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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  January 7, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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we are looking currently at the stock market and seeing an influx of selling. right now the market down by 243 points. stocks took this plunge at the opening bell this morning. now, they are starting to rebound, flatten out. it's all about worries over china's economy and dropping oil prices globally. we will get more details on what's happening on wall street in a moment. we do want to start the hour with politics, where the birther fight doesn't seem to be ending between donald trump and ted cruz. donald trump digging the blade in a little further this morning, offering quote, free legal advice to cruz via twitter, saying that the texas senator should go to court and seek a declaratory judgment. >> you go in seeking the decision of the court. without a court case. you go right in. you go before a judge, you do it quickly. it can go quickly.
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declaratory judgment. it's very good. i used it on numerous occasions. >> the supreme court never really ruled on what is a natural born citizen. >> that's the problem. there's this doubt. people have doubt. >> that is accurate. it has never risen to a supreme court decision for a case. cruz's canadian birth to a u.s. citizen has become this political fight du jour. cruz calls it settled law. not so, says fellow senator republican john mccain, who faced similar questions back in 2008 during his own presidential run. however, the arizona senator is no fan of cruz, having one time called him a whacko bird. mccain says cruz's case may be different from his own. >> i know it came up in my race because i was born in panama, but i was born in the canal zone which is a territory. barry goldwater was born in arizona when it was a territory, when he ran in 19 -- >> you were born on a base, too, weren't you? >> yeah. it's a u.s. military base. that's different from being born on foreign soil. so i think there is a question.
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i'm not a constitutional scholar on that. but i think it's worth looking into it. i don't think it's illegitimate to look into it. >> meanwhile, donald trump is taking his campaign to senator bernie sanders' backyard. a jam-packed 20,000 seat crowd expected to fill a 1400 seat venue. msnbc is going to be there to watch it all. this all as the gop front-runner lobbies a new provocative ad aimed at bill clinton. we have all political angles covered from the campaign trail to washington. i want to begin with nbc's katy tur live from burlington, vermont. trump has famously said he likes ted cruz and cruz likes him, but he has driven a point to the forefront that actually needs to be properly evaluated for some. >> reporter: it's like the mean girl in high school who is your friend and she's just trying to help you, you really need to lose some weight, i'm just trying to help or you really need to put on makeup, you would
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look so much better if you just did this. this is what donald trump kind of sounds like in this situation. ted cruz just go get a declaratory judgment, i'm just trying to help you. this way he's trying to sound like he's being helpful and supportive of ted cruz when in reality he's perpetuating this perceived problem, casting doubt on ted cruz, casting doubt on his ability to be the president, casting doubt on hopefully the supporters of his who say maybe i shouldn't vote for him because this is going to get tied up in the courts. it's a brilliant move in terms of political attacks for donald trump because he's able to say no, no, i'm not breaking this detente, i'm just trying to help him. >> so now we have the other controversy under way nearby to where you are. as we mentioned, we have this rally that's going to happen tonight in burlington. it is bernie sanders' backyard. the local newspaper there reporting 20,000 free tickets were given out for a venue that seats about 1400. has the campaign explained how
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they want to control the crowd? i know donald sent a tweet earlier telling people to get there early. but that's about it. >> reporter: yeah. yeah. nbc news is reporting this as well, 20,000 people have been given free tickets to this event and it's just a 1400 person theater. it's just right behind me. people are already lining up. the town certainly isn't happy about it. the police chief said that if this were a phish concert and if phish gave out 20,000 free tickets, of course it's burlington, vermont, they would have canceled the event but since it's a political rally and since it's for the good of the public to get information for this election, they are not going to do it but they are certainly not happy about it. they asked the trump campaign what they are going to do with the people who will be outside, the trump campaign basically said deal with it, it's your problem, we're just responsible for those who are going to be inside of the event. so far, the trump campaign has said they do expect 6500 people to show up. still, that is a lot more people than that theater can handle.
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>> if they canceled a phish concert, people would be livid. >> reporter: i would have been livid back in the '90s. >> thanks so much. appreciate your reporting in vermont. be sure to watch chris hayes all in live from burlington as trump holds a rally in bernie sanders' home state tonight 8:00 eastern right here on msnbc. this also brings us to our microsoft pulse question for you. is donald trump the gop's best chance to win the white house? he's leading across the board. what do you think as we are ramping up to iowa? the pulse launched at the top of the show. we'll evaluate that throughout the two hours. even former friends, though, they are taking some shots at senator ted cruz. listen to this jab from fellow senator and presidential candidate rand paul. >> i think without question, he is qualified and would make the cut, you know, to be prime minister of canada, absolutely,
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without question, he's qualified and he meets the qualification. >> nbc's hallie jackson following the latest from the cruz campaign in iowa. fill us in. >> reporter: hey, thomas. yeah, we are at the pizza ranch here. i'm sort of stuck in the back in golf whisper because we are trying not to disrupt the event. you can see ted cruz speaking just in front here. it's a pretty packed crowd, people standing on chairs to try to see him and try to check out the event here as they are taking pizza orders behind me for buffalo chicken pizza. you are talking about this issue, this birther issue with john mccain, with donald trump, the thing that has been brought up, these questions about his eligibility. i can tell you given some reporting i have done that the campaign is not particularly surprised by this, especially coming from john mccain. look at the relationship the two have had. you remember, of course, mccain called cruz a whacko bird a couple years ago, has since apologized for that. but there's not a lot of love lost between the two of them. the other part of it, they are not particularly concerned either. there is a sense among the campaign this is not an attack or not a question at least that is resonating among voters particularly here in iowa.
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just to give you some anecdotal examples, we heard it both ways here. i spoke to one young woman who is looking at donald trump, looking at ted cruz, hasn't decided yet. i asked her, does this birther issue concern you, do you think about it. she said no, that's just political show. i'm going to make my decisions based on the issues noting that she likes where donald trump and ted cruz are on some of the issues. a decision she will be making in less than a month now as we get closer and closer to the caucuses. back to you. >> racing ahead. hallie, thanks for that report. appreciate it. any moment, we have right now bill clinton going to be making his first campaign appearance for hillary clinton in the hawkeye state. moments ago, donald trump tweeted out a new attack ad drawing a line between bill clinton, anthony weiner and bill cosby. take a look. >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights once and for all. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity. >> nbc news has not reached out
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or not reached the clinton campaign for a response and reaction to this video. we have reached out. we are waiting for reaction. senior political editor mark murray joins us. that doesn't hold anything back. the visuals speak for themselves. >> absolutely. you take the last word donald trump is throwing verbal grenades at hillary and bill clinton, at ted cruz on the birther issue, the city of burlington, vermont. he's fighting almost a three-front war right now. but on this particular issue, what he is trying to do is take away hillary clinton's, one of her greatest strengths heading into this presidential election, that is being a woman, someone who has a record standing up for women's rights and of course, it's very important to note that none of the kind of allegations have anything to do with hillary clinton, but this instagram video shows bill clinton, anthony weiner, bill cosby where there's just a photo.
