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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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from alka seltzer plus hey, everybody. i'm kate snow. and just look at burlington, veermt, this hour. crowds already gathering en masse ahead of a much hyped and oversold rally for donald trump, the gop front-runner slamming the clintons this afternoon in a hard-hitting new instagram video. and vice president joe biden saying i regret every day not running for president. but let's kick it off up in burlington, vermont, where that trump rally is set to start four hours from now with temperatures in the low 30s. hundreds are already lined up outside the flynn center for the performing arts. the trump campaign gave out 20,000 free tickets for tonight's event despied the fact that that venue only has 1400
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seats, leading to security concerns on the part of the burlington police department and other local authorities and also some questions about whether everyone who grabbed up those tickets in left-leaning sanders country is actually a trump supporter. but trump is relishing the frenzy, massive crowd in vermont tonight, venue not big enough. officials say no to outside event and sound system. arrive early. we're covering all of the candidates, but let's begin with the campaign coverage who is outside the theater in burlington. set the scene for us. what do we got going on at this hour? >> the line has definitely started forming here pretty consistently since noon. it is stretching around the block right now. people have been in the cold here for quite a few hours and they have a few more to go before they start letting people in. people are saying they're coming
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from new york, others are from vermont. they're proud that they've called themselves registered independents in the fact that they are really open to a lot of different ideas across the ideological spectrum. i've really seen a pretty good divide. there have been some bernie sanders supporters in line who say they're here to see the spectacle in person and they want to hear what trump has to say to contrast with their candidate bernie sanders who they think has the full package of what they're looking for in terms of who they want to vote for this year. and others saying they're here to see him in person, hear what he has to say live and without any media interruption. they want to hear what he has to say right from his mouth. despite the cold and the controversy of having too many people rsvp yes and not having enough seats for them, there's a lot of excitement. on the non-trump side there's protests planned for outside the venue. a lot of excitement on the ground here in burlington. >> i know where you're standing,
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the sanders headquarters is just a couple blocks away. >> yes. >> what are police worried about tonight? i know local authorities were really not very happy when they found out the think had been oversold by tens of thousands of tickets. >> of course there are concerns. that's the think that we've really been focusing on a lot today. nbc news spoke with burlington police chief brendan delposo. and he said if phish was holding a free concert at the flynn and gave away 20,000 free tickets, we'd cancel the event out of public safety concerns. a little local music flair there for phish. but the police keep saying they want to be fair. they understand this is an event that's political in nature. they're on enemy territory with this wing bernie's backyard. and everyone is trying to use as fair and as efficient as they can with the resources that we have here. they want to make sure this goes off satisfactoriy safely and wi >> ali, we asked your camera to ran over a little bit so we can
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see. it looks like across the street from where you are is the line right now. would you say there are hundreds of people in line? >> i would say there's hundreds of people. we're looking kind of down the block right now. and if you look, the line goes around the corner. i actually talked to a bunch of those people today. i know that you guys have something set that you can show of exactly what those people had to say to me when we spoke to them earlier. >> if we can roll that. do you have that in the control room? this is sound from folks in line earlier today. >> maybe not a politician, he's a businessman, but i believe he's got the same values that we do as everyday working people. >> i just want to see what he has to offer and see if he seems sincere about it. >> are you here as supporters, someone who is open minded? >> i'm independent, i'm real open minded. >> he's not a career politician. he can't be bought. he says what everybody else wants to say and they're afraid to say. and that's what we need.
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this political correctness is for the birds. >> and that's something that we hear pretty frequently from trump supporters, that the political correctness is a big draw for them. the fact that he's willing to say things that no other candidate says is something that people find as a huge draw. you do hear people saying they're here to see what he has to say, they're a little bit open minded. what's difference about this is the crowds i usually go to say no matter what they'll vote for trump if the election was held tomorrow. people say we'll see, they're still open minded, it's still early. but this is the point in the campaign, it's january. the primaries are coming. people are starting to get interested. you can hear that from people who say they're here to make a decision, they may not have one yet, but they want to see him in person to make that call. >> it's going to be an interesting night in burlington, vermont. ali vitali is our reporter who spends all her time with the trump campaign.
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thanks. let's turn to looking a little more now at burlington itself. 15 square miles, around 42,000 people call burlington home. so an influx of an extra, i don't know, 20,000 people, could potentially cause a lot of headaches for officials later tonight. cal perry has been looking into the area around the venue and what we're really talking about. >> yeah, and the officials are concerned about two things. one is fire safety. when you talk about a facility that's designed to hold 1400 people, officials are saying they're just not going to budge on that. if you're not in line probably already, you may not get in. let me show you a bit of burlington here. the university of vermont is here. there's been questions about whether, why it wasn't held there. but as we zoom in and i'll show you exactly where ali was standing. here is where the venue's going to be, the flynn center for performance art. we had ali a few minutes ago, she was standing -- bear with me, right here. so the flynn center is this. as you can tell it's a very small theater. it won't hold more than a
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thousand people. where people will end up tonight will be in this park right here. and kate, the most interesting thing about this story, as you said, the sanders' campaign, right here. >> oh, there it is. i knew it was close by. >> and so one of the best seats in the house is going to be right there, right next to the sanders campaign. trump has done it again. he's hitting on all cylinders. the concern is where the spillover area is going to be. it will likely be this park right here. there's another park just to the south here as well. we do expect that's where people will spill over. donald trump has tweeted very recently saying that the officials on the ground there were not going to allow the event to be held outside. there's noise concerns and it's very, very cold. that gives you an idea how 20,000 people are not going to fit into this area. >> cal, thanks for that perspective. appreciate that. let's bring in chris matthews, the host of "hardball" here on msnbc for more on the politics of all this. it's a common tactic for
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campaigns to year book a venue. but 20,000 tickets for a venue of 1400, what's going on? >> it's an ad man's dream. the kennedy campaign used to pack the most people in the smallest rooms. another trick with richard nixon years ago they put an event in a huge room and said it was going to be on international monetary policy. nobody showed up in big cavernous room. the big trick was moving walls in, if you can, moving lockers in to shorten the space. this time he's just going to bring in more people. i loved ali's people there, they seem like the trump people who don't like political correctness. a lot of times politicians say if you have a problem, just change the language. we don't like illegal immigration, let's call it undocumented workers. that doesn't solve the concern, it just playing the political game of a new politically correct forum for saying it. and these people aren't going to buy that. i think it's great theater. this is great theater. >> it's great theater, no doubt. but i got to ask you, chris, the
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sanders campaign is so strong there. this is his town, right? they're now fund-raising off of tonight's rally they're asking supporters to donate -- >> $3. >> $3 each. what's that dynamic all about? >> they're running in different theaters. using the theatrical reference. bernie's running against hillary clinton. he's an outsider. trump is running against the republican establishment, what's left of it. he's an outsider. this is win-win. if bernie's people show up tonight and raise a little hell up there tonight, start a fight, p.t. barnum said if you want a crowd, start a fight. bernie's people should show up, trump shouts them down, he has his people, thugs, bouncers, whatever, haul them out of the room. everybody loves it. this is the way it's ab working. video all day tomorrow and tonight. i got to thank trump, i guess, because every time he pulls one of these numbers he does it at 7:00 eastern when "hardball's t
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"on. every moment tonight our executive producers, when do we go to him and when do we say this is just a shtick and when do we go when he's actually talking about substance. when he starts talking about cruz being an anchor baby from canada or some other formulat n formulation, we're going to cover that because that's his number one opponent in iowa and if he can raise questions about the guy's constitutional appropriateness or legality to run for president, he may be knocking off enough of that guy's supporters to beat him in iowa. and going after bill clinton's past is always good fun for his critics. >> i was just going to ask about that. because you've seen this video trump put up on instagram. we'll a little bit of it here. >> a little bit goes a long way. anthony wiener, bill cosby. guilt by association is really a stretch. what does this have to do with bill cosby? >> is that why he's so effective? the kind of video you don't need the sound up to understand what's going on in that video. you see these images and it's on
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instagram. reaching a younger group of folks. >> well, the monica lewinsky story was huge front page for months. the bill clinton's defense was denied it ever happen, that went on to eight or nine months exposing him to charges of cover-up. and he finally got caught in the grand jury deposition. he had to come clean. it went on and on and on, everybody knows about it. it's an embarrassment for their family. hillary had to put up with it and she survived and moved on to become her own political figure. every republican sort of loves it because it proves hypocrisy. it's what they want to show, that bill clinton is not the shining knight that he somehow is portrayed today. they want the rub his face in it again. and clearly they're doing -- and up in burlington, that's the left wing capital of the east coast. it's berkeley east. i'd love to go to school up there. i love that place.
