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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 8, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PST

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doesn't get four supreme court justices saying they want to hear his case as a supreme court case, then governor bob mcdonald is going to prison. to prison. this is his last chance. "first look" is up next. it's friday, january 8th. and right now on "first look," breaking news. a philadelphia police officer ambushed, shot multiple times while in his police cruiser. late breaking details just ahead. president obama makes his strongest case yet for increased gun reform while donald trump faces some hostiles in bernie sanders' backyard. a wild week on wall street leaves investors on edge ahead of today's jobs report. plus a dangerous moment for a driver facing russian flash flooding. a really bad day for one airline passenger. the bridge that's claimed more trucks than officials can count and much more on a busy friday. "first look" starts right now. and good morning everyone. thanks for being with us.
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i'm shannon mulaire. we start with that breaking news overnight. a philadelphia police officer ambushed and shot at least three times inside his cruiser. philly's police commissioner says33-year-old officer jesse hartnet is lucky to be alive after a suspect tried to, quote, execute the officer. just before midnight eastern he was driving through a philly intersection, the suspect fired shooting 13 times, walking closer and closer until he was actually shooting from inside the driver side window of the police cruiser. >> shots fired. shots. >> shots fired. i'm shot, i'm bleeding! >> the commissioner says the suspect emptied his entire nine millimeter handgun but the officer returned fire and hit the shooter at least three times. police caught the assailant a short time later not far away. hartnett is in surgery and is expected to make a full
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recovery. we'll have more details as we get them into nbc news. two men have been arrested on terrorism related charges here in the u.s. and authorities say there are ties to isis. 23-year-old oz muhammad of sacramento was accused of traveling to syria to fight in the civil war and then lying to federal investigators about. and 24-year-old omar el haddan of houston was indicted on charges he tried to provide material support to islamic extremists. both are palestinians born in iraq and both entered the united states as refugees. according to the fbi al joyab said he would have joined isis if not for the group killing of other muslims although he later said he did fight alongside them. three relatives of his were arrested in milwaukee although investigators say they are not national security threats. to politics now, donald trump is flecking his muscle in bernie sanders' backyard, burlington, vermont.
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he gave out 20,000 free tickets to a 1400 seat theater. and it's just 163 steps away from sanders' campaign headquarters. and as you might expect, things got mighty intense. let's go right to nbc's edward lawrence in washington. good morning, edward. >> good morning, shannon. very intense, in fact, complete with heckling and booing of the hecklers. but with less than a month to the very first caucus, this is exactly the kind of momentum the republican front-runner wants. after going on offense against his republican and democratic rivals, donald trump went on defense against some protesters at a vermont rally. >> get them out of here. get them out. come on. security, move faster. >> reporter: playing to the crowd just steps away from senator bernie sanders' campaign headquarters, the republican front-runner said he would love to run against sanders, who trails hillary clinton on the democratic side. >> that would be a dream come true.
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but actually, i must say, i have my mind set on hillary. i do have my mind set. >> reporter: former president bill clinton on the campaign trail for his wife, refused to engage trump making an issue of his past transgressions. >> i have no interest in getting involved in their politics. >> i disagree with the republican front-runner, mr. trump. you see, i think america is great. >> reporter: trump and senator john mccain questioned the eligibility of his closest competitor for president. >> it is no surprise, everybody knows, that john mccain is going to endorse marco rubio. >> reporter: the first test for who survives the attacks, accusations, and heckling, will be february 1st. the iowa caucus is first. then new hampshire primary eight days later. now if any of the republican candidates drop out their supporters will be highly sought after. shannon? >> all right, edward lawrence live for us in washington, d.c. edward, thank you.
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president obama continues to make his case on the issue of gun reform, appearing at a town hall style meeting at george mason university last night. he said he respects the second amendment but gun sales need to be regulated to ensure the safety of americans. at times things got heated especially when cnn's anderson cooper asked the president about some people's belief that he's trying to take away everyone's guns. >> are you suggesting that the notion that we're creating a plot to take everybody's guns away so we can impose martial law? yes, that is a conspiracy. i would hope you would agree with that. >> then he joked he's only going to be president for another year so even if he were going to take away people's guns, he doesn't have time. now to the campaign trail and how bill clinton is handling some bubbling controversies, including donald trump's continued discussions of the former president's alleged past sexual transgressions.
