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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  January 2, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PST

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also, 9 out of 10 medicare part d patients can get toujeo® at the lowest branded copay. ask your doctor about the proven full 24-hour blood sugar control of toujeo®. hi, everyone, it is noon in the east, and 9:00 in the west, and ready for "weekends with alex witt." le alex is off, and i'm francis rivera. a gunman at a a bar who opened fire is on the run. was this an act of terrorism? we will have the latest from overseas. and now the aftermath of the flooding, and what is left behind in the water thes of the nation's midsection. it is a reality that an al qaeda recruitment video showing presidential candidate donald trump and a statement that he made.
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>> we want a coffee, and when we be right back. >> and i do a show called comedians in cars going to get coffee. >> you are a comedian going nowhere with the president. >> and now, a e reare action to the president's performance ahead. some new developments out this hour from the middle east, a nationwide manhunt is under way in israel, and police are searching for gunman suspected of an attack in a tel aviv cafe. two people kill and seven wounded. keir simmons is monitoring the situation in london, and bring us up to date on the latest? >> well, francis, the manhunt is going through abandoned warehouse, and kconstruction sites, and we have learned that there is a raid on a house belonging to the the relatives of the shooters that his brother
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has been arrested and a computer has been confiscated, and the survivors say that upon hearing of the automatic gun fire, they were thinking of last year's paris massacre, and they knew to hide. >> reporter: candles lit for the victim s from a killer still on the run. from surveillance, young people are relaxed at the bar and then dive for cover in fear. a gunman appears firing more than 15 rounds. seconds later, one survivor looks up in horror, and around him, two are dead. seven people were injured and four in serious condition. >> i was in shock, because i was thinking off what happened in paris and my daughter was inside of the restaurant, and i was very shocked. >> reporter: more chilling surveillance footage sews the same gunman moments earlier in a grocery store pretending to shop. then he pulls the automatic weapon from the backpack and he
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begins killing leaving bar stools overturned in terror. >> i woke, and it was like, oh, this has happened. >> reporter: and the police have identified an arab israeli suspect, and some believe it is the country's first isis-inspired attack. one new yorker visiting israel says that most people are not frightened. >> we are still planning to go out tomorrow night in tel aviv. >> reporter: but this morning, the authorities are are gripping the man who had both hands on the weapon and so determined to the kill. and tel aviv's mayor is calling it a motivated attack, but the police are not ruling out the criminal motive. and 2015 was scarred by the terrorism in france, and witnesses say that the shooter
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was smiling in the new year. and now, al shabaab has released a new video showing donald trump speak iing in sout carolina. they are going to be using the sound that we have not from their recruitment video, but from our archives. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until the country's representatives can figure out what the hel slshgs is going on. >> and for more on this, i am joined by msnbc senior editor for digital content cal perry, and good morning. this is what we heard when he made that call, and not only ruffle the feather politicallya and down the line, it could be used for this thing. >> and lots of people have been u using, this and not a surprise. they are al shabaab, and the al qaeda affiliate in the northeast africa, and somalia, and this is
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a transparent video, and 5 # 1 minutes long, and donald trump is a small portion of the video, and clearly a recruitment tool, and obvious propaganda which is why we won't put it on our air, and this is something that is going to be a part of the political landscape in our country, and hillary clinton talked about this in our last debate. take a listen. >> and we want to make sure that the discriminatory messages that trump is sending around the world don't fall on receptive ears. he is becoming isis' best prekr prekruter, and they are going to people and showing videos of donald trump insulting islam, and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> and now, a al shabaab ist not isis, and isis is not al shabaab , but the idea is the same, because the groups are the same in the tactics and the ideologies, and this is, francis, a growing concern, and it would not be a surprise if we saw some slick ri produced isis video using trump.
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>> and yes, this is the start of the first. and msnbc's cal perry, thank you very much. we r now developing, we are tracking the deadly floods along the mississippi. major damage along the mississippi river. 24 people died in missouri and illinois, and two people are missing. charles hadlock is there in illinois near the meramec, and you were given good news yesterday, and how about theday in >> yes, still good news, francis. this is where the meramec passes by the valley park, and this is the intersection of 1411 and interstate 44 are still under underwater, and it is looking bad, but it is much better than yesterday. it was eight feet higher than what you are seeing right now. we have been here since 4:00 this morning, and the water has gone down at least two to three
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feet, and it is continuing to diminish here, and that is very good news for the the people trying to get around, and this is a major secondary artery. i-44 opened yesterday, and all of the water is from the meramec flood that occurred last week. the record is up to 24 feet, and 28 feet higher than flood stage, and four feet higher than it has ever been. and all of the water is going toward the mississippi river, and it is already swollen, and that is why it is taking so long to get out of here. once it gets to mississippi, it is going to add to the floodwaters, there and the river has been cresting up and down the illinois state line, and in fact, places like ste. genevi e genevieve, it is expected to be two feet short of the record in 1993. as it passes chester, illinois, it is three feet below the record in 1993. but when it gets to cape girardeau, they are bracing for
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the high water there. the water there, and the flood stage is at 32 feet. to today, it is 48.86 feet. it is going to be climbing to 50 feet, but there is a flood wall there that protects the city up to 53 feet. so they are barely in the safe zone there, and they are holding their breath that the wall will hold. experts believe it will. and 5% of the town is outside of the flood protection system, so they have about 25 homes there affecting about 100 people either cut off or flooded by the mississippi river. all of the water is headed down to the gulf of mexico, and flood advisories up from memphis to new orleans with high water headed their way. francis? >> good to see the waters receding and the sun out. thank you, charles hadlock. joining me with more is msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider.
