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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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it's one of the few regrets of my presidency. that the rancor and suspicion of the parties gotten worse instead of better. >> nbc senior white house correspondent chris jansing in omaha ahead of the president's speech. chris, tell us what to expect there. this is sort of a victory lap, right? >> reporter: yeah. it's the sotart of a year-long lap with the president getting out there. not unusual for a president after a state of the union to get out. for the president, this is something different. he really is going to try to build on what he said last night and also, frankly, build on the push for a democratic ideals ahead of the 2016 vote coming up in november. look, this is a reliably red state and people wonder why he would come to nebraska but by congressional district, he did win the omaha congressional district in addition to that, you might say that perhaps it
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played into it that this is part of the iowa television market. and so, even though he is not physically going there, he's having an influence there just months ahead of or, i'm sorry, just weeks ahead of the caucuses, kate. >> losing track of time, chris. weeks ahead now. i want to ask you, last night talking about partisanship, he almost sounded like 2008 obama or 2004 obama. condemning the partisanship at the conventions. is this a guy who has a lot of regret? >> reporter: i don't think he has a lot of regrets but also come to the realization there's been introspection as many presidents have in the last year of their final term. that maybe he didn't do everything he could have done to reach out. it's interesting that he's been here several times before. but way back when he was a community organizer in chicago at 33, he came here to speak at
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a nebraska university and talked about regrets. he didn't think he did the outreach the way he should have in a previous job. and so, i think that's the kind of introspection not unusual. taking credit yesterday in the speech for that and a recognition of the fact that he's determined to get stuff done even though it's sort of an uphill climb from here. it being the political season and the way congress is. but i can tell you i talked, breakfast with other journalists a -- yesterday morning with speaker ryan and he said he thinks that criminal justice reform is a possibility. he supports some trade reform. he thinks that's tough with this group of republicans but it's not being ruled out. maybe the possibility of some tax reform so part of this is also the president getting the message out there he hopes to lead to some progress, maybe not huge wins but some wins that he thinks could be still forthcoming in his final year.
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>> chris jansing in omaha for us, thank you so much. this year's state of the union may be as notable for the response. south carolina governor nikki haley, a republican, took shots at front-runner donald trump. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. no one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country. >> just hours ago in an interview with thomas roberts here, trump struck back accusing haley of weak on illegal immigration. take a listen to the full exchange. >> well, i say to her i'm leading in south carolina by a lot in the polls. people agree with me. i'm strong on illegal immigration. she is weak on illegal immigration. she is very, very weak on it and it's a problem. she is big on amnesty. but very weak on illegal
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immigration. and so, therefore, we have a disagreement. i mean, she comes to my office when she wants campaign contributions and i've given her tremendous contributions over the years. but i guess now that i'm running, she doesn't like me as much. >> we know that the governor of south carolina's really going to be an important state. you are talking about the lead there. but when we look at the primary process for the gop, if there was a problem in iowa and, say, ted cruz captured that or if there was a problem in new hampshire, you would really need south carolina an probably governor haley's support. are you worried you've made an enemy about her? >> no. i don't worry about that. people in south carolina know me well. i'm going there a lot. i have a lot scheduled. i'm leading in the polls by tremendous numbers. it's one of my strongest states. i love the people there. they're strong. they're tough. they want -- they're very strong on illegal immigration and she is weak so, you know, look at that. i think i'll do very well.
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i don't know her attitude. i haven't spoken to her in quite a while. she's a nice woman. good woman. i disagree with her politically and obviously she disagrees with me politically on immigration. i want people to come into the country and legally. i want to them to come in legally. that's a big distinction. she is weak on the subject and doesn't play very well with me. >> she seemed to echo that, too, legally and being properly vetted to live here under american law. but what do you think her motives are for going after you so publicly and so strongly? >> well, she probably figures maybe it's good for her. maybe it is not good for her and turns out to be bad for her because people know where i stand and, you know, you see the numbers. even in iowa, if you look at the cnn poll, i'm 33-20 up. and we'll see what happens with iowa. i have a great relationship also with the people of iowa. i think we are going to do very well with evangelicals. you know, i'm doing nationwide leading with evangelicals and by
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a lot. i'm leading with the tea party. we are doing very well and we have to see what happens. look. i'm only doing this to make america great again. we are a country that is doing poorly. you can't believe what you heard last night because it was just, i mean, the fact is the economy is terrible. one of the weakest, i guess the weakest recovery on record. and by far the weakest recovery ever on record. and the median income, look at that. this yees there's such anger. the median income for people is lower now than it was when barack obama took office. you look at the african-americans, i mean, they're doing worse than they have ever done and we have an african-american president. they're doing worse than they've ever done. you see what's happening in terms of jobs, the economy. they've been left out. and we have an african-american president. i think it's disgraceful. >> joining me now here in the newsroom, msnbc senior editor beth fouhy with a lot to talk about today. hi. this is what everybody's talking
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about today is nikki haley response. she just spoke out, she had an event this afternoon and somebody asked her about how the speech come about. she said she wrote it herself. so my question is, does somebody then approve it? do the republicans, you know, republican national committee put their stamp on it and say, okay, yes, go ahead? >> look at the tweets from reince priebus, his spokesman, sean spicer. thap ecstatic saying with the speech saying she represents the future of the party and paul ryan, remember, the great establishment hope of the party invited her. what we are seeing here is big split of the republicans laid bare in the most stark way of the campaign. so potentially strategic by the sort of mainstream establishment branch of the republican party. does this show that division we have been talking about for a while now in the republican party? >> more so than in the past. the jeb bush verl sus trump. this is entirely different.