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this is very smart short-term politics for donald trump. i think it ingratiates himself with conservatives and republicans who might have doubts. if he's attacking hillary clinton in ways no one else is doing, that must strengthen him with these types of voters. i'm still unsure about whether this is a general election strength on whether most voters actually care about this, republican voters certainly want to know who's going to take the biggest fight to hillary clinton and by extension, bill clinton as well. >> here's the thing. are we going to watch this, and again, nbc news has reached out to the clinton campaign for response and reaction to this video, as soon as we get that we will pass that along to our viewers, but mark, is this going to reach back into '90s tabloid fodder and that that's what this cycle might actually turn into? donald trump is no angel. he has a past. >> you know, thomas, i think it's inevitable we are going to litigate some of the 1990s again. that was always going to be on the table with hillary clinton making a presidential bid this election season, there were some
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of the '90s past when she ran in 2007 and 2008, but what we have seen donald trump do time and time again is being able to influence the media news cycle, to go places no one else is able to go to to basically say let's litigate the 1990s and bill clinton's past with women right now. that was always going to be a subject, but he has been able to dictate a lot of the terms of the debate just by being more provocative than anyone else. >> what you know of the clinton campaign and the metrics of it from '08, is there a playbook by which to deal with this, plan a, plan b, plan c, because doing opposition research on themselves would be an unmistakable achilles heel. >> yes. the other thing to note, i have been covering the clintons and been a washington reporter since the late 1990s when all of this kind of took off, is that at the end of the day, while the clintons have often sustained many, many hits, they have usually come out ahead. bill clinton ended up beating
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impeachment, was celebrated as a rock star and big dog at the 2012 democratic convention nominating barack obama for re-election, and again and again, they often end up prevailing often because the opposition goes a little too far. but certainly, and this is one of the issues with hillary clinton who is going to make another presidential bid this cycle, a lot of this stuff and history gets relitigated. >> bill clinton going to be making two stops today in iowa. we will cover that for everybody and bring that to you. nbc news has reached out to the clinton camp for response to that ad from trump. we will wait to see if we get anything. thank you, sir. we have developing news we are covering overseas, where french officials are investigating a new potential act of terrorism. earlier today, officers shot and killed a knife-wielding man wearing a fake explosive device outside a police station just north of paris. the city's prosecutor says officials found a piece of paper with an isis flag on it. so this all comes as france marks one year since the deadly
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attacks on the magazine "charlie hebdo." we are just a little bit short of the february 13th attacks will mark that two-month period coming up next week. france has been under the state of emergency since those friday the 13th attacks that killed 130 people in november. nbc news chief global correspondent bill neely joins me on the phone from paris. explain what we know about the attacker so far and the investigation. >> reporter: well, within the last hour, thomas, there are reports that the man was a 20 or 21-year-old man born in morocco. he was identified by his fingerprints because he took part apparently in a robbery in 2013. these reports have not been confirmed by the prosecutor or by police. we do know that at 11:30 this morning, a man wielding a knife and shouting allahu akhbar, god
10:13 am
is great, approached a police station in the north of paris. police officers opened at least three shots and he was killed. there was something around his waist with a wire trailing out of it. they used a robot with a camera to examine his body and it turned out it was a fake suicide belt. but on his body they also found a piece of paper with an isis flag and in arabic written, again, according to reports in the last hour, a pledge of allegiance to isis. so again, we don't know exactly who this man is but if you look at the timing, it happened at exactly 11:30, which is exactly to the minute a year since the kouachi brothers approached the offices of the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" and opened fire, killing a dozen people there. it seems like a very deliberate act. >> we will wait for more from investigators.
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bill neely reporting from paris, thank you. want to go back to the breaking news that we started with at the top of this show. looking at the markets and wall street and red arrows across the board as we are looking at the dow jones down by some 305 points. after the closing or after the opening bell this morning, excuse me, there was a big sell-off where the dow tumbled as much as 318 points. we have seen it modestly come back up but not by much. all this spurred by anxiety over the chinese economy 30 minutes after the start of trading and for the second time this week, china's so-called circuit breaker mechanism kicked in after the cs 1300 fell 7%. china saying it will suspend the circuit breaker in order to stabilize the markets. josh barrow is domestic correspondent at the "new york times" and msnbc contributor and friend of the show who was here earlier this week talking about the circuit breaker. twice in one week, that was the first time they instituted the trigger when we spoke earlier. now we have it two times in one
10:15 am
week. what gives? >> so it wasn't just the first time they used it. the circuit breaker rule was new on monday. they had to use it the first day they had it. they had to use it twice in a week and now are suspending it. what the chinese have been learning over the last year is the government can't just tell investors what stock prices should be. before we had this huge drop in chinese markets there was a huge bubble, stocks more than doubling in a year. china isn't really a normal stock market. it's very hard to get your money in and out of the country, in and out of the stock market. you have had emerging middle class pouring money into it. now they realize there wasn't a good reason for stocks to go up like that. they are tying to get their money out. the natural result is a stock market crash. the government there has been trying to delay and prevent that but fundamentally you can't stop it forever. >> there has been an impact here domestically which we will talk about next hour. we want to see how this ripple effect will play out. we will have you back and see where the markets stand then. thank you so much. coming up next, more questions than answers about how flint, michigan's water supply reached a crisis level before anyone pulled the plug. >> as i previously said, as they
10:16 am
have come out with items they put in their report, we have been very prompt about taking actions in response to what they are finding. >> you are not answering my question. >> i answered your question. >> when did you know? >> we will have a live report coming up next. and i will talk to the city's mayor in the next hour about this issue. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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so in less than an hour, secretary john kerry will make remarks at the beginning of the state department briefing. right now, there is no clear word on what the secretary plans to say, but he could speak about a wide ranging set of issues about foreign policy, which would include the north korean nuclear threat. this coming a day after north korea celebrated what it described as the successful test of a miniatureized hydrogen
10:20 am
bomb. the rest of the world is mobilizing a swift response to this. south koreans protesting, burning an effigy of kim jong-un. the government announced it would resume cross-border loud speaker broadcasts which the north considers an act of war. president obama spoke by phone late last night with leaders of south korea and japan, agreeing to work together to forge a united and strong international response and the u.n. security council has pledged to swiftly pursue new sanctions against north korea and its unpredictable leader. william cohen served as defense secretary from 1997 to 2001 and is now chairman and ceo of the cohen group. good to see you. as we talk about what the implications of all of this mean, especially after u.s. officials have really dumped cold water on north korea's claims, saying they don't have this technology, are we seeing a disproportionate response since we don't have anything verified or is this just the natural course of action? >> well, it's not a
10:21 am
disproportionate response because the testing itself is already in violation of u.n. security council resolution. they have already violated resolutions. whether it's a fissile material that's been used or fission as opposed to fusion, whether thermonuclear or not, that is almost irrelevant in terms of sanctions need to be intensified. now, the security council needs to take action. china is in a better position than anybody else at this point by reducing the level of subsidy that it provides to the north koreans. number one, they should do that. but number two, we have to go beyond that. i think we need to deploy something called the terminal high area defense capability, both in japan and south korea, so we don't just wait for tit for tat but say we are going to protect our allies and our interests by doing these things in anticipation that nothing we have done to date has deterred north korea from pursuing a
10:22 am
nuclear capability. now, the danger is that they trade in nuclear materials. they have traded with pakistan, with iran. we know that there are terror groups trying to get their hands on nuclear material. so this is a real threat in terms of proliferation. i think we have to use more than words and simply slap them on the wrist and go through a kabuki dance that we do each time and not really make them pay a penalty that gets their attention that we are not going to accept them becoming a quote, nuclear power. >> yes. this has been a long dance. my colleague andrea mitchell spoke with former cia director and defense secretary leon panetta a short time ago. he says the fact that they appear to have conducted a nuclear test just shows how dangerous they really are. here's what he had to say about the approach now in dealing with north korea. take a look. >> the key there is yes, deterrence, containment, sanctions, but also pressuring china to put as much pressure as they can on north korea to abide
10:23 am
by international rules. they are an outlaw nation right now and that's what is fearful in that part of the world. >> secretary, does this mean that china is complicit in the aggression of north korea, or at least the technology that they would like the rest of the world to think they have? >> not complicit. they have been fearful of putting too much pressure on north korea for fear it would cause a dissolution of the government and sending millions of north koreans into their country. but i think we have to weigh that. china has to make a calculation to say whether or not it's time for them to get much tougher with their not client state but the state that they have been supporting, and say this has to stop. and in the event that it doesn't, here are some of the things that we intend to do. now, the united states could take action on its own. for example, we could suggest that all of the shipments coming out of north korea that we suspect may be carrying something other than nuclear
10:24 am
materials but weapons, conventional weapons, credit card fraud, et cetera, financial fraud, we could -- currency manipulation in terms of the fraudulent production of currency, we could insist that our allies open those ships for investigation upon arrival at the port. mandate that, in the event that those countries that are receiving those shipments, they would face a penalty from the united states if they fail to look into what kind of cargo north korea is shipping to various countries around the world. that would be -- have a serious impact i think on the economy and catch the attention of the north koreans. right now, it's optional. i think we might consider trying to make it mandatory. >> secretary william cohen, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. so stay with us. we will talk about an issue back here at home that is grabbing a lot of attention in michigan. the governor there apologizing for the toxic water crisis in the city of flint. how soon did their local government officials know about
10:25 am
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the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. welcome back. we're tracking new developments in the flint, michigan toxic water crisis. one day after the governor issued a state of emergency over this issue, the governor and mayor of the city are promising to work together to solve the crisis. so this comes months after dangerously high amounts of lead were found in the city's water supply. the mayor saying that the cost of the lead fix could top $1 billion. this morning, the governor apologized for the second time. >> this is a situation that no one wished would have ever happened but it has happened and we want to be open and honest to say let's address it proactively, let's go after the issues both in terms of solving what historically, what damage has been done but also being proactive to prevent future damage and then to do good follow-up to say how we can help people that may have had higher lead levels.
