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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  January 9, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PST

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it is high noon in the east, and 9:00 in the west, and welcome to "weekends with alex witt." i'm richard lui in for alex. and in mexico and on the run, but now caught and could face extradition. and could trump's strategy to neutralize a former president backfire in a big way? >> h it just got bigger. what are your odds of winning the massive $800 million ja jackpot? first off, developing news. msnbc news can confirm that mexico is aiming to fulfill a request by the united states to extra tra indict el chapo the united states. his real name joaquin guzman was captured in a predawn raid six months after he escaped from a maximum security prison, but what brought him down is not what you would expect. here is mexico's attorney
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general. [ speaking foreign language ] and fou to msnbc's gabe gutierrez in mexico city with more for us. >> reporter: overnight, the most wanted druglord in the world, and once among the most richest and powerful men on earth was paraded in front of cameras in handcu handcuffs. joaquin guzman captured in a e predawn raid. the mexico attorney general saying that the drug boss was tracked down partly because he was trying to make a buy e
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owe-pik, and people were communicating with actors and producers. the authorities had a tip that guzman and the others were hiding in a town deep in the mexican state of sinaloa, home to the notorious drug cartel. five other suspects were killed, and six arrested in and a mexican marine were injured in a bloody shootout. his head draped in a towel, he was whisked away after six months on the run. mexico's president enrique nieto called it a success of law. but it was a huge embarrassment for the mexican government when he escaped from a sophisticated tunnel complete with electricity and a motorcycle. >> to get any credibility, the president knew that he had to capture guzman. >> and the question is if guzman will be remaining in mexico or
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extradited to the u.s. where he is wanted in half a dozen cities on drug charges. >> and the united states is slow in the process, so it is chances that are good that he will be extradited. >> and this morning, el chapo is waking up in the same prison that he escaped from. >> and gabe gutierrez is going to be joining us in a little bit on the news of the extradition to the united states, and that is coming in this hour on msnbc. also, we are following this developing story. police officers told to be extra vigilant after the ambush-style attack on a philadelphia police officer. the surveillance video shows the man firing at the officer through the squad window and then fleeing. the officer then pursued the suspect and shooting and wounding him. then other officers took the s suspect into custody. he said that he was acting in the name of islam. adam reiss is in philadelphia with more. adam? >> richard, his name is edward archer, 30 years old of west philadelphia. his oformer attorney says that
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he is someone who is paranoid and impulsive and looking over to the should e and he had a love of guns, and he did indeed want to kill a police off se is, but despite the pact that archer said that he did it in the name of islam, he does not believe that he was connected in any way to a radicalized islamic group. he here's the mayor. >> in no way of any shape or form does the teaching of islam have anything to do with what you have seen on this screen. this is a criminal with a is a stolen gun who tried to kill one of the officers. it has nothing to do with being a muslim or following the islamic faith. and now the fbi is searching his home, computer, and the phone records this morning, and they want to look at the digital footprint and know who he is spoke i spoking with and why he traveled to saudi arabia and egypt in the past year, and how did he get a gun that was stolen from a philadelphia police officer two years ago.
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this morning, officer hartnett remains here at the hospital with a broken arm, and severe damage to that arm, but he is lucky to be alive, richard. >> and msnbc's adam reiss, thank you so much with the live report from philadelphia. sfwroo and now to 2016 politics and the candidates are making a big push in the key states of iowa and south carolina. bernie sanders is continuing the three-day swing through iowa and the new poll out of new hampshire showing that he has bumped hillary clinton out of the top spot, and regaining his lead there by 13%. and sanders is among several candidates crisscrossing through iowa today. the list including donald trump who at any moment now will speak at a rally. and meanwhile, seven other candidates are hitting the ground in south carolina. and earlier this morning, jeb bush participated in a forum to combat poverty, and he blamed the federal government for the role it plays in keeping people out of poverty. >> we should be funding people
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who have the strength and the character to take on this obsolete systems to liberate teachers who do what they can do and in harnessing technology is a key element of that. it could be -- but it is not going to be happening unless the state legislators across the state do it. you won't get it from washington. >> and kasie hunt is at the forum in south carolina, and kas kasie, it was quiet for a few moments ago when some hecklers were heckling marco rubio? >> that is right, richard. it is quiet, and contrast to what we will be seeing in donald trump's rallies and obviously, jeb bush is not the only candidate here, and he was on stage with chris christie and ben carson and both who talked about the difficulties in the upbringings dealing with the low income and breaking out of that. but you are right, it did get heated a few moments ago as marco rubio and john kasich are
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on the stage answering questions from house speaker paul ryan and tim scott here in south carolina. we have been interrupted multiple times by people who are protesting rubio's stance on immigrati immigration, and yelling things like "undocument and unafraid" and happened four time, and finally rubio said are from the stage, we will enforce the immigration laws, drawing the wild applause as the protesters were taken out, and in some instances, supporters ripping up the signs. and that is what we have been dealing with on the campaign trail though, richard, on all of the arrests with the terror-related charge, and the shooter pledging allegiance to isis in the philadelphia case. we have really seen issues of national security and immigration playing out across the campaign trail. >> we are all saying how well i do -- >> reporter: two the terror-related arrests are putting the national security
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front and center in the gop race. >> have you seen what is happening within our country in the last two to three days? we have a president who doesn't even want to talk about what is really happening. we have to find out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: trump has called for a temporary ban on muslims coming into america, and drawing protesters at the friday night rally including one woman wearing a head scarf, and they were all escorted out. >> we will knock the bull p[ bl out of isis. >> and ted cruz blamed two men for coming through from iraq. >> both came through the vetting program that president obama tells us are perfectly adequate for vetting terrorists. >> reporter: and the man who shot a philadelphia police officer pledged allegiance to isis. >> we need a president who is steely-eyed and knows what we are facing. >> the fact is that we are living in dangerous times. >> reporter: and the case is that they'd be tougher on terror
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than democrat hillary clinton who says has been lying about attacks on benghazi that happened while she was secretary of state. >> in my house, if my daughter catherine, who is 5 years old says something that is false, she gets a spanking. well, in america, the voters have a way of administering a spanking. >> hillary clinton's campaign has not yet responded to that remark from ted cruise, but richard to, bring you back into the room here, we have had just another disruption of rubio and kasich here on stage, and another man escorted out of the auditorium after yelling "undocument and unafraid." >> all right. things are picking up there in south carolina. msnbc's kasie hunt. thank you for that. >> the nation's largest powerball jackpot just got bigger. in the the past hour, the lottery officials announced $900 million are now up for grabs
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tonight. and msnbc's kristen dahlgren is in line to buy tickets. and kristen, it is like you needed to throw more logs on that fire, right? >> yeah. i think that most people already have their ticket, and we have been seeing a steady stream here today, and the sign just changed to $900 million, and richard, this is my favorite headline, bosses beware, somebody is going to be quitting their job as the next powerball nears $1 billion. i have not talked to anybody who plans to continue working if they win this thing. people are so excited about this. and obviously, really, really longshot odds and # 1 in 292 million that you would win it. but according to the lottery official officials with so many people playing, about 65% of the possible number combinations will be bought. so a pretty good chance, and better than 50-50 odds that someone will win it. and so people, you know, planning out their vacations, their houses, and here is what some people said they would spend the money on.
