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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  January 4, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. it's a very busy day on the campaign trail. the iowa caucuses are four weeks away from today. a week after that, the new hampshire primary. many of the major candidates are out campaigning in those two states, iowa and new hampshire. 28 events in all. we start with hillary and bill clinton both out campaigning today. on the left-hand side of the screen you can see a live picture of a hillary clinton event in iowa. on the right-hand side of your screen, there's bill clinton in new hampshire, just a short time ago. it was his formal debut for the campaign, working solo. shortly after that speech, nbc news' andrea mitchell caught up with the former president and asked him about the political tactics of donald trump. take a listen. >> reporter: how do you feel about the kind of campaign donald trump is running, sir? >> the republicans will have to decide who will be nominated.
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how i feel is only relevant when it comes to the economy. we're trying to win a primary. >> we have it covered for you. several reports from the campaign trail today. we want to start with nbc's kristen welker, who is in nashua, new hampshire. paint the scene for us of what it was like, how the crowd reacted to the former president, the first time we have seen him out campaigning by himself. >> reporter: that's right. remember, this is the place where bill clinton proclaimed that he was the comeback kid back in 1992, so the crowd today was fired up. they loved his speech. and it was really a classic speech by former president bill clinton. he started off by laying out a robust defense, an argument for why he says secretary hillary clinton would be the best person to be president right now. he talked about her record in the senate. also as secretary of state. but then he spoke very personally about 40 years ago when they first fell in love and when she was very much an activist for civil rights, for women's rights, for children. of course, long before she had
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ever held elected office. interestingly, the clinton campaign not engaging with donald trump, particularly on some of those very personal attacks that he has waged against former president bill clinton. what they are engaging with him, though, over is the fact that he has culled for a ban on all muslims from entering the united states in some of his more controversy language. take a listen to this not so subtle swipe at trump by former president bill clinton just moments ago. >> america is a place that welcomes all people who are willing to treat other people the way they want to be treated, willing to follow the law, willing to create a common community. >> reporter: of course, the former president does come with some pros and cons. in addition to the barrage of criticism by donald trump, he did have some missteps back in 2008 but i have been speaking to the clinton campaign about this. they say looshk, he was a real asset to barack obama in 2012. if you look at the polling right now, he is so far out ahead in the polls when it comes to
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favorability when you look at elected officials, he's above president barack obama. so they think that he is overall going to be an asset. secretary hillary clinton wants to win new hampshire. this would allow her to really lock up the nomination early. if she doesn't, they could explain that, she can't lose iowa and that is where she is campaigning heavily today. >> kristen welker reporting in new hampshire, thanks so much. on the right side of things, donald trump is still targeting hillary clinton via bill and his past with women. here he is this morning talking about that. >> i don't really care about monica lewinsky other than i think hillary was an enabler and a lot of things happened that were obviously very seedy. he was impeached, for heaven's sake. >> so trump has a commanding lead in the most recent national polls and today, rnc chairman reince priebus said this to the "washington post." quote, i'm not one of these people that think that donald trump can't win in a general election. i actually think there's a huge crossover appeal there to people
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that are disengaged politically that he speaks to. nbc's katy tur is covering the trump event tonight, a rally taking place in lowell, massachusetts. what's the trump game plan for the last four weeks, the iowa caucuses are right around the corner and we now have their first ad buy. >> reporter: trump is trying to gain momentum in iowa specifically, but he's also trying to keep up momentum in all the other states and is doing well. we are a few miles down the road from new hampshire where he is still doing well. that's where starting tomorrow according to the campaign they will be airing their first tv ads, new hampshire and iowa, and it's about a 30-second encapsulation of the donald trump campaign, the greatest hits of the campaign, if you will, so far. one that there needs to be a fight against radical islamic terrorism, there needs to be a muslim ban, there needs to be a wall, they need to stop illegal immigration, all the things trump has been hitting on the campaign trail in a 30-second spot. take a listen to it. >> i'm donald trump.
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i approved this message. >> the politicians can pretend it's something else but donald trump calls it radical islamic terrorism. that's why he's calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states until we can figure out what's going on. he'll quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil. and he will stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that mexico will pay for. >> reporter: it's that simple and direct language you are seeing in that campaign ad and that trump uses out on the trail that's resonating so much with his supporters. they feel like he's talking directly to them, not talking at them like a number of politicians have done so in the past. whether or not he's able to maintain the leads he has so far in all of the early states except for iowa remains to be seen. whether or not he's going to be able to get over the hump past ted cruz in iowa remains to be seen. but he is already laying the groundwork for potential loss in iowa. he says that he could come in second to ted cruz by a couple of points and if he does, it's
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not a big deal. he's going to move on to the other states, hinting that it won't be the end of his campaign if he loses just one state. thomas? >> katy tur reporting in massachusetts on the trail with donald trump, thanks. still ahead, don't miss donald trump's campaign spokesperson joining me live at 1:45. ted cruz kicked off a bus tour through iowa today intending to cement his status as that state's gop front-runner with just weeks before the caucuses. the texas senator set off on a 28-stop bus tour where he talked about being the focus of attacks by his fellow gop presidential contenders. >> two weeks ago, every candidate in the field or just about every candidate in the field was attacking donald trump. now just about every candidate in the republican field is attacking me. i guess something has changed. that's all right. they are welcome to throw their attacks. i'm going to keep my focus on our positive optimistic vision for this country. >> nbc's hallie jackson joins me
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from the cruz campaign bus en route to carroll, iowa. that is the next stop for the candidate. you interviewed cruz. what did he have to say? >> reporter: technically i think we are still on the road to that next step. we are on the campaign bus. if you look outside you can see the snowy iowa fields rolling by. the senator and his staff in the back there. i think they are having lunch at this point. i promised we wouldn't go all the way back in but it gives you a sense whereof we are at the moment. yeah, senator cruz starting his 28-stop bus tour of iowa, a state where he leads donald trump in the polls. he is number one here. this stop, this trip is intended to do a couple things. number one, show caucus goers in iowa they are not taking their support for granted. the other thing they want to do is prove that unlike past winners, they have the money and the organization to go long term, to go beyond iowa and some of the s.e.c. primary states. of course, the question is the expectation game, right, can you sustain this now for the next 27 days until the caucuses happen. well, that's what bus tours like
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this one are all about with the signage on the wall, pulling up to small town places even as late as quarter to midnight they are doing a stop throughout iowa trying to show folks they are here. it's classic iowa politicking on the ground shaking hands. it's very different from what senator cruz's next closest rival does which is donald trump coming in and packing huge stadiums with thousands of people. the question is, who will actually turn out to vote, turn out to caucus, i should say, on february 1st. are those people that are going to be turning out for donald trump, will they be turning out for ted cruz. the cruz campaign believes it does have the organization in order to get out the vote, get the volunteers, making phone calls. you know they have the dorm set up for volunteers here where they are talking about this and trying to make this happen. i just had the chance to interview the senator back in this little section here. i want you to listen to some of what we talked about. >> i think the voters are a lot smarter than politicians give them credit for. they recognize that talk's cheap. it's easy for someone to use a lot of loud rhetoric but people