10:29 am
>> nbc's john yang is following the story for us in flint, michigan. john, what exactly did the mayor and the governor agree on today? >> reporter: well, they came together to try to present a united front moving forward. they are going to spend tens of millions of dollars to dig up 15,000 water lines that are made of lead in this city, and a great deal of money in addition to look and see what other lines may be made of lead. the problem is that the water they are taking from the flint river is corrosive, not being treated. it could have been treated for about $100 a day, would have solved this problem. it's corroding the lead lines from the inside and leaching lead into the drinking water. the one thing that the mayor -- rather, the governor rick snyder looking forward, he was also getting a lot of questions about looking backward, who was responsible for this. his own task force has laid much
10:30 am
of the responsibility for this situation at the michigan department of environmental quality for not heeding sooner the concerns about the lead levels, about the reports about the lead levels, the decisions about all this were made by a state-appointed emergency manager who has taken a lot of the powers away from the locally elected officials here in flint and one of the agreements they actually had today was to restore a lot of those powers to the new mayor, elected just in november. she ran, one of the big issues in her campaign was the situation with the water here. but the governor trying to look forward rather than to look back. he's getting a lot of heat nationally from some big celebrities. cher tweeting that he's -- calling him a murderer and should face a firing squad. local native son michael moore on his website has a petition
10:31 am
calling for snyder's arrest and is calling for the justice department to investigate snyder. snyder's office says that it's unfortunate that this incendiary language is being inserted at a time when he's trying to protect the health of the citizens of flint. thomas? >> john yang reporting for us there in flint, thank you, sir. appreciate it. a reminder for everybody, coming up, i will speak with the mayor that john talked about there. the newly elected karen weaver, about this water crisis coming up in the next hour and what her message is to people as they start to investigate the background and the source of how it got this bad in flint. now we go to my colleague frances rivera with two stories developing this hour that we are following. >> we start with great outcome here, really precarious situation. 17 miners trapped 90 stories underground in upstate new york are now safe. they got stuck around 10:00 last night as they headed down to the floor of the mine to start their
10:32 am
shift. their elevator malfunctioned. they were rescued this morning after a crane lowered a basket, bringing the miners up a few at a time. officials say none of the miners was injured. turning to developing news out of oregon, the harney county sheriff is once again asking armed protesters in control of a federal building to go home. the sheriff made that plea at a community meeting last night. protesters have been in control of the building for six days now. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton weighing in, telling las vegas sun quote, they should leave, leave peacefully, but they should be charged for the illegal action they have undertaken, trespassing, breaking and entering and the like. protesters are expected to update the situation at the top of the hour. we will look for that. thank you very much. up next, how to be or not to be a natural-born citizen. we will ask a constitutional expert about why there's no clear definition of the term and what it can mean for ted cruz's presidential hopes. and the trooper who pulled sandra bland over in a traffic stop gone wrong is indicted for
10:33 am
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♪ ♪
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♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ back to 2016 politics now. we want to take a deeper dive into the issue of ted cruz's citizenship. some of cruz's fellow republicans have kept the flame alive on that issue, refusing to say whether the issue is indeed settled law, which is what ted cruz told reporters on wednesday. >> as a legal matter, the question is quite straightforward and settled law that the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. people will continue to make political noise about it but as a legal matter it's quite straightforward.
10:37 am
>> sarah duggan is a constitutional law professor at the catholic university in d.c. i'm a big fan after watching the interview lawrence o'donnell conducted last night on "the last word." i was riveted to the conversation that you had and i felt our viewers needed to be privy to this conversation as well. i really appreciate you making time for me, because is it intellectually dishonest for ted cruz to say this is settled law? >> i don't know if it's intellectually dishonest. he may have that view. but it is not settled law. we have never had anything clear in the constitution. the supreme court has never ruled on the meaning of that phrase and it's virtually impossible to figure out exactly what the framers meant. that said, there are good arguments that someone born to a u.s. parent outside the united states should be considered a natural born citizen but as far as the current immigration statutes go, they're statutes. they say you are a naturalized
10:38 am
citizen at birth. that's not necessarily the same thing as a natural born citizen. >> so when you talk about what the framers meant and we have john mccain's case, where he was born in the panama canal on a military base to two american parents, explain how that is different and how it is relevant but different than what we evaluate looking into where ted cruz was born. >> well, i think that you can argue that either way. i don't think that it's clearly different. i understand what senator mccain has said, but he still was born outside the united states and as i understand it, it was at a time just before congress had essentially made the panama canal zone akin to territory of the united states. so it may not be quite as big a difference as senator mccain has indicated. but that said, it's still a situation where we have two different people who were born outside the united states, one in canada and the other in
10:39 am
something that was at least arguably u.s. territory. that would be the difference, if you wanted to make it. >> same thing with barry goldwater who was born in arizona as it was a territory before it was legally converted to statehood. but when it comes to a case like this, if this were to elevate itself to the u.s. supreme court, which a case has never done, how do you think the court would go in terms of standing? do you think it would even make it that far? >> i think it depends who brings the lawsuit. the case that is pending in broward county, florida does not have a good chance of going forward. >> that's a voter, right? >> that's brought by a voter. i'm not sure how congressman grayson would have standing if he were to bring a lawsuit. the best standing would be that of donald trump. >> it would be hypocritical of
10:40 am
daa democrat to bring a lawsuit forward given that this type of accusation was placed against president obama against donald trump about not being born in hawaii? >> i think we are all entitled to try to get rulings from the court about what our constitution means in practice. i do think, however, it will be very difficult unless that democrat happens to be the rival candidate in the presidential election. at this point, there's probably a good case for standing. but i do want to note, too, that up until that point, there's an issue of whether this is a mature enough issue to go forward and that would depend on how the case is cast. if a state, for example, were threatening to keep senator cruz off the ballot, then he certainly would have a good argument for standing to seek a declaratory judgment. short of that, i don't think even he is in a position to bring a lawsuit right now unless there were some threat to keep him off the ballot. if we actually had someone who was against senator cruz in either a primary or even better,
10:41 am
in an actual presidential election, when we get to that point, that's a pretty clear case for standing. and until that point, you have this issue, are we ready to go forward. when you get past that, then there's something called political question doctrine and that doctrine looks at is the court the right person, the right entity, to make this ruling or is this a political issue that really is best left to congress itself, the twelfth amendment and the 20th amendment together would provide for that kind of process when the electoral ballots are counted. >> really is fascinating. like i said, i was riveted to that conversation and i thank you for making time for me today. law professor at catholic university, constitutional scholar, sarah duggan, thank you. >> thank you so much. so hours from now, donald trump is expected to take the stage in vermont for a rally. the local newspaper there reports 20,000 free tickets were distributed. now, the catch is, the venue where they have this rally only
10:42 am
has seats for about 1400. so we have been asking you about the opinion of the trump phenomenon. msnbc's frances rivera back with a look at the pulse question. how are people feeling? >> even more and more favoring donald trump. we asked you is donald trump the gop's best chance to win the white house. 60% of our viewers saying yes, that is the case. 39% of our viewers saying no, and we look at the political party breakdown, seems like more democrats were voting as far as the yeses than republicans. we will continue to follow that, see if that changes at all as we continue this conversation. is where you can vote for that. >> thank you very much. coming up next for our viewers, the mom of sandra bland will be my guest and her reaction to an officer charged with perjury involved in the death of her daughter. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery.
