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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  January 7, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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magazine, charl"charlie hebdo,"n firing and killing 12 people. this guy, whoever he was, knew exactly what he was doing. >> bill neely, reporting from paris. and that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" starts right now. >> if it's thursday, it's the donald versus the democrats. his taking bernie sanders' hometown by storm, using social media to take new shots at clinton. trump on the stump tonight, get ready. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good thursday evening, from washington, i'm chuck todd. worlds are colliding a bit tonight in burlington, vermont. the doors just opened at the flynn center, where donald trump is about to hold a rally. yes, we know he does this most
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nights, but not in burlington, vermont. this is bernie sanders' country, in fact. right across the street from sanders' campaign headquarters is this flynn theater. now, sanders of course served as mayor of the city, nicknamed people's republic of burlington in the '80s before heading to congress. trump isn't worried about drawing a crowd. trump is trying to fit ten pounds of fun into a five-pound bag. handed out 20,000 tickets for a venue that seats 1,400. chris hayes spoke with the police chief in burlington who is concerned about public safety. >> we're a stone's throw from bernie sanders' campaign headquarters. trump does not have a lot, from what i understand, in common with bernie sanders ideologically. so the upshot is, as long as folks express that, that's fine. if it becomes obstructing trafficking obstructing pedestrians, pushing and shoving, we're not going to tolerate that.
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>> they'd be worried if fish of an event at this size as well, too. concern from the police aren't deterring attendees or the candidate. trump himself is simply saying, arrive early. joining me, chris hayes, host of "all in" doing a show from burlington tonight. chris, this has been sort of a surreal scene here. it seems as if both the trump and sanders campaign are enjoying this little mono a mono fight. >> it is a truly bizarre scene outside. we were here 11:30, first person here 4:30 a.m. by the time my flight got in, we had 20, 30 people. the line is about -- the people getting in, it seems half and half. half trump supporters or people curious to hear what he has to say and half people here for the spectacle, want to express displeasure. across the street, a huge protest area, protests starting to assemble, downtown blocked off, the police chief pacing up
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and down, secret service here, news trucks. the whole thing has this crazy circus comes to town atmosphere and still a few hours out. >> it's funny the way you described it. you just described that scene the way i describe graceland. people go to graceland, half love elvis, half want to watch the people that love elvis. i am curious, adding around the tickets thing, this is because, what, sanders supporters that promised to grab theic it ii td not show up? >> rumors circulating folks -- and i talked to two people who had said they heard people doing this or interested getting the tickets and either turning their backs or not showing up -- as you know, chuck, campaigns will always overbook venues, right, because they want them to be packed. this is being done, though, just to be clear, by inordinate magnitude, 1,400-seat theater,
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18,000, 20,000 tickets given out. the big question, is are all of 0 the people going to show up? are they going to be disturjed by the fact media all day saying this is only 1,400-seat theater and are you going to have a seen of several thousand trump protesters and supporters congregated in one block in burlington, vermont outside this venue? >> i hope this ends up being in good fun and it doesn't get hairy there. but, chris, you certainly made it more interesting to watch tonight, that's for sure. >> thanks. >> we'll be keeping an eye on the scene throughout the hour. but let's turn now to tonight's take. the presidential pac is narrowing in on what their central focus will be heading into the fir republican fights. on the establishment side, they agree on one thing, ted cruz and donald trump are not targets for now. for cruz, he's got on iowa blinders. for donald trump, he's a constant exception to the rule. look at tonight.
