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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. right now on msnbc, carina clash. seven republican candidates preparing for tonight's debate in south carolina. donald trump will take center stage for the sixth gop debate. ted cruz has solid poll numbers but another potential problem for the senator and this time it has nothing to do where he was born. the "new york times" reporting this morning that the senator
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failed to disclose a major loan used to fund his 2012 texas primary campaign. it was from goldman sachs where cruz's wife worked at the time and another from citibank, increased to $1 million, which was paid off. >> we borrowed on the stocks and assets we had. if it was the case where it was filed as not required, then we'll amendment the filing. we put in the entirety of our savings. we did so through a combination of savings and selling assets and taking a margin loan against other assets. those facts are clear and transparent and a technical and inadvertent filing error does not change that at all. >> the story is rippling across the republican field and donald trump has something to say about
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it. good morning to you. i'm jose diaz-balart. let's get right to our political team. ladies, good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> katy, in true trump fashion, he isn't holding back in front of today's event, is he? >> no. he went on a pretty -- he hasn't done this the last few debates. he hasn't really attacked his competitors, even when we thought he might go after ted cruz last time around, though it's a much different environment at the moment. the two of them are going after each other, however, in a subtle way, if you will. trump talking about his birtherism, claiming he didn't bring this up with ted cruz but saying it's going to be a problem for him down the line. he has been talking about this loan issue and he's hitting back
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at ted cruz for ted cruz telling a radio show that donald trump should start playing "new york new york" at his rallies because he embodies new york value. >> new york city got a tremendous boost because now you look at the area and it incredible what they built. when you want to knock new york -- first of all, you shouldn't be doing because you have a massive population there. but when you want to knock new york, you got to go through me. new york is an amazing place with amazing people. >> reporter: trump has always said he's a counterpuncher. we'll see if he does that tonight. there is an inherent risk involved there if they go after each other too hard. jose? >> casey, is the bigger issue here that cruz didn't disclose
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the loan or is it something that people would look at the fact that he's getting a loan from these big banks that so many criticize could be shown to be different than -- >> just as he levels this attack on trump for having new york values, it turns out he's gellinggel getting a lon from one of the biggest loans from a new york bank. people feel these big banks won out. the question is more around how ted cruz characterized the funding of his campaign, whether or not he was honest with people, he and his wife talked about how they were so all in wanting to serve the people of texas that they were willing to
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put all the money they had on the line. was this something they did disclose in a senate ethics report. it seems things may be misfiled through the sec. we've seen the sec being pretty toothless. >> so it was reported, just not in the way that it should have been? >> right, exactly. so this was something this showed up in the -- the sec filings are different. it's just a little bit of a technicality. the broader irony of this, too, jose, is that donald trump is the big front-runner here and cruz says my finances aren't complicated. compared to donald trump, he's absolutely right. the idea that this loan is going to be a big political problem
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for him when he's running against somebody who is a billionaire with assets we can't even tell, he's reimbursing his own company for flying a plane all over the country. trump is getting off sort of scott free or if anything people are embracing the way he has succeeded in business and in a way that can be a problem for a quote, unquote, normal politician, whether it's ted cruz or like we saw in 2012, mitt romney. >> steve kornacki, good morning. what are some of the things you're looking for in tonight's debate? >> i guess there's two things i'm going to keep a close eye on. one is this cruz and trump dynamic. ted cruz has been so disciplined, so dogged in this campaign about not attacking donald trump, not criticizing him, not seeing anything negative the whole idea is that the cruz campaign figures donald
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trump's support will drop off and it will make ted cruz the natural home for his supporters. as you see in the comments he's made in the last few days, he started to put that aside. trump started to get under his skin, maybe of these attacks from trump, he's planted the question about cruz's birth status. will that spill over on to the stage tonight? donald trump will make a lot of noise in the days leading up to debates, he will make a lot of noise in the days after debates, but when he's on stage with these candidates we haven't seen him go after them and say a lot of things to their faces that he says at these rallies. will that be any different tonight? and weep always talk about this establishment log jam, jeb bush, marco rubio, john kasich, they
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are all running out of time. what will they do to try to break out and distinguish themselves? >> not a lot of time for iowa and new hampshire. if they are bunched together, how do you break out? >> that's the question. one thing you've seen is in the last debate jeb bush decided he'd try to adopt this identity of he's the one republican who is not afraid to go after donald trump, kind of picked a fight with donald trump on the stage. i heard mixed reviews on who got the better of that, change. the bush peoplended up putting an ad on television that featured excerpts of -- and also you've soon a lot of back and forth here between super packs and jeb bush and marco rubio, a fight breaking out between them the last few days. is that something that will be
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aired on the stage as well? >> steve kornacki, thank you very much. good to see you. and a programming note, hillary clinton will be live tonight with rachel maddow at 9:00 eastern. doesn't miss it. and the shattered dreams of americans and the lucky powerball winners. there are three winners. there are the numbers as they were drawn last night. the tickets were sold in california, tennessee and florida. let's go to the los angeles suburb of chino hills. morgan is outside of the 7-11 where one of those tickets was sold. what you have heard? >> we're hearing lots of excitement out side of this
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7-eleven where the winning ticket was sold. we spoke to the owner and he was over the moon that this ticket had been bought at his store. take a listen. >> i'm very happy, i'm excited, i'm very proud that we sell that much money ticket. >> it's exciting to know that somebody from our little city won. it's so exciting. i'm excited for them and i don't know even know who it is. >> that excitement is spreading throughout chino hills. they did have to share that balance and a half dollar jackpot. just to give you a sense as well, there are winners all across the country with smaller amounts. there were people who won, for example, 12 tickets also in call
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for five out of the six numbers and a $2 million winner in iowa and all throughout the country. we do not know the names of who these lucky people are but we are listening and finding out today. >> morgue and radford, thank you very much. >> and isis related goonman were likely involved in an attack in jakarta. there were multiple attacks outside a starbucks. it was followed by gun battles with police, prompting a security lockdown across the center of the city. kel kelly cobiella, good morning. >> good morning, jose. this morning authorities are warning further attacks are possible. the indonesia government is calling this a terrorist attack.
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it lasted four hours this morning. explosions and gun fire outside a busy mall, a blast at a star bucks and explosions. police say they had guns, grenades and suicide belts. police say all of the gunmen were killed, all five of them, two civilians killed as well, 23 injured, jose, none according to the u.s. embassy are americans. jose, indonesia has been dealing with an islamic terrorist threat for years. the last attack in 2009 when two western hotels, the j.w. marriott and ritz carlton were targeted. but this is the most serious incidence yet. a news agency claims isis was behind this. and it was said an indonesian
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isis leader in syria had been planning this for a while, a paris-style attack in the heart of the capital but the casualty numbers not quite what they imagined. seven dead, 23 injured, some are critical. >> kelly, thank you very much. coming up, a man spends 12 years behind bars for a murder he says he didn't commit. now duane sbrounbrown is a free and he's talking to msnbc exclusively about what he's going through to clear his name. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap.
