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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  January 18, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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well, good day. at 9 a.m. eastern time on this holiday monday, we expect in to be an eventful day offer the breaking new front after an eventful holiday weekend thus far and that is on the political front domestically of course and also overseas on all things iran related. we had the implementation of the nuclear deal, we had the prisoner change, we also may have news out of iraq this morning. but let's start with the prisoner exchange aspect of this. keir simmons is standing by at
6:01 am
lands landstuhl. >> three of the five prisoners are going through medical checks, psychological evaluations. we're told at least one of those, jason rezaian is in good spirits. it's scenes like from the cold war, the three u.s. former prisoners have been brought here and this is where they've been overnight. two others, by the way, one has already headed home, chosen, if
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you like, to find his own way and a mystery about another who decided to not leave iran after he was released by the iranians. perhaps he just didn't want the attention that these three are already getting and will surely get when they do eventually head home back there to the united states. >> keir, that was a moment of great confusion over the weekend where the reality differed from the advanced billing. do we know anything further about that case? >> we really don't, you know. we didn't really know that he was in iranian -- in an iranian prison until it was announced that he would be released. so, as i say, that is a mystery. we do know a bit more about what happened over the weekend. i am told the former prisoners who been release, they were at the airport for a day waiting to
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leave. some of that delay is not yet fully explained. but you know some of the last-minute negotiations after months and months to get to this stage. >> keir is reporting from the landstuhl base. one of those who has made his way back is in hingham, massachusetts. that's where ron mott is standing by. i understand you're in boston. we just lost our connection to ron mott. let's go to richard engel, our chief foreign correspondent in tehran this morning.
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richard, perhaps we can step back more broadly and lay out the various components of the story as we saw them breaking, kind of spooling out over the weekend. >> this is an incredible time to be here in tehran. you sense that there is an expectation of change. people here think the implementation of the nuclear deal, the lifting of the sanctions could change their lives, could improve the economy and could improve the economy quite quickly. for the last four years there have been crippling sanctions on iran that has made it very difficult for businesses operate, very difficult for businesses to move money in and out of the country, made it very challenging for iran to sell its oil and the third key component now that the sanctions are lifted is the unfreezing of tens of billions of dollars. so with the sanctions gone, now
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businesses can move money, the government can sell oil, and it hasn't happened yet but those tens of billions of dollars are expected to start flowing into the economy fairly soon. iran is already taking steps. iran said that it will begin putting another 500,000 barrels of oil a day on the market. the iranian currency is already up vis-a-vis the dollar. the stock market in this country yesterday had its best day in five months. earlier today i was in the commercial party of tehran where the carpet traders are and fabric traders and people were talking already about increasing their inventory, now that they want to deal more with europe. they want tourists to come. they expect tourists to come. people came up to me and said we want to see more americans in tehran buying and selling things and engaged in commerce.
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so it is a home of optimism but it does not mean all things are settled. iran is continuing to strike a defiant note, the military here saying it will continue to advance its ballistic missile program, even though the u.s. just announced new sanctions on iran for its ballistic missile program. and the news agency just reported a short while ago that russia wants to move forward with an arms sale with iran and start delivering soon some russian military helicopters to this country. a lot of things have been put into motion now that the deal has been implemented and sanctions lifted. >> thank you, richard. we're happy to be joined by ambassador nick byrnes, the lead
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u.s. negotiator for iran's nuclear program and sanctions. ambassador, for the critics from israel boom ranging all the way back to the united states, this was a dark weekend. they did not want to see this development. take us through the way the argument for this again for those for whom this was bad news. >> brian, i have a lot admiration for all the people in the obama administration who brought this deal home. it's a very complex deal. they were able to freeze iran's nuclear weapons program. they've had to disassemble, thief done everything that the international community to do and that allows deal to --
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that's an advantage for the united states. but it does carry some risks and i think this is partly why we had such a vigorous debate in the united states about this. the risk of course is that iran might cheat at some point. it might not be up to president obama but maybe highs successor or his huckor and so we're going to have to wa them be ready to reimpose senses, should that be necessary. >> and talk if the tn u.s. sailors and the pictures we saw
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in this country almost did great harm to this deal as set up. >> as you say, brian, there were two tracks here. the administration was watching iran implement the nuclear deal, getting ready to release the sanctions and to go forward with the deal, but at the same time we had these five americans being held unjustly in iranian prisons and then you had just this past week u.s. sailors deattend by the iranian revolutionary guard. that was a violation the geneva convention. they could have derailed the nuclear deal and they both fed into each other. so i think it was expert diplomacy bip secretary kerry that kept everything moving forward. now, brian, i think the big problem now is this or the opportunity here. we may be able too work with the iranians on some issues in the
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very troubled middle east, but at the same time, iran is one of the biggest problems be so while we proceed with a nuclear deal and i think we should, i support it, we're going to have to push back against the iranians and strengthen with that's not in or interest. >> so if this works and given the hard work that will make it work, rank this as a diplomacy being achievement over the past couple of decades. >> if this works, if a nuclear deal is successfully implemented, iran never becomes a nuclear weapons power, this is major historic diplomatic achievement and president obama will teak great credit for it. we've got ten or 15 years ahead
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of of us to find out if it works or not. so you aren't and are i not going to able to write this story it's a long way to go but i think policemen a after 9/11 we had to come out in a way, punching. we intervened to put down the taliban. but i think putting it back in as a primary tool of the united states with military force as a last resort, that's really the proper way for americans to think about how we used so taking your point, if they they
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will end up dealing with the other end of this problem in the next johnson raegswe mentioned one of the americans has made his way to hingham, mass.. we tried to make contact with ron mod and failed i'm told. >> he arrived at boston's logan airport last night. he was met by his mother. they quickly left. he from and i don't with fwrp this is exactly what mat was do. hooves par parm helping set up
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programs in afghan stand in iraq and had written a book about his experiences in afghanistan. his family said sometime last fall he decided to go sharpening up his farsi so he enrolled in a program in tehran and for some reason, we don't know the details just yet, brian, he was put in jail here in early december. and he was -- lots of fits and starts. the iranians ganging the demale about and once he was cleared he immediately got his way back on a into. he was not part of the group that americans were looking to get released from iranion
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prisons. that would let hp certainly with his family just a hort s s is tk you very much. we are also joined this morning about and he covered "newsweek" in iran for over a decade. as you've been following these kind of dual headlines, certainly big news here in the united states, walk us through your thoughts because this now means the freeing of former prisoners but not all. >> well, first of all, i think about the families and the joy that -- of the families for
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uniting -- reuniting with their loved ones. and i think about what stories they will have to tell the world. but my real worry is the harassment they'll suffer from the media. the last thing you want after coming out of solitary confinement, is to be bothered by the nt view. i think my colleagues in the immediate as much as i wanted to tell my story. if they want to tell their stories, they'll tell their stories. jason is going to sell a story
6:16 am
for "washington post." but blee doesn't they're going through an incredibility and hekmati received a death sentence. imagine receiving a death sentence from a regime that has killed thousands of people. leave them alone for a while. let them get their loof together. >> i think anyone about with a heart would follow that advice. there is going to be a difficult period with that in mind prn
6:17 am
that was indicated to you that this is being treated truly as a new day in iran. >> it's not a new day in iran. this was a political, change. it was just a prisoner exchange between countries that just had a nuclear deal. i think -- i support the deal of course because it is good for iran, for the united states, for region but the deal and the release of this prisoners is not the pan sea. it in the going to we'll see more activists getting elected, iran will have candidates were
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disqualified by the supervising bodies in pchk some of them that i be iranian americans and will be arrested in the sut rp i'm really happy for the families of these five prisoners but i don't think of this deal or this prison exchange mezar, thank you very much for being withes in h h had. and coming up, the primaries and caucuses looming. surance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance.
