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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  January 6, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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. hillary clinton doesn't have the strength, stamina. no, she doesn't. she doesn't have the strength or the stamina and you know what, we can be nice and politically correct. we don't have the time anymore, folks. we need somebody with strength, stamina, energy i know a lot of
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tough guys. you got to be tough and smart. >> well, if he had been smarter, he might win. it's over. >> it's horrible. you guys see this horrible mess. >> it's over. it was insane. >> new pund nts were correct afterall. >> it's all over for trump. >> you were right. >> he's only like 38%. the latest reuters pole, five day average shows trump 42%. >> that's the thing he's below. the bubble, this whole thing has been going around thinking he's going to be president of the unit and willie, all day long, the pund nts were right. remember when they said he
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wasn't going to get in and he's a joke. i've known him for a while. i think we're going to have to call him today and say it's all over. he's at 42% and there's 14 people in the race. >> somebody has to be able to tell him what he doesn't want to hear. >> he'll need to get out before iowa to avoid embarrassment. >> can we show the poll again? look at the numbers. marco rubio, if you read the new york times, he's going to win it all. >> that's what everyone has been saying. he's the guy. >> you knew jeb bush was going to win it. trump, willie, he's plateaued. when will he realize he's plate plateaued? >> as of the new year fewer and fewer people are saying what they've been saying for the last
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month is that he can't be the nominee. >> i don't think mark, i don't think they're there yet. i'm still reading from people we love and respect saying okay, none of this adds up for canada x. he's got no money, no organization. >> you read the stories about the candidates as we get into iowa and they say oh my goodness there's 300 people here. something's happening. 300 people, trump's got a minimum.
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>> this hour we're going to be playing an interview for a republican front runner. we've set down with donald trump at the headquarterers. actually, the old apprentice room. we set down and talked for a good half hour. then this. also joining us on set presidential candidates rand paul, chris christie, bernie sanders live at the top of our 8:00 a.m. hour. i'm so excited. i'm thinking his wife is going to come. wait, there's more. >> there's more. >> some of the candidates wives are going to be here as well. plus one of the most emotional moments of the obama presidencies. we're going to play you the announcement. also, congress's lack of action. >> so with us on set we have manager editor of bloomberg politics, the president of --
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>> he's plateaued, hasn't he. it's all over. >> he's got that big, big beautiful brain. >> but it's doipg him no good. he's plateaued and needs to get out. >> we begin with donald trump. a rally at a high school where he talked about the depth of his support and joked off an audience member who called president obama a muslim. >> my people are the most intelligent. you know what else, they're the most loyal. did you see one of the things that came out in one of the polls, no one's leading me. i could be the worst person in the world and i love you.
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i'm winning with the smart people. i'm winning with the not so smart people too. i'm winning with everything. the people are smart. the people that are representing them are either dishonest, not smart, incompetent or have some agenda we don't know about. some of these things you think they have another agenda. you say things they do and deals they make. like the iran deal. who would make this deal? what did you say? i didn't hear it. i didn't say it. i refuse to get -- i'm suppose to reprimand the man who said that. how dare you. okay. i've reprimanded him. >> also, he raised the question whether ted cruz is eligible for the presidency. he told the washington post there could be a legal challenge
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because ted cruz was born in canada and all americans have to ask that question. his mother is an american born citizen which many believe makes him a natural citizen. trump had more to say yesterday. >> well, i mean honestly, i hope it's not the case. i hope that's not going to be a problem for him. i've been hearing a lot about it and you've been hearing and i guess everybody's talking about it now that he's doing better. i think they're looking at it. it's a problem for him and the republicans because if the democrats, let's say he got a nomination and the democrats bring suit, the suit brings two to three years to solve. it's a concern for the party. i hope it's not the case. i'm not involved but a lot of people are bringing that up. >> he said that at the beginning, he hopes that's not the case. he thinks it's not the case. he hopes it's not the case. >> cruz had reaction from the
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scene. sparking the catch phrase and pop culture that's come to be synonymous with something existing past its pass life. >> i tweeted out a response to donald trump raising my national citizenship. why do it because the best way to respond to this kind of attack is to laugh it off and move on to the issues that matter. >> it wasn't an attack, was it willie. donald said. >> why did he bring it up? >> he was very careful. he was asked about it in all e fairness and said he hopes it's not the case. >> for the record, 99.9% of people believe ted cruz is
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eligible. his mother's an american citizen. >> because he was born in canada, it's still okay though. >> she's an american citizen, yes. >> you understand seriously though, when the rangers are playing the blue jays, you know he's rooting for the blue jays. he's probably a flames fan. okay. do you really want that sitting in the oval office? >> he's a great north american. >> new jersey governor chris christie is the focus in what some consider to be the primary. they're all attacking the governor of new hampshire. particularly, the attacks from rubio have drawn the most attention and the two exchanged barbs yesterday. >> this country cannot reverse the direction barack obama is taking our country.
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>> you never made an executive decision of government in any consequence. you go to school and go to the legislature and they tell you where to sit and they say yes or no. >> now governor christie taking to airways responding to rubio with a new add in new hampshire which we now have an exclusive first look at. >> do not be fooled. any significant division within the republican party leads to the same awful result. hillary clinton in january 2017 taking the oval office as
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president of the united states, this country cannot afford that outcome and us, we republicans have a duty, i believe a profound moral duty to work together. >> this is a circular firing. donald trump is sitting by the pool, right. >> i think so. >> and he's got bah knock lars on and he's looking across the green lawn and there's a firing squad and the rest of the squad is firing. >> they're pretty far away. >> there's not going to be a stray bullet. it's amazing. rubio is attacking everybody. we showed that yesterday. now they're all attacking each other. christie gets jeb. this is unbelievable. >> it's funny. it goes to your point earlier when you're showing the poll. christie is at 3% in that poll. what's happening is everyone
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assumes it's going to be trump verses cruz verses somebody in the establishment. you're only going to see an intensification in that. one of the three is going to be the favorite of the establishment. >> is christie in poll position for the establishment? it seems to me if you look at who people are attacking, they attack marco. now it seems they're all focussed on chris christie. >> right now, the only established opening to win a state is somebody doing well enough in new hampshire to finish second. that's the only opening if you look at the current data. right now, the time he spent there and the fact he's the best brawler in american politics. he's the person whose moving. >> are you surprised trump's up in the 40s? >> he's running a great campaign with a message that appeals to a large number. >> is this bumped from the high 40s now to the 30s.
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? is this him going after the clintons now? >> i think it's that and the sense of momentum he has. as you look at the cross paths and some of the other questions in these polls, the strongest to deal with the economy and the issues voters care about. there's a lot. >> if you look at the grievances a lot of the voters have play in trump's hands.
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boy, you have a huge margin. >> there are so many outside events that are helping donald trump right now. >> he's speeding ahead of the pack. all these other candidates are back behind him and hitting each other. he's so free and clear to let his message out there. he's not only out to defend himself but they're all having mutt led messages now. even chris christie. >> they all do. willie, they always, they're old punching counter. donald is the only guy that has his message. >> and he's earned it. the space he's got from the rest of the field has allowed him to do what he's doing now. be clear, all this fighting beneath the surface is a concession that attacks on donald trump don't work that people have run at him for
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months and months and now they're going after each other. >> from the new york times, one service member died and two others wounded during operations yesterday. one afghan military official told the paper than an american black hawk transit port helicopter had gone down an enemy territory because of a mechanical problem. american special ops forces have tried to push back there. in san bernardino federal authorities now say they're working to fill an 18 minute gap in the time line of a terror attack last month. they're struggling to figure out where they were and asking the public for help on this. there is no indication they were coordinated from abroad. and breaking news in north korea where leaders claim to have successfully tested a nuclear
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device. the announcement came after they reported a 5.1 magnitude sizmic event last night. it took place 30 miles from a site where north korea conducted nuclear tests in the past. it's actually an h bomb saying it seems too small. we'll stay on that. still ahead on your morning joe. just a run of the mill day. nothing to see. in just about seven minutes our one on one interview from trump tower. he outlines when he will go after bill clinton and he stands up for the press in this interview. >> i don't get that. he attacked me for being anti press. >> plus we're joined live on set with rand paul, bernie sanders and chris christie and two of the candidates wives. kelly paul and sanders will join us as well. >> every time i think about
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those kids it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. [ applause ] >> we will hear more of president obama's speech announcing his action on guns. you're watching morning joe. we'll be right back. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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our one on one interview with donald trump is next including what went off the rails and including what prompted that exchange where he actually defends the press. he's been a little tough on the press lately. >> a little. >> we'll be right back. "beth" by kiss ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪. ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪
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we discussed a wide range of issues from isis and iran to bill and hillary clinton but we kick things off by asking donald trump about these comments by senator ted cruz. >> at what point do you start to draw these distinctions? >> they're good people and i consider them friends of mine.