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how are we looking lu the weekend? >> well, francis, since we don't have a forecast of more rain coming in, we are looking at the large swell of flooding that charles was reporting on. it is going to take a while to work down the mississippi, and that is why the rivers are forecasted to crest at different times, and days depending where where you are. and we are looking at the widespread flooding across a good portion of the nation's midsection, and even into texas, and oklahoma and arkansas, and we have major flooding going on. and 316 river gauges are reporting to be above flood stage, and watching the crest as the swell is coming up, okccurrd in st. louis, but it is going to take a while for the water to rece recede. in chester tonight, at 6:00, look for the forecasted crest at 46.5 feet. that is not at the record, but it is getting close. the concern in cape girardeau is that the forecast is for 48.5, and the vekd 50 feet. and now, we don't have rain
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coming down now, but we are seeing monumental rain across the country, and shattering the letters across the area like in st. louis where we had 6 -- 61 inches of rain. some of it is going to be concentrated in the western part of the state, but right now it is over corpus krchristi. and right now, we ve a series of storms working in from the west, and this is bringing showers right now in and around coastal california, but as we go through the next few days wesh will see the substantial rain north of san francisco. francis? >> thank, you bonnie snchneider e. now, to other news, in pennsylvania, a search is under way for a 5-year-old boy with autism. police say he wandered away from a new year's eve party coatless and without shoes on. he was last seen in allentown. and people are asked to check their sheds and any other hiding
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place. the windchill made it feel ten degrees colder at times last night. and a shiite cleric was put to death because of his leading role in arab spring protests in saudi arabia. it is to ignite protests in cash theremire pakistan. and also, some stretches of the highway in china was closed due to smog. they issued the first orange alert for smog, and that is the second highest level. president obama returns to work next week with big plans to come up, and what to expect when he unveiling his executive actions on gun control. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru,
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police in munich remain on high alert today after a new year's eve threat. two munich train stations were evacuated late thursday after the german authorities are received intelligence that 5 to 7 islamic state militants were planning coordinated attacks in the city. additional 200 officers are on the streets today to spot any suspicious activity and reassure the public. when president obama gets back to washington from hawaii monday, he is going to finalize another look at gun control legislation to curve gun violence. ron is there in honolulu, and what are we learning there about the first order of the business for the president? to have background checks mandato mandatory? >> yes, we know that the gun issue in the united states is what the president has called the most frustrating thing he
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has ever plafaced in office. and he foes that congress has no inclination to go forward. so the president with executive a authority is trying to take the matters into his own hands. >> last month we remembered the the anniversary of newtown. this friday,ly be thinking about gabby giffords five years into the recovery -- >> reporter: president obama putting the nation's gun control on the top of the business. >> the amendment is noting a e greed to. >> reporter: and he is failing for congress not making background checks mandatory. >> since then, tens of thousands been moued down. >> reporter: and now he wants to use a executive action to allow this practice to stop. and he will also wants people on
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the terror watch list to not be allowed to buy guns. some say it is an abuse of the power. >> the president isover reach i ing, because the law is clear as to who can and cannot transact a firearm sale. >> reporter: but after this year, and the nation visibly angui anguished several times after mass shootings, the president is determined to take the gun lobby on. >> it is a tough one politically, and he didn't get elected in 2008 to just work on the simple issues. >> reporter: in he trying to close guantanamo bay, and so many issues, but first up, guns. >> because i get too many letters from parents, teachers a and kids to sit around, and do nothing.
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>> so again, we will find out more of the details when he meets with loretta lynch at the white house. and this is an issue since that gunman in oregon killed those students, and something that the president is determined to do something about. >> and ron, hope you can enjoy some of the sun there in honolulu before you get back. and now, the events are starting to tick down for the republican presidential elections and caucuses. caitlyn, appreciate your being with me this morning, and donald trump leading the polls there, and in new hampshire, and you ski the lines forming to have people who want to come tout see him. but are those people going to be translating to actual people
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voting for him or is the establishment going to beat him out here? >> well, francis, it is a great question the month before the iowa caucuses. he is attracting large crowds, but the question is in iowa if the people will turn out for the caucuses. the caucus is different from the primary, and it takes a lot of the voter's time to go out to on that cold february night, and caucus for a candidate. we will see if trump can put the campaign and the organization to the fest in a state like iowa. moving toham m hashgs it is a different story, because he has been lead manage the polls in that primary, and on the establishment, the more mainstream or the republican side, that lane is fractured with chris christie, jeb bush, and john kasich and marco rubio all competing there. so the question is whether by the time we get to that, that february new hampshire primary whether the establishment starts to coalesce around a candidate
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before or whether they wait for the vote? and you are calling it fractured, but 11%, and chris christie calling it fractured, and he has five campaign stops in new hampshire, and pulling in fourtht place as we talked about, and he got the big endorsement with the union le leader, and so does he have a chance to win the granite state? if he does not win one of the strongest states, are we talking a about ree evaluation here? >> yes, several are basing their candidacy on the new hampshire primary, and chris christie is certainly one of them. here has spent a lot of time there, and known nor the appealing nature in the town halls. he has been working the state, and putting the retail campaigning, and putting up a prior ity on that, and donald trump is coming into the state, and holding the rally, and leaving. so it a test of the political
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style. if chris christie does not do well in new hampshire, it is hard to see his campaign continuing. but a second-place finish with enough room of himself and the other contenders would be enough for him to move forward. but if you come in second place, and the mar a g-- margins are low, that is a hard to proceed. >> and we will see if anybody starts to fall away from the list will as far as dropping off. and now, looking into the krystal ball, es pepecially politico, they compiled a list, and ted cruz and nikki haley, and that ticket. could ted cruz win the republican nomination? >> well, the cal endar is in hi favor. he is doing well in iowa and well organized there, and he is trying to bring out the voteers in iowa who traditionally going to the caucus.
9:22 am
that is big difference between him, and donald trump trying to bring in the new people from the fold. from there, the focus is on the southern states, the so-called s.e.c. primary where there are a lot of delegates at stake there. and he has been preparing to that, so you can see a scenario where he wins iowa, and goes to south carolina, and then the rest of the south esh -- southern states, and sweep up some delegates. from the calendar standpoint, ted cruz is planning for that. >> and now, kate, we know that bill clinton hits the campaign trail on monday, and for the first time we will see him there, and with the clinton versus trump war. and will bill clinton engage, and will this backfire against trump attacking the clintons? >> well, the supporters like him
9:23 am
going after the clintons, because it shows for the perspective that he is ready for the general election, and prepping himself, and showing the supporters that he is in it for the long hall, and ready to take on hillary clinton in the long perspective. the hillary campaign as been certainly going after trump a little bit, and saying that they are no longer laughing at some of the things that he is saying, and strike to a more serious tone. we know that bill clinton in terms of democratic supporters, re really, he has a positive impact on the campaign trail. we saw it in the past couple of elections in the mid the term certainly. so for her campaign, it is going to be a good thing in the primary. >> yes, a lot to watch with this down mike, and the start of the new year when everybody goes back to business. happy new year, and thank you for being with us. >> thank you, fran is sis. >> "star wars, a force to be
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time now to take a look at the number ones, and it is not long before the college students are hitting the books after winter reses, but there is a new study of which students work the hardest. can you guess where? cambridge, massachusetts, m.i.t. students ranked number one, and the students at the university of chicago are no slouches either. they rank second. rounding out the top three, rice university. so much conrole for you. it is based on mutual respect. >> and thanks to the chris pratt, starring jurassic world, it is the winner of the box office crown.
