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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  January 6, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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health insurance premiums. i am feeling the bern. >> he was great. >> really was something. bernie sanders interview. donald trump ace interview. they know what they believe. they have the clearest message. and i have to say. >> the outsiders. >> marco rubio, he's got the hippest boot, baby! >> i want to wear those tomorrow. i'll find them. >> they might be more appropriate on you than him. >> okay. if it's way too early, joe, what time is it? >> "morning joe." stick around, because "msnbc live" is coming up next. stick around for rickles at 6:00 tonight. good morning. i'm josé díaz-balart. first up this morning, high anxiety on a global scale. north korea says it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, one of the most powerful weapons in the world. a north korean television anchor called it, quote, a perfect success. [ speaking foreign language ]
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countries around the world have condemned the test. and an emergency myieeting of t u.n. security council is called for later today. there is always reason to be skeptical about what actually happens. there is no way to independently confirm anything in north korea. the earthquake detected overnight was similar to one detected after north korea's last nuclear test three years ago. that was an atomic bomb that created a nuclear explosion roughly on par with the bomb dropped on hiroshima at the end of world war ii. that's enough. but a hydrogen bomb? that's hundreds of times more powerful and would likely have created a much bigger earthquake. news week's beijing bureau chief melinda lu joins me from the chinese capital. what do we know this morning? >> well, unfortunately we don't know very much, josé.
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the opacity of north korea is legendary. and even its claim that they have exploded a hydrogen bomb has to be met with at least some questions and skepticism. it was not thought that they had the capability to test a hydrogen bomb, although they might have been working up to the possibility of a test of something called a boosted fission bomb, which is not quite as powerful and not quite as advanced. it could take weeks or even months to verify whether this really was a hydrogen bomb. >> but misomething was dedetona right? this at least we feel comfortable enough to say occurred. >> something definitely created a seismic event. yes, the chances are very high that it was a nuclear test, which would have been the fourth in nine years by north korea.
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the problem here is that the world doesn't know what to do about it even if it was an atomic bomb, an atomic test or a hydrogen bomb test. there is very little that the outside world can do to influence north korea, even here in china, which is north korea's closest ally, but with which -- with which the relationship has been very strained in recent times. >> melinda liu, thank you for being with me this morning. appreciate your time. i want to bring in steve clemens, washington editor at large for "the atlantic" and msnbc contributor. good to see you. >> good to see you, josé. >> what do you think happened and why now? >> i think north korea just gave the middle finger to china. china has joined under xi jinping a regime, increasingly tightened the screws on north korea which they're the primary
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patron of because of the embarrassing antics and behavior of kim jong-un. i think that kim jong-un is sending a signal that he continues to be independent and, you know, he continues this trail of what all of us see as highly reckless behavior but he is doing it with increasingly powerful nuclear weapons. i think you just called the important distinction. it almost doesn't matter at some level whether this was a thermo nuclear hydrogen bomb or a very -- a larger-scale atomic bomb. i think there is some -- we'll have to see how it comes out. he is sending a signal to everyone that he will not play by the rest of the world's rules. >> i guess, steve, if you are a ruthless dictator and it's your birthday, no finer way to celebrate than detonating some nuclear device. there really isn't much the world can do about this, is there, steve? >> the world -- yes, there is. the world has to decide whether it's going to slowly and continually and incrementally
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acquiesce to north korea's growing capabilities in both nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them with ballistic missiles and to ex totort fwr t world resources to keep itself alive. that's why it continues to engage in this behavior. it says buy us off and we'll be less reckless. he is holding south korea hostage in the process. the world could decide to tip the country over and it's going to pay a cost including potentially in the lives of people in the korean peninsula and not allow the status quo to continue. at some point you hit a decision point in the road. we're not there yet. but it is something where the world does have a choice. it had a choice in 1994 when jimmy carter decided not to go into, you know -- i'm sorry. president clinton decided not to go to war with north korea over
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its nuclear program then. jimmy carter intervened and went into north korea, you may remember. there is always a choice. it's very clear that the cost could be high, but you can either tip the regime over and pay the price or continue to let it ex totort from the rest of t world. >> the problem is, steve, you know this, this is not just a situation where the korean peninsula would be affected. there are thousands of american troops there. we have a pact with the south koreans which says, if you are attacked we are attacked essentially. so there is a world reaction which would include, no doubt, american and western european troops. >> and chinese. >> and chinese. this could be the beginning of something very serious for the world. >> that's right. and so -- north korea knows that, which is why it's been able to get away with more and more reckless behavior. it sunk a south korean ship. but what has changed the game somewhat is south korean leadership right now, the woman who is president of south korea
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is the daughter of a former military general who ran that country, and she is as tough as nails. and so they're not really willing to concede in the same patterns that south korea did in the past. >> yet, so far the history has shown that north korea tends to get away with what it wants to because there is very little will from the west to confront it. remembering, steve, that a year and a half ago a north korean ship was intercepted in latin america that was carrying arms and jets back to north korea from cuba, violating international courts. you know what happened? nadda. >> you're exactly right. what will be interesting to watch is china at this point. many of us think this is because -- because the north korean leader vilifies the united states and the west so often that we often want to americanize this problem. fundamentally this is a challenge right now between china and north korea and what path china decides to take. china is the only nation in the
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world that has any leverage at all, in my view, on north korea. and -- it's going to be interesting to see whether they try to use more direct means to rein him in, whether they are overt and trade oriented and can embargo and sanction north korea or whether, for the first time, you begin to see more covert activity from china inside north korea, which i actually think may happen. >> steve, always a pleasure to see you. thank you. we'll turn to the presidential race here in the united states. donald trump in full attack mode now. his fellow republican ted cruz in his cross-hairs. the frontrunner bringing up the senator's citizenship and questioning his eligibility to be president. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in the washington bureau and steve kornacki standing by in new york. gentlemen, good morning. peter, i'll start with you. good morning. >> good morning to you. those republicans who were once curious about donald trump are now increasingly becoming committed.
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you have seen the thousands showing up at the rallies. a reuters poll shows trump way in front. 42% for trump, three times ted cruz's support. cruz polls best in iowa. in the clearest sign yet that trump is starting to see cruz as a real threat, he is now talking up questions about cruz's eligibility to be president. t donald trump is taking issue with senator ted cruz's birth place, canada. raising the topic on nbc's "morning joe." >> it's important for him. let's assume he got a nomination and the democrats bring suit. it takes two to three years to settle. >> trump puavgt waiting his wan to the "washington post." i know some states are looking at it strongly, he said, the fact that he was born in canada and has had a double passport.
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cruz tweeting his response. this scene from happy days, fonzi jumping the shark. most legal experts agree cruz qualifies as a natural-born citizen. asked about it by nbc's kasie hunt, jeb bush struggled for words. >> do you think he's eligible for the presidency? >> i do. >> trump is not backing down from his confrontation with the clintons either. >> it's fair game. when they attack me, i'll attack them. >> insisting he only brought up bill clinton's ex tra marital affairs after hillary clinton accused him of sexism first. >> when she said that, i said, well, your husband is now campaigning. it's open season. if he wasn't campaigning, maybe it would be different. and if he weren't a past president it would be totally different. >> hours after president obama's emotional appeal for an end to gun violence, the republicans remained unimpressed.
