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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  January 16, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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tonight. thanks for playing. >> thanks a lot. really appreciate it, rachel. >> if you want to play the friday night news dump, all you have to do is e-mail us. operators are standing by. actually, operators are standing by. "weekends with alex witt" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." here's what's happening, a big day out on the campaign trail. top two gop rivals will be battling it out again today as new conflict escalates among republicans. four democrats just one more day before a critical debate. a live report on how the clinton/sanders race is getting more heated. and the stock market is making history. will wall street rebound in the coming week? some answers ahead. going public for first time today. a new member of the national zoo family. we'll have his coming out party.
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and we begin with breaking news out of west africa. 126 hostages have been freed after al qaeda linked terrorists seized a hotel in burkina faso. 33 people were wounded and the victims were from 18 different nationalities. the country's president says for extremists who were killed that includes two women. an official at the pentagon says one u.s. military member is embedded with french forces right there at the scene of the attack. officials say they're now searching nearby hotels to be sure there are no other extremists in hiding. we'll bring you the very latest in the live report coming your way at the half hour. developing now on the iran nuclear deal, it could be a landmark day. secretary of state john kerry will meet in vienna to discuss the progress that has been made. the international atomic agency could issue the final report
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today and white house press secretary josh earnest says it's too early to say when the sanctions will be lifted. >> they will not be receiving any sort of sanctions relief until the iaea has been able to independent verify that the steps have been completed. >> nbc's richard engel is in vienna this morning. welcome to you. what do we expect to see there today? >> reporter: well, this could be the critical moment, the culmination of 2 1/2 years of diplomacy. one might argue the corner piece of the obama administration's foreign policy efforts. the podium's here in vienna are already set up where i'm at the international center and we are expecting perhaps in a few minutes, perhaps in a few hours, the u.n. to come out and announce that iran has taken the necessary steps to relieve
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sanctions. secretary kerry is in town. his iranian counterpart also here. if the u.n. as widely expected does come out and say that iran has met its obligations under the agreement that was signed in july, then you could see some immediate sanction relief. tens of billions of dollars being freed up. it will take some time before that money hits iran, but they'll be granted access to international markets. allowed to be involved in international banking, allowed to trade oil. iran is calling this implementation day. and for iran it is a very big deal. it's potentially the start of a new chapter. perhaps even a thaw in relations. so this is a diplomatic moment that we could see with the pen put to paper very soon. >> richard, as from the iranian
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stand point they seem confident as well that the things will be lifted today. the implementation day, it's now time for all especially muslim nations to join hands and rid the world of violent extremism. does it have to be exclusively based on what the iaea finds? is that the final sticking point ahead of implementation? >> well, implementation day if in fact it does come in the next couple of hours perhaps at the most, there will be some immediate sanction relief. this will be the implementation of the agreement. which means that they have disabili dis-activated a facility. they put cement in the key reactor and they have removed a lot of the uranium. that was a key part of the deal.
