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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  January 5, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> from first graders in newt n newtown. first graders. and from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> obviously the president quite emotional as he was speaking about that and hillary clinton tweeted her support of the president's remarks, thanking him for taking what she calls a crucial step forward on gun violence. meanwhile, as you can probably
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imagine, the gop presidential candidates on the campaign trail today blasted the president's executive actions. >> well, he's abusing executive orders. what he's basically doing is he's issuing these things and ignoring the legalities of it. >> it's not going to solve any problems by having the so-called gun show loophole be taken care of by executive order. the president doesn't have authority to do it. >> this morning, president obama's announcing new executive orders to try to go after our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. i can tell you right now those executive orders are not worth the paper they're printed on because when you live by the pen, you die by the pen and my pen has got an eraser. >> quote, president obama's executive orders will do nothing to improve public safety. we have reports from the white house and on the legality of these actions and i want to begin at the white house with msnbc's peter alexander and the president using the best bully pulpit in the world with emotion
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and morality about the issue. what exactly would the president's plan do? >> well, you talk about the emotion. that's emotion like we have never really seen before from this president. he has eulogized and given statements and what unfortunately become an awful routine following gun violence in this country so many times, too many times in his words, today but if you want to drill down on exactly what this will do, this being the number one issue that has frustrated him more than any other as president, let's put it up on the screen and try to walk you through some of what will change in some form as a result of the president's actions today. the executive actions will better the president, the administration believes, enforce licenses and background checks for gun buyers, it will improve the background check system that exists and clarify the rules for reporting lost or stolen guns. a striking statistic i learned today is there are roughly 3300 guns that were lost as it's described in transit over the course of a single year. what this executive action will
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not do is also significant. it won't require background checks for every gun sale. it won't ban gun sales to people on the no-fly list, the so-called no-fly, no-buy law, the desire of this administration was to make it so anybody on a terror watch list, a no-fly list, wouldn't be able to get a gun. that will not change. it also will not ban large capacity magazines. among the items in the president's announcement today will still require congress to act on are two significant items. one specifically is the desire of this administration to hire about 200 new atf agents. those are the ones who effectively would be the ones enforcing these laws. they would be the ones who would have to -- and recognize this is a challenging thing -- but to find out who was breaking the law, who was effectively not licensed but was repeatedly selling guns with the desire to profit and beyond that, the president talked about his interest in an additional $500
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million directed toward mental health care in this country, a topic that so many opponents of any action by the president have focused on as the real issue here, saying it's about the person who is firing the weapon, not about the weapon itself. >> is this falling on deaf ears when it comes to capitol hill, congressional republicans? >> reporter: we heard from the speaker of the house, paul ryan, a short time ago. he said no matter what president obama says, his word does not trump the second amendment. we will conduct vigilant oversight. right now the president, it was obvious, was trying to speak to so many of those people who are so opposed to his position on this issue. he said in very simple terms this is not a plot to take away everyone's guns. many people suggest that the president can too often i think be insulting or perhaps speak down to gun owners in this country and the administration has made it clear that is not their desire in the remarks, the remarks are to better clarify what they are doing and hope everybody can come together in some form and do that. whether that is accomplished, we
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have to wait and see. >> peter alexander from the white house, thank you. i want to bring in nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. as we talk about this with the second amendment and the president talking of respect of that but also the fact that gun reform should not be mutually exclusive, is there real teeth here with this clarification? is much muscle being demonstrated? >> i think it's advisable that we call these executive actions and not executive orders, because they actually change very little. as a result of the president's action here, for example, no one additional is required to have a firearms license that wasn't required to have it yesterday or the day before. all the administration is doing is clarifying what the law says. interestingly enough, the conservative blogosphere which normally jumps on the president when he tries to take executive action they think is inappropriate is pretty ho-hum about this. one of the most conservative legal scholars on gun issues says the president's action here
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accurately summarizes court cases interpreting the law about who has to have a firearms license. this publication that atf has put out here giving guidance basically says if you are engaged' in the business, that's what the law says, have yyou ha have a license to conduct background checks. they want to increase the number of background checks. so fair question, will this actually cause more people to get firearms licenses, i think that's going to be very difficult to tell. by the way, this is a reversal of the clinton administration policy which was to try to reduce the number of people with firearms licenses because when you have a federal firearms license, you can do stuff that normal folks can't. ek wholesale guns, ship them, so forth. the idea is we have to reduce the number of licenses because it will make it easier to keep tabs on them. now this is the opposite approach. let's make sure more people have licenses which will give them legal obligation to make sure that gun buyers do background checks. couple of other quick points here.
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the president talked about orders or changing the rules to make sure that guns in shipment, you heard peter talk about this, are tracked to make sure that somebody doesn't use a corporation or trust to buy a gun they normally can't. those are rule makings that are already in progress. one started in 2013, one in 2014. so basically what we have here is a muscular restatement of what the law is. >> pete williams reporting for us from washington, d.c. thank you, sir. i appreciate it. just a programming note for everybody, coming up, i will speak with the parents of hydea pendleton. she was a chicago teen who performed at the president's inauguration only to be shot and killed when she returned home to chicago. her parents are there at the white house today and will join me from washington later this hour. i encourage you to stick with us. this leads us to today's microsoft pulse question. we are asking is president obama right to bypass congress on gun control? the pulse is live. weigh in. we will bring you results later this hour.
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want to turn to breaking news out of southern afghanistan. the taliban is claiming responsibility for killing a u.s. service member and two others were injured in this counterterror combat mission today. a medevac helicopter also coming under fire during a rescue attempt. nbc news is unable to verify the taliban's claim of responsibility but we have live reports here from msnbc headquarters as well as the pentagon and overseas. i want to start with jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. what are your sources telling you? >> details are still sketchy to some extent, but senior defense officials have clarified one point. the three americans, the one who was killed and two others were special operations forces who were working side by side imbedded with the aftghan specil operations forces in a train and assist operation. they are not calling it a counterterror operation because after all, if the americans were involved with afghan troops on some kind of mission other than
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counterterror, that would be in violation of president obama's rules of the road for what u.s. forces can do there in afghanistan. there was one killed, two wounded during that whatever it was, train and advise or some kind of counterterrorism operation that still is unclear. now, a helicopter came in, it's a medevac helicopter, came into retrieve the wounded and the dead when it developed some kind of mechanical problem and was forced to put down. now, very nearby there was a mortar blast, but the u.s. military and pentagon are strongly denying any claims by the taliban that they shot down that helicopter. that helicopter is still on the ground disabled. and the operation itself, whatever it is, we hope to find out more later, is still ongoing according to officials here at the pentagon. >> nbc's jim miklaszewski reporting at the pentagon, thank you. want to move on to nbc news chief foreign correspondent
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richard engel. he is following the story from istanbul. richard, the interesting point to be made here is that marjah was a taliban stronghold for most of the war. then we made inroads there. is the taliban coming back in afghanistan? >> reporter: well, there's a race for the bottom in afghanistan. there's a rivalry right now between the taliban and isis, so you could really take your pick as to which of these two organizations you want to say is on the rise. there are certainly territories where the taliban has made inroads. helmand province is one of them. and the taliban has been trying to deal with the loss of mullah omar, its spiritual leader, a fact that the taliban, his death kept secret, even from other taliban members. so for the last several months, the taliban has been in a very
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difficult position. it is trying to fight off isis. it's trying to prevent its own members from splintering away after the death of mullah omar, but i do think we have started to see from the taliban in the last couple of months an attempt for it to reconsolidate itself, to find some unity, and to fight off where it can isis. it is trying to make a comeback. >> richard reng wiengel, thanks much. colonel jack jacobs joins me here in msnbc world headquarters in new york. colonel, great to see you. we also have confirmed from u.s. defense officials telling the "washington post" that afghan troops were also wounded in this operation. what does this mean as richard is making the distinction between isis or the taliban, it could be anybody's guess. this is a corrupted area.