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at a campaign stop in iowa, nbc's kristen welker asked the former president if he'd like to respond. >> i don't have a response. if he wins the republican nomination, we'll have plenty of time to talk about it if hillary wins. but i have no interest in getting involved in their politics or doing anything except running to help hillary. >> meanwhile at a speech later in the day bill was interrupted by a phone call well stumping for hillary. >> there are other issues that keep americans up at night. and my phone's ringing. [ laughter ] i have to call hillary back and explain why i couldn't take it. >> happens even to former presidents. speaking of hillary, she is set to receive an unprecedented endorsement. planned parenthood says it will endorse the former first lady. this marks the nonprofit group's first endorsement in a presidential primary in its 100 year existence.
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hillary will officially accept the political nod on sunday in new hampshire. what a week for stocks around the globe. billions in wealth wiped out. investors on edge as gold rises and oil sinks. and the worst four-day start to the year for stocks ever. what's today looking like? let's bring in cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> hi, shannon, good morning to you, as well. after a wild week, cooler heads may prevail in the markets today. china's stocks were calm overnight and regulators doing away with the circuit breakers that halted trading on thursday and china's currency strengthened today. wall street could be set up for a rebound following the worst four-day start to a year ever. the u.s. markets as measured by the s&p 500 has seen more than $800 billion in value wiped out this week, and focus this morning the monthly jobs report which could show companies kept hiring at a steady pace in december. unemployment is forecast to drop to 4.9%. and more than seven-year low. meanwhile, apple crashes out
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of the $100 a share club, falling below that mark for the first time in more than a year. while it's still the world's most valuable company, apple has lost $200 billion in market cap in the past 12 months. reports emerging this week that apple is cutting iphone shipments due to soft demand. shannon, back over to you. >> all right. landon thank you. well you're dreading your commute today? just be thankful you weren't these guys. californian was on his way home on california highway sr-23 after an unsuccessful attempt of getting a hair cut when all of a sudden from around the bend floodwaters decided this trip would also be unsuccessful. so after reversing back down the road, he was eventually able to pull a u-turn and escape the oncoming peril. but not before having to overcome one last bout with mother nature. and in san diego, a driver with a car worth upwards of $200,000 decides to test his
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lamborghini against mother nature. this intersection was flooded by el nino rain. several large cars braised the waters when a beautiful white lamborghini drives up. you can barely see it there and first the water up to the car's bumper then the driver decides to brave the intersection where the waves quickly bring the water up to the windshield. but a testament to italian auto making, it makes it through another windshield deep puddle before riding off into the sunset. well played. scary moments on a shuttle america flight from new york to chicago. the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in detroit after a woman allegedly assaulted other passengers. >> not at this time. >> detroit metro airport police met the plane at the gate shortly after 8:00 p.m. last night and carried the woman off the plane. according to authorities the other passengers tied her up after she assaulted several passengers who now want to press charges. one person on the plane said the woman asked to get off about 20
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minutes into the flight, and then became disruptive. police said she may have been suffering from a medical condition. all right. it's sports. number seven arizona visiting unranked ucla where the stars include kevin durant. they came out to honor former ucla bruin russell westbrook. now to the final seconds of a back and forth nail biter. >> alpert was blocked. with three. stepped back. >> and it's good. alford nails the winning basket with 1.8 seconds as the bruins knock off the number 7 wildcats 87-84. number 15 smu just barely managing to keep their perfect record. as cincinnati almost ruined the mustangs' best start in school history. the mustangs come from behind and hold on 59-57. a milestone as the lowly lakers gave the kings a mighty scare. kobe bryant scored his 33,000th
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point of his career on this fallaway. having blown a 27-point lead the kings down by one with 26 seconds left, they're forced to claw their way back. sacramento goes on top, manages to save face before the home team crowd. 118-115 the final of that one. coming up, it is the biggest jackpot ever and it's still growing. have you got powerball fever? we've got the prescription coming up. plus the horrifying scene as flames engulf a barista stand with someone inside. the horrifying scene detailed next. when my doctor told me i have
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welcome back to first look. not much more beautiful than this in nature. in montreal majestic winter image caught on a traffic acl. at first it's just another day of quebec highway 40 and suddenly that snowy owl flies. the transport images tweeted out here's video of our majestic visitor.