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the highly enriched and lowly enriched uranium. they have dismantled or destroyed centrifuges that were used to test cascade uranium to make it a weapons grade. so if the u.n. comes out and says they have in fact done all of these things then there already some immediate sanctions relief. what goes on from here is the ongoing monitoring. the u.n. will continue to have a role. the international agency will make sure that iran sticks to the agreement and the next step is certifying that the initial steps have taken place and we expect to see that very soon. >> all right. all eyes on vienna, including yours. thank you, richard engel. and south carolina is the place to be today if you're running for president. donald trump, ted cruz, mike
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huckabee all slated to speak this afternoon. and meanwhile, more fallout from thursday's republican debate as ted cruz offers an apology, sort of, for his attack on trump's quote new york values. >> i'm happy to apologize. i apologize to the millions of new yorkers who have been let down by liberal politicians in that state. i apologize to all the pro-life and promarriage and pro second amendment new yorkers who were told by governor cuomo they have no place in new york because that's not who new yorkers are. >> isn't that kind of a sorry/not sorry there? trump has not yet responded. meanwhile, as hillary clinton and her democratic rivals prepare for tomorrow night's debate in charleston, her ground game in iowa is a family affair. chelsea clinton will join her father, bill clinton, as he continues on a second full day of campaigning there. today's events comes over two weeks before the iowa caucuses and hillary clinton is in a
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tight battle with bernie sanders. and so john, with an early good day to you. what's on the schedule? >> reporter: well, alex, this is a clinton pincher movement. here bill clinton will have his first event. he'll have another event on his way to demoip -- des moines. but on the eastern side, chelsea clinton will have the event and then they'll meet in des moines for a big rally. for hillary clinton. as you say she's in zng -- in south carolina preparing for tomorrow's nbc news debate. now, the clinton campaign is facing a surging bernie sanders here in iowa. polls showing this race within the margin of error. talking to democrats across the state they say that sanders' strength appears to be in the urban areas and in college communities. he's gaining traction as he talks about income inequity and
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he talks about his idea of moving toward universal health care. single payer system. the clinton campaign complaining he hasn't spelled out the details on that. hasn't said he'll pay for that. but as one iowa democrat told me, you can never go wrong in iowa being the most liberal candidate in the field and right now that's bernie sanders. alex? >> i'm curious, john, because i know you were at one of the events in sioux city. what was the reception like there? were they rallying behind hillary clinton or more about seeing the former president? >> i think it was a little bit of both. there were a lot of t-shirts that said i miss bill. and also it was a very interesting campaign event. it was a more subdued bill clinton than i think a lot of people might have expected. he seems very intent on not getting out in front of the
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candidate. for instance, you heard none of the attacks on bernie sanders talking about his health care ideas. about universal health care. it was a very positive speech. talking about his wife as someone who could get things done. talking about her record as an attorney, as first lady of arkansas and as the united states senator. >> he has said she is his secret weapon. john yang, thank you. let's go to the south carolina tea party convention. let's bring in kasie hunt, live in myrtle beach this morning. good morning to you. what and who might we expect there today? >> reporter: alex, good morning. while donald trump will be here and while he and ted cruz have been fighting it out, trump is fighting back pretty hard.
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but he's trading in some of the big rallies in favor of traditional retail politicking. donald trump is still topping the polls but now he's bending to iowa tradition. >> we have to get out and win. >> reporter: making his stop at a pizza chain and showing his human side. comforting a family who lost a child to a heroin overdose. >> it's a tough thing, i know what you went there. he's a great father, i can see it. your son is proud of you. >> reporter: but he's showing no sympathy for ted cruz. >> how will you be president if you don't know about a million dollar loan from goldman sachs and you said it's something you don't know about, and now he doesn't know he was a canadian citizen? >> reporter: cruz didn't tell federal election officials about the loans from goldman sachs and citibank that helped fund his senate campaign and he refused to answer questions about it. polls show cruz and trump far
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ahead of the establishment candidates battling for third. marco rubio is appealing to gun owners. >> i scored a rifle, thank you. >> reporter: hitting chris christie as a liberal. >> there are republicans running that are not supporters of the second amendment. >> reporter: and senator lindsey graham taking sides endorsing jeb bush and calling rubio inexperienced. >> i can say at 44 i wasn't ready to be president. >> reporter: these candidates are trying to keep hope alive even as many in the gop establishment are finally beginning to accept that trump could win the nomination. the next question -- whether he could forgive an establishment who is trying to find someone, anyone, who can beat him. >> i love people who treat me fairly. >> so far, so good on that? >> so far, so good. >> reporter: some worry if he wins iowa he could lock up the nomination pretty quickly. he had that rally in iowa yesterday and he's in new hampshire this morning.