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>> if you are on the good guys' side it almost doesn't matter except insofar as you can gain intelligence from about one or the other, either isis or the taliban. this has been a taliban stronghold for a long, long time. what's interesting is the juxtaposition of american forces and afghan forces. you have got american special forces, perhaps special operations forces, who are training afghan special forces and special operations forces so they can conduct these operations on their own. it's not surprising that from time to time americans get caught in the middle. but we do have people in the field trying to get the afghans to conduct their own operations so that we won't have to be there, but we have been at this for a long, long time. >> is this perpetual training we are witnessing? we use the term training thinking there's an end game. >> part of the problem is the central government in kabul does
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not have control of all of afghanistan. indeed, it's weakest in a place like helmand which has been a stronghold of taliban activity for a long time. it is the place from which the taliban get their money. they raise poppies there, make an enormous amount of money and their cash flow comes from this area. they have also had some successful attacks in the region and major strongholds ostensibly isis strongholds and they are making a comeback. >> another complexity, the opium trade, that you make a remark about with the cash. follow the money. >> follow the money. >> thank you, sir. we want to talk about the race for 2016, because we got this new national polling out today. it really shows the strength of donald trump. his supporters are dug in for that candidate but there's one voter group that could make or break his bid for iowa. then there's hillary clinton, responding to the president's executive action on gun control. how she is building it into her
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a new national online poll brings very good news for donald trump, with very high rating in the latest online poll from nbc news and its partner survey monkey. with less than four weeks until iowa, he has a 17 point lead over his nearest rival, ted cruz. cruz in second place, marco rubio in third. what's more, half of all trump voters say they are absolutely certain they will vote for him. another 33% say there is a large chance they are going to vote for him. we have two separate reports on this super tuesday for you. i want to begin with nbc news correspondent katy tur in clairemont, new hampshire, where donald trump will be holding a
10:18 am
campaign event later today. one of the big surprises in this online poll was support from evangelicals. so explain why that is so important as we enter the first caucus of iowa. >> reporter: yeah. i think a lot of people thought that donald trump would ultimately turn off evangelicals with some of his more outrageous comments and that somebody like ted cruz would end up cleaning them up. that's what we are seeing certainly in iowa, where ted cruz is leading polling out there. he got ten doorsmehe endorsemen number of important evangelical groups out there. trump did not get that endorsement but they do say they like trump. this is a national poll. it shows how he's doing nationally. the polls that really matter more right now, though, are the early state polls, the ones in iowa and the ones in south carolina. you can see that he is facing some trouble from ted cruz in iowa, but certainly, really interesting, look at some of the numbers we have from this. trump is at 33% according to our nbc news/survey monkey poll with evangelical vote. the next one is ted cruz, then
10:19 am
dr. carson at 12% and senator rubio at 10%. if ben carson falls off, where does his support naturally go? a lot of people are saying it does go to ted cruz. if that were the case, it would bump him up to tying with donald trump in the national numbers at least according to this survey. but there is some talk that at least some of ben carson's support will go to donald trump as well, if ben carson falls off more or ends up dropping out of this race. that's still premature at the moment. but it's interesting to see trump doing so well with evangelicals. >> explain the detail of donald trump's ad. like it didn't get enough attention already, there is some news or a caveat to a certain portion of the video demonstrated in that ad. >> reporter: yeah. they like to get a few days' worth of controversy out of every headline they make. basically what happened was the tv ad came out yesterday, it starts airing today in new hampshire, where we are, and in iowa. in the ad, there's some video of migrants crossing a border and
10:20 am
it's supposed to, according to what the announcer says, sound like this is the u.s./mexico border but sharp eyes noticed it doesn't quite look like the u.s./mexico border. that video was of morocco and migrants crossing a border there. we spoke to the campaign yesterday. the campaign manager. in a very colorful way, he told us no bleep, it's not mexico, it is obviously morocco but this is what our country is going to look like if we don't build a wall. today, though, michael cohen, trump's long-time lawyer, one of his biggest confidants, went on cnn and said he was going to talk to the person who made that mistake. this is the first time we have heard the campaign, anyone in the campaign say that they have made a mistake. he also contradicts the campaign manager so really interesting to see that happen. it doesn't sound like that was intentional in any way. >> will it run as fiction or are they going to fix it for the market it's supposed to air in?
10:21 am
>> reporter: they are going to run it the way they run it. donald trump himself, we have the sound bite, it was intentional, it doesn't really matter what they were showing but they wanted to convey this is how it's going to be if we don't build a wall. we have the sound bite. we can listen to it right now if you like. >> that was just video footage. just display of what our country's going to look like. we're like a third world country. we are a dumping ground. i think it's irrelevant. all we want to do is what it's going to look like. they picked something. they could have picked something else. we can pick plenty of footage, that i can tell you. >> reporter: i think it's going to stay that way for new hampshire and iowa. the campaign's not very big on retracting although i think this michael cohen thing may have been a slip-up and if you were talking to me and i'm just guessing, i'm sure there were words exchanged behind the scenes about not being on message with the rest of the campaign. >> shows a little vulnerability. katy tur, thanks so much. appreciate it. want to turn to nbc's kristen
10:22 am
welker, traveling with the clinton campaign and joining us from sioux city, iowa. let's begin with clinton talking about the president and the moment he had in reference to executive action on gun reform. what is she saying? >> reporter: well, thomas, for the past several days, secretary clinton has said that she supports and is celebrating the fact that president obama's passing his new executive actions on guns and today, we heard her reaffirm that in the wake of president obama's official announcement from the white house today. take a listen to secretary clinton here in iowa just moments ago. >> and i am very proud of president obama's announcement today to try to have some sensible gun safety measures to protect the american people. in fact, i feel really good because i called for some of those measures a couple of months ago. >> reporter: secretary clinton
10:23 am
has made stiffer gun laws one of the big planks of her platform and she's called to go even further than the president in terms of expanding background checks, for example. she wants to prevent sellers from completing purchases when background checks haven't been completed. this is one of these rare issues where she is actually a little bit to the left of vermont senator bernie sanders. her toughest rival. that is because bernie sanders, for example, years ago voted against the brady bill a number of times. that is something she continues to point out. we should note that bernie sanders also came out today and said that president obama's new gun control measures were the right step forward on this issue and of course, republicans have come out, a number of them, vowing to repeal the president's executive actions the minute they get into office, donald trump, ted cruz, among others. so this is going to be a big issue moving forward in the 2016 campaign, thomas. of course, the big question is hillary clinton calling for more laws but how does she actually get something like that passed
10:24 am
when you have a republican-led congress who is staunchly opposed to more laws. that's something chris matthews will probably ask her about later on today when he sits down with her here in iowa. >> that brings us to this pitch for tonight. thanks so much. be sure to catch chris matthews sitting down with this one-on-one, hillary clinton ready to play "hardball" tonight 7:00 p.m. follow that hash tag hrc on "hardball." another programming note. i will be speaking with the connecticut governor at the top of the next hour all in reference to president obama and the gun reform, the executive action that he wants to see and he got emotional talking about what happened in newtown, the massacre of those first graders there, during his speech outlining his proposal on gun reform. we'll have that at the top of 2:00. developing news now from oregon. the armed protesters occupying a federal building are scheduled to hold a news conference next hour. the self-professed militants could be in for the long haul. we take you there next. on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right?