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not going to iowa or new hampshire. he's in vermont. he remains everywhere at once. even with the pile-up in the establishment lane particularly new hampshire, no candidate has been more second guessed on focus than marco rubio. despite riding the tea party wave in 2010ing rubio faced criticism for never fitting firmly inside or outside. this has been seen as an asset by some. slammed for not being in washington enough for missing senate votes. then got backlash for not being in iowa. now, after taking off on a tour of the state, it will be too little, too late to make an impact? he is making an appeal to the state like we've never seen. things have shifted a bit, i think in rubio world. he's got a new ad aimed directly at evangelical voters. rubio speaks very openly about his christian faith. the spot, they say, will air exclusively in iowa. here's a taste of it. >> our goal is eternity, ability to live alongside our creator for all time, accept the free
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gift of salvation offered to us by jesus christ. >> in another ad, he stokes fears about guns. >> barack obama released terrorists from guantanamo and now plotting to attack us. instead of fighting to fund our troops he fights to fund planned parenthood. he cut a deal with iran. his plan after the attack in san bernardino, take away our guns. >> a darker turn of sorts. a bold statement about executive actions that don't change the laws on the books. but the most notable change in marco rubio is on the stump. 44-year-old senator once posed as the fresh face of optimist exchange in the party. listen to him earlier during the cycle with his stump speech in sort of the fall of '15. >> we're still the most innovative people in the world and still the most productive workers on the planet. if we do these fibe things there's no economy in the world that can compete with us. >> in recent days the once happy
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warrior's become noticeably darker. >> american are starting to tell me they don't recognize america anymore. we are betraying our allies we are cutting deals with our enemies. we are gutting our military. washington's never been more out of touch. the economy isn't working for us like it once did. today almost everyone locks that doors, we lock our doors because society's changed. >> rhetoric is taking a turn for the trump-like rhetoric of a doomed america where he serves as the only salvation. >> the catastrophe, that's what this administration has done to our country, our people. we're going to reverse that when i'm president. and america's going to be greater than it's ever been if you give me the chance to be your president. >> to be fair, rubio supporters note, what rubio's saying now is not all that different from his closing message in his successful senate campaign in 2010. for a taste of that, here's what it sounded like.
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>> it's very clear, if we stay on this road washington has us on right now we will risk the essence of what makes us exceptional. we will lose what makes us unique. >> still, there is a little bit of optimism in that message. rubio's become a popular punching back for a lot of his opponents. you've seen how much candidates have been traveling. but for marco rubio the story apparently is how he's been traveling. he's gotten attention for his shift of private jets on the campaign trail. even more remarks about his choice of footwear. opponents are concerned about his rise. and attempting to tag the senator as aloof, slick, attempts to post holes at his image. rubio needs to be careful. may become the consensus candidate but needs to be careful because he could get attacked and lose control of his own personal image a bit. all that said, who is that candidate? will he be the idealistic guy, austere in if he doesn't solid
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himself soon he will be consumed by the image rivals want to create for him. let me bring in the chief correspondent of "the washington post." dan, there is no campaign that gets second guessed or backseat driven more right now in this town than marco rubio's. >> yes, and i think partly because expectations for him have always been pretty high. people saw him, you know, two, three years ago as the likeliest of the republicans to be the nominee. people thought he was going to be the guy that was going to rise to the top. he hasn't been able to do that. so, we're in that period where it's either kind of, you know, show us or it's all over, and he's, i think, he is operating on a slightly different kind of rhythm and timetable geared toward peaking when it important, not when it's not important. >> no doubt when you peak does matter. should we look at this week when what we're seeing, you noticed it last week, the direct appeal to evangelicals in iowa that now he -- now they think it's safe
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to go all in in iowa since it's cruz's to lose so that they can be the surprise candidate? >> i think a couple of things, chuck. when i was out there last week, and spent a little time with him and saw him at several events, and i was struck, before i talked to him, there was more edge to that message which you highlighted today. and i asked him about it. and in a sense he said, look, there is a lot of anger out there, and if you don't speak to that, people are not going to entrust you with the presidency because they don't think you understand where they are. heat trying to get to where the voters are. there is still optimism in his message, as noted. it's a bifurcated message that he's doing. the move into iowa, i think, reflects the fact that anybody in that kind of establishment group who can get a leg up coming out of iowa has an advantage going into new hampshire. >> it's interesting, the other establishment candidates, they're all taking potshots at each other, i would say, feels as if christie and rubio
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absorbing the most hits. what's interesting on rubio you hear from some other candidates, they think, boy, he's desperate because he didn't know where to go because nothing's worked yet. you think that's a fair hit? >> i don't know that it is. >> you've heard this. >> i understand why people say that because people have expected him over the last two or three months to start to tick up in more dramatic way and he hasn't done that. the question is, what's not working? what's the matter? but i think that for rubio he has always wanted to be the one candidate who can straddle both parts of the party who can, in the end, come in and challenge a ted cruz for that evangelical tea party vote while having establishment, and he's tried to -- he has tried to do that in a way that i think has left him open to criticism. >> before thanksgiving a lot of us were convinceding jeb bush's campaign looks like it's on life support, everybody's going to aland do
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abandon him. the money will shift to rubio. it did not happen, why? >> he's not been able to make a persuasive enough messagen it's been very hard for any candidate to break through the noise created by donald trump. donald trump so overshadows everybody, when we were talking to a number of candidates over the last few weeks, one of the things consistent their frustration that their message couldn't break through because of donald trump. >> the role of mitt romney, a bunch of romney people in rubio world. i know people close to the bush campaign who think that the romney people with rubio are trying to create a riff between yeb and romney in order to get romney donors to show up for rubio. this feud, the fact, to me what it does tell me, rubio and jeb they can't live with the other in the race. >> no, i think that's right, but we've known that from the beginning. we thought that final showdown might end in florida. it could be much sooner than that, based where state of the race is today.