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>> spread it around the family. and you know, a nice vacation. open up another business, and that kind of othing. and charity. >> i have seven kids, so college number one, and then put a lot of it away, and give some to charity and, yeah, maybe a farm and a bunch of bulldogs, and this is my dream. >> share it. share it with a lot of people. >> so we are seeing record numbers of people out here today buying tickets, and there is of cour course, the possibility, richard, that if they get more ticket sales than expected or projected, it could go up further, and either way the lottery officials say that if nobody wins tonight, it will be over $1 billion in the next drawing and it is estimated $1.3 billion but it is a hard to predict, because we have never seen anything like this. >> and $1.3 billion wow!
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okay. thank you, kristen. a lot of folks are talk about it today, and certainly in the news and in at home folks talking about that. and several hundred people have gath gathered in front of cologne, jrmny the -- germany theater to protest the attacks by refugee men. they are calling for tighter controls on asylum seekers. and in canada, people at a protesting event were pepper sprayed by police. opinions among the crowd were mix mixed about whether they were targeted whether they are syrian, and the police are searching for the suspect. >> some help for flyers who do not have the most recent driver's licenses. and you will have a two-year grace period before the i.d.s are rejected at the airport.
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many travelers are worried that the tsa would enforce a federal law are requiringing more stringent i.d.s at the first of the year, but now they say that passengers could continue using their current i.d.s until 2018. >> we have a live look at the rockefeller plaza and the final look at the 80-foot tree there which is going to be taken down tonight. and kelly cass, what are the headlines and forecast looking like? >> well, richard, it is active weather here in the middle of the country. rain from the middle of the the country to south. and from memphis to portions of mississippi and alabama and the cold air moving in behind the syst system, and this is going to change rain over to the snow in places like chicago. eventually indianapolis tonight, and then watch out for the severe threat of the east coast
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of north carolina. tomorrow, we will bring the rain into new york city, and boston and a along the i-95 kor do, and you will see the wintry mix setting up, too, in the western portions of new york and pennsylvania and right down the west virginia and it is snow showers coming in as the cold air moves in. we have the winter weather advisories in effect from the southern plains of oklahoma into the great lakes' region, and this is where the jackpot of the heavier snow is going to be end ing tomorrow. some places could see 5 to 8 inches of snow, and especially in the northern parts of michigan. chicago, we could see shovable snow from 3 to 5 inches there. back to you, are richard. >> thank you for the updates there. and now, the latest on a water crisis in michigan. what is being done now that the water supply is contaminated with lead. reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2
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there's growing anger in flint, michigan, over the state's handling of the water crisis. they are calling for the resignation and arrest of the scity's mayor. the water supply was switched from detroit to save money, but flint which is now under a state of emergency has switched back to the old water source, but the lead levels are still high leaving anyone drinking from the tap, especially youngsters there at risk. joining me is congressman dan kilde. thank you for joining us. how are you combatting the emerge is si, and what are the solutions? >> well, we are trying to get some emergency help from fema and americorp members will be here shortly to go door to door to help people. but what we need is the state
9:20 am
managerer and the state's department of environmental quality who created this crisis, they need to step up and replace it. and replace the lead service lines, and do tings this they need to do to make sure that there is plenty of water here until the system is operating prop properly, and then and most importantly, to get the young children who will suffer consequences for the rest of their lives all of the help they can get to overcome lead exposure. nutritional support. >> you are talking about the 200,000 children with elevated blood levels and the 9,000 children who have been exposed to lead-tainted water. sorry to interrupt, but i wanted to give the numbers to the people. >> and it is important the note that those showing the elevated blood levels now are a fraction of those exposed. the blood levels won't last long, but the effect can last a halftimement and that is is why we want to see the early childhood for every one of these kids. nutritional support for every
9:21 am
one of them, and ongoing developmental and behavioral and educational support throughout the cool school career. there is a way to ofcome, but it is a concerted effort, and frankly the state of michigan has a moral obligation to make sure that all of the kids in flint have that help to at least have a chance at life. >> congressman, you know and are aware of since you are there and hail from there the kacall for e governor, the republican governor rick snyder to step down. are you calling for him to step down? >> well, that is up to him. frankly, i wish he would just step up and do what is right, and make sure that the people of the city of flint that he harmed are come pence sated, and i don't mean financially compensated but get the kind of support to put this city back on the positive trajectory, and my call to the governor is to make it right. if he decides that he needs to step aside, that is his business, and he is the elected governor of the state of michigan, and the people of the
9:22 am
city of flint are his constituents, and he works for them. he needs to step up and do what is right to make sure that they are at least going to overcome this terrible crisis that he inflicted upon this this city. >> and how does this happen in the world's most powerful nation as many have said, and in terms of the scope of this prob are lem, when we look at modern water treatment technologies that we would see this today? >> yeah, this is not a technical problem. it is possible to treat even the flint river water which i think that of course was a ridiculous decision in the first place, but it is symptomatic of the cavalier attitude of older industrial cities and the cavalier attitude of the majority minority communities and almost as if the state government took the position of what difference does it make, because it is only flint. and while it is a specific case with a specific set of actors that caused the problem, it is
9:23 am
symptomatic of a much larger pr problem across the country where we are essentially dismissing whole populations, and it is a morally bankrupt approach to governing. >> congressman on the ground as you speak with the constituents and the members of the state, how are they combatting the situation in flint, and where are they getting water, and what are the stories they are telling you? >> well, the kind of to spirit of the people of flint has been shown in this crisis. neighbors are helping neighbors. labor organizations are providing water, and the churches have stepped up, but it is going to be taking more than volunteers. this is why the fact that we now have a state of emergency should activate the state government to make sure that while the volunteers have been working hard tole help their neighbors, it is not going to be enough to get through the crisis. but the folks who thought that the people of flint could not step up when this happened, they were wrong. they are helping one another, but we need a lot more help. it is a crisis beyond the
9:24 am
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be a movie star, and the odds are # 1 in 1.5 million, and the odds of becoming president, 1 in 10 million. and now, the most drawn number of powerball history is 26, and the second is 5 #4 # 1 drawn 25 times, and the third is a tie between 16 and 22 drawn 254 times. >> i will take it. >> and the money is going away, and the biggest powerball spenders are in one of the nation's largest states. rhode island has sold the most tickets per capita at 3.4 per person, but rhode island has had only three winning powerball tickets since 2003, and the state that is the luckiest is the indiana hoosiers who have sold 38 winners. and the show me state of missouri ranks second with 31 winners, and minnesota is 22 and
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princess cruises. come back new. >> welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." i'm richard lui in for alex. authorities ares are investigating the motives of a man who is accused of shooting a a philadelphia police officer. he told police that he pledges allegiance to isis. he shot 13 times against the f officer, and the officer then got out and hit him and he was app prehended. this is following a man who was shot in the bronx, and police say that a 1-year-old with a criminal history is in custody. and now, look at this snowy owl caught on a traffic camera,
9:33 am
