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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 18, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PST

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prisoner swap with iran. the president calls it a win for diplomacy but his critics say the u.s. got pay played again. another successful launch from spacex but the rocket's return was a little more than rocky, let's just say. 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west, this is "way too early." ♪ good morning, it's monday, january the 18th, dr. martin luther king jr. day. i'm louis bergdorf. it was a fast paced and historic weekend in relations between the united states and iran, as elements of the nuclear deal went into effect, new sarvegs s put into place and five americans freed from iranian activity. they were released as part of a
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prisoner exchange. three men are scheduled to undergo a medical check at the military hospital in landstuhl. one decided to stay in iran. according to ""the boston globe"" one returned home to massachusetts last night, little is known about the reason for his detention which lasted over a month. wheen mile seven iranians imprisoned in the united states mostly for violating the embargo received pardons or reduced sentences. brett mcguirk, the u.s. official whoo led negotiations with iran tweeted a photo of himself greeting rezaian in geneva. the exchange was so tightly held most of the u.s. team locked in painstaking negotiations on iran's nuclear program were not even told about it. this as the international atomic energy agency announced that iran had complied with new restrictions on its nuclear program. and the deal with the u.s. and its allies released billions in iranian assets in open
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opportunities to trade. president obama reacted yesterday at the white house. >> this is a good day. because once again, we're seeing what's possible with strong american diplomacy. for decades, our differences with iran meant that our governments almost never spoke to each other. ultimately that did not advance america's interests. as i've said many times, the nuclear deal was never intended to resolve all of our differences with iran, but still, engaging directly with the iranian government on a sustained basis for the first time in decades has created a unique opportunity. for a window to try to resolve important issues. >> as the president celebrated a progress, the u.s. slapped new sanctions on 11 individuals and companies said to have been involved in iran's ballistic missile program. president obama announced the sanctions with a message to iranians. >> for decades your government's
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threats and actions to destabilize your region isolated iran from much of the world. and now our governments are talking with one another. following the nuclear deal, you, especially young iranians, have the opportunity to begin building new ties with the world. we have a rare chance to pursue a new path, a different and better newt delivers progress for both our peoples and the wider world. that's the opportunity before the iranian people. we need to take advantage of that. >> let's bring in nbc news correspondent and tehran bureau chief ali arouzi, following the story in iran. what's the reaction to the new sanctions? >> reporter: well, it hasn't been very good. authorities here said that the sanctions are illegal and illogical and they quoted it as saying because the united states sells so many arms to iran's adversaries in the region, why shouldn't iran have a ballistic
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missile program. members of parliament are very critical. this comes amidst a flurry of diplomatic activity, the nuclear deal being implemented, iranian american prisoners being released but at the same time, sanctions being imposed on iran and it shows how complicated the relationship between these two countries are. it's true they've opened up a direct channel of dialogue with each other two yeerkz which didn't exist since 1979 and there has been a softening of relations between the two countries talking to each other, avoiding a diplomatic crisis, but at the end of the day the united states is still the great satan here and iran's ideological enme. there's a long way to go before there's any normal relations between the two countries. back to you. >> still a long way to go. ali arouzi, thanks so much. last night in charleston, south carolina, the three democratic candidates for president faced off in their final debate before voting starts in iowa and new hampshire and what was seen by many as an attempt to neutralize one of
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hillary clinton's most frequent attacks against him, senator bernie sanders on saturday announced his backing of legislation that would change a 2005 law giving gun manufacturers legal immunity and in last night's debate in an arena just blocks away from mother emmanuel church sanders defended the move and responded to clinton's recent attack that he's been a "pretty reliableable vote for the gun lobby." >> i think secretary clinton knows what she says is disingenuous. i have a d minus voting record from the nra and by the way, as a senator from a rural state that has virtually no gun control, i believe that i am in an excellent position to bring people together to fight for gun sensible gun safety legislation. >> you did change your position on immunity for gun manufacturers. >> what i have said is that the gun manufacturers' liability
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bill had some good provisions. i said i would relook at it. we are going to relook at it and i will support stronger provisions. >> secretary clinton would you like to respond to senator sanders? >> yes, look, i have made it clear based on senator sanders' own record that he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby numerous times. 90 people a day die from gun violence in our country. that's 33,000 people a year. one of its most horrific examples not a block from here, where we had nine people murdered. now, i am pleased to hear that senator sanders has reversed his position on immunity and i look forward to him joining with those members of congress who have already introduced legislation. >> senator sanders also released details of his single payor health care plan hours after the debate. here's how he responded to a question how he intends to pay for his proposal.