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nikki haley was a tea party heroine elected in 2010 representing the far right of the party. >> she was the cruz camp at the time. >> she was. the fact she is portrayed as the establishment person and trump to her right has really shown you how differently her persona has morphed over the course of years and also where basically where the center is for the republican party now. >> shawn trend wrote this this morning. i'm sure having haley dedicate the speech to trump is ka that are tika that is rightic. do you think it helps or hurts donald trump? >> trump said to thomas is right. he is leading in south carolina by quite a good bit. i looked at the real clear politics average and he is leading cruz 33-22. it was risky to get in the face of the republican national leader and the guy in iowa and new hampshire but in her own state. there is a very good chance that
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she, you know, could have gotten to the point and pushed more people into the trump camp rather than over to her and looking at the long view, the big view and speaking to a national audience last week and speaking to an audience of republicans who hope that maybe the party isn't trump's party. there's a place for them, too. that's who she is speaking to. >> after hearing with thomas roberts we heard donald trump say that he'd actually donated to nikki haley. >> yeah. >> in 2010, $3,500 to her campaign in 2014. $3,500. there was a time they were friends. >> he is very, very honest about how he spread around his money to a lot of people so he could then get them to do their bidding. >> including the clintons. >> points that out, the politics normally played is very much about money and people that don't love each other will ask each other for money and do things for each other because of the money and one of trump's great strengths pointed this out. >> great to see you as always. >> you, too. >> for more on nikki haley's
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response, i'm joined by columnist matt kay lewis, at the daily caller and author of "too dumb to fail." nice to have you with us, matt. >> good to be here. >> you wrote on twitter last night shortly after the response, you wrote very good speech. the party of ryan hay sli a stark contrast to the party of trump. i looked at your twitter feed last night. it exploded. people called you a lot of things that i cannot say on national television. bad words. >> don't look at the twitter feed. >> general rule. no, i'm kidding. haley's speech, obviously, we were talking with betd about this. it identified this split in the party and you see that even with the online reaction. >> absolutely. i think right now is a time for choosing. there is a huge dichotomy right now. we thought of the republican establishment, the rockefeller republicans, and these really
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were liberals. they were pro-abortion liberal republicans. we have an establishment that are conservatives. you know? nikki haley and marco rubio, for example, were tea party conservatives. not that long ago. paul ryan's a real conservative. so but what they're interested in is governing. on the other hand, you have what i would call sort of a know nothing party right now. a populist nativist strain represented by donald trump and very unclear. you know, the brand of the republican party up for grabs and you could have a party of ryan and haley much more inclusive, much more optimistic than the party of donald trump. we don't know which way it will go. >> carly fiorina said this afternoon that nikki haley doesn't speak for her. are you, same question i posed to beth a minute ago. do you have concern it just fuels someone like fiorina, cruz, trump? >> no, no. i think that nikki haley had
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to -- she was speaking to a national audience and very important for her to go on the record. now, keep in mind she was also very critical of president obama. and i think she also spoke out in this sort of veiled criticism of the, you know, the angry voices out there. i think that was appropriate. i think if you're a conservative and or a republican you have to be very concerned about what that -- what it means to be a conservative. what the brand is. and i think that what she's really done is provide a sort of mainstream conservative position which rejects the liberalism of barack obama but also rejects this sort of angry populism of donald trump. >> if you say the stuff out loud, doesn't that only fuel more the people who really want to like the outsiders, the donald trumps, the carly fiorinas, the ted cruzes? >> we have to see how it plays out. you can argue that but, you know, i'm of the opinion that,
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you know, that would almost be like appeasement. you know? what is it winston churchill said? feed the alligator. hope it eats you last f. you're a republican, a mainstream republican right now, you can't just sit back and keep your mouth shut. it's amazing how little money is spent against donald trump. hardly any. i think we need to talk about this. >> except if you count jeb bush's ads. >> he's spending more money attacking marco rubio or his superpac is i should say. >> right. >> than attacking donald trump. he'll attack donald trump in a debate. doesn't work. because donald trump will shut him down real quick and in terms of spending money against donald trump, it's amazing how little has been spent and really, really just spectacular to consider that trump could almost waltz into the nomination. >> matt, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, ten u.s. sailors released from iranian custody. the commander appearing in a new
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ten american sailors detained by iran were released early today after the two small vessels dli s drifted tuesday. nine men and one woman allowed to leave just before 4:00 a.m. eastern time and picked up in international waters. iranian state tv released a video of a sailor making apology for the incursion. we should note we don't know the circumstances under which this video shot. we don't know if the sailor was asked to participate in the video under duh press. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> more on that video in a moment. let's start with what happened
12:18 pm
and nbc's teheran bureau chief ali aruzi. >> reporter: kate's, the revolutionary guard issued a statement earlier today saying all ten american sailors freed with the vessel. initially, the guard said that the sailors and vessel apprehended in iranian waters after snooping around and acting suspiciously. later, a revolutionary guard admiral said that after an extensive investigation, they realized the american vessel's navigational equipment failed and strayed accidentally. they said it was not suspicious or here to conduct any sort of espionage. this could have been a major international incident between the united states and iran but it was contained in a diplomatic fashion which is rowhani's style to international relations. also came at a very sensitive time because we are only days away from the implementation of the nuclear deal. the possibility of a crisis
12:19 pm
could have jeopardized that and billions of dollars that's expected to flow into iran for sanctions relief. but the u.s. sailors weren't set free without a warning from iran's army chief. he said, let this be a warning to troublemakers in congress who want to impose more sanctions on iran. kate, back to you. >> all right. let's go back to that new video just in this afternoon. msnbc's senior editor of video and digital content is cal perry with me. it's fascinating to watch the video and really watch it. tell us what we know. >> yeah. keep in mind this is prime time viewing in iran. they saved this video, especially this one of the apology and, again, we need to stress we don't know the circumstances here. they saved it for prime time. one of the interesting things about this when you talk to u.s. military officials, they'll tell you one of the jobs of the commanding officer to diffuse a situation. maybe that's what's happening here. we don't know. as we go to that other video of the boats enyou will see u.s. military personnel in a very
12:20 pm
vulnerable position. right? >> hands up over their head. >> they want to show this in iran. this is propaganda on their part. what we don't see is what the iranians were using to detain these people. we don't see the boat that is iran had in the water and shots of revolutionary guard. that's for their own operational security. this video was in their hands for some 16, 17 hours. they edited it, they clearly want us to see this. >> there are portions where they're eating. they're given food. you know, they look fairly comfortable. >> and this is the picture iran wants to paint. right? that they were treated well. nsa new relationship between the u.s. and iran. that's one of the more interesting things about this entire event is if this had happened a year ago we would be in a very different situation. not solved so quickly and they probably would not have been treated so well. >> cal perry watching the video for us, thanks so much. let's turn to foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin here in the newsroom. we were talking yesterday when this was all just breaking and
12:21 pm
developing and we were speculating about how it might end. it ended pretty well all things considered. diplomatically speaking. >> yeah. it could have been a lot worse than the way this ended and i mean that the iranians could have prolonged it. the images could have been very different. what we could have seen is that these americans, the iranians may have denied they had them for a listening time and kind of leave the international community in a state of suspense and then in 2007 i believe when the british sailors were detained, they were held there for sometime and probably interrogated and questioned by various security agencies. we don't get the impression that's happened. we'll learn more once the americans are debriefed and by most accounts ended in one of the best possible ways by anyone's standards. >> i want to play a clip of john kerry earlier today. here's what the secretary of state had to say. >> also want to thank the iranian authorities for their
12:22 pm
cooperation and quick response. all indications suggest or tell us that our sailors were well taken care of, provided with blankets and food and assisted with their return to the fleet earlier today. >> and then we have kerry's counterpart in iran, the foreign minister tweeting today, happy to see dialogue and respect, not threats and impetuousness, swiftly resolved the sailors episode. let's learn from this latest example. first of all, remarkable that both sides as we were saying a couple of years ago probably wouldn't have heard this dialogue. how do you think the iran nuclear deal plays into what we're hearing today? >> i think it was an important milestone to do one thing if anything and allowed americans to talk to iranians directly without consequence. keep in mind that just to get to the talks, they were secretly brokered for amman for years. they had to be done through a third partyntermediary and created mistrust and now within
12:23 pm
the course of an hour the secretary of state called the iranian foreign minister saying we have an international crisis and try to resolve it, that is a testament to diplomacy. keep in mind, these two countries are on opposite sides of major conflicts, warring sides. iran support it is syrian conflict. so in various conflict zones, they're on opposite sides of the war. but when it comes to their own interests, directly, they're picking up the phone and talking to each other about the nuclear talks or now as we saw in this case the sailors. >> here in the united states, you have very different reactions from the republican candidates out there. we got new sound from marco rubio earlier today talking about iran. let's listen. >> you know why these things happen? because they know they can get away with it when barack obama's in office. they know they can humiliate us. this is not what you do. this is not some innocent thing like some people suspected. just some innocent thing, the guys' motor failed and wandered
12:24 pm
into the waters. they would have returned them immediately. they wouldn't have taken pictures of them, video of them on tv to show people, look how we're bringing america and humiliating. >> he's saying they're humiliating us, perhaps with the video we watched s. that possible? >> it certainly is possible. there's -- you can't rule anything out with the iranian government but look at it from the iranian perspective. they want to sure that the account that they're giving is consistent with what the iranians did. one of the arguments to hear the iranians make is wanted to show the world that these individuals were taken into our custody from the moment that they were take sboon the custody they were not shot at, harassed, fed and given blankets and food and the explanation for the apology might be that we wanted the show that even by this american sailor's account they made the mistake of coming into our waters. we didn't go in pursuit of the american sailors. marco rubio certainly bringing up a lot of valid points and a possible scenario.