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...of fixodent plus adhesives. they help your denture hold strong more like natural teeth. and you can eat even tough food. fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. fixodent and forget it. welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." i'm francis in for alex. and a policeman expected of a shooting in a restaurant at tel aviv has an allout manhunt under way. 14 hours after the attack began, at least four gunmen were killed along with two indian soldiers. and a 30-year-old man in australia is in serious
9:32 am
condition as he was attacked by a shark while he was spearfishing. he was able to fight off the shark, but his attack is following 22 such attacks in australia alone. bill cosby is respondsing for the first time since being charged with aggravated sexual assault. he thanked his friends and fans in a tweet, but he did not mention the sexual assault charges. and his attorney says that he is the victim of politicalt football, and his team is not going to be considering a plea deal. cosby and his attorneys have long denied any kind of sex uua misconduct, and now, joining us is thomas mesereau who defended michael jackson in his sexual
9:33 am
assault case. and thomas, you don't believe that the charges will stick, and what kind of challenges will the pros prosecutor face? >> well, i was in michael jackson's lead attorney, and he was exonerated of 10 felonies and misdemeanors, and the media had discarded him and saw him as trash. this man is presumed innocent, and he has not been convicted of a single crime, and he as a right to defend himself in due process. i believe when it goes to the trial, you have no phrforensic evidence, and accuser who wanted money, and reportedly got money a kconfidential settlement, and willing to take it in a confidential setting rather than going to trial and be a person of principle, in my opinion, so that the defense has a lot to work with. i am suspicious of the charges. apparently, she didn't go to the
9:34 am
police right away, and based on the reports that i have gotten and i want you know they don't know mr. cosby, i don't know the evidence or the accuser, but he has a right to fair trial, and having been through what i have been through with michael jackson, i'm a little alarmed by this, this ground swel of opposition. >> well here is what is different, because you 57 ak kirzs is one thing, and the settlement whichly ask you about in ooh second, and cosby oes own words in that deposition that started this all framing the case. you had bill cosby admitting to carrying around the quaaludes to meet women and wanting to have sex with them. >> sure. >> and says he offered over and over again to give them money, but could it be when it comes to the deposition, and the criminal case, it is bill cosby's own words that could come back to be used against him? >> in the michael jackson case, they called 85 witnesses against him, and said that he had been
9:35 am
molest i molesting young men for year, and they took his own words out of the martin beshear documentary and said those words would cook him. all over to the world, and the media representatives were saying that his words in the documentary would cook him. because the prosecutors used those words from the documentary, i was a able to bring in his other statements where he exonerated himself, and the same thing may happen in this case. they may take some select phrases out of the deposition, a and then in return the defense can bring in other statements that he made in the deposition denying that he did anything wrong. my understanding is that he said that any sex i had with anybody was consensual. there are a lot of parallel, and the same typef of ground swell against him, and i do believe he will be acquitted. >> and now, going into the next hour we will speak to one of the women who say that he drugged and sexually assault ed her, bu
9:36 am
this is what you said this week about what you expected from the witnesses that will testify in the case. let's take a quick listen. >> it is deja vu, because they said that all of the young men were coming forward to prove that michael jackson was going to testify, and we bowled them down one by one with their lies. i can't believe all of these women are credible. they came in so late. you may see them devastated in the courtroom. >> your words, and how are the jackson's witnesses in your words destroyed, and the witnesses in the cosby case be devastated? >> well, i cross-examined every major witness against michael jackson in the five-month trial. and they would typically get on the stand and say something terribly alarming and disturbing about him, and then on cross-examination, you would find they wanted attention, they approached the media, and many of them wanted money nor the
9:37 am
statement, and many of them had changed the statements from time to time. as one after another collapsed, it was us asking who to believe? this is going to be tried in the conservative part of pennsylvania, and i grew up in new jersey, but you may be seeing conservative women who 40 years ago were aspiring models in hollywood, and playboy center folds or whatever they are r and maybe they are question iing th modus operandi, and the behavior and the values, and i think that the defense is going to be doing a tremendous job of investigating who these women were and more importantly, who were they 40 years ago, and why in hollywood, and what was the m.o.? and what do they want? have they taken drugs before at parties and clubs, and i don't know the answers to any of this, and i don't know any of the accusers, but don't jump to conclusions until the defense
9:38 am
team does their work. >> and people at home are saying, how can you say that when you have a man in his position, america's beloved father, cliff huxtable taking that role, and saying, i can help you in your career, and n mentor you, and time and time again, the m.o. as far as the accusations is that he took them under, and then all of the sudden, a drink that he comes out with, and again, accord ing to the ak kirzs, and before they know it, they are waking up, and they don't know what happened, and they have been sexually assaulted and again, repeatedly we have seen with the dozens of women over the decades. >> well, that is what they are saying, and my statement to you is that i don't know mr. cosby and i don't know the women. let's see what is in the b backgrounds that the defense will reveal. how were they behaving in hold? were they producing other actors or producers and making false claims against them? well, they have a right to investigate this, and find out
9:39 am
who they were 40 years ago, and how they behave and he has right to due process, and right now, he is presumed innocent >> and you have represented a lot of the celebrities as well, and just by the arraignment, and the circus following him, and you knew that are from the experience of the michael jackson case, and how is that knowing the beloved celebrity going to help or hurt, where people say, you know what, bill cosby is past the point of no return when it comes to the brand and the legacy? >> look, when the last not guilty in the michael jackson criminal trial came down, and 14 not gill tiuilties, and i looke the back of the room, and i saw the media people with their f e faces long, because they wanted to see a great copy, and see him fall from the highest. and now, what you are seeing, there are great similarities here, and the media has glummed
9:40 am
on to this, and grabbed all of the negative thinking, and the negative statements that they can, and we will see what his e comes back with, and the investigators come back with, and we won't know that until it goes the trial, and i think it is. >> and certainly, all of us, and you and definitely us here will be watching. thomas mez r mesereau, thank yo we will catch up with you soon. and now, surveillance video is helping the police in tel aviv identify a gunman who opened fire yesterday there. and now, how can local law enforcement help to fight homegrown terrorists. during our share the love event, get a new subaru,