3:25 am
>> even when they question why evangelicals don't come from -- >> they engage in attacks and personal attacks. that's human nature. i understand that. i'm not going to get drawn in. i'm going to keep the focus on the issues that matter. >> no, he didn't say it. i watched him. the reporter whose actually been very nice from nbc says does that mean he's panicking and ted didn't say that. i don't panic and he understands that. he didn't say that. the reporter tried to put it into his mind and he really didn't fall for it. he's been extremely nice. at some point i'm sure that will change. i keep saying ted, would you get crazy, please. but so far he hasn't. >> can i ask you something about ted? there's a legal mind on the conservative side that has been
3:26 am
saying he has concerns that ted cruz may not be qualified of the president of the united states. may not meet the qualifications. >> because of where he was born. >> because of where he was born. this is something we've talked about with barack obama. it's something we're going to be hearing more about in the next done l couple of weeks. >> i hope that's not the case and not going to be a problem for him. i've been hearing a lot about it and you've been hearing and i guess everybody's talking about it now that he's doing better. it's a problem for him and a problem for the republicans. let's say he got a nomination and the democrats bring suit. the suit takes two to three years to solve. it's a concern for the party. i hope that's not the case. i'm not involved in that. a lot of people are bringing it up, absolutely. >> rick sanatorium, mike huckabee, others are fighting ted cruz hoping he's a phony
3:27 am
observe tif. >> it doesn't matter. i'm up by a lot and want to get along with everybody. i would like to unify the republican. >> why aren't they attacking you? why does it seem and we talked about it for three hours yesterday. why is it that everybody is attacking everybody except you? nobody's touching you, why? >> first of all, they're intelligent people and looking at my track record and it's been good. the people that have attacked me are no longer here or down to zero in the polls or like jeb bush. when i ran he was leading by a lot. he was suppose to get it. then he said some negative things and i said why is he saying that and i told people the truth. he's a low energy individual . d we don't need low energy.
3:28 am
>> you're suggesting the same thing about hillary. >> she doesn't have the strength or stamina. our country is in trouble. we oh $19 trillion and boarders leaking all over the place. we don't know what the held we're doing, our crime rate is up and everything's going bad and on top of it you have isis and a military decaying. you look at what's going on with our military, you need a person with tremendous strength and stamina. >> you don't think she's shown that? >> i don't at all. look what we're talking about now. we're not talking about then. as secretary of state she was a disaster. she travelled a lot. what does she do on the plane, sleep? it's not that hard to do if you're traveling on a beautiful united states plane. hillary doesn't have the strength or stamina to take on our enemies. you look at china and i consider that a friendly enemy. they're killing us on trade.
3:29 am
$500 billion last year we had a deficit with china in our deals because we have people not knowing what they're doing. we have donors getting the job. our trade is almost as incompetent as our president. >> because they get the jobs based on who they contribute. >> it's no food. i'll have the greatest business. the greatest business men and women in the world. i already know who they are. i'll take a carl whose already endorsed me. i'll say carl, good luck. handle it. all you have to do is go back through your broadcast and you'll be happy. >> two days ago the clinton team said they were going to fight back. you responded using her words against her husband. it seems if you look at the
3:30 am
clintons yesterday on the campaign trail they've backed down. is that how you see it? >> well, i don't see it anyway. i was attack nine times during the debate. hillary called me sexist, that i had an inclination. what does she know about me? i had an inclination. when she said that, i said your husband is now campaigning, it's open season. if he wasn't campaigning, maybe it would be different and if he wasn't a past president it would be totally different. he's now campaigning for her. all i did was resited history. he lost his law license, he was impeached and wasn't allowed to practice law and settled for a tremendous amount of money. there's a lot of things going on there and she calls me sexist. >> haven't they backed down.
3:31 am
>> i'm just saying it's fair game. if they don't i would leave it off the table. >> you're saying today you're only going to bring up bill clinton's past history as a possible sexual harasser if she accuses you of being sexist. >> that's what it's all about. that's what it was. it had nothing to do with isis. with isis, she lied. she said isis did a video. >> i want to clear this up because the press is having a field day and not getting it right. >> you're having a field day. in all fairness to the press, first time in my life. >> you're siding with the press. >> they're starting to like me. they're starting to get it. >> what i'm saying is, i want to make it clear and a lot of people want to hear this, if hillary clinton attacks you on economics and foreign policy then bill clinton isn't fair
3:32 am
game. >> right. he would be fair game if he did something or said something that had to do with foreign policy and other things i disagreed with. >> you look at so many of these things that took place. in 2009 iran was ready to explode. we could overthrown iran by giving support to the protesters. they were protesting a little bit of support. a little bit of help. >> why didn't they step up and support the protesters? >> they made a mistake. that was the time the energy was there and everything was there to take it and make it a totally different place and now we have to live with it. on top of it he double douwn by giving them 150 billion and making this terrible deal. we don't get our prisoners back and now they want to negotiate.
3:33 am
they want to start a brand new negotiation for the prisoners and said we want a lot. can you believe it? these people are incompetent. >> moving forward then on foreign policy, what would your approach be to the latest situation between saudi arabia and iran. who would you side with and how would you deescalate? >> i love this question. i've been asking it for so long. i would back saudi arabia. i heard joe talking about saudi arabia verses. i would back saudi arabia but you know what, we're a deader nation. they got nothing but money. they were making a billion dollars a year before the oil went down. now they're making half. big deal. we're losing money because we're run by people who don't have a clue. i wouldn't back them for
3:34 am
nothing. i would say you got to pay. you got to pay. they'll pay. but you got to ask them. you got to ask them the right way. just like if in the iran deal the prisoners were important but i love having deals. just like in that deal if you would have gone in day one three years ago, the longest running deal i've seen, if you would have gone and said we want our prisoners back, they would said no. we want them back. then you walk and two days later you double up the sanctions and two days later they call for nothing. there's a reason they're going into yemen. as soon as i saw the stage riot to knock down the embassy. soon as i saw that, i said iran
3:35 am
now is going for saudi arabia. they'll take it because saudi arabia has not proven to be great fighters. if you look at it, i remember where our marines were right behind them. soon as the first shots were fired they ran and our marines took out the su dam hussein guys. >> chris christie said this. we think about you. >> show time is over, everybody. we're not electing an sw entertainer and chief. if it's something that will change america for the better, we elect someone whose been tested. >> first of all, the carnival,
3:36 am
you shouldn't copy from other people. that was barack obama and he thought that was clever. obviously, it hasn't worked out. the fact is i built a great, great accompany and i filed and everyone said he won't file because he's not as rich as we thought. i did many books, best sellers. i did the number one best selling business book of all time. i did a show on television. one show. called the apprentice. >> your agent told you not to do it, it will destroy your career. we won't say his name. >> good agent and good guy. >> snisn't that the story of yo life. coming in manhattan and constantly fighting expectations and proving people wrong.
3:37 am
>> my father said son, don't go there. that's not our territory. that's the big leagues. we were in brooklyn. we had brooklyn and queens and we did nicely. my father was wonderful. i learned so much from my father. everyone told me don't come into manhattan. i did great. honestly, i'm doing this because i want to help the country. not because i want -- i have a good life. i could just sit back and relax. i don't need deals, i don't need anything anymore. >> why do you want to be president. >> because i want to make america great again. very simple. we can do it. >> when did america stop being great? >> i was very unhappy with the bush years and very unhappy when bush went into iraq. as you know i'm a builder and deal guy, i always got a will the of publicity for whatever
3:38 am
reason. i didn't have pr people. i got it for whatever reason. what somebody said about iraq. i said don't do it. that was a bad step. horrible step. then obama came in and it's been a disaster. we're not respected, our military is going to hell, our veterans aren't treated property. the whole per sauna of our country is different. i said i'm going to do this. it wasn't something i wanted to do. i wish obama were a great president and i would be happy doing what i'm doing. turnberry in scotland. i have the greatest jobs. if i win i may never see these things again. i love what i'm doing. i love running. one thing i've learned is i get the biggest crowds by far. much pbigger than bernie sander. he gets second, by the way. mine are much bigger.
3:39 am
the people are incredible of this country and really, really smart. they get it. >> nbc poll has you at the top. it also shows you're ahead with white evangelicals. why do you think those voters are drawn to you? >> well, i'm prodistant, presbyterian which means something to the evangelicals and it does. not too many come out of cube bah. i'm not going to question anybody's faith. i am somehow really resinating. >> what's resinating with the people in lower massachusetts a couple nights ago with a 15,000, even maybe more in mississippi.
3:40 am
james was talking about driving past the coliseum seeing all these people standing outside in a long line. they said that's happening. why are people waiting in line for hours to see you? >> the arena i took has not been used for a campaign. it's far too big to be filled up. they had to send a lot of people back. the place was packed and it's like that every single place i go. people want safety. i was talking about the boarder and brought up illegal immigration. i was talking about other things. now i'm talking about safety and security and isis and military and veterans, et cetera. some how it's morphed into that. i started with the trade and it's very important both from a safety standpoint and lots of
3:41 am
other. the other day i was watching ted and he mentioned the wall. my wife said look darling, somebody said they're going to build a wall. the problem i i know how to build a wall. nobody else knows. the reason they're going to pay for it is because they make a fortune off the united states. finally, somebody's coming around. give him credit for that. he didn't give me credit. >> so let me ask about your add. you mentioned the wall. it used footage that's actually out of morrocco.
3:42 am
someone said you made a mistake and they're going to take care of it. >> it was just footage. it shows people running across a boarder. and as far as i'm concerned when you look at it, the united states is becoming a dumping ground. it was just a kp l of seconds. all that's suppose to show is people running across the boarder. that's what it looks like. >> less than a month. can you believe that? it's coming up. >> i have an amazing relationship with the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina and then you go to nevada and then we have the sec and we were in mississippi recently and i tell you what, that place was packed. that was a major stadium and it was packed. i love the people of this country. we're going to straighten it
3:43 am
out. >> okay. up next, we'll get the table's reaction to the interview and still to come, presidential candidates rand paul, bernie sanders and chris christie. stay with us. morning joe straight ahead. who rise before it shines. the ones who labor for what they love. ♪ because at banquet we believe that every dollar should work as hard as the family that earned it. that's why we're making our meals better. like using 100% natural chicken breast in our chicken strips and adding real cream to our mashed potatoes. so now, there's more to love with banquet. now serving... a better banquet. your hair is still thinning. you may have inactive follicles. reactivate them with women's rogaine® foam. the only once a day treatment proven to regrow new hairs up to 48% thicker. revive your va-va-voom. and save $10.
