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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 5, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PST

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pounced. all except his chief gun rival, at least not yet. sit 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west, this is "way too early." and good morning. it is tuesday, january 5th. i'm shiba russell. it wasn't a question of if, but when, and former president bill clinton made his solo debut on the campaign trail yesterday. speaking at two new hampshire events in support of his wife, as she enters the final fringe of the first two nominating contests of 2016. here's the former president talking about the political climate surrounding the race. >> i don't fit anymore. first of all, i'm a happy grandfather. i'm not mad at anybody.
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and secondly, i thought an election was supposed to be a job interview. and believe me, it's important. ray lot of elections are determined by just what they're about. every presidential election people run, and believe it or not, it's kind of scary this year, but believe it or not, most everybody actually tries to do what they say they're going to do when they're running. they're telling you what they believe. and so you got to take them seriously. >> looming over the former president's first campaign stop for donald trump's recent attacks on his character. here's what he and candidate clinton had to say when asked about the republican front-runner yesterday. >> how do you feel about the kind of campaign donald trump is running, sir? >> the republicans will have to
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decide who they're going to be nominating. how i feel is only relevant with respect to the nominee. we're trying to win a primary. we've got to do that first. >> i'm interested in your response to the donald's comment that you and president obama created isis. >> i've adopted a new year's resolution. i'm going to let him live in his alternative reality and i'm not going to respond. >> well the entire family will be hitting the trail. politico reports that chelsea clinton will soon host a fund-raiser in new york city later this month. at the spin studio soul cycle. as for the former president the clinton campaign announced he'll be making two campaign stops in iowa on thursday. and with just nine days until the next debate, the republican candidates stormed the early
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voting states. people lined up as early as 10:00 a.m. for donald trump's event last night in massachusetts. just across the new hampshire border. thousands packed the center in umass lowell for a speech on his opponents and the state of american politics. >> folks, we have a revolution going on. people are tired, and they're sick of the stupidity that we're seeing coming out of washington. they're sick and tired of it. look at last week. you saw what they passed, right? the budget. i didn't even know it went so fast. it went so quickly. and you look at it, they want to fund obamacare. fund planned parenthood. fund global warming. fund the syrian refugee program where they're going to pour into the country. they got everything. i'm saying where are the republicans? where is the leadership? there's no leadership. everything that you don't want
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is in that budget. and i say where was paul ryan? where are all these people that are supposed to be representing our interests? where were they? where are they? where are they? nobody's representing our interests. >> meanwhile, trump's campaign revealed their first television ad yesterday, followed by an acknowledgment about one of its scenes. the footage that the ad shows while its announcer says trump will build a wall at the southern border is not between the u.s. and mexico, but rather from 5,000 miles away of migrants crossing toward a spanish enclave in morocco. asked to respond trump's campaign manager told nbc news quote, no expletive, it's not the mexican border but that's what our country is going to look like. this was 1,000 percent on purpose. here's what trump said last night. >> that was just video footage. it's just display of what our country's going to look like. we're like a third world country. we're a dumping ground. i think it's irrelevant. all we want to do is what it's
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going to look like. they picked something. they could have picked something else. we could pick plenty of footage, that i can tell you. >> marco rubio supporters are fighting a multifront battle in the early contest states. just hours after a super pac, backing marco rubio, unveiled two new ads attacking chris christie. christie fired back. here's one of the ads from the pro-rubio conservative solutions pac followed by christie's reaction. >> chris christie could well be obama's favorite republican governor. why? christie's record. he instituted an internet sales tax, supported common core, and liberal energy policies. incredibly, christie even backed obamacare's medicaid expansion. chris christie. one high tax common core, liberal energy loving obamacare, medicaid expanding president is enough. >> well, i guess that's -- i just wonder what happened to the marco who so indignantly looked at jeb bush and said, i guess someone must have convinced you that going negative against me
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helps you. i guess that same person must now have convinced marco that going negative against chris christie is what he needs to do. if senator rubio would just show up for work every once in awhile. he's only got one job. he's got to cast votes in the united states senate. if he thinks that's a worthless job which he has basically said before he should resign it. if he doesn't he should go up and show and vote. >> all of that coming as the war of words between rubio and ted cruz heats up, as well. here's rubio in iowa yesterday, referencing his senate colleague's tough talk on foreign policy. >> the key title of the president is commander in chief. now in this election for president, a lot of people talk tough on it. well, talk is cheap, to say you're going to carpet bomb isis, you're going to make the sands of the middle east glow in the dark. how are you going to do that if you don't have the intelligence to friend them, and how are you going to do that if you don't have the air force or the bombs to bomb them with? >> meanwhile in an interview with breitbart cruz compared