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let's get you straight to the white house press briefing. josh earnest talking about the president's executive actions. >> -- test their proposition and if they actually are willing to work seriously with the administration to invest $500 million in expanding access to mental health care, that is -- i'm happy to be proved wrong. >> reporter: can you talk a little bit about what prepatory work may have been done at the white house or maybe over at the justice department to prepare for the anticipated legal challenges to what the president announced today? >> a lot of this legal work, a lot of the legal work on this issue was done at the department of justice and that's why you heard the attorney general talk about many of these issues on a conference call last night. there certainly were white house officials who were involved. i would like to take this opportunity to single out a couple of white house officials who don't get a lot of attention
10:29 am
but were certainly instrumental in the successful implementation of these actions. that is michael bosworth, who serves as the deputy counsel here at the white house, and natalie quillian, who serves as senior advisor to the white house chief of staff. they were both the points of contact here at the white house for the development and implementation of this policy. and a lot of the steps the president was able to announce today is thanks to the good work of those officials here at the white house, working closely with the legal experts in the department of justice who as i mention yesterday, were focused on producing recommendations to the president that were well within his legal authority as the president of the united states, but also effective in trying to address some of the problems that exist in the current system. >> reporter: so as the work was being done to sort of figure out what he could do, the administration was also
10:30 am
preparing for legal challenges, it was sort of a two-track process? >> i wouldn't describe it as a two-track process. i would describe it as a process whereby attorneys at the department of justice were looking for ideas that would address the problem that we have identified which is that right now, it's too easy for people who shouldn't be able to get guns to acquire them. it's too often guns fall into the wrong hands. we need to do more to keep that from happening. and keeping that from happening would make our communities safer. so that is the problem that the lawyers at the department of justice were focused on trying to address. but they wanted to be sure that any of the prescriptions that they put forward would be well within the president's legal authority as the president of the united states, as the head of the executive branch. >> reporter: finally, can you describe for us any other time you have seen the president be as visibly emotional as he was today? it's sort of -- it goes against everything we know about the no
10:31 am
drama obama persona, stereotype with the president. an issue, an occasion, something that's moved him as he was so visibly moved today? >> well, the president has talked before about how the violence at sandy hook elementary in december of 2012 was the saddest day of his presidency. that's saying something. he served as president for almost seven years now. and the president was quite emotional in speaking in this room at this podium on that day. and the president explained it for himself that even now more than three years later, the thought of those first graders being massacred is terribly sad and really tragic, and one that is emotional for the president
10:32 am
of the united states, who also happens to have two daughters. i think the emotional reaction that the president has even three years later, i think is familiar to millions of americans across the country who, particularly parents, who envision their own kids in school. i think this is a very emotional issue and a terribly tragic situation, and one that i think does a lot to animate the president's determination to try to do something about it. and he has been profoundly disappointed that despite this tragedy, congress has not felt the same obligation to try to do something about it. but i think the president's announcement of 23 executive actions about a month or so after that terrible incident i think was pretty clear evidence of the president's determination to try to keep guns out of the wrong hands, and i think even
10:33 am
three years later, a new set of executive actions the president announced today are a vivid illustration of the president's ongoing determination to try to keep guns out of the wrong hands. >> reporter: more on the gun guidance. is the change as far as background checks and ensuring that dealers on the internet, gun shows, other places, that they are adhering to background checks, is that change contingent on having 200 new atf agents and investigators to enforce it? because it seems unlikely that congress would approve funding for that, for those measures. is that contingent on getting the 200 new agents? >> well, i think the point that you are making highlights one of the most vivid contradictions in the position that is advocated by republicans.
10:34 am
many of the statements criticizing the president's executive actions that littered all of your in-boxes today have noted the need for the federal government to more effectively enforce the law that's on the books. if republicans were actually serious about that notion, why wouldn't they support hiring more officers to do exactly that? again, it's a little hard to take seriously republican excuses for inaction when they're not willing to back up their suggested prescriptions that they believe would be more effective in trying to solve this problem. but to answer your question more directly, no, it is not contingent on the ability of the federal government to hire additional atf agents. this guidance has been issued and it certainly does clarify that anybody who is engaged in the business of selling firearms has to get a license and make sure their customers are getting a background check before their customers are able to purchase a weapon.
10:35 am
and the atf, using the resources they have now, will enforce the law accordingly. those who are engaged in the business of selling firearms that do choose to go without a license and do not force their customers to undergo a background check will be subject to a substantial criminal penalty. this is a statute that carries with it a criminal penalty on the order of up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000. so this is a serious law that the atf is committed to seriously enforcing and the president has suggested that we should devote greater resources to enforcing the law that's on the books. again, that's a position that republicans themselves have advocated as recently as today. so we would certainly call on republicans to back up their news releases with actual legislative action. >> reporter: so when will enforcement actually begin? attorney general lynch yesterday
10:36 am
said there will be an educational period. is there a point sometime during this year when there will be a crackdown or when exactly does the enforcement start? >> well, certainly the guidance will begin to be implemented today and that is one of the benefits of the president's proposal, that these are actions that can be -- that aren't subject to a protracted rule-making process but rather changes that can go into effect and begin being implemented today. as for how it is enforced down the line, you have to check with either the attorney general's office or even somebody at the atf who could give you greater clarity about how exactly that will take place. okay? mary? >> reporter: have you had any indication that any republicans are willing to work with you on these funding issues, any cause for optimism given you say that the president's proposals are in line with what they had previously supported? >> no, but again, we look forward to republicans actually backing up the promises that are contained in their news releases with actual legislative action.
10:37 am
i recognize that for this congress, that's a relatively novel concept but it shouldn't be. >> reporter: given that many are predicting there will be challenges in the courts, how optimistic are you that these actions will actually become a reality while the president is still in office? >> well, i did note the reaction from the nra spokesperson to this announcement that seems to downplay the significance of these executive actions. i'm not an attorney and wouldn't even play one on tv but that certainly teams seems like it's going to hurt their legal case, that these are options that must be stopped and this is a classic example of presidential overreach if the nra is claiming that it's no big deal. i certainly have more confidence in our legal case based on that public reaction than i did before. >> reporter: the president has admitted that the comprehensive reform does not seem likely while he's in office.
10:38 am
it now seems that you have exhausted all of his executive options here. what will we see from him in the rest of the year? will he be continuing in the coming months to try and sort of rally more public support for this? what will we see going forward? >> well, i think you will see a budget proposal that will come later this year that will reflect some of the priorities that the president has discussed today. as mentioned, i think you will see some steps that are taken by law enforcement to enforce the law consistent with the guidance that has now been put forward. we are hopeful we will have additional law enforcement resources that we can devote to that task. and yes, i would anticipate that you are going to continue to see the president speak out publicly with passion on this issue. and i think that could come as soon as the president's nationally televised town hall meeting that he will be doing with cnn on thursday night and i
10:39 am
certainly wouldn't be surprised if it makes an appearance during the president's state of the union address that will be covered by all of your networks next tuesday. okay? jordan. >> reporter: thanks, josh. were legal concerns one of the reasons that the background check measure was issued as guidance rather than a rule, and are there concerns that a republican white house could quickly reverse something like that, even more quickly than if you had issued it as a new rule or regulation? >> well, i'm not aware of any specific legal concerns. as i mentioned yesterday, any action that the president would announce would be something in which he and his attorneys have full confidence as well within his authority as president of the united states to exercise. one of the benefits of the kind of guidance that the president issued today is that it can go into effect immediately and can begin being implemented immediately. the rule-making process typically is more protracted and takes longer.