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the trains in music are
9:44 am
running normally to today after a terror 58 lert forced a authorities to shut down two key stations. there were solid indications in their words that a band of seven attackers were planning assaults on the stations. but reuterers say that the they have not been able to find the suspect, and according to them, they are not sure they exist. i want to bring in bill va gavin of the new york fbi office. and bill, i want to talk about that when you have the authorities making that consideration, and where the lines are blurred of having what they call the solid indications that something may be up, but then down the road, not necessarily the hard information that the attackers may even exist. >> yes, francis. that is the strong possibility. i think that what hammed here is that the germans were acting on intelligence provided by the french or the united states or the combination of the two. if you can recall when the arrests have been made, and additional arrests have been made subsequent to the paris affair, they have arrested people in belgium, and austria,
9:45 am
and in france, itself. i think they might have extracted some information from the individuals as well or from some of the electronic communications that they might have had. so that might have given them the opportunity to look at the situation of munich. it turns out that there was nothing there, but the germans can hardly afford not to do something when they receive that information. >> and you are rk lao at neighboring brussels and paris, and their celebrations were scaled back or canceled due to terror concerns. here in the united states, the massive one in times square in new york, and the mayor saying times square would be the safest place. and why not the hardline in europe, and france some >> well, in france, they had the problem of 130 people dead, and the same situation of san ber
9:46 am
nar dino, too. they have done a terrific job to get this ready for the event. when you receive television information such as they received from munich, it is a quick burst. they don't have time to plan and plot, but they have to take some drastic action, and that is why they emptied the two stations, to make sure nothing is going to go on there. >> and when it comes to being on edge, and the concern, and the people in rochester certainly kn know, that and he is for inspired the isis bar, and that is 25-year-old emanuel lutchman who was in contact with a man in syria, and you have reports that the man is a known panhandler, and one restaurant owner called
9:47 am
a troublemaker, and how do you continue on the law enforcement side when somebody is ideologically linked to isis or want s to ss to support isis, a somebody who is a troubled individual as this man was with the mental illness. >> well, francis, we have to balance the two. many, many times the individuals who are in some way, shape, or form associated with eisis, and associated with the extremist terrorists, they may may not be totally balanced to begin with, and maybe some events in the their lives that didn't involve terrorism, but now that they do, everybody has to do something about it. so we have a combination of somebody who might be a little bit of the troubled, but at the sim time, he has taken and pledged allegiance to isis, so you can't walk away. >> and according to "the new york times," they are relied on him. and prodded mr. lutchman for the
9:48 am
details of the plan, and they said that they would help him. so is a danger that the informants could push the unstable individuals who are plotting a terror attack? >> you have to look at the tendency of the individual to commit that act. we go through that entrapment routine frequent ly in case of the cases of the informants, and undercover agents, but the tendency of the preponderance of evidence shows that this individual has or will in fact carry tout act car i ares are the day, and the whole push by informants or undercover agents takes a back seat when you look at that. >> bill gaven from the new york office, thank you for your per spec specktive. >> my pleasure, francis. and now, the recent gaffes of jeb bush on the campaign trail. >> and plus, why president obama hitched a ride with jerry seinfeld.
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9:52 am
i could call a nuclear submarine from right here. i bet you don't have that have any don't have it. >> and a cool feature and the seat warmers and between the nuclear submarine there. >> and that is pretty standard everywhere now. >> i am going to get that. >> you can't have that. >> that is the latest episode of jerry seinfeld's series "comedians in cars getting coffee." but the president has more than coffee on his plate as he kicks off the last year in office. joining us is zerlina maxwell, and also, bush senior adviser robertb treanor, and thank you for being with us, and zerlina, we are seeing the the president showing off the lighter side with the sense of humor, and how is that coming to play at this difficult time when you have so many people on edge when it come to terrorism, and gun control? >> look, the president is at his
9:53 am
strongest when he is in the unscripted and authentic moment, and we saw that when he was between zach galifianakis and health care. and now he does better with the 0 to 30 graphic because people like his big ears. he is light hearted even as we continue to have the continuing challenges to gun the control and prevention. >> and that is the first business on hand, and robert, as the president is set to announce the executive action on guns this week, and tackling the frustration that he has had in the past to make some progress, and how much can he do without the support of congress, and so little time left in the term. >> and yes, it is a a constitutional question, because
9:54 am
he does have the power of the pen, but it is a temporary law, and the president whoever he or she may be can easily reverse that. i understand the president's frustration, and we are all frustrated with the lack of moment for gun safety, but looking at the legislative way, the congress is reflecting the will of the people to a certain degree, and the reason why i say that is that is no pressure to change the gun safety law because of the way it is made up. and we are talk about the redistricting, and the political makeup of the congress, but it is the real the ti right now, as i mentioned ta few moments ago, and he will will do this. and the good thing is that we will see some significant change when it comes to gun show loophole, and the internet stuff as far as purchasing a gun online. but down the line, it is going to exacerbate the issue that the president is going to be chip
9:55 am
away of which is going to flair up the far right which is not good in the 2016 presidential race. >> and with jeb bush out there talking about gun, and policing this week. i want to play you something and what he said when a reporter asked him about tamir rice case. >> and i think that the city of chicago needs to engage with the -- >> it happened in baltimore. >> oh, okay. so sorry. if the grand jury -- >> you can hear the reporter correcting him that it happened in cleveland. and he said, my bad. and now, how bad is a kr cringe-moment is that, and what would make a candidate make this kind of thor error on th-- kindf
9:56 am
error on the campaign trail. >> well, he is human, and humans make mistakes. and the gun violence is a significant issue here across the country, and as a political operaty, it is a cringe-worthy moment, because of the sensitivity of the black lives matter, and this case, and as you may remember, this young n man, he was not a boy, but 12 years old gunned down. look, mistakes happen, and put it in context, but -- >> can he afford the misspeaking in the past, and zerlina, you are shaking your head, and that jeb bush kind of, oh, no, kind of moment, and can he afford another one given the numbers in the home state, and how much he has sunken in. >> is that a question to me? >> yes, robert.