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right on lake champlain, right in the summer it's gorgeous up there. an idyllic campus town. they're going into that sort of culture, ben & jerry's country, vermont, left wing politicians where they've had a socialist mayor named bernie sanders for years. and now he can get a crowd up here. the thing the liberals don't get, there's a hell of a lot of feeling in new england. people read the boss deny herald, they listen to hower carr on the radio. irish and italian guys, ticked the off guys, angry guys moved up there because they don't like the culture of liberalism, the ted kennedys. there's such a counterculture of right wing thinking in new england. it's always been there, the press doesn't cover it. >> chris matthews, we'll be watching tonight. 7:00 tonight. >> we love trump, his timing at least. >> chris, thanks so much. chris mentioned ben & jerry's. we'll be talking to ben of ben & jerry's in the next hour,
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big supporter of bernie sanders. as donald trump is stirring things up in vermont, rival campaigns continue to trade fire and debate who would be the best candidate standard-bearer to take on hillary clinton. i want to turn it kornacki. >> so much attention on donald trump and ted cruz. but there's something exploding on the republican side between chris christie and marco rubio. this started because about a week ago marco rubio's super pac started running two attack ads against chris christie in new hampshire. rubio, christy along with jeb bush and kasich, they're all bunched together there in new hampshire, about 10, 12%. they're all desperately trying to break out up there. so the rubio super pac went after christie to try to take him down a notch. now christie has been coming back hard at rubio. he launched a response yesterday, today he's been taunting rubio on social media
12:14 pm
dredging up quotes from 2013 when rubio had campaigned for christie's re-election as governor of new jersey hailing him as a conservative leader. then christie went on laura ingraham's radio show this morning and he took a direct shot at marco rubio on the question of electability. let's hear that. >> you want someone on that stage against hillary clinton who has been through the wars, not somebody who is a first term united states senator who has never had a tough race in his life. this guy's been spoon-fed every victory he's ever had in his life. is that the kind of person we want to put on the stage against hillary clinton? i don't think so. he'll pat him on the head and then cut his heart out. >> that is christie going after rubio. the other thing we should point out is that rubio seems to be adjusting his strategy a little bit here, christie as well. they're not looking just in new hampshire, they're increasingly looking to iowa where it looks like ted cruz is clearly in first place, donald trump in second place there right now,
12:15 pm
but christie and rubio see an opportunity to break up that log jam in new hampshire by doing better than expected in iowa and to that end rubio is out with a new ad in iowa today that he talks directly to evangelical voters about his own christian faith. evangelicals make up more than half the caucus electorate. rubio is taking dead aim at them. he's not trying to win, probably not even trying to get second, but he thinks he can get an impressive third place showing. that would be a way of breaking up the log jam we keep talking about in new hampshire. >> steve kornacki on all of that for us. we'll talk to the democrats coming up next. bill clinton stumping for his wife's campaign in cedar rapids, iowa, while hillary clinton hits the ground in california gathering support from asian american voters. and the vice president talking about his decision not to jump into this 2016 race and his regret. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic.
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. >> president bill clinton is back on the campaign trail today stumping for his wife hillary across the state of iowa. moments ago kristen welker asked him what he thinks about donald trump's line of attacks about his past transgressions. >> donald trump is making issue of your past transgression. do you want to respond? and are you worried that your past could hurt your wife's campaign? >> i don't have a response. i have no interest in getting involved in politics or doing anything except trying to help hillary. >> the response comes hours after donald trump released a video showing images of the former president with monica lewinsky along with photos of
12:20 pm
hillary clinton, anthony weiner and then bill cosby. >> women's rights are human rights, and human rights are women's rights. o once and for all, let's keep fighting for opportunities and dignity. >> msnbc senior editor is here in the newsroom with me to discuss all of this. that insta fwram, we talked to chris matthews about it a little bit, but that video is short. i said to chris, you can have the volume turned down and you get the point. >> trump's been great with his instagram as all part of his overall incredibly strong media strategy. what trump is doing is trying to get under the clinton's skin. he's certainly gotten under jeb bush's skin. the poor guy has been reduced to a puddle because of what trump has been saying, low energy. this horrible memory they have. >> a chink in the armor. >> a chink in the armor and he wants to tease that chink to see what kind of a rise he can get.
12:21 pm
bill clinton to kristen welker just wouldn't take the bait. >> he wasn't going there. >> he said he's not the nominee. i'll talk about him if he's the nominee, but he's not yet. a plausible reason to not answer. >> hillary clinton gave an interview to "time" magazine and asked about the role that sexism plays in politics and running for president. here's what she said. she was asked whether sexism has changed since she first entered the public eye. well, there's still a double standard. there's no doubt about that. i see it all the time where women are just expected to combine traits and qualities in a way that men are hot. people do and say things that have implicit biases about women in public life that demonstrate persistent sexism. interesting comments from her acknowledging that. >> in 2008 she didn't want to run as a woman candidate. she made that point, i'm a woman but not running as a woman candidate. very different this time. she's embracing the fact that she's a woman candidate.
12:22 pm
she's speaking out on sexism, which is a little bit of a risk. trump has gone after her again claiming she's playing the woman card. she won't take his bait. she realizes that's something she has to talk about. how can she not? go talk to an interviewer and say, what, there's no such thing as sexism? she might as well own it and make it a reality. >> all three democrats were there -- there's so many candidates. i want to play sound from hillary clinton last night in las vegas. >> and i will continue to stand my ground against those who traffic in prejudice and paranoia, who spread hate against immigrants, muslims, lgbt americans or anyone else they can scapegoat and demonize. insulting each other won't solve anything. you cannot make our country
12:23 pm
great by tearing our people down. >> so while they're not answering on some of the charges from trump, she's clearly going back at him. >> she didn't say a name, she's been trying not to say his name. there's a slogan, make america great again. you can't make america great doing what he's doing. right after the things that he's now famous for, going after muslims, insulting people. she's clearly talking about trump but doing it in a way that she doesn't have to speak his name but rather a set of ideas that she wants to suggest all the republican candidates actually believe. >> she's out in california today while her husband is campaigning in iowa. >> she's there for fund-raising, doing an event around asian american fund-raising. smart move. asian americans very strongly for president obama in 2012. she needs to get that coalition again. >> vice president joe biden gave an interview last night with a local n brbc affiliate.