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in chicago, a video showing the shooting of a 17-year-old could be released next week.
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17-year-old cedric chapman's family said the video will contradict statements from police that the teen had turned and pointed a dark object at the officers when he ran. that's when police opened fired, killing him. >> the national guard helps hand out bottled water to residents in flint, michigan, there's a new problem that could be connected to the water crisis there. the state health department says there's been an increase in legionnaire's disease in the city. >> three were killed in honduras when the bus they were traveling in crashed. the three women were on an aid mission and were running home. >> and border officials
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intercepted more than 2,000 pound of marijuana hidden in a shipment of carrots. the marijuana was wrapped in orange pack aages to blend in t carrots. it was worth about half a million dollars. it's a lot of carrots and a lot of marijuana in those carrots. after the break, a man who spent ten years on death row for a murder he didn't commit. he's talking to craig melvin exclusively. plus we've been watching stock futures this morning after the dow dropped more than 300 points at yesterday's close. we're going to see what happened at the opening bell, talk about whether we're in a market correction. this is how banks used to see me.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at for the first time we are hearing directly from the mexican actress who helped coordinate the meeting between sean penn and el chapo, the
6:26 am
mexican government has confirmed that the communication between the two is and you then particular. jacob rascon is live outside the prison. jake, let's talk about that tweet from kate del castillo. what is she saying? >> we've been waiting for her to speak. she has been silent so far, as we've been reporting on the meeting between her, sean penn and el chapo and then with these messages. she tweeted first in spanish, then in english and she denies some of it and disputing. she said "thank you for your support over the past few days. not surprisingly many have chosen to make up items they think will make good stories and
6:27 am
that aren't truthful, i look forward to sharing my story with you. meanwhile, there are additional messages that we didn't see yesterday morning when we translated them into english between el chapo and kate del castillo. and el chapo in one of the messages says i want you to come back, i want you to come back and it will be safe and i want you to talk to some of my ranchers and i want you to meet my mom. in another message, he says i am more concerned and more excited about you, referring to kate del castillo than the article. sheep replays "ha, ha, ha, i love to hear that, you're making me blush. we're looking at translating the additional messages as well. one of the respected mexican newspaper is reporting on
6:28 am
specific security details inside the prison, which we are working to confirm, including what they've done to the floor, what they've done to the security cameras and how they're moving him around constantly trying to prevent another escape. >> a lot of information comes out of the new release of these communications. we're going to talk, you and i, in the next hour of these things. there's a reconfirmation in these tweets that el chapo had final say over the article that was going to be published in "rolling stone." jacob, thank you. i'll see you soon. >> the hope global forum is under way in atlanta. the opening remarks delivered just moments by my next guest, julian castro. secretary, great seeing you. >> it's great to be with you, jose.
6:29 am
>> you just talked about the need to help people down on their luck and give people a second chance. how do you ensure you're not just throwing money at a problem but the programs are actually run the right way and reach the people that so desperately need help? >> well, you're right. we need to make sure that we effectively give folks a fair shot at opportunity. one of the ways ear doing that, for instance, and it's something that i mentioned in my remarks is that relaunched at hud an initiative called connect home. connect home is an initiative led by the private and nonprofit sector and specifically internet service providers to connect the residents of public housing to broad band because we found that the vast majority of folks who live in public housing doesn't have access to the internet. now they will and that means in the 28 communities part of
6:30 am
connect home, they can do the homework, they can apply for college, 90% of applications are filed online these days, working adults can apply for jobs because so many companies require you to apply online. we want to make sure we're working to be inclusive and to be sure that people have the tools that they need to compete in this 21st century global economy. we can do in a effectively and i'm confident that in that and other ways we're going to create more opportunity opportunity for folks that need it. >> secretary, one of the incidents that goes unreported is the lack of access by millions of people in this country. this is not a 100% connected society in this country. if you're not connected, your future, the future of your children are severely limited.
6:31 am
>> organizatih, no doubt. yesterday i was in nashville and i visited stratford high school and sat down with about 15 young people, 10th, 11 and 12th graders, all of whom are residents of public housing and the majority of this many said when i go home in the evenings and during the weekends, i don't have internet access. while some of my classmates do research at home or exploring opportunities at college and financial aid, i can't do that. same thing for work age adults. i think all of cuus can agree i you have a family living in public housing, you want the head of the household to be able to get the spills and ability they need to get on to a more productive path so that they can do better economically and lift themselves out of public housing.
6:32 am
that is a lot harder if they don't have internet access. so we can address these real challenges that exist throughout so that folks are able to compete and get to a better path in life. >> i want to shift to 2016, secretary, the latest national poll shows sanders gaining 9 point since december, now trails hillary clinton by just 7 points. the new bloomberg poll shows the two in a virtual tie just last month. what's happening do you think? >> i think what's happening is what happens in all of these campaigns. i can't remember a single campaign where you had a blowout. these things are always close. it was close in 2008, it was close every election that i remember and so i'm confident that secretary clinton is going to win iowa, she's going to go up and win new hampshire. folks understand that she's the
6:33 am
candidate that has the right experience. she has been a fighter her entire life, fighting for people who need a champion, folks who often times are on the other end of opportunity, who need greater opportunity in life. she understands what it's like to fight for them and she's been doing that. so i have confidence and i believe that come the iowa caucuses that she's going to win and that she's going to go on to win new hampshire and more than that, she's going to become the next president of the united states. >> we'll see what happens. housing secretary julian castro, thanks for being with us. >> thagood to be with you. >> now to developments from wall street where the trade day is just beginning at the new york stock exchange. another brutal day for the markets yesterday. shake shack saying hello, ola, the bell's ringing, the numbers
6:34 am
are up right now, only about 28 points. look at the s&p, 5 points and nasdaq 11 points. yesterday, though, stocks plunged on continued worries about china and falling oil prices. the dow both -- i should say the dow and s&p 500 both fell nearly 2%. olivia stearns, good morning. what's happening? >> good morning, jose. it's been a very, very difficult start to the new year, even if this morning's sentiment has turned around a little bit. since the start of 2016, more than 3d trillion has been wiefd off global equities markets. here in the u.s., almost $1.8 trillion wiped off just since january 1st, wiped off of american stocks. the s&p and the nasdaq are both officially in correction territory. that manse they are down 10% from their recent peak. the dow jones industrial average is almost there as well.