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>> dan balz. if you haven't read the opus that you and your team did, bt and at, before trump, after trump, hit on monday, fantastic. coming up, a city's water supply is at risk in michigan and that governor, rick snider, says they're taking steps to fix flint's water crisis. what took so long? michael moore is going to join me to explain why he's calling for the governor's arrest over the issue. ♪
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(train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". . coming up, public health emergency in flint, michigan, the governor is trying to earn the city's trust back. as they work on a resolution. flint's most famous native michael moore says the governor should be arrested. michael moore joins me next to respond.
2:16 pm
one day after michigan's
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governor declared a state of emergency because of contaminated drinking water in flint, and the u.s. attorney's office confirmed it is investigating the high levels of lead that plagued flint's water supply for a year, the mayor's calling for the federal government to step in. >> we also are looking at our needs and putting cost to that, and because we know that that cost is so astronomical, that's why we're asking for federal assistance as well. we knew flint didn't have the financial ability to deal with this. i don't believe the state has the ability to deal with all of this financially. we do need federal assistance. >> michigan governor rick schneider apologized for the state's role in the situation and acknowledged that he has a long way to go to regain the public's trust. >> you have to earn trust and so that's where this will be a process by showing the steps we're taking to be proactive, to have people on the ground, whoing in collaboration and
2:18 pm
partnership with city officials and the people of flint. we want to work closely together to earn the trust. >> colleague rachel maddow following the story closely, in fact from the very beginning. >> february, epa telling the state of michigan, telling the rick snider administration, high levels of lead reported, being found in flint, the water's core rosive, leeching lead out of the pipes there. that was state being told what was wrong by the epa last february. still, the snider administration told the people of flint, relax, keep drinking water. there's the e-mail in september, from another state health official to three of his state colleagues, quote, sounds like there might be more to this than what we learned previously. yo yo yikes, written in the e-mail, yikes. >> four families filed a lawsuit against the state of michigan and flint this past november claiming injuries caused by the drinking water. governor snider moved the city of flint to detroit's water
2:19 pm
supply in october but flint's mayor says concerns over lead problems persist, leaving the population without safe drinking water. joining me now, john yang. first of all, fill me in. i understand the city of flint decided to get off the detroit water supply as a money saving measure, i believe a little over a year ago, correct? >> reporter: it's actually not the city of flint. it was the emergency manager, there was the city's been in receivership to the state for a number of years. it's since about 2011 a series of state-appointed emergency financial managers who have a lot of the powers of the mayor, of the elected officials here. it was that emergency manager who decided that buying -- to save money by stop buying water from detroit. they had been doing that for 50 year. instead, they decided to take the water from the flint river.