12:25 pm
but at the same time, you have to actually put yourself in the iranian shoes to see what are they trying to say with the statement and not criticized by the intertional community for mistreating the american soldiers, they didn't go out into the waters and capture the americans and much more serious violation and perhap this is's why we're seeing that testimony from that sailor. >> ayman, good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. up next, we have new details of the conversations el chapo reportedly had ahead of their meeting. we'll show you the text messages. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you ow what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan.
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12:29 pm
jacob rascon joins us more from mexico. hi, jacob. >> reporter: yeah, the larger than life cartel leader seems smitten with kate del castillo. they talked for the first time apparently and this is according to a local mexican newspaper highly respected but nbc news has not confirmed the messages but they talk about many things, most importantly, probably, this meeting. but it's the way in which el chapo talks to her that's so fascinating. we have one of the quotes here ready to show you. el chapo writes, ip'm very eager to be able to meet you and become great friends. you're the best in the world. we'll be good friends. figure out where you can come. i hope it's soon. i will take care of absolutely everything so there's no issue. i will take care of you better than my own eyes and del cast l castillo it's so moving you
12:30 pm
would take care of me. no one has ever taken care of me. i'm free next weekend. later, he obsesses over which phone to buy del castillo insisting it's in a lady's color preferring a light pink phone. he says to his attorney, tell kate when she gets here we'll drink tequila and dance and just like that. and they go on and on like this and talk about sean penn. and interestingly, el chapo doesn't know who sean penn is and forgets the name and has to be reminded who he is and sort of says, okay. del castillo can bring him. that's fine. but make sure that del castillo is coming. it's a different look at the cartel leader who's larger than life and what seems to be him smitten with the actress, kate. >> one way to say it. they seem like young love birds. jacob, thanks so much. up next, we head to sac sac where the republican candidates
12:31 pm
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ahead of tomorrow night's debate in south carolina, ted cruz stepping up attacks on donald trump accusing him of, quote, embodying new york values and saying the front-runner appears to be rattled by his rise. this afternoon, trump called in to msnbc's thomas roberts' show and responded by once again hammering the issue of his rival's canadian birth. >> my problem is that he has to get this cleared up. he can go for declaratory judgment. go in early to court. how can you vote for somebody that -- where there's question. i'm not saying right or wrong. i'm saying there's big question and you can't have your nomination with a question. it's impossible to do. he'll be running and people suing to say that he's not allowed to run. >> joining me now from
12:35 pm
charleston, south carolina, where that debate's being held tomorrow, hallie jackson is there. we have numbers today, they asked voters, does tit bother yu that ted cruz born outside the u.s.? 15%, yes. 2% not sure. that 15%, does that show that this line of attack from trump is starting to stick? >> reporter: pardon the double negative but 15% is not nothing. it is not 0% or 1%. there's a certain segment, 15%, at least, of iowa elected caucus goers on the republican side bothered by the attacks now what trump is talking about with ted cruz and canadian birthplace. the cruz campaign is pointing to the 83% of caucus goers who says it doesn't bother them at all. a couple of indications it's under cruz's skin, this new tone that he's taken on the trail, this new what appears to be new
12:36 pm
strategy of coming at trump harder painting him as an embodiment of new york values, as painting him as a buddy of hillary clinton's supporters. let's see what happens here tomorrow night. i bet you there's fireworks. >> that new york values line, hallie, there was some reporting that perhaps ted cruz was using push polls and trying to test out lines in iowa to see what he could use to go after trump. what do you know about that? >> reporter: it is not clear who's behind the so-called push polls. they're questions, phrased as negatives to sort of test messaging or potential lines of attack against a rival candidate. some folks in iowa and a political science professor received the calls, took detailed notes and somebody asking about the lines of attack on donald trump and one being that trump is a kind of new york liberal guy. ted cruz himself was asked about this. here's what cruz said about the knowledge of this messaging
12:37 pm
test. listen. >> were you behind it, first of all? >> look. i have no idea what calls are made to whom. my focus, i have been in new hampshire all day, meeting with voters in new hampshire. >> reporter: so who it was the campaign or not, kate, somebody who supports ted cruz or somebody who wants to see cruz move on is figuring out how best to take down trump and without supporting the fans and supporters. >> just to pull another double negative, he said it was not a no. right? >> reporter: not no. i'll tell you a campaign -- yeah. a campaign ad told -- an aid told us not their knowledge are they behind this. but, you know, we'll see with these things. >> thanks so much. hillary clinton is noticeably stepping up the attacks on bernie sanders on the issues of health care and guns, even as she says she is's not nervous at all about a new poll showing bernie sanders cutting the lead in half nationally and early state polls showing her
12:38 pm
trailing the vermont senator in both iowa and new hampshire. >> no, i'm not nervous at all. i'm working hard and i tend to keep working as hard as i can until the last vote or caucus goer expresses an opinion. i'm excited about where we are. i think we are in that stage of a campaign where we've each been introducing ourselves, talking about our particular views on issues and now it's time to draw some contrast. one of the big ones as you're aware is on gun safety where senator sanders has been a pretty reliable vote for the gun lobby and i have been standing against them for a long time. voted against them when i was a senator. >> bernie sanders had an issue with that characterization a short time ago talking to our own thomas roberts. >> whoa, whoe, whoa. let me start off by saying secretary clinton is really quite inaccurate on both of those charges. i have a d-minus, d-minus voting
12:39 pm
record from the nra. in 1988, i probably lost a congressional election because i said maybe we should not have assault weapons sold in america. so, to say that i'm kind of a supporter of the nra is really a mean spirited and unfair and inaccurate statement. >> at this hour, hillary clinton's not so secret weapon, bill clinton, is addressing voters in key new hampshire. it's where we nbc's kristen welker. kristen, there seems to be a lot of back and forth today. i know the clinton campaign organized phone call for reporters to rebut against bernie sanders yet again. and yet she says they're not nervous but seem to be a campaign on defense. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, kate. the clinton campaign saying since this summer they expected the polls to get closer getting the iowa caucuses but you have to imagine inside the clinton campaign, too close for comfort. one poll shows bernie sanders leading her in iowa.
