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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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good evening. it's chris matthews in washington. tonight, donald trump is in burlington, vermont doing what he does best, orchestrated razzmatazz. the republican front-runner is set to take the stage any moment now. he's chosen the bluest of blue states on the east coast. bernie sanders home turf, to build the valley. his campaign issued 20,000 tickets tonight for a venue with seats fewer than 1500 seats. that move in all advancement annoyed the police chief tonight. crowds lined up for hours to get inside. you are looking at the crowd already. meanwhile, across the street, hundreds of antitrump protesters, no surprise, are demonstrating. we don't know yet, but we'll find out how many antitrump protesters will get inside the
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rally to disrupt the whole show. pt barnum once said if you want a crowd, start a fight. that is what trump is doing, bringing the political circus to the town of his chief enemy. we are covering the spectacle for the next two hours tonight on msnbc. chris hayes is up in burlington already. he will join us in a moment. katy tur is just outside. give us a sense of this battle as it begins to well. >> reporter: hi. it's interesting. as you say, he handed out 20,000 tickets to the event that can only hold 1400 people. we saw people lining up as early as 4:30 this morning. it was 15 degrees out. he wasn't wearing a hat, by the way. he said he was here because he wanted to hear what donald trump had to say. i said are you a fan or supporter? he said no, he's a bernie supporter. he wanted to hear what donald trump had to say.
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there were a number of supporters in line and protesters in line. because of that, the campaign got word of it. they have been turning away people at the door unless they affirm they are here to support donald trump. i spoke to one of those people, tim farr. he had been waiting since 10:00 this morning only to be turned away. i asked if he thought it was fair? he said if it was a bernie sanders event, he believes he would have been let in. people are waiting in line. many for hours. at some point, the trump campaign is going to have to tell a great number of people they cannot get into this theater. as i said, only 1400 people can get inside. so, there's going to be some disappointed folks here and probably just a matter of minutes. chris? >> how many bouncers can you spot or thugs, whatever you want to call them. i have watched and you have watched this guy up there
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talking out of turn, as he sees it. all of a sudden, some big guys show up and haul them out of the room. it looks to me, if you have 20,000 people showing up and 1 in 100 are bernie people, we have to have a lot of bouncers. your thoughts? >> reporter: not necessarily. they have secret service here. when they go through, the line is dwindling down significantly. there is time to ask people one by one, which is why the line is being held up. not that they are going to need more people than they normally have at rallies. most of the rallies are thousands of people large, 10,000, 5,000, 20,000 at times. they have a large staff. i will say, as you referred to earlier, the police chief in this town is not happy about this. they said it's creating a public nuisance, could be dangerous. this is burlington, vermont. if it were a fish rally, they give away 20,000 tickets to a 1400 seat venue, they would have canceled it.
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because of a political rally and bernie sanders hometown, they didn't want to seem like they were favoring anyone. the campaign wasn't responsive. they went silent saying basically, you are going to have to deal with the overflow. itis not our problem. our problem is for those inside. they will be incuring overtime costs, but they plan on billing the trump campaign for that. >> thank you so much, katy tur is outside. my colleague chris hayes, host of all in is in a pub right now. nice place to be. i guess they are checking if you are a muslim or not before they let you in tonight. that would be an appropriate decision by his bouncers. your thought. how many troublemakers would you say are going to get in there tonight? >> we are here at the vermont pub brew. it's interesting when i was at that line, the line was about, this morning even, 50/50. 50% trump supporters and 50% trump opponents or there for the
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spectacle. they are coming out to see what the hub ub is about. that's been the trump phenomenon. very, very clever. well done. you have a situation where the spectacle is, itself, part of the draw. listen, a lot of folks i talk to, one of the people katy tur spoke to, a bernie sanders supporter. you know, he told me, look, i actually want to hear the guy speak. there were people there who weren't trump supporters and weren't going in to cause mischief. they wanted to hear what's going on. you and i, we cover these campaigns. this is a snapshot of the fact that, you know, other states, it would be nice if iowa and new hampshire didn't get to have all the fun. part of what's so xooiting for folks here, it never happens. this is a new hampshire atmosphere, you know, a few
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weeks before voting starts. >> give me a smell of the place. i have been there in the summertime. it's berkeley east on the beautiful lake champlain, the deep, cold lake out there that is historic from the french and indian war. tell me about the culture. is it all bernieland? what is it like? >> yes. basically, it's bernieland. this is a place that was a rural, a small outpost in a rural state in the 1970s. you got all these folks who moved up here. bernie sanders was one of them. graduates from the university of chicago, comes here. you have folks from all over. the culture infuses the place. this is a place that has strong liberal left politics. that still has them. the state changed from once being a republican state to being a deep, deep blue state. you know, i talked to people tonight, i talked to a bunch of people there, you have republicans here in this state
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who are excited to have a night when they could come out and see donald trump. they feel like they have lived their life surrounded by bernie sanders socialists. >> you have a big night coming up at 8:00. thank you. we'll be watching you and all in from the pub at 8:00. joining me is heidi from usa today. and msnbc political analyst. your name is getting longer than howard fineman, michael steele. let me start with sabrina. this is a great cultural event. you have the donald, a phrase i don't like but donald trump going in in great political theater. reminded me of george bush bringing his boat into the harbor to irritate him. >> this has been the pillar, to generate headlines, center of attention, to be the showman. he knew how to orchestrate the media and create buzz around every move he makes.