and they only travel for food so they are rayleigh seen outside of the arctic. very cool. and now, authorities are looking to fulfill a request by the u.s. to transfer el chapo whose real name is joaquin guzman loera. and now, we go the miami with a lot of the moves parts, and what might be happening in the future of him that he will be extrad e extradited or the request as we understand it to the united states, and why this is important when we talk about el chapo in the u.s. >> well, it is important because of to concern is that can the mexican government hold him again in prison. he has escaped twice from the maximum security prison o, and a concern in mexico, and a concern in the united states that once again he might be able to escape. so extradition has risen to the
9:34 am
foreings and what we are hearing from the sources in mexico and the united states is that there is a very serious consideration in mexico this time for honoring the standing u.s. extradition reque request. we are also told that it is something that could not happen immediately, and if it does occur, it could take months. it all sort of depends on what happens on the part of el chapo's lawyers filing paperwork, and arguing in the courts gaiagainst extra the disn as they have done in the past. were it to the happen, and were he to be extradited to the united states to be held in a solid federal prison here, there are six states in this country that have charges standing against him now, and according to the dea, they are arizona, california, texas, illinois and new york and florida. one of the cities that has what prosecutors there and agents believe is a very strong case is chicago. a place where we are resport ported on the heroin scourge
9:35 am
there and the involvement of the sinaloa drug cartel actively involved in chicago, and in fact, chapo himself was named as public enemy number one by the chicago crime commission there, and the last time they did that involve involved a guy named al capone. and they do believe they have a strong case to put chapo directly in the trafficking of narcotics, and they believe they have strong witnesses against him sh him, and that is one place where where is certainly the people there would like to try him. but again, the cart before the horse right now, because he is in prison in mexico where he is in the prison from which he escaped and serious talk about the extradition, but too early to see it happening, richard. >> and so, mark, if he stays in mexico, what happens? >> well, if he stays in mexico, he would be tried under the mexican law. they have serious charges against him there. and when the u.s. tried to extradite him before or requested the extradition before
9:36 am
his escape actually, the request was turned down because the mexican authorities insisted they had serious charges, and they could prosecute him and that he could go away figuratively for hundreds of years. so that is what would happy to him there and the big question at the outset, could they hold him and keep him in prison? there is a joke running around that since he escaped in a tunnel last time and known as the tunnel king in mexico, hopefully in time at the prison, they will have him up on the second floor. >> and the tunnel has to go through at least two floors. all right. mark, about that, the issue of el chapo and wanting to krcreat his own movie, a bio pik of himself, and his life and what he has done, and what many don't know is that in mexico, this idea of the romanticized criminal is often articulated through movies. although this might have been said to have been his downfall,
9:37 am
this is pretty typical of what it has been produced in the past of criminals of fame like himself. >> well, yeah, the big thing there is the songs, the narco song songs that honor the narco travelers, and i understand a movie coming out of el chapo next week, on the six-month anniversary of his escape. one thing i can tell you is that story about him contacting movie produ producers and wanting to do a bio-pic was revealed by the mexican attorney general at a news conference last night, but i can tell you also that a u.s. source of law enforcement source whose highly placed confirmed that sorry to me that indeed, that did happen. and that that's how the u.s. authorities the got wind of it, and were working in collaboration with the mexicans, and they started to track him. then the mexicans got word that he was in los mochis, the town
9:38 am
in sin na low wa where he was picked up yesterday, and they did the surveillance and monitored him and showed up and went after him, and big chase through the sewer system, and then out in a car to take him to the highway and took him to the hotel, and they surrounded the the hotel until they could get more forces in are there for protection, and then moved him to the jail. that is in itself a one-day movie. and that is the story about having a movie about himself is true, and he was taking steps, and again, perhaps the ego is the downfall. >> and part of the so-called god complex that may be said of him and what he thought that he could do, and part of the tunnel that you are talking about, and you were in the escape tunnel? >> i was. it is a remarkable thing. it is clear ly a very sophisticated engineering job done by mining engineers. he was almost a mile long. >> a mile long. >> almost a mile long.
9:39 am
they dug it from, and what they did is to pick land outside of the prison almost a mile away, and between the prison and a military base, and they picked a farm field, and then they built a house on the field to protect, and i think that you are showing the pictures of me climbing down that hole. they built that house to protect that hole. and then if you went down those steps, you entered into the ante room where they had compressors and generators and electrical panels, and that is needed for the digging, and then another hole they went down on the well constructed steps, and then you enter into the tunnel where the first thing that you en koucoun is a motorcycle on the rail, two rails, and two little wheels on the front of the motorcycle that went along the rails. that mote cycle with the cart in front of it was first used to remove the dirt as they dug from the house to the prison, and ultimately, we were told it may
9:40 am
have been used to transport chapo himself when he came down into the tunnel from the prison cell, and took him all of the way back to the house where he went up the stairs, and out into a car and then into a plane where he flew to safety at least for six months in sinaloa. the most interesting thing is that they had to go from that house a mile away and hit a spot about the size of this notebook that i am holding up right here, and a little bit bigger, and they had to hit it exactly, because if they were a foot away, they would have been spotted by the cameras, and of course, raising the questions how did they do it? and they did it with inside help according to charges filed against a number of people accused of helping him to do that. it is a remarkably sophisticated and expensive and well planned engineering job. >> and engineering feat no doubt. looking at the pictures cruise were down in the escape tunnel, mark potter.
9:41 am
>> they had to go underneath the wall to do it, and the blueprints they needed and they got them apparently, because it worked. >> supply lines and everything in there with the rails. >> yes. >> mark potter as always, thank you for your reporting. >> thank you. ignore it, and it will go away, and why hillary clinton's camp is not fighting back gam against attacks by republican candidate donald trump.
9:42 am
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why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ you have been watching the odds growing. someone will win tonight's $900 million powerball jackpot. we are watching that along with the powerball announcement sam arland who is going to join us by phone from orlando. sam, we watch you on tv and you go through it, and you are not sweating at all here as the numbers are being picked. folks are have to ask here, how do you make sure that you are pulling down the right numbers, and there is no questions later on that it was done properly. >> well, hey, richard, it is good to be with you. and so, yes, i have to be really focused. it is something that is extre
9:45 am
extremely important in that job. you know, i try to look relaxed, and i am relaxed and having fun, and it is a great thrill to be able to be the first person to announce the with winning numbers, especially on the night as historic as this, but it is extremely important that, you know, i get the numbers right, and i call them accurately, and i am foe kcused on accuracy, an making sure that, you know, that i am saying everything correctly the whole time. >> and yeah, you don't want a beauty pageant problem there along the way. >> right. >> and now, all of the suds en, this could be, and the odds are that you will pick a winner tonight, but how do you talk about whether it happens tonight or the next round? >> well, you know, it is all just the way it is shaking out and luck as they say. if someone has the winning ticket, and we pull the ticket that they have, they will win, and no way to know until after the draw has been conducted and the the numbers are verified, and they run to see if anyone has purchased that particular
9:46 am
combination, and we don't know, and no one knows. i put it out there, and part of me hopes that i get to make somebody really, really happy tonight, and change their lives. but you know if that doesn't happe happen, we will keep going, and it is going to be turning into a bigger jackpot. >> you have to be the most watched person just about every time you pick those winning numbers. when folks see you, do they hope to get some luck from you, and say, sam, come on, tell me the secret number. >> all of the time. richard, i tell people, if i had a nickel for anyone who comes up to me, and says to me after they find out that the i do this, the advice or the winning numbers, i'd be a rich man, i would put it that way. but the truth is that, i am up there announcing, and i'm calling the numbers as they come down, and it has nothing for them other than the play. you know, you can't win if you can't play, so play.
