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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  January 4, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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want to make sure that the wrong people don't have them for the wrong reasons. so i want to say how much i appreciate the outstanding work that the team's done. many of them worked over the holidays to get this set of recommendations to me and i'm looking forward to speaking with the people over the next several days over about them. okay? thank you very much. >> thank you all. >> thank you, guys. thank you. >> president not taking any questions. the press pool escorted out of the oval office. 3:00 p.m. on the east coast. noon on the west coast. before we toss the coverage over to kate snow, let's talk about what we just witnessed for a moment. our justice correspondent pete williams is with us. chief white house correspondent chris jansing is with us. pete to you, people hear the
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expression executive action and opinion polls back the president but how much can the president expect to get done in this way? >> well, you know, not a lot, frankly. i think the administration admits as much but the question is are there thing tons mar yin to make a difference and what the president is counting on here. talking about keeping the guns out of the hands of criminals, subjecting more people to background checks. if you go to buy a gun at a gun store, they have to do a background check but buying from somebody that's not a deal, they don't have to do the background check k. the people who are federal, licensed dealers be expanded? the law says you have to have a license if you are engaged in the business of selling a firearm but it makes an exception for people who do it as a hobby or trying to enhance their collection or just make occasional sales. a question is, is there a way of encouraging more people to get a license to sell a gun so that
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they can do the background checks? we will have to wait and see the details here, whether the president believe that is he has the authority to change what the definitions cover, that's tricky because that's all spelled out by law in the firearms laws or more of a matter of, you know, jawboning to encourage people to get a gun license and do the background checks? that appears to be one facet here. another facet may be trying to put more pressure or urge the justice department to do more prosecutions of people who go to the gun store, fill out the form, leave out the fact that they have a felony conviction and then the background check turns out they weren't qualified to buy a gun. trying to prosecute them, that's tricky in the past to make those cases stick and the government may be trying to do more of that. that seems to be kind of a direction we are looking at here. >> pete, thanks. i know we'll be talking on the
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air next when all likelihood just before noon eastern time tomorrow when some of this is formalized by the president. we mentioned chief white house correspondent chris jansing standing by and it's popular to say that because of events and topics like this, the president clearly is not planning the traditional lame duck final year of his presidency. this only goes to further that plot line. >> reporter: yeah, there's no doubt about it. they hear the clock sticking. they know more and more attention going to what's happening on the campaign trail and despite the fact that they have had little success with congress up until this point, there are things that they are able to do. you will remember, brian, right after newtown, the president signed 23 separate executive orders on guns. today the argument is made that that did make a difference and
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saved lives and executive actions he proposes over the next couple of days will be add to those 25 that have already been through. i think it's also a reflection not just of the reality of the clock is ticking and he really is feeling as though he's not willing to be a lame duck, but also, the growing level of frustration felt here and think did think after newtown they were going to be able to get something done, certainly on background checks and closing that so-called, you know, gun show loophole which they weren't able to do. so over the last couple of months the people you saw in that room, the fbi director, valerie jarrett in there, people at the highest levels of law enforcement, obviously the attorney general loretta lynch is working hard on this to do things they believe can withstand a legal scrutiny, brian. >> chris, as winter finally decides to descend --
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>> reporter: has it ever. >> thanks. i want to bring tremaine lee into the conversation covering this for msnbc for sometime and you can speak to the frustration of the anti-gun movement, the evident frustration from the president that in light of all these shootings which you have cataloged and covered not more has been done. >> well, that's right. when you think about every year 10,000 or so people are killed by guns. 20,000 or more commit suicides. over 80,000 people injured every single year in acts of gun violence. not only frustration on the streets but frustration is palpable in very real ways. thinking about a situation in chicago, everyone always talks about the gun violence there, just next door in indiana, which has very few restrictions on gun sales, you go to gun shows, people can sell their guns out of the trunks of the car. folks they sell to are not subject to background checks and
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selling their own personal stash of weapons. right? that's part of the frustration and while communities are swimming in bodies and blood and bullets, the congress is doing nothing. the president said something has to happen and that's what he is trying to do but i spoke to a source that said it's unlikely that the president's actions will actually directly expand the universe of folks subject to background checks. there's some rule making language, whether it's asking the atf to redefine the guidance on who's a dealer, a gun dealer to be licensed or the formal process asking the atf to redefine the rules, as well, which could likely extend well past the presidency and the frustration of the administration, the frustration of those who have been fighting to get common sense gun control laws in effect in this country and the families subject every day and bear witness to the gun violence in our communities.
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>> i hope you can join us again tomorrow when we come back on the air, again, expecting this event shortly before noon eastern time when the president codifies, formalizes what it is he is hoping to achieve by executive authority. so, that wraps up our coverage for this for that announcement from the president from the white house and now as promised kate snow picks up our coverage at 7 minutes past the hour. kate? >> brian, great to see you. happy new year to you and as that decision will cause a lot of political reaction, there's a lot to talk about in politics today. the iowa caucuses, 28 days away. and there are 28 campaign events today alone. donald trump promised to go big on tv. he delivered dropping his first tv ad of the 2016 cycle and former president bill clinton returned to the trail in the state that famously made him the comeback kid. let's begin with the republicans now. today, leading candidates fanning out across the early states. in new hampshire, christ christe
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and marco rubio laid out the case why they should be the republican nominee. >> showtime is over, everybody. we are not electing an entertainer in chief. showmanship is fun. but it's not the kind of leadership that will truly change america. >> this is a race for the presidency of the united states. the job is not described in the constitution as entertainer in chief or commentator in chief or even frankly economyist in chief. it is described as commander in chief. >> meanwhile, ted cruz embarked on a 6-day, 28-stop bus tour of iowa in an attempt to lock down the hawkeye state and all of them trying to catch donald trump. take a look. >> the politicians can pretend it's something else. but donald trump calls it radical islamic terrorism. that's why he's calling for a temporary shut down of muslims entering the united states until we can figure out what's going
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on. he'll quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil and he'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall in our southern border that mexico will pay for. >> we will make america great again! >> this afternoon, we are learning some detays this hour about that ad. joining me now, msnbc discovery desk editor cal perry following developments. it is in a detail just saw, one of the video frames going by pretty quickly. >> absolutely. politifact had this story. let's replay the section. this is the section of the video you see migrants running toward a fence. third degree video he makes it sounds like this is the southern border. that this is the border between the u.s. and mexico. this video that is. it's not. it's actually from morocco. it is from 2014. may 1st. we'll bring up what we believe to be the original video from la
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repu republica tv and timestamped and from morocco and not border between the united states and mexico. and when pressed about this, the campaign manager for donald trump said to our own katy tur, no, blank, i can't say the word, it is not the mexican border. that's what the country looks like if we don't do anything. this was 1,000% on purpose. so the trump campaign is maintaining they meant to use this video. that is, not the video between the united states and mexico border. i leave it up to you if you believe for ohm. >> no mistake by the company that made their ads? >> correct. they're saying this is what america looks like if we don't build a fence and they it was not the video they purported it to be. >> thanks for that. let's turn to ben carson. the presidential campaign taking hits over the holidays fair to say. first three of carson's top aides resigned over what they called turmoil within the campaign ranks and then two more
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junior staffers followed suit bringing the number to five total. this afternoon, carson campaign spokesperson dean that bass spoke to thomas roberts about the shake-ups. >> five staffers have left. and that's, again, one of the things that we have determined to do better, pushing back on the narrative that the campaign is in some sort of of free fall, chaos. there is absolutely no chaos and there is no free fall. dr. carson has made some clear decisions about the way he wants to move forward as we go into some very important primary states and that's what he's done. >> joining me now to discuss the changes is the national finance chairman of the carson campaign, dean parker who's here in the studio. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> can we talk about this new donald trump ad? video apparently of morocco rather than mexico. does that bother you? >> i can't comment on another campaign specifically.