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in terms of him being in bernie territory, aside from the fact they are appealing to the grass roots movement, there's little similarity when it comes to substance. as chris was saying over there, a lot of people are going to turn up. a lot of people want to see the show. it's unclear how many people are trump supporters. >> they are not the flat liners from brooklyn. the old yankees, they are probably wow, excitement in the town. >> it is an exciting opportunity. this has been trump for seven months. this is what the rest of the field can't deal with. they can't draw this energy. they can't draw it out of the party. they can't draw it out of the rank and file americans. everyone wants to participate and be part of it is what makes trump so magnetic. right now, this is his field to run. the table is his to take right through iowa and beyond. if this is the kind of energy
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he's generating, man, this is going to be -- >> except for him, the only other topic in this campaign is which republican candidates are wearing high heels. i'm not kidding. the cuban heels of rubio or the boots of cruz. who cares. they are all trying to measure up, literally, to donald trump with their shoe wear. that's about it. about the noise level. go ahead. >> what we are missing here is this is actually a strategic spectacle. if you look at the numbers, okay, all the early voting states are all southern states. donald trump, i think by your own polling has them locked up. what are states are in. massachusetts, vermont. he has a shot. he has a real shot of winning in vermont. he's in the lead 32%. >> the presumption is he's going to win michigan, virginia. >> this is about the big mo, chris. he goes into the heart of crunchy, granola vermont.
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>> let me ask you, mr. chairman. mr. chairman from that southern base republican party, let me ask you this. does he have a 1 in 3 chance of winning. >> of getting the nomination? >> yeah. >> it's 50% easy. 50/50. >> he's got a better shot than anybody else? >> let me ask the question, who takes him out and what are they doing. the 40% plus he has is going to go to the polls and not vote for him? >> are people going to turn up at the caucus? i was at a rally and he talked to supporters on the ground. what caucus, we don't think he needs us to do that. does he need us to? he has a formidable -- >> he has to do what obama did. he has to bring the outsiders inside. he has to get people to show up that never did before. >> it's not just being aware of caucuses, but being a voter.
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you are going to be there for a couple hours. >> are they physically ready mobilize themselves and go to a place they have never been before? they haven't been to the voting booth before. they haven't gone down to the community center and voted. attempting to slam both clintons, this is dirty pool many would say. a variety of scandals. this one instagram video, talk about rotton, here it comes. here it comes. >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights, once and for all. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity. >> well, you caught all the bad guys, anthony weaner, bill cosby, they are all on that list. we caught up with former partly cloudy on the campaign trail and asked him whether he was, what's a nice way to put it?
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concerned. >> reporter: donald trump is making an issue of your past transgressions. do you want to respond? are you worried it will hurt your wife's campaign? >> i don't want to talk about it. i have no interest in getting involved in their politics. >> is that weird, michael? >> yeah. hello. he has effectively inoculated himself about a charge from hillary's campaign or hillary herself about when his, you know -- >> i'm saying bill clinton. can he keep saying, the former president, no comment? >> no. no. >> he's doing it. >> well, right now because there isn't a constant drum beat. >> okay. "the washington post," not as liberal as everybody says it is, has a full article repeating
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every single bill clinton event. every one of them. all of them. all of them. >> well -- >> even the ones we on nbc haven't talked about lately. >> we knew it was going to happen. >> as michael said, exploded it back to the surface. he's detonated the old stories. >> it's better to get it out now. you knew this was going to happen. >> the clinton's are happy? >> i don't know that they are happy. >> one of the things the republicans are worried about, this could help hillary clinton. it makes her seem more sympathetic. >> i know that argument. >> i do buy it. she could potentially have women rally around her. >> because they are concerned or offended by what? >> may i cite some data here to back this up? if you look at the biggest spikes in hillary clinton's favoribility rating over the lifetime of her career in the public eye -- exactly, when was that? the scandal broke. >> she is the victim of his
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behavior. people feel using his misbee haif yor against her is a double whammy against her. >> the language, too. we went over this the other day, the enabler language. i spoke to gop women that don't love hillary and they think this helps her. >> nobody thinks that hillary knew about monica before the story broke. nobody believes that. nobody is saying. anyway, donald trump -- do you think somebody believes that? >> no, you said nobody is saying. >> donald trump was asked about your article and that sentiment. here he is. >> i understand what they are saying. i was attacked and i said how could they attack me when he's got one of the worst records in hiszry with all he's gone through. i hit him hard. maybe they won't attack me anymore. i am somebody that has great respect for women, believe me.