12:40 pm
as you point out, a very new strategy from the clinton campaign. that's been a relatively cordial debate between secretary clinton and bernie sanders until a few days ago when they really started ramping up attacks on the issue of guns and the issue of health care and in addition to that, kate, what we are seeing is this all hands on deck approach from the surrogates. former president clinton as you say campaigning for secretary clinton. making the case for her in keen and then of course chelsea clinton yesterday was campaigning. president clinton has three events here in new hampshire today, kate. so it is clear there is something going on and then you also have that conference call that her campaign held with reporters the second conference call they have had this week. to talk about bernie sanders. so, they're saying they're not nervous but their actions certainly belie that point. a challenge for former president clinton in terms of being a surroga surrogate, looking at the polls, secretary clinton is getting beat by bernie sanders. among younger voters, voters 45
12:41 pm
and younger. by nearly 2 to 1. you have president clinton making this case about the '90s and trying to bring back the good old days s. that rez natding with the very voters they need to be reaching right now? kate? >> they don't remember the '90s potentially. kiss te kristen, you're with bill clinton. we showed bill clinton inside the building there in keen, new hampshire. we saw chelsea clinton go after bernie sanders. will bill clinton follow suit? will he also be a little sharper today, do you think? >> reporter: a lot of people thought it was fascinating that chelsea clinton decided to lob that attack against bernie sanders. he quick ri he butted her. i have been told bill clinton will not go after bernie sanders. he is here to talk about his wife, her record. but i'm still waiting to see if that remains to be the case. he is someone who is known as very good campaigner as you know, katd. it is possible to sneak in a little attack even if not
12:42 pm
directly against bernie sanders. we have to see. last week i was with him in new hampshire and iowa campaigning for secretary clinton. he really did largely stick to script, defending the record, talking about why he thinks she has the most expense and would be the best commander in chief. we have to see if he sticks to that strategy in the past. >> we have seen bill clinton go script. it happens. >> reporter: indeed. >> kristen welker in new hampshire, thank you so much. >> reporter: thank you jurks i'm joined by political reporter alex seitz. wald here in new york. good to see you. let's talk about bernie sanders and hillary clinton and today sanders returning fire on the health care attacks. take a listen. >> then senator clinton was attacking then senator barack obama because she supported universal health care, health care for everybody. well, i support that, as well. and i believe that the most effective way to provide health care to every man, woman and
12:43 pm
child in a cost effective way is through a medicare for all single payer system. now she is attacking me because i support universal health care n. 2008 she was attacking obama because obama was attacking her because she supported universal health care. i would hope that secretary clinton will tell the american people, does she support universal health care? >> alex, a lot of talk there about universal health care. where do the voters come down on all of this in terms of supporting one or other? >> it depends on the issue. clinton's campaign wants to focus on taxes. they say bernie sanders wants to raise taxes on the middle class to pay for a single payer plan and say it's an income inequality argument. sanders' campaign wants to make it look like she flip flopped. now she opposes universal health care. 81% of democratic primary voters support a health care for all
12:44 pm
system. who wins depends on who wins on the overall argument. that said, the you're talking about a taxes versus health care thing, democrats tend to side on health care. >> and we talked about this with kristen a little bit. "the new york times" noting that there's a sharp generational divide in the poll. voters under 45 favor sanders 2 to 1 over hillary clinton. how big a problem is that for the clinton campaign? >> it is huge. it's a problem for clinton but it's also a risk for bernie sanders. you know, let's take iowa. barack obama really won the state in large part because of young voters, people who had never caucused before. bernie sanders hoping to repeat that same strategy. the risk is whether those people actually turn out. clinton's campaign is convinced they probably won't or not turn out in the numbers that bernie sanders needs them to. but that said, never good as a democrat, the party of young people, the party of minorities
12:45 pm
to have that big of a gap. she is going to need the voters in november and like to get them now if she can. >> good to see you. thanks so much. >> thanks. hillary clinton sits down with rachel maddow by the way tomorrow night. that's at 9:00 eastern time. only here on msnbc. and we will be right back. ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently. it's a prescription antibiotic that acts mainly in the digestive tract. do not use xifaxan if you have a history of sensitivity to rifaximin, rifamycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan. tell your doctor right away if your diarrhea worsens while taking xifaxan, as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking other medications, because these may increase the amount of xifaxan in your body.
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starts with arthritisg pain and a choice. this is sheldon, take tylenol or take aleve,.. the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. he was born in canada. he was a citizen of canada until just recently. he was a citizen of canada. it was a joint citizen of the united states and canada. but he was a citizen of canada. >> he was a citizen of canada. that's donald trump there managing to mention canada five different times in about 12 seconds this afternoon on msnbc. joining me now, senior writer at politico, michael grunwald having fun with that sound bite, michael. born in canada versus new york values, seems to be today's trump versus cruz line of attack. watching the debate tomorrow
12:49 pm
night, are you looking for trump v. cruz? >> right. well, i think it's, you know, the republican race has been pretty weird and kind of dividing into two lanes, right? you have the four sort of establishment types. some very conservative, rubio and bush, both really pretty far right but also christie and kasich all fighting for the same sort of voters and attitudinal difference with ted cruz and donald trump fighting for the disaffected republicans and, you know, trump who's sort of an all-time greatest troll coming up on the idea of sort of kind of sticking the knife in cruz with this, oh, i'm just asking questions. he was born in canada. you know? i'm not saying he's ineligible. i'm just saying. >> 15%. we mentioned this earlier. of gop caucus goers told "des moines register" bloomberg poll it bothers them that cruz was
12:50 pm
born outside of the united states s. that evidence that what you just mentioned is working? >> well, you know, it is kind of hard to say whether those are just sort of trump people, you know, sort are trump people sti it to cruz or whether people are really disturbed. but what it is is another example of just trump playing everybody like a fiddle. and his argument is not necessarily a policy one. it's about winning. it's about dominating. it's about macho. pushing people around. and right now, he's pushing cruz around. and that's his brand. >> we were just hearing from kristin welker, again, the clinton campaign saying they have no worries about the numbers in iowa. should they? >> well, you know, she's like losing in some of these polls and to a socialist. so, yeah, yeah, she has to be nervous. the last time around in iowa, didn't go well for her. and there is this sort of sense that she kinda looks scattered.
12:51 pm
i thought that the chelsea attacks on sanders were really weird. are you really going to try to suggest that bernie sanders is sort of not really far left enough? it's very odd and i think she sort of maybe was expecting to kind of float, which was a problem she had eight years ago too. >> michael grunwald with politico, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. the one and a half billion dollar powerball drawing just hours away. if no one hits it, that pot could top $2 billion. the lottery changes that led to these record-setting jackpots, coming up. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that.
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we're just hours away from tonight's historic powerball drawing, the largest jackpot in lotto history, $1.5 billion. there hasn't been a powerball winner since november. you know this, people are lined up to get their last-minute tickets, hoping they can break
12:55 pm
the streak. there have been 19 drawings with no winner. olivia sterns joins me now to break down the statistics, right? >> yes. >> how hard is it now to win the powerball and why did it get so much harder? >> well, they wanted it to get a lot harder so the jackpot would grow, and that's what's happened. this past fall they changed the way it works and the odds went from 1 in 175 million, to 1 in 292 million, so nobody has won. it's gotten harder and the strategy is really working. i spoke to the executive director of powerball on a call and you wouldn't believe how quickly they are selling tickets. they sold about $300 million worth of tickets yesterday. today at rush hour, he thinks they're going to be selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tickets every single minute. >> i have such a hard time with the odds. 1 in 292 million. >> you have a 100% chance of losing?
12:56 pm
>> well not a hundred. if there's no winner tonight, what happens? >> if there's no winner tonight, there will be another drawing on saturday and at that point, powerball estimates to the total lot will be more than $2 billion. so even after you pay the taxes, whether you choose to take the a annuity, which you should -- >> that was my question, what should you do? >> take the annuity, please take the 30-year annuity that pays you a slice every year. if you take the $1.5 billion, that's immediately going to be cut down to $930 million and then you have to pay all the taxes. so it's a crazy idea. plus, all the people areoing to be asking you for money and you can say, i don't have it. >> and maybe you're less likely to spend and blow it if you get it year by year. >> plan for it. >>. we are closely watching the stock market and coming back at the closing bell. you think you're doing all you can for your heart health, ...but 9 out of 10 americans...
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that is the sound of the closing bell, brian williams here with you from new york. we'll be returning you to kate snow in just a moment, but yet again today, the dow, the market as a whole at the close is making news, and if you know the closing bell, you know these numbers fluctuate long after we hear the bell itself, but we're looking down 365 for the dow. but the news is, another bad day and the news has been what has happened to the price of oil as the bottom has really fallen out, and add the jitters over china and we may have a trend on wall street. let's go to sue herera at cnbc global headquarters. when do we get to call this officially something larger, like a correction? >> well, if we were down a full 20%.