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we believe that we should have our candidates representation, integrity and should mick mihm that. we focus on things like that look and act like dr. carson and a campaign like dr. carson. >> if you were making a campaign ad for dr. carson, you would pay attention to details? >> we did and, you know, he said that that's intentional and may be part of the strategy. >> let me ask you about the campaign itself. we just heard from one of your colleagues on the campaign. there was a lot of talk over the christmas holiday, dr. carson said in an interview over the weekend that the operation is in a different ball game now. suggesting that changes had to be made but you lost five staffers to the outside world, that looks like turmoil. that looks like bad news. >> well, but we have a campaign staff of over 120 people right now. so five people out of 120. now, they were very significant roles. but you have to understand that dr. carson is a leader. he's standing in to be the commander in chief.
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we know barry bennet was a good friend of mine. phenomenal guys. mabel it is just like a baseball team. does the same pitcher pitch the whole kay through the game? no. dr. carson felt it was the right time to make a change. >> let's been to barry bennet, former campaign manager resigned and cleaning out the office and hallie asked him to explain why he was leaving. >> frustration is just been building with these. internal conflicts. and i just couldn't do it anymore. >> reporter: what internal conflicts? >> some advisers got him to do some thing that is are not very smart. >> who's he talking about? >> well, there's a lot of different things. it is no mistake of comments of armstrong williams, a close business manager of dr. carson, a great man. a conservative talk show media host and the end of the day things happened but everybody tried to do the best they could
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and it becomes time for a change. that's okay. change isn't bad. >> armstrong williams is an adviser, helping the campaign. >> he's an independent adviser of dr. carson and a friend. he is not -- >> not paid by the campaign. >> yes, ma'am. >> has that amount of conflict described by barry gone away? are people getting away now? >> i think things are streamlined and things build up like a wall, right? things happen and that's okay. so the change happened and we have had a great relationship with armstrong williams and we'll continue to. >> poll numbers, candidate's poll numbers down over the last couple of months. i guess i wonder what path do you see to the nomination now? how do you get dr. carson over the line? >> think a lot of things to remember. people use the image and the push they give and the 23 million last quarter. you have to remember in the key
12:15 pm
states, they always perceive dr. carson with the word we got back is weak. i think you can see he wasn't weak but a different tone and saying do you want a commander in chief with a bravado tone or tempest. if you watch the interviews, time spending a majority of january in iowa and we'll continue to go out there. we'll continue to resonate what we need to do to get to the finish line. >> dean parker, good to see you. >> thank you. >> thank you for being with us. #i'm with her. bill clinton back on the campaign trial trying to lock in new hampshire for his wife, second event there kicks off two hours from now and heading live to the granite state up next. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls,
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the primary season a month away now, president clinton is jumping directly into the presidential fray today holding two campaign events on behalf of his wife in new hampshire. he wrapped up the first rally in nashua. >> when we met, it will soon be 45 years ago in a couple of months when we met, man, we fell in love. i thought she was the most amazing person because unlike now, where more than half of the law students are women, then they were a distinct minority. and there she was at yale law school. she could have written her ticket to go anywhere she wanted. all she was really interested in was legal services for poor people. >> after that event, andrea mitchell caught up with him on the rope line and asked him about what he thinks of republican front-runner donald trump. >> how's it feel to be back in
12:20 pm
new hampshire which love you? >> wonderful. >> take a picture. >> i love this place, you know? >> reporter: how do you feel about the kind of campaign donald trump is running, sir? >> the republicans will have to decide who is nominated. how i feel is only relevant once they pick a nominee. we're trying to win a primary. we have to do that first. >> reporter: can hillary win this one? >> since you have already been president. >> sure. win here? sure. but it's going to be hard. >> reporter: what is your advice to her? >> she is here a lot. worked hard. all you can do. these people are really fair. no candidate that borders new hampshire ever lost a primary here except dean and john kerry. but i think she can. you know, they have been good to us and we have worked hard. >> joining me now by phone in new hampshire on the move correspondent and host an dree mitchell with us. hi, andrea.
12:21 pm
>> hey, kate. we are up here. you know this place well. bill clinton is back on the move. >> fantastic. love that you got right up there on the rope line. good for you for getting in there. >> reporter: i didn't knock over too many people. apologies to all my -- >> i want to ask about the last answer there. it was a little hard to hear and basically president clinton was saying no candidate who's from a neighboring state has lost new hampshire. he's got to be referring to bernie sanders being from neighboring vermont. he is a little bit wrong. steve kornacki said ted kennedy did lose new hampshire. mostly he's right. were you surprised the hear him down playing the chances? >> reporter: i think partly because bernie sanders is surprisingly strong and not just senator from neighboring vermont and two points up in the latest poll in the margin of error and raised $33 million in 3 months for primary money, only $4
12:22 pm
million shy of her $37 million. given the grassroots base and the fact that she is part of a clinton machine, the money raising machine, it is pretty astounding that sanders has done as well as he has. she's got to do well in iowa. if not win iowa and certainly be competitive here in new hampshire. then gain strength and going south she's certainly stronger than bernie sanders. she doesn't want to be embarrassed as she was in iowa coming in third last time. >> yeah. i want to go back to sound over the week, donald trump talking again and again about bill clinton and the past and talking on sunday on "fox & friends" about the candidate. >> she's got a problem. she is married to a person that's a serious abuser and i mean, at the highest level. and she -- you know, she's not an innocent victim. she was the one that would go along with him in this whole
12:23 pm
game that they play and you look at what happened with some of the people that he took advantage of and then she gets involved so she's not like the innocent person sitting by the side and, you know, with tears in her eyes. she is a person who is very much involved. she was playing up the sexist stuff heavy and putting this up, all of a sudden, as you probably noticed, it stopped. >> andrea, how concerned is the clinton campaign about the attacks? >> reporter: they don't want to rise to the bait. boy, you could tell there with bill clinton he wanted to answer about donald trump but he is told don't go there. we don't want the story to be a donald trump story today. this is a story about you campaigning for your wife. validating her in a way that no one else can. when we talked about meeting 45 years ago and how terrific she was as a path breaking woman, that's what they want new hampshire women voters in particular to hear.
12:24 pm
so they don't want to rise to the bait and not talking about his serial womanizing in the past. and donald trump is going there, making them uncomfortable. both of them studiously ignoring it. she also had an event today in way and ignored a question about it and she did say that, you know, she doesn't want to talk about -- she doesn't like the rhetoric of this campaign and that it's not positive and she was clearly thinking about trump when she said it's easier to insult than to get things done together so she was referring to trump obliquely and doesn't want to mention him by name. >> andrea, we were looking at video of a heckler yesterday bringing up the past and hillary clinton essentially said, i'm not going to answer your questions. >> reporter: that heckler was a state legislator who's been following her around quite a bit and said i won't take any questions from you.