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and then he's going to be back south carolina on this saturday afternoon for this tea party convention. alex? >> i'm guessing no letup is probably the game plan. thank you so much. other news now, michigan governor rick snyder is asking for federal help to deal with the lead contamination problem. the governor says the city needs tens of millions of dollars to provide clean drinking water for residents. chipotle is going to close all of its stores for several hours next month so all workers can attend the food safety meeting. they confirmed it will take place on february 8th. it will include all of the staff at the more than 1,900 locations. sales have been battered since an e. coli outbreak sickened more than 50 people across nine states. these selfies are it of this world literally. british astronaut tim peek took these yesterday when he ventured out on a space walk.
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more presidential politics now. sunday's democratic debate hosted by nbc news and youtube is the last time the three candidates will share the same stage before the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary. and as new polls out of the two important states show clinton and sanders virtually neck and
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neck, they're each ramping up attacks on each other. sanders released this ad thursday without mentioning clinton by name. >> there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says that it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. >> joining me now is eleanor clift. let's talk about hillary clinton who she plans to go after wall street executives for wrongdoing among other reforms. is she co-oping a bernie sanders message and will it work for her? >> she's been co-oping all of his messages. i think that's been one of the dynamics of this campaign. she has toughened up her approach to wall street. she's released a tax plan that would assess an additional income tax on people who make over $5 million a year. so yes, i mean, i think this is
4:18 am
what goes on in a primary when you have a surging candidate like bernie sanders. and she needs his voters. >> but how did we end up here? where it seems to be a real race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders and what happens if sanders wins new hampshire and iowa? >> well, i think that the democratic national committee kind of set it up so hillary clinton would win by limiting the access to the debates. but i think that appears to be backfiring. i think the voters like a contest and they like what bernie sanders has to say. he clearly appeals more to young people. but she has a base as well. and i think in iowa, typically favors the candidate who's surging. if she does lose the first two contests the next set of races are not really bernie sanders' base. he did was in iowa, new hampshire is really his home
4:19 am
territory. but you move south and she has some advantages. i talked to a number of political consultants and analysts late last week. i could not find one who thinks that bernie sanders could actually win the nomination. >> there is this new "washington post" headline which reads clinton's lead is evaporating and they see 2008 all over again. is that how you see it? you've said that the people you've talked to are not that worried but are they talking about that at all -- 2008? >> yes, they're talking about 2008 and david axelrod in particular who ran barack obama's campaign in '08 said that hillary clinton has built a much stronger campaign in iowa than in '08 and that the calendar again favors her after it leaves iowa and new hampshire just as it favored obama in '08. so he said he still gives hillary clinton a slight chance to win in iowa, but if she
4:20 am
doesn't win, it's not over. the only thing that gives democrats pause is that very small chance that the fbi might do something, connected with the e-mail stuff. then they have got joe biden waiting on the sidelines who's clearly expressing regrets that he's out of the race and so he's -- he's the democrat's backup. again, with all due respect to bernie sanders and democrats love him, they love what he has to say, but he still faces that electability issue. very few people see him as the eventual nominee and the victor. hillary clinton still leads in that sort of -- and that sort of attitude is held by most democrats and by the endorsement by the major magazines. >> did you hear my wow, and that was after you said joe biden. can you see him coming back into play? >> only if -- you know, i don't
4:21 am
want to give voice to this, but only if that's a legal issue that hillary clinton faces and i think that's a very small probability but it's not zero. i think when you look at this race, what it reminds me of is the 2000 race with al gore versus bill bradley. bradley was a thoughtful senator. he was a former nba player, he had celebrity. the left loved him. bradley in the end lost iowa two to one and he lost new hampshire when all the undeclared voters in new hampshire, some 40%, went to john mccain in the 2000 race, because that was a race more exciting. you know, i think new hampshire is hard to figure. i think bernie sanders would like to get a lot of the undie claired voters in -- undeclared voters in new hampshire. they may want to move to trump because they like him or because they want to stop him. that's a lot of uncertainty. >> okay, we have three weeks.