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we're back on this holiday monday morning. it's been described as an early dating process. here we are two weeks to go before the iowa caucuses. are the voters getting zeroed in more and getting more serious about what will be their choices in the lks rounds. last night the democrats gathered. we have seen various gatherings of the winnowing republican field. and things are about to get serious. kristen welker was there last night, she remains in charleston, south carolina.
6:23 am
katy tur and steve kornacki with a run of the numbers and where everyone and every place stands this morning. let's start with christian welker. kristen, this morning after the debate, we all saw you there late last night. what has been they call it the bounce this morning after what happened in that room last night? >> reporter: well, i think the headline, brian, was this was was most contentious debate we saw between secretary clinton and bernie sanders. that is because they are essentially running a razor tight race in new hampshire and iowa. secretary clinton trying to get her lead back in those early voting states. she took senator sanders to task to guns and health care. he reversed himself the day before the debate on gun legislation. she tried to paint him as a flip flopper.
6:24 am
he released his plan to pay for the health care plan two hours before the debate. he tried to argue his plan is unrealistic and would require breaking up obama care. >> i have to say i'm not sure whether we're talking about the plan you just introduced tonight or about the plan you introduced nine times in the congress but the fact is rehawe have the affordable care act. there are things we can do to improve it but to tear up and start over again pushing our country into that kind of contentious debate -- >> i have to talk about something that's working in our state. >> nobody is tearing this up. we're going to go forward. >> i think we saw this new
6:25 am
strategy, secretary clinton wrapping her arms around president obama and saying senator sanders is not aligned with them on a lot of issues. president obama is still very popular among democrats and of course also voters of color. that matters here in a state like south carolina which is more diverse. senator sanders has a real challenge when it comes to rallying minority voters so secretary clinton trying to essentially rally those voters around here. so those are the battle lines drawn last night and they're bake back out on a critically important state. kristen welker, thanks. ted cruz has spent a lot of his weekend fending off attacks chiefly, this question as to whether he is legally qualified
6:26 am
to be president having been born in canada. hallie jackson joins us from keene, new hampshire. >> good morning, brian. ted cruz has just come in, his bus has pulled up. he's saying hi to folks who came to support him after a weekend that you saw ted cruz fend off attacks from donald trump not on policy but on personality. you heard trump come after cruz as nasty, as unlikable, saying everybody in washington hate him. for the cruz campaign, that's not necessarily a bad position to be in, especially in a year when outsiders are doing so well. perhaps it is a good thing, at least for cruz supporters to be perceived as somebody who is on the outs with washington. the campaign feels donald trump has become increasingly more unpredictable and out control.
6:27 am
we've heard him trying to paint trump as too liberal this is retail politicking new hampshire is known for. you've seen trump do a little bit of this. most of the time he comes in, talks for hours and hours in place beings look this. over on the side, the media is here. we are waiting for him to come in in minute. he's on the second day of what will be a multi-directed bus tore state police no. he's hoping for a surprise second place finish or maybe
6:28 am
even better as. >> thank you, hallie jackson. we can now safely report that ted cruz is indeed one of the stops one max when campaigning in new york and that is lind oo as diner in keene, where now, today find donald trump in lynchburg, virginia as it finds nbc's katy tur. >> hi, brian, here at lib are the university. students are required to be here for this or pay add 10 fine if they don't show up. it interesting for o two reasons. one, ted cruz announced his candidacy here and he's trying
6:29 am
to convince them that he is upholding their values and this is the plate to do it. in fact, he come pafrd paired m dm. it is mlk day, though. there are student protesting his appearance on that if the crowd behind me is parkt take a listen to what he said about and pay attention to the reaction he got to the crowd. >> you give a he's a very nice
6:30 am
guy. but you have to get -- right? >> you have to get -- well, excuse me, excuse me, he didn't report his bank loans. excuse me. didn't report his bank loans. say whatever you want, he didn't report bank loans. that's okay. he's got bank loans from city bank, fox and then he loo. >> he got boo'd at that vant. donald trump is not used to being boo'd. the last time he was significantly boo'd was at an event where he criticized marco rubio. but he is trying to paint ted cruz as somebody who is a hypocrite, somebody who will derail or defile new york values but at the same time take money from new york donors, saying
6:31 am
that he's beholden to those donors, saying that who he will get anything done if frob. he's going to have to do, and there is no greater insult as a republican than to being pardon and drmt in. in what is really starting to be a race in the democratic party, steve kornacki is here. steve, kind of is that correct? y way to put it is a funny thing happened on the way to hillary clinton's coronation. certainly her getting the democratic nomination. as everyone has noted, the
6:32 am
bernie sanders cam pan, including bernie sanders last night talking about the numbers has been on a run. tell us where that stand this morning. >> it's interesting. there's sort of a tael of two different races going on here on the democratic side. nationally we have our new nbc news/wall street journal tall but to have a chance of stealing the nomination, he's pursuing a sling slot opportunity, the race very different in those state he lead in four of the five most recent polls there. hillary clinton might be up by a couple parlay that into a before
6:33 am
and then the entire political world react to something they thought they'd never seen. hillary clinton in south carolina, the next big state where she currently lead by 40, 50 points in some polls, maybe that will change. it's too thing and that is the fact that black voters particularly are have but there's something else. it a leadoff state of iowa. if look closely. voters, people under the age had 45. you're looking at political independent dance approximately
6:34 am