12:25 pm
>> andrea, thank you so much for being with us. >> reporter: you bet. >> all right. have fun. msnbc's chris ma shoes is kicking off the new year with a one on one interview with hillary clinton. we'll note that airs tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern on "hardball." ted cruz calls for protesters to stand down in the siege at a national wild live refuge in oregon but the organizers say they're not threatening anyone. we'll head live to the scene. wan better than a manual? he said sure. but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. ♪
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12:29 pm
their lawyer said today the protesters don't speak for the hammonds and they'll seek clemency from president obama. at least a republican presidential candidate addressed the standoff. >> every one of us has a constitutional right to protest, speak our minds but we don't have a right to use force and violence and a threat of force and violence on others and it is our hope that the protesters there will stand down peaceably, not a violent confrontation. our prayers are certainly with those in law enforcement that are risking their lives right now that they be safe. >> msnbc's scott cohn out in princeton, oregon. scott, when's the latest throughout? how many people are there and have taken over that building? >> reporter: well, it's difficult to say and the protesters won't say, kate, how many people are in their contingent here. as you said they have a name, citizens for constitutional freedom, and they appear to have a media strategy which based on the attention that they're getting does seem to be working. the leader of the group says
12:30 pm
they have already made a statement but he says statements are not enough. >> we intend on going to work and assisting the people of harney county in claiming their rights, using their rights as free people. >> are the -- >> more details on going to work? what does that mean? >> we have a lot of work to be able to unwind the unconstitutional land transactions that have taken place here and unwind the claims that the federal government has up on this land. >> reporter: that they say the heart of the issue, the dispute of federal management of public lands and taking reporters on a tour of the little compound that they have down below that they have taken over. half a dozen buildings. and they showed us a garage that is in some way of disarray
12:31 pm
saying if the federal government can't keep the garage neat, how can they handle the acres here in the refuge that they have now taken over. kate? >> there's a lot of history here, right, scott, when it comes to this particular family. we just saw ammon bundy talking, climan bundy's son from nevada. is part of a larger tapestry? >> reporter: it is. it is a larger tapestry and the issue of how the federal government should own and or manage public lands but, yes, the bundy family gained prominence in 2014. the father is still owes a million dollars or so to the federal government for grazing fees that he refused to pay and led to a standoff in 2014. his sons are both here involved this takeover having more of a peaceful tone here and we'll see if that continues.
12:32 pm
it is only day three. >> all right. scott, thank you so much. scott cohn in oregon. president obama starting the new year tackling gun violence and congress is back in session weighing in on what the president's planning to make as a unilateral move. enail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. oh, epic moves, big j! fight it! getting ready for your close-up? ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return.
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his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... this is brad. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. on his first day in the oval office after vacationing with family in hawaii for the holidays, president obama turning attention to tackling gun violence. earlier today, he met with attorney general loretta lynch, fbi collector james comb my and other law enforcement officials to discuss a plan for increasing gun safety measures and which would circumvent a resistant republican congress and asking potentially for an increase in background checks, stricter licensing of dealers and the president spoke with the press following the meeting. >> we have tens of thousands of people every single year who are
12:36 pm
killed by guns. we have suicides that are committed by firearms at a rate that far exceeds other countries. we have a frequency of mass shootings that far exceeds other countries in frequency. and although it is my strong belief that for us to get our complete arms around the problem, congress needs to act, what i asked my team to do is see what more we could do to strengthen our enforcement and prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands. >> republicans, of course, strongly oppose the executive actions president obama is expected to take on gun control. seeing them as a violation of 2nd amendment rights and an overreach of power. luke russ sert on capitol hill joins us with more on the reaction from there. luke, it's got to be tough. >> reporter: oh, this is not going down well in republican
12:37 pm
circles on capitol hill, kate. in much for the reasons you mentioned. they view it as an unconstitutional power grab and the gun lobby is strong here on capitol hill within the republican party. as you recall, after newtown, there was a movement of trying to simply close the gun show loophole and that went down in congress over a senate filibuster. listen to what house speaker ryan said about the possible action saying, quote, the president is at a minimum subverting the legislative branch, potentially overturning its will. his proposals were debated by the united states senate and rejected. no president should be able to reverse failure by executive fiat. the american people deserve a president who will respect their constitutional rights, all of them. this is a dangerous level of executive overreach and the country will not stand for it. you see how the speaker feels about this. i suspect you will hear that in the later part of this week when
12:38 pm
the house of representatives returns. as to what could get done in congress, this year, regarding the issue of guns in america, well, there has been push for mental health funding that's acceptable to republican leaders and that's something that paul ryan mentioned today in his statement. we'll see if, in fact, that's a reality but i suspect you'll hear a lot on the campaign trail and here on capitol hill of a republican president undone in very first hours of that presidency, kate. >> this being the executive actions you mean that the president's taking. >> reporter: yes. >> all right. luke russert, thanks so much. the republican presidential candidates not mincing words with their feelings about the president's plan to tighten up gun safety measures. >> so he's going to sign another executive order, having to do with the 2nd amendment, guns. i will veto that. i will unsign that so fast. >> his first impulse always to
12:39 pm
take rights from law-abiding citizens. >> we don't beat the bad guys taking away the guns. whatever president obama attempts to do, abusing the executive power, you can rest assured january 20th, 2017, if i'm elected president, i will rescind every single illegal executive officer barack obama's entered. >> for more on the politics, host and political correspondent steve kornacki here in the newsroom. fast and fierce the reaction from the republican side. >> not surprising, obviously. no support on the republican side for the president here, a competition of them to be the most outraged, upset about this. another candidate is chris christie. he said of the president's looming executive action a petulent child and this is what josh earnest had to say earlier. >> i do think it's probably worth taking a close look at governor christie's record on
12:40 pm
some of these issues to see if he's changed his position to round up votes. >> it is interesting there what he is talking about is gun control and chris tisty is the start of his career, very start of the political career 20 years ago he was in favor of forms of gun control in new jersey. in 1993, he set about to run for the state legislator, "the star ledger" newspaper covered it. he said the issue which energized me to get into the race is to repeal new jersey's ban on assault weapons. in today's society, no one needs a semiautomatic assault weapon. that was what chris christie said in 1993 and dropped out before it and then two years later ran again. we can show you this. this is a flier from that campaign. this is chris christie advocating the return of the assault weapons ban in new jersey. he lost that primary in 1995.
12:41 pm
he ended up years later elected governor and he right now asking him about this, asked a month ago about it and doesn't remember it. >> doesn't remember the pamphlet? >> yes. somebody read him the quotes saying did they get this wrong? he said, wouldn't be the first time they got something wrong. christie not engaging in this but as someone that covered him in new jersey, he was in favor of that assault weapons ban running for the legislature. >> the president banking on a democrat taking over next year because otherwise any republican candidate will reverse what he's doing tomorrow. >> i think it's safe they'll pledge this on the campaign trail and hard to believe they would let this if elected and let it slide. >> steve, thank you so much. escalation in tensions of iran and washington's biggest atab ally, saudi arabia. the implications 0 of that after the break.
