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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  January 19, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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of the hour here, time to take over "meet the press daily" and chuck, as stories go in this election cycle, already eventful. this will pass for that. >> i think so. at least for a news cycle the way we go these days. >> well done. >> thank you, sir. well, if it's tuesday, it's not a good day for the front-runner in iowa. ted cruz gets an anti-endorsement from the state's governor and just one hour from now, donald trump will roll out the endorsement from the woman who used to be the biggest reality star in republican politics. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. >> well, it's gonna be quite a 13 days to iowa. good evening and welcome to "mtp daily." with less than two weeks to go before the caucuses, the establishment wing of the republican party might be finally getting the battle they've been desperately wanting and needing to stay in this race. the battle between ted cruz and
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donald trump has only intensified. the latest punch in the feud will come from the billionaire businessman at 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight, he's set to roll out the endorsement of former alaskan governor and 2008 vp pick, sarah palin. it's an endorsement that trump hopes could sway late to his side caucus goers. and governor terry branstad delivered an anti-endorsement when a reporter asked him if cruz needed to be defeated, the governor simply said yes. >> he hasn't supported renewable fuels and i believe it would be a big mistake for iowa to support him. i know he's ahead in the polls, but the only poll that counts is the one they take on caucus night and i think it could change between now and then. >> that was the second stomach punch for cruz today. the governor said he would not endorse a candidate, but he
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would not remain neutral in the fight over ethanol subsidies. cruz reacted to the blow while campaigning in new hampshire. he's a little bit upset with the governor in trying to group him with the republican establishment. >> it's no surprise that the establishment is in full panic mode. we said from the beginning that the washington cartel was going to panic more and more. the washington cartel lives on cronyism. it lives on making deals. >> what's interesting here, cruz has always benefitted when somebody like branstad has come out against him. it's actually fueled him before. but we'll see. but trump is a different story. he's interpreting the branstad attack at cruz as a boost for himself. >> i know the governor just made a very big statement. that was appreciated by many and that was amazing, actually. and he's a respected man, and when he speaks, people listen. i agree. and he's been mixed on the subject, he goes wherever the
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votes are. so he all of a sudden went over here and he got slapped, so it's very interesting to see. >> echoing a marco rubio hit on ted cruz that took place on sunday on "meet the press." trump will cap off his three-stop tour of iowa tonight with that big endorsement of sarah palin. when asked about her endorsement earlier today, trump remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped. look at this. >> we have a tremendous event planned in a little while. that will be a very big event. i think you'll be very impressed. i am a big fan of sarah palin, but i'm not saying who it is. >> palin walked lock step with cruz, by the way on tea party causes and had high praise for him in 2012 when he ran for the united states senate. here she is at a rally that cruz's senate campaign still features on its website. >> let me tell you something, i would not be in the u.s. senate today if it were not for governor sarah palin. she is fearless, she is principled, she is courageous,
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and she is a mama grizzly. that was ted cruz after he was in the u.s. senate. and here's sarah palin saying the feeling was mutual. >> ted cruz represents the positive change that we need. he represents that change and that is why you see the disgusting attacks thrown at him. >> but another cruz relationship soured today. cruz spokesman rick tyler tried to get ahead of the news by saying a trump endorsement would impune palin's conservative cred. bristol palin responded, after hearing what cruz is now saying about my nom in a negative, knee-jerk reaction, makes me hope my mom does endorse trump. iowa, of course, is do or die, i think for the cruz campaign. and the key to iowa is the v evangelical vote. for now at least cruz is still
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following that track with garnering nearly 33% of the vote for himself. but cruz's no good, very bad day has turned into a pile-on. a super pac supporting marco rubio released a new ad, hammering cruz on taxes and a shot at his citizenship. >> what's canadian about ted cruz? cruz wants a value added tax, like they have in socialist countries. obama and pelosi say they're open to it. president reagan hated it. >> we'll not do a deep dive on the vat tax for now, but that's where rubio wants to go. let's talk to a man who knows iowa very well. joining me now is sam clovis, co-chair of donald trump's national campaign, but a veteran of iowa. good to have you back on the show, sir. so what does this do for you, when it comes to organizing in