2:20 pm
they were building the water authority here is building a pipeline out to lake huron but it's taking a little while. they thought as a stopgap measure they could take the water from the flint river. but it turns out that that water is corrosive, it's corroding pipes, it's corroding the lead wells in the pipes and the lead service lines leading to houses, and that's led to high levels of lead in the drinking water. the local medical center here did a study, it found that the proportion of children with high lead levels in their bloodstreams doubled since they started taking water from the flint river and in some areas tripled. >> no process in place to test this water before they made the switch? is there -- i mean, it's mind boggling, to be honest. >> reporter: well, it's interesting. governor snider's sort of in the
2:21 pm
crosshairs on this. his own task force laid the blame, much of the blame for this, on the michigan department of environmental quality, said they did not pay enough attention to these reports, to the complaints about the water. the reports that were coming in about the high lead levels in the water, he is saying -- he's trying to focus the attention on moving forward. today he met with karen weaver, mayor of flint, who was elected just this november, the situation with the water played a big role in her campaign. she threw a lifeline. she's standing with him. she says, agrees it is time to look forward but she's also getting some of her pows are back. some of the powers back from the emergency manager. >> all right. john yang in flint for us. now i want to turn academy award document tri filmmaker and flint native, probably the most flint
2:22 pm
native today, michael moore. he's been saying the governor should be arrested for his actions. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me, chuck. when they say we've been drinking detroit water for 50 years, since i was a child, detroit gets their water from lake huron, a glacial lake, clean water we've been drinking since is and a child. detroit pays for it, comes from lake huron that's the water we were drinking until the governor of michigan overruled and took over the city of flint, fired the people elected to run the city and installed cronies of his to run the city. and to find ways to cut back and save money. so one of their big ideas was let's cut off clean drinking water, that's expensive, and let's just suck water out of the flint river here that's been going through town and 100 year
2:23 pm
of poisonous toxins. >> do you believe they knew in advance -- >> they. >> you don't believe they intensionally wanted to poison flynn. >> yes -- i don't believe that they sat down at a meeting said, let's poison everyone in flint. but, but, it's just like a drunk driver gets behind the wheel of a car and runs over a 4-year-old on the sidewalk. he didn't intend to kill the 4-year-old but the reckless driving has consequences. she's reckless actions, they knew almost a year ago that what this water, the corrosive water was doing, it was tearing lead off of the aging pipes underground and putting lead from pipes into the water the water from the flint river was already toxic and anybody, anybody knew that. i mean, it would -- you don't need a study to know you don't drink from the flint river. you don't drink from the river running past those oil and gas
2:24 pm
depots in new jersey. so it really was just absolute insanity. the people of flint begged to have clean drinking water back. the governor refused to listen. he mocked critics. he mocked the doctors who were doing the studies at the local hospital. ridiculed them. wouldn't listen to anybody. and now we know that the majority, if not all of the children in flint, have lead, permanent brain damage, in their bodies. you can't get this out. they're ruined for life, these children. and the fact that he has behaved recklessly, yes. >> how much more can flint take? how much more can flint take? i'm going, why, if i'm in flint, i'm sure many people, woo had stories last night they don't know how to sell their house, who would want to come when worried about you come you drink poison drinking water. you became famous by noting what
2:25 pm
happened to flint, michigan, the manufacturing crisis that we talk about today ground zero was flint zero. how much more can flint take? >> right. well, i'm -- it can't take anything else. this was the final blow. first of all, general motors closed, majority of the factories threw 70,000 people out of work. only 3,000, 4,000 left in the gm factory. then wall street and the banks took their licks out on flint. and now, you know, the population's gone from almost 200,000 to 100,000 and i guess people who couldn't get out, they get this, poisoned water. i mean it really -- it's a testimony to the people in flint that there is not an uprising going on right now. i certainly don't want to see anything that would be -- cause any violence, but i think people of flint are ready to come out of their homes now and go down there, they want the mayor back,
2:26 pm
they voted for these people and want this governor arrested. they want the governor prosecuted. thank god the obama administration now has the u.s. district attorney in flint investigating what's going on, investigating the governor, and our hope is that this governor will be prosecuted for the reckless behavior and for knowing, for a full year, that this was toxic water, that the people of flint and the children were drinking. it's just -- chuck, i mean, it's just -- i don't know what to say anymore. >> you take it -- i take it his apology's not enough for you? >> it's the apology of a drunk driver who just killed a 4-year-old on the sidewalk. sorry, i didn't see her. i didn't know. i didn't know it was toxic. so sorry. no. that's not the way our criminal justice system works. the buck stops with him. his whole administration, including rachel's done such a great job on her show with this story, nbc in general, thank god, thanks for not forgetting us in flint, for covering the story. the facts are all there.