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for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. let's get reactions. the thing that struck me was he never took the bait. we tried to get him the take the bait on ted cruz. i like ted, he says. in fact, he actually didn't get it right. ted actually did suggest he was panicking but he gave him a pass. he gave the clintons a pass. time and time again i think that was the piggest take away that i get the sense we've talked to him a lot over the past six months. for the first time he really thinks he's going to win this thing. he feels like he can afford to sit back. >> there was a certain focus and
3:47 am
his tone was different. i think he thinks he's going to win this and he's taking it seriously. >> we've known him well and talked to him a lot. he's asking different the last week. he's starting to get what the press is starting to get and that's i can win this thing. >> he sounded to me in the last 20 minutes about a guy thinking about the general election. he's gone down the line and vaporized his apponents one by one. he's looking at a general election. >> i didn't understand that.
3:48 am
hillary's record, the one area she's solid. >> jeb bush would tell you he worked 20 hours a day as governor and wasn't low energy either. >> it's not all that complicated and on display is all the things you need to do to win. he's confident and there's a message he believes in and knows what his public image is and he's not bothered. he's confident. he's a great television performer. in this age being a great performer and running for president. >> he has a brand and his message is make america great again. you think of it when you think of him. what other candidate has a very clear message, branding, identity, a sane -- >> bernie sanders. >> i mean in the republican field. you think about who should be here. jeb, his message or his brand.
3:49 am
>> the problem with all those candidates is they're punching each other. it's hard for you to stay on your specific message. donald trump is controlling this message. i tell you something i noticed, jim, yesterday. when you interviewed donald trump six months ago it's a lot of generalities. it's basically, make america great again, our leaders are stupid and i'm going to build a wall. he's been doing this for six months now. hillary has been doing it for 40 years. donald trump, he's like those dinosaurs in you ras rancic park donald trump has become more accomplished at this on tv than a lot of poll tigs who spend their life doing it and getting less general by the day. you end up talking about the
3:50 am
boarder and the soonny. >> he's a smart guy. >> he said he's one of the fastest learners. >> we should overstate the evolution of donald trump. yesterday he also suggested people should be comparing bill clinton to bill cosby. he is clearly doing his homework on all these issues to go at what's the one as a rule nur blt people are poking at. there's been a lack of specifying. it's not hard to figure out the things to talk about. he'll do that. >> you say it's not hard. we've seen one candidate on the national stage after another fail miserably doing what this political neo fight has done in six months.
3:51 am
>> all of them are talking and archaing detail about the different policies. what donald has is his capacity to detail. you can't stopwatching. >> what is, i ask the question over the past two years, what's hillary clinton's message. can somebody say what it is in 10 seconds or less. i can tell you what bernie sanders is. >> hillary clinton's, i don't know mark what hillary clinton's message is. it's almost like you want roger mud in 1979 to ask the question of hillary clinton that he asked of ted kennedy. what's the answer? why aren't you running for president? what is her answer? >> she's always struggled with explaining the opposite of her husband. to say one thing about trump that i think is undercommented on.
3:52 am
he doesn't have to spend time raising money or finding a plane to fly him around. >> they have little lamps on desk, cub by holes. >> what are you talking about? >> he doesn't need a big operation. >> 10 people, there's wires hanging down all over the place. >> he doesn't need it. >> in chris matthew's interview did we get her message? >> i think it's confidence and experience and she's saying it's a match up with donald trump and i'm the serious person. that's the sub text of her message. >> we're just getting started.
3:53 am
still to come, senator rand paul and his wife kelly join us and governor chris christie joins us live from the campaign trail and bernie sanders and his wife are here live. we'll be right back. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message about security. write down the number on your screen, so you can call when i finish. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. this is a lock for your life insurance, a rate lock, that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through
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3:56 am
coming up at the top of the hour. that's right. that now. >> willie. >> that's one of the greats. >> i saw it again this weekend.
3:57 am
>> it's great. >> he's got another coming out. oh, it's going to be great. >> it's going to be great mika. >> you were saying. >> i love the rally when they start singing man of constant sorrow. >> t-bone. >> try. yeah. you know what i think we should do, we should go to break. mika, why don't you tell us what's coming up. >> what's coming up at the top of the hour, the latest on the possible detonation on a bomb in north korea. we're going to play a large portion, also of president obama's emotional appeal as he lays out his executive action on guns and presidential candidates all ahead. some of the wives too. we'll talk to the washington post about why everyone is suddenly firing on governor chris christie in new hampshire. you're watching morning joe.
3:58 am
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4:01 am
go ahead. just shout them out. go ahead. right. do you like it? good. come here. come on up here. come on secret service. this guy is a handsome guy. thank you. this smells great. >> take a quick selfie. >> let's go. come on.
4:02 am
>> so he wears cologne. >> he smells great. because he wears trump empire cologne. >> so do you. >> yes, i do. come on. >> he's wearing it right now. >> yeah. >> that's brute. >> that's south boston is what that is. >> also starts spending money. >> also healing. look at his fingers right there. it's going to be like match dipping it in palmolive later today. >> are we ready? thank you everybody. we have other things to cover as well. with us on set we have jim and mike barnical and political reporter for the washington post mike costca. first, in one of his speeches
4:03 am
speaking from the east room of the white house with victims of gun violence, the president outlined his executive action plan closing the loophole and enforcing more background checks. what stood out more than the details of the president's plan was his tone and when talking about the tragedy in newtown in which 20 first graders were killed, the president was unable to hold back his tears. >> our unailable light to happiness, those rights were stripped from college kids in san santa barbara, from high schoolers at columbine and from first graders in newtown.
4:04 am
and from every family who never imagined their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. . it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> i think one of the most emotional moments regardless idea logically of what you think of barack obama was the state of the union address after newtown. he spo with passion and he spoke with heart and he spoke in a way so many people wanted him
4:05 am
to speak after fill in the blank. whatever. >> mass shooting. >> whatever events. mass shootings. paris or whatever you want to say. mike, yesterday that was a scene unlike really any we've seen during president obama's seven years in office. >> we all know the president was shattered that week after he went to newtown on the shootings. that anger has he eluded to has stayed with this man every day he's been in office. >> you see the frustration in every press conference after every mass shooting, the president being frustrated by his inability to get anything done. >> absolutely.
4:06 am
a >> if you're driving, a lot of people are listening to us as they drive into work. we're showing the quinnipiac university poll showing 89% of americans support background checks for gun purchases at gun shows. 87% republicans. as other polls have told us, up to 80% of republicans in early primary states who vote in early primary states support background checks. this is not a prediction. i'm going to tell you how it's going to be. they're going to continue to be mass shootings. terrorist are going to continue to do it over the next decade and the things i've been talking about on background checks and all of us have been talking about and the president has been talking about and republicans, it's going to be the republican position within the next two,
4:07 am
three, four years. jim, one of the things most astounding yesterday was the reaction, the pavlovian reaction from republicans over a set of actions that really weren't far reaching. even the white house will tell you. they were modest at best. he hopes he can do something to start the gun show loophole so terrorist can't walk in and buy guns. >> it wasn't even that, i'm not knocking him, it wasn't that sweeping. >> i think the ceremony around the reaction is not commence rate of the reaction. it might do a few things that changes the description that make sure hobbyiest are when
4:08 am
they go to gun shows they are subject to the background check. if y check. if you think about the millions on the streets, it's going to be a small slice. the reaction when you have republicans talking, some of the adds talking about they're going to come take our guns and taking a radical effect. it's a boom for the gun industry. >> the president described this as a common sense step. even senator pat who supports expanded background checks denounced the move and virtually, the entire republican presidential field had another word for it. they said it's illegal and they're promising to repeal it. >> president obama announcing new executive orders to try to go after our second amendment right to keep and bare arms. i can tell you right now those executive orders are not worth the paper printed on.
4:09 am
when you live by the pin you die by the pin and my pin has an eraser. >> i'm going to go to the oval office on that first day and i'm going to repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. the second order he issued today that undermines the second amendment, on my first day it's gone. >> he's doing it without the executive authority to do it. every time he does that, heads explode and people get very angry. i do too. i think the constitution is worth protecting. >> they're not going to take your guns away, folks. not going to do it. they're trying. you saw what he did today. executive orders. wouldn't it be nice if they could get congress together and do it the old fashion way where people work and gel and have drinks together and come up with something. they want to sign executive orders all the time.
4:10 am
no good. >> a lot of these republicans condemning actions yesterday. even the nra said that's it? >> well, it's a reflex any time they're approaching done control. you did it to your point charles cook, a conservative writer. been on the show a lot. a gun rights advocate. he said if i was a gun control advocate, i would be disappointed. you have people like joe saying i don't disagree with the sentiment of the president. i think the president would say we've tried to do it with congress. >> by the way, pat's name was brought up before. he would support this stuff. he doesn't support the president. >> it's how they do it by executive order. >> that's the only way to get it done. that's where the frustration is. it's when the president does all of this by executive order. they're pushing back.
4:11 am
that's one of the things that infuriates conservatives. it's one of the things that helps donald trump. the government keeps doing these big things. >> it doesn't work any other way. people are going to get guns and if they're crazy they're going to kill. if the president had a better relationship with congress they would get things done. >> one thing, everybody knows if you're a liberal and wondering why the president didn't do more, the reason is they felt burned by their executive order on illegal immigration. they overreached a couple of federal courts and have not slapped them down. they wanted to make sure what they did had a chance of sticking. so it was modest. but chances are good that these
4:12 am
are going to stay. they're not going to be repealed. but the supreme court is not going to overturn them as you be constitutional. >> why does anybody react out ranled or surprised to executive orders. there's been a war on this man for several years now by the republican party. there's been a war. >> there's no way to get anything done. i agree with you. >> i say the same thing about george w. bush for eight years on this network. by the way, that war was run from the heart of this network at 8:00 at night when he was called the notsy who sledded the constitution. i'm just saying. >> i don't know why you need to say that. >> we've had two consecutive presidencies where each party has declared war on the president of the united states.