9:47 am
buy more tickets. >> do you have a favorite number? >> yeah, i do, but i can't play. so, you know, i like 21 has always been a number that i say is my favorite number, but it is come meetly irrelevant, because i can't play. >> and you don't have any effect over it. >> lucky 21, sam arlen, and we are will be watching you toni t tonight. thank you. >> great, thank, appreciate it. now to politics. hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail today after her husband took the stage for the first time on his own on the stump, and taking to the stump, rather, for her during the election. my colleague rachel maddow shared this this theory of why the trump camp hlaunched attack against her, and why they have not responded. >> does it help to elevate donald trump as the face of the republican party, and so sometimes they want tone gauge
9:48 am
with him on everything, and when america thinks of the republican party, they want to think of donald trump, and on this, they want to step aside, because they don't want it to be the basis of the morning shows. >> and now, a contributor to essence magazine, zerlina and robert, our two old friends here on the show. what do you make of what rachel said, zerlina? >> well, yes, some ish seuss will elevate him to first place, and he has been on the first place the whole time, and he is sucking up the oxygen, so you want the magnifying glass on him when there is saying ridiculous things. and on this one, i don't see addressing decades' old problems, and pinning the sins of the husband on the wife. so it is really troubling to me,
9:49 am
and i don't want to live in a world in which hillary clinton's political career, and aspirations are derailed because of actions of bill clinton when his political career wasn't derailed. >> robert, your thought? >> i somewhat agree with that and the reality is that bill clinton is a known quantity, and the american people know who he is and what he stands for, and know a lot about the personal life, a thnd this is older the toir, now if there is new territory out there, nine. but donald trump is a master manipulator and very good at changing the narrative and we obviously follow the narrative, and if you go back to the birther situation with president obama, and also with ted cruz, and now we are now talking about something that donald trump wants us to talk about which is the past transgressions of president clinton. it is not jermaiger main to the conversation today, and according to the polls of "usa
9:50 am
today," there is head scratching today whether the it is germane to the political questions right now. >> and now, this is what the former president said at a rally in iowa by bernie sanders. >> and look, hillary clinton is not bill clinton and what bill clinton did was totally, totally disgraceful and so i am running against hillary clinton. i won't get into the personal stuff. >> he won't get into the personal stuff, zerlina. what you make of the response and what he is going to do? >> it is classy, and goes along with the sanders' campaign trying to run a positive campaign. they have deployed some of the attac attacks, but it is smart. you don't want to get into the mud with this. especially when most of the people voting are a large portion of the people voting are
9:51 am
too young to remember what any of these allegations are, and it does not say that -- i'm not say saying that these are not serious, and i'm not saying that they are completely irrelevant, but hillary clinton and bill clinton are two different people, and if bill clinton is doing something wrong, that then does not mean that we need to harass hillary clinton and get her answers for her husband's behavior. that is inherentis exism, and i have a big problem with it. so i give bernie sanders a lot of credit for staying out of the mud. >> and robert, he does bring it up. he is saying, i won't get into it, but his mentioning it, and then moving on, so you are saying it, but not saying it, and an old trump strategy, i am saying it, but not saying it. and is that then if it is brought up, and say he does decide to go down the road of bringing up the issue with the former president, can it backfire whoever does do that and bring sort of the support
9:52 am
for hillary clinton, because they believe that person that is bringing it up is taking advantage of something that they shouldn't? >> it is so funny that you mention mentioned, that richard. because when i heard that the sound bite, i thought it was very thoughtful for senator sanders to bring it up, but he didn't bring it up. let's look at the clin tons, and bill clinton, when he was running for office in 1992, they sa said, two for the price of one, and loft people i out there saying, wait a minute, then first lady hillary clinton, what does this mean? why are you standing by this person, and what does this mean about you as personal character, a and lot of people asked those questions, and so, yes, she is a separate person, and yes sh, he name is on the ballot, and yes, she is a candidate, and there are a lot of people out there who reserve the right to ask the question, because the ti are public people. b but it is only germane if there are new stories out there about his public or personal life. and we are only talking about it, because donald trump thought it was a good thing. the polls today, they really say
9:53 am
that it is not really an issue, and a lot of people are saying, we know about this, and this is something between the former president clinton and former secretary the of state hillary clint clinton, and none of our business, and we know about all of in stuff, and does it get the clinton campaign off message? does it raise some new issues out there that we don't know about? we don't know yet. >> we shall see. and thank you, zerlina maxwell, and robert traynam. go get those powerballs. >> right now. >> oh, yeah. and what fueled the obsessions at the electronic show in chicago. become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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9:56 am
>> toond iowa now where next hour donald trump is slated to speak at a rally. people have been lining up all morning despite the sub zero temperatures there. >> it is cold. but we will brave it for trump. we will do it. >> is it worth the -- >> yes, he is worth it. yes. he is not -- he has the tenacity
9:57 am
and he knows how the e negotiate, and he can get the job done. bring america back to what it wants. he wants everybody to have what he wants the american dream. >> msnbc's jane tim is at the rally side there, and good way to you in iowa. it seems warmer inside. >> yes, it is toasty warm in here, but it feels 10 degrees out side, and people are lined up waiting to get in, and the people with the tickets as you can see are all around me, but there are pel people who are waiting out with the chance to get in. and this is important, because iowa caucus night is next month and it could be 10 below, and so getting the voters out, and v t vested and having them feel like it is worth going out, and like that woman says, worth it to wait for donald trump is huge. iowa is huge here, because winning is part of donald trump's home narrative and so he needs to do well here to continue that thenarrative as h goes into the future states. and we are seeing a few people on donald's team here sh, and s
9:58 am
backlash. you saw in south carolina last night, the protesters escorted out, and the very disturbing image of the woman in a head dress with a sign that says muslims under protest. she was silent, but she is trying to draw attention to the anti-muslim rhetoric. there is a lot of talk of the refugees and what we might not know about other people that donald trump is stoking up the fears about. and fear is a strong force in the race, and it could be mobilizing here in iowa to get these people out on cold days. >> msnbc's jane timm, thank you for that, and we will talk to you next hour. could the world's most notorious cartel leader be coming to the united states? we have the latest on the extradition of el chapo to the united states. lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®.