2:27 pm
and i'm -- i'm not worried at all that something is going to happen. but right now we've got to fix the water problem. we need fema and president obama to come in, spend whatever money, army corporation of engineers, get the aging pipe system fixed so it's not leeching lead into the water. there's 102,000 people in flint who can't drink water, can't cook with water, can't bathe with water and this is going on for over a year. i just -- you know, we need complete media attention and everybody needs to come out of their homes and demand this happen. but we need the federal government to step in right now. >> well, i know the mayor asked for it, we're watching. we'll be asking the government questions and seeing how much they'll respond. michael moore, thanks for taking a few minutes tonight. >> thanks for not forgetting us. thank you very much. still ahead -- calls for mayor rahm emanuel's
2:28 pm
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to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. still ahead on "mtp daily," chicago mayor rahm emanuel responds to an explosion inreport from "the daily beast." first, kate rogers has this cnbc market wrap. >> a third steep decline on worries about china. the dow drops 392 points, s&p falls 47, the nasdaq slides to 146 points down. today's round follows messy session where trading in china halted for a second time to prevent continued selling. it was a light day for economic data but weekly jobless claims fell by 10,000 to 277,000, near historic lows. report comes one day before the closely-watched employment data out at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. that's it from cnbc.
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welcome back to "mtp daily." we'll have more interest the campaign trail and donald trump's stumping on bernie sanders' home turf coming up. right now let's turn to an exclusive report from "the daily beast" that could end up being an even more serious blow to rahm emanuel's tenure as mayor. after a meeting with the mayor, lawyers for the city of chicago demanded that the dash cam video showing the shooting death of a 17-year-old laquan mcdonald be kept confidential as part of the city's $5 million settlement with the mcdonald family. rahm emanuel faced calls to resign since the video of mcdonald being shot 16 times was released in november. jason van dyke, the officer
2:36 pm
involved, pleaded not guilty to first degree murder charges. mayor emmanuel wrote this. some allege our settlement with the family was part of a coverup but nothing could be further from the truth. "the daily beast" reviewed e-mails between the chicago police department, city hall and mcdonald's city attorney. he report the e-mails show rahm emanuel stating he never seen the dash cam video true, they found, quote, the e-mails from. mayor's office knew the mayor knew when the city negotiate the a deal. wmaq asked the mayor for his response to the report today. here's what the mayor said on camera -- >> as i said to you before, let me repeat, one, it's very -- we have policy in the city that exists for decades that is material important for an investigation stays with that investigation and once the
2:37 pm
investigation's wrapped up, it will be made public, that's exactly what happened. two, one of the things that i've asked the task force to look at is to update a policy that is -- while existed for 40 years, it's just a policy, to make sure that today we're more relevant to how things are operating in a cell phone, mobile phone technology. >> "the daily beast" alleges the mayor's office was, quote, pulling strings at independent police review authority. any coordination between the agencies on press statements was separate from investigative work. mcdonald family attorney, he gave us this statement, saying the following, we take strong exception to the characterization of the mcdonald settlement as hush money. the settlement is compensation to the estate for the wrongful death of a 17-year-old. the lawyers for the city of chicago responded, quote, the facts of this incident were openly discussed in front of the public, press, and altderman at
2:38 pm
a city council committee meeting in april. the administration said publicly then and since that time the city always intended to release the video as soon as the investigation was complete. despite terns in the e-mail exchange, the plaintiff's attorneys said that the family did not want the video released to the public. we reached out to the chicago's independent police review authority and not yet received a response. joining me "the daily beast" reporter who wrote the explosive story. welcome to "mtp daily." >> thanks for having me. >> let me start asking you this question. much of your reporting is based on the e-mails that were dumped new year's eve. you came to a conclusion many others did not on a time line here. why do you believe your time line is more accurate? >> well, in december, early december, rahm emanuel did an interview on "chicago tone" and said chicago corporation council
2:39 pm
briefed him on contents and negotiations ongoing for the settlement. so he says that briefing came in late march. we know from the e-mails that on april 6th, patent's second in command, who is also city attorney, named thomas plat, goes to the mcdonald estate and says, look, we would like to make sure that you guys agree to this confidentiality provision that states video will not be released until the conclusion of criminal proceedings. so while emanuel and others in city hall have been saying -- and they like to go back to this over and over -- they say we've been saying this entire time that we'll release the video once the criminal investigation is completed or i.e. once someone decides whether or not to indict the officer. that's not what the settlement says. the settlement says video will be withheld until concluded which means end of a criminal or civil trial. >> you called it hush money.
