >> the affordable care act is here to stay. i've had some good weeks in my life. >> a landmark decision by the
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u.s. supreme court making same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. >> by removing a symbol that divides us. >> a comprehensive long term deal with iran will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> it's a nightmare deal for the war. >> the alternative to the deal is not some kind of unicorn fantasy. ♪ the american dream is dead. >> you're a bunch of drug dealers and rapists, now disrespect. >> mr. trump, we love you! >> county clerk kim davis released from jail. ♪ >> my oh my what a wonderful day. >> i resign from the speakership and resign from congress. >> this is not a job i ever
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wanted. >> somebody has to have this job. >> this is not a cage match. >> how am i losing to these people? >> donald trump called for a total ban on muslims entering the united states. >> what has happened to our party splmpt party? >> none of them are going to drop out. it's going to be fun. >> yeah. this is the last word holiday party. joining us joy reid, kasie hunt, steve kornacki, jonathan allen as well as the staff and friends of the last word. this is cable news as it should be played. our first category tonight is best political move of 2015. kasie hunt, what was the best political move of 2015?
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>> i think it was nikki haley taking a stand on the confederate flag. she had been a rising star in the republican party and taken steps back. this put her at the forefront. i think she is probably on a lot of lists for potential vice president. >> that's what i was going to ask. >> i think she has to be. she has continued to lead in the state. she didn't necessarily go into her reelection fight strong but came out of it well. >> steve kornacki? >> i will be the echo here. >> great minds think alike. >> in 2014 she ran for reelection in south carolina. this is not something she wanted to touch. i don't think when the issue started in south carolina anybody expected her to touch it. she did and i think she certainly elevated her profile and became a national figure. >> on the vp list, carly fiorina
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just seems to have faded. if the republican is looking for a woman to put in that slot especially running against hillary clinton she's it. >> nikki haley, maybe suzanna martinez. >> pope francis, i think no one roiled american politics and scrambled more this past year than pope francis between his tour of the u.s. which was a triumph for liberals. he made the catholics on the side of liberalism. he also was pivotal in sort of sanctioning and giving that important co-sign to the opening of cuba which the president of the united states -- it is going to go down as one of the most important. >> negotiations passed through
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the vat canican in getting this done. >> i think the pope is a global political figure. on the issues he cares about not just remaking the church into a more compassionate visage but on moving policy. i think political policy for the hemisphere. >> best political move of the year. >> i'm going to go with taylor swift who understood her leverage against apple. she got that she was bigger than apple. when they started giving away her stuff for free i won't quote what she said but she told them what to do with themselves. 24 hours later they are on her side and have a video deal. >> my pick for best political move of the year which is the decisive pick which means it is the best is bill clinton getting on the phone and encouraging donald trump to run for president.
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clinton touch that nudged him into that race. you think he would have run without that call in. >> i think it is possible. we will be hearing about more about it if donald trump moves further. worst political move of the year, kasie hunt? >> chris christie talking in the quiet car. it is clearly a very bad idea when all your constituents are on the train with you, a train that runs through new jersey. tweeting about it as somebody. turns out i was on that train with chris christie. i was on the phone with my mother but i ran into him afterwards and could not have been more polite. we had a lovely chat. i think he recovered. >> he doesn't belong in a quiet car ever. steve kornacki, worst political move of the year? >> the master of the passive
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aggressive glare. >> i am quite there. >> my worst political move of the year back to the start of the year, mitt romney would like to be president of the united states, ran twice before, was looking at running again. i don't know if mitt romney had run this year if he would be in first place right now. i know this, he was looking at running and the reason he decided not to run is because he decided someone was unbeatable and that someone was jeb bush. that is the most political. intimidated out by jeb bush. >> when you look at that debate stage, mitt romney could have dominated it maybe. the question is how would he handle trump? how does a gentleman line romney handle -- >> worst political move of the year? >> i think you can almost throw a dart at anything that rahm emanuel did in the last two