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i will do a better job for women, far better than hillary does for women. i can tone it down. >> he's pulling back if they pull back? no comment. >> he lobbed a grenade. he's not going to stay there for the explosion. >> they did shut up. i don't think he's pulling punches. the same day he said that, he put out the instagram add. >> the cosby connection, i don't know. cosby was a clinton supporter. anthony weaner, houma's husband. >> i find it hard to believe donald trump has never been photographed with bill cosby before. >> president bush gave him a medal of honor. >> this is effective campaigning. this is doing something, a nonpolitical actor is augmenting the political game and taking it to consummate political players in the country. >> you have given us a lot of
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verdict. heidi, michael, sabrina, they are sticking with us. when we come back, we look at what the trump supportered have in common with the sanders crowd. we are going to wait for donald trump to take the stage in burlington, vermont. this is "hardball," the place for politics. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away.
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ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card we are awaiting the donald trump rally. the heart of bernie sanders country. we are going to bring it to you live when it happens any minute now. the phenomena of donald trump himself. "hardball" back after this.
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welcome back to "hardball." we continue to wait for donald trump to take the stage in burlington, vermont. the city where bernie sanders once served as mayor. trump made it clear, he thinks he can pick up or pick off
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sanders supporters. i see whacko's coming to me. trump's very best voters are self-identified republicans who nonetheless are registered now as democrats. sound like reagan democrats. "the new york times" is reporting there's a coalition of trump supporters trying to persuade democrats to ditch and switch and go to trump. sanders is rallying his troops to pick off trump based working class whites. the script, quote, a lot of people feel like this country isn't working for them because it's not. the solution is not to turn to someone like trump with a message of hate, but a leader with integrity. i am joined by republican
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strategist john fury and steve mcmahon. let me go to steve. first on this, how does bernie get trump votes? >> well, i mean, bernie basically is appealing to the trump voter in the same way trump is trying to appeal to the bernie sanders voter. they are diseffective. they are down scale white, not as well educated and they are angry and resentable and donald trump is trying to use that resentment and aim it at the mexicans and the people that donald trump thinks they should be afraid of and angry at. bernie sanders is trying to take it in a different direction saying no, it's not the people alongside you, but the people exploiting workers and profiting from it that you should be angry at. frankly, i think they are both destructive strategies. it's what they are trying to do. bernie wants the anger directed at the wealthy and trump at mexicans, immigrants, isis and others.
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they are both messages of fear and anxiety. that's what we are seeing. >> let's go to john. i agree with that in general. one difference i would have is certainly the left doesn't like wall street. we got that from elizabeth warren, going back to andrew jackson. itis america in its heart. i don't think they blame the mexicans as much as they blame the liberals for their stupid and ridiculously useless immigration policy that doesn't seem to exist anymore. that's why the white guys are angry. it looks like nobody agrees in immigration policy. your view. how do you get people on the bernie side to go to trump, if you would like to talk about that. >> i would agree with steve in this point. trump is really kind of emphasizing cultural issues, cultural differences where bernie, as a socialist is emphasizing economic issues. donald trump is america's most
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famous capitalist and bernie sanders is the most famous socialist in america. they are going to attract the same type of voters. i think labor union types, by and large are going to support bernie. unless you are somebody who gives to labor unions with a built up anxiety and anger toward the other people coming in. i do think they both reflect kind of this angry populism of the country and, you know, both of the class folks appeal to folks who haven't seen their wages go up in 15 years. there's where the anger comes at. >> when you put the anger of wall street or the mexicans, it's still real anger. >> we have a new poll out. two things in the poll we found out with nbc and esquire. they are upset about the reduced status of the americans in the world. we are not the great power in the world they looked up to. the dream seems dead. put them together and you could
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go left or right on that one. >> you absolutely can. it's the people seeing the middle class carved out and the wealthy doing well. to some, what they are seeing is people coming across the border and the jobs are being taken by corporate america and mexico or india. there's a core of anger and a core of resentment that results from that anger. they kind of want to get even with somebody. you know bernie sanders is at wall street. here, donald trump is saying let's get even by putting up a wall. >> it could all be true. it could all be true, john. if you want to hear the argument from a working guy, we are sending the best jobs to china and the lousy jobs to immigrants and we are getting screwed. our kids, our daughters and sons are getting put in multiple deployments that don't protect america. you could do an argument either way.