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trump, teeing off in new hampshire. >> they're not going to take your guns away, folks. >> ted cruz mocking the president as a tyrant, tweeting, gun control is government control. >> a lot of conservatives online also mocking the president, suggesting that those were crocodile tears during his comments about the loss of life at sandy hook, the elementary students killed there as well. we should be focusing on the new battle between donald trump and ted cruz, trying to poke him about his eligibility to be president, claiming in effect that cruz is a copy-cat on the issue of a wall, illegal immigration and his faith, frankly where donald trump has been going after him frequently. i want to bring in steve kornacki. we were talking about and peter was commenting about mr. cruz bringing -- i mean mr. trump bringing up cruz's birth issue. we have copy of cruz's birth
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certificate. it was released in 2013 by his office to try to get out of this story before a possible presidential run. they've known this would be probably an issue. is this the best way to handle it? >> yeah. that's not the only thing they did trying to head this off. in 2014 ted cruz, since he was born in canada, he is a birth-right citizen of canada. he renounced his canadian citizenship back in 2014 as one of the steps to preparing for this campaign. obviously they can point out that most legal scholars agree this is a non-issue, as peter was saying, born to an american citizen who happened to be abroad at the time. there is the example of john mccain, the republican nominee in 2008, who was born in the panama canal zone back in 1936. i guess if you want to quibble on differences that was a military installation but he was not born in the united states proper. so they can point all of that out. but i think the key here is for ted cruz, you look at that response, the sort of inside
6:13 am
joke reference, the fonzi, happy days reference. that's the extent to which he has engaged so far. i think there is a thought on cruz's part and his campaign's part that trump will not go further with this. the key right now is trump is not so much bringing it up as reporters, as journalists as people interviewing him are bringing it up and he is responding to them. that's a key distinction. they don't know right now and they certainly hope right now that donald trump won't be making this the kind of thing he himself brings up in interviews, he himself brings up at rallies and debates. that he will let it go if reporters are not asking him about it. >> it's the chicken and the egg issue. no one was really talking about this anymore until mr. trump did, right? >> that's what i am saying. if you look at the three instances in which donald trump has invoked this in the last 24 hours, we played the clip from "morning joe." it's interesting to hear donald trump talking about it, but it was joe scarborough who brought it up in the interview first. it was the "washington post"
6:14 am
would asked trump about it. nh 1, a television station in new hampshire. it was the reporter from nh 1 who asked trump. that's potentially -- when you're trying to get into the way trump approaches these things, he has rules of engagement. rules of combat. if it's not trump himself who is bringing it up, there is a chance he's not going to be making this one of his centerpiece issues. >> interesting that, when they talk about immigration reform, we have heard, for example, trump and cruz talk about derogatory term "anchor babies." i guess if you're going to define an anchor baby by being barn of an american parent, maybe mr. cruz would consider himself one under his own definition? just thinking. >> yeah. i have no idea how that would work. >> yeah. steve kornacki, good to see you, thanks. okay. much more ahead this hour. republicans on the campaign trail and in congress wasting no time going after president
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punctuaon the 2016 campaign tra slamming president obama's new executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence. at the white house yesterday a tearful president obama flanked by victims and families of gun violence announced new steps that bypassed congress excluding expanded background checks and licenses for gun dealers. reaction was swift from republican presidential hopefuls. >> the executive order he is going to impose on us now that will undermine the second
6:19 am
amendment, on my first day in office it is gone. >> the executive orders are not worth the paper they're printed on because when you live by the pen, you die by the pen, and my pen has an eraser. >> he is doing it without the executive authority to do it. every time he does that, look, heads explode and people get angry. i do too. i just think the constitution is worth protecting. >> but the president drew praise from hillary clinton at a campaign stop in iowa. >> thank you so much. >> if any of you saw it on tv, i was very proud that he made these recommendations, some of which i have been advocating in this campaign for. >> let's go to the white house and capitol hill for reaction. joined by nbc senior white house correspondent chris jansing. and luke russert. chris, what's next for the white house? it could face legal challenges to this? >> no doubt about it.
6:20 am
house speakerer paul ryan suggesting this will face legal challenges. you heard the reaction out there. gun rights groups have said the president has overstepped his constitutional boundaries. having said that, even the nra which criticized the president's emotional speech yesterday also suggested kind of, is that all there is? and the conservative heritage foundation said they didn't see much in there that they think could be legally questionable. that doesn't mean that it won't be challenged in court and couldn't hold up some of these proposals. as you well know, josé, that's what happened with immigration. and those executive orders have been tied up in court for more than a year now. having said that, there is the legal and then there is the political, not just the political on the campaign trail, and by the way, many of those folks are raising money. but it is expected that this is going to sort of raise the conversation to be part of it throughout the next year. and frankly, that's what the white house and many gun control
6:21 am
advocates want. they think that may be one of the most powerful things that comes out of what happened yesterday. i spent some time with mark barden whose son was killed at sandy hook. he told me it's important that people are talking about this once again, that the consciousness has been raised. they think looking at the polls when it comes to background support and the support it has that this could push members of congress to be voting in or out. that's the way they're going to look at it now. this is also something the president wants to be part of his legacy, even though much of this may indeed play out after he leaves office, josé. >> luke, what are republicans on capitol hill saying about the president's executive actions on guns? >> not surprisingly, josé, there is a lot of outrage. and i think it was best encompassed by house speaker paul ryan said it was governing by fiat. that the president was over
6:22 am
stepping his presidential authority and taking up his ball and going home because congress would not work on the issues, back in 2013 directly after the massacre at sandy hook. the gun lobby is so strong here on capitol hill, particularly within the republican party. what's interesting is, if you look at the issue and the way democrats are going on offense where in the past they didn't want to touch it. in the senate races in states like illinois and pennsylvania, they believe this to be a winning issue. listen to what susan collins, the republican senator of maine from a blue state, said about this. we'll talk about it on the other side. >> it would be so much better this the president would work with congress to come up with legislation that strengthened the background checks, which is a goal that i do share with the president. but he is going about it in the wrong way. >> so there you hear from susan collins, not necessarily that
6:23 am
the president is the worse for doing this but that she disagrees with thes fr process. the senators were blue states that have elections coming up. you'll see this idea, well, we don't necessarily oppose everything the president is doing, but the way he is going about it is wrong. the irony is they tried to do it in 2013 and it was filibustered. it will be a political issue nonetheless in 2016. >> you could say the same thing was said about immigration reform, which was, oh, the president's overstepped his authority so we're not going to deal with immigration reform. but they didn't deal with immigration before the president passed the executive order on immigration. >> correct. and it's one of these things where i think you see it play out. it's a convenient excuse, right? we don't like the way it's -- we don't like how the process is going. the other thing, very different playing fields between the senate and the house.
6:24 am
the senate you have more moderation on these types of issues. the house, no way, josé, they don't want to come close to it. >> ooh, i love that. no way, josé! luke russert and chris jansing at the white house. thank you for being with me. after the break, the 18-minute time gap after the san bernardino shootings. a round of storms slamming california today. that's california you're looking at! heavy rain in some areas, snow in the mountains in others. details ahead right here on msnbc. i drive a golf ball.
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6:28 am
this morning with us for more. >> here is what they know about the time line. syed farook left his house at 8:37 and got to the regional center eight minutes later. stayed a while. left at 10:37, then came back. at 10:56 he and his wife tashfeen malik opened fire with assault rifles and killed 14 people and injured 22 more. at 11:45 they drove to a nearby lake, but what the fbi wants to know is what were they doing between 12:59 and 1:17, that 18-minute period. what agents say is they don't -- they don't think -- they have no reason to think that they actually met with someone or hid something or went to a storage locker, but they want to know. they simply -- they don't like not knowing what they were up to for that period of time, so they want to fill in the blanks. a couple other things we learned yesterday. they say, in the search of the lake where they went, they didn't find anything useful to the investigation. they still believe this investigation was not directed by a foreign terror organization.