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12:45 pm
allies of saudi arabia are following the kingdom's lead after saudi officials announced they're cutting diplomatic ties with iran after saudi arabia executed a top shiite cleric along with dozens of others over the weekend. that sparked protests across the middle east and elsewhere. some of those protests turned violent. these pictures of reuters saw the saudi embassy in teheran set on fire after officials said protesters stormed the building. iran's president has condemned both the execution by saudi arabia and the attack by iranian protester tons saudi embassy there. but the incident escalated tensions of the regional rivals and now the u.s. and other western countries fear that it could enflame sectarian tensions in the region. nbc's ali aruzi has the latest. >> reporter: there's more. a group of a thousand gathered
12:46 pm
in downtown teheran, most of them loyal to the supreme leader. they were holding banners, saying that they vow revenge on the saudi government. calling for the found fall of the saudi government and a pretty angry crowd there. there was a revolving door of clerics and secular speakers whipping the crowd up into a frenzy, reiterating the words of the supreme leader that the execution of this cleric is going to bring about the demise of the saudi government and they'll be divine retribution of god on the saudi government for this. so pretty angry here. president rowhani, a moderate and the nickname the diplomatic shaikh trying to put a diplomatic veneer on this and keeping relations open saying that the raid on the embassy not justifiable by any and
12:47 pm
condemning the execution as you said and as tensioned flared, authorities in iran become more loud in their rhetoric, they have blamed the saudis for intentionally cutting ties to exacerbate secular tensions in the region. kate? >> ali arouzi, thank you for that. i want to bring in ken po pollack. good to see you. >> thank you, kate. >> talk for those of us not intimately familiar with the region and the complexities and the sectarian differences, what does all of this mean for the united states in terms of our fight against isis, in terms of our fight in syria? >> yeah. the bottom line answer to that, kate, we don't know. and it's really getting to the point that you just made. it is the context. the middle east is never been good. never been good in anyone's modern memory and gotten incredibly bad over the last five years and what we see in
12:48 pm
the region now is multiple conflicts. we have got four major civil wars going. we have four other smaller civil wars. we have tensions, terrorism, refugees, radicalization all over and all of these different problems are intersecting in ways that people just can't really predict. all right? so we don't know what they do next. five years ago, this wouldn't have happened at all. saudis might not have executed nimr al nimr. the idea that the saudis break ties. it wouldn't have happened five years ago. but because of where the region is moved it becomes very unpredictable. and you bring in the u.s. you know, we are trying to fight the war on isis and doesn't make sense to anyone in the region. right? the region, they see a much bigger set of conflicts, sunni and shia, radicals and secularists and we come in wanting to destroy one group.
12:49 pm
that doesn't make sense to anyone which is one of the reasons why we have had so much difficulty mobilizing the countries of the region to do what we want to do. >> andrea mitchell is reporting that the u.s. tried, the government officials tried to convince saudi arabia not to go ahead with these executions and with the execution of that popular cleric but the saudis did it anyway. does that speak to waning influence of the u.s. in the region? >> i think to some extent it does. the saudis are very unhappy with the united states over the last five or six years, not happy with the george w. bush administration's policies toward the middle east and i think fair to say they're less happy with the obama administration's policies. they see the united states withdrawing and frightens them and the response to get more aggressive and in iran's faces and on the one hand we're seeing a desire to stick it to the iranians and say we'll do what we need to do and not let you tell us not to and say to the
12:50 pm
united states if you don't defend us then we're not going to take into account what you want us to do the way we used to. >> ian bremner wrote on used to. do you agree with what ian bremer has said? >> anything's possible. it's the middle east. i think what ian is pointing to is exactly what the saudis are afraid of. they believe under the obama administration, the united states has shifted allegiance from reliance on the saudis and other sunni arab states of the gulf to the shia ir. the obama administration denies this, but that's how it's seen by the saudis in the region. i don't think the united states is likely to be closed to the
12:51 pm
saudis. >> ken, great to have you here, thanks. straight ahead, american voters say they're increasingly angry about current events and more than half say the american dream is a thing of the past. what's fueling that anger and how could it impact the race for the white house? and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
so we are four weeks from the iowa caucuses, the first time people get to vote on who they want to go on for the white house. while the parties disagree on a whole lot, the people, it seems, are united around one thing and that's the feeling of anger this year. our new poll says 49% of the americans are angrier today than they were a year ago. jacob saf officer traveled to iowa to find out what's frustrating voters. >> we know americans are angry, but what are they so angry about? we came here to this donald
12:55 pm
trump rally to ask these folks. what makes you angry? >> pretty much everything. >> everything? >> the abortion issue. a lot of social issues. >> they want to take everybody's gun rights away. >> that makes you angry? >> yes, it does. >> what makes you angry? >> all the lies we've been told in this country for years. i believe everything donald trumpsr says is what we believe in. >> what makes you angry? >> obama. >> what is it about obama? >> he's just chilling out. >> are you more upset than you used to be in. >> i'm boiling. you watch the tv and something else is screwed up. >> how do you cool off? >> just keep watching tv. >> something else good comes on. >> exactly. >> what gets you fired up? >> right now, somebody with a microphone in my face. >> from one end of the state to the other, and from one end of the political spectrum. what are people angry about? >> integrity of the leaders and
12:56 pm
not just within the white house, within the congress. ngts congress got you fired up? >> yes, i don't like either side. they aren't taking care of our country. >> how does that make you feel? >> not very happy. >> what makes you angry? >> i think when you look at the college system and how expensive it is to go to college. >> what makes you angry? >> our middle class, our health insurance, schools, it's all out of control. >> gets you fired up? >> yeah, i get really annoyed. >> oh, my gosh. >> where do you start? >> i don't like the way that they're talking about immigration, about building a wall around this country. this is ridiculous. >> what gets you that fired up? >> the misinformation about the democrats wanting to take guns away from people. >> makes you mad? >> very, very mad. >> i better get out of here. [ laughter ] >> jacob joins us now from los angeles. jacob, a lot of startling numbers in the poll that got you out to iowa in the first place. yeah, there sure are.
12:57 pm
let me run through some of these numbers. we know from the poll that republicans are actually angrier than democrats by a margin of 61% to 42%. when you break it down by gender, women are angrier than than. and whites are the angriest, then latinos and african americans. when you get out into the field, you really feel this anger on the campaign trail. at the bernie sanders rally, he talks about justifiable anger of the american people and i kid you not, at the donald trump rally, the p.a. announcer before the event, tells attendees not to harm protesters if they interrupt mr. trump. pretty shocking. >> jacob, thanks so much. just moments before the close on the first trading day of 2016, the dow could be poised for its worst first of the year opening since 1932.