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rubio's foreign policy to that of president obama and hillary clinton saying, quote, we should protect the united states of america first, that means we shouldn't engage in the kind of military adventurism that has characterized barack obama and hillary clinton, and sadly far too many establishment republicans, including marco rubio. gun stocks are once again surging as the president prepares to reveal new gun control measures. the president is expected to announce executive actions in a speech today, restricting gun sales by unlicensed dealers, hoping to tighten the so-called gun show loophole. businesses that sell guns would have to obtain a federal license and conduct background checks on all customers. the white house will also add more fbi agents and staff to carry out those increased background checks. president obama spoke about his plans after meeting with the attorney general at the white house. >> it is my strong belief that for us to get our complete arms around the problem, congress needs to act.
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what i ask my team to do is to see what more we could do. the good news is, is that these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authority, and the executive branch, but they're also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people, including gun owners, support and believe in. >> well, the president's opponents quickly criticized the plan. house speaker paul ryan called it a quote, dangerous level of executive overreach. but the president's chief gun rival, the nra, seemed surprised at how, quote, thin the plan was, telling "the new york times," quote, this is it, really? this is what they've been hyping for how long now? this is the proposal they've spent seven years putting together? they're not really doing anything. this morning, protesters remain holed up in a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. the fbi says it wants a peaceful resolution, but won't detail how law enforcement plans to end the occupation. the group claims to be
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protesting what they see as overreach by the federal government. at the lead, ammon bundy the son of nevada rancher cliven bundy who's known for his own standoff with the federal government in 2014. ammon said last night that the protests will not come to violence. >> i'm not here to die. i'm here to defend my freedoms and my liberties, and will i? yes. >> in a tweet that has since been deleted, bundy wrote, the protest will end when the hammonds are freed, and the federal government gives up control of the malheur national forest. the entire chapter was sparked by the case of two oregon ranchers, dwight and steven hammond who were convicted of lighting fires on federal land near their ranch. late yesterday the hammonds reported to prison in southern california. a lawyer for the men says the protesters do not speak for them. ted cruz and governor john kasich were both asked about the oregon protests during campaign stops yesterday. here's cruz's response followed by kasich, who seemed unaware of
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the ongoing demonstration. >> every one of us has a constitutional right to protest and speak our minds. but we don't have a constitutional right to use force and violence and to threaten force and violence on others. and so it is our hope that the protesters there will stand down peaceably, that there will not be a violent confrontation. our prayers are certainly with those in law enforcement. >> governor, what do you think about the situation in oregon, that standoff there? >> i haven't heard about it. >> -- took over federal land. you haven't heard about that? >> no, i haven't heard about this. when did this come out? i'm not familiar with it. >> okay. >> okay. i got to get out of here. got to scoot. all right? >> the north charleston police officer who fatally shot an unarmed man in the back last april has been released from jail. michael slager is charged with murder after shooting 50-year-old walter scott as he ran away from a traffic stop. slager's trial isn't scheduled until october 31st. prosecutors have given
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precedence to the july trial of the suspect in the mass shooting and mother emanuel church. the judge said it is unnecessary to keep the former officer in jail that long before trial, and then released him on $500,000 bond. slager has been placed on house arrest. we want to turn overseas right now the uproar continues in the middle east following saudi arabia's execution of a shiite cleric over the weekend. overnight kuwait announced the recall of their ambassador from iran. three other states, bahrain, sudan, and the united arab emirates, are also siding with saudi arabia and severing or downgrading diplomatic ties with tehran. saudi arabia has also stopped all flights to and from iran amid the mounting tensions. the move comes after saudi arabia executed prominent shiite cleric nimr al nimr and 46 others. protests continue in iran and have spread to india and iraq where demonstrators are denouncing the execution. and iran's president hassan rouhani condemned the attacks on
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the saudi embassy in tehran. also overnight, he said that saudi arabia cannot cover its crime by severing ties with iran. u.s. secretary of state john kerry spoke with saudi arabia's deputy crown prince and defense minister over the phone yesterday. also white house press secretary job earnest appealed to both iran and saudi arabia to de-escalate their dispute. >> we're urging all sides to show some restraint and to not further inflame tensions that are on quite viv it display in the region. >> still ahead here on "way too early," wall street begins the year with a market free-fall. plus lyft tries to give uber a ride for its money. we'll have all the mornings business headlines. and, after all that talk, there's been a lot of talk, about moving an nfl team to los angeles, there's finally some action. but at which city's expense? those stories and a check on
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weather when wrt wrt comes right back.
