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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 15, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PST

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the back and forth here because every person here is better than hillary clinton. >> neil, i was mentioned, too. >> you were? >> yeah, he said everybody. >> so much for southern hospitality. things go south quickly in north charleston as ted cruz, donald trump, and marco rubio turn center stage into a cage match. plus carly fiorina tries to power her way back to the top tier attacking hillary clinton right out of the box. but was it a cheap shot? and speaking of clinton -- >> we had donald trump on the other night. i don't know if you saw. >> i didn't. >> the democratic candidate laughing it up with jimmy fallon last night. but what did she have to say about her battle with bernie sanders? it is 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." is good morning, everyone, it is
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friday, january 15th, tgif. i'm shiba russell. the main stage at the sixth republican debate had seven podiums. but the biggest moments were between number one and number two. donald trump and ted cruz sparred over constitutional eligibility, in rather personal terms, marking an end to their friendly competition. >> donald said that he had had his lawyers look at this from every which way. and there was no issue there. there was nothing to this birther issue. now -- since september, the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have.
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but i would note that the birther theories that donald has been relying on, some of the more extreme ones, insist that you must not only be born on u.s. soil, but have two parents born on u.s. soil under that theory, not only would i be disqualified, marco rubio would be disqualified, bobby jindal would be disqualified, and interestingly enough, donald j. trump would be disqualified. because -- because donald's mother was born in scotland. she was naturalized. now donald -- >> but i was born here. >> on the issue of citizenship donald -- >> big difference. >> on the issue of citizenship, donald, i'm not going to use your mother's birth against you. >> because it wouldn't work. here's the problem. we're running. we're running. he does great. i win. i choose him as my vice
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presidential candidate, and the democrats sue because we can't take him along for the ride. i don't like that. okay? the fact is -- and if for some reason he beats the rest of the field, he beats the rest of the field, see they don't like that. they don't like that. >> why are you raising this issue now? >> because now he's doing a little bit better. no, i didn't care before. it's true. no, it's true. hey, look, he never had a chance. now he's doing better. he's got probably a 4% or 5% chance. >> let me -- i was invoked in that question -- in that answer. let me say the real question here, i hate to interrupt this episode of court tv, but the real -- >> really interesting stuff there. donald trump took a softer, more solemn tone when ted cruz challenged him about the values of his hometown, new york city. >> new york is a great place. it's got great people. it's got loving people,
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wonderful people. when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. you have two -- your two 110 story buildings come crashing down. i saw them come down. thousands of people killed. and the cleanup started the next day, and it was the most horrific cleanup, probably, in the history of doing this and in construction. i was down there. sand i've never seen anything like it. and the people in new york fought and fought and fought, and we saw more death, and even the smell of death. nobody understood it. and it was with us for months. the smell, the air. and we rebuilt downtown manhattan, and everybody in the world watched, and everybody in the world loved new york and
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loved new yorkers, and i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that ted made. >> some of the biggest fireworks of the night came in the form of a rematch between senators marco rubio and ted cruz on immigration. >> that rubio schumer amnesty bill, one of the things it did is it expanded barack obama's power to let in syrian refugees. it enabled him, the president, to certify them en masse without mandating meaningful background checks. the senate just a few weeks ago voted to suspend refugees from middle eastern countries. i voted yes to suspend that. marco voted on the other side. so you don't get to say we need to secure the borders, and at the same time try to give barack obama more authority. >> ted cruz, you used to say you supported doubling the number of green cards. now you say that you're against it. you used to support a 500% increase in the number of guest workers. now you say that you're against it. you used to support legalizing people that were here illegally.
