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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 6, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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moment that bill clinton's escapades. it makes hillary clinton the victim again. >> we will be back tomorrow for the thursday edition of mtp daily. with all due respect starts right now. with all due respect to north korea your latest claim is literally kim jong-un believable. the material boy. you have a friend in me. but first oh canada. trump was given the chance to rekindle when the paper asked
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him -- other people raised the concern about cruz. a position trump repeated in an interview that aired today on "morning joe." >> has been saying he has concerns that ted cruz may not be qualified to be president of the united states. may not meet qualifications. this is something you talked about before with barack obama. it's something that i suspect we are hearing more about in the next couple of weeks. is there validity? >> i hope it is not the case. i have been hearing a lot about it and you have been hearing and everybody is talking about it now that he is doing better. i think that they are looking at it and it is a problem for him and for the republicans because if the -- let's assume he got a
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nomination and the democrats bring suit, the suit takes two or three years to solve. it's certainly a concern for the party but i hope that's not the case. i'm not involved in that. a lot of people are bringing it up, absolutely. >> so after word of trump's remarks to circulate cruz laughed off the issue by tweeting a video of the fonz jumping a shark in the famous episode of happy days. today in iowa he explained why he believes this issue will not be a legal obstacle to the oval office. >> as a legal matter -- people will continue to make political noise about it but as a legal matter it is not straig
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straightforward. his parents were u.s. citizens. he was a natural born citizen because his parents were citizens. and goldwater was born in arizona before arizona was a state. as a legal matter the question is quite straightforward. >> i believe that man got an a in law. >> possibly old history lesson. >> speaking strictly by terms is the cruz-trump detaunt. >> ted cruz is now squarely in donald trump's sights. he is fanning the flames on this issue. once a birther, always a birther. >> we are so in the disagreement zone in this. trump is probing. he is looking for a way because he may want to go after him. what he is finding is that this
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thing is not catching fire and this is not the end. this is probing. this is like north and south korea on the border. this is like looking over with binoculars. >> when you take the biggest slub in the bag. >> this is not the biggest club. >> it's the club he went to to get into the political arena with barack obama. it's the birther club. he likes that club. look, if the question of whether you want to say trump is trying to figure out where cruz's weak spot is to drive the shiv that is not detente. there he can be at war and running nauv ads. he is probing and testing to see is there a future line of argument if he wants to end the detente. >> i am not saying we are at
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thermo nuclear war yet but we are in a hot war now. it's a war. >> the ted cruz birther issue is one barb in a hostile beginning of 2016. we are calling this segment 2016 wars. we are here to help you keep track of negative insults and adds flying around the campaign with a vote in iowa not so far, far away. here is a quick and dirty summary of the 2016 wars. first target, ted cruz. donald trump as we mentioned is fanning the flames as i just said about cruz's eligibility for the presidency. trump says cruz is a copy cat on immigration and rick santorum and mike huckabee are challenging. marco rubio is calling cruz an isolationist. >> look how people are targeting chris christie. team kasich is calling christie
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a failed governor. and political scandals he suffered made him unelectable. like rubio trump likes to compare christie with barack obama. the cruz campaign casting as weak and juvenile and trying to slime in the the white house and said rubio should resign from the senate for missing votes there. rubio's allies are saying jeb bush is flailing and desperate. john kasich's friends call jeb as outdated. >> jeb bush supporters say kasich abandoned his party on obama care which brings us back to donald trump. christie is trying to convince voters that trump is a carnival
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barker. overall jeb bush continues to call trump a bully and buddy of the clintons. so all of these attacks are from both the candidates and their supporters including off in the superpacks. >> this has gone on in the last couple of weeks. it is a lot of attacks. so the question i have is given the scale of this battle being waged, what will it take for a candidate to be damaged by any of these negative attacks? >> normally he can break through. it is possible some of these attacks are really working. based on my sense of where things are and talking to people who have access to polling data these things are not working. these things are throwing candidates out to play defense. there are so many of them and none of them have been devast e devastati devastating. there is nothing on the scale of trump taking down people in the past. >> you remember very well that
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in the fall of 2012 when mitt romney's superpack went after newt gingrich they pommelled him from november through december for about four or five weeks. in the course of that time it took him from being front runner to fifth in iowa. that was a huge example of how negative ads can take someone out. that baggage was a big part of it. the fact that the whole 2015 was so positive. by and large in terms of negative television very little of it. there is pent up supply flooding the market. i can't make heads or tails out of most of these. >> the other issue you saw this with romney. in order for these things to break through you need to reinforce paid media or tweets with the candidate or a major surrogate driving the message. it has to be breaking through. you look at the swift veterans.