10:40 am
this is something that can be done more quickly. and each time the president has taken action, we have observed that it is not as enduring and oftentimes not as broad as what congress can do through the legislative process. >> we have been listening to josh earnest at the white house in the briefing take many questions today about what president obama addressed early this morning or late this morning, excuse me, just a few hours ago, about his executive actions to combat gun violence in this country. josh earnest talking about the action where the president will be asking for $500 million for mental health evaluations, also talking about reinforcing the already in existence gun laws in this country for background checks. you heard the question there from one of the reporters about the physically emotional president we saw today and the remarks she made about we typically see the no drama obama. that was a different type of
10:41 am
president today we saw using the bully pulpit, the strongest in the world, and how emotional he got at the white house. take a look. >> the gun lobby may be holding congress hostage right now but they cannot hold america hostage. we do not have to accept this carnage as the price of freedom. >> talking about the nra being so strong as they donate to many of our elected leaders which keep our elected leaders in some type of debt to the nra. joining me, dan gross, president of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. thanks for being with us. first, your reaction to what the president demonstrated today. i think as josh earnest said, an animated his determination to make this happen even though congress hasn't demonstrated the same type of willingness. >> yeah. what the president demonstrated today was true leadership and the purity of his intentions in terms of the opportunity that we have to do so much better
10:42 am
keeping guns out of the hands of the people that we all agree shouldn't have them. i was in that room, i met with the president shortly before his remarks, and i hope it came across on television as it did in that room. it was one of the more moving things i have ever seen, seeing the purity of the president's intention and the beauty of it is we didn't necessarily expect it to be such an emotional day, but we did expect it to be an historic day and that's exactly what it was. this is the most significant improvement to our ability to keep guns out of dangerous hands since the original brady law was implemented in 1994. >> so when we talk about the brady bill and where we are today, i have been getting some tweets while we have been on the air talking about the brady bill is irrelevant and if it had worked the way it was meant to, we wouldn't be in the situation we are today. what's your reaction to folks, americans who think that the bill is irrelevant, not showing the teeth it needs? >> it's ridiculous. the brady law has prevented 2.4
10:43 am
million sales to prohibited purchasers, convicted felons, domestic abusers, the dangerously mentally ill, the people we all agree shouldn't have guns. the problem is the world has changed since the original brady law was implemented and now there are people every day across this country selling guns as commercial enterprises at gun shows and online without brady background checks. so what the president's executive actions have done today is they have expanded the very sharp-toothed brady law to make it even more effective by expanding brady background checks to everyone who is actually engaged in the business of selling guns. that's what we have been asking for. that's been the primary focus of our organization. we call it finish the job because it's finishing the job of the very effective original brady law. >> dan gross, always nice to see you, from the brady campaign. appreciate your time. we want to bring into the conversation from illinois, nate and cleo pendleton.
10:44 am
their 15-year-old daughter was shot and killed in january of 2013, just days after she participated in president obama's public inaugural celebration. they were at the white house today to be part of the announcement of the president's executive actions. mr. and mrs. pendleton, thank you for joining me. your reaction from being there and listening to the president, do you think that he is on the right track? >> i do. i think that the president very much is on the right track. i think anything that helps tighten loopholes to keep guns out of the hands of people that shouldn't have them is on track. >> when the president made a specific mention of your hometown of chicago, mr. pendleton, i know that for you, that had to be an emotional moment for you. as you think about your daughter, the child that you lost almost three years ago, we will remember that anniversary later this month but i want to remind folks who didn't see what the president had to say and play it for them now.
10:45 am
>> every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> so mr. pendleton, your daughter was killed in chicago and as we think about what is happening in the city of chicago, it is a horrific epidemic. do you think that this action, these remarks, this sentiment from the president, is actually going to help curb what you're living through in chicago? >> well, i would really -- i'm going to hope so. i hope so. i'm going to back him all the way. we are in this for the long run. we are not going to stop. even if it doesn't pan out this
10:46 am
time, we'll be back and we're going to keep coming back. >> we know that it was in 2013 during the state of the union the president at that point, mrs. pendleton, mentioned your daughter. we have the president's state of the union now for 2016 coming up next week on july 12th. we have had so much violence in this country between the time we lost your daughter and where we stand today. do you think that the president has been able to get the attention of some deaf ears in washington today, the exact place where you stand? >> i believe he has because i don't think that -- i'm sure he wanted more. i think that what he did today was what he could do, not to ruffle too many feathers, if i should say it right. i think that it's something that is common sense and everyone can agree to.
10:47 am
tightening the loopholes for gun dealers, i think it makes sense. it doesn't make sense for me, someone who is a law-abiding citizen to agree to take a background check, to go through a background check, but there to be a way for people who are purchasing guns illegally to commit crimes to just, to avoid. i think it's -- i'm happy that he's having everyone become licensed and you know, if not, be held accountable for not going about things the right way as it relates to the purchasing of guns. >> mr. pendleton, really quickly before we let you go, can you describe the type of unique bond that you have with the other folks that were in that room today? the parents of those lost at sandy hook and other family members. you stand there in support but this has to be terribly hard. >> it is very hard. we all say that we have joined a
10:48 am
group of people who are a fraternity of people that no one wants to be a part of. but we all stand together, we stand together strong and we are going to keep moving. >> mr. and mrs. pendleton, thank you for joining me today. we appreciate your time. safe travels back to chicago. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. following breaking news out of afghanistan this hour. the taliban claiming responsibility for this deadly attack on u.s. troops. at least one killed, two more wounded. we will discuss the realities of the fight against the taliban on the ground in afghanistan. have they regained their control of certain areas? that's after this. here whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence!
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10:51 am
you experience tv. this does underscore that afghanistan is a dangerous place and that our men and women in uniform who continue to serve our country there are putting themselves at risk for our own national security. we're deeply indebted to them for their service and their
10:52 am
sacrifice, and certainly, our thoughts and prayers are with the family of this individual who was killed today. >> they certainly are as we wait for more details from the pentagon exactly what happened there and we have white house press secretary josh earnest speaking about the breaking news we're following out of southern afghanistan. the taliban claiming responsibility for killing a u.s. service member, two others injured in a counterterror combat mission today. a medevac helicopter coming under fire in a rescue attempt and nbc news is unable to confirm the claim of responsibility for this. michael kay has ten years of combat touring in afghanistan, excuse me, ten combat tours including afghanistan. kevin barren is executive editor of defense one. kevin, let's start with you. if we look at the taliban's comeback within afghanistan, we
10:53 am
have "usa today" noting casualties, soared to 28% in 2015. this is soldiers and police there. fought revitalized taliban insurgency. this is while american troops supposed to be training the afghan forces. are we in it perpetually as a training institution for them? >> it looks that way. the president has already delayed the planned drawdown for the afghan war and last couple of weeks general campbell, the commander of the international forces in afghanistan say he may not request additional forces and part of the u.s. recognizing since they have withdrawn from full warfare to the training mission you discussed and counterterrorism, always said that counterterrorism special operations would be part of that, that since then things haven't gone as planned. the taliban coming back to take outposts, bases, cities so
10:54 am
today's loss of american special operator killed and one wounded is a reflection of that and i suspect we see more of this to come. >> mikey, let's talk about opium and follow the money. looking at the map on drugs and crimes, it shows the shear volume that afghanistan is expected to flow into the region. this is what's at stake here, correct? >> this is what's bankrolls and has been the taliban for decades. i think when i was working there for 12 months across kabul, kandahar and helmand the thing that pervaded in terms of corruption is narcotics trade. looking into governance, it was affected by corruption. the economic side was driven by corruption. the threat, the taliban were resourced by corruption and the opium trade and so yeah. and the reason it's helmand is the river. you have the helmand river right down the center of the province through the capital and that is
10:55 am
what enables the fertility of the area fed by the river for the farmers and taliban to grow this elicit crop. >> kevin, is this what makes this region so particularly interesting, the helmand province so significant about this incident? >> these are also the home of the taliban. the border of pakistan. areas that always have been heavily controlled or at least desired by the taliban. it's where if not american losses were. we were flying with secretary gates, three secretaries ago and when the americans going through obama's afghan surge. so this is where if the taliban were to come back, they start there and make the way to kabul. interesting thing now is same time there are bombings in kabul and new waves last few weeks and not just trying to get to the citiment there's violence going on all over the place. not looking good. >> today the first american casualty of 2016.