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now you say you're against it. you used to say that you were in favor of birth right citizenship. now you say that you are against it. and by the way, it's not just on immigration -- >> i appreciate your dumping your research folder on the debate stage. >> no it's your record. >> after failing to make the main stage, senator rand paul made good on his promise to forego the undercard debate, as well. and that left mike huckabee, rick santorum and carly fiorina, who came out of the gate swinging, using the first question of the debate, which was about the economy, to take shots at both hillary clinton and donald trump. >> the truth is i've had and been blessed by a lot of opportunities to do a lot of things in my life. and unlike another woman in this race, i actually love spending time with my husband. i think we have to end crony capitalism, the crony capitalism that starts with both donald trump and hillary clinton. you know, hillary clinton sits inside government, and rakes in
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millions. handing out access and favors. and donald trump sits outside government, rakes in billions, buying people like hillary clinton. >> fiorina was also asked react to the president's recent executive action on guns but this time it seems she left the crowd to answer the question for her. >> and none of you on stage agree with this, but recent polls show the majority of americans are in favor of universal background checks. >> not in this room. >> it's the poll data. >> and we all believe the poll data all the time, don't we? >> they tell me. >> and while the republican candidates were debating in south carolina, hillary clinton was here in new york city for a pair of sit-down interviews. here she is on "the tonight show" talking to jimmy fallon about donald trump and the tightening race on the democratic side. >> i want to talk about the debate here, because it's a big deal. they just came out today with "the new york times" or someone
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came out, national numbers, that bernie and you are kind of close. >> oh, we're in a tight race. >> you had like a giant -- you had a 20-point lead at one point. >> yeah, but you know that's really artificial. all of those early soundings and polls. once you get into it, this is a democratic election. for our nominee. and it gets really close, exciting. and it really depends upon, you know, who makes the best case that you can be the nominee to beat whoever the republicans put up. and try to get your folks who support you to come out. i find it exciting. i mean this is not a job they give away. you really do have to work hard for it. >> yeah. >> and it is the hardest job in the world. so, i get up every day, and go right at it. >> bernie sanders has been on the receiving end of the attacks from clinton all week. but yesterday, the vermont senator's campaign released a critical ad of its own highlighting clinton's wall street ties. and on a conference call with reporters yesterday clinton's top aides cried foul saying
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sanders had violated his pledge to never run a negative attack ad. here's the ad followed by clinton's response last night on msnbc. >> there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan, break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all and provide universal health care education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president. you better believe it. >> obviously senator sanders has said repeatedly he doesn't do that. he doesn't, you know, engage in negative attacks. and i take him at his word on anything personal. we don't do that in our side of the debate. what i think people reacted to is that it was a very broad assertion that caught up all democrats. i mean basically it's also a
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very direct criticism of president obama who, as you might recall, took a lot of money from the financial industry when he ran in 2008. that didn't stop him from fighting for the hardest regulations on wall street since the great depression. >> let's turn to business now. oil futures are under $30 a gallon this morning, and nearly eight years later, goldman sachs is again paying a price for its role in the ors of the financial crisis. the wall street firm announced yesterday it will pay up to $5 billion to resolve claims stemming from the sale of faulty mortgage securities which sparked the financial crisis. cbs's carolyn roth joins us live. $5 billion is a big number but it's not so big compared to what some of the other wall street firms have had to pay out. why is that in this case? >> no, absolutely you're right if you take a look at the likes of jpmorgan $1billion, bank of america, merrill lynch $17 billion.
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$5 billion actually seems quite manageable. and actually goldman sachs is a very profitable firm. so it's quite easy for them to actually shell this out to regulators to settle those claims that they missold the mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the financial crisis in 2007. now, the fine is divided between the department of justice, the dodge and other agencies but there's also some cash relief for some homeowners, and distressed borrowers. and shares in the company were just slightly lower in yesterday's trading session because a lot of people think, hey, this could have been worse and it might have been priced in. also want to tell you about some deal news overnight. ge and chinese company called haier struck a very significant deal worth $5.4 billion. haier in china is buying the ge's appliance business, so this is a very big deal, after a similar deal with electrolux fell through for ge last year. and the two companies also struck an agreement for future partnership, in health care and advanced manufacturing.
