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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  January 7, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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it is 6:00 on the east coast. what are you looking at, willie? you're already up to something. >> the story. >> no, no, you don't want to know. >> it's the death of a woman --
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>> thank you. good morning everyone. it's thursday, january 7th. welcome to morning joe. mike barnical is with us. >> what's with the veteran thing? >> is that new? >> have you seen his career? >> it's amazing. >> yeah, we don't have just any. >> what about block buster news man. i'm going to work on that. i'm a pr girl. use to be. >> we have a title for you too and it's not pr girl. former communications director for george w. bush nicole wallace. >> i'll take that. >> we have a lot to get to this morning. the china stock market plunged more than 7% in a half hour triggering the second trading halt. it's having major impact on the u.s. markets. also, north korea facing broad
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diplomatic doenl nati diplomat diplomatic condemnation after testing a bomb. we're going to speak to richard haas about that. also, elizabeth warren, did you guys see this? what's going on there? what's she going to do? what do you think is going to happen? >> do you want to read the news report first? >> she's catching eyes with tweet and quickly tweeted again adding that she supports all of the democratic candidates. do you think she got a phone call? >> no, i think she quickly realized her lavish praise of bernie sanders for sticking to the message, she realized. >> i think she was drunk tweeting. >> everybody in america is eventually going to get in trouble for tweeting.
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everybody. >> it's almost not worth it. >> hillary has moved to the warren sanders. >> i had to put out a statement. >> all right. >> you have the high heels don't you. >> yeah, i wore a jazz heel those days. >> all right. we begin this morning with the establishment candidates continuing to duck a confrontation with donald trump with many choosing new hampshire
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to make a stand. jeb bush told the washington post last night trump is the front runner and there's a jump off for second with five candidates and that will be sorted out over the last few weeks. a new poll shows that a fractured field benefits trump. public policy falling has trump ahead in new hampshire by 14 pounds to 29% to marco rubio's 14% and then tied at third with chris christie and john kasich at 11% and jeb bush and ted cruz at 10%. you hear about christie sunching in new hampshire and he's third here. this time trump has a rally in burlington, vermont. i love burlington. that's where bernie sanders served as mayor from 1981-1999. local police are highly concerned about overticketing.
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i know they're going to get a line but they're concerned. they're telling residents to expect overflow in the streets. >> let's go back to the poll really quickly and once again, nicole, this proves what a lot of people have been saying for the past couple of weeks. you have the establishment between rubio, bush, kasich. jeb moving more than anybody else in this poll. jeb plus five. you have the establishment tearing each other's eyes out fighting for a chance to be the establishment candidate against donald trump who is still way ahead. >> you know what's interesting to me, trump is pulling about the same level as sanders but hillary is the only established democrat in that field. the race isn't structurally too much different.
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it's just spread out among four different candidates. >> yeah and you look up and down and you got christie. they're all in the margin of error whether you're talking about christie, kasich, rubio, bush. all have been discounted and any one of those guys could win. >> jeb's assessment is everybody's playing for second place. that's the first time i've heard a candidate say it out loud. second here 15 down to 10. new hampshire is a breaking state. they have not yet endured the on slot of the tv adds that will come out of the boston tv market.
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>> they also watch iowa. when hillary run in 08, some thought there was an impact of the defeat in iowa. they also watch the first contest. >> a couple of weeks ago he was like he cannot be president, it can't happen. it can't happen. he said yesterday, jeb bush, if he's going to be president he needs to know about the nuclear. >> the governme.o.p. establishm understanding that donald trump could win. >> i don't know why it's taken them so long to come to that
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conclusion. >> it's certainly not been apparent to people in washington and a lot of people in news and media. they had a clip of all these people saying they were going to fail, they were going to fail and they were going to fail. this is going to be what's going to finish. >> that's because two things, i think, that one spending most of the town trying to find what the establishment is. they live in their own environment and look at new hampshire and iowa from their own relationment and have no idea. there will be anger and frustration on both sides of the aisle. >> ted cruz continues to battle back questions of his
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eligibility to service president. the con tro ver si returned to the spotlight in interviews with donald trump who says cruz's birth on canadien soil was a big problem for the senator of texas. after laughing off the issue, cruz responded on the trail in iowa yesterday. >> as a legal matter, the question is quiet straight forward and settled. the child born abroad is a natural citizen. people will continue to make political noise about it but as a legal matter it is quiet straight forward. it has occurred many times in history. john mccain was born in panama. he was a natural born citizen because his parents were american citizens. a actually, barry goldwater was born in arizona before arizona was a state and yet he was a
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natural born citizen because his parents were born citizens. there's serious issues in this election and that's where our focus is going to stay. >> willie, he could have just as well of said you go back and look at the washington general center when they played the harlem globe trotters. everybody he mentioned lost. every single person ted cruz. >> generals is who -- >> and crusty the clown. >> he wasn't talking about those candidates political skills, he was talking about their eligibility. >> i was just saying though. >> can you name one who won. >> i don't like electing people who weren't born on u.s. soil. >> i don't think john mccain didn't win because he wasn't born on american soil.
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>> how much do you think the white house is loving it? >> oh, we have that for you. we have a josh artist for you. he'd let it breathe and you can see him feel the oils like simmering on the pan. he's just loving it. one of the men cruz used as an example noted an important difference between he and cruz. >> i know it came up in my race because i was born in panama but i was born in the canal zone which is a territory. barry goldwater was born in arizona when it was a territory. >> you were born on a base too. >> yes. different from being born on their soil. i think it's worth looking into. i don't think it's illegitimate to look into it.
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>> the man you work for says this is a legit mate. >> nicole. >> let's talk about it. it was a territory. mccain was born on a u.s. base. here you have one of the leading members of the republican party not being a trump guy, he can't stand trump saying this. a foreigner guy born on foreign soil. >> this is more ridiculous than marco rubio's high heels. >> let's talk about marco
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rubio's heel height. would you let your husband wear that? >> i've got a few issues. men in heels is like. >> would you let him wear those go-go boots. he's not short is he? >> forget about being born on foreign soil. there's no short presidents. >> i think he's 5'6, 5'7. he's a little guy. >> someone google it. >> i don't like you all today. >> we need to know how tall he is. >> look at those go-go boots, right. they're elevator boots. >> they're high heeled cowboy boots. >> they're go-go. >> you all are being mean and childish mean. >> anyway, mccain. this is a very serious guy.
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>> not only is he a serious guy but ted cruz ought to be faithful for the friendship of donald trump. >> he renounced his canadien citizenship a month ago. >> which is ashame because you did have yesterday i think rand paul saying the one thing he did know he was eligible. >> just please go with the sound bite and move on. >> here's rand paul. >> i think without question he is qualified and would make the cut to be prime minister of canada. absolutely he's qualified. >> it would be quiet ironic if after seven or eight years of drama around the president's birth certificate if republican primary voters were to choose
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senator cruz as their nominee, somebody who wasn't born in the united states and over 18 months ago renounced his citizenship. >> why did he only renounce his canadien citizenship? >> he's a canadiens fan, montre montreal, canada. >> i love canada. >> why did he renounce it? >> we were talking to donald, mika and he said he hopes it's okay. he's worried about the party. >> this feels like fake news like we're reading from the onion. >> okay. i'm sorry. you've got to front runner of the republican party, the republican senator concerned about this. >> stop smiling, joe. >> you're laughing about it. >> i think it's --
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>> do you believe it's a problem? >> i believe. >> straight face. >> i believe that if i were a voter in iowa right now hearing a lot of these comments, i would have questions. i would want legal scholars to come and, that's what ted cruz needs to do. this is going to have an impact in iowa. he needs to get a list of respected conservative legal scholars saying this isn't a problem, this isn't a problem, this isn't a problem. after that, it's fine. if people in iowa want to elect a foreigner, they can elect a foreigner. >> you can listen to that for a long time and assume what everyone has done. >> don't interrupt him. >> the underlying story here, donald going out of his way.