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iowa? explain the impact of sarah palin in your mind. >> well, one of the critical factors we have is to be able to compete for the tea party vote in this state. and i think we're going to do very well with that. governor palin is an icon here in the state. she has a huge following in the state. she's extremely popular here and i think this is -- helps us cement a lot of the votes that we, i think, would be undecided otherwise. and i think that now we're gonna get out in front of this. we have the ability now to start piling on votes, to know that when we show up on caucus night, we're going to have a tremendous turn-out, and we're going to have a tremendous vote for donald j. trump. >> what can you tell us about commitments that sarah palin has made to the campaign on behalf of donald trump? how much more of her time are you going to get for the campaign? >> i have no idea. i have a role to play in this, i'm a senior policy adviser. i've had my head down the last couple days working on policy
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papers and getting those in the cue. we have a campaign to run and that's an area that i'm not responsible for. and if i need to know, i'll get to know. so that's how it goes. >> fair enough. let's talk about what governor branstad did today. donald trump's on one side of this issue, ted cruz is on the other. how much impact does governor branstad have? cruz doing the anti-establishment hit, that can be effective on behalf of cruz, can it not? >> i think it is. but i also think you need to take a look at who mr. trump is attracting to this campaign. we have a -- it's a very broad-based coalition of people, a lot different than most republicans have been able to attract. he's expanded our voting base and we'll see that on caucus night. i think when governor branstad comes out, he's not going to endorse anyone in the race probably, but when he says he doesn't want one individual elected, that frees up a lot of
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space for other people. there are moderates here in iowa right now, or moderates in the republican party, who are looking for an attractive candidate, somebody they think can get this job done in washington. and i think one of the things in the back of everybody's minds, what they're saying is, that for far too long, we've had people promise us a lot and deliver us nothing. i think this is really what's happening mr. trump. >> let me ask you one thing, if there's one area of your campaign that looks to me like you could use some help with, it's on the evangelical side of things in iowa. correct me if i'm wrong. >> i wouldn't go there. i think that if you take a look at where we stand with the evangelical vote in the state, we have some things that we're going to do to help solidify that vote. it's a soft commitment right now, and we see it as a soft commitment with all the candidates except mr. trump, who is solidifying and galvanizing his support as we go along. i think we're going to be in
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great shape. >> sam clovis, i'll leave it there. >> thanks, chuck. >> california chairman for the cruz presidential campaign,r joins me now. >> great to be here. >> thank you, sir. tough day for the cruz campaign, right? >> that's the type of thing that happens when you're the front-runner. for the last several weeks, he's been gaining strength, moving up in iowa and nationally. he's the one everyone is talking about. so as the air comes out of the donald trump balloon, they're looking for anything they can do to try to pump this up, so you see the sarah palin thing today. >> it's not an insignificant thing. she's been influential in the past, joni ernst, very helpful to her. >> i think that will have an effect on the cable programs. but i've been there twice with senator cruz, seen the organization and the effort that's gone into that and that's what it takes for the caucuses. my state is a primary state, you go and cast your ballot by mail.
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but if you go to the iowa caucuses, you've got to make a commitment to go there for an amount of time. that's why that support for cruz is only gaining strength, even while he's under attack from marco rubio. >> one of the more significant developments is what governor terry branstad today. it's not often that a sitting republican governor goes after the republican front-runner. >> well, i think we all know why that's taking place. we know the ethanol subsidy issue is a big one. if you're the statewide elected official in iowa, you have to be on the side of federal subsidies for ethanol producers. >> not all iowans think they're subsidies? >> that's certainly true. but ted cruz has taken the approach that we should not have subsidies for any form of subsidies. and there should be a level playing field for that. >> he's sort of softened his position on this. he wanted to get rid of them immediately. now he doesn't.