9:57 am
>> and the answer is no, he can't afford these mistakes, but candidates do make mistakes. jeb bush is struggling right now, but it is a lorngs long, long marathon, and we have new hampshire, and iowa and south carolina x and super tuesday, and that is when it is going to matter with the ground game, and whether or not he can connect to voters or not, and plus the fact that he has $1,100 million in the bank is where the rubber hits the road here. >> and zerlina, right away when i posed the question, you wanted to respond, but you heard robert say it is going to matter, but what about right now? >> jeb bush even with the hundred million dollars in the bank has received 5%. it is part of the pattern, because it is not the first time that he has misspoke. his staff has ill prepared him for the current media light. so if you are in the middle of
9:58 am
the sentence, and it is gaffed, and somebody will tweet it out, and before you are speaking, it will be traveling across the globe. jeb has been shown time and time again to be ill repaired for the campaign cycle. >> look, put it in perspective. eight years ago hillary clinton was ahead of barack obama by 38 point, and people said that barack obama is going to cling from the guns and the religionsk a and he respounded from that. and candidates are 35 points from behind, and guess what, barack obama is the president eight years later. >> i wanted to ask you about the prediction, because it is crucial time 2016, but we are ate up the time talking about the, that and with both of you, i like to hear both sides, so thank you both. >> happy new year. >> thank you. and now, we will have more on the tamir rice decision, and why police officers were not
9:59 am
charged with the shooting of the 12-year-old.
10:00 am
10:01 am
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good to be with you for "weekends with alex witt." alex is off and i'm francis rivera. the national guard has been activated in illinois and hundreds of residents were told to evacuate as the floodwaters are threatening the le e vees up and down the mississippi river. charles hadlock is in valley park, missouri, and it is looking like things are improving with that water recede ing there? >> yes, it is down a few inches from last hour, and this is flooding interstate 1411 and interstate 44. sit down significant of when the flood occurred earlier in the week when the water was lapping at the girders of the overpass of i-44, and the interstate itself was closed for about 24-48 hours, and it reopened yesterday, as did i-55 which is
10:03 am
a great relief to the travel evers. this is the meramec river which got up to 24 feet above flood stage. four feets higher thab it has ever been. you can see the front end loader there moving the water the around trying to get the sediment from sticking to the pavement. all of this water is heading down the mississippi river. and once it reaches there, it is going to be meet iing a swollen mississippi river, and it is a record crest along the mississippi river, and along the illinois and missouri border. and down at the town of cape girardeau, and near to a arkansas border, and the river there is expected to reach 50 feet, and that is the highest it has ever been at cape girardeau. and they have a flood wall there, and designed for the flood as high as 53 feet, and with three feet to spare, and the town of girardeau, and cape girardeau should stay dry, and however, not all of the town is
10:04 am
protected by the levee system, and they have 25 houses underwater or the approaches to the water are going to be to the houses underwater, and there is grief there, and big sigh of relief that the flood, appears to be passing that town, and nwu the crest will flatten out as it travels down to the gulf of mex e koeshgs and other places like memphis will be seeing higher water, but likely not a record flood there. franc francis, back to you. >> and charles, that is not record flood, but the southern states, it is headed down in that area, and are they doing anything to prepare for the possible flooding? >> in memphis, they are putting out the low lying flood event, but this flood is a very big flood. it is one of the major ones. it is the largest one in the city of cape girardeau has ever seen. it is going to flatten out as it head pos the south. >> thank you, charles hadlock. we will see if the flooding is going to continue to helpp or
10:05 am
hurt with the waeather, and whe is the relief going to come, bonnie? >> it is going to take a while, because you flooding so high in st. louis, and the tributaries flowing into the mississippi. so you will see the water working downstream and taking its time, and that is why the water is looming in memphis, and down the louisiana. and that should happen in the first or second week of january. looking at the red dots, major flooding happening right now, and in fact, 316 river gauges nationwide are above flood stage. and major flood iing in four locatilo -- in 40 locations. thursday, the crest occurred in st. louis and chester, illinois, but we are expect iing it aroun 6:00 tonight, but it is close, and cape girardeau as you heard from the report, record high crest of 50 feet, and shattering records from 1993. elsewhere across the country, we
10:06 am
have inclimate weather. and now, some of the flooding is working into the southeast parishes of louisiana. dallas, you are not getting the rain, but the cloud coverage. to the west, we are monitoring changes in the weather, and not only is the rain going to the sit in texas, but more rain is on the way for california. it is beneficial, but there are some things to keep in mind, and in fact, i was reading a national weather service statement that said if you live in and around a burn area into southern california, it is not going to be a big dumping of rain, but we are going to be look agent a series of storms going from tonight to tuesday, and that is going to be adding up to substantial rain. this is the beginning of the el neen e owe sort of pattern in california. so we could see an inch in areas like ukaia.
10:07 am
so we will keep an eye on this area. >> thank you, bonnie. in the tel aviv, police are on a massive manhunt for looking for the shooter in that shooting at a tel aviv market. we go the keir simmons, and what are we finding? >> the police are confirming that the suspect is a 31-year-old male, nasser el nab, and the lawyer for the family is that saying the police have raided the the family house, and arrested the the brother, and confiscated a computer. the suspect in the past says to quote him directly insane. meanwhile, the suspect's father has given impromptu news conference outside of the family
10:08 am
home. he said that i did not educate him in such a way. and i am deeply sorry, and i'm part of everyone's suffering and it does not matter if you are arab or jew, and you remember, francis, this man may have been inspired by isis, but the police are not leaving out the possibility that the motive may have been criminal. >> and it is interesting to see the aspect, as many did not want to talk about what this may mean as far as the retaliation or the ramifications there in tel aviv, because they didn't know whether it was terrorists or criminal. >> right, exactly. they are telling people to go about their everyday lives, and tell them that the anti-terror units are there in tel aviv, and using the intelligence, and searches, and a fear that he may have been helped by somebody else, and officials are on high
10:09 am
alert when they find him, perhaps he has others with him, and perhaps hostages. and meanwhile, francis, there is news that a taxi driver's body was found north of tel aviv one hour after the shooting. it is not clear if it is related to the shooting, itself. >> significant in knowing the identity of the gunman. thank you very much, keir simmons for us. new reaction today to the decision that the cleveland police officers involved in the shooting of 12-year-old tamir rice will not be facing charges. earlier this week cuyahoga grand jury heard the evidence and did not return an indictment. >> based on the evidence, and how it is applied to the police use of deadly force, the grand jury declined to bring charges against timothy loehmann and frank garbeck. and that is my reaction, and our office after reviewing the allegation, and the law. >> there was a demonstration of
10:10 am