6:29 am
and they say they still don't know why the couple attacked that target. nothing that they found in their investigation indicates why they chose that target, why they chose that day for an attack. and they also haven't found any other indication that the couple actually planned any attacks after that, josé. >> peinteresting because at lea in the early moments after the attack when a lot of speculation was being bantered back and forth there was talk that he might have gotten upset at the party. the fbi apparently says they don't have evidence of that occurring. >> no evidence of an argument or any kind of workplace dispute. >> pete williams. good to see you. thanks for being with me. >> you bet. breaking news from wall street. the markets are in for another rough start this morning as we watch the opening bell from the new york stock exchange. let's bring in courtney reagan. a couple days ago it was china that rattled the markets.
6:30 am
now it's north korea? >> good morning. josé. china still a worry. it's a wall of worry for the markets here. we'll get the opening bell just right now. and we are indicated to open down by triple-digit losses. perhaps we could open down by as much as 300 points. there are several factors. of course, the news of the alleged successful hydrogen bomb test in north korea, really sent nerves through the market this morning, fresh nerves. the weak economic data out of china continues. that's another negative factor plaguing investors this morning. new data out of china shows weakness in the services sector. a 17-month low for those readings. even though we saw really strong job growth here in the u.s. for the month of december in the private sector, the strongest that we saw all year, it's really not enough to offset stocks. the dow down by about 144 points here. investors are fleeing to safety trades, bonds and gold. gold prices jumping as much as
6:31 am
6%. earlier in the session. so that's something that we'll keep watching. then there are a couple other weak spots in the market. apple it one. a name widely held by many investors outri investors outright as well as in different funds. they're cutting production of the 6s phones. chipotle. the restaurant had a weak quarter. the company warning investors it could have seen december sales fall as much as 30%. that the future also may be further impacted by the developments. and by the way, it just got served with a subpoena from california into a criminal investigation conducted by the attorney general's office. so chipotle also, big trouble there for investors that are looking to make some gains. it could be a while. >> yeah. courtney, let's talk about the price of oil and goes. it's down -- 11-year records? >> yes.
6:32 am
exactly. the price of oil is low. while that may sound good if you're a driver and thinking about what it costs to fill up your car, you could be right eventually. it does take time for that to follow through for gas prices to fall when oil does, but the issue of why oil is falling is not one we love to hear about. there's a lot of geopolitical tension in the middle east, certainly, but also we're seeing more and more supply of oil come on to the market. that's that key supply-demand equation. when you have too much supply, it pushes down the price of oil. then that also means that not enough countries are using oil, or they're not using it at levels that they were perhaps before. and so then that, again, is another clue of economic weakness in some areas of the globe. so a lot to worry about today. i hate to start off the year like that. but that's what we're watching. >> courtney, also watching just the drop. 219 points drop in just a couple of minutes. >> exactly. >> looks like it's not a good day. at least a good morning so far.
6:33 am
thanks for being with me. talk to you next hour. we continue to closely follow the volatility on wall street. here on msnbc. speaking of money, how does $450 million sound to you? that's the amount of tonight's powerball jackpot. the sixth largest jackpot ever in north america. the cash payment option, will get you about $275 million before taxes. the odds of winning, however, not that great. more likely to get struck by lightning or become president of the united states or get bitten by a shark or die from an asteroid. even more rarer, die from an asteroid where there are real ufo aliens on board. that's more probable than winning $450 million. [ music ] defiance is in our bones. citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal.
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♪ ♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ back to breaking news out of north korea. the government under kim jong unclaims to have successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb.
6:37 am
the earthquake was detected in the northern part of the country. while the u.s. still trying to confirm exactly what happened. south korean experts say the seismic activity appears to be smaller than one you would expect from a hydrogen bomb which is hundreds of times stronger than an atomic bomb. nevertheless, countries around the world are on edge. this morning u.s. ambassador to je japan promised u.s. help in confronting the threat. >> we stand with japan. we will work closely together in the coming days. >> nbc's bill neely is live from london. msnbc military analyst, retired army colonel jack jacobs with us us as well. >> why does it seem like people were caught off guard when he said he had it a month ago? >> josé, when he said it people didn't believe him.
6:38 am
they're still not sure what this was. there had been activity around the test site that had been monitored by the south koreans. kim had boasted of this weapon in december. when the earth shook it was a surprise to washington, to beijing and many countries in the region. the north koreans say it was a small or miniaturized hydrogen bomb. military officials tell msnbc news that the blast was below what you'd expect from a hydrogen bomb. it will be weeks before we really know. but a hydrogen bomb would be a huge step up for north korea. it would represent a big new challenge for the international community as well. this test has been condemned and really interestingly by china already. china, north korea's closest ally, condemned by russia. those are the only two countries really that pass for friends of north korea. south korea and japan call it a provocation. japan has called a meeting of the u.n. security council.
6:39 am
what can that do? its resolutions, its sanctions have not deterred north korea so far and there is no sign that will change. kim jong-un is determined to develop nuclear weapons as self-defense against what he sees as american aggression. u.s. troops on the border ready to invade, as the north koreans see it. the world clearly has a problem not just with him. the big question, does north korea have a bomb, a game-changing hydrogen bomb. josé. >> and colonel, i want to show you -- and folks at home -- what two maps from a website called nuclear the first shows the damage an atomic bomb would do if dropped in new york city. you can see the radiation stretching from wall street to 23rd street, a little over a mile. switch over to what that same attack, if it was a hydrogen bomb. look at that. on the same spot. radiation would cover more than 21 miles from central jersey to long island. this is a big difference between the two, right? >> it is a big difference. two different kinds of bombs, of
6:40 am
course. it is relatively easy to make the kind of bomb in the first picture, you know, 15-kilo tons or so. it's very difficult to make bombs that are much smaller, that is less than one kiloton, so they can be delivered in artillery, for example, or much larger. that's the kind you showed in the second picture that has the enormous devastation. and there is plenty of evidence to indicate that this last explosion of the north koreans' may not have been a hydrogen bomb, was just -- was just a larger nuclear weapon. still and all, it's extremely provocative and is causing no end of trouble in the pacific, josé. >> yeah. and bill, i mean, you were just in north korea a couple months ago. i remember talking with you when you were there. and i think it's difficult for folks that don't understand what a totalitarian dictatorship is and what it does.
6:41 am
it controls the way people think by the access to information. talk to me about what the regime does and what it accomplishes by saying, and we saw an anchor there on television saying it was a flawless, perfect detonation of a hydrogen bomb. what does it do internally there? >> as you saw from some of the pictures, and i listened to some of the interviews, people are very proud of what has just happened. and it's certainly a way for kim jong-un to consolidate his grip on power. he is young. it's his birthday on friday, actually. he is around 33. we're not actually sure exactly what age he is. look, he is flexing his muscles with this test, proving his worth to lead the nation. he is sending a message that north korea and its people will not allow its nuclear technology to be any kind of bargaining chip with the u.n. or anyone else. north korea, remember, saw what happens to iraq. it saw iran's nuclear capability
6:42 am
negotiated away. it, remember, is the third member of george w. bush's infamous axis of evil. it wants to stand strong and certainly not suffer iraq's fate. and stand alone if necessary. they are saying to the world, we don't care if you call us reckless. we don't need your help. we don't want anyone's help. they have a strong warrior tradition there and a deep sense of victimhood. they won't be tamed or de-fanged easily. above all, they are looking for the respect of the united states. but on this issue they're not likely to get it. >> interesting. sometimes dictators send the same message with a different variation for external consumption than for internal consumption. this seems to be the case here as well. colonel jack jacobs and bill neely in london, thank you for being with me this morning. the north korea hydrogen bomb story also played out in social media in a surprising way. the #h-bomb became a trending
6:43 am
topic in over 240,000 tweets have been put out about it. originally people were tweeting about what they thought was an earthquake. kyle perry has been looking at the social media for us. how has it been playing out online? >> north korea is a black hole. it doesn't give journalists visas very often. it was almost as frightening as the last segment. we picked five tweets. 8:51 p.m., the official news agency in china, breaks that there has been an earthquake in north korea. 4.9 on the richter scale. second tweet. 9:14 p.m. we're just talking about 30 minutes later. the canadian broadcast network talks about the south korea weather agency saying that it was an artificial earthquake. that's when things really got frightening. we move forward here about 20 minutes back to the china news agency.