12:58 pm
worst first of the year opening selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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1:01 pm
hello, everyone, kate snow here. u.s. markets off to a rough start for the new year. cnbc's mary thompson has the details. mary, we're almost to the close. why such a bad day? >> well, actual just at the close, the markets are still settling. the dow down 273 points and that's better than we were, down 467 points. we want to note, it's probably the worst first day of the year trading since 2008. what triggered it? very disappointing manufacturing data out of china. that basically triggered a worldwide sell-off, which spread here to the u.s. where there was disappointing manufacturing data as well. that started the very rocky start to the new trading year on wall street today. >> what do forecasters say to expect for the rest of january
1:02 pm
and beyond? >> well, as we go into january, investors will react to the earnings news in the fourth quarter. not expected to be stellar for the year for 2016. earnings are expected to be up about 8%. but the federal reserve is raising interest rates and while typically stocks have performed well during those times, some people are concerned this time may be different. so there remains concerned about geo-political tensions, also sparked by the turmoil in the middle east with saudi arabia and iran basically severing ties today. that remains a concern and also about how fast the federal reserve in the u.s. will be raising interest rates and concerns about the slowdown in china. all of these expects to hang over the markets certainly in the near term and some of these issues longer term. >> mary thompson, not the best news to start off the new year. turn that around, would you? >> thanks so much pch. >> being be a buying
1:03 pm
opportunity. >> always two sides to the trade. >> exactly. >> mary, thanks so much. let's turn to presidential politics now. 28 days until the iowa caucuses and the candidates are engaged in an all-out sprint with no less than 28 events today alone. 28 of them. donald trump returns to the trail tonight in massachusetts as his campaign released its first tv ad of the cycle, hitting the air waves in iowa and new hampshire. >> the politicians can say it's something else, but donald trump called it radical islamic terrorism. that's why he's calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states until we can figure out what's going on. he'll cut the head off isis and stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that mexico will pay for. >> we will make america great again! >> we have team coverage of all of today's political action and beginning with details on that ad that you just saw.
1:04 pm
msnbc's cal perry has been watching this online. the story came out a little while ago about one of the details we just saw. >> yes, we're talking about the section of video in which he mentioned the southern border with mexico. we can show you that piece of video that you saw in the ad. the interesting thing here is that it's not, in fact, the border of mexico, it's the border between morocco and spain. plit fact is the one that flagged this first, but it's unmistakable. you see the time stamp on the video, 1-5-2014. that's may 1st, from an italian tv station. they got it from the ministry of the interior in madrid. when we were running around making phone calls, trying to confirm that video was from morocco, katy tur who is up
1:05 pm
next, was able to ask the campaign if this was an intentional move or if they made a mistake, and they're claiming they did this 1,000 percent on purpose, not backing away from it at all. that seems to be very much in line with donald trump, not apologizing for anything. >> cal perry, let's head over to lowell, massachusetts and katy tur, as you mentioned, is standing by there. katy, start with the ads. how much is he spending? are we all going to be seeing these ads or just iowa and new hampshire? >> they're in iowa and new hampshire. spending about $2 million a week from now on for as long as he needs to. the ad pretty much encapsulates, the muslim ban, stopping illegal immigration, cutting isis off at the head, stopping radical
1:06 pm
islam. these are things donald trump has been hitting on the campaign trail over and over again and getting huge applause on. it's also interesting that the language in the ad is so familiar, it's exactly what people say they like about donald trump. that it sounds like he's speaking to them, not at them. it's language they hear their neighbors use, it's language they understand, it's direct and simple and that's why donald trump is resonating. as for the morocco video, the campaign, as cal said, told me that it was 100% intentional and that by not building a wall, they believe that's what america's going to look like with the throngs of people running across the border and going in that video, over a wall. they use some colorful language on why they used that video, but we'll leave it out because it's not tv friendly. >> we'll leave that out. >> but so far, the trump
1:07 pm
campaign says that that gaffe, that some might call it, that it was completely intentional that they meant to do it. >> let me ask you about an al shabaab terrorist recruiting video that came out and here's donald trump talking over the weekend about what he thinks of about being used in that video? >> does it concern you at all that you're being used in a recruitment video? >> they use other people to. what am i going to do? i have to say what i have to say and you know what it is, it's a problem. >> do they think about donald trump being used in a terrorist video could help him with his supporters in this country? >> well, i think it does illustrate that donald trump has hit a nerve. that he is somebody who's going to stand up to these radical islamic terrorists that she's sca -- he's scary enough to use in their recruiting video.
1:08 pm
even though he claims it was a lie when hillary clinton claimed he was being used in isis videos, but he's now being used in al shabaab videos. so the campaign is saying they're not going to change their tactics. they'll keep letting donald trump be donald trump and use this as evidence that he's resonating and that people are scared of him and that he'll be able to fix things and to fight radical islam, to fight isis, to fight al qaeda, in a way that this president has not been able to do. whether or not that works in the long run, whether or not he's able to convince voters that may not be his supporters right now, we'll have to wait to find out. i feel like we're seeing it over and over again. we'll have to wait and see, because of all the past declarations of what has worked, seem to not hold water when it comes to donald trump. he keeps defying all the expectations, crossing boundaries. >> there's a lot of wait and see
1:09 pm
this year. katy tur in massachusetts, thanks so much. chris christie spent the day campaigning in new hampshire, where he's in a dog fight with other establishment candidates in manchester. he made an electability argument, saying he's the best positions to take the fight to hillary clinton. >> these times and challenges demand a grown-up to be our candidate. they demand someone who's been fighting today's battles in the arena, not someone who's been sidelined for years. if we're to turn our anger on the d.c. insiders and the carnival barkers of today, we must elect someone who has been tested. >> joining me now, mark hal prin and john heilman are with us. great to see you.
1:10 pm
>> happy new year. >> and to you. nice to see you. chris christie was, you might say, nowhere a few months ago. now he's up in second place in new hampshire. how did he get his way back up? >> he spent a lot of time in the states. new hampshire voters care about that. he's a northeasterner. new hampshire voters tend to gravitate at times to northeasterners. and he's worked very hard. there are no perfect candidates in this race. everyone's got some flaws. chris christie is going to get more scrutiny. the rubio super pac is coming after him and others will too. but he's a good fit for the state, he's worked hard there, as has his wife. >> and he's getting attacked now by rubio's super pac. i want to play a little bit of that. >> chris christie could well be obama's favorite republican governor. why? christie's record. he instituted an internet sales tax, supported common core, and liberal energy policies.
1:11 pm
incredibly, christie even backed obamacare's medicaid expansion. chris christie, one high-tax, common-core, liberal-loving, medicaid-expanding president. >> i guess it's a compliment when you're the one being attacked, it means you must be doing something right. >> yeah, there's no doubt among a lot of republican candidates, especially in the establishment lane, they think chris christie has some traction and they want to take him down. that's a combination of the kitchen sink and a greatest hits record there of all the possible vulnerabilities that christie has. we'll talk to him later on about that attack ad. the few of a lot of republicans has been that christie's rise has come partly because his record has not gotten the kind of scrutiny. he hasn't faced those kind of attacks, so the moment has now come where a lot of his rivals will come after him pretty strong and we'll see how he weathers that. >> jeb bush is off the trail,
1:12 pm
back in new hampshire. today "the washington post" ran this very lengthy article, including an interview with mitt romney. romney told bush, quote, jeb, to be very honest, i think it's very hard for you to post up against hillary clinton and to separate yourself from the difficulty of the w. years and compare them with the clinton years. romney then told "the washington post" reporters, it's one of the few predictions i got right. ouch. >> mitt romney at times has not shown the best political judgment, but he was dogged in his belief, during that three-week period where he was considering ending the race that jeb bush will be a very weak general election candidate. part of what was drawing him to run, was that he could be stronger than bush. and there's no doubt that in this case, mitt romney's antenna
1:13 pm
were sharp. he's right. there's no doubt, one of jeb bush's problem has been the bush fatigue that mitt romney identified and he told jeb bush face to face, basically, too much bush fatigue for you to win this thing. >> always good to see you guys. have a good show. >> thanks, kate. 28 days until iowa. what will it take for the front-runners to pull off a victory there? that and more straight ahead. "beth" by kiss ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪.