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10:45 am
the mother of sandy bland is condemning the action against the officer who arrested her daughter. now, her condemnation comes one day after a grand jury indicted
10:46 am
a texas state trooper on one charge of perjury in connection to a contentious traffic stop that led to sandra bland's arrest last july. she died in jail, days later, and authorities say they will begin termination proceedings against the trooper. this morning, surrounded by her attorney and family members, genevieve read-veal said this char charge isn't enough. >> to charge this guy with a classic misdemeanor, okay, are you kidding me? the world is looking at this going are you serious? >> sandra bland's arrest last year was caught on dash cam video. here you see it, capturing how quickly things escalated. >> get out of the car! i will light you up. get out, now. >> wow. >> get out. >> for failure to signal. >> get over there. >> joining me is sandra bland's mother and bland family
10:47 am
attorney. thank you both for being here. genevieve, i want to start with the statement you gave basically condemning this is not enough. what do you feel is actually going to be justice in moving forward about your daughter's death? >> what i feel is going to be justice is the officer being charged with what he needs to be charged with. where is the assault and battery charge? where is the abuse of power charge? where is that? i am telling you that i watched as my daughter was slapped, okay? she was slapped. go on to the worldwide video that everyone is showing and has seen, right around 10:02 is where my daughter was physically slapped in her car, okay? so i know that the perjury charge is out there. again, you are talking about a class a misdemeanor, the lowest rung on the totem pole.
10:48 am
up to one year, $4,000 fine? that's not justice. i feel like that's a political stunt. that's a ploy that possibly is going to keep the family delayed in moving forward with our investigation. that's what i feel. right now, that's not justice for our family. >> what have you heard, though, geneva, excuse me, about whether or not there is going to be a continuation of this investigation and this officer being further charged, or have you heard from insiders that this is it and as you say, a stunt? >> i hear a lot of things. i hear a lot of things from insiders. i hear a lot of things from outsiders. i can't even tell you while the story is still breaking, there are texts and voice mails coming through now i haven't even had the opportunity to finish listening to. as far as i understand, as late as yesterday, the grand -- the prosecutors came on, the gentleman said they were completed, done, with the criminal investigation.
10:49 am
they were done with their portion of the investigation. that was the last piece that i heard. so now with the indictment for this charge, we just feel like it's going to be an additional delay. so then who's going to prosecute? who? would it be elton mathis, the same person who selected the special prosecutors? would it be those persons? you're talking about a person who, in the beginning, called my daughter not a model citizen. so i have some concerns there. >> geneva, we can understand the frustration that you and your family and supporters, people that have followed this case, as they don't understand since your daughter's death was ruled a suicide while in police custody. cannon, i know you filed a civil lawsuit. how do you think this grand jury indictment is going to work for or against you in that case? >> well, we know that he's a liar. the reality of it is that we have known that from jump.
10:50 am
they should have been able to come to that conclusion six minutes after they looked at the video. they didn't need six months. if you look at the dash cam video at 22:55, minutes and 55 seconds he gives some lame ass excuse as to why he stopped and the stop wasn't a completed stop. that's a lie. it was a completed stop. he had in his hands the warning he was going to give her. what this means is that everybody now knows that he was a liar, but everybody knew that already. in reality, though, i'm hopeful they're not going to use this as an effort to try to prevent us from getting the ranger report which is ultimately going to contain a lot of the information we've been seeking. i have my concerns about that, though, so we'll see how that plays out. i expect the ranger report. we should get it soon. >> do you feel like your daughter would be alive today if that stop had never happened, if there had been a different set of circumstances even within a legal traffic stop? because they did rule it a suicide. so it would leave a lot of
10:51 am
people confused as to the state of mind of your daughter at that time. >> again, i feel like there would have been a different outcome. again, we're dealing with a liar who not only told the one lie that he's being indicted on. there are several lies in that video. so yes, i do feel there would have been a different outcome. my daughter would not have been inside of the jail had officer ensinia not lied. >> let's not forget this is an in-custody death. the reality of it is while in custody the waller county jail had responsibilities that they flat-out just failed to meet. instead of pointing fingers at people that didn't answer a phone or trying to point fingers at people that didn't have an opportunity to post bail even though they live over a thousand miles away over the course of 1 1/2 days, they really should be looking at taking responsibility. >> geneva, do you believe in
10:52 am
your heart of hearts that your daughter took her own life? >> i don't believe that. i'm sorry. i was promised that i would be able to see evidence to show that to be true. i have seen nothing. i've seen nothing. and then i've been asked to believe the evidence i haven't seen. >> i want to say thank you to geneva reed and attorney kevin lambert. we'll continue to follow this case as we have from the beginning. understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... this is brad. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief
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10:55 am
coming up at the top of the hour we're waiting to hear from josh earnest in remarks from the white house. also from john kerry who is going to be delivering remarks in a rare appearance from the state department. the secretary to talk about a wide range of topics on foreign policy. most assume that north korea and their claims of successfully testing a hydrogen bomb will be discussed. we'll have that for you live. plus donald trump, that rally tonight, he's going to be in the backyard of bernie sanders in
10:56 am
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try align for a non-stop,ive sweet-treat-goodness hold-onto-your-tiara, kind-of-day. live 24/7 with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the undisputed #1 ge recommended probiotic. hi, everybody. good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts. 2:00 p.m. eastern. breaking news. three briefings scheduled for this hour. we're watching them all t at the top of the screen the white house briefing just getting under way. in the middle, the pentagon briefing. at the bottom the state department briefing also about to begin. so we are watching them all. but going on at the state department we will hear from the top man, secretary of state john kerry. he rarely addresses these briefings. we're going to keep an eye on all of these but bring you the developments out of this as many are widely speculating the foreign policy issues that will
11:00 am
come up with secretary kerry including the issue of north korea and whether they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, something that's been debunked by u.s. officials. a huge rally for donald trump in bernie sanders' backyard. one that may be too big for burlington, vermont. the venue. we'll explain the difference here because the venue only holds so many but the tickets that have gone out pretty massive. we'll start with the issue that donald trump has raised around ted cruz, the birther question that just won't go away. we've got three republicans basically trolling the texas senator and presidential hopeful on the question of his citizenship and canadian birth. this morning donald trump took to twitter and offered to give cruz free legal advice on the matter. telling him to get a declaratory judgment. take a listen. >> you go to federal court to ask for what's called a declaratory judgment. you go in seeking the decision
11:01 am
of the court without a court case. you go right in. you go before a judge. you do it quickly. it can go quickly. declaratory judgment. it's very good. i've used it on various occasions. >> the supreme court has never really ruled on what is a natural born citizen. >> that's the problem. there's doubt. people have doubt. >> two of cruz's fellow republican senators rand paul and john mccain have seconded the so-called concerns of donald trump. mccain, you will all recall, born in panama, faced similar questions about his own citizenship status during the 2008 election. however, mccain is no friend of ted cruz. and he says the circumstances of his birth, they're different. >> i know it came up in my race because i was born in panama, but i was born in the canal zone, which is a territory. barry goldwater was born in arizona when it was a territory when he ran in 1964. >> but you were born on a base, to, weren't you?