12:24 pm
but he was also asked for his take on the democratic race for president. take a listen. >> on the democratic side, it's what i expected. there's real robust debate between hillary and bernie as there would have been if i had got in the race. there's been no personal attacks that i'm aware of or any consequence. there is -- it's not a budge of serendipity out there. >> any regrets to not throwing your hat in the ring? >> sure, i regret it every day, but it was the right decision for my family and for me. and i plan on staying deeply involved, and we've got two good candidates. >> joining me now to discuss all things biden, msnbc political correspondent casey hunt. it's revealing that he said i regret it every day. >> really reviewing. i think he's showing why so many people were interested in seeing joe biden run for president,
12:25 pm
right? especially in an era where things seem otherwise kind of scripted he's really the kind of politician that wears his heart on his sleeve. >> doesn't self-edit as much as other people. >> he definitely doesn't do that but so much of his family has been rooted in public service for decades. obvious to everyone who has covered him in congress or as vice president, that he really wants to be president of the united states. he's dedicated his life to this. i think you heard a moment of honesty there. >> where does that leave him with hillary clinton and bernie sanders? let's assume that hillary clinton gets the nomination, does vice president biden come out and support her. >> he hasn't endorsed one way or the other yet. we're waiting for him to make a play there. the reason you're seeing him out so much now is on the president's gun violence initiative. on issues close to his heart, he has constituencies in the
12:26 pm
democratic primary that he can speak to in a unique way, even his potential union ties, places where bernie sanders has some strengths that hillary clinton doesn't have, biden can speak to those constituencies. >> thank you, kacie hunt. >> warmer here than in new hampshire. >> where are you headed next? >> washington for the state of the union. >> that's a good assignment. >> in the case of sandra bland, the texas woman whose death behind bars sparked outrage and the state trooper who pulled her over is now finding himself on the other side of the law. and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures.
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do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. the texas state trooper who arrested sandra bland has now been indicted by a grand jury on one count of personalry related to the contentious traffic stop last summer. trooper brian encinia claims that bland was combative and uncooperative. bland was later found dead in
12:30 pm
her jail cell three days after the arrest. authorities ruled it a suicide. let me bring in ari melber and national correspondent joy reed both of whom have been covering this case extensively. thanks for being here. let me start, ari, with you. one count of -- was it woun count of perjury? >> correct. >> is that unusual? >> it's unusual that officers are ever charged with perjury especially with regard to this kind of statement. grand jurors obviously seized on the statement he made basically saying, oh, i was taking her out of the car to make a safe traffic stop when the video clearly shows otherwise. indeed shows him looking a bit more like an aggressor or being combative. i know we can show some of that. essentially they took issue with that and said that is pretty bad. usual until the grand jury context as well as traditional prosecutors people say even when officers make false statements, there's a sense that their job is hard, they may have gotten confused, they get a break. obviously this is one of several questionable things he did.
12:31 pm
>> i want to play a clip of sandra bland's mother at a news conference today. i want to show a clip of that. >> where is the true indictment? where is the indictment for the assault, the battery, the false arrest? where is that? a class "a" misdemeanor for me, i can't be expected to be excited about that because i feel like there's so much more that he should have been indicted on. >> so you heard that, joy. is there -- there's obviously a frustration in the family that more didn't happen. >> yeah. >> but they did get the perjury charge. >> yeah, and i did speak with geneva and get a sense of where the family is headed at this point. and i asked her if this officer, if trooper encinia were to be convicted in this even though it was a misdemeanor, would the family see that as some measure of justice. she said a little bit given the fact that it's that or nothing.
12:32 pm
but they did feel disappointed both that there was no indictment on his actions, which they feel were an assault on her, that there weren't greater charges. they feel this is the lowest level of charge. they're frustrated that the lawler county district attorney made the announcement that there would be no felony indictments for the sheriff's department and the jailers in their handling of sandra bland and that announcement came out around christmastime. it was a really sensitive time for them. they're very disappointed and very angry. >> legally why not any of those other charges? not enough evidence? not enough what? >> look, this whole process has been unusual. that's the nice word for it. suspicious is the more judgmental word. i spoke to one of the lawyers that the prosecutors appointed, and he said we put all charges before this grand jury so they could have done anything. but we also told them we think it's a suicide. my view as a lawyer is that's wrong. that is an inappropriate approach because if it was a
12:33 pm
suicide, then there's no homicide charge and in fairness to the facts and the officers or the jail officials, you shoopt put forward any charge there. so this is the same pattern as tamir wright viewers will remember in ohio, a controversial decision to not indict, but the question of what are these grand juries doing? what are they doing and are they reviewing charges, which is how it's suppose to work or are they in some other weird process where they're clearing decisions prosecutors have already made. there's a grid of things high and low, and they went with low, but that was a tie breaker approach or to do something. the other point we wanted to make, folks at home may not remember the whole video, with regard to the perjury and why this is the charge that came through, he said it was for safety. but the video shows the way he was approaching her, again, on a traffic spot about a lane change, no threat, no indication of a weapon, no other reason to escalate, what he said he was doing was trying to secure
12:34 pm
safety. let's take a look at that key portion of the interaction. let's look at the video of how he approached her in the doorway. here we go. >> i'm going to drag you out of you here. >> you're going to crag me out of my own car. >> get out! i'll write you up! get out of the car! >> wow. >> it's night and day from what's in his written report. it raises the question of what in the law enforcement community they call officer-involved violence or officer escalation. this shouldn't have been an arrest. it shouldn't have obviously resulted in a death. and it shouldn't have necessarily been an altercation. he seemed very personally angry about it rather than just trying to do what many officers do when there are real threats, which is get control. >> a family spokesman who i spoke with earlier, and the point that they made in addition to what ari was saying is that the family is very upset because they do feel that the officer went after sandy bland because
12:35 pm
of her deportment, because she wouldn't take a meek stance toward the officer and that's why this happened. but you know, i think one thing that is important to keep in mind is that this indictment is, in and of itself, very rare. officers are almost never indicted in the conduct of their duties, grand juries are highly reluctant to do it. phillip stenson who has done the most extensive work on this in form of research, said it is almost unheard of for grand juries to indict unless they believe a case of a cover-up. the cover-up is the thing that most often triggers an indictment against officers unless it's something like robbing a drug dealer. >> joy reid, ari melber, thanks so much. another moment of kay nos the city of lights. an armed man wearing fake explosives was shot and killed by paris police. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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reactions to president obama's measures on gun control. they're being called life saving by supporters and unconstitutional by detractors. but according to the latest quinnipiac poll, a largest majority, 89% of americans support a law requiring background checks for sales at gun shows or online. joining me now, democratic senator from west virginia, senator joe manchin is with us. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, kate. >> you fought for a bill after newtown, it had your name on it, you and pat toomey of pennsylvania. it didn't go through and it would have expanded background checks. one might assume you would be all for what the president has done this week, and yet you're not, are you? >> well, kate, first of all, i understand the president's frustration. being a former governor of the state of west virginia, i understand the frustrations that we sometimes have with our
12:40 pm
legislature, and you know what? you just have to work a little bit harder at that. the three branchs of government that we have is basically there for a check and balance. we have a legislative branch, the executive branch and the judicial branch. the president basically takes that and operates on a day to day basis. with that being said, this is a major policy change. it makes all the sense. the manchin/toomey bill we put out in 2013, we had 56 votes back then. now we only have 46 democrats in the caucus now. 45 democrats have voted for it. we had 4 republicans. we need 11 more republicans. what the president is doing tonight is exactly what he needs to do, go out to the public and talk to the republicans who support the commonsense background check that we put forward. our bill was pretty much inclusive. not only had background checks, it had school safety.