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love your heart ... with bayer pro ultra omega-3. six weeks after the san bernardino terror attack, an update on the investigation. the fbi says the husband and wife that shot and killed 14 people intended to detonate an explosive device inside the same room. but they don't know when it was set to explode nor why the device never detonated. the fbi has spent weeks trying to piece together a time line and say the most basic questions remain unanswered including if anyone else was involved in the planning of the massacre or why they chose that location and date for the attack. we're more than 24 hours away for the nbc news/youtube debate in charleston, south carolina. the last debate before the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary. it comes out at a time when the
4:26 am
ads are hitting each oether lik guns and the wall street influence. kristen welker, good morning to you. should we expect to see more sparring on these issues tomorrow? >> reporter: oh, i think you're do going to see fireworks tomorrow night. this debate could not be more critical as you point out. it's the last time we'll see them face off before the all important iowa caucuses and the race is essentially in a dead heat. let's look at some of the figures, in new hampshire, vermont senator bernie sanders leads secretary clinton by four points, and look at what happens in iowa. this is a state where she had a huge lead. that lead has now shrunk, 42 to 40%. if you talk to political analysts they say that senator sanders is tapping into voters' desire for the anti-establishment candidate. here's what we have seen over the past week, alex. we have seen secretary clinton change her strategy. she has increased her attacks against senator sanders on the key issues, issues like guns around health care. so i think those issues are
4:27 am
going to factor prominently in tomorrow night's debate. she has sent out her top surrogates, daughter chelsea and bill clinton who has been making the case for his wife on the campaign trail. today we will see chelsea and bill clinton hold their first joint event in iowa. secretary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley will be here and i anticipate we could see heated rhetoric at the dinner. a prelude to tomorrow night. >> you think? thank you, kristen welker. a terrorist hotel attack in west africa leaves dozens dead. we'll tell you about the one new detail about the incident that could be quite surprising. more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence?
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working on my feet all day gave min my knees. but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain. find a machine at wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." we have some more information on the breaking story out of the west african nation of burkina
4:31 am
faso. the al qaeda linked gunman killed 23 people. hostages were freed and nbc's kelly cobiella has the latest. what do you know? >> reporter: government forces with the help of the french are still looking for militants but the siege at the hotel is over. the french ambassador is saying 150 people from 18 countries were rescued after a night of terror. outside the splendid hotel in ouagadougou, cars in flames. and the sound of gunfire. for hours, militants held hostages while government forces tried to break the siege. there were four attackers opening fire at a cafe, then storming the four star hotel. this woman was in the cafe meeting friends from the u.s. we dropped to the ground she
4:32 am
says. as soon as anyone raised their heads, the gunmen fired at them. we had to play dead. they shook people by the foot to see if they were alive or not and if they were, they shot them. this man says the first police and government forces on the scene turned around and left. overnight, french special forces were sent in to help by neighboring mali. 126 hostages freed, dozens injured. and at least four militants dead. this morning, government forces are still searching for attackers in the area and the death toll is rising. that fourth militant we're told was killed at a nearby hotel just this morning. and burkina faso's president says two of the attackers were women. and the same terror group that attacked the radisson blu hotel a week after the paris attacks back in november, 20 were killed
4:33 am
in the siege, and alex, this time the death toll has climbed yet again. the number of dead is now at 27 according to government officials. we are still trying to find out if any americans are among the victims. >> okay. kelly cobiella, very sobering, thank you. questions this morning over exactly what caused two u.s. navy boats to stray into the iranian waters in the persian gulf. ten were taken into custody by the coast guard and they were questioned and photographed before being released some 14 hours later. ash carter said that the crew misnavigated. >> this much is clear, there was a navigational error of some kind. all the contributing factors to that we don't know yet and we're still talking to those folks and we'll find out more what combination of factors led to that navigational error. but they were clearly out of the position they intended to be in.