6:44 am
they start talking about how there will be an announcement by north korea. moving forward again 30 more minutes. we go to a professor of size molgy from the university of california. they're bringing this from rirs, a research firm specializing in si sig seismics. as you spoke about it, there is a big difference between an h-bomb and an atom bomb. the final tweet. back to the chinese news agency. how this is playing out in the markets. the markets opening up in south korea, for example, really far down, taking a big dump, obviously, on the news of a nuclear test. josé. >> calipery, fascinating stuff. thank you very much. the democratic race turning into a race of he said, she said, she said, he said. bernie sanders and his criticism of hillary clinton and her ties
6:45 am
to wall street. the senator on "morning joe." >> we need a president who has the courage to stand up to the billionaire class and wall street. >> does hillary clinton have the courage? >> i am running for president because i think not, all right. i think at this particular moment somebody has to tell wall street and corporate america that their greed, their greed is destroying our economy and the lives of millions of people. they cannot have it all. >> ahead of those comments hillary clinton campaigning in iowa on the defensive. >> i think bernie is giving a speech today in new york about what he wants to do to shut down the big banks in a week. everybody who has looked at my proposals say my proposals are tougher, more effective and more comprehensive. >> let's get to the trail. nbc's kristen welker in iowa. ed o'keefe joins me from new hampshire. the clinton team, i suppose would disagree. but seems to be a little on the
6:46 am
defensive here. isn't that where they feel they do best when they're under attack? >> a great point. josé. secretary clinton is no stranger to being on the attack. we remember the bruising primary battle in 2008 between clinton and then-senator barack obama. i think the clinton campaign thinks it's good for her to have a competitive primary. there has been criticism of her just being handed the nomination. this type of back and forth they think benefits her. what we're seeing is bernie sanders ramp up his attacks and break with his past strategy. he's been hesitant to aggressively go after her. that's not the case as we get closer to the first votes being cast. he is now aggressively arguing that she will not be tough enough against wall street. we saw her counter-punch where she said i am a progressive democrat but i also like to get things done. she is arguing she is more realistic. in part, josé, this is bernie sanders making a play for progressive voters.
6:47 am
it resonates in new hampshire where there are a lot of progressive voters and a place where he has the lead. it's a must-win state for him. we're seeing the battle lines being drawn around this central issue for the democrats. >> let's talk about that, ed. how does the back and forth over wall street, big money, resonate on the campaign trail? is it just really important in the first two states? >> no. it's important everywhere. and i think it's -- it's one of the ways that sanders can certainly keep his chances alive, i think, beyond the first two states. he is going to have a more challenging time in south carolina and nevada and beyond because he hasn't spent as much time there. he is not as well known and the voter mix becomes more diverse. talking about economic issues has been his calling card throughout and resonates with voters in states where they can participate in the primary. up here senators remains a favorite.
6:48 am
he is a neighbor. he knows the state very well. we can expect that we'll see him up here a lot discussing this. he has been here. in most polling he is pretty much ahead of her at this point. >> yeah. kristen, you touched on this a little while ago but also yesterday clinton made what might have been her strongest argument to date that sanders is not electable. >> that's right. secretary clinton really trying to make the case that she is the electable candidate. and that is in large part, josé, her attempt to lock up this nomination early. she knows that if she can win iowa and new hampshire it is effectively game over for bernie sanders. take a listen to what she had to say yesterday. >> now, let me ask you all to think hard about this job that you're interviewing for. think hard about the people who are presenting themselves to you, their experience, their qualifications, their positions. and particularly for those of us who are democrats, their
6:49 am
electability. and how we make sure we have a democrat going back into that white house on january 20th, 2017. >> now, josé, just looking forward to what the day has in store, both secretary clinton and bernie sanders will be facing off tonight at a party dinner in las vegas. that is a key western caucus state. i think we'll be hearing a lot more about this issue as the day unfolds. josé. >> kristen welker and ed o'keefe. ed, i tell you, you lose on the competition for a better backdrop. kristen booe kristen beats you. >> it's cold here. california hit with a one-two punch of storms this week. some minor flooding in san diego. one man took the opportunity to paddle board down the street. in areas affected by wildfires, several inches of rain could cause flash flooding and mudslides. blue canyon california, an hour and a half outside sacramento.
6:50 am
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and try new trunaked shadows and liners the leader of those anti-government protesters in oregon is talking to msnbc saying it is not about limb but about the constitution. standoff enters its fifth day after the armed group took over a federal building at a wildfire refuge in the western part of the state. the fbi says it is looking for a peaceful resolution. protest leader ammon bundy spoke to msnbc last night. >> basically the plan here is to take all these property titles and transfer them back to the people, take them out of the federal government's hands, because they're not constitutionally allowed to be there, and to transfer them, do a title transfer back to the people. >> tony, good morning. what more did bundy tell you?
6:54 am
>> reporter: good morning, jose. it wasn't so much what he told me that mattered it is what his actions demonstrated. yesterday afternoon this standoff seemed to be headed toward a resolution but everything changed after dark. bundy emerged again, said he had heard warrants were issued for his arrest and others and that a siege could be imminent. at that point some of his supporters moved the heavy equipment you see behind me into position, they claim it is a blockade they can fire behind. another man put a rocking chair in the center of the road, laid a rifle across his lap and warned the fbi would not be taken alive. but bundy says this is really not about him. >> it is not about me, it is not about me going to jail or me dying or anything like that. it is about the people of this county, and it is about upholding the constitution. the federal government has to abide by rules, too. you know, government has rules, too. and it's not just them being able to place rules on the people. it's them abiding by the rules
6:55 am
and freeing the people. >> reporter: so jose, it's not clear how this is going to be resolved. there was late breaking information this morning. the man in the middle of the road told me he has some ideas for a peaceful resolution. he'll share them with us later this morning and we'll be sure to let you know. >> tony, thank you very much. we'll have much more ahead on msnbc live after a short break. stay with me. ♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ could protect you from diabetes?
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the world pretty much on edge as north korea claims to have successful tested a hydrogen bomb. we're going to go to beijing and a familiar charge with a new targ target. donald trump now questioning the gop rival's citizenship. stay with us. ack cards keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back. then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass...
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7:02 am
successful tested a hydrogen bomb. a potential game changer in terms of global power. right now all we know for sure is that it appears there was some kind of test, but not clear what kind of weapon was detonated. while the north says it was a miniaturized version of an h-bomb, south korea's spy agency says the available evidence points to something smaller. officials there say it appears that the bomb released less than t 10 kilotons. "newsweek's" beijing bureau chief melinda lu joins us. what do we know so far? >> reporter: well, we know there was very likely some type of test of a hydrogen or atomic bomb.