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those were reinforced by tons of news coverage. these get episodic coverage for a day and a half. network broadcast tv but they are not dominating the conversation. none of the attacks have been silver bullets. >> partly because trump commands so much attention. you have the giant field with one guy who gets most of the attention. not only do they have to be reinforced by surrogates and media but they need to reinforce some preexisting character flaw or something in the narrative that is out there. there have been other ones with kerry. voted for it, didn't vote for it. none of these -- apart from trump a lot of candidates are for a lot of voters not distinct enough and not enough earlier education that the ads can drive home a message that is planted there in people's minds.
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>> are major campaigns sitting on opposition research? >> and silver bullet in something that the candidate can drive and break through. my guess is one of them is. i won't say who yet. i think one of them is. most likely seeing the best stuff now. up next, who is poised for the endorsement playoffs of 2016? and later our conversations with rand paul's wife and rissa. we'll be right back. uy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom?
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♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (crow cawing) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". today as marco rubio's superpack rolled out a new ad rubio picked up another capitol hill endorsement. over the past few months chris christie and john kasich collected a list. ted cruz earned headlines.
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and jeb bush's campaign has trotted out bigwig republican establishments such as eric cantor, dan quail and bob dole. the response from a spokes woman if endorsements mattered jeb bush would be in first place. endorsements normally matter a lot. they are a part of being establishment. in this race, does anybody have enough endorsements to make a real dent as we head into the voting? >> i think the most difference is cruz. james dobson, some other folks in iowa with symbolic resonance. kasich got very good endorsements in new hampshire. it may help. i have been amazed at the lack of endorsements really breaking through as surrogates. it is one thing to get one day coverage of so and so endorsed, maybe a tour of early state.
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you think about past campaigns and candidates having somebody who is a great surrogate to go into the home state and really drive the message and say sometimes things to be the bad cop to go after people. >> i think in general that the value of endorsements in the aggregate is meaningful. at least in republican politics because it meant you have the establishment behind you. in this race that rule has been tossed out the window. in individuals i think the value of those endorsements has gone down over time because there are so many out there in the world that it is hard to find one that breaks through. i agree with you about it. the real question i have is who is still out there on the table? who could you get that might matter? >> in new hampshire john mccain would matter a ton. i think there is still some
3:15 pm
religious conservative leaders some of whom who are in the line to endorse cruz. i think some of those will matter. not as many people with huge -- people who have resonance in iowa. >> you have in the establishment lane thinking about this as two competitions there are other people, colin powell coming out in republican primary and saying i confer my endorsement on this establishment. >> it might be net negative. >> in the longer term it might be. in the shorter term of trying to establish dominous in the establishment lane. >> i would love to poll that. >> i strain to think of someone who is more -- mccain is -- >> obviously nikki haley in south carolina, tim scott. i think if senator grassley and senator ernst endorsed.
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it is interesting if they are worried about cruz and trump winning whether you see establishment people. >> i think that is one of the big questions. especially maybe if this comes later in the cycle, do these establishment endorsers who are currently sitting out suddenly all decide to band together. >> one thing endorsers do is help raise money. if trump and cruz come out of new hampshire as dominant figures headed into march with enough money and enough momentum and early wins to do well then i think you could see a bunch of establishment people with the ability to raise money. if you look at the establishment candidates, cruz and rubio, bush, kasich, christie they need fundraising help.
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>> they need help to break out of the pack which is bunched up. coming up, kelly paul and rissa. first the editor of commentary magazine. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill?