4:13 am
joe, for you, common sense about guns, how depressing is it to sit here and say they're coming to take your guns. the government is not coming to take your guns. >> there's a parallel about what i said on illegal immigration. i want tough boarder security. i don't want a pathway to citizenship unless they do it the way people do it around the world. please, don't tell me the people are streaming in from mexico right now, they're not. they're streaming back to mexico and the national rifle association in washington d.c., not in wisconsin, or northwest florida but three or four people in washington d.c. understand there's one way to chin up membership and fees and it's by fear. so barack obama goes out and does something that has an insignificant impact and they go
4:14 am
out and say usually they're coming to take away your guns. they're not coming to take away their guns and listen, the american people are smart. they really are. i have such amazing confidence in the american people. this is all going to play out in time. when you have 90% of americans supporting background checks not wanting a terrorist that could slip in over the boarder and then go to a gun show in houston texas and pick up a hand full of assault style weapons and then go shoot up malls all across texas. there will come a time and i pray to god it happens before these tragedies happen when americans say we adopt want terrorist to be able to walk into gun shows and pick up weapons they can kill hundreds of americas at a time.
4:15 am
>> as much as we want things to happen in a sense of merge, the law catches up the public opinion. it takes longer than people want. i amphetamine the sense of urgency and why people want it to happen. when he hyperventilate the laws catch up. >> this is really important. this is one of the areas where there's more distortion than any other area in american politics where you have people like paul ryan who we have great respect for. they are responding to a very small interest group that is out of touch with 90% of americans when it comes to background checks for terrorist, background
4:16 am
checks for people who engage in domestic violence. background checks for felons. background checks for all these people at gun shows. nine out of ten americans do not want a terrorist to be able to buy a gun on the internet. that's not a republican issue, that's not a democratic issue and let me say again, this is something that george w. bush and ronald reagan both supported. increased background checks, george w. bush right now would be called a left wing on guns, willie, for what he supported in 2000 and 2001. >> i think from the president's
4:17 am
point of view, we see the frustration because to him, these things are common sense and should be changed to our culture and you can't believe after newtown and charleston this culture hasn't changed. he wants to leave some piece of legacy. >> breaking news in north korea where leader clip to have successfully tested a small nuclear device. the announcement came after a survey reported a 5.1 magnitude sizmic event last night. south korea's spy agency is casting down an h bomb saying it seems too small. her deposition is unrelated to the criminal charges bill cosby
4:18 am
appealed in court to face last week. cosby is counter suing and has consistently denied to allegations from countless women. fir the first female cadet was sworn in yesterday. an iraq and afghan stap war veteran assumed the leader post. she graduated from the academy in 1990. >> that's great. >> still ahead on morning joe we'll hear from robert costa and later this hour chris christie suddenly showing strength in new hampshire. >> you know how you know that? everybody is trying to kill him. they're pounding him. >> plus rand and kelly paul join us here in the studio . also ahead. >> i'm a progressive who likes to get things done and i'll get into that white house. i don't need a tour. i know right where the oval
4:19 am
office is. i know how to get things done and i will get to work and get fighting for you. >> hillary clinton makes her case on why she's the most qualified democrat for president as she barn storms iowa. we'll get a reaction from bernie sanders whose going to join us on set at 8:00 a.m. you're watching morning joe. we'll be right back. in my business i can count on my i.t. guy bailing me out all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at
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joining us from washington, you like that? >> no. let's talk to somebody from the miami gators. >> joining us from washington nbc news political director and moderator of meet the press. >> i have to throw up in my mouth when i hear a phrase like that. >> it would be like auburn crimson tide. >> i know.
4:23 am
>> right. it would make you cringe. >> yeah, it would make you cringe. also, we've got nbc chief correspondent and host an trea mitchell and robert costca with us from new hampshire. where do we start here? just so much. >> new hampshire. >> okay. we'll start. >> chris christie. why everyone's attacking. >> does that mean he's in position to be the established candidate. >> everyone's targeting christie, not only on the air waves but christie is fighting back. we had an interview yesterday and he tore apart senator rubio and called him a political amateur. the gloves are off where it's a real traffic jam. >> chuck todd, the language is getting so harsh. nobody's attacking trump. chris christie is saying about
4:24 am
rubio, he's not going to be able to slime his way to the white house. what rubio said is no nicer about christie. >> joe, this is turning into a disaster for the establishment. i'm sorry. the four of them throwing kasich and bush, their hits aren't quiet as hard but i'm sitting here going, it's like watching a fight for the conference championship. cruz and trump are going to float away as one two going through this thing. i think this is imploding on them. somebody's got to throw a flag on these four. even if one of them e mernls, they're going to be so battered and bruised cruz and trump, whoever needs to take out will have plenty of material. it won't be hard to do.
4:25 am
i think this is turning into a total disaster. >> andrea mitchell, earlier this morning we put up the new poll that shows donald trump at 44%. even else at light years behind him. >> on the clintons it seems like donald trump is free. you talked to bill clinton, the former president and he didn't seem he was going to take the bait. >> their game plan is to took and cover.
4:26 am
>> they lose and realize that. they do not want to spend the next couple of weeks debating donald trump over bill clinton's infideli infidelities. >> no, they don't. i'm surprised it took the action of that happening for them to realize that and going there on topics that would generate that action. an green i can't, not going to gist take the bait.
4:27 am
it was an opportunity and he was very much on message. he wants to talk and he is the expert on new hampshire politics and on a second place finish into a victory. we have to see how that plays out. he has made a mistake in 2008. we saw that. then we saw again in 2012 he was is closing argument for barack obama. he has the best political raw intelligence of anyone i've ever seen. >> hey, bob, we've reached the point of the campaign where they called high heeled boot tis
4:28 am
comparing them. >> did they really? >> senator rubio was wearing a boot that had a bit of a heal to it. >> oh my god, look at this. >> no, he didn't. >> is that marco's boots? >> no. >> there's nothing wrong if you want to look like harry styles from one direction. >> there's something wrong with that. >> are you kidding me? do you wear that on the campaign trail? woe. we got to go back to those boots again. stop the press. i don't believe he wore those. did he really do that? this is straight out of an austin powers movie. this is london 1966. you're wearing that in new hampshire? you remember when tim said i'm not voting for him because he's not one of us.
4:29 am
he doesn't wear socks. well, this is beyond. this is beyond austin powers, baby. those boots. they're shagalicious. look at those things. >> that's a fashionable boot there. >> they wear that a lot in manchester. >> in south beach. >> forgive my tangent there, bob costa. >> willie, i'm just glad they don't turn the camera on the press pin. you should see some of the shoes we're wearing. >> you guys aren't wearing that, i guarantee you. >> we're just trying to get through the snow and ice. >> i would like to wear those. >> we're talking about chris christie as the establishment front runner. what does that mean at this point? is that a good thing when you have the outsider so far ahead? >> it's a good thing in the sense the donor class is paying
4:30 am
attention. if you're kasich, bush, rubio, christie and don't breakout in a significant way in the deep south, it's going to be hard to get the money you sustain in the national campaign. they want a candidate that's not trump or cruz and that's why this mess is as blood si as it is. >> andrea said an amazing thing i think is true. she said donald trump is a bigger megaphone than the clintons. i think that's a huge development she teased. it's incredible and true. >> she does. it's ani amazing thing. we just made fun of senator rubio's footwear. >> no, we did not. i like swinging london in 66. >> i'm going to wear them tomorrow. >> we're talking about christie, there's a lot going on with rubio. i'm wondering where you see the rubio play out. is it third in iowa, second in new hampshire? is that the rubio?
4:31 am
>> that's their play book. >> i think number one, they're perplexed. i think everyone thought the money was going to float to rubio. that hasn't happened. they would be shouting from the roof tops if they had $21 million pouring in for them. >> i think they're going to regret not making iowa more of a priority and trying to take ted cruz out early. >> thank you very much. >> thank you guys. that's my favorite. coming up, senator rand paul joins us live. next on morning joe.
4:32 am
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4:35 am
joining us now, republican presidential candidate and very cool shoes, i'm liking those. >> they're tough and broken in. >> he's been on the trail
4:36 am
campaigning. >> senator, marco has accused you of creating isis. did you quote help create isis? >> well, the opposite is kind of true. i've been saying one of the reasons isis grew is they want to topple isad and that's created a space for isis to fwrou in. that's a policy point. to say that the bulk collection of data is helping isis, i could equally well argue that rubio's gong of eight bill is a valid point. that's an important debate.
4:37 am
have we at times toppled dictators that allowed chaos and instabilities? >> without mentioning your name, this is what marco said about you monday. >> i would not only restore is intelligent programs, i will strengthen them. if isis had lobbyiest in washington they would spent millions to support the anti intelligence law that just passed with the help of some republicans running for president. when i'm president, we're not going to violate the americans. >> he says that isis couldn't have had a better allie in you because of your vote but it's kind of iran rancic that the same people endorsing him he's so proud of endorsing him, were on your side and not his. >> a prominent congressmen voted for the reform.