and that was the combination that gave him the victory in iowa since and, steve, there as kind pro but all of that has been tossed this cycle because nothing is peacekeeper after the democratic debate, sanders sounds revolutionary, senator clinton it pfrpt and that's why the numbers have been on the move so much. >> absolutely. this is the biggest cliche in pot tiks. a it all. when you look at that lead-off state. one time in the industry did got
6:35 am
from voters who never showed up before, independents with big numbers. that was in 2008. that was with barack obama. caucus participation doubled in 2004 to 2008 when automaker ran. are indications that those voters are likely to turn up again or are certainly interested in turning up again it time around. bernie sanders has a real chance of knocking off hillary clinton in iowa. but that is a big thing to bet on if you're bernie sanders because, again, it's only happened once. >> steve kornacki in our new york studios. thank you for that. we'll be talking to you throughout the day. 35 minutes after the hour here in our new york studios on this holiday monday. we wanted to set the scene, the
6:36 am
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liberty mutual insurance. . i'm frances rivera in new york. joining me is malcolm nance. talk about the possible scenarios for iraqi forces and what they're looking at given our limited information. >> well, it's an unfortunate scenario that i have a lot of personal experience with. i lost six contractors in iraq who were kidnapped in south and eastern baghdad.
6:40 am
there's three nascenarios being laid out, one is that it was a shi'a militia. the second is it was an armed criminal group that may be related to a militia. in iraq, a military is a group of armed men who form a mob. >> and the third is that they were kidnapped by isis. they had been going through check points using government i.d. card and vehicles they had captured. but criminal abduction is extremely, extremely serious problem in iraq. >> for now there's not much we can go on, the state department releasing this statement that we are aware of reports that american citizens are missing in iraq. the safety and security of american citizens overseas is our highest priority. we are working with the full cooperation of the iraqi
6:41 am
authorities to locate and recover the individual. is it possible they know something or on the other side, whether they are one of the three scenarios you outlined, wouldn't it benefit them to come out and give their moat ifts? >> ne doesn't know precisely where they were abducted. there's two report, one it should be noted all were former racky citizens that became u.s. citizens. what appears to have happened is they let their guard down. whether the government or state department are not speaking is principally because they want to get solid intelligence at the point of capture. and from there they can work it
6:42 am
out to see whether these very sophisticated armed criminal abduction organizations which exist in iraq or whether they're dealing with terrorists. >> it's certainly information we're all looking to hear the welfare of the iran announcing it plans to boost oil production by as much a half a billion barrels a day and talking about oil prices possibly plunging to $20 a barrel and lower. olivia sterns is here with me. more on the impact of oil and gas at home. yeah, we've been riding high with this, planning all these road trips with some great prices of gas but now with this we're talking about $20 a barrel? >> $20 a barrel. it's pretty hard to believe. great news for drivers. as of this morning, frances, the average price of gas in the u.s.
6:43 am
$1.89. that is pretty incredible. one of several reasons why price has come down so fast is iran returning to the market. the question is the speed at which iran is able to ramp up production and is available to put -- they say they're going to put half a million barrel of oil on to the market immediately. they're hoping to get 2 million but the question is the speed with which they're able to do that. >> talk about that, where we're going to see it, who is going to be not again fit when you release. so right now they just don't simply have the technology.
6:44 am
they don't have the infrastructure to actually ramp up production. they've got old machinery and unproduct of field. they do have the world's fourth largest proven oil reserve. they have the pension tension j san penn opens up about his meeting with joaquin el chapo guzman. that's all next here on msnbc. [ music ]
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6:48 am
failed to accomplish what he hoped it would. and in a bizarre twist, el chapo's attorneys are know invoking donald trump and the presidential campaign. jacob, certainly a lot to get to here. first, sean penn said he was stunned that el chapo agreed to meet with him for that interview. what more is he saying? >> he said he was stunned that he took the risk. he's standing behind what many would call a sympathetic interview with a notorious drug lord but he said this article is known around the world for all the wrong reasons. thorn actor sean penn stand behind what he calls his experiential interview with el chapo. >> let me be clear, my interview
6:49 am
has failed. >> reporter: he was focusing on el chapo the man. >> you've got to look at this prn as a person. if all we aim to understand is that this is a very bad person, then let's not understand anything else. >> reporter: penn admitted he doesn't fully understand why guzman agreed to be interviewed. he was stunned the drug lord would risk meeting him. >> i would say that from the conversation that was had, he in several ways wanted to be on the record. >> reporter: penn also challenged the suggestion that his secret interview led mexican authorities led el chapo. >> nobody found him before they did. we're not smarter than the a or the -- and as many wonder
6:50 am
whether el chapo could escape a maximum security prison for a third time, the head mistakes. "today we have four times more cameras, sensors on the floor, and all high priority prisoners are moved between cells repeatedly. guzman's attorneys are fighting extradition to the u.s. saying he can't possibly get a fair trial because americans are hostile to mexicans. their evidence? >> they're not sending their best. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate donald trump. el chapo has four registered attorneys at the prison behind me. they've met with him several times and continue to meet with him. el chapo himself continues to be moved around between cells. one of the security measures they're trying to take to prevent another embarrassing escape. we've also learned that president obama and mexican
6:51 am
president spoke on the phone late last week about el chapo, congratulating each other on the team work that it took to get to him and talking about the possibility of him finally having a trial and getting justice. >> that may take some time before it happens. jacob rascon, thank you very much. over the weekend president obama signed a disaster declaration for the city of flint, michigan's ongoing water crisis. hillary clinton weighed in strongly at last night's debate but residents aren't backing down, angry more wasn't done sooner. ♪ why blend in with the crowd?