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donald trump. thank you for coming. happy holidays. happy new year. >> same to you. >> fellow new yorker donald trump how is he doing? >> obviously, he is doing better than anybody on earth could possibly have anticipated. i have no idea how he is doing how he will do a month from now which of course is the key question. >> do you have any friends who are voting for donald trump? >> i have two or two who say they -- >> why do they like him? >> what do they like about him? he is no nonsense. he is not politically correct. everyone is so stuffed up and afraid to speak their minds. >> one more trump question and then turn you over to john. have you over the last three months in looking at donald trump talked about issues,
3:21 pm
engaged in political combat. have you warmed to the notion of him as your party's nominee or as a president? >> not officially a republican. the answer is no. i'm just a humble writer and editor of a 501 c 3 nonprofit. >> as an american. or as commander in chief? >> i find it even more alarming. in this case not him. it's not trump that alarms me. the question is whether the nation has moved into a period in which this kind of candidacy is thinkable. that is what worries me. he is who he is. it is how he said yesterday i'm a messenger. i think that is right. he hasn't done anything in previous cycles, previous elections, a guy like him would have been cut off at the knees
3:22 pm
months ago. it is a change in the nature of the country and maybe the nature of the party and maybe the nature of the country that has led to this. >> let's focus on that. i think it is inaccurate to say it is anything. what it seems to signify is change going on. you are a conservative. and conservatives have traditionally been in the republican party. what does it say about the republican party as a conservative party that this man could dominate the party over the course of a year that he has been in the race or less than a year? >> i think it says that a bunch of strings in the party have come together or in the -- of the last 35 years have come together and emerged in a stew and you can see little chunks of that stew in every piece of his,
3:23 pm
in every piece of his agenda to the extent that he has an agenda. we need to win, not lose. we have a bunch of losers. we are all just politically correct so we won't say what we think. we are losing everywhere and everything is a disaster. we need a businessman who can be a leader and we need a leader. these are cartoonish versions of serious ideas, some serious ideas that have been promulgated that have descended into caricature. the answer that the primaries are going to address is whether the party has become a caricature of itself. i don't know. >> he has spent the last decent amount of time bringing up the questions related to bill clinton and bill clinton's past, his personal life, things he has done that many find unsavory. there is interesting back and forth between him and the clinton camp on this.
3:24 pm
is that smart politics for any republican. donald trump is doing it right now. any republican going after bill clinton on the question of his past in the personal sphere? >> i don't think anyone but he would have done it because he is driven by a different set of objectives. his objective is, you know, to shock, to flash, shock jock, focus attention on him by saying something that will alarm you, will alarm you, will alarm the media establishment, get them to jump and jolt and say is this really what people want to talk about. and then he gets to defend it and then everybody else has to respond to it. it is perfect. the perfect way to drive news agenda. no one has done it this way before and he has clearly established new rules. >> you think trump is not the republican nominee that whoever the republican nominee is and
3:25 pm
the party will lay off bill clinton and his personal life? >> probably. i think mrs. clinton is the issue and that is how it is going to be. i don't think anyone talked about bill clinton until now for years. >> if we wake up on -- >> except for the foundation issue which is a serious issue in that you can talk about bill until the cows come home about whether or not state department rules were bent to make it possible for him to earn speaking fees and play influence games. not about 1998. that was 18 years ago. >> i will give you a hypothetical on that. we wake up the morning after the primary and iowa and new hampshire won by a combination of ted cruz and donald trump. tell me things that would happen then. >> i think jeb bush would be very hard pressed to stay in particularly if the numbers don't look good in, say, south
3:26 pm
carolina. i don't think he would want to sort of deal with the humiliation of taking this further when he spent $100 million to no effect. i think everybody else except rubio and maybe carson would drop because they would be out of money and literally would be no place for them to go. rubio will stay in as long as he can under those circumstances to see if the dynamic were to change and whether or not trump and cruz were in the same lane. i think it would be a three or four man race. >> if trump and cruz finished first and second is it possible it would be a two person race? >> the thing -- what we don't know because it's four weeks from iowa or five weeks from new
3:27 pm
hampshire is everything is positioned this way. trump is first. cruz is second. rubio is third. in new hampshire trump is first and rubio seems to be solidifying second. this is the status quo as of now. there will be two debates, stuff happening. people haven't made their minds up until two or three days before the election. >> we got to go. we only scratched the surface. we beg you to come back. when we come back rand paul's wife kelly paul joins us here on set.