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10:02 am
wondering, hey, what if? el cap poe is back where -- el chapo is back where he belongs, behind bars, and will mexico hand him over to the u.s.? >> and new poll numbers in new hampshire that could mean trouble for hillary clinton. and the magnet for the fridge and why this is no longer just for food. good day to you, and welcome to the "weekends with alex witt" and i'm richard lui in for alex today. this is what is happening this hour, a hour, and we will start with the developing news out of mexico. officials are working to fulfill a are request to extradite the kingpin el chapo to the u.s. he was involved in a bloody shootout that killed five of his associates. gabe gutierrez is in mexico city with the latest. gabe, what do we know about the extradition, and the request and what is next for it? >> well, hello, richard. good afternoon.
10:03 am
a source within the mexican attorney general's office confirms that the office is working to fulfill that request. however, the source stresses that this could take quite a while. it will likely depend upon how many injunctions that el chapo's lawyers file, and many of the legal experts that we filed, and experts in the extradition law say that it could take month, and some sources said mid-year, but it is going to depend on the mexican judicial system, and how long it takes the court system to go over these, these delays in the extradition process. we are here at the prison where e el chapo woke up this morning, and once again, this is the same prison that he escaped from six months ago, and he escaped through the incredibly sophisticated tunnels. something about the story that is getting a lot of attention today is that the attorney general's details that she revealed last night at that
10:04 am
press conference that she revealed in mexico city saying that el chapo, and part of the reason that he was discovered by the a authorities was this idea that he was trying to recruit actors and producers to make a biographical movie of himself, and word got out, and the author the authorities were able to track him down. he was capture ed d in the earl morning raid on friday, and the dramatic raid where six other suspects were arrested. five people were killed, and that mexican marine was injured. he was then flown from the state of sinaloa where he was captured, and flown to mexico city, and paraded in front of the cameras last night. then he was taken by a navy helicopter to this prison on the outskirts of mexico city. again, the big question right now is when el chapo will be extradited to the u.s. a lot of people are thinking that it could happen within the next few months, but again, a source within the mexican attorney general's office tells msnbc news that it is largely going to to depend on the delay
10:05 am
tactic, and the injunctions filed by el chapo's lawyers. >> thank you, gabe. the reports of him wanting to put together the documentary about himself, and if he does not do it, there are producers all around the world who would love the tell the story just as it stands theday. you are there at the jail auz you were -- as you were noting, and the escape from the prison with that long tunnel that we talked about last hour with mark potter. any reports of the security being different today than it was six months ago, because of his escape and what they are trying to prevent from happening again. >> well, richard, as you know, mexican authorities, and it was a severe e blow for the mexican government when this happened. el chapo escaping for the second is time. and this is actually the third time that he is in custody, and as msnbc's mark potter mention
10:06 am
ed, he was here last summer when el chapo escaped through the tunnels. and the tunnels, the tunnel ran nearly a mile long. and driving in, we did see a number of federal police here, and it appears that the mexican auth authorities are making a show that there is more security, and stressing that it will not happen again and made it a point that the people involved in that escape last is summer have been prosecute and financed by a personal prefriend of el chapo,d one of of the lawyers was involved, and they have stressed to go after the people, and prosecuted them. right now, the mexican authorities say that there is no concern that this could happen again. he was brought back here again perhaps as a symbol of just that, stressing that he would be brought back to the same maximum security prison, and that the mexican authorities are confident that they can keep him in there this time around, richard. >> and gabe, part of this, as he
10:07 am
was reportedly coordinating with his lieutenants outside in some fashion as that tunnel was being built, what happens now? how strong are the lieutenants that we are aware of in his organization in terms of taking up the leadership now that he has been apprehended again? >> well, the raid that happened on friday morning, authorities say that they are also were able to capture some of his associates, but, you know, the sinaloa cartel is, as you know, richard, it is a force of supplies tons of elicit drug s to the u.s. every year. it remains to to be seen what the future of that cartel is going to hold, but it is no doubt that el chapo ruled with iron fist. he was ruthless, and wu of the most powerfulers and richest people in the world. so his capture is seismic here in mexico. as you saw yesterday are from the news conference that a
10:08 am
author the tis were very, very quick to parade him in front of the cameras. at the same time, there was a demeanor that was not as perhaps boisterous as last time the around, keeping in mind, that, yes, he did escape, and it went to the credibility of this entire government. so they are very careful, and measured tones yesterday, but they did parade him in front of dozens of cameras, and more than 100 reporters. i was there on the airplane hangar just in the mexico city airport as el chapo was brought in, and they made quite a show of loading him into the navy helicopter, and bringing him into this prison, and hopefully, they say this time, he will stay there. >> and gabe gutierrez there on site where el chapo is held for the third time. great reporting there, gabe gutierrez there in mexico. we will have more on the story,
10:09 am
and we were mentioning mark potter and his work on the the story, and he is going to join us as well this hour. and also this hour, a s suspected gunman with the ambush-style attack on a philadelphia officer. he could be arraigned within the hour. surveillance video here are from thursday night showing the man firing at the officer through the squad car one doeshgs and then fleeing. the wounded officer pursued the suspect, and shooting and wounding him. other officers took the suspect into custody. nbc's adam reiss is in philadelphia with more. adam? >> richard, this is going to be the first time that we see the suspect, 30-year-old ed waward archer of west philadelphia. his former attorney says that he is someone who heard voices, and very paranoid and impulsive and always looking over his shoulder. he is extremely paranoid and loved guns. he believed he did want to kill a police aofficer, but the the fact that archer said he did it in the name of islam, he does not believe he is connected to any radicalized group here in
10:10 am
the united states. this is the police commissioner. >> the suspect in question is a 30-year-old male from philadelphia, and has a philadelphia address as well. and he is saying that he committed this cowardly act in the name of islam. but he is committing an act that are contrary to the teachings of the koran. >> and both the police and the fbi are looking at his home and the phones, and what and who was he talking to, and why did he go the saudi arabia a couple of years ago, and most importantly, how did he get the gun that was stolen from a philadelphia police auf sofficer's home two ago? this morning, officer hartnett is remaining here in the hospital behind me with a broken arm, and, richard, he is happy and lucky to be alive today. >> thank you, and dam reece there in philadelphia. developing now, mar eco rubio is pushing back against
10:11 am
the protesters there at a rally in columbia, south carolina. that is where kasie hunt is. kasie, last hour, when you were reporting, we were hearing the back and forth, and what are the protesters shouting about? >> richard, good afternoon. marco rubio interrupted as many as six times today at the poverty summit with paul ryan, the speaker of the house, and the only one of these presidential candidates to be interrupted by protesters, and many of them were shouting "undocumented and unafraid "and the protests are linked to immigration. they said they had 16 people here, and stood up at different points to try to have their voices heard. rubio finally saying that he would enforce the nation's immigration laws, and drawing wild applause from the crowd here as the protesters were escorted out. richard, i also want the tell
10:12 am
you about another protested-related incident. we are had a protester thrown out of donald trump's rally last night, and also many south carolinab a carolina, and a woman in a head scarf, and the others around her protesting, but we had interesting comment from john kasich who is the governor of ohio taking his campaign to new hampshi hampshire, a & the more moderate establishment lane of the republican party. this is what he said, take a listen. >> and i saw a crowd booing this woman escorted. that is not the spirit of jack kemp. i mean, we are people that can tolerate differences and respect people, and this is just nonsense, and that is not the republican party. >> that is not the republican p party. and kasich doubling down on that description in a gaggle just now with the reporters saying that his comments along these lines might not win him the republican
10:13 am
primary, but quote, there is more to life than that. richard. >> and kasie, how did that resonate? we saw some of the clapping afterwards he made that comment, and has that all at all been a discussion point there at the anti-poverty forum for the woman standing quietly and then escorted out, and is that something that people have brought up at all? >> well, is it is something that kasich brought up, and we showed you that on stage. and richard, the thing that is standing out for me the most today is when we have seen a thoughtful, and in depth policy discussion around the issues of poverty here, and remarkable to see paul ryan, the speaker of the house, and of course, it was organized before he was speaker, but to have him to be the one facilitating the forum among the presidential candidates is striking. the mood here is calm. it is a relatively small crowd, and several hundred people here in this convention center in columbia. you contrast that with the