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years. i think the entire handling of the laquan mcdonald case and allowing the settlement to go through without comment and saying he never saw the video which mismanaged the situation. it's not only going to hurt his potential political future but he is also now going to hit anita alvarez and i think rahm emanuel is defunkt as a surrogate for hillary clinton. >> he is in a tough spot. >> worst political move of the year? >> the rnc chairman when he signed the note with donald trump saying he is going to support him no matter what. i think that did really tie him up and now he realizes he is about to face -- >> my worst political move of the year, john boehner inviting
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benjamin netanyahu to address the joint session of congress. trying to turn the congress against the president on the iran deal. it's one thing to do that. it's a giant moment in israeli politics to decide to do that. it is another thing to do it and fail as netanyahu did. >> it was a pretty remarkable moment. i was at the capital during that speech. i think there was a lot of anger and really an unprecedented situation. >> there is no greater risk to the israeli position in washington than to make itself a partisan issue. i think benjamin netanyahu almost couldn't help it but john boehner walked him into it. >> i was talking to somebody the other day and said when obama is out of office and writes the thing i am most interested to read is benjamin netanyahu. >> that congress treated netanyahu, treated him in that joint session better than they ever treated the president of the united states.
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if they could vote it felt like that is who they would be picking for president. >> coming up, the 15 minutes of fame award for 2015, the rising star award and, of course, person of the year 2015. all that coming up. i'm jerry bell the second. and i'm jerry bell the third. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-stop. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting."
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and same-day delivery. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! superior service, best selection, lowest price-- guaranteed! ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back. our next category, the 15 minutes of fame award for 2015, kasie hunt. >> mine is a little apolitical. do you remember the llamas who escaped in arizona? they are my favorite 15 minutes of fame. the political process this year has been not unlike what you are seeing on the screen right now many days. i don't know if that is how you feel. >> i think they got exactly 15
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minutes of fame. >> steve kornacki. >> i will do something to combine two things that are distipthly new york, sliced pizza and rats. maybe somebody remembers pizza rat. this was on the steps of the subway station. a rat dragged an entire slice of pizza down the stairs. >> i don't get what is unusual about that. joy reid, 15 minutes of fame. >> i almost feel like my choice is inappropriate given it is against two llamas and a pizza rat. unless you believe he is going to be president of the united states i have to say that donald trump is on probably about the 13th minute of fame. donald trump was obviously a very important businessman, billionaire, reality tv show. i think he has had more success
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running for president than probably he imagined. he managed to incapsulate what is the rage and displacement of working class white voters in a way that has been disturbing and a learning experience for a lot of americans. but i think that he is capturing a moment while disturbing is actually real. i think he is having his 15 minutes. >> the feelings of it will live after his candidacy. >> i project the 2016 election it is going to be about the sense of rage and displacement among white working-class voters and whether he stays in it for the long term or not that is there. i think it is important in the next election. >> 15 minutes of fame 2015? >> to piggyback i chose rachel
3:17 pm
dolezal when she said i'm not black. she was trying to build on that band wagon and said as a white person i wasn't getting my fair share. i sued and wasn't recognized. if i go under cover maybe then i have a shot. i think it started this race conversation that our country desperately needs. >> my pick for 15 minutes of fame, kim davis who did a little more than 15 minutes in jail in order to be convinced to get out of the way of issuing same-sex marriage licenses in kentucky. i think her time is completely up in that situation. we take another quick break. much more still ahead on the last word holiday party. up next, the rising star award. ♪ ♪
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of 2015. >> i think it was paul ryan. this is somebody who was the vp pick in 2012. he really came across as the reluctant hero in many ways for the republican party. said you guys are going to keep on with the nonsense i'm not going to do this. if you want me to change the way the job is done i will do it. we are seeing the results of that now. >> we have never seen a speaker's election. first of all, a speaker saying i quit is a new one and then suddenly we need one and no one wants to be speaker. the guy just kind of talks his way out of it so to speak. amazing. steve kornacki in. >> i have a nonpolitical one here. i have a soft spot for bench warmers in sports mainly because i was one growing up trying to play sports but the basketball bench, this was a big thing. they celebrate and has these elaborate dance routines every