4:38 am
>> out of new hampshire. >> it also kind of reminds me of rom emanual a little bit in the sense he said let no crisis pass we can't yauz it. well, the nsa reforms passed allowed to program to go on six months. through the paris tragedy and boston tragedy we were still doing bulk clks of all the records. two independent commissions have studied the issue and said no terrorist have been stopped by that. i think terrorist want us to fear them. they can't defeat us on any battlefield. marco rubio is buying sba the fear. he wants you to trade your liberty for always sense of security. i object to that. i think it's an important debate to have. i think if he finds he's fog to doubt across the country, he's for generalized collection of records. i think he may be surprised maybe most americans don't want
4:39 am
that. >> you stayed by your principals. has that hurt you lit rancicly? >> i don't think so really. i think we've been doing quiet well actually. i think i'm on the right side of history on these arguments. if you lack at paris and the tragedy and say could more information have stopped that. could we have allowed them to collect more information? in paris they collect more information a thousand times more intrusive and collect everything in paris and yet, they still weren't able to see this coming. we need to do more to stop terrorist attacks from happening but it's not giving the government the ability to look at our records. >> many said the same you appeal to so many different s. you've been called the most interesting
4:40 am
man in poll titics. why do you think it is you've got gained more attraction. >> i think it's unknown. waer being led by the nose by the polls and there's not much evidence they're accurate. everybody said the democrat was going to win. do you think they might be off a little bit in a 12 person race months in advance? almost every poll has well over half of the people undecided. they say who are you leaning towards? we have a poll of leaners and what is a mistake to base our nauz coverage on it and we're letting one person dominate. it will be bad for the country. i don't think he's a serious candidate and we have let ourselves be led by the polls. organization is important. we have 50-100 people on the ground working for us in iowa season and new hampshire. i've raised nearly $30 million.
4:41 am
i think we need to balance our coverage with who has organizati organization, who has a following. we were in exiter last night. my crowd wasn't nearly the same as bill clintons. bill clinton got all the coverage and my crowd was just as big. >> along with you on the journey, kelly. come on over. we've had her on the show a few times. >> watch your step up there. >> thank you. >> what has been as we count down to iowa. >> i knead to ask first of all, would you let your husband wear the boots marco rubio wore? . >> i actually flew up with a suit for rand but i forgot his shoes so that's why he has on jeans which he prefers. >> actually that worked out quiet well. >> as we count down to iowa you've been on the journey for some time.
4:42 am
what have you liekd the most and what have you hated this most? >> i've actually really laked to debates. it's incredibly kpated to be there. especially the reagan library debate. i was three feet from rand. i had to pinch mais throughout entire spaerns. just being there going that's rand. that's my husband right there. >> has it been tougher than you expected, better than you expected? >> it is tough. >> it is tough, absolutely. it is but actually it's been better than i expected. i've enjoyed it. we were in new hampshire yesterday and had a great town hall and met a lot of people and it's a very invigorating experience. for me, the toughest thing is to sit at home and watch things on television. that's what i hate and when i'm screaming at the tv. when i'm out and about i like it and feel privileged to be a part of it. >> what should the country, what
4:43 am
should people be thinking about iowa and new hampshire know about them we don't know. >> it comes out in the debate. rand is a reasonable and thoughtful person. often times i feel like we're reduced to sound bites. rand is always the person that says what happens when you shoot down russian planes already flying in that air space. he wants to actually dconnect al the dots. i feel he's the more reasonable voice in the room. >> where do today? >> we'll be hear today. we go to iowa. i think we get up at 4:30 and get the 6:30 flath. i have my own airline. you guys never cover it. it's southwest. >> by the way, john mccain about this time in 2008 also flying a
4:44 am
similar type of campaign. it's so early. >> here's an amazing thing. people have written us off. you're not doing well in the polling? wa we're in new hampshire with bigger crowds and it's not co r covered at all. new hampshire wants to meet you five, six, seven times. most of the race is wide open at this time. i can't do anything about it other than complain is we need to have the coverage more even killed that it's a wide open race and every candidate has a chance. wa we're going to qualify. i'm not going to let anybody push me around. with three weeks to go it would be devastating. the networks and the parties shouldn't be able to decide whose a candidate and not. we need to be treated with respect and we're going to
4:45 am
understand it. >> we heard the same thing from rick san tomorrow yesterday. he was about four years ago where he is now and ended up winning iowa. >> rand paul and kelly paul, thank you very much. thanks for joining us this morning. >> and getting the boots. >> i think you should wear them. that's just my opinion. i think they would lack good. >> chris christie joins us live next and bernie sanders joins us also in the 8:00 hour. we'll be right back. when you go the extra mile to help business owners save on commercial auto insurance, you tend to draw a following. [ brakes screech ] flo: unh... [ tires squeal, brakes screech, horn honks ] ooh, ooh! [ back-up beeping, honking ] a truckload of discounts for your business -- now, that's progressive.
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okay. 52 past the hour. fyi, joe, bernie is here. >> feeling the bern. >> in the building. >> he's in the building. >> first, at 52 past. joining us from portsmouth, new hampshire, republican presidential candidate governor chris christie of new jersey. i am told by alex, joe, that we're not allowed to have pleasantries because there is a delay. we can't yuck it up. >> nothing about the boots? >> nope. i want to ask you this, chris. when you said i don't think marco rubio will be able to slime his way to the white house, what did you mean by that? slime. >> is there something you don't understand about that? listen, i just think it's kind of funny that the guy who very
4:53 am
righteously stood on the stage and lectured jeb bush saying someone must have told you that attacking me would help you, apparently the same person now must be talking to marco and telling him that attacking me will help him. we're going to continue to do what we do out here and make sure everyone understands that this is about beating hillary clinton and that's what we're going to do. >> chris christie, i remember six months ago texting you when everybody said you were done and saying, nobody knows whether you can hit a curveball until you're in the bigs and you step into the box. well, apparently six months later, after being dismissed, people are throwing at your head. all the pitchers are throwing at your head right now because, i mean, they must think that you're the biggest threat. why do you think everybody is coming at you so hard? >> well, i think, joe, because we've got a message here in new hampshire that's resonating with voters, connecting with them.
4:54 am
and that i am the best messenger in this field. i think that's why they're concerned and that's what they're doing. you know, if that's what jeb and john and marco want to do, that's fine. i'm going to continue to do what i did. i have done now 47 town halls here in new hampshire. we are continuing to do that. we're going to do another event today. i just feel great about what's happening up here. and also think things are starting to work out well for us in iowa as well. so that's why i think you are seeing people shoot at us. let me tell you, this is my first rodeo, as you know. john spent $33 million in negative ads against me in 2009. a lot of these guys have never been in a tough race. this is another day at the ranch for me. >> yesterday president of the united states. gun shows, trying to close the loopholes. you are a lawyer. former u.s. attorney. i have heard republican reactions from some candidates towards the president yesterday. i haven't heard yours. i want to ask you, do you think
4:55 am
the obama administration is intent on coming after people's guns? >> yes. sure. of course they are. and the president can't do it through congress anymore because his policies have been so unpopular that he lost a democratic house in 2010, now giving the republicans the largest majority since 1928. he lost the senate and he's gone from 21 republican governorships to 31 republican governorships. that's why i called him a petulant child, mike. he has lost all these things. people are sending him a message but he refuses to hear it. now he'll try to do it by another illegal executive order. but these things will be corrected in january of 2017 when i become president. i think he is intent on doing this but he is not going to be successful. >> governor christie. willie geist. to follow up on what mike was asking about guns. what is the answer here, then? if the president has sort of nibbled around the edges with some of the executive actions yesterday. we have heard big ideas that republicans say are impossible
4:56 am
and violate the second amendment. where is that space where we do something to stop gun violence? i understand generally gun violence is down in the last 20 years, homicides especially. when we talk about the mass shootings the president was focusing on yesterday, what do we do? >> i think the president yesterday in a throw-away line touched on where the real violence is. the murder rate in chicago, up 18%. in new york city, up 11%. the fact is that the violence is happening on the streets of our cities and we need to have a really aggressive, aggressive law enforcement approach to making sure that we take these guns off the streets and take the criminals and felons who are using them off the streets. on the mass shootings, willie, i believe this is a problem that we have to deal with with more government involvement in mental health, mental health treatment, give doctors and families the tools to involuntarily commit people who are not compliant
4:57 am
with medication or that haven't been treated at all and are speaking violently. doctors are reluctant to do it. they're afraid of getting sued. families don't know their rights and responsibilities. we need to make that much clearer. >> mike halperin here. can you explain why there is one guy who is at 40% in the national polls, not being attacked by anybody in paid media. and you who are clearly doing well or not as well as donald trump or being attacked by so many people. why is that happening? >> well, listen, i can't explain, other than the fact that we have never had a candidate for president before who had a top ten rated television show for eight years or so before he ran for president. and so his name i.d. across the country is enormously high based upon that tv show. and i think he is seeing a lot of the residual effects of that. as far as why they're coming after me is because i think, mark, in the long term they saw what you saw up in new hampshire. they've now seen it, that real
4:58 am
people up here, real voters are connecting with me in a very personal way. and that we have turned this thing around over the course of july to january. by hard work. and that the people who are with us are hard-earned voters. they're not folks who just know us and think we're okay or think they like us on television or think we're a nice guy. they've looked at us eye to eye and have made the decision that they want to be with us. i think that's why all of the other candidates in this race, including donald, by the way, who has attacked me any number of times in the last two weeks pretty viciously. that's why they're doing it. because they see our progress. >> all right. governor chris christie, thank you very much. good to have you on the show. up next, yesterday he targeted hillary clinton's wall street record in a major speech. this morning, senator bernie sanders joins us live on -- >> do you feel it? we feel the bern.
4:59 am
>> feeling it. >> the man who has stunned the political establishment with his giant crowds and incredible fund raising joins us next on "morning joe." [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks." [turkey] gobble. [butcher] i'm sorry!