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♪ joining us now is someone who knows rand paul so well it's almost like they live together. you find her on tv shows like the view or on the campaign trail in iowa. kelly paul, thanks for coming back on the show. >> thanks for having me. >> in the last week since we have come back we have seen
3:31 pm
donald trump taking the league on attacking hillary clinton by attacking her husband. you are sort of a pioneer on this issue related to bill clinton and women. you said in vogue magazine that you thought bill clinton's behavior was predatory and offensive to women. let me ask the question to start down this line. do you think hillary clinton should be held accountable for the actions of her husband? >> absolutely not. i don't. in my remarks at that time really pertained a lot to the democrat party and what i felt was a hypocrisy within the party regarding his actions. when people talk about the monica lewinsky thing they say it is an affair or just sex. 22 year olds have spent their life relating to adults as parents, parents' friends or college professors. you are an intern.
3:32 pm
i don't find it a peer relationship to be an intern and the president of the united states y. did consider that relationship predatory, odious. corporate america you would be fired for it. it bothered me that the democrat party who loves bill clinton wanted to brush that under the rug. he is there as an advocate so i think it is fair game. >> you said you don't think hillary clinton should be held accountable for her husband. >> it wasn't her behavior. >> why is it a relevant campaign issue? why is it okay for him to be attacked in the context of her campaign? >> he is her spokesperson. they both advocated for things like easier ways to sue in the work place for sexual harassment. they have always said buy one get one free in terms of their politics. >> do you feel like your personal life is fair game in
3:33 pm
this campaign if another candidate came after your husband on the basis of things you have done in the past? >> it may not be fair. i think that is the way it is in politics now. >> you're ready for it? >> yeah, i guess. >> what is the best experience you have had on the campaign trail so far? >> i really enjoy the debates. those have been an amazing experience for me and something that i will never forget. i think my favorite was the reagan library debate. i don't know if you were there. obviously an incredible venue. you've got air force one. it was such a small venue y. was literally three feet from rand. just being that close to them and feeling that energy in the room and seeing my husband there being the only person on the stage standing for a more reasonable and more nuanced foreign policy and making the great points he was making i was proud of him and proud that he has had an opportunity to be out
3:34 pm
there and be outspoken on the issues that he has brought a lot of attention to. >> four years from now win or lose if a spouse of a potential candidate said should my spouse run or not your current posture would be what? >> i will take you back to my own decision making. certainly, it is hard. you put yourself in the spot light and are open to slings and arrows. i had a lot of trepidation about it. in the end i don't like to make my decisions based on fear. and if i think that myself or my husband have something to offer, something substantive and meaningful, a voice that no one else is giving on the right or left i wanted rand to be able to do that and he has. i say go for it. don't hold back because you are afraid. >> your favorite part of the campaign has been the debates. you said this morning that your least favorite part is watching
3:35 pm
tv. you yelled at the scrooensometimes. what are you yelling about? >> i think the last debate where i thought rand was phenomenal, he spoke for ten minutes. he was right in the nix and in the middle of the speaking time on that debate and raising pertinent issues. everyone was cookie cutter. and then rand is saying what happens next? are you ready for world war thr creating these vacuums that have been taken over with isis. he is the only person saying that. and the next morning when i'm watching television everyone is talking about did you see rubio and cruz going after each other. there is a blank like they don't know how to talk about rand's
3:36 pm
role. that is what frustrates me because i think he is making the most salient points out there. of course, i am his wife so i'm a bit biassed. my son was like mom if you yell one more time what about rand paul i'm leaving. >> your husband and senator cruz have had contentious debates about national security. you know senator cruz a little bit. i wonder where ted cruz's vulnerabilities. >> i can't speak to that. i'm not comfortable going on. all right. twist my arm a little bit. i think that in many cases he has appropriated a lot of rand's positions and wants to have it both ways. when rand was an outspoken critic against the nsa and collection of data and privacy cruz was saying i'm for that. now he is parroting the other
3:37 pm
side i'm actually i voted for it because it will allow us to collect more records and become more invasive. he is talking a little bit -- >> what would the closing line negative ad be? ted cruz idea thief? >> two faced. >> that's not a bad tag line. >> kelley paul thank you for being with us. now for a great moment in history of television segues. when we come back rizza from wutang. committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical does a freshly printed fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. right now, it's like paying just $9.99 after rewards for this case of paper! office depot officemax. gear up for great.