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>> i'm done. i'm getting to some other headlines. in china, the market was shattered after shares plunged more than 7%. it triggered an automatic circuit break for mechanism for the second time this week as authorities accelerated the chinese currency at a five year low. at last check dow futures are down 300 points already this morning. the united nations says they'll immediately. >> let's start with china. >> this is where i do news. >> i hate saying i told you so. i had winers come on the show. winer for five years going the united states is going to be destroyed by china's economic,
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the growth is so exponential our children will be speaking. >> we hear it every 20-30 years. yes, china is going to be the biggest economy, bla, blabla. i've heard the nay sayers for five years bitch and wine and moan. they're bill of indictmeuilt on and can d and candy canes. >> china use to react to our markets and now we react to china's markets. >> that's pretty good, i like that. >> so good we're going to end it right now.
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>> the united nations say they'll start work on north korea. they say it will take a few days to analyze testing a hydrogin bomb. >> did i read somewhere on twitter barack obama ruled out north korea. >> he said let china handle it. >> we will not nuke north korea. >> he needs a settled touch. velvet glove. >> yeah, something like that. >> he said he wouldn't consider a prenuclear strike. >> exactly. >> your dad and my brother, that's the statesmen they want. >> correct. south korea is reportedly resuming propaganda broadcast following the nuclear testing. president on counsel and foreign relations richard haas joins us in a few minutes and we knew joe biden agonized over the question of whether to run again for president. last night in an interview he
3:20 am
indicated he is still not fuelly at peace with his final decision. >> on the democratic side it's what i expected. there's a real robust debate by hillary and bernie. there's been no personal attacks i'm aware of or any consequence. it's not abunch of serendipity out there. >> any regrets to not throwing your hat in the ring. >> sure, i regret it every day but it was the right decision for my family and for me and i plan on staying deeply involved and we've got two good candidates. >> there's three. >> maybe he doesn't like hillary. >> you know joe well and known him for a long time. he's still torchered by this decision. >> he has a hole in his heart that's never going to go away.
3:21 am
i think he would tell you he is fine on days when his schedule is full and he's busy all day long. it's that down time you have to have where it wears on him and that's when he realizes he couldn't do the 20. >> that's what i don't understand. you don't have a lot of down time when you're running for president of the united states. >> yeah, but the impact on the family. it's not just him. >> still ahead on morning joe, bernie sanders, wasn't he great yesterday on the show. he was on for 45 minutes and took it boom, boom, boom, boom. took questions and his wife was incredible. i love her. >> and you always had this a antidote l stuff. yesterday i had republicans contact me throughout the day saying i can't believe i'm saying this. i really liked bernie sanders and i liked a lot of what he was
3:22 am
saying. >> yeah. >> it's a real thing, the fact trump, sanders appeal is not as polar opposite as people think. they're both. >> he is the real deal. >> it's a cross over vote. >> he has been so underestimated and keeps going and. >> people really love what he has to say. >> and the fact that conservative republicans, people that don't like democrats at all say that they saw his interview yesterday and say i agreed with a lot. >> it's the voters that you've been talking about for years. economic pop ewe lichl is sort of broken up our idea logical camps. >> so sanders wins major breaks from someone hillary would love to have in her corner. also, rudy giuliani on set. plus, governor rick scott
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if the republicans aren't worried, why are henl fund billionaire's already running adds against me? they know i'll stand up and defeat their right wing top down agenda that's bad for america and we're not going to let it happen. >> that was hillary clinton last night making her case in nevada. the three democratic candidates gathered in las vegas alongside harry reed for dinner. meanwhile, yesterday she voiced strong support for her colleague bernie sanders a day after sanders delivered a fiery speech in new york city.
3:27 am
warren took to twitter saying i'm glad bernie sanders is out there fighting to make banks accountable and make our economy saver. >> that's what you want. that's why elizabeth warren is elizabeth warren. she goes out and says what she believes and she's not like every other washington politician. i'm sure hillary's people were freaking out because she said something nice about bernie. she is not modifying what she says and tweets for the political class for the machine that grinds most politicians to the number. god bless you. >> so, for a couple of hours, you're right, a couple of hours
3:28 am
later, she brought a total message and is glad all democratic candidates are fighting for wall street reform. i guess somebody got to her. i don't understand. it's the call that came in. it was bernie sanders who has a message and movement and serious candidate that's stood on pillars of fighting for the middle class for decades. >> well, what happened? why would she change her tweet? let's talk to somebody in the mid-f middle of a powerful presidential campaign. >> what happened? she's only a pr girl but she might know. >> i'm still working on the intro. i don't know. hillary has moved to sandersism. a whole bunch of stuff. i don't know. is she mad? >> how has she moved on that?
3:29 am
>> hillary's message on wall street. >> what can she do? >> can we hold on a second here? are you langled this morning and bittersweet? sq >> no. >> isn't there something a little off with her this morning? >> never. >> i feel like i'm enjoying this today. >> are you getting really, is this a trump thing? >> no, no i'm ready for trump or is that hillary? i'm ready for trump. >> are you okay with that? you don't seem happy this morning. >> i trust the will of the voters. >> oh my god, this is like the 12th step in the process. >> i'm at like 14, i think. >> i'm going to break. we're done here. >> totally unjustified. >> what's wrong with her this morning? >> i think there's an underlying
3:30 am
issue. >> i think it's trump. >> okay. so speaking of trump acceptance syndrome. coming up, he went from managing ben carson's campaign to predicting donald trump's nomination. barry bennett explains his 180 in the republican race for president. we'll be right back with much more morning joe. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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it wasn't long before an interview veered into biblical interpretations of the afterlife. >> an interview dr. carson did with sally quinn in which he says he doesn't believe in the rapture or hell, i believe, was damaging. that's what the former campaign says chs. >> dr. carson is a man who believes in the beginty of jesus christ and main stream doctrine. as far as i'm concerned and he's concerned we want the majors on the majors. i think dr. carson is a wonderful man of faith. >> a lot of times when people say things, they take it completely out of context.
3:35 am
they come and say i don't believe in a rapture. i believe what the bible says in the book. that's where he'll come and everybody will see him and people will be raised from the dead. i believe what the bible says. everybody has a different concept of hell. i don't believe in a bunch of little minute i don't knows poking people forever and forever and burning them. that's inconsistent with the character of god. >> just to add a little bit to this. i know people here go what the hell? if you're talking about evangelical voters and whether you're in iowa rk, alabama, mississippi, all the baptist churches i grew up in, the bible says what the bible says.
3:36 am
that's also a help. there's also been a suspicion about people preaching i'm okay, you're okay. jesus christ is santa clause and he'll send you to heaven and there's no koconsequences. people are scratching their heads. that matters for evangelical voters and should matter for evangelical voters if their vote is based on somebody's a good christian guy, a great christian or not. obviously, barn cal, it didn't matter in my district when they elected me but for some, it does matter. so it's, again. >> so his, where he is politically is he's fighting for his life in iowa.
3:37 am
if he's fighting for those voters, it's over, over. right. that is his life long base of support, the evangelicals. if that's where he is, reassuring them on his views. >> that was his campaign manager. joining us now from washington dr. ben carson's old campaign manager. he says it's hard to see how trump doesn't become the nominee. >> we spoke to you a couple of months ago and you predicted dr. carson's rise in iowa about a week before dr. carson exploded in iowa. >> i think the battle is between cruz and carson.