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he wants to phase them out. >> phase them out. >> was that done for the purposes of calming people down in iowa? >> you'd have to ask senator cruz that. but everyone knows that senator cruz has taken a principled position on everything like this. and the ethanol lobby, throwing everything they can at him, but we know where governor branstad is coming from and that's understandable. but if you can't go to iowa or any state and take on even one special interest, how are you going to go to washington and take on a hundred, a thousand special interests and remain true to your principles. that's what's come out of this. >> thanks for coming on. >> thank you. coming up, the clinton campaign, remember that democratic race is hot and heavy too. they're kicking it into high gear in iowa, under two weeks from the caucuses. how much do they need to win iowa? and how much will it cost them if they don't? and later, the making of a
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it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". >> what has happened in flint, michigan, is an absolute travesty. it's a failure at every level of government. every one of us is entitled to have access to clean water. and to all the children who have been poisoned by government officials, by their negligence, by their ineptitude, it's heart-breaking. there needs to be accountability. >> that's a strong statement from the republican side. we've heard a lot of strong stap statements from democrats as well. the governor said he will announce more action. and right now there are demonstrators saying he acted
2:15 pm
too late and did too late. ready for this? in an interview with national journal, snyder accepted the characterization that this is his katrina moment, saying it's a disaster. when asked if he's considering resigning, he simply replied, i want to solve this problem. i don't want to walk away from it. the governor's already taken some action, including sending out the national guard to hand out bottled water. earlier this week i spoke to michael moore, who called for the governor to face criminal charges. tonight moore will join chris hayes live for his reaction after snyder's address. that's 8:00 p.m. right here on msnbc. the governor did ask the federal government to declare a state the emergency and they've done that, fema is now there too. more "mtp daily" is coming up after this. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years.
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humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work of course we're less than 45 minutes away from the big sarah palin, donald trump event. should be fascinating.
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but we'll do a little democratic primary politics for a little bit. hillary clinton's campaign is showing signs of worry they have a real fight on their hands. breaking news here that might make them even more worried. bernie sanders is now out-spending hillary clinton on the television airwaves. i repeat, bernie sanders is now out-spending the clinton campaign. new data shows that sanders is out-spending her by more than a million dollars in the latest totals. while clinton is still ahead in national polling, iowa and new hampshire is a different story. now less than two weeks before the caucuses, her team is betting big on the hawkeye state. her team is not tied with sanders. sanders is up by 30 points in new hampshire according to a new poll. i don't think he's up by 30, but he's probably behind. she might be able to brush off, though, a loss in new hampshire, because sanders is a familiar figure from nearby state. but it's the loss of iowa with
2:18 pm
new hampshire that would be more devastating. clinton aides held a conference call where they laid out a scenario in which the race against sanders stretched well into the spring. that would require about 50 million primary dollars for a national ground operation. with money in the bank, the question becomes will she have the resources on the ground to pull it off? and how much of her general election resources would she have to sort of put off to fight this primary? the longer the fight goes on, the more worried democrats will get. they'll see joe biden's phone start to ring, maybe even the michael bloomberg phone starts ringing. with a win in iowa, clinton starts to seal the deal sooner. without it, things get ugly fast. that's why you see the clinton campaign trying out different knocks on sanders. they've done guns, health care, electability and whether he was being hypocrite cal by running an attack ad and today they're opening up a new front on national security, circulating a
2:19 pm
letter signed by diplomats and former national security advisers hitting sanders for his isis and iran policy. >> joining me now, democratic pollster peter hart, who is part of our "wall street journal" polling team. peter, i want to start with you. it was interesting to see the national security issue open up today. it actually connected with what you thought was sort of -- you watched two different candidates and sort of almost had different ways of looking at how that debate went sunday night. walk us through it. >> well, it comes down to this, chuck. that essentially, bernie sanders is great when it comes to connecting with people. especially on the domestic and on the economic issues. he's doing well on that front. hillary clinton is just a lot stronger when it comes to national defense. and she's the competence candidate. i think the more it's about competence, the more it's about the big issues, i think the