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everyone has rituals. . every day we listen to wutang clan. robert digs, the legendary hip hop artist composed a theme song for this program. this week we got to spend some time with him to talk about music, black lives matter, donald trump and martin strely, the infamous pharmaceutical executive who price gouged a vital drug but the guy who bought the most exclusive album
3:41 pm
in the world of which there is only one copy. he paid $2 million for that album in november. naturally i had to get the start by asking his thoughts on one of his most notorious fans. >> what kind of vibe did you get when you met him? >> we talked briefly about where he come from, briefly about what wutang means. he was actually present where we played the 12 minutes. he was also in the audience. he heard the 12 minutes and really enjoyed the music. i couldn't measure if he was a guy in college. couldn't get it. >> so he buys the record and then bloomberg business week
3:42 pm
does the story that he is the buyer. you find out he jacked up the prices on the hiv drugs. subsequent to that he gets charged securities fraud. that is this stuff that has happened since then. i know you put out a statement saying when we came to this emt gr agreement i don't know about this. he is quoted someplace in december saying you are arrogant and said that he had given you a bunch of money and i encourage him to shut the [ bleep ] up before he goes too far. he acts like his [ bleep ] doesn't stink and invented rap and the concept of selling one album. this [ bleep ] is back firing now. >> that seems hostile. what can back fire from create ag piece of art, having an idea and see it grow? as far as me being arrogant,
3:43 pm
depends on what day you catch me. i can be arrogant, but most people that know me respect me because i am down to earth. >> let's say he ends up going to jail for securities fraud, does it bother that you that that guy has the one copy of the record. he said he doesn't know when he is going to listen to it. he is taunting people. >> he bought it. he can do what he wants. the power of art is that so i can never discriminate if the most greatest man in the world was the one who wanted to possess it it would have been his objective. if my enemy came to an auction and was like i want that picture so i can throw darts at it. it is auctioned. that is something i can never ever at this age of my life i can never discriminate who
3:44 pm
appreciates art. >> is there anyway given the nature of the contract for more of the world to hear the record? >> he has the power to do something really cool. if he wants to be fihe can allo people to hear the record. >> let me ask you about politics here for a second. in the last year one of the political movements that has had the most energy around has been black lives matter because of the stuff happening in a lot of cities around the country with police brutality and wrongful deaths. when you see that movement taking shape, what do you think of that? >> of course, black lives matter. all lives matter. i stop eating meat because their life mattered to me. i don't think it is necessary for us to grow a cow to kill it.
3:45 pm
i don't think it is necessary for if i'm in law enforcement -- i wanted to be in law enforcement as a kid. that's cool. >> starsky or hutch? >> depends on the episode. you wanted to be these guys. and then to grow up and you see what is happening, the image of that is being tooken away. in the old days a cop you let them in the house and give them a cookie and milk. so the lives, all lives matter. i love what the police do for our society. i love the idea of it to serve and protect. as long as those who are beholding that idea then they are beneficial to society. for those who lose that focus whether through fear, through
3:46 pm
stress or through not being properly trained and are allowed to go on the streets -- how can you inforce law if you don't understand law? when you think about some of the brothers who are being brutalized by the police, you also have to have them take a look and us take a look in the mirror at the image we portray. if you think -- if i'm a cop and every time i see a young black youth whether i watch them on tv, movies or just see them hanging out and they not looking properly dressed, properly refined, conducting themselves proper hours of a day, things that a man does, you are going to have a certain kind of fear and stereotype. i tell my sons if you are going somewhere you don't have to wear a hoodie. we live in new york so hoodies
3:47 pm
is all good. sometimes button up your shirt. clean up. look like a young man. you are not a little kid. so i think that is another big issue we have to pay attention to is the image that we portray that can invoke fear to a white officer or any officer. >> i saw you quoted saying how you don't support trump at all but you like trump on some level because he is a new yorker and you are a new yorker. is trump like a lot of hype or do you think that guy has a chance of being the president of the united states? >> trump has always been a smart man and always made it from when he had a problem he came back stronger. he is a smart dude. mr. trump good to be the president of the united states? that's an equation you have to measure against. does he have all the qualities, education? one thing about barack obama
3:48 pm
that we all can agree is the man is highly intelligent. would i support mr. trump to run my country, i wouldn't make a sure bet on that because i don't see those qualifications being the same unless somebody tells me america is nothing but a big company. >> that's a theory. you like the way he talks, though. there is the new yorker thing. >> trump is like move it. trump keeps it real. so i think, you know, somebody like hillary clinton being as our next president, i like that again when you think about the history and trajectory of our country from the beginning.