3:38 am
>> i'm not sure it would cruz's campaign but the supporters. >> was it damaging because he didn't believe in the traditional evangelical? >> it sounded to them out of the main stream. >> let's talk about things a bit more worldly. how difficult was it for you to run a professional campaign with armstrong williams poking his nose around and making decisions on his own? >> well, it seems at times we're running two or three different campaigns. i'm proud of what we did. 1.1 million donations, $54 million and out raised
3:39 am
everybody in the field, best social media campaign. if you go back to mid-november, we were number one and then things started happening and then the new york times interview with the guy i never met and all that stuff fed into the narrative that ben was not smart which is completely inaccurate. >> clear aj was the one who said it was hard to teach this guy about foreign policy. how much of a challenge were the attacks of paris and the fears of isis and terrorism on ben carson? >> certainly, the narrative changed quickly. we'd already planned to go to jordan to see the syrian refugees. i felt good about that. but you know, you really need one cook in the kitchen and sometimes we had three. i couldn't fix it. i did what i thought was the
3:40 am
right thing, get out and let somebody else try. >> hey, barry it's willie geist. you made noise in an interview the other day when you said it's getting harder and harder to see donald trump is not the nominee. you said i have not seen a plan out there that's going to take down donald trump yesterday. this is fascinating because it comes from somebody inside the race. why do you say that about trump at this point? >> i think for 10 or 11 months we've all been sitting around here and the theories that trump is going to melt down. there's going to be some kind of event or he's not going to run. we're running out of excuses. i could suspend my believes on a lot of things but not on mathematics. >> thank you. >> he's going to win unless something big happens. >> yeah, all right, barry bennett, thank you very much for being on the show. come back. up next, why is china so willing to prop up its unstable nuclear armed neighbor?
3:41 am
the counsel on foreign relations weighs in and what it means for america's influence in the region.
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learn more at it's income want among all of us not to provoke the system. >> that's part of the speech obama gave. >> i'm glad they gave it to him.
3:45 am
this morning north korea facing claims of bombing the u.n. >> was it a hydrogen bomb, yes or no? >> the u.s. government is saying not. but it really doesn't matter. >> why not. even if it's a good old fashion fishing bomb, the fact it's nierth test they seem to be making progress in the yields and makes it smaller. >> the ones who watch the show at 3:00 a.m. in the morning or tevo, tell them the real concerns about those weapons reaching the west coast in a few years. >> if the next president is a
3:46 am
two term president sometime during that person's presidency they'll match their nuclear war hea heads. >> north koreans could nuke l.a. >> yes. one thing we're going to have to decide as a country, are we prepared to live with the capability of what we might call a threat . >> why do the chinese allow them to do this? >> they let them above all a collapse of north korea that would result in a unified country undersold in the american strategic informants. >> now people along the west coast united states are going to
3:47 am
be in danger by a hos style praise regime you either take care of north korea or we're going to have to do it ourselves. would you make that recommendation to the president? >> absolutely. we should not be prepared to live with the destruction of north korea with them giving their erratic pattern. china can fix it. >> richard, this white house is obsessing of the middle east. other regions instead of asia, we talked about north korea, the possibility of nuclear attacks on the west coast in the coming years. we look at the markets and completely rocked by what's going on in asia. that pivot to asia you've been talking about this white house has nafailed to do, we're payin
3:48 am
for it now aren't we. >> asia is where the money is, where the people are. this is where the 21st century is going to be decided. we got to do just enough in the middle east so it doesn't spill over and cause major harm. we don't get so obsessed with it we can't ignore that part of the world that's much more likely to shape the world economy. >> richard, let me jump to iran and saudi arabia and we see their relationship torn apart further by the execution of the cleric there last week. just now, the story crossing the wire. iran bombing the iranian embassy inside yemen. >> it's approximately one way or another they push each other's buttons. this is not introduced between
3:49 am
iran and soviet. i don't want to be an awill rememberist. i think now this has opened up the possibility of something more direct between them. >> it's fighting yemem directly. >> once you start fighting directly, it's hard. >> here's a letter to the editor by victor good and to the new york times. it says this. what are american interests in this region who determine them and why have they not been shared with the american people? we get energy from the saudis and also used to buy significant amounts of oil from iran. the amount of blood in the market, we have never been in a stronger position to press the saudis for democratic reform but they don't. the only answer is they continue to invite enormous quantities from american weapons. they also continue to invest tens of billions of their dollars in western banks. so despite all our talk about human rights and democracy, it appears our interest are being
3:50 am
dictated by the industry and wall street both of which have had a lock on the white house and congress. what do you think? >> they're producing $10 million to the good. >> a lot of americans though think that about this. >> sure. people often thought it's by commercial interest and having access to invest in oil. the fact is it's not. it's a fact of a minor factor. saudi arabia is one of the keys to the global economy. those 10 million barrels are taken off. suddenly, the price of oil would be five times. >> richard, can i ask you this question, why in the world would the saudis not tighten up the oil supply when they're in an economic crisis? tighten it. make the price of a barrel go up to 60 or 70.
3:51 am
>> they're worried if they take one or two barrels off a day somebody steps in. the only real effect is they lose marketship. they don't have any confidence in any of their neighbors. we also have an interest of terrorist not set up shop there. we have interest that nuclear terrorist are in the wrong hands. we have special obligations to israel. >> it's not about petro dollars and selling arms. >> is all of this a constant inefficiently of the united nations? >> the united nations is not a serious place. the saudis, one of the leading members of the u.s. human rights counsel, market indicator number one, what they're doing on north korea. it's irrelevant.
3:52 am
they're blaming the u. for the failure of the world to do a lot of things. the u.n. is just a place and when the great powers don't agree and in many places they don't. >> by the way, coincidentally, the same amount of people that worked for the u.n. worked for the knicks. >> all right. >> richard, thank you so much. >> so anyway. thanks for being here and by the way, thank you. you've been talking about the north korean threat for years now. you've slept through all the warnings. >> 2010. >> you've been talking about this. this is not a direct threat to the west coast right now. it could be in the coming years. >> richard, thank you.
3:53 am
coming up, for someone who says they're not endorsing any candidate, rick scott has nice things to say about donald trump. he says he thinks there's a lot more to trump's appeal than his ability to give the most interesting interviews and speeches. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. does a freshly printed fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. right now, it's like paying just $9.99 after rewards for this case of paper! office depot officemax. gear up for great.
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msnbcs steve cornacky joins the conversation and peters, what he's calling marco rubio's ship from optimism to doom. also, the former mayor of new york city giuliani is here. >> what's wrong? did he break a heel? the elevator boots, are those heels? >> i think the term is a stacked heel. >> so maybe one of his stacked heels broke. he needs a lift. >> rudy giuliani is here to mark an interesting date. morning joe is coming right back. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio. is it run by robots? no no, you can talk to a person anytime. 'cause i don't trust robots. right...well, if the portfolio you're invested in doesn't perform well for two consecutive quarters, amerivest will
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4:01 am
i like a president that showed his heart. nothing wrong with that at all. >> i actually think he's sincere. i'll go down five points in the polls for that. i think it's sincere. it's a thing he feels, i think he's incorrect about it. it's taking chunks and chunks out of the second amendment. i think he probably means well. >> welcome back to morning joe. it is the top of the hour with us. we have former communications director nicole wallace. msnbc steve cornacky and jeremy peters. jeremy is going to be reporting
4:02 am
on marco rubio's shift to doom and gloom. >> what do you know mean? >> i don't know. let's ask him. >> jeremy, i thought he was hopeful and positive. >> and upbeat. >> i think he remembered he's running as a republican. >> oh, okay. >> there's been a shift. remember, his optimism has been renewal but now you're hearing a lot more despair and the country is in decline. that's new for him and channelling what trump as really hit on which is the sense that america is sliding away. >> i have to say rubio has always been a leading voice on foreign policy. i don't think gloom and doom is
4:03 am
a new, where there's been a crisis, rubio has spoken about it. it's in relation to foreign policies monday. i'm not sure that's fair. the shift, of course, is subtle and something probably that only political journalist like me notice. it's striking because no longer is rubio as stunning and optimistic as he use to be and that's a realization in order to win in this republican party, you can't be too optimistic. >> i think the term came in san bernardino in paris. i think the world changed and i think to be talking about optimism and a brighter day in the wake of domestic terror attack is ludacris.