6:35 am
it's actually, as you will remember, a pretty lousy stock market for a couple months now. the stock market has moved side ways since mid last year. the s&p's last high was back in may 21st. let look what the dow has done over the course of last year. remember back in january of 2014 when the dow hit 18,000. look at this. we are back closer to 16,000 right now. so there is a lot of pain out there. one of the principal reasons, drivers of this recent selling, has been the plunging price of oil. oil itself down 40% in the past year, down about 20% in 2016. the two big reasons for this is because first of all energy companies make up a big part of our economy. if oil and gas producers are cutting back because they're not making money when oil is at these levels, their earnings are going to decline and traders are going to dump their stocks. the second big reason is ask
6:36 am
yourself why is the price of oil starting. there is a supply gut. the u.s. currently is awash in oil, we have doubled the amount we have drilled in the past seven years or so but it's also because demand for oil is just simply slowing and that is where china comes in. right now there is a lot of concern about what's happening in china and that china is in fact slowing the global economy. so traders are looking at the kpns stock market, which has been hugely volatile for the past couple months. that is adding to concerns about the tlns of their economy. if china is slowing, u.s. companies will be making less money. and bear with me, eight little wonky but very significant, just back in december we started to raise interest rates for the first time in a decade. so we are getting back to a more normal interest rate environment and this means less support from the central bank for the equity
6:37 am
market. so that sort of takes the lid off of volatility and the equity market. so experts say it not surprising we're seeing bigger swings in the stock market because the fed is taking the training wheels off. given, though, markets moving a little bit higher, oil up today about 2%. so perhaps a little bit of a relief rally out there after yesterday's heavy selling. >> olivia sterns, thank you very much. after a quick break, we have the incredible story of a man who spent ten years on death row for a murder he did not commit. but duane brown is out of jail and talking to craig million vin exclusively next.
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6:41 am
time. >> making a murderer has become a huge hit for netflix. another real life case out of texas is grabbing headlines after a man spent 12 years behind bars, ten of them on death row, for a murder he says he did not commit. alfred duane brown was released from prison last june after prosecutors dismissed the case about him. he's now trying to piece his life back together. his story might be just as intriguing as making a murderer as key evidence was put aside and forgotten about for years. we're cover the story from several angles. cal perry, ariburn and craig melvin. craig, how did something like this happen? >> it's a complicated question.
6:42 am
lots of things happened simultaneously. but here's the thing, not only was duane brown adamant he was innocent from the beginning, he insisted he wasn't even at the scene of the murders in 2003. it was a high-profile case because it involved a botched robbery and the killing of a houston police officer named charles clark along with a cashier. there was no forensic evidence, there was no surveillance f footage. brown maintained he was at his girl friend's apartment and he called to check on her when he saw the killings on television. proof of the call would have been an alibi but no one could find it. his initial girl friend corroborated the story but said she was pressured by prosecutors. she spent several months in jail and was later released when she
6:43 am
changed her story several months later. she admitted she had to make a choice between brown and her child who she missed. he was sentenced to die in a state where executions happen more frequently than any other state in the union. like many other death row inmates in texas, this is where brown spent 23 hours every day, a tin see cell that he left for 50 minutes to exercise and walk around with other inmates. then he got an attorney who said he knew 15 minutes in his gut with his client that he was innocent. then they found the missing phone record, buried in a box of papers in a police detective's garage. there has not been a plausible explanation about how it got there but that would be enough for the d.a. duane brown walked out of prison june 8th last year. i spent time with his in d.c. at
6:44 am
a washington's wizard game. he continues to scratch things off his bucket list. this was his first tv interview since his release. >> when i was on death row, the hard part about being on death row is when you'll be talking to a guy, not knowing that he has an execution date and you'll get close to him, like just sharing different things with him, artwork, whatever it is i be talking about and y'all get close and next thing you know they come knock on his door and they tell him pack up. i'm like, man, where you going, you moving to another cell? and he tell you no, man, i got a day. i'm like what you mean you got a date? i got an execution date. why you going to tell me this? i didn't want to change the way you react towards me. so you would start putting up a brick wall getting close to anybody because you never know what he may be going through.
6:45 am
>> he says that was the hardest part being on death row, getting close to guys on death row. >> you would be hard pressed to find someone who would -- it would be justified if the guy were angry or bitter at the system, not an iota of that. it was the most bizarre thing to find someone so grateful, i guess, just grateful to be free and to be able to spend time with his friends and his family and just out enjoying life. >> ari, the state of texas has never said brown is innocent. the chief of police said he still believes he did it. what legally is going on? is the state exonerating him? why not? >> you look at a case like this,
6:46 am
and craig and cal perry bringing us a great story. people say how does this happen? how can this kind of thing be legal? the short answer is, jose, it's not legal. we can show you exactly what the texas courts found here basically saying this was a violation of the duty of prosecutors to care not only about winning, they want to win their cases, but about truth. prosecutors work for the government, i.e. us, and they have a responsibility to find out the truth, not only win their cases. we hold the state withheld evidence that was both favorable and material to the applicant's case here in violation of brady, that's a supreme court case. favorable meaning it helps the defendant and material in the sense that it is significant. it's not some side thing. it is in this case the phone records.
6:47 am
now you go to the question of is he exonerated, did the court or government determine he definitely didn't do it or did somebody else do it? in this case it didn't lead to that. they could have tried this case again but instead they said at this time there is insufficient evidence to corroborate the accomplice witness testimony that, important testimony that was put up under oath to put this man away and potentially have him executed. that's basically the d.a. saying, yes, they pay believe what they believe but as a legal matter, jose, they couldn't meet the burden to try this case again. they didn't have the evidence and indeed it is i think to many people, lawyer or not, shocking to see the prosecutors had key evidence that would go towards the truth and they didn't turn it over. that's ethically wrong, anyone can see that, and it's also legally wrong as the supreme court has held they must turn it
6:48 am
over. >> does he have any legal recourse now to fight back? >> not really. can you try to sue civilly for money damages in these cases. those are hard to win. in "making of a murder" there was an attempt to do that and there was a settlement for some money. if you take a step back and ask is the system work being right, i think it's a fair question and understandable that some people answer no when you make these mistakes and then in many cases you don't make people whole after the mistake if indeed as the higher court found this was a miscarriage of justice, that's why they threw out the whole thing. >> and this comes amid the making of a murder phenomenon, right? >> yeah, it's an obsession. it really lifts the veil on so many things people are talking about at home. we heard the president open the state of the union talking about the criminal justice system. we're talking about social inequality. you see that in the brown case,
6:49 am
in the avery case that was highlighted by netflix in this show. this idea that the state committed some kind of malpractice, that there were no presumption of innocence. you hear that about the show. it speaks volumes that there was this growing opinion that in many cases depend on your economic status, you're not given the presumption of innocence. that's what the netflix show sort of strikes at and why i think it's become sort of an obsession. >> thank you all for being with me this morning. appreciate it. we're going to take a short pause, but on the heels of the golden globe award, now it's oscar time. the nominations were announced just about an hour ago. we're going to take a look at whose in and who's out next. of. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. o, there's tracy. [ horn honks ] what!