7:03 am
the big question is how is the world going to react. i think what's -- we've been down this road before. there have been four nuclear tests by north korea in the past nine years but there is one new factor here which is the chinese president xi jinping has already proved himself to be a different kind of leader and this is the first time since consolidating power that north korea has conducted a nuclear test. now xi jinping is a man in a big hurry. he has taken control of a lot of agencies in china, consolidating his power very, very quickly and he may turn out to be someone who doesn't have the patience to deal with a north korean leader that many leaders have shown contempt for even previously, and now probably have much less patience for. so i think there will be a lot of condemnation from everywhere but a lot of people will focus on xi jinping, the president of
7:04 am
china, to see his reaction. >> melinda, how important is china for north korea? >> reporter: china's very important. it's the closest ally, the strongest ally, the source of most of its energy and food needs. it's really north korea's only friend, only reliable friend. and even that relationship is very strained. recently there was a number of incidents that suggest that the ties between pyongyang and beijing are less than close. xi jinping, for example, has not visited north korea, despite this long-standing historical alliance between the two countries. >> melinda liu, thank you very much for being with me this morning. more presidential politics now. new in-fighting between donald trump and ted cruz. this morning on "morning joe" the billionaire questions
7:05 am
whether his presidency is even legal given the senator's birth in canada. msnbc host and political correspondent steve kornacki is here with me. steve, good morning. >> good morning, jose. you call this one the undercard, chris christie against marco rubio. marco rubio -- we got to be clear here, i guess it is the super pac supporting marco rubio. technically there is a separation there. people say in reality there isn't much. that super pac supporting marco rubio has launched two ads in new hampshire, the first in the nation primary state, targeting chris christie. one over his fiscal record in new jersey. the other over his supposed chumminess with president obama a couple of years ago. those ads are running in newspaper where marco rubio and chris christie are in a battle. which candidate could rise up and give trump a run there. rubio's superpac attacking
7:06 am
christie, now chr >> crichris christie is fighting back saying marco rubio can't "slime" his way to the white house. christie's campaign just launched this ad in new hampshire responding to marco rubio. >> do not be fooled. any significant division win the, party leads to the same awful result. hillary rodham champion in january of 2017 taking the oath of office as president of the united states. this country cannot afford that outcome and thus we republicans have a duty, i believe a profound moral duty, to work together. >> so this is something to really be watching over the coming days, coming weeks in new hampshire. the headline is that donald trump's ahead but it is christie, it's rubio, it's jeb bush and john kasich for that matter, they are all fighting for their political lives up there. they're all bunched around 10%.
7:07 am
they are all trying to stand out. when that happens, when you got a logjam like that, negative attacks start flowing. that's what we're seeing. >> steve kornacki, thank you very much. now "morning joe" sat down with donald trump. he gives ted cruz a pass on that panicking line and takes issue with the media instead. >> he didn't say. i watched him. the reporter, who's actually been very nice from nbc, said does that mean he's panicking? ted didn't say that. the reporter said, oh, does that mean he's panicking? i don't panic and he understands that and he didn't say that. the reporter tried to put it in to his mind and he really didn't fall for it. he's actually been extremely nice. at some point i'm sure that would change. i keep saying ted, would you get a little bit crazy, please? >> he just won't do it. let me ask you something about ted. there is a legal mind on the conservative side that has been
7:08 am
saying that he has concerns that ted cruz may not be qualified to be president of the united states, may not meet qualifications -- >> because of where he was born? >> because of where he was born. this is something you talked about obviously before with barack obama. it is something i suspect we'll hear more about in the next couple weeks. is there any validity to those claims? >> honestly, i hope it's not the case. i hope that's not going done a problem for him but i've been hearing a lot about it and you've been hearing. i guess everybody is talking about it now that he's doing better. i think that they are looking at it and it is a problem for him and it is a problem obviously for the republicans because if the democrats -- assume he got the nomination, and the democrats bring suit. the suit takes two to three years to solve. how do you run? it is certainly a concern i guess for the party, but i hope that's not the case. i'm not involved in that but a lot of people are bringing it up, absolutely. >> rick santorum, mike huckabee, others in iowa fighting ted cruz are suggesting he's a phony
7:09 am
conservative. what do you say? >> well, i'm not going to say that, to be honest, because it doesn't really matter. i'm up by a lot. i want to get along with everybody. i'd like to believe it or not unify the republican party. >> let me ask you this. why aren't they attacking you? why does it seem -- we talked about it for three hours yesterday. why is it that everybody is attacking everybody -- >> nobody's touching you. >> -- nobody's touching you. rye? >> first of all, they're intelligent people. and they're looking at track record. my track record's been extremely good, the people that have attacked me are no longer here or they're down to practically zero in the polls like jeb bush who everybody said -- when i ran he was leading by a lot. he was supposed to get it. and then he said some negative things and i said why is he saying that? i told people the truth. i said he's a low-energy individual and we don't need low energy. when you're fighting isis, when you're fighting china, japan, mexico, we don't need low energy. >> you're suggesting the same
7:10 am
thing about hillary now. >> no, i tell you what. >> is she low energy? >> hillary's low energy but she doesn't have the strength or stamina. >> what do you mean by that? >> this she doesn't have the strength. look, our country's in trouble. we owe $19 trillion. we got borders that are leaking all over the place. we don't know what the hell we're doing. our crime rate is up. everything is going bad. and then on top of it you have isis, you have a military that's decaying. you look at what is going on with our military, you need a person with tremendous strength and stamina. >> you don't think she's shown that as secretary of state, as first lady, as senator? >> we're not talking about then. as secretary of state she was a disaster. i agree she traveled a lot. what does she do on the plane? she sleep. it's not that hard to travel if you're traveling in a beautiful united states plane. but hillary doesn't have the strength or the stamina to take on our enemies. we have enemies. even in trade, you look at china, i consider that a friendly enemy. okay? because they're killing us on
7:11 am
trade. $500 billion last year we had a deficit with china in our deals because we have people that don't know what they're doing. we have people -- we have donors that get the job. our trade representatives are almost as incompetent as our president. >> because they get the jobs based on who they contribute to. >> sure. tlaeps the way the system works. it's no good. i will have the greatest business -- you know we have the greatest business people in the world. i will have the greatest businessmen and women in the world. i already know who they are. i'll take a carl icahn who's already endorsed me. carl, good luck. handle china. all you have to do is go back and do your broadcast. the end result will be we will do very well. >> let me ask you about the clintons. two days ago the clinton team said they were going to punch back, they were going to fight you, there was this back and forth, as hillary clinton suggested you were sexist. you responded using her words against her husband. it seems if you look at the
7:12 am
clintons yesterday on the campaign trail, they backed down. is that how you see it? >> well, i don't see it any way. just, look. >> but they're not attacking you anymore. >> i was attacked nine times during the debate. hillary called me sexist. that i had an inclination. what does she know about me? i had an inclination. when she said that, i said, well, your husband's now campaigning, it's open season. now if he wasn't campaigning, maybe it would be different. and if he weren't a past president it would be totally different. i'd leave the spouse out of it. but he's now campaigning for her. so all i did was, you know, recite history. don't forget -- don't forget, he lost his law license. he was impeached. he wasn't allowed to practice law. he settled for a tremendous amount of money. you know, there is a lot of things going on there. she calls me sexist. >> but haven't they backed down? hillary won't even respond. >> it looked like that, but i don't call it that because
7:13 am
tomorrow they can start it up. i'm just saying this. it's fair game whether they attack me, i'm going to attack them. now if they don't, i would leave that off the table. >> you're saying today, you're only going to bring up bill clinton's past history as a possible sexual harasser if she accuses you of being sexist. >> sure. that's what it's all about. that was what it was. had nothing to do with isis. now with isis, she lied because she said isis did a video. >> but, let me clear this up because the press is having a field day here and they're not getting it right. so if you -- >> you're having a field day. i haven't noticed that. in all fairness to the press, first time in my life -- >> first time in your life you like the press. >> they're actually starting to get it. >> i just want to be very clear. so if hillary clinton attacks you on economics, or on foreign policy, then bill clinton's not fair game in that realm. it's only if she accuses you of
7:14 am
being sexist. >> he would be fair game if he did or said something having to do with foreign policy and other things that i would have disagreed with. >> but you wouldn't attack him. >> i wouldn't need to. no. i wouldn't need to. there are so many things i can attack them on. you look at iran, you look at so many of these things that took place. in 2009 iran was ready to explode. we could have overthrown iran just by giving some support to the protesters. they were protesting a little bit of support. a little bit of help and iran would have blown up. >> why didn't barack obama and hillary clinton step in and support the protesters who were getting shot in the street but the mullahs? >> because they made a mistake. very simple. they made a mistake. that would have been the time. that was the time. the energy was there. . everything was there to take it and to just make it a totally different place and now we have to live with it. then on top of it he doubles down by giving them $150 billion and making this terrible deal. by the way, we don't get our
7:15 am
prisoners back. now they want to negotiate. now they want to start a brand-new negotiation for the prisoners and they said we want a lot. can you believe it? these people are incompetent. >> okay. so moving forward then on foreign policy, what would your approach be to the latest situation between saudi arabia and iran? who would you side with, how would you de-escalate what's going on? >> i love the question because i've been asking this question for so long, having to do with saudi arabia. i'd back saudi arabia. i heard joe on television talking about saudi arabia versus iran. you're a saudi arabia person. okay. i would back saudi arabia. but you know what? we're a debtor nation. they got nothing but money. they were making a billion dollars a year before the oil went down. now they're making half. big deal. but they were making a billion dollars -- a day. saudi arabia. a billion dollars a day. and we're losing money like you've never saw anybody lose money like this country's losing money because we're run by people who don't have a clue.