1:01 pm
and the transportation average, which is key, because that's all of the rails and things like that, that really are kind of the infrastructure for the country, they are in correction territory. but as you mentioned, brian, the dow jones industrial average just since the beginning of the year has had tough sledding. we've only been up two days since the beginning of the year. we're down about 7.3, maybe 7.4 year to date already on the dow jones industrial average. so at this point, it looks like we may be entering into something more significant, if we don't see a bounce in the oil market. because that's what everything is pegged to right now. >> and sue, we have china going on in the background, problems with commodities, and correct me if i'm wrong, but in a planet that still runs on oil, even with all the talk about alternative fuels and all the movement in that direction, you can't take oil from what was it, $110 a barrel, to $30 or below
1:02 pm
and not expect a global economic consequence, correct? >> that's right. that's what's spooking the stock market at this point. a fall in oil does have some positive impacts for consumers, because gasoline prices go down. but at some point, oil falls too far, and keep in mind, this country has a large oil infrastructure. so if oil gets too cheap, they start laying off people. we will lose jobs. we haven't seen that all that much. we have started to see it in the last couple days. and because oil is a reflection of the health of the manufacturing economy, it's indicating that not only is china contracting, but we just saw in some minutes from the federal reserve today that manufacturing is weakening here in this country, which is also a reflection of the lack of demand globally. so that's why the stock market is kind of on pins and needles. >> sue herera, always a
1:03 pm
pleasure, from cnbc global headquarters, thanks. >> thank you. and olivia sterns with us here in new york as well. olivia, let's drill down on oil, pun intended. this happened just as we saw kind of a reformation in the oil market in the western u.s., the oil shale movement, the fracking industry, going back to the wells in west texas. a lot of those jobs are idle. as sue mentioned, great prices for consumers, it's a big hit for a huge industry. >> right. so there's a good side and a down side to the cheap price of gas. we all like to see $2 gasoline at the pump, but when gas gets too cheap, it has negative knock-on consequences for the economy. because the energy industry is 25% of u u.s. gdp and what you're talking about with the shale has been one of the biggest stories for the past few years. we've doubled the amount of oil we produce in this country over the past seven years. that's one of the things that's
1:04 pm
putting pressure on oil. we're awash in the supply of oil, particularly in the united states. that's one of the reasons oil sold off today because we're at record supply in the u.s. the other big headline moving the markets on oil, was the price of brent crude, which is the global benchmark, fell below $30 for the first time since 2004. so two big pieces of scary news rattling the oil market, pushing the price lower. and the point i'm making about how very cheap oil can be negative, there will be job cuts. there have been job cuts this week. bp will lay off 4,000 workers. over 2015 already, as the price started to come down, 100,000 energy jobs in the u.s. have already been cut. so there are real consequences to very cheap gas, even if it means we're selling more suvs. >> we'll be going back to kate
1:05 pm
snow in just a moment, but we came on at the top of the hour because of the close of wall street and enough of a down number today to be news in its own right. olivia sterns here with us, our technology and business editor. for those who haven't been paying attention to the markets beyond happy for the price of a gallon of gas at the pump, what continues to drive this oil market down so low? >> well, there's two sides of this always. there's supply and there's demand. we've been talking about the supply side of the story, which is that the world is awash in oil. that's the primary reason we're seeing the price of oil come down so much. the price of oil is now 1/3 of where it was 18 months ago. that's really significant. the other side as i said is demand. right now a lot of the world is focused on what's happening in china and the chinese economy is slowing. so people are worried that china, which is the world's largest consumer of resources is going to need less oil, so both
1:06 pm
those are coming together and pushing down the price of oil. the third piece to the global economy and rattling markets, as we spoke about a month ago, the fed has now started to raise interest res. that means that the fed is taking the lid off volatility in the market by trying to normalize interest rates, the dollar is getting more expensive and that's just one more thing bringing the price down. >> olivia, thanks, and sue herera before that. you see the number, down 365 at the close of trading. that means there are losers and there are winners at the end of the trading day on wall street. with that, back to kate snow in the studio. >> brian, thanks so much for all of that developing news as well today out of the persian gulf, earlier today, the ten u.s. sailors detained by iran were released after they had strayed into iranian waters on tuesday. this video released by iranian state television shows the sailors being held by iranian
1:07 pm
forces. john kerry praised democracy earlier today for the sailors quick release. >> this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved and officially resolved and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe, secure, and strong. >> and pardon me, i should have said diplomacy, not democracy. let me bring in jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. what do we know in terms of the details, i want to show you a tweet we just saw from this afternoon from senator john mccain. he tweeted secretary kerry said u.s. sailors were well taken care of and iran releases these photos and you see the photos there of the sailors with their hands behind their heads. what are we hearing from the pentagon in terms of what actual happened? >> well, the pictures certainly seem to fight the narrative, kate. and that's what seem people here in the pentagon are concerned about. they consider these pictures,
1:08 pm
these videos jarring. the fact that you see these ten sailors on their knees, hands clasped behind their heads, surrounded by armed iranian military on their own vessel, and it raises serious questions about exactly what happened and how. and that investigation is under way, and it's still unclear, but many here in the pentagon are beginning to put the pieces together. and it doesn't appear to have been a mechanical malfunction, a navigation malfunction. could one of the vessels have run out of fuel? that's a possibility, but that's all under investigation. meantime, the sailors themselves are at an undisclosed location there in the persian gulf to go through what they call reintegration protocol, that's a full medical exam and mental health exam to see if any of them were adversely affected by the less than 24 hours that they
1:09 pm
were held captive by the iranian revolutionary guard. >> just to put a point on it, you're saying probably not mechanical? because yesterday at this hour, that's what we were hearing from the pentagon, that there was a mechanical problem with one of the boats. >> that was the early supposition. then they thought perhaps it was navigational. but when the sailors were released, they were taken out, along with the two boats that were seized by the iranian coast guard, handed over to the rev guard. and once those sailors were helicoptered off toward the shore, other sailors got onto those two iranian -- or u.s. riverine boats, and drove them away. so they were in working condition. so it is possible that one of them could have run out of fuel. >> jim miklaszewski watching it all from the pentagon, thank you. let mee bring in mark
1:10 pm
ginsberg. you know that region. that's your read of what really happened? >> how much you want to know? i'm going to bet my lottery ticket tonight that the story that has come out is not correct. the idea that two small boats would be making their way without an escort, all the way from kuwait, all the way down to bahrain, we're not talking traversing manhattan on the hudson river. it's very unusual, number one. number two, the fact that this was all controlled by the revolutionary guard and farsi island is a revolutionary guard naval base and command headquarters, raises lots of questions in my mind. putting secretary kerry aside and his sugar-coating of this all being sweet with the iranians, there's a much more skeptical question i have. what compelled the revolutionary guard to release these sailors
1:11 pm
when i have doubt that they had run out of gas. >> what do you think may have compelled them then? >> they may have been on another mission. that's all i can say. >> the americans? >> the americans may have been on another mission, not necessarily going from kuwait without an escort to bahrain. >> interesting that you say that, because there was a report, i think it was last night or this morning, on one of the iranian media sources said they were snooping. that was the word that was used. >> there's a lot of things that are going on right now in that neck of the woods. first of all, there have been iranian ballistic missile tests that have raised questions whether or not the united states should have sanctions imposed on iran. the farsi island facility is one of the most important that the revolutionary guards have there. and by the way, just add a wrinkle in this, they have a missile facility not far from there. >> do you think that some of the components of the iran nuclear deal, in terms of the diplomacy,
1:12 pm
are coming into play with how this all got resolved? >> let's assume the answer is yes, because they were released very quickly. the revolutionary guards may have been other reasons to have held these soldiers and i'm very delighted as all americans are, that they were released right away, but the one thing that i think is important here is that the administration come clean as to exactly what these sailors were up to and if they can't come clean, at least not make a misrepresentation that this just happened to be a sailing run down the persian gulf, just happen stance close to a revolutionary guard headquarters operation. >> pretty cynical on this one? >> i just want to believe in the end that what happened here is the truth, but count me a skeptic. >> former ambassador mark beginsberg, not sure you should get anyone your powerball ticket. >> i'll hold on to it. straight ahead we're
1:13 pm
tracking the communications between el chapo with kate del castillo. we'll have those for you next. ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪. ♪ ... all nig♪t text beth, what can i do... [siri:] message. pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. i have a massive heart attack oright in my driveway.d the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore.