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>> in your health care plan you released tonight you would not only raise taxes on the wealthy, the details you released indicate you would raise taxes on the middle class also. is that correct? >> what is correct, and i'm disappointed that secretary clinton's campaign has made this criticism. it's a republican criticism. secretary clinton does know a lot about health care. and she understands, i believe, that a medicare for all single payor program will substantially lower the cost of health care for middle class families. so what we have got to acknowledge and i hope secretary does, is we are doing away with private health insurance premiums. >> we have been raising questions about the nine bills that he introduced over 20 years as to how they would work and what would be the impact on people's health care. he didn't like that. his campaign didn't like to either and tonight he's come out with a new health care plan. >> secretary clinton didn't
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answer your question. because what her campaign was saying, bernie sanders, who was fought for universal health care for my entire life, he wants to end medicare, end medicaid, end the children's health insurance program. that is nonsense. what a medicare for all program does is finally provide in this country health care for every man, woman and child as a right. >> i have to say i'm not sure whether we're talking about the plan you just introduced tonight or we're talking about the plan you introduced nine times in the congress, but the fact is, we have the affordable care act. now there are things we can do to improve it, but to tear it up and start over again pushing our country back into that kind of a contentious debate i think is the wrong direction. >> i have to talk about something that's actually working in our state. >> no one is tearing this up. we're going to go forward. we're not going to tear up the affordable care act. i helped write it, but we are
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going to move on top of that to a medicare for all system. >> andrea -- >> but perhaps the most contentious ex-change came over wall street reform. here's how senator sanders responded to a question how the candidates differ on that issue. >> first differences, i don't take money from big banks. i don't get personal speaking fees from goldman sachs. >> where we disagree is the comments that senator sanders has made that don't just affect me. i can take that but he's criticized president obama for taking donations from wall street and president obama has led our country out of the great recession. senator sanders called him weak, disappointing. he even in 2011 publicly sought someone to run in a primary against president obama.
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>> mr. sand ersz a response? >> in 2006 when i ran for the senate senator barack obama was kind enough to campaign for me. 2008 i did my best to see he was elected and in 2012 i worked as hard as i could to see that he was reelectriced. he and i are friends, we work together on many issues and we have some differences of opinion. >> your profusion of comments about your feelings toward president obama uhm, are a little strange, given what you said about him in 2011. but look, i have a plan that most commentators have said is tougher, more effective, and more comprehensive. >> despite running neck in neck with sanders in most polls out of iowa and new hampshire, hillary clinton leads the vermont senator by 25 points nationally according to a new poll released before last night's debate. in our nbc news/wall street poll clinton leads sanders 59-34 among democratic primary voters
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nationwide. sanders continues to outperform clinton among younger voters, he leads clinton among voters under the age of 50 in this poll 49-44. >> let's go to the republican side of things after clashing in last week's debate, trch trmp and ted cruz kept the rhetoric hot over the weekend, on saturday morning trump unleashed a string of tweets against cruz for slighting new york and for reports of that loan were not fully disclosed during his 2012 campaign, leading to some tough exchanges. >> it really was curious to see donald trump begin the day with a passionate defense of hillary clinton and andrew cuomo and bill de blasio. given the fact for much of his life he was financialing supporting politicians writing checks to hillary clinton and writing checks to andrew cuomo. it's a fair inference he supports their policies. >> i mean, you give a campaign contribution to ted cruz, you get what have the hell you want, okay? whatever you want. and he's a very nice guy but you give him, you have to get --
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right? [ booing ] well, excuse me, excuse me, he didn't report his bank loans, excuse me, didn't report his bank loans. say whatever you want, he didn't report bank loans. [ booing ] that's okay, he didn't report bank loans, he has bank loans from goldman sachs, he has bank loans from citibank, folks, and then he acts like robin hood, say whatever you want, but doesn't work that way. the truth is he's a nasty guy. he was so nice to me. i knew it, i was watching. i kept saying come on, ted, let's go, kid, but he's a nasty guy, nobody likes him, nobody in congress likes him, nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know him. he's a very, got an edge that's not good. you can't make deals with people like that and it's not a good thing for the country. very nasty guy. >> also this morning, the u.s. government is working to locate three americans in iraq amid reports they've been kidnapped. the state department confirms they are missing.