11:02 am
>> yes, a u.s. military base. >> yeah. >> that's different from being born on foreign soil. so i think there is a question. i'm not a constitutional scholar on that, but i think it's worth looking into. i don't think it's illegitimate to look into it. >> three reports now on the state of the race. and a report on this new video. i want to head to vermont where trump will be holding that rally. chris hayes will be covering it for his show that will begin 8:00 p.m. "all in" tonight. we've got this big rally there, chris. let's talk about the venue concerns. because they gave out a ton of tickets for a venue that hold that many folks and the burlington sheriff is raising concerns. >> we just talked to the chief of police here, chief del pozo is who concerned. you have the flynn arts center that holds 1400 people. the campaign is ticketed somewhere in the neighborhood of 18,000 to 20,000 people.
11:03 am
now, it should be noted campaigns overticket events all the time. some people don't show up, you want to make sure the venue is packed. this is more tickets than people that can get in. at 4:30 a.m. the first person online, 11:30 or several dozen, there's a line stretching down the block. there's protests being plans right here in this square. burlington is the headquarters of the bernie sanders campaign. folks will come out to voice their displeasure to donald trump. it's going to be quite a scene out here. the burlington police don't deal with crowd control issues. the chief of police is from new york, 19 years in the nypd. he said he's got some experience. >> donald trump tweeted in the 11:00 a.m. hour. massive crowd, venue not big enough. arrive early.
11:04 am
that's his big recommendation. you've been talking there to people, are people in line already? i mean, he's telling people to get there early. but are you seeing people get there? >> yes, oh, no, no no, people are definitely in line. they're camped out. i probably talked to 25 xwron l. 50-50, half are trump supporters, are what i would call trump curious, interested in what trump has to say. they might support him. then half are either for the spectacle, you know, the circus has come to down in burlington, or they're opponents of donald trump, they're supporters of bernie sander, they want to go in and maybe voice their displeasure inside. it's going to be a wild scene in there. >> they're interested in waiting in the freezing cold only to be thrown out by donald trump. just how cold is it up there? that coat is amazing. i was going to send you an e-mail. but i'll tell you on tv. how cold is it? >> you know, it's about 30 degrees. >> all right.
11:05 am
>> the sun is out. some clouds now. it's not crazy frigid. but if you're sitting out here for six or seven hours, that's no joke. >> yeah. >> i met a guy that drove down, a plumber from montreal, who is a french-speaking canadian gentleman who is a plumber from montreal with a montreal canadiens jersey customized to say trump on the back who says that trump has awakened him to the fact that christianity is in peril. >> we'll take him to be a cruz supporter. chris hayes tonight, "all in" 8:00 p.m. eastern, chris will be anchoring live from vermont. a must-see show. now to a provocative trump ad hitting the clintons. i'm joined by steve kornacki. this ad just went up this afternoon. let's talk about it and the type of distinctions or correlations that trump wants to make here. >> y yeah. it's not an ad. this is actually an instagram video. donald trump has been putting --
11:06 am
his campaign has been putting these quick 10, 15-second clips out on instagram. they tend to get a very, very strong viral reaction. so we know the whole back story here of donald trump versus the clns over the last few weeks. hillary clinton had accused donald trump of sexism, donald trump firing back by saying your husband ap record when it comes to his treatment of women makes him fair game in this campaign. so now donald trump and his campaign are up with this instagram video. it brings up monica lewinsky, links hillary clinton to anthony wiener, hillary clinton, one of her closest aides is married to anthony weiner. an old event that says these are hillary clinton's friends. take a look at the video. >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights once and for all. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity. >> and thomas, what you're
11:07 am
hearing in the background, that's a famous speech that hillary clinton delivered back in 1995 when she was first lady. when she challenged china to recognize women's rights as a human right. they're playing that sound while trying to link her to all sorts of bad behavior by her husband and by others. should also point out bill clinton is back on the campaign trail for his wife. he just was asked a bunch of questions by reporters. they're asking him about this, about donald trump and his latest. he said that he has no interest in getting involved in republican politics. donald trump is not the nominee, he said, so i have no response. >> we have not heard back from the clinton campaign about what this new instagram video means, but we're looking at new video that's just coming into us of bill clinton there stumping for his wife in iowa, solo. we saw him do that earlier in new hampshire. steve, the playbook for the clintons, from '08, you would
11:08 am
think they have a well-mapped plan in place or something that they could go to based on the fact that -- >> well, it's interesting, thomas, because thinking back to the 2008 campaign, this stuff has been out obviously for a generation. it didn't come up this much in 2008. this was not something that barack obama's campaign against hillary clinton in the primaries was using the way donald trump is using it. now, donald trump is just trying to hit the clintons over their heads with this. hillary clinton, of course, lost to barack obama, never had to face the republicans in 2008. so i don't think it's been litigated to this degree. it was litigated to this degree back in 2008. in a lot of ways this is old stuff that hasn't been litigated in 20 years. there's a whole new generation of voters out there who maybe aren't familiar with, maybe are only vaguely familiar with it. maybe they've heard of monica lewinsky, but they don't know that there were a number of women in the 1990s who stepped
11:09 am
forward and said that bill clinton behaved very inappropriately toward them. both back in arkansas and as president. think of it this way, bill clinton was last on a ballot in 1996. that's the last time he ran for re-election in president. the youngest person that could have voted for him in that election would now be 37 years old. >> we saw bill clinton in that video, now talking to our colleague kristen welker who was shouting out some questions or talking to him face-to-face, excuse me. it would be campaign malpractice if the clinton folks didn't know they would be performing against an asymmetrical candidate that they've been witnessing in donald trump. >> well, that goes back to -- you think back to this story here and all the conspiracy theories that have grown out of it of bill clinton supposedly calling up donald trump laths spring having a phone conversation with him last spring and advising him to run for president. and this is what happened. >> just like donald trump telling ted cruz go get a
11:10 am
declaratory judgment. we're crossing a lot of streams here, steve kornacki, politically today. our question this hour focusing on the new video released by donald trump. so we're asking is bill clinton's past fair game? let us know what you think at obviously the past in terms of personal and professional that's also on the record as president, but should a spouse be the target like this? all right. now let's head to nbc news hallie jackson. she's been traveling with ted cruz's with us tour. what's the reception been like for cruz today? obviously he answered directfully questions about citizenship yesterday with a pretty legal answer. but is it having an impact to folks that are coming to see him? >> well, let's split that question into two parts. this is where ted cruz is going
11:11 am
to be standing in about five minutes. his bus just pulled. you. his campaign campaign jersey. we're not at a sports bar but it has that kind of vibe here. come with me, a lot of folks out here like these who live in iowa and came out because they want to see. tell me why you came out here today? >> just to see what ted cruz has to say and see the message and see how this whole thing comes together. >> have you decided on a candidate yet? >> we have not. >> what do you make of the eligibility question being raised about senator cruz. >> don't know much about it yet. >> i don't think it's a factor. senator cruz understands the constitution. as far as his eligibility, i think it's a nonfactor. >> so as we walk through the crowd here, think guys so much. folks from iowa. you can see this is sort of the vibe and we're at a cruz event, so these folks are already inclined to support senator cruz. i'm walking outside because i want to show you the bus that's
11:12 am
just pulled up. this is the kind of retail politicking he's been doing. this is stop 15 or 16 at this point. he's coming to events where there's big crowds but small venues. these aren't donald trump-sized huge rallies. he pulls the bus up, people will come out and say hi as he gets off the bus and then heads inside. this is sort of the vibe that you're seeing from the inside to the outside as ted cruz goes from stop to stop. i hope that answers your questions. >> it does. and i love this tour that you're able to give us. as you talk to those folks, that family, they seem like they're all in, but are there other people that you've witnessed that are coming out as samplers, those who are interested in the cruz message but aren't locked in? >> absolutely. i think 100% you're seeing a lot of folks who are coming out to, as they say, kick the tire. bob vander plaats walking out. we're live on msnbc, i hate to throw you on the spot here. but you've just been named the
11:13 am
national co-chair. we're with congressman king, huge supporter of congressman cruz. talk to us about what your role means in supporting the senator here. >> the constituents out here, the iowa caucus goers will decide that. but i've represented most of this fourth district for 13 years. some of it going back to 1996. and i know a lot of these people. in fact, i love them. it's so much fun coming out here stop after stop. some of them 20 years politically. what it means is they trust me. i've been consistent, i've been a full spectrum constitutional conservative, pro life, pro marriag marriage. >> you say they trust you. so your answer to this next question will be significant. this eligibility issue that's been brought up by folks like your colleague in congress, senator john mccain.