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even snowy owls need a little commute information. i guess they're not nocturnal. in the daytime. we found out yesterday or noaa scientists were out there compiling all the information from 2015. was it our warmest year? well it was in florida, montana, washington, and oregon. those states all had their warmest year on records. remember the cold winter we had last year, especially february, that put us down on the charts. ever since then we've been very warm. so as a whole, in all lower 48 it was the second-warmest year on record. only 2012 was warmer. as far as billion dollar weather disasters, we had ten of them. a lot of them related to severe weather in the middle of the country. we didn't have any bad hurricanes or any hurricanes. that's why the number was kept down around ten. other years have been higher. that's because that's when we did have some hurricanes to deal with. and those are almost always billion dollar weather disasters. this weekend the main story, the cold coming down through the middle of the country. very warm saturday eastern half of the country. very cold in the middle. business mark looking for a high temperature of zero. minneapolis on sunday at 2.
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new york city will be 60. so it will be almost 60 degrees warmer shannon in new york city sunday than it will be in the midwest. and that's where they're playing that football game vikings/seahawks. one of the coldest nfl games ever. >> hope they'll be keeping it moving. >> the fans are the ones we're worried about. stories making news this morning. a barista stand in washington state exploded yesterday afternoon engulfing the stand in flames. courtney campbell, who was working inside, was severely burned but managed to escape. she remains in critical condition in the hospital. authorities are investigating if the propane tanks used to heat the stand may have caused the explosion. this saturday's jackpot is now skokrocketed to a record $700 million. lottery officials say it could even reach $1 billion if strong ticket sales continue. >> one, two, three, push! check out this police dash cam video of new jersey state troopers helping a woman give birth in the back of her car.
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she and her husband were rushing to the hospital but guess what? they didn't make it. they pulled over, they called 911, she went into labor and thanks to these officers, a beautiful baby girl was born. well done. are you ready for it? beyonce is back for the super bowl on february 7th. she'll be joined by coldplay and bruno mars for the halftime show. in santa clara, california. should be good. in north carolina a bridge called the can opener is causing truck drivers a lot of trouble. dave gutierrez explains. >> reporter: they call it the can opener. >> it's insane. >> reporter: in durham, north carolina. >> i've seen as many as three in one day. >> reporter: at the corner of gregson and peabody, it's perhaps the most unforgiving bridge in america. more than 100 crashes here since 2008, no major injuries, just wince worthy frustration. over and over and over again.
2:18 am
all captured on web cams. >> it's pretty crazy sometimes. >> reporter: all thanks to jurgen hans. >> i sit there at my desk working peacefully and all of a sudden there's this massive crash out there and i almost fall out of my chair. >> reporter: his videos now draw millions of hits on youtube, even collects the debris and sells it as crash art. >> and sure enough, just after we finished speaking with him, hard to believe, but this happened. the driver rattled, but okay. >> i thought i had enough clearance. >> reporter: the bridge was built for trains 75 years ago. the clearance 11 feet, 8 inches. about two feet lower than usual. the locals know that but many rental truck drivers don't. >> 95% to 98% of them are following gps. >> reporter: the state's put in lights and signs but drivers either don't see them or ignore them. why not raise the bridge? >> you'd be looking at significant cost to either lower the road or raise the grade of
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the railroad. >> reporter: instead the state is planning to install more sophisticated warning sensors. jurgen hopes they might help make these crashes a thing of the past. or better yet, water under the bridge. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, durham, north carolina. >> very appropriately named the can opener. it's a busy week in politics, and boy did the late-night hosts take full advantage of the fresh material. that's next. does a freshly printed presentation fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric.