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back over to you. >> some big developments there. carolyn, thank you so much live from london. still ahead here on "way too early," isis strikes again. this time claiming responsibility for that deadly attack in jakarta. we'll have the very latest on the search for suspects. and this video from iranian state television of those ten american sailors being held by iran came up several times during last night's republican debate. find out what the defense secretary is saying about the entire ordeal. and coming up later on a special edition of "morning joe," live from iowa, donald trump and hillary clinton. we'll be right back. is your head so congested it's ready to explode?
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like working from home equals not working. numbers look pretty good, how's it on your end dave? oh, the numbers look so good. dave, dave's on it. the city of chicago released video of another fatal police shooting of a black teenager after a court ruling. and just a warning here, some of you may find the footage disturbing. city officials fought for months to keep the images of the 2013 death of 17-year-old cedrick
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chatman private. but they reversed that long-held course just before the judge's ruling yesterday, saying the city is working to be more transparent. it shows an officer firing at chatman as he ran off after being spotted in a vehicle that had been reported carjacked. according to an internal police review the officer says he saw a dark object in chatman's hand and feared for his life. that object turned out to be an iphone box. also made public yesterday, an autopsy report from last month's police shooting of black college student quintonio legrier. it shows he was shot six times, including twice in the back. overseas now isis is claiming responsibility for yesterday's deadly attacks in the indonesian capital of jakarta. in broad daylight a series of blasts rocked that city, gun battles broke out on the street. in all, seven people died, five of them were attackers. a canadian national and an indonesian were killed. at least 24 other people were injured. authorities say an isis flag was found at the crime scene.
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indonesian police say three men have been taken in for questioning. we are learning new details about the circumstances that led to iran's brief detention of ten american sailors. defense secretary ash carter said yesterday that a navigational error caused the crews to stray into iranian waters. >> this much is clear, there was a navigational error of some kind, all the contributing factors to that we don't know yet and we're still talking to those folks and we'll find out more what combination of factors led to that navigational error. but they were clearly out of the position that they intended to be in. >> after this video of the sailors appeared on iranian state tv, critics have argued that iran violated terms of the geneva convention, which prohibits subjecting prisoners of war to insults and public curiosity. state department spokesman john kirby dismissed those claims yesterday, saying the geneva convention does not apply because the u.s. is not at war with iran.
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let's get to sports now, and we begin with the nfl where teams continue to fill head coaching vacancies. the san francisco 49ers have hired former philadelphia head coach chip kelly replacing jim tomsula after a 5-11 season in san fran. kelly will be the 49ers seventh head coach in 15 years. meanwhile, in philly, the eagles are expected to hire chiefs offensive coordinator doug peterson as their new head coach. peterson has spent the last three seasons in kansas city under former eagles head coach andy reid. and in new york, as expected the giants have announced they're promoting offensive coordinator ben mcadoo to head coach replacing the outgoing tom coughlin. qb coach mike sullivan will step in as offensive coordinator. and in tampa the buccaneers are expected to hire dirk cutter as the team's head coach replacing lovie smith. some nba news now in philadelphia the bulls jimmy butler put up a career high 53
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points but chicago would need every one of those points as the sixers take them to overtime. the bulls prevail 115-111. meanwhile in memphis, the pistons and the grizzlies were tied in the game's final seconds. >> high screen for baines. took it away. five seconds. four seconds. chalmers. rims it up -- it's in! >> you've got to be kidding me. >> pumped much? that's amazing. the grizzlies' mario chalmers recovers the lost ball, drains the jumper with less than a second to play. giving memphis a 103-101 victory. even the kids were excited about that. and finally, yesterday vikings kicker blair walsh, well he visited the class of first graders who sent him encouraging letters after he missed a
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27-yard game winning field goal at the end of minnesota's playoff loss to the seahawks on sunday. aren't they cute? very supportive. students sent walsh hand drawn pictures and wrote him letters saying things like, you are handsome, and everyone makes mistakes. sometimes. >> for them to show that kindness and to show that, you know, empathy towards me is -- it's remarkable. >> thank you from the bottom of my heart, seriously. that cheered me up a lot. and the fact that you guys would do that for me, somebody you've never met and somebody you don't know. that's huge. and it can help in certain times like these. >> do you think any of those notes included practice makes perfect, bill? >> maybe. there are some that were a little more blunt than others. >> yeah. >> but he's handling it well. >> and he's getting support everywhere, including from those first graders. so -- >> yeah. >> it's nice. i think it makes him feel better. >> just not any of his fans. >> they're his fans. >> let's talk about this rare hurricane now almost right over the top of the azores. for them they're waking up this morning to hurricane conditions. pretty rare to call it that.