3:20 pm
time the team scores. my favorite one is called the katniss everdeen. that is row your boat. the reason i'm saying rising stars because every march you have to fill out your office pool for the ncaa tournament. think ahead to march 2016. they are going to be like a 13, 14 seed. if they win you are going to see an incredible celebration. >> that's something i have never seen before. joy reid, we are at rising star. >> always tough to follow steve kornacki. but i picked the prosecutor in baltimore who brought the cases in the freddie gray case. the reason i chose her is it is so unusual for police officers to be prosecuted in cases of a civilian death in their custody
3:21 pm
that there is no greater political risk than to make that step. it turns the police unions against you and can make you the target in the next reelection. she took the step which was so unusual. only she and the district attorney did that. i think if she is able to survive her re-elect i think she has an incredible future. her husband is also running for city council. i think she has become a powerful force that there is a possibility of at least a process. >> that moment where she stepped up to the microphone and america and i was meeting her for the first time. it was an amazing moment. i'm picking a prosecutor, former prosecutor as my rising star. i have declared her a rising star before. this is pamela harress when she was the d.a. in san francisco. i predicted she would win her
3:22 pm
race for attorney general. she is running to replace barbara boxer. she is going to be the next senator from california in the united states senate. she is going to be more than a star on day one. we have seen people come into the senate who have stardom on the first day. i'm not sure we have seen anything like this. her arrival will be something to watch splmpt dw i think she is going to bring new blood into the senate or could assuming it all goes to plan in a way that we haven't seen in a while. one thing that the senate has fewer of are people who are this age and who are of this moment whether you think of it as millennial or frustrated with the slowness of the process. the more faces you start to see like her -- >> because i don't like timid predictions, when she started running for attorney general i predicted she was on her way to the presidency. she will be back as these shows
3:23 pm
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that's the spirit. welcome back to the holiday party. it's time for the worst political theater of 2015. >> i think the worst political theater has been the gop and gop leadership. we have a candidate trump that has created incredible devisiveness and instead of saying not on our watch saying he is mobilizing the base this is going to be good for us. now i think we are in a difficult position. >> worst political theater of the year? >> i have a tie. >> that happens. >> both involve hillary clinton.
3:27 pm
the first was back in march. >> does it have anything to do with the fact that you wrote a book about hillary clinton. >> nothing to do with that. i think that these might be the tie. first in march she does the press conference where she reveals the private server which had been reported on before and the state department e-mails were tucked away somewhere. i have not seen a press conference that bad by a politician that did not involve admission of an affair or sending tweets that bad. that was a terrible press conference. >> and the back drop was terrible. she did it at the u.n. it reinforced the fact that she wasn't of the people. >> didn't seem like she was telling the truth. on the other side of the things, the benghazi hearing where she testified was worst congressional hearing i have seen in my life. i have seen really bad ones. these guys came out without a
3:28 pm
plan. they didn't lineup well. none of them had a lot of experience on committees and basically handed hillary clinton the rebound that she needed for her presidential campaign bouncing her back into looking like a president. >> completely poisoned the atmosphere for themselves before. joy reid, worst political theater of the year? >> my answer is related to the 11-hour infomercial. it is kevin mcmccarthy. we talked about paul ryan. the star was supposed to be on the door of kevin mcarthy until he decided to boast and brag about the real purpose of the hearings. >> i think we might have kevin mccarthy. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping.
3:29 pm
>> and his number dropped as badly as it could drop. >> and his political career is now over. >> worst political theater of the year sdpmpt whether i went with something a little lighter. i don't know if you ermare ted cruz campaigning in new hampshire and declared the world was on fire causing a small child to burst into tears. not ideal. >> and there is a fire behind you. >> i think we have that, too. >> the whole world is on fire. >> the world is on fire. >> the world is on fire, yes. your world is on fire. >> mean man, mean man. my choice for worst political theater is everything donald trump has been saying about muslims. let's take a look at the two worst. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down.