2:20 pm
better off she is. i thought that it was a draw because hillary clinton won what i call competence, but connection remains with bernie sanders. and it seems to me that the clinton campaign's spending too much time trying to fight what i call the smaller domestic issues, rather than talking about where the game should be played, which is the larger international issues. that's where she's strong. >> i'm not even going to bother to put a question to stephanie. respond to peter's critique there that the clinton campaign is playing small here. >> i think the clinton campaign is exactly where we thought we would be right now. we knew this race was -- >> in a fight in iowa and new hampshire? >> this was absolutely going to be a fight. what i love about hillary's campaign and hillary herself, she's really focused her campaign on what women and families need in this country. and the response when i go to iowa and talk and see generations of women, young and
2:21 pm
old, door knocking out there in the cold and you know it's cold in iowa, doing the work. i think we have a great opportunity here to focus on economic opportunity. notwithstanding, she's clearly the best leader we have in this country on foreign policy and international affairs, without a doubt. >> as you and i both know, primaries sometimes are about hearts, not heads. it can be about passion, not competence. it's hard to run as a technocrat in a primary. and i'm not saying that's what she's doing. but the point is, he right now is appealing to the hearts of liberal idealists. and in a caucus, that's not an unimportant thing. >> this is where we knew there was going to be a fight for every vote. but if we step back and think about what's really, really important here, the democrats need to hold the white house. or we lose everything that we have already accomplished under the obama administration, plus, as i remind people, up to four
2:22 pm
united states supreme court justices appointed. hillary clinton is absolutely the strongest leader we have to hold the white house. and the republicans know it. i mean, look at what they're doing. they are really for bernie sanders. they might be his best supporters right now, because they know that they get to run against, and you brought it up, a socialist. you know the republicans will make that clear. >> electability is a tough thing to sell primary voters. when do primary voters start thinking about that? >> i don't know that they're thinking about it. but i know one thing, the republicans are doing everything they can to make that an issue. and essentially what stephanie says is the point that needs to be gotten across. there's one person that's ready to be president of the united stat states. that's hillary clinton. when you look at her talking about foreign policy, she's comfortable, she's conversant. you listen to donald trump, you listen to ted cruz, you listen to the whole cast of characters and all of a sudden you recognize the stakes in this election. that's where i think the hillary
2:23 pm
clinton campaign should be. >> but this is an unusual year. this is a year where anybody that has experience is seen as part of the problem. are seen as the ones who have let the country down in one form or another. >> i don't disagree with that. and we know from our nbc/"wall street journal" poll that people are looking for a change and they're unhappy with the direction of the country. but the other thing is, you have to play to what you bring to the game, and for hillary clinton it's a lot of experience and it's a lot of understanding and i think that right now she's playing a tactical game on the opponent's ground and i think that's a hard game to win. >> how do you run as a continuation candidate in a change environment? >> well, i think hillary is really focusing her energy on a whole set of policies to move the country forward, to build upon. this isn't just an evolution, this is bringing really big things to the table. and one thing about peter's point, in watching that debate
2:24 pm
on sunday, i was in the room and i saw it, and i went, man, if i'm a republican, the last person in the world i would want to run against and hillary clinton when it comes to foreign policy, when it comes to international affairs. she's so poised. she's so very good. and for particularly women in this country, there are two really important things. one, economic justice and opportunity for themselves and their family and security. and this is gonna be really important. >> i'm guessing you wish there were more debates. >> she does incredibly well with the debates and i'm very pleased with every single one she's in. >> i have a feeling there will be more debates. thank you both. up next, we're going to go back to the other side of the aisle. we'll hear from john kasich. he joins me with a quick update on his campaign and whether now with trump versus cruz that there's finally room in the race for the establishment set to break through. and donald trump is getting that big endorsement from a tea party
2:25 pm
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introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at in a presidential race dominated by the non-traditional, ohio governor is trying to do something the old-fashioned way. he's hosted retail events the last few months, the town hill bid, won the endorsement of local newspapers just this weekend, three of them in fact. a recent monmouth poll of voters had kausic stied with cruz behind donald trump. another poll which has been around a while, has kasich by himself in second place with 20%. it's possible they're on to something. i know he wants to talk about that poll. in fact, governor kasich joins me from the trail right now. how are you, sir? >> good, chuck. you know on the polls, think