10:14 am
thousands of people that showed up for donald trump's rally, and raucous, and noisy, and it is illustrates for you the difference between the two sides of the republican party, and what is going on right now, and how donald trump is organizing and bringing all of the new voters into the process, and frank frankly, a lot of of the candidates appearing here today, and the people who would establishment voters traditionally have a quieter voice this time around. >> and the two sides of the republican party that we are seeing at the two events. yes, thank you, msnbc's kasie hunt. the powerball jackpot has just reached $900 million hours before the drawing. kristen dahlgren is live in line at new york city to buy the tickets. kristen, we were talking to the announcer of the event who pulls down the magic numbers, and he says that his favorite number is 21. >> a lucky number, and as good as any of the numbers that you could pick tonight. and everybody is saying and throwing out all of the statistics, and go to this state, and really, they don't
10:15 am
know what to expect or how the pick these. the odds are # 1 in 292 million that you would win this. that is not deterring anybody. we have seen a steady stream of people buying the tickets here. all walks of life. student, and nypd officers coming in to buy their ticket, the and everybody who buys a cup of coffee is adding on a ticket, and there is a dream, almost $11 billion, and you wonder how it could go up from $800 my yon to $900 million, and that is based on the brisk ticket sales. here in new york, the ticket sales are $1.7 million being spent on this per hour here in new york. that is increasing as we have gone through the day, and expect it to continue to increase, and of course, why is everybody buying? well sh well, the dream of almost a billion dollar, and this is what they said they would do with that money. >> take care of a lot of friends and family, and enjoy the money, and invest the rest. >> i have no idea, but i would love to figure it out.
10:16 am
>> praed it around tspread it a and a nice vacation, and open up another business, and that kind of othing. and charity. >> all right. a lot of people with good ideas, and nobody says they will kopt to work, and everybody said, you know what, this is my last day or friday is my last day, and i am out of here as soon as i get the numbers an confirm that i won it. if nobody win, and it is a possibili possibility, because it has rolled over a number of times since november. and it would be up over $1 billion, richard. >> and the great thing that you are reporting on, kristen, the folks putting down the dollar are or two or $40, it is a positive experience that everybody gets to the share together so far. >> yes. exactly. they say that you have to have for this $2 and a dream, and they certainly do have those dream dreams. >> you and me both will be smiling, too, and i don't know if i will win, but it is fun to talk about. and kristen dahlgren, thank you
10:17 am
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10:20 am
in power politics and paychecks, the low energy label, does it fit jeb bush though? >> oh, in is impossible to im e imagine. low energy jeb bush becomes president. oh, i had jeb come at me. you know, low energy. >> look he is a low energy person, let's face it. >> and it appears that donald trump will not let facts get in the way of a frequent putdown that is used by him. and when you look at the number, it turns out that jeb bush is more like the traveling man with big numbers, and he has made more campaign trips than any other candidate, and the national journal travel tracker shows that bush has 173 campaign
10:21 am
trip, and trump on the other hand has racked up 103 in comparison and making him the seventh most traveled candidate. and donald trump is campaigning in iowa at a time when a new poll is showing him in second place there. and as he ramps up the attacks against hillary clinton, there is talk about how much he is going to to gain by focusing on the former president bill clinton's transgressions. joining us is anna pike, and annie from the "boston globe." and annie, what is the report of the attacks and the role they will play once they are done with the primaries here? >> well, i think that the reason that the donald trump has decided to bring up some of bill clinton's sexual past is because he is falling in the polls in iowa, and the first state where the voting there is coming up soon, and sudden willy, he is seeing himself behind ted cruz, and this is what he does. this is what he does, and he
10:22 am
says something shocking when he is down in the polls, and it is working so far in terms of getting him back up, and this is really, absolutely red meat to the republican primary voters who have been scratching their heads, and wondering why won't the establishment go there and talk about this, and donald trump is the man who is just willing to go there time and time again. >> and oh, yes, erin, you know the flipside to this is that while he is energizing the base that's supporting him, he could be energizing those in the middle, those swing independent voters, and those who are a little bit farther left on the republican side towards hillary clinton at the end of the day, because they are saying, why are you doing this? it does not make sense, you are hitting on a point that is not relevant to the candidate at stake. >> well, richard, that that may be, but i don't think that at the end of the day this is going to be swaying one voter one way or another, and trump is trying to get under bill clinton's skin, because the reporters in fact got under his skin in 2007
10:23 am
and 2008 when hillary clinton was running at that time. i don't think that bill clinton or anything from the past is going to be moving one voter one way or another the other. and he is trying to get to the blue collar white collared men, but in the end of day, people are voting for or against hillary clinton, and bill clinton is doing nothing but fund raise at this point. >> or help her to use a different tactic in the campaign at least. i want to now play a little bit of the sound that came from hillary clinton. she called into chris matthew's show and said this -- >> nobody has said that a gun seller or gunmaker and called it the most significant piece of legislation in 20 years, ap when it really mattered, senator
10:24 am
sanders voted for the gun lobby and i voted against them. >> staying on hillary clinton, and move ing ing to the stance she was so clear to hardball with chris matthews, she is making that distinction between her and bernie sanders on gun control, and what is your thought there, erin, about the strength and the resolve that she had on that phone call? >> well, she is certainly does, but in many cases when she is talking about a certain issue, she shows a lot of passion for something. of course, gun control is something that she can show that she is more progressive than bernie sanders. at this point in the campaign, it is clear that bernie sanders may very well win a state, and maybe win new hampshire, but at the end of the day, it is clear that hillary clinton is going to be running away with the nomination. maybe it is going to go on for a little bit, and bernie sanders could win a couple of states say minnesota or wisconsin or something like that, but right now, what hillary clinton's campaign is doing is to send out fund-raising e-mails saying that
10:25 am
we may lose a state, but we can't lose again, and i won't lose again, and they are using bernie sanders and his placement in the polls to the raise more money, but at end of the day, the clinton campaign is very certain that hillary clinton is the democratic no, ma'minee. >> and annie, as you are watching this, and there is the issue of gun control, and bernie sa sanders and also, hillary clinton calling into "hardball with chris matthews" and i was alluding to this earlier to take something from trump, and this is something that he does all of the time, and hillary clinton, you could count on a few times on one hand you could count that she is calling in, and opposed to her sitting down in front of the camera. >> yes, a that is such an interesting point. she has not been talking to press that much, and one of the joys of donald trump is that he will talk to every single
10:26 am
report, and he is going to keep talking to them. he calls to the globe all of the time. my colleague matt visor talks to him frequently for stories. and you just haven't seen that as much with hillary, although she is going to be speaking to us sunday, and that is going to be nice, but, if she is going to be changing the pattern a little bit more, we would all absolutely welcome it. >> and it is resonating for trump, and it has worked for clinton's case calling here into "hardball" and erin, to you, we might see perhaps taking to the twitter more often, and personally taking to the instagram as we have have seen with the donald trump campaign as well. >> and donald trump or hillary clinton doing that? the take ing ing to the instagr twitter personally, and donald trump certainly, but hillary clinton, i don't know if she will be doing that, and donald trump, he tweets on his own, >> yes. >> and a number of articles where the reporters have been alongside him as he has tweeted on the phone, and other people do it, too, and he does a lot of
10:27 am
the own media, for sure. >> and this is effortless for him and decades in the making of the comport to express his ideas so personally on the different channels. all right. thank you sis much, erin mcpike and annie limskie. >> thank you. and it is slim pickings, and folks are wowing people at the consumer show, and but is that too high-tech for your viewing pleasure? ♪ ♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ where our next arrival is... red carpet
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limiting where you can earn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. doesn't get much simpler than that. what's in your wallet? the frenzy is winding down in las vegas as the biggest tech event is wrapping up today. so you want to know what are the smartest and the coolest technology that stole the show that everyone is going to. and we have the mashable correspondent here to break it down for us. and the biggest thing is the are fridge. >> yes. >> and it is old the technology with the new bells and whistles that gets the attention?