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are interested in actions. have you walked the walk. when president obama and chuck schumer tried to push through a massive amnesty plan, where were you? >> reporter: taking another sneak peek here to the back of senator cruz's bus, something you will only be seeing on nbc news. i should point out, a cameo appearance from the gentleman talking now, representative steve king of iowa, somebody who endorsed the senator and is a surrogate for him on the campaign trail. lots more to come but for now, back to you in new york. >> the graphic in the back, cruz into caucus. i like that. that's some good stuff live right there as you are on the bus in motion to carroll, iowa. thanks so much. we'll talk again later. there is much more political coverage coming up. next hour i speak with ben carson's political spokesperson, campaign spokesperson on why carson says his major campaign staff shakeup was necessary. we turn now to developing news in about an hour from now, we have president obama meeting with attorney general loretta lynch, and other top law enforcement officials at the white house. the president expected to finalize new executive actions
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aimed at tightening the nation's gun laws. those actions already being rebuffed by republicans. how speaker paul ryan released a statement reading in part at a time when the country wants the president to lead the fight against islamic terror this is yet another attempt to define and distract from his failed policies. moments ago, we have white house press secretary josh earnest speaking about the upcoming actions. take a look. >> we have to do something in this country to address the consequences of congress' failure to act. and look, there are more than 30,000 americans who die every year as a result of a gun, and we're not going to be able to pass a law or take an executive action that would prevent every single incident of gun violence but if there's something that we can do that would prevent even one, why wouldn't we do it? >> nbc news national correspondent peter alexander joins me now. explain what these executive actions could look like. >> reporter: let's walk you through this. we are told by a white house
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official the president will likely make his announcement about the steps he plans to take tomorrow morning. we will have that here on msnbc as well. but if we put up on the screen right now, you can see some of the possible steps that we understand the white house, this administration, is considering right now. among them, they include what would effectively be this administration's effort to close the gun show loophole, to increase background checks by requiring informal gun dealers to be licensed. they would try to improve reporting of lost and stolen weapons, to beef up inspections of licensed dealers and to target criminals who attempt to buy illegal guns. one of the real issues that this administration is focused on right now is trying to clarify the presidetremendous law as de to me by a senior administration official, saying they know they can't change the law but they believe a lot of the people who sell in bulk, sell dozens of guns, either online or at gun shows, they don't have a storefront but are still in the business of selling guns and
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those people should be licensed through the atf. that would require them then to go through the necessary background checks system that is presently in place to try to better assure that the people they are selling to are safe to be carrying those weapons. that remains to be litigated. one of the real challenges exists not just after these actions are put into place but whether they even really get that far, because it would require more money from the folks who give the money to the atf, that is congress, for this really to work effectively and congress, led by the republicans right now, is obviously unlikely to do that. thomas? >> so what is the white house saying in response to the legality of the president's motion or thoughts on executive action? >> reporter: well, it was that question that i asked them specifically, and that's where they come up with the language they use which is they are trying to better clarify the law as it exists right now. they believe this fits within the parameters of existing law. everything that the president will announce tomorrow, again,
10:13 am
the meeting he has with the attorney general, loretta lynch, expected to take place about an hour from now in the oval office where they will finalize those plans but everything they say they are doing will be within existing law. they say they want to better clarify the law as it is to make sure these loopholes that exist can be as best possible sealed. >> peter alexander, reporting from d.c., thanks so much. want to bring into the conversation, steve kornacki. this is really an issue that has americans conflicted. very divided over what to do when it comes to gun reform. >> it's interesting. it's a topic in some ways, remember that debate we had a couple years ago on the topic of background checks, universal background checks, everybody who buys a gun be subjected to a background check. the president was for it. you took polls on this, it looked like people were overwhelmingly for this. we said why couldn't it get done. it is more complex. let's show you why. let's put up the polling. you ask the question should there be universal background
10:14 am
checks. you have 85% of all americans saying yes, almost 90% of democrats, almost 80% of republicans. that would be, when you think about it, universal background checks would be stricter gun control, right? so then you ask the question, a different question, do you favor or oppose stricter gun control laws in this country. then look at this. only 48% say they favor stricter gun control. 51% say they are against it. so it's a situation where it depends how you are thinking about the issue. when you think about an issue like background checks, people say i'm for that. when it's framed as do you want more gun control or less gun control, they say they want less. so it really -- there are different ways people think about these issues. that's one thing for the white house probably to be considering here. democrats in general, as they consider how to deal with this, you know, it's not necessarily as automatic as you think. >> no. the greater clarification as peter is pointing out, how will they come up with the language necessary to make this more crystal clear for people to understand. lot of nuance goes into the complexity of this. speaking of language, steve kornacki, thank you. this brings us to the bing
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microsoft pulse question for you. we are asking whether or not will the president's action on gun control reduce violence. excuse me, on gun control reduce gun violence. check out the pulse. we will bring you the results coming up a little later in this hour. again, protesters angry over federal land policies take the law into their own hands at a wild life refuge in oregon. can the fbi broker a peaceful solution? we will talk about that. plus a war of words and protests following saudi arabia's execution of a shiite cleric. we have the latest fallout in iran, also reaction from the 2016 trail on whether the u.s. should even get involved. first, we are following this breaking news. the first trading day of 2016 getting off to a really rough start. the dow having its worst opening day in 84 years. dow briefly fell more than 350 points by midmorning. the u.s. stock markets taking a direct hit from china's slowing economy. we have a live report on what
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it is our hope that the protesters there will stand down peaceably, that there will not be a vienolent confrontation. our prayers are certainly with those in law enforcement that are risking their lives right now that they be safe. but there is no right to engage in violence against other americans and it is our hope and prayer that that situation resolves itself peaceably sooner rather than later. >> that was the republican presidential candidate ted cruz this morning calling on armed protesters in oregon to stand down. now, on top of that call, the fbi is working to bring a peaceful end to the situation. since saturday, a small group of protesters have occupied a national wild life refuge
10:20 am
headquarters there, but they took over this building after participating in a rally over the prison sentences of local ranchers, dwight and steven hammond, after serving their original sentences for fires burned on federal land, a judge ruled that the hammond's terms were too short. these men, father and son, are expected to turn themselves in today. the occupation is being led by ammon bundy, the son of cliven bundy, who was involved in a standoff with the government in 2014. earlier today, bundy says the group has no intention of committing violence unless the government intervenes. >> the only violence that if it comes our way, will be because government is wanting their building back and that's what it would be about. we are putting nobody in harm's way. we are not threatening anybody. we are 30 miles out of the closest town. >> msnbc's scott cohn is live in
10:21 am
pr princeton, oregon. explain what the fbi is saying about how it's working to end this situation peacefully. >> reporter: well, what the fbi is saying, thomas, is that they are working with the local authorities and presumably at some point working with the protesters to come up with a peaceful solution, but near as we can tell, the biggest effort on that is just keeping a low profile. we haven't seen any law enforcement presence here at the mountaineer national wildlife refuge so everything seems to be aimed at tamping down the level of the rhetoric. that's also the message coming from the white house. here's white house press secretary josh earnest a short time ago. >> the fbi has indicated they are working with local law enforcement officials to resolve the situation and we're hopeful that that situation can be resolved peacefully without any violence. >> reporter: the question is, whose patience will wear out first. the protesters have said they are prepared to be here for
10:22 am
years and as you can tell, the fbi is not playing -- tipping its hand at all. thomas? >> we will wait to see how it unfolds. scott, keep us posted. coming up next, what's behind the dow's worst open in 84 years and will stocks recover after today's major plunge before closing? we are seeing a modest uptick. we will explain the turbulence after this. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. i have a massive heart attack oright in my driveway.d the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen.
