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tv   Up  MSNBC  January 9, 2016 5:00am-7:01am PST

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could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at hillary clinton calls out bernie sanders on gun reform. and good morning, i'm richard lui, hillary clinton is slamming bernie sanders for his stance on guns. plus candidates on both sides of the aisle make the drug epidemic now sweeping new hampshire a national conversation. patrick ken dewill nedy will be talk about that. new details in the capture
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of el chapo. investigators in flint, michigan want the governor to resign over the contamination of that city's water supply with lead. and murder, how true crime draum drama aren't just huge hits with fans -- we're exactly one month away from the new hampshire primary. as of today, the two front runners in the state are donald trump among republicans and bernie sanders among democrats. a new poll just out last night, showing sanders with a 13 point lead in new hampshire. this comes as the sanders campaign this week said there was, quote, zero daylight between president obama and the vermont is that right on gun control. this after the president wrote an op-ed that said he would not
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support any candidate that did not support comprehensive gun e reform. hillary clinton was not going to let that slide. >> i think it's important for democrats to know that ten years ago gun safety advocates wanted to make gun makers and sellers have to go to court to answer for their reckless disregard for human life. so the nra wrote this bill that said no one can sue a gun maker or gun seller and called this the most significant piece of pro gun legislation in 20 we'res. and when it really mattered, senator sanders voted with the gun lobby, and i voted against the gun lobby, maybe it's time for senator sanders to stand up and say i got this one wrong. >> that's the democrat side. on the republican side, donald trump has a lead in new hampshire.
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but candidavoters have waited u the last minute to make their decision. the new poll says that 43% of voters say they may change their mind and support someone else. there are two lanes in the republican contest, at least two, one dominated by donald trump, the disaffected votes and then there's the establishment candidates looking to cast themselves as a more moderate alternative. all of this is anyone's guess certainly. marco rubio looks to be that establishment alternative. but he'll need to fend off conservative candidate ted cruz along the way who is poised to win in iowa, at least according to the polls. matt visor, national political reporter for the "boston globe." matt, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> we were listening to hillary clinton here and there's a lot of things that were different in what we heard and what she did and getting on the phone and making that call to chris
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matthews. she really wants to draw that distinction as we heard a certainly between sanders and the rest of the party on gun reform. do you think this is the topic that will make the difference for her, especially given the numbers that we were just showing in new hampshire for her? >> it is one where there's a clear distinction, at least in the record between her and bernie sanders, and bernie sanders traditionally has been a little bit more for gun control measures at least in vermont. it gives her an opening and she's trying to chip away at those numbers, particularly in new hampshire among democrats, she runs the risk, bernie sanders has a narrow enough gap that he could close in new hampshire that if she loses in iowa and new hampshire, show could be in real trouble. >> bernie sanders is 20 points above hillary clinton at this stage of the game.
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>> it's a pretty big margin, double digits, you would think this late in the game, hillary clinton would be closing the gap and bernie sanders is still pretty comfortable. that said, new hampshire has a tradition of breaking late and has helped hillary clinton and the clinton family in general in the past. so you would expect that to close, but it is surprising given this late stage of the game, that it is a pretty big gap. >> the pinnacle of independent voting and what it means to any sort of race. i want to go on the gop side of the race. moving into third, christie, this is a point to be watched here, dropped out of the top five. this despite a lot of support locally. if cruz wins in iowa, what kind of bounce could we see in new hampshire, and a new comment about chris christy being out of the top five? >> cruz doing well in iowa and in new hampshire could put him on a strong path toward the
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nomination, it's this idea that new hampshire will help clarify the establishment lane and there's a traffic jam of three or four candidates fighting for that. and christie is still fighting to be in that mix. some of these recent polls are showing that he may be sliding a little bit despite support for the dominate leader, the newspaper up there, and what many of us have seen momentum behind him. i think he has to be a little bit concerned about these numbers. >> what do you suppose is causing his drop out of the top fife, despite that momentum, and his ground game and being on the bottom? >> jeb bush has totally refoc refocused his campaign on new hampshire and maybe we're seeing a little bit of that voters are giving christie a second look, and people are floating back to bush a at this point.
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and kasich is doing quite well as well. and rubio as well. and you're seeing an influx nature in new hampshire at this stage and that will only be more vulnerable in iowa, new hampshire looks to iowa to see what happens and then reacts. that i think is going to be the key eight days between those two contests. >> a lot will agree that there's still a lot of volatility ahead of us on the republican side. a favorability rating among republican voters, jeb bush, dropping 10 percentage points. net favorability, as you can see negative 1, he was plus 27 before. how do people view him in new hampshire? is this just a lack of him getting out there and having a nice, sharp message on the platform that he's adhering
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tosome. >> the people of new hampshire certainly respect the amount of time he's spending there and they like to be lathered with attention and jeb bush is doing that. there still is some befuddlement, though, as there has been for months in terms of jeb bush's ability to attract some support, or to have a clear message, a crystallized reason and a krystchri crystallized me supporting him. and there's not too much time left for him. but there is sort of an appetite, new hampshire has traditionally supported a lot of candidates like jeb bush, somebody who spends a lot of time there, puts in the hours and does a all the town halls and so you would think that a candidate like jeb bush would do well, and he's laid the ground work to have a breakout. but he still hasn't had that moment. >> and, matt, the number to watch on that, and we have got to go here, is the unfavorability numbers.