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only at your local ford dealer. the toxic water crisis in flint, michigan continues and had presidential democratic candidate hillary clinton infuriated and blasting michigan agovernor at last night's debate. >> we've had a city in the united states of america where the population, which is poor in many ways, and majority
6:55 am
african-american, has been drinking and bathing in lead-contaminated water. and the governor of that state acted as though he didn't really care. he had requests for help that he basically stonewalled. i'll tell you what -- if the kids in a rich suburb of detroit had been drinking contaminated water and being bathed in it, there would have been actions. >> michigan governor rick snyder tweeted his response saying, political statements and finger pointing from political candidates only distract from solving the flint water crisis. msnbc's tony decopola is in flint. this emergency declaration and response teams visited the families and presidential candidates are weighing in. any reassurance to those families as they are coping? >> not as much as they would like, frances. i'm here in ward five which is one of the hardest hit areas of flint, right along the flint river which is behind me. that's the source of this problem. i talked to a half dozen
6:56 am
residents in this zone in the center. they say they haven't had any knocks on their door. while the governor's task force is making progress it hasn't made quite enough. i want to bring in one of the residents here struggling with the water problem. arianna, she's 25, a mother of two with one on the way. can you just let people know what it's like at present to deal with the household where you can't use the water from out of your faucet? >> it's complicated. it's hard. we shouldn't have to go through it but they're making us. >> one of the complicated things here is that lead has long-term effects on children in particular and we're not able to tell exactly what the exposure is going to lead to, but as a mother, this is a hard question, i don't really know how to ask it, but have you begun to contemplate what it is going to mean five, ten years down the road for your kids living here under this lead situation? >> it is going to be a struggle. it is going to be harder on them than me because they got to go through it. i'm just trying to support them. >> your son, he can't take a
6:57 am
bath so how as a mother are you -- what's bath time like in your household right now? >> it's stressful. because he fights. like i say, he think all the water is bad water right now so it is kind of hard for him. but it will get better. >> thank you very much. so the situation here may be improving. president obama signed a federal disaster declaration on saturday. that frees up $5 million to help pay for the recovery but the governor's asked for $96 million. not clear yet if he'll get it. >> got to be so tough for those families. can't think but think of ariana and her two kids and one on the way. thank you both. still ahead in our next hour -- continuing coverage of the release of stlee american prisoners from iran in a prisoner swap. and the latest on the lifting of sanctions. and donald trump speaks live at a rally at liberty university in virginia, the country's largest protestant college. we'll have it for you right here on msnbc. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and
6:58 am
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brian williams with you once again from new york. just after 10:00 a.m. on this king holiday monday. we want to set the scene on these dual stories that we'll probably be covering all day long. domestic politics, of course, but also the deal with iran. part of that, the prisoner exchange. the americans who are expected to be making their way home shortly. on that front, let's start with nbc's keir simmons. he's at the landstuhl military base in germany. what can you report from there? >> reporter: hey, brian. well, 3 of the 5 who were freed by iran in the base behind me now, they spent the night there. among them jay so i jason rezai washington post" reporter who i'm told is in good spirits. the question of course is when will they be allowed to head
7:02 am
back home to the united states. they are in the hospital inside the base undergoing medical and psychological evaluation. it may take some days. it is not clear. it really comes down to how much help they're going to need to re-aclimatize, if you like, having spend all that time in a notorious iranian prison and the last nail-biting 48 hours. "the washington post" is reporting, brian, that in the hours before the plane was allowed to leave, it looked as if jason rezaian's wife and mother who was there visiting him were not going to be able to leave iran with him. he was -- would refuse to leave if they couldn't come with him, of course. so that took some last-minute negotiations. i am told that it is the case that he spent a day or so at the airport before he was able to leave with three others who are
7:03 am
now safely here. they must be breathing a sigh of relief. >> keir simmons, thanks. yes, jason rezaian's wife, i believe, is an iranian citizen. we are looking forward to being able to talk to the executive editor of "the washington post" marty baron and doug gel, the foreign editor. both gentlemen are over there waiting for their opportunity to see their reporter and visit him in his room. of course, there is a recovery process. there's a debrief process. all of that going on simultaneously. richard engel, our chief foreign correspondent, is with us from tehran. richard, for -- again, for our viewers who perhaps dialed in an out over this holiday weekend here in the states who learned that this was the weekend of the implementation of the nuclear deal. this was also the weekend, it turned out, of a prisoner exchange. update us on both fronts,
7:04 am
please. >> reporter: so, this is two and a half years in the making. and if you want to go back even further, you could even say this is 35 years in the making. but over the last two and a half years, there have been negotiations, often in secret, between the united states, european officials and iranian officials, who limit iran's nuclear program, put severe restrictions in place to make it very difficult for iran to make a nuclear weapon. and in exchange, iran would get massive sanction relief. that has been the deal that's been worked out in european capitals, in hotels, in secret for the last two and a half years. last summer, july, the agreement was reached, but the international atomic energy agency, the u.n. body that regulates both nuclear weapons and nuclear power, first had to
7:05 am
certify that iran was complying with the deal and was keeping its word that it was in fact putting these checks in place on its nuclear program to prevent it from breaking out and becoming a nuclear weapons state. and this weekend, in vienna, the iaea came out and certified that, yes, iran has taken a number of measures, including removing uranium from the country, sending it on a ship to russia, dismantling centrifuges that are used to enrich uranium and pouring cement into the core of a heavy water reactor. the iae said that iran has done all of these steps, and then a short time later, u.s., secretary of state kerry and european officials came out and said that they were keeping their end of the deal and immediately lifted sanctions. at the same time, although u.s. officials are saying that they
7:06 am
were related but on separate parallel tracks, we had this announce many the -- announcement, just two hours apart these announcements, that the american prisoners in iran were being freed in exchange for some iranians held by the united states. now, in tehran, it is the day after. it is the day that the sanctions have been lifted. it is the time when people here are looking to the future wondering if, now that they don't have the boot of sanctions on their neck, will the economy in this country grow. i can tell you the mood in this country is quite optimistic. >> richard engel, thank you for so beautifully setting up the two-pronged story we've been covering. richard is right, the dawn of the business monday in iran is really their first business weekday as part of the global community in many, many years.