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10:26 am
the backlash there with the ceo being fired, also several other employees suspended, not to mention the efforts by volkswagen to design repairs to those vehicles. also lawsuits with customers and not to mention the p.r. nightmare for volkswagen in what is one of the largest corporate scandals involving the auto industry. the latest development now is that the federal government now suing german automaker volkswagen for those violations for cheating on those emissions tests, installing those devices. >> thanks. we will follow the report. we also want to talk business news for you today. we have been following this breaking news on wall street from the first thing this morning as we had the first opening trading day of 2016 off to a really rough start. the dow having its worst opening day in 84 years. so the u.s. stock market's taking this direct hit from china's sluggish economy. seema mody is a global markets reporter for cnbc and joins us to talk about why. break down why this is happening
10:27 am
and what it means. is this all in relation to china? >> yeah, absolutely. stocks selling off not just in the u.s. but overseas as well. you know, market experts say this is primarily due to heightened concerns around china's economy. those latest factory and manufacturing data pointing to more bad news, contracting for the tenth consecutive month. some analysts say this disappointing data suggests that the central bank's policies to stimulate growth are simply not working and that more intervention will be needed to kick-start growth. we are talking about the world's second largest economy and you know, further evidence of a slow-down is certainly not welcoming news for companies in the u.s. that export there as well as commodity oriented names that rely on demand. one of the reasons we are looking at oil prices move today. but it's important to note weak data not the only factor at play. investors nervous about a ban being lifted on large chinese shareholders that will allow them to reduce their positions. that was introduced in an effort
10:28 am
to curb market volatility. experts say the unwinding of these emergency controls may trigger further selling this week due to rising fears that the shareholders will sell chinese stocks. the selloff triggered the circuit breaker, an emergency breakdown that was introduced today. the shanghai composite down by about 7%. basically the latest sign of further headwinds for the second largest economy and widely seen as the catalyst behind the sell-off in the u.s. the dow jones industrial at one point was down as much as 400 points. >> we will keep our eye on this fluctuating dow jones before the market closes today. right now down by 357. seema mody at cnbc, thank you. coming up, the execution of a prominent shia cleric rips open simmering tensions between saudi arabia and iran. all of this as mideast nations choose sides in this high stakes war of words. we will explain what happened. we are live after this. to truly feel healthy on the outside
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we do continue to be concerned about the need for both the iranians and the saudis to deescalate the situation in the middle east, that we are urging all sides to show some restraint and to not further inflame tensions that are on display in the region. >> white house press secretary josh earnest moments ago on the growing tensions between iran and saudi arabia. today the saudis decided to stop all flights to and from iran. several sunni led countries are joining the saudis in severing diplomatic ties with iran, including bahrain and sudan and the united arab emirates downgraded its relationship. this all comes after saudi arabia executed 47 prisoners including a prominent shiite cleric saturday. this caused violent protests over the weekend with iranian
10:33 am
protesters storming the saudi embassy. iranian president rouhani condemned both the executions and the attacks by iranian protesters. a spokesperson for iran's foreign minister saying in a statement quote, we will use all our possibilities and relations with the regional states to block advancement of saudi arabia's policies. nbc's tehran bureau chief is with us. i want to play for everybody what saudi arabia's foreign minister told reuters today. take a look. >> we will not allow iran to destabilize our region. we will not allow iran to do harm to our citizens or those of our allies so we will react. >> we will react. talk about how countries have started to change in their relationship with iran, how this is dividing already stressed countries. >> reporter: well, already we see a major diplomatic fallout over this. the saudis have cut all
10:34 am
relations with iran as you mentioned, they have canceled flights and all business deals with iran and other gulf states here have followed suit. sudan, bahrain have followed suit and more importantly, the uae have lowered their diplomatic relations with iran. that's very significant because dubai is a major business hub for iranian businessmen. hundreds of thousands of iranians live in dubai and a lot of iranians go there for leisure purposes. it's not very easy for iranians to maintain visas to go anywhere in the world but it's very easy for them to get a visa to go to dubai. this is going to probably become more difficult for them and that will make iranians very upset here. so there has been a major diplomatic fallout. i don't think too many other countries are going to follow suit anymore. the only other places that are very close to saudi arabia are bahrain and -- sorry, kuwait and qatar. they condemned iran's actions but haven't cut diplomatic
10:35 am
relations. the cutting of diplomatic relations is not good for rouhani's government. one of the things he wanted to do when he made this nuclear deal was bring iran in from the cold, to make iran part of the world community and that's going to become very difficult for him now. thomas? >> ali, thanks so much. humen, nice to have you here. explain the larger back story about the rivalry that brought us to this point against the muslims in iran and the muslims in saudi arabia. >> i think the rivalry there is a shia/sunni rivalry. i wouldn't call it necessarily an all-out war. shiites and sunnis haven't actually been at war for centuries. but there is rivalry and there is also a greater rivalry between persia and arab. there are ethnic arabs living in
10:36 am
iran and iranian citizens surrounded by arab countries other than afghanistan and pakistan but to the west, it's all arab states. and the saudis have always felt they are the leaders as the protector -- >> sunni muslims. >> yeah, protectors of islam. they host the two holiest sites in islam, mecca. so as the protectors of the faith they see iran as heretics who want to extend their influence. america's deal with iran, the western thawing of relations with iran, this is all a threat to saudi arabia. it makes iran in their minds more powerful country, more able to exert its influence in the region particularly in places where saudi arabia has a particular interest such as syria, where they are on opposing sides, such as yemen where they are on opposing sides in that civil war and in syria.
10:37 am
so there is concern the saudis have that has led to this point where now, having executed a shia cleric, undoubtedly they knew this would cause major reaction in iran. perhaps they weren't aware the embassy would be torched but they certainly knew the reaction was going to be severe. >> what's the diplomatic standing of the u.s.? obviously it's the obama administration that needs to handle this moment now, but as we get into the reality of this election cycle, we have the campaign ad from trump today banning all muslim travel to america. does a trump administration, how do they pick up the phone to call and use diplomatic -- >> i don't -- >> -- diplomatic ways of trying to stem the tide here? >> we are over a year away from a trump administration, if there is a trump administration. >> from a diplomatic standpoint what do we do right now? >> right now i think the obama
10:38 am
administration does what john kerry did, pick up the phone to the iranian foreign minister. the fortunate thing out of the nuclear deal with iran, iran is now speaking to the united states. something we didn't do. so there's an ability for the u.s. to speak to iran directly, have direct contact with iran. obviously there is an ability to have direct contact with the saudis although the saudis have not really been very good about listening to what america wants them to do or what policies they would like them to follow. such as on syria, for example, where the saudis have blocked iranian involvement in the talks for two years until just recently. this is another area of concern. i think obama will personally have to get involved in this and try to bring them back together again, at least so that they are at least talking. especially because of syria and because of the threat of isis, the threat of terrorism, things like that. >> complexities abound. >> they do. >> thank you, sir. good to have you with me. i appreciate your time. coming up next, it's day one for donald trump's first tv ad of the primary season.