2:29 pm
they're headed in the right direction. polls are up and down, but we're doing well here. >> there's no doubt that all of the direction over the last couple of weeks, you have moved up. as everybody has been searching for the christie boom and bush boom and the rubio boom, you guys have. what does sarah palin endorsing donald trump mean to your campaign? >> it doesn't mean anything to our campaign. good for him to get an endorsement, but we have three newspapers here, and we have a couple more announcements on endorsements. here in new hampshire, it's really about the ground game. we have the best ground game bar none. gordon humphries said the best one he's seen in 40 years. and a lot of tv commercials up, the media's getting cluttered, people are having a hard time sifting through it, so we keep doing what we're doing, like i say, the little engine that request, a
2:30 pm
can, and people are noticing and that's good. >> i assume trump and cruz going after each other is exactly what your campaign would have asked if you could have plotted it out? >> as hard as it is to believe, i just don't have time to think about that. i have my own lane. there's an establishment lane, anti-establishment lane and a kasich lane. and people are beginning to say, oh, well, how calm you're so calm, or how come when somebody asks you a question and you don't know answer, you say, i don't know? and why is it that you're so positive about the future of the country? i said you just described what makes me different than everybody else. i've stuck with this the entire campaign and i think it's taking off. >> i noticed other candidates who were on the optimistic front, you were running the happy warrior campaign, so is rubio, christie, jeb. they've all gone a little darker in their language. you haven't. >> why should i? we have a great country, the problems that we have in front of us are not that difficult.
2:31 pm
they can be solved if we can get away from all the political mum bow jumbo out there. and go into a room and be the prince of darkness. i go into a room and i'm the prince of light, because i'm optimistic about our future and what we can do. and this is no different. this is what we've been doing when i was ignored all these months, when was nice, because i got to kinda be by myself and with my friends. but as we gain momentum, you know, like everybody wants on our bus now. >> there you go. >> well, we haven't ignored you and i think that's something you know is true. >> no, you haven't, chuck. i agree with that. you guys have been very fair to me. but i think there was a lot of doubt. for example, everybody says, experience doesn't matter. i don't agree. people say, well, you know, you need to be negative. no, i don't agree. and they say, if you're establishment or if you have experience, that doesn't count. i don't agree. and the proof's in what you're seeing. people want somebody who's experienced, they want somebody who's been a reformer and they
2:32 pm
want somebody who can get things done. that's what they want. >> the proof will be in the pudding on february 9th, i believe. >> we'll see soon, thanks, chuck. >> still ahead, what do donald trump's biggest business deals including some busts tell us on how he'd handle being president? but first morgan brennan with the cnbc market wrap. >> stocks end mixed, but little change, the dow climbing 28 points, the s&p adding one and the nasdaq falling 12 points. revenue was mostly in line. international subscribers jumped. and it was another tough session for crude oil. that fell more than 3% to $28.46 a barrel, the lowest since september of 2003. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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less than 25 minutes away from donald trump's big 6:00 p.m. rally in ames, iowa, with none other than sarah palin. sam clovis right now keeping the troops warm as he talks to them. these are live pictures. and as we keep a close eye on that, we'll kick off a new segment, looking at how the leading 2016 contenders got to be who they are today. not in their campaigns. we're calling it the making of a candidate. and we're starting with trump and what two of his early business deals tell us about who he is a potential deal-maker as president. we'll start with trump buying the jersey generals, bringing his brand of aggressive tactics and celebrity to the league. the usfl played games in the spring, but trump wanted to change that. he was determined to take on the
2:37 pm
nfl. >> i would protect that this league will go directly against the nfl, challenge the nfl for television monies and other things, and perhaps switch its season. >> bold talk. trump told one reporter in 1984, if god wanted football in the spring, he wouldn't have created baseball. he persuade at the league's owners to file a lawsuit against the nfl, seeking $1.7 billion in damages. >> tonight the jury in the case delivered its verdict. it ruled the nfl did monopolize pro football, but it awarded damages of just $1. >> trump bet big that the league was dead and many of the owners and players blamed trump. trump's response, without it, the league would have folded sooner. after new jersey legalized gambling in atlantic city, trump opened two casinos in the early '80s. then michael jackson and more than 70,000 other people came as
2:38 pm