the rice family supporters outside of the home of cuyahoga congressman tim mcginty. i want to appreciate your joining us now, and i want to say that we asked prosecutor tim mcginty or a representative of the office to appear on the program, because a spokesperson said they had a news conference, and provided a statement to the media on that, and declined to join us. so we are speaking to you, and fine out how much of that news from the family about the grand jury decision? >> well, it is incredibly demoralizing development for us. we did see it coming many, many months ago, but it was engineering a grand jury prez en ta tigs to protect the officers. he abdicated his responsibility to act as a advocate for the
10:11 am
victim in this case, and became a defense lawyer nor the police officers. and so it is incredibly disheartening, and very disappointing. we had a very close vantage point in which to watch it roll out, and in our view the conduct of the prosecutor's office is so egregious, and improper that we have called for the federal intervention in this case to conduct a real investigation of what happened here. >> as you were doing that along with the family, consider the pros prosecutor and his words in the news conference specifically saying that mistakes were made, and let's listen to that. >> simply put, give then perfect storm of human error, and mistakes and miscommunications by all involved that day, the evidence did not constitute criminal conduct by police. you will see the actual coleman
10:12 am
pistol in a identical gun that day, and they are very difficult to tell apart even by people who are familiar with guns, and when you stand and stare at it. >> any validity about the gun that tamir rice was kcarrying te pellet gun could have been mistaken for an actual gun? >> this is disturbing for a public official, and prosecutor to get upp to the public, and suggest that is relevant. no question when you look at the video evidence, the objective evidence, that airsoft toy gun was never vizible to the officers. it was never in plain view. we have reason to believe that there was untruthful inaccurate testimony on that issue. the officers rolled up on that location, and within one second, and within one is second that
10:13 am
officer got out of the car, and the windows were closed, and there is no opportunity for any commands to be issued, and within one second he shot and killed a 12-year-old child. no opportunity to see the gun, and the gun was not on display, and it is a gross mischaracterization of justice, and it is highly prejudicial for him to be making those statements. >> and now, when it comes to the prosecutors, and them saying that, quote, tamir was big for his age, and that is a story a that the "washington post" published last year by the american association of psychological medicine, are research published last year said that they prompt a less essential conception of childhood than do their white same-age peers. so did that play any role in the shooting of tamir rice? >> well, first of all, kids come in a all shapes and sizes, and
10:14 am
that is the first point. the second point is what you are alluding to, there is a tremendous amount of impeer cal, and sociological and psychological studies showing that the perception of people of color is very different than perception of not of color. so it is hard to the believe that a child playing in his lawn in a wealthy white suburban playing with a toy gun would have been subjected to the same type of activity that this young person was subjected to. we have to recognize, an confront that race is a fun damtal underlying problem here, and the perceptions around race are a fundamental component of what is happening here in terms of the police violence. the vast majority of police violence of this sort is being perpetrated in communities of color against people of color, and we have to recognize, and grapple with that as a nation.
10:15 am
>> i want to ask you, mr. abbade, do you see the avenue of justice to be in the department of justice here now involved or any changes of the prosecution if he steps down? were those requests coming? >> i don't know at this point whether it is realistic or viable for this particular prosecutor the step down, but we have taken the extraordinary measure of asking the federal government, and the department of justice to intervene in the investigation, because it is traditionally the role that the government plays when there is a failure at the local level. there is clearly a failure in the local level. if this is scrutinized by the department of justice, they are going to be seeing a very disturbing troubling manipulation of the grand jury process. >> thank you for being with us. and the rice family attorney, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having us.
10:16 am
after a year of more than 359 mass shoot ings ings in the country, president obama is expected to take action next week which he hopes will curtail the number of overall gun sales. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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president obama is wrapping up the christmas break in hawaii this weekend. upon his return to washington next week, he is going to finalize a set of executive actions op gun control in an attempt to curb gun violence. ron is in honolulu traveling with the president. break down the plan for us? >> and we know that the president is going to the have a meeting with attorney general at the white house when he gets back to work after the vacation. we will learn more specifics about what he going to provide and try to do with the executive
10:20 am
actions directed at trying to curb gun violence. we believe that the target of the actions is going to be the background check system. we have heard of the gun show, and online loophole which allows the purchases to happen without background check by low-volume dealers, but it appears that is the target for the president's actions, and this issue of the mass shootings, and gun violence, and the president has said that it is the most frustrating thing that he has faced while in office, and the inability the to curve gun violence is the issue that really bothers him it e seems. he has had to address the nation more than a dozen times in office, and consult iing the mo recent in san bernardino, and each time that he does it, you can see the expression on the facing that -- on his face that he is just particularly distu disturbed by what is happening in what he calls "epidemic
10:21 am
proportion proportions." there is going to be a lot of backlash on this, and people saying that he is abusing the authority, and overreaching, but he feels that blocked by congress, he feels he has to do something while in office. we will hear more monday, but he is going to say that he has the to try to address this problem that is epidemic in america. and you can't help but notice and hear the lapping waves behind you, ron allen. reporting live in honolulu. and presidential candidates are making last-ditch efforts. and while donald trump is getting ready for a rally tonight, she is going to be holding rallies next week in southern states. and erin, starting up, is donald
10:22 am
trump ramping up the talks of not just hillary clinton, but calling her weak, and calling him on the abuse of women. what is the strategy here, and kit work or will it backfire when he is taking on the clintons? >> well, donald trump is trying to pivot to show that he can be a general election candidate. he knows that he will be taking on hillary clinton h, and attacked by republicans, because they don't like it, but since he has a huge lead, and solidifying it, and it does not look like anybody is going to be catching up with him any time soon, he has to focus on her n the event that he is the republican party's nominee. >> i want to bring you into the kcon versation, and especially when it comes to donald trump and the numbers out of new hampshire, you pointed out how he has been dominating the political conversation, and some 50 million mentions there on the tweet. and when you look at these numbers in the polls in new
10:23 am
hampshire, are they translating to votes or will the ground game there help him? that is the question that we don't know, and this election is going to be interesting, because we have enormous amounts of data about the view of social media, and print media. and we don't know how it translates to polls. so are people going to show up to the polls, and vote for him? it is hard to tell, and people say that they aare supporting donald trump, and then they say after the rally, well, maybe we will go to vote for barry sanders or somebody else. it is interesting to see if they actually show up, and flip the weather. >> i can't believe that if you