12:41 pm
it had mental health as far as assistance to people with mental illness. we did an awful lot of things. we still think it's a very solid piece of legislation. i would like to ask all my republican friends that live in states that have republican representatives to please tell them, please support this legislation. we will all still vote for you because we believe it's the right thing. >> but senator -- >> the president's taking it to the people. i agree with that. >> but senator, you know the president said the other day from the east room of the white house that he doesn't think congress can do it. he doesn't think congress can pass any kind of legislation and that's why he did it by executive action. are you saying, just to be clear, you are saying you disagree with the mode of doing it? >> the bottom line is you have to work through the process. you know. i just -- first of all, the executive order, as i understand the executive order or the way it's going to be presented is really not to get into the background checks the way our bill did. our bill basically said any
12:42 pm
commercial transaction when you go to a gun sale and it's a commercial transaction, when you're on the internet, you don't know that person. a law-abiding gun owner, kate, i was taught not to sell my gun to a stranger, a criminal, someone who is insane. i wouldn't even give my gun to a family member. it's not responsible. that's what we were trained to do. when i go to a gun show and don't know a person, if i go on the internet and don't know, it's only responsible for me to make sure there's a background check. our bill does that. this executive order basically defines who can sell, who has to get a background check if you're a seller. it doesn't say all commercial transactions at gun shows. a little bit different than what we have. >> i want to ask you about the family members that i know you've met with in the past. you've met with some who lost their children at newtown shortly after it all happened and you were working on that legislation. they were supporting the legislation. i want to play what nicole hockly said to us on tuesday. she was on this program. she lost her 6-year-old son dil
12:43 pm
number newtown. this is what she said to people who don't favor what the president's doing this week. >> i ask them what do they think is the right step then? this is not about taking anyone's rights away, this is not about taking away weapons, this is not about saying you can't buy weapons. this is about ensuring that people who shouldn't have weapons like criminals can't. so that's pretty common sense to me. >> senator, they were basically saying might as well do something. might as well try for some progress. >> kate, my heart bleeds as much as anybody's hearts bleed. i sat with them, i've talked to them. my goodness, if that doesn't shake you, nothing will. i come if a gun culture state. i've gone around to gun owners and people i've gone hunting with and shooting with all my life and spoke to them and showed them our bill and they were support ib. you have a process we have to go through. this executive order is not doing everything that our bill
12:44 pm
did. so we're still going to have to have legislation. we're still going to have to have legislation to do that. the process is what it is. you can't give up on the process. if not, you don't node a legislative branch in government. we're following the developing news out of paris this hour where law enforcement officers shot and killed a man armeded with a knife and a fake explosives belt outside a price station, this on the same day paris marked one year since the charlie hebdo terror attacks. nbc's bill neely is live in paris. what do we know at this hour about this man and what he was up to? >> good afternoon, kate. well, neither paris police nor prosecutors will confirm local reports that this man was in his early 20s, was born in morocco, and was identified his his fingerprints as someone who ha been arrested for robbery two
12:45 pm
years ago. they won't confirm that. but what we do know is around 11:30 this morning a man brandishing a knife and wearing a jacket underneath something was bulging with a wire hanging out, approached a policization shouting allahu akbar, god is great, he was shot by police officers six times and then they noticed the wires coming out of his body as they used a robot with a camera to check out his body to make sure that it wasn't in fact a suicide belt or a suicide vest. they discovered that it wasn't. what they found on his body, though, was an isis flag or at least a piece of paper with an isis flag drawn. and in arabic, a statement in which the man purportedly pledged allegiance to isis. now, the timing is interesting as well, kate. he approached the police station at almost exactly 11:30. that is exactly to the minute
12:46 pm
one year since the brothers approached charlie hebdo armed with kalashnikovs. this guy whoever he was knew exactly what he was doing. >> bill neely in paris tonight. thank you. alabama's chief court justice putting a halt to same-sex marriages in his state defying the supreme court's court decision last summer. but does judge roy moore have a leg to stand on? ♪ melodic, calm music. and when we woke, we found that the whole world had reinvented itself. sail with princess cruises, the best cruise line in europe. limited mediterranean balcony fares from $1,399. call your travel consultant or 1-800-princess. princess cruises. come back new. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... this is brad. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief
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12:49 pm
at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was the chief justice of alabama's supreme court ordered a halt to same-sex marriages in that state on wednesday. justice roy moore's administrative order goes against last year's u.s. supreme court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage across the whole nation. let me bring in justice correspondent pete williams. pete, legally speaking, does this have a leg to stand on?
12:50 pm
>> many people say no. and here's the deal. he said he put this order out. it's not a decision from the state supreme court. it's an order from him in his role as the chief administrator. marriage licenses are have done caused more confusion. here's what he says. in march the alabama supreme court voted to uphold the state's ban on same-sex marriage. then along came the june ruling from the supreme court, striking down such bans nationwide and another ruling from the alabama court it was considering what effect that the u.s. supreme court decision would have. until the alabama supreme court decides this, probate judges in alabama should not given out licenses. but he ignores a federal judge in alabama in may ruled the ban was unconstitutional and in october a federal appeals court said the alabama supreme court decision earlier was a dead letter, in essence. two u.s. attorneys in alabama issued a statement saying they have grave concerns about the
12:51 pm
order. government officials are free to disagree with the law but not disobey it. the supreme court has spoken and alabama must follow the law. some probate judges say they are obeying what justice moore has done and won't give out licenses but others will ignore it. so the immediate effect is minimal, i suspect this won't last long. >> pete williams, watching that for us, thanks. chinese stock plunge trigging a sell-off in the states. wall street next, where the dow stands. when this could all level out. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be.
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so take a good look at this number here. i not looking good. minutes away from the end of the trading day, and the stock market in the u.s. taking another hit today. the dow hovering around 358, down right now. the sell-off in the states came after china halted trading today
12:55 pm
when their markets tumbled more than 7%, triggering so-called circuit breakers. for the latest, joined by kate rogers at the stock exchange here in new york. kate, does the u.s. need the chinese marks to rebound before we see that number go back up. >> absolutely. it's anyone's guess. we can tell you stocks opened lower, global concerns bringing down the markets here in the u.s. all three major averages are down by more than 2%. the dow and the nasdaq traded in correction territory. several factors contributing to the worries over global economic growth. overnight the people's bank of china set the reference for its currency. marked its largest daily change since august. china's continued to devalue the yuan over slowing economic continued. reuters reported more devaluation could be coming and sending the market back down to session lows. the chinese securities
12:56 pm
regulatory commission suspend its circuit breaker system which halts trading in order to ease panic selling. a 7% dropped triggered circuit breakers. they went into effect this monday. we have the same systems with trading halted for 15 minutes with the s&p dropping 7% and 13%. back in the u.s., here this morning, weekly jobless claims came in at 277,000, so this is a signal the labor markets remains on more solid footing, despite slower economic growth. investors watching for tomorrow's job report with estimates at 210,000 jobs added in december. we'll see how the market reacts. waiting for the close. >> four minutes now 350, going lower. closing bell at top of the hour.
12:57 pm
donald trump stumping for support in bernie sanders's backyard in vermont and it not sweet news for one of creators of ben. >> reporter: jerry's ♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪
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1:00 pm
which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. brian williams here with you from new york. just briefly here to take some stock, pun intended, of what has happened on the stock market. you see the number as we approach, there it is, the closing bell. met ta fast is the firm that gets to close it out today. number is going to fluctuate as it always does. it took a run into rather deep negative territory right before the close in the last 60 to 100 seconds. and you see there, just shy of 400 points down. we've been talking all day about the reasons for this, kate rogers of cnbc joins us from there. kate, precipitous slide there at the end of the day. >> absolutely. as you mentioned the numbers of course settling.