4:04 am
>> hey, and jeremy, the go-go boots, he's doing well in new hampshire. >> do you not like the go-go boots? >> i wouldn't choose them. >> and he's 5'10. he's not height changed. >> i'm sure a lot of people that file into work at dunkin donuts in new hampshire probably go in in those styled go-go boots. why are you even talking about his go-go boots? >> i'll put that to the side for a minute. in that latest poll he's up four or five points. he's up 14-15%. how do you account for his success lately in the state of new hampshire? >> i think it's a function of coming here. i think people are just starting
4:05 am
to tune in and they're seeing him in the headlines and getting a chance to see him in town hall meetings and one of the things rubio's people has said is the more people you put him in front of, the more that's connecting to his message. is there a ceiling to that? absolutely. out performing donald trump and chris christie is going to be difficult. that's where the momentum is. >> it's easy to look at the top and say look at trump. >> everybody has a great story to tell. everybody can say hey, i'm secretary on the back stretch and i was at 3% if i'm kasich, now i'm 11 pest.
4:06 am
jeb bush says i jumped five points. the last couple of shows bush, kasich, rubio, all around 10, 11, 12, up 15 percentage points in this margin of error. it's a free for all in the establishment class. >> the bad news is if they're all showing life, they can't establish that vote and rise up and challenge chris christie. you add up those four and you're at 50% of the vote. >> you got bush and his super pact. >> kasich, we barely talked
4:07 am
about him. one of the things i think they're seeing, they're looking at iowa, eight days before new hampshire and not going to win iowa. probably not going to get second place in iowa but they can do surprisingly well and do double dijs and beat rubio out there. >> let's look at new hampshire numbers again. that's how different iowa is from the rest of the republican races. i love new hampshire. it's my political mecca. i love those people and love going up there. >> they're at two, three, four.
4:08 am
>> the others have trump in the pos and 40s. >> they're at 2-3%. >> there's two key differences with new hampshire. first independence. independence can vote in new hampshire but b, vote in big numbers. that mad rates things. new hampshire also, this is true on the republican side. it is one of the most secular states in the country. we talk about the influence of the evangelical christians. nation nationally, in the republican primaries, about 50% of the votes are going to come from evangelical christians. in iowa, the number is going to be about 50% nationally. >> iowa is about 60. south carolina 65. new hampshire 23. you're ta you're talking about the entire country going second on the republican side. >> by the way, this brings up
4:09 am
another good point. marco has a new add out. he's putting it out in iowa. it's just straight, basically, talking about the bible, his faith and going straight for the evangelical voters and i don't know. we'll see how it works. but i remember in 94 when i ran, i would always talk about, i would do like patriot rancic and talk about the importance of god and government. two years later, i had people going around trying to imlate me going i love jesus and i'm the best christian. and i would go up to them and go how do they expect that? he could be a little more subtle. they're not voting for you. i'm starting to see at least we'll get this add. some real panderring.
4:10 am
donald trump is not the christian of the month or christian of the week or never won a bible drill. >> that's the most amazing thing, the most resent nbc online poll came out this week. among evangelicals and republicans, trump leads cruz by double dijs. the cruz people, if cruz can win iowa, that means cruz is winning iowa. if he wins iowa and gets the attention, that will roll over the south carolina. >> let me tell you, it won't. iowa evangelicals are different.
4:11 am
>> do you see the anti cruz vote going toward rubio's benefit? >> the problem there is i see huckabee in the polls and you're up 2%, basically, the question, where the votes are potentially, if you're doing the evangelical strategy, it's carson. he's sitting around 10% and fading. >> yeah, senator rubio is emphasizing his christian faith. don't mention the add. >> the purpose of our life is to cooperate with god's plan to those who much has been given much is expected and we'll be asked to account for that.
4:12 am
whether your treasure is stored up on earth or in heaven. to me, i try to allow that to influence me in everything i to. >> how is that? >> i can tell you if first baptist church pensacola, if we lose our pastor, i'm going to ask them to look into this video and i hope. >> that didn't sound too negative. that was on jerry. >> which, by the way, i agree with everything he says.
4:13 am
>> you have to let them know you're going to fight for them when you go to washington. all the candidates in 96 got lost, by the way. i don't know how this will work for marco, but it's breathtaking. >> one thing different about marco rubio is that he's not prone to making pronouncements of faith on the stump like cruz is. he doesn't drop bible verses in his speech. this is not his natural comfort zone. he's never been a guy to go out and talk about his religion. he does have a deep faith. it's something he's kept very personal. his wife is very religious. he has a curious pan relij osty to his faith. he was baptized as a mormon and
4:14 am
raised as a catholic. i think talking about it, it's a recognition he's fluent in. >> i'm from the south. you said pan what? >> -- >> we would say denominational south. >> you work on that. i'm going to get to some other big headlines this morning. >> i'm not being cynical. i believe everything. i'm an orthodoxed christian who would never in a zillion years run that add in a presidential senatorial congressional camp.
4:15 am
>> it goes back to iowa. i think it's an aggressive play for the voters. i work for a man of deep faith. >> he spoke about his faith at the national prayer breakfast in prooit. i think our policies have changed. i don't want to judge a 2016 political add my 2004 standards. >> hasn't trump redefined yuck. i don't think there's anything
4:16 am
yucky about the message. i think it's the means for delivering it. >> i guess, steve, why it might be jarring is because he doesn't wear his faith on his sleeve. this looks like a last second desperate shot from half court. it's like the add i criticized a couple of weeks ago from him when he said i don't feel like i belong in my country like three weeks after pollsters said in a write up that trump is doing well. again, i want to say this again because there's jack as out there that are going to try to twist my words. i believe everything that marco said in that add. i just, it was jarring seeing this candidate at this stage of the campaign.
4:17 am
>> i remember he put up an add that got a lot of controversy going. it looked like he might have put a cross. >> here's a great point. mike huckabee didn't put out an add like that. >> it was subtle.
4:18 am
>> we are following breeking news. in up state new york emergency crews are working to free 17 minors trapped in a salt mine elevator in lancing, new york. according to a spokesman, the elevator got stuck more than 700 feet underground. the elevator has safety breaks to hold it in place. there's no word on how long it will take to reach the minors. rescue crews have given them radios and supplies. on capitol hill, back to the future has congress voted once again to repeal obama care. that's the 62nd time the house has passed the repeal. it's the fourth time it's made it all the way to the president's desk. the president promised a veto. it would be the eighth during his tenure. >> i think this time he's going to go with it. >> you guys win. >> yeah. >> spent my political life on
4:19 am
this. at this point. >> it's really silly. the chief justice of alabama supreme court has once again ordered his state's probate judges not to issue same sex marriage license. >> i'm sorry, what's this? >> u.s. supreme court ruling legalized gay marriage fashion wooid just as roy moor wrote in a new order alabama's pro bait judges wrote a duty not to issue any marriage license and state constitutional amendment. steve, stay with us if you can. >> i don't understand. so alabama law, super seed federal law. >> that's correct.
4:20 am
yeah. >> it's something called a supremacy clause. >> law of the land. >> still ahead on morning joe, state department john kerby. >> jeannine: joins us live and carly fiorina. this morning she's calling the north korea test a failure of hillary clinton's foreign policy. first we're going live total has see to talk to rick scott to find out why neither presidential candidate is leading in the polls. you're watching morning joe. we'll be right back. ccidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck,dents. ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything.
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. people are tired and sick of the stupidity we're seeing coming out of washington. they're sick and tired of it. >> let's bring in right now from tallahassee, some guy that is apparently understanding what the trump revolution is all about. >> he gets it.
4:24 am
>> in his book he writes pl political pund nts are shocked donald trump is leading the polls. same thing happened in 2010 when i ran for the race. i don't think trump's ability to give most spresing interviews or speeches has to do with him leading the polls. i think he's capturing the frustration of many americans after several years of obama's take over of the u.s. economy. he'll keep trying to revote. in the meantime, i'm glad republicans are frustrated and glad we're demanding change. governor scott, it's always great to talk to you. i tell you what, my brother, good lord, he text me 20 times a day. he's a florida guy. he gets trump. so many of his fans get trump. >> i got friends across the state that are constantly talking about donald trump and these are people that voted for you and traditional republicans over the past 30 years of their
4:25 am
life. what's happening and why is trump appealing in florida the way he is? >> first off, it's getting cold so i hope you're doing shows in florida. it's warmer and staying warmer. 365,000 people moved here last year, so. here's what's happening. >> wait, wait, wait. let me ask you this quickly. this might have something to do with it. because it's really warm and you got a low cost of living, you must have a really, really high state income tax like we do in connecticut, right? >> we have no income tax and by the way, we're going to cut out starting next week, cut taxes another billion dollars this year. a billion dollar tax reduction. all the companies are going to move to florida. it started happening. >> governor, what was i thinking? connecticut, nicole and i lived in connecticut. it's a failed state.