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we have developing news out of mexico where newly published text messages purportedly exchanged between drug king pin and former fugitive joaquin "el chapo" guzman and mexican actress kate del castillo, give a glimpse of how he set up the meeting with the actress and sean penn, while he was living on the lam, on his ranch in mexico. jacob rascon joins us now from outside the maximum security prison where el chapo is still
1:17 pm
being held. these messages are something else. >> reporter: and the mexican government, kate, has just confirmed those are authentic, that the government did, in fact, intercept them, and it plays out kind of like one of the tele novellas that made kate del castillo famous. a larger than life cartel leader on the run, seemingly smitten with a larger than life mexican mega star actress. talk about secret meetings in the jungle. and now the mexican government has confirmed it. and we're looking at kate del castillo meeting el chapo for the first time through these text messages, saying, hello, how are you? and then el chapo says, you can bring the tequila, i can't wait to dance with you, i'll take good care of you. kate says, that's so nice of you, nobody's ever taken care of me. i'm so excited to come. and later in the messages, joaquin "el chapo" guzman, the larger than life leader seems to
1:18 pm
obsess over which phone he wants to buy del castillo. he's insisting it be the best technologically and that it be of a woman's color. he's looking for a pink phone. they go on to talk about sean penn. this is now el chapo and his attorney because the attorney says, kate del castillo wants to bring sean penn, and el chapo says, who's that? they go on about who that is. and el chapo says he's looking him up on the internet. and finally says, okay, kel kel kel c -- kate del castillo can bring sean penn, just make sure she comes. we're learned mexican authorities are moving him around, more than eight times since last friday that they've moved him to a different cell. >> i was going to ask you, what do we know about how they're making sure that he doesn't
1:19 pm
escape? that's the same prison he escaped from twice before. >> reporter: right. we do know that the mexican government says this is the most secure prison they have. but they also said that back when he escaped. we know that they've done some security updates inside. they haven't spelled out specifically what those are. and we, in fact, our crew went and traveled to the tunnel, the escape exit tunnel where el chapo escaped last july and found it, as you might expect, heavily guarded. but to our surprise, the mexican police said the tunnel was still completely intact, and even uncovered. so we asked, why don't you do something about that tunnel? and they said, it runs underneath a lot of the homes out here that are nearby the prison, and so for now, they're leaving it alone. but the tunnel's still there. we see mexican police constantly going around this prison and inside they've taken extra
1:20 pm
security measures. as i said, they're moving him around. >> shocking to hear that the tunnel is still there. for the legal implications of the text messages, i want to bring in msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber. you look at these text messages. first of all, they sound like 16-year-olds texting each other. >> they're excited. >> they want to date. that's what it sounds like. but legally speaking, in all seriousness, is she in trouble, kate del castillo, for interacting with a fugitive? >> no, i mean, look, it's not a crime to have a drug lord want to buy you a phone, even a phone that's in his view, the proper feminine hue. this is, again, part and parcel of a weird, disturbing set of decisions that a lot of normal people, average person wouldn't want to go down this road and spend this time tell fonically or in person, communicating with someone who is, again, we forget sometimes, responsible for this brutal series of murders in international drug trafficking.
1:21 pm
but no, there's nothing legally problematic about the interaction alone. the only question is whether it rose to the role of helping him. >> in terms of the other big legal question, when is he going to be extradited? when he he going to show up in the u.s.? >> what we know and this is new and significant, for the first time in the years and years of this convoluted process, mexico and the u.s. are both publicly saying they're on the same page. they are going to work in a coordinated manner to extradite him. that could take years through his legal appeals in mexico, but ultimately move him to the united states and then the question is where would proceedings begin. he's indicted in brooklyn, texas, chicago. chicago being the place where they have recorded incriminating phone calls. >> evidence? >> -- evidence about his crime. the smaller question to me is,
1:22 pm
how was el chapo googling sean penn to learn about his acting? was he using imdb or a film database? i'd like to know. because it's not clear. >> he offiwas on the internet. >> he's basically saying who is sean penn. >> and jacob was reporting that the mexican government has confirmed that these are real text messages. >> one more question on that. what does it say that they're able to have these text messages that were sent on supposedly burner phones? >> that's the thing, i take some interest and humor in it, because it's just bizarre. you can't pretend it's not bizarre. yet it goes to something else, okay, whdo you have a burner phone? why do you have this operational security? it's to minimize risk. adding contacts directly from el chapo increases risk. so that again let's us into understanding of him and his profile. he was spending great resources to avoid detection, but this you could put in the category of
1:23 pm
something he badly wanted to do and knowingly upped his risk by communicating a, with this prominent individual, and b, letting in another person that he himself is saying, he doesn't even know. a lot of people saying he's wooed by sean penn's celebrity. no, he doesn't even know who he is. but he let him in because he wanted to spend time with her. >> we should note, kate del castillo is a huge mega star in mexico. she's someone that's very well known. >> while sean penn is a nobody to el chapo. >>ary, thanks so much. president obama took to youtube after last night's state of the union to answer questions from everyday americans. how the obama white house is using social media t take their message directly to the voters when we come back. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing.