1:01 pm
looks to be the dow down around 390. the nasdaq down around 146. as you mentioned the dow and nasdaq both briefly touching correction territory throughout the day and it's volatile trade. we started the day off with a steep drop. bounced back a bit during the day. then it touched session lows again. concerns here really over china and the chinese economy suffering and the government continuing to devalue their currency there, the yuan. when we hit lows of the day it was on a reuters report the yuan would drop further, potential 10% to 15% drop. that's something to continue watching. back over to you. >> wikate rogers from cnbc. josh is with us as well. josh, why are we hearing this phrase, increasingly, and there's been various perm utations of this throughout history when china sneezes, wall street could catch a cold? >> for a couple of reasons. china is the u.s.' third largest
1:02 pm
export porter in. we think of china as a place we import a lot from but we sell more to them than anyone except for canada and mexico. if the chinese economy weakans it means them buying less of our stuff. rumors about the currency is important. the idea they might let the currency weaken 10%, 15%, that matters for the u.s. when a country's currency falls it means it's more expensive for them to buy imports from other places and cheaper to export. if china does that, they going to send more stuff to us and less stuff to them. less sales for u.s. companies and less performance for the u.s. stock market. >> lay viewers who lived through '08 remember the phrase, circuit breakers on the market, here in this country. the chinese exchange is at the stage where they're getting used to the idea of circuit breakers. >> it's funny. they just brought in this so-called circuit breaker this week, if the stock market fell more than 7% in a day it would
1:03 pm
close for the day. it happened twice in one week. i think what the chinese are learning the government can't decide whether stock prices are going to fall and how much. they're suspending that rule because it's making people in china more nervous. they're worried the market's going to close, they won't be able to get money out later so they are to close now. in the u.s. we have a circuit breaker, about you it only shuts done the market if it falls 20%. that only happened in 1997. people in reacting to things we know about. if you close the market for a day, it's going to open up the next day and people will start selling again. >> josh, thanks. people up late last night on the east coast got to see, in real-time, what was happening on the chinese exchange and knew this day would be coming for wall street. a contributor at,
1:04 pm
author of "collapse of china" thank you for coming in. explain to lay viewers what's going on here. >> i think the chinese economic model, unvestment-led manufacturing is exhausted and it's been exhausted for quite some time. chinese leaders instead of reforming have just tried to continue to pour more fiscal stimulus, more monetary stimulus, it isn't working. the chinese economy is not growing at 6.9% that people claim or beijing claims. it more like, i believe, 1 or 2. people in the u.s. financial think it's growing 5 or 6 and the issue for us here is that when the realization of the problems in china actually starts to hit, we're not going to have 400-point drops. eel have drops much larger because the problems in china are much larger. >> what can they do? >> well, what they should do is undertake structural economic reform. but right now the economy and the financial system is too weak. if they did that, they could
1:05 pm
trigger a collapse. also, the ruler of china is not a reformer. he believes in i strong state. that's exactly the wrong thing. and essentially he's been introducing a mao-style policy of consolidating state enterprises into bigger montop y monopoli monopolies. this is the wrong way to go. >> monolithic chinese economy, they're coming, they're coming. who do you blame for the gulf in the reality of the chinese economy and the popular image in the united states? >> i think there are a number of culprits. first, beijing tries to control the narrative, which numbers that i think are divorced from reality. but also, of course, in the u.s. financial community, and across manufacturers in the u.s., they've wanted to believe in the story because it meant a lot of money for people in the country and elsewhere. i think that we sort of didn't
1:06 pm
really look at some of the fundamental problems and the inability of the chinese leadership to really implement their type of reform we wanted. we thought they could do it. but obviously, they can't. >> gordon, thanks. thanks to all contributors. back to the phrase as we look at closing number, down 392.41. remembering, there are fluctuations after the market close. when china sneezes, wall street catches a cold. on that note, back into the studio, kate snow. >> brian, thanks so much. we'll turn to politics now and begin in burlington, vermont, and trump rolls into town just about three hours from now. crowds are already lined up. outside the flynn theater in burlington to see him. the trump campaign issued 20,000 tickets for tonight's event, did is spite the fact the venue holds 1,400 people. in line a mix of trump supporters, bernie sanders supporters and some who tell us they're undecided. >> he's make not a politician,
1:07 pm
he's a businessman, but i believe that he's got the same values that we do as everyday working people. >> i just want to see what he has to offer and see if he seems sincere about it. >> reporter: are you here as a supporter, somebody open-minded. >> independent. i'm real open-mined. >> he's not a career politician. he can't be bought. he says -- what everybody wants to say and are afraid to say. and that's what we need. this political correctness is for the birds. >> let's start it off with nbc's katy tur in the line or next to the line in burlington, vermont. give us a sense for the scene there, katie. >> reporter: well, it's sort of backed up. we have three hours to go. the theater's down there. the line wraps all the way down this block. this is nothing new for trump rally events. there's always long lines and people waiting to get into their
1:08 pm
rallies. what's different here is the mix of supporters and protesters who are here. part of the reason we think with the trump campaign, giving out so many tickets they got wind of planned protests, people buying blocs of these tickets and planning on walking out in the middle of the speech. in light of that, they kept it open longer and well beyond the 20,000 tickets because they wanted to, we assume, show that they can get this crossover appeal, that they can make a showing in a very blue state in bernie's backyard. his headquarters, kate, around the block and into the middle of this block up here. it's a mere 163 steps, yes, i counted, away from this theater. certainly is a slap in the face. i want to talk to people standing here, other than this lady trying to get by. you, sir, are you a trump supporter? >> what do you think? >> trump supporter. >> reporter: why are you here. >> here to support donald trump.
1:09 pm
closest rally i can get to. i live in new york. >> reporter: so you're not even a vermonter. >> reporter: are you surprised there's a mix? >> there is quite a good mix here. i just hope that we're allowed to hear trump speak today, you know, hecklers don't cause too much problems. >> reporter: what about his message appeals to you so much? >> make america great. what more do we want to hear than that? >> reporter: policy details? >> policy details, i feel like his tax reform is going to be a great plan. immigration, obviously, he's a great businessman. i mean, america needs a great businessman now and i don't think any politician in office has dealt in business like donald trump. >> reporter: thank you very much. i will say the guy that has been in line since 4:30 in the morning, the one first in line i asked why he got here so early. he said he was worried about not getting in. i said are you a supporter of donald trump. he said, no.
1:10 pm
he said he's a supporter of bernie sanders. >> serious question, katie, you've been to so many rallies. if things get tense, if people stand up, try to protest, what then? what happens? >> reporter: well, what they do at trump rallies of late, oftentimes there's an announcement that says please don't harm protesters, if you do, thaehear them protest -- so the sign is in my face. i got distracted by it. what they do -- what they do is that they -- if a protester interrupts the rally, you should say usa, usa, usa, drown them out. if it gets wild, the trump campaign ends up rushing in and they quickly remove the offending people, offending the campaign people and crowd starts screaming usa, usa.
1:11 pm
in people leave en masse from the rally, i'm not sure how the campaign will react. this is a very small theater, 1,400 seats. if a bunch of people leave, it will be apparent. >> katy tur, we'll be watching. if every ticket holder shows up for tonight's event, that would be the equivalent of nearly half of the population of the city of burlington, vermont, packing into the flynn center. obviously, that can't happen. that's why fire and police officials are concerned about tonight's event. what happens to everyone with a ticket who can't get in to the 1,400-theat seater. cal, you've been looking at area? >> yeah, digital tour of burlington. as you said, if 20,000 people show up for the event at least around 19,000 are going to probably find themselves, as we zoom in here, i'll take you into the flynn center, where the event is going to be, most people will end up in this park. here's where katy tur was, i can
1:12 pm
show you the geography. here's the palestinian center here. it is tiny, seats 1,400 poem as we've been saying. major concerns on a fire, for the fire chief. concerns from the police, as well. and it's a small area. this is a small town. it's a small town america, there's not a lot of space and that's concern to authorities. shutting down church street, near where katie was. as you've been talking about, one of the more interesting things here's where the sanders campaign office is. i don't think that's by accident. one more interesting thing, reporters are congregating here at country cardelli because they're running a special called the donald. costs $20.16, i will leave details to twitter. >> twitter handle?