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that's the biggest change as you will notice here, as he tries to sharpen his message, maybe folks don't like what he's saying and what he's doing at least at this juncture. matt visor, "boston globe" political reporter, thank you, that was great. many of the learn hopefuls have gathered in new hampshire to discuss how they would handle the drug addiction problem in new hampshire, specifically heroin, that's been making what the "new york times" has been making an alarming come back in america especially in new england. >> i could go in my public life and i could be at a chamber of commerce event and someone would look at me with a feeling that i felt. i could look them in the eyes and know that as a mom or a dad or a spouse, they were going through the same things, what i realized was, there were a whole lot of people that were going through the exact same thing. >> you don't go to a neighborhood dinner party and say, hey, my daughter's addicted
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to heroin, what's new with you? but if your daughter had cancer, you would tell them. we are contributing to the stigma by our unwillingness to talk about it openly. >> the light, the sparkle she once had left her. and what remained was a dull, flat void. it is the look of hopelessness. it is the look that too many of us see. and it is that look that haunts me most when i think of her. >> carly fiorina there, talking about her stepdaughter lori who died in 2009 after battling drug and alcohol addiction. there you see patrick kennedy, former congressman from rhode island, co-author of the book "a common struggle" thank you so much for being here, congressman, i appreciate it. the widespread use of heroin, you know the history here, faded
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out in the late '70s and '80s, we're seeing it come back as an issue on the campaign trail. why are we seeing a resurgence at least in recent years? >> first of all, i think the political calculus of addiction is because of the rise of both heroin and prescription painkiller abuse and overdose. we're reaching 41,000 americans every year who overdose from opiates. i mean that's an alarming number, that's higher obviously than traffic fatalities. so there's that number, but what's also coming into play, richard, is the fact that these are white americans. in the past, you know, these issues of addiction we're seeing as urban problems, now as you're seeing in new hampshire, this is
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affecting, according to a poll in new hampshire, literally 50% of people in new hampshire are affected. in some ways, it is the number one issue in new hampshire surpassing the economy and jobs and the like. there is a reason for that and a that is that this is an epidemic and it's not only in new hampshire, but it is around the country. it is heartening to hear republicans speak out and speak out so eloquently and speak from personal experience. i think governor crihristie hadt right, i think it's the silence that so deadly here, i recall to the silence during the hiv/aids crisis, it was a silent epidemic in both suicide and in overdoses. keep in mind not only 40,000
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overdoses but there's 41,000 suicides, and that's the ones that we know of. you have 80,000 americans dying principally at their own hands. this has got to be something we address. and frankly, i don't think either party has a handle on this in terms of its platform and it's positions and hopefully 2016 is an opportunity for us to really get this prominently on the national agenda in both parties. >> congressman, how would you suggest if they were to put it on their platform, what would be the headline there that you would like to see the candidates adopt? >> it's very simple, treat addiction as the disease that it is. it's a chronic illness. it needs to be treated in a chronic fashion. much like diabetes and heart disease and even cancer. and if you treated this like a disease of those kinds, you
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would see a great urgency in the medical system and in our country at doing early intervention. because you see, the problem here, richard is that we wouldn't let someone with diabetes wait until they go blind or have to have their legs amputated before we treat them, but if you compare the way we treat addiction and mental illness, we wait until those illnesses become stage iv if you will, cancers, before we in the insurance system reimburse for treatment. there's one thing, treat it like every other illness and that means reimburse for it. and if insurance companies had to start paying for it, then they would say, well, it makes no sense for us to pay for all these rehabs because frankly they're not very effective. the most effective treatment is early intervention.
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that is the science behind treating the disease of addiction and by the way, mental illness in general. >> former congressman patrick kent, thank you very much for your perspective and for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure, thank you, richard. i want to turn to our panel, molly hemingway, kaitlin huey burns, jonathan capehart. let's move from exactly the topic that former congressman kennedy was talking about. i i do want to bring up a recent poll that shows since we're talking about the election and this very topic because it's being -- voters consider drug abuse the most important problem facing their state. while 60% of new hampshire adults aged 18 to 34 know someone who has abused heroin, those are the numbers, do you
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think that this will be a reasonant issue as we move into 2016 as the former congressman is hoping, and you heard in the headlines that they will adopt? >> i hear it will be. and let's keep in mind when secretary clinton went out and started her listening tour for her presidential campaign. one of the things she learned that she didn't expect to learn was that there was this openoio abuse. people were saying we have to do something about this. and when that video went viral of governor christie speaking so passionately and eloquently about drug abuse and substance abuse and the damage it's doing to families, it's not that the american people are suddenly talking about this, it's that the politicians have caught up with the american people. >> and it's bipartisan, which is
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the important part that you're making here. >> the fabric of america, and that's what the former congressman is saying, it's not this other group, it's all of us. >> this is your point about chris christie, these are the moments we have seen these candidates at their most personal and vulnerable levels, jeb bush never talks about his daughter, he's been on the trail now talking about that personal story and you hear it in town halls and various meetings and also it's going to be important in the congressional election too. >> one of the things that's nice about this is, as we're covering polit politics, we talk so much about how we don't like things and how incendiary the rhetoric is, this is good for both -- tales of hope, of people overcoming their addiction, these are things that families, because so many of us
5:18 am
have dealt with this in our families, to hear these stories is very helpful, even apart from the political solutions. >> our panel all thumbs up on the asking of this topic on the campaign trail so far. new details with about the capture of mexican drug lord help chapo guzman, his desire to make a movie about him and his life may have led to his capture for the third time. that's next. that's next.
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a notorious mexican drug lord is back behind bars this morning in the same prison that he escaped from six months ago. authorities were able to track down el chapo because he wanted
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to make a movie about his own life. the drug lord contacted actors, contacted producers all in hopes of getting a film made about him. for more details, nbc's gabe gu ti gutierrez is life in mexico city. that's really the point that a lot of people waking up overnight are saying, he wanted a movie made about himself? >> right, richard, this caps off an embar raszing few months for mexican authorities, after he escaped, that was a the makings of movie. >> reporter: overnight the most wanted drug lord in the world, once among the most richest and powerful men on earth was paraded in front of cameras in handcuffs, joaquin "el chapo"
5:23 am
guzman arrested in an overnight raid. to the drug boss was tracked down because he was trying to make a biopic and he was communicating with actors and produc producers, he was hiding in the mexican state that is home to his drug cartel. there were six arrested and a mexican marine was injured in a bloody shoot-out. his head draped in a towel, guzman was whisked away after six months on the run. the mexican president called it a victory for the rule of law. but el chapo's daring escape in july from a maximum security prison was an embarrassment for the mexican government. he escaped through a tunnel.