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1:27 pm
proposals, it was also a chance for the white house to roll out new social media tools. ahead of the speech, the white house officially joined the video messaging service snap chat. i'm kind of stumbling because i can't believe i have to say video messaging service. you know snap chat. and today they're holding their third annual big block of cheese day. that's what you're looking at now. inspired by the show "the west wing," which is why you're seeing all the west wing actors, it's an event and opportunity for americans to ask questions to senior administration officials. it's called the big block of cheese day. so it's expired some bad puns. like, excited? so are brie. we got to at least laugh at the puns. >> i love a good bad pun myself. so i appreciate it. >> so for those of us, we all kind of know what snap chat is, but the white house joining snap chat, those messages that
1:28 pm
instantly disappear, how's that going to work? >> well, so this is using snap chat story's functionality, so it lets people compose short video series and beam them out to people who are interested in them. it's different from the core messaging product. if you check it out, what the white house did was a behind-the-scenes thing about the state of the union. it shows the vice president doing stuff. it shows the president kind of getting into his motorcade and going over, and they use the snap chat functionality, you know, with the sort of line drawing the emoji. it makes it seem as if someone in there is really a big fan of the platform. it's kind of a cool thing, if you're into snap chat, and used to communicating with your friends that way, it's a unique way to get a peek behind the scenes at what they're doing there. i think what value it will have in terms of real political messaging over the long-term is
1:29 pm
hard to say, but it's a way to get people engaged. >> do you get the sense that he's really trying, that this is strategic going after the millenials? >> well, you know, younger voters are an important part of the president's base. and a problem that democrats have had throughout his administration, has been that those younger voters are less attached to the political process than older ones are. so they came out for him in 2008. they came out for him in 2012. but they didn't turn out in mid terms in 2010, and 2014. and sort of a key question about obama's legacy in the country going forward is gonna be, do those people who voted for him, who like him a lot, do they stay engaged? do they have influence in legislation moving forward? do they start voting in mid terms? do they continue voting when obama isn't at the head of the ticket? so they're very clearly interested in finding new ways to communicate with voters under 30 or 35. and also ways to get those voters to talk back and engage
1:30 pm
in the process. that's what the big block of cheese day thing is really about, at some level, trying to make people feel like being involved in politics is something that young people can and should do. >> let me pivot back from the medium to the message. because you wrote that intentionally or not, obama's speech last night, the state of the union, backs hillary's narrative over bernie's. what do you mean by that? >> i think you see in the democratic primary, sort of a clash between bernie sanders offering a left-wing progressive liberal version of the same kind of message of anger and discontent that you're hearing from a lot of republicans. he's proposing very different solutions, but he's tapping into the same sense that america isn't working, that government isn't working and the economy isn't working and he's laying out ideas for a political revolution and drastic change from the status quo. barack obama, by giving what was really the most upbeat state of the union address he's had yet. you know, essentially saying, we don't need to make america great
1:31 pm
again. america's great right now. in many ways, this is the greatest america's ever been. and that connects with hillary clinton's more moderate, less drastic change, less angry tone. and so to the extent that obama can get democrats, liberals, thinking that that sort of optimistic upbeat approach is the authentically progressive way to look at the country, that's naturally going to help hillary, and disadvantage bernie sanders. the president is not going to weigh in on this primary, but a number of members of his cabinet have endorsed hillary clinton. i think it's pretty clear she's his designated successor in all but name and the speech reflected that. >> matthew, thank you. >> thank you. coming up, president obama is bringing his state of the union message out to the university of nebraska, omaha. today's reaction to last night's big speech and also how the republican response is playing inside the gop. we'll speak with ben carson's campaign chair after the break.
1:32 pm
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that's the america i know. that's the country we love. clear-eyed, big-hearted, undaunted by challenge, optimistic that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word. that's what makes me so hopeful about our future. i believe in change because i believe in you! the american people. and that's why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. thank you. >> president obama last night as confident and hopeful as ever. today he's taking that message to omaha, nebraska, where moments from now, the president will give a speech to tout economic progress made under his administration. joining me now from omaha, chris
1:36 pm
jansing. we talked last hour about this victory lap. this is the first stop of many, right? >> reporter: it is. he's going to be going out throughout the year. tomorrow in fact he's going to baton rouge, louisiana. it's his chance to send the message that frankly could ealy get lost in the republican race for the presidency, and to some extent the democratic race as well now, we're getting closer and closer to iowa. he's going to get out and first of all, this is something that gets a lot of coverage in local markets when the president comes to town. we also are, even though we're standing in omaha, in the iowa television market. so if it happens to get covered there, the president's message gets out a few weeks before the caucus, so be it as well. this is a tradition, presidents have done this for a very long time. but for this president in the last year of his second term, and determined to be relevant, determined to get some things done, he thinks he's going to have to connect with the american people and make his case. by the way, he's not the only
1:37 pm
one out there, virtually every member of his cabinet over the next three days will be fanned out across the country, making stops and making appeals for what are essentially democratic values and what the president would like to see as the basis for the platform for the democratic nominee. >> i know the reason he's there, a woman who wrote him a letter. did he meet with her today? >> reporter: he did. in fact, he may be still there. or at least he's coming there. her name is lisa martin. about a year ago when she was a new mother, woke up at 4:00 in the morning to feed her baby, she said she had this fear come over her about the world that her son would inherit. she sat down and wrote what i have to say is a very moving letter. she's an english teacher. every night after dinner the president gets a black folder and in it are ten letters that are chosen.
1:38 pm
and it's a chance for him to take part in what's going on outside in the world outside the bubble of the secret service. but he went to the home of lisa and jeff martin to really talk to them about what their concerns are, what their hopes are for their son. he said this really helps him to think in a different way about policy, and about what he wants to do going forward. and as we all know that clock is ticking. so he's going to be doing more of this again in the year to come as he tries to make the most of what is left of his time in office. >> chris jansing, reporting from nebraska where the president is, chris, thanks so much. let's turn to the other big political story of the day, south carolina governor nikki haley calling donald trump one of the angriest voices in the country during her state of the union response. just in the last hour, she doubled down, saying she wrote the speech herself. >> they let me write it. and to their credit, they didn't
1:39 pm
try and keep me quiet. they didn't -- and that's what i greatly appreciate. one, i wouldn't have wanted t do it if i couldn't write it myself. but they allowed me the opportunity to speak to the country. and i didn't wt to lose that opportunity. i didn't want to lose the opportunity in light of everything south carolina had gone through in 2015. >> and that comes after donald trump struck back in an interview with our own thomas roberts, trump accusing haley of being weak on illegal immigration. take a listen. >> well, what i say to her is i'm leading in south carolina by a lot in all of the polls and people agree with me, i'm very strong on illegal immigration. she's weak on illegal immigration. she's very, very weak on it and it's a problem. she's very big on amnesty. she comes to my office when she wants campaign contributions and i've given her tremendous contributions over the years, but now that i'm running, she doesn't like me quite as much. she liked me better when i was a
1:40 pm
giver of contributions than she does when i'm not. >> joining me now, mark murray. a lot of back and forth today and talk about nikki haley and showing the divide in the gop. >> reporter: yeah, kate, i think this is the latest iteration in this establishment versus insurgent/outsider fight that we've been seeing over the 2016 campaign and actually playing out before. and it certainly also playing out on the issue of immigration. really striking back at nikki haley for having welcoming remarks when it comes to the issue of immigration. i would say this, the fact that you have nikki haley and paul ryan, the house speaker, scene as the establishment folks in this fight is very ironic if not striking because they were actually seen as some of the conservative heros and champions of just a couple years ago. it was in 2010 when sarah palin endorsed nikki haley in that
1:41 pm
really conservative gubernatorial primary here in south carolina which she was able to win. paul ryan was a conservative rock star. now both of those people are governing. nikki haley is a governor. paul ryan is house speaker. sometimes you have to have some compromises and that's the fault line that we're seeing between a side of the republican party that sometimes has to govern and has to make compromises versus those that want to pretty much be 100% my way or the highway all the time. >> and mark, rush limbaugh today criticizing haley today as well saying the reason people lost faith in government is there's nobody in government trying to stop the democrat party. it's natural that republican supporters and voters are going to think that the republican party is part of the problem. that's a direct quote from rush limbaugh on his radio show today. how do you read that? what is going on here? >> reporter: well, again, it's just the backlash thattic inik haley. we've seen ann coulter, laura
1:42 pm
ingraham, the people who are representing the conservative grassroots movement, particularly on immigration. they are solidly behind donald trump here. they've been big fans of ted cruz, and yet again, it's just this side of the republicans where you're just seeing this establishment versus insurgent fight playing out, and it's playing out big right after the state of the union response. >> mark murray in south carolina, getting ready for the debate tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, kate. turning now to the carson campaign, on monday, all five members of a pro-carson super pac resigned in new hampshire to volunteer for ted cruz's campaign. they were quickly followed by two campaign staffers who also resigned, this after five senior staffers stepped down from the carson campaign last month. joining me now, retired general and campaign chair of ben carson's campaign for president. nice to have you with us. >> good to be with you. >> i need to start there. because from the outside looking in, it doesn't look good. your campaign, honestly, looks like it's imploding.