10:31 am
>> yes, a appliances always do well at the ces, and it is old technology that is becoming cool. and so samsung has an amazing fridge that i will not lishgs i come polite want it. >> okay. the tell me. >> two cameras on the inside to tell you what is inside of the fridge, and if you are out shopping, and you can open up the app to find out what is inside of the fridge. >> good for families, right? >> yes, for families or lazy people like me. >> yes, that is me. >> and the amazon alexa built in there, and you can find out the weather and the sports scores and the play news and the radio, and all from the fridge, and why not. >> and you have a phone to do that. >> well, why not? it is cool. >> and a huge screen. >> yes. and there is a big screen out there, and 98 inches. >> yes, and 8k and four times the resolution of 4k which we are just now getting an adoption for and it is like a movie theet mer the house. >> amen. all right.
10:32 am
that sounds so great. >> and the only problem is that you can't watch anything on it. because there is not an 8k concept. >> that is a problem. looking at the screen looking the screen there. >> yes. >> and the cars, and so much has been talked about the tech companies, and the silicon valley getting into the cars. >> yes, and we saw a lot of that at ces, and a new chevy volt, and a new company fairaday showed off the fx-011 or something like that, and it is looking like out of the future, and completely ridiculous. >> and you are going to be shopping in that. >> right. it is electronic car, and potentially autonomous, and it is looking like something out of "tron" and who doesn't lo that. >> yes, "tron" going back to the '80s. and drones? >> yes, and drones were big at ces, and there is still not the legislative stuff, but one company showed off a one passenger drone that could take them 62 miles over the course
10:33 am
of, you know, 62 miles per hour, and could get you to the destination in 25 minutes. so it is not legal in the u.s., bhu this is really an amazing kind of the use case for these sorts of thing, and we have talked about wanting the flying car cars and here we go. >> that is cool stuff. they would buy, if it is legal. >> if it is legal, i total ly want one. >> and let me show you this, because i was a former ces goer as well, and you are, and it does not seem that the energy around this event as is as big as it used to b and it is almost as if the technology has the gone too mainstream. >> yes, and it is when some companies show off the new product, and you will see it with the carmakers as a way to show off the stuff, but the other company, the samsungs of the world, and apple who has never been at ces, they don't bother to show off the next big generation tech, because why compete with the thousands of companies there when you can have an event, and show it off
10:34 am
in your own the terms and share it with the audience directly. so it is different, and inis ste of one big event every year, it is now that we have dozens and dozens of small events that the companies do on their own terms >> and technology is so good that we as consumers have experience of the trade show, because the technology is so good. we get virtual experience, and socio, and all of this stuff. >> and it is obsoleted itself. >> thank you, christine warren, and senior correspondent at "mashable" and my producers will cut me off, because i could talk to you all day, which they are doing. >> and now, el chapo is being extradited to the united states, but why didn't mexico send him here before he managed to escape the first time? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me.
10:35 am
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welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." i'm richard lui in for alex. and back to mexico, officials are looking to on nor a request
10:38 am
to extradite drug kingpin el chapo to the u.s. he had been captured friday after being on the run for six months after breaking out of after maximum security prison. mark potter joins me, and how did this come to pass that el chapo was eventually captured and now apprehended for the third time? >> well, they have been sear searching for chapo ever since he escaped, and this is in a big way, and this is a major e embarrassment for the mexican government. it really hurt them in the eyes of the world and point out the corruption problems in that country. two escapes by the biggest drug trafficker in the world by are reputation, and from two maximum security prisons, and that is a big hit. they were after him in a large way with the help of the american authorities including the dea, and the marshals and ice and all kinds of agencies working on this. they almost got him in october, and they came very, very close, a and they just missed him.