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6:54 am
matt damon, michael fassbender and eddie redmayne. took home the golden globe for best actor also took the oscar. leonardo dicaprio. for the first time, his oscar. let's move on, brie larson and jennifer. of course, everybody's wanting to see if leonardo dicaprio will take for the first time an oscar award. >> yeah, and there has been some disappointment, jessica, on social media that "star wars" didn't get a best picture nominee. it was nominated in other categories, right? >> it has been, jose, "star wars" got five nominations including best editing, best
6:55 am
score and best visual effects. so not best picture for this time, although it's been a great movie. but you know the biggest pictures and nominations have been announced. so "star wars" fans, don't be so disappointed because definitely this movie had five nominations. >> yeah, about what about acting? victor, what's the big space monkey's name? victor? chewbacca. chewbacca didn't get nominated. this is terrible! jessica, thank you so much. it's great seeing you. thanks so much, jessica. >> you, too, jose. have a great day. >> you, too. next hour on msnbc, isis claims responsibility for an attack in the heart of indonesia targeting foreigners. a live update straight ahead. plus, top gop presidential candidates gearing up for a big debate tonight in south carolina. we're live in north charleston. and powerball fever has taken over chino hills, california. one of three locations to sell a winning ticket. who was the big winner? i understand that one of those tickets was sold in florida.
6:56 am
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it's covered by most health plans. and good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. breaking news out of the indonesian area where isis is now claiming responsibility for the daytime attack that left at least seven people dead in the capital of jakarta. they just released a statement. alistair jamison joins me this morning from london. alistair, what's the latest you're hearing? >> that's right. so a few minutes ago, isis issued a statement saying that it was behind today's attack in the center of jakarta. the group said it targeted a gathering from the crusader alliance. now, that's its language for targeting westerners from countries including the united states who are involved in attacks on isis in iraq and syria. now, one of those who died in today's attack was a canadian citizen, according to indonesian
7:00 am
authorities. and among the injured were an austrian, a german and a dutch national. now, so far, we don't know if any other westerners were involved in the siege which began around about 10:45 local time in a very busy downtown area near a mall. one of the explosions was near a starbucks. and as a precaution, starbucks says it's closed all its branches in the city until tomorrow. >> and do we know -- do at least police tell us that they know who was involved in this attack? >> yes, they've already come out and said that they believe a regional isis figure who has tried to establish himself as a kind of regional ringleader for isis in southeast asia is the culprit behind these attacks. they haven't said whether they believe that he was one of the five attackers. and all five of those, they say, who took part in this daytime assault were killed. they haven't given any further evidence about why they believe
7:01 am
he was involved, but certainly he has been named before as a key figure in the region, and someone they have been after and have warned could be involved in terror attacks. >> and this attack lasted a long, long time, didn't it? >> yeah, it wept on for 4 1/2 hours, right in the heart of downtown jakarta, very close to a busy shopping mall near the united nations office, not too far from the u.s. embassy either. and clearly, it was aimed at those who were out getting coffee or getting lunch in the middle of the day. and it also shows just how much these isis operatives are able to target downtown areas around the world even in areas where there is heightened security. >> alistair jamison in london for us this morning, thank you very much. now to politics and tonight's debate. seven republicans will be in primetime tonight, and one rising candidate is now going into the matchup with, well, another controversy. senator ted cruz now under fire for failing to disclose a loan
7:02 am
he took out to fund his 2012 campaign. "the new york times" reporting the loan was from goldman sachs where cruz's wife worked at the time. the loan and another from citibank totaled about $1 million before being paid down later that year. when the story broke, it was apparent -- apparently it was news to cruz himself. >> we borrowed against the stocks and assets that we had under ordinary terms. if it was the case that they were not filed exactly as the s.e.c. requires, then we'll amend the filings. our finances are not complicated about. we put in the entirety of our savings. we did so through a combination of savings accounts and selling assets and taking a margin loan against other assets. and that -- those facts are clear and transparent. and a technical and inadvertent filing error does not change that at all. >> so you can imagine some of the other candidates have their own opinion on the story. let's get right to it. nbc's katy tur and kasie hunt are in north charleston, south
7:03 am
carolina, with tonight's debate. and katy, all the stuff surrounding cruz, will trump make an issue out of this, you think? >> reporter: he certainly already has. he said it was a very big thing, talking about cruz's loans, that he doesn't know much about it, but he hears it's a big thing. it's a similar sort of way that he's kind of attacked cruz in the past, especially around birth eerism but it's going to a big problem and there are a lot of questions. this is how he's been attacking cruz, sewing doubt in doubters' minds, saying that he has issues, that it's not going to be a sure bet if he gets the nomination, that he'll run into problems with either his eligibility or his finances, and it will be an issue for him in the general election. he's not attacking cruz directly. that's not going to work for him. the both of them, thankly, are vying for the same supporters, especially in iowa. there's a lot of crossover there. so a direct attack isn't something that's necessarily going to benefit him. he's often said that he is a
7:04 am
counterpuncher. and cruz, though, has essential been attacking donald trump more directly, calling him a new york person, saying that he has new york values, saying that new york, new york should be playing at his rallies instead of "born in the usa," which seemed like a pretty overt dig at ted cruz. but trump is waving those off, saying that new york values are great, they're resilient. look at 9/11, we were able to come together in new york and able to bounce back. so the two of them having a tit for tat right now. unclear how aggressive it will get on stage. donald trump hasn't necessarily been that aggressive at the debates unless he's directly attacked. but they're going to be standing right next to each other. so if it does happen, it will be certainly it could amount to some fireworks. but we're just going to have to wait and see. donald trump keeps his debate strategy very close to the vest. jose? >> and as far as those trump tv ads and the $2 million that we've been told the candidate will be spending, where does that stand, katy? >> reporter: that is not the case as of now.