10:56 am
mikey, kevin, thank you very much. proosht your time. still ahead, brand new reaction of the nra to president obama's powerful plea for gun control. will the president's executive actions change anything with the gun debate in this country? we have candidates reacting on the trail. donald trump being one of them. the republican front r-runner leading the pack by 17%. we're out on the trail with him and many others after this. ♪
10:57 am
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10:59 am
♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. we start with breaking news and a new fight over gun reform in what was of his most emotional and impassioned addresses. president obama unveiled the executive actions designed to reduce gun violence in this country and the president defended his support of the 2nd amendment and noted the victims of the mass shootings. he' had to console and comfort during his presidency. >> 2nd amendment rights are
11:00 am
important. but there are other rights that we care about, as well. and we have to be able to balance them. because our right to worship freely and safely -- that right was denied no christians in charleston, south carolina. and that was denied jews in kansas city and that was denied muslims in chapel hill and shaikhs in oak creek. they had rights, too. [ applause ] our right to peaceful assembly, that right was robbed from moviegoers in aurora. >> the nra released a statement saying in part, quote, once again, president obama has chosen to engage in political rhetoric instead of offering meaningful solutions to our nation's pressing problems.
11:01 am
that coming from chris cox of the nra there, their communications director. house speaker ryan released a statement vowing saying, no matter what president obama says, his word does not trump the 2nd amendment. we'll conduct vigilant oversight. the gop presidential candidates also weighing in saying they're going to overturn the president's actions if elected. >> he's abusing executive orders and ignoring the legalities of it. >> doesn't solve problems with the so-called gun show loophole taken care of by executive order. >> this morning, president obama's announcing new executive orders to try to go after our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms. i can tell you right now those executive orders are not worth the paper they're printed on because when you live by the pen, you die by the pen. and my pen has an eraser. >> nbc's chris jansing at the
11:02 am
white house for us. chris, when's the white house saying about candidates and whether they care? >> reporter: they're not surprised in the least, thomas. this is something that they have been dealing with, particularly since newtown, after that shooting that killed 20 school children and 6 adults. the president really pushed hard for gun reform, got nowhere with it in congress. found the gun show loophole bill died by filibuster. and so, look, they're going ahead with this because they can't get anything through congress and i think when you saw the emotion today from the president, you saw the frustration of all those years coming to the surface. i talked to someone who was in the room with him before he came out to give that speech and they talked about the passion that he has brought to this issue. they say as a father of two girls. and josh earnest just a short time ago in the briefing room talked about the emotion the president showed. take a listen.
11:03 am
>> the president was quite emotional in speaking in this room at this podium on that day. and i think the president explained it for himself that even now more than three years later the thought of those first graders being massacred is -- is terribly sad and really tragic. and one that is emotional for the president of the united states who also happens to have two daughters. i think the emotional reaction of the president has, even three years later, i think is familiar to millions of americans across the country who particularly parents who envision their own kids in school. i think this is a very emotional issue. >> reporter: and you heard the
11:04 am
president in mentioning so many of the cases of mass shootings, trying to remind people of what they felt when they happened. having said that, there's a political reality here. the political reality that he's not going to get anything through congress which he has acknowledged. the reality that there likely will be court challenges to these executive orders as there have been to immigration, now tied up in the courts. and so that there's a limited window of what a president can do without congressional action. for the last several months, they have been looking at what they can do, beyond the 23 executive actions he announced after newtown. these are them. and i think we're going to see moving forward him making the case including thursday at a town hall and then next week at the state of the union, thomas. >> seen president obama exert the relevance in the final year as president. chris jansing at the white house, thank you. i appreciate it. i want to bring in andy and
11:05 am
jennifer parker. their daughter was killed on the air by a former disgruntled colleague of theirs. they have been advocates for gun control since then. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> andy, let me ask you about this because this is something you've been outspoken about, asked the media to join in. do you think the president's actions today go far enough? >> thomas, they're going as far as he can do within his powers. and i think it's a great step. it narrows loopholes. it gives, you know, a lot of these congressmen, a lot of congressmen throw it off to mental health. if you look at the proposals there, it addresses the mental health issue and the hipa rules so that the patients and doctors can talk to one another and law enforcement to perhaps prevent some of these horrific tragedies
11:06 am
from happening. so, listen. it's a -- it's not a total solution but it's a great start and we applaud him for it. >> $500 million is what the president would be asking for in health care needs to address the mental health aspect of this. barbara, as we talk about this and we think about what happened to your family in august, this was obviously the shooter, very mentally disturbed, and the horrific actions that so many people witnessed to your daughter and adam ward, will not be forgotten any time soon. but when we think about how this was described as that shooter being able to purchase guns legally in virginia, was it ever confirmed to you and your family about whether or not the weapon used to take your daughter's life was purchased legally? >> it's never been confirmed that we know of. we have tried to make this more
11:07 am
about our daughter's life and what we can do to make a difference so that other parents don't have to feel what we feel, rather than about her death and how it happened. so, so, no. that's not been confirmed to us. >> even if it was, if he purchased the weapons legally, i've been asked that before, you know, maybe her death would not have been prevented but does that make us want to do nothing? should we just throw up our hands and say, well, we are not going to fix this? so let's do nothing about it. the answer is no. >> as parents, is that for you and i would have to think this is aggravating that you can't get a clarification, an answer on that. >> well, no. let me clarify that. according to, you know, what we have heard, actually, is that he did purchase the weapons legally. and, you know, again, it's sort of irrelevant. that was the nra's first
11:08 am
response was that -- and only response to alison's murder, was that, you know, this person had gotten the weapons legally. but again, the point is and what we want to try to do moving forward is to prevent, to save any life that we can. and the measures that the president's proposing today will save lives. >> barbara and andy parker, thank you for your time and your commitment and we honor your daughter's memory. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. president obama, we all saw, get visibly emotional when he talked about what happened in newtown at sandy hook. >> from first graders in newt n newtown -- first graders. and from every family who -- who never imagined that their loved
11:09 am
one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> so we heard from josh earnest that day in 2012 being the hardest of the time that president obama has served in office, the hardest day of his presidency having to deal with the massacre at sandy hook. the governor of connecticut joins me now on the phone. sir, the president talked about connecticut, the inroads that your state has made when thinking about the sandy hook tragedy, what could be done to ensure better protection for residents and balance the 2nd amendment rights with gun control. explain what the president meant by how connecticut is succeeding. >> well, first of all, we passed
11:10 am
i think common sense laws. weapons of mass destruction aren't allowed in our state. and the longer they can't be sold, we put a limit on the capacity of one of these weapons, how many shots could be in a magazine. we outloued within our own confines any type of sale without a background check, without it's an internet purchase. if you go online in connecticut to purchase a gun and you do so without a background check, you are committing a violation. and the seller is committing a violation for which you both can be prosecuted. so we've tightened our laws and had a common sense discussion with the citizens of the state of connecticut how to be safer in light of this and tightened security at schools, replaced
11:11 am
glass and made connecticut a safer police and i hope other state dos the same. >> if we use you as a test case, an example of how other states can strengthen themselves and i know the president contrasted your state with missouri and looking at the political conversation when it comes to making it mutually exclusive to talk about 2nd amendment rights with gun reform. that shouldn't be a mutually exclusive conversation, correct? you were able to successfully do that with your residents. >> of course. listen. we have freedom of religion but we don't believe in human sacrifice. we believe in freedom of speech and can't yell fire in a crowded theater. of course there are appropriate limitations on all of our -- on all of our constitutional rights. that's recognized time and time and time again. no ones to deny someone the legal possession of a gun within a state's borders or within the nation's borders and on the
11:12 am
other hand we had a prescription against certain high-powered and raply fired weapons which was quite effective in our country and were not a curse upon our country but we allowed certain laws to expire. now we have those guns and many of them in our country. let's stop trading them over the internet. let's stop selling them without background checks over the internet or at gun sales. when these laws were drafted, there were no sales over the internet and so i think the president's taking a common sense step of saying, listen. if it wasn't envisioned then we can extend the obligation to have a license to sell that weapon. and if you have to have a license to sell that weapon, then you have to sell it subject to a background check. it's a common sense and appropriate step the president's taking and i think upheld in any court of law. >> governor malloy, thank you for your time. we appreciate it.