5:24 am
now the question is will el chapo remain in mexico or be extradited to the u.s. where he's wanted in six cities on drug charges. >> it's pretty good likelihood that he will be extradited. >> reporter: this morning el chapo is waking up in the same prison he escaped from. authorities say elcholo, guzman's right hand man was also captured. and authorities were also able -- >> those are just some of the details as we know right now. gabe gutierrez is mexico city. thanks for that. he's one of the democrats most influential strategists in congress and now he just announced he will not be running for re-election, up next,
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay! a top house democrat now heading for the exit. new york congressman steve israel announced tuesday he will be leaving congress at the end of the year. he is one of his party's top strategists, a close advisor to nancy pelosi, as well as former chairman of the democratic committee. but the eight-term congressman is not going to go quietly into the night. in an up said in the "new york times" yesterday, he said, quote, i'll be leaving congress at the end of this term, sentimental about many things but liberated from a fundraising regime that's never been more dangerous to our democracy, he continues saying as the bidding grows higher, your voice gets lower, you're simply priced out of the marketplace of idea, that is unless you are one of the
5:29 am
ultrawealthy, end quote. joining me now is congressman steve israel. congressman, thanks for being here, you've spoken many times on this camera here as well as you've done on other cable networks. it's strange the her that you're planning to step down. why are you doing this now? >> i grew up with two dreams, one was to be a member of congress, and another one to be a writer of satire. i published a book last year that was really successful. how often in life do you get a crack at two dreams? so i leave with a great sense of fondness for my colleagues and you. but i also leave with a deep sense of frustration, prin principally with this reless thanless sens -- i'm really frustrated with a congress that seems to impede with a republican congress that seems to impede virtually all progress
5:30 am
unless you're the koch brothers. people say congress is dysfuncti dysfunctional. if you're the koch brothers, congress is working out just fine for you. >> i was looking at what nora kelly wrote in the atlantic about your retirement, and she said the move might reflect severe vulnerability for republicans going into november's contest. is that why you're perhaps moving on and why leader pelosi is not going anywhere, and with where you might with be going in the future if you stay in congress? >> adamantly, no, i cannot think of a more effective and relentless leader on behalf of the american people than nancy pelosi, i spent more time and watched her more closely than many of my colleagues. so why would we want to tinker
5:31 am
with that success? she just passed a budget in the republican majority that reflects republican principles. and respect to the piece in the atlantic, while i agree with some of it, i disagree with this automatic notion that we can't take back the majority, in fact the same thing could have been written in 2005 before we took the majority. i think we're on the path to get into the majority, whether it will be in 2016 or later remains to be seen. but particularly if donald trump or ted cruz are the republican presidential nominees, i think that democrats really have a chance to get in the majority and then you will see some real meaningful action to reform the system, pass campaign finance legislation, pass the disclose act and give the american people in the middle class their voice back again. >> your leaving congress, as i was saying earlier after eight eterms. what's the headline of your times in congress? >> i am more proud, this is a
5:32 am
local thing, but there is nothing that makes me prouder than the work that i have done on behalf of veterans on long island, nothing's given me more pride and joy. >> what do you wish your headline could have been? would it have been about campaign reform? would it have been about gun rights? what would it have been about. >> i wish the headline would have been that we made head way on gun violence. we have a majority that effectively says no to any common sense legislation to protect the american people from guns. that is something i wish we had accomplished. i hope that under the president or the next president, we'll get that done. >> finally you said because you're moving into a satirical part of your being, what would the joke be about congress that you might write as you are putting together your book? >> well, there's just so much
5:33 am
material to work with. the book that i published last year was a satire called "the global war on war." my next book is i take on the gun lobby called is "big gun gu" i may not have a seat in congress, but i'll have my tongue placed in the cheek of congress for years to come. up next, we'll go live to flint, michigan wrr, where the scandal over tainted drinking water is taking place. ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class.
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5:37 am
30-year-old edward archer of west philadelphia, and you see him in that brazen ambush on video, as he approaches to the police car of officer hartnett, he's wearing a white robe. even though he's seriously injured, officer hartnett is able to run, fire his weapon and call in this shooting. he's someone who's impulsive, paranoid, someone who's always looking over his shoulder and someone who loved guns and he believes he did want to kill a police officer. but despite the fact that authorities say he did this in connection to islam, he isn't connected in any way to any radical islamic group. >> in no way, shape or form that islam or the teaching of islam has anything to do with the person you see on that screen. this is a criminal who tried to kill one of our officers, it has
5:38 am
nothing to do with being islam or following the islamic faith. >> now the fbi is searching his home, his commuter and his phone. they want to though his entire digital footprint, who he's with been in contact with, why did he go to saudi arabia and egypt in recent years, and most importantly, how did he get this gun that was stolen from a police officer's home here in philadelphia some two years ago, this morning officer hartnett remains in the hospital, but this morning he's certainly lucky to be alive. >> adam reese in philadelphia this morning. taking you now to flint, michigan, a -- on friday, residents and a activists attended a rally outside the flint government center. the governor has been -- yesterday, msnbc learned of at least 200 confirmed cases of
5:39 am
elevated blood lead levels and at least 9,000 residents expose to lead tainted water. good morning. >> reporter: the ganger here is growing, it seems to be cresting and yesterday about 150 residents gathered to call for the arrest of governor snyder, not only that he would step down, but the arrest a of governor snyder. and the reason they're so angry starts with this river behind me. this is the flint river, in 2014, the state and the city moved the water source from lake huron, which is pretreated pure water to this water out of the river. it's more corps rowive and when it moved through the pipes, it led to the contamination of waters here. the 200 confirmed cases, that is a baseline, according to the pediatrician that did the analysis. that is based on lead testing that the government does already.
5:40 am
right right now the state of michigan is offering free tests for anyone who wants them and they want to go through every single child. since october they have already found 23 additional cases according to to the detroit f"d free press". so the scale of this problem is rising. michael moore, a rabble rousing flint native, he has a petition out for the arrest of governor snyder. he says not even isis is capable of poisoning a city's water supply, but you did it, governor. he said that the governor should face a firing squad. so the anger here i don't think is going to be assuaged by the rhetoric already provided. up next true crime dramas, the hype over "the making of a murd murder" now has the white house responding. love it. i'm on the move all day long...