3:49 pm
we see a black man as the president. that means a lot in this country. and then a woman as a president. to me that is a one-two punch. we are really living our freedom, justice and equality. those ithings are becoming real we are not discriminating. >> this show with all due respect has been on the air now for a little over a year. a lot of people don't know you did the music for the show. i have to say every day we do the show and the music always does exactly what we want the music to do. when we came to you and said make this music and said the show is called with all due respect what did you think about when you thought about writing music for a show with that name? >> with all due respect.
3:50 pm
i just have respect. i saw the trailer that you had put together. i think one of your producers had a request for a certain sonic like a run dmc. i thought i tried to write something like that. i watched the trailer and i was like that's cool, but i think this is something that really is the balanced idea of giving you hip, tv and something that i think as time goes on you will like it more. that was my strive. >> that is beautiful. it's worked out really, really well. >> thanks. >> our thanks today and every day to rza. up next what happens outside trump tower. play us out. y bailing me out all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at
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imagine donald trump fancies this. the uk parliament is set to
3:54 pm
debate whether mr. trump should be barred from the united kingdom. set your dvr to bbc news to listen in to that bloody mess. in the meantime our resident set up camp outside trump tower here in manhattan to check out the people who visit this landmark building and now something of a tourist trap. griffin ran into a few from across the bond. >> reporter: in new york city, a couple blocks south of central park, 725 fifth avenue sees a lot of foot traffic from tourists. >> i'm on a vacation with my friend. >> where are you from? >> texas. >> uk. >> wales. >> statue of liberty. >> shows and visit trump tower. >> tours. >> and you consider trump tower
3:55 pm
a tourist thing? >> absolutely. >> it wasn't on our to do list but we thought we would check it out. >> entering tiffany's and it was next door. >> i didn't realize it was open to the public. >> reporter: what other presidential campaign headquarters are you visiting? >> i can only think of hillary clinton. >> reporter: anyone know where to find her office? >> no idea. >> no clue. >> reporter: if the republican front runner gets this much taoito tourist attention surely the democratic -- destination wise it is not a fair fight. >> it is very classy building and very well done. we road the escalator up to the
3:56 pm
public gardens on level four and level five. >> merchandise shop. >> i did get a look at all of it. >> if he did become president would the public go in there? >> who knows. >> very rich man. >> very large domineering presence on the city. >> i don't know much about him. >> probably not his biggest fan. >> i like him. i'm going to vote for him. >> he is very smart, very strong. he's very wise. >> he's not politically correct. >> reporter: i'm not hearing a lot of political chatter, just phrases like trump tower. i got to get a picture of this. we definitely have to go in. there's a starbucks. a lot of people stopping for starbucks. it's certainly unique. >> very strange like you wouldn't go to london and find david cameron's tower and david
3:57 pm
cameron's hats. that would not happen in the uk. >> people love that building. we'll be right back. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently. it's a prescription antibiotic that acts mainly in the digestive tract. do not use xifaxan if you have
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cruz and talk with republican superattorney and former carson campaign manager. you are watching us in washington, d.c. you can listen to us, too. until then thanks for the cheese cake. look out ted cruz. donald trump's checking pass ports. let's play "hardball." it is too ridiculous. i'm chris matthews in washington. last night hillary clinton told us she is not going to talk about donald trump anymore. today ted cruz has a big problem doing the same. why? because donald trump is out there questioning whether cruz who was born in canada is trully a natural born american. cruz and the republican party will face a hugest


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