11:13 am
we have been taking your pulse on this very topic today. the question being, is president obama right to bypass congress on gun control? and let's see how you feel. and look at the tally so far. 80% of you say, yes. 20% of you say, no. the pulse remains live. go check it out. as we turn our attention to 2016 politics, we see donald trump being the big winner in an online poll of nbc news and surveymonkey. leads the next closest competitor ted cruz by some 17 points and when's more 84% of donald trump voters say they're absolutely or largely certain they will be voting for him. tomorrow, on msnbc's "morning joe," they're having a sitdown with donald trump and here's a clip from that interview where donald trump talks with joe and mika about the current relationship with bill and hillary clinton. >> two days ago, the clinton
11:14 am
team said they were going to punch back, they were going to fight you. there's a back and forth and hillary clinton suggested that you were sexist. you responded using her words against her husband. it seems if you look at the clintons yesterday on the campaign trail that they've backed down. is that how you see it? >> well, i don't see it any way. just, look. >> they're attacking you anymore. >> i was attacked many times during the debate. hillary called me sexist. that i had an inclination. what does she know about me? i had an inclination. when she said, well, i said your husband's campaigning. it is open season. if he wasn't campaigning, maybe it would be different and if he weren't a past president it would be totally different. it would be -- you know, i'd leave the spouse out of it. he's campaigning for her. all i did was recite history. don't forget, don't forget. he lost his law sentence. he was impeached. not allowed to practice law.
11:15 am
settled for a tremendous amount of money. there's things going on there. and she calls me sexist? >> haven't they backed down? hillary -- >> i don't call it -- >> hillary won't respond. >> i don't call it that. i'm just saying this. it's fair game when they attack me i'm going to attack them. if they don't, i would leave it off the table. >> you're saying today you're only going to bring up bill clinton's past history as a possible sexual harasser if she accuses you of being sexist? >> sure. that's what it's all about. that's what it was. nothing to do with isis. with isis, she lied. >> if hillary clinton attacks you on economics or foreign policy, then bill clinton's not fair game in that realm? >> yeah. >> only accusing you of being sexist? >> he would be fair game did or said something having to do with foreign policy and other things i would have disagreed with. >> but you wouldn't attack him on a personal front. >> i wouldn't need to. there's so many things to attack
11:16 am
them on. >> full interview tomorrow on "morning joe." i encourage you to tune in for that. katy tur is in new hampshire where donald trump will be appearing tonight and the poll that shows a strong lead for donald trump going in to iowa as we gain the time line momentum and then new hampshire. but also that ad that's giving that campaign a bit of a headache. >> reporter: really strong lead nationally according to our nbc news/surveymonkey poll and among women and evangelicals and surprising to some who still believe that donald trump would have turned evangelicals off. he's still falling to ted cruz, though, in some other polls in iowa and ted cruz is really cleaning up the evangelical vote and able to come in a close second in iowa, he is now saying that he'll think that's pretty good and move on to new hampshire with some momentum. the campaign says they're still very heavily focused on way and
11:17 am
don't expect to lose it and don't want to lose it. donald trump is certainly laying the ground work for a potential loss that it doesn't blindside his supporters and also now airing the very first tv ad in iowa and new hampshire. comes with a little bit of controversy which is not surprising when it comes to donald trump. the controversy basically is that the video shown in that ad, they border, seems to portray a u.s.-mexico border and it is actually the morocco border. when asked about this, the trump campaign said, no bleep. we know it's not mexico. that's morocco. this is what our country will look like if we don't build a wall. this morning on cnn, trump's long-time confidant and lawyer said it was a mistake to use that video. now he is walking that back. telling me that he didn't quite understand chris cuomo's question this morning on cnn and spoke with the campaign afterwards and realized they were intending to use that video
11:18 am
as an example of what this country will look like. all in all, though, a very rare instance of the campaign not having a united front. michael cohen not just calling something a mistake and they never do but going against what the campaign manager said just the very previous day, thomas. >> yeah. normally they're in lockstep. katy tur, thank you. >> reporter: everything. >> everything. coming up for you, protest earls in oregon say they're in it for the long haul. a live news conference right now. will the cold force them to end their armed siege? military officials say u.s. special operation forces were attacked in afghanistan. this happening in helmand province. that's a taliban stronghold. ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment
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that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently. it's a prescription antibiotic that acts mainly in the digestive tract. do not use xifaxan if you have a history of sensitivity to rifaximin, rifamycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan. tell your doctor right away if your diarrhea worsens while taking xifaxan, as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking other medications, because these may increase the amount of xifaxan in your body. tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or are nursing. the most common side effects are nausea and an increase in liver enzymes. if you think you have ibs with diarrhea, talk to your doctor about new xifaxan.