7:05 am
the latest spending that they have done in iowa and new hampshire amounts to just under $700,000, far less than the $2 million that he was promising to spend on ads in both those states for every week. i think it's because the campaign didn't necessarily see a benefit from the last round of ads that they've been airing. the poll numbers haven't gone dramatically up or down. so we might not think it's worth it, putting out those ads instead of trying to saturate himself on national television. but we'll see. we still have a few more weeks to go before iowa, jose. >> yeah, that's true. and kasie, let's talk about rand paul skipping tonight's debate. here's what he said earlier this morning. take a listen. do we have that? >> we can't accept an artificial designation by the media and by the party, and it's really showing that does the party want to be bigger? does the party want the liberty movement in the republican party? do they want voices that say intervention in the middle east has made us less safe, not more
7:06 am
safe? i think if you want to diverse in big party, you need to allow those sloiss. voices. >> he's really been a voice to take on establishment candidates like rubio. what's going to happen if his boycott falls through tonight? >> reporter: jose, this is a different strategy from what they've called happy hour debates, the ones that take place before primetime. you saw chris christie was not on the main stage. he participated on the undercard anyway. paul's obviously taking a little bit of a different strategy. he says he doesn't want to be -- he's a first-tier candidate. they have a first-tier campaign and that putting him in the second tier is essentially undervaluing him. i think those of us who have covered paul for some years in the senate now would probably agree that this is not surprising considering paul's personality and the way he does sort of prickle a little bit at the suggestion that he shouldn't be seen as an equal to one of these other candidates. but the reality is that we've seen over and over again these
7:07 am
exchanges with rand paul actually illuminate some pretty aggressive differences in the republican party on national security and foreign policy. you've seen some of it between cruz and rubio. but rand paul is really the foremost advocate for a lot of these policies. they would reject the label isolationism, but critics of paul would call him something of an isolationist. you've seen him have pretty intense exchanges with chris christie on this. in some ways it's allowed christie to stand out as a national security candidate. so i do think that there is going to be a little bit something missing from the stage without paul on it. but the reality is, he just didn't meet the criteria. and at this point it's not clear what his path to the nomination would be, jose. >> kasie hunt and katy tur, thank you both for being with me. appreciate it. >> nice to see you. let's turn to the other race for the white house, the one among democrats. i'm joined by msnbc host and political host steve cokornacki. some numbers, right? >> that's right. a new poll from iowa, not just
7:08 am
any new poll either. this is "the des moines register" poll, known as the gold standard poll when it comes to figuring out what's going on in iowa. you see the number on your screen. hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders, two points. 42% to 40%. obviously a very close race. when you look inside these numbers, there's some findings here that are staggering. let me share a few of them with you. number one, bernie sanders with people under 45 years old, younger voters, he is leading hillary clinton in iowa by 32 points. he is also ahead of her by 41 points with registered independents, independents can participate in these caucuses. they just need to fill out a card formally changing their registration to democrat. bernie sanders has a 41-point advantage with them. he is also cleaning up when it comes to people who have never gone to these caucuses before. they haven't participated in the past. he's leading by about 20 points there. what we're seeing when you put all of that together, jose, is
7:09 am
that in iowa, bernie sanders is putting together the same basic coalition that barack obama put together back in 2008. and of course, iowa was the state where it all began for barack obama in 2008. he won there. hillary clinton actually finished third. john edwards came in second in 2008. and a lot of the credibility that sustained barack obama that whole winter and spring came out of iowa. so it was a big question with barack obama eight years ago. could he turn those first-time voters out? could he get those independents to show up? would that coalition be there for him in iowa? it was. now, we are seeing the same basic coalition align itself in this poll with bernie sanders. but the question is still out there, will they all actually turn out on caucus day? now just three weeks away, jose. >> steve kornacki, thank you very much. this morning, we're waiting for the winners of last night's unprecedented powerball jackpot to come forward. there are at least three winners of the nearly $1.6 billion prize. the world's largest lottery
7:10 am
prize ever. the winning tickets were sold in california, florida and tennessee. let's go to the los angeles suburb of chino hills, california, where morgan ratford is outside a 7-eleven where one of the winning tickets was sold, right, morgan? >> reporter: that's right, jose. $1.5 billion, that is the largest jackpot in powerball history, and it's going to be split between one winner, one winner in tennessee, another in your home state of florida and one winner right here in california. where as you can imagine, jose, people were filing in this 7-eleven behind me which is where that winning ticket was purchased. they were pouring in all throughout the night and into this morning just to get a glimpse of the glory. take a listen. >> i'm very excited and i'm very excited for whoever won the lottery ticket. >> reporter: well, jose, we spoke to lottery officials just moments ago. and they said that still no one has officially come forward, but they did say they're going to hold a press conference at 11:00 a.m. pacific time. but the big question today is that there's a big decision
7:11 am
facing those lottery winners. they can either take $528 million if they accept annual installments of that payment, or they can take $328 million if they take it all in one lump sum. so a big day, a big decision and lots of luck. jose? >> morgan, you wouldn't happen to know anybody in florida that is right now m.i.a. because they bought tickets, right? you don't know anybody, do you? >> reporter: unless you're not telling me something, jose. >> no, i'm asking you if you know because i don't. i wish i did. morgan, great seeing you, though. take care. >> reporter: you, too. and more now as we wait for the winners to reveal themselves. let's bring in msnbc business correspondent olivia sterns. they're required to come forward publicly, right? >> yes, in california, in florida where you are and also in tennessee, all those states have laws requiring the winner of the lottery to actually come forward. there are only five states, in fact, where you are allowed to remain anonymous if you do, in fact, win those states are delaware, kansas, maryland,
7:12 am
north dakota and ohio. it's actually interesting. a lot of state legislatures are sort of considering new laws around whether or not they're going to allow you to remain anonymous. for example in georgia, there's an interesting law that they're debating whether or not they will allow you to remain anonymous if you promise to donate 25% of your winnings back to scholarships and good causes. so that's interesting. but you know, jose, the truth is the lottery really likes the publicity. they say it's because it helps with transparency and trust in the system. but the truth is, it's great marketing. >> i mean, i guess you could. and i think that here in florida, there's a case once, you could actually apparently if you have to show your face, you can cover it up. i mean, you could buy, like, you know, a silk embroidered with gold pashmina thing and put it over your face. >> sure. or you could buy a mask. or you could buy a mask. so there are a few states where they actually have specific rules about whether or not your photo has to appear. >> right. so olivia, what should someone do if they're lucky enough to win a ticket like that?
7:13 am
>> if you were lucky enough to win, don't say anything. please go ahead and sign your ticket because nobody cares who actually bought the picture. powerball and the lottery only care who is actually holding the ticket. sign the ticket. if you won in a pool, make sure you have very clear terms set before you claim it. and please, you just won the lottery, please splash out and pay for a good lawyer. you're going to need lots of expert advice. and i am firmly in the camp of please take that annuity. don't take a lump sum. i don't know about you, jose, but i've got a lot of siblings. if i suddenly won the lotto, that's going to be a lot of people expecting a lot of money. i'd love to tell them no, i don't have it right now. to have to wait every year. >> yeah, but you could do that from the middle of the ocean on a yacht. they're not going to be able to find you. >> it's family. >> that's true. but if i do win, victor and i are going to go with a mask. we're going to go with a chewbacca mask. what do you think? that way they wouldn't know it's us. olivia, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> take care. lots ahead on this busy thursday morning.
7:14 am
happening this hour, a chicago judge expected to rule on the release of a video showing the 2013 police shooting of an unarmed teen. potentially bombshell video that could re-ignite tensions in the windy city. plus, senator ted cruz on the defense after a new report about an undisclosed wall street loan to fund his 2012 senate run and just hours ahead of tonight's gop showdown. the republican candidate's national spokesman joins us live next on msnbc. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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7:17 am
i want to get back to the breaking news at the top of the hour. isis claiming responsibility for the attacks in jakarta, indonesia, today. joining me now on the phone, malcolm nance, contributor and executive director of the terror esometrics project. what do you make of this isis claim of responsibility?