7:16 am
i'd want to back saudi arabia but i'd make a deal. you got to pay. we'll help you but you got to pay. you got to pay. and they'll pay. but you got to ask them and you got to ask them the right way. just like if in the iran deal -- and the prisoners are very important and the nuclear is very important. just like in that deal, if you went in day one, three years ago -- longest running deal i've ever seen. if you would have gone in and said we want our prisoners back, they would have said no. we want them back. then you walk. two days later you double up the sanctions, then two days later they'll call. saudi arabia's got to pay! let me tell you, when you look at yemen and you look at that border between yemen and saudi arabia, that's a border. that's a long, open, beautiful border. there is a reason they're going into yemen. if you think that -- and as soon as i saw the big staged riot. it was a staged riot to knock down their embassy, right?
7:17 am
as soon as i saw that, i said, iran is now going for saudi arabia and they'll take it because saudi arabia has not proven to be great fighters. if you look at the kuwaiti war, i remember where our marines are right behind them and they were fighting, as soon as the first shots were fired they ran and our marines took out saddam hussein's guy. you arer that whole deal because they would have gone into saudi arabia, too. but i never forgot it where those soldiers ran as soon as -- and our marines do a great job. >> chris christie said this, we think, about you. >> show time is over, everybody. we are not electing an entertainer in chief. showmanship is fun, but it is not the kind of leadership that will truly change america. if we're going to turn our frustration and anger with the d.c. insiders, the politicians of yesterday and the carnival barkers of today, into something that actually will change american lives for the better, we must elect someone who has been tested. >> okay, so let me just tell
7:18 am
you, first of all the carnival barker, you shouldn't copy from other people. that's a barack obama -- he thought that was so clever. the fact is i built a great, great company and i filed. everyone said he'll never file because maybe he is not as rich as we thought. turned out i'm much richer than anybody ever thought and the company is great, very little debt, tremendous cash flow. i have many assets around the world. we're sitting in one of them. it is a great company. i did many books. best sellers. i did "the art of the deal," probably the number one selling business book of all time. i did a show on television, one show. called the apprentice. >> i was talking it yesterday morning, your agent told you not to do it, two destroy your career. we won't say his name. and you did it anyway. >> a good agent and a good guy. >> but isn't that the story of your life? coming into manhattan, constantly fighting expectations and proving people wrong?
7:19 am
>> my father even said, son, don't go there, that's not our territory, that's not our territory, that's the big leagues, we don't fleedz thneed have brooklyn. we had balloon and queens. i learned so much from my father but he said don't come in. everybody told me don't come in to manhattan. i came into manhattan -- >> why? >> i did it because i wanted to do it. honestly, i'm doing this because i want to help the country. not because i want -- because i have a good life. i have -- i could just sit back and relax. i don't need deals. i don't need anything anymore. >> why do you want to be president? >> because i want to make america great again. very simple. i want to make america great again and we can do it. >> when did america stop being great? >> i was very unhappy with the bush years. i was very unhappy with the fact that bush went in to iraq. i was, as you know, in 2003, 2004, even though i'm a builder and deal guy, i got always a lot
7:20 am
of publicity for whatever reason. okay? i didn't have pr people. for whatever reason. once somebody said about iraq and i said don't do it because you're going to destabilize the middle east. that was a bad step. it was a horrible step. then obama came in and it's been a disaster. we're not a respected country anymore, our military's going to hell, our veterans aren't treated properly. obamacare is a disaster, it's got to be repealed. so many different things. whole persona of our country is different. i said i'm going to do this. it wasn't something i really wanted to do. frankly, i wish obama were a great president. i would be happy. i'd be happy doing what i'm doing. i have some of the greatest jobs in the world. i may never see it again. if i win i may never see these things again. i love what i'm doing. i love running. one thing i've learned is i get the biggest crowds, by far. much bigger than bernie sanders, not even close. you know that. he gets second, by the way. but palestine are much bigger.
7:21 am
i will tell you, the people are incredible of this country. and they're really, really smart. they get it. i'm very, very impressed by it. >> nbc news/survey monkey poll has you at the top. 41% support among likely republican voters, it also shows you're ahead with white evangelicals. why do you think those voters are drawn to you? >> i'm protestant. i i say it with a smile, i'm not going to question anybody's faith. but i am somehow really resonating -- in fact, i have great support from some of the ministers and pastors -- >> what's resonating? >> but what's resonating with the people in lowell, massachusetts, a couple of nights ago with the 15,000,
7:22 am
maybe even more in mississippi? james carville was talking about driving past the coliseum and even james carville said something's happening there. what's happening? why are people waiting in line for hours to see you? >> joe, the arena that i took in lowell has not been used for a campaign because it is far too big to be filled up. i took it -- the place was packed. they had to send a lot of people back. the place was packed. it's like that every single place i go. people want safety. when i started june 16th i started, i was talking about trade with klein, i was talking about all these things. i was talking about the border. i brought up illegal immigration which wouldn't even be a subject if i didn't bring it up. now i'm talking about safety and security and isis and military and veterans, et cetera. and somehow it's really morphed into that. i mean i started with the trade and the border, very important from both a safety standpoint.