3:30 pm
and i watched in jersey city, new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering. donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. >> political theater doesn't get uglier than that. let's get a quick mood change. best political theater of the year. >> i am going to say the gop because they have basically sucked the air out of the democrats. if you ask majority of americans they may not know the democratic candidates. >> this is incredible political theater. >> the goofy side. >> when you watch him do an event he did one right after the republican debate the other night. he does an event and everybody wants to hear what he has to say. they shift to another candidate and you can hear the television.
3:31 pm
it may not be great for the republican party or necessarily the country but -- >> i cannot disagree with the way you phrased that. >> best political theater. >> as we have watched john boehner twist in the wind on the other end of the fork of the tea party we are wondering how will he end his torment? the answer, hide behind pontiff hats. you can slip out a dodge without the tea party knowing you are gone. >> donald trump's instagram videos. >> would you like to see him run? >> no. i really don't. i think it's a great country and a lot of great families. there are other people out there that are very qualified.
3:32 pm
we have had enough bushes. >> he is succeeding for sure. he is a gifted politician. he is just a gifted politician. it is appealing to people's anger and frustration that is quite legitimate. >> 15 seconds, comically heavy end handed. you find yourself laughing. >> i imagine you do. my pick for best political theater occurred in cuba. let's take a look at it. ♪ >> connen o'brien took the show to cuba, the best most informative hour of television about cuba i have seen. great work. we are going to take a quick break. when we come back the biggest surprise of 2015. ♪
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don't let it conquer you.. with the capability and adaptability of lexus all-weather drive. this is the pursuit of perfection. a massive fire partially engulfed a luxury high rise in dubai. the building houses an upscale hotel, residences and a mall. 14 people were hurt. the tower burned as tens of thousands attended a fireworks display nearby. police in munich are warning of a serious imminent threat.
3:36 pm
two train stations have been evacuated and authorities say people should avoid crowds. the best dancer during the commercials is jonathan allen. we are back with the holiday party. this category is biggest surprise of 2015. biggest surprise? >> i would say sophie cruz. this is the little girl thbroug out a letter to the pope and shed light to millions of americans the burden and responsibility that kids under the age of 18 are bearing for their parents. it started a conversation. >> biggest surprise of the year? >> the donald. >> the surge of the donald.
3:37 pm
who would have thought he would get up to over 30 in the polls? >> a hard cap at 25%. we are denying that donald trump is leading for the republican nomination. i don't know how long that lasts. it may be right through the convention. journalists and analysts put themselves in peril when they suggest he is not winning or a supernatural event takes him out. >> joy reid. >> john bel edwards winning governorship of louisiana. i guess they prove all you need is a scandalized republican opponent in analectert that is desperate for that change. a democrat won in a southern state. >> it's a louisiana campaign. my biggest surprise of the year
3:38 pm
does involve donald trump and it involves his money and i am one of the prominent disbelievers of his claims of wealth. he put out a press release before his financial disclosure form saying he made over $200 million from a tv show. the next week to very little notice on his federal disclosure form there was an item called salary, the apprentice. it was 14,222. that is the only amount of money from the apprentice he has ever disclosed in an actual federal filing. and that was actually lower than i thought it was going to be. $14,000. biggest winners and losers of 2015 and person of the year. huh.