10:39 am
how is this provocative spot playing with voters? we have the latest reaction as it rolls out. we will cover it with the spokesperson for donald trump's campaign next. my sister raves about her toothpaste
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10:42 am
hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. so donald trump is taking his pitch to the air waves with a provocative new campaign ad. his very first tv ad of the 2016 election cycle. this controversial spot is garnering a lot of buzz. >> he will quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil. and he'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that mexico will pay for. >> we will make america great again. >> msnbc's cal perry is senior editor and has been following this story for us. not new talk. this is the same lines donald trump has been repeating all cycle but what's the reaction been online?
10:43 am
>> not surprisingly it's been polarizing. we heard from the super pac that supports hillary clinton who called the ad quote, disgusting. so people who are opposed to donald trump are taking that line online. his supporters of course are big fans of the ad and there does seem to be a pattern here emerging with donald trump. we heard some of the leading democratic candidates saying that his ads would be used for propaganda by groups in the middle east, by terror groups and they have been. we saw a recent ad in which they play a clip of him calling for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. i'm not sure that donald trump minds that. i think it allows him to talk on a platform about how he's a strong leader against these terror groups. that's what he's done in the wake of this ad. he's taken to twitter, saying that he's the one talking tough against groups like isis, against groups like shabab and that's the reason that people should vote for him. so i think the images in his ad and the language in his ad is what he is going for. he is going for the attention
10:44 am
grabber and this ad has done exactly that. grabbed everybody's attention. >> it certainly has. it's the first of the cycle for donald trump. he expects to spend about $2 million as we ramp up to iowa and that's split between iowa and new hampshire. thank you, sir. want to bring in katrina pearson, national spokesperson for the donald trump campaign. nice to see you. happy new year. >> hi, thomas. happy new year. >> thank you so much. we have this new ad that uses really provocative language against immigrants, against muslims. athis is not new stuff. this is the same kind of talk we have heard from donald trump throughout this election season. this is not new to iowa voters. so do you think that this is going to resonate in iowa and if not, is that a concern for the trump campaign carrying into new hampshire? >> no. i think it's definitely going to resonate because it might be tough talk but it's also common sense. we are facing very serious circumstances worldwide and this country is not defending itself, not protect itself. its leaders have left this nation and its people
10:45 am
vulnerable. that's why this language is extremely important. because the voters need to be reminded which candidate is going to be out there saying what needs to be said and is not afraid to do what needs to be done to protect this country. >> ted cruz seems to be the one that iowa voters like the best. is donald trump going to be considered, i know he had this interview with barbara walters where he said i'll be a loser if i don't win iowa, is donald trump going to be a loser in the eyes of new hampshire voters if he doesn't win iowa? >> no, not at all. iowa is in iowa. we have seen several times the person that wins iowa isn't necessarily the person that wins the nomination. i think it's safe to say at this point that whether trump wins or loses iowa, and i think he's going to win iowa, he's not going to be a loser because he's been a winner this entire time. so it really doesn't matter whether or not iowans pick number one or number two. trump is a winner hands down on all the issues. >> we have got this other new piece of video out, a recruitment video from a somali
10:46 am
extremist group featuring a portion of donald trump. i want to show a clip of this. >> listen, donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the [ bleep ] is going on. >> so we have got this video, it also features some other clips, too, that have black lives matter, hillary clinton in it. it's a combination of things. but is your candidate playing right into the hands of terrorist organizations for recruitment purposes? >> donald trump is less concerned what isis and terrorists think and more concerned about what americans think and how eramericans are going to be protected moving forward. i do love the media using this. not you, but there have been media saying this is exactly what hillary clinton was talking about when in fact, it's not. because hillary clinton and barack obama told us al qaeda
10:47 am
was on the run and who is al shabab? an affiliate of al qaeda. this was not isis like hillary clinton claims so the media is actually trying to call this a win for clinton when in fact it looks like clinton is now the media spokesperson for al qaeda. >> what do you think about home-grown terrorism with syed farook in san bernardino and the issue that is born out of marginalizing issue who are naturally born americans such as that person, who stormed into the irc, it's opening for the first time today after being closed, but is this the type of rhetoric that we need for american muslims to feel marginalized in their own country? >> well, i don't think that it's rhetoric. i think it's speaking the truth. the problem we have had for the last 15 years is you have had politicians not wanting to address the truth. that's why we have this. we have to remind people that this quote unquote, rhetoric didn't cause 9/11. this came because there is a group, an organization and a lot of people who are out there who hate this country. this is not about ideology. this is a political system, a
10:48 am
philosophy that the people in the united states think we can fight mechanically and you cannot defeat a religious precept through mechanical means. this is an ideology. it has to be fought. that means we have to speak the truth about what is coming and the democrats don't even want to address that. >> we are one month away from iowa. we shall see how this plays out for the trump campaign. katrina, thanks. nice to see you. >> thanks, thomas. coming up, we are moments away from president obama's meeting with attorney general loretta lynch as he sets his sights for 2016 on gun control. now we are asking you to answer will president obama's action on gun control actually reduce gun violence. when we come back, reaction from a mass shooting survivor. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol?
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10:51 am
call the number on your screen to learn more. so president obama's first big political fight of 2016
10:52 am
could be over gun control. he's expected to unveil new executive actions aimed at tightening the nation's gun laws this week. 20 minutes from now, he'll be meeting with attorney general loretta lynch and other top law enforcement officials in the oval office and that is to finalize these intended actions. colin godard is a survivor of the 2007 mass shooting at virginia tech. colin, nice to see you. happy new year. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. let's look at what the president could be putting forth here for the executive action, increased background checks by requiring informal gun dealers to be licensed, improve reporting of lost and stolen weapons, beef up inspections of licensed dealers and target criminals who attempt to buy illegal guns. do you think the president is overreaching or is this something that could work? >> absolutely not. the president is certainly within his power to make these small improvements to current
10:53 am
law to enforce the laws on the books. so many people criticize we don't need new laws and these executive actions all of them will help do exactly that. so, you know, the president is clearly wanting to do something on an issue that kills 88 americans every single day and injuries hundreds more and the vast majority of the public wants to see something done and he is finding other opportunities to make improvements to current law to get a better job of enforcing laws on the books and all the while putting more pressure on congress to do their part in this and make positive change as well. >> we have republicans coming out hitting the president over what this action could mean and here's some of their reaction today. >> this president needs to stop focusing on what he is constitutionally forbidden to do, interfering with our 2nd amendment. >> regardless of what is proposed, this is proposed through an executive order. >> right. >> and it shouldn't be. >> well, he can abuse his power
10:54 am
all he wants. he has a phone and a pen but if you live by the pen you die by the pen and my pen has got a eras eraser. >> talk about the point that senator cruz made there. if a republican wins the white house next year, reverses these orders, colin, what do you and other activists do next? i mean, you won't have a friend in the white house that wants to help at all. >> right now, we want to know what any of the republicans candidates propose to do to reduce the number of gun deaths and injuries we are experiencing in america and for the most part we haven't heard anything. for the current members in congress, particularly the house of representatives, we haven't had a subcommittee meeting on this issue. there's been nothing in the house of representatives on this. for the criticism of people saying he's taking action that's unconstitutional, what will you do instead? the answer is nothing. >> full coverage of what comes out of the meeting with president obama and loretta
10:55 am
lynch here on msnbc. colin, always nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> thanks. all right. so our pulse question today are about these executive actions by president obama and frances is here with the look at the results. >> ahead of that meeting with the president, law enforcement, our viewers at home aren't convinced that the president is on gun control to reduce violence. 60% of the viewers saying, no. that's not the case. 40% saying, yes. his action on gun control will reduce violence. look at the breakdown with realtime as you were speaking with your guest here. most of the people mostly voting towards no. not even hitting neutral and breaking it down by political party, those at home, a few republicans voting in realtime represented in red. look at the blue, mostly democrats towards yes. some neutral. not too many independents, as well. but as we're seeing here, again, republicans very few votes so keep those votes coming.