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this is a category 1 hurricane, 75-mile-per-hour winds moving quickly. it will be out of the azores in six to eight hours from now. we had some pretty good thunderstorms in panama city, woke a lot of people up. a lot of lightning strikes down along the florida coast. this is going to go south of the tallahassee area. worst weather in the country. taking rain as we go throughout the morning hours which will eventually spread from atlanta to charleston, savannah included, tampa's got a little rain right now and you could get even heavier rain during the day. maybe an isolated strong storm or two. this will be off the north carolina coastline by 9:00 p.m. this evening. light rain moving into washington, d.c. if you have any evening plans and some light showers through kentucky and ohio during the day today. then the storm bombs out as it goes off the mid-atlantic coast. tomorrow morning heavy rain around new york city, long island up to boston. that exits during the afternoon but maine will get a snowstorm. as we go through the weekend, the track of the cold air, minneapolis goes from 22 to 1 on saturday. to negative 7 on sunday. that's the next surge of really cold air, and shiba that will
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move across the entire country but the time we get to tuesday. >> okay so we'll stay tuned to minneapolis when we're complaining about how cold it is here on the east coast. have a great weekend, bill. coming up next we play some of the serious parts of hillary clinton's interview with jimmy fallon but she also managed to spark a few laughs. "way too early" is back in a moment. doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical want bladder leak underwear that try always discreet underwear and move, groove, wiggle, giggle, swerve, curve. lift, shift, ride, glide, hit your stride. only always discreet underwear has soft dual leak guard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most and a discreet fit that hugs your curves, you barely feel it.
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okay we want to go back to hillary clinton's appearance with jimmy fallon on "the tonight show." the two discussed her battle with bernie sanders, the republican debate, and a few other, shall we say, policy issues. >> usually i'm not home when the debates are going on. i have other things i'm out doing. so i do try to catch up on them. >> what is it like? >> i love to be able to fast forward. >> that's always nice. that's always fun. do you watch with bill. does bill watch as well? >> sometimes. >> does he get into it? pause it stand up and go like football coach, that's not how you do it. that's not -- he's making a mistake. >> were you over like were you in the kitchen when we were watching it? >> get closer to you. >> here we go. >> request you recognize the cologne it's the axe effect. >> oh, my goodness. i can't stand it. >> i know, i know. all right here you go. watch this.
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you put this thing on. >> oh, my gosh >> you got to show them. >> very good. now i'm just going to send that anyway. even though it's your snapchat, i'm sending it. oh, it's gone, it's gone. >> i'm way behind. i got to get on snapchat. that does it for me and "way too early." a special edition of "morning joe" is up next. live from java joe's in des moin moines, iowa. the capital of the first in the nation caucus state. full highlights and analysis of last night's fiery republican debate. plus, a packed lineup of presidential contenders. donald trump, hillary clinton, chris christie and carly fiorina, all joining the conversation. "morning joe" is just moments away. does the smell of a freshly bound presentation
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you have a big lawsuit over your head while you're running, and if you become the nominee, who the hell knows if you can
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even serve in office? >> well, listen, i've spent my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. supreme court, and i'll tell you, i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> you and i'm not taking legal advice from donald trump. >> i hate to interrupt this. >> you had your chance marco and you blew up. i hope the president is watching. we're not against you. we're against your policies and we're going to kick your rear end out of the white house. >> i will gladly september the mantle of anger. >> my name was mentioned here. everyone needs to discount some of the things you're going to hear in the adds. every person here is better than hillary clinton. >> neal, i was mentioned. >> you were? >> yeah, he said everybody. >> all right. good morning.


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