1:14 pm
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1:16 pm
with the iowa caucuses fast approaching, which candidates have a shot to win? and what is the path to victory?
1:17 pm
joining me now, mark murray. mark, let's game it out here. start with donald trump. seems to be the most obvious, the front-runner. how does he win iowa? >> kate, he simply gets the people who have been turning out to his rallies in iowa, new hampshire, and elsewhere, to come voter, to come caucus. it becomes clear shay to say, that campaigns are about turn-out, but for donald trump, this is certainly true. success in iowa and new hampshire is all about getting those same people who have been around for the spectaclspectaclt them to vote. that's the secret sauce for donald trump. >> ted cruz is in a bus right now, going all over the state. >> for cruz, it's about the evangelical vote. for him to win iowa and maybe new hampshire, he consolidates the van gel kals, they make up a
1:18 pm
majority of caucus-goers. for cruz to dominate those folks, that's how he wins. a loss would be if the santorums and huckabees pick off the evangelical votes. >> and rubio? >> it's about the establishment rallying to his cause. and for the republican establishment to say, we don't want donald trump, we don't want ted cruz. rubio is our guy. for all the republican elected officials at the federal level and the state level to come to his support, start raising money for him to help him out. but as of now, kate, that hasn't happened. there's going to be so much volatility in the next four weeks in iowa, and five weeks into new hampshire, but those are the three things i'm going to be watching for. >> we have 28 days, right? four weeks from today, right? >> it's going to go really fast. >> it always does. mark murray, thanks so much. with all eyes on trump, the
1:19 pm
front-runner, he may be the top story in iowa regardless of how he fairs in the caucuses. for more on trump and what happens post iowa, let's turn over to msnbc's steve kornacki. mpth the question is out there. donald trump has been leading in all the polls nationally, a lot of the state polls too. where is this support coming from? who are the people who are supporting donald trump? this is a map that was put together by "the new york times." it's very interesting. it looks at where donald trump's support is coming from. basically the key to understanding this map of the country, the redder it is, the more support donald trump has. this is in the republican primary. so basically what you see here is, this is sort of the heart of trump country, the south, ap lafepia, plus his home state of new york, very familiar with him. but this is the heart of it, it means he's running about 35, 40%
1:20 pm
on the republican side in that very crowded field. the types of voters he's appealing to here, they tend to be white, they tend to be lower income. they tend not to have college degrees. in a number of cases too, this is something "the times" points out, a lot of them are democrats, conservative democrats. they probably vote for republicans in presidential elections, but they inherited a democratic registration. so the question is, will they switch over and register as a republican? some of these states don't let democrats vote in the republican primaries. you look at the early states, there's iowa. that's not as much trump support. an active campaign going on in iowa. ted cruz doing well. trump is still second in the polls there, but you don't have that depth of support. so that's why new hampshire looms as so key to trump right now. you see much more support for donald trump right there now. the key for trump at the moment
1:21 pm
seems to be, as mark was saying, he's hit a bump in iowa, but if he can win new hampshire, after new hampshire, you talk about the s.e.c. states, southern states, that's where the heart of his support is right now. a win in new hampshire, the trump people think they can roll right through the south a couple weeks later. >> and not to mention, i'm looking at that map, steve, i see missouri, i see michigan. new york state is dark red. just really interesting to look at what could be coming. >> you think of those areas and new york's a good example. he's known very well there, but you get to the upstate areas and they have a lot in common. >> can i ask you about the democrats? we're sort of assuming hillary clinton's got it, but not necessarily. tell me about bernie sanders and his path. could he potentially pull out an iowa -- >> that's the key question here.
1:22 pm
right now, there are polls that put him ahead in new hampshire. it looks like it's basically a tie in new hampshire. looks like he's up by about ten points, certainly striking distance for bernie sanders. what about bernie sanders wins iowa, gets momentum and rolls into new hampshire? what happens then? there would be panic around the clinton campaign. her fire wall is south carolina, that's where the electorate gets more diverse. half the electorate there is african american and she leads bernie sanders by 70 points there. >> i feel like i've seen this movie in 2008. what if she loses iowa? >> that was obama, why south carolina turned it around after he won iowa. that's what sanders hopes he can replicate. >> steve, thanks so much. and speaking of clinton, the comeback kid, bill clinton, returns to new hampshire, stumping for his wife in a state where bernie sanders has pretty
1:23 pm
strong support, and right now, live, the candidate herself is focusing on iowa. she's in cedar rapids at this hour. we'll check in on the campaign, up next. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food.
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1:26 pm
hillary clinton is in iowa today, where as we speak, she's holding a town hall meeting in cedar rapids. meanwhile, in new hampshire, bill clinton hitting the campaign trail alone today for the first time this election cycle. holding campaign events on behalf of his wife, crass the granite state. he's what he had to say at his first rally earlier today. >> i do not believe in my lifetime anybody has run for this job at a moment of greater importance who is better qualified by knowledge, experience, and temperament, to do what needs to be done now to restore prosperity. to deal with these human issues,
1:27 pm
to make us as safe as possible. >> we have team coverage of all this and all the other campaigns today. joining me now by phone from new hampshire, msnbc political reporter alex sights wold, who is covering bill clinton today in new hampshire. what was the goal of the event earlier and the one to come? >> well, kate, bill clinton is the most popular politician in the country, or one of them. and he's an obvious asset for the clinton campaign. he can attract big crowds, 720 today, which is pretty big. tons of media attention, which he also is able to do. and he can speak about clinton in a way that -- two ways, that really no one else can. one, he can talk about her as someone he's been married to for the past 40 years. and about her as a mother, as a wife, as a human side of her and number two, he can talk about what it takes to be president,
1:28 pm
having done the job, and clearly leaning on that. said he spent a lot of time thinking about it. but he was a little bit more subdued, showing impressive discipline when asked by andrea mitchell about donald trump's recent comments. not really taking a pass on that. nonetheless, many that i talked to were very excited to have bill clinton in town. he's a celebrity and the campaign will put him to good use. >> you mentioned him not engaging when andrea mitchell said, what do you think of donald trump's campaign. he said that's up to the republicans. seems like the clinton campaign is trying to avoid a war of words with donald trump, even though trump has relentlessly attacked both hillary and bill. >> no one who has gone up against donald trump has fared very well. and she knows that very well. so definitely trying to avoid that situation. it's uncomfortable. it's a distraction, something that she would rather not talk
1:29 pm
about. she'd rather focus on policy and the message of her campaign. and there's also a risk when it comes to bill clinton. he's a very powerful force, but he's also an unpredictable one. in 2008 when attacks on hillary clinton got under his skin, he seemed to lose his temper a bit, made some comments that were definitely unhelpful, and it's difficult to rein him in. so i think they wanted to keep him more subdued and just have him not engage at all when it comes to donald trump. >> and donald trump and other republicans are raising bill clinton's past. yesterday hillary clinton was at an event up in new hampshire, i want to play a heckler, an exchange that she had with someone who was trying to raise the question of bill clinton's past. take a look. >> okay, let me see, right back there, this man right there,
1:30 pm
here we go. you are very rude and i'm not going to ever call on you. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> he was a democrat, became a republican. because of this stuff, because of what i saw happen with clinton in the clinton years, but the hypocrisy of so-called women that fight for women. >> he's a state representative in new hampshire. she mentioned specific names and allegations that have been made years and years ago against bill clinton, but this is nothing that the campaign would like to have us all talking about. >> right. i don't think this is necessarily a winning issue for donald trump or republicans in a general election. and some of the voters that i talked to tonight and some of the strategists that i've spoken to, think it could help clinton, the attack could backfire.