4:34 am
>> let's bring in military analyst colonel jack jacobs. good morning to you, colonel. i want to get your perspective here. what happened? misnavigated, what does that mean? engine failure or they drifted off into waters because of the gps malfunction or what? >> well, they certainly drifted off. if he said they misnavigated it means they perhaps put in the wrong coordinates into the gps system. if that happens they can drift off to the wrong place. there are fairly narrow waters around that island. anything done on the ship, particularly with respect to navigation is supposed to be checked by the senior sailor aboard the vessel. there were two vessels so they were widely separated and that's why one drifted off. surely there was a failure to super vice what went on. you have to check the coordinates you have put in. >> you know, it's interesting because when you have borders on land, that's fairly clear
4:35 am
delineation. how hard is it in the water to navigate that? >> no, it's no more difficult. i mean, you have gps, particularly military gps that can site your position down to one meter or less. they should have known exactly where they were, which is why it looks like they put the wrong coordinates in or the wrong series of coordinates in. that's why they wound up where they were. >> the white house was asked if it was troubled by the use of the video with the view on their knees, with their hands behind their head. >> primarily what we were concerned about is making sure the soldiers were released promptly and unharmed. all of that happened within 14 hours of their originally being taken into iranian custody when they drifted into iranian territorial waters. >> troubled or embarrassed by
4:36 am
iran using the photos? >> well, i don't think that's any reason for anybody to be embarrassed. >> is this an embarrassment for the u.s. or not? >> yeah, he's got that wrong. other than the fact that josh earnest can't tell the difference between a soldier and a sailor, it was really embarrassing. i'll tell you if i received instructions to give up, to let my ship be boarded, i'd tell them to get some other guy. i wouldn't put my crew in the position that that crew was. which raises an interesting issue. about what the rules of engagement were before they went out and patrolled and received the operations order and in it were instructions about what to do in situations like this. and if they were given instructions to give up their ship, to comply with the borders such that they were photographed in the position that we saw them. then not only do the sailors have a lot to answer for, but the chain of command more particularly has plenty to
4:37 am
answer for. >> in that training, jack, how much do they talk to their captors? we did hear one of them saying he was sorry. >> well, that's another big problem. in your training, you're taught and you train and over and over again that you give name, rank and service number and nothing further. that lieutenant who was talking about apologizing for what he did, he made a big mistake too. that's nothing that -- i would do and nothing anybody i know would do. >> colonel jacobs, thanks for weighing in. let's go from there to the economy and the wall street is rocked by the worst start ever to the new year. the dow jones is down 400 points on friday. joining me is cnbc's courtney reagan. welcome to you. why the steep drive, what is driving this sell-off? >> so there's a couple of factors. china is one. china is the second largest economy and we are getting many data points that show us that
4:38 am
it's beginning to slow down. china is a big buyer of both industrial products and consumer goods. everything from steels to copper to cars and handbags. if their economy is slowing down they have less money to buy those things from u.s. companies and multinational companies. the other key drivers is oil prices. right now, supply is far outstripping business demand. so oil prices are sitting at 12-year lows. the energy sector is cutting back on investments, jobs are being cut. those are the two main reasons that are -- >> are we on the cusp of more being unloaded on the market too? >> very likely we are. the markets are closed on monday and this could have exasperated the selling on friday. because traders didn't want the miss the opportunity to sell out of some positions because other world markets are going to be open sunday night and monday. it's possible that we have not seen the end of this. these fears don't go away overnight. >> i have heard that we may be in some sort of a correction. with all three of the major
4:39 am
indices down. what's your take? >> that's when the stocks fall 10% from the more recent highs. when stock prices get too high, they're too rich. that means that companies are valued at more than they're really worth that's when a correction can come into play and be healthy for the market. we could be in a correction right now. but it's hard to say until we're out of it. >> here's how people -- i have seen the 401(k)s down 6%. what would you do? >> i tell folks not to panic. it's a good reason to have a gut check. call your financial adviser, perhaps now is a good time to get one if you don't have one. make sure you can sleep at night. that you can feel comfortable with how your 401(k) is set up. if you can't, take some more risk off the table. if you're young, you can view this as a buying opportunity. >> good to talk to you, courtney reagan. back to politics now and a slew of gop candidates in south carolina today looking to sway voters at the tea party