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do you have any sejsz sense at all of the guilt or innocence of this man in this case? >> i have had the same doubts all along. i don't know history e's innocent, i do know that i've never been convinced by anything close to the burden of proof here that he was guilty. >> that is dean str arks nrang,g out on last night's -- has been casting doubt on much of the evidence against defendant steven avery and has viewers outraged. more than 500,000 people have now signed petitions asking for a presidential pardon of steven avery. so much so that the white house responded yesterday that the president does not have the
5:45 am
power to pardon a crime charged by the state. return to court next month after the episode raised questions about his murder conviction and how could we forget, robert durst, real estate heir arrested on murder charges just before appears on hbo's murder series "the jinx." this could be having a real impact on the cases they follow. here to discuss this new wave of crime dramas, thanks for joining us here, vanessa. this is skirting justice. let the justice system work as it is and these documentaries are not letting them have the breathing room that they need? >> making up a murder and do documenta documentaries. this shows the dramatic failures of criminal justice system that most people are not familiar
5:46 am
with. we do have 2.3 million people incarcerated in america, so there are a lot of people who know how the system isn't working. but for the rest of us who are not necessarily involved day this in and day out, people just have no idea what is going on in american courtrooms, what is going on in criminal investigations that are -- it's really unfair. >> vanessa, you bring up a good point, as was written in the "l.a. times," as engaged and enraged as we are, it doesn't change the fact that we watched a multipart movie, not the trial itself, even in ten hours, the filmmakers can't possibly include every every relevant detail. >> well, first of all "making of a murder" is 10 hours, so it's a very in depth piece when you compare it to other coverage that we read. and the trial itself is only a portion of what really happened in life in the story, in the
5:47 am
case. so by this logic would we ever read a biography, would there ever be any coverage of a historical event that we could form a basis of what happened. i don't think we can fog this through. >> an interesting part, which is relevant since you're an attorney as well. the prosecuting attorney, which is going to be different the role you normally take on, representing defendants, is that he's now getting death threats so we're seeing some of the extremes of this sort of publicity of these cases. >> well, nobody condones death threats, that's unacceptable. but there's something a bit ironic about the prosecutor in this case complaining about bad publicity when in the documentary, you quite clearly see that the prosecution used the press as a tool for the prosecution, had a press conference before the trial began, before a jury was selected and essentially poisoned the jury pool by painting avery out as a monster
5:48 am
and essentially ensuring that he would get a conviction. >> the flip side is we have seen how these series have really worked. "america's most wanted" which is the first nationally watched series that helped to capture bad people. and we're seeing these now more lengthy documentaries that are looking at crime cases. some would say, look at the flip side of this, this has worked really well historically. >> i would think that, yes, it's true that these shows have helped with apprehension of people that the police are looking for. but what's critical of what's happening today is we have systematic failures of the criminal justice system, when you look at interrogations of juveniles, when you look at police misconduct, prosecutorial misconduct, you know, many of the failings of our criminal justice system are expose in this documentary and the outrage that you're hearing is that when
5:49 am
an individual accused of a crime in this country, it's an individual up against the power of the state. all of the resources of the state, from the beginning, it's an unfair, it's an unfair endeavor and, you know, hope any that individual has access to a defense attorney who is going to fight for them. but you know what? a lot of people don't have access to a defense attorney who's a forceful advocate, we have in effective attorneys, we don't fund a defense properly in this country, and so what we're seeing now is not just let's help solve a crime, but let's help change a broken criminal justice system. >> vanessa popkin of the innocence project. thank you for your time today. up next a real life soap opera playing out in the nfl, what football team if any will end up calling los angeles their home next year? their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal.
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♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (crow cawing) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". so after 23 years without a
5:53 am
nfl football team, los angeles may be getting a football team. los angeles has been without an nfl franchise with the rams leaving oakland. now both teams are hoping to make a return to the city of angels. and they have got some company on the way. on monday, the san diego chargers, just south of los angeles, oakland raiders and the st. louis rams all submitted applications to relocate their teams to los angeles. nfl owners will hold a meeting next week in houston to have a vote. bob, this is a math problem as you can saying that is so complex. i was saying you got three teams on the left, you got four cities
5:54 am
on the other axis and where they're all going to end up? >> it's very significant and there's a lot at stake. teams will probably get a billion dollar increase in their valuation and as much as -- the three teams that are trying to go are in the bottom third in the league in revenue and they jump to the top ten and even higher. the nfl really does have to keep a map for television. >> the question is you have the local, ie the owners, and then you have the entire nfl which the economicommissioner has to about here. two decades without a franchise. is it ready now? why would it be ready now to hold a franchise if it couldn't keep one in the past. >> this is probably one of the 3 32 owners want to create more top line revenue. and los angeles has been without a team for a long time. the teams are ready to move.
5:55 am
it looks like the stadium development deals are ready to move in that way. >> it was but it didn't happen, no team. >> the inglewood project, the owner -- over in carson, the chargers and raiders have signed a deal a that's a little more reflor remo remote, but it serves more of the l.a. metro. >> is the franchise ready to come back? and is that the rams? is that the right franchise for los angeles to have that stickiness? >> with the exception of the fact that they have something holding them in st. louis, st. louis has come to the table with a stadium proposal that's refinanced and ready to go. they're the only team that has a magnet holding them back and the nfl as a matter of policy, doesn't want to separate a city and a team, particularly st. louis for the second time when there's a deal on the table to
5:56 am
get them a stadium. >> who do you pick that goes to l.a. is? >> i still think the rams are going to go. politically, that's the team that the nfl wants least on some level. but they're going to go because stan wants them to go. >> and as you and i both know, the way the nfl functions is like a bunch of wildcats running around, the commissioner tries to corral them, it's very unlike the nba. which of the owners of all these teams has the most juice? >> i think alex spanos and the chargers have the most juice. they have tried for a long time to get a stadium in their market and they thinki if they move up to -- you're thinking about a game of musical chairs with three teams and only two seats, i think that the rams will be the team that moves. >> bob, thank you so much for stopping by.
5:57 am
a lot to watch as that meeting happen this is week. thank you so much. still ahead this morning, president obama's very last state of the union address.