7:23 am
we either have a country or we don't. the other day i was watching ted actually and he mentioned the wall. this was three days ago. my wife melania said look with being darling, somebody just said they're going to build a wall. the problem is i know how to build a wall. really build a wall. i know how to get mexico to pay for the wall. the reason they're going to pay for it is because they make a fortune off the united states. mexico's going to pay for the wall. they don't understand it. some of the politicians say how are you going to get this emto pay for the wall? they don't get it. because i'm a business guy, that's what i do. other day i heard ted cruz say we're going to have a border and we're going to have a wall. first one i've heard. finally someone's coming around. i gave him credit for that. but he didn't give me credit. >> let me ask about your ad. you mention the wall. it uses footage that's actually out off morocco and your lawyer is saying someone made a mistake and we're going to take care of
7:24 am
it. >> no, i don't -- it was just foot arnl. it w it was just footage. frankly all it shows is people running across a border. as far as i'm concerned, when you look at it, the united states is becoming a dumping ground. it was just a couple of seconds. all that is supposed to show is people running across a border. that's what it looks like. this country has become a dumping ground for everybody. everybody. and it's going to stop because we're going to have borders, we're going to have real boarders and it's going to stop. that's all that indicated. >> less than a month. can you believe that it's coming up? >> we have the iowa -- i think we're going to do great in iowa. i have an amazing relationship with the people of iowa -- and new hampshire, and south carolina. then you go to nevada and then we have the s.e.c. and we were in mississippi recently and i'll tell you what, that place was packed. that was a major stadium. and it was packed. so, look. i love the people of this
7:25 am
country. we're going to straighten it out. >> you just heard donald trump talking to mika and joe about ted cruz and hillary clinton. coming up, we take a look at those comments and his strategy. plus, almost 24 hours ago, president obama announced his new executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence. the plan targets gun purchases but also includes a push from mental health funding. we'll be speaking with former congressman patrick kennedy right here on msnbc. i'm either away from my desk or on another call. please leave a message and i'll get back to you just as soon as i'm available. thank you for patience at this busy time." join princess cruises for stargazing with discovery at sea. book now for savings up to $1,000 per stateroom plus up to $600 free onboard spending money. call your travel consultant or 1-800-princess. princess cruises. come back new. they don't worry if something's possible.
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7:28 am
we take you right now to new york. the u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon referring to what happened in north korea. >> this act is profoundly destabilizing for regional security and seriously undermines international nonproliferation efforts.
7:29 am
i condemn it unequivocally. i demand the dprk seize any further nuclear activities and meets its obligations for verifiable denuclearization. we are monitoring and assessing developments in close coordination with the concerned international organizations, including the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization and interested parties. i thank you. >> well, it seems to be just a statement and not a question and answer session. ban ki-moon, the secretary-general of the united nations, condemning what north korea did overnight. north korea said it had detonated a hydrogen bomb. the folks that are monitoring this from outside believe that it was too small of an area that was utilized and that the explosion may have been an
7:30 am
atomic bomb explosion. but still very little information to go on. there you see the area where this artificial earthquake was detected very close to the border with china. south korea obviously very concerned about this, the rest of the world reacting now, as has the secretary-general of the united nations. well, let's talk a little bit about politics as we continue this hour. you just heard donald trump turn up his attacks on ted cruz. trump is now questioning whether cruz is eligible to be president after being born in canada. but last night at a rally in new hampshire the republican front-runner continued his attacks on bill and hillary clinton. let me bring in you, steve, these questions of citizenship and eligibility got a lot of attention when trump said them but he didn't mention it in last night's rally. >> right. that's the key here i think is
7:31 am
that trump in the three instances where he spoke about this yesterday, this issue of cruz being born in canada, trump was actually asked the question by somebody else, by a journalist, by somebody who was interviewing him. that's different from -- you think of these rallies where he goes out there and drops these little references to cruz being not too many evangelicals come from cuba. he said that one a number of times at rallies where he's actively trying to insert something into the conversation. one possible reading of this, of trump so far at least refusal to say this on stage to bring this up himself is that he's sort of testing it out. it was brought up by others. he sort of went along with it. he said that would be a concern, maybe we shall be a little worried about that but he didn't fully embrace it himself. i think he maybe wants to see what the reaction is here from conservatives, from talk radio hosts, from people who have sided with cruz and these things before, see what the reaction is from cruz, then decide if it is something he wants to embrace more fully. >> interesting. one thing, alex, trump did
7:32 am
mention last night were the clintons saying he's the last person hillary clinton wants to run against. is clinton sticking to her new year's resolution not to respond to trump? >> she's sticking to it, jose. despite the very best efforts of our colleague, chris matthews, who sat down with her yesterday for her very first interview of 2016. she is sticking to that new year's resolution not to talk about trump. he tried, he made a solid effort but she did not waver. take a look. >> why does he do whatever he does? i can only tell you what i hear from people and what i hear from people is really about their lives and their future. i mean a lot of this back and forth that goes on -- >> i know. but -- >> -- in the political universe -- >> -- he's winning. >> we'll see. we'll see. we haven't had a single republican, we haven't had a single primary. the republicans will choose their nominee. if i am so fortunate to be the nominee who run against whoever they put up. >> democratic strategists that
7:33 am
i've talked to say that this is probably the best approach for clinton since trump really thrives on conflict and no one who's gone up against him has emerged for the better. but it is not the most satisfying. he's claimed victory saying he's kind of shut her up and she's no longer attacking him. but she's still going to keep her head down and focus on the issues she wants to talk about. >> elizabeth warren keeps everybody guessing again on an endorsement. >> yeah. elizabeth warren so far has been one of the few hold-outs on the democratic side. she's only female democratic senator who's not endorsed anybody in this race. a few minutes ago she went on twitter, she praised bernie sanders who yesterday unveiled his wall street reform plan. she said i'm glad bernie sanders is out there fighting to hold big banks accountable, make our economy safer. and stop the gop from rigging the system. that raises a lot of eyebrows obviously, people saying she's been neutral so far, she's sort of from that same progressive economic camp as bernie sanders, a lot of sanders supporters
7:34 am
wanted her to get in the race. could this mean some kind of endorsement. could be the offing before we go too far down that road, wasn't long ago, a few weeks ago, when hillary clinton put out her own wall street plan and elizabeth warren also took to twitter to praise hillary clinton. this is from december 7th. hillary clinton she said is right to fight gop efforts to sneak financial reform rollbacks into the funding bill. she links to an op-ed there that hillary clinton had written. it looks more like a case of elizabeth warren maintaining her sort of even-handed neutrality in this race. maybe not so much a sign she's about to endorse bernie sanders. >> steve kornacki, alex, thank you both very much. the obama administration is tackling mental health issues as part of president obama's new executives actions to curb gun violence. the white house says that includes a proposed new $500 million investment to increase access to mental health care. social security administration will also relay information to the background check system about beneficiaries who are
7:35 am
banned from possessing a gun for mental health reasons. the department of health & human services taking steps to make it easier for states to report information about people with mental illnesses. let me bring in former congressman patrick kennedy, democrat from rhode island, an advocate for mental health and addiction. congressman, great seeing you. >> thank you, jose. likewise. >> you've been very public about your own issues with mental health and addiction. but first back to your reaction to these new moves by the president when it comes to making sure people with mental health problems don't get access to guns. >> well, i don't think anyone wants someone who is a violent person getting a gun. but to ascribe violence to the whole mental health community really does a disservice to the whole issue of destigmatizing a mental illness. we can't expect people to go get the help that they need if they know that they're going to be
7:36 am
pariahs in society and that government somehow is going to examine their medical records. this is just a frightening thought. i think the president means well when he says he wants to give extra money -- $500 million, by the way, is contingent upon congress. but i think the president, if he really cared about mental health coverage and making sure those with mental illness weren't left out in the community without treatment, he ought to issue an executive order on himself, because you see, the president of the united states is ignoring his own law. the parroting law that he voted for and the part of the aca is going unenforced. insurance companies routinely deny those with mental illness any coverage. and the president is letting insurance companies off the hook. just like he's letting these gun show dealers off the hook,