10:24 am
look at the "union leader ooh "there against trump, what does he have to do, chris christie to win the granite state? >> well, it is going to be difficult for him to win new hampshire, maybe he can come in second or third. and what we are seeing now is the establishment candidates are coming after chris christie, because jeb bush, and john kasich have to make a last stand in new hampshire, even though it is the second state to vote. and right now, chris christie is trying to take on marco rubio, and what is interesting about the poll is that of course, donald trump is going away with his lead there. ted cruz is in second place in new hampshire, and he has a fair amount of support there. and what chris christie needs to do is to get ahead of the the establishment e republicans, and he wants to finish ahead of marco rubio there, and also in iowa, so as a establishment republican start to coalesce
10:25 am
around one candidate, he wants it to be him. right now the momentum is with him, and it does not seem to be with marco rubio. and the opposition is flying against all of the candidates, but especially marco rubio, and we are seeing negative article after article against him, and it seems that chris christie could pull ahead of him. >> and yes w heard the commens s that he may not survive those attacks. and now, in ben carter, a shake-up in the campaign, and when you top tier staffers, thanks, but no thanks, i'm moving on. how big of a hit for the carson camp when they say it is infighting and between them? >> it is never good news. the fact is that the campaign candidates don't want to talk about the campaign, and if you
10:26 am
are talking about the campaign, something is wrong. this is the wrong time for them to be struggling with the infighting, and the bad news about the campaign staffers leaving, including the manager. he only has three or four weeks to go before people vote for him, and by the way, iowa was to be the place to breakout, and this is four weeks now, and who is running the campaign? it is terrible for the carson campaign, and particularly a campaign in the polls, andnd they are losing the momentum quick quickly. >> and now, let's look into the krystal ball, and some say ted cruz and nikki haley, the governor of south carolina. pa paul, go ahead. >> cruz hay di -- cruz and haley
10:27 am
would be a very interesting pick, two nonwhite people on the ticket. >> aaron. >> erin. i have no idea for donald trump being the vice president of ted cruz, but i could see ted cruz being the vice president to donald trump. >> okay. thank you, both. how could the north pole be warmer than parts of the united states this time of year? we will have that ahead. and, or human person can use progressive's name youprice tool to take control of their budget. and while the men do the hard work of making money, she can get all the car insurance options her little heart desires. or the women might do the hard work of making money. [ chuckling ] women don't have jobs. is this guy for real? modernizing car insurance with -- that's enough out of you! the name your price tool, only from progressive. where is your husband?
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10:33 am
welcome back to weekends with alex witt, and i'm francis rivera in for alex witt. as the criminal case against bill cosby gets under way, his
10:34 am
wife camilka milcamille is set against her husband in a new york judge. kristen dahlgren has the report. >> reporter: the woman will be standing next toer lawyer standing up against seven women who say that he drugged and assaulted them. her information key. >> she has information about his sexual proclivities and the sexual rise of other people, and the use of quaaludes. >>er the women are saying that he defied their claims, and they are one of over 50 women who allege sexual misconduct. camille was noticeably absent when her husband was arraigned. she did post, the man i met and loved is the man that you nell in love with.
10:35 am
camille is the mother of his five children, but also his business manager. >> maybe they are looking for the business records or checks that were paid out but there business. knowledge and when and where he was and where he was supposed to b be. >> and cosby has depetedly denieded all of the allegations, and counter suing all of the women for defamation. >> when you separate what happens in the court of law from what has been allowed to happen in the fictional court of public opinion, you have a outlook that the only the courts can desire. >> and now, breaking days before his wife is questioned, he breaks his silence. >> and among e those is patricia stoi i stoiier, and she has accused him of drugging, and sexually assaulting her twice, once in his home in massachusetts, and secondly in atlanta city. she was a jane doe number five
10:36 am
against constand ver sus cosby. and you seem to be surprised by your own reaction when this arraignment took place. >> well sh, i was very emotiona and i was stunned, because i did not expect it to happen after so many years, and then i was overwhom can tears. -- overcome with tears. >> i heard that you started to cry, and what is going through your mind and heart when you are processing that something that you never thought would happen is actually row lly reality. >> and no matter when we came forward in support of andrea constand or the last 14 months, we have within met with a tremendous alt of disbelief and skepticism.
10:37 am
this is what andrea constand deserved, this moment to have him criminally charged and going to court. this is a tremendous validation for her, first and foremost, and for those of us standing in support of her all of this time. >> and you are using the word e skepticism, so i want to ask you about this, i spoke with the criminal defense attorney thomas maser r mazer row who is not involved in this attack at all, but when he talked about the credibility of the alleged victims. >> this is going to be tried in a conservative part of pennsylvania, and you may see the conservative women looking at what were playboy center folds or something else, and maybe they are going to be questioning the behavior and the values, and the defense is going
10:38 am
to do a terrific job e investigating who they were 40 years ago. >> patricia, you have taken legal action gaiagainst cosby, this is not anything new, but are you prepared for the actions? >> yes, i am prepared. i will not speak for anybody else, but i was not any of the kinds of people that he described on your show earlier today. it was a voice major in college, a music student, and i had nothing to do with hollywood, and i had no aspirations to be a model or actress. the truth is that we don't know what is going to happen in the trial. we don't know if the prosecutors will decide if it is helpful to have any of us testify on andrea's behalf, and if he does decide that, the judge has the to rule whether or not that is appropriate and possible. >> and if that is asked of you, will you do it? will you testify? >> yes, i said they will testify, and i said it ten years
10:39 am
ago, and i stand ready to testify again. >> and now, in the correspondence with the other accusers such as you and ms. constand, do you communicate? is. >> we have a way to communicate over social media, that started the last year. and nothing existed for us to talk to each other in the intervening years, for this to come forward. and we don't talk about the details of the trials or any of the suits or any of those things. we just support each other emotion emotionally on that site. and andrea signed an agreement saying that she would not discuss what happened in the settlement, a nd she has done, that and maintained any silence about that, and we are sharing words of support with each other. >> and i am sure that the word that you share out there as well
10:40 am
is vindication? sh >> when people have reactions like the one i had when i heard the news, we can be supportive of each other about those kinds of emotions that are arising about joy, relief, about sadness regarding the way that we have been disbelieved all of these years. >> i want to ask you quickly to end this, but when it comes to the ind haveication, and justice, how important for charges to be brought versus actual conviction h, and if this goes to trial, which it is looking like it will, and if there is no conviction s all lost? >> no, i don't believe all is lost. i was thinking of mr. mesereau's words earlier when i was waiting to come on, and there is another high profile celebrity case that i can speak about in which o.j. simpson was acquitted in the criminal trial, and yet in 1995, there was a wrongful death judgment against him for ron goldman's death, and nicole brown simpson's death, and so