7:07 am
which brings us to andrea mitchell. last seen taking part in the questioning of the three democrats on stage in the debate last night. she remains at the site of the debate in charleston. she'll be hosting her broadcast at noon eastern from there today. andrea, to put on your chief foreign affairs correspondent hat and talk about this iran component, isn't it true that everything now has to go right for this to hold as planned? >> reporter: absolutely. and it has to go right not just in the short term within the confines of our political election this year, as important as that is, but this is a long-term deal. over the course of 10 to 15 years, iran has to comply, has to prove that it is complying with the international atomic weapons inspectors, and then has to prove that in 20 years, in 25 years that it is not trying to cheat and get new enriched
7:08 am
uranium even after it is then permitted to get uranium and to start firing up those centrifuges, it says for peaceful purposes. so this is a long-term deal. you know the skeptics. you've heard them. the republican candidates, everyone from benjamin netanyahu yesterday to every republican candidate. and you heard some skepticism even from hillary clinton on the eve of the debate putting out a statement saying that now iran has to prove -- and it's already violated ballistic missile sanctions -- or resolutions from the united nations. it is now going to face new sanctions on that separate from the nuclear program. so she was trying to move herself into a more skeptical category while embracing the negotiations that she secretly helped launch with president obama. for the americans who have been released, i've gotten very close to many of the families and have been interviewing them over the course of these years. obviously every journalist was
7:09 am
so impressed by the work that "the washington post" did in pressing so hard publicly and privately for jason rezaian's release. there is still bob levinson. his family is just devastated by the fact that there is no report out of iran. they believe he is alive. they believe iran knows where he is, but the american officials say they really have no information on this former fbi man who as a private citizen disappeared. we don't even know if he was taken. then just one personal note. the whole arc of my career at nbc has been affected by iran. i started in the early years covering the iran hostage negotiations and the effect on jimmy carter. how ronald reagan came into office on inauguration day, a split-screen moment in america where the hostages were released, the diplomats were released the same moment that ronald reagan was sworn in.
7:10 am
so our relationship with iran 35 years now, without diplomatic contact. now these first glimmers of hope the state department and john kerry believe that they can pick up the phone and can clear up an accident or a confusion or mistake on the night of the stun yo state of the union when those sailors got into iranian waters and were released the next morning. critics are all over this and it is going to be a big issue in this campaign but we have to see the evidence of whether iran can be helpful in trying to resolve the syrian civil war when they've propped up assad with thousands of troops on the ground and prolonged that war and where they've been involved in terrorism around the world. this is one of the most complicated relationships, but the state department 's view is
7:11 am
that it is possibly on track to become a diplomatic nation. one other thing. iran's government is not one regime that one can deal with. they are starkly divided between zarif and rowhani, the foreign minister who negotiated with john kerry. the ayatollah on the other side, the supreme leader. then the revolutionary guard, enforcers who have huge control over the economy and they are the people who are the force that took these prisoners and kept them in jail and whether i interviewed row hani last september at the united nations he said i don't have control over the judiciary, i can't release these citizens or these -- they call them iranian citizens, dual citizens. so now we will have to see whether what has happened in the last few days and the release of the money that's going to start to trickle in to iran will strengthen rowhani and zarif and those forces in elections to
7:12 am
come this spring in iran and what the future of iran will mean domestically as well as for rest of the world. >> andrea mitchell coming off last night's debate, thank you for adding that point about how much of our recent history has been if not dominated, certainly affected by iran and the specter of iran in the region over these past few years. andrea, we will look forward to your broadcast from there later today. all of this brings us to ian bremer. he these days is founder and president of the eurasia group. ian, picking up where andrea left off, the question to her was, doesn't everything need to go right from now on? >> well, i mean not everything. the united states added sanctions just yesterday in this most historic day for getting the two countries closer. lost in the headlines was the fact that 11 iranian and
7:13 am
individuals connected with the ballistic missile program got new sanctions from the u.s. because of tests that were illegal and in breach of their obligations internationally. that just goes to show you that there are a lot of things that are still driving these two countries apart and will. there will be calls by americans that they are surely not agreeing with the spirit of keeping their program on the straight and narrow. for example, weaponization research, which there is a belief that they've been doing on their military bases. there was a separate and secret codicil with the iaea, the international atomic energy agency, that the iranians have signed that signed. that's going to be almost impossible to verify. they're still going to be chanting "death to america" during demonstrations. but the big issue here is not that the americans are suddenly
7:14 am
going to become best friends with the iranians. big issue is that iran's geopolitical influence in the region more broadly is increasing dramatically by the day. they're going to be producing another 500,000 barrels of oil per day within weeks. probably another million by the end of 2016. and the saudis in particular and saudi arabia's allies in the region are really on the wrong side of every single thing that is going right for iran. so as much as this is a serious win for u.s.-led international diplomacy and will be one of the things that obama will point to as a clear success under his administration, the instability we are expecting to see in the middle east and then metastasizing beyond its borders, that's actually going to increase on the back of this deal. >> ian bremer thank you very much for that analysis coming off this weekend where the major
7:15 am
headline was the prisoner release. the sub headline was the implementation of the nuclear deal. and then yesterday we wake up to this kind of, oh, by the way story that new sanctions had been imposed just in that 24-hour window that tended to be lost in the larger story. ian bremer, thanks. we'll take a break here. when we come back, we will shift to domestic politics. two weeks to go until iowa. a lot of the pieces in play today. welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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7:19 am
two weeks to go exactly now until iowa and one of the first events this morning that we're going to look at is donald trump's speech, liberty university in lynchburg, virginia. katy tur is standing by there. katy, what's been the advance billing on this event when you consider it was an eventful weekend on the republican side with especially the trump attacks on cruz? >> reporter: well, the talk on everyone's mind right now is whether or not he's going to go after cruz. we are at liberty university, as you said, and it is important to know that ted cruz announced his presidency, his run for the presidency here back in march so it is interesting that donald trump will be speaking here during this timing. right now donald trump is really trying to throw everything and the kitchen sink at ted cruz. he's talking about his canadian birth and his ineligibility questions for the presidency. he says not many evangelicals come out of cuba. he's beholden to donors.