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welcome back. next category is the biggest loser of 2015. biggest loser of 2015? >> i will be the debbie downer. i think the american people because we have yet to pass gun control and since sandy hook have had over 300 children killed by fire arms. >> biggest loser? >> after that i want to agree. >> you are allowed to. >> i am going to vote twice although i was going to say kevin mccarthy blowing speakership. >> the woman named melissa click, assist pront fesser at university of missouri. if you remember protests and the journalist who attempted to cover protests. this is a journalist trying to
3:43 pm
do journalism. she calls for muscle to get this reporter out of here. this was pretty outrageous and offensive assault on freedom of the press. i call her my loser of the year. >> my biggest loser of the year bigger than those guys in the house leadership now, dennis hastric. pretty big fall from grace. biggest winner of 2015? >> i am going to go back to -- one is the american people because they have affordable care. 16 million people no longer on the verge of file frg bankruptcy and black lives matter because they were able to expose systemic problems within police departments and created a movement. ceph >> i will go with vladimir putin. at the beginning of the year he was hated for going to crimea
3:44 pm
and ukraine. >> his economy is reeling. >> his economy is reeling because of the sanctions. vladimir putin back on the national map and strengthened himself and his country in a way no other world leader has over the past year. >> and is keeping his shirt on. >> that may or may not be helping him. him taking the shirt off has been quite a part of it. >> i am one of these. i will say the new england patriots fans. bring it on. you know why? we won the super bowl, got brady reinstated. bring on the heat. >> kasie hunt, biggest winner of the year? >> i think hillary clinton and the democratic party. i was trying to figure out who won the last republican debate of the year. the person that wins this debate, hillary, hillary,
3:45 pm
hillary. the republican party, the nominationith fobenefits. >> by far the most important broadway show for as long as we can remember. this is a stunning piece of work. it has changed the nature of theater and in hamilton there is more wisdom about who we are as a country than anything any candidate has said all year. when we come back sorry to see you go category. santa has a magic snow globe for every family. and this year, look at what he put in our driveway. the lexus december to remember sales event is here. lease the 2016 es350 for $349 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month's payment. see your lexus dealer. if you have high blood pressure many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure.
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here is a moment from the last word holiday party exactly one year ago. >> next year it is going to be david letterman. it is going to be letterman. >> since there is no surprise about who my sorry to see you go is i will go first. who can forget that night in this very room when bull murray wandered on to this set after doing his last appearance on david letterman's show. >> everyone is feeling it. dave is at some incredible level
3:48 pm
of capability right now. people come out and they can do anything. he is just -- he floats above everything. he is really in a different plain than the rest of us. >> that was a champagne night on the show just like tonight. the sorry to see you go for 2015? >> i have two. one is perhaps someone has never heard of here but was piped into tens of millions of latino homes every saturday. one of the longest running variety shows in the world. he just basically closed up shop. the other one is radio shack. radio shack was a place where a lot of young kids like me would find little gadgets and electronics and technology became accessible. >> i needed something there like every six months which i guess wasn't enough to keep them alive. >> i'm sorry to see julian bond
3:49 pm
passed away. very nice gentleman and an icon of the civil rights era and political leader in that era and coming out of the original civil rights movement. >> just a truly great man. i remember there was tremendous anticipation at the beginning of his political career about how far it would go. no one saw limits. >> and he might have been a congressman. he actually ran for the same seat that john lewis holds. he drew that congressional district as a state representative in georgia, a position he had to go to court to fight for. i feel like i should throw out my pick because there is no pick better than he. >> kasie hunt, the sorry to see you go. >> i'm sorry to see rick perry go out of the presidential race. >> this is sorry to see you go. >> i'm sorry to see him go.