5:58 am
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can get toujeo® at the lowest branded copay. ask your doctor about the proven full 24-hour blood sugar control of toujeo®. president obama's state of the union address. hi, richard lui with us this hour, thanks for staying with us this saturday morning. president obama's final state of the union address, we'll be joined by the man who used to write those speeches for president clinton. also this hour, a mexican drug lord is sent back to the same prison from which he escaped just six months ago. also ahead, the new front of the fight against human trafficking. one of the nation's biggest retailers is accused of selling
6:01 am
shrimp farmed by slaves. and where's rey, charges of gender bias, as a central character of "star wars" is missing from play sets. president obama says this year's speech will be different, focusing more on his legacy and vision for the future than legislative goals for his last year in office. >> just the remarkable progress i have made, but what we all want to do together in the years to come. the big things that will ensure a better more prosperous america for our kids, the america we believe in. >> we're joined by michael walledman, he's now president for the center of justice at the nyu school of law. so what has been said at least
6:02 am
by the white house is that this will be a different speech in this eighth year for him, his eighth time. how might it be different in the arc of state of the union speeches, at least in your experience? >> i'll believe that when i hear it. these speeches by their very nature are always something of a laundry list. and i would expect that while they may be saying, my fellow americans this time it won't be boring, the fact is by it's nature, it's a set offal policy goals for the country. many people don't realize, it's actually required in the constitution, although it's not required that it be delivered in person. it is still the one time every year where people get to hear their president, the person eelectr elected by the whole country say where they want the country to go. so there will be some -- on gun reform, police reform, are not just nice words. >> how did that work when you
6:03 am
were working with to the clinton and as the years went by, how the tone changed, how policy directive changed? >> it matters a lot whether the congress is of your own party or divided or hostile. it matters a lot what the context is out in the country. they even moved this speech earlier to be before the iowa caucuses, because this is when the spotlight is on president obama. but this is not just the members of congress who jump up and down and applaud, but the whole country. it would be a big mistake for this president or any president to be limited by just what they can get passed by the subcommittee or the caucus. at this time there are still some measures that could move through congress even with bipartisan support. there's bipartisan criminal justice legislation that the president supports, i wouldn't be surprised if he talks about that. the gun issue where we know he's going to talk, is something
6:04 am
where he's very likely to be setting up the on citizen nasty of the congress to the foil it which is what we're going to be talking about. . >> talking with our panel, what michael teed up for us, there's still some policy opportunities for the president who's saying this is going to be different from previous speeches? >> the only thing worse than an interminable state of the union address is a state of the union address from a lame duck president and a congress that's willing to wait him out. and he's proven that he's unwilling to work with congress versus just doing executive action. >> i think what's critical is teeing it up for this election year. his goal as it should be to really energizes democrats, he
6:05 am
knows it's his legacy, but also the legacy of his party, so very tough legislation, setting goals for the candidates. what comes after the state of the union, you have the republican debate two days later and then you have a democratic debate on sunday. >> to build on what mccain was just saying, the other thing that we know about this president is that he'll set things up in terms of the election, he'll try to give a boost to the democrats and whoever the nominee will be, but also this is a president who goes beyond party in terms of his vision for his country. so his last state of the union address in his last year of his last term. i won't be surprised if we hear the president who outlines his vision of the country no matter who wins. when the president speaks in
6:06 am
that language, that's when he really brings the country together. we know about barack obama because of that keynote address he gave in 2004 at the democratic convention and nominee john kerry when he talked about no red state america e no blue state america. he unified the country and catapulted himself into a national star and into the white house. i would be very surprised if he didn't use this state of the union as an opportunity to do that again. >> and what's interesting, this is obvious ely such a polarized in some ways bitter time. there's a lot of roiling anger. but in a lot of ways the country is doing really well, and in a lot of ways certainly better than when he started. what he can do for the party and also for the country is to try to inject a note of, wait a minute, unemployment is at 5%. >> i was talking about it early this morning, the economy, look at the employment report, you look at all the key indicators, you look at cpi, you look at consumer confidence. in previous cycles, it's the
6:07 am
economy. yet it does not seem like his party is hitting that note in grand ways as might have been done in the past. >> well, it's a challenge for anybody in politics for a president or a candidate, on the one hand, you don't want to look as if you don't understand, that for many, many people, wages and their own economic station has not improved, even as the overall economy has. this has gone on for decades, so it can sound tinney and false to be just roaring about america. on the other hand, the broad positive trends and you want to make it so that people can participate in that. it would be a political state for the democrats to run around saying oh, my god things are terrible, because to the voters are more likely to give them another term in office if they're buying into that rhetoric as well. >> it's about personal security, but also national security. because there are signs of the economy improving, they have focused so much on national
6:08 am
security and foreign policy and terrorism because that's really at this point is what is at the center of voters minds right now. >> we'll have to leave it there. michael waldman, we could talk to you all day about this topic. and a reminder you can watch tuesday night's state of the union special coverage that starts at 8:00 p.m. that evening. the president whether redouble his effortses to enact gun control measures, citing executive action on control of gun purchases. the president facings off on his opponents efforts to sfren gun laws, yesterday the president unveiled a big new promise. in an op-ed in the "new york times," president obama declared, quote, i will not campaign for, vote for or support any candidate, even in my own party who does not
6:09 am
support common sense gun reform. some of the president's actions all but guaranteeing that gun control will be a central issue of the 2016 campaign. >> so he's going to sign another executive order having to do with the second amendment, having to do with guns, i will veto that, i will unsign a that so fast. >> his first impulse is always to take rights away from law abiding citizens and it's wrong. >> i fully intend to delight in rescinding whatever illegal and unconstitutional executive actions president obama takes to undermine our right to keen and bear arms. >> our panel still with us right here. 2016, he's laid down the gauntlet in their op-ed, if i'm to support anybody in my heart, his party is what he's saying, you better have common sense gun support. >> well with, what we're hearing here in that op-ed, during that town hall forum, during his
6:10 am
remarks from the white house is a president who's not only frustrated but weary. here's a man, the president of the united states who has gone to a lot of these sites of mass shootings, looked the families of the victims in the eye. not only felt their pain, but grieved with thoechl. not just one time, but 13, 14 times in his presidency? this is not just a political thing for the president anymore, this is sort of a moral calling that we have got to do something that so that he in his final years as president doesn't have to go to another town to console another grieving community. >> and as all of you know so well, to the public supports for the most part, president obama's stance here, and to give you some numbers here of the public, they agree that his executive actions to increase enforcement of existing laws to expand
6:11 am
background checks is good. 67% to 32%. so he's really resonating with his message, certainly and that may be why hillary clinton is coming out in very strong words saying i support that too. >> these executive actions were one thing, they were fairly modest, they didn't actually make any significant legal change. but making gun scroll an issue in 2016 is a horrible idea for democrats, vulnerable democrats, also in states you need to win that care about gun rights. in colorado two years ago, two democratic state senators were recalled because they voted for common sensing gun reform. one was the president of the state senate. this is not an issue that favors democrats and president has already overseen historic losses in midterm elections there's no need to further hurt democrats in to 16.