7:20 am
he's not liked. he can't make deals. he's like president obama, he'll have to make deals by using executive orders. he's also saying he's a supporter of what he calls the liberal justice. chief john roberts who voted in favor of obamacare. donald trump is just trying to do everything he can to sink ted cruz right now. little background on chief john roberts though. he was considered anything but liberal back in 2005 when he was confirmed. in fact, most -- 22 democrats voted against confirming him. so the idea that john roberts is a liberal is a little bit out there. but donald trump is really trying to do, as i said, anything he can to make voters question ted cruz, question his values, question his motivations, question whether or not he's if it to run for the presidency. question whether or not he's eligible. so we do think that potentially we're going to hear him talk a little bit about ted cruz here at liberty university today. but remember, this is not necessarily donald trump's home crowd. this is an evangelical school. these students are required to
7:21 am
be here, if not. they face a $10 fine. so the idea that he might come out and hit ted cruz very hard here is questionable. over the weekend when he was talking about ted cruz to a south carolina tea party convention he got booed so i'm not sure he's going to want to see the idea -- he a 's not goi to want the visual of having people booing him on the trail today. he might come after him a little bit harder when he holds a rally in new hampshire later. but all in all, an interesting day when it comes to donald trump and ted cruz. it is just getting uglier and uglier as we get closer to iowa. >> and the race turns with two weeks to go, as we said, until iowa. we'll be listening in while donald trump speaks there to an apparently capacity crowd at liberty university. now back to charleston, scene of last night's democratic debate. kristin welker was there last night. she remains there today. kristin, earlier in the last hour you repeated what one of our analysts said last night.
7:22 am
we know the expression "wrapping one's self-in the flag," but as you noted, to a lot of the people in the audience, a lot of the people that were there, it sure seemed like secretary clinton wrapped herself in every available opportunity in the obama record in the face of bernie sanders' attacks and calls for very different policies. >> reporter: brian, that's absolutely right. we have seen secretary clinton wrap her arms around president obama before. last night we saw her deploy that strategy more aggressively. the reason is because she is locked in a razor-tight race with bernie sanders in iowa. he's leading her in new hampshire. so she's really fighting to get back on top. she thinks that if she wraps her arms around president obama it will rally democrats. the president still very popular among democrats and also voters of color. he's even more popular among minority voters.
7:23 am
that's our strej aategy and it d be critical in a key state like south carolina. this was really the most contentious debate that we have seen to date because the polls are so title and the candidates sparred on a whole host of issues, everything from health care, to guns, and bernie sanders reversing himself on a big piece of gun legislation. the day before the debate, brian, essentially saying that he now supports legislation that would not protect gun manufacturers from liability. take a listen to one of the sharp exchanges from last night. >> well, i think secretary clinton knows that what she says is very disingenuous. i have a de--minus voting recor from the nra. by the way, as a senator from a rural state that has virtually no gun control, i believe that i am in an excellent position to bring people together to fight for sensible gun safety legislation. >> yes. look, i have made it clear based
7:24 am
on senator sanders' own record that he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby, numerous times. now, i am pleased to hear that senator sanders has reversed his position on immunity and i look forward to him joining with those members of congress who have already introduced legislation. >> reporter: so, brian, there you have secretary clinton making the argument that not only is senator sanders flip-flopping on this key issue, but that he is still softer on guns than she is. they also sparred over the issue of health care. he released the details of how he would pay for his single payor medicare for all health care plan. she essentially argued that his plan is unrealistic, two amount to attacks on the middle class and two do away with obamacare. senator sanders pushed back forcefully and said he's trying to essentially expand obamacare and that ultimately health care
7:25 am
premiums would be lower. brian, there debate may well be remembered as the bernie sanders debate. we saw him in a defensive position but he got more time to really talk about his policies than we have ever seen before. >> that's right. with two weeks to go until iowa, people -- many people are just kind of dialling in now to this race. while we tend to talk about political polls like it is an all-inclusive, all-involved, it is not, given how early it is. now we've been talking about the hillary versus sanders dynamic last night. if there was any levitlevity, i to do with the attempt by the third person on that stage, martin o'malley, to get in on the action. at several moments he could be heard asking for time, asking for rebuttal time and response. and finally at the end with a smile when he was asked if there
7:26 am
is anything he wanted to say but didn't have time to, he looked crest-fallen when he heard he only had 60 seconds to do it. jacob soboroff dealt with the o'malley camp in the spin room after the debate. jacob? >> reporter: yeah, brian. i believe the people was sad puppy face martin o'malley during the debate. but it actually turns out that o'malley, who is polling in the single digits nationally, finds himself in somewhat of a potentially politically powerful position in iowa if he decided to throw his support behind either hillary clinton or bernie sanders. i asked him last night in the spin room if he had a fire wall and if and when he would get out and whether or not he would endorse. take a look. >> i plan to make my case to the people of iowa and then to the people of new hampshire and then to the people of nevada and south carolina. so the people of iowa usually have a way of confounding all of the control rooms in washington and in new york on caucus night.
7:27 am
so i'm making my case to the people. but clearly, we need to beat expectations on caucus night and shake up the dynamic of this race. there's no better group of people to shake up the dynamic of a race than the democratic x caucusgoers of iowa. >> are you looking to come in with a particular percent? >> looking to do as well as we possibly can. >> reporter: not ready to cash in his chips quite yet. someone else who is not ready to endorse, representative jim clyburn from here in south carolina. i asked if he would be willing to throw his support behind either bernie sanders or hillary clinton. he looked at me and smiled and said maybe but his relationship with the democratic national party doesn't allow him to do that just yet. >> jacob, thank you very much for your coverage from inside there. let's go to steve kornacki here in our new york studios. steve, you've pointed out at
7:28 am
every available opportunity there are national polls and there are the polls in the states where people are going to be caucusing and voting and really it is the latter that's going to get all the attention. it is the latter that will decide kind of the future course of this race. >> absolutely. that's true on both sides. we could look here at the republican side. if you look at the national numbers, this is the newest nbc news/"wall street journal" republican poll, you see what we've been seeing for a while now. donald trump in this particular poll, that's an uptick for him since december but we've seen him ahead in the national polls consistently for six months now. ted cruz double digits behind him there. rubio, carson still a little bit viable but certainly falling off there. here's the issue for donald trump. he's been leading in the national polls but in iowa, he is, at best, right now tied with ted cruz. he may be behind ted cruz at this point. he does continue to lead in new
7:29 am
hampshire. in new hampshire he's benefiting from basically divided opposition. you've got four of these so-called skaebment candidates. marco rubio, chris christie, jeb bush, john kasich, they're all gobbling up 10%, 12%, 14% of the vote there, all vying for the same basic pool of voters in new hampshire. as a result, you've got donald trump able to lead right there in new hampshire. the. question though for donald trump is if he loses in iowa, if he loses and he doesn't even manages the expectations game poorly in iowa, what happens in new hampshire? does one of those candidates from the establishment lane rise up? if you're donald trump and you lose iowa and you underperform in new hampshire, then you've got a problem on your hands. >> steve kornacki tracing and tracking numbers here with us in new york. thanks. to our viewers, reminder, we are waiting for one event in particular this morning. in a short time, donald trump is
7:30 am
expected to speak to assembled guests and student body at liberty university in lynchburg, virginia. we'll have that for you and on the other side of the break, frances rivera will continue our coverage. sometimes the present looked bright. sometimes romantic. there were tears in my eyes. and tears in my eyes. and so many little things that we learned were really the biggest things. through it all, we saved and had a retirement plan. and someone who listened and helped us along the way. because we always knew that someday the future would be the present. every someday needs a plan. talk with us about your retirement today. that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg with better nutrition... like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family.