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(burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ let me be very clear. greed is not good. [ cheers and applause ] >> and here is a new year's resolution that i will keep if elected president, and that is, if wall street does not end its greed, we will end it for them! [ cheers and applause ]
5:03 am
>> greed is not good, joe. welcome back to "morning joe." still with us, we have veteran columnist, msnbc contributor -- >> i'm just saying. the managing editor of bloomberg politics, mark halperin. we have democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders of vermont. great to have you. >> it's great to have you here. >> you've been working it. my god! you're tireless. >> we're off to nevada in a few minutes. >> are you really? okay. i want to just touch on where we began here. you talk about wall street, breaking up the big banks. how would you do that if you had to? >> you have the secretary of treasury ascertain which banks have the potential of being too big to fail, which banks, if they got into trouble, could bring down much of the economy. you ascertain which banks are in that position, and in fact you break them up.
5:04 am
>> senator, that's most of the big banks now. too big to fail has gotten even bigger now. >> that's right, joe. that's a very important point. people don't know this. we bailed out the large banks because they were too big to fail. three out of the four largest are significantly larger than when we bailed them out. not only that, not only is there a danger of more risk in bailouts the danger is the concentration of power in a handful of banks is very frightening. you have the sixth largest banks with assets equivalent to 60% of the gdp of america issuing two-thirds of the credit cards and mortgages. >> if any of those banks went down tomorrow, we, the taxpayers, would once again be stuck bailing them out. >> absolutely. >> right? >> absolutely. >> how did that happen? >> we were supposed to fix this. >> yeah. we were supposed to fix this after september 15, 2008. >> i want to break the bad news to you. are you ready? >> yes. >> wall street is very powerful.
5:05 am
they prevent serious things from happening. >> are they very powerful when it comes to controlling hillary clinton? were they when she was a senator? >> they are very powerful in controlling the economics and political life of this country. they spend billions of dollars to get deregulated. they're spending huge sums of money now to protect themselves. you need somebody -- >> did hillary clinton help protect wall street? as a new york senator, did she help protect wall street? >> do i think hillary clinton or many other senators have shown the courage that is necessary to stand up to wall street power? the answer is no. the reason i'm running for president -- as you know i have known hillary for 25 years. we are friends. i think in this critical moment in american history, when you have a wall street situation, when you have an american middle class which is disappearing, massive levels of wealth inequality. climate change. we need a president who has the courage to stand up to the billionaire class and wall street.
5:06 am
>> does hillary clinton have the courage -- >> i am running for president because i think not. i think at this particular moment somebody has to tell wall street and corporate america that their greed, their greed is destroying our dmeconomy and lis of millions of people. the middle class of this country despite huge increases in productivity, is disappearing. 47 million people are living in poverty. and you have massive levels of income and wealth inequality. almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1%. billionaires are buying elections. we need leadership now to say, really, enough is enough. you guys can't have it all. period. that's what my campaign is about. >> talking about contributions. we brought this up earlier this week. we were absolutely stunned by your numbers last -- the last quarter that you got almost $30 million in and, over the last quarter, the average contribution, $27. i worked with you.
5:07 am
i mean, we've both been in politics for a very long time. >> yep. >> i've never seen anything like i've seen -- >> there hasn't been anything like it. >> -- with your numbers. what is happening? how are you kentucconnecting wi people this way? >> first of all, if i were on your show eight months ago and i told you that we would have two and a half million individual contributions from a million people averaging somewhere around 27 bucks, never in a million years would i have believed that was possible. what it shows, first of all, is that you can run a national campaign without being dependent on wealthy people in a super pac. we don't have a super pac. number two, it does show that there is a level of enthusiasm and energy and people willing to come on board with the concept of a political revolution that says, you know what, we have to come together and take on big-money interests in this country and create an economy that works for all. i am astounded. you're not the only one. >> who are the people out there,
5:08 am
though, who are the people giving you $27? what are you hearing when you're out at these massive rallies that you hold? what are they telling you? >> what they are telling me is they are very frightened and nervous about the future of our country. and i think the money comes in in opposition to their understanding that super pacs, being funded by billionaires, are very dangerous to the future of american democracy. i'll tell you what people also worry about economically and politically is the movement in this country to oligarchy. if you have the koch and their friends spending $9 million to elect candidates does it sound like democracy? no. people are saying, here is 30 bucks, ten bucks. do what you can to protect my family, my kids, my parents. >> those people have not maxed out. >> a lot of people can give $27
5:09 am
a lot of times. i think for me that's what, willie is so powerful. >> this is a movement. >> about his fund raising apparatus. hillary clinton obviously maxed out with a lot of bankers, a lot of lawyers. bernie's average last quarter, $27? those people can just keep giving. >> that's what we were just talking about. they can come back and come back and come back. i want to ask you about some of the economic conditions you described. wage stagnation. huge problem, under employment, shrinking middle class. all these things. we have had a democratic president for the last seven years, aren't those statistics in many ways an indictment of president obama? >> willie, not really. let's be clear. and i -- my republican friends seem to suffer from amnesia in terms of where we were seven years ago. when bush left office we were hemorrhaging 800,000 jobs a month. when bush left office the world's financial system was on the verge of collapse and we were running a $1.4 trillion
5:10 am
deficit the largest in history. have we made significant progress, yes. my democratic friends forget to talk about it's not just the last seven years. it's 40 years. 40 years on the republican and democratic leadership where the rich get richer and almost everybody else gets poorer. today -- you talk about anger out there -- the male worker in the middle of the economy, the guy right in the middle, in inflation adjusted for dollars is earning $700 less than he earned 41 years ago. >> bernie, since 1973, jeffrey sachs talks about this, average wages for male workers in america have gone down. >> exactly. >> since 1973. >> exactly. >> generations have nothing to do with it. >> you can't look at the past eight or 16 years. so how do we reverse that? >> we have to be fairly bold. i mean, first of all, we have to
5:11 am
recognize that reality. let me throw in another part. wages have gone down but the people on top are doing phenomenally well. what we've seen, joe, in the last 30 years is a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top 1 then t of 1% whose wealth has doubled in that period. >> it's not all tax policy. >> it's a variety of factors. >> how do we holistically -- how does president sanders approach globalization, technology revolution, tax policy? >> fair questions and it ain't easy stuff, right? the first thing we have to do is recognize the reality. are we satisfied with the status quo? i think we're not. we have to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. anyone who works 40 hours in this country should not live in poverty. i believe that's $15 an hour. pay equity for women workers who
5:12 am
are now making 79 cents on the dollar. that's a pretty easy one. real unemployment in this country is not 5%. it's close to 10%. youth unemployment is off the charts. african-american youth unemployment and under employment is 51%. guess why we have more people in jail than any other country? because kids don't have -- they're not in school, they're not working. we have to address that problem. so what do we do? we create a massive federal jobs program to put our people back to work. how so? rebuild a crumbling infrastructure. our roads, our bridges, our rail system, airports, levees, dams, need repair. put people back to work. a trillion dollar investment creates 13 million jobs. okay. number three. deal with the trade issue. okay. corporate america has designed a trade policy which says we can shut down in america, go to low-wage countries. bring the products back into this country.
5:13 am
i think we've got to change that. number four. if we're going to do well we need the best educated work force in the world. all over the world countries are saying, hey, you are a bright young person, you'll be able to go to college regardless of your income. we should do the same. that's why i advocate free tuition to public colleges and universities. your next question, i see it in your eyes. >> how do you pay for it? >> numbers two and three, whether you're talking about increased funding for infrastructure and questions about trade, a lot of people that go to trump rallies would agree with what you're saying, which is, we've talked about it, there is a crossover there that's very interesting. >> outsiders. >> a lot of republicans i know say we don't have to just keep playing by the old rules. >> that's right. >> how do you pay for it? let me answer this. last time i ran for re-election. 71% of the vote in vermont. we got 25% of the republican vote. obviously i have differences
5:14 am
with republicans on issues like gay marriage or abortion, but on many of the economic issues working-class republicans are with us. how do you pay for it. the premise is when we've had a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top one tenth of 1%, when you have major corporations in this country that in a given year are paying zero in federal income tax you need real tax reform. i know this gets a lot of folks nervous, which tell the wealthiest people in the country and the largest corporations they'll start to pay their fair share of taxes. an example. right now major corporations making billions. stashing their dollars in the cayman islands and bermuda. i believe in a tax on wall street speculation can bring in substantial sums of money, enough to pay for free tuition at public colleges and universities. that's what i am advocating. i think elderly people cannot
5:15 am
make it on $12,000 or $13,000 a year, social security. i want to expand social security. lift the cap on taxable income starting at $250,000. right now you're making $10 million. she is making $118,000. you're both paying the same thing into seocial security. lift the cap and extend social security for 50 years and expand benefits. we can do it. >> we live in a country now where the vast majority of the middle class live from paycheck to paycheck. >> that's right. >> if you believe, as i think you do, that insurance companies and conglomerates are part of the financial system, what can be done in terms of breaking up insurance companies so that health care, health care policies, are reasonable, affordable and understandable? >> mike, thanks for asking that question. i hope everybody knows that the united states is the only major country on earth that does not guarantee health care to all people as a right and that
5:16 am
allows private insurance companies to make huge profits off of the health care system. so i think we've got to do two things. my conservative friends do not necessarily agree with me. first question we have to ask is should health care be a right of all people or should it not. i think it should. we've decided public education is a right. you don't have to be rich to go to high school. we should make that determination. every other major country on earth has done it. second of all, how do you do it in a cost effective way. that's what your question is about. frankly, you have to get the private insurance companies out of health care, but it's not only insurance companies, it's the pharmaceutical industry! >> mm-hmm. >> let me ask you. republicans are just talking about abolishing obamacare. >> right. >> i am sure you would want to reform, in a lot of different areas, but you have just brought up, for instance, insurance companies, big pharma. you could also bring up big
5:17 am
hospitals. "new york times" wrote an article saying, i'll had a seat at the table in obamacare. they got sweetheart deals behind the scenes. >> yep. >> the public was not made aware of it until the "times" started to report on it. >> yep. >> how would you reform -- the president calls it obamacare. i don't use it as a slur. how do you reform obamacare to make it even more in line with what you and progressives want out of a health care system in america? >> here is what the affordable care act did. number one, it ended this obscenity of preexisting conditions. people would look back and say i can't believe that we had a situation where you needed health care for a particular illness and you couldn't get it from your insurance company. the way -- but obamacare also has done is provided health insurance to 17 million people who previously did not have it. that's a good thing. but, as we are also seeing, deductibles remain much too high for people.