6:12 am
>> it may energize the 2016 b e republican base, but it may be that the president is saying, i'm tired, i'm going to stand up and do this. >> i do not think this is a dif vieive issue within the democratic party. the democrats are now widely in support of stricter gun laws and that's different from 2008. but on the republican side, you see this from the candidates, but also from people, voters that they don't like these executive actions, all presidents use them and use them a lot. but republicans have been able to make this even a broader issue, immigration we saw executive actions, john boehner sued over those. so that is a key issue here as well. >> so bernie sanders, since he is the more moderate when it comes to gun rights, is he the secret sauce, the nice medium that brings it all together?
6:13 am
>> bernie sanders supporters i have talked to are very -- on the economy, on not being able to get ahead, on the deck being stacked. they don't want the president to focus on gun laws right at this minute. >> it also speaks to how hillary clinton has not done a great job in speaking to -- people there know that bernie sanders' position on guns, i think it speaks to her weakness as a candidate to know how to position herself. >> i would say that she's tacking to the left on bernie sanders, but she's speaking to a broader audience. and listening to the clip that we saw in the earlier hour when she went after senator 1567sand it reminded me that it was to the same thing that was used against her on her iraq war vote. up next, more on the capture of mexican drug king el chapo,
6:14 am
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this morning joaquin el chapo guzman is waking up in the same maximum security prison he escaped from six months ago. mexican authorities arrested him after a shoot-out in his home state. authorities say they tracked him down because he wanted to make a movie and his previous escapes from prison. and that he had been in contact with various actors and producers. let's go to gabe gutierrez in mexico city for us. good morning, gabe. >> reporter: richard, good morning, it's ereally an incredible story, narcissism may have ended up bringing down this drug kingpin, as you mentioned,
6:18 am
the mexican attorney general saying at a news conference late last night that el chapo guzman was in contact with actors and producers through intermediaries because he wanted to make a b biographical movie of himself and that's how authorities tracked him down to his home state where he runs his drug cartel. it was a bloody shoot-out where five were killed. el chapo and his head of security were also able to escape for a time. he was then transported back to mexico city late last night where he was paraded in front of cameras. the mexican authorities and mexican president saying this is a victory for the rule of law. however, richard, the big question right now is weather el
6:19 am
chapo will stay here in mexico, or whether he will eventually be extradited back to the united states. some legal experts saying it could take a while, but he will be extradited back to the united states. he will be facing drug charges in at least six cities, it was a dramatic early morning raid yesterday that captured el ch o chapo, he's now waking up this morning in the same maximum security prison that he escaped from. >> and p >>. president obama finding himself at odds with members of his own party after deportation raids. president obama is taking a -- deportation orders. dhs secretary jay johnson defends the raid saying that ourtd borders are not open to
6:20 am
illegal immigration, if you come here illegally, we will send you back consistent with our laws and values. yesterday members of the congressional caucus and other top democrats called on the administration to stop these raids. >> we don't agree with these raids, that the administration conducted and what has trance spird is that our communities are feeling traumatized and scared. >> the president said that we were going to focus on felons, not families. everybody understands focusing on felons. but focusing families is not reflective of our values. >> despite the increasing outrye, the became administration officials seyed that they will continue the raids. joining us now, christina jimenez, member of the human rights group united we dream. >> you heard what jay johnson had to say and what was said by administration officials subsequently on their part, that this was to prevent those considering coming to the united
6:21 am
states illegally, not to do it because they will be deported. what's your response to that reasoning? >> for us, this is just not the way, terrorizing immigrant communities, united we dream had a hot line, families were calling, many folks were not going to work, not sending their kids to school. these families already are fleeing violence from central se america and are coming for refuge here in the united states, this is a country that's known for protecting refugees. this is not the way to go about treating these families. first all give the families due process, if they have legal assistance and they can talk about their cases, we may be able to find a way to keep the families here. that's what we're asking, raids are terrorizing the community, from our perspective, this is just cementing the legacy of the president as deporter in chief. >> he has the highest number of
6:22 am
deportation than any other presiden presidency. 121 mothers and children, coming from states from those who were legally deported. you know that the legal aides that can get through due process have been inundated, but how would you get to that assistance to go through that the due process? >> this is the challenge that we're having with the obama administration. to the administration is treating this as a border security issue when we're having a border control crisis so the same way in which you deal with other refugee crises, we talk about due process, legal assistance and figuring out legal ways in which these families can stay. i have to ask you, what does this mean for 2016, the election? >> i think this is a big problem for the democratic party.
6:23 am
you have already seen trump taking huge credit for a democratic president raiding families and deporting many of them. over 100 of them in just one weekend. >> thank you for your time? weekend. up next, what the next president must do to combat one of the world's biggest crises you may not even know exists. not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save.
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nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. authorities in washington state near seattle arrested four people on thursday as part of a prostitution ring. 12 trafficked women were released as a result. most of them having been sent to the united states from south korea against their will to pay off their families debts to criminals. three california law firms lobbied to get costco to relabel the shell fish to be marked as the product of slavery.