1:31 pm
but at the same time, it's without a doubt, a distraction, it's uncomfortable. not something she wants to talk about, and there's always the possibility that it could either get under bill clinton's skin as we talked about, or that it could reintroduce these issues to a new audience or to people who may have forgotten about it. or that it could come at a time of heightened awareness about sexual harassment that may not have existed when the lewinsky scandal first arose. so whether these attacks damage her in the long-term, remains to be seen, but something they don't want to spend time talking about. >> alex, thanks so much. hillary clinton will sit down with chris matthews at 7:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow night on "hardball," only here on msnbc. meanwhile, republican presidential candidate ben carson having trouble of his
1:32 pm
own. five of his top aides resigned. i spoke with one of the staffers who stayed on, dean parker. >> we have a campaign staff of over 120 people right now. so five people out of 120. they were significant roles, but you have to understand that dr. carson is a leader. think of it like a baseball team. i got to tell you, barry was a great campaign, good friend of mine. but it's like a baseball team. does the same pitcher pitch the whole way through the game? no, there's starters and there's finishers. >> the changes come after a significant drop in his numbers. joining me now, jane tim. good to see you. >> good afternoon. >> time flies in the new year. we had dean on last hour, and he said no big deal, 5 out of a hundred staffers, just a drop in
1:33 pm
the bucket, not representative of a larger issue. where's the truth? >> they're really trying to do some damage control, but this is their campaign manager, their deputy campaign manager, these are i have high level staffers, and what's worse than maybe a few people leaving is the mess that it signals and hints to behind the scenes. what the staffers have been saying is that outside advisers, business partners, really were undermining the campaign. barry bennett said i couldn't do my job the way he was being advised on the outside to do things he didn't agree with. signals that the campaign doesn't seem to be in control. >> and you wonder many people would put up with bad office politics if they thought they were with the winner. but his numbers are not good right now. does that contribute to people not wanting to be on his team anymore? >> it does. the candidate's really struggled
1:34 pm
the minute it turns to foreign policy. he struggled to have it and answer basically questions. he couldn't name another ally that he wanted to bring into the fight in the middle east. the candidate needs to be strong on those issues for people to say, we were really interested in him. iowa voters they want a winner. they may like ben carson, but they want to vote for a winner. >> 28 days, does he stick it out and try to get through iowa? >> for sure. i think he's got to stick it out for that long. he has quite a bit of money, $23 million. quite a lot of donors, but it's very costly to raise that money. so we'll see how long it lasts after iowa and new hampshire. that's when i think they'll start to look and see how poorly is he doing and how long will he stay in the race. >> jane, thanks so much. stand-off in oregon, anti-government protesters say they're not going anywhere, and
1:35 pm
they're making their demands known.
1:36 pm
1:37 pm
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authorities are warning people to stay away from a wildlife refuge in oregon after a group of armed protesters seized a federal building over the weekend. they say they're prepared to occupy the building and the refuge for years. the group is calling themselves citizens for constitutional freedom and they are protesting the federal government over land rights. this all started after a protest to denounce a prison sentence for oregon ranchers, dwight and steven hammond. they were convicted of arson for burning over 100 acres of federal land. their lawyers said the protesters don't speak for the hammonds, that they would seek clemency from president obama. scott cohn is following all of it from princeton, grandchildor we have some new developments. >> that's right. dwight and steven hammonds, the father and son ranchers at the
1:39 pm
are the h heart of this, have reported to prison in california. their attorney says the protesters here, the citizens for constitutional freedom do not speak for the pair, but they certainly invoke their names quite a bit in a list of grievances that they're seeking to have redressed here. they've given the feds five days to respond to these grievances, but insist they don't believe it's going to come to any violence. the leader of the group spoke to reporters a couple hours ago. asked repeatedly what will happen if there is violence here on the part of the law enforcement forces. they say they do not expect it to come to that. >> and scott, has the fbi indicated how they're going to resolve this? i know they've said they want a peaceful resolution, but are they talking to each other? >> well, they say that they're talking with local law enforcement and the word out of the white house is that while the fbi is the lead agency here, it is a local law enforcement
1:40 pm
issue. even though we're talking about federal land. so everything seems to be aimed at tamping down the heat here. and even when this group brought reporters on a tour on the half a dozen or so buildings they've commandeered. they were very careful not to display any weapons. they told reporters ahead of time, you will not see any weapons. they said previously they're prepared to fight if it comes to that. but they don't think it will. >> scott cohn, thanks so much. >> president obama expected to clarify who is required to have background checks when selling firearms at gun shows. the executive action that he's planning. more on that up next. ♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out.
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you experience tv. we have to be very clear that this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. it's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal. it will potentially save lives in this country and spare families the pain, the extraordinary loss that they've suffered as a consequence of a firearm being in the hands of the wrong people. >> that was president obama in the last hour, following his meeting with attorney loretta lynch, fbi director james comey and other officials in law enforcement. the president called that meeting to discuss his plans for tightening gun measures in an effort to reduce gun violence. we have all angles covered with
1:45 pm
nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing. trymaine lee is with us and pete williams. chris, let me start with you at the white house. the president not giving the details today, but what do we expect is coming? >> we do think we'll get details in the next hour. there's going to be a call with some of the top officials in the oval office with the president today. he called this the lack of moving forward on some sort of legislation to deal with gun violence, one piece of unfinished business. it really is a lot more than that. it's the greatest frustration of this white house that they haven't been able to do anything since newtown. now the president has since signed 25 executive orders, but saying the writing on the wall with the political year that's coming up, the difficulty in dealing with congress, a couple of months ago the president said, let's take a look at what we can do to move this forward on our own. so there's definitely going to be a narrowing of the so-called gun show loophole.