trump opened up the taj ma hal. it turned into a bad bet and it continues to haunt the front-runner. it was financed with $570 million in junk bonds. and then filed for bankruptcy protection. >> how did you let it slip away? there are people who say that your ego was partly to blame. >> i had so many home runs in a row. a batter hits 20 home runs in a row, and i started not focusing. >> so as we await palin's endorsement, what do these episodes teach us about him? he bets big. he's willing to take risks, and he considers being called p.t. barnum a compliment. so in trump's mind, you've got to be willing to lose big if you want to win big. and also trump is a survivor. his ability to reinvent himself and remain relevant is one thing
2:39 pm
that has defined him over four decades in the spotlight. he constantly knows how to reinvent himself. earlier i spoke to michael dantonio, he's got a new biography about donald trump. started by asking him what trump's experience in atlantic city can tell us about him as a potential president. >> he's a fellow who sees his opportunities and grabs them. in most of the examples we talk about in atlantic city with trump, he swooped in when other people had started casinos and he took over the deal and he always got a better deal for himself than anybody else got. you can ask the people who were left holding the bag when he went bankrupt four times. but the thing you might take from that, when it comes to politics, is that in negotiations with people on the hill or maybe even in negotiations with foreign leaders, he would come out on top as often as not. >> i was going to say, so when
2:40 pm
he says he's a good negotiator, your book is backing that up? >> he truly is. the differences that he defines success in the past as what was good for donald trump. we'd have to trust him as president to do what's good for the country as a whole. and judging by the campaign so far, i'm not sure that's what he's into. >> that's the knock on him with atlantic city, that he was more concerned with saving himself than saving the idea of atlantic city, which frankly is more dead today than i think it ever was. >> well, it is. and people would define success in business as an enterprise that gets up and running and grows and keeps growing and keeps employing people and supporting the community. in donald's case, he's a serial entrepreneur, more of a one-man shop. he goes at it as hard as he can for as long as he can. and then if he starts to lose, he does run. >> to me the new jersey generals
2:41 pm
issue and the usfl is really an example of how he's not afraid of pie in the sky ideas. in fact, this is how he described his role with the generals in "art of the deal." i didn't look at it as a typical deal. i viewed it as a long shot, a lark, that i could have my own team seemed the realization of a great fantasy. i liked the idea of taking on the nfl, a smug, self--satisfied monopoly that i believed was highly vulnerable to an aggressive competitor. does this mean if he will try pie in the sky ideas, you watch, i'm going to figure out how to make mexico pay for a wall, which seems ludicrous, is that what we take away? >> exactly. and if you look at the usfl case against the nfl, donald was actually right on the law. he only won, actually it was
2:42 pm
$3.67, and he did a disservice to his fellow owners, but his priority was his business and the lark of having this team and he came very close to pulling it off. >> the guy running for president, the same guy you've been researching? >> absolutely. he's outrageous. he's driven, he's a person who really doesn't care what you think of him. he's gonna push forward and he doesn't have great regard for the facts, but he's emotionally sincere. one of the things i just discovered in doing work with a marketing company was that he's actually losing market share by virtue of this campaign. his wealthy market is leaving him. so you got to say he's sincere. he's sacrificing business for politics. >> the book's called "never enough." michael dantonio, thank you, sir. >> thank you. we're just minutes away from donald trump taking the stage in iowa for his major announcement,
2:43 pm
an endorsement from former alaska governor sarah palin. we'll go live to ames for a quick preview right after this. ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. in my business i cbailing me out my i.all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at
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2:45 pm
million people from deportation. the supreme court will hear the court in april and issue a decision by late june, which would be just before the political conventions. the decision will have huge ramifications. both in people's lives and on the campaign trail. as our own pete williams reports, if the court rules in favor of the white house, president obama could begin putting the changes into effect during his final months in office. if the administration loses, court battles could keep the program on hold for several more years. this feels like deja vu. in 2012 the court upheld the president's health care law in the midst of that campaign. in 2013, they ruled the defense of marriage act unconstitutional. 2014 saw the biggest campaign finance ruling, struck down a federal campaign contribution limit for the first time. and just last year, when campaigning had already begun, the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage. all those cases by the way, 5-4
2:46 pm
decisions. you think that won't fire up each political base when it comes to the supreme court and the presidential campaign? we'll be right back with more "mtp daily" as we await the big event of the day, donald trump and sarah palin. ahh... yeah! ahh... you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way.