2:40 pm
defend it. >> yeah, i mean, so the lawyers for the mcdonald state said we don't agree with that provision. we have never said anything about this broad sweeping provision, we'll with hold the video until criminal proceedings are concluded. then plat says, he says i'll call you. that's april 6th. rahm emanuel gets re-elected april 7th, by april 8th we have a new draft of the settlement agreement that includes that provision that says, we agree that we will not release the video until criminal proceedings are concluded. so some time between april 6th, when the estate said we don't degree to that provision, and april 8th when they signed off on the agreement, some kind of, you know, decision was made on their part in terms of negotiation with the city that they did agree with that provision. >> how much do you think -- look, the -- you've seen statements that say the mcdonald family never -- they didn't want to see the video released.
2:41 pm
do you believe that? >> i absolutely do believe that. you know,s that a personal decision on their part. i'm not going to judge them for that. but what i will say is that, this whole line in this mantra about we'll release the video once the investigation is complete and that would -- we would have never seen the video because the settlement said that the video won't be released until the conclusion of criminal proceedings. which can take years, as this is tied up in court. if it weren't for the lawsuit brought by independent journalist brandon smith, this would have never come out. we would be still debating what was on the video. >> right. >> i mean, i think it's important to note that this line that the emanuel administration has been putting out there for the better part of a year now about it's our position, it's longstanding policy in the city of chicago that we hold on to evidence while this is being, you know, investigated by the cook county state's attorney's
2:42 pm
office and the independent police review authority. while it's a nice line, that's not what the letter of the law in the settlement states. >> all right. justin, an explosive story, explosive charge. mayor emanuel was already in trouble, if this time line proven to be correct, he's in bigger trouble. thanks for comingen. more of "mtp daily" coming up after mu ltiple medic, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. in my business i cbailing me out my i.all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor.
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keeping an eye on burlington, vermont, it's going to be quite the scene tonight. some 20,000 donald trump supporters could show up for a rally in a theater that seats less than 1,500. the city, home to bernie sanders' presidential campaign headquarters, is also seeing a slew of anti-trump protesters who descended on the city tonight. doors have opened. they did so at the top of the hour for first come, first served seating at et theater. donald trump's speech scheduled at 7:00 p.m. quite the show. stay tuned for live coverage. chris hayes live from burlington. ♪
2:45 pm
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the who, former aig chairman, hank greenberg dishing $10 million of the super pac backing jeb bush, according to the "wall street journal." unclear when the big check came in in the second half of 2015. toward the end of the campaign did it happen. the who, a new bill in missouri. that would define sexual relations between lobbyists and legislature as a gift and that would have to be included on lobbyists' disclosure forms. there is no dollar amount, though, to the disclosure of your sex with a lobbyist. oh, lord. now the where. it's georgia's six-term congressman, he will no the be seeking reelection. quite a few georgia members have
2:48 pm
run upper out and decided to retire. the when, october 20th last year, that's when jim webb stopped chasing the democratic nomination and left the door open to independent run. he hired sam jones, fund-raiser behind the draft biden movement. as they say in my business, stay tuned. now to the why. house democratic leader nancy pelosi voiced support for debbie wasserman schultz, she believes the chairwoman does have the confidence of the president. for the why, well, wasserman schultz is under fire from liberal groups after telling "new york times" women born after roe v. wade are complacent about abortion rights. she tried to clarify the statement but some are calling her, on her to step down. the how, how trump or cruz at top of the ticket could impact down the ballot. some republicans fear it will be a down ballot disaster. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio. is it run by robots?