7:37 am
hopefully now not anymore that he's going to now put some additional enforcement in place. but if he's going to put additional enforcement in closing the gun show loophole, why isn't he putting additional enforcement to closing the loophole that allows insurance companies to deny those with mental illness the care that they so desperately need? so i think the president needs to be consistent here. >> how do they, congressman, these insurance companies actually violate the spirit of the law by doing so? >> well, the insurance companies insidiously deny care to someone seeking levels of care for mental illness and addiction in a way that they would never do so if someone was seeking care for heart disease or cancer, for example, or diabetes. and we know this because this is
7:38 am
an historic fact. but what we don't know is how they make medical necessity determination decisions. and the obama administration has the authority under the aca -- that's the congressional law that allows for them to oversee health care -- to demand insurance companies disclose how they make those medical necessity determinations. and i can guarantee you, jose, if insurance companies had to open their books and show the world how they were making these medical necessity determinations, it would be obvious, either, one, that they were denying care to the mentally ill in a way they'd never deny care to those with cancer or heart disease, or, two, insurance companies would say, hey, we don't want to look like we're discriminating so we'll clean up our act, which i have to think, and would hope, would be the probably more likely scenario. >> congressman, i want to bring you back to the beginning of our
7:39 am
conversation. i so appreciate your time. the issue of information being shared on people's mental health situation when buying a gun -- you are right, that no one should be stigmatized or broad-brushed because they have some mental illness issue. but isn't it important for we as a society to know what specific mental illness that could include violence someone has if they're trying to purchase a gun? >> sure. i think obviously there are obvious instances which are, by the law, already says if you have acted out violently -- anyone who's being aed out violently is probably already caught up in the criminal justice system which would flag them already under their background criminal investigation. but jose, there are a lot of
7:40 am
people with domestic violence charges who don't even flag for denial of a gun because on the local level they are swept under the rug. those federal crimes have been dismissed as misdemeanors. so if we were really serious about going after people that shouldn't have guns, we ought to be more specific, is all i'm saying, jose. now in terms of disclosure of information, doctors can't even share information amongst themselves when it comes to the best treatment of a patient. the obama administration ought to be opening up information sharing so that the mentally ill can no longer get discriminated against in terms of coordinated care, and that should be the area of information sharing that the president talks about. not targeting 75,000 americans who are on ssdi, many of whom with depression and anxiety, who pose no threats whatsoever.
7:41 am
if we spend our time and energy on them, we're going to be taking our eye off the real ball and that is spending our time and energy on those that actually have a history of violence, those are the people we ought to be denying guns to. >> former congressman patrick kennedy, it is always a pleasure to see you. thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you so much, jose. next, more on the breaking news we are following this morning. north korea claims they had successful tested a hydrogen bomb. there is some doubt as to whether it was hydrogen or atomic bomb but apparently they did detonate some kind of bomb in north korea. that's all to celebrate the dictator's upcoming birthday. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. ♪
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7:45 am
anything yet but he did add, "we have consistently made clear that we will not accept north korea as a nuclear state." moments ago u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon condemned the tests and called on north korea to halt all nuclear activities. u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the issue in about 20 minutes from now. joining moo he now, nbc's bill neely in london and on the phone, former under secretary of state for political affairs, wendy sherman. start with the united nations. what could the u.n. or international community do about what north korea does or doesn't do? >> well, the united nations can impose further sanctions on north korea which they already have done. i suspect that they will take some action though it will take days, if not weeks to confirm what actually happened in north korea. we believe there was a nuclear test, but the claims of a hydrogen test are quite suspect. that said, this is clearly an
7:46 am
escalation by north korea and a statement that it is going to proceed forward with a program that presents great risks to the world. >> wendy, the u.n. has had sanctions in the past. the united states in the past has been involved in sanctions in north korea. does north korea really need those -- in other words, as long as you have china being your benefactor, does the united states or the rest of the world giving you more or less sanctions really make an impact on that dictator there? >> well, there's no question that china's really the critical player here. even though the chinese leadership says today they have resolute opposition to what north korea has done, they have not been willing to cut off all aid to north korea and it is a serious issue. so i think that you will hear everyone calling on china to take a strong stance here and to really hit north korea where it hurts. >> bill, what do we actually
7:47 am
know happened? >> reporter: well, kim jong-un had boasted of this weapon in december but, frankly, nobody really believed him. so when this man-made earthquake shook this morning it was a surprise to washington, to beijing and to analysts around the world who were skeptical that north korea could produce such a weapon. the north koreans say it was a small or miniaturized hiydrogen bomb but u.s. military officials tell us the blast was way more expected than a hydrogen bomb. it will be weeks before we really know, but yes, a significant number of analysts are now saying that it was possibly something called a boosted fission weapon. an h-bomb would be a huge step up for north korea. representing a big new challenge for the international community. this test has been condemned by
7:48 am
china and by russia. those are really only countries that pass for friends of north korea. but look, h-bomb or h-like, this is almost as important for what it tells us about kim jong-un as anything. it is certainly a way for him to consolidate his grip on power. he's young. it is his birthday on friday. he is around 33. we're not exactly sure. he's testing his muscle and sending a message that north korea won't be messed with, won't allow its nuclear technology to be a bargaining chip with the u.n., the u.s. or anyone else. they're saying to the world, we don't care if you call us reckless, we don't need your help, we don't need anyone's help. whether or not it is a nuclear test, a hydrogen bomb, rather, we won't know for some weeks. >> bill neely and wendy sherman, thank you both for being with me this morning. appreciate it. north korea's actions are having an impact on the markets. down sharply in the first hour of trading. down 227 points this morning as
7:49 am
of right now. we'll check in on the markets and more after a short break. \ s 11
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ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. the presidential republican candidates are starting to weigh in on north korea's claims. within the past hour we heard from both jeb bush and marco rubio while on the campaign trail. take a listen. >> we haven't got it confirmed but it is an example of a withdrawn america in the world. we need to be serious if we're going to deal with these challenges. we need to challenge china to deal with it. i think we need to reimpose sanctions across the board if it's been confirmed they are violating sanctions and testing hydrogen bomb. this is a huge danger and if they have the long-range missile capability to deliver that weapon, that is a direct threat to the united states. >> we now have the news this
7:53 am
morning that this lunatic in north korea has potential lip tested a hydrogen bomb which is twice as powerful as a regular nuclear -- a two-step weapon. very powerful. that's not confirmed, but here's what's confirmed -- he is a lunatic and he's dangerous. and this administration has done nothing about it. and bill clinton wanted to give speeches in north korea a few years ago, by the way. hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung.
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can you believe we just did two hours of television together? had th tamron hall is up next. i'll see you tomorrow.
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8:00 am
of creating a weapon that could reach the united states. also ahead, donald trump goes birther on senator ted cruz, the man who questioned the president's birthplace now says cruz's citizenship should be "a big problem." where is trump making these claims and where is he not. plus, both sides in the occupation of a federal building in oregon indicate this could be coming to an end today. . the question is will it end peace from i? good morning, i'm tamron hall. north korea claims it successful tested a hydrogen bomb. if true, it would mark a dramatic escalation of north korea's nuclear capability. a hydrogen bomb is much more powerful than the nuclear device it previously tested. north korea state tv released this photo of kim jong-un, its aggressive young leader, signing the order to conduct the test. the north's announcement came about an hour after a magnitude 5.1 systemic event


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