4:26 am
>> yeah, i don't know. >> twice a month, yeah. >> good lord. it's unbelievable. talking about trump nicole and i will stop wining about what's happened in connecticut over the past eight years. talking about donald trump, you're one of the first major political figures in america to step out and say hey, i get this guy. why did you do it? >> if you look at my rates and look at a lot of other rates, a lot of outsiders are winning. they're talking about what people are worried about. right now, think about how difficult it is to start a business in this country. obama, whether it's obama care, the taxes, the regulation, the anti business attitude, we need a big change and donald's talking about it. there's a lot of great candidates i'm not endorsing today but they need to talk about the frustration of americans to get this economy going again. we've added a million jobs in five years because we made
4:27 am
dramatic changes in our state and cut taxes 50 times and cut 4,000 regulations. we're going to go after every business in the world to get after florida. we need a prison that's going to do the same thing. >> last time i checked the other candidates are doing that, rick. >> they're doing it in farther detail than donald trump. >> if you look at how his going on with big changes, i think trump, however you want to look at it, trump is resinating across the country. >> marco rubio has done a great job because of the castro
4:28 am
brothers. >> let's put up the poll again. trump at 30. cruz at 20. marco rubio and jeb bush in third and fourth place in their own home states. why? >> everybody's watching what happened nationally. what's happened is outsiders just like my race and chris christ christie, outsider s are coming in saying we need a big change. >> you know, governor, you are saying positive things here about donald trump and also saying you're not going to endorse him. one of the things we've been noticing is not a lot of republican elected officials have wanted to be associated necessarily with donald trump.
4:29 am
been saying positive things about him. do you think he's going to win endorsements from governors, senators, members of congress, maybe from you? >> i don't know what's going to happen with the endorsements but i do hope there's more of a discussion about how we need to have a big change so people do what we did in florida and get jobs going. we need a lot of changes in d.c. and people are frustrated. >> all right. governor rick scott. thank you so much. >> there were no endorsements in the last block. i'm going to announce one in the next block. ska . kate scarborough has a favre it r. >> carly fiorina joins us live
4:30 am
from new hampshire. we'll get her take on the issue facing the candidates right now. that's marco rubio's footwear. we'll be right back. oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. aren't moving in the right direction,bers
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4:33 am
all right. we're following breaking news out of paris right now where a man is dead after reportedly trying to attack a police officer with a knife. according to ministry of interior spokes person, the man
4:34 am
approached the officer near a police station and was shot and killed by officers. the man reportedly had some sort of explosive device on him but it's unclear if it was a bomb. the bomb unit is investigating today. by the way, it's the anniversary of the attacks. >> it may have been they have a robot checking the body out and it may be that he is not, you know, armed but. >> we'll find out. we're following this. we'll have more on this story as the details come into us. joining us now from bedford, new hampshire, carly fiorina. welcome to the show. welcome back. >> good morning mika. good morning joe. good morning all. >> we're not quiet in the home stretch yet but we're getting there. the closing arguments certainly began fairly soon. what is your closing argument for the people of new hampshire?
4:35 am
>> first, governor scott is absolutely right. we need big changes and people are angry and frustrated. why should we settle for an economy where a record number of men are out of work. working wages have stagnated for years and a lot of people don't know the american dream is alive and well. we also can't settle for politicians who will say whatever it takes to get elected and don't have a clue how to fix it and we can't settle for an entertainer to doesn't know how to fix it either. i understand how to get the economy going and going. we don't have to care about big businesses. we care about small businesses. small businesses create two-thirds of the new jobs. >> how do we get -- >> we have a 73,000 page tax code. >> how do we get the small businesses growing again? >> well, let's start with the
4:36 am
first item on my blueprint to take our country back and by the way, that is what we have to do. we have to take our future back, politics back, government back and country back. 80% of us think we have a political pact. how do we get our economy going and going again? >> first item on my blueprint to take our country back is to take a 73,000 page tax code and get it down to three pages. while all the pund nts say that can't be done, the truth is there's a 20-year-old plan for a three page tax code and why is that important? because a small business like i started out in or my husband frank started out driving a tow truck for it, they can't handle 73,000 pages. three pages levels the playing field between big and small, powerful and powerless. the reason it's never been voted on is because so many oxes are going to get going in washington
4:37 am
d.c. if you go from 73,000 to 3. i'll harness the citizens of the nation and get it passed. >> bernie sanders were talking about breaking up the banks if he has to. do you agree at least we're in a situation where we are at too big to fail again and how would you address that situation? >> of course, we are. of course, we're at that situation. guess how we got a bad situation and made it worse. we passed dodd frank. first of all, the wall street banks helped write it. too big to fail have become five even bigger banks. we destroyed 1,590 community banks in the process. we destroyed 20% of the credit union industry. this is what happens when big government gets bigger, the small get crushed. the community banks and credit system gives businesses to small families. this is the lie bernie sanders
4:38 am
tells and bernie sanders tells as well. progressive policies make it better and they make it worse. progressive policies make big complicated powerful government bigger, more complicated and more powerful. as government gets big aernd more powerful and more complicated, that is why under president obama 90% of the wealth created has gone to the top 1%. income and equality is worse, not better. progressive policies have failed. the only way to fix this is to get money, power, complexity out of washington d.c. and push it back to the people of this nation. that's why i'm running for president. we got go tato take our country.
4:39 am
>> if you could, pull back the curtain and take us inside your war room. what's it look like for you? >> let me tell you what happened last night. i was an exiter at the historic exiter town hall where abraham lincoln spoke. we packed them in standing room only. i know having stood for a long time in a line to take photos and talk to people, most of the people in that room walked out and committed to voting for carly fiorina.
4:40 am
that's what happens in new hampshire. the polls and national media don't determine who wins an election. the voters of new hampshire do. the voters think it's their job to vet candidates and win over the field. that's what they're going to do. we know joe scarborough in particular knows people in new hampshire don't make up their minds until the 30 days, last 14 days and some cases the last two days. i will tell you people right now are starting to pay attention. i feel good about whether we are in the state of new hampshire. >> anything can happen. we're saying it every day. anything can happen and anybody can win, especially in new hampshire. >> carly, thank you very much. >> thank you, carly. up next, the white house. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> there's a delay. >> she's smart. >> so nice. up next, the white house, i like that. he was on the cover of toe time.
4:41 am
>> toe time. >> it's pretty cool. the white house acknowledges we're not getting. >> not toe. tow trucks. tow. you know, mike mater. >> mater, i love that movie. >> you love mater? do you like cars? >> i love cars. it's my favorite animated movie. >> cars once e or cars two? >> cars one in the best. it makes me want to ride across the country on route 66. cause you're my best friend. i love it. sorry. 4-year-old boy. >> right. we've watched all the car shows 47 times. that's first cars movie is a great, great lesson. >> coming up, john kerby joins us live on morning joe next. ta. to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing.