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federal authorities launched the first in a series of raids across the country this weekend targeting undocumented immigrants, including children who recently arrived in the u.s. from central america. the operation first reported by "the washington post" is the first large-scale effort to deport families ordered to be removed by federal judges. it the 121 adults and children apprehended are being held temporarily in federal detention centers until they can be deported. let's turn to business now. markets took a deep dive in the first trading day of 2016. china's stock fell so far the markets closed early. cnbc's jeff cutmore joins us live from london. jeff, it wasn't good for wall street, either. >> absolutely. fragile, that's the way investors are feeling as a result of this big chinese sell-off. that was about weaker china data and this saudi-iran spot.
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that pushed the dow down at one point 467 points. and if we closed there that would have been the worst close since 1932 on the first trading day of the year. in the event, the dow rebounded but we were still off over 1.5% to the close. and here in europe, we had a very weak session. and at the moment, european trade is almost flat. so there's a lot of nervousness in equity markets at the moment. just moving you on, volkswagen hearing that the department of justice is filing a civil suit against them. they are claiming breaches of the clean air act. people are speculating that the fine for this could run into the billions of dollars. $90 billion has been mentioned. but i don't think any of the experts think it will come in quite that high. but at the moment, volkswagen looking at some very serious fines for these breaches of the clean air act. and while we're in the automotive space. a surprising turn joup here.
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lyft, the uber rival raising cash. they were out for a billion dollars. and surprisingly gm stumped up $500 million of that. you may be thinking why would they put money into a business that seems to be anti-growth in cars? well, gm saying they want to work with the business to see how they can drive forward a network, perhaps, of driverless vehicles. so that's a wrap-up of your head line business stories. back to you, shiba. >> huh. driverless lyft vehicles. we'll stay tuned for more on that. jeff cutmore, thank you. joining us live from london this morning. time now for sports. for the last two decades the nation's second largest television market has been without an nfl team. that could be changing very soon. the st. louis rams, the san diego chargers, and the oakland raiders have each filed applications with the league for relocation to los angeles. it is the first time any of the teams have filed a formal request. despite numerous stadium proposals over the years,
2:49 am
despite all the rumors, as well, the chargers were the first to reveal their plans, and even had owner dean spanos interviewed on the team's website to explain the decision to relocate. the decision will ultimately be left up to the 32 nfl team owners, not the fans, who are set to meet next week in houston. in order for one of the projects to move forward, three-fourths of owners must vote for it. in other nfl news, the new york giants will sadly begin their search for a new head coach after two-time super bowl winner tom coughlin announced in a statement yesterday he'll be stepping down. the 69-year-old received dozens of well-wishes from friends and admirers, as well as current and former players who looked back fondly on his 1-year tenure with the organization. now, all that's left is the question about who will fill his role. big shoes here. meanwhile, falling into the column of the unexpected, indianapolis head coach chuck pagano received a four-year contract with the colts. despite a disappointing season at the helm. >> i've had a lot of great days
2:50 am
in my life, but none better than today. this is absolutely the best day of my life. >> owner jim irsay announced an extense for the general manager so he and pagano will remain together through 2019. >> andrew luck, that's who he wants. that's pretty much the bottom line. >> okay. we want to turn right now to college hoops, we'll get to bill in just a moment, and a triple overtime thriller in kansas. the top ranked jayhawks hosting number two oklahoma in a game that just wouldn't end. but down by three in the final seconds of the third overtime period, the sooners shot is off target, kansas hangs on for the 109-106 victory. third overtime. >> that must have been one of the -- the events to be at, to be at the allen field house there one of the best places even to watch a basketball game period. so, would have been quite a show. >> that's a lot time on the court. >> it is. -- >> hung -- >> i would have hung in there. i'm not -- i'm sure fans did,