1:13 pm
>> . it's say sandwich packed full of balogna. >> thank you. chris hayes in burlington, vermont for the trump event. join him live, 8:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. today, hillary clinton won the endorsement of planned parenthood. clinton said it was an honor to receive the award, noting there has never been a more important lex when it comes to health and reproductive rights. targeting the clintons, saying he, not hillary clinton, is the true defender of women's rights. showing pictures with her with anthony weiner and others. steve kornacki. >> donald trump trying to keep this very public feud with the clintons alive over the issue of bill clinton and the 1990s and his treatment of women. so, what you have here, as you say, an instagram video, trump putting these things up for
1:14 pm
months, campaign putting these on instagram. almost all viral sensations when they go up. this is an attempt at guilt by association here. they attack a clip of hillary clinton getting her famous speech 20 years ago where she said, in china, human rights are women's rights, women's rights are human rights. put images of monica lewinsky. anthony weiner is married to clinton's top aide. bill cosby at an event with hillary clinton. a taste of what this looks like. >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights once and for all, let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity. >> now we should say, bill clinton is in iowa campaigning for his wife today. asked about trump's stepped up attacks on him. he wouldn't go anywhere near this. this is something the clinton
1:15 pm
campaign is not interested in engaging over anymore. >> all right. steve kornacki in the newsroom, thanks so much. among those lining up for trump's event in burlington, bernie sanders supporters, as katy tur reported in the hill newspaper reporting some sanders backers planning to, quote, sabotage the event reserving tickets and maybe not showing up or protesting. joining me one of bernie sanders' well-known supporter co-founder of ben and jerry's. ben cohen with us. thank you for being with us. >> great to be here with you. how are you doing? >> you're outside the theater, too. i didn't realize you'd be outdoors. are you going to the trump rally? >> we call this balmy here in vermont. am i going? yeah, i'm thinking of dropping by. >> would you be outside with the bernie sanders supporters? >> probably, yeah. >> would you want to go inside? would you want to see the
1:16 pm
spectacle? >> yeah, i'd like do that, too, you know. but you know, lie you say, gobs of people here. who knows who's going to get in. >> i have to ask you about your support for bernie sanders and the fact that donald trump's rolling into town, into your town, right there, so near to the headquarters of bernie sanders' campaign. what do you make of that? what do you make of trump bringing his team there? >> i don't know. i guess it's his usual in your face keen of thing. i think it's interesting that he's coming to burlington because the kind of business person he represents and the kind of -- the way of doing business that he represents is so totally on the opposite extreme of what ben and jerry's and what i represent, and you know, i just think that if you
1:17 pm
want to try to understand donald, he's about getting ahead by pushing other people down and, you know, ben and jerry's has discovered that you can do darn well by helping people at the same time. >> and we're talking to people in line, ben, and there are people who say they're open minded, they haven't made any decision yet, and very attracted to donald trump. and they live in your town and live in your state. do you get that? >> well, i think what's going on is that, clearly america is not, whoing for a whole lot of people and a whole lot of people are pretty upset with politics as usual. i think that unfortunately some of those people that are currently getting screwed by the
1:18 pm
system have been attracted to donald's divisiveness and hate. but i think the reality is that the way to help change the system so that it does serve the needs of the people that are getting screwed is by what bernie's been talking about in terms of social and economic justice and in terms of, say, increasing the minimum wage for one. >> you know -- >> so you know, it's interesting when you look at a matchup, you know, look at the polls, matching up a prospective run between donald trump and bernie sanders, bernie wins, i mean, by a long shot. >> let me ask you before we go, is there an ice cream flavor of
1:19 pm
ben and jerry's yet for bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders hasn't come up with one. i've been the flavor developer for many years. >> what would it be. >> i came up with one called bernie's yearning, and when you open up the pint, there's this big disc of chocolate on the top covering the entire top and below it is plain mint ice cream. and the disc of chocolate represents 90% of the wealth that's gone to the top, 10%, over the last ten years, and the way you eat it is that you take your spoon, you whack that big chocolate disc into little pieces and mix it around, there you have it, bernie's yearning. >> ben cohen, co-founder of ben and jerry's and a huge bernie sanders supporter. i hope you get inside tonight and get to see donald trump. we'd love to invite you back tomorrow it you do. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks so much for being with
1:20 pm
us. iowa front-runner ted cruz continued on day four of his bus tour through the hawkeye state. in between events he found time to chat with all due respect host mark halperin about senator mccain's contention it was worth looking into cruz's eligibility being president based on his canadian birth. >> i think it's no surprise to anybody that john mccain is going to be supporting marco rubio in this election. >> he hasn't announced than you're predicting that's what he'll do. >> foreign policies are almost identity. immigration policies are almost identical. it's no surprise he's trying to do what he can to help the candidate that he's favoring who he thinks shares -- >> on the legal question, counselor, is it possible that the judge might find a difference. >> the legal question is straightforward. >> joining me, the other host of "with all due respect" on msnbc -- i'll get it right -- and bloomberg television.
1:21 pm
show airs on both net works, bloomberg and msnbc. it's john heilemann with us. let's talk about the sound bite we ran. mark halperin talking with ted cruz, legal question is straightforward and clear. that's what he's going with. but some legal scholars have been saying it's not as straightforward as cruz would like it to be. >> right. i think if you were to tack a survey, kate, and ask everyone constitutional scholar about this you'd find the preponderance think it's clear-cut and ted cruz is eligible but that's not a majority and it's not a unanimity of the topic. there are those who say it's not been tested in court and only way it resolve it, it's murky. only way to resolve it, take it into a court and get a ruling. donald trump is urging ted cruz to do that. he says, who knows how sincerely, cruz will be fine and the court will say he's eligible. but trump keeps urging him maybe
1:22 pm
you should get that done before the voting starts. some murkiness, enough that ted cruz's political enemies can make hay with it, as john mccain did last night. >> part of the sound bite we played, i don't know if people caught it, it's not a surprise to anybody that john mccain is supporting marco rubio. really? >> it's a surprise to me. i believe that john mccain was supporting lindsey graham. now he done have an endorsement out as of now. cruz is making an argument that mccain and rubio are simpatico on both foreign policy, immigration policy, that's not inplausible. it true they are closer, mccain is closer to rubio on those issues than cruz. but cruz is trying to figure out some way to fire back at someone who is a big figure in the republican establishment and get the double dip of knock back john mccain at the same time marking back marco rubio who cruz thinks is one of the main
1:23 pm
obstacles of him getting the republican nomination. >> you disagreed whether trump and cruz, the rivalry heats up or stays at a low boil. what's your take? >> welling look, i think our question was whether the detente is over. mark thinks cruz is probing -- that trump is probing for weaknesses and hasn't fully unleashed on cruz. my attitude is that he's basically engaged in a series of skirmishes here. think where they were last year, neither one said anything negative about the other and patting each other on the back all of the time we're not in a thermonuclear war yet. when trump is going birther on ted cruz, the gloves are pretty much off. >> "with all due respect" at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. president bill clinton on the campaign trail where he wrapped up an event in cedar rapids, iowa. just of before the event kristen welker caught up with the former
1:24 pm
president to find out what they thinks about donald trump's line of attack. >> donald trump is making an issue of your past transgress n transgressions. are you worried your past would hurt your wife's campaign. >> i don't have any response. if he wins the republican nomination we'll have plenty of time. i have no interest of getting involved in their politics or doing anything you said trying to help hillary. >> what's your reaction -- >> that all came hours after donald trump released a video of images of the former president with monica lewinsky and hillary clinton joined by anthony weiner and bill cosby. >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights once and for all. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity.