5:18 am
so the question that we have to ask, joe, is why are we spending almost three times more per capita than the folks in the u.k., 50% more than the french, and they guarantee health care to all of their people. the answer gets back i think to mike's point. what is the role of private health insurance in this country? to provide quality affordable health care? i think not. it's to make as much money as they possibly can. we're going to have to make the decision to say, i'm sorry, we can't make money out of health care. >> even before we passed the affordable care act, we were spending more money per patient than any country in the world. >> yes. >> this is the most inefficient health care system imaginable. >> yes. you're right. end of discussion. you're exactly right. >> if you stand in line -- >> did you say you were a republican? >> you know, i've been saying it for some time. people say, oh, we need to spend more money on health care, more money on education. we spend more money per pupil than anybody in the world, we spend more money on -- it's not
5:19 am
just a question of money. investment is fine with me. it's got to be smart investment. right? >> look. what you do is -- this system is so crazy, we can go on for five hours. give you one example. the pharmaceutical industry charges our people by far the highest prices in the world. here is the crazy aspect. one out of five patients cannot afford to fill the prescription their doctors write. >> right. >> you go to the doctor. he says this is what you need, mika. you can't afford it. what happens to you? likely you get sicker and end up in the hospital at much greater expense and not to mention suffering than if you had the drug in the first place. does that make rational sense? we're very weak in primary health care. people cannot find the doctors that they need, so they get sicker and end up in the emergency room. what we need to do is greatly expand primary health care, put money into disease prevention, and come up with a system which is not designed to make the drug companies and insurance companies rich but to provide quality care to all of our
5:20 am
people. >> if you want to see a family's domestic weekly budget get crippled it won't be ina line at a bank, it's at a prescription line at a drug store. it's crazy. >> in the late 1990s when i was vermont's congressman i took people from vermont over the border to montreal to buy prescription drugs. women struggling with breast cancer at that point were able to buy the medicine they were taking for one tenth of the price they were paying in vermont. does that make rational sense to anybody? >> no. we'll be right back with much more with senator bernie sanders. we'll get his reaction to hillary clinton saying she is the most electable candidate and, later, senator sanders' closest advisor joins us. his wife of 30 years. we'll be right back. we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value.
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are we getting into an argument not only of sexism between donald trump and hillary clinton but donald trump attacking bill clinton. >> well, i tell you what. we're going to let my wife jane out. i think hillary will be in real, real trouble. [ laughing ] >> back with presidential candidate bernie sanders and joining the table his wife jane. here we go. i am reading your story. you have an incredible story which really -- you guys met when you were elected mayor of burlington. >> yes. >> back 30 years ago. >> '81. >> what was it that struck you? were you just in a good mood that night? >> pretty good mood. >> well, what struck me is she was involved in working with low-income people in the city of burlington. and very involved with children. she had been a force -- how many foster kids did you have?
5:25 am
>> 13. >> not to mention her own three kids. she got me thinking a whole lot about the needs of children and youth and she became head of our youth office, did a fantastic job and we got married. >> started a newspaper, a teen center, after-school programs, a day care, a festival called kids day. it goes on. bank teller, cashier. everything. you have lived in america! >> let me ask you. i have known this guy obviously, not like you know this guy, but i see him on tv. he looks like bono in u2. wait a second. i used to know him. what's it like for you to see not only the thousands and thousands of people coming out to see him speak, but also these numbers? so many people believing in him that they're writing $27 on average checks. it has to be surreal. >> it is. i have always believed in him. he has always held out a vision that i a peeled to the best in
5:26 am
people and in burlington, i mean, he brought people out. he doubled voter turnout. he made a difference in people's lives. but to see the message that he can accomplish this, that he does approach things differently and really cares about bringing people into the process, to have it be understood and, by such a wide margin of people, has been exhilarating and surprising. >> nice. >> bernie, we mentioned as we went to break hillary clinton and your relationship with her right now in the race. i wonder what it's like for you to hear people say that she is the presumptive nominee, that she is the frontrunner, the likely next president of the united states. you hear donald trump or chris christie yesterday say if we nominate donald trump hillary clinton will be president. what's it like for you to hear that? >> it's kind of amusing. i think throughout my political career, willie, people have underestimated me. nobody but nobody believes i
5:27 am
would have been elected mayor of the city of burlington. nobody believes i would have been elected to the united states congress. to get elected to the senate, i had to defeat the wealthiest guy in the state of vermont. so i would say to people, don't underestimate the message that we're bringing forth to the american people, and the desire of the american people to see real change in this country and to see leadership that stands up to the billionaire class. >> i would also add that he won by ten votes by the -- for the mayoralty. if ten people stayed home we wouldn't be here today. not only don't underestimate him but don't underestimate the importance of you participating. >> before we get to mark halperin. hillary clinton was on the trail yesterday touting her experience. let's listen to that. >> let me ask you all. to think hard about this job that you're interviewing for. think hard about the people who
5:28 am
are presenting themselves to you, their experience, their qualifications, their positions, and particularly for those of us who are democrats, their electability and how we make sure we have a democrat going back into the white house on january 20th, 2017. >> i have a long record, and i have been on the forefront of change for decades. i am a progressive who likes to get things done, and i will get into that white house, i don't need a tour. i know right where the oval office is. i know right how to get things done, and i will get to work and get fighting for you. thank you! >> so what's her message? >> well, i think her message is not an accurate one. the message is that hillary clinton is the most electable democrat. i would reeffer you to a recent quinnipiac poll which had us beating donald trump by almost twice the margin that she was beating trump.
5:29 am
and that's -- other polls have shown similar type findings. that's number one. number two, democrats win elections when voter turnout is high. republicans win when voter turnout is low. i think any objective person would assess that the new energy in this campaign from young people, working-class people, is with our campaign, not secretary clinton's campaign. >> what do you think when you hear her say she has been fighting for progressive causes for all these years when we have seen her flip-flop on keystone, same-sex marriage, financial reform, we've seen her flip-flop on trade. this is just in the past year or two. by the way, i am not beating -- i am not being ugly. i am just telling the truth. what are your thoughts when she is putting herself out as a long-standing progressive champion? >> except when she defines herself as she did a few months ago as a moderate. you can't be a moderate, you
5:30 am
can't be a progressive, you can't be for the tpp and against the tpp, for the keystone pipeline and against it. you know, i have been fairly consistent my entire political life. some people say i'm kind of boring because i have been saying the same thing for 30 years. >> is he boring, jane? >> not at all. >> i think the evidence is pretty clear on issue after issue, whether it's taking on wall street, whether it's fighting for health care for all people, whether it is trade policy, whether it is environmental policy. i have been a leader. i think what we have seen over the years, as you have indicated in many ways, secretary clinton has been flip-flopping. >> i also think that, when she says i am a progressive that likes to get things done, she is actually minimizing the message, saying, well, we can only do this much and bernie says we can do that much.
5:31 am
what people don't understand is that's what he's always done. he's laid out a vision that was a lot more progressive and a lot more bold than people thought could be accomplished, and then he has accomplished it. as mayor, as congressman, as senator, he did the only major bill last year in the veterans bill, and the other thing that people don't understand is he has always played the inside-outside game, so that, instead of just working inside the system and you can taing ta people in power he brings the other people in, the social security chain cpi. remember when they were going to cut the cost of living increases. he fought inside and then he rallied all the people in all the organizations outside, and they beat them. they beat it back. one year. the second year they brought it back. only barely was talked about and then was let go. the third year it's nowhere. nobody is talking about it anymore. >> just sit back and relax. she's got it. sit back and just chill out.
5:32 am
>> let's bring right now, with all due respect, mark halperin. >> many of your supporters expressed frustration that you weren't getting covered enough, that you were having trouble getting your message out. i wonder if in the few days between iowa and new hampshire you have plans to try to ramp up your capacity to reach voters so they can learn about you and your ideas and background. >> in the next month, mark, we'll focus a lot on iowa and new hampshire. we have, in iowa, if my memory is correct, actually held meetings where over 30,000 people have come out. a lot of large turnouts. new hampshire i think we're at about 25,000. what i have always done in my life is the grass-roots politics. and i think, at the end of the day just going out, answering questions, talking to people is the way you can win in states like iowa and new hampshire, and that's what we're going to be focusing on in the next month or so. >> you are tireless, and i am
5:33 am
impressed. jane it was so nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you too. >> senator bernie sanders, jane sanders, thank you very much. please come back. >> thank you, guys. good luck out there. still to come, tremors in the u.s. futures market after a possible nuclear test in north korea registers on the richter scale. sara eisen joins us with that. woah! father, why can't we have directv like the macgregors do? we're settlers, son. we settle for things. like having cable instead of directv. hey, jebediah, how's it going? working the land. hoping for a fertile spring. all right. so we have to live with lower customer satisfaction? i'm afraid so. now go churn us some butter, boy, and then make your own clothes. yes, sir. (vo) don't be a settler. get rid of cable and upgrade to directv. call 1-800-directv. in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home.
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5:36 am
36 past.