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11:22 am
we do have a plan. as we have stated from the beginning, and we are going to work. we are implementing this plan. we have been in communication closely with many community members that are assisting us in that. and we see a time coming very soon where the community will begin to participate more in that. and then begin to take that over. and so that they can claim their own rights so that they can begin using them and then they can stand strong enough to defend them themselves and then we'll go home. >> so there we have ammon bundy speaking to reporters in oregon moments ago, a leader of the armed group of protesters that have taken over a federal wild live refuge and calling themselves citizens for constitutional freedom been in control of the wildlife refuge
11:23 am
since saturday and calling for the release of two rancher that is reported to prison yesterday to serve sentences of convictions of setting fire on federal land, the father and son duo of the hammonds. tony deculpo is live at the site and what is the plan? what's the sheriff said about these people need to do and the consequences if they don't move out? >> reporter: thomas, this is turned out to be a pivotal day in the occupation. there's a cluster of buildings down this road and two dozen people occupied them indefinitely. that's ammon bundy, the leader of the group and said he's not going to move until the hammond family, the father and son, released from prison and go back in the record to find the transfer of public land to the federal registry and take it out and the demands you think won't
11:24 am
be met. they have no intention of leaving, they say. that puts the fbi in charge of this investigation which has jurisdiction over the land in a very uncomfortable position. they don't want to create a confrontation but how long do they let the people sit on government property before they decide to intervene? we're paying close attention, thomas. >> we'll continue to watch this. happening since saturday. where these folks have taken over that wildlife refuge. tony, thank you, sir. coming up, the operation in afghanistan that led to the death of one service member and two others injured. this is the first u.s. death of 2016. the taliban claiming responsibility. what do we know about what led up to this incident? we'll check in with the pentagon next. ♪ ♪
11:25 am
♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪
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ever since i had a pretty bad accident three years ago. the medical bills - the credit card debt all piled up. i knew i had to get serious my credit. so i signed up for experian. they have real, live credit experts i can talk to. they helped educate me on how debt affected my fico score. so i could finally start managing my credit. now my credit and i - are both healing nicely. get serious about your credit. get experian. go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today. they were with afghan special forces as we have had
11:28 am
u.s. special operation or thes previously but we don't yet have all the circumstances, all the details to determine exactly what took place. >> there we have pentagon spokesperson peter cook moments ago on the breaking news we're following out of southern afghanistan. want to show you live pictures from that pentagon briefing and we'll continue to bring you news, detail that is come out of it, but we are looking for clarification. the taliban claiming responsibility for killing a u.s. service member and two others injured. a medevac helicopter also coming under fire in a rescue attempt. nbc news unable to verify the taliban's claim of responsibility. want to go to courtney kube, national security producer joining us live at the pentagon. what are your sources telling you? seems that peter cook is looking for the details to tell all of us. >> that's right, thomas. there's two narratives coming out of the attack in southwestern afghanistan early
11:29 am
today. u.s. military special operations forces were engaged in some operation. we don't know what. u.s. military officials in afghanistan saying it was a standard train, advise and assist mission. u.s. defense officials said it was more of a counterterrorism mission and engaged in a mission a fire fight erupted in which at least three americans were wounded, one ended up dying of the wounds. two are still wounded. when the medevac helicopters came in, two pave helicopters came in, one was waved off. one of them was able to land but when it landed its rotor hit a wall and still not able to take off and one person was killed, one u.s. military special operations service member was killed, two wounded. and then when the medevac helicopter came in, there was
11:30 am
some sort of fire fight under way and we don't know if the helicopter sustained additional damage in addition to hitting the wall. the u.s. military has not been engaged in combat in afghanistan according to the administration and the white house, the pentagon for more than a year now. why were u.s. military special forces in any kind of a fire fight with afghan special forces in this hotly contested area in southwestern afghanistan in that's a question that still remains. they were right in an area of marsha and might recall was a huge battle involving u.s. machines, it was a very bloody battle. it is a very critical area of southwestern afghanistan, a trade route, the taliban trying to retake it quite sometime and they have made some gains in recent days. >> following this and being the first u.s. casualty of 2016 with this loss of life there in afghanistan, courtney at the
11:31 am
pentagon, thank you. i appreciate the update. the friction between saudi arabia and iran spreads to other nations in that region. we'll go live to iran and explain what is happening there, howdy ploem sy is not really working so far. 2016 field, jeb bush is the clear winner in the 2016 race in at least one category. we're going to explain what that is when we come back. does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things. and there's one place that has it all. office depot officemax. gear up for great. you're down with crestor. alright! now there's a way you can get crestor for $3.
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11:34 am
with donald trump and ted cruz dominating in iowa, new hampshire is a huge state for the mainstream republican candidates. a loss in both states could knock several out as a result. the rhetoric on the campaign trail as well as over the air waves is pretty hot out there. want to go to steve kornacki. a lot of ads going up in the granite state and one candidate who's in particular catching the most fire.
11:35 am
who is it? >> here's the situation in new hampshire. trump is in first and there's four establishment candidates all fighting to consolidate the vote and marco rubio, john kasich, jeb bush and chris christie and one of them with momentum is chris christie. so what's happening? take a look. well, supposed to take a look. there we go. they're going after chris christie. marco rubio, john kasich and jeb bush. more specifically, their superpacs. in the ads starting to blanket the air waves in new hampshire, taking shots at chris christie and kasich is mild going after chris christie's economic report in new jersey or the superpac does. jeb bush, as well. but marco rubio making the most direct attacks in advertising, at least i should say the superpac. we have to qualify this.
11:36 am
but it's the superpac from marco rubio. with two aggressive ads of chris christie. let's show you a taste of one of them. >> chris christie could well be obama's favorite republican governor. why? christie's record. >> so that's the situation in new hampshire. it's chris christie with the endorsement of the biggest newspaper in the state, doing those town hall meetings, getting a big turnout, a good reception and they clearly see these other three candidates, a threat here in chris christie that he could move up even more and want to try to nip it in the bud. thomas, their going after him with negative ads. >> that seems to be a way to try to secure new jersey. one of the groups you talked to, though, about jeb bush's superpac, we have nbc news learning how much they have really spent in the campaign season. when's that figure, steve? >> yeah. you are telling well over -- about $50 million of the jeb bush superpac and you say obviously not gotten anything for that. down at just 6% but here's the
11:37 am
key. when you look at that money. well, okay, a lot of that's spent on positive ads to build up jeb bush's image. what we are talking about right here is sort of a new twist in the campaign and now superpac is taking that money and instead of trying to build up jeb bush, that's not worked, trying to tear down these other candidates so that's negative ads we haven't seen yet if negative ads still work. positive ads aren't working for jeb bush. what we find out now is if the superpac pours millions into negative ads, will they work? that's the key question. >> we'll see the next round of polling, steve kornacki, thank you. yet another country changing the diplomatic relations with iran as the feud with saudi arabia continues. kuwait recalled the ambassador to iran. the united arab emirates downgraded their relationship and the saudis, sudan and bahrain severed diop lo mattic ties and this all comes after saudi arabia executed 47 prisoners including a prominent
11:38 am
shiite cleric on saturday and caused violent protesters over the weekend. iranian president rowhani condemned both the executions and the attacks by the iranian protesters. ali arouzi joins us now. bring us up to speed of how the interest of other countries as kuwait is joining against iran. >> reporter: well, thomas, we have had a mixed bag of reactions and statements here today. iran is still very angry about this. president rowhani slightly harsher words said that the saudi government tries to conceal the criminal act of beheading a religious leader. he also called on european union countries to fulfill their human rights responsibilities. oddly enough today we had a statement from the very hardline revolutionary guard here, a senior general from the
11:39 am