11:14 am
how should do you respond to this? >> wasn't it john mccain who also called him a whacko bird? i think those allegations should be equally consistent -- in fact they're inconsistent. i've taken this clear down to the basis of the statute that was passed back in the mid-18th century. i'm very, very confident it's not an issue. the legal question comes down to this. natural born citizen. there are only two ways to be a citizen. you can either be a citizen naturally born to be a citizen or you can be naturalized. there's no question that ted cruz is a citizen. he's not a naturalized citizen, therefore he's a natural-born citizen. >> do you think donald trump is muddying the water for others, though? >> of course. he said he was going to. when donald trump keeps his word, we should not be surprised at that. >> congressman king. on that, thomas, live on the trail. that's how we do it. back to you. >> halle, i love it.
11:15 am
you were telepathically reading my mind about what i wanted to hear from congressman king. and he's absolutely right. senator mccain has referenced cruz as a whacko bird. hallie jackson continued great reporting from the field. thank you so much. i appreciate it. so we've been following this breaking news on wall street today. u.s. stocks dropping in response to the volatility in the chipz mark -- chinese marketplace. the dow jones down by almost 370 points. at the last check they were down by 308 points. for a deeper dive on the effect we've been seeing, i want to go to cnbc's kate rogers and josh barro is here with me as well for analysis. why are we seeing the volatility and the fluctuation midday? >> hi, thomas. that's absolutely right. we're seeing this due to concerns over slowing growth around growth. those global concerns once again bringing down the markets here
11:16 am
in the u.s. we saw big drops rebounded back near those session lows. there are several factors contributing to those worries over global economic growth. overnight the people's bank of china set the reference for its currency being at its lowest levels since 2011. its largest daily change since august. china has continued to devalue the yuan as concerns over slowing economic environment there continue. reuters reported that more devaluation could be coming setting the market back down in midday trade. the chinese securities regulatory committee set off the circuit breaker system. it halts trading. a second drop triggered the circuit breaker. these circuit breakers went into effect only this monday. we have those same systems here with trading halted for 15 minutes with the s&p dropping 7% and 13%, but it would only close for the day if the s&p drops
11:17 am
20%. that's never happened here. back in the u.s. this morning weekly jobless claims 277,000 and of course we'll be looking towards the government's jobs report tomorrow. back over to you. >> kate rogers. josh barrow we'll be talking to you about what this means for people looking at their 401(k) who thought they closed out 2015 strongly. we start 2016 with a lot of concerns. we'll talk about that. also bill clinton showing up in iowa, two events today. some of the first images just coming out.
11:18 am
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11:21 am
welcome back, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. we went to break following a lot of different breaking news especially when it comes to what's happening on wall street today. we've been witnessing a really rough week for the dow. today being an especially tough day currently trading down over 351 points. josh barro with "the new york times" and msn brbc contributor here to talk about we closed out 2015 strongly, q-1 of 2016 is sliding in with concern. folks thinking about their 401(k) are worrying about long-term effects? >> it's split. because most of the numbers look pretty okay. jobs co s continue to be added. we're seeing stuff in china and europe is not doing so hot. as these events happen in china, two things that matter for the u.s. china's our third largest export partner. we think of china as a place we import stuff, which we do, but we sell more stuff to them than
11:22 am
mexico. and they can't afford to buy as much of the stuff they make in china. so companies there will export more back to the u.s. competing with u.s. companies. both of those things are bad for u.s. companies and, therefore, bad for the stock market here. >> josh barro, thanks so much. we'll continue to follow this again, watching the fluk tie wags. staying in the 350s. the other thing we're monitoring is bill clinton on the stump for his wife in iowa. let's listen in. >> i'm proud of the campaign that hillary's run in iowa. i'm very grateful to gabrielle will rivera here is was in the forum here. to all the people who worked so hard, you know politics is not a spectator sport. and because of the way the caucuses work, you're used to seeing people show up, look you in the eye and answer your questions.
11:23 am
and i think you know what the election is about. i'm honored to be here in this museum, which i dedicated in another site -- but if you think about it, i talked to -- i just came from that nuevo market. what a cool place. but anyway i talked to people about the museum moving and how magnificent it was to see it happen and have the building lifted some 30 feet off the ground. that's america at its best. if we do more of that with our infrastructure, with our commitment to developing clean energy we wouldn't have nearly as many economic problems as we do. but you know all that. when i was here in 1995 with president kolach and the president who was a very good friend of mine until the end of his life and my former secretary
11:24 am
of state madeleine albright and i went -- and hillary, we went to his funeral on a very cold day in the national cathedral. and it was freezing inside, but it was warm from the power of his life. and madeleine delivered the eulogy in czech. and i never will forget that. so many people came here. i met a guy in the market who moved here from briscoe just a couple years ago. they still come hoping to contribute to american life and make a better life for themselves and their children. and in a fundamental way, that's what this election is about. hillary's been here, i don't know, 21 times or something and is going to spend a lot of time between now and the election
11:25 am
just talking to people, answering questions. discussing her plans for the future. you are, i suppose, entitled to discount some of what i say since we've been married 40 years. now, that's a lot of discount. i've known her for 45 years this march. and i -- i'll give you an idea of this early leadership. i saw hillary in a class that i am embarrassed to tell you i attended infrequently in law school. and i saw her, and i thought, boy, that's an interesting woman. i got as close as i am to this
11:26 am
microphone at the end of class. and i didn't tap her on the shoulder. i better be careful. this may not be a temporary deal. and i just kept ogling her. one night in the yale library, which is a long, skinny room. quite grand but basically a long skinny room. this guy jeff gleko was trying to talk me into joining the journal. what do i want to do that for? i'm going on to arkansas. i've got two or three jobs trying to pay my way through school. we're talking back and forth. i was, believe it are not, an affirmative action point because they didn't have a southerner on the law school board. the law review board. so hillary's at the other end, and i'm not paying attention to gleko, i'm staring at her. and all of a sudden she closed her law book, walked the entire length of the library, walked to me up and she said, look, if you're going to keep staring at
11:27 am
me and i'm going to keep staring back, we at least ought to know each other's name. i'm hillary rodham. what's your name? i couldn't even -- at the moment i'm not sure i could remember my name. but anyway, that's how this started. this election, in my opinion, is about how to restore broad based prosperity. we only had it once in the 1990s when i had the honor of serving. and i went back and checked it against the performance of trickledown economics under president reagan in the '80s. that's the best they ever did because we've never been on a sugar high before. we never cut taxes and raised spending at the same time and deliberately run ourselves in
11:28 am
debt in peace time before then. so it worked pretty well. it was like an eight-year stimulus program. but then the first president bush got ronald reagan's third term and in comes it across the board, which is why you elected me. then the second president bush -- >> bill clinton on the stump for his wife in cedar rapids, iowa. the first of two campaign stops that he has today. for the second time this week on the campaign trail for his wife and personalizing stories of when they first met over 45 years ago. the reasons why they met. the circumstances under why they met. and then went on to marry. but saying that the goal of this campaign, the goal of the hillary clinton presidency is to bring back broad-based prosperity. he said we had it once over the last 50 years and that's when i served as president in the
11:29 am
1990s. kristen welker is on the campaign trail in iowa and had an opportunity to see him at this event. you had a chance to ask a few questions of bill clinton. what were they and how do he respond? >> hey there, thomas. president clinton digging and and refusing to respond to the barrage of criticisms from donald trump as late as today. we got the video from donald trump criticizing president clinton for his past indiscretions while in the white house. i asked him that question. donald trump is again today m e making an issue of your past transgressions. do you want to respond? and are you worried that your past may hurt your wife's campaign? >> i don't have a response. i have no interest in getting involved in their politics or doing anything except trying to help hillary.