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decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lotta fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. good morning. i'm frances rivera continuing this hour with more headlines, including more developments from iraq where it is believed that three americans are missing after being kidnapped. the senior iraqi security official says they were taken on saturday and were likely kidnapped by militants. a u.s. embassy spokesperson says that they are working closely with iraqi officials and don't want to release much information about the investigation due to safety concerns. a college community in upstate new york is in shock after three people were found dead inside a home early sunday morning. that's less than a mile away from the sunni campus. police released the names of the three. 21-year-old kelsey anice, and 24-year-old matthew hutchinson, seen here on the screen.
7:34 am
they were both student athletes. also 24-year-old collin kingston, a former student. police said no guns were used but a knife was found at the scene and they believe the perpetrator was one of the victims. now a dramatic rescue caught on a firefighter's helmet camera. crews arrived at the apartment complex in fresno on sunday. you see the firefighter raising his ladder to the second floor. he helps rescue three people, including an infant. seen in this video here. no one was hurt, remarkably. the owner of the complex credits a smoke alarm for saving lives and says he plans to install more in the hallways. finally, a rough landing for a spacex rocket captured on camera and poefrted on instagram by the company he a founder, elon musk. after launching the ocean monitoring satellite, the rocket landed on a floating barge in the pacific but a support leg broke and it toppled over bursting into flames. musk explained the ice build-up due to hevg fog during lift-off may have caused that failed
7:35 am
landing. sean penn is defending his rolling stone article about el chapo. penn broke his silence on cbs's " 60 minutes" last night. at the same time el chapo's attorneys are now invoking donald trump and the u.s. presidential campaign as they fight his extradition to the united states. nbc's jacob ras scone is live outside the prison where el chapo is being held. jacob, first to this interview on "60 minutes," what more did he say? >> reporter: sean penn has been criticized for this interview because here is a man, el chapo, whose cartel is responsible or blamed for some tens of thousands of deaths and billions of dollars worth of drugs smuggled into the united states and sean penn doesn't ask any hard-hitting question or challenge him enough, many say. sean penn says he wanted to
7:36 am
approach it differently, he wanted to look at el chapo, the man. take a listen. >> you've got to look at this person as a person or you're never going to have -- or if the argument -- if -- if all we aim to understand is that this is a very bad person, then let's not understand anything else. >> you wanted to have a conversation with the policy of a war on drugs. >> that's right. >> that was the motivating factor for you. >> with the reader. with him, i wanted to sit, observe, ask him questions. and then use that as an anchor into this article. >> reporter: so, penn thought that he would be able to, through that interview with el chapo, start a conversation about the war on drugs and it just didn't happen. sean penn says for that reason, his article failed. his whole purpose in going in was a failure. frances? >> jacob, sean penn saying he was stunned that el chapo would
7:37 am
even make the risk to meet with him. talk about el chapo's lawyers now. what is this about invoking donald trump and the u.s. presidential campaign? >> reporter: so, he has four registered attorneys at the prison and they meet with him every once in a while. they're of course trying to do those injunctions so that they can delay the extradition to the united states. in one of them, "the new york times" reports that el chapo's attorneys argue that he, el chapo, cannot get a fair trial in the united states because americans are hostile toward the mexicans and part of the example, the evidence, is donald trump, the rhetoric that we've heard on the campaign trail which is very interesting and nbc news is working to confirm this and get a hold of those documents. but interesting that el chapo, who in the article, you remember, with sean penn, when donald trump was brought up, el chapo said, ah, mi amigo, my friend. a very interesting dynamic and interesting that donald trump
7:38 am
would be brought up in an injunction where el chapo's attorneys are trying to delay or stop the extradition of this drug lord to the united states. >> certainly interesting given their history and tweets back and forth during the time that el chapo first was missing. jacob rascon, outside the prison where are el chapo is being held. thank you. a big day for donald trump. he's about to take the stage at liberty university in lynchburg, virginia. but first, take a look at this. it is unsportsmanlike conduct caught on camera last night in salt lake city. oregon state's player intentionally tripped a referee landing himself an immediate ejection from the game, tied game against utah, who went on to win 59-53. to truly feel healthy on the outside
7:39 am
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7:41 am
two police officers killed this weekend share a terrible distinction. they are the first to be shot and killed in the line of duty in 2016. officer doug barney was an 18-year veteran of the force in
7:42 am
utah. he was gunned down in a shoot-out south of salt lake city yesterday. the man investigators say killed him died in the second shoot-out with police. officer thomas catrell was found shot to death without his gun or cruiser in ohio overnight. a woman had just tipped off dispatchers that her boyfriend left home with weapons and was looking to kill an officer. that man is now in custody. msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber looks how dangerous this past year has been for police. ari, what did you find with that breakdown? >> we just did a report. 39. 39 officers intentionally killed in the line of duty in 2015. we spoke to officers, families members and policing experts about this. one story i'll relay. an officer was a u.s. marine, served a tour of duty in iraq and afghanistan. he came back, became a police officer. he was shot in an ambush killing last year sitting in his officer's squad car in california in a parking lot at
7:43 am
the police department in downey, california. we spoke to his sister, sara, about his work. she only found out after he died with some of the things he did on duty. for example, he pulled over one woman who had an expired -- basically expired plates and that was arrestable but he gave her a pass. he asked her why she had been unable to basically pay for that. she said her husband had died and the bills were piling up. so he let her go. and then he went down to the aaa office and he paid those registration fees himself out of his pocket. his family didn't even hear about that kind of thing that he did on duty until after he died. a quiet kind of approach to the law. we want to play a little bit of sound from people who knew him best. >> when they told me what had occurred, i just couldn't believe it. i had to come out here to see with my own eyes. >> we're hurting. he was our friend as well as our colleague. >> ricky was an outstanding
7:44 am
person, outstanding police officer. if you can mold a police officer, you would mold him -- that police officer after ricky galvez. >> that is the personal side. one of those 39 officers. there's been a lot of attention in the past year on the 965 or so police shootings, people who have been killed by officers and allegations of misconduct. we looked at these numbers to get the state of policing today. when you go beyond the 965 and look at the total number of officers in the united states, there is about 698,000. they have contact according to the justice department in a given year with over 60 million americans. then you look at allegations of misconduct, including potentially wrong shootings, as well as other types of misconduct, according to the cato institute. those allegations credibly made against just over 6,000 officers annually. our report looked at these numbers and analyzed it. what you come out with is an interesting statistic.