1:43 pm
staffers leaving every day. what's happening? >> well, that, kate, is a false narrative. i think we certainly don't communicate with the super pacs on things such as this. so i can't comment on that. internal to the campaign, we did have three staffers leave. dr. ben carson did an assessment, as he did an assessment, he determined that we were not executing as a campaign, not forward-leaning in our communications. we were not pushing out strategy that we were able to do. so he was decisive, as he always is. it's not about volume. it's about values, his moral compass. he made a decisive change. so we are very excited, anything but implosion. i see spring in step. i see overwhelming crowds in iowa. i've been in iowa the last few days. we had to do multiple events that were not scheduled, just to accommodate the overflow crowds. people standing in the rain for two hours. it's an amazing dynamic.
1:44 pm
some people have fans, but ben carson has true believers around the country, to include iowa. >> let me ask you about the south carolina governor nikki haley. we've been talking about her republican response last night. she said last night, quote, during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. seemed to be referring to donald trump with that thought. do you agree with her? do you think the party is following angry voices too much? >> i would just say that the people of america, around their kitchen table, watching tv and so forth, think about these things. as they think about these things, they need to determine if they want the next president to have volume or to have values. if they want the next president to have temperament, or if they want a temper. if they want the next president to have wise cracks or have wisdom of a dr. ben carson. so that's what faces the voters of america. we and i and dr. ben carson strongly believe that the american people will make the
1:45 pm
right choice. and i think they're starting to consider our candidate with much greater seriousness as they make the contrast. >> can i ask you, you're a ben carson foreign policy adviser, correct? >> yes. that was my prior position with dr. carson for the last six months. >> i've been reading up on your past. i know you've called for using the u.s. military, you're a retired general and you've suggested the military ought to be used to convert people to christianity. do you still believe that and do you advise dr. carson toward that kind of a policy? >> well, as you appreciate everything you read in the press or on the internet that's not accurate, i do proclaim jesus christ as my personal saviour, but i recognize as a commander of whether it was tens or tens of thousands, that that was not my role to impose religion upon anybody else. i also think that faith makes a difference. and faith in the fox hole makes a big difference.
1:46 pm
most of the troops in baghdad, if they're going on dangerous patrol, they don't want to be politically correct. they want to be god correct. but that's their individual choice. that's what dr. ben carson, who follows the constitution, who knows the constitution better than any of us, that's what he espouses as well. >> thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you, kate. national guard members are now on the ground in flint, michigan, distributing clean water to residents who haven't been able to trust what's coming out of their tap for more than a year now. new details on the city's most lead-poisoned areas coming up.
1:47 pm
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in just over 24 hours, republicans will gather in charleston, south carolina, for their sixth debate of the cycle. at the last debate in december, donald trump and ted cruz were allies. a month later trump questions cruz's ability to be the president. most recently this afternoon on msnbc. >> my problem is that he has to get this cleared up. he can go for a declare tore judgment, go in early to court, but how can you vote for somebody where there's a question? i'm not saying right or wrong. i'm just saying it's a question. you can't have your nominee with a question. it's impossible to do. he's going to be running and people are going to be suing to
1:51 pm
say he's not allowed to run. >> joining me now from south carolina, peter alexander. peter, this feels different than the last debate. last time, we had trump versus cruz and they weren't going after each other. this time, is that what you're watching for? >> i think last time we anticipated there may be a fraying of the bromance, but it didn't show up. this time, i think we anticipate that will happen. obviously, the language has been a lot tougher over the course of the last several days. recognize we're now within three weeks of the first nominating contest in iowa. this state, south carolina, is critical as well. you referenced ted cruz's comments effectively referring to donald trump in a way as sort of an east coast elitest. we didn't use that language, but when asked by a radio commentator, he was asked about donald trump playing "born in the usa" and saying he might as well be playing it in new york.
1:52 pm
that's the language that may resonate with republican primary and caucus voters, the kind of language they may understand. so that's what we'll be watching for, cruz versus trump. i spoke to a cruz adviser and they said if nothing else, the impact of this conversation has focused all the attention on these two and really suffocated all the other establishment candidates out of the conversation altogether, kate. >> and you have seven candidates up on stage tomorrow, right? so how does that, does that change the dynamic in any way? what do we think the focus might be tomorrow? >> it means everybody gets a little bit more time at center stage. there's the potential for more scrutiny as well. this is a fox business debate, which means they'll likely be focused heavily on the economy. rand paul will not be there. he says that his dovish foreign policy positions will not be expressed. it's a significant loss, he says, for the party not to hear his voice. carly fiorina won't be on the stage as well. but you gotta watch the establishment candidates, these four candidates who are dividing up about 44% of the vote in new
1:53 pm
hampshire right now. that's more than donald trump alone gets there. if they could decide on one of them, they could win that state. but no one wants to agree to anyone else being the nominee and they'll duke it out all night long. >> peter alexander, thanks so much. good to see you. if you're feeling lucky, you got about six hours before tonight's big powerball drawing. the jackpot, if you haven't heard already is $1.5 billion. if nobody wins, jackpot expected to top $2 billion. and with that, here's courtney reagan with the cnbc market wrap. >> good afternoon. the major market averages couldn't hold on to early gains, continuing to lose momentum throughout afternoon trading. at the low point, the dow was down 393 points. ultimately shed 365 points. the s&p lower by 48, and the nasdaq plunging 159 points. that's all from cnbc, first in business worldwide. this is sheldon,
1:54 pm
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the michigan national guard is on the ground in flint today to help that city deal with its drinking water crisis. about a half dozen national guard members arrived this morning, they'll be distributing bottled water, filters and other supplies. flint's tap water became contaminated with lead after the city changed his water supply in 2014 in a cost-saving measure. tony dokoupil joins me now. a lot of developments today. one of them people calling for a refund for the citizens of flint who have been paying for this terrible water for the past year. >> one of the dark ironys, flint has one of the higher water
1:58 pm
rates in the country. 140 to $150 a month. if you're not paying it, you will get a shut-off notice. no more poison for you. they're saying, we want the money back. we've shelled out a thousand dollars for money we can't cook with, can't drink. calling for that refund. the congressman called for a refund, and the governor's task force said that that task force is reviewing the situation. could be some relief financially for the people of flint. good news for sure. >> and what about the water, the governor still under pressure to get this fixed. >> he's acknowledged on monday at a press conference that i bear some responsibility for this crisis is what he said. but when did he know about it and when did he decide to act? those are the questions he has not gone into details. he said october 1st he realized it was serious. but his office was distributing filters in august. people in flint are saying, how
1:59 pm
come it took six months to declare a state of emergency and another week on top of that before you got the clean water that we were demanding for almost a year. >> not to mention october was three months ago and still nothing has significantly changed. >> that's right. and there are medical questions now. i spoke to one of the doctors and she told me there's one ward near the city center more than 15% of the kids that she saw data on had elevated lead blood levels. that means brain issues, issues later in life. >> one final thing quickly, talk from the mayor today about scams and people unfortunately taking advantage of the residents of flint. >> people need filters, they can't drink the water without filters. the city is giving them out for free. but there are people who want to come in make a buck, saying, take mine, it's only five bucks. you can get them for free. >> tony, thank you for keeping
2:00 pm
an eye on that story. >> thank you. that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc live. i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" starts right now. well, if it's hump day, the presidential pac is trading blows left and right. hillary clinton's attacks on bernie sanders indicate their primary fight a lot more serious than anyone thought weeks ago. and the bromance between trump and cruz, that's been shattered. but it's the governor of south carolina, who's putting the spotlight on the deepest divide in the gop. it's a busy show. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening, and welcome to a very busy "mtp daily." as most of the political world is consumed with understanding the divides and fractures inside the republican party,


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