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maybe the working guys ought to get together and figure out which party to blame. >> it's been a strain in american politics for a while. the same people supported george wallace, some ross perot. there's an angry, lower class white vote that can go either way. this is a swing vote. ronald reagan was able to get those voters in 1980. actually, george w. bush was able to do well with them in the 2000s. the question is, today, does either one have a solution that is workable? in my view, neither of them does. >> thank you guys both. first, i want to correct the know men clayture here. i said to my father blue collar worker with my father. he went crazy.
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where are you getting that crap from. they are voters like most of us. they may not have had the opportunities we did. nbcs katy tur is on the phone, inside the theater, where we expect donald trump to start his rally any minute. what is it like inside? >> reporter: it is calm. a steady stream of people are coming in. the reports they were turning people away. some told us they were turned away. right now, we are not seeing anyone turned away at the door, we are not seeing visible bernie sanders supporters. questions about why he would come to vermont in the first place. this is an fcc state. march 1st along with massachusetts. if he does campaigning here in a state where nobody else will venture to go, he will come out winning the state, potentially. it's a big argument right now,
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he is going to win states that no other republicans can. what he does by coming here and having the big headlines by saying i can get 20,000 people to rsvp to my event, that's a win in itself for him. he's able to say, i'm able to draw support in a very blue state. a state that maybe i can win in the general election. i am electable. that's what he's trying to do in vermont. >> i remember fenway park with a huge crowd. it is possible to get a big crowd if you have a decent minority of the voters on your side. can you tell if anybody in that room, you said it looks like nobody is going to be a troublemaker. are people there just to watch or all gun ho trump people? >> i think some people made it in. you can see some sort of -- i think it's a mix. there's a lot of gun ho trump supporters wearing the hat and also people that are curious to
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see the show, curious to see him in person. they have heard about him on television and the radio. there are people out here who are genuinely undecided and curious and they want to know what he has to say and they want to be swayed into his camp. maybe they don't want to be swayed. certainly a mix of a crowd here. >> i'm looking for the bouncers. i can't wait to see them in action today. thank you. much more on the invasion of burlington by donald trump tonight. expect the republican front-runner on the stage in a moment. "hardball" back after this.
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here is donald trump on stage in burlington, vermont. >> the air is so nice and clean. i'm breathing so much of that air. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. that's so great. that is so great. it is true. i got here and i said i just want to breathe that air. i went outside, there's like 20,000 people. we can't get them in. you are very, very lucky tonight, right? we are going to be very happy. we have a crowd that stretched, must be 15. i have never seen anything like it.
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we do have big crowds everywhere. people want to see our country great again and a lot of positive things happening. that's going to happen. we are going to make it something really special. we are going to make it really special. we have been taking a lot of hits. we don't have victories anymore. you understand we don't. when is the last time? if you look at what's going on all over the world right now, whether it's the middle east or whatever. i think they got rid of the seats. they took seats out so we could get more people. sit down. sit down. be comfortable. thank you. be comfortable. be comfortable. great people up here. amazing, right? so, you know, i was going to run. i couldn't stand watching it no more. we used to have victories.
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we don't have victories. we are going to have so many victories, you are going to be bored of winning. you are going to get so tired of it. so, i always like to start, only if it's good news. since june 16th, we had an announcement. a lot of pundits. some of these guys, some of these guys are brutal and terrible. oh, look at all the people up there, too. wow! what a nice group. but, they all say, oh, he's never going to run. he's doing this for fun. he's not going to do it. he's done it before. >> i almost ran four years ago. i wish i did. i really wish. that was, honestly, that was an election that could have been won and should have been won. hey, so we delay it. maybe this is better. who knows. we have gone deeper into the abyss, that i can tell you.
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in vermont, okay, you know what these are. i get so -- these other candidates, why do you talk about numbers? because i'm number one. if we are number two, we aren't talking about the ratings, right? we don't talk about the ratings. in vermont, i'm number one by a lot, 32%. [ cheers and applause ] >> very important. very important. nbc did a big poll, 35% by far number one killing everybody. i won't say -- should i say the numbers? i won't bother. they said no. they are so far behind. i hope it doesn't matter. today, reuters, listen to this one, 43%. 43. do you ever notice, at the beginning, i come out and start off with nothing. jeb bush was actually leading.