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2:49 pm
alaskan governor and the republican vp from 2008, sarah palin. joining me now is our own katy tur who is on the trump beat. so, katy, most trump rallies have a lot of people at them and a lot of buzz. is this one different? do you see more people coming? what do you expect? >> this is a slightly smaller rally than he normally has. and i got to say, there's slightly less energy in this room than there normally is, which is surprising, given the news that's coming out of it. palin endorsing him in just a few minutes here. we have talked to a few people who have showed up and they've said they're really excited to see her. they think it's a good idea. they like that she's a fighter for hard-right values and they like that she's now endorsing the candidate that they like, donald trump. what donald trump is really trying to do out here is turn out first-time caucus-goers. this is what the campaign says they're really hoping to do. they hope that palin is going to come out, get some excitement
2:50 pm
around the campaign when he's really battling with ted cruz, and make people who are maybe on the fence about him, go out there and caucus for the first time for donald trump. as we've seen in all these polls, losing to ted cruz right now for likely caucusgoers. he is beating ted cruz when it comes to caucusgoers who might be first-time caucusgoers. so they're trying to do anything they can to get new people out there to cast their votes or cast their caucus, if you will. they have volunteers roaming the crowd, as we always see at their iowa rallies. our embed out here, danny freeman, has been reporting on what they call a pretty good ground game. they're getting the word out, knocking on doors, making calls. maybe not as organized as ted cruz is. he has people up from texas who are doing the same, but donald trump is not ready to give up iowa and he's making it known with this palin endorsement and with his volunteers out here. >> should be interesting when we see her campaign with him over the next day or two as well.
2:51 pm
katy tur -- >> absolutely. >> -- it's always interesting on the trump beat, stay tuned. >> yes, indeed. after a quick break, i'm bringing in the roundtable and we'll discuss the impact of this on the republican nomination and the cruz v. trump showdown these days. we'll be right back. being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime, and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to investigate and fight cyber crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information, so we can track down the criminals. using our advanced analytics tools, analysis that used to take days to run, we can now see in real time. and we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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2:55 pm
we're moments away from a live trump rally where alaska governor sarah palin will officially endorse trump. it's happening in iowa where trump is trying to knock cruz down a peg on the leaderboard. i have the leader in here, charles c.w. cook, and jonathan alter, msnbc analyst and daily beast columnist, welcome all. the charles, let me start with you. you guys, i don't know if you're the establishment of the conservative world, but "national review," what does sarah palin mean in the conservative world these days? >> well, about a year ago, i wrote a piece saying i thought she was done and i said she's running around the country, rambling, not making any great sense, essentially selling emotion and outrage. and if you want to understand where she fits within the conservative pantheon, she's not ronald reagan, she's donald trump. and fast forward a year, and we have her -- >> that's what you wrote. you wrote that almost a year ago. >> yeah, we fast forward a year and she's endorsing donald trump, who's running around the country, rambling, not making a great deal of sense, and selling
2:56 pm
outrage and emotion. i think they're two peas in a pod. they have obviously decided that she's not part of the insurgent movement in conservatism, at least not as it was represented by the tea party, anymore, if she's endorsing donald trump, who's not really a conservative. >> it's interesting, i think this has been the frustration with the intellectual conservative insurgent movement, and the populist movement, right? this is where we're starting to see him part ways. >> yeah, i mean, i think, as you said, with the palin endorsement of trump, you have the merging of these two great reality brands. and if anything -- >> i know, somebody said today, one was a politician turned reality tv star, one's reality tv star turned politician. >> right, and it is -- i mean, it just continues to be surprising how much juice they can get out of that cultural impact. but, you know, i think we're all sitting here talking about it and will be for a while longer. >> and jonathan, this has been the, i guess, the change of this campaign, more than any other. there's been this sort of -- there's the cultural movement