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al arabia reported they had been taken by militias in baghdad and a state department spokesperson said they're working with iraqi authorities to locate and recover them. the "wall street journal" reports the last americans kidnapped in the country were thought to have been released back in 2010. the massive search for 12 missing marines continues this morning off the coast of hawaii where according to military officials two helicopters collided while on a routine nighttime training mission late last week. although rough weather has complicated the search, coast guard officials said they had locate debris across miles and miles of ocean. they say it is consistent with the type of aircraft the marines were flying off oahu's north shore. the development came as military officials released the identities of the 12 missing marines. they range in age from 21 to 41 and hail from ten states. over the weekend, president obama declared a federal emergency in flint, michigan, freeing up $5 million in aid but the president stopped short of
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declaring a disaster declaration which is reserved for natural disasters, as the crisis is a manmade one. still the governor estimates tens of millions more dollars are needed in repairs and months of distributing water to residents. the scandal consumed governor rick snyder's office after flint's drinking water became contaminated with led lead. the attorney general announced an investigation. let's turn to a story we've been following, sean penn has broken his silence about his interview joaquin "el chapo" guzman. appearing on "60 minutes" penn said the purpose of the meeting was to begin a policy conversation on the war on drugs and also criticized the current state of journalism admitting his own article for "rolling stone" magazine missed the mark. >> let me be clear. my article has failed in that the question, in that everything that's spoken about is everything but what i was trying to speak about. >> you regret -- >> i failed that. >> but you really are saying what i really regret is not anything that i did.
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i are he great that people misunderstood what i did? >> that's what i'm saying, yes. i'm really sad about the state of journalism in our country. it has been an incredible hypocrisy and an incredible lesson in just how much they don't know and how disserved we are. >> journalists? >> who want to say that i'm not a journalist. well i want to see the license that says that they're a journalist. >> penn claims his meeting with el chapo had nothing to do with the drug kingpin's capture. he actually believes the mexican government disclosed the meeting so the drug cartels would blame and come after him. still ahead on "way too early," the nfl playoffs whittled down to four teams but everybody's talking about the afc championship matchup between peyton manning and tom brady, that story and a check on your weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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welcome back to "i would too early." to business and the fallout from the lifting of sanctions on iran. reaction to te rabb's re-entry into the oil market sent futures below the $30 mark. cnbc's nancy holgrave joins us live from london. how low can it go? >> that continues to be the question on everyone's mind and it will come as a surprise to many that brent now dipping below the $29 a barrel level and as you already mentioned the news of the lifting of sanctions on iran having a big impact here. it's believed that iran can start to add about 500,000 barrels per day to the global oil supply and keep in mind, there are already concerned this market continues to be oversupplied. added to that, concerns about demand dropping off from china and also some disappointing data out of the united states, adding to concerns that a demand side that's increased in supply could not have come at a worse time but it's not just the oil markets we're watching in relation to the news out of
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iran, some key european firms also saying indicating they're looking to get back into the market, daimler being one of those, the german company saying it's daimler trucks unit is gearing up for re-entry into iran, talking with some of their partners about restarting a joint venture and what production there might look like. we've heard from the iran transport ministers saying they could be looking to sign a deal for up to 140 or so aircraft from airbus. the european aerospace company competing with boeing. airbus said it could be some months until they get a deal going there due to the complexities of investment in iran but nevertheless european firms eager to get back in. louis, back to you. >> cnbc's nancy hulgrave live from london, thanks sop. time for sports. we begin with sunday's divisional matchups in the nfl. denver, one turnover in this game and a costly one for pittsburgh. the steelers driving looking to add to their one-point lead in the fourth quarter, the ball is