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with the return of the presidential candidates to the campaign trail, a fresh batch of material for the late night hosts to feast on. have a look. >> going to a new poll, donald trump was the candidate americans would least want to have as their neighbor. it makes sense, because he'd build a massive wall between your yards and make you pay for it. >> it's really the only thing we know at this point about the republican nomination is that we shouldn't let steve harvey announce the winner. >> jeb asterisk. it would create curiosity. then people would check the footnotes and see, yep, he's still running for president. >> president obama said the question he would want to ask candidates is why they want to be president. a few of the candidates actually responded. i have a list of names. they're the names of every person who has ever crossed me. friends, relatives, some know who they are. some won't know until it's too late. >> the thing is right now there's probably a mexican trump standing in mexico somewhere and you know what he's saying right
2:23 am
now? you see. that's why we need to build a wall. >> -- initially attracted to donald trump because of his energy. i think we have a clip of that energy. >> i'm really rich. >> that's pretty good energy. >> president obama will get his final state of the union address next week. the theme of the address will be, i really was born in kenya and what are you going to do about it now? what would they do without the politics? i don't know. erin mcpike is joining us. she's a political reporter. she's in d.c. for us this morning. good morning to you, erin. >> good morning. >> let's talk a little bit about the president here. he had over an hour in a town hall meeting last night to convince america that his executive action on guns is the right thing to do. so how did he do? >> well, as you know, shannon, president obama is always very calm and cool and collected and just about everything he does. but when he's been talking about guns he has been very emotional. he was emotional in that press conference. and in that town hall he was
2:24 am
really going for it. he's been almost sarcastic saying that he will not support democrats who don't support gun control. and the reforms he's proposing. so this is clearly something that he wants to get done. he knows the time is running out in his presidency. and you can tell that this is really important to him. so i think he's doing well because he's kind of letting it all loose and showing some emotion on this one sflp all right. let's talk a little bit about those on the campaign trail. we all know by now bill clinton is on the trail for hillary. so the question is, if trump keeps bringing up these past sexual allegations that are -- that are being flunk at clinton here will bill clinton have to address it at some point? >> you know, at some point he will. and this is really smart by trump. not because voters necessarily care about bill clinton's transgressions from almost 20 years ago. but it's really because it's about getting under bill clinton's skin. and if he is successful in doing that and bill clinton has to talk about it, he might really be upset. and you might see him kind of going off the rails here a little bit, and that's what trump wants to do.
2:25 am
and if bill clinton is unleashed and he gets upset and he starts talking about things that he shouldn't be talking about, that could spell trouble for hillary clinton. >> all right. quickly before we let you go, trump was in bernie country last night, burlington, vermont. republicans split there between him and sanders. so was this a message falling on deaf ears? or did we have a chance here? >> well, i think one of the things that we are seeing is that a number of voters throughout the country support either donald trump or bernie sanders. i've talked to a number of voters who are trying to decide between those two. they take on the system, it's that they're really going after the system, that they're populist, and they appeal to some of the same people. it's very interesting. >> it is interesting. erin mcpike, thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> all right i'm shannon mulaire. this is "first look" on msnbc. don't forget to like us on facebook. "way too early" is up next. have a great weekend, everyone. ♪ (cell phone rings)
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we need our guns. we need the guns. i mean whether we like it or not, we need our guns. you'll have bad stuff happening. but at least we're shooting back and we're going down shooting. and you know what? >> i visited newtown two days after what happened. so it was still very raw. it's the only time i've ever seen secret service cry, on duty. >> two of the strongest voices in american politics, with two very different messages on america's gun crisis. this morning new insight into where america stands on what to do next. plus, donald trump holds a major campaign rally in the deep blue land of bernie sanders.
2:30 am
and let's just say things got a little bit cold at times. >> get them out. take them out. get them out of here! you know, it's about ten degrees below zero outside. now you can keep his coat. tell him we'll send it to him in a couple of weeks. >> also this morning, the governor of maine under fire after comments he made about, quote, demonny and young white girls. the governor claims he wasn't talking about race but we'll let you decide. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." good morning it's friday, january 8th, i'm louis burgdorf we begin in china this morning


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