revolutionary guard said that the attack on and fire attack was really wrong, a mistake and under circumstances was it justifiable. but he also retorted to comments of the saudi foreign minister about standing up against iran. he said any threat from the saudis is insfapt to iran. interestingly enough today state tv also showed footage of a second underground missile depot. the first time they showed this about three months ago when the nuclear deal was signed. at that time, an iranian revolutionary guard commander said that iran has multiple underground missile cities all over iran and ready to launch if the enemy make a mistake. and this was iran's reaction to that. they showed footage of the facility and said what they're capable of and how they could strike anybody that strikes iran very easily. in the light of fallout of the saudis and the multiple
11:40 am
breakdowns that we have seen today, this footage today released today and the statements made in all probability not coincidental. iranians have taken to social media today making light of the diplomatic breakdown with the neighbors in the persian gulf region saying, you know, we have sustained decades of sanctions. what will we do now that the saudis and other gulf states have now broken relations in a sarcastic and joking way and ups and downless here. very unusual to see such a sort of a conciliatory remark and retorted to the saudis comments, as well. so a lot going on here, a lot of reaction still coming out of iran to this fallout. we have to see how it develops over the course of these next few days and weeks to come together in some sort of middle ground. if any other country can mediate between the saudis or the
11:41 am
iranians and a pretty difficult task to get these two to meet in the middle and to try to sort out the greater effect here in the region. thomas? >> we'll continue to watch the intensifying tensions there. in iran. ali, thank you. the mom of ethan couch is in court in los angeles today. that's the mom whose kid is known as the affluenza teen. is she going to be september to texas? we'll see if we can find an answer and the latest information on the deportation process for her son. and a president, our president obama announcing his executive action on guns. what does it actually do to gun sales? we have the historical information and you're probably going to be surprised what the data reveals. ageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein,
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11:45 am
frances, good afternoon. >> good afternoon to you, thomas. next hour, the fbi will hold a news conference there in san bernardino to ask the public for information, the local police, sheriff and atf will be there along with the fbi. yesterday, more than 500 employees returned to work at the inland regional center frs time since the shootings. 14 people were killed at the attack last year. winter weather arrived in the northeast. a blast of arctic air causing temperatures to drop below freezing. this video in new york showing the snow and ice on the ground. some of us forgot what it feels like and warming trend is expected in the latter half of the week and not going to be, you know, last too long coming to that cold weather. forecasters say a strong blast is possible this weekend. three nfl teams filed for relocation to los angeles. rams, chargers and raiders each submitted applications to the nfl on monday. nfl owners will meet in houston next week to decide on the
11:46 am
two-stadium race among the three teams. relocation rirls 24 votes from the rest of the league's owners and l.a. could get their pro football team soon, thomas. >> keeping eye on that. making people in los angeles very happy. thanks. we want to turn to other developments out of l.a. and take a look at this. it is video of tonya couch. tonya being the mother of ethan couch, the so-called affluenza teen, she was arraigned in an l.a. courtroom a short time ago charged with helping her son avoid apprehension and today she agreed to return to texas and her son is in mexico where the lawyers went to meet him earlier today. blake mccoy is in los angeles and he's following this case for us. blake, explain what happened in court today for couch. >> reporter: well, you can see that tonya couch huddled behind a wooden barrier during this court appearance and said very little, responding to the judge's questions if she understood what was going on.
11:47 am
she did waive her right for an extradition hearing an this means she is voluntarily returning to texas so she'll remain in custody here in los angeles until texas authorities can come pick her up. she'll return to texas facing a charge of hindering the arrest of a felon and that charge carries two to ten years in prison. thomas? >> so when it comes to her son right now, he remains in mexico. correct, blake? what are lawyers saying is the next step in the legal process for ethan couch? >> reporter: well, he has retained counsel from a high-profile mexican attorney, well versed in mexican law and is continuing to fight deportation to the united states. right now, he is in custody in mexico city fighting that depor toigs and the mexican attorney today after meeting with his client first time this morning said it's an inexperienced man
11:48 am
in a foreign country and deserves the same compassion as anyone else and could drag on for weeks with the procedural hurdles, thomas. >> not sure about the compassion. those folks or families that lost loved ones in that drunk driving accident would wish the same way. msnbc's blake mccoy reporting in i think a rainy los angeles and odd. blake, nice to see you. thank you. >> reporter: very wet. much needed here in los angeles. a top story after a quick break, the gun sale issue. it rises after there is a threat of gun reform. wait until you hear the data as we drill down on that. we'll be back in a moment. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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11:51 am
as debate over president obama taking executive action on guns is intensified, so has the sale of guns. according to new federal data
11:52 am
released last month, the u.s. seen some of the highest sales in nearly 20 years and the sales are believed to have been driven by the president's call for tougher laws on the heels of the san bernardino shooting at the beginning of december. msnbc's senior editor of video and digital content cal perry joins me with more. when's the data revealing? i think people surprised to see the correlation of the president's conversation and spike in sales. >> i was surprised. it is not new legislation. it is even the anticipation there could be new legislation. some people are making the remarks that barack obama sells more guns than anyone else in america. and unfortunately it kind of bears out to be true taking a look at the data. first graph we have for you is presidency of barack obama. you will see a few peaks. first peak is after september 11th. that second peak is when barack obama was elected president. this is gun sales in the united states month by month. the biggest peak there is when barack obama was re-elected
11:53 am
president shortly after the sandy hook massacre and then last month, december of 2015, 1.6 million guns sold in this country. and, thomas, break it down state by state here. take the state of new jersey. when chris christie introduced legislation that would expand background checks and ban certain rifles, gun sales in the state of new jersey through the rifle up by more than 4% in 2013. the state of maryland. we hear governor 0 mali talking all the time about the strict gun laws in the state of maryland. when he introduced the legislation to ban automatic rifles, gun sales spiked again. so we see this time and time again. each time someone comes out and threatens further legislation, gun sales just soar. so, it -- the true -- it is bearing out to be true today, as well, thomas. >> realtime, we can look at the stock market today to get an idea of how folks reacted to the
11:54 am
president's remarks. what did you see? >> smith & wesson up 12%. so just on a day like today, the data is true. gun sales up on a daily basis. iowan't to say last month 1.6 million guns sold, as much per month as any month in the last 2 years and still on the increase, thomas. >> all right. thanks for that breakdown. appreciate it. frances rivera, an update with the reaction of our pulse question for today. and what are the final numbers? >> interesting our viewers at home to weigh in, in light of the emotional words from president obama. is president obama right to bypass congress coming to gun control? take a look at this. 77%, we have seen this growing. now those who say, yes, reached 77%. those who believe no is 23%. when you break it down in realtime, as far as of those and how we're working and looking at the graph here and coming up with most of the people in the
11:55 am
conversation especially with cal showing that the gun sales soaring after the remarks. we are showing a rereflection, well. more towards the yeses. and when you break down political party, as well, see who's voting and out there? you can see here with the blues, representing the democrats. getting that, you can see most of them skewing towards yeses. republicans, as well. you can see keep the conversation going, thomas, as again many out there are feeling polarized coming to this. we ask you is president obama right to bypass congress on gun control. >> thank you very much. thank you all at home for your time. i'll see you back here tomorrow. keep the conversation going on social media and stay tuned. kate snow is picking up the coverage after this. you're watching msnbc live.
11:56 am
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11:59 am
i'm kate snow. it is quite a day at the white house. president obama today shedding some tears as he unveiled a series of executive actions aimed at preventing mass shootings. surrounded by activists trying to reduce gun violence, the president laid out the plan to increase the number of background checks on gun buyers after saying he agrees with the right to bear arms and listed other rights of americans. >> our unalienable right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. those rights were ripped from college kids in blacksburg and santa barbara and high schoolers at columbincolumbine. and from first graders. in newtown. first graders. and from every family who never
12:00 pm
imagined from their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. [ applause ] >> the president at the white house this morning. we have team political coverage. chris jansing at the white house. pete williams in washington. luke reussert over on capitol hill. it was a moving moment and you could sense the emotion from the president. >> reporter: you saw years of frustration, kate, coming to the surface. really, newtown heal


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