10:41 am
what really matters in this case is that the andrea wanted criminal charges to be brought. and the outcome is unknown. >> all of lus will be watching, and you and 56 of the other accuser accuserss as well. patricia, thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. with the iowa caucuses now a month away, one of the leading political experts of the country joins me to size up the polls, and the issues that may play a deciding difference on february # 1st. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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10:44 am
now, to storm that warmed up the north pole on wednesday. errant temperatures were 50 degree degrees above normal. it was so warm that it was colder in the north pole. it is part of the same storm that brought flooding in texas and missouri. and bonnie schneider is here,
10:45 am
and how warm did it get in the north pole? >> well, looking, francis, a lot of of dynamics and not just the one storm system that caused the incredible rise in the rm thes the. much colder air is what we are used to seeing in this part of the world, but last month on the 30th, the storm that the brought the tornadoes and the blizzards worked across the atlantic, and intensified, and this storm was moving 200 miles an hour, and slipped across the europe, and caused a disturbance, and we had a second storm system dropping moisture from the west, and imagine a drink in the sink. all of the wa water would be stay down here in a h hurry, but this got sucked up to the post here. and we call this a strong pressure gradient, and it is inkr incredible. the temperatures boosted up to 30 to 33 degrees. the average temperature is
10:46 am
negative 20 in farp height, and you have low pressure on either side, and now, less cold air is suctioned up, and highly unusual, and it did not lasz. only a few hours, fran kis. >> and now, santa and the elves, and bonnie snchneider, thank yo very much. and the iowa caucuses months away, it is time for candidates to stop in iowa, including hillary clinton and marco rubio and ted cruz and donald trump. and now, we have a look at the iowa phenomenon with the university of virginia center for politics president. tell us about this. >> new hampshire ip cynsists on being the first primary, and other states have deferred to them. iowa, which is usually more than one on each side, they will get
10:47 am
the moment fum, as they are moving to new hampshire, and other primaries, but new hampshire is included to go its own way to the validate it being the first primary. and it does not like to rubber st stamp what iowa has done. let's breakdown the gop candidates starting with donald trump. will the support erode in new hampshire if he doesn't pick up? >> well, there is some reaction in new hampshire where he wins or loses, and most of the polls today are suggesting that ted cruz might have the edge, but trump's backers have focused on declarations that he is ahead everywhere by a mile. he leads in every state. if he loses in the first contest, it is bound to have some impact, especially in new hampshire that is not as attuned to trump as some of the other
10:48 am
states say on the march 11st, the big s.e.c. primary. >> well, if trump loses iowa, would it be cruz's for the taking? >> it might be cruz, but i don't see anybody trying to win it now that ben carson has declined. but it is good about who is third or fourth or how the finish is, and what the finishes are, and how far away is the third place winner is from the top two, and so it is hard to quantify in advance, because there is no set of rules that tells you that if you get a certain percentage in iowa, you will is have a ticket out. we will know it when we see it. it is just like pornography, and we will know it when we see it. >> you have never heard that analogy before, and since you put it that way. let me ask you about iowa, and
10:49 am
some people are dropping in after? is that going to happen or when is that going to happy to others pearing down the field. >> i would think that all of them will stick it out for new hampshire, because it is only eight days after iowa votes. so the dropping out period really begins after new hampshire, and more after the third contest in south carolina. so the republican field is going to window down, and the democ t democratic field doesn't have much to winnow, and martin omally, i suppose, but the other two bernie sanders and hillary clinton would stay through the march primaries. >> looking at donald trump there, you see the endorsement for chris christie and the union leaders, and possible for the established gop members to it away from donald trump? >> it is possible, but the
10:50 am
establish me establishment campaigns would have to eliminate each other, down to maybe two, before the new hampshire primary, because there are so i would say mid-30s, something like that. so, the key is who is left in there by new hampshire and who dominates by new hampshire. one of those establishment candidates may well get a kick up from new hampshire. but -- but them again, it may not happen. it may just be that they all split the vote and that helps trump, even cruz if he wins iowa could get a bump up. >> let's talk about the money. >> there's so many combinations of factors and candidates at this point that even a month or in new hampshire's case, five weeks out, i think you want to tread lightly. >> next time we'll chat about that and the money factor with jeb bush with $100 million and donald trump saying he'll sink big money in south carolina, new hampshire and iowa, too. thanks for being with us.
10:51 am
>> thanks so much. with the award season coming up, what are the best films for 2015? it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
10:52 am
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10:54 am
2015 was a big year especially for movies from "star wars" to "jurassic park" but what will be the big films of 2016? joining me is senior entertainment editor for "the bail daily beast." when it comes to great films now that we're turning to award seasons, what are your picks for the best movies of 2015? >> the reason i like "star wars" is because it's my trend of the year which are the big huge blockbusters that didn't suck. >> that's one way to put it. okay. >> but we're so conditioned every year to see the big budget special effects movies and they're all terrible. but this year the trend was different. we had movies like "the marshen" matt damon in outspace and mars.
10:55 am
very entertaining. >> was it under a comedy? because it was under the comedy category in the golden glob. >> i would categorize it as a drama or action flim. >> what are your other must sees of the year. >> "spotlight" is a movie about journalism but more than that it's just really compelling story. there's no special effects, there's no gimmicks. there's nothing but just great storytelli storytelling. >> you posted your stars to watch in 2016. i've heard none of these people. who are your favorites? >> jesse usher, he's a tv star, he's on the comedy "survivors or more" but he's about to be in the fourth of july sequel. >> if you are a tv fan you might
10:56 am
have watched "mr. robot" the usa drama that was compelling and the star is being groomed to be the next jon hamm, the next dashing, handsome, cable tv drama star. >> is that him right there? >> that's him. >> as far as the female side, any big breakout stars? >> there's an actress katherine waterston, she played the mother of steve jobs' daughter. they'll be in the "fantastic beast" the harry potter prequel, and she'll be in the new "alien" movie. >> last year you would have said "star wars" is the movie to watch. what's the next big movie that we can expect to blow everything out of the water for 2016? >> i think "ghost busters" is going to be huge. >> all-female. >> all-female "ghost busters." >> has some of the most funny people in hollywood starring it and it's directed by paul fig,
10:57 am
who directed "spy" this year, it has a lot of good things going for it. >> definitely something to keep an eye out for. thank you very much, kevin. have a great day and thanks so much for being with us. e ord. e ord. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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