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then we have no energy and he went down the tube. we need energy. folks, we need energy. we need energy. you know, you have jeb bush, you have rand paul. he won't make the stage. he said if i don't make the main stage, i think he's quitting or something, if he doesn't make the main stage. so, it looks like he's not going to make the main stage. kentucky is a great state. i can't imagine somebody's not going to challenge him after the horrible job he's done with this. if i were in kentucky, i would challenge him, run in a primary and would win. that's his problem, not my problem. we probably won't see him too much longer. we have had a total now of 17. we started off with 17. one by one by one, they disappear. everybody, so far, that's disappeared is taking on trump. remember, governor perry? he was brutal. right?
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lindsey graham. go ahead. governor walker, nice guy. they are all guys. i feel guilty. actually, i feel guilty. how about pataki? he had zero. zero, zero, zero. when do you leave when you have all zeros, right? they had him down once with a zero and an arrow to the left which meant less than nothing. i said i think it's a typo. how do you have less than nothing? we lost a lot of fun people, really fun people. it's been an experience. you know, when i first came on, i was watching the finest, the republicans put on since world war ii. i said it's the finest group of talent they have had in decades. i said, man, that's bad.
11:35 pm
they have all this talent. then i said, after a couple months, i want to see this. you don't need that. we are going to do things nobody else can do, folks. we are going to fix this country. we are going to do thing that is nobody else can do. by the way, i have to say, you know these are republicans. some of them i really like and some of them i really respect. you don't respect everybody. we have to build a wall. wait a minute. who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico? >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> i have never done that before. that's cool. i have never done that before. that's great. i have never done it before. that was pretty cool. we'll have to use that. i'll always be thinking of
11:36 pm
vermont when i use it. i tell you, who's not going to pay for the wall? vermont. so, it was interesting. a lot of people said most of the guys -- they are afraid to come up here because it has a tendency to be rough. if you look at the candidates, they are not coming here. i think i'm the only one. i said -- all over the networks tonight, all over the networks, all over the place, it turned out to be different. i thought it would be nice, soft evening. we'll have 500, 600 people. we'll sit around the fire and talk and have some fun. then i hear cnn all day long, this line is massive.
11:37 pm
look at the line. so, it turned out to be good. i'm here for different reasons. i'm here because you people are great. i have a friend whose in my campaign who is very much in tune to vermont, loves vermont. he said you have to do it. i want to do it. now i find out, i'm the guy. people are going to remember that when it's time to pull that lever. they are going to remember. so, on the polls, we are winning with reuters, winning with nbc, winning with washington post/abc. winning with everything. honestly, we are winning with everything. we are winning in iowa. cnn, 33-20. new poll. and very importantly, they have these polls. you know, it's interesting. these politicians go out and hire pollsters, pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.
11:38 pm
you wouldn't believe the money. i didn't do it. by the way, i'm self-funding my campaign. nobody is giving me money. nobody. nobody. nobody. it's amazing. people really like that. you know, people really like it. i know the system. who knows the system better than me. i gave recently, before i did this, $350,000 to the rga, the republican governor's association. over the years, i gave millions and millions of dollars to candidates. i understand what it means. i'm not saying right or wrong. when you give and you have a company and you want something for that country or a company and you want something for them because they pay you a fortune. what happens, you gave millions of dollars like jeb took a fortune. he took in $128 million. he's a stiff. how do you get that kind of money?
11:39 pm
although, actually, he said very nice things about me today. i couldn't believe it, actually. he spent $10 million in ads against me, but he said i'm a gifted politician. i said maybe that's not good being a gifted -- i wish he said i was good and left the politician out. it was nice. he said i'm a gifted politician. i would never say that about my opponent. i would say my opponent has nothing going. my opponent is horrible, terrible. my opponent is a loser. we always say loser, right? there are some words, but jeb was very nice to me today, so i appreciated that. there are some words that i went to an ivy league school, the warton school of finance. they say he's plain spoken. plain spoken. i don't know, is that nice? is that good or bad? i don't like it. plain spoken.