6:27 am
claiming that form shrimp from thailand, one of the biggest exporters of shrimp are harvested by slave labor. the impact being felt in places -- on new year's eve president obama issued a proclamation making around slavery awareness month. ambassador at large for the state department. ambassador coppage joining us now from washington, d.c. i want to start with the two stories i just brought up. shrimp is something we all'd every day. and i know it's been in the headlines for months now, but still some actions need to be taken as have been described. >> action definitely needs to be
6:28 am
taken on human trafficking. there are also problems with forced labor in industries such as the shrimp industry, the electronics industry, mining and other extraction industries, anywhere where there's a lot of manual labor at stake, there can also be forced labor. >> if we take a stand with our dollars, perhaps a change can be made when we talk about slavery in the united states and abroad. and a part of what you're saying is electronics and brought the ces to mind, with the commuter electronics show, we also have the super bowl coming as well. those have been reportedly events where sex slavery happens at higher rates. >> certainly around any sports event there is increased attention to sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. i as a federal prosecutor was
6:29 am
involved in cases that arose around the ncaa final four and the nba all-star game. so i know that sex trafficking does occur during sporting events. i want to emphasize that it does occur year round. and i want to focus on sex trafficking year round. sporting events are a wonderful opportunity to get the message out and raise public awareness, but sex trafficking goes on every day in this country. >> a story i was working on five years was someone that you had prosecuted. these are residential brothels, they hold four to five women, forced to have sex up to 100 times a day. and they're in just about every state in the union. that's something you follow closely. what's the latest on that? >> there still are residential brothels in this country. but the united states has made great strides in educating law enforcement on what to look for. the u.s. department of justice
6:30 am
is engaged in a bilateral cooperation agreement with mexico, to look at trafficking across our borders, traffickers certainly don't respect our borders and both countries coming together to fight that is an excellent effort. one of our most recent cases involved arrests simultaneously in new york and in mexico and those individuals who are arrested in mexico will be extradited to stand trial in new york. >> so as we look at this ambassador, this is the awareness month that president obama has now called january, when we look at human trafficking. what do you hope, since we're talking about the president for the next administration and the way that they might address this for the most part, issue that is supported with bipartisan support overall. >> this is not a problem that's going to be solved by any one administration or any one political party and that's why it's so important that this is a bipartisan issue. as the secretary said this week, an issue of extreme moral
6:31 am
clarity, it's an issue the american public cares deeply about. and it's an issue that we will continue to raise and fight on all levels of government. >> all right, thank you so much ambassador susan coppage from the state department. coming up, the is sip of water that still haunts senator marco rubio. >> in preparation for a big speech, make sure there's water nearby. like right now. >> well, the presidential candidate referring to the now infamous water bottle moment while giving the republican state of the union response in 2013, it's incidents like this that make you wonder why any rising political star would want to make that speech. we' what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take
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6:35 am
the official republican response to president obama's state of the union address in 2013. that sip of water that quickly became very infamous. and the republican party has tappeded a politician viewed to be a rising star in the party, but for many in recent years, to the follow-up address has not always proven to be a shining moment in the sun. for instance in 2009, bobby jindal was viewed to be the standard bearer in the party. >> good evening and happy mardi gras, i'm bobby jindal.
6:36 am
>> hello, everyone, and welcome to another evening with kenneth, i'm kenneth parcel. >> 2011, congresswoman michele bachmann delivered the tea party response in 2011, she was not remembered for what she said but how she appeared to be looking off camera the entire time. but paul ryan gave the official republican response that same here argued as a springboard for the 2012 nomination for someone who's now speaker of the house. that response that kathy mcmorris rogers delivered and is the highest -- one of the pitfalls, sometimes rewards of delivering the response. let's return to our panel. does it really come down to the nature of the republican response? or really more who's giving it. because it seems like from the examples that we're giving here,
6:37 am
are you good at this? >> the two people that succeeded of the their response, the two people who were well received were two people who didn't actually run for president of the united states or was -- at least paul ryan was talked with about someone who was going to run for president. he's speaker of the house now, but he's not running for president now. and so i think that, you know, they both -- both of them, he and mcmorrricmorris-rogers came i'm a republican, here is my response and it is what it is. >> i want to bring in former rnc chairman michael steele who is very much a watcher of this. michael, thanks for being here. >> sure. >> and neck nicky haley as a c your thought? >> the governor has all been a fan of her. i worked with her in getting her elected back in the day and eshe's done an incredibly good job. some of the issues in her state have propelled her to the
6:38 am
forefront of her party as someone who is really the image and the message that we went to send to the country about the modern day gop. there are some real risks involved, though, if this comes off flat, if it i seems to staged. the bottom of the line at the end of the day, that that is an akronistic stage. you're competing against the biggest stage on the planet, with the president walking into that great chamber, with the command of the congress before him. it's a very tough sell to then follow up in a small space, with no audience, looking into a camera and trying to engage in american people when they have moved on with the president who's just left the building. >> so your belief is it's and an knack chron you started by saying that is what the party
6:39 am
wants to be, in this case, perhaps young and diverse, perhaps, she of asian background. >> there are other ways to do that without competing directly with the president of the united states on one of the biggest nights in the year. so, you know, if you control the congress, then you have the opportunity to have the majority leader or someone who designates to give a speech at some point before or after the president's speech in a separate, you know, within the chamber, in a separate setting, at a separate time, so that you can draw attention to your message. you can get caught up in how the person looked, how they sounded, what flubs they made and not the substance of what they're saying to the country. >> the question i have to your point, why not have the republican response come the day after, when you have an opportunity to actually respond to the president. my problem with the response has always been, it sounds canned because they have no idea what the president's going to say and so they're trying to anticipate
6:40 am
and you just heard the leader of the free world say x, y or z and you're sitting in front of a camera talking about d, f and q. >> that's really what i'm driving at jonathan, is the idea to take the time to respond to the president. not react to what a you think the president is going to say or just said. so, you know, create that space, build it up, put someone who's, you know, one of the leading edge leaders in the party and give them a shot to actually address the county tremendous on the substance of what the party wants to fight about in contrast to the president. >> you know, i want to play a little bit of video, because it goes back a little bit here, back to president reagan's state of the union in 1985, and the democratic response, since we are looking at the rnc response as of late. let's watch that. >> we have just heard to the president of the united states address our nation, and by the way, mr. president, happy birthday tonight. our objective tonight is not to
6:41 am
disagree with our president and his party, though our differences are many. >> so, michael, there you go. >> yeah. it doesn't matter whether it's republican or democrat. it's the same effect. it has the same lack of impact because, as you rightly pointed out, you're responding to something that you don't know. i mean you don't know what the president has said until he says it. and then you're asked to go in front of a camera and put together a message that is probably as jonathan noted, not connected to anything to the man just talked about. >> the republican party has only itself to blame too for the failure of some of these speeches, yes, it's impossible, it's a trap, you can't compete against all the pomp and circumstance of the office. but why not show some creativity, why not have a live audience, why not do it in a bar? why not do it the next day? why not shake it up a little bit, there's no need to keep to the same format with a cavernous hall.