4:40 am
coalition. let's bring in alise jordan, former adviser to rand paul and an msnbc political analyst. so glad you're here. let's talk about "the washington post" and there's a piece about some republicans resigning themselves to the trump versus cruz race. is it over for the establishment candidates? >> i think that the establishment has accepted that they're chosen candidates aren't going to be able to overtake trump. and it's kind of come down to this contest between trump and cruz. and just today, this morning you see donald trump ratcheting up his attacks against cruz. attacking you know his loans from citibank and goldman sachs and his birth place being canada. >> okay. all that on the twitter page right there this morning. in iowa, let's look at the
4:41 am
numbers here because ted cruz has held the lead since december. the latest polling trump within the poll's margin of error so if trump wins iowa and then new hampshire, is the nomination his? >> this could be over really early if trump does -- if he's successful in iowa and then takes new hampshire and then from that point on, south carolina is his. and really i would say the entire race. so if he does come in with success in iowa, it could be a very early primary. >> interesting. what about with respect to this birther issue that's been raised by trump on whether or not ted cruz is born in canada and a natural born citizen. he suggests if cruz were the nominee, democrats will file suit against him. within republican circles is that a real concern and should that disqualify cruz? >> i don't know it should disqualify cruz. i think it's problematic in the sense that any shadow of doubt that hangs on his campaign, that's bad for cruz's campaign. a recent poll yesterday with
4:42 am
reuters showed that a quarter of likely republican primary voters believe that there is a problemp with cruz being born in canada. so you take a quarter of voters who have concern, that's a real problem for his campaign. >> as a republican, are you concerned over this apparent split between the outsiders and the establishment? do you think it's weakening gop chances for the white house and is there any unifying issue or message that the party should raise which tells americans why they should support a republican candidate? >> i find it concerns that so much of the -- concerning that so much of the party rhetoric is focused on anger and that can only take you so far. there just has to be vision. there has to be vision of, you know, we are -- the republican party can help jump start the economy. we're going to lessen regulations. we are -- we're going to institute pro growth policies. a hopeful vision of a better america and policies that will keep america safe and secure and right now it's been so focused
4:43 am
on rhetoric over immigration. instead of, you know, the real problems that actually should be discussed in this election and, you know, i do find it problematic. >> all right, elise jordan, thank you. we're following all the events at the national zoo which is preparing for a furry friend's first appearance today. we'll look at all the hoopla for that debut, next. can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like working from home equals not working. numbers look pretty good, how's it on your end dave?
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4:47 am
new panda cub, bei bei. as he makes his public debut. >> that's pretty exciting. all the pandas -- all the animals in the zoo for that matter, do they everyone know they -- ever know they're being watched? is it stressful for them? >> you know, with bei bei we made an effort to make sure it's not stressful. so we have been slowly growing the crowds with, you know, bringing in staff or members over weeks just to see if he reacted to it. and bei bei is totally immune to his celebrity. >> so it's just more people in there. is it about treat? any kind of training with bei bei or the animals in general that way, for performance sake? >> well, not for performance sake, not at all. so we train them to make their lives better. for husbandry, for veterinary procedures. the baby is so young now, he's nursing off of his mom so that's nothing we can offer him. >> how big of an event is it, brandy, still for a new panda to
4:48 am
be born? >> it's so exciting. they're endangered species. he was almost extinct and the fact that we have created another baby panda in the world is a significant achieve. >> i know he has yet to be weaned. when does that happen and does that make a difference to anything much? he has to stay close to mom, is that it? >> it will make a difference for us because right now we can't train him because we have nothing that he wants. once he starts weaning from mom and he starts eating apples or pears or sweet potato, that lets us interact with him. >> he's little now, but in the years to come, zookeepers obviously they handle them differently as he grows. can you explain that? >> well, we're already at the point -- so now he's about 25 pounds and he's at the point where he's a little too feisty for us to handle him this much. so most of the times we're interacting with him while he's on the ground. as he gets older and older at about a year we'll stop going in with him entirely. >> there won't be lifting him up that much longer.