7:18 am
>> well, i think even though it's a little premature, i think we need to take it seriously. it turns out that indonesia was on guard for an isis attack over the last week. isis elements in indonesia have threatened that they would carry out an attack somewhere in the country. and this comes on the heels of about a month ago, the largest indonesian religious group, 50 million muslims in indonesia, denounced isis specifically and said that their ideology was an extremist ideology that no muslim should follow. and since then indonesia's been waiting for something like this. >> and the largest muslim country on the planet. so why hasn't indonesia been the focus of isis in the past? >> well, as you know, indonesia's had its own internal islamic extremist problems. over the last few decades. al qaeda had a following in there. and believe it or not, the largest group in indonesia
7:19 am
resisted islamic terrorist group in indonesia was actually destroyed during the earthquake and tsunami that hit that country about, you know, ten years ago. so they've been crawling back up since that time. and only recently since isis's rise have these small knnucleus decided this is the direction they want to go to. >> and the folks that carried out this attack in indonesia, not a lot is known at least publicly about them, but as you say, they were waiting on warnings that something could happen. do we know where these people are from? >> well, for the most part, they're probably indonesian. even though there are some foreigners who transit in and out of indonesia. most of their terrorism problem has been homegrown. it's just a question of them adopting the ideology. interesting you should note this. i just took a look of the forensic photographs that came from jakarta of one of the
7:20 am
explosive charges that was found, one of the suicide backpacks. and this is completely homegrown device. it was self-molded plastic explosives around a large charge and then three pipe bombs wrapped around that. and the attackers were also carrying pistols and knives. so a very specific isis style attack. i've been there in downtown jakarta. it was a place that westerners visited and it was across the street from the united nations headquarters which isis detest. they detest the united nations. so all of this has the hallmarks of an al qaeda-inspired attack, and they have claimed. >> malcolm nance, thank you very much. thank you for being with me this morning. >> it's my pleasure. coming up minutes from now in chicago, another bombshell video could be released showing the moments before an unarmed teen was shot and killed by police. we're live at the courthouse next. wow! this toilet paper reminds me of a washcloth!
7:21 am
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7:24 am
in just minutes, a hearing will take place in a chicago courtroom about whether to release video of a police officer's fatal shooting of a teenager. the video is evidence in a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and two police officers for the 2013 death of 17-year-old cedric chapman. the police have said it was thought chapman had a gun. the officer was in fear for his life, and the independent police review authority found the shooting justified. chapman's family says he was unarmed. today's hearing comes as chicago's mayor and police department face growing criticism over the use of force by law enforcement. let's go live to chicago, nbc's john yang is there. john, good morning. so what are we expecting this morning? >> reporter: well, jose, we had expected this to be another showdown between the mayor's office, the emanuel administration, and the family of a young man killed by chicago police. but late yesterday, and the latest reversal on this issue of police shootings, mayor
7:25 am
emanuel's administration changed position and now sides with the idea of releasing this video. so we expect this hearing to be relatively short for the judge to issue the ruling that this video will now be made public. this is the case of 17-year-old cedric chatman. he was killed almost three years ago this week in january 2013 as he was fleeing from a car that had been stolen. now, police say he turned toward the officers and pointed an object at them. the family says chatman's family says that the video shows no turn, no gesture toward the officers, and the object that was in his hand, police acknowledge, was an iphone box, an iphone box that was taken from the car. this is the latest in a series of controversies over police shootings that all started hala
7:26 am
winter with the release of the video of laquan mcdonald being shot 16 times by police -- by a police officer who's now facing first-degree murder charges. now, both sides say that these videos, the videos, by the way, are not dashcam videos. they're surveillance videos. one from one of those police observation points. others from security around a high school, around a liquor store. they say they aren't as dramatic. they're not as clear as the mcdonald case, but it's going to be more fuel for the fire. jose? >> john yang, thank you very much. thank you. a second u.n. relief convoy will deliver aid to three syrian towns today. 44 trucks from the u.n. world food program are heading into the rebel town of madaya which has been under siege by pro-assad forces. the u.n. says 4.5 million syrians were living in besieged or hard-to-reach areas with civilians prevented from leaving. and aid workers blocked from bringing in food, medicine, fuel and other supplies.
7:27 am
meanwhile, president obama authorized a $70 million increase for the emergency refugee and migration assistance program in the united states. this is the largest ever increase of refugee aid, and this is the first. it contains no geographical restrictions. the aid can support refugees around the world. a senegalese immigrant has been charged in the death of ashley olsen found dead in florence, italy, on saturday. authorities in italy say the suspect's dna was matched to a cigarette and a condom in olsen's apartment. investigators believe the two met in a local bar late on thursday or early friday, later went to her home. an autopsy found olsen suffered two skull fractures and was then strangled. montana police chase ended in dramatic fashion right outside of nbc affiliate station keci. look at that. the chase started when police tried to pull over a woman seen driving recklessly. security footage caught the car
7:28 am
eventually coming to a stop right next to the tv station. the driver attempted to get inside the building, putting the affiliate on lockdown. officers surrounded the car, and the woman was finally taken into custody. finally, a rare weather system forming in the atlantic within the hour. look at this. hurricane alex now just the second hurricane ever to form during the month of january. the category 1 storm churning toward the central adorezores n of portugal. the last january hurricane was in 1938. up next, the first gop showdown of the new year. the stage is set for tonight in south carolina. and it's a little bit smaller than we've seen in the past. and for the first time, we're hearing directly from mexican actress kate del castillo who helped coordinate the meeting between el chapo and actor sean penn and even more flirty text messages between the actress and the druglord are revealed. we'll have the new texts for you
7:29 am
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7:32 am
once cordial colleagues, the rhetoric between the two republican front-runners is getting, well, kind of more pointed. hours before tonight's debate, donald trump repeatedly raising the question of ted cruz's alleged ability to be president with ted cruz poking at trump for his, quote, new york values. well, the war of words spill over sfwu tonight's debate? tooef co steve kornacki is with us. good morning. >> we are joined by rick tyler, the communications director for ted cruz down there in north charleston, south carolina, the site of tonight's big debate. thanks for taking a few minutes. >> morning, steve. >> there's been so much talk the last few months about the idea of ted cruz and donald trump not really going after each other, not really attacking each other. that seems to be changing on the campaign trail in the last few days. comments from both of them. do you expect that's what we're going to see in the debate tonight, a much more direct exchange between the two of them?