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4:44 am
does a freshly printed fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. right now, it's like paying just $9.99 after rewards for this case of paper! office depot officemax. gear up for great. police in paris have killed
4:45 am
a man who tried to attack an officer. officials say the man shouted as he approached the officer. french police officials now tell nbc news he was wearing a fake exemployees i ha explosives vest. this all unfolded outside a police station in northern paris. it forced the closures of nearby schools and streets and the bomb unit is still on investigation. on the anniversary. joining us now state department spokesman john kerby. good to have you this morning. >> thanks so much. we were speaking last hour with richard haas about the pending threat from north korea, obviously, whatever devices they're detonating, they're going to have the ability to reach the west coast and united states in the coming years, what pressure are we putting on china to have them take care of this north korean threat which is now a threat to the west coast of this country? >> well, obviously, we do
4:46 am
consider the threat north korea poses very seriously. you're right. china has influence on the north and we would like to see them exert that influence. they could have been a little stronger than the rest of the international community would have liked. now we have another opportunity. we had an emergency miting mee yesterday. we've had an opportunity to put a new set of sanctions in place that are tougher and more speck. we want china to leave and step up and help us do that. >> what kind of sanctions are we talking about and how do you convince china to react? >> we don't know exactly what a sanctions package would look
4:47 am
like. that's what we want the u.n. to take a hard look at. this is going to require e unanimity. north korea has been recalcitra recalcitrant. this young leader is tough to exert influence on. >> willie geist, good to see you this morning. i'm sure you've heard the news iran has blamed the saudi government for an attack on the iranny embassy saying it was targeted and deliberate attack. that's from the foreign ministry. what are your concerns as this conflict escalates between saudi arabia and iran? >> we just saw those reports
4:48 am
about that attack. i'm not sure what happened from a military perspective. but your question is much larger than that and certainly something the secretary has been dealing with the last few days. he's been on the phone throughout the gulf region. yesterday some four or five calls to other leaders urging them to do a couple of things. one is let's take the tensions down and not overreact and try to find ways. it's important we understand there's a dimension but it's important not to let secretary tensions rise to a level they can effect other large pressing challenges in the region. iraq, syria, isil, yemen itself. there's a lot going on. we need these regional leaders, local leaders to start to work together to solve the problems. our message has been one toeove the last 48 hours we want them
4:49 am
to step up and handle this. >> would we expect the leaders to have dialogue at this point when you see this rhetoric shot back and forth, the idea they're going to sit down and have calm deliverable talks seems unlikely? >> i can understand the skepticism there but it's the only path forward. it's what we need to see. there's too much stuff going on and we started to make progress here. we made progress on the political track. there's too many important things going on for this to break down. i'm not under estimating or understating the tensions over the mass executions. we understand that and the follow on activities. but we got to move past this and work together. i would note it's encouraging that the saudis said they don't want to lose momentum. the u.s. special was there just this week and came away feeling like that momentum could continue. i've seen comments from iran to the contrary they think there might be an effect on this.
4:50 am
we hope not. there's a meeting left later this month between the opposition group and regime. we want to see that meeting go forward. we need saudi arabia and iran group and the regime. >> so, admiral, let's stick with saudi arabia. what is the level of concern within the state department about saudi arabia? they are overextended militarily in yemen, their oil revenues are down, which they use as a source for basically pacifying a largely poor population. the crown itself sooms to be surrounded by newer and advisers. what's the level of concern within the state department about the immediate future of our relationship with saudi arabia? >> woo have a good strong relationship and we want that to continue. clearly there are challenges. there are issues we don't agree
4:51 am
with. but they are a key ally, a key partner in the region and we want them to continue. they are operating in yemen but they're doing so at the invitation of the yemeni government. they have shown leadership. we want them to continue to show leadership. >> state department spokesman john kirby, thank you very much. >> thank you admiral. >> good to you see guys. >> still ahead rudy giuliani joins us live. there were people who listened along the way.
4:52 am
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. all right. we've got some new royalty, a pair of former players selected for induction into the baseball of hall of fame, ken griffey, just three ballots shy of a unanimous --
4:56 am
>> so who isn't on the list that didn't make it? >> jeff bagwell, tim raines perhaps. >> willie? >> bonds. i'd love to meet the three guys who do not think ken griffey should be in the hall of fame. >> even jeb bush is talking about a jump off for second place. >> jeb up 5 points in the latest poll in new hampshire. >> and senator warren.
4:57 am
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good morning. it's thursday, january 7th. it's 8 a.m. on the east coast, 5 a.m. out west. we have veteran columnist mike barnicle. former communications director for george w. burke, nicole wallace.
5:01 am
jeb bush told "the washington post" last night, quote, look, trump's the front-runner and there as a jump off for second with five candidate. but a new poll of the granite state shows that a fractured field benefits trump. polling has trump ahead by 14% to mub yop's 1-- marco rubio's . you always here so much about christie surging in new hampshire. burlington, vermont is where bernie sanders served as mayor.
5:02 am
i love burlington vermont. >> officials are warning residents to expect overflow demonstrations in the streets. yeah, that's going to be quite an event. >> let's go back to the poll really quickly. nicole, a lot of people have been saying for the past couple of weeks you have the establishment between rubio, christie, kasich. jeb moving more than anybody else in this poll. jeb plus 5. donald trump is still way ahead. >> so trump is polling about the same level as handers. but hillary is the only
5:03 am
establishment democrat. >> you look up and down -- they're all within the margin of error, whether you're talking about christie or kasich or rubio or bush, every within of those guys they've been discounted. within p any one of them could win. >> jeb bush's assessment is correct, that the rest of them are playing for second place. it's trump at 29 and then you've got five people. any one of those guys could come in second. >> the thing about new hampshire, you've got that second tier, 15 down to 10. new hampshire is traditionally a late breaking state. last four, foof days thive days. they have not yet endured the
5:04 am
onabsolute that will come out of the market. >> some people thought there was an impact of the defeat in iowa. some of them decide in the last 24 hours. >> to your point, willie, jeb bush also said for the first time because about a couple weeks he was like he cannot be president. it can't happen. it won't happen. it just can't happen. and he said yesterday, jeb bush, if he's going to be president, he needs to know this stuff and if he's going to be president -- i think they're beginning to get that this could happen. >> people are walking up. >> even the candidates. >> people have been waking up to the fact that he's now ahead in just about every poll. mike barnicle, gop establishment understanding trump could actually win. >> i don't know why it's it and
5:05 am
them so long to come to that conclusion. it's been apparent five or six weeks. well, it's been longer than that. >> six months. >> at least two, three months. >> it certainly hasn't been apparent to people in washington. heilemann had a clip of all of these people saying they were going to fail, they were going to fail, they were going to fail. >> that's because they've been spending most of their time trying to define what the establishment is. the establishment has been trying to redefine themselves. secondly, they live in a bigger than almost be in else in the world. they live in their on environment, they had no idea the anger, frustration and on
5:06 am
both sides of the aisle. >> the controversy returned to the spot loot in interviews with donald trump, who said cruz's birth on canadian soil was, quote, a big problem for the senator from texas. after initially laughing off the issue, cruz responded on the trail in iowa yesterday. >> as a legal matter, the question is quite straight forward in settled law that the child of a u.s. citizen born asbrod a natural born citizen. people will continue to mack noise but it but as a legal matter it's clear. john mccain was born in panama but he was a natural born citizen because -- barry gold water was born in arizona before arizona was a state and yet he was a natural born citizens
5:07 am
because his parents were citizens. >> there are serious issues facing the american people and that's where our focus is going to stay. >> willie, he could have just as well have said you go back and looks everybody he mentioned lost. everything single person ted cruz mentioned. >> he wasn't talking about those candidates' political skills. he was talking about eligibility. >> can you name one who won? >> obviously don't look electing people not born on u.s. soil. >> i'm not sure john mccain
5:08 am
wasn't elected because of that. >> how much do you think the white house is -- >> oh, we have that for you. he like let it breathe. he actually lets it breathe and y you. >> senator john mccain noted an important difference between him and cruz. >> i nope it came up in my race because ephs born in panama, but i was born in the canal zahn, which is a territory. bare eel goldwater was born in arizona when it was a territory when he ran in 1964 -- >> you were on the -- >> yeah, it's a u.s. military base. i think there is a kwgs. i'm not a scholar on that but it's legitimate to look into it.