11:30 am
>> mr. president he said that you are -- >> thank you, thank you. >> tom a you heard a couple of other reporters chimed in with other questions but i asked at the end if donald trump is calling secretary clinton a hypocrite because of his past and he brushed that aside. donald trump says a lot of things. i won't engage with him until and unless he is in fact the nominee. the clinton strategy right now is to not address donald trump. they don't think it helps them. if you engage him, it only escalates the issue. they're talking about the issues they're hearing president clinton talk about right now, which you heard, the economy. he's doing it in this key state here in iowa. secretary clinton lost iowa back in 2008. she can't afford to lose the state this year. you're seeing her campaign for a lot of resources and, of course, bring in bill clinton. they still believe the former president is her best surrogate.
11:31 am
>> kristen, the access to bill clinton, that was in a marketplace? i think he was drinking like a wheat grass drink or something like that. but there had to be an anticipation of folks, you know, like us being there on the scene. i think other folks from right wing newspapers ready to pounce on something that donald trump would be putting out there. is there an anticipation that this is a lot of what the president is going to be asked? >> i think that there absolutely is. we've been asking the campaign about this for days, and they are just not responding. behind the scenes. they're not responding on the record or in background. you're right to point out how we were at a local market. the former president stopping there to shake hands, to engage in some retail politicking which that is the former president being the former president. at the very end of that stop we had the chance to actually engage with him on this issue
11:32 am
that his campaign -- her campaign, i should say, has been talking about quite a bit behind the scenes, how to response. again their strategy as of right now is to just not engage. >> we've asked the clinton camp for reaction to this instagram posting of donald trump. they have yet to respond. we'll bring it to folks if they do. nbc's intrepid kristen welker. i want to turn to the one and only joy ann reed. you see what's playing out here. this is kind of pretty easy to see what donald trump is doing. he's the conflict chaos candidate. it works for him. it energizes the folks that like him. >> right. >> this seems to be a simple playbook. should the clintons anticipate this and be a little more nimble? >> well, you know what? i think there's always a play book that's set to go when the clintons are in play as candidates, right? there's a playbook for the way we thought republicans were going to run against hillary
11:33 am
clinton. it really had a lot to do with benghazi. there was the sense that that was the fertile ground to attack her on. but donald trump understands us better than the rest of the republican party. he understands the media and understands that there's an ever-present hunger for the clinton scandal and that's something that's going to be fertile ground both for more and more free media coverage and to energize the part of the republican base that's central to him right now, which is the angriest part of the base, which is the part of the base that isn't a policy based anger at the democratic party but a personal one. so any kind of personal rooting around in bill clinton's closet is going to be gold for him with republican-based voters. >> i know you have a new book out called "fracture" that looks at the clintons, the obamas and the racial divide. we're going to have the image of the book cover in a second. but in talking about this, hillary could have lost iowa to barack obama in '08. this is the best time to make
11:34 am
the best impression this time around. president clinton out there on the stump for her. everybody thinks this stop is her safety net. with you are we really seeing the type of bigger campaign? are we really in the general basically as opposed to being in the primary? >> it almost feels like it although the republican party does not want to run the general election on the '90s and bill clinton's sexual scandals. that's not what the establishment of the party wants. a little bit of trivia, the congressional black caucus was the most ferocious supporters of bill clinton during impeachment over monica lewinsky. african-americans were four square behind president clinton because they thought it was a distraction. so that's sort of interesting place for republicans to go -- >> but even donald trump, haddy defended the clintons. >> he did. >> he said this doesn't matter. then hexplained way by saying
11:35 am
i just needed votes. which donald trump do you believe? because that's what he needs. he needs votes so he's telling you what it takes to get elected. >> he admitted that. i'm just a crass person who will say whatever i need to. but when i'm ready to run against them, i'll trash them. it's working for him. but for hillary clinton and bill clinton, the replay of 2008 is different. they're now running in their comfort zone. running as the clintons who have in their minds the embrace of african-americans. in '08 they were running against african-americans. they were uncomfortable in that space. so they're back in that comfort zone. that said they really would like to close bernie sanders out and have him get nothing out of the first four contests. they'd like to win iowa, win new hampshire, win nevada. >> sweep. >> sweep it or at least only lose one. and the one that i think they
11:36 am
see most likely to have a problem in is really new hampshire, but winning iowa, style listically because it's where obama won, they want to win iowa. >> can't even recall the amount of tabloid covers from the '90s from all sides? >> i have deliberate amnesia. >> yes, anyway, but the best thing that we are showing you right now, the cover that you need to see is "fracture." look at that again, folks. this is by joy-ann read. that's fantastic. >> so proud. we've been asking all of you to weigh in on donald trump's new video which targets hillary clinton making references to bill's past. we've been tracking the responses this new hour to the question we laid out there. how do people feel? >> we have a heavy weight here when it comes to people voting yes, 58% who believe that bill clinton's past is fair game compared to 42%. interesting when you look at the graph in realtime how people are
11:37 am
voting. the very end have spikes with people saying yes around the time you were talking to joy reed and reflecting back to 2008 and the playbook how the clintons handled it then and how they're handling it now. when you see the breakdown of political parties, let's look at democrats specifically. how that's a few spikes of yes, several dips, not surprising, with neutrals to no, but look at the republicans. a lot more overwhelming. those making up the majority of now 58% of people who say yes, bill clinton's past is fair game. we'll continue to watch it and see if this changes at all as we continue this discussion. >> big influence on secretary clinton as we ask that question of everybody today. she's the former secretary of state, but we need to talk about the current secretary of state in john kerry just holding a briefing from the state department. our andrea mitchell will join us next. nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink
11:38 am
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11:41 am
department. where secretary of state john kerry just addressed reporters alt the daily briefing. this is not something where we routinely see the secretary. he did make some news concerning north korea, and that's thanks to a question from nbc's andrea mitchell. andrea joins me now and she attended that briefing. how did the secretary respond and what did we hear? >> his main purpose for coming out was to say that they've accomplished a lot. he believed that iran and saudi arabia will still come to the table january 25th as proposed despite their recent escalated rhetoric and their disputes including today to negotiate an end to the civil war in syria. he hopes iran is on track to continue meeting its obligations and meet the obligation date. the implementation date for that nuclear agreement. so in praising what they've accomplished and looking forward to the future, he also
11:42 am
complained rather strongly about his former colleagues in the senate. the senate foreign relations committee has approved nominees who are being held by a handful of senators including -- he didn't mention it, but including senators grassley and senator rubio blocking nominees have been approved yu man mussily for top posts in the state department. and this is really hampering, he said, u.s. foreign policy. and is critical to foreign policy. to get these people confirmed. i asked him about his conversation today with the chinese foreign minister because of what's happened in north korea and china is a big player. he said that china is not doing what it needs to do and he told that to the chinese foreign minister. this is the way it went. as these confirmations are held up, do you think that you have a major problem now in north korea and that too much time may have been paid to iran and other challenges while north korea was left -- >> let me just make it clear. north korea has never been left
11:43 am
unattended to. not for one day. we have had meetings, we have had constant consultations. on the first trip that i made to china when i raised the issue of the climate negotiation that resulted in china joining us w us, i spent most of ta trip and most of that time on north korea. now, china had a particular approach that it wanted to make, and we agreed and respected to give them spaps ce to be able t implement that. but today in my conversation with the chinese, i made it very clear. that has not worked and we cannot continue business as usual. >> so as you may have noticed from that video, he wasn't answering questions. he was just making the statement today, but on his way out, i got him to come back and at least answer the one question about north korea. thomas. >> andrea, as always, you are the best at what you do,
11:44 am
especially getting people to stop and answer those hard questions, but it seemed as if the secretary of defense was on defense in specifics about taking the eye off the ball when it comes to north korea and alough th allowing them to potentially have advanced with this type of technology once we can confirm or verify that it didn't happen one way or the other. >> the secretary of state who made the point that on his very first mission he said to the chinese when he was there meeting on climate change back in 2013, okay, we'll do it your way, which is to pressure north korea and encourage them gently because china does not want to close its borders and stop its supplies to its closest ally. the worst from a chinese perspective would be for the regime to collapse and for a flood of refugees to come across the border in china. they've wanted stability more than anything else in the peninsula.