7:33 am
>> well, look, all things are on the table. so i'm looking forward to the debate. senator cruz has done really well in the debate on this particular issue the birther idea. it hasn't moved any numbers. everybody now knows that senator cruz was born to an american citizen in canada who was born in delaware, and it just doesn't seem to be an issue that's moving people. >> but has this changed your thinking, your campaign's thinking at all? because senator cruz himself was pretty direct in talking about this a few weeks ago, a few months ago about the lodgic of not attacking donald trump, not answering maybe a little bait that he was leaving there. but it seems like this has changed that thinking for you guys in terms of just listening to what senator cruz has said the last few days. rick, can you hear me, rick? >> sorry, i thought you were going to play a clip. >> no, no. i'm just saying, listening to what the senator has been saying the last few days, he is saying he's been much more aggressive
7:34 am
in answering charges from donald trump in putting his own accusations out there. is that something you expect to change tonight? >> i don't think that's unique. i mean, other candidates have brought up things about senator cruz, and we have defended and advanced his positions. and when donald trump says something that's inaccurate about senator cruz, he'll defend and advance his position. so i don't think there's anything really different about that. but look, the campaign is entering a different phase. we're three weeks before iowa, and people know senator cruz. they like senator cruz. we've got a lot of support behind him. and now, you know, people want to make a contrast. they want to help voters make a choice of who they're going to vote for, so we're happy to point out the policy contrasts and differences between candidates. those aren't attacks. those just help people figure out who they want to really support. >> i will play you a clip now. senator cruz has spoken the last few days about the idea of donald trump representing what he calls new york values. donald trump was asked about this in an interview that's going to air on bloomberg politics. this is what donald trump said
7:35 am
to that. >> new york city and new york got a tremendous boost all over the world because very few people -- and now you look at the area, it's incredible what they've rebuilt. when people want to knock new york -- first of all, you shouldn't be doing it because you have a massive population there. when you want to knock new york, you've got to go through me. new york is an amazing place with amazing people. >> so rick, he's saying, you know, ted cruz wants to talk about new york values, you saw new york values in terms of how new york responded to 9/11. is that a good answer? >> look, new york is an amazing people, and i agree with donald trump on that. a lot of the entertainment industry comes out of there. most of the news media coverage comes out of there. but also a lot of the new york biases come out of there. just their values are a little different than people in iowa new hampshire and south carolina. it's not good or bad, it's just different. he comes from new york, and that's fine. and senator cruz comes from texas. you know, they have a different perspective on a lot of different issues. voters of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina can look at
7:36 am
those because people want to know what your world view is and how you govern. you can't always know when you're president all the things that are going to come up. what people do want to know is what are your guiding principles? what will motivate you to make decisions? people want the >> thanks for taking a few minutes. appreciate it. jose, we will send it back to you. >> thank you very much, steve. nbc's hallie jackson is inside the performing arts center and coliseum where tonight's republican debate is taking place and also joined by huffington post senior politics director, sam stein. is this a debate where the gloves are going to come off between trump and cruz? >> reporter: i think so. listen, i appreciate what rick tyler has to say. he's earned his keep by the campaign by sort of not answering whether these two will go after each other, but look at what we've seen over the past week. the campaign is drawing contrast
7:37 am
with donald trump which is something ted cruz is expected to do as he's making his closing argument coming into iowa with polls showing this race tightening now. cruz holding once a commanding -- a lead that was at least within the margin of error. trump now sort of tugging away at that. sort of chip aping away at that. you see cruz down 6% since the last "des moines register"/bloomberg poll in december. and that could be potentially because he has come under now increased scrutiny as he's stepped in this front-runner top-tier status. so i do think we'll see a more aggressive tone potentially from both of these guys tonight. >> yeah. and sam, then there's the issue of, you know, the governors in tonight's debate. christie, bush and kasich. they need to kind of break out from the mold of the more traditional republican mold. >> yeah. i mean, in some respects, we're watching almost two different debates happening tonight. one is between cruz and trump, the dual front-runners here.
7:38 am
obviously it's getting a bit more testy between them two, and we can fully expect that the moderators are going to bring up the issue of ted cruz's birthplace and then, of course, ask cruz to expand on what he meant by "new york values," which was a curious line that rick tyler furthered by mentioning the entertainment and news media industry. but in the second debate is what we like to refer to as the establishment lane where you have a number of governors as well as people like marco rubio who really do need to position themselves for third place in iowa and hopefully to catapult from there to second place or even potentially a huge upset victory in new hampshire. and so there are almost two different contests happening in realtime, and they'll bleed into each other. but those are the things that you need to watch out for. >> and interesting, sam, because there has been some movement among those, you know, those establishment candidates. jeb bush has to be thinking that new hampshire is, you know, all or nothing for him. what does he have to accomplish? i mean, he's not the best at these debates.
7:39 am
>> no, they haven't been the best formats for the former florida governor. you know, i would just say i think there is a potential boost to happen for whoever finishes third or potentially even fourth in iowa, just to say or proclaim that you have a comeback in you, that people are listening to your message as the election closes, that people think of you as a reliable presidential nominee. so there is a potential way to catapult out of iowa. but i think, you know, the truth is that new hampshire is where the establishment candidate will probably end up being decided. and for jeb, and for other candidates, really, what you're seeing now is that they're essentially unloading the cupboard here. and by that, i mean their super pacs are funding much more ads, they're getting much more aggressive on the tail themselves. the opposition research is really flying now between the campaigns. they're letting it all sort of hang out as new hampshire approaches because they know it's really there or nothing. >> sam stein and hallie jackson, thank you both for being with me this morning. appreciate it. >> thanks so much. we're getting our first look at some new batches of text
7:40 am
messages between drug kingpin joaquin el chapo and kate del castill castillo. del castillo is publicly speaking out via her twitter page. jacob rascon, you and i were talking about these much bas s batches of communications yesterday morning when they first came out. this is more of that group of text messages that have actually been confirmed to be true, right? >> reporter: it is. and kate has said that there is more to the story. but these text messages which the government here has confirmed are telling a big part of the story. the new batch is even more intimate than the batch we talked about yesterday. they take place over several days between september and november. that's in between the time that she and sean penn met el chapo
7:41 am
in the jungle. and one of the more revealing text conversations is after they had already met with sean penn, and it reads like this. let me pull it up here. on the phone that just disappeared. chap powe sa chapo says, "i'm more excited about you than the "rolling stone" article." kate, "ha, ha, ha, i love hearing that, you're making me blush." there's one another, and this is from el chapo saying, "i want you to come back. i want you to interview people at my ranch, and my mom wants to meet you as well." so pretty extraordinary, el chapo goes on to say that he has no way to repay her for the things that she is going to do, meaning kate del castillo for el chapo and his children. and we're guessing that he's referring to the attempt, the effort, to make a movie about his life. that's what all of this seems to be about. that el chapo had arrived at a place when it wasn't good enough for him perhaps, all of the