5:09 am
>> no and mccain was born on a u.s. base. you have one of the leading members of the republican party -- >> stop it, you all. >> -- not being a trump guy. he's saying this is a legitimate question that you have a foreigner -- >> she can't keep a straight face. >> a guy that was born on foreign soil that wants to be president of the united states. >> really? >> that's what jackson said, the guy you worked for. >> american hero. >> he is an american hero. >> what do you think? it's like i missed the pyramid story. >> you know the people in congress and the senate who don't look him? they're making it very clear
5:10 am
today. >> let's talk about marco rubio's heel height. would you allow your husband to wear those go-go boots? >> no. no, no, no. i like him sweaty. i've got such a thing, men in heels in. >> forget about being born on soil. there are no short presidents. >> look, seriously -- >> i think he's like 5'6". >> i don't like you today. >> look at those go, go hoots. . they're straight out of swenging 60s. >> you wouldn't fit through door jams. >> will live's like 6'3", 6'4". he doesn't need go-go boots.
5:11 am
>> john mccain, he's a serious guy. >> i have more for you on this. >> he needs to go to court quickly. >> quickly, like before iowa? >> he announced himself citizenship 18 months ago. >> you did have yesterday i think rand paul saying the one thing he did know he was eligible -- >> just please go to the sound bite and move on. >> here's rand paul. rand? >> you know, i think without question he is qualified and would make the cut, you know to be prime minister of canada absolutely without question he's qualified and he meets the qualifications. >> it would be quite ironic if after seven or eight years of drama around the president's birth certificate if republican primary voters were to choose
5:12 am
senator cruz as their nominee, somebody who actually want born in theins and only 18 months agriculture renounced his canadian sit seasonship -- citi. >> i love canada. >> so why did he denounce it? >> he's worried about the party. >> this feels look affect news, like we're reading from "the onion." i'm sorry. >> you've got the mosts seemed but you can't say it with a
5:13 am
straight face. >> do you believe it's a problem? >> straight face. straight face. >> i believe if i were a vote are right now, he needs to get a list of reexpected conservative legal scholars saying this isn't a problem, this isn't a problem, this isn't a problem. and after that it fine. >> no, it's not. it's offer. they're killing him. it's done. thank you. >> so you can listen to that for a long time or you can just assume what. >> has done is squashed him. >> the underlying story here is in the middle of a heated political campaign, the warmth
5:14 am
and friendship, donald going out of his way to help cruz. >> in china, the entire equity market was shuttered between a who have hour of opening dow futures are down more than 300 points this morning. >> let's start with china. >> in is where i do news. it doesn't stop. >> up know what ehate more than anything, you know what i hate, saying i told you so. right? i had whiners come on this show, smartest people in the world, whiners for five years going oh, the united states is going to be destroyed by china's economic --
5:15 am
we will be -- the growth is so exponential that our children will be speaking mandarin by 2020. what did i say? i said i heard the same damn thing in 1989, in '90 about japan. we hear it every 20, 30 years, okay? yeah, china is going to be the biggest economy, blah, blah, blah. i've heard the nay says are bitch and moan. oh, their airports are so much nicer than ours. they're built on candy canes. nothing's real over there. >> china used to react to our markets and now we react to china's market. >> it's so good, we're going to end it root now.
5:16 am
the united nations says it will immediately start work on new sanctions against north korea. >> did i read somewhere on twitter last night that donald trump ruled out nuking north korea? >> he said let china handle it. >> so we will nuke north korea? >>. something look that. he said he wouldn't consider. >> sork is reportedly resuming propaganda broadcasts following the nuclear testing and we knew that joe biden agonized over their to start is still not
5:17 am
fully at peace himselfthere's been no personal attacks that i'm aware of of nip consequence. it's not a bunch of serendipity out there. >> any regrets to not throwing your hat in the ring? >> sure, i regret it every day but it was the right decision for my family and for me. i plan on staying deeply involved. wrooef got two good candidates. >> there are three. >> maybe he doesn't look hillary. so joe, you know joe well obviously. you've known joe for a long time. he's still tortured by this decision. >> that's what he said. >> well, he's got a hole in his heart that's never going to go away. i think he would tell you that he is fiend on days when his
5:18 am
schedule is full and he's business' all day wrong. but it's that down time that you inet blid the. >> but the impact on the family pipt not just him. >> still ahead,senator elizabeth warren praises one political candidate tate rev. >> everybody's a winner here. everybody wents. >> and later, candy carson. we of ben par san is here. we'll be receipt back. ♪ as soon as you are able and i am willing ♪
5:19 am
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if the republicans weren't worried, then why are hedge fund billionaires already running ads against me? they know i will stand up to this many and defeat their right-wing, top-down agenda that is bad for america! and we're not going to let it happen! >> that was hillary clinton last night making her case in nevada. the three democratic candidates gathered in las vegas alongside harry reid. meanwhile senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts still hasn't endorsed a candidate for president. yesterday she voiced strong for for her kol oog, bernie sanders, a day after he delivered a fiery speech. warren took to twitter and said
5:23 am
i'm glad best is. >> and this why elizabeth warren is elizabeth warn. she'll go out there and see what she believes. >> she's not strangled by hillary's cam pan. >> the hillary campaign was freaks out because she said something nice about bernie. it won't hurt her with hillary's people in the end. in fact, it will just make their embrace of her even stronger. because she is not modifying what she was. and what she says and what she tweets for the political class for the machine that griends most politicians to the nub. god bless you you, elizabeth warren. >> a couple of hours later she
5:24 am
broadened her little message and said she's glad all the democratic candidate are fighting for wall street reform. >> what's that? >> i guess someone got to her. >> i don't know. it's that call that came in. coming up rng mayor giuliani grew from his experience on september 11th. he joins us live in just a moment. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it's a once-daily pill that works around the clock. here's how:
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5:28 am
more now on the breaks news out of paris. a knife-wieldingedly trying to enter a police station has been shot and killed by officers. french officials tell nbc news the attacker was wearing what police later determined to be a fake explosives device. the editor of the international "new york times" posted a photo of the suspected attacker dead. you can see what believes to be a bomb squad robot inspecting the body. according to the a.p., police have cleared hundreds from the neighborhood, near a major train station, amade fears of another possible attacker at large. all of this on the anniversary of the "charlie hebdo" attacks.
5:29 am
>> let's bring in former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. >> good morning. >> i just got to ask you this because people always ask us this when they see us out on the streets, how are we doing? are we safe? is it okay for our kids to -- >> obviously we're not safe. on monday i was at the opening of the year for the workers in san bernardino, we had 2,500 people there, governor brown. i said to them after 9/11, i always dreaded having to come to something like this, meaning another attack. we were very fortunate for a long period of time. but then i said to them, i hate to tell you this but you're going to be needed to help comfort other people in the future. i think we're going to be seeing this sporadically. >> are we're moving to a situation like israel has had to deal with for the past 40 years? >> maybe not as many attacks.
5:30 am
they were having like one or two a week. if you say we're going to have four, five more attacks i wouldn't be surprised. if athese things you can plan within a relatively small group of people. >> obvious by we've got to up the anti-. >> if you just focus on the local part of it, the police have to become really expert in detecting the precursors of terrorism. what are the things that terrorists do before a bombing? i know the new york city police department going back 20 years and now under commissioner bratton is very good at that. it means before a bombing they usually come there and weep used to call it in the old days when it was a robbery case the joint, look it over. see where they're going to put
5:31 am
themselves, where are they going to place themselves? you've got to be alert to that. >> if you're mayor of new york city right now, what do you do to guy buy-in from a muslim community obviously feels -- >> you go talk to them. >> get engaged, right? >> i used to talk to the muslim community, i would go to the malcolm x mosque and talk to the people there, explain what happened, try to explain our jl justice system, somebody gets arrested, it takes a while. >> how are those interactions? >> much better than they april peer to be on television because television picks out the two that go wrong and they miss the ten that go right. >> but you have an overwhelming majority of muslim americans on your side. >> they need to be encouraged more to step forward at a time like this.