10:56 am is where we're asking you to weigh in on the conversation. thomas? >> all right. thanks so much. we'll talk again shortly. >> the campaigner in chief is on the trail. bill clinton stumping for his wife. we'll check in with reporters out on the campaign trail. and on the other side of the aisle, donald trump releases a blistering new campaign ad, his first ever in this political cycle. but in this ad, he doubles down on the most controversial comments. so what's next for the donald? and in eastern oregon, activists taken over a government building and show no signs of letting it go. we'll have the latest about the standoff. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient?
10:57 am
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11:00 am
focusing on the final sprint to the caucus and the primary in new hampshire. first gop side, donald trump out with the first tv ad targeting voters in the two early states doubling down on the comments from so far from the campaign trail. >> the politicians pretend it's something else but donald trump calls it radical islamic terrorism. that's why he's calling for a temporary shut down of muslims entering the united states until we can figure out what's going on. >> from the right to the left, and we have a big advocate on the trail for hillary clinton. bill clinton showing up in new hampshire today. the first time he has hit the trail solo for hillary clinton and said this when asked about donald trump. >> the republicans will have to decide who is nominated. how i feel is relevanalevant ony pick a candidate. >> we have our team in place to cover the developments on the trail. we begin with nbc news correspondent katy tur in
11:01 am
lowell, mass, where donald trump is holding a rally later today. katy, donald trump still ahead nationally and ted cruz appears to be the current darling in iowa. how does the campaign respond to that, their ground game anyway? >> reporter: not direct throw ted cruz say for a few little small swipes here and there. when ted cruz talks about a border wall, donald trump said that was my idea first and ted cruz is taking all of my ideas and doing them after i have said them but this terms of ground game in iowa, he has a distinctive and definitive ground game in iowa. they have caucus leaders and looking for leaders in the counties, as well. they have the man who drove santorum across the state last election cycle to win iowa, his name is chuck laudner, he's the state director and they have same clovis and she was instrumental getting santorum
11:02 am
over the edge last time, too. they know iowa and have boots on the ground and ready to fight it out. whether or not it's enough to take over cruz remains to be seen. as for new hampshire, not quite as clear and their campaign manager is from new hampshire. he knows the voters there and he's led a number of came pains, not successfully, but previously in new hampshire so donald trump is not behind the ball here when it comes to boots on the ground and what he is able to do in these two early states. it just remanes to be seen who actually shows up to vote and talking about people who have not voted in the past, then i think donald trump has an advantage, especially when it comes to iowa according to a number of polls. >> katy tur, following the trump campaign, reporting in massachusetts, thank you very much. now more on donald trump and team clinton, nbc news senior political editor mark mu rray. we have andrea mitchell getting to bill clinton on the rope line
11:03 am
and asking this trump-related question after the speech. take a listen to the way the former president responds to andrea. >> how do you feel about the kind of campaign donald trump is running, sir? >> the republicans will have to decide who they're going to be nominated. how i feel is only relevant once they pick a nominee. we are trying to win a primary. we have to do that first. >> the answer from the president and stayed meta, not getting specific about trump and both you and chuck todd commenting on this after the encounter about the discipline needed for the president here. >> that's right, thomas. he really was disciplined and sometimes you can end up getting into trouble by, you know, stepping in and saying that kind of question. but what was really clear to me was that bill clinton was saying, we have to win this primary in new hampshire and the polling that shows that bernie
11:04 am
sanders up 2 points. it is a very neck in neck contest race and they have a fight not with donald trump but with bernie sanders in the granite state. >> so when we look at when's happening for iowa and then new hampshire, on the left, just within as you're talking about the bernie sanders and hillary clinton issue, when we stay closer to the general mark and hillary clinton from a donald trump she definitely or generally benefits when people go after her husband but she doesn't want to have to talk about this issue over and over. >> she has in some respects when it benefited her. in some ways, looking to a general election, donald trump and elevating him makes a lot of sense and then as bill clinton mentioned, she has a primary campaign to win and that's important for them. but i would say in a very macro sense, since donald trump and the clintons continuing to fight over this issue, benefits both of them. but what you did see is clinton
11:05 am
campaign not wanting today to be about that. they wanted it to be about bill clinton in new hampshire and hillary clinton in iowa. >> mark murray reporting there for us in washington, d.c., nice to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> chuck todd, being moderator of "meet the press" and "mtp daily." happy new yore. >> happy newier. >> we have the candidates, donald trump at the top of the list and the tv ad that he has out today but we have a remark of reince priebus saying to "washington post," i'm not one of these people that think that donald trump can't win a general election. i think there's a huge appeal there to people disengaged politically that he speaks to. so reince is really staying nice but are they worried about what this actually means to the republican establishment? >> look. republicans don't win general elections without donald trump's voters. okay? these folks have been frequent
11:06 am
general elections voters and not primary voters. these have been, we used to call them reagan democrats. working class. whatever you classify them today. same chunk of voters not involved in primary politics in the past. there's skepticism with traditional republicans of, well, maybe they won't come to the polls. you can't ail innocelienate the. he is being the correct party leader here. you don't want to trash trump supporters. >> and as we look at donald trump's first tv ad out today, it's not a lot new there. >> it's amplifying. but by the way, there's two things we have learned today. today we have been talking about the intensify of this and all this stuff. that's true. number one, all the republican campaigns believe terrorism is number one issue. polls indicate. that tv ads back it up. all on the same topic.
11:07 am
donald trump, jeb bush and rick santorum comes back to terror. everything is about security. chris christie i saw throwing his argument about, okay, we have the national security challenges, time for a grown-up. the point is they have all decided that's the animating issue in these last 30 days and we have seen the negativity amp up. three new negative ads hit today. cruz. cruz hitting santorum and we have engaged as we put it this morning. welcome to thunderdome. >> we'll continue to be in thunderdome. >> we have no max. just donald. >> not yet. thank you so much. always great to see you. >> all right. breaking news story we have right now out of oregon. and this has to do with the standoff that's happened. amman bundy calling himself the leader of this standoff is giving a press conference right now. >> understanding that a ranching family here in harney county is
11:08 am
put under duress by a multiple federal agencies, that those agencies have desired for many years to acquire their ranch and that this -- the hammond family have refused to sell it because they want to pass on the ranching heritage to their children and to their grandchildren. and because of that refusal to sell their ranch, these federal agencies began an attack on this family. they have -- hammond family has experienced their private waters being fenced off by federal agencies. even after the state of oregon ruled that it was their waters. they have been restricted from their private property through
11:09 am
the refugee here going to the private properties through road closures and fences and gates. even after it was determined that the road was owned by the county of harney. they have, again, have multiple times refused the purchase of it. and because of that have been prosecuted for actions that ranchers have done for over 100 years in this county. and for -- in this valley. and for protecting their private property. and these things are what this is about. that -- that because we have allowed our federal government to step outside the bounds of the constitution they have come down upon the people and prosecuting them now directly. they're coming down into the tats and taking over the land and the resources putting the
11:10 am
people into duress, putting the people into poverty. and putting entire counties and entire states into undue obedience. i have asked that shawna cox read you the title regress of grievance and we have spent several weeks, two months to be exact, in petitioning the state and the local county representatives to stand for the hammonds against these unconstitutional actions. and we have done this through petitions. we have done this through contacts by e-mails. we know that the sheriff has received thousands of e-mails. we also know that the county representatives and the state representatives have received thousands of e-mails.