7:45 am
99.1% of officers on an annual basis are not accused of any wrongdoing whatsoever. 99.1%. it is a striking figure of how daily policing grinds on with a lot of officers working bravely and honestly with no allegation of misconduct, not always in the news because that kind of work isn't always considered newsworthy or exciting. doesn't involve violence or allegations. and yet as we showed here in this report, that's a big part of how policing is working on a daily basis. >> we'll see how those numbers change in the year to come in 2016. now to another inside look. this is liberty university in lynchburg, virginia. gop candidate donald trump will soon take the stage here where he is expected to give a speech. it is a packed arena there. we'll bring that to you when it happens. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number.
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the toxic water crisis in flint, michigan continues and thousands of families are fearful of the long-term effects. the crisis making its way to the democratic debate stage where hillary clinton blasted the governor of michigan. >> we've had a city in the united states of america where the population, which is poor in many ways, and majority african-american, has been drinking and bathing in lead contaminated water. and the governor of that state acted as though he didn't really care. he had requests for help that he basically stonewalled. i'll tell you what, if the kids in a rich suburb of detroit had been drinking contaminated water and being bathed in it, there would have been action. >> michigan governor rick snyder tweeted his response saying political statements and finger pointing from political candidates only distracts from solving the flint water crisis.
7:50 am
msnbc national reporter tony dekopela. very little comfort to these families with the uncertainty of the fate of their kids. >> reporter: i'm here in the fifth ward which is in the center of flint, not far from the flint river behind me. that's the source of this problem. in this area when the water switch happened, more than 50% of the homes that were sampled had lead in the water and the percentage of kids who had elevated lead levels in their blood doubled and in some cases tripl tripled. i've spoken to half-a-dozen people in the area and none have had a knock on their door from emergency services. some have been able to get out of the house in this cold weather to get some water for themselves. shane hodges is a local resident, father of three. >> 6, 3 and 1. >> tell us a bit about what it is like right now to be a dad when you don't have running water in your house you can use.
7:51 am
>> it is pretty tough. we have to keep the 3-year-old and 1-year-old out of the bathroom at all times. we make sure we brush our teeth, we have a little routine where we use bottled water and we have to fill up the sinks and let the water warm up for them to take baths. it's been kind of a struggle. they don't understand why they can't use the water and we've tried to explain. but it's still been a tough situation. like i have to make sure i hit the firestation every day for a case because we use about two cases a day. so about two cases worth of water. >> have you had a knock on your door from emergency services or to what extent are you satisfied with what the governor's done to help you guys? >> i haven't had one personally on my door. i think it is just the beginning. a lot more needs to be done. i think we need to see the army corp of engineers here with shovels and digging up pipes because this is going to be an ongoing situation. the water is not safe to drink right now and there are people still drinking it. i think one of the most important things is to let
7:52 am
people know to stop drinking the water. >> one of the remarkable things is that the state has been offering free lead testing and even after the crisis has been acknowledged and people know not to drink the water or should know, there have been 43 fresh cases just in the last few weeks of confirmed elevated blood lead levels in the residents here. help may be on the way with president obama signing a disaster declaration on saturday. that frees up $5 million over the next three months. but the governor is looking for $96 million and it is not really clear if he is going to get that. we'll have to watch it. >> hopefully they'll get that and reach out to families like shane's. enough of a juggle to have three kids those ages, even more so with this water crisis. best of luck to you, shane, and all the families there. gop candidate donald trump will soon take the stage here before that packed auditorium at liberty university in lynchburg, virginia. we'll take you there coming up. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks
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that does it for this hour of msnbc live.
7:56 am
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right now on msnbc -- the democratic candidates are back on the campaign trail this morning after their final face-off before the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton and bernie sanders repeatedly clashing over big issues, like guns, health care -- and wall street and banks. plus, republican donald trump is about to speak at liberty university. that is the same place where ted cruz launched his campaign. it comes after trump got booed over the weekend for criticizing boos at a conservative gathering. is this the opening the gop establishment has been waiting for are? and we have new developments in the three americans released in that prisoner swap with iran. they're being evaluated in germany right now and they could be reunited with their families as soon as today.
8:00 am
good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with the democratic presidential candidates. they're fine-tuning those closing arguments after facing off in that debate last night. we have a live look for you, this is in columbia where hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley are taking part in an event commemorating martin luther king day. the solemn occasion is a stark contrast to what we saw last night in the debate where the gloves certainly came off almost out of the gate the candidates went head-to-head over the issue of guns. clinton pounced on bernie sande sanders's announcement saturday he'd support removing immunity for gun manufacturers. >> -- what she says is very disingenuous. i have a d-minus voting record from the nra. >> you didn't answer the request he that you did change your position on immunity for gun manufacturers. can you answer the question as to why? >> what i have said is that the


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