7:42 am
notoriety, and what he was doing with his cartel that he wanted his story to be told in movie form. and so we have the conversations with kate. and then with sean penn. and then we go back to kate. and we're hearing these intimate conversations. jose, i might have lost my feed, but i'll just finish with this. but behind me at the prison, we're getting new information about the security upgrades which are very interesting. since el chapo was here last, la reforma reports that nbc news has not confirmed that instead of one camera inside his cell with a blind spot for the shower and toilet, there are now multiple cameras inside all cells with zero blind spots and two guards outside el chapo's cell at all times. in addition, instead of only five guard towers being occupied at one time in a rotating manner, all of the guard towers are apparently now occupied. that in addition to a couple of other things. so the most secure prison in
7:43 am
mexico now even more secure. jose? >> yeah. and that extra security hopefully will prevent what happened in the last 11th of july when he escaped from that same prison. jacob rascon, thank you very much. i want to read to you what kate del castillo tweeted last night. "thank you for your support over the past days. not surprisingly, many have chosen to make up items they think will make good stories and that aren't truthful. i look forward to sharing my story with you. kate del castillo." meanwhile, when i was in mexico reporting for you today, kate's sister who i spoke with says that she has not been in communication with kate about this issue. but there are reports that she may be speaking to "processo" magazine in mexico, which is a weekly news magazine in mexico as early as this sunday. we'll see what happens. of course, kate is someone who i'm looking forward to speaking to about this as well. up next, oscar fever is in
7:44 am
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step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. the 2016 oscar nominations are out this morning, and one movie is leading the pack with a total of 12 nominations. our joe fryer is in los angeles to get us up to speed on the nominations. good morning. >> good morning, jose. in all this year eight films are up for best picture, a mix of blockbusters and indie films, as you mentioned, "the revenant" leads all. this is still an unpredictable year where anyone could win. the nominations this year bring a few surprises and a lot of star power. >> reporter: "the refuvenant" i on a roll. the frontier film scored 12 oscar nominations include ago i nod for best picture. other contenders for the top prize, golden globe's comedy winner "the martian, room, the big short, brooklyn, steven
7:48 am
spielberg's bridge of spies, spotlight and fury road." leonardo dicaprio is hunting for his first oscar. also up for lead actor, matt damon, their competition actors tackling real-life characters, michael fassbender, bryan cranston and eddie redmayne playing transgender lilly elby in "the danish girl." globes winner brie larson is up for "room." veteran charlotte rampling scored for "45 years" along with previous winners cate blanchett for "carol" and "joy's" jennifer lawrence. who got snubbed? johnny depp and will smith missed the cut. and no best picture nominations for "carol" or "star wars," the highest-grossing film in u.s. history although it did score a few technical nods. >> he was so shy, so i asked him
7:49 am
out. >> reporter: supporting actress nominations went to "the danish girl's" alicia vycander. >> everything i've got has moved on. >> reporter: as for supporting actor, "creed ya's" sylvester stallone, his first nomination in nearly 40 years since the original "rocky." one more headline for the second year in a row, all 20 acting nominees are white. some say that's very surprising, especially in a year with critically acclaimed films like "straight outta compton" and "creed." the oscars take place february 28th hosted by chris rock. jose? >> and joe, "star wars" not best film, and then best actor -- what was his name? chewbacca? what is going on here? >> chewbacca that was a stunner, i've heard. i've heard he's very disappointed. "star wars" most people thought
7:50 am
it probably wasn't going to get a best picture nomination, but some people maybe there would be a little push to get it in. it did get a new nominations, just not for the big prize. >> thanks for being with me. hollywood bids farewell to alan rickman who died of cancer at 69 years of age. he was best known for playing hans gruber in "diehard" including snape in the "harry potter" movies. celerate, celerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit today the 2016 hope global forum kicks off in atlanta. it's inclusive economics which hopes to serve as a call to action for an economy that works for everyone everywhere. joining me is tremaine lee who is at the forum. tremaine, good morning. >> good morning, jose. it's actually pretty amazing
7:54 am
when you think about -- that's right, it's pretty amazing when you think about the wide variety of people in this room from jack lui to dikembe mutombo to chelsea clinton. the idea is how do you expand innovation in the marketplace? how do you expand the global economy but do it through communities of working poor people here and abroad. in africa, is it about crafting a distribution network? here at home in cities like detroit or places like appalachia, how do you provide micro loans for people who have an interest in entrepreneurship? how do you create the next steve jobs from communities that have been depleted and underserved? >> and trymaine, tell me a little bit about how long this goes on and what do you think from the people that are speaking there today, you're looking forward to hearing from? >> so "operation hope" has been around since 1992, and over the last couple decades, they've directed about $2 billion in private funding to underserved
7:55 am
communities. and this conference is a yearly thing. it happens over the course of three days. and i think what is so interesting, again, is the wide spectrum of people from policymakers to the heads of corporations like coca-cola and other billion-dollar corporations. all with the aim of how do they score innovation? i think what's exciting about this, when you think about the 45 million or more people in this country who are living below the poverty line, people who are struggling just above that, how do you help working poor mothers? how do you go to that fourth grader in detroit and spur their minds to think about innovation and expanding not only their own hopes and aspirations but those in the community? i think that's what's most exciting. chelsea clinton said something about the idea that there is cynicism, but that's not the antidote to hopelessness. that right there is the seeds of something very special and kind of feel it in this room. >> trymaine lee thank you very much. it's good to see you. and msnbc is the media partner. we'll be live streaming the
7:56 am
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bayer pro ultra omega-3 can help, with two times the concentration of omega-3s than the leading brand. love your heart ... with bayer pro ultra omega-3. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin in south carolina this morning where tonight donald trump and ted cruz along with five other republican candidates are set to face off. but it is the trump/cruz battle that's the big story line going into tonight's debate. the first chance for the two front-runners to go head to head since pulling off the gloves on the campaign trail. now, trump has been going after cruz by suggesting the senator may not be eligible for the presidency because he was born in canada. an attack he repeated in front of 10,000 supporters in pensacola, florida, last night. >> ted's been really nice until the last couple of days. ted cruz. he's been really, really nice,
8:00 am
other than the last couple of days getting a little testy. i've been waiting. got a little problem. you've got to sort of make sure you can run. you've got to make sure you can run. a lot of lawyers say you can't run if you do that. you can't be born in canada. you can't be a canadian citizen. and i hope it works out for him. i really do. >> now, trump is also taking to playing bruce springsteen's "born in the usa" at his rallies to top senator cruz. and new polls out this week show trump's numbers slipping in iowa. they have sent cruz on the offensive. and he's deriding trump as someone with, quote, new york values. >> well, look. i think he may shift in his new rallies to playing "new york, new york" because, you know, donald comes from new york, and he embodies new york values. and, listen, the donald seems to be a little bit rattled." >> now, cruz also goes into tonight's debating responding to new questions about his finances. now,th


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