2:51 am
too. the coldest morning has arrived. it's, you know, you step outdoors and you feel it and just reminds you of how bad last winter was. negative 18 is the windchill in northern maine. negative 12 in albany. we're down at negative 4 in philadelphia. not just northern new england in this cold. even d.c. is down at 1. even into the south, one of the coldest mornings you've experienced. 19 in atlanta, feels like when you head outside all the way down to new orleans feels like 33. so you're not alone out there this morning. everyone's in the same boat. but it's a short-lived cold blast today. notice that by thursday, we're up to 68 in dallas. we're at 50 in louisville. we're at 56 in charlotte. we quickly warm it up from here and then another cold blast looks to come down. this weekend into next week. that time of year. you expect a cold blast about once every five to seven days. even northern new england by thursday gets up to about 37 degrees. and the other story, the big storm on the map is for the west coast. this is beneficial, great, it's pouring in san francisco this morning. and we're getting heavy snow in the mountains of california.
2:52 am
shiba this is where we needed the wet weather. california is going to get it the next two days in a row. bad for travel but for the hard-hit drought area, this is gold. >> they're singing your praises this morning. can you do something about this cold weather we're having here? >> just wait, thursday. >> okay. can't wait for that, bill. thank you. still ahead a new year, a new daily show after struggling in the ratings, trevor noah turns to a real hitmaker to spice things up. "way too early" is back in a moment. ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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it is almost 5:55 here on the east coast. let's get a check on the morning's other head lines and for that we head to the control room and louis burgdorf. >> the official end of the holiday season meant the return of late night tv and the daily show struggling in the ratings since jon stewart's departure has changed things up queen. the show now begins with host trevor noah standing instead of being seated behind the anchor death. and there's also a new theme song. >> this is the daily show with trevor noah. >> we should also note that there has been an increase in younger viewers and streaming. let's turn now to donald trump, who talked in one of jeb bush's biggest supporters yesterday his finance chairman woody johnson who also happens to own the new york jets.
2:56 am
trump tweeted quote if woody would have been with me he would have been in the playoffs at least. the jets just missed a chance to make the playoffs when they lost to the buffalo bills. 22-17 on sunday. that one hurt. and trump continued to talk some more nfl news last night after an mri showed new england patriots quarterback tom brady has a sprained ankle. >> love that man. look it. stand up. it says trump and tom brady. look, together. i love tom brady. i love him. tom! we got to get tom better. remember this, tom brady injured is still better than anybody else. okay? so remember. remember. >> now if you're like me and have a periodic table on your wall at home or on your desk at work or even on your bedroom ceiling, basically anywhere you can fit a periodic table, consider yourself warned. you're going to have to update that periodic table. an international group of scientists has confirmed the existence of four new elements
2:57 am
they were initially discovered more than a decade ago. now comes the hard part, naming them according to "the wall street journal," international rules allow them to be based on mythological creatures, a mineral, a scientist, or even a place. we'd humbly like to suggest for shiba to the selection committee i think that would be a great name. >> you even got your own graphic there. how about shib raranium. >> i think we have a lot here. >> all right louis, thank you so much. that does it for me and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe," so just how solid is donald trump's support? the latest numbers from our new nbc poll is offering some insight. we'll also have an exclusive look at the new campaign ad from ted cruz. and joining us later this morning, presidential candidates jeb bush, and rick santorum. "morning joe" is just moments away.
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