1:46 pm
there's a lot of folks who sell guns there who are not quote/unquote licensed professionals. right now, they're pretty much unregulated. you can go to them, buy a gun, not have to go through a background check. they want to redefine what it means to be a gun dealer and how much you might have to actual sell. but there are some other things they're looking at. they want to improve reporting on weapons that get lost or stolen. they want to beef up inspections of licensed dealers. they know this is not going to change everything. there are a lot of things that only congress can do. the president acknowledges that. but they think that given those parameters, he plans to push the envelope as much as possible. clearly, kate, this is a priority for him in 2016. >> and given what you just said, are these incremental small changes, or is the white house saying, no, these are large-scale policy changes? >> they're not saying they're large-scale policy. they realize that large-scale
1:47 pm
action is going to require votes in congress. and in fact, part of the criticism that we hear, is that these would not have prevented newtown, these would not have prevented some of the more recent violence we've seen in places like roseburg, oregon, and lafayette, louisiana. and white house officials acknowledge that, but as josh earnest said today, if you can save a life, why wouldn't you? so that's really what this is aimed at, really continuing to move the ball forward with the hope that if there's another democratic administration and a friendlier congress there's more they can do in the future. >> chris jansing at the white house. let's bring in trymaine lee, he's been covering this for years. and chris touched on this, the why now. there's a lot of frustration in this white house. >> these are the last days of his administration, and he expressed some frustration during his new year's day address, that congress hasn't had the political will or courage to do anything about it,
1:48 pm
that he's talked to victims' families, the survivors of gun violence. he said, if you can just save one life. so the idea is to tighten up around the margins. the idea of expanding the universe of folks who will be required to go through background checks. take his hometown chicago, right next door in indiana, very loose gun laws. in illinois, they're very tight. folks are going across the border and buying from folks who aren't necessarily buying from licensed dealers. >> so they don't have to have a background check. >> exactly. but 60% of guns are taken from crime scenes. 60% came from out of state. 60% ends up in the hands of gang members and other people who wish to do harm. and that's what we're talking about here. >> it's the numbers that the president keeps pointing to, right? he talks over and over again, he comes before the american people and says, here we go again, we have another mass shooting. you look at the numbers. there have been something like 11,000 homicides.
1:49 pm
>> that's right. the mass shootings, that's just one small sliver of the amount of gun violence we have in this country. more than 11,000 people are murdered each year. 21,000 people commit suicide. 84,000 people who are injured by gunfire. >> in one year? >> in one year. >> so that's what's motivating all this? >> that's right. >> but it's difficult politically, republicans are going to fight this every step of the way. >> this is why the idea of taking executive action, executive order, seems to be the best course of action, because he knows congress will not act on this. you understand how strong the nra and the gun lobby is. there's a billion dollars of profit a year in that industry. so this is a way for him to do something to save as many lives as he can. >> and let's talk about the legality of what the president is proposing. i want to bring in nbc news justice correspondent pete williams who's followed this for years and years. pete, we were talking about executive orders and actions,
1:50 pm
i'm confused about what the mechanics are here for the white house and how does it not get struck down by a court? >> it may be challenged in a lawsuit, whatever the president does, but he can order executive branch agencies and take action and that's some of what this is going to be. but he's aware he's bound in by federal law. here's what he said a moment ago. >> the good news is that these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authority and the executive branch, but they're also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people, including gun owners support and believe in. >> so when you're talking about expanding background checks, that means more federally licensed dealers, who do occasionally sales or do sales at gun shows. the law now says you have to have a federal license to sell a gun if you are engaged in the
1:51 pm
business of doing that. but it makes exceptions for people who do it as a hobby, or just occasionally, or are buying and selling to create a collection. so one thing the president could do is encourage more people to get those licenses. whether he will require it or not, that's a dicey thing. that might be running up against the limitation of the law. so will it be something short of that, for example. so that's the kind of thing they may be looking at. more prosecution of people who go to a gun store and falsely fill out the report, deny that they're felons when they are, prosecute those people, although those are tough cases to make. one other point, to come at this from a different angle, i've talked to some current and former atf people who will be enforcing whatever these executive actions are, and they say, if the president wants to make a difference, he could show more support by the agency by nominating a full-time director and by trying to get more atf agents. that's always been tough because of limitations imposed by
1:52 pm
congress, but there are some in atf who would like to see that. >> pete williams in washington, thanks so much to you. the u.s. markets recovered slightly after a rocking start to 2016. now the cnbc mark wr-- market wrap. >> the dow ending down 276 points. at one point, it was down nearly 500 points. the s&p 500 losing 31 points, the nasdaq losing 104. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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1:56 pm
after saudi officials announced they're cutting diplomatic ties with iran, the latest in the fall-out of saudi arabia's execution of a top shi'ite cleric along with dozens of others over the weekend, that sparked protests across the middle east and elsewhere. some of those protests turned violent. these pictures from reuters show the saudi embassy in tehran set on fire after officials said protesters stormed the building. i think those are different. there's the photos there. iran's president later condemned both the execution by saudi arabia and the attack by iranian protesters on that saudi embassy. but the incident further escalated tensions between two long-time regional rivals, and now the u.s. and other western countries fear it could enflame tengd tensions in the region. it's, i think, difficult for americans to understand what exactly is at play here, how we got here, and why so much tension between these two
1:57 pm
countries. >> yeah, it's a very difficult and complex situation. i think from an american perspective, if you were to look at the middle east, you look at some very close allies of the united states, one of them being saudi arabia, a very conservative country. saudi arabia is involved in a proxy war against iran. these two countries are regional power houses, so to speak, within their own various conflict zones. for example, saudi arabia is backing the rebels and protesters including some hardliners in syria to try to topple the assad regime. in yemen, saudi arabia is trying to restore a government inside the capital. iran is backing rebels that are working to oust that government. so in many examples across the region, there are two powerhouse countries involved in this proxy war. over the weekend, saudi arabia executed a shia cleric who was very popular among iranians, among other shyites in the region and that angered the iranian government and drew the
1:58 pm
condemnation we've been seeing. >> just to refresh people, saudi arabia is dominated by one sect and iran is dominated by the other. s it's a majority of people. >> exactly. there's a sectarian divide here, and two different adherence of islam. both are muslim and believe in slightly different teachings, but at the end of the day, the predominant force among sunni muslims is saudi arabia. predominant force among shia muslims is iran. as a result of that, things that are happening on a geo-political level appears to be taking place on a religious level. but it's not always a sectarian divide. sometimes it's purely geo-political, but at the same time, it always has a small tinge of sectarianism. >> where does that all leave the united states? the u.s. tries to get saudi arabia not to execute the popular cleric and they don't listen. >> it leaves the united states
1:59 pm
in a difficult position for a few reasons. the united states used to exert a lot of influence, certainly, be enough of a force and a factor to take into consideration possible u.s. reaction. the iranians may be thinking, if we do this, what would the americans do? that seems to have waned, par y ly because of some of the decisions the u.s. has made to disengage in the region. president obama at one time drew a red line and said he was going to carry out any possible strikes if the assad regime used chemical weapons, well, they did. and the u.s. was then perceived as being weak and incapable of endorsing its role in the region. now we're seeing the consequences of that. but at the same time, i think the u.s. is wanting to disengage
2:00 pm
from a very complex situation. >> thank you for helping us understand it a bit better. always good to see you. >> thanks, kate. that's going to do it if are this hour of msnbc live, i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" begins right now. if it's 2016, the gloves are off, the lines are drawn, the message is clear, and the time is very short. get ready for a new version of thunder dome. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ ♪ happy new year, happy first monday of the year, welcome to the first "mtp daily" of 2016. let's be clear, there's nothing happy or welcoming about the road to the white house today. we are in a new phase, we knew it would be. but wow, today was even more contentious than we expect


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