11:11 am
and to no avail. that they have been ignored to the point where they have not even responded back at all. i myself and along with many other organizations and influential people have contacted these representatives and the county sheriff asking them to get involved. and all we have been asking from the very beginning is that they put together an evidential hearing board to look at the evidences, look at the accusations that are set forth and to look at the abuses that the hammonds have been experiencing and they have refused in every case. the notice redress of grievance was our final attempt to get them to act. and this was a legal notice that was delivered to the county
11:12 am
sheriff and the county representatives and state representatives. and i'm going to ask shawna cox if she'll read this. >> thanks. >> who you are with. >> shawna cox. shawna cox. and i am just an individual with a patriot american. in support. >> step up to the mikes. >> yes. sorry. the notice redress of grievance. we the people, united individuals of these states united, coalition of western states, to sisk patriot network, bundy family and supporters, the idaho 3%, the central oregon constitutional guard, the oregon taxico, bearded bastards, the liberty watch washington, nevada committee for full statehood,
11:13 am
rural heritage preservation project, liberty for all, there's more names that i don't have listed here. the redress of grievance says notice to agent in notice to -- notice to principal. notice to principal is notice to agent. sheriff david ward, commissioner dan nichols, commissioner pete reynolds, justice of the peace donna thomas, district attorney tim collinhan, governor kate brown, dear sirs, after research on the hammond case, we the people of these states united have reason to believe that the dwight and steven hammond were not afforded the rights to due process as protected by the united states constitution. we have principled evidence that hammonds committed no crime in the act of performing the prescribed burn and backfire the u.s. government does not have authority to enforce territorial law under article iv within the state of oregon and that the
11:14 am
county of -- >> all right. this is shawna cox, reading off the grievances after hearing from ammon bundy, a leader taken over this wild live refuge there in oregon. all of this in protest of the hammonds. you keep hearing this name. that's the father and son that were convicted of lighting a fire on lands that then spread to federal lands. the judge has sentenced them, said that the ruling on that sentence was too short originally and taking them back to jail. scott cohn is following this story. the nuances of it. and, scott, explain, explain what we are looking at here because as i understand it, bundy and the rest have -- don't have the authority to speak for the hammonds. >> reporter: no, they don't. but they're using it as sort of a springboard to this larger issue that they keep talking about as you heard bundy talk about at the beginning of
11:15 am
ranchers forced into poverty of the new restrictions on the use of sprawl lands and so indeed they don't speak for the hammonds. the hammonds are reporting to prison. they're not in federal custody yet but a statement out from the attorney they plan to report today but they're still continuing to fight their legal battle which is to continue to have grazing rights on the federal lands, this is part of the statement. the hammonds continue the legal efforts and also pursue executive clemency. we hope that president obama will agree with us and with the -- and with the veteran judge that presided over the original trial that the five-year mandatory minimum sentence is far too long and continuing to go with the rule of law. meantime, as you see this unfolding behind me, these protesters getting all of the attention that they were looking for about these issues and they
11:16 am
have also adopted a new name they say. citizens for constitutional freedom, as they read this list of grievances from supposedly a coalition of groups that have been fighting over these issues. >> scott, just to back up so everyone understands how we got to this point, the hammonds were convicted of lighting a fire that went on to federal lands but they were convicted in doing this because there was believed to be a cover-up, that they were inlegally poaching or deer hunting on the lands and the fire to cover the tracks of that. correct? >> reporter: that was the allegation and that's what they were convicted of, of setting these fires to cover illegal deer poaching. and the original trial judge took note of the statute that they were tried under and the five-year sentence and said, that's too much for the crimes that were committed.
11:17 am
the feds appealed that and that's where we get to today where the sentence was revised to five years and the hammonds reporting to prison today to finish out the rest of that sentence. that's lit another fire, rhetorical fire sort to speak with the protest earlprotesters >> i have the statement. they will be reporting today to serve the sentences and continue their legal efforts to renew the grazing permits and also pursue executive clemency. scott cohn there in oregon, we appreciate it, thank you. we have developing big news from the white house this afternoon as president obama is going to be meeting with attorney general loretta lynch and other top law enforcement officials and the president expected to unveil the new executive actions this week. all aimed at the nation's gun laws. these conversations are supposed to be happening as we speak right now in the oval office. so we'll talk about that right after a quick break. what it could mean for reform of
11:18 am
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11:21 am
developing right now at any moment president obama will be meeting with attorney general loretta lynch and other top law enforcement officials and actually this meeting could be happening as we speak. this all comes as the president is expected to unveil new executive actions this week aimed at tightening the nation's gun laws. last hour white house press secretary josh earnest said the actions the president will take all will be legal. >> a lot of the work that's gone on has been to ensure that we would have confidence in the legal basis of these actions. and i feel confident in telling you now that what the president does announce will be the kind
11:22 am
of actions in which we have a lot of confidence that they're within the legal ability of the president of the united states to carry out these actions. >> that's the big part there. the legal able. i want to bring in nbc news justice correspondent pete williams and national reporter tremaine lee. pete, the question is the legality and the parameters of the obama administration stays between the lines. >> right. it seems likely that whatever the president does they'll sue over but succeeding to get it stopped we'll have to see. the problem here is that the law's pretty clear on one of the goals here which is to -- whether you can expand the number of people who have to have a license to sell a gun. why would you want to do that? because when you buy a gun from someone who has a federal licensee, they have to do a background check. this's the goal here. the law says that you have to have a license to sell a gun if you are engaged in the business of selling firearms but there's
11:23 am
an exception saying you don't have to do it as an occasional seller or a hobby or doing it to enhance a personal collection. so question, what will the president say about that? he can't simply expand it on his own but, for example, could the president say if you do this to supplement your income, part of your business, a side light, it is not just a hobby, then you should get a firearms license? i guess we'll have to wait and see if he says you must get one or he says you ought to get one or how that's going to work but that's sort of the legal limitation here as far as background checks go which the president said is one of the goals he has to try to make sure that the background checks cover more firearms purchases. >> all right. explain to all of us the catalyst for the president, the heart of the matter, of why now
11:24 am
seems to be the time to take this executive action. >> the president has said that he's spoken with parents, talked to survivors and children and time to do something. anything. >> yeah. >> congress is inactive and not taking any action, he wants to do something but to pete's point, the heart of this is really the expansion of background checks, when you think about what happens at gun shows many times, going back to your personal collection, i can sell you a bag of guns from my trunk. i don't have a brick and mortar store. that's how many times you look at the situation of chicago, folks going over to indiana, gun shows, purchasing the guns that don't need to fall under the background check. >> and then drive over state lines. thank you, gentlemen. appreciate it. we have been asking you for your thoughts today on the bing pulse question. now, our previous update had 40%
11:25 am
voted, yes. 60% voted, no. right now, kind of the same. the debate remains live at pulse.msn [ music ] defiance is in our bones. citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal.