3:50 pm
his charm, his shooting coyotes that are threatening his daughter's dogs. what's not to love? i covered the governor's campaign in 2012. he brought some charm and humor to the presidential -- >> in terms of fun on the campaign trail and the different camps you have covered this year, perry actually scored well? >> perry camp scores well. i have known a lot of people who worked for him for many years. he is very much an utmost gentleman. >> steve kornacki? >> this is a boston one but -- >> we are so surprised. >> jack williams was an icon or is an icon of television in boston. my first gig was interning in boston in the summer of 2000. jack williams was the anchor for like 40 years in boston. he retired this year. i am sorry to see him retire. >> you don't know anchormanning
3:51 pm
until you see jack williams do it. up next last word holiday party, the big one, the big one, person of the year is next. want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and move, groove, wiggle, giggle, swerve, curve. lift, shift, ride, glide, hit your stride. only always discreet underwear has soft dual leak guard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most and a discreet fit that hugs your curves, you barely feel it. always discreet underwear so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always
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we're back and it's time for the big one, person of the year. kasie hunt, who was the person
3:53 pm
of the year? >> is there -- it's donald trump obviously. >> who? >> donald trump obviously. i don't know how "time" magazine -- he is completely defined what we have been talking about. i remember sitting on the set talking about whether or not he was going to run for president. it was never growing to happen. i'm pretty sure i told you he was and look where we are today. >> person of the year. cepha >> i will go with the pope. >> very different. >> very different. went on a world tour and we saw him here in the united states and in washington, d.c. in particular at the capital. i think he is somebody who reminds us all of our humanity everywhere he goes and agree with him on everything or not i think the message is well heard by everyone. >> i covered the pope a little bit. it is the most unifying with
3:54 pm
people around me i have felt. >> in your world, the pope is no donald trump? >> i have to say i would love to see the pope meet donald trump talk about the moment of political theater. >> oh, boy. >> joy reid, person of the year? >> i am also going to go with somebody who is the opposite of donald trump. if you do not know who she is, she is the woman who was at least every person of color in this country whenever they have to sit through what is called entertainment when donald trump is practicing she read at the donald trump rally. in that moment of quiet resistance i think she represented millions and millions of americans who look at the message that donald trump is using his fame and the power he has accumulated to send out into the world and is horrified. i think her quiet resistance represented so many people. people of color have been trying to warn the country about donald
3:55 pm
trump for a long time. >> there have been a lot of protests at his rallies and speeches. the silent one -- >> she was reading a book about our politics and country who are -- i think she is brilliant. >> steve kornacki, person of the year? >> i have three but they are all for the same thing. this is a terrible year in a lot of ways. paris, san bernardino. in the summer the attempted terror attack on the train. three guys got up and stopped the attack. nobody died. they are heroes. they are my people of the yooyear. >> person of the year? >> i am going to say the pope. he was -- >> we have a winner. >> he was able to unify the catholic church. my favorite was when he said he believed in climate change and a member of congress saying we need a scientist and the pope saying i am one.
3:56 pm
something that he is a unifying voice not just for catholics but world wide. >> i love in his week here he pulled everybody out of the small mindedness of whatever we were thinking about and focussing on. >> it was so remarkable. i remember standing on the corner across the street from the white house and the crowds of people and the unifying force even among reporters. we cover high profile figures every day. >> inside when the pope delivered in english and then in spanish an incredible message. he is such a good man and reinvented the image of the catholic church and made us all think deeper. >> my person of the year, the person who did the most important work that anyone in the american government did and possibly the world, john kerry who delivered the nuclear deal with iran. if this deal actually works, he
3:57 pm
could be considered the most important secretary of state we have had if you think avoiding nuclear war is the most important thing you can do in the job of secretary of state. it was an amazing accomplishment. we are now waiting for the verdict that is going to take years to know if it works. in washington he is not regarded, i think, in the way he should be for what it took to get that done. >> he played a key role in those climate talks that resulted in a major deal. at the very least he has had a year where he has done quite a high number of very consequential things. >> his career starting in washington in his army fatigues kind of fresh off the boat from vietnam, that is his first moment in the senate foreign relations committee as a witness to see him become secretary of state. 100 years from now there may be
3:58 pm
one who does a book called kerry and tells the story of the rise all the way. am i going too far? >> it is a good story. to the one who now exceeds henry kissinger as the most important secretary of state. >> kissinger was a disaster. i'm just saying it is a -- will he have a rap musical? >> we are saving this video for 100 years. >> if you write it i will dance in it. >> to all of our guests tonight. thank you very much for joining us. that is the last word 2015. we'll see you next year.
3:59 pm
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nobody saw it coming. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. if you think you have 2016 figured out


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