11:40 pm
i guarantee i have a vocabulary better than all of them. most of them. i have an iq better than all of them, i know that. they say plain spoken. i was saying the other night, i was trying to describe the stupidity that goes on. i always use the word like they are incompetent, they don't know what they are doing. then grow back to the same words, stupidity. what is a better word to describe what happened to this country? what is a better word than stupid? stupid. we are being led by stupid people. i mean, think of it. think of it. i mean, sometimes the words come out. they are the right words, the better words. >> look at what's happened. take a look at this. we have a deal that we made with iran. one of the dumbest -- >> boo! >> no, think about it. one of the dumbest transactions
11:41 pm
i have ever seen. between countries, unbelievable. i'm talking any. we did the deal. did most of you read it? who read it? almost everyone. so, they do a deal, they give iran 150 billion, billion dollars. they have so much, they are so rich. if iran were stock, buy it. okay? by the way, speaking of stock, you see the bubble, little bubble is going bad. bad numbers coming out. really bad things. you better be careful. be careful. be very conservative, it could be very rough out there. who can fix things better than me in that's what i do, i fix things. that's what i do. that's what i do. but, you look at the iran deal and you look at what happened and the way it was made and the points we gave up and constantly. we don't get our prisoners back. $150 billion and we don't get our prisoners back.
11:42 pm
we have four over there. we should get them back. we should have had them back, right? we should have had them back three or four years ago. this deal is, first of all, a deal that goes that long. how many years have they been negotiating? three? three and a half years? we would like it like this. they go, no! oh, okay, you win. 24 day periods for inspection. they have the right to sell certain areas is hot. that's probably where they make those suckers. they have the right to self-inspect. we call up, we understand you are doing nuclear at this location. okay, well, inspect it, we'll call you back tomorrow. no, we are not doing it. this is the dumbest deal i have ever seen. we didn't get anything. here is what happens. we have 150 billion that we gave them. they are going to now and they
11:43 pm
just said, we would like to start negotiating for the prisoners. think of this. the prisoners should have been out three years ago. what you do, you need the right messenger. i could take 85% of the audience and you could have done a good job. it's true. 10%, no good. 5%, mixed. not everybody. look, we have one of the 5%. no, he shouldn't be doing this. you go in the first day, listen, we need our prisoners. don't talk the 150 billion yet. you don't want to give them that either. you go in and want to get the prisoners out. you have to let them out. they don't help you, they help uls. set a nice tone, a very nice tone. that's a word hillary uses a lot. she doesn't like my tone. my tone. they are chopping off heads of everybody in the middle east, especially if you happen to be christian. they are chopping off your head, but she doesn't like my tone. i don't like their tone. i don't like her tone.
11:44 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> crazy. so, you go in and you say we have to have our prisoners back before we start. they are going to say no because the persians, they are great negotiators. so, they are going to say no, absolutely not. we are going to say bye bye. now you leave. you leave the room. we never leave the room. how many times did we all think obama was going to leave the room, meaning get his people to come out. they go back to iran, tell everybody we are stupid, we are winning. when somebody says you are stupid, you don't do the deal. they are marching in the streets, celebrating a deal that hasn't been done. i say this, with we say no. they say no. they are going to say no. now you leave, double up the sanctions. sit back and wait for the phone call, right? they will call you up within 48 hours, guaranteed. we'll give you the prisoners.
11:45 pm
this is the way it works. this is the way it works. so, they give you the prisoners. we have to get the prisoners. not at the end. get them out in the beginning, before it starts. they will say no, 100%, i mean 95%. might be they give them, but i doubt it. you leave and double up or triple up. they say that's it. okay, now we have the prisoners back. grow back in. next statement, we are ready to start negotiating, we want to be fair, but we will not give you 150 billion. we are not going to give you money. we owe 19 trillion bucks. we owe 19 trillion dollars and we give them $150 billion. >> boo! >> not good, right in what could vermont do with 150 billion? we made iran a real power. so what you do is say, you have
11:46 pm
to get the prisoners out first. you don't mention the money. when you mention the money, it gets tougher. now they say, no, we have to have that money. you are not going to have it. we don't have it. claim poverty. we are a poor nation. we owe 19 trillion to stupid budget approved two weeks ago. how about that? >> boo! >> did you ever see a budget approved so fast in that's worth 2 trillion. we are going to be at $21 trillion. here is a budget. i don't get it. the only one -- i think obama is one of the worst negotiators in the history of the world okay? [ applause ] >> except with the republicans. with the republicans, he's a great negotiator. with the republicans, he does great. he gets a budget approved i don't understand. he's got the money for planned parenthood.
11:47 pm
he's got the money, think of it. he's got the money to fund obamacare. we are going to terminate it, repeal it and replace it with something much better. [ cheers and applause ] >> you see your premiums? see what's going on? your premiums are going up 25, 34 -- i saw one go up 48%. 48! a friend of mine calls me up. 48%. your deductibles are through the roof. you'll never get to use it. you have to die to use it. you have to die. you need 40 operations on your brain and maybe you could get something. no, the deductibles are through the roof. they are through the roof. obamacare is a dead duck anyway because in '17, just my luck, if i win, i get obamacare. it's going to fail during my -- then they will blame me. can you believe it? trump did a lousy job, obamacare failed.