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all right. there's no other way to characterize it. the stocks took a nosedive with the dow shaving more than 400 points or about 2% and the s&p and nasdaq saw similar percentage decleans and take a look at the dow jones right now. down by some 346 points. now, earlier, the plunge being tied to overseas events happening in china and this growing tension of saudi arabia and iran. josh barrow joins me now to talk about this. no way to kick off the first week, the first day of the new trading year but this gets everybody's attention really fast. is it all china's doing? >> seems to be mostly driven from china.
11:29 am
markets down all over the world today. starts with australia and japan and then china with the massive declines, actually triggering the circuit breaker in the chinese markets. if the market is down, it's new today, new rule today. down 7 and the market stops for the day an gives people to stop panicking and reassess but the problem is it is not like a new surprising thing causing the stocks to call. china is having problems and manifesting today. when it reopens, not like people feel better about chinese stocks. >> interesting to see the safety net and first time to use it today. see where this goes. but how does wall street look at this now as today being an example but respond seeing how china will use that safety net lever and how do we not panic and watch the sellall we are seeing today? >> there are a couple of reasons for people to be concerned, i
11:30 am
don't know about panic. we do a lot of trade with did chinese and bad for american economies when the economy slows down and people in china knew that. they have this -- their stock market doesn't work quite like ours. so it's not news that manufacturering slowing down in china. what is news is if it keeps happening over and over in china, it causes panic and make the chinese economy worse than it was and having bigger effects in the united states so that's the thing worrying people in markets, here, europe, everywhere else. >> good call or bad call for the safety net? >> the rules to stop sudden panics. we have a rule like this in the united states. if the stock market falls 20% in a day trading stops. it's not happened since 1987. the thing is china's still working through already known information about the fact that they have an enormous stock
11:31 am
bubble. this can make people more nervous and people in china to want to sell the stock and because of rules like this they won't be able to sell later and encouraging them to sell now and feeds the panic. >> thank you. still ahead, cruising into iowa. we have ted cruz barnstorming that state this week by bus. could he drive away with a caucus win there? >> two weeks ago every candidate in the field or just about every candidate in the field attacking donald trump. now just another every candidate is attacking me. i guess something's changed. then ben carson picking up new team members after the headlines of chaos within that campaign. and is his bid for presidency in complete upheaval? i'm going to speak about that and more with carson campaign spokesperson next.
11:32 am
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11:35 am
new jersey is the bluest of blue states. i have won twice in a state tougher for our party. that's the kind of victory we need under fire against hillary clinton in november of this year. >> so there we have new jersey governor chris christie stumping this morning in new hampshire, the candidate is hitting several cities in the first in the nation primary state. texas senator ted cruz kicked off the bus tour of iowa. >> two weeks ago every candidate in the field or just about every candidate in the field attacking donald trump. now just about every candidate in the republican field is attacking me. i guess something changed. >> ted cruz is visiting 28 cities in as many counties by friday. a lot of ground to cover there. and i want to start with msnbc's hallie jackson on a bus all day. joining me at the top of carol,
11:36 am
iowa. so, you interviewed ted cruz. what is he saying about leading the pack there in iowa? >> reporter: and, thomas, we are off the bus now. this is what a ted cruz rally looks like. i just want to give you a look. you have steve king in iowa talking to constituents and the candidate is talking with voters and what iowa retail politics looks like. the classic boots on the ground mixing it up with folks. media as you can see. people on chairs trying to get a view. we talked to him on the bus and touched on topics including donald trump over the weekend. they have been sort of in this detente. ted cruz bear hugged donald trump thinking this's how to be successful in iowa and in this race but trump over the weekend hit cruz on immigration and interestingly a remark about his faith. cruz's father is cuban -- came in from cuba years ago.
11:37 am
i asked the senator about this. listen to how he framed these attacks. listen. >> politicians behave a certain way when they're panicking and they engage in attacks, they engage in personal attacks. that's human nature. i understand that. i'm not going to get drawn into that. i'm going to keep the focus on the issues that matter. millions of americans are hurting. the obama-clinton economy is a disasterment the reason everyone's attacking us because conservatives unite and that scares them. >> reporter: and we are live with senator cruz. senator cruz taking selfies, chatting with voters. that's one thing you see on the campaign trail is the constant stopping and posing for photographs as the senator works the room and conveys the message and interesting hearing from voters, caucus goers here in iowa. at the last stop, a woman said i'm deciding between donald
11:38 am
trump and i listened to your speech. he smiled and thanked her for that. thomas? >> all right. alice stewart there, used to be on our show a lot. you make reporting in a chaotic situation effortless. so great work there in carol, iowa. thank you so much. nice to see you. steve kornacki is host and political correspondent for msnbc. let's talk about chris christie because he needs to get on the board as we look at the lineup of what you have right now coming out of iowa. >> yeah. well, from christie's standpoint, probably think of iowa and new hampshire. new hampshire's really the state that he's focused on. the question for somebody like christie, does a surprisingly well in iowa. gets a bump going into new hampshire and the first two states right now, we have cruz out there in iowa right now. this is the most recent des moines register poll and ted cruz is in first place in iowa. sorry. that was supposed to be a pen
11:39 am
mark. donald trump in second place and iowa a state heavy evangelical population on the republican side. very conservative. very religious and somebody like chris christie not registering in iowa, the hope not to win the state, that's not going to happen, maybe bump up high enough and people start talking about him after iowa. wow, he did surprisingly well and beat out rubio, something like that. but this is a state really shaping up as a must win state for ted cruz. ted cruz, the expectations so high right now to deliver in iowa. from donald trump's standpoint, we now see him spending money in iowa. this is where the ads are going and wants to win the state outright. losing to ted cruz, does he lose in a way that's seen as a bod loss for him and look at new hampshire. somebody like chris christie, jeb bush, marco rubio, you don't see kasich here and close to them in the polls right now. this is the state that that lane, the establishment lane, this is the one that they're looking at as a must win for
11:40 am
them, thomas. >> two debates left before iowa for the republicans. thank you. appreciate it. another republican campaign to keep a close eye on is that of dr. ben carson. this morning hoe spoke about the staffers that resigned from the campaign in recent days. >> if i didn't do anything and our campaign was going in the wrong direction, people would say, see, you have no leadership. the number of people that left is a handful. exaggerated enormously. >> okay. >> in fact, it's much better now. >> msnbc is told at least five staffers have resigned. also today, carson announced a 14.9% flat tax plan and the campaign's woes appear to be eclipsing the policy. joining sme ining me is dean t from the campaign. good to see you. >> thank you. >> how many have resigned? >> fooi staffers have left. and that's, again, a thing we
11:41 am
have determined to do better. pushing back on the narrative that the campaign in some sort of free fall, chaos. there is absolutely no chaos and there is no free fall. dr. carson has made some clear decisions about the way he wants to move forward as we go into some very important primary states and that's what he's done. >> so as you lamp up to iowa and we are a month away, the campaign manager unhitching himself from your team saying that four other people have left. who have taken over the top roles? >> well, general bob deese the campaign chairman and that's a name that many people are familiar with because he's advising dr. carson for some time now and not new to the campaign. he has taken over as our chairman and ed brookover is now the campaign manager. so these are people who the team is very familiar with so there's not one misstep in terms of what
11:42 am
we're doing on the ground so we feel really excited about where the campaign is going and look forward to iowa. >> so when it comes to armstrong williams and the relationship today with the campaign, what is it? >> armstrong williams is a close adviser to dr. carson, a valued friend of dr. carson's and like many candidates, candidates have people that they rely on for advice and counsel and dr. carson takes counsel from a number of people and we're excited that we have a relationship with armstrong and that he has been a long adviser of dr. carson and he has a campaign chairman, and ed brookover and relies on their counsel. >> all right. so but this is what he had to say about armstrong williams earlier. take a listen. >> okay. >> like anybody, he's made some bad judgments. no question about it. but, you know, he's a friend. i think he's a valuable