5:32 am
best you can have sitting here now is an e-mom saying how terrible this is, saying this is not what terrorism should be l all. >> that was your experience while here in new york city that the overwhelmed of americans were just as stunned and horrified by what happened on 9/11. >> yes, yes. but to be fair, there are some communities where there were celebrations. >> i'm talking about how do we keep new yorks are safe in 2016? >> this is like the mafia. most italian americans had nothing to do with the mafia. but there was a mafia. they were big, it was powerful -- >> but they weren't called italian americans. i'm saying they were called the.
5:33 am
>> candidates aren't lump it them together. they're lumping themselves together. they're organizing under the principle of islam. they have a certain interpretation of the koran, which their scholars can justify. do they constitute the majority of muslims? absolutely not. do most organizers reject it? absolutely. it wasn't a vast majority of italians but they were organized under the principle of being an italian mrk. sfwlshlg talking to them,
5:34 am
organizing them, encouraging them to step up more, encouraging them to act against radicals why this is repugnant to the way those are the books, the koran boop need that kind of intellectual debate within the he is twrrng with a different name, it might not been a bad thing right now. the nuns in catholic school would have beaten me up if they heard me say that. >> joe asked you right away in the beginning of the segment are we safe and you said, no, we are not safe. could you expand on that? >> sure. >> because there's a language -- this is not meant for you. there's a language of fear in
5:35 am
the country today uttered by a lot of politicians, which sometimes is it not helpful. >> my goodness. it's a tough one. you want to tell people they're not safe so they're alert. . i can remember the bombing that almost took pleas on times square that was expected bip an individual citizen who was suspicious pip also remember that san bernardino might not have taken place in the woman had reported the arab looking people who were doing strange things in the garage. she says she was afraid to do it because she would be stair kwod e
5:36 am
eempeople have to be alert. they have to be aware and brnch -- this is where i think you're wrong about ethnic identification -- got lette lettersfrrn mitchell and nexton put it there. italian americans felt singled out. when i campaigned for mayor, i had tomatoes thrown at me because of my prosecution of the guy who controlled -- >> i bet they were good ones, though. >> can i ask you, after 9/11, you were front and center nationally in this fight against
5:37 am
terrorism. after san been at a policy level, what poll sfrorngs -- i think jay johnson has done a very good john can be i think that would be a good role for him to take on, to tran local police on how to look for this. and without creating paranoia and fear but let's be realistic. there are certain things we should be afraid of. on a subway, you got to be careful. you can't get too close to the track. does that mean we're afraid of subways? you should be afraid like we have a natural reaction who like
5:38 am
watching the train go by two or three teams. >> would. >> of course. of course we should be embarsed. shoot andmuslims coming from the places where the problems are. syria, pack fan, afghanistan, semen, those maybe you light a candle but very careful. >> i'm sorry. that's justfrjs, dorn so really quickly before frm frfrm you
5:39 am
said he's one of the fastest learners you've ever met. this man has been in politics for six months, he's better in what he's doing than hillary who as, from but he found a way to do it in a way no other nshlgs. >> i'm not sure i'd pick that. in your husband is doing al that you is it sfrm you didn't immediate lip know it was true after his history. the ent you heard it you know it
5:40 am
wasity f of sex ch if. you have the favored to win the nm before think the real answers are fwlg too come highia does this entment turn into a vote. >> look at the number of these m or is it real voting? if it's real voting, his on his way to the nomination. >> thank you. thaej f. >> after nor dismal day for the chinese markets, we're going to go live to the new york snang next on "morning joe." (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party. (party music)
5:41 am
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the bad news is, mika, you
5:44 am
did not win the $500 million powerball jackpot. that's okay because you get paid that every two weeks. the good news is nobody else did either. the pot swells to an estimated $675 million for the nest drawing. it's the largest u.s. lottery prize in history. that is half of meek barnicle's allowance every month. >> i play it anyway. >> i'm going to play it. >> i had come to sex numbers yesterday. >> i nope where mike goes. he picked me once. corner of west 72nd and columbus. >> don't tell them. that's my ticket. >> it's looking for a loer opening for u.s. stocks following another big plunge in china. >> sarah, it's so crazy, you would look at the turmoil in the
5:45 am
middle east and you say being ork being, oil going to, from. >> what a way to start the year for wall street. we're looking at a sharp decline at the open for u.s. stocks and for oil. we could be looking at a 4b 00-point drop at the open for the dow. yes, the turmoil is emanating from china. overnight, another dramatic session and the chinese stock market. what happened? in about less than 30 minutes into trading, the market plunged 7% and then the secretary breakers went off, second time this week that that happened, which actually stopped trading. trades are wouldn't home and the market closed down 7%. they put that in place to stop the market sliding even farther
5:46 am
but there is a lot of concern about what is lurking beef naet the surface in the china economy. brent is the international benchmark, we're going back to levels we have not seen in a decade, back beyond the financial crisis lows where everybody was so worried about economic demand. that's why commodities compan s companies -- we've really got c can. in upstate new york, we heard you 17 miners were trapped in a smalt look they were pulled to safety a few at a time. each trip down to rescue them teaking about 45 minutes.
5:47 am
the elevator got stuck 900 feet underdown. >> thank good, and has to mines are sfrrngs this morning have a suppose who knows exactly what the doctor has ordered. been carson is here and back in a moment.
5:48 am
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5:50 am
♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (crow cawing) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing".
5:51 am
it's very invigorating that he can accomplish this and that he does approach things differently and really cares about bringing people into the process. to have it be understood and by such a wide margin of people has been really exily rating and surprising. >> we meet the better what was of the presidential contenders. joining us now, candy carson. she's the wife of presidential candidate ben cancer.
5:52 am
frnls also come from humble background, one of five kid, droul, your dad a track at this earnership, mernd personal but there's already been a movie madeyou giets prp but i tell you, we really do feel blessed to have been able to go through the tng flrngsy couldn't have done dwloog he did, coming from the poor beginnings that he had and then peacekeeping a world class neurosurgeon? come on. . we had lootsflfrm when i
5:53 am
consider my husband's surgical career -- most times because heuer m frn and you're making very minute, precise grrjs not again with and to this this yoo kbrrp zplrjs deaf or blind or dead. >> you'recying here thinking this guy as had his great juror, i can finally action says, "honey, i think i'm running for president." >> who was that? >> it wasn't on either of our bucket list prngs and if be
5:54 am
flrks to wrap your mind around that. >> that's tough, to pay that off at a route $10 million a day would take you 5,000 yard. we need to get those policies in there that would turn this around as soon as possible. it's not fair to these children. >> you obviously have political gifts, too. i mean, what do you see as your role on the cam pan. you obviously have all these. are. >> well, i hear it all the time. >> no. you obviously feel this purpose as well. what's campaign -- thomas jefferson said it's morally wrong to steal from future jgs i
5:55 am
don't think rngs in pfrm if we were physically responsible, we would be pretty much kwaul. the gap now sits at over $200 trillion. so we really need to get started on this really soon or else -- and the on reason we can have that is because the growth monetary currency is based on the u.s. dollar. so we can print money but there's been challenges to that because that only goes to the country with the highest gdp. >> i watched you walk in here and you have a certain joy about you that you have that you carry with you. >> organization, thank you. >> what does the brutalization, that is campaign process do to you? can anyone ever be prepared for it? >> i don't know.
5:56 am
i mean, the thing of it is if you feel called to do this, then you do it. there's too much at stake now. when he took over as chief at pediatric neuro surgery, people started coming in. he developed those different subdepartments, and he came with those kind of things and it became the top pediatric neurosurgery department in the
5:57 am
country. >> so you're an incredible story, graduate of yale, hopkins, a musician, the list goes on. there's the answer. you're amazing. come back. congratulations on the book. >> yeah. that was a tough thing to do, too. >> a doctor in the house, my life with ben carson out now. candy carson here now. woah! father, why can't we have directv like the macgregors do? we're settlers, son. we settle for things. like having cable instead of directv. hey, jebediah, how's it going? working the land. hoping for a fertile spring. all right. so we have to live with lower customer satisfaction? i'm afraid so. now go churn us some butter, boy, and then make your own clothes. yes, sir. (vo) don't be a settler. get rid of cable and upgrade to directv. call 1-800-directv.
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