11:45 am
but when he told the chinese foreign minister today on the phone, that has not worked. you have to change. this is joining a chorus of foreign policy experts saying the u.s. has not been tough enough on china and they have to crack down and try to persuade the chinese. his call to china today is at an interesting juncture because china is having economic problems and currency fluctuations and a market drop in its own domestic economy. china has a lot of issues right now aside from north korea. >> all right. so nbc's andrea mitchell. we know we'll see you tonight on "nightly news" with lester holt. >> thank you. we want to move on to a developing story we've been following out of michigan, a water crisis for the city of flint. now, this entire water drinking population has been at risk, and that city's mayor is going to join me to talk about what they're doing to help residents, but it is a little too late?
11:46 am
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we're following some breaking news that's coming to us out of texas. the mom of the so-called affluenza teen has now arrived back in that state to face charges leveled against her. tanya couch arriving at dallas/ft. worth international airport about 15 minutes ago. she'd been in custody in l.a. after deing being deported by m officials. this is a live picture of the kacaravan accused of helping he son ethan flee the u.s. after violating his probation. ethan couch, who is now over the age of 18 years old, he killed four people in a drunk driving crash in 2013. he received ten years probation. his defense was that he was too affluent to know the difference between right and wrong. all right.
11:50 am
so that mother is back in the state of texas. we'll follow that story. and we're moving on to the other big story that we've been following now for some time. we've been watching this case out of michigan and the governor and the mayor of the city of flint now taking steps together to solve the city's toxic water crisis. high levels of lead have been found in the city's drinking water for months. the mayor estimating the total cost to fix the damage done could top $1 billion. some estimates even pushing it up as high as 1.5 billion. this morning governor snyder responded to questions about residents who may not trust him to lead the effort because it took him so long to act in the first place when the problems first came up. >> you have to earn trust, and so that's where this will be a process by showing the steps we're taking to be proactive, to have people on the ground working in collaboration and partnership with city officials and the people of flint. we want to work closely together to earn their trust. >> this is a story my colleague
11:51 am
rachel maddow has been following from the very beginning. i want to show you just some of the reporting she had last night. >> february, the epa telling the state of michigan, telling the rick snyder administration that high levels of lead are being found in flint. the water is corrosive, it's leaving lead out of the pipes there. and still the snyder administration told the people of flint to relax, keep drinking the water. there's an e-mail in september from another state health official to three of his state colleagues, quote, sounds like there might be more to this than what we learned previously. yikes. that literally written in the e-mail the word "yikes." >> we're joined by karen weaver, mayor of flint michigan. what is the agenda for you and the governor, what you agree upon on how to solve this crisis for your residents? >> well, what we talked about today and what we agreed upon is
11:52 am
we're putting together a team, we're both appointing people. so they have some people from the state but i appointed some people from the city to be part of this team so we can look and see what do we really need to move flint forward? what do we need -- what are the resources in addition to money? what kinds of support do we need to put in place for the children and families in flint that have been impacted by this crisis? >> when we talk about the children, the people impacted by this, i've been looking aup research from the cdc. they say that children and pregnant women are the people that could be most at risk from ingesting this type of water, trusted water. it was first a discoloration and a smell that i think alerted people to issues of this, not just the fact that we had the epa notification to the governor, but how can people feel confident that the not just city of flint but the state of michigan under this governor really have a grasp of what
11:53 am
these people have been affected by and potentially exposed to with life-long consequence? >> well, because we're going to let them know. and that's the other part. because we do have this issue of trust. trust has been broken. and so that's why i'm making sure that i'm appointing people to this group as well. and we want to have people that are experts and that the community believes in. so that's what we're doing. >> we know that a water quality expert told nbc news that just $100 a day was all it would have taken to avoid this crisis. you were elected in november. when an expert -- >> yes. >> -- says that now there's an immeasurable amount of damage to the city and the city is quite vulnerable to civil lawsuits, the state as well because of their knowledge of this, is the city providing bottled water to any resident who wants it? and what are the tips that you are giving to people who are
11:54 am
unsure about their drinking water? >> well, we are provided bottled water, but we can't provide enough bottled water. that's why we're asking for help. people have been donating water. it's been coming in, and we're going to need that to continue. we also have the filter program going on. and what we want people to know is while the water is not safe to drink at this point, we want them to continue using the filters. but we also need people to come and pick the sample packages up so they can test the water. and if they need that delivered to their home, they need to let us know that as well because we want as much -- as many of the residents to get their water tested as possible, so we're making informed decisions about this. >> when you talk about what's being done right now, what are the calculations from your administration as well as working with the governor on just how vulnerable you are to civil lawsuits filed by residents? >> well, you know, and that's what we're looking at. we can't kak calculate that.
11:55 am
i know you said its about a billion dollars and some even higher. those are estimates given to us as far as infrastructure. but we're doing assessments on the pipes to see the amount we need to get started. we also are looking at our needs and we're putting costs to that. and because we know that cost is so astronomical, that's why we're asking for federal assistance as well. we knew flint didn't have the financial ability to deal with this. i don't believe the state has the ability to deal with all of this financially. we do need federal assistance. >> you were elected in november. this was part of your platform, correct? >> yes, that's right. >> and so what have you personally done for you, your family and loved ones, to make sure that they're safe? >> well, you know what? as soon as i -- one of the things i meant to say is by training i'm a licensed clinical psychologist. one of the things i did speak out on was this being a public health issue for the city of
11:56 am
flint and letting people know not to drink this water even before we did have the declaration. i thought that was my responsibility, an ethical responsibility that i have. so it's been getting this word out. we're trying to continue to get the word out because i don't want people to be comfortable and relaxed because we made the switch back to detroit. we want them to know that the water is not safe to drink yet. please use these filters. we want to do everything we can to help them get to the doctors and keep those appointments. we'll have to have developmental screenings in place. then decide what kinds of support these kids and families need. and that's going to be included in our list of what we're requesting. >> flint, michigan, mayor karen weaver. thank you for your time, for your attention to this. and we'll continue to follow the story. thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> absolutely. i want to thang all of you at home. that's going to wrap up our show. until then, as always, keep the conversation going on social media.
11:57 am
kate snow picks up our coverage next. another quick look at the dow. we've been following it over the last two hours and we're looking at it now down by 337 points. much more on the wall street shake-up and the rest of the day's headlines after this. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. jody robinson owns a cowgirl chic boutique in conclusitexas. the money's so tight she rarely takes home salary for herself. but her luck's about to change thanks to the my business makeover team. [ coughing ]
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fast, powerful liquid gels from alka seltzer plus hey, everybody. i'm kate snow. and just look at burlington, veermt, this hour. crowds already gathering en masse ahead of a much hyped and oversold rally for donald trump, the gop front-runner slamming the clintons this afternoon in a hard-hitting new instagram video. and vice president joe biden saying i regret every day not running for president. but let's kick it off up in burlington, vermont, where that trump rally is set to start four hours from now with temperatures in the low 30s. hundreds are already lined up outside the flynn center for the performing arts. the trump campaign gave out 20,000 free tickets for tonight's event despied the


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