11:43 am
individual. but, you know, we can't have people working at cross purposes. >> so that was from sunday abc "this week" and their sunday morning show. bad judgments. what kind of bad judgments made along the way and is that a way to discount dr. carson if he loses in iowa? he can blame the bad judgment of other folks. >> not at all. dr. carson believes in personal responsibility and this is his campaign. he recognized some changes that needed to be made and did that. we are ready to look forward. excited about when's going on on the ground in iowa. we have an amazing state director in iowa, ryan rhodes and also in south carolina, ruth sherlock. so we realize that it's important to have a strong team at headquarters but more importantly we are relying on super excellent staff that's doing great work in the states and, you know, we are deploying a number of people to iowa in the coming days and we have a
11:44 am
very, very impressive ground game there and we are hugely excited about what's happening and looking forward to the days ahead. >> looking at iowa for what remains about a month away and taking on a cast of new characters within the campaign, is it fair to say that this is shifted from a win in iowa to a glorified book tour? >> no. absolutely not. i don't see that at all. first of all, i want to make sure that you understand it's not a cast of new characters. people, some positions have been shifted as i said. the general is a trusted friend and adviser of dr. carson. ed brookover, the team knows him well, a senior strategist and be a part of the key leadership on the team. this idea there's some new, new regime coming in, when's happening is we are recognizing that we need to make sure that we're getting dr. carson's excellent story and his amazing life experiences before the
11:45 am
people and we need to do that in a more streamlined way and we believe that this new shift will allow us to do that. we're excited about iowa, south carolina and any notion that, you know, that we're in a free fall is simply not the case. even coming out of this last quarter, the $23 million raised from over 1.1 million donors, you know, in the 2012 campaign cycle i think something like 1.8 million donors combined and dr. carson has a ground game that allowed him to raise that amount of money from 1.1 million donations. that's incredible. we have a wonderful database. we have a huge, huge ground game. huge support. again, we are just really excited about taking it to iowa, taking it to south carolina. recognizing the importance of those states and the leaders in those states who have been doing good work for us. >> all right. dean that bass with the carson
11:46 am
campaign, thank you for your time. >> thank you so much, thomas. developing news today for everybody because we are watching the several countries now taking a side and they are going with saudi arabia in its fight with iran. we'll dive in to the complexities behind that growing diplomatic feud. ♪ ♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you.
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11:50 am
attacks by protesters. bill neilly joins us now. does this feud show any sign of getting better, diplomatically? >> reporter: no, thomas, quite the opposite. it's a war of words and now deeds. and it's dangerous. as you said, saudi arabia is now rallying its allies to expel iranian diplomats. bahrain and sudan have done just that. so this crisis is spreading to africa. we have had protests in asia, in indian administered kashmir. a third day of protests in iran, in iraq and so on. mosques burned. so it's deepening the political and sectarian divide in the midwest between sunni and shiite represented by saudi arabia and iran. it's a crisis brought on by an execution but this was no ordinary execution. for a start, it was a mass execution. the biggest in 40 years in saudi
11:51 am
arabia. but the chief man that was executed nimr al nimr was not an ordinary cleric, well-known across the muslim world. he was a fierce critic of saudi arabia itself. and his execution really was a red line. josh earnest at the white house today, what you didn't hear him say there, was that the united states had warned saudi arabia on numerous occasions that executing this man would not be a good idea but clearly saudi arabia went straight ahead and did it and knew exactly what it was doing. it is playing both to domestic austin daye ens, warning the shia within saudi arabia, not to challenge the regime but it's also a message to iran. the two are regional rivals. they're fighting proxy wars. in syria and yemen. as for the prospects of peace talks at the end of this month,
11:52 am
to help solve the syrian crisis, as one analyst told me today, forget it. this is serious, thomas. >> we'll continue to watch the story. reporting from london, thank you, sir. we're following this developing story, monitoring the news from the white house where we have president obama meeting with the attorney general lynch and they're expected to announce executive action on gun control. so we'll have it for you at the top of the hour and asking with our pulse question today, will president obama's actions on gun control reduce gun violence? ugh! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree.
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11:55 am
and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. so as we were talking about through this hour, the president promised a statement on an executive action on guns after meeting with attorney general lynch. brian williams is standing by with us. >> happy new year.
11:56 am
good day to the viewers. exactly as you promised, thomas. the president meeting with the attorney general. the news media was allowed in, the so-called press pool in the white house, was allowed in for some remarks at the top of this event. so we are going to see the president with the attorney general lynch and we are told for four minutes, we have four minutes of videotape that was hand carried out of the meeting. we'll hear the president give a bit of a preview, the topic -- gun control. and actions he can take, executive actions. it's been called going it alone. it's certainly referred to as steering clear of congress on this. but the president has decided in his last year in office to try to achieve this. let's listen in. >> asked to work together to see what more we could do to prevent
11:57 am
the scourge of gun violence in this country. i think everybody here is all too familiar with the statistics. we have tens of thousands of people every single year who are killed by guns. we have suicides that are committed by firearms at a rate that far exceeds other countries. we have a frequency of mass shootings that far exceeds other countries in frequency. and although it is my strong belief that for us to get our complete arms around the problem, congress needs to act, what i asked my team to do is to see what more we could do to strengthen the enforcement and prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands to make sure that criminals, people who are mentally unstable, those who could pose a danger to
11:58 am
themselves or others are less likely to get a gun. and i have just received back a report from attorney general lynch director comey and deputy director brandon about some of the ideas and initiatives they think can make a difference and the good news is that these are not only recommendation that is are well within my legal authority, and the executive branch, but they're also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people including gun owners support and believe in. so over the next several days we'll be rolling out these initiatives. we'll be making sure that people have a very clear understanding of what can make a difference and what we can do and although we have to be very clear that this is not going to solve every
11:59 am
violent crime in this country, it is not going to prevent every mass shooting, it is not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal, it will potentially save lives in this country. and spare families the pain and the extraordinary loss that they have suffered as a consequence of a firearm being in the hands of the wrong people. i'm also confident that the recommendation that is are being made by my team here are ones that are entirely consistent with the 2nd amendment and people's lawful right to bear arms. and we have been very careful recognizing that although we have a strong tradition of gun ownership in this country, that even those who possess firearms for hunting, for self protection
12:00 pm
and for other legitimate reasons want to make sure that the wrong people don't have them for the wrong reasons. so i want to say how much i appreciate the outstanding work that the team's done. many of them worked over the holidays to get this set of recommendations to me and i'm looking forward to speaking with the people over the next several days over about them. okay? thank you very much. >> thank you all. >> thank you, guys. thank you. >> president not taking any questions. the press pool escorted out of the oval office. 3:00 p.m. on the east coast. noon on the west coast. before we toss the coverage over to kate snow, let's talk about what we just witnessed for a moment. our justice correspondent pete williams is with us. chief white house correspondent chris jansing is with us. pete to you,


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