11:48 pm
it's failing of its own weight. numerous stories came out where by '17, in two years, it's dead. it can't survive. of course the republicans will find a way to keep it going. i'm so upset and angry with the republicans. we know -- we know what we are getting with the democrats. but the republicans, here we finally have majority. we have majority, majority and the wrong president, right? but the second majority -- it's like we're doing worse now than ever before. and now obama, he's got so little respect for the republican leaders that he just goes along and signs executive orders for everything. no, no. it's all executive orders. because that's easy to do. i'll tell you the one good thing about an executive order is that the new president come and with just a signature they're all gone.
11:49 pm
okay? that's good. [ cheers and applause ] that's good. and they're gone. so when you look at a deal like that, when you see what's happening with our country and you see that, we're going to change that. now, as far as iran is concerned, i saw what happened over the last few days. with the embassy in iran. the saudi embassy. folks, they want to take over saudi arabia. now, they're taking over iraq because we handed them that on a platter. i was against going in. i am the most -- and i say it all the time. i'm the most militaristic person in this room. except for that guy with the hat. stand up. with the beautiful beard. stand up. he's the only one. [ cheers and applause ] he's the only one. you're my guy. i can tell. [ cheers and applause ] i know. do i know my people?
11:50 pm
and i've never met him before. he just looks good to me. no, i said he's the only person more militaristic than i am. okay in and you are. you know what i'm talk about. no, but i'm the most. and we're going to make our military so strong, so powerful, so big, so good. so good. that nobody's going to mess with us, folks. but i'm the one that didn't want to go into iraq. and in 2004, 2003 you'll see stories, trump said don't go into iraq, you're going to destabilize the middle east. okay? i mean, say what we want. we spent $2 trillion. right? 2 trillion. $2 trillion. wounded warriors, who i love. all over the place. i see them. so many. [ applause ] some of them so badly injured and they have a better attitude than i have and they have a better attitude than half the people in the room. i mean, these are amazing people. men and women. what they've gone through and their attitude.
11:51 pm
and what i said is we take the oil. remember, how long have i been saying it? take the oil. for years i've been saying. and they've been saying that doesn't make sense, you can't -- now they're taking the oil. but they're not taking it. they're bombing it. although obama doesn't want to really bomb it because he thinks it's going to create air pollution and be bad for the atmosphere. and this is a true story. what do you think if general douglas macarthur, if they said you can't really bomb the oil because it's bad for the environment? do you think he might say i don't give a damn, bomb. now, we need douglas macarthur. we need general patton. we need people. we need people. these are great people. these were incredible people. these were people that won. they know how to win. we don't have people that know how to win. and you know what? in the service we have -- i know a lot about west point and annapolis and the air force academy, et cetera.
11:52 pm
we have great people. we have great people. we let one of our best generals go because he had foul language. he talked too -- you know who i'm talking about. he had foul language. and we let him go. and yet the people loved him. his soldiers, his guys, and women. they absolutely love this guy. they wanted to fight for the guy. but he was very foulmouthed. who the hell cares? we've got to start winning. we have -- and i say this. we have an amazing situation. i see these generals. they're on television all the time. i don't want generals on television. i don't want them. and they're saying what are we going to do? what are you going to do here? we're going to attack here and then we're going to attack here. i figure it's camouflage, they're giving false -- turns out to be true. or obama two months ago, right? we sent 50 people over. he thinks it's good. see, i think it's bad to send 50 people. because 50 people?
11:53 pm
what the hell are we doing? but we're sending 50 people. so he announces we're sending 50 people. now, these are really our finest. these are 50 incredible guys that i assume -- women, and these are our finest and they're going over. why do we have to say that they're going there? because now they have a target on their back. no, no. seriously. they have now a target. and the enemy is looking for them. [ booing ] unbelievable. unbelievable. [ booing ] [ booing ] unbelievable. unbelievable. unbelievable. that was a very mild protester i would say. you know what i love about the protesters, though? and i'll tell you. is that a camera?
11:54 pm
is that a camera? are you on my side or -- he's holding something up. and i hope it's a camera. he's on my side. i can see. he's one of our guys. he's one of the good guys. but you know, like these protesters, they come in and the only thing i like about them is that the -- look at all those cameras back there. look at all of them. everybody's on television. but they never show the crowd. they never want to show the crowd. and the good thing about the protesters -- they won't turn them. i used to think that like they're fixed, it's a modern camera, they're fixed so you can't turn them. it's always on my face, right? and you heard me say this before. they never turn them. and what happens is when you have a protester the only time people learn how big these crowds are, because we've got 20,000 in dallas, 35,000 in mobile. in iowa, in new hampshire. we have the biggest crowds. south carolina we're packed. we're going to be in pensacola, florida next week. we're going to have 20,000 people. we have -- and nobody ever knows. i go home to my wife.