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lots to get to. it's time for the lid. we are going to start with john mccain who is trolling ted cruz. mccain has never had much of a bromance with cruz and he was eager to deal with the birther charge when he was asked about it on a phoenix radio station. >> i know it came up in my race because i was born in panama but i was born in the canal zone
2:53 pm
which was a territory. >> you were born on base, too? >> it's a u.s. militaryi base. that is different from being born on foreign soil. i am not a constitutional scholar on that. i think it is worth looking into. >> how about that? well, the panel is here. i got molly ball, ruth marcus. before we go, ted cruz decided to respond directly to mr. mccain. he said i think it is no surprise to anybody that mccain will be supporting marco rubio in this election. no surprise that he is trying to do what he can to help the candidate he is favoring. who is this good politics for? >> news for john mccain that he is supporting marco rubio in this election. >> he has not endorsed yet. ted cruz and this birther thing
2:54 pm
at a minimum trump did do what he does best is threw a candidate off message for two days. >> as he continues to do. whenever you have -- trump reshapes american politics. you have the trump mccain, allen grayson democrat from florida coalition. >> allen grayson, democratic candidate has just came out this afternoon saying he will file the lawsuit challenging ted cruz's eligibility. >> the beauty of trump frames it as if he is doing ted cruz a favor. he is tweeting out today free legal advice, go to the judge and ask for a declaratory statement that you are a natural born citizen. >> that's not going to happen. the judge would say good bye, go away. john mccain, no one should be surprised that john mccain is just enjoying to the maximum this opportunity to cause some
2:55 pm
consternation to his not very good friend. so it is nothing to do with who he is supporting but who he loathes. he is right that there is a distinction between his being born in the canal zone. but this is not a close constitutional question. just because it hasn't been decided doesn't mean it is not -- >> i think we should be clear that based on the factatize is clear that ted cruz is eligible to be president based on the way the question has always been interpreted by the courts. i think we are taking it lightly that the same thing is the same thing birthers were trying to do to barack obama. >> the supreme court has never weighed in on the definition of natural born. the assumption is you don't have standing to challenge until that person is carrying out the duties of the presidency. what supreme court is going to overturn the results of the
2:56 pm
american people? and i know i'm going to get e-mails about 2000. >> you opened the door to that one. >> but i think what trump is doing here to cruz is to insinuate that he is not one of us, that he is not an american in the same way birthers were trying to insinuate that about obama. >> it does seem to be that what trump does, he has done the same thing with the clintons, with bill clinton. he goes back and finds the softest spot in an opponent and with bill clinton it's the women allegations, making hillary clinton uncomfortable. has this instagram video out. is there a point where this doesn't work anymore for him? >> we haven't reached that point yet. it's like look at jeb bush with low energy. i mean, something to behold in
2:57 pm
these debates with donald trump after we go through media cycle after media cycle responding to whatever controversial comment he makes. usually he is reserved for donald trump. he is right in the middle. he assumes almost a presidential regal bearing at that podium. i hate to admit it, he is the most effective communicator on that debate stage. >> he goes for the soft under belly and knows how to make news. it's not just american politics. there is nobody in american politics or american entertainment who knows how to occupy the news cycle like donald trump does. >> i spent time on two stories today that to me if we are trying to -- and i'm going to channel my inner ron fornier. i present you rick snyder and rahm emanuel. two elected officials who all of us would sit and say these are competent guys. the flint water crisis, they are only reinforcing this idea that
2:58 pm
government and leaders in government don't know what they are doing. >> they are both centrists and always styled themselves and run their politics. it is no coincidence. they both made mistakes that are real mistakes. >> huge mistakes. >> it is also the case -- i don't think -- i'm sorry, let's go. >> there are different aspects. rick snyder told us he is one tough nerd. where is the good manager part? >> how do you fire like 20 people for that? >> that goes to people's trust in government's ability to keep them safe, protected, healthy, everything. rahm emanuel's issue goes to people's question about whether politicians will tell them the
2:59 pm
truth or whether they are only out for themselves. >> i do think it feeds the narrative that strengthened trump and cruz and sanders. >> outsider moment. the snyder story has 16 implications. you imagined he would be on the short list. not anymore. >> that's what i mean. this story i think really seals the deal on that. >> and with the mayor, the next time hillary clinton is asked, if this timeline is to be believed it is hard to continue to stand by him. >> interesting to see how few friends rahm emanuel has in politics anymore. he has no critical support in the city. his former business partner says he will sign the law to allow a recall. >> pretty toxic. >> he is totally toxic. >> another mayor might already have the president of the united states and the leading candidate of the democratic nomination calling for resignation. >> or another mayor might have chosen to resign. going gently, not the emanuel
3:00 pm
way. they are going to have to pry him out of there if he is to go. >> thank you all. we'll be back tomorrow with more mtp daily. msnbc will have live coverage of donald trump in sanders country starts at 7:00 p.m. tonight. with all due respect to donald trump, do you really want to be picking a fight with sam jackson? >> got room for one more? >> you are under arrest, my lord. >> all day every day you will be swinging a sledgehammer. >> do you ever want to see me again? do you ever want to see me again. >> turning big rocks into little rocks. >> and you will know my name is the lord when i lay my vengeance upon thee. >> everybody listen. we have to put a


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