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punched out of the arms of fitzgerald toussaint and recovered by denver. peyton manning marches the broncos 65 yards down the field to set up the team's only touchdown of the entire game. one-yard run by c.j. anderson that gives denver the lead for good. they go on to win it 23-16. now to charlotte, north carolina, the panthers put on a show in the first half against the seahawks, jumping out to a 31-0 lead, midway through the second quarter, but seattle comes out fired up in the second half, finally getting on the board with a touchdown on their opening drive in the third quarter, the beginning of a furious rally by the seahawks, but it is not enough to overcome the big carolina lead, the panthers hang on to win it 31-24, so what we have is carolina will host the cardinals in the nfc championship game next weekend in arizona, i mean arizona advances with a win on saturday outlasting green bay after the miraculous fourth
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quarter hail mary touchdown pass by the packers sent that game into overtime and the broncos will host the patriots in the afc championship game, new england eliminated the chiefs with a 27-20 win on saturday. the title game will be the 17th meeting between quarterbacks peyton manning and tom brady. i'm sure it's going to be a good one. now let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, some snow in the air yesterday. >> a lot of places, new york and philadelphia first snow of the season action wasn't a lot, just a dusting. lot more could be to come. we could set up ourselves the first maimer east coast snowstorm. this morning heading out the door a couple inches of snow and the plows are out from boston to providence, towards cape cod. we have snow squalls still trying to push through new york state and the lake-effect snow machine is being turned on the cold air pours in this morning. as far as the temperatures go the windchills are brutal, cleveland negative 12, minneapolis feels like negative 27. little bit dangerous cold out there.
2:53 am
as far as the storm for the upcoming week not until friday and saturday on the east coast. it's well out in the pacific it's way too early to give specifics how much snow but we'll track the storm. not on the maps until midweek and it dives down and should redevelop and become a strong storm in the southeast, so we could have it all, this could be the first significant storm, looks like someone will get a lot of snow friday, saturday, just who is what we'll pinpoint in the days ahead. >> we'll check on thatity laer in the week. still ahead on "way too early" spacex mastered the launch but didn't quite stick the landing. we'll show you the explosive video elon musk himself sent out. ♪ if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day.
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welcome back to "way too early." spacex was so close to its goal of landing a rocket on a ship in the ocean that's until a leg on the 22-story rocket collapsed, causing it to tip over and explode in spectacular fashion after the landing. although the test was a failure, the company launch successfully landed a rocket on solid ground last month. look at the video in historic landing that signals a less expensive future for space flight, hopefully they can get this one right. let's see this one crash one nor time. i just want to see the video here. >> boom! >> wow pretty good video. that does it for me and "way too early." coming up next on "morning joe" talking to secretary of state
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senator sanders called him weak, disappointing. he even in 2011 publicly sought someone to run in a primary against president obama. >> 2008, i did my best to see he was elected and in 2012 i worked as hard as i could to see that he was re-elected. >> your feelings towards president obama are a little strange given what you said about him in 2011. >> good morning. >> do we really want to go back in the vault and see what people said about president obama standing up on that stage in 2007 and 2008. hillary, it's fine. it's a


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