5:37 am
>> wow! that was fascinating, wasn't it? >> i have to say, jane sanders, secret weapon. that woman has an incredible story, and it's -- she is an incredible asset to the campaign. >> strong. >> she is great. >> she really is. >> you know i like bernie sanders. he has been -- i don't know if you've watched. i have seen him on practically every show over the past few days. he is tireless. he has worked so hard, made himself so available. i think he has been completely underestimated. >> by the way, i mean, you know, so we had donald trump on earlier this morning, and obviously the two would not want any comparisons together. there are huge differences between them in many areas. some similarities. the one thing is -- mark, you talked about this. they know what they stand for. they don't apologize. they speak truth to power as they see it. and it is a clear, unadulterated
5:38 am
message. >> they're inspiring people. they both have their detractors. neither of them is perfect. they're both inspiring people across the country in an emotional way. >> movements. >> bernie has been saying the same thing since the early 1960s. trump has been saying the same thing since the '80s. >> one of the interesting things, i think you pointed it out when bernie was here, there is a crossover vote between some of the trump following and some of the sanders following. they're very similar. >> all right. still ahead, stocks expected to nose-dies when the markets open this morning and it's only because of the steep drop in oil prices. plus, gun stocks surge on the president's executive action. live to the new york stock exchange next on "morning joe." resolve to turn heads
5:39 am
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5:42 am
successfully tested a small hydrogen nuclear device. officials in south korea say it took place 30 miles from a site where north korea has conducted nuclear tests in the past. the u.n. security council will hold a meeting on this today. u.s. officials say it could take days to verify north korea's claim. news of the test sent overseas stocks tumbling overnight. sara eisen joins us live from the new york stock exchange. sara, should we expect the same on wall street this morning? >> oh, yes. the uncertainty is something investors hate. looks like the instinct is to press the sell button. headed for another bumpy open on wall street. the north korean news adds to the urn certainty and the geopolitical tension. not a hundred percent clear of the economic impact of it. it comes at a bad time for investors. they're already worried about china. that's front and center this year. how slow is the chinese economy slowing down and what is it doing to its currency.
5:43 am
that's caused concerns overnight as well. all of that has kept the pressure on. i want to draw your attention to the price of oil. oil prices below $35 a barrel, both here in the u.s. and abroad. we're looking at levels that we haven't seen since back in 2004. continued pressure on oil as well. and in the sea of red, for stock markets the one place that's working, the gun industry. shares of these gun makers have been on a tear. smith & wesson, one of the biggest ones. finished 12% higher, record high yesterday. strum up 7%. all in anticipation that gun sales will soar ahead of and into the new policy measures announced by president obama to crack down on gun control. this always happens during a mass shooting in our country, unfortunately what we see is a rush in demand to buy guns. the stocks have been really quite solid. >> sara eisen, thank you so
5:44 am
much. appreciate it. i was down in florida. gas prices at like $2 a gallon. >> i noticed that last week. i was in florida. >> unbelievable. >> also this "washington post" story caught my eye. last year americans bought the most cars ever. last year. more cars bought by americans than ever before. go back to 2008. think about how badly things were there. and mika, you are excited because you know that mike barnicle will have to buy you a car after donald trump wins the republican nomination. >> a brand-new truck. >> a nice one too. >> mike is cutting back. up next, her great new book, "where we belong" hit the shelves. the "today" show's hoda kotb. >> it's going to change my life. you are going to change my life. >> will you sign it for me? >> yes, i will. >> we'll return. >> we'll be right back. or but houses in town.
5:45 am
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5:48 am
i remember walking into my very first orphanage. when i was in the midst of that orphanage and even walking away from that orphanage there was this -- this voice, this thing saying, do something! now, at the time i wasn't exactly sure what the "something" was. but the obvious "do something" was to adopt one or two or in our case three of these children. >> wow! that was just a look at one of
5:49 am
the many inspirational stories featured in the new book "where we belong, journeys that show us the way." joining us now, author of the book and co-host of the fourth hour of nbc's "today" show, hoda kotb. >> the drunk hour. >> look at the book. >> you can slide it in your purse. >> in your pocket, your purse. carry it with you. >> big thoughts here. if you go through the book, read the book, it's kind of like that thoreau line, live the life you've always imagined. people are living the life they always imagined. >> sometimes life happens to you. you live in a house and go to a college near your house. you meet a cute guy who lives across the street. you get married. there is a job opening down at the mall. you take the job. you're in it for six years and think to yourself, did i choose
5:50 am
my life or was it the path of least resistance? the thing i love about the people in this book is they put their hands on the steering wheel of their life and say, you know what, i'm changing it. it's not easy to do. >> i would say you're probably the perfect vehicle for this message because of your story. i mean, do you feel a connection often with the people who you chose to profile because of where you've been? >> i do. i do. i think, once you watch people who have changed paths -- and for me it took an illness for me to kind of get scared and change where i was going to be. they were starting that fourth hour of "today." i was working at "dateline" on the grind and got sick and got better and got a four-word e epipha epiphany. you can't scare me. i went to jeff zucker and said i want that fourth hour. he ended up listening, other people helped and i ended up getting the job. i thought, if i hadn't gotten
5:51 am
sick i wouldn't have had the guts to ask for something. the cool thing about the people in this book is they didn't have to go through something. like, they just chose it. i -- you know, i love that. >> that's amazing. >> you know, the reason the book works is, like an old newspaper axiom. people like to read about people. >> yeah. >> and the reason that you work is you represent, i think, one of the lost arts in our fast-paced cultural world. you have the ability to listen. talk about, you know, listening to people. >> you know what's funny, i just had a book signing yesterday. and a bunch of people were there. i was usually -- usually you sign book and say hi. everybody wanted to tell me their story about they were going through this terrible thing and they've made a change. or they're so scared and they switched jobs. they want to see other people who have made it. i was telling jane, my co-writer on the book, if we just shut up for a minute and listen, the things you learn are incredible. one lady said to me, i am scared to quit my job because i have,
5:52 am
you know -- i have a mortgage, i have kids. i can't up-end everything. someone gave me advice and said take 10% of your time and 10% of your money and put it toward the thing that you love. and that way you still are working on the railroad because you have to make your living, but you are not -- you feel like there's hope and maybe next year it's 15% of your time and 15% of your money. >> your dream. >> yes. so you don't feel lost. i think we feel hopeless in a dead-end situation. someone said risk is like a muscle. once you've done it once, you can do it again. >> that's so true. women need that. we need more of that message. >> guys take more risks and don't seem to worry about it. >> you're right. >> can i just listen to you for a second? who should buy this book? you know what, it could be a college grad who doesn't know what's going on. someone in her 50s who is changing careers. someone who is wondering if they should start a family. like the couple we profiled there who adopted kids at 50.
5:53 am
>> you talked about changing careers. you have an investment banker who worked on wall street, extraordinarily successful. said, enough. i want to go into the ministry. >> imagine knowing you're locked into the wrong job and you're making so much money that it's hard to get out of it. you wonder if you want to be happy every day of your life or just every other thursday on payday. that's when you have your happy day, when the check comes. he chose something that was the right fit for him. i think in this book you'll find people who found the right place in their life, the right profession, the rile connectigh connection. >> you talk about a young woman from a blue collar background that said damn the tortorpedos. i'm going to medical school, harvard. against all odds she got there. >> everybody worked hard. no one had a layup. sometimes that's why talented people don't make it. if they don't get something, they just quit. >> that's so true.
5:54 am
>> if you aren't as talented you have to try harder. >> it's so true. >> you don't want to know our sat scores or our gpa scores. you don't want to know anything. as i always tell people. >> scrappy. >> you get up earlier than everybody else, you work later than everybody else. it erases a multitude of sins. that's what this is about. >> you got it! >> work hard! >> live your dreams! go confidently in the direction of your dreams! >> do it. i am so pumped up. >> her book is out now. hoda kotb. thank you for coming on. >> anytime. >> reminds me of a mitch album book. i love that. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything.
5:55 am
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sure... ok. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab. you can't be a moderate. you can't be a progressive. you can't be for the tpp and against the tpp. for the keystone pipeline, against it. i think what we have seen over the years, as you've indicated, in many ways, secretary clinton has been flip-flopping. >> is she low energy? >> hillary is low energy but doesn't have the strength or stamina. >> we have never had a candidate for president before who had a top ten rated television show for eight years or so before he ran for president. so his name i.d. across the country is enormously high based upon that tv show. >> senator rubio was wearing a boot yesterday with a bit of a heel to it. >> platform! >> something like that. >> look at that! >> no, no, no.
5:59 am
>> it's a boot. >> this is straight out of an austin powers movie. [ laughing ] >> this is swinging 1966. >> he's cool. >> bbc 1. bbc 2. >> on the shoes. >> our lawyer will be talking to you about equal time on shoes. joining us now, republican presidential candidate and the wearer of very cool shoes -- i am liking those. tough. he's been on the trail campaigning. senator rand paul of kentucky. >> what a show. >> time to talk about what we learned today. >> it's just three hours. >> what did you learn? >> i think the powhat would be incredible first lady is jane sanders. amazing story. >> "morning joe" changing the face of television three-hour increments at a time. >> i'm feeling the bern now that
6:00 am
he's on to the big pharma and health insurance premiums. i am feeling the bern. >> he was great. >> really was something. bernie sanders interview. donald trump ace interview. they know what they believe. they have the clearest message. and i have to say. >> the outsiders. >> marco rubio, he's got the hippest boot, baby! >> i want to wear those tomorrow. i'll find them. >> they might be more appropriate on you than him. >> okay. if it's way too early, joe, what time is it? >> "morning joe." stick around, because "msnbc live" is coming up next. stick around for rickles at 6:00 tonight. good morning. i'm josé díaz-balart. first up this morning, high anxiety on a global scale. north korea says it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, one of the most powerful weapons in the world. a north korean television anchor called it, quote, a perfect success. [ speakingor


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