11:55 pm
she said, oh, you did well tonight, how was your speech? did you have many people? i said many people? the place was packed. i had thousands. i had 15,000 people. in lowell, massachusetts the other night. you saw that. [ cheers and applause ] we set a record in the history of the arena. and she'll say, did you have many people? and i say, why do you ask? because they never show the crowd. that's why i love protesters, because whenever there's a protester, you know, i think they can't move the cameras, right? that they're fixed. they turn into pretzels, they can move them. if there's a protester behind and under the camera, it will do a somersault. it's unbelievable. [ applause ] it's true. it's true. we're having a good time. [ crowd chanting "trump" ]
11:56 pm
thank you. we have a good time. you know, we have a good time with a bad subject because we don't have much going, right? we don't have much going in terms of -- and i always say -- i tweeted out today @realdonaldtrump. @realdonaldtrump. it's great. 5 1/2 million people. i have more than 5 -- it's sort of like owning "the new york times" without the losses. it's unbelievable. no, it's true. you tweet out. you have millions and millions of people. friends of mine they do a book, would you do a favor? what? could you tweet out i'm doing a book? so if i like the guy or the woman and they're doing a book i tweet it and all of a sudden they become a best-seller. and then they don't talk to me anymore, they give me no credit. they give me no credit. but it is a powerful instrument. you know, we're dealing in social media and we're getting a lot of credit for doing a good job with social media. and a lot of the voters -- it's true. a lot of the voters are going to be coming out. and you know, it's been really amazing. so just to finish off with iran.
11:57 pm
what we do is we negotiate properly. and i have the greatest negotiators in the world who want to come with me. carl icahn, one of the great businessmen, endorse me. and many others. you know carl. and they don't want money. they want to help. they want to do something. you know, they've made billions and billions of dollars. they don't need to be paid, you know, a salary. now we have negotiating against china. we have people that are political hacks. we have people that gave money and they want to be in government. and i want to pick the finest people. some of them, get prepared, are not nice. they have bad personalities. but they're brutal, brutal genius killers. i want them. right? [ cheers and applause ] i mean, we lose, we lose so much money on trade and all these other things. you're right. and over the last short period of time i've been talking about the deal with iran and i've been saying it's one of the worst deals but then i thought it's
11:58 pm
even worse than i thought because i thought the 150 billion that they got and all of the other things that they got, and they'll have nuclear proliferation all over the place because of that deal, and that deal's horrible for israel, by the way. horrible. it's really horrible for the middle east but it's horrible for israel. and netanyahu, i don't know. he was having an awfully hard time. i think barack obama is the single worst thing that's ever happened to israel. [ cheers and applause ] i really believe that. and then i said to myself, okay, so they made this great deal, they made this great deal, and then i said, you know, it's one of the greatest deals and i started thinking, no, it's not. the greatest deal -- they made two great deals. it's like a movie company. you take marvel where they have these great successes, right? they've got like five of the top ten movies ever. well, this is the same thing. think of it. so they make this great deal. what else do they get? they got iraq. [ crowd chanting ]
11:59 pm
get him out. get him out. get him out. >> you just heard, get them out. that's donald trump's order to his bouncers. get the protester out of the room. trump, by the way, continues his rally up in burlington. i want to thank any guests tonight, heidi przybilla, michael steele. our coverage of the trump rally continues right now on "all in" live from burlington with chris hayes. chris. >> thank you, chris. good evening from burlington, vermont. i'm chris hayes. we are live from the vermont pub and brewery. right now basically across the street. donald trump has come into the heart of bernie sanders land in a state that had the most
12:00 am
lopsided margin for barack obama anywhere except for hawaii. lines all day long. he's already been interrupted twice by protesters as his people were check loyalty at the door. let's take a listen to what he's saying now. >> oh, no. it's only the same people coming down. no, there's a remnant. yeah. he's right there. okay. yeah. throw him out. throw him out into the cold. you know -- [ cheers and applause ] don't give them their coat. no coats. no coats. confiscate their coat. you can't -- by the way, just to finish. i have one word left. iraq. and nobody heard it because these characters. so they not only got a great deal but they also take over iraq with the second largest oil reserves in the world. they have it, sure as you're sitting there. they have iraq.


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