2:57 pm
that trump's trying to lead, and then you have the sort of intellectual conservative fight, really, that rubio and cruz are having this intellectual conservative debate, about where to take the party. and here comes donald trump, employ blowing the whole thing up. >> but it's really about the merger of politics and entertainment. they used to say that politics was hollywood for ugly people. but then reality tv became hollywood for ugly people, too. so it's somewhere in the middle. it reminds of, when i was a kid, sometimes the cast of "the beverly hillbillies" would appear on "green acres" and the "green acres" folks would appear on "petty coat junction." >> "laverne and shirley," "happy days." >> right, same deal. at a certain point, the entertainment factor wanes for certain voters. so i think this will help trump some in iowa, in creating excitement and convincing iowa, zeep conservatives that maybe he's not too liberal to be their nominee. but in new hampshire, i think
2:58 pm
it's really going to hurt him. because those businesspeople in southern new jersey like him. >> but you just made one of these moments we've all made for six months. the entertainment factor on trump's going to wane. we've been saying it for six months. >> i'm not saying it's going to wane in iowa, which is where it's -- i think it's going to help him in iowa, because what it does, they're very, very conservative in those primaries, in those caucuses and they love sarah palin. so this gives him some credibility with some folks, who's having trouble reaching, might compensate for his poor organization in iowa. but in new hampshire, his appeal is with those republican businesspeople, in southern new hampshire, those entrepreneurs. they didn't really love john mccain selecting sarah palin. they're not down with this. >> but what does this do to cruz? this has been a rough day for cruz. this, sarah palin, sort of, he wanted it -- he's got the "duck dynasty" guys right now on tv, he wants to co-opt that part of
2:59 pm
the party, but at the same time, he wants to be the true believer on getting rid of crony capitalism, and that's making the terry branstads of the world mad. he got a double whammy today. >> i think he could play it one of two ways. the first, he could go home and cry and say, look, sarah palin should have endorsed me. or he could be savvy and say, look, clearly, donald trump is not a conservative. sarah palin has demonstrated by endorsing him that she has lost her way as well. this is what happens to politicians. i'm ted cruz, i'm the one who will stand up and fight for you. and he will point out, if he's smart, that today, donald trump didn't just come out in favor of ethanol subsidies, he said that they should be expanded. and he'll say, how could sarah palin, tea party champion, you know, back this? and that's his play. >> you're going for an intellectual argument. i mean, you start attacking palin for not being a conservative, and that's going to get the backs up of the talk radio crowd. >> the curious thing is, it's not as if sarah palin overall is so terribly popular right now, herself. she's been so out of the loop, that there isn't even polling on
3:00 pm
her for the last year. so there's some -- >> trust me, i've had people asking me about the polling on palin, and i was like, we kind of stopped. >> you will be sticking around, but i have to pause, because we have the whole top of the hour business to do. that technically does it to "mtp daily," but we're sticking around and going into overtime. charles, jonathan, everybody gets to stick around. let's take a quick break, you can hear a little elton john in my ear. we'll let you reset. all right. let's reset now. ♪ all right. now we will reset. we have now moved from the 5:00 to the 6:00. it's technical jargon, but that clock does keep moving. for those of us just joining us, sarah palin about to officially endorse donald trump, a rally in ames, iowa, comes at a critical moment, two weeks before the


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