1:25 pm
nbc news senior political editor mark murray joins me all to discuss it all. we have new video, hard to ignore. it's short but it's out there everywhere. and then you have bill clinton not wanting to say much. >> yeah. it was great questioning by kristen welker with dogged questions for bill clinton. he wasn't taking the bait at all. this is the pattern for the cln campaign since the new year began, kate, where the clinton campaign wanted to mix it up with donald trump, saw the back and forth beneficial to them in late 2015. now wants nothing to do with donald trump. they realize that just wrestling sometimes with that pig in the mud that you end up getting muddy as well, too. so, to me it was fascinating to hear bill clinton almost say, we'll wait to respond to donald trump if and when they becomes the republican nominee. even today the clinton campaign, in a payment statement, mixing it up with bernie sanders' campaign over the issue of paid family leave but nothing when it
1:26 pm
comes to the republican field, particularly donald trump. >> what about white house chief of staff leon panetta talking to andrea mitchell earlier this afternoon. i want to play that. >> in the world of politics, there are no lines anymore in terms of what candidates say, particularly with trump and the things that he's been saying. you know what? i'd like to hear from donald trump a little bit of the substance what the hell he's talking about. he's made a lot of comments about how easy it is to deal with isis, how easy it is to deal with the challenges that are out there but i haven't heard the substance behind it. i think that's what we ought to be hearing more about. >> mark, donald trump would say he's full of substance, goes out every day, does huge really is like he will in burlington tonight. >> in fairness to donald trump he has put out a detailed policy on immigration more so than what we've seen from other republican presidential candidates. but on other issues when it
1:27 pm
comes to combatting isis, military strategy, donald trump's campaign has been very short on specifics and a lot of dealing with questions how he would handle the office. and leon panetta in the interview with andrea mitchell endorses hillary clinton. but he does raise a really good question in the months ahead, what matters more, the personality or should policy end up mattering. and i think, in a way as we get very close to iowa and new hampshire, now 3 1/2 weeks away from the iowa caucuses, 10 months away from the general election but the policy questions end up more mattering than the personality. another democrat, vice president joe biden saying he regrets not running for president. take a listen. >> on the democratic side, it's what i expected. there's real robust debate between hillary and bernie, as there would have been in i had gotten in the race. there's no personal attacks, that i'm aware of, or any
1:28 pm
consequence. there is -- it's not a bunch of serendipity out there. >> any regrets not throwing your hat in the ring? >> sure, i regret it every day but it was the right decision for my family and for me and i plan on staying deeply involved. we've got two good weekecandida >> joining me now, kasie hunt. interesting to listen to him there, sort of backhanded the way he talks about the other candidates. >> remarkable candor, really, for when so much of this is preplanned. joe biden can be wearing his heart on his sleeve in a way other politicians don't and that's impolitic to come out and say it. but i do think it's authentic joe biden, not meant to be mean-spirited. he's somebody who has had a lifetime of public service and we know how publicly and how long it took for him to wrestle
1:29 pm
with this decision. of course coming in the wake of the death of his son, which played a significant role in how he decided this. but of course, he didn't really have a path at the end of the day. that was the conclusion of the political advisers around him because, in large part, hillary clinton really has made such a strong showing with democrats this time around. >> we talked about this earlier, he has not obviously, not endorsed any of the democratic candidates yet. >> right. >> no one would as a vice president until after the nomination is settled. >> it's unlikely. the president himself has dropped hints or the president's staff dropped hints that the president would consider endorsing before there was an official nominee. it would be a remarkable thing for that to happen, though, especially before voting gets under way in iowa and new hampshire. >> kasie hunts, thanks for being us up to speed on joe biden. in the last half hour the dow dropped nearly 400 points. what is necessary for course correction, next.
1:30 pm
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1:33 pm
u.s. stocks, as we've been saying, plunged today on more bad news from the chinese marks. the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 all down sharply today. the cause, so-called circuit breakers tripped in china and trading was halted for the day there after their markets quickly tumbled more nan seven points today. for the latest, joined by cnbc's mary thompson here in new york. any hope for rebound soon? >> your guess is as good as mine, kate. tomorrow investors will be waiting for what happens with china overnight, because the government has decided to suspend use of the circuit breakers and caused panic overnight when of course they halted trading for the second day if a row. also awaiting tomorrow's jobs data from the u.s. keep in mind when we look around the globe and as the weakness in china raises concerns about global weakness the u.s. continues to be one of the better performing if not the
1:34 pm
best performing economy in the world. any good news on the job data may help to ease some investors investors' concerns about the outlook for u.s. nevertheless, remain concerns about how the you look for china could be imported into the u.s. so that will remain a concern but good data would help to bolster the market sentiment i believe. >> people crossing their fingers, i'm sure. for more on the turmoil in the markets, joined by contributor gordon chang, author of "the coming collapse of china." good to see you again. you were here when we watched the closing of the bell and market. mary mentioned they won't have the same rule in place in china when their market opens. >> that's right, the circuit breaker will no longer apply. the chinese government is probably going to use the national team. state enterprises, large brokerages will probably be in
1:35 pm
the market buying shares to support it. this is what i thought they would be doing all this week, but apparently they didn't today and takes a real surprise, because this shows chinese technocrats are no longer in control of the financial markets. >> for those of us who follow the mark, we have our retirement tied up and watching the numbers going oh my god, help us understand why china's having such an impact on the u.s. markets. >> because in this country the financial community misunderstands the nature of the severity in china. they sort of believe there's a problem but identity think they understand how bad that problem is. we have this image of chinese technocrats being in control, being competent, apparently they're not. >> mary said it's anyone's guess what happened tomorrow. if you're putting on your prognosticator hat, what do you think? can we get ourselves out of the slump? >> i think the chinese government will support the market, and i think, therefore, people will say we're done with
1:36 pm
this problem. but unfortunately what happens when the chinese government intervenes it strangles freezes the market. china to longer has a functioning stock market. you have innovative companies that want to go to the market and can't get the funding. >> we could have a band-aid this week but longer term it's not a fix? >> absolutely. >> gordon chang. crisis in california, massive methane leak in los angeles neighborhood sending families running from toxic fumes. at its peak the leak was as bad for the environment of putting 9 million cars on the road. dad, you can just drop me off right here.
1:37 pm
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1:40 pm
the leak began in october. the well is spewing 30,000 kilograms of methane per hour according to most recent estimate. the people reported feeling sick from the fumes. so far, more than 2,000 people have been displaced from their homes. let me bring in nbc's morgan radford. schools as well, students moved out of the local schools. >> that's right. residents complaining of headaches, nausea, dizziness after thousands of tons of gas have been emitting from this underground storage facility in an upscale community porter ranch. take a listen. >> sore throat, upset stomachs, headaches, my daughter has a rash. >> throat always irritated. >> you can see eyes watering. >> after hearing complaints governor brown came to visit that site for the first time earlier this week and then on wednesday he declared a state of emergency. that's to pump more funds into
1:41 pm
the system to not only manage the leak, but also figure out what went wrong in the first place. but even after all of that has been going on, southern california gas company, which actually owns that facility, they have a different take on the situation. i spoke to one of their executives three weeks ago and this is what he told us. >> there are people really being impacted in the short term. but the long-term perspective, there are no long-term effects. >> basically they claim that since this facility is a natural gas facility, that natural gas isn't toxic, so there hadn't been documented long-term health effects but residents said that feels look a slap in the face because it basically is not acknowledging the symptoms they're feeling in real time. either way the company says, this could take up to months to not only find the leak but fix it. residents displaced may not be able to go back home until spring. morgan radford in los angeles, thanks. for more, i want to bring in
1:42 pm
tim o'connor of the environmental defense fund. he's been a leading voice on the forr porter ranch gas leak. this has been going on since october. as i understand it, is it true they don't know exactly where the leak is? >> well, the leak is somewhere underground, probably 1,000 feet deep, and it's really not creating a leak, it's a volcano of methane pollution putting out more climate change gas than what many thought was possible. >> why can't they find the leak? it sounds silly, but stop it up, stop it. >> like the deepwater horizon took 87 days fix and this will take many more weeks past that mark. they're drilling a relief well starting 1,200 feet away to hit the well that's leaking 8,000 feet underground so they can pump in mud and cement. it's complicated and dangerous process. >> looking at the big black plume. it looks scary.