6:42 am
>> can i just make the note that bob mcdonald, then governor of virginia when he gave to the address did do it in the state chamber in front of an office, but again, it still lacks the same kind of power because you're responding to something that you don't know the full text and measure of. >> look what happened to bob mcdonald. >> former rnc chairman michael steele, always a pleasure to speak with you, my friend, on this saturday morning. have a good one. up next, why one of the biggest heros of the biggest movie of the year is not getting much love. s down, it was... that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these,
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one 8-year-old fan was so upset she sent a letter to hasbro asking why rey was not including in the game. fans started weighing in with the #where'srey. hasbro said that rey was not included in the game because -- is re's absence from many -- a self described "star wars" nut and i again, that's what you call yourself. and jahmahl igal, creator of the comic book. you wrote an op-ed for "the washington post," so you were obviously looking at this topic, something that's not really been
6:47 am
addressed since the movie came out. do you believe that this could be done without giving a spoiler out? >> absolutely, it's also just silly to say that we're going to omit the main character from this game on the grounds that it will spoil the fact that she's a main character, that's a nonsense then to say, it's like putting luke sky walker in and saying we don't know, he could just be a farm boy, all it shows on the trailer is him being a farm boy. i think that's nonsense. the thing about rey too is a lot of the complaints about character that are missing, is you'll have a whole set of action figures, like gamora in guardians of the galaxy or black widow, where there is a girl one, but she's not just the girl one, but she's the mane character in the movie. >> scarlet johansen's character also omitted from a lot of the
6:48 am
avengers products here. >> i agree with you and i think the optics make it worse. hasbro's response, while it was quick, doesn't really address the bigger problem, which is, you know, we are in a period of social media right now where everybody has access to a lot more information and everybody wants -- they want to see reflections of themselves in popular media. you know, alexandra mentioned black widow, the fact that she was overwhelm mided from a lot of material. scarlet johansen has been in four marvel movies as to the black widow, you would think they would want to do that. >> interesting back to your story here, jahmahl. you created molly danger for your daughter so your daughter could have a heroine to look up to? >> when i first created molly
6:49 am
danger, but when i created molly back in 2010, it was based -- not just for my daughter, but nieces, i was raised by a single mom and i believe in gender equality and the strength of women. i wanted to create a character in molly, that wasn't connected to another superhero character, who had her own agency, who was the team leader, who's a force to be reckoned with. but molly as a character, just to the give you a little back story, she looks like she's 10 years old, but she's actually 30. >> alexandra, as we look at what jahmahl was trying to work with for his daughter when he revisited molly danger, how widespread is that dynamic that he's describing, when we look at representations of women and girls in media and that balance that it seems is not there based on what you're saying? >> i think it's -- it's a tremendous problem, but it's getting better. i would love to be a little girl
6:50 am
going to the movies right now, and getting to see sort of as a default in a lot of cases, you eve got rey, you've got these people who were just rey, and that is beginning to feel more like the norm, but as the result of people constantly striving to do that. one of the things i hate most in general is the pink aisle/blue aisle divide in toy stars. and the pink aisle is like "dream to be a princess." and like "sexy monster." no, when you're giving people toys, you're teaching them what to dream of being. i was always a big "star wars" nut so i always had darth vader toys. he was the one i saw myself in weirdly. i want little boys and little girls to see themselves. another point is rey's not just for girls. a cool character transcends gender. >> so well said.
6:51 am
alexand alexander, jamal, thank you for joining us on this one. on a very important issue. up next, how ben carson may still be elected to washington this november even if he does not win the republican nomination. if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections,
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as you know, there's a lot going on this morning. let's get caught up on some of the other headlines making news with today's panel. "the washington post" saying, your paper, right, sorry, grammar nerd, the singular they has been declared word of the year. the word of the century. my mother used to use that all the time. they say you shouldn't do that so you better not do that. >> i think it's terrific. it's gender neutral, which if you study other languages, you know, you have gender specific. here, especially in a time when we're talking about gender conformity or nonconformity, this is something that's actually inclusive. >> i have to point out this
6:55 am
actually does have a pretty ancient lineage. we've used they for the singular before so it's not as radical as it seems. >> as his or her. so you guys have probably seen so many stories in the headlines, the powerball. what could you buy with $800 million? it's $372 million, by the way, after taxes. so just to let you know, 2,800, maserati. 89 million cups of starbucks. what would you do with it? >> i like the latte. >> a house on the amallfi coast. a private plane. >> 7478-i is what i'd buy. >> i think the lottery is a tax on people who don't understand math so i don't play it.
6:56 am
>> and tax on the poor. >> it is a talk on the hill, carson leaves open possibility of run for congress. republican presidential candidate ben carson saying that, you know, hey, i still could run for a member of congress. perhaps, you know, looking at maybe even speaker of the house. >> this is what he should have done all along. he's actually got tremendous skill and political skill. he should have started at a lower stage. >> you think it's maybe a good idea? >> he should have done it instead. >> all right. we'll finish with this. aol, lawmaker proposes removing husband and wife from utah law. so this is following the ruling on same sex marriage. remove husband and wife from law there. >> to replace it with what, spouse? >> yes. imminently sensible. >> shows how when you redefine marriage to make it more inclusive it also changes what it means to be a husband and a wife and it changes it for everybody. might be an unintended
6:57 am
consequence of saying there's no distinction. >> it's a consequence -- >> we got to leave there, sorry. so much to talk about. thank you to our panel, fantastic bunch. molly, jonathan, thanks for joining us. thank you for getting "up" with us on this day. join us tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. eastern. melissa harris perry, that's up next. have a great saturday. ♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪
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this morning, my question, who gets to defy the federal government? plus, the one-time oath keeper who tried to arm black lives matter activists. and a true comic book shero, straight out of philadelphia. first, president obama is literally moved to action. good morning, i'm m


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