10:39 am
we reported it at that time that he was injured, and the mexican government confirmed that reporting. they kept on him, and now, they are saying that they noted that he was trying to, and this is an odd story, but that the attorney general from mexico said that they were tracking the fact that he was, and his people were talking to movie producers about perhaps doing a biopic on his lif life, and they were sort of tracking that effort, and those people, and getting closer to where he was in the sinaloa area of mexico, and then they got a tip that he was in the up to of los mochis and they approached him yesterday at dawn. apparently after a chase through the sewer system in town. he popped up and went into the car, and got him on the highway and that is how they picked him up, and took him to the hotel, and moved him to mexico city, and now he is in the alto plano
10:40 am
maximum security prison that he escaped from the last time in the tunnel. it is quite an interesting story. >> and this is the latest chapter that you have been follow, and you know it better than we do, mark. >> yes. and as we look at the sinaloa cartel, and they have el chapo the so-called head of the snake here, and how crucial is that to the functioning of the org chart here of the cartel? >> well, it is does make a difference when they take down the cartel leaders, and pablo escobar went down, and no more el medellin, and the cali cartel, and when that head went down, no more, and so that is not the case here, because the man believed to be running it all along the man known as number two mr. zimbata has never been pick d ed up, and the cart is operating fully now, but taking down the leader does have the impact at least for a while. it can lead to the uncertainties in the cartel and more violence, and as much as anything though,
10:41 am
it is symbolic that they got him. it is like the u.s. effort to get osama bin laden is what this is being compared to in mexico. so it is a psychological event that they got him. again, recaptured for mexico, taand the president proudly announcing that last night the mexican institutions worked and he cited the mexican marines and their bravery that got him. it is going to works but it is not going to be slowing down the heroin, and the marijuana and the methamphetamine and cocaine coming across the american border courtesy of the sinaloa cartel. much of it comes into the big cities, and then fans out. many believe that the heroin epidemic that this country is suffering from right now, and growing is largely a result of the activities of the sinaloa cartel. it is a big cartel having a big effect on the united states. there are four, excuse me, six
10:42 am
states in this country that have charges against chapo, and they want him to come here to face charges of trafficking, money laundering an conspiracy. >> and mark potter, great reporting, as always. thank you, my friend. >> thank you. >> and in iowa, donald trump is set to take the stage before a dedicated crowd many of whom lined up in the freezing air for the rally. and jane timm is joining us from there. and the main headline is the protester who stood up last night silently in the head dress and ushered out, and that has been brought up in the anti-forum, and kasie hunt was reporting on the candidate kasich who brought it up there, and is that the at all being talked about where you are at? >> well, we are not hearing that from the people here, and the donald trump supporters are very confirmed sup porers and they like him a lot, and that he is speaking to the fear and anxiety
10:43 am
that they have, and they like that he is outspoken and that he gets in people's faces, and you saw it in the crowd last night that people were booing her because they did not want to focus on her, but they wanted the focus on donald trump. >> and talk about where you are at, and ted cruz is still leading trump rather in the polls where you are at, and this push that you are seeing donald trump go through as he hits the road is the hope here and will it actually affect his numbers? because he is down by at least four percentage points and within the margin of error, and he is still not leading in iowa. >> he is not, and it is much more important than the ever before, and we are hearing them direct instructions off how to caucus, and get out there, and downplay the talk of the caucus, and the caucuses can take up to a few hours, but they are saying it is not that long, and it won't take you more than an hour, and get out, there because we need trump in office. we know about the supporters,
10:44 am
because they are committed, but not usual voters, and they need to get the voters who have not been typical voters out, and out on a cold february night. >> and you know the comparison here when we look at new hampshire, it is the ultimate independent voting state where you can, if you are an independent vote for either the republican or the democratic primary, and you can decide up to the last minute, and clearly not the same there in iowa. what are the potential caucusgoers going to tell you as far as when they will make up their mind? >> well, this is a very committed crowd. they like donald trump, and they say he is worth getting out here today and worth on caucus night, but i are will say a when i talk to people, they are not up on the specifics of the caucuses, and how it works. so what they need the do and why they are telling people how the register for a caucus and how to the register for the caucuses, and they need to overcome the big barriers for the people who don't normally go to the caucuses. >> jane timm there in iowa,
10:45 am
thank you. and danger in the water the, the and what is being done to get the safe drinking water to the people there in flint, michigan. ♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ does a freshly printed fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. right now, it's like paying just $9.99 after rewards for this case of paper! office depot officemax. gear up for great. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media.
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24-hour blood sugar control of toujeo®. protesters are calling for the resignation of their governor there in michigan. that is because as they were looking at the criminal charges that he could face over his handling over the lead contamination in the town's drinking water. that water is becoming c contaminated last year after the city switched the water supply from detroit to save some money. msnbc's tony decopal is there with more on that. and tony, the call for the governor to step down, and there are concerns about the safety with the water, and i want to start with how are flint residents dealing with getting safe water to drink right now? >> well, that is the big question of the moment. flint is under a state of emergency, and the problem has been acknowledged and we know that there is lead in the water,
10:49 am
and the two outstanding questions have to do with the money and the health. on the money front, the water bills here in flint cost $140 a month for water, and that is one of the high nest the nation. and so the irony is that they are paying high sums for water that is literally undrinkable. and we spoke to congressman dan kilde, and he called for a refund. >> abslew lit not not only a refund, but reduced water rates, and they should not have to pay for a crisis that the state created. >> and in addition to calling for the refund which is good news by the way, and more than $11,000 available potentially to the citizens of flint, and that is the first time that the congressman has called for it. and addition a ally he has called for a fupd to help the sick children of flint. and yesterday msnbc was able to confirm at least 200 cases of children under 6 which is the
10:50 am
most vulnerable group with elevated blood levels, and over 9,000 flint children under the age of 6 who have beendamage. that could be behavioral issues. it really runs the gamut. in the meantime, freshwater is hard to find here. the state despite the state of emergency has yet to deploy, you know, the pallets full of bottled water. in the short term, fresh drinkable water. >> thank you so much. it's a broadcast that could only anger north korea. what does it mean for the simmering tensions on the korean peninsula? of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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tensions are running high on the korean peninsula today. south korea resumed its loudspeaker propaganda broadcast across the dmz today as part of north korea's surprise nuclear test wednesday. north korea said the resumption
10:54 am
of the border broadcasts from the south could move the two countries to, quote, the brink of war. let's bring in steve clemens, an msnbc contributor. this is old tech. this has been done since the arm miss in the korean war. what is irritates the north? >> it may be old tech, but k-pop shakes up north korea and girl bands in the south that are singing love songs and rap and it's very, very popular in north -- in the north. they're also broadcasting the news and they have, you know, a broadcaster in the south who often, you know, lays out comments like, hey, down here we don't have the state messing in our individual lives, in our rooms, in our choices in what we do, so it's broadcast. but what really is the cool part
10:55 am
the k-pop part and that seems to be the one thing that kim j kim jong-un can't stand. >> not liking k-pop, you know, a lot of folks around the world here, steve, would go how can you not like k-pop? more to the seriousness of it despite the very funny revelation he is saying it's going to bring them to the state of war. how real is that? because we often hear it from the north. >> there's a lot going in the world. there's civil war going on between two sides of islam in the middle east and problems in the south china sea. what is by script when north koreas ignored, it has a loud boom and it says we matter and we're important and he tries to get back into the equation of extorting resources from the west and china to basically get -- buy him off essentially to not be bad. that's what's going on here. but when you say technical state
10:56 am
of war, you have to understand they have sunk ships and killed people. it's not unserious when he's said this but he's cried wolf a lot of times so it's hard to read. >> part of it is his birthday just happened. there's a claim of testing a hydrogen bomb on wednesday all kind of coordinating with this. this is not uncommon. >> i think it's not uncommon. what is very important here, and i think deserves attention is, china has joined many other countries in beginning to sanction north korea. and he's basically flipping china off right now and that is going to be an interesting dynamic. so far china has not really moved to escalate what it's doing to rein in north korea but you can't imagine they are happy with the situation. >> that's because north korea did not tell them about the claimed test. wish we could talk longer. have a good one, my friend. that wraps up "weekends with alex witt." be sure to stay with us with
10:57 am
news updates throughout the day right here. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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♪ ♪ ♪
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why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ they patrol our streets, our highways, our borders, where anything can happen. >> we're having a baby. >> from birth to death. >> it was, like, a tremendous explosion. >> and everything in between. >> stop the car! >> i'm, like, i've got to do something. i've got to do something quick. >> officers of the law see it all. >> a very young male driver. and i'm talking young. >> and so do their cameras. >> there's gonna be a killing tonight. >> the eyewitnesses that never lie. >> i got the police report and i was, like, lie.


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