1:43 pm
how bad is the air quality now? >> well, amount of methane and climate change gas coming out of 0 the leak is undermining years of progress that california's been making to cut methane pollution. when you look at it because methane is 84 times that more potent during climb change of carbon dioxide on a short-time basis. putting out more pollution than all of california oil and gas sectors combined. >> the governor declared a state of emergency, and in that said they would conduct daily inspects of well heads, use all necessary state resources to ensure a thorough response to the leak and so-called gas should bear all related expenses from the leak. is enough being done, in your opinion. >> certainly this has been a state of emergency since day one and we probably should have had much more happening since the origination of the leak. and really what this has raised
1:44 pm
is a problem in california with very national and many ways international significance, as we've seen over 400 of these types of facilities across the united states with literally no regulatory requirements on the well integrity, the type of thing that led to the leak. >> california has done so much to reduce emissions, combat climate change and you're saying they're undoing that work. how much of that progress is being undone by just this one leak? >> we think by the time the leak is done it will amount to about 2% of the state's overall statewide inventory. from one leak, we're looking at amount of emissions, 2% of the eighth largest economy in the world. that is a very, very significant problem. and also when you think about methane leaks that happen across the economy on an everyday basis, this one leak is very important. but also symptomatic of the need to upgrade infrastructure and regulations in california and across the united states to
1:45 pm
prevent these things from happening. >> tim o'connor, thanks for being with us. carly fiorina joins us from the campaign trail in new hampshire. her big push there coming up. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common,
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at this hour, the lines are getting longer ahead of donald trump's rally in burlington, vermont tonight with 20,000 tickets issued and only 1,400 seats available. looks like a lot of people are
1:49 pm
spending the night outside in chilly 30-degree temperatures. 200 miles to south, carly fiorina is campaigning in the granite state, where she's getting ready to host a town hall in meredith, new hampshire. she joins me now by phone. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. how are you? >> i'm well, thank you. we've been talking about donald trump's event in burlington. with him sucking up so much of the oxygen i wonder how do you convince voters you would do a better job as president. >> you know, donald trump sucks oxygen in the media but he doesn't suck up oxygen with voters. i don't ever get asked by donald trump by voters. i've been here in new hampshire since i declared my candidacy in may. i started out as 17 out of 16 pollsters didn't ask my name because less than 3% of voters ever heard of me. here i am with 33 days to go before the primary and i'm in
1:50 pm
the hunt. and this race is very much wide open because you see, voters particularly in new hampshire, think it's their job to decide how to winnow the field and vet candidates and who's going to win. in the end votes win elections. i'm going to keep doing town halls and showing up in living rooms and community centers and dining halls and talking to people of new hampshire. and the people of new hampshire have been good to me. >> the president announced new executive actions to try to shrink the so-called gun show loophole, expand background checks. polling shows 89% of americans favor background checks, extensive background checks and support that. do you favor expanding background checks in principle. >> president obama made two mistakes with the order. number one, he acknowledged that, for the first seven years of his term, he hasn't beenaneng laws we have and that accounts
1:51 pm
for tragedies like dylann roof in south carolina who never should have been sold a gun but was because he fell through the cracks. the president said he would enforce the laws we have, that's good, because a lot of people die at hands of criminals who we know shouldn't own guns but do. the administration has been prosecuting less than 1% of those criminals who possess firearms we know illegally. the second mistake is he thinks presidents make laws and presidents don't. congress does. congress has rejected twice on a bipartisan basis expansion of background checks that the president now is attempting to roll out under executive order. so, if the american people are clear about this, they ought to press on their representatives and congress to pass a law. but so far congress has rejected that law. >> let me ask you about something else. you said pointing to bill clinton's past behavior is not the most effective way to beat hillary clinton but you said if
1:52 pm
my husband were doing that, i would have left him. i presume you've seen donald trump's instagram video which raises questions, again, about bil's past. is that all fair game? >> i think anything a former president has done is fair game, yes. bill clinton is a former president, he's fair game. on the other hand, i don't think it's most effective way to beat hillary clinton. i think the most effective way to beat hillary clinton is to point out her lack of accomplishments, to point out her lies, about benghazi or e-mails or servers, it's to point out she's gotten every foreign policy challenge wrong. and the world's more dangerous and tragic place as a result. i think that's the way to beat hillary clinton and that's the case i'm going to continue to make to the american people. >> hillary clinton was asked by "time" magazine about being a woman and running for president. she said, i do think that women bear that extra burden and i think the sexism is less obvious but still prevalent in our political scene and culture. as a result, people do say
1:53 pm
things and use language that have implicit biases about women in public life that demonstrate persistent sexism. you have to grow a thick skin, as one of my favorite americans, eleanor roosevelt, once said, and carry on. that's hillary clinton talking to "time" magazine. since you're the only other woman running for the white house to be the first in the white house, do you agree with her at all as much as you disagree on so much else? >> of course. i think there's no question that women have a different experience than men. i mean i started as a secretary. i was called a bimbo, i was called the "b" and still called both of those "b" words to this day. i've been called the v word imi've been told i'm playing the gender card when i tell my story. there's no doubt that women face a different set of experiences. and i must say that i think conservative women face a
1:54 pm
particularly challenging set of circumstances because, in a way, the political class and the liberal bias of the media suggests conservative women don't exist. so yes, i do have empathy for mrs. clinton when she talks about the need to grow a thick skin, i've had to grow a thick skin myself. nevertheless, i think as a woman, both hillary clinton and i would agree that we want to be judged by the same standards as everyone else. and et going judged by those standards means we need to stand on our track record of accomplishment. and that is why i'm going to continue to point out to the american people that hillary clinton hasn't accomplished very much. >> carly fiorina, it's nice to have you by phone. appreciate your time. >> thanks, kate. >> safe travels. big losses on wall street today as we have been talking about. kate rogers with the cnbc market wrap. >> major indices losing 2% over china. the dow dropping 392 points.
1:55 pm
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1:58 pm
today in perry, law enforcement officers shot and killed a man armed wutd a knife and fake explosives outsite a police station on the day that paris marked one year since the "charlie hebdo" paris attacks. >> reporter: kate, at the moment, neither paris police nor prosecutors are concerning local reports that the man was in his early 20s, was born in morocco,
1:59 pm
and was arrested for theft two years ago. they gleaned this from his fingerprints, apparently. what we do know is that exactly 11:30 this morning he approached a police station in the north of paris, brandishing a butcher's knife and shouting allahu akhbar, god is great. the man was killed. they discovered something bulky inside his jacket with a wire hanging out of it. a robot was used to examine the body, and then they discovered this was a fake suicide belt but on the body they discovered a hand drawn isis flag and a letter in arabic in which the man pledged allegiance to isis. the timing is interesting. he approached pretty much exactly 11:30, the time exactly one year ago that the kouachi brothers approached the officers of the french sit tear cal
2:00 pm
magazine, charl"charlie hebdo,"n firing and killing 12 people. this guy, whoever he was, knew exactly what he was doing. >> bill neely, reporting from paris. and that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" starts right now. >> if it's thursday, it's the donald versus the democrats. his taking bernie sanders' hometown by storm, using social media to take new shots at clinton. trump on the stump tonight, get ready. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good thursday evening, from washington, i'm chuck todd. worlds are colliding a bit tonight in burlington, vermont. the doors just opened at the flynn center, where donald trump is about to hold a rally. yes, we kw


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