4:49 am
he's a chunky baby. pretty cute. i know technically he's owned by the chinese government. he won't be staying in the u.s. forever. at which point does he head back to china? >> it was negotiated before he was born. so when he's 4 he'll go back to china to be part of the breeding program there and produce baby pandas of his own. >> for people who don't live in the washington area, how can people see bei bei? >> you go to the national zoo's website. we have a panda cam. he's on there 24 hours a day. it's really great. we have people tracking him. we do hager studies so you can see him any time you go on the panda cam. >> you know what? we are putting our money where our mouth is because we're showing people right there. bei bei is napping right now. not even 8:00 in the morning, he's a baby, sleep in, we get it. >> totally he has no idea that he is causing such a stir amongst the rest of us. >> he wakes up, does he immediately want to be fed? >> he usually wakes up and he
4:50 am
wants to play a little bit. so he wants to come out, stretch his legs. see what kind of trouble he can get into. he's just a little boy. >> oh, perfect. all right, thank you so much, brandy smith, associate director for animal care sciences at the national zoo. have fun with this. we love watching. >> thank you. donald trump's home runs. ♪ ♪ why fit in when you were born to stand out. the 2016 nissan altima has arrived. ♪ that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria.
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donald trump arrives in new hampshire this morning, less than 24 hours after holding a town hall many iowa. as he racks up frequent flyer miles on his private plane and helicopter in order to travel to and from campaign events. joining me now is emily flitter, trump likes to sleep in his own bed and it may cost him votes. i know you had a chance to speak with donald trump and his representatives. so what's behind this? >> i started to hear when i was
4:54 am
on the trail with him that he liked to sleep in his own bed and i talked to his friend and former advisor roger stone and he said, he likes to trump is a and he likes to be on his own couch at night with a hamburger. >> are there any concerns about this? >> some people who have been running campaigns this these early primary states for a long time say that it's not enough to show up, speak to a crowd of people and then leave, you really have to insert yourself into to the lives of these early state voters. one veteran bush strategist said, you go to graduations, you go to church, you two to breakfast, and that's how the people who can influence voters in these states remember you. so it's -- you know, it's
4:55 am
different from when you just talk to a crowd and people don't real ly remember what -- >> so what you have there, is the candidates get out there and really get in their faces and it's a lot of one-on-one time. but you're dealing with the trump campaign, which has these huge rallies, that have thousands of people showing 7-and that's somewhat of a novelty. is there anyone who's saying that won't work for him? >> he has broken all kinds of conventions in this cam pane and so far, it's really working for him. and when i spoke with him for this story, he said i like to speak to a big crowd, that's how i work best and it could actually work. >> and i want to take a note from your article in which you point out that this really contrasts with opponents like ted cruz, he just wrapped up a week long bus tour in iowa. they're neck and neck in the
4:56 am
bloomberg poll in that state. do you think this is a factor in trump and cruz's fight for iowa? >> absolutely, trump has the advantage of getting a lot of tv time and free publicity and cruz to counter that has been meeting people one-on-one, shaking hands and really listening to them. and judging from the polls, that seems to be working for cruz, we'll see what happens on caucus day. >> i know that you wrote that he is anticipating spending more multiday trips in other state trips in south carolina, and of course nevada, he's got his own hotel, right? >> trump's international hotel in las vegas. >> that may make him feel more like he's at home. that's a wrap of this hour of weekends with alex witt. next up, it is a battle that few saw coming but now they are neck and neck, but is bernie sanders really a threat to hillary clinton's presidential hopes.
4:57 am
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is it too late for republican republicans to oust donald trump? and good morning, i'm richard lui, thanks for getting up on this saturday morning. here's a new report warning that time may be running out for the republican party to find a candidate able to beat donald trump or ted cruz. as hillary clinton and bernie sanders trade blows over health reform and guns. and wall street, wild ride last week, the dow plunging another 400 points. what's driving that and how worried might we be? plus the breaking news overnight of a terror i attack in west africa, militants


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